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Posted by: Helen Philpot | July 7, 2009


Margaret, I watched Sarah Palin’s resignation speech and all I have to say is, “What the hell was that?”   My God that woman is an idiot.  I have said this before, but I feel the need to say it again.  Her problems did not come because the media was against her.  Her problems come because every time you stick a microphone in front of her mouth a whole lot of stupid falls out. 

Things are getting tough and once again she is trying to hide behind that dysfunctional family of hers.  She actually stood there and talked about how the Palins had a family meeting and everyone agreed it was time for her to step down as Governor.   Well, I call bullshit.  The only family meetings the Palins have usually involve someone peeing on an early pregnancy test stick.   

The time to step down would have been back when the older daughter was knocked up and needed a little privacy.  The time to have stepped down would have been when the special needs child was a newborn and needed some peace and quiet at home with the family.  The time to put the voters or her family first hasn’t happened with Sarah Palin yet and I doubt it ever will.

I would cut her some slack but she used up all her slack with me while on the campaign trail.  This is the woman who called the parts of the country where I don’t live more Pro-American than the part where I do live.   She stirred up crowds across the country to the point that McCain campaign stops frequently resembled a lynch mob.  She mixes religion and politics like I mix gin and tonic but then calls for less government involvement.  Freedom from government is her battle cry until a vagina gets involved and then watch how much involvement she wants.  Show me a woman who is making a private medical decision to end a pregnancy and I’ll show you a Palin screaming for more government involvement.

She was elected to be Alaska’s Governor for four years and she bails having completed less than three.  Can you imagine what she might do if she were to ever make it to the White House?  All it would take is for Congress to overturn one veto and the Palins would be packing up the bear skin rugs in the Oval Office.  And I bet they take all the little shampoo bottles from the private residence as well.

Like I said a few months back - that woman is a bitch.  I meant it.  Really.

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  4. OK, Anonymous. Tell us WHY you think she is not stupid? And if you support her so much, why are you such a coward as to hide behind the “anonymous” label? Or are you one of her poor children?

  5. you all suck wait she will be the next president of the united states

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  8. Bravo! Someone responded that Sarah Palin is a “decent person”…what “decent person” runs around the country tying to become VP when her kids need her more than ever? I felt the same way about Edwards when his wife found she had cancer and he took off on the campaign trail. Party is not the issue, selfish, self-serving aggrandizement is the issue.

  9. I love you. Please, please write a book!

  10. Michelle G., to quote Barney Frank (I know, I know, to you he doesn’t count, being a Jewish, gay Democrat), “On what planet do you spend most of your time?” This country was founded as a secular country, to get away from any one definition of religion, let alone the “right” version of Christianity.

    You may mean well, but please spare us your prayers and good intentions. We both know what road is paved with good intentions.

  11. OMG, this woman is my hero!

  12. Now I know where Molly Ivins lives. It’s here with Helen and Margaret.

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  15. I’m still not a troll (but I am providing ample evidence of my worst trait — nursing a stupid grudge beyond reason; yes, I am thinskinned.).

    A usually in-the-know friend just told me that The Sarah has taken a job with FOX News. Scout around as I might, though, I don’t see anything about it. Please tell me she’s not now a hired gun for FOX, O People of the Porch!

    Humble Thanks.

  16. I lurve this blog.

  17. $arah wants to be president? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL! She has about as much chance as a one-legged man winning an ass-kicking contest!

  18. Michelle G., We too say, GO $arah, GO! Just go away. Tomorrow, after the picnic, she is free from the service and position she swore (on the bible) to the people of Alaska to uphold. Her choice.

    As you pray for the “ladies” who contribute to this blog, I pray you hear what the Holy Spirit speaks to your heart. I pray God grant you wisdom and discernment to better know the intent of those you support and elect to govern and represent us all (even nonchristians) in this earthly realm.

  19. Wow. What a blog full of evil: the articles themselves, and the comments thereafter. This blog is masterfully written by ladies (?) with a fantastic wit, and wicked humor — I enjoyed the time spent exploring it today (stumbled upon it by chance). But dear “ladies” — how you are wasting the talent God has given you. Why do you not write funny and spot-on articles to SUPPORT what is GOOD?

    Christianity is needed by this country, indeed, but TRUE Christianity, and the trouble is, too many Christians have become soft and don’t always act upon what we know we should be doing. Please don’t give MJJ a hard time — she is very concerned by what is happening around us, as we all are.

    I shall pray for all the “ladies” who contribute to this blog. May God grant you and me the grace of charity: to Sarah Palin (you GO, girl!) and to each other.

    Be good, all!

  20. Whoa… I am not a troll! (Why do I feel like I am channeling Tricky Dick? And why does this trick of yours smak-stink of right-wing rhetorical BS tactics?)

    I was p.o.ed and got snarky. That’s all. I am new to “subscribing” to comment sections and the sheer volume and off-topic-ness of the stuff here was annoying.

  21. Greytdog, I wanna stay and help drink..er…ice the hard lemonade. Bianca, like most trolls, is a bore.

  22. Bianca just wants visitors at her blog. She’s lonely. So if any of y’all want to head on over, that way, I’ll sit here and keep icing the hard lemonade for you :) Y’all tell Bianca “hey”, okay?

  23. Captive? Who’s captive? Scroll, baby, scroll. Or check back next week.

  24. good morning all! This morning the squirrels and songbirds were raising holy hell, the dogs were adamant that they HAD to be outside NOW, and the cats were practically glued to the picture window overlooking the patio/backyard. So I waded through the dogs, noted the direction the cats were focused on, and ventured forthwith. And sure enough, happily and dangerously ensconced in the planter along our patio. . . pygmy rattlers. Damn. Looks like a nest. Double damn. Gotta call the wild critter control folks to take them elsewhere. At least it wasn’t a python. That was a couple of years ago when a big old yellow snake slithered across the yard and my SO yells out “hey come look at this corn snake” – I looked and that wasn’t a corn snake. It was a yellow burmese python. . . ick. And that’s when I first met Jake of Wild Critter Control. . . the thing was about 8 ft long and Jake said it was still a “baby”. Sometimes FL outdoors isn’t fun

  25. I’d sign a marijuana petition, Greytdog. I liked the joke.

    Prohibition enriched gangsters, and our attempted banishment of marijuana has, in my opinion helped strengthen drug cartels though they now probably earn most of their money from hard drugs. If enough people want a product , the market will find a way to supply the demand.

    Susan in CT, John and Abigail Adams are my family’s distant ancestors. I hope our family hasn’t devolved too much since those days.

  26. thanks for the info vgman and jean

    oopsies my reply at 8:07 PM was meant for poolman

  27. Hi gang, vgman and PalinShutup,

    I would also like to recommend an excellent book, “Founding Mothers, the Women Who Raised our Nation” by Cokie Roberts. (2004).

    You may remember her as a journalist with her husband, Steve Roberts. They write a syndicated column. Cokie is often a panelist on ABC’s ‘This Week’ on Sunday mornings.

    Her book was a choice of my book club when it came out. It chronicles not only Abigal Adams, (her ‘remember the ladies’ letter’) but the lives of
    Mary Otis Warren, Deborah Read Franklin, Eliza Pinckney, Catherine Littlefield Green, Esther DeBerdt Reed and Martha Washington.

    These strong, intelligent and capable women were ardent feminists but didn’t even know it at the time!

    From the cover: “It is safe to say that most of the men who wrote the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, fought the Revolution, and formed the government couldn’t have done it without the women. And it was the women who, by insisting that the men come together for civilized conversations at dinner parties in the early republic, helped keep the fragile new country from falling into fatal partisan discord. The women made the men behave.”


    Auntie Jean

  28. PalinShutUp–
    The book is titled, “First Ladies: The Saga of the Presidents’ Wives and Their Power”
    I’m reading volume one at the moment and it is from 1789–1961.
    Author–Carl Sferrazza Anthony
    ISBN 0-688-11272-2


  29. From Vanity Fair…

    Palin’s Resignation:
    The Edited Version

    If you watched Sarah Palin’s resignation speech, you know one thing: her high-priced speechwriters moved back to the Beltway long ago.
    ;) ~ Δ

  30. vgman, you wouldnt have the ISBN no. of that book? there are quite a few books written about the president’s wives

  31. These are quotes from the Seattle Times, I dont have the direct link to the article at the moment but Im sure if you dig around google you can find it, I believe is from around March 2, 2009:

    “Oh God bless us”

    Kerlikowske’s possible role in shaping drug policy for the Obama administration was applauded Tuesday by local medical-marijuana advocates.

    In 2003, Kerlikowske opposed a city ballot measure, approved by voters, to make marijuana possession the lowest law-enforcement priority, saying it would create confusion. But in doing so, he noted that arresting people for possessing marijuana for personal use was already not a priority.

    “Oh God bless us,” said Joanna McKee, co-founder and director of Green Cross Patient Co-Op, a medical-marijuana patient-advocacy group. “What a blessing ? the karma gods are smiling on the whole country, man.”

    McKee said Kerlikowske knows the difference between cracking down on the illegal abuse of drugs and allowing the responsible use of marijuana.

    Douglas Hiatt, a Seattle attorney and advocate for medical-marijuana patients, said his first preference would be for a physician to oversee national drug policy.

    But Kerlikowske would be a vast improvement over past drug czars, who have used the office to carry out the so-called “war on drugs,” Hiatt said.

    Kerlikowske is a “very reasonable guy” who would likely bring more liberal policies to the job, Hiatt said.

    Seattle Times staff reporters Jennifer Sullivan, Christine Clarridge and Ian Ith contributed to this report.

    I seriously doubt the laws will be changed over night but they are certainly on the way to being more compassionate thanks to

  32. bianca, dont let the porch door hit cha on the way out

  33. ‘Legalizing or decriminalizing marijuana was the number 1 topic on change.gov (Obama’s website) before it became whitehouse.gov. It is one of those things I thought would have been dealt with long ago, with my generation in power.’

    james, I realized obama was well on his way to fulfilling that promise when he hired Kerlikowske, the folks who run Seattle’s Hemp Fest worked directly with him for many years

  34. vgman sez:

    “It begins with a great quote from Abigail Adams about how she thinks females should be addressed in 1775.”

    She was well-represented as a smart and plain-speaking person in the John Adams series, as well.

  35. Yes, Bianca, it’s called the scroll function. Feel free to drive by and wave if you want. The rest of us will just be sitting on the porch, talking and waiting for Helen and Margaret to start a new topic. But I doubt you will even see this since you have “unsubscribed.”

  36. Thank God. There *is* a way to unsubscribe from these comments, which have effectively *hijacked* this incredible blog — I can only imagine for the thrill of performing for a captive audience.

  37. Legalizing or decriminalizing marijuana was the number 1 topic on change.gov (Obama’s website) before it became whitehouse.gov. It is one of those things I thought would have been dealt with long ago, with my generation in power. But, aside from the opposition by the religious right, there are many that benefit from maintaining the status quo.

    IMO, it would help free up our legal system and jails. And if it was legal, it would generate good revenue. Our police could concentrate on crime, and it would also alleviate some of the criminal element.

    I can’t find any biblical reason that it cannot be utilized. The bible says that all plants were deemed good and useful and for man’s use. But there is always the warnings to use moderation.

    I know people that have benefited from using it mainly to relieve nausea and pressure.

    I believe the cotton industry had a lot to do to keep hemp from being grown in this country. That and the type of folks that used marijuana were not considered the elite or mainstream society, so it was easily banned.

  38. nancy, some of us have been around for a while, we have shown concern before and will continue to do so, Margaret was under the weather not too long ago, we dont do it ‘to upset anyone’

    hysterical tweets! I wish I had the time…

    vgman love that Abigail Adams quote, must pass that on to friends

    werner heard the same joke except it was the south ;)

  39. Greytdog

    This fire must have happend in the suothern states…… Yankees would have bagged the smoke and sold it!

    (Couldn’t resist either!)

  40. Sorry – couldn’t resist.

    petitions are now being circulated throughout several states requesting an amendment allowing for medical marijuana. IFL’s petition has about 250k+ signatures but we’re trying to get it to 1mil. What I’ve found interesting are the folks who come up to me and say they support it, but are afraid to put their signature down because they prefer to “stay off the radar”. Sheesh

  41. A medical marijuana clinic went up in flames overnight – I heard they were able to get the fire under control rather quickly because everyone stood around and just inhaled.

  42. OceanGypsi, it is powerful isn’t it? I’m glad your son called from Afghanistan. I will continue to keep in my thoughts and prayers, and thanks for doing the same.

    Our niece has not called anyone since Mothers Day, so her mother is worried. We know she is likely not in any serious danger and her not calling is more of a supply and schedualing problem, but you know how it is when you don’t hear from a loved one.

    Thanks for posting that Werner. I have no problem with legal medicinal marijuhana, and friends have suggested it for my left eye’s glaucoma, but at this time it is not for me. I think it can benefit a lot of people, though.

  43. and here is the website going with the above article:


    So, enough of a “smoke screen” so far.

  44. Hi All
    had no time to read all the comments I missed yet, but here is something I thin is important

    For all that need medical marijuhana, there is a LEGAL iPhone app for $2.99 in the iStore that will show you the legal sources, doctors and laywers, or if legal M is not avalable in your state, the closest activist groups in your area.

    Hope that helps all people with problems: (UWA? For the wife?)



  45. Susan in CT:
    Thanks for the article link. I just started reading a book on the power of the institution known as the First Wives of the presidents. It begins with a great quote from Abigail Adams about how she thinks females should be addressed in 1775.

    She states over several letters to her husband,
    “I desire you would remember the ladies and be more generous and favorable to them than your ancestors! Do not put such unlimited pwer into the hands of the husbands…..If particular care and attention is not paid to the ladies, we are determined to foment a rebellion, and will not hold ourselves bound by any laws in which we have no voice or representation…..I cannot say that I think you are very generous to the ladies…You insist upon retaining an absolute power over your wives. But….we have it in our power not only to free ourselves but to subdue our masters, and without violence throw both your natural and legal authority at our feet.”


  46. Susan in CT:

    Thanks for that article. It needed to be said. We really WERE getting too complacent.

    Thanks to Sarah, we’re now sitting up and taking notice again! So, I guess she is good for something!!

  47. Good article:

    “Lessons for Feminists from Sarah Palin”


    “Who knows where Sarah Palin will pop up next? Maybe she’ll have a reality television show. Maybe she’ll write a blockbuster book. Maybe she’ll gear up for a presidential run in 2012. Whatever she does, I’m grateful to her. I disagree with her politics in almost every way. I think she was woefully unprepared to run for vice president and continues to lack experience, empathy and eloquence. Her take on gender, race and class in this country is about as disjointed as her basketball metaphors (full-court huh?).

    “Despite all that, I feel thankful that she inadvertently pushed feminists out of complacency. We were obliged to clarify where we’ve won and where we’re falling behind, who we’ve brought into the fold and who continues to see feminism as an elitist, anti-man, femininity-rejecting posse of miscreants (thanks, mainstream media).”

  48. okay so here’s my one & only PSA on M&H. A young man I know is an indie film maker. His focus is on documenting folks who have overcome extreme disabilities and moved on to accomplish wonderful things while affecting changes in folks around them. I’ve known this kid for almost 11 years and he himself is an inspiration. His award winning films are distributed to hospitals, rehab centers, libraries and schools in order to break down the barriers and educate folks. His latest project deals with autism but they need funding. His production is completely nonprofit – so if you know anyone (or if you can) who can help with funding. please pass the word. Visit http://www.tripleknotproductions.org for more info & pls read Brian’s story. Thanks all.

  49. I look forward to the next post. But somethings get to be less fun than when they started if people expect you to keep to a schedule. I’ll just sit quiet until Helen or Margaret finish what they are doing and return to talk to us.

  50. James,

    You were telling the truth when you said that Remember Me was haunting. Whew! It left an ache in my heart and ruined my eye make-up.

    My nephew called me from Afghanistan last night. It was so good to hear his voice. He seems to be doing well. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers as I will keep your niece and her husband in mine.

  51. Anonymous,
    This best way to deal with a “troll” is to just ignore them…AND, in doing so, it pisses them off.

    So, don’t even respond….asshat.

  52. Ever noticed, our “trolls” know nothing, probably too young, certainly too immature, instead of being hateful here, they should spend more of their time clearing up their acne. They’ll like everyone better once their complexion clears. Here is my helpful advice, wash your face and don’t forget to dry behind the ears.

  53. Greytdog….that is HYSTERICAL!!!!!!!! :-)

  54. Is anyone here on twitter? You should be just for snits & giggles. Sarah Palin yesterday twitted that Todd & her were “Packing up the Juneau house” (aka Governor’s Mansion) and almost immediately people responded with “get someone over there to count the silver” “What’s there to pack? You were never there”, and my favorite “there goes the kitchen sink”. The twitter crew tends to be a bit ferocious and unchained but there are some on there who really call bullSh*t when needed – but for the most part there are some very witty, very erudite, and very quick thinkers plying their way through another form of communication. I like to peek in periodically and just read the comments there. Hysterical & also thought provoking.

  55. Just popping in when not fishing–

    Jean – so right on the MRI and shot program. Been there, done that when in late 30′s. Was wonderful to have relief of the pain and lasted many years!!!

    Martha UYS – you go lady for keeping us on track with SP!!

    Greytdog- thanks for eveything you write, I enjoy it.

    Enjoy the summer whereever you are and say a little prayer that fuel barges make it to all AK villages before freeze up!!

  56. Tony B. :

    If you ever had a real friend in your life, would you like to suffer the same fate you so ridiculously posted here about M & H ???

    Thought not. Keep your hate speech in your own garbage-filled mind. Stop spreading it here.

    We like our porch to be clean and litter-free.


  57. I am sure they are fine. Those of you suggesting otherwise are needlessly upsetting others. Helen hasn’t kept to any kind of real schedule since the elections.

  58. This explains a lot…
    Sarah Palin’s Speechwriter

    707 ~ Δ

  59. They are gone. Suicide Pact. Margaret was sick. Helen took her out and then took herself out.
    Move on…

  60. Ocean Gypsy, a couple of years ago, my brother gave me a video by Lizzie Palmer called “Remember Me” because our dial up service won’t let us see Youtube. Its message is haunting and expresses in simple terms, what many soldiers feel. I believe it climbed to YouTube’s top twenty list.

    The video is probably still on YouTube. I had forgotten how powerful it was until I played it again today. It reminded me of your nephew and of our niece and her husband who are back in Iraq. I hope they are all safe.

    Palmer has gotten hate mail, and at the time, some accused her of being a front for the Bush administration. All I know is watching it is an emotional experience. You can probably still see it if you google Lizzy Palmer or Remember Me.

  61. Margaret and Helen are taking a summer break.

    Me too.

  62. Nope…I think they were tired of being old…tired of all the aches and pains of life…tired of hearing about Sarah Palin and Michael Jackson…I think the loss of Walter Cronkite was the last straw…I think they decided to just join hands and in a “Thelma and Louise” moment…drove their scooters right off the side of the battle ship.

    God speed Margaret and Helen!

  63. I bet Margaret finally got Helen to realize that there was more to life than blogging…

  64. Hey it’s summer, bet Margaret and Helen are out people watching. Wouldn’t you just love to be their personal friend and hear their impressions?

  65. I think Stanford needs to shut up as well as Palin but no, he has to write another article about how humble he has become and will change with G-d’s help.

    Funniest statement I have ever read!

    “Senate Minority Leader John Land, also frequently at odds with Sanford, doubts the governor can change or knows how to compromise.

    “If he didn’t get his way, he’d take his balls and go home, so he left a lot of things on the table,” the Manning Democrat said”

  66. Kieth and PalnShutUp, I am against the death penalty for the same reasons you state. I would support it if there was no doubt of guilt, but today, a few people are executed when they shouldn’t be.

    Thanks, PalinShutup. My wife had a good birthday celebration. Our daughter and son in law treated us to a restaurant of her choice, made a birthday cake with my mother’s frosting recipe, and we had a barbeque in the evening. We got home after midnight.

    “Maybe the rolled off the ship by accident?” No disrespected felt for anyone, but that was funny to me.

  67. Maybe they rolled off the ship by accident?

  68. Yeah I just want to know they’re okay

  69. I only believe in the death penalty if there is absolutely no doubt of guilt

    happy bday to your wife james

    it has been longer than normal for M&H post huh?

    I think most of us would be grateful just for a friendly update, not necessarily politically related

  70. Okay I’m starting to worry about Margaret & Helen & Matthew.

  71. CBO Final House Bill Score in-It Will YIELD SURPLUS! http://bit.ly/EvQxD

  72. While I believe there are crimes for which a convincing argument could be made in favor of the death penalty, it concerns me greatly. One doesn’t have to look far to find a recent story about an individual being set free after years in prison after having been convicted by “eye-witness” testimony only to be exonerated by DNA evidence. Way too many individuals are incarcerated unjustly. You have to wonder how many have been put to death for crimes they did not committ. That’s blood on OUR hands. How can we live with that?

    Keith in NM

  73. President Obama’s
    Weekly Address 7/18/09

    Health Care Reform Cannot Wait


  74. A woman newscaster, new to the job was terrified she would do something wrong on her first day of network reporting. She said Walter asked her what was the worst thing that could happen to her if she screwed up? Would she die? Would her employers drag her off the set in mid sentence etc? That was good advice for anyone.

    Newscasters of Cronkite’s generation seem different from what we have today. We won’t see their type again.

    I am anti-death penalty.

    It is 47 here for the second early morning in a row. We have broken two records.

    It is great weather to celebrate my wife’s birthday in Omaha with our son and daughter in law.

  75. UAW, I saw that and thought to myself hmm there are times when Ive had those same thoughts like for those who abuse children…

    I am also pro death penalty

  76. best one ever

  77. Wow, over a thousand comments. Helen, I hope you come out with one soon. Margaret? Please feed your lambs. They don’t come here for our mutterings.

    Walter Cronkite will be missed. He has been in bad shape for awhile, so it was not a shock. He was a good man. He had integrity.

    I found some old footage of Sarah that is actually pretty endearing, in a valley girl sort of way. So here is Sarah before the public persona…

  78. Walter Cronkite was the type of newsman that SHOULD have been emulated. I cannot bear to get my news from TV anymore; and I haven’t for a long time. Mr. Cronkite’s passing is the final end of any serious news reporting. Today’s news programs are a sham. They all want to outdo the other as far as how entertaining they can be. Or, how controversial.

    Very sad for America.

  79. And that’s the way it is….

  80. Walter Cronkite died today. The world feels a little less honest.

  81. Greytdog, you make a lot of sense. Our daughter in law is from Korea, and the last time we visited them in California she took us to a Korean style massage place. My back felt better afterward. Our son and daughter in law also gave me a device which sends heat into my back.

    Thanks for the information. I will remember your suggestions next time something happens.

    I read the links about health care. Obama himself said government competition would put private health insurers at a disadvantage. I also read that it would be cheaper in the long run for employers to pay fines and let the government provide health care for their workers.

    Unintended consequences will get you if you aren’t careful. I think the bill needs guarantees that the government won’t unintentionally crowd out private carriers.

    I have also read that a group of blue dog Democrats say they will vote against the current version of the bill. One of their concerns is the CBO’s report that none of the current versions of the health care bill will significantly slow the growth of health care costs. The CBO has not yet factored in administrative and other expenditures.

    According to a headline on the Drudge Report, Iowa’s Republican Senator Grassely is the key to passage in the Senate. Another important player, Senator Olympia Snow is reportedly having second thoughts. According to Warner Todd Huston at stoptheeadu.com, Snow said that with 42.4 trillion, health care is 17% of the US economy, and the bill is too important to rush to a vote. She is also wary of the public option aspect of the bill.

    Canadians have joked to me about the long time they wait for and between doctors’ appoints.

    I like the Minnesota and Dakota accents. Our Dutch in laws in northwest Iowa speak what sounds like a variant. I also like the Manitoba accent.

  82. Just found your blog…very funny stuff. You two should go on the college campus talk tours. You would have a HUGE following!

  83. Time for a new post, Ladies?? :-)

  84. I love the word “ass hat”….priceless!!!

  85. James just a thought -and I’m not a PT for humans, but spinal issues usually have a cascading affect. The muscles support the spinal column have to compensate in order to maintain structural integrity. This compensation often results in muscle spasms and xtreme binding. Some folks will go to a chiro but just from what you’ve written, I’m thinking a chiro may be contraindicated. But not therapeutic massage. Deep muscle massage may also be contraindicated but not sure. You might want to see who in your area works in massage therapy for neurological issues – and if your insurance will cover such adjunctive therapy. Often time it will if your MD can show medical necessity. Massage therapy may come in under pain management for acute/chronic condition. Anyway, it’s something to consider. As well as acupuncture or acupressure. Maybe all three if done concurrently once a month initially.

  86. Martha UnAlaska Yard Sign, thanks for your information. I was trying to save words when I said I read the family joined a community. I know they just moved to the region.

    I also read a history of the early homesteaders. Life was rough for them the first couple of years, as one would expect. I still wonder of all accents, why would Sarah Palin affect Minnesota’s? Did she have the accent when she worked on television?

    Jean, thanks again. I have two herniated disks, and some of the neighboring vertibre occasionally “flop” around for lack of a better term. Four years ago, I carried a 70 pound bundle of shingles onto our roof. Then, I bent down to pick up a shingle, and my legs collapsed with no feeling. I flexed my lower back muscles, and I felt something move. My legs suddenly felt like they were on fire, and I was able to move them. Since I was already on the roof, I rolled forward and shingled until I ran out. I waited on the roof until my wife returned from school. It took us a half hour to get me off the roof, and I was in pain for about a month.

    A doctor said it would be to my advantage to have arthritis, but someone with the condition emphatically disagreed.

    I have a bad right hand, especially my shattered thumb. The Air Force gave me a slight disability because doctors were convinced that the injury would become arthritic and I would be eating with my left hand by age 50. So far even my hand has no arthritis.

    Your description of your condition makes me wince. You have put up with a lot. An aunt used to say “growing older is not for sissies,” and you seem to be far from a sissy.

    The nearest good neurosurgeon in our area is at Dakota Dunes in South Dakota. It is where I visited. The neurosurgeon brought in a consultant and they were ready to talk surgery until I demonstrated that after a month’s rest, I could stand on tip toe and had full range of movement without much pain then. That’s when, he told me “as long as you can stand the pain, never let a neurosurgeon like me operate on your back.” He also told me to stay away from Chriopractors for my specific problem.

    What do you think of MRI scans? Some people get claustrophobic inside, but I think they are fun.

    Our daughter’s boss had back surgery to fuse two vertibrae. Doctors told her the problem will gradually work its way up her back and she will need surgery again in the future.

    I am assuming that as long as muscles spasm to cause the pain, the underlying condition is not worsening. Do you think I am right? For some reason, this has been a pretty good year. For twenty years, I grew accustomed to three or four times of serious pain lasting a month or so each.

    Then, the pain and numbness caused me to lose so much sleep, I consulted a doctor and learned about my condition. This year, has been pretty good with only about one month of pain bad enough to make it hard to walk last January. The numbness in my right hand is slowly abating too.

    You didn’t have to take all of this time and space to give me pointers. I appreciate it, and I am taking notes.

    Honolulu Sally, the way you described natto sounds like what we cleaned out of our soy bean bin after it flooded. It sounds like an effective treatment.

  87. You realize that you are criticizing this woman’s accent. You realize that.

    I’m sure you think you’re discussing it for some higher purpose. Nevertheless, you are finding fault and pouring your energies into discussing Palin’s accent.


  88. http://www.kodiakdailymirror.com/?pid=18&path=A/AK_MEDICAID_SUSPENSION

    “The services are paid for by Medicaid and overseen by the state Division of Senior and Disabilities Services”

    If your going to to hold Palin personally responsible for this than you should also hold Obama personally responsible for it…..where does the buck stop?????

    and another non biased post….


  89. palinshutup…..


    page 917 bothers me…

    actual pages from the book…..

    and I’ve used Wiki before and been criticized(thought I’d let you know)

  90. http://www.gocomics.com/stateoftheunion

  91. Checking in for a peek, busy weekend show I have to prepare for.

    Jean, have you heard of nattokinese? It is extracted from the Japanese bean paste – natto. Natto is fermented soybeans, smells like fart, and can be slimy if poor grade.

    Natto is really a very good food and excellent for dissolving blood clots. There is a drug that costs $20,000 per shot that dissolves blood clots for 20 minutes. Natto will clear clots for a whole day, and costs very little.

    A scientist in Japan was successful in extracting the good stuff and eliminating the odor in natto and capsulizing it. It is called nattokinese and available from Japanese grocery stores, or I get mine from Healthy Habits.

    My hubby sometimes had headaches and pressure in his head, so he took a couple of capsules, and felt better right away.

    My sister had 75% of blockage due to a clot in her neck – they did not want to probe or anything invasive because they couldn’t pinpoint the clot. She started taking it for a little while, and when she went in for her checkup, her blockage had been reduced to 25%.

    I take it for the hell of it once in a while, and I don’t feel anything and there are no side effects.

    Back on topic, I would really LOVE to see Sarah Palin run for President. The other Republican candidates will just pummel her, and the Karl Rove crowd will be history.

  92. Sarah Palin takes FULL advantage of the fact that Alaska is far, far away and not many know us, our geography, or our business. Even after all this (mostly unwanted) national attention, people still don’t “get us”. Palin takes advantage of all the mystery, incorrect facts, assumptions, and basic unfamiliarity with Alaska for her own benefit, using it like most of use hand tools.

    We grab a hammer to do the job, Palin grabs a lie and polishes it first with some Alaskan myth she just made up or heard. She became drunk on her Alaskan Queen fantasy.

    OK – you guys just don’t want an entire state of Alaskans telling you: “I told you so”. Don’t let her in the door – not for one minute!

  93. Hi gang and James,

    While we are killing time for Helen’s and Margaret’s new post, some OT info. By the way, are we taking bets on how Helen will flay Cheney alive regarding the latest release that he muzzled the FBI? I understand that’s a CRIMINAL offense.

    James, you asked about whether the epidural shot was permanent. Tell me something at all in life that is PERMANENT. There aren’t any guarantees that I know of.

    But this is how it works. Osteoarthritis is as common as the common cold. Just about everybody ‘catches’ it at one time or another in their lives. I have it in my spine; both hands, one hip and both knees. It is just wear and tear of the joints. The spinal column, the vertebrae consist of a series of bones with big holes that the spinal cord runs down through from the brain. There are cushions or ‘discs’ between the vertebrae for flexibility. The spinal cord carries nerves, some are big like ropes, down through the vertebrae and out between them to innervate the muscles and of course the internal organs to keep everything going smoothly.

    Arthritis messes up the joints, including the vertebrae; it thicken and gum up the spinal canal with nasty things like bone spurs. This can put pressure or even nick the spinal cord and irritate it. Sometimes it causes INFLAMMATION of the big nerves. Then the nerves cannot do their jobs properly, especially to the muscles. In my case, with ‘Sciatica’ the muscles ‘seized’ or went into wicked, wicked cramps from my left buttocks down my left leg, foot and even big toe.

    Now, I know how all this physiology works, but I sure don’t know how to fix it. Not my job. I’m not into do-it-yourself diagnoses and treatment.

    The ‘cure’ initially, is to get the muscles to relax with medication and pain relief. Then the physical therapy strengthened the muscles to help them support and interact better with the nerves. (There is a big, long muscle in the front of my leg that I didn’t even know I had until he started working on it! I also had Ultra-sound and Electrical Stimulation treatments. Ummm, deliciously relaxing!).

    The epidural shots of time-released prednisone are sent directly into the affected areas of the spine to reduce the inflammation. (In my case, lower back lumbar vertebrae #4 and #5, along with a squished disc.)

    If you were to find a competent spinal surgeon or neurologist, (there MUST be some somewhere in Iowa or Nebraska) I’m sure you could be helped. Of course, he/she would require a FACE-TO-FACE consultation with a THOROUGH physical exam and a CURRENT MRI. It is the DOCTOR who directs you to the specialized physical therapist for treatment for your SPECIFIC problem and of course, a consult with the neurologist and/or anesthesiologist to order up the epidural shots. They are usually a series of three with 3 or 4 weeks in between.

    There are no two people alike with the exact same problems. That’s why it is essential to find well-trained experienced doctors in state of the art techniques.

    I knew a women in her mid 60’s who was having pain in one knee. Her husband took her to Massachusetts General for a complete workup. She was told she had bursitis in her knee, was given medication and told to stop scrubbing the floors on her hands and knees for a while. OK. She went home and saw an episode of ‘General Hospital’ on TV about a patient who had cancer of the bone that started in the knee. She was ABSOLUTELY CONVINCED that she had bone cancer but the doctors didn’t have the heart to tell her so they called it bursitis. She KNEW she was dying anyway and wanted her floors to be clean whenever all the relatives came to the home after her funeral, so she kept scrubbing.

    Her knee got worse of course. Her husband took her to the Mayo Clinic. Same story. Bursitis, meds and stop scrubbing. She continued to believe it was bone cancer. The mind-body is a very powerful force!!!!!

    She spent the last three years of her life in a nursing home, mute, sitting in a wheelchair with her hands folded in her lap. She died from complications of Alzheimer’s at the age of 83.

    Gotta go get my beauty sleep. We are going to a big bash of a party tomorrow evening and I will have to spend the day getting gorgeous. We are going to live it up! I’ll go easy on the White Zin. Naw. I’m not driving.


    Auntie Jean

  94. @ James

    “I read she is a product of FDR’s homesteading scheme during the Depression. His administration recruited people from northern border states who were used to cold weather. They established a community which Palin’s parents joined when she was two.”

    This is EXACTLY what I mean – this is complete and utter nonsense that was spread around by Pro Palin idiots, making stuff up as they go! My grandmother raised her family of 11 children on a homestead in Palmer in the Matanuska Valley, where those dust bowl families were relocated. My mother and all aunts and uncles grew up there – and there are NO Minnesota accents that I have ever heard. I have family all over that valley, and again, there are no Minnesota accents remaining – if they were retained at all, they were lost years and years ago. And the farmers mostly came from Minnesota, Michigan and Wisconsin. Where are those other accents in Palin’s speech?


    Also, the Palin family didn’t join any community. They moved from Idaho when she was less than a year old. and settled for the first couple of years in Skagway (Southeast Alaska) and then Eagle River (now almost a suburb of Anchorage). They didn’t actually move to Wasilla until a few years later. By then, Wasilla was a small town located in a wide spot on the highway. The actual “colonists” were settled mostly in neighboring Palmer and had NOTHING to do with any stupid affected accent of Palin’s!

    And no one in her family has that stupid fake accent.

  95. In re to the Sleaze Street scandal – many of the men are also members of the PromiseKeepers. I’ve only personally known four guys who were PromiseKeepers so my experience with them is relatively nil. But of the four I know, all have had xtramarital affairs or been caught embezzling. But in this little hamlet where I live, most “prominent businessmen have friends with benefits, so nothing surprises me anymore. What cracks me up is they truly believe because they’re “saved”, all they have to do is quote a few verses from the Bible, say a prayer here and there, and all is okay dokey. . . As the saying goes, God forgives you but you’re still an asshat.

  96. The accent is for the press. There is video and audio links that show the extremes of her “accent”. Just part of the act.

    Too bad, and with all the stuff coming out about C-Street and such. All this hogwash about “the chosen”. It is such a Pharisee, old testament mentality with good portion of the republican party right now. I pray God brings it all to light. This garbage does not honor Him. Get this trash out and into the light. Let’s get integrity back as a principle.

    What is so hard to understand about “public servant”? Aren’t these people there to serve us? As Christians and believers in the new testament, we have Jesus, who came to show us how to serve. WWJD? remember? Lord, Lord?

    “I tell you the truth, no servant is greater than his master, nor is a messenger greater than the one who sent him.” John 13:16

  97. lori, a caller to an Omaha talk show said page 16 of the health care bill being negotiated in the Senate committee has a provision for eliminating private health insurance. Her husband has a rare disease likely not to be covered by the government based on past history.

    I googled “Page 16 of the health reform bill bans sale of private health insurance policies.” and randomly clicked onto Amy Ridenour’s National Center Blog. It it has a link to Investor’s Business Daily within the commentary. I followed the link and found their site address. It is http://www.ibdeditorials.com/IBDArticles.aspx?id=332548165656854.

    The author wrote “When we first saw the paragraph Tuesday, just after the 1,018 page document was released, we thought we surely must be misreading it. So we sought help from the House Ways and Means Committee.

    It turns out we were right. ”

    “What was not known until now is that the bill itself will kill the market for private individual coverage by not letting any new polices be written after the public option become law.”

    I never heard of Amy’s blog before this afternoon and I don’t know if what I read is true. I don’t know if this is a discarded version or not. However, I don’t believe in taking chances. My wording to my representatives would begin “if this is true…”

    Thanks for posting the links, and you too Greytdog. Our slow dial up connection has caused me to spend over thirty minutes on this post and a repeat search for the blog I sited, so I don’t have time read the links tonight. I haven’t had supper yet, and I am hungry. I’ll check the links tomorrow before I make any phone calls.

    This has extreme personal significance to me. A neighbor who farms some of our land finds it hard to find insurance because his wife has a serious degenerative disease . He pays about $20,000 for the policy he does have. My sister-in law also has genetically based health problems, and my brother took his job in part because the company policy was about the only one they could find which would cover her. If it comes time for a government health plan to thin the herd they would be among the first. Any words of hope are appreciated.

    Jean, I think we should be afraid. I agree with you about dogs, and I agree with qualifications that Sarah Palin is finished for this election cycle. I also agree she might make a good talk show host. The producer of Saturday Night Live said she could carry her own non- political show too.

    GreytDog, our daughter and I watched “What Dreams May Come” three times in movie theaters. I liked the scene where Robin Williams’ character met his child hood dog. She gave me a DVD of the movie for Christmas.

    I like Robin Williams for another reason. He called our niece onto the stage when he entertained the troops in Afghanastan several years ago. She became part of the act. He kissed her and wrote a note on her tee shirt. Our niece was thrilled.

    Martha Unalaska Yardsign, I agree, like most down here much of what I know about Sarah Palin is what I have seen in the lower 48. But why would she affect a Minnesota accent? Do any of her family speak as she does?

    I read she is a product of FDR’s homesteading scheme during the Depression. His adminstration recruited people from northern border states who were used to cold weather. They established a community which Palin’s parents joined when she was two. I assumed that was the source of her accent. I don’t know that as fact. It is what I read.

  98. What are you two ole ladies doing….more is going on in the world….we have a health care problem….there is a lot of info for you to write about it….let’s get going…

  99. *right appeal

  100. Palin has been a campaign manger’s worst nightmare, she is an awful candidate.

    Had she gone back to her job put her head down made some policy speeches finished her term and then ran and won a second term then PERHAPS she had a shot at the nomination.

    When a person runs or has asperations for a national office the first rule of thumb is run towards the middle. Palin has no middle appeal hell she barely has left appeal. She is done… stick a fork in her.

    The ONLY chance she has for her name appearing on a ballot in 12 is for a third party. I personaly hope she does take a stab at it. It would drain off some big money from the GOP and she would split the party in half. However, I think the GOP party people will destroy her before they allow her to make a run at a 3rd party. Scratch that I KNOW they (GOP) will eat her alive.

    I say she is gunnin for a talk show host type gig.

  101. Thanks for finding the source of that crap Grey, I knew that there had to be some wingnut out there spouting that bullshit I couldn’t find the source though. It must have been this week’s GOP wingnut talking point (scare tactic).

  102. Jean…I couldn’t agree with you more re: snakes….

  103. I suspect Palin doesn’t care if she’s done in the GOP – I suspect the scuttlebutt about starting a third party is more truth than not. . . and the folks like Pat Buchanan and the other racists that showed up at the Palin rallies. . .yeah they’ll stand with her and claim to be Proud American Christians. . .

  104. Jean – I’m definitely being an Alaskan Hall Monitor!

    My analogy – right after the VP pick and before the election, I went into Palin research mode so that I could answer the many emails and questions I was getting from family and friends all over the US. I began to feel like I was in a science fiction movie, or horror movie – you know, the kind where you run around like crazy trying to warn everyone of impending doom or disaster? And no one listens? And maybe you find out that everyone is a robot except you! Or they’ve all been brainwashed.

    That’s what it was like trying to give people real information on Sarah Palin. This is why I continue to post about Palin, and ask curious people to look to Alaskans for info – we’ve “been there, done that” now. I won’t take for granted that she’s done, until she’s gone.

  105. Hi gang,

    Uh, maybe I got this wrong. I was always taught that heaven is a place of unconditional love.

    How can there be ANY PLACE of unconditional love without dogs? Or all of God’s creatures for that matter.

    There is one exception however – snakes. When and IF I get to heaven, I want to ask God, “What WERE you thinking when you created snakes?”


    Auntie Jean

  106. Hi gang and Martha UYS,

    I’ve been reading your postings about Palin with great interest since as an Alaskan, you are in a position to know better than anyone else in any other state. I remember when McCain chose her, my reaction was “Sarah who?”

    I appreciate your taking the time to inform all of us here.

    My opinion is that she is dead in the water politically. Even many in the GOP are jumping from her ship.

    Since she is hell bent in being in the public eye, (#2 as a beauty queen since her youth,) perhaps she can career out as the next Rush Limbaugh. She is certainly a little bit better looking. They are both very good at talking up a storm without saying anything.


    Auntie Jean

  107. Wrong link above – sorry!


  108. I posted the wrong link above to Syrin from Wasilla’s blog post “Not So Fast”


    A bit of the blogger’s profile: Sherry Whitstine

    “Welcome to my blog, I’m a Conservative Alaskan……. There are many articulate writers, who have done their research and got it right! By the content I choose to post, it’s obvious I want to reveal and continue to remind the nation that Palin is uneducated, unprofessional, unethical, and a fraud.”

    Oh THAT explains why she got that call to stop blogging – she isn’t “Palin Friendly”. There are no Palin Friendly bloggers up here.

    Palin also tried to get this blogger fired from a school position, but Whitstine fought back & kept her job.

    Here’s more specifics about Palin’s lying:


  109. Gee, is there a theme here? Lying? Constantly? To Everyone? Just about daily now, some Alaskan is writing or talkin’ on the radio about how she LIES.

  110. Here is an evangelical Alaskan’s view on Palin. And FYI – the author who is writing this blog from Wasilla was contacted before Sarah Palin’s pick for VP by Palin’s assistant and told “You should be ashamed! Stop blogging. Stop blogging right now!”


    “This is not the character of a person I trust, let alone admire. If Sarah has done anything the past year, she has shot her credibility with me and a host of others in this State – those who care enough to pay attention.

    The lies just don’t stop coming. When she angrily denounced Levi Johnson on national news saying it was “over my dead body” that Levi would be living with Bristol under her roof – anyone who knows anything about this situation in the Valley knows that she was telling a flat-out, straight-up, blatant-as-you-please LIE.

    Maybe that doesn’t matter to you, Mr. Grenn. But it matters to me. To me and to the vast majority of Evangelicals in Alaska who I know. The heady days of Governor Palin knowing she could count on the Evangelical vote in this state are over. Why? Because things like credibility and character really do matter. Dan Jarrell is right. I, and thousands like me, have done the serious work of “knowing the character” of our governor. And it has been sad and scary and disheartening what we have learned about her.

    But she has little to fear – the uninformed Evangelicals of America have no idea who she really is, what lengths she’ll go to to advance herself (I would say “her agenda” here, except that it’s become clear Sarah has no agenda other than herself).”

  111. Hi James, Lori’s sent you some links that are good. Here’s another
    Think Progress » http://bit.ly/RuAZO
    & the article has embedded links for additional explanation

    ~~~~~~ Speaking of dogs in heaven, did anyone ever see the Robin Williams’ movie “What Dreams May Come”? One of my most favorite scenes in when he gets to heaven, hears a dog barking, and he’s reunited with his childhood dog! I admit I sat in the theatre and cried & clapped.

  112. Susan in CT,

    Make your own!

    Church Sign Generator

    Have fun ~ Δ

  113. to judith:

    you made me smile ~~ and then nod my head in agreement: no dogs? no heaven!

  114. If there are no dogs, it can’t be heaven.

  115. James , Your post doesn’t specify what bill Investors business daily is referring to, I have check the senate’s bill and there is nothing on page 16 that resembles the sentences you posted. Pehaps there is another version out there that I am not familar with, if so please link me..;-) In the mean time here are some facts for you to look over, perhaps it will bring you some peace of mind and save you a long distance call to your congressman.



  116. About that contrived accent of Sarah’s”


    “Ok, I was born and raised about an hour north of Wasilla. In 33 years I have never heard anyone talk like Sarah P. Not one single person. The article sounds clever, but couldn’t be more wrong. Honestly, go hang out at the old Cars and see if you find anyone born iin Wasilla that sounds like that.”


    “Actually, you have absolutely no right to describe how Alaskans talk. I am from Wasilla Alaska, and I’ve met Sarah Palin several times. Her accent is completely fake. I don’t mind her, I think she is a good person… but her fake accent has definitely had an effect on my opinion of her. She is from Alaska, she is representing us as a people, and I think it is downright rude of her to assume another accent in order to garner support. If she is going to represent Alaskans, she should talk like an Alaska (no matter how un-folksy we may be)…which by the way… despite the close proximity… in nothing like the Canadians… and is certainly nothing like the Midwest.

    An Alaska accent is probably best described as that accent you always hear on TV. More like a Washington/Oregon/California accent than anything else. We don’t elongate our vowels ( like the long aaah or the ohh sound) and we don’t use phrases like ‘you betcha’. If you doubt this, let me put it into perspective for you. I just moved to Minnesota where people tend to talk a hell of a lot like Sarah Palin, only usually less affected. My Midwestern peers are always commenting to me that I have California accent.

    Just like Sarah Palin I have lived in Alaska for the great majority of my life. The bottom line is that her accent is fake, for better or for worse. Whether this makes a difference if for you to decide, but there is no denying the aforestated fact. I remember when she was campaigning for mayor and I shook her hand and spoke to her briefly during a parade, she spoke like a normal Alaska during that event. The accent has Miraculously manifested itself since she became VP pick.”


    “I know I’m weighing in about a year late on this, but I spent last week tromping around Sarah Palin’s turf and I just have to share what I saw and heard about the tough-talking governor from her friendly constituents in Alaska.

    I was in and around Anchorage for a week with my mom and three sisters to visit a fourth sister, who has lived in rural Alaska since 1993.

    “The people in Wasilla were nice. But as much as I tried, I could not find anyone else who talks all twangy like Gov. Palin. There is no Wasilla accent — that is all her, baby.”

  117. “All Dogs Go to Heaven – Religious Sign Debate – http://bit.ly/CMH56

    I loved this too — but I’m pretty sure it’s not real. If you look at the photos, you’ll see that NOTHING changes in them — not the perspective, not the lighting, not the coloration, nothing. A good job of a joke, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

  118. Martha UYS,

    Right on!!

    You know how they’re reporting SP’s star power brought in more money to SarahPAC after she quit?

    Political Web site Who Runs Gov reports that a fundraising email that MoveOn sent out yesterday calling for cash to counter Palin’s “lies” on climate change raised more than $100,000 in 24 hours, a MoveOn spokesman confirms to the Web site.



  119. @ James

    “I am not fixated on Sarah Palin, nor would I vote for her. She is not ready to make national public policy as you write. However, she got a raw deal, and part of it was elitist regionalism because she had an accent and she didn’t go to the right schools. A moose hunting fisher woman with rough edges from the hinterland didn’t fit in with polite society. Were you to defend her vociferously, I would point out her flaws.”

    James – I don’t think you’ve been following all the links here about Palin. This is DEAD WRONG – Palin made up that accent on purpose, and also tried to use the “Alaskan Mystique” card about guns, and huntin, and fishin’ in order to be a REFORMER and MAVERICK – all on absolute purpose. She is a complete fabrication, and she has done it all herself. The media didn’t dig, they hardly questioned, they only teased after she looked like such a moron.

    Many of us here in Alaska are very angry that our own media also coddled her – from day one – and did not pursue the tough questions or challenge her ability to think, lead and govern. Our media has now taken their gloves off, but it’s a little late!

    You are still quite wrong about Sarah – you are sympathetic to the image she TRIED TO CREATE in order to get votes. Here’s a little gem from our Nome Nugget (Nome = Iditarod Sled Dog Race destination & still very much a little frontier town like we USED to be):


    Lame Excuses

    “Whatʼs with governors these days? Spitzer, Blagojevitch, Sanford—hanky-panky, bribery, more hanky-panky. New York, Illinois, South
    Carolina and now Alaskaʼs governor, dear Sarah Palin says she loves Alaska too much to be governor. Is there something in the water? Palin
    says she doesn’t want to be a lame duck. Well, hit us with a box of quackers, lame duck yer Aunt Fannie. Give us a break! Thatʼs such a lame excuse. Come on Sarah, whatʼs the real reason? Did the right wing suddenly flap around and
    whack her on the noggin? She must have been planning this move for a while to time her announcement at the start of the 4th of July holidays. Whatʼs this for the love of Alaska schmaltz? Whenʼs the other shoe going to drop? Is she thinking of a role in national politics? Is she
    going to seek national office? The Republicans arenʼt that stupid, are they?

    Maybe Sarah just doesn’t like Juneau. Do we need to build a new executive mansion? She is all worked up over reported rumors about
    her house in Wasilla. Whatʼs the reason for a sitting governor to resign? She should tell us the real truth. Nothing makes sense, but what
    the heck, Alaska will be better off. Does anyone know anything about this fellow Parnell? So long Sarah. Donʼt let the door hit you on the way

  120. Greytdog, if my daughter wakes up from her nap early because of my guffawing, I blame you.


  121. just did a quick google scan on that book and boy oh boy, the extreme right wingnuts blogs are going nuts over it


  122. palinshutup–it’s GREAT!!!

  123. LOL

  124. To Vern:

    Why on earth would you post a comment that is so easily disputed just by looking up the movie title, “The Gods Must Be Crazy”?? Obama not only was NOT in that movie, he was only 14 yrs. old when it came out. The person in that movie is certainly much older than that.
    Please go somewhere else to post lies. This post is about truth.

  125. John P. Holdren wrote several books and publications most dealing with climate change and the environment

    about this book you claim in which he ‘recommended forced abortions’

    an article in wikipedia about that


    I dont read

    “if the population control measures are not initiated immediately, and effectively, all the technology man can bring to bear will not fend off the misery to come.”


    ‘the possible role of a wide range of solutions to overpopulation, from voluntary family planning at one extreme, to a “planetary regime” of enforced population control at the other extreme’

    as ‘forced abortion’ but if you are batting for the right, specially for the extreme right, you could twist it into meaning that

    just like the bible thumpers that claim anyone who believes in choice is going to hell

  126. Greytdog, that is funny. I love it! I just love all the experts here on earth that know all the rules about Heaven, Ha! Silly humans.

  127. Investors Business Daily reports that page 16 of the proposed bill has a headline “Protecting the Choice to keep Current Coverage ,the Limitation on New Enrollment” section states “Except as provided in this paragraph the individual health insurance issuer offering such coverage does not enroll any individual in such coverage if the first effective date of coverage is on or after the first day of the year the legislation becomes law.”

    In other words, we can keep our private insurance, but we can’t buy more or change our policies. Eventually, the government will be our only insurance provider.

    I’m calling my Senators now.

  128. And for your moment of jocularity:

    All Dogs Go to Heaven – Religious Sign Debate – http://bit.ly/CMH56

  129. heh heh heh

    loving my new avatar :D

  130. i will have to look into this book about forced abortions

    about the companies going overseas, dont blame Obama, he is working towards giving credit to those companies who keep their jobs right here in the good old USA, unlike his predecessor

  131. Did you know that her daughter is a TV actress? You should watch their show on TV. Get a cable please!
    And Obama? He is the actor in God’s Must be Crazy!They are all actors and actresses. I bet you are also an actress. I’ll visit you one of this days and will bring you some tabloids. LMAO

  132. After the latest Shannyn Moore post (link provided by elsie09 on July 15, 2009
    at 1:13 PM) and all the comments mostly by Alaskans therein pointing to other mishaps of sp, I don’t see how anyone can still see her as a victim.

    And with sp’s latest article in WAPO regarding cap and trade where she not only reversed her prior position, but obviously does not understand the concept, I can’t see how anyone can still believe she could govern or run anything.

    Right now she is probably counting all her chickens before they hatch. I’m sure some of the eggs will rot while others will get smashed or boiled. But there are plenty left to keep her from ever having to worry about income from here on out. And with the current health of the GOP, she really doesn’t need to do much to shine. From what it looks like, the less she does, the better off we will be.

  133. I don’t use Medicare or take Social Security payments because we have good health insurance from my wife’s teaching job. Why would anyone want me to help drain our treasury when I don’t need to? I also passed up farm disaster payments when we didn’t need them and took them when we did.

    We have friends who have little or no health insurance. Obviously, a serious illness could put them among the millions of people who must declare bankruptcy because of catastrophic health emergencies. Such people are not abstractions to my wife and me.

    Of course, I sympathize with those who need government aid, but I also don’t want problems associated with our government’s going broke. That has nothing to do with right or left. Higher taxes are a drain on our economy, and they hurt business, especially small businesses.

    This is purely anecdotal. A woman just called an Omaha talk show to tell the audience her husband’s company plans to send most of its jobs overseas if taxes rise too high.

    Last night on the network news, the main question in the story about the Senate committee approving a version of the medical bill was “how are we going to pay for it?” The answer is still unclear. Those reporters are liberals and asking the same question I have asked. The US News and World Report also asked “how will we pay for the program.”

    We ration care under our system through economic pressures. Government workers ration care in countries like England. I think we need a better health care system, but we need to improve on some of the foreign models.

    Biden may be criticized in his home state, but the national press gave him a pass during the campaign. I knew that before the reporter admitted it.

    I read about the rape kits last fall. There were heated arguments on both sides. No one could provide proof that the policy was actually enacted in Wasilla. A USA Today article said hospitals charged women or their insurance companies for rape kits in parts of Alaska, including the Matanuska Sisitna Valley where Wasilla is located, but it didn’t specifically mention Wasilla.

    Some quoted minutes of town meetings to prove the policy was not enacted. Others cited the police chief’s statements to imply that it was.

    Whatever. I think it was bad policy, and Palin should have known about it if she was mayor. It was her responsibility to know and attempt to change it.

    My understanding of the Medicare scandal is the federal government has forbidden Alaska to sign any more clients until the state makes necessary improvements. In my opinion, Palin knew or should have known this was happening as part of her responsibility as chief executive. She should be condemned for her inattention.

    If we adopt something that evolves into a single payment health system, such scandals will repeat on a national level.

    Again, this is only anecdotal. From what I have read, the French have a workable health care system. France spends about a half of what we do, has universal coverage, free choice of doctors, and pays for medications based on their effectiveness, according to a man who lived in France for two years.

    Obama has also made his share of mistakes, and the press is slow to take him to task. For example John Holdren President Obama’s science czar co wrote a book in 1977 with Paul and Ann Elerch in which he recommended forced abortions and sterilization in some circumstances. Abortion would be a population control measure. Its just an old book, but my guess we haven’t heard much about it because Holdren is Obama’s man.

    I believed both Obama and Palin were too inexperienced to be successful chief executives until they completed OJT . Biden and McCain likely would not have done much better. I have seen little since January to change my mind.

  134. like the rape kits she later claimed she knew nothing about

    a governor who doesnt know about anything that goes on in her state and blames everything on everyone else



  135. Diane, in a previous post I believe he wrote he does not need medicare but ‘sympathizes’

    seems to be common denominator for the right, those who do not use the services complaint about the taxes

    I dont have children in school but do not complaint about paying taxes for public education

  136. Since you are part of the older generation, perhaps you would care to comment on the Medicare scandal in Alaska.
    Palin is responsible for this.
    This alone should make people see that she is unfit for any further office.
    Of course, it will be anybody and everybody else’s fault.

  137. in my part of the world biden gets criticized when dully deserved

    palin gets no violins from me

  138. Thanks Jean. I remember reading about your problem with Spinal Stenosis and feeling sorry you had to suffer through that. I’m glad you found success with physical therapy. Our local doctor gave me an instruction manual which I read. Our nurse practitioner’s husband is a physical therapist, and she suggested he could work with me until we saw the results of the MRI scan. She said my problem was beyond his abilities.

    Someone recommended epidural shots but I didn’t realize their effects were “permanent.” What do they do? Do they just relieve pain or do they prevent muscle spasms. That is another question I need to ask.

    However, I am pretty strong, and I learned to use my back muscles as a sort of cast. I can sometimes move my lower vertebrae with my muscles to shift them into place. If I feel a tearing sensation, sometimes flexing my muscles helps stop the pain from developing. I copied the address and phone number of Kieth’s friend the neurologist, and after I think of some good questions, I will probably call him.

    I agree about second and third opinions. After I researched on the internet, I called several hospitals, and a couple of doctors took time to answer my questions on the phone.

    Like you, I think Air Force doctors and dentists are a menace.

    I don’t think I am depressed, but the pain can make me irritable. I have too many ghosts floating around as evidenced from my earlier outburst about the man and his daughter trapped in a burning truck to focus on one problem.

    I am not fixated on Sarah Palin, nor would I vote for her. She is not ready to make national public policy as you write. However, she got a raw deal, and part of it was elitist regionalism because she had an accent and she didn’t go to the right schools. A moose hunting fisher woman with rough edges from the hinterland didn’t fit in with polite society. Were you to defend her vociferously, I would point out her flaws.

    I regard her as I did the four graduate students who tried to hurt my grade in a course because I was a veteran. They were basically good people who believed strongly in right and wrong. They were smart and basically nice guys. I tried to give them their due as I tried to do for Sarah Palin. It didn’t stop me from out maneuvering them and costing them a letter grade in the course, while I got the A. Likewise, my respect for her good qualities is different from my unwillingness to vote for her.

    I defended her because I thought she was being treated unfairly, and I am not alone. On AOL Politics Daily, long-time White House reporter, Carl Cannon wrote that the press gave Sarah Palin a raw deal.

    “In the 2008 election we took sides, straight and simple particulary with regard to the vice presidential race…What I’m saying is that we simply didn’t hold Joe Biden to the same standard as Sarah Palin, and for me, the real loser in this sordid tale is my chosen profession.”

    He listed some of Palin’s mistakes and then wrote “Sen. Biden, however was in a place by himself when it came to bogus claims, absurd contentions and flights of rhetorical fancy. He threw out several assertions that were so preposterous that-had Palin made them-they would have prompted immediate calls for McCain to dump her from the ticket.”

    Another wrote that the ethics charges were part of a concerted effort to discredit Sarah Palin, and some of the money to pursue them came from outside of Alaska. According to the article, the Palins owe $500,000 in legal fees and the state has spent money too.

    I don’t know how much of this is true, but considering other unfair attacks on the Governor, I am inclined to believe some of the ethics charges were frivilous. I think the McCain campaign got a “pig in a poke” because they did not properly vet her. Sarah Palin would have been better off had she stayed in relative obscurity as Alaska’s governor. I don’t think she should have quit either, because when Palin was ran for office she made an implicate contract with the voter. Palin broke the contract.

    My guess she quit to make a lot of money, but since I have no idea if I am right or not, why waste time worrying about it? I also don’t plan to vote for her if she runs for national office.

    I really appreciate your taking the time to discuss back problems.

  139. I thought I’d start this morning off by seeing if Helen took on Palin’s resignation yet, and I am not disappointed. Yours is a voice of reason, loud and clear within the wilderness of as*holiness that passes for reality for those who would still like to believe she has something to offer as a political figure….besides hilarious comedy that is.

  140. Hi gang and James,

    There is one thing you and I can agree on, James, that the medical care in the Air Force was worse than abysmal. It was a very long time ago for us and you too; and what little contact we had with it did not leave a lasting impression or deter us from getting first-rate competent care whenever we need it.

    This much I know. Chronic illness or pain can make a person, at best, cranky, at worst, depressed. We have been through that with my husband’s four heart attacks and a hip replacement. (Rheumatoid arthritis.) The last heart attack was not caused by blockage. (He has two stents in his heart.) It was a clot that broke loose. The fine cardiologist told us that, FIVE years before they would not have had the TECHNOLOGY to save him. Since he was discharged from the hospital, he takes Plavix to keep his blood thin. He is doing fine now. We are much older than you.

    I do not presume to give medical advice because I am not qualified. I don’t know if you followed my recent problems since January with Spinal Stenosis. Well, after a consult with a spinal surgeon in which he showed me my MRI and carefully explained it all, surgery was ruled out.

    Instead he recommended and I had six weeks of Physical Therapy, two epidural shots of prednisone with one more shot to go. I’m cured!!!!! No more pain at all!!! No more meds!!! My energy level is way up and my spirits have soared!!! The Physical Therapist taught me some exercises that I do religiously every day.

    Now, the Spinal Stenosis IS a chronic condition and will not go away. But with competent medical care, it is manageable so I can lead a happy and productive life.

    One other little thing that might be of general interest to the gang. I won’t go into a lengthy detailed discussion because it is quite complex. It involves interaction between hormones and the brain. But the short course is illustrated by this is: There is a species of clams on the East Coast that changes color to pink and back to white with the changing of the tides. Of course, sunlight is involved. An experiment was run in which some clams were put in a dark box and flown to the West Coast. (A five or six hour time difference.) Within 24 hours, they had adjusted to the West Coast beach time and were once again turning pink with the tides.

    All living creatures have biorhythms and need natural SUNLIGHT to function at optimal levels. It is well known that in far northern climates where there is little sunlight in the winter, such as Alaska, Russia and Scandinavia, the incident of severe alcoholism is very high, especially in winter. A condition known as SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) has been identified and the cause is a lack of sunlight. There are even special lights to simulate sunlight that have been developed for people to sit under for even a limited time every day. Improvement is remarkable in energy and attitude elevation.

    It bothers me to think of the working conditions for people that have developed in the last decade or two; sitting in a cubical all day staring at a computer with no access to sunlight. I wonder what the long-term effects can be.

    So James, I hope you will take Keith up on his offer and contact the neurologist. It seems to me that you are long past due to find expert medical help that you feel you can trust. (You don’t and we don’t trust Air Force medicine either!) It is all well and good to research on your own on the inter net. We all do it. But in my research, I ALWAYS like to back it up with at least four other reliable sources.

    Finally, go ahead and fantasize about Sarah Palin. If you like. Please, just don’t try to promote her into a position where she is responsible for making public policy, for heaven’s sake!!!!



  141. Greytdog, the answer may be frogs

  142. Kieth and Honolulu Sally, thanks. Your telling what your high school friend said about neurosurgery and giving his address means more to me than you know. I also appreciate knowing about the tens unit. If things get too bad it sounds like a better alternative than surgery.

    I have learned what I can do and what I can’t. I can lift heavy objects if my back is straight, but bending over to pick up a sock may leave me sleepless for several days. Almost a month of raspberry and cherry picking has left my back sore, but not as bad as some years. Once in a while, I stumble on my left leg, but so far, not while I am on a ladder.

    Honolulu Sally, my brother says I need two guardian angels. I have wondered why I am still alive too. I have made a difference in some people’s lives, but I still don’t know why I am here. Maybe I am meant to have grandchildren first.

    Odd things happen to me. Since age 25, when a season ends, I have not assumed I will be here for another, but not in a morbid way. I just appreciate and enjoy what is now. As you’ve probably noticed when I tire of something I drop it. If I can’t change something, I tell myself it could be worse.

    After all of this time, I am still a fan of a pretty and accomplished Alaska woman from Homer, Alaska–Jewel.

    Thanks for the good thoughts. I have prayed for you once in a while, though it is nothing specific.

  143. Alaska is getting unhappier and unhappier with Sarah Palin. I NEVER thought I would see an opinion piece like this coming out of Fairbanks since they are a conservative paper, a conservative town and she threw Fairbanks a lot of “dog bones” such as the inauguration event, pipeline, and many others. This paper endorsed her vice presidential campaign.


    “…Sarah Palin will soon be out of office, 18 months ahead of schedule and of her own choosing, so why bother. And on Monday came the final word, after half a year’s worth of my hopeful cajoling, that Gov. Palin wouldn’t have anything to say to us. “That is correct – she will not be meeting with the board. I apologize for all of the back and forth,” came the e-mail from her spokeswoman.

    And yet I have been reading these past several days that Sarah Palin is alive on Twitter and Facebook, maligning the media in her tweets and posts. She won’t meet with us, but she sure will bash us.

    She did it again on Friday, posting on Twitter in advance of her appearance on KFAR radio in Fairbanks: “Candidly, I love radio vs some newspapers bc… ‘Most newspapermen by definition have to be liberal; if they’re not, by my definition, they can hardly be good newspapermen.’ W. Cronkite”

    Of course, the governor has misinterpreted the quotation for her own use. Cronkite, in the 1973 interview with Playboy magazine, used the word “liberal” as meaning open-minded…

    …She cries foul but has done nothing to rectify whatever wrongdoing the media has done to her or that she perceives the media has done to her. What she has done is easily find time for flattering national photo shoots and to talk with non-threatening magazines or commentators on friendly conservative national or local radio and television shows.”

  144. Hi Gang,

    I am on a time budget and won’t be checking in as often (I was a real H&M groupie, near addicted to this site, and proud of it!)

    James, I don’t know how you are still alive and kicking. You must have a big mission in life or something. I’ll think of you everytime I have an ouchie and realize it is nothing compared to a renegade tooth root and body parts gone amuck.

    Good health, happiness, and keep the hope and prayers going!

  145. thanks again, elsie09. i have just gone to mudflats site and will be pursuing all the others you mentioned, too.

    i had to laugh today, too, because a few conservative DEMS were asked if they’d like sarah to campaign for them as she’s offered ~~ most of them ducked into meetings or elevators!!! it’s funny, but truthfully, i’d prefer they’d say how they really feel about that.

    seems every one, on both sides, consider her poison. reminds of how much the REPS shunned GWB during the last election time. sarah’s time is running low, i think.

  146. gramma rock, funny you should mention the loss of habitat. . .one of my clients works for the local birds of prey center and she plans to come over to the house to see what we can do with the “sushi” bar to make it more raptor appealing. Our lakes are pretty well stocked for the fish-eaters, but she was thinking that I could turn the koi pond into a “way-station” for wild life – clean water, etc. . . as opposed to the algae/amoeba infested lakes. (high air temps = high water temps = algae & amoeba in lakes) It’s not a big pond – maybe 4 x 4 – so we’ll see if it’s a doable thing for the wildlife

  147. sorry, that’s


    not much the typist here!

  148. James. WOW!

    Re what the neurosurgeon said…. he’s right. A guy I graduated high school with is one of the nation’s most prominent neurosurgeons (scary to think that someone I went to high school with cuts on people’s spines…) and that’s exactly what I’ve heard he’s told several people. If the issue is to relieve pain, don’t. Chances are that you’ll be in worse shape afterwards….. if it’s to regain or stop the loss of mobility the you do the surgery. He gets called in on surgeries all across the country that no one else will touch. And I do know people that he’s done surgery on with great results.

    But again, he says if it’s to reduce/stop the pain, it’s a crap shot best not taken. Otherwise he suggests seeing a pain management specialist. One thing they do with great success is called a tens unit (I think that’s the spelling)…. it’s not unlike a pacemaker from what I’m told and it sends a very minute electrical charge to the nerve to stop the neuro-transmission of the pain impulse. I know two people with these that swear they changed their lives.

    The neurosurgeon is:

    Dr. Mark D’Alise
    3601 21st St
    Lubbock, TX



    Keith in NM

  149. You’re welcome, claire.

    Do you also know about AKMuckraker’s blog at themudflats dot net? It’s excellent, too, and has set the standard for responsible, intelligent, humorous, measured conversation about Alaskan issues.

    The Celtic Diva’s another strong Alaskan woman trying to get the truth out about Palin at divasblueoasis dot com.

    And, Phil Munger’s got a great blog at progressive alaska dot blogspot dot com.

    Don’t forget anonymous bloggers dot wordpress dot com, too. It’s a busy site, too, of Alaskan interests and issues.

    Just notice the links off of those various sites, and you’ll find yourself in good company.

  150. I thought about “netting” the fish pond, but never acted on it. And the birds left them alone until the fish got bigger. . . patience is a virtue and the raptors know patience. Sigh. Not sure what I’ll do – right now with the heat & all, the pups are loving it sans fish. So it will stay that way for awhile. . .

  151. greytdog…on behalf of the eagles, hawks, osprey, falcons, et al… whose habitat and ecosystems are ever diminishing in the wake of the 2 leggeds’ lust for asphalt, exotic landscaping, and plastic fantastic faux environments…….. thanks for the sushi bar : )

    and, to whom it may concern, the bears, foxes, fishers, wolverines and bobcats in the shrinking northen woodlandss are thankful for all those little barking
    sheesh-ka-bobs, too : )

  152. Thank you, elsie09, I’ve now checked out Shannyn Moore’s latest blog and I am now bookmarking her, too.

  153. You go, girl!

  154. Shannyn Moore is the Alaskan woman who was threatened with a lawsuit by Palin’s attorney for reporting that there are rumors about why Palin quit. Rumors, not facts…rumors. Shannyn struck back and dared them to sue her, since that would open up a REALLY big can of worms during discovery! Guess what…Palin wouldn’t put up; she shut up about suing Shannyn when faced with a strong response to the bullying attorney.

    Did you catch Shannyn’s blog today? An excellent post addresses the various excuses why “It’s Not Sarah’s Fault…Just Ask Her”. You even might want to bookmark it today!


  155. Chloe–I have a friend who had to do exactly that since she wanted a koi pond, rather than a sushi bar.

  156. Greytdog, depending on the size of your pond and whether you have a firm pond bank, consider pulling pvc coated chicken wire taught over it and secure on the bank of the pond, then you could still see and feed thru it but birds can’t get your fishies. Not an attractive solution, true, but it may just work.

  157. I’m so sorry about the poor koi, Greytdog. But on behalf of your local raptors, your pooches, and myself (giggling most uncharitably at your troubles), I thank you.

  158. Just wanted to announce this in case any eagles, ospreys, hawks, falcons, etc are around: the sushi bar (aka koi pond) is now officially closed. The last koi went winging his way who knows where in the company of an osprey early evening yesterday. I’m not restocking unless it’s with catfish or some other bottomfeeding critter that you’ll have to work to get. But right now, the dogs think I’ve miraculously created a cute little splashing pool that is good for making puppies into mudpuppies. Okay. back to your regular programming. Thansk!

  159. Jack, sorry to bother you dear, but after 900 comments we tend to move away from the topic. I find this place great as people here tend to help each other when possible by offering suggestions, sharing tidbits of their lives and even swapping recipes. Sorry if you become annoyed with our chit chat while we await another post.

  160. Poolman, We’ve been pretty diligent at keeping the cells cleaned, I love this system, so easy and the water is soft without that chemical smell. It’s a Zodiac unit, I will contact them about where to ship it for repair because I know there is not an authorized repair facility here. Thanks!

  161. Oh good lord….HELEN! We need a new post, Sweet Heart!!!! PLEASE!!!! :-)

  162. Chloe, those salt cells usually only last a couple years. The better ones may go 3. The cells need to be taken out and cleaned. If that hasn’t been done, then that may be the cause. Minerals build up on the metal plates and it must be submerged in an acid solution to dissolve them.

  163. Really??? Really????

  164. Poolman, glad to hear business is good. I’ve checked out your website and you’ve done some beautiful work. I have a pool related question. 2 years ago we replastered our pool and upgraded to a saltwater system. (love it!) This summer the chlorinator keeps blowing a small fuse on the control board. I have a friend who is a tv repair tech and he has been able to replace the fuse but it keeps blowing. Any idea what may be the cause? Many thanks in advance for any insight you can provide.

  165. Stephanie Miller gives Margaret and Helen a shout out!!! :-)

  166. Hi there, oceangypsi! Thanks for the grav check.

  167. Excellent post, Citizen X (7/14/09 4:10 PM)

  168. James–I think it was a troll. In fact, I am confident.

  169. Whoooo hoooo!
    The very amused and amusing Stephanie Miller read from this very post on her radio show this morning!!
    Steph and the Mooks just love Margaret and Helen!!

  170. Nancy Mayfield, I know it is done, but we never drowned kittens. As working farm cats they all are valuable. There were times when we fed twenty or thirty cats outside twice a day. Predators kill them.

    For the past few years, we have averaged five cats. They never come inside, though they have a shelter on our patio.

  171. ~*wave Tine*~ I see you.

    Thanks, Poolman.

    Poolman, I’m glad to hear that business is picking up. I know a brilliant scientist in Hilo that might have a widget to make your job easier…..

    Happy Wednesday to all!

  172. For your morning reading:
    From Toronto Global Mail:
    “In Sonia v. Sarah, GOP is doomed”


    “Some Republicans admit that, if they’d bothered to give the pin-up girl from Alaska 1 per cent of the grilling that Judge Sotomayor is going to get, they’d be a lot better off today. But Alaska was so very far away. And Sarah was so fetching in her running shorts. They did less vetting than you’d do to choose the family dog. And then, when she peed all over the carpet, they forgave her. After she bizarrely quit her job as governor of Alaska, two-thirds of registered Republicans said they’d still vote for her for president. ”

    Good writing, good good good!

  173. Now Palin is write op-ed commentary in the Washington Post. She claims cap and trade will increase our dependency on Saudi oil.

    What an ass.


  174. Susan in CT, and Poolman, I don’t know if the Williston basin will keep its looks. So far it has. Oil rigs have been drilling there for years. Wyoming is still scenic with scattered oil rigs, and the parts of New Mexico I have traveled in still look open with beautiful scenery.

    Surely localized areas don’t fare so well.

    But then, I think the huge wind farms which are sprouting across the plains are pretty.

    An e friend from the Janeane Garafalo board worked in North Dakota last year. He got the best paying job of his life researching deeds and getting land owners’ permission to put a pipe line on their property and for drilling rights.

    I’d like us not to be dependent on oil too, but that day is not yet here.

    Here are some random stories.

    A British e friend told me her brother had to wait over a year for surgery. Someone with macular degeneration will get treatment for only one eye, because it makes treatment cheaper for the NHS. British hospitals are over crowded and some house nasty MRSA viruses.

    My aunt broke her hip in Britan around 1980, and though she was an American her bill was only about $100.

    Another anecdotal story is that residents in Winnipeg grouse about the long waits, and if they are really sick, they make a run for the border.

    One more story I heard concerned a New Zealand man. His brother in law couldn’t get an appointment for his heart condition. He waited three months for surgery, and by then his heart was too weak. He was put on life support, but it was removed because a younger patient needed it too.

    My wife’s grandmother had a heart attack, and her family rushed her to the closest rural hospital. The nurse refused to register her unless she had proof of insurance, and she had nothing with her. “Grandma” had to sit in the hospital waiting room, while her son vigorously argued she was insured as he threatened a lawsuit. “Lawsuit” got her in.

    A drunk driver caused an accident which knocked me unconscious and later made my brain swell. (The only side effect is I don’t recognize faces too well, and I sometimes blank out.) and I My left side became partly numb for a time. My two front teeth were smashed but still alive. I was in a lot of pain, but since it was a weekend, the dentist refused to even see me. My wife practically had to camp out on his home doorstep before he finally came to put in temporary fillings two days later.

    After I left the hospital, an Omaha dentist did two root canals and put in two crowns. The root canal became infected, and I was in a bad way for a week. Months after it ended, a $5,000 check came in the mail. The dentist wrote it was our cut from his overcharging the insurance company. We tore up the check and reported him.

    When I was in the Air Force we of course had government paid care. A dentist removed two impacted wisdom teeth. He planed to split them and take out the pieces. He lost a half inch root tip in my lingual space and went crazy. The operation took over four and a half hours, and he refused to stop after the anethesia wore off. After about an hour the commander gave him a direct order to get me numb again. I was in the hospital for two days.

    Two years later on another base, the commander spotted luninescence around the root tip. It was so deep down my throat, anesthetic drained down and partly parylised my swallow reflex.

    He failed to get the root tip after two and a half hours. The side of my face and mouth interior remained numb for four months. It was a chore to eat. My mandibular joint never fully recovered from the first surgery, and that also made it difficult to chew. I knew I was biting my tongue or the side of my mouth when I tasted blood.

    I must have my root tip checked once a year. When I was in grad school a university medical school dentist told me it would kill me within ten years. So far, it hasn’t changed, though it still hurts from time to time.

    I was a medic and had contact with doctors and dentists. Sometimes, a dentist filled the wrong tooth. He discovered his error and re- appointed the patient. Such things probably happen in private practice too.

    Air Force dentists did unorthodox things like let their assistants do oral surgery. It was against regulations, but they did it any way.

    A patient with a dirty mouth came in. The dentist had made what appeared to be little sticks of dynamite from match sticks and tied them together. They went in the patient’s mouth. He told the patient his mouth was so bad, he was going to blast. The dentist also had a long fuse which he lit as he and his assistant fled from the room. I don’t know what the patent thought. He had to keep visiting the dentist or get an article fifteen. That was the same dentist who lost my root tip.

    My back has problems after years of heavy lifting, my being thrown 200 feet by a pickup, and my car’s being rear ended. Four years ago, our local doctor told me I might not be walking in two years. A neurosurgeon examined my back after sensation had returned to my leg and told me that as long as I could stand the pain, never let a neurosurgeon operate on my back.

    Over a year ago, my neck hurt and my right arm was so sore I couldn’t sleep well. After a traveling medical exam group determined my heart and arteries were OK, I researched back problems on the internet. I called several hospitals for advice, and finally contacted our local hospital. I said I wasn’t going to waste my time or theirs but I wanted suggestions for self medication.

    Now, only three fingers are partly numb, and I can usually get feeling back by tilting my head in a certain way. As you can see I have gotten off relatively easy.

  175. Oops!

    Hit the wrong key again. Anyway, that story is for all the negative Republicans whose stock in trade is to rain on parades.



  176. Hi gang,

    The night shirt is working again. This is an old story that has been around a long time but I think it just might apply to some of the Republicans we know, right?

    A woman was at her hairdresser’s getting her hair styled for a trip to Rome with her husband. She mentioned the trip to the hairdresser, who responded:

    “Rome? Why would anyone want to go there? It’s crowded and dirty. You’re crazy to go to Rome. So, how are you getting there?”

    “We’re taking Continental,” was the reply. “We got a great rate!”

    “Continental?” exclaimed the hairdresser. “That’s a terrible airline. Their planes are old, their flight attendants are ugly, and they’re always late. So, where are you staying in Rome?”

    “We’ll be at this exclusive little place over on Rome’s Tiber River called ‘Teste’.”

    “Don’t go any further. I know that place. Everybody thinks its gonna be something special and exclusive, but it’s really a dump.”

    “We’re going to go to see the Vatican and maybe get to see the Pope.”

    “That’s rich,” laughed the hairdresser. You and a million other people trying to see him. He’ll look the size of an ant. Boy, good luck on this lousy trip of yours. You’re going to need it.”

    A month later, the woman again came in for a hairdo. The hairdresser asked her about her trip to Rome.

    “It was wonderful,” explained the woman, “not only were we on time in one of Continental’s brand new planes, but it was overbooked, and they bumped us up to first class. The food and wine were wonderful, and I had a handsome 28-year-old steward who waited on me hand and foot. And the hotel was great! They’d just finished a $5 million remodeling job, and now it’s a jewel, the finest hotel in the city. They, too, were overbooked, so they apologized and gave us their owner’s suite at no extra charge!”

    “Well,” muttered the hairdresser, “that’s all well and good, but I know you didn’t get to see the Pope.”

    “Actually, we were quite lucky, because as we toured the Vatican, a Swiss Guard tapped me on the shoulder, and explained that the Pope likes to meet some of the visitors, and if I’d be so kind as to step into his private room and wait, the Pope would personally greet me. Sure enough, five minutes later, the Pope walked through the door and shook my hand! I knelt down and he spoke a few words to me.”

    “Oh, really! What’d he say?”

    He said: “Who messed up your hair?”

  177. Can someone solve an argument I am having?
    Growing up we used to drown little kittens in a bucket when a stray cat had an unwanted litter. Anyone else do that?

  178. Thanks for checking in, Chloe, Jean, and Poolman. I figured it was time I showed my face. Glad it didn’t drive anyone to drink.

    Speakinawich…date night tonight…too much chardonnay…must sleep now….

    I will trust you night-shifters to keep the parlor safe and snug. Toodles, everyone! :)

  179. 72 and loving it

  180. 900 Comments?!?!?!??!?
    You Ladies are the bomb!!!!!! :-)

  181. Hi gang and Keith,

    I have been reading the comments here about the problems with our dismal HealthCare system. Not the caliber of care, which is parallel to none, but with the costs and availability to people without insurance or the ability to pay.

    Different people, Keith in particular, have come up with possible ideas to solve the problems. I think the discourse of comments here are very helpful to all of us into trying to understand what we are up against and how to approach solutions. I hope more of us will come forward with our stories and ideas. This is a BIG country. With bloggers from every corner of it, we are getting a cross section of what’s wrong with the system and how to remedy it.

    There are plenty of heartbreaking stories, that’s for sure. It is bad enough to have to deal with the frustration and/or wrenching emotional sides of them. But add to the dilemma the difficulty of having to deal with how in the hell to pay for them just compounds the whole situation.

    A brief story of my own. In 1953, my younger sister was diagnosed with Hodgkins’ Disease (cancer of the lymph system) at age 21. (At the time it was known to be incurable, but thanks to medical science and the $$$$$$$$$$$$ needed for research and development, it is curable now.)

    Our family and the doctors knew we were fighting a losing battle, but we had to try anyway. To make a long and painful story short, she had several surgeries to remove tumors and a long series of radiation treatments. There was no such thing as chemotherapy way back then.

    She was working and initially her insurance paid for the first surgery and then promptly cancelled her policy. (Pre-existing condition after the surgery.) Of course, as the disease progressed, she was no longer able to work so she went home to Colorado. My parents, family and friends took care of her thereafter. Her surgeries, medical treatments and professional care very nearly bankrupted my parents.

    The final surgery was for a tumor in her neck that was wrapped around her spinal cord. It was unsuccessful. The last six months of her life she was paralyzed from the neck down and needed 24/7 nursing care. (At home.) She died in 1960 at the age of 27.

    A tragic story. Yes. Unfortunately, it is not an unusual one. Such stories are happening all around the country every day.



  182. Hello all,

    it’s good to see the upgraded look oceangypsi, ΔTine, and chloe.

    My pool business has gotten a little busy, so I’ve been out running around in the sun. That is a good thing.

    Susan in CT, I don’t think pretty and oil drilling go hand in hand. It has not been pretty through New Mexico, Texas, and Oklahoma. It is a nasty business. It would take major dough to try to extract oil without messing with the local eco-system. That always makes it more expensive. The oil companies would rather keep the money and try to skimp on protecting the land. I know they have capped wells they are sitting on too.

    I would hope we could get away from oil for producing energy. We use oil in so many products that I know we can’t get completely away from it.

  183. You two old broads are a kick in the head.

  184. Hi gang,

    This is OT, but then I usually am, aren’t I?

    Daniel Barenboim has a new book out. “Music Quickens Time.” He is a WORLD famous conductor (and pianist). He was raised in Israel during the most turbulent times. He mentions it in the perspective of an insider with a rational, unemotional approach.

    This is not an autobiography. I am familiar with his tragic love story from other sources. His wife was a renowned cellist and theirs was an idyllic marriage. She then suffered a long, long, long bout with Multiple Sclerosis and died way too young.

    Quoting from the book, he says, “…that the book is neither for musicians nor for non-musicians but for curious minds that wish to discover the parallels between music and life and the wisdom that BECOMES AUDIBLE to the THINKING EAR.”
    (My upper case.)

    His West-Eastern Divan Orchestra is a youth orchestra he formed in 1999. It is made up of Arab and Israeli young people. Quoting again he shows how “…….collaborative cultural exchange, elimination of the language barrier, and the cessation of futile military operations might lead to greater understanding and acceptance.”

    I think he’s got something there!



  185. James sez “much more oil than expected has been found in the Williston basin and into Montana. Perhaps this will help our economy, including our ability to pay for a new health plan.

    That region is pretty.”

    Would it stay that way once the drilling starts?

  186. Hi Tine,

    Yep, I see you! You are a lovely lady. What a nice warm smile.



  187. You are coming in LOUD AND CLEAR. How’s the weather in Cleveland, dear?

  188. Susan in CT, I like your idea. It might be even better than the option I read about.

    Writing our Congresspeople is always good. Meeting them when they hold political meetings in their districts is effective too.

    An Omaha station reported that much more oil than expected has been found in the Williston basin and into Montana. Perhaps this will help our economy, including our ability to pay for a new health plan.

    That region is pretty. The Teddy Roosevelt spent time in the North Dakota badlands.

  189. Susan – I like that idea. Would work for me. Sorry, short stay – have 4 more hours before my day stops.

  190. See me Margaret… see me

  191. James sez “Another option is to create non- profit health care cooperatives that groups of patients would own. They would negotiate directly with insurers for low cost group insurance rates. ”

    What about a health care cooperative where the patients pay into a clinic, instead of paying a middleman insurance system?

  192. Why do we need to improve our health care system?

    * Did you know that we have more than 50 million of our fellow citizens, who are without health care and this number is growing every day as more and more of our family, friends and neighbors join the ranks of the unemployed and now adding their numbers to the uninsured.

    * Did you know that every industrialized nation in the world has universal health care. Until twenty years ago there were two, South Africa & the United States.

    Now there is only one, the United States. Are we the greatest nation in the world or are we becoming a third world country.

    * Did you know that businesses pay an average of 20% additional for each employee for their health care and that cost is rising every year, and how did this ever come about that businesses should pay for our health care? It’s a broken system. Where should businesses make the cut? Over 5 employees, 20 employees or 50 employees? And what happens to those 5, 20 or 50?

    * Have we really become a country of I got mine? I don’t think so. We have that % that are selfish and greedy and many of them are our elected officials in Washington, who are in the back pocket of the present day health care system, including the pharmaceutical companies, the HMO, the AMA and not to forget the hospitals.

    *We could all tell horror stories of someone we know, who is either uninsured or who’s insurance did not cover or is dropped by their insurance company.

    * Many of you may think, what can I do? Well remember that gang in Washington serve us, the people and for too long the people have been way too quiet, and when you leave a void someone will fill it and that is usually the ones with the loudest voice. WE HAVE THE POWER OF THE BALLOT BOX – THAT IS THE BIGGEST VOICE – LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD – CONTACT YOUR SENATORS AND CONGRESSMEN. It’s easy – type in your state and type senator or congressman from your district you will have all the information
    you will need to email them a message. Send them a message because remember WE DO HAVE THE POWER OF THE VOTE.

    Lets do something for ourself and for all Americans who need health care.
    If we don’t do it this time we may never get another chance.

    The “Lets do nothing gang who will be shouting from the roof tops government is the problem will be out there in force to defeat this and they will defeat it, if those of us that voted for change do not not make our voices heard. Send this to all your friends and family and ask them to send it on to their friends and family.


  193. Whirled, that T-shirt is scary enough to make a baby cry or maybe a dog attack :-)

    Did anyone else catch the op-ed piece supposedly written by Sarah Palin in the Washington Post on “Cap and Tax” (her words)


  194. New poll numbers


    Only 33 percent of Republicans questioned in a CBS News survey released Monday night say that Palin would have the ability to serve effectively as president. Last fall, 71 percent of registered Republicans felt that way.

  195. James, thanks, it makes me angry but I’d be willing to bet that going thru the court process would elevate my blood pressure even more. Sometimes you just have learn where to pick your battles. And this one isn’t worth fighting for.

  196. I feel for you chloe. What happened to you is not right.

    A long shot is Iowa Concern. It is a rural oriented hot line. You can probably find their site on the internet. They used to give free legal advice at certain times of the day, in the afternoon, I think.

    I don’t know their names, but there are web sites which will provide free legal advice.

    Its too bad that you might be right and have to suck it up and move on.

    NonPC, you made me laugh.

  197. hey ΔTine, see you just fine!

  198. James, I’ve also heard that about small claims court; you can win, but never get paid. I’d lose more money taking time off work to deal with it than I would ever recover I’m afraid. Just going to have to suck it up and move on.

  199. God is my CoPilot…but we crashed into a mountain and I had to eat him.

  200. Gravatar test: Can anybody see me?

  201. thanks for the Rachel Maddow link whirled, Rachel’s show is one of the few I watched during the campaign, the other is Charlie Rose

    yes Susan in CT, ‘they’ the whack job wingnuts, can certainly drag Obama’s children through the dirt but god forbid anyone criticizes how sp runs her household and raises her children, and all that just because she wore a peace sign tshirt :-?

  202. Just popping in. . . before heading off to Lowe’s. Osprey stopped by the koi pond and helped himself to some sushi. Sigh

  203. Chloe, small claims court certainly is an option, though it is a hassle. I’d ask some questions first. For example, how many who win their cases are actually paid damages in full. In our county people we know won at small claims court, but the defendant never paid what was due.

    Susan in CT, yes, medical professionals should be able to make a decent living, because they deserve it. As importantly, economics dictates insuficient money for the medical or any other profession will send the best and the brightest to other careers .

    Thomas Sewell wrote that the average cost for a new medical innovation or drug from idea to patient is about a billion dollars.

    There is no free lunch. Someone has to pay. We all live and die by the balance sheet. I like the New Mexico option as well as any I have read about.

    Another option is to create non- profit health care cooperatives that groups of patients would own. They would negotiate directly with insurers for low cost group insurance rates. Senator Kent Conrad of North Dakota proposed it and Iowa Senator Chuck Grassly said the idea has potential. I don’t know enough for an opinion one way or the other, though as a farmer I belong to a cooperative.

  204. “I don’t mean that medical professionals should make a decent living”

    … and of course that should have read “I don’t mean that medical professionals SHOULDN’T make a decent living”

  205. Us and them
    And after all we’re only ordinary men
    Me and you
    God only knows
    It’s not what we would choose to do
    Forward he cried from the rear
    And the front rank died
    And the general sat
    And the lines on the map
    Moved from side to side
    Black and blue
    And who knows which is which and who is who
    Up and down
    And in the end it’s only round ‘n round
    Haven’t you heard it’s a battle of words
    The poster bearer cried
    Listen son, said the man with the gun
    There’s room for you inside

    “I mean, they’re not gonna kill ya, so if you give ‘em a quick short, sharp, shock, they won’t do it again. Dig it? I mean he get off lightly, ’cause I would’ve given him a thrashing – I only hit him once! It was only a difference of opinion, but really…I mean good manners don’t cost nothing do they, eh?”

    Down and out
    It can’t be helped that there’s a lot of it about
    With, without
    And who’ll deny it’s what the fighting’s all about?
    Out of the way
    It’s a busy day
    I’ve got things on my mind
    For the want of the price
    Of tea and a slice
    The old man died

    -Pink Floyd

  206. Jon Stewart and
    Samantha Bee of
    The Daily Show:

    Half Baked Alaska


  207. PalinShutUp, I have considered small claims court, but it seems like such a hassle that I haven’t done so yet. My brother-in-law is an attorney and that was his advice as well.

  208. Soul mates. Finally, soul mates!

  209. Susan in CT – thanks for that link, I am also saddened and angered that such vile, hateful comments are not rebuked by leaders of the right. And to think the trolls that show up here call us hateful.

  210. Greytdog, thanks for the info about clicker training, sounds like a winner. Rosie also will steal food off the countertop if given a chance. I began using a high powered water spray bottle to zap her along with a loud ‘no’ and she has done well until yesterday. I had fried some bacon for blt’s,d the doorbell rang and when I returned to the kitchen, bacon was gone and she was the picture of innocence except her beard was all greasy. She is highly motivated by food with cheddar cheese being her favorite, she’ll do darn near anything for a pinch of cheese and it was helpful in teaching basic commands. I’ll give the clicker a try. That may just work cause she will certainly ignore voice commands if she doesn’t want to do what you want her to. The most stubborn dog I’ve ever owned. Will have to initiate hubby to help with the cat as she will not willingly go anywhere near the dog. Will get back to you in a few weeks and let you know if we’ve had any success.

  211. lori sez: “when I think of providing healthcare for my fellow citizens a balance sheet is NOT something that first comes to mind.”

    Hear hear. If someone could come up with a way to take profit out of health CARE, that would be a good thing. I don’t mean that medical professionals should make a decent living, I mean that there should be far less “business” between the patient and the cure.

    I’m very lucky — because I had good (union-won) health insurance through my employer, I’ve had good care through emergency surgery, big auto-crash injuries, and regular “maintenance.” It’s not fair that EVERYone doesn’t have that.

  212. I must say, the wingnuts
    do have one thing right;

    ‘Snowjob Squareglasses’ really scares me sometimes!

    You betcha ~/~ ;)


  213. Jean’s discussion of customs and the “superiority of ours vs. theirs” (7/13, 12:41am) reminded me of this article which really saddens me, about the far right’s hatred of the Obamas:


  214. To: Keith in NM on July 13, 2009


    Thanks for the comeback. It looks like NM could be a model for the rest of the country on healthcare but I’m afraid that most states are practically insolvent and any attempts to do something similar would be met with cries of “SOCIALISM”. How did NM manage to pull this off?

  215. My retriever is a lizard chaser. Loves them lizards – but we have to be careful because there are a couple types that are toxic. Same with the toads – there’s a non-native invasive species – & I’m not kidding, but I think it’s from Argentina – of a toad called the Bufo. It’s highly toxic – just one little lick, and the dog is going into seizures. So we keep white vinegar jugs outside, the garden hose at the ready, and stockpile of hydrogen peroxide for emergent de-tox of doggies. Cats don’t go outside – not with a greyhound in the house/yard.

  216. Thanks for the information Kieth. Your family should be proud of you for caring for your mother. I know from personal experience how hard and satisfying it is. Our parents saw us into the world and we owe it to them to help see them out.

    My aunt had a “pet” toad in her yard. It was large and hopped around each evening. One night, she heard a toady shriek and investigated. She didn’t find the toad, but she found a bull snake with a lump in its side. My aunt grabbed the snake and squeezed until the bump approached the snake’s head and mouth. Out came the toad. Gastric juices had made its skin pale, but otherwise the toad seemed all right.

    Our Rotewieler shepherd cross is a stray who came here for days ago. She is a free spirit who learned to live off the land, and she will kill and eat anything that crosses her path. That includes, up to 18 raccoons, skunks, rabbits, cats, and a turtle. She wears no leash because she is a working farm dog.

    We have found a sharp “NO!!” works too. She and the cats now coexist, and we are trying to stop her from eating kittens. She leaps at them, and as long as they don’t run they are safe.

  217. Rachel Maddow take
    on ‘The Alaska Disasta’


  218. Jean, I thought you might find this interesting – Sarah Palin’s tweeting Aristotle quotes (well, attributed to Aristotle, but her little quote book screwed that up). Wondering if I should send her a copy of Nichomachean Ethics for some light reading as she gallivants around AK while not governing.

  219. Hi gang and Avotresante,

    You needn’t take a back seat to ANYONE, ANYTIME here or anywhere else when it comes to experience or education. You express yourself beautifully! That’s all that counts. And you are very wise to take control of your own health.

    Your imagination about Hippocrates is right on the money, especially the first thing he said. Somewhere around here I have the complete text of his ‘Oath’. If I can find it, I’ll post it.

    Hippocrates intuitively knew all about homeostasis long before the word was coined.
    As you know, all doctors are required to take the Hippocratic Oath when they begin their practice.

    We visited the Greek island of Kos, (also spelled Cos), the birthplace of Hippocrates. It is a lovely, tiny island in the Aegean Sea. If you are interested, you could Google it. It is in the Dodecanese chain of little islands between Greece and Turkey, although it is much closer to Turkey than to Greece.

    That’s where I pinched off my three seed pods from one of the hundreds of olive trees on the island. I wrapped them in Kleenex, put them in the toe of a shoe and smuggled them into the
    U. S. (Please don’t tell anyone they are contraband.)

    They are growing nicely in our Pitiful Little Patch out back. I don’t know when or if we will ever get olives. We are tropical, 19 degrees latitude. I looked up the latitude of Kos. It is about 37 degrees so it’s quite a bit farther north. The parent trees are used to a colder climate with a dormant season. We may not get fruit. We can’t grow apples for the same reason.

    What the heck. If I get into a beef with anyone, (especially if they are bigger than I am), I can always extend a peace offering of a Genuine Greek Olive Branch!



  220. Chloe, talked with some trainers tonight. They all endorsed the clicker training one on one. Said to keep dog on short leash no more than 3-4ft. Use clicker & treats. Let cat roam around. Every time the dog sees the cat, divert attention with quick short snap of leash, click, then treat & praise. Said it may take a few weeks but to work on it every day. Eventually the dog will stop focusing on the cat as the primary prey. And there will be times when puppy attn will lag so have to remain consistent. Also if the cat ever gets outside, just know that the movement alone will most likely kick in the prey drive. So you’ll need to work on recall, stay, and wait commands too. The point is not so much the idea of a pack but who’s in control. Right now she’s entering the brat stage so you need to really establish her boundaries of acceptable/unacceptable behaviors. My retriever used to do this obnoxious play by play at eating time – dashing around like a crazy beast, talking and barking. Finally, after awhile I had to really just work the commands consistently. Now he knows he cannot come into the kitchen and if he tries to sneak in, I do stop whatever I’m doing and do remedial training. Tonight was perfect – he sat down in the family room and waited quietly for the bowls. I also make all the dogs wait until the bowls are down in place before I release them to eat. It just makes it so much easier.(altho my corgi will flip me off periodically)

  221. I’m afraid Sarah Palin is being backed by the religious right extremist, and it’s pretty sad to say , but Carl Sagan said it before I did, in one of his book about scientific inquiry, ( page 270 I think) if you go to Amazon you can find it. The religious right have determined that it is God’s will ( Revelations) there will be a nuclear war, and they wouldn’t go against God ( altho, the whole revelation, could be a TV show or movie, he picked up on for all anybody knows), so if one of them was in a position of high power, well, heck what do they have to lose (since they are oblivious,,), but think they will be taken out, and only the rest of us will perish ( comforting compassion, huh?)..
    Anyway, don’t stop working towards keeping the likes of her out of public office, a fundamentalist in any language/religion spells, disaster..


  222. Norma McCorvey = well known whack job

  223. thanks for all the ideas gang. I actually own Victoria Stilwell’s book, and It’s Me or the Dog is often watched at our home, she’s amazing. I may try the clicker training as Rosie’s previous owner used one to help get her attention. We do go to the local dog park 2-3 times a week and stepson brings his pup for play once a week, plus we play alot with her so she gets plenty of exercise. She is great with other dogs but insists on harassing the cat. Thanks again guys

  224. Thank god for Quitter Failin Pailin!!! She single handedly killed John McSame’s Presidential race and for that we are extemely grateful. Little did we know that she would also terminate her govenorship due to all the negative attention that this witch from the North show cased. I really miss SNL Palin impersonation more than anything.


    ‘Jane Roe’ Arrested at
    Supreme Court Hearing


  226. Hey, my kids herd toads too! I bet the dog is better at it though. ;)

  227. Bianca – give your brother a high-five for us! That’s very good!

  228. One of my darling brother-units could not resist and fell into a palinesque performance in a recent e-mail:

    “Before I continue with my resignation, I’d like to thank the American troops who are fighting abroad to give me the freedom to quit.”

    He went on to note:
    “Well, at least she interrupted the Michael Jackson death watch.”

    Good Brother-Unit!

  229. One thing to remember is that terriers are ‘earth’ dogs – that is, they burrow underneath the ground to hunt their prey. So they do have a high prey drive. You can’t “train-out” the prey drive, but you can mitigate it through positive reinforcement and since it’s a terrier, I’d check into clicker training. Find a well-referenced clicker training – make sure they are more than willing to provide references and then talk to those references. Ask to sit in on classes if offered. But with a cat situation, you’re going to want one-on-one training in the home environment and with the cat around.

  230. I just googled the show and it looks like you may be able to watch episodes online


  231. another thing the neighbors told me was that
    the dog needs to know you are the leader of her pack, most dogs, specially terriers and working dogs will automatically take over as leaders of their pack unless you/the owner teaches them otherwise

  232. Okay…. you guys have me so hooked I had to join wordpress….. mostly to get Gabby’s pic in my avatar…. hope she shows up soon!

    Keith in NM

  233. ps most important is consistency, if you are not consistent with the training the bad behavior usually reverts right back

  234. ‘I do wish I knew how to work with both of them to resolve it. Any suggestions anyone?’

    Animal Planet has a great show my son and I watch on occasion called “Its me or the dog” my neighbor across the street told me this show taught them how to train their beagle from barking every single time someone or anything moved past her nose or home or airspace or….

    it took them about a year but they were able to do it, it all boils down to positive reinforcement (treats at first with praise and lots of love) with good behavior and ignoring, turning your back and other things I cant remember but never ever yelling or hitting when the pup does something bad

    most dogs ‘act up’ when they are not getting attention, your dog comes from a very smart and extremely active breed it needs lots of walking, minimum 3 times a day and vigorous play in the park or large backyard chasing a ball, Frisbee, running…

  235. ok–I don’t know if this would work for your house or the size of the terrier. But until our dogs/cats have become acclimated, we use a baby gate with a hole cut in it big enough for the cat but not big enough for the dog. The cats will sit on the other side of it looking disdainfully at the dogs but know they’re safe.

  236. chloe havent had a chance to read all the comments after yours but just wondering why dont you take the dentist to small claims court?

  237. Keith, you are a good son for caring for your mother. She is blessed to have you and you have my utmost respect for doing so. It is not an easy task. I had my grandmother for several years with no help from her sons. She lived to be almost 98. She had great stories to tell and I miss her terribly. After she was gone I realized caring for her will probably be my most fulfilling accomplishment. Kudos to you Keith!

  238. Toad herding, bet that was hysterical. Donna, you got it exactly, the terrier wants to chase her which results in either the cat diving under the bed or she stands her ground and comes out swinging. I’ve had to rescue the dog more than once. They’ve cohabitated for over a year now, the cat will only come downstairs now when the dog is crated for the night. And she’s nervous nelly even then. The cat has been with previous dogs and is fine with my other nonthreatening dog. But not this terrier. I do wish I knew how to work with both of them to resolve it. Any suggestions anyone?

  239. jsri, James: New Mexico has a program similar to what jsri is suggesting. It’s designed for low income residents. There are three levels of premiums, based on an individuals household income. Note household income, not individual income. There are two plans with modest monthly premiums, $75 or $125 per month as I recall. They each have small co-pays and deductibles. Vision and pharmacy plans are included. The third plan, for those with the least or no income, has no premium, no co-pay or deductible. This insures that the insured has access to primary and preventative care, hopefully avoiding more costly late or emergency care. It works very well and is administered by the private sector through one of three state-wide HMO’s.

    I know first hand how one of these plans works… I’m one of the insured. It has meant the difference between taking care of myself as opposed to just hoping and praying. The difference it makes in one’s frame of mind is hard to describe. I’m the full-time care-giver for my Mom… there’s no pay in that other than the knowledge that what goes around comes around. You can’t expect someone to be there for you in your old age if you’ve not been willing to be ‘one of the troops on the front’ so to speak.

    This kind of benefit allows me to take better care of myself, so I’m here to take care of those that depend on me. I believe each and every American is entitled to the same…… lesser countries have found the means to provide such for their citizens, and yet we (the greatest country on Earth) have lagged decades behind. Why? So a few wealthy individuals can get wealthier. How honorable.

    Keith in NM

  240. Chloe–I don’t know terriers well at all. We have herding dogs (with pretty high prey drive) but as sooon as they know that the cats are part of their family, they are very good to them. Yes, there can be some “I’m gonna chase you” stuff–which results in the male cat flopping over on his side like “you got me!” But nothing bad. Just takes time and the cats need to be able to get away (although I’m sure that there are dogs that can’t ever live with cats–don’t get me wrong).

    My big dog spent the weekend herding a toad, which was quite something to watch.

  241. I don’t have the education many of you have, but I am not less than anyone. I hope you all feel the same. We all deserve the best health opportunities there are.
    Avotresante – I am loudly applauding you! Well said!

  242. You got it in one. How perfect.
    Love you, ladies!

  243. Stubborn is right, already been to the vet for a scratched eye. Kitty’s got claws, you think she’d learn that by now. Semi-peace is kept with the cat living upstairs and the dog down, except when she creeps up and gets smacked. I keep a small cowbell on her collar to give the cat fair warning. She is also a rescue, sort of, she ended up at a shelter, I was inquiring about adopting her when the owner showed up and retrieved her. 4 months later, the owner contacted me, she had to take a 2nd job and didn’t have time for her anymore. She was so out of control but with a little time and some boundries, she has become a manageable, fun, happy little girl. All of my pups have been rescues, I’d have a dozen if I could.

  244. Honolulu Sally, thanks for the shout-out, but I’ll be the first to admit that I haven’t healed myself at all. My body was created to heal itself, all I did was to give it food in the form it was created. As much as possible, I eat seasonally, I eat locally, and I preserve the food grown in my garden without chemicals or genetic manipulation. I meditate, avoid stress, eliminate negative people, and am truly joyful and grateful each day I have another chance to live. Health isn’t about drugs, and changes don’t occur overnight; my deteriorating health was from over 50 years of making unhealthy choices. It also takes time for the body to find its way back to homeostasis. Two of the biggest problems with health care is that people are too… lazy?…. uninformed? … to take responsibility for their own health, and they expect solutions yesterday.
    One of the most important things I view in health care is another of Hippocrates’ gems of wisdom, lightened up a bit. Here’s how I see the scenario: Hippocrates is speaking to a coliseum filled with health care pundits. He says “First, do no harm.” Everyone is overwhelmed by this cool new idea, and busies themselves chipping away at their stone tablets in order to get the scoop over the others in attendance. They run to their donkeys to deliver the news to the masses, and in doing so, miss the second thing he said to an almost empty coliseum, which, paraphrased was “Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food.” It’s a lesser known, but more profound, truth, to me.
    My history lesson doesn’t come from experience like Jean’s does, just from my imagination. But I still believe what he said even though I had to make up the circumstances.
    I don’t have the education many of you have, but I am not less than anyone. I hope you all feel the same. We all deserve the best health opportunities there are.
    Helen, you are amazing. My dream is to meet you before I die. You and Margaret are a cool breeze under the shade of a live oak on a hot humid day, and an affirmation that lemmings haven’t taken over yet.

  245. Chloe – right now we have three pups in resident. And yes they’re all rescues. They’re all getting on in years but we’re enjoying each others company for as long as we have each other!

    The cat will teach your pup manners. My cats always taught the foster greyhounds what the feline/canine boundaries were – keep some EMT gel on hand for scratches along the nose though. Terriers tend to be more stubborn than a lot of other breeds so your pup may need several lessons and several reviews before catching on.

  246. greytdog – how many pups do you have? Seems you’ve used a couple as gravatars. Are they all rescue pups?

  247. thanks Greytdog, she just turned 2 last friday and got lots of new squeaky toys. She’s the first terrier I’ve ever had, wish she’d quit terrorizing my cat. She isn’t agressive, just wants to play but the cat ain’t having it.

  248. Thanks for all of the comments. Jsri, your idea just might work. You all have given me more to think about. I may suggest a version to our representatives. Like you, if such a system became operational, I’d agree to pay a little more each year too.

    I have been a farmer most of my life, and I must make a profit to survive. Governments may delay the day of reconning, but people suffer when the money runs out. California is a major example. China, India and some other countries are buying our debt, and they already mutter about our profligacy. So, I don’t think my attitude is so much conservative as business related. I want a good health care program we can afford long term.

    I like the British system. My aunt had a good experience with it, but the program and the government are nearly broke according to what I heard in a House of Parliament debate. British people I know complain about the long time between appointments.

    Canadians have similar problems. If we adopt a new health care program, we need for it to be self sustaining.

    I mentioned illegal aliens because they make such use of emergency rooms in some parts of the country they have caused some hospitals to close. That contributes to all of our problems.

    We need a better system, and we need to do it right. The stimulus bill was forced to a vote before most legislators had a chance to read it. It hasn’t worked so well. We need to pick a plan and calculate alternative scenarios to better make it work in hard times and good.

    My wife and I have good genes. Both families tend to live to their late nineties or 100. We are in good health, and though I am old enough for Social Security and Medicare I don’t participate, because I don’t need it.

    We have Blue Cross through my wife’s teaching job, and we like the policy. Should we retain the policy after my wife retires, it will cost over $12,000 per year. We can afford that, but it is wrong not to care about the millions who cannot. The number of bankrupcy related health problems is another sign of medical care rationing under the present system. The answer is surely out there. I am still rationing my computer use because of my eye so I am not doing much on line research now.

  249. Chloe, that is one cute pup!!!

  250. Here ya go – a piece of the pie for everyone

    ~~ Δ ~~

    highlight, copy, cut & paste next to name when you sign in to comment.

  251. ~~~~~~~~~~~WWF PRESENTS~~~~~~~~~


  252. Helen..you ROCK!

    Why can’t there be folks like you and Margaret in charge instead of the “John McCains”?


    I hope you both realize how much your straight forward posting are appreciated.

    I thought I would remind you because everyone needs a little reminding now and then.

    Thanks again………Cheers!…….Martha

  253. oops, that kla2112 is me, Chloe. Not sure what happened there.

  254. (*wave*) /_\ Tine! (I don’t know how to do the triangle)

    THANKS, greytdog. That was taken on the 4th of July last year when my daughter and I lived in Honolulu. Happy times!

  255. thanks for the gravatar info Whirled Peas. Here’s my puppy, Rosie.

    My latest insurance nightmare is with my dental insurance. In Feb. I scheduled an appointment with a new new dentist (had to, mine wasn’t on their list). They couldn’t get me in until April. I had an old filling that had fallen out and new dentist advised crowning the tooth. Okay, fine. Went in, dental molds were made, they ground the tooth down, installed a temp crown and ordered the crown from the lab. Supposed to call me within 2 weeks to come in and have it installed. I paid $202 which was 1/2 of my share at this time. 2 weeks came and went, then 3, then 4, so I called and was told the lab was backed up and it was expected in the next week. When I called the following week, the dentist had closed his office citing health reasons. Now, another new dentist wants to charge me from scratch and the insurance company isn’t being helpful, they simply advised me to file a complaint with the dental association. I still have a temporary crown on. I suppose I have no choice but to pay again. When it’s all done, I’ll have paid over $600 for this new crown. Had I just gone to my own dentist, not used insurance and paid him myself it would have been $850 and it would have been done in February.

  256. Thinking out loud.

    When I bought my first auto insurance policy in the late 1940’s the insurance company had the word “mutual” as part of its description. In my mutual insurance company, the premiums went onto a pool from which claims were paid when they were settled. Since all policyholders shared these common risks, premiums went up and down depending on how much was paid out from the pool during the previous year. In any year, if a natural disaster brought out a large number of claims, premiums for the following year would be increased. If payouts were low, premiums the following year would be lower. So, premium costs were proportional to the degree of risk you were insuring yourself for as well as the deductible margin you were willing to absorb.

    Then someone had the bright idea to convert from a mutual company to a stock company. It was decided that that big pool of money could be invested while it was idle and an added return on investment could be captured. Once this change took place, it was no longer a matter of shared risk but instead the company was now devoted to turning a profit for stockholders. As soon as that change took place, I never saw my policy costs diminish. Over the years I have seen nothing but surging premiums and increasing deductibles.

    Now, just suppose a system where the government could provide a pool of money, with a known deductible, that would guarantee minimum medical coverage for all citizens. Premiums for higher levels of coverage could be paid by the individual policyholder or by an employer as part of a contractual obligation. In any case, all monies collected would go into the pool, irrespective of their origin. Now, like a mutual company, risks and costs would be shared by all.

    Right now, as long-time retirees, my wife and I are covered by Medicare plus two private insurers. While our premium costs are substantial for the supplemental private plans, we are alive today because of the timely treatments we have undergone. However, Medicare alone would have been insufficient. We might still be alive, but we’d probably be living on the street. However, whenever either of us has had a medical condition requiring treatment, the amount of paperwork generated has been enormous and 90% of it is redundant. In a single payer system, most of this redundancy would be eliminated and the money saved could be better spent on treatments for all.

    If I thought such a system could become operational, I’d agree to pay a little more each year if I thought coverage could be universal.

  257. Okay I hereby vote that OceanGypsi has the happiest avatar – that pic makes me just smile!

  258. Bravo avontresante! Glad you used natural responsible methods to heal thyself. Richard Schultz is my health guru, and he blasts critics of natural healing who call it radical. He says nothing is radical about good eating, natural herbs, and cleansing of the bowels (his biggest platform). He says radical is chemical drugs with guaranteed side effects and cutting bodies open with surgery.

    Well, actually, I do use a combination of both modern and natural medicine, depending on what will be best for me, though I lean toward natural. Best day in my life was having a hysterectomy (girlfriend calls it a hysterical) and ending the monthly stuff.

    Bravo for your wise recommendation:

    “I also don’t think we should even begin to discuss any kind of plan without first finding out exactly how much money our representatives have taken from the insurance companies, Monsanto, and their pharmaceutical offspring. There will be no change until the public is aware of how deep our politicians’ pockets are and who fills them.”

    It should be law, and extend to other areas of corporate interests, and publicized next to a politician’s name everytime the mike is in their face.

  259. Frodo is learning that if one waits too long to comment herein, then he falls somewhere between Neptune and Saturn.
    Ladies, let us not forget Todd, the power behind the throne. What does that guy do all day? Then there is the issue of an undergraduate degree with input from five different schools, including two junior colleges. Would that have not been indicative of someone who keeps moving on, hoping that the past never catches up?
    Finally, the Hobbitt is simply curious, how does one take a pee in those waders (Note to self: never shake hands with anyone from Alaska)?

  260. I see you, oceangypsi! (*waving*) Adorable photo. :)

  261. Thanks, Whirled Peas!!

    Did I show up?

  262. Republican pundits open fire on Sarah Palin

    What is remarkable is the contempt Palin has engendered within her own party and the fact that so many of her GOP detractors are willing, even eager, to express it publicly — even with Palin an early front-runner for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination.

    “People at the grass roots see a charismatic personality who is popular with other people at the grass roots. But their horizon only goes so far as people who think like them,” said Mike Murphy. The veteran GOP ad man eviscerated Palin — a “political train wreck,” “an awful choice” for vice president, her resignation an “astonishing self-immolation” — in a column published Thursday in the New York Daily News.


  263. ‘I think you have just defined the differences when it comes to “republicans” and “democrats”…. Or librawls and conservatives…. I am still proud of the side I’m on…. namaste’

    right on right on

    have a nice day everyone!

    I mean it :)

  264. james inquires;

    Will the savings gleaned by healthier poor people previously without insurance counterbalance other expenses and help the economy? What if we created a health insurance system modeled after auto insurance? Admittedly, that is a pretty wild question.

    James, I have to tell you when I think of providing healthcare for my fellow citizens a balance sheet is NOT something that first comes to mind. When it comes to the health of my nation’s citizens’ is profit and loss really an issue???? Perhaps for you it is…. not me…. I think you have just defined the differences when it comes to “republicans” and “democrats”…. Or librawls and conservatives…. I am still proud of the side I’m on…. namaste’

  265. Is Sarah Palin the Paris Hilton of American Politics, or is that insulting Paris Hilton?

  266. My take on healthcare – There is no such thing in this country. We have, instead,:

    1. Emergent Care – trauma injuries and rehab, end-of-life pull out all the stops care
    2. Special Care – several levels but the gist is that if you have the $$$, you’ll have all the care you could want, but maybe not the care you need (see Michael Jackson)
    3. Sick Care – taking care of symptoms and “management” of medications, tests, etc. Usually provided for ongoing illnesses/conditions, sometimes terminal but often acute/chronic. Most often seen in the form of prescriptions for meds/testing. Results rarely provide definitive answers therefore requiring more meds/testing. Sometimes ends up with loss of insurance due to “not medically necessary” reasons and “drug-seeking”
    4. Blue Moon Care: every once in awhile when OTC, homeopathy, home-remedies don’t make it, this is provided. Patients usually have enough $$ for one visit & hoping they’ll win lotto of the magic medical cure. . .
    5. Hope Care: folks hoping they don’t get sick cuz they can’t afford to see their MD on a regular basis, or can’t afford their medications, but don’t meet the income standards utilized for non-profit charity clinics
    6. No Care: folks who have to decide between medical care, groceries, basic survival. Struggling to pay bills, can’t afford OTC meds, can’t afford the loss of immediate income in order to attend to health issues.

  267. OceanGypsi,

    It’s called a Gravatar. —->

    Have an email address and photo ready. Then just follow the instructions. Easy as pie!

    PEACE ~ Δ

  268. Helen’s right. She’s like the celebrity that she claimed Obama was. She’s like the rock star that decries the photographers then calls them to tell them where to find her.

  269. Mahalo, Jean!!! I feel better today. I am sure that I burned my parish down yesterday with all of the candles that I lit. ;-)

    Now, will someone please tell me how you attach your personalized pic on your post? Mine is always the random, generic one.


    Monday. Monday.

  270. avotresante Im right there with you, we should all have the same health care options that Congress has, that was one of Obama’s points during his campaign and he knows full well how much the ins cos are into making money and not making anyone healthy because his mother suffered greatly and died because of it.

    about natural medicine. I posted a week or so ago on another one of Helen’s blogs that we are so dependent on the pharm cos we dont do anything to push for natural health care

    that is another big part of our downfall as a nation of lazy complacent citizens, another reason we are in the situation we find ourselves in this mess today

    and dont fool yourselves, pharm cos will fight tooth and nail including by using scare tactics. I dont think we’ve seen anything yet.

    I myself weaned off two major prescriptions and Im doing just fine, better even, with natural remedies, my doctor was quite pleased last check up.

    and this one is for ‘Dave’

    if I had to choose I would gladly pay taxes for someone to have an abortion than pay for 18 years of daycare and welfare but hey, that’s just me

  271. Thanks for the heads-up, Peas. Fascinating, infuriating…and unsurprising. Sigh.

    Viva la baked potato!

  272. Hey ΔTine ~ See my PBS link above: Must see TV.

    Maven Δ and PSU, Glad you like my stuff. Wish I could say I write all my own material…;)


    With the ‘Wasilla Drilla’ pretty much outta the 2012 picture…

    a new GOP front-runner is emerging.
    ;) ~ Δ

  273. Interrupting for station identification…

    We’ve been watching this unfold for a few days in Alaska, but the bottom line is – Palin LIED again. No! No Way! She truly cares about Alaskans, and the cost of defending her unethical behaviour being hard on the state (yeah right)!

    Nah! She refers to the Alaska state constitution constantly (for some reason doesn’t know how to interpret or read it) and has throughout her campaigning for gov. It’s one of the things that “endeared” her to many Alaskans – that she would be our Governor for the 50th year celebration of statehood this year and seemed so interested in the state constitution for the betterment of Alaskans.

    Well, not only did she quit the day before the major celebration planned in Juneau, and then not attend even though she was in town, her little fiasco is going to cost the state more money in order to hold a special legislative session to clean up her mess than any stretch she’s trying to make on the cost of defending her inability to be ethical.

    She last left us two immediate crises, the constitutional chain of command for her job, and the stimulus funds she rejected. Sarah knew this story full well when she quit, and what would have to happen to clean it up – a special session.

    She has been PISSED at Alaska’s legislature since they convened in January and found her husband Todd in contempt for ignoring the subpoenas in the Troopergate mess. Here’ her way to “flip them off” and also “flip off Alaska”:


  274. Very funny blog, but I find it hard to believe that you are really an 80 something year old woman.

  275. Yes, let’s keep government out of abortion, epecially the enormous amount of taxpayer money used to support abortion, and perform this deadly procedure.

  276. Avotresante said: “the insurance companies…aren’t in the business of providing care, they’re in business to take your money and give you very little in return.”

    So, so true. My sister’s best friend is an upper-level manager in a big health insurance co., and she has said essentially this, right to my face.

  277. James, there are some very interesting articles on Crooks and Liars today regarding health care.

    In my opinion, we all should have the exact same health care options that Congress has. Nothing less is acceptable to me.

    There are many ways to pay for it. A good start would be to fine companies that sell food products that destroy health. Start visiting some websites that are pro organic, but hold on to your pants. You’ll be shocked at who’s involved in keeping us all unhealthy. Visit Organic Consumers Association to start.

    I also don’t think we should even begin to discuss any kind of plan without first finding out exactly how much money our representatives have taken from the insurance companies, Monsanto, and their pharmaceutical offspring. There will be no change until the public is aware of how deep our politicians’ pockets are and who fills them.

    I’m in agreement that the insurance companies can fade away into the sunset. They aren’t in the business of providing care, they’re in business to take your money and give you very little in return. We don’t need them if we educate ourselves in wellness instead of illness and demand transparency from representatives claiming to represent us.

    I have no health insurance, have a life threatening illness, and can’t afford medications anymore. About a year ago I began seriously looking into natural medicines, a healthy diet and lifestyle. The drug pushers put out a lot of propaganda about how unsafe natural medicines are, but that’s only because they can’t be patented to make big $$ from. (All the while pumping out endless pharmaceuticals designed to relieve some symptoms of some health issues while side effects include things like cancer!) After about a year of educating myself and putting common sense into practice, I don’t need those damn medications anymore. So I don’t believe for a minute that healthy medicines aren’t possible. People have been using them for thousands of years before drug companies got involved.

    Our so called health care system is a cartel, in my opinion. Our folks in Congress are part of the problem, so it’s up to each one of us to research and ask them the questions that need to be asked and then demand they become part of the solution.

  278. For your AM reading:

    The Daily Beast: Palin’s Final Insult


  279. I like Jean’s ideas on how to fix civilization. It is better than thinking that there are no solutions.

    I went to a soccer game today. Athletics is like war. A battle for the ball, someone wins, or there is a draw. And the battle is not limited to the playing field. We parents go nuts on the sidelines.

    Sometimes I really don’t like soccer because of what I become. A pit bull in lipstick.


  280. Hi gang,

    What’s wrong with civilization and Jean’s ideas on how to fix it. (Now there’s an unimpeachable authority if there ever was one!!!!!)

    Known as the father of history, the Greek historian, Herodotus wrote, and I quote verbatim:

    “…..For if anyone, no matter who, were given the opportunity of choosing from amongst all the nations in the world the beliefs which he thought best, he would inevitably, after careful consideration of their relative merits, chose those of his own country, Everyone without exception believes his own native customs, and the religion he was brought up in, to be the best; and that being so, it is unlikely that any one but a madman would mock at such things. There is abundant evidence that this is the universal feeling about the ancient customs of one’s country. One might recall, in particular, an account told of Darius, [c.521-486BC]. When he was king of Persia, [what is now Iran] he summoned the Greeks who happened to be present at his court, and asked them what they would take to eat the dead bodies of their fathers. They replied that they would not do it for any money in the world. Later, in the presence of the Greeks, and through an interpreter, so that they could understand what was said, he asked some Indians, [from India] of the tribe called Callatiae, who do in fact eat their parent’s bodies, what they would take to burn them. They uttered a cry of horror and forbade him to mention such a dreadful thing. One can see by this what custom can do, and Pindar, in my opinion, was right when he called it ‘king of all’”……..

    Pindar, (c.522-443BC) was a Greek poet. In part he said, “Custom, the king of all/of mortals and immortals/leads, justifying that which is most violent/by its very powerful hand.”

    Those words were written some 2500 years ago.

    OK. We would think the eating of dead bodies (cannibalism?) is pretty primitive and barbaric. True. Most of these rituals have roots in religion. I have always found it interesting that myths and superstitions are SOMEONE ELSES’ RELIGION.

    Cremation is a very common practice in our country. Apparently somewhere along the line some of the Indians adopted it. However, a version of this, called ‘sutee’ was continued well into the eighteenth-nineteenth centuries in Hindu India before it was abolished. A favorite wife of an important man VOLUNTARILY mounted the funeral pyre of her husband and was burned alive. If the husband was important and rich enough to have multiple wives, they were ‘invited’ to participate also. Obviously, “till death do us part” was not sufficient. If the man had to go, well, his wife/wives had to go with him. Big deal honor.

    The point here is that culture is deeply ingrained in all peoples and has a positive function. It promotes social cohesion, a sense of belonging and a comfort zone. It gets out of hand though when it promotes an attitude of superiority whenever it encounters a different culture. This applies to one’s tribe, village, town, region and state as well as country.

    These encounters create anxiety and an implied threat. Thus, the urge to make ‘them’ look like ‘us’, dress like ‘us’, speak like ‘us’ and eat food like ‘ours’. If they don’t, well, we will have to force ‘them’ to be like ‘us’ or else; if necessary, kill ‘them’. Starting with sticks and stones, it soon escalates into nuclear weapons. Throw in a few over-inflated male egos, (and an occasional female ego too) on power trips and what do we have? War!!!!!

    The problem is, technology is always WAY, WAY, WAY ahead of culture. The end result of what begins as petty conflict has always been war. Beside all the death and destruction, war is very expensive!!! There is only so much money to go around. If vast amounts go to the expenditures for war, then there isn’t much left for silly things like, alleviating poverty, health care and the education of our children and grandchildren so they can realize their dreams and potential.

    So my idea is to phase out the whole notion of war. Is this likely to happen in my lifetime? No. In my children’s or my grandchildren’s lifetime? Probably not. Still, it seems like a worthy goal to work toward. It can’t hurt.



  281. quotes from other sources linked to the above info

    ‘The administrative costs of the medical insurance system consume much more of the current health care dollar, about 7.5 percent, than in other countries.

    Bringing those administrative costs down to the level of 5 percent or so as in Germany and Switzerland, where private insurers play a significant role, would save an estimated $50 billion a year in the United States’

    “An awful lot of the waste in this system is the antiquity of the information technology,”

    good nite everyone

  282. where the united states stands compared to the rest of the world in health care


    there is also health expectancy, health performance (we rate #72 in the world!)…

  283. james, if cuba can run a health care system so can we

  284. Hello Everyone!
    Just FYI: Sarah Palin is still considered “in the running” because the Christian right has a real agenda to fill. They are committed to making this country a theocracy with them in charge of all the $$. They started with “God” speaking to GWB; and, now Sarah is following a “higher calling”. Get it? They don’t care what she knows or doesn’t know. She is a smiling, charismatic means to an end. And THAT is what makes her even more dangerous than her lack of knowledge.

  285. Hello everybody and happy Sunday…

    We need health care for everyone in our country. James, I am not sure how much the illegals clog our system anymore; with the recent and ongoing crackdown they are afraid to go anywhere that might reveal that they are illegal. Regardless, everyone should be given the ability to see a doctor. The illegals are a whole ‘nother issue and should not be mixed in this equation.

    Insurance companies have been a big strain on the system with their big salaries and inefficient policies, staffed with lawyers and such. They screw the people to line their pockets and protect their industry. Their whole goal is to not pay claims. And when they do, they screw the doctors and hospitals to pay out less than the actual cost to save their bottom line. Every time we have to go through a middleman, we have to pay more.

    You can tell that I am pretty down on insurance companies in general. I think they just increase the cost in every area that they are involved in. I understand the need, hate the greed. I just don’t trust those that want to hang on to the status quo. They got to be profiting from it at our expense. We just keep spinning our wheels and throwing money at it, but can’t get anything through because the power of the huge lobby and those that make money with the system the way it is.

    IMO, any system will work to start. Canada, though not perfect is a good example. We should be able to tweak it as we, the people, see the need. We don’t need it to be a perfect plan before implementation. No one agrees what the perfect plan is, anyway.

    Didn’t the post office make a profit at one time? I think it did good and actually turned a profit. But of course, those in power changed that right away, as I recall…

  286. Alaskapi: Thanks for answering those Alaskan questions for me.

    James: Like you, I am still trying to figure out the proposed health care system and where the money will come from. I can tell you this, however. My daughter lives in Canada and the health care there is WONDERFUL. She chooses her own physicians, no problem. When she needs to see a physician, she and her baby are always seen the same day. I spent last winter there and saw a physician in Urgent Care one time. It cost me $65, but they told me to keep the receipt because when I become a permanent resident, they will reimburse me. The permanent resident process takes about 2 years.

    The only thing that amused me about her pregnancy process is that there is a policy in Canada that they do NOT tell the expectant parents the gender of the baby (unless an amniocentesis is warranted and performed) One day her physician was out and she saw the physician who was on-call that day. This physician would not give her the gender of the baby either. So my daighter said…hmmm, maybe I will switch to a different physician then. This stand-in physician didn’t want that to happen on her watch. So then my son in law said, I’m already sure it’s a boy, and the stand-in physician said you’re right.

    After her totally healthy baby was born, they sent a nurse out once a week for 6 weeks to weigh the baby, check it out and answer any questions which they do for all new mothers, of course free of charge. All expectant mothers are paid (throught the government) for one year’s paid leave if they were employed at the time of the pregnancy. Plus they are paiad $400 or something like that, per month until the child is 18.

    I think sales tax is around 15 percent (to pay for the health care probably), BUT get this. Every quarter, they get a check automatically deposited into their accounts…something like $3-400 depending on your salary to compensate them for the high sales tax.

    Here I sit in Missouri at 62 years of age, thankfully in good health, but haven’t seen a doctor in forever because I can’t afford the 5,000 deductible!

    Oh, and get this. Most provinces operate with a SURPLUS. Of course the other side to that is that they don’t need much of a military because of the USA, but still. I’m impressed with their system and only have 17 months to wait till I’m legal there. Hopefully, we will have something comparable before then as far as health care. We can always hope!

  287. According to a study (by the American Medical Association) quoted in the Washington Post, 62 percent of all bankruptcies in 2007 were directly linked to medical expenses. Of those who filed for bankruptcy in 2007, about 80 percent had medical insurance of some sort. Those who had insurance were on the line for an average of $18,000 out of pocket. Those who lacked insurance averaged $27,000. in medical bills.

    Who can pay this kind of money? I can’t. My boss has been sold a bill of goods that we can just have a personal medical savings account plus a policy with a $2000. deductible per year. We’re supposed to make this work with clever comparison shopping. Now, he was nice enough to pre-load our accounts for us so we can pay our deductible – once. But this doesn’t begin to make up for the fact that I can’t afford to get sick.

    The result – I’m hoarding the amount that was pre-loaded into the HSA. No preventative checkups for me; I’m keeping every dime in case I have a catastrophe. I can’t afford to contribute into it – my husband is unemployed. He has some very expensive major-medical type insurance, but I don’t see how we’re going to keep that much longer. And he has health problems and is on some pretty expensive meds. Eventually, the meds will have to be paid for out of the HSA, and then we’ll both be completely uncovered and he’ll have to stop taking the meds. (My policy only pays out once the individual coughs up their share first. I’ll be coughing up a lung and both kidneys way before that happens).

    My choice is for a public plan, which can be opted out of if you prefer and can get a private policy. Other countries also allow for supplemental private policies that work in tandem with the public plan. That sounds good to me, too.

    Mostly, we have to control expenses. I’m not very concerned about rationing – I’ve already been rationed right out of any meaningful coverage, while Blue Cross is draining my employer dry with the premiums. Even moderate rationing would be a distinct improvement.

    And can the right wing please make up their minds? There are two arguments, and they’re using them simultaneously. 1) – A public plan will be awful, horrible, with nightmarish waits and dreadful lack of care. 2) – Everybody will sign up for this in droves and the private companies will go out of business. Reminds me of the old joke about “The food was terrible – and such small portions!” C’mon, folks – one or the other!

  288. Skyler asks -

    ‘to the Alaskan bloggers on here, is it true that Alaskans don’t pay taxes?”
    We do NOT pay state income tax.
    The state is largely funded by oil royalties.

    “And that they receive stipends or whatever to live there since it is quite difficult to attract newcomers to the area? ”
    No- this is not true.
    SOME companies pay a large cost-of-living adjustment to attract employees and wages overall tend to be higher than Outside… but like everywhere else, they don’t keep up with inflation.

    There is a payment which all qualified Alaskans may receive yearly- called the PFD -Permanent Fund Dividend. A portion of the money the state has gathered in oil royalties is invested and maintained to fund these dividends.
    I think it is the wrong idea for the right reason and therefore do not apply for nor receive it. It can run a few hundred dollars to a couple thou.

    Does this mean just income tax? Do you still pay sales tax?

    First class cities and/or boroughs may tax to meet their citizen’s needs-sales tax, property tax, etc. My borough has a 5% sales tax on all goods AND SERVICES. Sitka also charges 5% on renatl rates as a service- we do not.
    If you don’t pay income taxes, can you imagine Paln trying to run an entire country with such limited experience in such an important arena?

    I can’t imagine her running a food processor, hon, especially after the last year.
    It has struck me that managing the lever on a toilet tank to flush the bowl may be too technical for our-soon-to-gone-gov.
    I am a little baffled by her popularity with some very well known conservatives who otherwise seem like very intelligent people.

    I can’t speak to this… all humans have failings. Somehow some smart folks have fallen for her Pied Palin routine and wandered off behind her screechy fluty song…

  289. Hi gang and Keith,

    Yes, Keith, let’s talk about what’s left out of the Health Care discussion. The issues are myriad!

    On our small island we have what is called ‘The Urgent Care’ unit in our main hospital. It is where people without insurance can go and the costs are much less than the emergency room.

    It is convenient also for those occasions when we can’t reach or see our regular doctor and/or dentist, for instance, on week-ends. (I have visited the Urgent Care unit with a sudden throbbing abscessed tooth on a Sunday. Trust me, you don’t want to wait until Monday morning to call for a dental appointment when your whole jaw is on fire!!!)

    But of course, one of the most important aspects of medical care is that of a patient’s medical history.

    Walking into an emergency room cold can only give the personnel a small fraction of the origin of the problem. (Stop the bleeding!!! And then try to find out where it’s coming from and why.)

    The health of the population would be so much better served and less expensive if EVERYONE had on-going medical check-ups and a RELATIONSHIP with a doctor who knows the patient and knows what to look for and what not to. (This also might help to deter ‘doctor shopping’ for the abuse of prescription drugs.)

    One of the many reasons for sky-rocketing medical costs is the array of high-tech tests that may or may not be necessary if the doctor knows the patient’s history.

    The emergency room doctor has no choice but to order up a battery of tests to try and find out what’s wrong without any prior knowledge of the patient’s general health.



  290. James wrote: “Dick Cheney and the others are innocent until proven guilty. If they broke the law, they should pay a heavy price.”

    Agreed. But we’ll never know since evidence will be suppressed in order to “protect” the nation. My response: thanks but no thanks, put a bulldog special prosecutor on the case and let’s start microscoping the evidence & let the chips fall where they may.

  291. Dick Cheney and the others are innocent until proven guilty. If they broke the law, they should pay a heavy price.

  292. I still haven’t formed my opinion about the health care bill because I don’t know enough about it. I do know I need to understand much more before I offer my opinions to my representatives.

    Letting private health insurers fail is all well and good if it gives the majority better health care at a lower price. I don’t know of any nation where an exclusively government run system succeeds without rationing. Does one exist? Does it operate similarly to the framework of the current bill?

    Which system supports more medical inovation like artificial hearts? Will rationing be on the basis of age and presumed quality of life or type of disease? Can another plan work better? Could the country afford the health care system Congress created for itself? Will the proposed system raise taxes enough to lower our standard of living and impair companies ability to stay in business and create jobs?

    Will the savings gleaned by healthier poor people previously without insurance counterbalance other expenses and help the economy? What if we created a health insurance system modeled after auto insurance? Admittedly, that is a pretty wild question.

    Our current system rations health care, and so will the next.

    I read that ten percent of the uninsured people who often visit emergency rooms are illegal aliens. Hospital emergency rooms have gone out of businesses because uninsured legal and illegal poor people had no where else to go. Other people scrimp on health care because they can’t afford it. They provide a hidden cost of work lost or less efficiency on the job. Eventually, they must be given more extensive care which the tax payers or insurance companies must pay.

    I regard the proposed health care bill as equivalent to purchasing a $300,000. combine. To stay in business, a farmer must mull over benefits and unintended consequences as well as calculating how to pay for it if the unexpected happens. However, that big shiny machine will harvest a lot of grain rapidly and efficiently.

    We certainly need something, but so far, I don’t know what should be in the bill and what should not be.

    You are watching me attempt to make up my mind. It is not a pretty sight. Any verifiable information would be appreciated.

  293. LOVE this post ladies, right on the money as usual. Pretty terrifying, though, to think that there are nutjobs out there who actually think this lying, deceitful, bullying, would-be dictator has anything at all to do with Christ. Threatening to sue anyone who isn’t sweet to her on the internet? Has this woman ever heard of the First Amendment? Oh, I forgot who I was talking about. Of course she hasn’t. Or perhaps, like many right wingers, she thinks the First Amendment only applies to them. Bill O’Reilly can goad a nutjob into murdering a Kansas doctor, hey no problem, but let someone critique Palin’s job performance, and whoa Nelly!!

    The Right just can’t get it together. Still getting a big kick out of how Ann Coulter carried on for a whole chapter in her latest book about the scourge of society that is the single mother, and oh, whoops!! What’s Bristol Palin, again????? They just can’t stop shooting themselves in the foot.

    Can’t wait to see what you ladies have to say about the new development, i.e. Dick Cheney going “outside the law” to keep his secret counterterrorist program a secret from Congress.

  294. IMO, the Governor’s race in AK is ground zero. Calamity Palin will soon be hitting the Lower 48 drumming up the hate and leaving behind the good folks of AK in the rubble of her pillaging. For more information on one of the Progressive candidates currently in the race to be AK’s next full-term governor, please see this:
    An Open Letter to Mudflats from Bob Poe


  295. I so enjoy the blogs of M&H and all the responses even though I don’t respond myself very often. I have some remarks about Palin though. Someone said that only 27% of the country admit to being Republican and half of those I believe were supporters of Palin. If that’s the case, I think that is still too many! I have a problem understanding why someone would think she would be presidential material when she doesn’t know a country from a continent. I mean…does she even know who our enemies are?

    Also, to the Alaskan bloggers on here, is it true that Alaskans don’t pay taxes? And that they receive stipends or whatever to live there since it is quite difficult to attract newcomers to the area? Does this mean just income tax? Do you still pay sales tax? If you don’t pay income taxes, can you imagine Paln trying to run an entire country with such limited experience in such an important arena?

    I am a little baffled by her popularity with some very well known conservatives who otherwise seem like very intelligent people.

    Take care everyone and keep writing. Love this blog! Syler

  296. What gets left out of this discussion is the fact that the uninsured use the emergency room as their regular doctor. Anyone that’s been an ER in the last ten years knows what kind of costs are involved. And the uninsured can’t pay that bill. So who does? We do. Just think of the money we could save by providing health insurance to these folks so they could see a regular doctor (for lots less money) before they got so sick. Everyone knows that preventative medicine is much less expensive than if you wait till you’re so sick you have to go to the ER.

    We keep talking about the billions it will cost us. What about the many billions it already costs? Is it not possible that if these already occurring costs were part of the debate we might find that we would spend very little more than we already spend, either directly or indirectly through higher costs for care (to make up for the money lost on those who can’t pay or through higher property taxes for hospital districts)?

    Keith in NM

  297. I want you to be real! It is very familiar to hear your opinions. You remind me of the patients that were treated at a clinic where I formerly worked. It was an internal medicine clinic and a large percentage of our patients were members of the “Masters Class”. I love how you shock younger people with your frank comments and wit.

    My dear friend of nearly 45 years sent me your blog. I hope that we are still BFF’s when we are in our 80′s.

  298. The deal is that we already have government run insurance… it’s called Medicare…. and it’s actually much more effiently run than private insurance…. that’s what the insurance companies are afraid of…. REAL competition!!

    Keith in NM

  299. I miss Margaret…

  300. and let me add, im sorry that may put some companies out but you get no sympathy from me when someone’s health is at risk because of ins co red tape, policy….

  301. james wrote

    ‘….government run insurance option. If it exists, it will ultimately out compete private insurers out of business….’

    and to that i say tough noogies

    insurance cos are one if not the main reason people cant afford health care so if a public or gov run ins puts some out so be it, just like the banks

    competition is the name of the game in capitalism

  302. Yorman, ohhhhhh noooo dear…… She is adored by HALF (47 percent) by REPUBICAN’S…… Since only 27 percent of the country identify themselves are REpubs that means she is LOVED by less than 10 percent of the country.

    Soooooo sorry my love… NOT THIS time….. not now….

  303. Sarah Palin is a perfect example of “the Christian gone bad”!–if she ever was a Christian. It’s hard to believe that any Christian would choose a voodoo minister responsible for killing hundreds of so-called “witches” in Kenya in our world today. SP is a beauty pageant winner of decades ago–like a worn out rag too dirty (too many sins to count!)to use again. Yup! She’s a dirty rag that won’t go away because she keeps the “juices” flowing in old men like Bill Crystal. SP likes the spotlight like a bat out of Hell and because of her “dirt” will return from whence she came!

  304. Martha, you, dear friend are terrific!. I found Alaska bloggers through Margaret and Helen ( Thank you, ladies) I found Margaret and Helen first and so enjoyed the delicious humor with which they disect the silliness that is politics. I have learned some great truths here and have been amused by trolls. In chat, when I started in 1998, we called the potty mouth or threatening kind of troll a SNERT (Snot Nose Egotistical Rude Turkey) I see the genre is still with us. and they are still SNERTS! As for the haters, I keep you in my prayers. You sure need them. Finally, I take a leaf from the book of our President and those around him, and refuse to participate in the low-class name calling and invective. Whether you agree with our president or not, you must admit he has handled himself with grace, calm and wisdom. I am proud to be represented on the world stage by such a man.

  305. this is worthy of a re post

    ‘It is terrifying. It is carryover from Bush. They adore because of how they profess to adore God.

    Whoever spouts more Christian values regardless of their actions are beyond reproach and deserving of blind following. If they fall from grace or sin, they can always blame the devil.

    They would rather have the Witch Doctor in charge of their country than the Wise Man.’

  306. Good one, Helen.

    That awful, lying grifter, would most assuredly swipe every single little shampoo bottle. God isn’t convinced that she has enough money!

  307. You girls are the best.

    Helen, would you and Margaret post some pics when you were young enough to date the men on that battleship.

    I’m an Alaskan and your blog is the one I send to all of my friends!

  308. I’ve been gone for awhile because of stormy weather and a holiday at our daughter and son in law’s. I’m not discussing “that woman” any more until we know more than speculation.

    Rep Steny Hoyer said on Tuesday “if every member pledged to not vote for it if they hadn’t read it in its entirety, I think we would have very few votes.” He was referring to a pledge circulating around Congress that members read entire bills before voting.

    President Obama said according to hotair.com said that “there is a legitimate concern if the public plan was eating from the taxpayer trough, it would be hard for private insurers to compete.”

    Perhaps that concept spurred more debate in committee. According to the Washington Post, the Senate Finance Committee version is unlikely to have a government run insurance option. If it exists, it will ultimately out compete private insurers out of business.

    Potential long term cost is another consideration. How do we insure we don’t face health welfare expenses which threaten our economic existance as they did to auto makers like General Moters? And what are the implications of proposed cuts in Medicare and Medicaid spending? What will the proposed fee to small businesses who don’t provide health care because they already can’t afford it?

    This bill has the potential to change all of our lives for better or worse. It behooves each of us to read the details, study their implications and then tell our representatives what we like and don’t like about the bill. For some, our lives depend on it.

    While I was writing this, a nasty storm with warnings came down the valley. I got great pictures, but we have more tree damage to clean up and apples to pick off the ground after we see some relatives in forty minutes.

    I’m checking out now to deal with one of my favorite topics–weather. It beats “that woman” and politics.

  309. Yoram,

    It is terrifying. It is carryover from Bush. They adore because of how they profess to adore God.

    Whoever spouts more Christian values regardless of their actions are beyond reproach and deserving of blind following. If they fall from grace or sin, they can always blame the devil.

    They would rather have the Witch Doctor in charge of their country than the Wise Man.

  310. The legislative session this last Jan-April was a horror show – basically, nothing got done and Palin fought with everyone, and everything – including the law. She wouldn’t talk to lawmakers, she kept traveling and missing work, she turned the governor of Alaska’s website into a resemblance of a personal blog (with insults and fluff), she picked a most disgusting Atty General candidate (who lied within two weeks on the job for her – caught on tape), and trashed everyone else for not making things work.

    While she was in Anchorage choosing her AG candidate (telling no one that she left), she missed an important meeting in w/ lawmakers in Juneau. They decided to have a meeting of a different nature anyway, since she disappeared – she got wind of it and put out a preemptive, snarky press release that it was THEIR fault the meeting was missed. They shot back that she was “absolutely false” in her assumption, and that it was HER fault.

    Then she wouldn’t appoint an interim Democratic Juneau Senator because she was MAD at the nominee presented by the Democrats. MAD, I say! Because that Representative had stated during the national election that “Sarah Palin is not yet ready to be Vice President”.

    Here’s a little recap:


    Snarky, gone, disengaged, bitchy – this was Palin during our short, 90 day session to promote and pass laws for our state. It was embarrassing to say the least. Horrifying is more like it.

    So, with reflection, does it come as a surprise now to many Alaskans that she quit? Not any more. She was losing ground and popularity FAST, couldn’t get anything done in a lawmaking session, and she was constantly being challenged on her lack of ethics and ethical behaviour by Alaskan constituents. She did what she always does – quit. This quitting is what garnered her the distinction of being “mavericky”, “rogue”, “reformer” and a now a “renegade”. Just fancy words for a quitter who can pass out the snark, but can’t take the heat.

    She’s not going to run for President – she’d never make it through the real digging into her life and persona which would result. Sarah Palin is only effective and has star quality when YOU DON’T KNOW HER WELL. After the bloom fades, it’s all lies and snark.

  311. Whirled Peas Δ:
    “Bible Spice” (waaayyyy ^ there). Funny stuff….


  312. Brilliant as always, Helen.
    The scary thing, when you think about it, is that half the people in this country absolutely ADORE her!!!! Think about it… how stupid and clueless can someone be? terrifying, really.

  313. Just a little history from the Governor’s race & Palin – most of you won’t recognize the other players in this piece since they are all Alaskan, but you will recognize Palin herself in all of her glory. One of her very favorite things to foist off on any opponent is “sexism” – she has managed it from the beginning. If you criticize her, you are, oh my – SEXIST. Recognize that classic Palin from the election?

    Here’s a good paragraph – Sarah at her Sarah best, tellin’ folks all about how much she loves rural Alaska (we see now that this didn’t work so well, and could it be… another LIE?)

    “It’s important to her that her four children stay attached to their Native roots, Palin said, adding that she’s learned much from village elders. “My heart is in rural Alaska,” she said. As she spoke she was sitting at the head of the table clad in a slick black suit, in hose and heels, her hair just so, her lips perfectly lined – and a roomful of women, many of them Native, nodded in agreement.”


    This was written in 2006.

  314. Thank you for pointing out what I have been thinking all along. Where was she when her special needs child was a newborn – a time when most mothers are scaling back their outside obligations? Where was she when her teen-aged daughter was facing pregnancy? A call for attention by her daughter results int he whole family being paraded in front of the media.

    Regardless of her politics, this women needs to get her own house in order before she tries to run anyone else’s.

  315. Bravo Jean! I can’t think of a time in recent history where the stakes for a progressive agenda were higher. If we ever hope to accomplish healthcare reform it is now. You are correct jean when you say it’s not going to be easy, and it isn’t going to be pretty. The first draft will not be perfect but as our president always reminds us “do not let perfect be the enemy of good”.

    I urge everyone here, that desires change, to call their representatives and senators and urge them to fight the good fight. Let them know you are behind them and to keep their eye on the prize and vote for a plan that includes 3 items.

    Reduce costs
    Guarantee a choice of plans and doctors — including the choice of a robust public insurance option
    Ensure quality, affordable care for every American

    Talk to your friends and neighbors about this important issue and let them know you support our president.

    Let’s not let this unique time in history slip away… YES WE CAN


  316. Well, she has certainly earned the title of Renegade
    From Merriam Webster:
    : a deserter from one faith, cause, or allegiance to another 2 : an individual who rejects lawful or conventional behavior
    We know she deserts allegiance without provocation
    And we know she rejects lawful (ethical) or conventional (studying, anaylsis, synthesis, etc)

    But I suspect that the more apt Title would be Rogue:
    : vagrant, tramp 2 : a dishonest or worthless person : scoundrel 3 : a mischievous person : scamp 4 : a horse inclined to shirk or misbehave 5 : an individual exhibiting a chance and usually inferior biological variation

    But as long as she prances around in her stars & stripes waders, folks will flock to her side. . .they just don’t get it though – fish die in gillie nets

  317. PalinShutUp on July 11, 4:37 “perhaps the beauty queen in her constantly in need of attention, lights, camera? the real reason she got mixed up in politics?”

    Have to agree with that statement. SP must be in seventh heaven right now. She made the cover of the July 20 issue of Time with the caption “The Renegade”

  318. Thank God I found you again!!!! This was great!!! And now I’ve bookmarked you 12 times so I won’t be losing you again!

  319. And speaking of Palin’s Couric interview:

  320. While this link lacks Helen’s cut to the quick political humor, I think it is the most insightful, and quite frankly frightening, appraisal of Sarah Palin’s appeal to the Republican base.

    OPINION | July 12, 2009
    Op-Ed Columnist: She Broke the G.O.P. and Now She Owns It
    As the Republicans’ lone charismatic performer, Sarah Palin has come to represent a dwindling white nonurban America that is aflame with grievances. Hi kiddo, lose

  321. Hi gang and Whirled Peas,

    The crew did a great job cleaning up the Troll mess. That was about as bad as I have ever seen it here. Thanks.

    Whirled Peas. We saw the Bill Moyer’s piece on PBS. As a matter of fact we never miss him. Thanks very much for putting up the link to the complete movie, “Sicko”. We never had a chance to see it before so are anxious to watch it now. Of course it got plenty of press from all sides when it came out.

    We have a dandy fight on our hands the rest of the summer over Health Care. It is way past time to get it done, but it’s not gonna be easy!!!
    I’m sure going to devote as much time and energy as I can to it – writing to elected officials all over the place and talking it up with friends and family.

    Of course the plan will have bugs in it. All of them do. It will need to be tweaked from time to time. But for sure, we can’t just continue with the unholy mess we have now.



  322. Oops! That’s Dear OceanGypsi, not Cear. Right finger, wrong key.



  323. Cear OceanGypsi,

    I’m sending out a great big hug to you with the deployment of your nephew. It gives a whole new perspective on our young men and women in the service when it is one of our own.

    I trust he will come back to his family and you, safe and sound.



  324. oh darn, I wish I had gotten the chance to call sp, I think she is soooo dreammmy!

  325. OT ~ Must see TV.

    Bill Moyers PBS:

    Insurance Lobby’s Secret Plan to Attack Sicko, Michael Moore

    …the disinformation and attacks on Michael Moore and the film were extensive and well-planned. Their job was to stop the movie from reaching a wide audience (and, more importantly, from having the widespread political impact the industry feared “Sicko” would have).

    Complete interview w/transcript at PBS

    Complete movie: ‘SICKo’
    *Google Video 2h3m


  326. OceanGypsi – I don’t feel slighted.
    My very best wishes for your nephew. Hang in there…

    Jeez- I need SP out of our day to day lives here… Not being clear at all…

    ‘Not content with trashing her in print with rebuttals , far too many hunted up her phone number and made life a living hell for weeks. As remote as we all are , the likelihood physical danger was slim as she lives in a purplish-blue part of the state’

    I failed to say the cultuies called from hundreds and hundreds and perhaps thousands of miles away…

  327. Thank you too, alaskapi. I am sorry that I missed you in my previous post. It was not intentional.

  328. You don’t think “Hedda Lettuce” is creative??
    I LOVED it! Really. I mean it. The moment I came up with it, I called my friend Crystal Chandelier and we just laaauuggghhheddd!!!

    Life is short, Donna. Laugh a bit. :-)

  329. It’s interesting how the Category 1 Trolls (immature, juvenile, big on puns and puerile sexual posts) are swarming. An indication that this blog is getting darn well-known and regarded. ‘

    Why are they so utterly predictable? There’s nothing new or different or novel or creative or in any way remotely entertaining or interesting. Just the same old same old.

  330. HEY!!!!!
    LET’S GET THIS PARTY STARTED!!!!!!! :-) :-) :-) :-)

  331. Margaret- I’m sorry a sticky shift key and a less than open editing eye made a lil m of your name… cuz we couldn’t all be here without your part in this…

  332. Helen and margaret-

    Thanks for a place to come last fall when the ghastly gov was tapped for the VP slot on the Republican ticket.

    It was a place of sanctuary and good companionship during the wild ride the national election became and a heckuva a lot of good laughs.
    Here’s hoping info we have brought from Alaska (waving wildly at Martha Unalaska LiL Sis! ) will partially repay your hospitality during those long dark months.
    IF SP decides to run for office outside , here’s hoping getting the word out about her poor job performance will help squelch votes from folks who might be inclined to buy her silly list of achievements in office.

    I’m sorry we can’t do anything much to help the SP culties- and folks NEED to be wary of them.

    When a letter , critical of the gov, Martha Unalaska LiL Sis wrote last fall was published the culties crawled out of the woodwork.

    Not content with trashing her in print with rebuttals , far too many hunted up her phone number and made life a living hell for weeks. As remote as we all are , the likelihood physical danger was slim as she lives in a purplish-blue part of the state.
    The sheer self- righteous audacity of converging on someone exercising their right to criticize our government openly , with hatred and anger as weapons was and STILL is astonishing.

    So you all watch out for the culties, share her crummy job evaluation around,and thanks for having us in!

  333. Don’t go, Sarah Palin!

    …”Something feels, how do I say this, a little bit sad. Now that you’ve up and quit as America’s favorite hottie milf ditzball politico moose-slashin’ anti-choice anti-feminist destroyer of linear grammar, we feel adrift and lost, a nation without its favorite squeaky purple balloon.

    Look, we all knew you were slightly weird, offbeat, entirely unqualified and unprepared for The Show, that you were obviously in way, way over your head as VP nom, your cutesy mannerisms and childish winking merely a mask for the fact that you thought the Sunnis and Shiites were some weird European soccer teams and domestic torture meant not eating cupcakes for a solid month and foreign policy was waving to Vladimir Putin from your back deck.

    No one ever imagined you’d step up to the mike and deliver one of the most barely coherent, side-steppin’, nonsensical, what-the-hell-is-she-talking-about resignation speeches of all time, leaving your role as the right wing’s most unlikely taste sensation to … well, no one knows exactly who. Michele Bachmann? Trust me, Sarah, that flat-out nutbucket can’t hold a candle to your winkin’, smirkin’, carefully manicured caricature of a smart female. Her ignorance and homophobia are far too literal and obvious. You were so much more fun, largely because no one can really understand a single word you say”…

    This and my glass of cab sav made my night :)!


  334. By the looks of last night’s comments, should we tie things down here on the porch in case the “youts” return for another evening of hell raising at Helen’s House?? :-)

  335. Honolulu Sally, Mahalo.

    Keith in NM and greytdog, thank you as well.

    I needed a hug today. And, you all did just that here in Margaret and Helen’s parlor.

    It really means a lot to me.

    PS Thank you for the link, Keith.

  336. what Martha posted about many Alaska women hunt, fish…and dont constantly scream ‘look at me look at me, its just something they do’ is true

    my Alaska girlfriends work just as hard as the men and they pass it down to their daughters

    perhaps the beauty queen in her constantly in need of attention, lights, camera? the real reason she got mixed up in politics?

  337. Funny stuff for an old bag.

  338. Martha – THANK YOU!!!!!

    OceanGypsi – our thoughts & prayers are with you and your family

  339. Back to regular programming now… thank you M&H for allowing this Alaskan to pass along Alaskan points of view on this twit we are so ready to be done with.

  340. Ocean Gypsy….

    James endured much and still seems to have a very generous heart, based on comments he’s offered here from time to time.

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you and the families of each and every serviceman, past and present, as well as those servicemen themselves.

    Moreover, we have a responsibility to support them in any capacity necessary, both while they are activie and when they are back home living in the civilian world.

    They come home changed. Whether welcomed home or insulted as they returned. The are changed in so many ways…. often ways they won’t fully come to grips with for years, if at all. And they need us. Not to heal them but to support them as they heal. It’s ofen a difficult process.

    Obvious are the physical wounds that many endure, but there are mental, emotional wounds that can be vague and may not surface for years.

    Here’s a website that I’ve found very useful. While with the grace of God it may be information that you will never need, please visit this site and book mark it for your future reference or to refer someone else.


    As they say, “The greatest casualty is being forgotten.”

    Keith in NM

  341. Looks like Craig Medred is busy this weekend – taking his own profession, journalism, a bit to task along with the Palin quitter:


    “… the soon-to-be-ex-governor’s attempts to portray herself as a conservative by scapegoating the liberal this-or-that doesn’t upset me nearly so much as the fact her rantings distract Americans from the real problems with the so-called “main stream media”: Its shallowness. Its laziness. Its ignorance. It sometimes near incompetence. And mainly its meaningless sensationalism in the pursuit of celebrities, which have somehow come to define a big part of “news” in our time.

    Palin and the white knights of punditry who have been rushing to her defense are off the mark in their declaration the failed candidate for vice-president is a victim of the “the politics of personal destruction.” She is actually a victim of “the cult of celebrity destruction.”Sarah Palin, of course, thinks the problem is the MSM has an agenda. She’s wrong. The problem is that an agenda isn’t necessary because so many reporters think alike, and the few that don’t are afraid to stray from the herd.

    Once Palin benefited from this. She got elected governor of Alaska in part because reporters liked what she was saying about cleaning up government. Because they liked it, they overlooked — intentionally or otherwise — key questions about her experience, intellect and behavior. They never asked her a tough question. They painted candidate-for-governor Palin in the best light, and she loved it.”

    I believe he is correct in stating that softball journalism within Alaska was as responsible for saddling us with this crappy governor as was the fact that we already had a crappy gov and didn’t figure that it could get worse!

  342. Go to ALASKA for your news of Sarah Palin. The national pundits and press do not know her, and they cover very little in actual depth unless they’ve picked something up from a LOCAL blogger or media outlet. Often folks stop short – they don’t really know our state so the don’t want to look, or write something foolish. People don’t really get “Alaskans” unless they’ve been here. Palin takes full advantage of that, and tries to cloak her STUPID actions with that Alaskan mystique.

    She does not stick out here in Alaska because she shoots, hunts, field dresses, commercial fishes – most women here do all that and don’t make a big deal. She PALES in comparison to Alaskan women who have worked much harder than she for the state, their communities and families, all the time fishin’, huntin’, flyin’ planes, running a boat, guiding tourists… and they don’t yell at the top of their screechy voice “LOOK AT ME!”

    We aren’t impressed – she’s just another Alaskan woman and not a very nice one to boot. She is as fake as the Alaskan summer day is long!

  343. A snapshot of Ms. Palin’s activities, as viewed through her daily schedules for May of this year, suggested a governor largely focused on the ceremonial aspects of her job.


    Sort of like a Queen….

  344. From a conservative business owner / radio show host / blogger who ran against Sarah Palin & at the time, was stunned by her ignorance in the debates of any and all FACTS. He is trying hard to get Alaska to just shut up and move on since we are all so SICK of her, but today he brought her up again, begrudgingly:


    Here’s his post where he is trying really really hard to get her off Alaska’s plate so we can move on:


  345. Helen, This is priceless. I have read your posts many times. I think this one is my favorite!
    You are amazing!

  346. Another Sarah Palin MYTH – that because her husband is part (1/8th) Yup’ik, she understands and cares about rural issues. Todd only spent summers in Dillingham (Bristol Bay), and school years were in Glennallen and Wasilla, where he met the TWIT. Not only did he not really live there, he is not involved in ANY Native Alaska issues that anyone can find.


    “He has also never been part of the Southcentral Alaska Native culture, nor have his children, despite being raised here. To me, this says he is either disinterested, or because he is limited in a few of the organizations (namely tribal) he is rejecting the whole. In any case, both the Palins have a dismal record on Native issues, so please, do not look to Todd’s heritage to help with them. That he hasn’t done anything because of it so far is a good indicator that he won’t be encouraging his wife on anything in the future.”

    Also, Dillingham is probably the fanciest “rural Alaskan” town because of the fishing traffic, and big money, that comes in and out of Bristol Bay. It is by NO MEANS a representation of the typical rural village. Here are some picture comparisons provided by an amazingly detailed blogger from France who does excellent “opposition research” on Sarah Palin (we love her work):


  347. Sarah Palin is taking her loyal fans for a ride on The Snowjob Express to Nowhere…


  348. Note: There are no roads in or out of Ketchikan. Only the Alaska Marine Highway ferries and Alaska Airlines offer service to their town (most Southeast Alaska towns are this way, such as Sitka and Juneau also – too!).

    This is part of why the “Bridge to Nowhere” was such a big deal. Many oppose the bridge because it would have to touch down in historical and sacred native sites which would change these forever. Residents and visitors have always taken a ferry to, and from the airport.

  349. Ketchikan is the home of the infamous “Bridge to Nowhere”. It actually was a bridge to be built to their airport which is on an island, which is most certainly not a “nowhere”. People from Ketchikan these days often refer to themselves as “So and So from Nowhere”.

    Ketchikan has a very conservative core, and Palin was once very popular there. That is… until she sold them out to the country with the “Thanks but No Thanks” lie about their bridge. Here’s their editorial today:


    “However, all was not roses between Ketchikan and Palin. She wasn’t the first politician to say one thing on the campaign trail and do the opposite once elected. But she might be the only public servant who disdained her own constituency repeatedly on the national stage. Remember her derision of the hard-link between the city and its airport, a 30-year project in the making which became known as the Bridge to Nowhere? She supported it as gubernatorial candidate and then trashed it to advance her appeal to Lower 48 voters during the presidential election…

    It turned out she only opposed Ketchikan receiving the money earmarked for the bridge, but was delighted to accept the restricted federal funding and divert it to more populated areas of the state…

    Ketchikan doesn’t expect people to agree with it all the time, or even most of the time. It doesn’t expect them to support projects they don’t believe in.

    But it does expect that our leaders will take the time to get to really know constituents and develop a relationship so that projects can be thoroughly discussed and handled civilly, courteously, honestly and respectfully. Isn’t that the type of discussion she wanted with others when it came to her topics of choice?”

  350. Martha Unalaska YardSign: Thank you so much for the work you have put into these enlightening comments from different political sectors in Alaska. Like this part lots!Picturing Palin as Mother Theresa

    And you most certainly don’t “effect positive change outside government,” as the soon-to-be ex-governor put it, unless you have the deep pockets of Warren Buffet or George Soros or Bill Gates, or the bully pulpit of Bill O’Rielly or Rush Limbaugh or Chris Matthews, or the long-term commitment to some ideal of Mother Teresa.”

  351. “Sarah Palin made Alaska a joke to the rest of the world. It will be many. many years before Alaska’s image recovers.”
    Yup, sad to say, but yup , you’re right Gerold

    OceanGypsi -
    adding to the prayers for your nephew and all our young men and women in service in the military.
    UAW- best wishes and hopes for you and your wife. Glad to see you still kicking tires here, even if some aren’t…
    Take care neighbor.
    Ukudigal, Ukudigatunal gramma rock-
    (good luck, good health- in alutiq)
    I was sorry to hear of granpa rock’s passing.
    best wishes…

    Helen and Margaret- thank you… what a place you have wrought…!

  352. OceanGypsi,

    Prayers for your nephew. Good thoughts and happy reunion.

  353. I knew a liar or two. I don’t mean the fisherman kind of liar (dear hubby) that embellishes to the point of stretching a rubber band to transparency.

    I mean the kind of liar that lies and their lies hurt others. And they have followers. Backstabbers and users.

    It all comes from their view of what is most important: ME.

    Unfortunately, it is not a crime in most instances, but it really should be, especially if one serves the public.

    In the latest book on tape that I listened to, the Scottish lady ethics committee “detective” said something to the effect that Richard Nixon was the start of it – lying. Even though this was a book of fiction, pearls of wisdom were strewn throughout.

    Nixon really was the start of the fall from grace America has experienced.

    Now, our media lies, our advisors lie, our CIA lies, and I just got a stock advisor’s memo that Biden says “Obama has failed”. This latest was based on Biden’s words that they “mis-read” the severity of the economy.

    The thing is, when people lie, some people believe them. Those who can see the lie get mad or frustrated.

    Sarah Palin, Georges Bushes, etal are liars. We’ve had enough of them, but they just don’t seem to go away.

  354. “Craig Medred has been a reporter in Alaska for more than 30 years. He has in that time witnessed all sorts of craziness. He long ago gave up believing there were sensible explanations for all human behavior. ”


    “And Sarah Palin is at this moment most certainly in the land of the bizarre.

    At this exact point in time, the only word that accurately describes her resignation is “nonsensical.”

    You don’t prove you’re a fighter by quitting. You don’t lead by taking a seat on the bench. You don’t advance the game, or change the game, or even influence the game by getting out of the game.

    And you most certainly don’t “effect positive change outside government,” as the soon-to-be ex-governor put it, unless you have the deep pockets of Warren Buffet or George Soros or Bill Gates, or the bully pulpit of Bill O’Rielly or Rush Limbaugh or Chris Matthews, or the long-term commitment to some ideal of Mother Teresa.”

  355. Sarah Palin made Alaska a joke to the rest of the world. It will be many. many years before Alaska’s image recovers.

  356. The Daily News Miner, considered a conservative paper from Alaska’s 2nd largest city, Fairbanks, writes this editorial when Palin QUIT:


    “Gov. Sarah Palin’s decision to resign from office later this month is a good decision for the state of Alaska.

    The governor seems to have lost interest in the job and is doing the state a favor by quitting now…

    From the governor’s view, she must think she is getting out while the getting is reasonably good. By leaving, she is avoiding some potentially tough decisions as Alaska faces some difficult times in the years ahead.

    Alaska has several big, problematic issues on the table. Chief among those is the proposed North Slope natural gas pipeline that is key to the state’s economic future. The governor is abandoning office before having to negotiate pipeline fiscal terms with Exxon Mobil and TransCanada, which are working together. Those discussions will need to occur; there’s no pipeline without them. Granting a controversial tax freeze that Exxon has long insisted on could put Gov. Palin at odds with statements she made during the 2006 campaign, when she said, “… sure, the oil companies would love to have stability on their books for all these months, but that’s not fair to Alaskans, to the owners of the resource.”

    A turnabout of that magnitude would be difficult to explain.”

  357. Another conservative publisher at the Alaska Standard:

    (She is becoming the most well known liar in history)


    “She tells us the massive tax increase and job-killing bill that is ACES “is working as intended and industry is publicly acknowledging its success.”

    It’s the first time she’s pulled that one. The oil industry applauds Aces? We can add that lie to her series of greatest hits of lies.

    Palin claims to have “slowed the rate of government growth” when in reality in two short years she doubled the operating budget.

    She also said “We took government out of the dairy business and put it back into private-sector hands where it should be.”

    You would think Palin would want to slip in at least one thing that’s true in her speech. It’s as though she can’t help herself when it comes to lying.

    About the ethics charges filed against her, knowing the nation is watching she says “Political operatives descended on Alaska last August, digging for dirt. The ethics law I championed became their weapon of choice. “

    Those of us in Alaska know the ethics complaints have been filed by Alaskans, not “Political operatives descended on Alaska”. Palin knows it too. She lied. But that’s what she does. She lies. Over and over and over and over and over again…

    She is a liar!”

  358. This is fun and interactive if you click on it. Pretty entertaining. I found from a poster at Shannyn’s blog:


  359. And this nitwit, Meg Stapleton is who has been ADVISING Sarah Palin – her SarahPAC and Palin Family Spokesperson. Alaskans laugh when they hear pundits and mainstream media keep talking about “…only if… Sarah could get decent national adviser and staff….” We know she only listens to Stapleton and Todd.

    Sarah trusts ALMOST NO ONE – her high school buddies, a few state employees she’s put through the fire test, and a few journalists who she conned into working for her, and put them through the fire test, also -too. Meg Stapleton is one of those – plucked from an Anchorage news channel and deployed as Palin’s state Press Secretary.

    She was moved to SarahPAC spokesperson because her language and retorts are so inflammatory that Meg would have ended up with ethics complaints and censures just for starters. She is AS SNARKY as Palin – mean to the bone.

    This snarky nitwit is Palin’s MAIN attack ferret. She hasn’t outlived her usefulness to Sarah, quite yet.


  360. A conservative Alaskan publisher:


    “So my fellow Alaskans, and you out of stater’s who just love this site, we do have more going on besides the worst explanation for quitting in political history. We have assembly members who don’t read contracts they vote for asking for more money. We have great weather but crummy fishing. We have an invisible Lt. Governor. We have road construction. We don’t have a gas pipeline. We do have an oil pipeline that’s losing volume every day. And right now, we have no one standing out as a leader to take this on.

    I’m waiting for the big splash, and a headline without Sarah Palin’s name in it.”

  361. President Obama’s
    Weekly Address 7/11/09

    Recovery and the
    Jobs of the Future


  362. James,

    My nephew deployed this morning. I have felt sadness when I have read or heard of units being deployed. I have cried when I have heard of or read about soldiers who lost their lives. I have attended homecomings and clapped and cheered as I saw soldiers emerge from their deployment into the arms of their loved ones. But James, this ache encompasses a loneliness that I could not have imagined.

    Each soldier (past, present, and future) is someone’s child, brother/sister, nephew/niece, or parent. It makes me so angry and sad to read your words on how you were treated or what you were forced to conceal. For those scars, I am truly sorry. It helps to think that we have evolved as a society, somewhat. I, again, want to thank you for your service and for being a man who stood up to that call from your country and did not shirk the responsibility as others, who now seem to be more vocal, did in the past. Without soldiers, we would not be able to enjoy even the freedom of sharing our opinions or comments on this forum.

    Please keep my nephew in your thoughts and prayers. He has three small children to see grow up and have their own children.

    Godspeed to them ALL!

  363. Greyt- the only Doogan remarks about the unremarkable SP I know about are from March


    alaskan2 -
    I think too much concentration on SP’s messy reality show life has left too many folks unaware of what a crummy governor she turned out to be.

    I’m sorry you’ll have her back full-time as a neighbor- at least in the short term. The pall on open discourse she cast here in Juneau has been amazing.
    The whispers from Wasilla about how she cannot seperate her professional life from her personal life, especially regarding her vengeful streak , have not only turned out to be true but have effectively quieted the kind of healthy disagreements which SHOULD be going on in a state capitol..
    Well- leastwise until this last session.

    I’m looking forward, also, too – to the return of a professional appearance on our state website. It’s already looking better but for months I cringed at the appearance of the governor’s page.
    Uurrrg… shudder.
    It looked like a spiteful personal blog instead of the gateway to our executive branch.

    SP’s failure to discharge her duties with professionalism and full attention , as well as her penchant for bogging down in personal trivia, have made her a totally crummy governor.
    It’s hard to even credit the couple things she did ok at given that she abdicated large portions of her job by saying things like she wouldn’t-get-involved-in-fishing-politics.

    Crimenently- this state has a complex relationship with itself, the feds, Canada, etc in fishing matters- and oodles and bundles of $ flowing to and fro in relation to fish and she won’t dirty her hands with the politics of fish?
    The politics, the people’s business, as regards fish?
    Hope the door slams you on the way out,SP!!

  364. For those fans of Governor Palin’s who are still checking in and who think the big bad Liberal Media is at fault for her decline, here’s Republican Peggy Noonan on the subject:

    A Farewell to Harms

    Wall Street Journal, 7/10/09


  365. Hey all: here’s a very interesting article on salon.com, “The losers who gave us Sarah Palin.”


    Have a respectful weekend… and you know who I’m talking to, don’t you?

    Keith in NM

    Just in from the Palin Camp: Soon to be ex gov of AK Sarah Palin has announced she will not be available to campaign for the GOP trail for the next 18 months. She has committed herself to campaigning for the “Stop Harassing Sarah” trail and will start her campaign at Levi’s door moving on in her Straight Talk Express boat which will stop door to door across the lower 48 until she “Quits”.

    She wishes to personally thank all her supporters along the trail. You can contact her via Twitter in 140 characters or less by leaving your name, address, date of birth, social security number and the number of your checking account. Please do not send money.

    She also wished to thank Helen of M&H fame and the regular commentators of this blog for the inspiration she needed to follow this trail.

  367. “Should we notify Mathew about all of this mess?
    Does anyone know how to do that??” -Megan

    Make sure to mention that one of them yelled DEATH TO UAW! That hate goes beyond trollish. That’s O’Reilly shit right there.

    Oh, wait. That was you Megan.

  368. Alert to UAW: hide your eyes. . .

    Okay folks, there’s a young man from HI who needs support to receive a NetRoots scholarship in order to attend the NetRoots Nation conference in Pittsburgh (august 09) Please take a moment to read his statements http://bit.ly/uAXF0 and if you are so moved to do so, please vote for him. The more votes he has, the better his chances of winning on the scholarships. While in Pittsburgh, he’ll have a chance to meet with progressive leaders, some of the country’s top progressively political bloggers, network with the blogosphere, learn how to build and nurture a grassroots movement, attend seminars on economics, healthcare, etc. He’s 18 and has shown a real passion for progressive politics. Thanks!

  369. Alaska Pi & alaskan 2: I heard Doogan came out with a statement about Palin’s “I’m stepping down to step up” move. Any idea where I can find that? I’ve bounced around the various newspaper sites, but can’t find it. . .

  370. Well said, Alaska Pi. Being from Wasilla, I didn’t vote for her, but I never thought Frank Murkowski could drop to second worst, either. Palin turned out to be a lousy governor. She’d make a worse president.

  371. Margaret.
    You are bang on.
    Lovin’ it.
    Hope your flowers are perking up.

  372. David- Thank heavens the president disagrees with you… about those people you like to call eskimos and their white rural neighbors…


    I’m proud I voted for Mr Obama.

  373. This is old news, but should scare plenty when it comes to those first amendment rights…

  374. Poor old Lee-

    You gotta stop listening to Zigler and that self=proclaimed “rascist” Eddie Burke.

    MY bashing of SP comes from having a governor who has been using our executive office as a reality TV show and ignoring the problems we have in this state … except for any which might provide photo ops.

    MY bashing of SP comes from having her play the snarkiest game of political football with MY district’s open State Senator’s seat known in our state history…even the Republicans were aghast…

    MY bashing of SP comes from real life experience with the worst governor in this state’s history… never thought Murkowski could drop to second-worst…yarg!

  375. yawn

  376. “Why do the media and many others feel so thretened by her?” Because they have such a good grasp of the language Lee. Their smarts, that’s what we fear…

  377. Made you laugh. Didn’t it? When did we all get so old? I bet Helen and Margaret get a good laugh when they see it.

  378. Yeah, funny stuff. The silly names and crude language was funny back in junior high, yeah, I remember. Hahahaa. And when we could write it so other people could see it…priceless. Yes, fun times. And such a great mental exercise too.

  379. Oh man. I was leaving and now you made me come back for one last comment.

    “comb over much, Lee?”

    THAT WAS FUNNY SHIT!!!! I don’t care what you say. That was funny. Even I can admit that. Mine not so much I guess. But THAT was funny.

    Have good night ya’ll. It was fun for me – at least.

  380. Jesus…..We need an Eskimo Medicine Man to smoke this place out!

  381. Let there be peace on Margaret and Helen’s blog and let it begin with me…..

  382. Then it is a personal matter and doesn’t need to be discussed on this blog. This is a blog for Margaret and Helen. Please leave.

  383. OK. I’ll go. But that guy who made the comb over comment. That was funny. You have to admit that. I mean come on. Funny shit that was.

  384. (Susan in CT and Debra R. – I’ve been busy here at home in Alaska for months- just peeking in to see what our ladies have on their minds til this thread..
    when did you all start getting the potty-mouth babes on Friday night? )

  385. Bushneedsa]tobeshaved??? Really? Nobody thinks that’s funny? Come on. It’s funny.

  386. What she said.

  387. Oh honey — stupid does not necessarily = humor. We’re here because we DO have a (collective) sense of humor, and Helen and Margaret feed it beautifully.

  388. ssshhhhhhh…..There baaaaccckkkk.
    Nobody move.

  389. Get over it. OK. My god you people have no sense of humor.

  390. OT: And while at Talking Points Memo Muckraker, I watched Rachel Maddow interview the author of “The Family,” a book about a religion-based organization whose members feel that God WANTS them to have power. Some of these members are politicians recently discovered to be involved in various scandals (Sessions, Sanford…):


  391. Gosh…so good to see the regulars…you have no idea….really, I mean it. :-)

  392. Asked For a mop from Big Helen’s kitchen… hoping someone can find it… kids today is right!

  393. Pay them no mind. It will play itself out. Always does…

  394. I bought six T-shirts and a mug last year.

  395. Nothing like a little taggin’ on a Friday night. They didn’t even wipe their feet as they came through the parlor. Darned kids today, anyway. Oh well, grab the mop…

  396. OK. I want to play. I want to play…

    Bristol “Is that a Johnston in you Levi’s or are you just happy to see me?” Palin

  397. I just found this blog. It’s great. Very entertaining. Thank you.

  398. Oh, and someone asked about M & H merchandise. Were there not some items for sale a while back? Or am I fantasizing again…….

  399. Oh thank god… a regular. :-)

  400. This just in:

    Sarah Palin Quits the Presidency She Expects to Win in 2012


    Yup, it’s a little satire. Funny, though.

  401. Should we notify Mathew about all of this mess?
    Does anyone know how to do that??

  402. I’m there.

  403. Hey! Todd Palin is buying drinks at Hooters!
    Let’s go!!!

  404. Who died and made you Queen Latifah?

  405. OK. Eventually. If you will go back and re-read your last comment you might see just how FUNNY this is.

    You wrote:

    Chastity has a dick and Cher now has a son.

    Funny stuff.

  406. Chastity Hasadick and Cher Nowhasason,

    You can both move along now. It was funny. Ha Ha. Move on now.

  407. EVENTUALLY you might just find my foot up inside that big ass of yours. Now hush. I was not talking to you.

  408. LaTreen honey. Get a life. Elsewhere.

  409. oh girl….I get it…your name…Diana Dentamercedes…Now THAT is funny girl!!!

    Is you really a drag queen girl?
    One of my sister’s baby daddy living on the down low. He nasty like that.

  410. Jut go with it. She’s funny. You just got to get to know her.

  411. a village is missing its idiots

  412. Hey now. Hey now. Things are getting out of hand. Matthew? Matthew? Hellooooooo?????

  413. Ho or Whore but not HORE unless you are asian.

  414. waaaah!

  415. Honestly all this fuss about Sarah Palin. She’s done. It’s over. Move on.

    I give her three months before she’s knocked up again.

  416. OK. Let’s play Screen Name or Drag Name? Guess which one. If my screen name isn’t the most perfect name for a drag queen then I don’t know what is.

  417. Sister girl be lit!

  418. Sandra. Now THAT was funny. Funny as shit. I am peeing in my pants!!!


  419. OK. I have been quietly sitting here watching and reading and here is what I think.

    I think Sarah Palin is about as real as the hair on her head which is to say she is about half real because half of her hair is a fake fall.

    I think David should eat at Red Lobster everyday and then send his doggie bag to the village that sits farthest north.

    I think UAW never really was in the UAW.

    I think Jean needs to get a little bit more mulah in her mahala Aloha????

    Werner is just being a weeny.

    Greytdog really should change his/her name.

    Stacey has big hooters for sure.

    Sing it to me Grandma. I have had me a day.,

  420. comb over much, Lee?

  421. My, My, My There you all go again. The same old Sarah Palin bashing that comes from the main stream media. Why do the media and many others feel so thretened by her? I will never get it.

    Lee Douglas

  422. Sandra – now that is what I am talking about. Want to go out on a date sometime?

  423. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out Suzanne!


  424. So here’s the deal, I think that someone just needs to SHOW the eskimos or villagers or enochs or whatever they want to be called SHOW them that they can live just a little bit further south in a warmer climate,,,still hunt, gather, carve soap figures for turists, whatever…but they won’t starve to death….that is all I am saying. They can still keep their cultures, foods, dances, etc….just a bit south…they can still see the mountain…it is a tall mountain. What is so wrong with this plan. Just because someone didn’t SHOW one of the Elders doesn’t mean it is a bad thing.

  425. Pahleeezzz. He wasn’t even aware she was there. He was looking back to grab the hand of the woman next to him. But this is a perfect time to see who uses the “still photo” which is misleading and who uses the full video in which it is very clear that Obama wasn’t looking.

    This is your chance folks. Let’s see who is fair and balanced and who is not…

    We know where UAW stands.

  426. So now the Esikomos are no smarter than a penguin? I agree with David. Find a Red Lobster and call it a day.

  427. Jane,

    Life sucks that way but man’s greatest talent is his ability to adapt and sometime adaptation means moving to a location more suitable for survival. Boycott or make new nets or whatever you want to do but until the salmon return the villagers starve. Hmmm. Yes. I would move if in a similar circumstance. My ancestors were farmers. I am a city dweller. Pretty happy one. See how that works?

  428. ::walks into room of women and men cackling at catty, spiteful, crass, insipid humor::
    ::cringes, embarrassed for them::
    ::walks out::

  429. UAW–may I be presumptuous? I have a little experience with this. Try mashed potatoes–the real kind. Not too rich–use low fat (not non) milk rather than cream. A little butter if she can take it. But the potatoes will be the best thing.

    The other thing is, if you have or can get Julia Child’s “The Way to Cook” is her plain potato soup.

    I am thinking of you and your wife. Good vibes.

  430. OT:
    For those of you in the Boston area. Sad news.

    The Franklin Park Zoo may be forced to close its doors and possibly euthanize some of its animals as a result of the deep budget cuts imposed by Governor Deval Patrick, zoo officials said today.


  431. I’m sure everyone here has seen the Wasilla Snowbilly’s gasping, rambling, meth-addled resignation stream-of-consciousness speech.

    Well, there may be a reason why she seemed so unhinged, rambling and sometimes confused. Unnamed sources close to the Ex-Governor have reported she had access to a new ‘Live Poll’ technology that allows her to ‘pander to viewers in real time.’
    ;) ~ Δ

  432. I wasn’t slamming Obama…..even I still look(I’m not dead yet)……that was a haha for a new job for Palin(even McCain looked)….
    then again if he didn’t look is there something physically wrong with him????? go Biden(isn’t that scarry)….

  433. Whirled Peas that was funny

  434. greytdog…
    no restrictions…..just queezy or heartburny….stopped at bigboy today and 2 bites out of a sandwich was to much(heartburn)…there are days when water won’t stay down….I really have to watch the spices when I cook…and it’s not my cooking….I put on 10 lbs….

  435. http://tpmtv.talkingpointsmemo.com/?id=2922741

    Okay this link might work. Dunno. Too tired to sit & watch the thing to make sure. If any problems, will try to fix it in the morning. Gotta go run the dogs then hit the sack; early morning appt @ 6AM. arrggh

  436. Remember that game we’d play when you got a fortune cookie? You’d add the phrase “in bed!” to anything it said. Like:

    ‘May life throw you a pleasant curve…in bed!

    ‘Your greatest fortune is the large number of friends you have…in bed!

    ‘A friend is a present you give yourself…in bed!

    All in good fun. Well with that in mind, whenever you hear Bible Spice give a speech, add the phrase “…so I just quit!” after every statement. Like:

    “People who know me know that besides faith and family, nothing’s more important to me than our beloved Alaska. Serving her people is the greatest honor I could imagine….so I just quit!

    “And we are doing well! My administration’s accomplishments speak for themselves. We work tirelessly for Alaskans…so I just quit!

    “Productive, fulfilled people determine where to put their efforts, choosing to wisely utilize precious time…to build up. And there is such a need to build up and fight for our state and our country. I choose to fight for it…so I just quit!

    Fun for the whole family.


  437. “UAW – look at the video. . .it looks more like Sarkozy is doing the ogling, not Obama. But hey, not everyone can be John Ensign

    Video link http://bit.ly/8mPVr

    Unfortunately the link seems to have been disabled, both at the NYT site and at YouTube.

  438. That post up there ^ was meant for UAW..;-)

  439. My father had some of the same issues as your wife and finding things he could/wanted to eat was a struggle too.

    One of the things that always tasted good to him and stayed down, were ginger snap cookies, and ginger soda with ice cream (sherbets) in it.

    Ginger is meant to sooth the digestive system and the sugar helps with nausea
    I hope she feels better soon..

  440. UAW, any dietary restrictions? One of my clients is an oncology nutritionist – I’m working with her dog tomorrow so I can always ask her for some meal ideas or some such thing for your wife. . . just lemme know!

  441. greytdog…
    thanks for asking……she says to say HI….
    she finished her 9th treatment today….she had 5 thin cucumber slice early and kept that down so far…nothing yesterday…1/2 a serving of buttered noodles Wed….(needs to eat more)
    bag of TPN on table right now warming up…feeding time is 9:00PM(1500 cal appx)

  442. From the Home Office in
    Wahoo, Nebraska…

    Letterman’s Top Ten Messages On Sarah Palin’s Answering Machine.


  443. One of our legislators weighing in with his constituents on the Palin Quit:


    “There’s not actually any protocol for an Alaska governor quitting. It’s never happened before. Sure, Wally Hickel packed up in the middle of his first term to go be Richard Nixon’s secretary of the Interior, but that was widely seen as both a promotion for Hickel and a good thing for Alaska to have one of our own running the federal agency that has its finger in so many of our pies.

    But just quitting? Pulling the pin? Dragging up? Singing “Take This Job and Shove It?” Never happened before…

    …Maybe she thought politics would be more fun. Or more ennobling. Or more something cool. I guess no one ever told her the one about making laws or sausages.

    For Alaskans, this will become academic on July 26, the day she says she’s going to quit. She’ll go back to being a citizen and Sean Parnell will be governor. And if, as many predict, she runs for President in a couple of years, well, that’ll be the nation’s look-out, won’t it.”

  444. Jane,

    The villagers of Alaska remind me of the penguins in that excellent documentary March of the Penguins. They have such a harsh life, but season after season they persevere. I am grateful that I am neither a villager or penguin, but I do admire their tenacity.

    Changing the subject since salmon was brought up.

    My favorite salmon recipe is:

    cut fillet pieces of salmon (approximately 1′x1″x4″

    season with garlic salt (Lawry’s will do)

    Fry in high heat. Fry Daddy does the best job, or you can use a frying pan with Crisco oil. Do not overcook.

    I usually cook it until it is a light golden brown, crispy on the outside and moist inside.

    Serve with white rice. Dip in sauce. Yum….

    (sauce – soy sauce with lemon)

  445. Greytdog…..
    Yep…. He didn’t see a thing…..and he was just scratching his face at the Obama/Clinton debate….HAHA(I’m sorry…did I shout)

  446. And the kudos etiquette was skipped by me, too – also. So sorry – !

    Margaret and Helen – you are the REAL breath of fresh air in Alaska. We have put up with this twit for so long now – her tabloid drama, pathological lying, ruining of the legislative session, and the whack job supporters who have violated Alaskan residents in her name. When I read your blog, it clears my head and strengthens my heart – we ARE making progress to a saner, smarter country.

    Thank you for speaking out, and for making us laugh. We need it here in Alaska!

  447. UAW, apology accepted but really not necessary. What’s a name between friends?

    So, UAW please give us an update. How’s your wife? How are you? Really.

  448. Greytdog……
    I never realized I was spelling your “name” wrong….I suppose I could have cut and pasted but I didn’t….Just wanted to say sorry……

    Thanks for pointing it out David…..now keep posting and making conservatives look good.

  449. A great read by Dan Fagan, conservative publisher & radio show host:


    “Because everything was so personal with Palin, she had a special way of angering her opponents. Palin left those who found themselves locked in a battle with her, somehow ending up hat1ng her. It’s doubtful we’ll ever have another governor who enraged more people than Sarah Heath Palin. It was almost as though beating you wasn’t enough, she had to humiliate you too. She played to win and made a lot of enemies along the way.

    “Some of the bull she tried selling was so ridiculous it made you think she was either a sociopathic liar or a delusion nut job able to convince herself what was not true was. The more controversy she found herself in, the more critics attacked her, the more deceptive she became. The more delusional she appeared.”

  450. “So how come, Stacy, you chastise Whirled Peas but not Betty or Anonymous or any of the trolls for not giving kudos before they sling mud?” -GRAYdog

    How come you don’t sic Megan for yelling DEATH TO UAW?

    You’re worse than Palin, you hypocritical bitch.

  451. You two are my heroes!!!! Love ya

  452. David,

    The king salmon these First People depend upon for subsistence, the fish they catch and preserve for their winter needs, is now being caught and is dying in pollock trawling nets in the North Pacific so you can get a Fillet O’ Fish value meal.

    The management of the fisheries is the bigger question. A tuna boycott resulted in dolphin-safe tuna. Salmon-safe fish sandwiches, fish sticks, and imitation crab would be a good solution. Dolphin friendly nets were developed after the tuna boycott – the same is possible for salmon.

    If salmon bycatch in the pollock industry is reduced so enough salmon are allowed to return to Canadian spawning grounds with subsistence fishermen taking their fair share along the way, this won’t be a controversial problem in the future.

    Alaska is a renegade state that has been exploiting its resources at the expense of the environment and not tending to the needs of its citizens.

    Would you pick up and move if bloggers determined that was the best solution to a problem in your community?



  453. Tranny Granny…..
    what have we learned….


  454. OK Stacy,
    thanks for keepin’ track. ;)

    I was too busy coming up with something clever to add and didn’t notice my lack of applause for M&H.

    Two thumbs up Helen.

    The thread was so active, I was anxious to jump right in and forgot my manners. (thx for gettin’ my back GD)

    Maven Δ, thanks for noting my error (sew/sow). My spell checker doesn’t flag misused homonyms. ;)

    Hey Matt, how about a ‘Preview’ function? And what ever happened to the M&H Store? Merchandise would be heading out the door…

    PEACE ~ Δ

  455. Jean, you are sweet, I have a wonderful son I am very proud of, he takes good care of his mama :)

    Martha Unalaska Yard Sign, thank you for the information

    sanghee, your words are like fresh air, thank you so much for posting! I think its great to hear from those who are outside the states looking in, this past election lit the fire under millions of people to get out and vote, people who never voted before or those who lost hope long ago. IMHO it should be mandatory to vote in this country, I bet if it had been Bush jr would have never been elected.

    ‘Gotta love the old fart communists. You morons get every detail wrong and probably have never owned a business. Claiming superior intelligence followed by expansion of government control — brilliant ladies.’

    Jeff Id ,name one country in the world that is TRUE COMMUNISM, dictatorship that wears the cloak of communism, maybe but no cigar

    if what you are saying is that one must be a business owner in order to be educated about the affairs of this country and to have a voice? your ignorance is showing

    Kristine, you are so full of BS

    Mageen in Old Virginny, Alaska Pi, give them a little longer and they will be comparing her to the immaculate conception

  456. Stacy – yeah we usually do applaud and cheer first, but sometimes, you just have to cannonball in cuz there are too many bobbing lame Ducks clogging up the gene pool. . . I just think the cowabunga moment happens and ya just kinda have to grab it and go – cuz ya know, dead fish don’t go with the flow. . .

  457. UAW – look at the video. . .it looks more like Sarkozy is doing the ogling, not Obama. But hey, not everyone can be John Ensign

    Video link http://bit.ly/8mPVr

  458. UAW either spell the name right or quit addressing people. Jeez you are a real dipshit you know that. It’s Greytdog. An E and a T. No A.

    Blah Blah Blah Obama bad. Four legs good. Whatever.

    (roll eyes)

  459. Speaking of trolls….

  460. Graydog…
    I just read your theories on why Palin quit…LMAO

    I have another theory…..Sarah is going to work for Barack…


    apparently Barack has two brains also….



  462. Jesus…and I was worried about a missing compliment??? Yikes!

    Duck and Cover!!!!!

  463. …cause I kinda read that as

    “You reap what? you sow!”

  464. Jane,

    I could care less how long they have lived there. If someone wants to stay in one place and starve to death then I question their judgement and until I actually load a tractor full of them and forcibly haul them off my opinion isn’t hurting anyone.

  465. Hey Whirled Δ
    I imagine you meant to type “you reap what you sow” but, realizing that *sow* could also mean female swine, and the whole “pig in lipstick” thing is so fifteen minutes ago, you just went ahead and typed “sew”. Right?

    Happy Friday. Ÿ Cheers! Δ

  466. David,

    You are wrong on so many levels!

    First Americans have lived in what is now Alaska for tens of thousands of years. We’re the newcomers – please show some respect!


  467. I just think the “regulars” usually show a bit more respect to Margaret and Helen. That’s all. It seems like they don’t forget why we are all here in the first place. Greytdog, you always start with a compliment everytime the ladies post something new. Most of the regulars do. And anyway, since when do Trolls have manners?? :-)

  468. Yea Stacy. You bitch.

  469. I think it is time for the villagers to move to where the fish are… Red Lobster.

  470. I think that Margaret & Helen don’t really care if we sit around and stamp & whistle & applaud before we comment. So how come, Stacy, you chastise Whirled Peas but not Betty or Anonymous or any of the trolls for not giving kudos before they sling mud?

  471. Whirled Peas….so unlike you…how about a few kudos for Helen’s post before you start in on things. Just say’n… :-)

  472. Hey Gang, good to see everyone out and about and a coupla newbies to keep things interesting.

    My take on the whole ‘Balin Palin’ fiasco comes from an amateur psychologist perspective.

    This new incarnation of the ‘political bloodsport’, tentatively named with the palindrome ‘Harass Sarah’, is extremely exhilarating.

    In trying to equate this unique experience with something the wingnuts can understand, the closest I could come up with is that this must be how it feels to shoot defenseless animals from a helicopter.

    What a RUSH; “I’m circling around again!”

    You brought this on yourself Sarah, you reap what you sew.


  473. $milin $arah, puttin on the spin, checkin’ all the news. Palinistas perchin’ on the porch. The air is thick.

    A round of tea to the Alaskans with the good links to the local skinny.

  474. Martha – the Big River story is on twitter. . . :) & folks are asking how the Palin admin can ignore the villages’ need for salmon vs Palin’s need to be televised in her waders. . .it might spark some more queries. . .

  475. Helen, you are a hoot!

  476. OMG!!!
    Thank you for this FUNNY blog!!!
    I will share it with everyone I know!!
    You are the best!! :-)

  477. Margaret and Helen,
    You two are incredible!
    Best Blog EVER!!!!

  478. Ladies, you are the best thing on the whole of the Intertubes. Caustic political commentary with the wit of Mark Twain – an unbeatable combo!

  479. Local Alaskans / media started questioning Palin’s 2 MILLION dollar spreadsheet on the cost of ethic’s complaints, and picked up by national blogs. Also the Linda Perez mentioned here, was smack in the middle of Troopergate. Download the long read pdf and read all about good ‘ol Linda Perez.




    In other words, if Palin said it – dig for the real truth because there isn’t any in her word. Her word is worthless. It’s becoming a habit now in Alaska:

    “Hey! Palin took credit for something again!”

    “OK – time to go fact check. I’m getting better at this – be back at ya in about 30 minutes.”

    “Done fact checking. Yep, it’s a lie. Do we have to keep doing this?”

    “Yes, dear, we do.”

  480. I should have clarified that it’s the rural residents that can do the tuning out of Sarah Palin. Tribal / religious leaders are surely watching the entire show as it unfolds – we have Parnell to deal with now and he basically says “business as usual”. For rural Alaska, business as usual ain’t going to cut it.

  481. @ greytdog

    You are right – there has been little news from rural AK. This is pretty spot on, though – our short summer is an extremely busy time for residents and news is often reacted to in a slow, steady manner after some time has passed. They have a different pace – and their day to day lives have not been impacted with Palin day in, day out, as we have in urban Alaska. They can tune her out pretty easily.

  482. Greyt-

    ‘…what’s the reaction out in the Villages? I’ve been to Tundra Drums but it’s very low key. . . just wondering.”

    Read some of the comment sections of ADN stories Greyt… you will hear some voices you haven’t before.
    SP did pretty well in the election in the bush. She would not now. Last winter and the cookie-lady response to food and fuel problems did not go over well. Not at all.

    People have other things than SP on their minds… and want their state to step up and do it’s part of the job.

    Big Trouble on the big river


    by Tommy Wells


  483. Martha, what’s the reaction out in the Villages? I’ve been to Tundra Drums but it’s very low key. . . just wondering.

  484. Sorry, I meant “Anchorage Daily News’, not Alaska Daily News!

  485. PALIN BOTS – Wherever she goes, THEY go. And THEY are not nice people. Read the Sarah Palin articles in the Alaska Daily News (do a search) and you will see them at work in the comments sections. They have figured out how to abuse the comment rating system to get opposing opinion comments deleted. Sometimes the comments get so horrific that someone on the editorial staff will zap the entire section of comments – pages and pages – poof!

    The capital city’s newspaper, the Juneau Empire, could not keep up with the moderation and oversight of their news comment sections, so shut them down when they got completely out of hand and full of hate from the Palin supporters. These organizations/groups are from outside Alaska.

  486. Here’s another example of what happened to a long time resident in Juneau, a neighbor of the governor’s mansion who was speaking for a group who does not want bus tours on this tiny circle street. His protest had NOTHING to do with Palin:


  487. Stay tuned – I’ll tell you how the Palin bots operate in Alaska when a citizen or legislator speaks up about, or criticizes Palin. They will do this to YOUR community or state, too, also – if you let them in.

    Here’s JUST ONE example of what they tried to pull on one of our legislators who has been a Palin critic – this attack pulled this conservative blogger, Andrew Halcro, out of his temporary blogging hiatus:


  488. One of our Alaska Daily News long time columnists, weighing in on the Palin BIG QUIT a few days ago:


    “But the “why” of why she left may be as simple as this: She couldn’t take it anymore. The scrutiny, the criticism, the mockery, and yes, the hard work of being governor. Palin’s thin skin is legendary. She never ignores a slight. For most of the last year, she has been feuding with the Alaska media and many of the state’s political leaders.”

  489. It’s almost not worth it for Helen to get recognition at one of the Big Dog sites. The mess in here is ungodly. I don’t mind the true believers who wish to actually try to defend the Palinator with their double jointed logic, but some of the ugly one liners need to be deleted. Hope Matthew stops by soon… clean up in aisle… all of ‘em!

    The cons continue to weigh in. Peggy Noonan is going to catch all kinds of hell for this one:


  490. Kristina, yes you misunderstood…….understsand……

    More than my silly little post….

    But hey…. I bet you do lots of things well… ;-) I look forward to reading more of your opinions……namaste’

  491. Some poor soul thinks Alaskans still have an 80% approval rating of the ghastly gov?
    Hon, that went away right sharply upon SP’s return to Alaska in November and has been in a downward slide for months… we just couldn’t get her to stay focussed on her job.
    The quitter routine has taken it down even further.
    You want to believe all that silliness about SP being a new Esther and all that, go right ahead but leave us out of it!

    We’re waiting to get back to ALASKAN issues here, we have as big or bigger messes to tidy up as other states do and just want the SP issues to be over.

    (We could box ‘er up and send her to that poor soul in one of those handy-dandy flat rate boxes we sent so much food in- to our neighbors in rural Alaska -last winter…
    no, I guess we couldn’t , would have to go as haz-mat…)

    I see poor old colorful , the potty-mouth bunch, and self-righteous indignant arbiters of what THEY presume to be civil discourse all still show up here when SP gets mentioned…

    New trollie smiters on deck ( good to see ya !),
    old trollie smiters and sensible souls-
    SP stepped over the line into celebrity months ago, she speaks to some need in some folks that has nothing to do with politics in the end.
    Scary but true.
    This is the good fight.
    And as always, Helen fired the first laugh.
    Thanks Helen and Margaret for having us all in!

  492. Check your shoes, Kids! I think someone stepped in Trolls again…

  493. Shannyn Moore, Alaskan blogger, makes the point in this article:

    “Q: Your blog, A Girl From Homer, has covered the Alaska state house and Palin administration since she was sworn in. Describe the Alaskan blogging community.

    A:”Some of the biggest stories of the Palin administration have been broken by Alaskan political bloggers. There are about six of us. In Alaska, there are no pro-Palin bloggers.”


    NO pro Palin bloggers in Alaska? WOW! I wonder why? Is it because we have had to put up with this lying, manipulative, temper tantrum throwing, snottier than a HS cheerleader, TWIT?

  494. Boy, some of those that come in the middle of the night and comment remind me of those that do illegal dumping in our land. They got trash to get rid of, so they sneak in and dump and then leave. Some leave a trail, like Jeff ID, others not. And I followed Jeff’s trail. He has some good stuff, if you can read between the name calling, labeling, and rants. But alas, its hard to have any respect after the pile he left laying here.

  495. Thank you Martha!!! And kudos to Donna, the M&H Troll Slayer. Bravo!!

  496. That’s right, Kristine…focus on the name-calling so you can deflect attention from serious questions asked of you. Very Palin-esque behavior.

    Inquiring minds still want to know: Who are the sharper tacks? What better ideas (not gripes, mind you — practical *ideas*) have conservatives offered? What responsibility have they taken for the mess they made?

  497. Wanna taste of a typical Palin bot? This is what we have been putting up with in Alaska since November. The hatred and lies that have filled the comment sections on our local media and blogs, and in emails sent to locals and state legislators, is abhorrent. The local Juneau newspaper had to shut down comments on all articles due to these slime balls (some are showing up here – for you to see in all their blazing stupidity). Here’s an example of what a local blogger is getting in her email:


    This is a drop in the bucket. We have been deluged with these low life, despicable people. All they have done in Alaska, after making people throw up, is to have solidified Alaskans into being sick of Palin and her whack job followers. It’s one of the reasons she QUIT – quite contrary as usual to the lies that spill out of her mouth while breathing – is that the next approval rating poll would have dropped from 50s to 40s – can you say RECALL time?

    Go local – read the Alaskan newspapers, commentaries and blogs. Don’t be mistaken – Palin bots LOVE to claim that it’s only those “liberuls” and “dems” who hate Palin. WRONG. Go read Andrew Halcro’s blog, Syrin from Wasilla’s blog or the Alaska Standard to get an idea of what Alaskan conservatives think of the slime ball Palin.

  498. Edna–it’s an unusually aggressive crop of them, just like spoors after a hard rain. Another Category 2 troll. Poor frustrated thing.

    Trolls also project alot–claiming that other people are “haters” or “afraid” or “threatened.”

  499. This blog continues to amaze me each and every day. I just love it!

  500. Yikes!!!

    Go off line for a couple days and all hell seems to have broken loose. But as an observer of this site for some time now I have come to expect the sordid and vulgar comments after an H&M commentary goes viral. It especially brings out the slovenly cowards who try to hide behind a mask of anonymity. But it is providential that the site has Matthew as a skilled backup to scrub the more odious forms of dreck without canceling the substance of alternative messages. Actually, the way irresponsible comments are handled on this site could be a valuable lesson for the right wing sites I have visited in the past where averse comments never see the light of day and only the comments visible are the narrow rightwing party lines.

    Way to go H&M. Keep up the good work

  501. Wow, The USA is going down the tube under Obama and the dems and you are worried about Sarah. She will dance on your grave when the stupid things Obama has started fail.

  502. Troll, Category 2. A particularly uninformed specimen who doesn’t realize that the legal defense fund is paying the attorneys’ bills or that she has a multi-million dollar contract for a book.

  503. Helen You are no better than Letterman. You are a mean dispicable human being? shame on you.Leave the poor woman alone. she owes 500,000 in legal fees and only on a fishermans salary. How could you pay off a debt like that? Ask Obama for a bail out? I don’t think so.

  504. This is to “Martha Unalaska Yard Sale”… I read the entire link you sent. I think it should be required reading for anyone should Palin seek office again. Any office. But, I truly believe she is done with politics and on to becoming a millionaire/celebrity.


  505. ah…an example of Troll Category No. 1, Variation Smut. Now, this (sounding a big pedantic, aren’t I?) poor soul somehow feels better because he or she–under the cover of anonymity–posted a juvenile sexual slur. In my humble opinion, this specimen shares some of the traits of Troll Category No. 2 (Frustrated With No Meaningful Outlet) so is, perhaps, a hybrid. Or the result of inbreeding since Trolls tend to beget other Trolls.

    Seriously, though, nobody with an ounce of self-esteem would think about going onto someone’s blog and posting that snail trail that Anonymous left this morning. So, as we look under our microscope at the specimen, we can see how lacking he or she is.

  506. Donna: “Kind of like someone railing about a porn shop but always stopping in to it to make sure that it’s still offending them (right!).”

    Oh jeez, that was a zinger!!! excellent as always

    Edna, don’t worry about the verbal missiles – they rarely hit a target, and there’s never collateral damage. This particular post has set off more fireworks than usual simply because Palin quit in order to prove she’s a leader. So it has some folks shaken up trying to understand her word salad speeches, others are trying to show how mean “libruls” are for hounding her out of office, while mostly just like to come on the porch and vandalize for the heck of it.

  507. good morning, Edna. The storm passes but there will be others. Fortunately, Matthew keeps things cleaned up as he can.

    There are people who are so lacking in maturity or interpersonal skills that they find it entertaining to go onto blogs and type meaningless stuff to clog them up, or to insult others, or to get the “thrill” of posting sexual stuff. Then there are others who are angry and mean-spirited and who don’t have a genuine outlet for their frustration so they spill it on blogs. And then there are the true nuts.

    Again, you won’t see the regulars here going on blogs and doing any of the above. The fact that it happens here simply means that this blog has gotten to be somewhat well-known. If it weren’t, the trolls would never show up.

    I try (and don’t always succeed) to ignore the first category–the ones who type meaningless dreck. Matthew takes care of the ones who think it’s funny to post sexual messages. The hateful ones are probably best ignored but some of us tend to poke at them because they really are so pathetic. And the nuts…oh the nuts…well, it depends. There’s that one called Colorful who claims to view this as the Sodom of sites and yet–go figure–shows up here as regularly as the night follows the day. Kind of like someone railing about a porn shop but always stopping in to it to make sure that it’s still offending them (right!).

  508. Suck it you old twat

  509. Has the storm passed? Is it safe to come out now? My goodness but there were alot of people visiting Margaret and Helen’s site since yesterday. Can any of you “regulars” explain what happened? I sure would appreciate it. I’m sure it is a good thing for Helen’s sake. Right?

  510. Kristine: don’t lump all ‘liberals’ into one pile like Coulter does…. intelligent liberals as well as intellignet conservatives don’t do that kind of mind-limiting bull shit….. intelligent people on BOTH sides know that working together, finding common ground (since the huge majority of the US is in the middle) is how things get done…. and you will find that the majority of those posting on this blog feel the same way…. we have people from both sides here that post and get along and are respectful of one another… we invite you to join in…. and yes we each make an occassional stronger comment, but in the larger sense we are all about respect.

    Keith in NM

  511. Just when I thought the comparisons had ended, somebody else rationalizes Palin’s bailing by comparing her with George Washington’s resignation from a military rank in what would have been an outfit more like a militia when he was a very young man. So? He held on all during the Revolutionary War as General of the Continental Army, plus two terms as President. Membership in a militia type outfit way back then was pretty fluid anyway inasmuch as most of the membership were composed of farmers like Washington and the military outfits were not the rigid establishments they are nowadays. And I really, really resent anyone comparing SP with any member of the American political pantheon of Founders!

    I mean it! Really!

  512. Absolutely amazing. Very funny read and my first on this blog. You are awesome!

  513. i found this to be enlightening, as I havent really had access to teh full news for more than a year, and this helped me to understand who Sarah Palin is, and what happened. Many thanks-JOsieG6


  514. Margaret and Helen,
    Thank you for yet another FUNNY post. You two make my day!!!!

  515. “…and white pointy hats don’t look very good on middle-aged black women…”

    Put that in your peace pipe and smoke it, folks.

  516. Thank you for proving my point, oh, and Ann Coulter’s, too. The liberals at their best. Can’t make an intelligent, thoughtful argument so they attack people on a personal level. “You have a big nose. You have a pointy head.”

    And thank you also for the white pointy hat comment – made my week! But I don’t take fashion advice from others and white pointy hats don’t look very good on middle-aged black women…

  517. greytdog,
    Put away the Top 100 Classic Jokes (copyright 1970) and share on the porch if you have something. I realize that when you try for something original it gets dicey and you come off sounding like a hypocritical old sourpuss, but don’t give up. We’ll still love you. If you don’t have anything to say, well, you know, you could just shut the hell up and get off the IV.

    You don’t like the topic (you never seem to, do you) and you’re above all the drama. So scroll, baby. Scroll.

  518. Jeff, evidently ‘Id” is short for idiot…. go play in another sand box.

    Keith in NM

  519. Morning all – take a break from the Palinpalooza for a minute and read this from Powerful Message from Stevie Wonder On Michael Jackson’s Death
    “……. … … … .. …..
    .. .. . … . . . . . .. . .. …. .. … . … ..
    … … .. … … … … ….. …… … …. … ….. ….. .. .
    .. . . … .. . . . ..
    … . ….. … …. …. ….
    …… …. ….. …. …… ….. ….. .. . . …. ….
    . .. .
    . . .. . .. . …
    ……. …. … … .. … ……. … .. …. … … ….. ….
    . .. .. ..

    Deep stuff hey?
    I nearly cried when he said “. .. . . . .. .. … .. .. . . …. ….”

  520. Gotta love the old fart communists. You morons get every detail wrong and probably have never owned a business. Claiming superior intelligence followed by expansion of government control — brilliant ladies.

  521. I’m not american but I’ve been following the US presidential election with such a great interest, and before Palin was nominated to be the VP candidate of republican party I really thought there couldn’t be worse choice than GW Bush. well. let’s just say that I was(and the rest of the world was) relieved when Obama was elected, not only because he represented so much hope and intelligence of americans, but because of the fact that this woman, who seems to be an ignorant and intolerant fanatique, was not elected to be the leader of the most powerful country in the world.
    I have less reasons to hate Palin than most of americans, but I find this post very funny, sharp and full of insights. cheers to americans who made a wise choice for their leader.

  522. Bailin Palin; i have only one question;
    how the hell did she get elected as governor in the first place!!!
    she can’t control/ run her family effectively; how the hell did anyone expect her to run a whole country!!!

  523. That’s great! Sign me up for one of your gin & tonics!

  524. This is an excellent link to a Alaskan commentary about Sarah Palin. The only way, right now, to get accurate information on this woman is to read the LOCAL Alaska media and blogs. The MSM is clueless – they haven’t even been close to what Palin is really like, nor what she is really up to.

    You have to live with this woman day in, day out – knowing all the challenges faced by the state – watching her ignore them all, until she plucks some non-existent accomplishment out of her a$$ to grab the media spot light. It is not an exaggeration by any stretch of the imagination to say that Sarah Palin lies as easily as most people breathe. But you will only believe it for yourself if you follow these and see them disproven, again and again. Over and over.

    The Alaska Dispatch linked below covers ALL areas of Alaska life and news, and is not really left or right. A good source for all sorts of stories Alaskan in the archives:


  525. Hi gang,

    My, my my! Such a remarkable group of articulate mental giants have been showing up the past couple of days. A few of them have even been able to almost put two coherent sentences together!

    They must be really, really quite macho tough guys. Palin supporters no doubt.

    Is there a full moon or something? The Trolls are out in force. It is not in my job description to clean up slime. I have all the grunt work I can handle right here. When the rest of you get it cleaned up, I’ll be back.



  526. Brava PalinshutUp!!!!!

    You are a shining example of what can be accomplished when strong people like you have the courage to stand up and make it happen. I’m proud to call you friend!

    Your son must be a fine young man with such a valiant mother.



  527. “They say they don’t hate Jesus but they must or they wouldn’t hate Sarah.”

    “Beware of false prophets who come disguised as harmless sheep, but are really wolves that will tear you apart.” Matthew 7:15

    or maybe barracudas

  528. “I’ve noticed that the only people making fun/hate at Governor Palin are people who are NOT her equal but useless Hollywood types and hateful leftists who hate Jesus. They say they don’t hate Jesus but they must or they wouldn’t hate Sarah.”

    “Stop judging others, and you will not be judged.
    For others will treat you as you treat them. Whatever measure you use in judging
    others, it will be used to measure how you are judged. Matthew 7:1,2

    Hate and commentary are different things entirely. Look to the fruit in sp’s life. Exposing the lies and falicies isn’t hate, last time I checked. All our representatives require vetting.

  529. ooops you know it is late, there are so many typos above,

    You, dear childen, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world. They are from the world and therefore speak from the viewpoint of the world, and the world listens to them. We are from God and whoever knows God listens to us; but whoever is not from God does not listen to us. This is how we recognize the Spirit of truth and the spirit of falsehood. 1John 4:4-6

  530. just a thought…

    Is there anyone on this blog who has been voted and served as a Governor of a State?

    No???? Huh…. then you all have NOTHING to say cuz None of you have reached that pinacle.

    I’ve noticed that the only people making fun/hate at Governor Palin are people who are NOT her equal but useless Hollywood types and hateful leftists who hate Jesus. They say they don’t hate Jesus but they must or they wouldn’t hate Sarah. Scripture says, “if anyone says “I love God” yet hates his “brother” you are a liar. 1 John 4:20

    Do not be like Cain, who belonged to the evil one and murdered his brother. And why did he murder him? Because his own actions were evil and his brother’s were righteous. Do not be surprised, my brothers, if the world hates you. We know that we have passed from death to life, becuse we love our brothers. Anyone who does not love remains in death. Anyone who hates his brother is a murderer, and you know that no murderer has eternal life in him. 1John 3:12-15

    You, dear childen, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is grater than the one who is in the world. Theya re from the world andtherefore speak fromt he viewpoint of the world, and the world listens to them. We are from God andwhoever knows God listens to us; but whoever is nto from God does not listen to us. This si how we recognize the Spirit of truth and the spriti of falsehood. 1John 4:4-6

    Repent people of your hate because the Kingdom of Heaven is near.

    My prayers are that you will see Jesus.


  531. “The only family meetings the Palins have usually involve someone peeing on an early pregnancy test stick. ”

    Woman. I hope you are getting paid for this. Pure comedy genius. One of the late night talk shows should hire you as a writer.

  532. Tony,

    Good night, and come back anytime. You did some good pot stirring. Our UAW Tradesman does great pot stirring – he’s the resident Republican that loves to pull the Democrats-are-just-as-bad crap out from time to time.

    Tristan, you have think what you want about exGovernor Palin. Many do, and many don’t.

    Off Topic here too: I just finished reading Robert Kiyosaki’s online book “Conspiracy of the Rich”. It is about money, its history and who/what controls the big money and why. It sounds boring but it is actually fascinating. (go to RichDad.com and register to read it free before it becomes published)

    His book put a chink in the armor of Obama because of his appointment of Sumners and Geithner to the Treasury Dept. Like putting the wolves in charge of the chickens.

    It is a great book which everyone should read – we all need to take charge of our own financial well being.


  533. OT and I know I mentioned Leonard Peltier here before, but I thought I would again since he has a hearing this month. I think he should get to go back to his home after all these years.


  534. K, I’m out. Have a good night, everyone!

  535. “Sigh. Looks like Sarah Palin will be the main topic here for a while.”

    Seems appropriate considering the post’s title.

  536. BTW Tony. If you are interested in seeing just how brilliant these women are go back and read the series of posts reviewing Ann Coulter’s last book.

    Funny shit.

  537. And counting. Just watch out for that wierd stuff that falls out of the sky sometimes.

  538. Dear, dear gramma rock,

    You have had a life of cruelty and hardship. However, you rose above it and carved out a meaningful life for yourself and your beloved granpa rock. I admire your fortitude.

    To continue your work for decency and equality is the best possible tribute to your husband It is so important for all peoples to cherish and preserve their cultural heritage. Wouldn’t it be a shameful thing if we were carbon copy clones of each other when it comes to race, religion and ethnicity? That would be REALLY, REALLY boring. It’s our differences that make us interesting.

    Life is not always kind. We can sure do our very best to make it better for others though.

    Please let us know as often as you can how you are and how your efforts are being materialized.

    With aloha!

    Auntie Jean

  539. Seems like we were at 2 million just yesterday. Oh well…

    Good times.

  540. God I hate it here whenever M&H go viral. It gets so silly. BUT you have to hand it to our gals. Just when you think they are beginning to fad, they write a post about Palin or some other idiot politican, and the world comes racing back to their porch.

    I wonder how many more will stick around this time. Will there be enough pie for everyone?

  541. Pi or π is a mathematical constant whose value is the ratio of any circle’s circumference to its diameter in Euclidean space; this is the same value as the ratio of a circle’s area to the square of its radius. It is approximately equal to 3.14159 in the usual decimal notation. π is one of the most important mathematical and physical constants: many formulae from mathematics, science, and engineering involve π.

  542. Oh, come on Blanket, you like it! ;)

  543. Tony just touched me innapropriately.

  544. lori – Did I misunderstand you? You said the biggest difference between Kristina and you (and many bloggers here) is that one of you (Kristina, I assume) feels the need to justify or rationalize their feelings with insults and “moral assumptions.” And I was pointing out that “us regulars” are not shy about filling this space up with juicy rationalizations for their feelings, throw insults around like expert trolls, and make “moral” assumption messes all over the place.

  545. UAW?

  546. Oh, come on Ritter. They are out numbered.

  547. I for one would like me a trumpet that does that!!!! Wow.

  548. Great. Tony is another UAW.

    Hey Tony. Take your crazy someplace else. We’re all full up here.

  549. $arah-in God we trust-Palin, the family values tour

  550. Big Bang: I’d prefer to be proactive than reactive, and encourage my congressman and senators to vote for things that will help and not hurt the country.

    PalinShutUp: No, we’re not all economists. But these guys are:


  551. Hey Francis… when do we alls get to toss Tony from the porch? It’s a new game I learned from some ‘laskans.

  552. you think Helen ever finger bangs Margaret?

  553. I went to Hawaii once…too many jap tourists.

  554. Yeah… I really wish you would share your entire opinion of Palin with us. Maybe then the fools like Tristan would stop calling Palin “a strong woman.” Maybe a can of deodorant for the palinistas?

  555. so this is what it looks like before the clean up?

    I dont think I have ever been around to notice the spills

    DoverSoul thank you for all the ammo I mean, information on that whack job sheesh! what was mccain thinking?

  556. OMG Jean. We’re talking about SP????? On this site???? After this post??? Really? Sigh. So why do you think that is?


  557. Get her, Boys!!!

  558. I think Sarah Palin is a strong woman. I admire her and I hope that she continues to be a part of American politics. I respect her values.

  559. What she said.

  560. Hi gang,

    Sigh. Looks like Sarah Palin will be the main topic here for a while.

    We all know there are two or more sides to each story. In the case of La Palin, she CHOSES to tell only her side in a self-serving, self-agrandizing way. Shoot, we are all guilty of it from time to time. However, she seems to be in the habit of doing it ALL the time.

    We private citizens don’t usually get found out or even called out on our tall tales by people with other views unless we want to get into a shouting match.

    People in public life are a different story. The other sides of the stories are bound to surface and then a real donnybrook is off and running. That’s what is happening with La Palin. She was and is not prepared for the rough and tumble life of national or even Alaskan politics. Incidentally, since she CHOSE to enter politics, she should have been prepared for that, as well as being prepared by education and experience to get the job done that she was elected to do.

    There is so much more to any office than just the glitz, glamour and adulation of a campaign.

    Personally, I would prefer to just forget all about her, which would be easy for me to do. I sort of felt that way when Bush was nominated for his first term. I couldn’t believe that the American people could be so easily manipulated! Sadly, they were. If I have anything to say about it, that kind of mistake will not be repeated with Palin.

    If she continues to blather only her side of the story, then she is fair game to be refuted with the other side.


    Auntie Jean

  561. ‘I’m actually not a big fan of SP’

    where oh where did I read that before?

    yes tony, everyone is an economist now

  562. A big pickle?

  563. Tell you what Tony. I’ll make up my mind in about 3 1/2 years. Until then you predcitions and assumptions are worthless to me.

  564. Got it Jack. Thanks. :o)

  565. D Rickels, what exactly do you have to offer??

  566. Now you got it, Tony. Talk. People will throw things. Just duck. Keep talking. And like Francis said…Laugh.

  567. Sorry. Bladder issues.

  568. No Jack, still here. I have a confession: I’m actually not a big fan of SP. Started off liking her, but she is unpredictable, and she is nowhere near being ready for any kind of national role. That being said, the hateful comments are simply uncalled for.

    As for Obama, he inherited a mess from Bush, no doubt about it. Bush was an idiot when it came to the economy, especially bailing out AIG and others last fall. However, Obama is taking us in even deeper, bailing out auto companies, more banks, and piling up the largest deficits in the history of our nation. If you have a slowdown, you slow down your spending, just like you or I would if we lost our jobs. We wouldn’t start spending money like crazy. Basic economics dictates that only productivity can create more money and wealth, and taking money away from small businesspeople is the exact opposite. The number of people who approve of his policies (not him personally) is dropping quickly, and will not stop until the economy, which he claimed to know how to fix last fall, turns around. Inflation, not recovery, is around the corner for next year, and we’ll need another recession to recover from inflation. It’s really not that complicated. I wish I was wrong, but now we’re talking about a 2nd stimulus package, because the first one didn’t work. Japan tried 10 stimulus packages in the 1990s, and they stayed in a deep recession throughout the entire decade. I don’t want the same to happen to us.

  569. Anonymous , just to keep the record straight here, and not to mock your cut and paste skills… but you got a little finger happy when you snipped my post… If you would have read it I was responding to Kristian and HER moral assumptions about “us regulars” not knowing who Esther is.. ;-)

  570. sorry but I could never get enough of palin slammin’

  571. Yes,its obvious Helen hit a nerve LOL!!!

  572. Just like Sarah…Tony took his toys and went home…

  573. Granma Sylvia: Ha! bwahahahaha! (*argh, must stop guffawing late at night, will wake up the kiddies*)

  574. and Tony you can count on the polls to go even lower. It is impossible for a politician to sustain the numbers Obama had. Especially when he is taking on the 3rd rail issues he has and laboring under the enormous mess Bush made out of the economy. It will settle in around 50-55 percent, with the republican polls Rasmusean, Quinnipiac, fox etc being 4-7 points lower.

    But there isn’t a campaign manager alive that wouldn’t take 63-53 percent approval rating 7 months into a term with the unemployment nearing 10 percent, healthcare debates on the table, and the stock market struggling….. Those are pretty damn good numbers…

  575. I sure could go for some Troll tacos with salsa right about now….

  576. Surely I’m not the first one to notice this….but….Colorful is Sarah Palin, isn’t she? Word salad, anyone?

  577. Tony, fair enough. We feel better if we categorize people. I agree the nastiness gets overbearing, and we should really be looking for the good in all. I think sp brings out the ugly in everyone on both sides. She is definitely a controversial figure. And we’ve seen her sling mud, so the mud fight got started. And then to highjack our lives with her affairs is just over the top. But I agree, I’m ready to move to a more important discussion. I have not seen any of her supporters change sides, so we don’t get anywhere by beating that dead horse. She will see to it that we hear from her, because unfortunately, I do not think she is going away.

  578. hold on Tony, let me try again


  579. —“The biggest difference between you and I (and many bloggers here) however is NOT that we disagree on Palin but rather one of us feels the need to justifyor rationalize their feelings with insults and “moral” assumptions.” -lori

    —“Palin is amoral, no moral compass whatsoever.” –greytdog

    —“No one has said she’s a bad mom, or even a bad person.” –greytdog

    So….you’re saying “amoral” is a good thing?

    —“For the sake of argument, let’s assume it was Bristol’s choice to carry her child to term. My beef with Sarah’s parenting style is where was she during the months and years Bristol was dating? Didn’t she remember what it was like to be a teenager? Didn’t she remember teenage boys are awash with testosterone and very persuasive? And yes, good girls get horny too. Why didn’t she suggest Bristol get some reliable birth control or better yet take her to the doctor? She had to have her head buried in sand to think, the kids, Bristol and Levi, were still in the handholding stage, observant mothers have good instincts, where were hers?
    Why did Palin have her children traipsing around the country with her while she campaigned? All of them, except the baby, should have been in school; babies need a schedule and good postnatal care, special needs children especially; and Bristol needed rest and good prenatal care. Family values, my ass.” –Anonymous

    What is that last blast of verbal diarrhea but judgmental bullshit on what a bad mom Palin is?

  580. Table for one?

  581. Francis… don’t give up your day job.

  582. Francis….ROFLMAO!!!!!

  583. ‘blah, blah, blah…..I never heard SP tell any of you how to live your lives…..blah, blah, blah….’

    testing testing 1,2,3

    I believe you are in need of a hearing aide

    over and out

  584. Hey you. The jew with the pink quilt. Sit down and shut up.

  585. Tony and others on his side,

    I don’t go to rap concerts or mud wrestling. I don’t like to watch boxing matches or cricket games, so I don’t.

    I do like soccer, Eric Clapton, and karaoke. I will listen to other kinds of music if it is recommended, and if I like it, I keep listening. If I don’t, I stop listening.

    Most of us here like M&H and enjoy the message.
    It starts with the wit and humor of Margaret and Helen, and then the chorus chimes in, and we applaud and laugh and generally have a good time.

    You do not seem to like the message or the laughter or the applause, so why are you here?

    Your McCain/Palin ticket lost, fair and square by the majority vote. You don’t like Obama, and we do.

    Your opinions are valid enough for you and probably deemed genius by other conservative blogsites. They are a minority here (surprise!)

    Well, we have our UAW who can be cantankerous but we love him, and our James who can take criticism as well as give it. They may be oddballs, but they are familiar oddballs.

    You can write your opinions, but puhleeze don’t do the righteous indignation crap about how bad we are. Wrong place.

    Maybe you need to find your Right place. Just sayin’.

  586. Francis….ROFLMAO!!!!!

  587. Helen, you are one funny lady!

  588. Unless of course everyone moved to Ohio and I didn’t get the change of address notice.

  589. elsi and others,
    i am secondary military ptsd.
    i am a surviving battered child from the household of a ww2 vet with ptsd, who was self-medicating with alcohol.

    and as a young child, i litterally had the shit kicked out of me by a babysitter who was the battered ex-wife of a ww2 vet. she babysat to keep a roof over her own latch-key child’s head.

    at the age of 19, right after my first child was born, my kidney ruptured from the accumlated physical abuse.

    both of my grandmothers were goldstar mothers. so, although i did not serve in the millitary, my ptsd was spawned by millitary.

  590. So Tony. What have we learned.

    I was right ” His approval ratings are high and he scores above 50% in all categories.”

    And you were wrong ” More people now disapprove than approve of his policies. “

  591. Tony, dear, sit down, have some pie. We like you. You will see, there are ALL types here on Helen’s porch. Just remember, we all get to talk but the real reason we are here is the humor. Really. Think about it. Margaret and Helen are funny. Doesn’t matter if you are for or against whatever it is they are writing about…they are funny. So laugh. Life is short, dear. Laugh now before you find yourself in a gold casket covered in red roses being carried into a sports arena in Los Angeles by your four brothers. Laugh.

  592. Colorful, God bless you dear. Thank you for the prayers. Pray for all those considering abortion, as it is them that must answer to whether their action is murder. Pray also for our soldiers that have humans in their crosshairs. Pray for their heart. Pray they are protected from the evil one and his forces. May His Spirit fill you and guide you in your spiritual battle, I pray.

  593. E. Taylor. Put down the chicken wing and go back to bed. Your number is almost up as well.

  594. Like it or not, Palin has made an enormous impact in politics and her particular brand of nastiness shouldn’t just be excused. She is a bitch. She does mix religion with politics. She is relevant enough to talk about becuase she is a very, very dangerous person if left unchecked.

  595. Who cares about Sarah Palin. We have lost the greatest entertainer in the world. Let me mourn. And why the HELL does Diana get to be the successor guardian?? He was MY best friend, for Christ’s sake…..

  596. Hey Tony. Did you get picked on much in middle school? Bringing back bad memories for you?

    Suck it up honey ’cause you really could be doing something else…. but here you are.

  597. Soph…don’t hold your breath…she’ll be back…it is that bad…really.

  598. Then stop reading it. It really is that simple.

  599. Poolman… capitals are meant for emphasis not yelling. My bad. “Your side” would be those of you who choose to throw insults and become defensive rather than have an intelligent debate like adults. I really don’t see the point in calling SP a moron, bitch, idiot, and Lord knows what else. And then I have other posters calling me names. Is this middle school?

  600. When I think of you I still remember that blue coat with the fur collar and that HUGE gold ring. What ever happened to that ring? You should melt it down and make it into a grill for your teeth.

  601. Matthew, could you be a love a clean some of this crap up???

  602. Kristina, Ester was an orphan Jewish girl who entered a beauty contest for King Xerxes, concealing her own faith and nationality, winning his favor and approval over all the other competing virgins in his harem. He then made her the new queen and she was basically a spy for the Jews and eventually won freedom, rights, and honor for the Jewish people. I don’t see the connection. And your poll numbers? Are those recent?

  603. LooneyT – yes I have enjoyed the columns. I always find a nugget of insight in them. I suspect Helen works on them and thinks before she posts. Its just the constant trashing of Palin. She is not a threat to anyone.

    Calling her a bitch and trailer trash is just too much, you know. Why do we hate her so? Really she is pathetic. And now she is not running for national office, and I believe will never be able to. It just seems to me be a waste of time for otherwise good folks.

  604. If you touch it, they will come.

  605. Sorry it took so long. Had to clean my brushes. I’m here now. Go ahead caller!

  606. Tranny Granny… are you a pollster? No? Here are a few people who are:






    His overall approval ratings remain above 50%, but there is certainly a polarization that can be attributed to his policies. All of these polls illustrate that. I don’t doubt he’s a nice guy, and very bright; but that doesn’t translate to success for our country.

  607. I only had an abortion because he loved his trumpet more than he loved me. Why is that so horrible? Why does that make me dirty? I bet he misses my licking him in that place between his balls and his asshole. I bet his trumpet never does that for him.

  608. Sophronia honey. Then don’t rad it. Don;t waste your time. Some of us happen to enjoy this site which – I might add – has covered a great deal of political topics and done so quite well. Don’t want to read about Palin – then enter a different URL.

  609. Tranny Granny, amen!

  610. Dear Lord,

    Plese keep these souls safe from evil. They know not what they do. They know not that abortion is murder and that their hate will lead them to hell. Please tryto save them. Don’t let them go. Protect them by wrapping them in your glory.


    Peace. Love. Forgiveness.

  611. OK. SP has resigned. I guess she has a reason. I don’t care anymore. Can’t we be over her now?

    I am so sick of the MJ 24/7 coverage, the Palin flap, the Sanford scandal. Remembr Iran? They are still demonstrating. Remember health care? Apparently the Blue Dog Dems are fighting it.

    If you care about your country, pour out your outrage at something constructive. Write your reps in the Senate and House. We really don’t need all this SP diversion. It is meaningless. It won’t get us the society we want.

    Sarah Palin is not important. Preoccupation with her is not a good use of our brains.

  612. Tony is a pussy.

  613. Tony, I guess criminals should be the ones teaching criminology and law. Who better than those who have failed to follow the laws? Kind of like Bristol preaching about teen pregnancy. Who better than the one who decided not to use a condom. Unless she is standing up there saying, “When you have sex be sure and use a condon EVERY time” then I really think she doesn’t have much to offer.

  614. There seem to be a larger number of trolls for this post. Did someone strike a nerve, maybe?

    For the record, no one would hate Sarah Palin if she simply decided how she would live her life, and went ahead and lived it. The problem is that she believes she can and should decide how the rest of us need to live.

    And it becomes even more outrageous and farcical when she decides that we have to live up to her stated standards – but she doesn’t have to. In fact, no one is to be allowed to even notice any discrepancy. To point out factual errors or blatant hypocrisy, or to hold and state negative opinions is sinful, treasonous, unAmerican and will lead to legal action.

    Again, she gets to point out anything she wants, true or untrue, and spout off any opinions of her own without fear of retribution. That’s ok, we don’t have a problem with that. As Long As We Get The Same Right. You got a problem with that, it’s your problem.

    SP said a couple things during her press conference and subsequent ‘press audiences’. I’ll have to paraphrase; anyone let me know if I’m off on any point of substance.

    1) If I stay in office, the ethics charges will continue.

    2) Alaska will be much better off with the Lt Gov in charge.

    You know, when she’s right, she’s right. Some things you just can’t argue with.

  615. Tony, what is my side? Oh, sorry- MY SIDE!! I forgot to yell.

  616. have some pie, dear…..we are all about the funny here. Really. We mean it.

  617. Kristian, believe me when I say I am just as baffled that there are people walking the face of this earth that see Palin as feminine, intelligent, and a good mother, as you seem to be that there are a whole bunch of us that feel differently.

    The biggest difference between you and I (and many bloggers here) however is NOT that we disagree on Palin but rather one of us feels the need to justifyor rationalize their feelings with insults and “moral” assumptions.

    I am perfectly content to live side by side with people who admire white trash “day after the prom queens”, without passing judgement. Perhaps you could find it in your good Christian heart to do the same?

  618. Poolman… where is the hate coming from? YOUR SIDE!!! Open your eyes. You guys are PATHETIC SCHOOLCHILDREN!

  619. His approval ratings are high and he scores above 50% in all categories. Try again Tony and this time read more than just something put out by a conservative thoughtless tank.

  620. Tony…SUCK MY DICK! :-)

  621. Wow, look what the tide brought in. Everyone of them have hate in their rant. They must be sp fans defending her pretend principles.

  622. Wow Tranny Granny. Come up with that all by yourself?

  623. Tony. Sniff too much glue today?

  624. Oh, Lord, duck and cover. INCOMING….

  625. Oh Come On, People…..IT IS FUNNY!!!!!
    LAUGH, WILL YOU?!?!?!?

    Helen, you are a riot.

  626. I love u Helen – U always make my day. Another awesome post

  627. Kristina, sweetheart, did you get enough oxygen as a child??

  628. Once again, wow. So most of you disagree with Sarah Palin’s viewpoints on politics and life. So what! Why the pure HATE?? Isn’t the Democratic Party supposedly the one that is open and accepting of people of differing viewpoints? Aren’t YOU the ones who told the Republicans that they needed a more moderate candidate? And you say Sarah Palin is hypocritical??? Who are you kidding!!?? ALL of you are acting like children; in fact, my 2 year old daughter has better manners and treats people better than most of you. Please, disagree with issues and discuss them. I never heard SP tell any of you how to live your lives. She has spoken of her principles. If you don’t agree, so be it. Bristol Palin has the expertise to speak on teenage pregnancy as she has experienced it (which I assume most of you have not). How many of you live in a city where there are hundreds of single, teenage moms?? Went school with them, call them your friends and neighbors. I live in such a city. As Bristol now knows, that kind of motherhood is not to be glorified as it is in the movies. So she did her best to reach out to urge kids to avoid what happened to her, and YOU have the gall to castigate her?

    BTW, all you Obama lovers may have missed the memo, but his approval ratings are dropping like a rock. More people now disapprove than approve of his policies. There are plenty of people SMARTER than Obama (and who can actually speak eloquently WITHOUT READING FROM A TELEPROMPTER!). Mitt Romney or Rudy Guiliani would have gotten us out of this mess by now. At least they had experience running something besides a campaign.

  629. People who hate GOVERNOR Sarah Palin only hate her because they are threatened by her redefinition of feminism and her contribution to motherhood, Alaska and conservatism. She is a modern day Esther. Of course many of you threatened by her wouldn’t know who Esther was or what she did. NOTE: 80% of the people in Alaska love their current Governor which speaks VOLUMES doesn’t it?

  630. For the sake of argument, let’s assume it was Bristol’s choice to carry her child to term. My beef with Sarah’s parenting style is where was she during the months and years Bristol was dating? Didn’t she remember what it was like to be a teenager? Didn’t she remember teenage boys are awash with testosterone and very persuasive? And yes, good girls get horny too. Why didn’t she suggest Bristol get some reliable birth control or better yet take her to the doctor? She had to have her head buried in sand to think, the kids, Bristol and Levi, were still in the handholding stage, observant mothers have good instincts, where were hers?

    Why did Palin have her children traipsing around the country with her while she campaigned? All of them, except the baby, should have been in school; babies need a schedule and good postnatal care, special needs children especially; and Bristol needed rest and good prenatal care. Family values, my ass.

  631. Talk about opening your mouth and a bunch of stupid falling out. This piece is a classic, bile-fueled rant: lots of hateful emotion, no substance. Name-calling is not reasoned argument. Please feel free to write that bit of wisdom on a Post-It note and slap it on your computer screen for future reference.

  632. [...] SARAH PALIN CALLED A FAMILY MEETING AND THE RABBIT LIVED… « Margaret and Helen. [...]

  633. Break Alert!!!! So. . . i’ve been spending some time trying my darnedest to get the backyard into a bird/wildlife habitat (kinda hard to do with the puppers but. . .) and it’s starting to pay off. We’ve always had nocturnal visitors like possums & raccoons, but the last couple of nights, we’ve had a big old barn owl hanging out . . .and then this evening while I was putting out the evening-visitors food, a young peregrine swooped in and hung out on the patio chair for awhile – probably about 30 minutes. He watched everything I did – I was really tempted to run inside and get my fencing gauntlet to see if he’d come to me. . .but while I’m crazy, I’m not THAT crazy. . .still it was pretty awesome to see a falcon up close & personal.

    Okay back to regular programming . . .


  635. BTW, I’m sure it didn’t escape your notice, Kristine that there are more American citizens who DO agree. That’s why he got elected.

  636. Yes, please do.

  637. kristine, so please do tell us who these “more intelligent” people are that you cite. . .

  638. ΔTine,

    If you think that Obama IS the sharpest tack in the box, then you deserve him. Unfortunately, there lots of folks out there who are more intelligent, who don’t agree.

  639. please adopt me. you two are the funniest chicks ever

  640. DoverSoul, that is pretty scary stuff. Christian radicalism is as scary as muslim radicalism.

    On that day many will say to me, “Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and cast out demons in your name, and do many deeds of power in your name?’ Then I will declare to them, “I never knew you; go away from me, you evildoers.’

    Matthew 7:22,23

  641. Sherri, what a wonderful AARP video! She should have won first place.

    Sharon, I may not agree with you, but I hear you. Part of the (many) reason(s) I don’t like her is because she is so judgmental. Just because a person doesn’t share the same values doesn’t make one right and the other wrong.

    I wish we didn’t have to hear about Sarah Palin (except in Helen’s fabulous posts), but she is food frenzy for the press. And the reason is because she is beautiful.

    If she looked like our Hawaii Governor (sorry Linda Lingle), and was tapped to be McCain’s VP pick (it WAS a possibility), no one would have wanted a second, third, hundredth look after the election results, no matter what came out of her mouth.

    Beauty sells even though it sucks.

  642. You are FUNNY, FUNNY, FUNNY! OMG, I am laughing so hard!! Your Blog is now prominently bookmarked on my browser!

  643. Sharon, I apologize for the attack. I understood you to be claiming that it was all because buttercup was pro-life that everything else about her was pretty much peachy keen and normal and we shouldn’t be so critical of her life.

    I hope you can see all the flaws in her fabric. And she IS responsible for the outcome of her family. Our children reflect our parenting. They learn life from us, good and bad. We are responsible until they hit 18 in our culture.

    And yes, the world is mean to our public figures. We are ruthless and much is inexcusable. The extreme operate on both sides and it is ugly and hateful. But that is the arena. That is the game. That is politics in this day and age. She has been around and has even claimed to be thick-skinned. She uses all to her advantage, as this latest show should illustrate. And at the end of the day, who was served?

  644. The more I read about this women the more scarier she becomes.

    From dKos

    … today I see a headline above a picture (from Politico?) of her face on CNN… The headline said “IF I DIE, I DIE, SO BE IT”. I was shocked that she used the exact quote that is the “mantra” of this sect that calls for murder. I hope it was a shout out to her followers and nothing more.


  645. Personally speaking, I could care less if Bristol has twenty kids out of wedlock – what’s the big deal there? It becomes a big deal when 1) mama parades her out on “family values night” at the republican presidential convention, 2) when the Family Values Party ignores the murderous fringe element attracted by/to mama, and 3) when Bristol stands up and says “do as I say, not as I did. . .but I wouldn’t change a thing in my life”. Excuse me?? This isn’t even double standard – this is plain BS. People say oh no one attacked Obama’s kids – and I don’t recall anyone screaming to “kill ‘em” at Obama rallies either. So are we unfairly picking on poor Bristol and her mama? nope. once Bristol stepped into the arena of public discourse, she opened the gate. No one has said she’s a bad mom, or even a bad person. Nor has anyone said she SHOULD have had an abortion. What I[m hearing is that Bristol should finish her GED, raise her kid, and not tell others how to live a chaste and pristine life – she obviously doesn’t know her subject very well.

  646. Did you listen closely to sp’s first interview with Couric?

    if you werent paying close attention you may have missed when she mentioned ‘the culture of life’

    pro lifers mission is to
    reclassify some birth control methods as abortion, including the pill and its ‘sisters’ such as norplant

    there is talk on the pro-life front that hormone based birth control CAUSES

    Palin was poised to make it happen


    check this out

    Palin reignites culture wars


    Google with key words:

    ‘abortion including birth control pill’

    also this

    ‘Family planning groups object to abortion plan’

    a reuters article


  647. This video that was submitted in a contest by a 20 year old. The contest, sponsored by the AARP, was titled “u @ 50.” This video won second place:

  648. Margaret & Helen,
    This is the SECOND time you two have gone viral with a post. I think it is time for you two to go to the next level. CNN? Good Morning America? A book deal? Your own radio show? SOMETHING!!!!

  649. chloe,
    Your illustration of the choices Palin’s daughter had gave me a chuckle. I agree with everything you said. But I’ve been listening for some time to the rhetoric and I’m a little put off by the extreme nature of it. I get all the arguments and some I agree with (not all) – I just don’t get the personal nastiness. I don’t. And I honestly think her stance on abortion (and all that it implies) is at the root of it.

    elsie09 – I don’t think children are mistakes. I mangled that thought in an attempt to express it, but I was speaking in the voice of people offended by those who choose not to terminate the pregnancy – which bringing Bristol’s pregnancy up as an argument against Palin sounds like to me sometimes. I tried to address the “parading” of her family that people accuse Palin of – which I think is just a good excuse to be ugly.

    I’ve tried to explain what I meant, but something that requires this much explaining is my bad. I’m sorry to anyone I offended.

    Frankly, it makes me feel yucky to be talking about Palin’s family at all. She can’t do anything that makes me think that’s alright.

  650. Whole lot of new people on the porch today!!!! Sure hope there is enough tea and pie to go around!!! Is this fun or what?!?!!?! :-)

  651. DoverSoul that does describe my favorite gal, you betcha!


    I meant that people seem to really take offense at her daughter having a child out of wedlock.’

    the issue is NOT that the daughter had a child out of wedlock, that is what the far right seems to be missing and latching on to but that’s not so

    she wants to push her brand of ‘family values’ and her faith, what ever that may be, on to the rest of us, she claims ‘abstinence is the best method of birth control’, wants to take our choices away but somehow that lesson was lost on her offspring, THAT’s the issue

    that the now father of her grandchild is going around saying he was allowed to sleep in the house with the daughter too? well…Im sorry but no one is inventing this stuff, its coming straight from that bunch of hillbillies

    i dont hate pro lifers either, as long as they dont push their beliefs on me, no one is forcing abortions on them

  652. PalinShutUp:
    “after our attorney wrote the board a ‘cease and desist or else’ letter the entire board resigned and as karma would have it I then became the president of the association ”

    Woo hoo! And then did you tell that neighbor that you didn’t like his kind there? No, of course not, that’s just the kind of thing one imagines and then goes on and behaves better. But wow.

    What do you suppose he was actually afraid of?

  653. Okay – i just started laughing so hard at Sheila’s comment that I tip the chair over and scared the dogs. . . oy! people, please. . . my sides hurt from laughing.

    And it seems there was a bit of a kerfuffle about abortion or not abortion or something. So Sheila’s comment was a good “yo! this direction” sign. Thanks!

  654. … and I read where someone said Palin doesn’t even know what a lame duck is…… like it’s when Todd forgets to take his Viagra!

    Keith in NM

  655. OMG!! Just reading an interesting blog on salon.com (do you get that it’s one of my favorite places after M&H?) and someone is using ‘asshat’!!

    Helen, you’ve started something here!

    Keith in NM

  656. Here’s a very, very interesting Palin article by Joan Walsh on salon.com:


    Keith in NM

  657. Somebody said the other day that Sarah Palin is having a partial term abortion–and she’s a REPUBLICAN!!!

  658. “Apparently that makes her a worse mother than parents of sexually active teens who choose to terminate the pregnancy and we don’t have to look at them parading their mistakes down the street like us regualr people.”

    When I read that, it appeared to me that you think the children of sexually active teens are “mistakes” and you are better than those people, because you are regular people….You expressed a narrow view of people parading their mistakes down the street…I took offense at that. I’m pro-choice, but I’m not pro-abortion. It’s the choice of the pregnant female and her doctor, whether or not to carry that fetus to term, and if a child is born to that woman, then that child is not a mistake being paraded down the street.

    I have no bumperstickers, and I rarely yell at anyone. I want you and all other Americans and other human beings to have the right to marry and share the benefits of insurance, survivorship, etc. with your spouse. I’m not gay, but please don’t hold it against me. Like you, I was born to be the way I am…except I came out as a heterosexual…And all the praying by the all rightwingers isn’t going to change me.

    I apologize for mistaking your words as something else.

  659. Dover Soul- that is a good diagnosis that you have uncovered-Narcissistic Personality Disorder. She has also demonstrated paranoid qualities-an example could be her relationship with bloggers. Yet another more convincing example is that when calling her advisors all calls were directed through her office. Quitting her job so quickly demonstrates a level of poor impulse control that would not be suitable for a good leader.

    Today a journalist called her a grifter- they take advantage and leave quickly when the “take” is over. That would make her a sociopath,too……

    At any rate she has not shown herself to embody the qualities that I associate with a good leader. /Her supporters would disagree ofcourse.

  660. Sharon,

    Bristol’s choices were:
    A. keep the baby
    B. keep the baby

    I feel certain that due to her mother’s beliefs those were the only options available to her. Why people take offense is because SP wants to impose Bristol’s limited options on the rest of us instead of the choices we currently have, one being abortion which she is vehemently opposed to.

  661. “Sharon, often “us regualr people” are simply pro-choice, but not necessarily pro-abortion…It’s a small distinction, but an important one.”
    Yes, I caught my typo. Again, that’s kind of like tagging me out for going off topic on this particular blog. In any case, I get the distinction. I’m pro-choice, btw. I just don’t hate people who are “pro-life.”

    “And I’m sure, if the fetus you save is gay, then you’ll fight just as hard for those rights, too, won’t you, dear?”
    I’m gay. I don’t think I’m going to hell and I want all of the benfits and rights of marriage, but I don’t care what it’s called by others. I vote accordingly. I don’t carry any signs or have any bumperstickers whatsoever on my car. I don’t yell at people for any reason, unless they are far away. Does that answer your question?

    So all of the assumptions – not liberal, not pro-choice, and not gay – 100% incorrect.

  662. Wow great info Doversoul et al. Thanks

    You can sure can get edamacated on this blog.

  663. Poolman,
    Oh, I’m sorry – did i go off topic? Please tell me you’re kidding.

    Did you notice the title of Helen’s post, or the number of times she referred, however obliquely, to Palin’s stance on abortion?

    As for bashing liberals – I’m a liberal. Just not vitriolic.

    “Your paint brush is too wide.”
    Mine is. Not yours though, right?

    “Who appointed you judge.”
    Sorry Poolman. Didn’t mean to get into your territory.

    I meant that people seem to really take offense at her daughter having a child out of wedlock. I said it clumsily though. I meant if her daughter had chosen to terminate the pregnancy we wouldn’t have to see the bad mother that Palin is.

  664. Poolman,
    Oh, I’m sorry – did i go off topic? Please tell me you’re kidding.

    Did you notice the title of Helen’s post, or the number of times she referred, however obliquely, to Palin’s stance on abortion?

    As for bashing liberals – I’m a liberal. Just not vitriolic.

    “Your paint brush is too wide.”
    Mine is. Not yours though, right?

    “Who appointed you judge.”
    Sorry Poolman. Didn’t mean to get into your territory.

    I meant that people seem to really take offense at her daughter having a child out of wedlock. I said it clumsily though. I meant if her daughter had chosen to terminate the pregnancy we wouldn’t have to see the bad mother than Palin is.

  665. Classic…

  666. That hit the spot like a good meal after a long day!

  667. More from the Alaska Standard comments:

    “Narcissistic personality disorder is a real and dangerous mental condition that often requires hospitalization to treat. I found an online Narcissistic personality quiz that someone close to Palin should have her take. Seriously.

    I have had to deal with people with Bipolar disorder, and the most difficult thing was to convince them they have a problem. In their minds, it’s everyone else that is wrong, no matter how bazaar and erratic their behavior is. Palin is constantly saying “I’m not wired the same as everyone else”, is a classic example of how people with a mental illness view the world and the people around them.

    Here’s a description from WebMD.com
    Narcissism is a term used to describe a focus on the self and self-admiration that is taken to an extreme. The word “narcissism” comes from a Greek myth in which a handsome young man named Narcissus sees his reflection in a pool of water and falls in love with it.

    Narcissistic personality disorder is one of a group of conditions called dramatic personality disorders. People with these disorders have intense, unstable emotions and a distorted self-image. Narcissistic personality disorder is further characterized by an abnormal love of self, an exaggerated sense of superiority and importance, and a preoccupation with success and power. However, these attitudes and behaviors do not reflect true self-confidence. Instead, the attitudes conceal a deep sense of insecurity and a fragile self-esteem.

    What Are the Symptoms of Narcissistic Personality Disorder?

    In many cases, people with narcissistic personality disorder:

    * Are self-centered and boastful
    * Seek constant attention and admiration
    * Consider themselves better than others
    * Exaggerate their talents and achievements
    * Believe that they are entitled to special treatment
    * Are easily hurt but may not show it
    * Set unrealistic goals
    * May take advantage of others to achieve their goals

    I read that and I believe it describes Palin exactly. I know that I’m not an unbiased observer, because I passionately disagree with her on many different levels. But I think if Palin’s friends, family, staff and supporters would be honest with themselves they would see that Palin really may need help.”

  668. Here’s another great analysis of Lady GaGa by Dahlia Lithwick on Slate:


    “Palin’s completely inscrutable resignation speech last week was only the most recent example of a lengthy political communication from her that explained nothing, clarified nothing, and expounded upon nothing, save for the fact that she speaks in riddles and koans. Watch it as many times as you like; you still come away feeling you’ve been treated to a cozy chat with the Mad Hatter. The media are bad. Those ethics complaints are expensive. Alaska was a great idea. She is not a dead fish. Put it all together and what do you get? A born fighter who has given us no sense whatsoever of what she’s fighting for.”

    This sums up the frustration I think we all feel here – that someone as inarticulate as SP is held up by the right as some shining example of what a world leader should be. I do hate her because she’s beautiful, because if she wasn’t, nobody, but nobody, would have ever heard of her.

  669. Sharon, often “us regualr people” are simply pro-choice, but not necessarily pro-abortion…It’s a small distinction, but an important one.

    And I’m sure, if the fetus you save is gay, then you’ll fight just as hard for those rights, too, won’t you, dear?

  670. poolman, let her dig her hole

  671. So, saying by to that which hate me, one week of beach comming, so you can breath easy….. ;-)

    To all others, maybe a quick look tomorrow, but than one week NO COMPUTER PHONE OR WHATSOEVER!!!!

    Going to Pine Point ,Maine and relax on the beach (IF temp goes higher than the 13 Celsius (i think 55 F) that was there yesterday)

  672. ‘Apparently that makes her a worse mother than parents of sexually active teens who choose to terminate the pregnancy and we don’t have to look at them parading their mistakes down the street like us regualr people.’

    oh shucks! just keep telling us how MUCH better you are than THEM people parading their mistakes down the street

    barf bag ready

  673. Sharon, are we gonna drag abortion back up on the table? My God! Get a life! Use your eyes. Think for yourself. The fruits are there. You can’t see well enough to identify them. Maybe its between your eyes. Yes some get nasty, but who started the ruckus. Be real. And bash liberals…that’s okay. Your paint brush is too wide. Switch to a smaller size for the detail areas. Who appointed you judge.

  674. IF you’ll look at Kristine without a looking glass, you’ll see she is all of 2 inches tall, including that hat!

    Really, I mean it.

  675. chloe: PRICELESS response!!! Snap!

    DoverSoul – thx for the link. What an article!!! Wonder if she’ll sue?

  676. People sure hate women who are personally against abortion. It always seems to get down to that, and all this other stuff is like most (but not all) of the complaints against Palin – frivolous. If the core argument is so good, then why all this other garbage?

    So the rabbit lives when the Palin’s have a family meeting. Apparently that makes her a worse mother than parents of sexually active teens who choose to terminate the pregnancy and we don’t have to look at them parading their mistakes down the street like us regualr people.

    The attacks on on family are hideous, and the excuse that it’s her own fault is pathetic. And the liberals used to be the good guys.

  677. I’m always at a loss to try to put my feelings for Sarah Palin in words. FInally, someone who is more eloquent than I. I think I’ll just print this out and carry it with me, and call it my “palin card.” Now, whenever I have anything to say regarding that stupid woman, I can just pull this out as a sort of explanation….

  678. Sarah Palin has become mentally unstable

    “The real question regarding Palin is not whether she tells lies. Half of what comes out of her mouth isn’t true. 80 percent of her resignation speech isn’t true. The real question is: Has she become so mentally unstable and delusional that Palin now believes if something comes out of her mouth it becomes true?”…


  679. Chloe, you’re right. And I bet that hat will be a pointy white hood.

  680. PalinShutUp,

    Your son is blessed to have such a good, strong woman for his mom! Congratulations on dealing with bigotry and asshats so well.

  681. ΔTine – Kristine has a point, but if she’ll put on a hat, no one will notice.

  682. Oh my goodness. Please tell me you are real! Because I love everything about this blog and I would be really bummed to find out you guys are a couple of hipsters in Brooklyn who thought it would be funny to post a picture of their grandmas on a blog.

  683. I loved the Sara Palin post! I’ll laugh all day!

  684. Seems to me our current prez IS the sharpest tack in the box. So what exactly is your point, Kristine?

  685. ‘Maybe Palin isn’t the sharpest tack in the box, but look at who YOU elected President…’

    so tell us some more, exactly ‘who’ did WE elect?

  686. Helen, I guess it takes one to know one. You’re one of those folks who can’t have their own thoughts and simply listens to what others say and then spits it out of your own mouth. Why don’t you try and take a good hard look at what the liberals have done over the last 70+ years and then start to think for yourself.

    Maybe Palin isn’t the sharpest tack in the box, but look at who YOU elected President…

  687. Helen, I just found your blog today and i am LMAO! You’ve really made my day! Can you be my next BFF? Keep on postin’ and I’ll keep sending appreciation from the great town of Nashville!

  688. ‘PalinShutUp:
    “this is what they said ‘we dont want your kind here’”

    I have to know how you handled such ignorance and bad manners and hatefulness.’

    Susan, I was shocked that bigotry could be so blatantly open, I told the lovely neighbor he should be ashamed of himself

    told my son (who was barely in his teens then) and had tears in his eyes that not everyone is a bigot

    days later we realized any time we were out by the pool we were being watched, one day my son was fishing at the pier and was told ‘he was not allowed to’ when everyone else used the pier for fishing…

    so i called our attorney who informed us the
    ‘lovely neighbor’ happened to be the illustrious member of the condo association

    after our attorney wrote the board a ‘cease and desist or else’ letter the entire board resigned and as karma would have it I then became the president of the association :D

  689. Sounds like you ladies need some anger management and a happy life of your own. Very sad.

  690. Awesome!!


  692. “Lady Gaga”, as Andrew Sullivan calls her, has this one:
    Sarah Palin’s Criticism of Obama is Just the Tip of the Iceberg – Swampland – TIME.com


  693. I think this situation is really important and we need to focus on this

  694. PalinShutUp:
    “this is what they said ‘we dont want your kind here’”

    I have to know how you handled such ignorance and bad manners and hatefulness.

  695. we called them q tips when we lived in Floriduh

    cant tell you how happy i was to see those palm trees in my rear view mirror the day we left

    dont hate everything about Fl just would never live there again and i will tell you why, my son is 1/2 african american, the day we arrived as we were emptying out the truck one of our lovely neighbors came over, us thinking they were coming to welcome us, ha! this is what they said ‘we dont want your kind here’

    sure, not everyone is a bigot in FL but that reception was something we never forgot

  696. Yikes, hope it wasn’t too hot!

  697. Susan in CT wrote:” . . .tart driving around with my left signal always on . . .”

    oh god, I just spewed my coffee!! Thanks Susan, that was too funny. . .

  698. Florida sez

    “I felt the language and really nasty comments were a little much coming from an 80 something year old woman.”

    I’m in my late 60s, and if Florida is right, do I have to worry about going through some sort of brain-washing in 12 or 15 years? Is there some sort of barrier I will cross which is going to rob me of whatever intelligence I have / my minimal powers of discernment / my taste in clothes, music, cars, and art / my tough language that fits tough situations?

    Somehow I doubt it. I’m already feeling my age with some joint-pain-difficulties, but they don’t make me want to change my clothing style or to start going to early bird dinners or to put blue in my hair or start driving around with my left signal always on — in fact the hurt makes me want to cuss more!

  699. Dear thenewculture: If you are a Bill-O’Reilly-esque culture warrior, please pick up your imaginary culture war and go home.

  700. Hi, I am the New Culture, and I approve this message.

  701. gramma rock, i’m sitting here & wishing I was up there, learning from you. Please do let us know what we can from here to help you in ensuring that the legacy of granpa rock & the other elders is never forgotten

  702. People do what people do. I don’t try and understand why they do it, but just focus on their results.

  703. Gramma Rock, is there anything I can do to help your efforts?

    I’m down here in the Cities, but I have a few connections with folks up there (in Bemidji and nearby) thru another online forum I frequent. If I have read them correctly, these are folks who would likely support you from inside the mainstream Bemidji community.

    Is there a message/request I could post on your behalf at the other forum?

  704. [...] Margaret and Helen get their rant on about Palin “Sarah Palin Called a Family Meeting and the Rabbit Lived“. Close Bookmark and Share This Page Save to Browser Favorites / [...]

  705. You said it all in so few, elegant, slicing and dicing words. May I print it out and distribute it to the unenlightened and undecided?

    Love your anger.

  706. All this love for Helen….let’s not forget about Margaret…WE LOVE YOU TOO, Margaret!!!! :-)

  707. Gramma Rock, I’m grateful that you are able to continue with your advocacy and education efforts. I know that you honor Granpa Rock’s memory in that.

    You mentioned your own PTSD issues. Do you also have a military background, like Granpa Rock?

  708. Helen, You are wise and wonderful–for your age. Only kidding about the age part. Why is is that when we reach a certain age, (I am 73) that everyone expects us to have lost most of our brain cells? But yours are absolutely still in place. I read your entire blog today and haven’t laughed so much in ages. (There’s that age thing again.) And you are so right on about Coulter, Hannity, Limburgh, Bush, Cheney, Palin and all the rest of those wackos.
    Enjoy the pie!!

  709. elsie and others,

    i am hanging in here and getting done
    the things that need to get done. riding waves of sad, sometimes. granpa rock and i were married 17 years ago. i was wife #5 but we were together longer than all the other marriages put together. we both suffered from ptsd and dedicated our time together to reaching out to other native vets and their families. basically doing triage on cultural carnage and its aftermath.

    i will still be coordinating the volunteers who do reach out and advocacy. and i will continue the educational activities with the may dway aush home’s’kool, augmenting ‘mainstream’ social studies with indigenous social studies and pre-contact history.

    it has been a struggle to get ‘the community’ to acknowledge the elder status. and there are still many struggles ahead. especially bemidji, referred to as ‘the birmingham of the north’ by clyde bellecourt, one of the founders of the american indian movement.

    bemidjimagag (village where the waters come together–where the great river, mississippi, flows through the lake) trades in spiritous liquous in ceded territory in violation of treaty provision and city fathers/mothers do not want homeless chronic alcoholics sheltered and fed in the the peoples church during the cold arctic minnesota winters.

    city of bemidji fathers and mothers, where
    the billboards boast that jesus is lord of bemidji and the unborn have the right to life, want the ‘homeless’ to
    sign up on the waiting lists at the other churches and wait patiently
    under the bridge or huddled in a doorway for an opening …………………..

    but this summer, tourists/newcomers will be sitting under, and learning the names of our four-legged neighbors and the
    clans of the red lake nation.

    ho wah!!

  710. I would like to believe that SP will fade away but I somehow doubt it.

    This morning as I was tinkering around the house, I put on Pink Floyd’s The Wall. I’ve been listening to it for years but only today did I realize that one song, ‘In the Flesh’, reminded me of Sarah Palin, certain members of the RNC, Fox pundits and the trolls who show up here spouting their hatred and intolerance while claiming Christian Morals.
    I’ve tried posting the lyrics but apparently the racial slurs used have been blocked (for good reason, good job Matthew)
    So here is a link to the lyrics


    and the video featuring Bob Geldof

    eerie isn’t it?

  711. Dear Helen, spot on as usual. Love it.

  712. That was awesome!!! You have an incredible way with words. So glad I found your blog.

  713. that poll was probably one put out by faux news

    ‘SP HAS used this MO before and profited from it.

    Turned her temper tantrum with internal leadership of AK Republican Party into a run for the governor’s office as a champion of ethical, open and transparent government…and made it work.

    Need to make sure it doesn’t work again…somehow, somewhere else.’

    it may have worked in Alaska because of the low population number being dazzled by the CULT OF PERSONALITY

    If anything, I can see her running as an independent, its more mavericky, making lots of noise along the campaign trail with her dazzled minions following behind pounding on their tambourines

    highly doubt DUMB AS A ROCK will get anywhere near the presidency, specially if the Republican party does not back her, but Im not about to take my eyes off of her, most of her followers are harmless, its the dangerous minority always willing to take things to a higher level

  714. Alice, the poll that concluded 70% of Republicans would vote for Palin is a useless poll inasmuch as it was “uncontested”. No one else was a choice in that poll. Keep hangin’ in there, dear!

  715. Gramma Rock, how are you doing this week? I was so extremely sorry to read recently that you lost Granpa Rock, your husband, who was a heavily decorated Korean War hero. How long were you married? How are you coping now? I’m sure others here share some of your pain in this terrible loss of your Ojibwe (Chippewa) soulmate.

    I took note of your community’s embracing the dual languages of your Minnesota town: “Bemidji businesses adopt bilingual signage”. That’s an incredible step in the right direction. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if other less-enlightened people would do the same? I take to heart what you wrote:
    ‘mandatory’ and ‘language inspectors’ are ‘colonial and/or
    imperial concepts’ that we don’t have ‘time’ for any more.

    to quote otis halfmoon: …. in spite of all efforts to the contrary, we (original people) are still here, we are not going away, and it is time that the newcomers to this country (hemisphere) paid proper respect to the elder status of the first people of this land.”
    I have to contrast that to the cold, uninformed, flippant advice that Alaska Natives just pack up and abandon their ancestral homes. It doesn’t matter that the rural difficulties are related to today’s mismanagement of fish and game subsistence by a state government that turns a blind eye to a ballistic out-of-control pricing structure for heating oil.

    Your community respects your culture and embraces it; Alaska Natives and all the other rural Alaskans living outside of cities and towns deserve the same respect among the different cultures. However, they seem to be largely ignored by their state government. That’s just wrong.

  716. Although I was amused by the post, I felt the language and really nasty comments were a little much coming from an 80 something year old woman . Or are you actually a younger satirist just trying to stir things up?

  717. Well, I absolutely agree with what you’re saying, but what disturbs me even more are the polls that indicate 70% of Republicans would vote for her if she were running for President right now! I’ve asked my husband if we can move to another country if she ever does call the White House home and her main office is the oval one!

  718. gramma rock, you brought tears to my eyes. Colonists and settlers, and later the power structure that was white America constantly worked to crush native American societies. Those in power have always shown so much arrogance that they discount the power of societies and culture they don’t understand. I believe we are beginning to grow as a people. But regretably, those in power will always seek to keep their power in ways that must discount the possible power that may be outside them.

    James, war vets of my youth were condemned for taking part in an unpopular war. It was shameful of us as a nation. I am glad to see that even with our current volunteer force, we do not condemn our military personel for fighting in this unpopular war. It is not their choice, but it is the duty they accepted.

  719. “Americans may be starting to wake up to the idea that American natives were here first and deserve our respect.”

    This reminded me of a bit of verbal nonsense that a friend pointed out:


  720. “Somebody who shall be nameless for good reason compared resigning from the governorship of Alaska to Jefferson’s resignation during Washington’s administration. That resignation as Secretary of State was due to PRINCIPLE. There was a disagreement between Jefferson and Washington concerning the French Revolution. Washington believed in staying out of that fracas and Jefferson wanted to support the French who were taking down the monarchy in favor of a democracy. France had helped the infant American cause so much that Jefferson felt it was unforgiveable not to return the favor.

    Very, very different from what SP pulled!”

    thank you for the history lesson Mageen in Old Virginny

    and for those who shall also remain nameless who keep trying to derail the convo by posting “we think its time to get off POOR POOR Sarah’s hide and change the subject”

    Dont you realize you are being as rude as the trolls?

  721. Fabulous. Absolutely agree with you. What a great introduction to your blog!!!

  722. “… a whole lot of stupid falls out”. Heh, Heh! This from an article in the Anchorage Daily News, Sept 5, 2008,

    regarding the “Troopergate” scandal:
    In July, when legislators started talking about conducting an investigation, Palin denied any wrongdoing and said she welcomed an investigation.
    “Hold me accountable,” she said.
    The Legislature took her up on that offer. But this week, she basically told the Legislature, “Never mind.”

    Read the full story here: http://www.adn.com/opinion/view/story/516641.html
    In a real Mavericky stance, she dared the world to say why she should not be Queen, being that she has all republican family values and all (blessed by the witch hunter, Muthie). She does not like our response. “Never mind.” “ I don’t need a title …”

  723. mii gwetch for your input werner

    ……… ‘mandatory’ and ‘language
    inspectors’ are ‘colonial and/or
    imperial concepts’
    that we don’t have ‘time’ for
    any more.

    to quote otis halfmoon, nimipu (people the newcomers call nez perce), at the celebration of the return of the spaulding collection of nimipu artifacts to the nimipu people from the historical society of ohio (the nimipu had to buy them back) at the chief joseph and warriors traditional gathering some years back:

    “…. in spite of all efforts to the contrary,
    we (original people) are still here,
    we are not going away,
    and it is time that the newcomers
    to this country (hemisphere) paid proper respect to the elder status of the first people of this land.”

  724. Shut up ya old hag.

  725. I think you made alot of new friends with this one.

    Great read, better coverage than MSM.

    Keep it up.


  726. I just discovered your incredible blog! I just love you both! This rant on Palin is too funny. I want to read more. Keep up the great, hilarious work.

  727. I love you

  728. Somebody who shall be nameless for good reason compared resigning from the governorship of Alaska to Jefferson’s resignation during Washington’s administration. That resignation as Secretary of State was due to PRINCIPLE. There was a disagreement between Jefferson and Washington concerning the French Revolution. Washington believed in staying out of that fracas and Jefferson wanted to support the French who were taking down the monarchy in favor of a democracy. France had helped the infant American cause so much that Jefferson felt it was unforgiveable not to return the favor.

    Very, very different from what SP pulled!

  729. You all know where I stand on Sarah Palin. I wouldn’t vote for her, but my reasons are different from many of her critics. No one, not even Hitler could be as evil as some have portrayed her. However, if she ever runs for president, I will “see” a sign posted on her forehead–”quitter.”

    I did what she did once. I am a university drop out. I had earned a history MA and thesis , accreditation for community college, and nine hours toward a PHD, in four semesters. My professors strongly hinted me they were grooming me for a slot in the corporation.

    I and other veterans were condemned as fascists and baby killers by anti -war students. Some tried to sabatage my work. Others who knew, even if friendly looked askance, as they wondered what I had done. I read the papers. I knew what commentators and many of the public thought. My own mother said the service had turned me into an awful person. So, I learned to lie about being in the service and what I had done.

    A job counselor told a Navy friend and later me that if we wanted employment in northern colleges we must hide our military service. Say we had been on the road for four years. Another said I would be more successful selling college text books than looking for a college teaching job.

    Most of my veteran friends transferred to law school. I decided to quit school to farm. I left at the end of the semester. So, I am a quitter too.
    I couldn’t have lived a richer more satisfying life away the world.

    “It’s not worth anything more than this at all
    I live as I choose or I will not live at all

    So return to where you’ve come from
    Return to where you dwell
    Because harrassments not my forte
    But you do it very well.”

    If I were to advise Sarah Palin, I would tell her follow the Cranberries’ words, drop out, finish raising her family, and spend her days fishing for the family business. To H.ll with the rest of the world.

    We had a damaging storm the night before last, and another is bearing down on us. I need to spend my time checking it out and warning several friends who depend on my for my weather guesses.

  730. Helen, you are a national treasure !!! The Palin woman is both ignorant and stupid and nothing is going to change that. I actually wondered the other day if she went into her back yard to see if she could see President Obama in Russia !! The fact that she is still a consideration for the Republican party speaks volumes about the mess they are in. Just say NO, Sarah…………….
    Maybe she could get a gig on The Ice Road Truckers !!! They make pretty good money and they get to be on “tee vee”.

  731. @donna on July 9-

    Keep speaking those thoughts right out…
    IMPORTANT thoughts.

    SP HAS used this MO before and profited from it.

    Turned her temper tantrum with internal leadership of AK Republican Party into a run for the governor’s office as a champion of ethical, open and transparent government…and made it work.

    Need to make sure it doesn’t work again…somehow, somewhere else.

  732. Can I call you Grandma? Please Please. Grandma you rock! Spot on!

  733. Granmda Rock
    ….Bemidji businesses adopt bilingual signage….

    IMO ALL native Americans should, at least on their land and in their businesses. adopt the Quebec langauge law Bill 101.

    While I disagree with some of its more rediculous administrations I think the IDEA behind it is rather OK.

    It states that French is the DOMINAT language and has to be dominat on bilingual signs….

    Now that is going a bit far maybe, but making bilingualism MANDATORY on native land and for all persons that work in a tribal or native owned business would go a long way to presereve the native languages, and THERE I think some of the ideas of Bill 101 could do much more good than damage here in Quebec.

    And with some good will you can avoid some of the more rediculous side effects (language INSPECTORS!) we see here…..

    If you think this interessting, I can post a link for more info

  734. watch out everyone….remember this is the same tactic ol’ sarah used on the department of energy job….just quit cause this isn’t the way she plays….she has a vile plan to re-emerge from the slime that brought her….just my thoughts….

  735. Why anonymous, actually no. Business is doing quite well. But thanks so much for asking. Really. I mean it.

  736. Oh yarf-
    Still get these anonymous twits pretending to speak up about proper blog etiquette as a way of insulting other posters here…
    Jean- hugs to Hawaii from Alaska… think of you
    Anonymous- go put fresh jammies on and behave like a proper anonymous blogger – respect the surroundings you purport to champion…

  737. Hey Greyt!
    Good to “see” you too!
    I’m afraid we didn’t do so well with that promise to try to pen the ghastly gov in. I’m sorry
    Have hopes we’ll still manage but you all need to stay alert.
    The legislature handed her defeat after defeat this last session, and questioned her engagement with the process, over and over. Guess is that GG didn’t expect that cuz she hasn’t managed much more than ineffectual sputtering over it…

    If she comes calling in your state(s) give a holler and we’ll scrounge up info to spread round… and no, none of that rumor type info. Openly insulting our departing Senator ( took a job in DC ) and playing games for most of session about filling the open seat here in Juneau tops my list currently.

    Will not miss her posturing and fluffing about what constitutes progress here and sure won’t miss the wackos coming to visit here who are wandering the streets asking how to find ‘Sarah’s House’. To-ing and fro-ing work, past our beautiful Governor’s Mansion, has become a bad movie with folks lined up on the street reaching over the fence and touching the shrubs she might have touched (phhht- fat chance, her outdoor hands-on is all about dead stuff to eat ) and staring longingly at the front door hoping to catch a glimpse of the GG.

    poolman- here’s the dissenting opinion about the mine tailings plan near me.
    We are at a time in Alaska where methods of extraction and plans to deal with waste should weigh equally with desire for economic well- being as far too many mining projects are situated in areas where other resources are at risk…
    Alaskans are finally on the verge of having to weigh development of resources in relation to each other, something we’ve been able to skim right by for over 100 years.
    The majority Supreme Court opinion in this case did NOTHING to assist in drawing lines to help with this necessary work and in my opinion has opened up a can of worms which will bite the rest of America in the hiney. Justice Ginsberg’s dissent in relation to the Clean Water Act, will , hopefully, someday become the majority opinion across this country but folks best be watching projects in their own part of the country VERY carefully until it does.


    For any who have missed it, Mr Obama’s FEMA has actually been able to move fast enough to get aid to Old Eagle and other villages in a timely manner.
    The massive flooding and damage at breakup this year actually got the gov’s attention long enough for her to declare an emergency to pave the way for State and Federal aid.
    Mindful of the short summer and the Fed’s usual slower-than-eternity responses , it has been exciting to hear from neighbors out there that FEMA actually can do what it’s supposed to!

  738. You lovely ladies have been able to express so eloquently my feelings about this so called politician that I have not been able to put into words. Thank you for your wisdom…..and your brass granny balls.

  739. Anonymous is just another name for a troll.

    Jean is a good friend who comments here with Helen’s permission when there’s a break between Helen’s posts. Both Jean and Honolulu Sally give us non-islanders a perspective about Hawaiian living, emanating from maturity and lives well-lived.

    “Anonymous” is an adolescent who is bored after a night of tagging graffiti in his ‘hood. Shoo, go away.

  740. Business a little slow greytdog?

  741. Ohhh Anonymous – such a fighter – hiding behind anonymity while harassing others. Such conversational riposte. So tell me, exactly, what kind of butt caulk do you use?

  742. Yes Turey, Jean is like a three yelling, look at me, that hasn’t worked, no one has followed her to her own blog, so now she lifts her skirt and shows her panties.

  743. [...] This post was Twitted by karenmcallister [...]

  744. [...] Margaret & Helen A super great read. [...]

  745. [...] Originally Posted by brilliant older american My God that woman is an idiot. I have said this before, but I feel the need to say it again. Her problems did not come because the media was against her. Her problems come because every time you stick a microphone in front of her mouth a whole lot of stupid falls out. I love this woman. LOVE. I want her to be my grandma. SARAH PALIN CALLED A FAMILY MEETING AND THE RABBIT LIVED… Margaret and Helen [...]

  746. gramma rock: “Bemidji businesses adopt bilingual signage”

    That is way cool. Americans may be starting to wake up to the idea that American natives were here first and deserve our respect.

  747. you, madam, are sensational.

    more people, especially conservatives, need to call out palin for the moron that she is. it’s their own credibility that suffers when palin is allowed to represent republicans and christians.

    honestly, palin belongs in prison. her criminal history as a politician is blatantly obvious but nobody’s prepared to put the cuffs on her. why??

    america baffles me … a land of the free – as long as you’re white and christian.

    kudos to you.


  748. [...] 83-year-old blogger skewers Palin … “My God that woman is an idiot. Her problems come be…margaretandhelen.wordpress.com [...]

  749. I think I love you. Both of you. Madly and deeply. Keep doing what you do.

  750. LOL, nice! She calls it like it is. If the shoe fits…. LOL
    No doubt about it though, Plain is as dumb as the day is long thats for sure!


  751. Just had to post this: From Mudpupper Chaim or maybe Mudpupper Phil (not sure) but it’s priceless (especially the last sentence):

    Phil — It certainly did look like she was resigning in extreme haste, and the logical conclusion was that there was a scandal coming. Now you say you’re not so sure, since no scandal has broken. But have you considered a scenario like this:

    Powerful people in the GOP want your governor out of politics, but no one wants to alienate her followers by giving her a visible push. Imagine that a certain public figure disappears for a dalliance outside the borders of his country and his marriage vows, and is exposed when his amorous e-mails fall into the hands of his enemies, his wife, or both. Now suppose this public figure had some negotiations with your governor at a political conference in the warmth of a Miami November, they came to a meeting of more than the minds, and the terms of their understanding could be inferred from certain other e-mails in his account.

    These e-mails also, too, became known to his wife, his enemies, or both, and came to the attention of the moral authorities of the GOP. The moral authorities advise this public figure to make a full confession in order to save, if not his immortal soul, his all-too-mortal Republican political career, and not incidentally damn your governor’s career in the process. Such person then directly or indirectly contacts your governor, and suggests that she may want to relieve him of this very unpleasant pressure to confess all by resigning instanter, or at least muy pronto.

    Did no one else notice that in her resignation speech Sarah said that in making her decision she polled “the most important people in my life – my children” — all five of them, presumably including Trig, the most precocious fifteen-month old Down Syndrome baby known to medical science — but not Todd? According to her speech, “besides faith and family, nothing’s more important to me than our beloved Alaska,” but “family” does not appear to include her husband, nor is he one of “the most important people in [her] life.”

    Even if Palin’s story about consulting her children is florid fabrication, as it probably is, she wouldn’t have forgotten that she has a husband. But if I were a woman faced with this kind of offer-I-could-not-refuse, I might not discuss it with my husband before resigning, and maybe not after.

    Of course, this is only speculation. This is only speculation. Mr. Van Flein, this is only speculation. One of the many possible reasons that might explain why, to paraphrase scripture, the wicked flee when (apparently) none pursueth.

  752. Another great one – you rock! Am a reader for nearly a year, but firt time commenting. Have loved all your comments and am amazed how you keep topping yourself!

    Catherine Nesbit 6:35 pm 7/8 where are you located in Thailand – we could have a mudpuppie meeting – likely the farthest distance from Helen of any yet. I am on Phuket.

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  754. Hello Margret and Helen

    I’m a newbie here so I’ll keep it short. From what I’ve read so far, it’s like being back in my grandma’s kitchen when she was she’s baking cookies! She always told me to shut up, pay attention and listen because she had already been around the block a few times and knew the answer before the question was asked.

    As for your discourse on Witch of Wasilla, Ms. Palin, I found Plato had met her once before … Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools talk because they have to say something.

  755. I was a bit sad while I was busy packing my stuff at the office as my contract ended today but this absolutely brightened it. Brilliantly written, I loved it.

    “The only family meetings the Palins have usually involve someone peeing on an early pregnancy test stick.” That’s a classic!

  756. greytdog, continuing my thought above, Palin is devoid of empathy, as well. That is why I think the description of the Narcissistic Personality disorder fits her so well. Remember the video of her visiting the western AK villages and how she treated Nick Tucker? That one made my blood boil. She was so condescending to him, specifically, and to the AK natives in general.

  757. “his actions didn’t stem from malice aforethought”

    I don’t know, greytdog. There was wide speculation that the biggest reason W wanted to take down Hussein was revenge because Hussein plotted to kill W’s pop. Also, remember the hotel in Baghdad that had a picture of George HW in the floor so people would walk all over him when they came into the lobby. Because of that, I think W played right into Cheney’s hands because Cheney was after money. But, then again, remember this quote from W: “What an impressive crowd: the haves, and the have-mores. Some people call you the elite, I call you my base.” Makes me shiver just to read it again.

    As for Palin being the female version of Cheney, the biggest difference I can see is that until Cheney came out trying to rewrite W’s legacy (and his own), he stayed out of the limelight. Not so, Palin. She cannot live without it. But she is definitely amoral and without a moral compass. No doubt about that in my mind.

  758. And omigod I never thought I’d say this – Bush was/is an incompetent, ignorant fool – but he always seemed to act from a moral compass, however off-kilter it may be . . . his actions didn’t stem from malice aforethought, but from no thought at all. . .Palin is amoral, no moral compass whatsoever. If anything she is the female version of Dick Cheney.

  759. Alaska Pi Δ & Martha!!! So nice to see you guys (altho been seen Martha over @ Mudflats) – I was hoping you’d jump into the fray . . .

    Poolman, if you want to know about the mining in Alaska and what it’s doing not only to the glacial lakes, rivers, and streams, but the devastation to the Native Alaskans way of life. . .please do check out the archives @ http://www.themudflats.net For instance, when Mt. Redoubt was spewing forth, the big concern was that sitting in the pathway of the lehar is an oil storage tank farm. . .on Cooks Inlet. And Palin barely batted an eyelash in concern. The AK bloggers and the Cooks Inlet folks were shouting as loud as they could, but there wasn’t a photo op w/the Gov in the story, so national media ignored the story. natl media only picked up the Y-K Delta food or fuel crisis when offered the photo op with Palin & asshat Graham handing out cookies. . . all the while Palin does her “and we’re walking, nothing to see here folks” spiel and the Lower 48 falls in line.

  760. Josh Marshall over @ Talking Points had this to say:
    “Sarah Palin’s character is essentially that of a grifter. And when these folks blow out of town after a con has run its course, it’s usually a pretty hasty exit.” http://tinyurl.com/m4b76f

  761. Hi You Turkey,

    Your moniker is SOOOOO apropos. If you don’t like what you read in the comments or don’t think they are good enough, either don’t read them or then YOU get YOUR own blog.

    Since the beginning, Helen has invited EVERYONE to say whatever they want. And they have, including you.

    So calm down, SIT DOWN, have some pie and tea. Then please tell us what’s got you so tied up in knots.



  762. More must reads on Palins fake “$2 million” for ethics complaints/records requests:



  763. Hi gang,

    We’ve been running around in the ‘big cities’ today and out to dinner so missed out on the latest here.

    Poor pitiful, pitbull with lipstick Palin put her ponytail between her legs and ran off yipping. (Note the alliteration.)

    Isn’t it interesting that she is so good at dishing out her own brand of cutting criticism, but can’t take it when she is on the receiving end. Oh well.

    We were just going out the door when I heard on CNN about the big brush fire at the Getty Center in California andthat it had been evacuated. Any of you So Cal people know more about that?

    If it is the Getty Museum, we are heartbroken. We spent many an enchanting day there. The edifice itself would be exquisite even without the exhibits. The setting also is magnificent.

    I sincerely hope the scores of heroic firemen battling it will get it out quickly. There are so many fires every year, not only in California but all over the West. On top of the usual summer temperatures, they have to work in ferociously intense heat. They are truly unsung heroes!!!!!
    I salute them!



  764. This evening I laughed until I cried! I read your latest post, and then proceeded to read every post in every archive. Helen, you are a hoot and a holler! What insight and perspective, not to mention a woman who knows her mind and does her research. Margaret, you must be the dearest of friends, and a real encourager to the old cuss! I have bookmarked you both on my computer and in my heart!

  765. Just saw this on Twitter–You are the WOMAN!!!

    RT 82-year-old grandma blogs her piece on Sarah Palin & doesn’t hold back. http://tinyurl.com/ko3t2j LOL
    Thu Jul 09 2009 02:53:08 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)

    Note: Identifying info removed from above Tweet

  766. ” I agree with Jean. Maybe it’s time to move on to something with a little more substance.”

    Hey. Then move on to your own damn blog. This is the subject Helen wrote about. If you don’t like it or think it isn’t good enough then go get your own blog.

    Now get!!!

  767. Grandma Helen, you’re my hero!

  768. Hi there…Gramian, on Mudflats, told me about you two. This is absolutely hilarious stuff! You have a way of telling it like it is!
    I hear you are from Texas…I hope you guys put Scarah in her place if she comes down here for Perry!

  769. I’m a new fan. I love how you write. Hope you’re planning a book. :D

  770. Hi Gang!

    I agree with Jean. Maybe it’s time to move on to something with a little more substance.

    I received an email telling me I still didn’t get his message. He is making it clear that he is a gov. and history teacher (High School)…no one has the right to change the constitution of the USA, that was set up by our forefathers…Democrats, Republican, or what …he is proud to say, he is neither one and as far as George W. Bush is concerned, “history will be good to him.” And our present president will be a one term president…he is trying to change things where we won’t have freedom of speech, this includes me…get it, you too.

    He says keep this in mind…tell me what Bush has done worse than change the constitution to protect no one but himself.

  771. SP, Hockey mom, barracuda

    “Beware of false prophets who come disguised as harmless sheep, but are really wolves that will tear you apart. You can detect them by the way they act, just as you can identify a tree by its fruit. You don’t pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles.

    Matthew 7:15, for anyone on a red letter diet

  772. [...] are so, so rad. | Jul 09th 2009 So, I just read this post from a blog called Margaret and Helen. I hope that when I am their age I am an eighth as witty. I [...]

  773. You are one great lady! That was a great piece on Balin’ Palin!


  775. A poll on the front page of Yahoo claims that republicans are still likely to vote for Palin for Prez. LMAO! Their stupidity astounds me.

  776. (Helen- will you meet the plane and tell GG to go home and watch her kids or something sensible?


  777. Every day I love you more and more.

  778. off topic but fyi
    an echo from the last of the hereditary chiefs of the great ojibwe nation of turtle island : )

    Bemidji businesses adopt bilingual signage

    “Aaniin” “Boozhoo” – customers to Bemidji’s Cabin Coffee House & Café are now
    welcomed in both Ojibwe and English.

    Table tents show them numbers, animals and the major Red Lake clans in both
    languages. And they can try their Ojibwe language skills to order
    makade-mashkikiwaaboo (coffee) and naboob (soup).

    Noemi Aylesworth, Cabin Coffee House owner, said the idea came from Shared
    Vision, a Bemidji group working to make relations between American Indians and
    members of the majority culture more comfortable and friendly.

    Access full article below:


  779. LOVE IT. :) Have bookmarked your blog and will visit regularly!

  780. Hillarious…Love you two..Laughing sooo hard…Keep up the good work…Laughter is one thing you never get enough of…

  781. Geez, I wish I was your next door neighbor. I would be all kinds of excited to come over and listen. I’D BRING CUPCAKES!

  782. Hillarious….Love you two..The best laugh all day…

  783. popurls.com // popular today…

    story has entered the popular today section on popurls.com…

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  785. Brilliant!! This is one of the best-ever blogs on the Internet…..very insightful, full of common sense, said with wit.

  786. Helen-
    Had to drop by here -in you and Margaret’s parlour- this place of great good humor and good sense and see if you had caught the ghastly gov’s latest garbled gobbldegook…
    Boy, GG really yarfed it this time, eh? Been amazed at how many folks Outside are starting to buy the poor-me routine as the days go on, knew YOU wouldn’t!

    Poolman- no, the mining thingy is not good news for Alaska or anywhere else… see if you can find the dissenting opinion… and hang onto your seat when you read it…
    silly Jenny and some talley are back on the E -word thing again…? the E’s should move…? Phht.
    ( you just keep pretending the E word is not being used like the N-word which is not accepted here, don’t you Jenny? Insult folks by calling them a name and call THEM thin-skinned.. )
    Try educating yourselves… read the last 5 posts… carefully. The issues in the bush are not simple and they are NOT going to be settled by folks abandoning their homes.


    Alaska is facing enormous challenges , just like every other state in the Union, with our own special twists… and GG has just wasted almost a year of it preening in the national mirror.
    Mr Parnell is an ok guy… just worrying about his lap-dog behavior towards the ghastly gov lately… have hopes he’ll shake it off and get to work. Legislature got awfully tired of our AWOL gov last session… even and especially the Republicans.

    Helen- thank you. You too Margaret. This has stayed a lively interesting place… your soirees are wicked good fun!

    tip-o-the-hat to Greyt, werner,UAW, and so many others…hey troutay!
    Missed you all…

  787. First time reading ladies.

    You’re awesome. Keep up the good words!

    Idiot is such too small a word to describe Ms. Palin.

  788. greytdog said: “altho I personally go with “that which you do, comes back thricefold to you”


    “Still loving your avatar!”

    Thank you kindly. My poodle boy is 12 now, and he is losing his hearing, which breaks my heart.

  789. I bet she just sees dollar signs now when she sees her name in print.

  790. How great thou art.All the things this greatgran
    is thinking,eyes bulged,cheeks puffed and tears
    “What’s wrong,Granma,can’t you talk”.
    Shaking head right to left,left to right.
    Read my mind,little ones.

    You Go Girls! You could only be better if you Quit????

  791. Now then, if you’ve been following the Quitter Tales, then you’ve probably heard this figure $2million – which the Wasilla Snowbilly claims to be the cost to her beloved state of Alaska for fending off those pesky ethics complaints . . .well, here’s a tip off from Celtic Diva’s Blue Oasis blog – and it’s a wonderful erudite read. And highly unlikely anyone in the MSM realm – conservative or “librul” – will ever read.
    “The 2 million dollar meme” – Henkimaa


  792. TBNTJudy:
    or as Jesus said “Do Unto others as you would have done to you”

    altho I personally go with “that which you do, comes back thricefold to you”

    Still loving your avatar!

  793. MaryJane J said: “The Lord knows where each and everyone of you lives.”

    Bless your heart, MaryJane, yes, She does. She knows where you live, too. I suspect She does not look kindly upon bigots like you, my dear. Be careful; be very, very, careful.

  794. Fabulous, as always, Helen! Thank you so much for your insight.

    As for the trolls, a wise Mudflatter posted this quote several times in different blog entries, and I have never forgotten it (wish I could give proper attribution to the posting Mudflatter):

    “When facism comes to America it will be draped in the flag and carrying the cross” – Sinclair Lewis

  795. I too have been waiting for Helen’s blog on this latest Palin antic. I love this blog and all the comments. There is so much joy going around.

    I’m in Thailand and don’t always catch the posts when they first come out. But they are always such a pleasure to read. Thanks everyone,

  796. Altogether brilliant! I’ve been missing Molly Ivins and then I find this! What joy!

    What about those names she gave her kids? That should be a parenting sin!

  797. … you ladies are KOOL, daz wat! Some others in the comments had said, and for many good reasons … wish you could be my grandma!

    Whatever you do next, keep being yourselves.



  798. props.

  799. I love you! I love you so much and I wish you were my grandma :)

  800. I think Sarah Palin should hire Ann Coulter to *assist* her on that book she has planned.
    It would be perfect! Teaming the two females who are MOST loved by the viagra-challenged GOP.
    (Think we can get Helen to take another one for the team and read it when it comes out?)

  801. LAWD have mercy, you ladies absolutely rock!! I gotta bookmark this blog cause it’s the best I’ve read lately.

  802. For all who love great snark, please do not miss the matinee over at d r i f t g l a s s’ place.

    Here’s a sample:
    “To figure out just where the Palinites might believe their political clown car is headed as it cartwheels down the interstate, belching smoke and shredding itself against the guardrail at at 110 mph, we have to begin with this simple fact: There is nothing vital or alive left inside the Conservative movement. Nothing at all. Rampaging along on the two, moldering stumps of bygone glory – tax cuts forever and Liberals are Devils — Conservatism has become a raving, headless, dead thing.”

    Here’s the whole post:


    His ‘shoppin skillz alone are worth the look.

  803. Your website is a treasure to read and I’m so happy to have been directed here, from TPM. I’m 70, and you gals have made a huge contribution to my longevity!

  804. Anyone else here old enough to know the story about “the three billy goats gruff?” and to remember what happens to trolls? trip trap, trip trap

  805. Alot going on over at the Mudflats these days.

    This was buried in the comments section and I thought M & H’ers would find it interesting?

    ” What we Progressives need to do is Accept that the new well-purged GOP is now – pretty much officially – the Republican Assembly of God (RAG). Their head spokesmodel has served notice.

    “No more politics as usual.” [I am giving you a new pardigm (Fatwah)]

    [Be it hereby known, it is now expected of lame duck RAGs to resign and use the principle of political inheritance to allow their successors to run as incumbents, giving them the well-known advantages of incumbency in the next election.]

    “I am not a quitter.” [I am leading you in this break with the old way of doing things. It is for the good of the RAG.] “

  806. Poolman:

    Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell is a decent enough guy. I’m a Democrat, but I had hoped he would persevere against Don Young in the last primary. Sean’s actually got more experience with Alaska politics than Sarah does (who doesn’t?). He at least seems committed to staying in Alaska and working for Alaskans.

  807. I just found this blog and I have to say it’s fantastic. You just might be my new hero. Have you ever thought of having a tv show?

  808. Nice!

    Just came over from TPM. Love the posts.

    My wife and I still cringe when we think about how close we came to having “Incontinent and incompetent” as our leaders..

    I called shenanigans five minutes after she was anounced.. but except for KeithO and maybe one or two others, everyone else tried to sell us a carzy person as VP material.

  809. YES!

  810. Anonymous July 8, 2009 at 2:47 PM

    back at ya looney tooney

  811. Is this good for Alaska? This is something gov sp signed off on. Bypass that darned EPA, anyway. That’s just big government comin in to try to run our lives….


    This is what I found on line for the lake. You locals can certainly correct me. Sometimes the stuff you find on line is very innacurate, as you know.

    It isn’t a very big lake, but looks like good water. I would guess this lake’s level would rise and fall in different seasons.

  812. your disgusting and not funny

  813. This is the kind of person Palin & her ilk attract:


    “Fox & Friends” host Brian Kilmeade was reflecting on a study that found married people fare better when it comes to Alzheimer’s than divorcees. . .

  814. Here is a must read for all of us here at M & H who are sick of the Palin Train Wreck but know we ignore her at the country’s peril:


    “I’m getting lots of emails telling me to move on. I will. But I want to explain why I think the Palin drama is actually important. It’s not because of her: she’s a delusional, narcissistic and disturbed person who would be voted off a reality show in the first rounds. It’s because of John McCain, the Republican establishment and the mainstream media. What happened last fall was a warning sign to all of us about how corrupt and cynical the GOP, McCain and the MSM are. They colluded in such a way that this unstable, erratic, know-nothing beauty queen could actually have been president of the United States. “

  815. They think we are patriot bashing. They think we are out to bash republicans and hockey moms. They can’t see past the outer layers to the essence. They need the kind of leader they see to be. And so that is what they are vehemently defending.

  816. Greytdog
    ..tarred & feathered & run out of town on a rail….

    No offence to our chickens, but (in her red jacket) wouldn’t that make her a red rooster?

  817. ImaginistaΔ
    A) What the heck did you smoke?

    B) can I have some too, pls……?

    C) Or is it all in the hormons?


  818. CNN just on with yet another story about Palin – & those frivolous ethics complaints . . here’s the scary part – people are buying her crap. Several folks – nice center-of-the-roaders, told me today they felt sorry for her and that she was hounded out of office. Thought I was terrible when I remarked that personally, I felt she should have been tarred & feathered & run out of town on a rail. . .

  819. Palin’s scary Bishop Muthee is a liar, too – also!


  820. The first thing I thought of when I heard this is that she needs some time off so that she can read some stuff. Maybe some newspapers. Then she can be “smarter” when she runs for president.

    I hope she’s gone forever. That little pessimist on my shoulder is telling me I’d be stupid to think so, and that she’s just off to presidential finishing school.

  821. @ lori

    It’s another tactic Palin picked up to “hypnotize” the masses and get all folksy. She didn’t used to talk that way – it’s phony just like the rest of her public persona. Youbetcha there were some outstanding guffaws at her debate speech from folks in Wasilla! I heard them all the way down in Juneau.

  822. Honolulu Sally, thanks for translating Palin’s wader interview because I can’t understand a damn word the woman says! I can’t seem to get past that weird inflection thing she does with her voice!

  823. A question for those that may know: Is the Lt governor in Alaska going to be better for the state and all its people, or is he of the same mindset? I must admit I know very little of politics in those parts, or the needs of the people.

  824. My goodness some of you people on this site are just brilliant! You know who you are!

    Just the best.

  825. Imaginista: There must be some kind of bumper sticker out there for our brand of Palin-lovin’. :)

    (*off to search Cafe Press*)

  826. To all the trolls: I LOVE Sarah Palin. Just not for the same reason you do.

  827. Hi All!

    Edna, you now know what “trolls” are. Some are just upset because they happen to like Sarah Palin, some are just gross and rude.

    In either case, I’d rather stay out of the fight, and we do have some on “our” side that can give back a good keyboard slap and snap!

    I watched Sarah Palin’s 2nd interview in her waders, and tried to do so with the mindset of her supporters (the Christian anti-choice Obama dislikers), and if you listen to her with that kind of mindset, she is not bad. [M&H fans, hold on to your pots and pans and rotten fruits, please don't hit me with them!]

    She is down home smiley, good looking (IMO), repeats things so everyone understands what she is saying, always credits God since she is acting as His servant, and if you really like her, you like what she is saying. Her generalities (small government, better role to play for the sake of Alaska and America, family first, etc.) sound good to the Palinites.

    The Palinites are the reborn Bushites. And compared to GW Bush, she is a flaming genius. They need someone like her. They need to believe in the Us against Them kind of America.

    Poolman wrote: I find it scary that so many would rather go down with a sinking ship when there are so many lifeboats around to offer salvation.

    I find it scary too. They would rather not accept their new President because of his Muslim faith, lack of legitimate American citizenship, abortion promoting, gun control fetish and terrorist associations.

    No racism there, of course. Give them a hand, male or female, but it had better be white.

  828. Miss Edna, don’t worry about the trolls here. You stand behind us and we won’t let them throw their slime on you, okay? We’ve all had experience with the trolls that fear the sunlight of reason and thus sit in their darkened corners regurgitating their venom and gnawing on their old vomit. Unfortunately, Palin calls to the worst in the American culture, and like true Christian patriots, they respond with vehement calls of “off with their heads” should anyone dare to point out that not only does Palin not have the capacity to lead, she doesn’t have the endurance.

  829. Best. Sarah. Palin. Post. Ever.

  830. I suspect most of the drivel coming from the trolls is actually the product off only one or two dimwits, who quickly jump from one name to another “to have a conversation” between/among themselves. Buttercup only attracts drooling dimwits, so, in keeping with their adolescent mentality, they come over here periodically to bleat and blather their nonsense. Eventually, they fade away, or, Matthew cleans them out, as needed.

  831. My but there seems to be alot of attacking one another on this site today. I think I will stick to the evening crowd. They do seem to “talk” things through a bit more. Just my opinion. Carry on!

  832. Candice L.

    I saw the “speech” too…I kept watching the Loon in the lake in the background…then the Loon in the Red jacket started talking….that’s when it got REALLY confusing…….

    Are you trying to trump Helen?

    Well, while it didn’t work, I think this was a close second….


  833. M. Talley you are primarily a jerk;and I am pleased that Martha Unalaska YardSign has replied to your comment.You should consider yourself lucky that she showed such restraint towards your idiocy. She has a fierce reputation-and you?what are you but some lurker who is not up to date or well informed.I do not think you are even educable for if you could actually read back posts with some comprehension you would not have made a foolish attempt to insult & inflame. You waste your own time on earth when you look at old posts for the purpose of writing something that you hope will be nasty…as the old saying goes- “Get a life”

  834. Donna
    ….Thank you, Mary Jane, for validating the view that Palin supporters are mindless. I do appreciate it….

    Let me bow to you, you said it SOOO much better than I did……

  835. Mary Jane J

    IF 65% of a human being is made of water, I wonder if the rest of you is made of pure shit, or if there is a certain percentage of religious bullshit mixed into that…..?

  836. Jenny – I think an English writing class is in the stars for you, honey.

  837. I find it so interesting when people suggest that some group move to better climate. It often makes such perfect sense. Why wouldn’t the native tribes of Alaska move when their way of life is threatened by climate change? Why don’t the tribes of Somalia and Ethiopia move when years of draught have starved their people and destroyed the way they lived for countless generations? I can only think of two answers. One, this challenge has been seen before and will cycle back to what it was. It is only weather. Two, they cannot leave home and the way they have lived for countless generations.

    Americans have become a mobile society and this is a difficult concept for us. For many of us, home is where we are. One city is much the same as another. In a sense, clinging to old ways is beautiful, even though it may be suicide.

  838. Ted
    concerning “Dump”

    First: If it wouldn’t have a typo, it wouldn’t be from me…..;-P

    Second: This is just my hard German accent showing through in my typing…..

    Third: sorry I was so “dump” to write it with a ‘P’

    Forth: What I MIGHT have been thinking of was a mental waste dump…..?

  839. m tally I like your hair honey give ‘el he’ll they are thin skinned on this site

  840. Best post I’ve read today bar none. Bravo.

  841. Correction: make that “hateful, *ignorant* crazies,” because Palin is dumb as a bag of hammers, just like the party she represents.

  842. Before the line is cut, she’s throwing in a few more tangles for good measure.

  843. To all you Palin supporters:

    Right. Palin is *so* scary. Personally, I love her. She is her own — and the GOP’s — worst enemy. The GOP signed its own death warrant by bringing her into the spotlight. She constantly shoots herself in the foot.

    She exposes right-wing crazies for the hateful crazies they are. Hooray for Palin!

  844. I’ve been waiting days for this one, Helen.

    And boy is she stirring up trouble in Alaska. Three weeks notice and in the meantime, think I’ll make a few critical appointments while the legislature is not in session and everyone else is out fishing.

    She has used up her slack, all right, and now the line is thoroughly broken.

  845. Martha, wouldn’t that be a wondrous sight? Just think, Shannyn, Margaret & Helen, AKM, Gryphen, Celtic Diva, Maddow, Andrew Sullivan, Olbermann, Shuster. . . all in court together vs her sacred self, Sarah The Quitter Palin. . .
    (not to mention Van Flein going up against all those civil rights/freedom of speech lawyers that would be donating their time to argue the case)

  846. I appreciate all you people from Alaska that have expressed your opinions on this site. I think you would certainly have a truer understanding of your governor than the rest of us in other parts of the globe. And when your comments fall in line with my gut instincts, it helps solidify my position.

    I find it scary that so many would rather go down with a sinking ship when there are so many lifeboats around to offer salvation. Stubborn is not always a pretty trait. Sarah has solidified herself in the minds and hearts of many that feel she is what this country needs and what America is all about. That is what scares me. How can people be so blind? It has to be a choice. God help us all.

  847. Now Margaret & Helen – you MIGHT become the next target of Palin. Nah, even she’s not stupid enough (and that’s saying a lot) to take on two elderly,out of state, tell-it-like-it-is bloggers. She’d be laughed off the planet. Again.

    Sarah Palin has two wishes:
    1) ALL bloggers must die or be muzzled forever
    2) To rule the world

  848. Martha,Poolman, Jsri, AnonyBloggers (Jane): Oh SNAP!!!!

  849. Alaska screams GOOD RIDDANCE to the Quitzilla from Wasilla. She has been the most ridiculous piece of work for a governor imaginable. When she’s not busy making up her own history, firing staff or commissioners who don’t agree with her – she’s reading the blogs and crying because they see through her LIES and aren’t afraid to lay ‘em all out there for the world to see – too, also. My home town paper says it like it is:


  850. M Talley

    The only positive thing I can say about Sarah Palin is she brought a lot of good people together to help fellow human beings.



  851. Hansel:

    Your comments are enclosed in quotes below. Some are like low hanging fruit, too ripe to pass up.

    You said, “You people need a good spanking. And yes, I spank my children when they are bad. There is nothing wrong with that.” What is the point of admitting to child abuse? Sensible people would keep that a secret. Violence only begets violence. Oh yes, that’s right, I forgot, that’s straight from the Bible, i.e. the eye for an eye thing.

    “And I did not allow them to listen to Michael Jackson’s music and that does not make me a racist.” I’m not a big fan of Michael Jackson’s music but I’m still puzzled as to what was in it that smacked of race. As far as I know he was a pretty innovative singer and dancer. Do your kids know any music other than hymns? If not I’d put that in the category of more child abuse.

    “And when I go to church, I pray for people like you and that does not make me judgmental. “ I’ve got news for you sweetheart, that makes you damned judgmental. Obviously, you know very little about posters on this site and to think you pray for all the evil posters here only because they are here is the very essence of being judgmental.

    “I have met elderly women like these two before. Age can make a person cranky.” As a male of the same age as Helen and Margaret, I have news for you. Age doesn’t make us cranky, but gross stupidity does.

    “Too bad they didn’t decide to quilt instead of playing on the internet which is way beyon their capabilities. Boo on you.” You really missed the mark on this comment. Two million hits in a couple years suggests to me that they are very capable and understand internet use. Perhaps a little internet schooling would help you out. BTW, they are probably quilters too.

  852. Thank you ValleyIndependent. It helps when I find others that see things as they are. It is most frustrating when others refuse to see the light. Especially when they exhibit such a lack of civility.

    If you claim to be a Christian, you should emulate Christ. People should see Jesus when they look at you. He is our example. That is our mission. The bible says to spread the GOOD news. People forget. I think many don’t understand good, or they get side-tracked. Many are crusaders and they think that is the mission.

  853. Here’s another interesting look at St. Sarah:
    Kathleen Parker slams Palin. Media bias against her? “The media INVENTED Palin.” http://bit.ly/foLY5

  854. M Talley – your ignorance AND lack of compassion – you enjoy wearing those on your sleeve? For starters, they aren’t Eskimos to YOU, they are Yup’ik, Inuit, Aleut and whites living in THEIR homes.

    I say let’s move YOU south instead – since you seem to have a soft constitution which would disintegrate in northern climbs where life is a bit harder. You wouldn’t make it a week in rural Alaska, and that wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing either, too also.

  855. Thanks for the reminder, Stacy:

    Thank you again, Matthew, for making this blog possible.

  856. Thank you, Helen. My mother and I agreed long ago that Palin should have told McCain “Thanks, but no thanks, this isn’t the right time for my family or my state.” to spare Bristol and spend some extra time with Trig. We’ve watched in horror as she has used her children as props and shields and one by one has thrown them under the bus in the national media. The only good thing about her running for VP is that thanks to the “MSM elite” millions have watched her spewing vitriol, half-truths, and outright lies. They have seen her hypocrisy and lack of fitness for office first hand. Alaskans have finally taken a good look at her political record, and on that basis, her popularity has plummeted here, so much so that she would have been foolish indeed to run for a second term.

    MaryJane J, you need to follow your own advice: LISTEN to what Palin has really said. Carefully digest what she says, not just how she says it. You and Hansel and Tim in N.O. have not been doing your homework or paying attention. The last I heard, good Christians weren’t supposed to be deceitful, arrogant, spiteful, or hypocritical, and Palin is all of the above.

  857. Werner…”dump”…really??

  858. Good one, as usual. Keep on tellin’ it like it is.

  859. M. Talley
    are you just dump, or do you have anything to say?

    Even for a tounge in cheek remark that was pretty low.

    Ever heard of, better even: understood, the concept of home?


  860. Helen
    …Her problems did not come because the media was against her. Her problems come because every time you stick a microphone in front of her mouth a whole lot of stupid falls out……

    A lot of people can say the truth, but NO ONE can say it as entertaining as Helen.

    YOU TELL ‘em Gal, in the end they might even LISTEN!

    Thanks, and let me pull my hat to you, again and again……

  861. Is it just me or does anyone else think that Larry King should have passed the baton about a year or two ago. Really…it is time, isn’t it??

    Helen? Would you be interested in taking Larry King’s place on CNN?? You would be GREAT!!!

  862. Just found you and bookmarked you. Have you considered appearing on The Daily Show? That would be a fun conversation. Keep up the straight talk.

  863. If you ask me, Now would be a good time for all those Eskimos that had such a hard time during last winter to go ahead and move a bit further south. You know, before the winter gets going again up there in the north. Just catching up on some of Margaret and Helen’s old posts.

  864. I sure hope Margaret is okay…

  865. Looks like we’re being visited by the C4P-ers . . .isn’t it just sad how they fling themselves between the bars on their “my god is soooo small” cage in their attempts to “save” the world while destroying it? and the spittle that flies from their lips as they spew their vitriol – why that just slimes everything here on the porch. . . time to get out the mop bucket and start cleaning. . .

  866. Imagine McCain, Palin in the White House

    The most calamitous economic crisis in U.S. history would have been in the hands of the aging, tempestuous, vindictive McCain, who prefers brawling over braininess, while the unrestrained and hyperventilating Vice President Palin would’ve been roiling the landscape with simple-minded economic babble straight from Wasilla.


  867. Fran is a pussy.

  868. I sure would like it if we could get back to sharing recipes on this site like we did a few posts back. That was great fun! :-)

  869. Way to go Mrs. Frank!!

    And Margie, If you decide to start blogging, let us know.

  870. Werner is a pussy.

  871. I think I did that wrong. I am sorry but not to worry. I will get it right. Ijus tforgot I was still on this page.

    I think all of you are doing a great job here. I think getting involved is good for everyone.

    That is what I wanted to say. Thank you.

  872. So where the hell is Werner “English is my second language” Oderwer?? He usually posts 73 posts by now…

  873. Matthew?? Can you clean up some of this mess??
    We would appreciate it!!

  874. UAW is a pussy.

  875. Great Post Helen!
    Where is Margaret??

  876. Hansel, did you should know that you can pray even when you aren’t in church? And if you really care about us, as you say, and pray for our salvation, then God Bless you. I’m not sure what Sarah Palin has in mind, but if you see her as just “a lovely woman who just wanted to serve her country”, I’m afraid you haven’t paid very close attention. Time will reveal her true intent.

    And when you “pray for people like you” (us). That is a judgment, for you don’t know us. When you say we are “full of youselves” (ourselves). That is judgment. When you call Helen and Margaret cranky and determine that they should merely quilt. That says more about you and your mindset. And the “boo on you” doesn’t sound edifying to me. It seems you would prefer to read something that agrees with your view, rather than challenges it. There are plenty of blogs that will sympathize with your view. Why are you here? I’m am sorry if you have no one around to spank anymore.

  877. Move along TLC or we will ask that you be removed.

  878. Check your Depends, dear!

  879. Dear Margie,

    This is the site I was telling you about. I think they are very smart to have done this. I couldn’t do this, but you are such a wonderful writer that I bet you could do one of these too and talk about that city person who gets you so upset. I think you could do that.

    That is what I wanted to tell you. Thank you for the figs. Mine looked so terrible this year.


    Nancy Clevenger

  880. oh snaps! I love it! Call it like it is sisters! I, for one, am sick of all her shit and how she and her rabid followers refuse to see what is so freakin obvious to most (jesus i hope so) all of us.

    I’m bookmarking. Keep up the good fight :)

  881. I say we finger bang Mrs. C.

  882. Welcome Mrs. C….have some pie with us!!!

  883. I think Helen and Margaret are brave and wonderful women. They don’t take a back seat to their husbands when it comes to politics like so many our age. They have inspired me to get more involved and now I am a volunteer with my local Democratic County Chair. Thank you ladies for giving me the courage.

    Also, it is good to have a reason to bath and get dressed up and get out of the house. But our public transportation system is horrible. I am making that my priority. Public transprotation really should pay more attention to the needs of the elderly. We would be a big boost in their ridership if they bothered to cater to our needs. Many of us can’t or shouldn’t drive our own cars anymore.

    OK. That is all I wanted to write. I will watch what the rest of you write now. And then I need to make lunch for me and my husband of 47 years.

  884. Some one let the trolls out again!!!!!
    Get the rope!!!!!!!!


  886. Get’em boys!!!!

  887. Hansel & Tim in N.O.: Separated at birth, reunited on the internet. Isn’t that just so spesh-u-all?

  888. You just need to wait until they go to sleep and then slowly work your magic. By the time they know what’s happening they don’t want you to stop. I do it all the time. Finger Bang Bang! Finger Bang!

  889. Ha. You are all so worried about Palin because you know that she is popular enough to be our next president. The only thing that held her back this last time was that idiot John McCain. I can’t wait until 2012 when she will really show Obama what a Republcan candidate can do to a socialist person who wasn’t even born in the USA.

  890. I have been following this bog for a few months. I think all of you people a full of youselves. Sarah Palin is a working mother who has decided to quit her job because it is too much pressure on her family and not good for the people of Alaska. Why is that so bad? She is a lovely woman who just wanted to serve her country. You people need a good spanking. And yes, I spank my children when they are bad. There is nothing wrong with that. And I did not allow them to listen to Michael Jackson’s music and that does not make me a racist. And when I go to church, I pray for people like you and that does not make me judgmental. It means I care about your salavation. I have met elderly women like these two before. Age can make a person cranky. Too bad they didn’t decide to quilt instead of playing on the internet which is way beyon their capabilities. Boo on you.

  891. The Palins remind me of the beverly hillbillies. I wonder if they have a cement pond?

  892. Just found your wonderful blog, and you’re bookmarked. Wonderful stuff — keep on holding the fools’ feet to the fire!

  893. You are never a disappointment, Helen, and yes, indeedy, SP’s problem is not the “media” or bloggers, but exactly what you have stated: “… every time you stick a microphone in front of her mouth a whole lot of stupid falls out.”

    !!! What is truly funny is seeing how so many of her fans keep referring to her actions as a political masterstroke. George Orwell’s work was all understatement in comparison.

    Now Failin’ Palin is bailin’ … can you imagine the bumper stickers in 2012? “Elect Bailin’ Failin’ Palin! She will treat US just like she treated AK.”

    She doesn’t have even the most basic concept of what a “public servant” is or does.

    What an overwhelming relief that we dodged the McCain-Palin bullet last November! After all, she could even now be living in Wasilla and charging all of us per diem for doing so, just as she continues to charge the State of AK.

    What a colossal train wreck she is! I could … almost … feel sorry for the GOP. But they SO brought her on themselves.

  894. You bags need a hobby.

  895. Very entertaining…Maureen Dowd writes “Sarah’s Secret Diary”…http://www.nytimes.com/2009/07/08/opinion/08dowd.html

  896. :-)

  897. Movie of the week?

  898. Or a book, maybe??

  899. A daily column? As much as I would love to read it, I’m betting Helen and Margaret have more important things to do with their days. I feel lucky they let us in on their thoughts once a week.

  900. My first thought was that Tripp wasn’t Todd’s and the grandbaby was….

  901. Helen, why hasn’t some newspaper snatched you up for a daily column??? You would be money in the bank!!

  902. Awesome! You’ve nailed it as usual.

  903. Hi gang,

    Well, we’ve had plenty of fun today picking on poor Palin. Maybe it’s time to move on to something with a little more serious substance.

    Since President Obama has been in Russia to mend some fences, I thought you might be interested in a little known history between our two countries. We have been to Russia twice. It is an ancient and fascinating country! Some of you may remember my story a while back about my husband getting ‘lost’ in the Kremlin and our adventures in his getting ‘found’.

    There was group of people in my hometown in Northern CO with a unique history, the German-Russians. In the 1700’s, Catherine the Great of Russia invited German nationals to immigrate to the remote Steppes of the Ural Mountains. She wanted that part of her country settled and developed. At the time, it was quite barren. The only inhabitants were wolves. This area is very similar to the Plains States of our country in climate, terrain, etc. Several groups of Germans accepted Catherine’s invitation and all her enticements for a new life. Among them were German Lutherans and Mennonites, because Catherine promised them exemption from conscription into the Russian Army. These people were ardent pacifists.

    When they arrived on the Steppes they were totally isolated and impoverished. Catherine provided them with NOTHING. They were just dumped there. They had a very rough time scratching out a living and even surviving. They became very bitter toward Catherine and the Russians in general so they turned inward; fiercely retaining their language, religion and culture. They never learned the Russian language and wanted nothing to do with the Russian Orthodox Church. During the more than a hundred years they were there, they adopted only a few Russian customs such as some clothing and the use of the samovar.

    When Catherine died, her son Paul became czar. He hated his mother and either ignored or rescinded many of her edicts. The conscription of the Germans on the Steppes was one of them. So the German-Russians began migrating to the U.S. They settled in Kansas, Nebraska, the Dakotas; in short the Plains States that ultimately became the nation’s ‘bread basket’. The eastern half of Colorado is ‘Plains’.

    During those ONE HUNDRED YEARS in Russia, they had developed the ‘Red Turkey Winter Wheat’ and brought the seed for it with them to the U.S. This is very hardy wheat that is planted in the fall and comes up in the early spring.
    The German-Russian immigrants were quite intelligent and extremely hard working. As a result, they prospered. In time they acquired huge farms on acres and acres of land. They also became adept in growing sugar beets in the altitudes abutting the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado.

    Then along came World War I with a great deal of anti-German animosity. The German-Russian people were brutally ostracized, even vandalized and sometimes were the objects of violence because of their German language even though they had not been in Germany for well over a hundred years.

    Once again they closed ranks; stayed on their farms out of town, and built their own schools and churches way out in the country. By the time my generation came along, many of them had assimilated in the sense that because of their prosperity they bought businesses, and their children entered professions such as doctors and lawyers. Still, they always kept a very low profile. The kids went to school out in the country for grammar school then came into town to the only high school, public or private.

    As you can see, the German-Russian people went to great lengths to adhere to one of their pivotal religious belief, that of pacifism. However, during World War II, although some of them claimed Conscientious Objector status, others served in the Armed Services.

    I had several very close friends in high school who were of German-Russian heritage but I never knew anything about this background at the time. I didn’t even know then that they spoke German at home. One of them went to South Dakota to a German-Russian private college. Later, I was a bridesmaid in her wedding. It turned out to be a typical German-Russian wedding, quite a bash! It lasted three days with lots of colorful traditions and unbelievable quantities of food! The wedding party wore their attire the whole time. Every time anyone danced with the bride, that person had to pin money on her wedding dress. Pretty soon her white gown, including the train, was green!

    Whenever you have a slice of bread, odds are the wheat in it originally came from the Russian Steppes along with these courageous people.


    Auntie Jean

  904. Well if not Faux News she could always work for Trinity Broadcasting and spread her version of the Prosperity Gospel. . .

  905. OMG! Has media baron Rupert Murdock asked Sarah Palin to come and work for Faux News.

  906. You ol’ hens (if you’re not a woman, you talk like one!) make me laugh! I guess you don’t have anything else to do but slam the Palin family. Maybe we should start digging up dirt on the Obama family! There’s ALOT we can find on them to spread over the NET! POOLMAN! Move, if you don’t like the people here! We won’t miss you–BYE!! I know!!! Why don’t all of you talk about EACH OTHER!! I’m sure you all have alot of faults to feed on! HAVE FUN!!

  907. OMG, I think I love you.

  908. I always said I was not an addictive personality but I confess I was definitely “jonesing” for a Palin Blog from my favorite granny! Bless you for your down to earth, no holds barred, and hilarious assessment of the ongoing drama/trauma she has inflicted on us here in Alaska!
    I was flying back from NY when I got the breaking news – I immediately called Bob Weinstein, our former Nowhere, AK mayor, who took Bailin’ on over her flipflop stand regarding the Bridge and the Road to Nowhere. Then I just grinned like a fool for the entire flight home.
    Since then, I’ve been checking your site 2-3 times a day…thank you, thank you, thank you!

  909. Cool. That requires several different trade skills, from what I understand. And you should be able to read a set of plans and schematics. Probably some adlib modification skills, also (that’s my politically correct description). Much like my industry. A lot of hard, dirty, physical work.

  910. yep…I was a Millwright……never built a car or a car part but fixed a lot of worn out machinery or installed new machinery…worked with anywhere from 1 in angle iron to 18 in I beams

  911. LMAO!! I laughed till I cried and still can’t stop! I love your article, thank you!

  912. poolman…must be the heat…it’s 61 here right now

  913. Michigan is the home of motorcity – Detroit. Although I guess it needs a new name since it is more motorless today. UAW did you actually work in the auto industry as your name implies?

  914. UAW, sorry. I have always mixed up Michigan and Minnesota in my brain.

  915. Heidi…you just joined mary Jane j and colorful…

  916. and when we thought it couldn’t get any worse…..

    Alec Baldwin Considering Congressional Bid

    poolman…I said Michigan…we’ve got Jennifer…

  917. UAW picked it. Now I will stick it. And then he can shove it up his ass.

  918. UAW, congratulations on your state finally getting representation after that ridiculous drawn out and costly political hissy fit. Now maybe some real progress can happen. And you are right, you do have a DEM wit now. We here in AZ are stuck with humorless Republican Senators. You might have heard of McCain and Kyl. I’ll trade one with you. Who do you want?

  919. Alaska…How did you do it????
    We’ve got a DEMwit here in Michigan…..send pointers……
    Probably start with frivolous lawsuits ……
    when protesting I guess we should actually break something…we should also wave back with the middle finger(notice I said wave back)

    how about this cartoon….


  920. Hi gang,

    Did anyone see Letterman last night? About La Palin’s quitting he said, “Was it something I said?”

    Good one!


    Auntie Jean

  921. A high school classmate of mine lives in Wasilla. I am afraid to ask her what she thinks of Ms. Palin now. I don’t think her opinion will have changed.

    Helen, I really do want to be you when I grow up.

  922. I wonder if the press corp needed waders, if you know what I mean!

    Keith in NM

  923. The fun part is the wild card she still has to deal with…… Levi Johnston! Here’s an interview he did for New York Magazine:


    And here’s a blog article about Sarah’s war with the media with a fabulous quote, I LOVE that!


    If she has “it” maybe the CDC should be on the case!

    Keith in NM

  924. Amazing. She actually overshadowed Michael Jackson’s funeral by calling a SECOND press conference to explain her FIRST one!!! And in waders, to boot! So folksy ~ so down-homey~ so hard-working blue-collar of her. See? She’s just one of us. Friggin’ media hound that keeps biting the hand that feeds her. ANNNNNDDDD….how DARE she bad-mouth Obama today. She’s an aggressive bitch and NOTHING MORE!! Stop giving her credence!!! It’s actually making me sick to death to see her name/face everywhere on TV and the Web.

  925. Amazing. She actually overshadowed Michael Jackson’s funeral by calling a SECOND press conference to explain her FIRST one!!! And in waders, to boot! So folksy ~ so down-homey~ so hard-working blue-collar of her. See? She’s just one of us. Friggin’ media hound that keeps biting the hand that feeds her. ANNNNNDDDD….how DARE she bad-mouth Obama today. She’s an aggressive bitch and NOTHING MORE!! Stop giving her credence!!! It’s actually making me sick to death to see her name/face everywhere on TV and the Web.

  926. This gal will just not go away. She has been all over today’s news. Even rivaling Michael Jackson’s memorial. Seems she had decided to quit from the time she was tapped to be McCain’s running mate. Her words. Her family has known for months, she says. At least some of them. At least in her mind they knew. It was not a rash decision, she claims. If that is true and we can believe her THIS time, then her intent WAS to create a frenzy over the Independence Day weekend. A bit of premeditated shock and awe drama. Her way to get her way and to stir up the “liberal” media. Then she played the threatening lawsuit card.

    I think she has used the media to her benefit, though she openly claims they are unfairly critical and ugly to her and her family, and by golly, just won’t leave her alone. Because of that same “liberal” media, she will make millions. A book deal with guaranteed # 1 best seller status. Speaking engagements, and a possible media job. I’d say she should not need to worry about her income for some time. I can picture her thumbing her nose. Got mine! Woohoo! The American dream is alive and kickin’!

    She sure has some rabid radical followers that have looked past all her fissures and faults to see some kind of savior of American pioneer values. Many have cited her Christian values. I think the definition of Christian needs closer examination. I can’t see past white trash on steroids – or Wasilla Snowbilly, as some in Alaska have coined her. But alas, I digress.

    I just know if she has “it”, as James says, we had better come up with a cure for “it”. Young. Attractive. Strong-willed. Self-righteous. I sense she probably has the same blood in her as another famous American frontiersman that many admired in his time, but history has painted a different color. I’m sure he had “it” too. I’m thinking of one George Armstrong Custer.

  927. Oh Lord…. Palin on Fox News complaining about the “politics of personal destruction” as if the Republicans didn’t invent it?

    Auntie Jean: A small nuclear war is what is going on in MJJ’s brain. And didn’t we get by on newspapers, radio and TV for news for several decades with no problems? I guess MJJ thinks a “small nuclear war” would target DSL and reach through the monitor and strangle the operator! By the way… I get it… Mary Jane J….. some of us are of an age that we remember what ‘Mary Jane’ was a euphamism for…. marijuana….. the woman is stoned out of her mind!

    Donna: In some jusristictions, listening to Hannity on the radio while driving could get you a ticket….. that kind of behavior can result in sudden, uncontrollable outbursts not to mention the banging of one’s head on the dashboard! Listening to any Fox program should be done in the relative saftey of a padded room.

    I’m going back to my cell now.

    Keith in NM

  928. Hi gang,

    I have already said all I am going to say about Michael Jackson. I hope he can rest in peace. Each of us will remember him in our own way.

    I’m an Old Broad who has been around a long time. I have seen many, many celebrities, entertainers, and politicians come and go. I doubt if there are very many people of the younger generation who remember an actress who was dubbed the ’IT Girl’ by some publicist or another. If I remember correctly it might have been Lana Turner, Rita Hayworth or somebody like that. The kids today would say, “Lana Who?” or “Rita Who?” The same could be said of Thomas Dewey (Thomas Who?) or his running mate, whoever it was. Even I don’t remember. Probably a Senior Moment.

    There is nothing new about grandstanding and trying to make a well-worn ‘bon mot’ sound like something novel, brilliant and original.

    I am amused by what was written, …….”Kim said Jackson’s death illlustrates a weakness in our computer communications. If for example North Korea starts a small nuclear war, so many people will be surfing the web we may have only newspapers, television, and radio for news for awhile.”

    OK. Will someone please tell me exactly what constitutes a ‘small nuclear war’? And just why only newspapers, television and radio for news would be spared? Since when would a nuclear bomb do precision targeting on computer communications only?

    This is reminiscent of The Old Fart Cheney’s recent speeches ‘predicting’ an attack on the U.S. since he and Bush, Inc. are no longer around to protect us from all the boogiemen. Of course HE would survive in his ‘undisclosed location bunker’ so he could say, “I told you so!” Bulls**t!

    I really deplore the mentality that thrives on the ‘Fear Factor’ and pretends to disseminate it as erudition. Most of us here at M&H’s are far too intelligent to buy into it. There are a few geezers who like to do that. Any of them with a mind-set firmly planted in concrete cannot possibly ever do an attitude one-eighty. Fine with me. They can rave on at great length to their hearts content if it makes them happy. We can serve them their pie and tea, occasionally give them a little pat on the pate then move on to worthwhile comments.


    Auntie Jean

  929. I had an interesting experience driving home. Sometimes I force myself to listen to Hannity, just so I never forget that there are a whole lot of loonies out there. Tonight, Mr. Drool Over Palin was going on and on about the Michael Jackson funeral and about the sad state of this country when people are so influenced by appearances and image and celebrity and blah blah blah. And all I could think about was how he and the Palinbots carry on about how “beautiful” she is (with which I disagree) and how “charismatic” and what a “breath of fresh air” and every other cliche…and how people go wild to see her and she’s the biggest “draw” there is. And how there is exactly ZERO difference between the Cult of Palin and the people who the Manatee was slamming.

  930. My but you all are nice…well, you know who you are. I do enjoy Margaret and Helen’s posts. I am getting the hang of things around here. Thanks for showing me the ropes. I do think it might just take me a while to be able to “spot” a troll or two. I think I’ll stick to reading the comments and see what I learn. You people are just the best. Have a great evening!

  931. Hi, Edna–this is a great blog and I’m sure you’ll really enjoy it. It’s also a wonderful example of troll-hood. By that I mean that you have people who are either (a) nuts; (b) cowards; (c) the emotional equivalent of badly behaved 4 year olds; or (d) all of the above. They show up here spout crapola.

    Now, you will never see any of the people who enjoy this blog going over to, say, C4P and posting juvenile sexual messages or insulting people. Most of us don’t even go to those sites, much less comment–if we do, it’s to ask a question or something along those lines. Unfortunately, the same is not true of those who tend to patronize such sites, which is an interesting phenomenon.

    You have some real tools that show up–all you need to do is note that they share the rudeness and hatefulness characteristic of some (thankfully not all) Palin/Hannity/Limbaugh/Beck followers. Which says a great deal about those people and their acolytes. And then you occasionally get the religious nut or two. And sometimes you get a combination of both–someone abusing others in the name of Jesus.

  932. Hi Edna Sorenstandt,

    A new post from Helen always brings out the Trolls. Just scroll right on by them and go for the good stuff. It takes a while to get the hang of it, but you can do it.


    Auntie Jean

  933. Hi gang, Werner and Greytdog,

    Catching up from yesterday. Do ya suppose that Colorful was trying to write German or Welsh and kept mispelling everything? Naw.


    Auntie Jean

  934. They heard me cackling and guffawing all the way across the courtyard when I read this. Blocks away, gardners put down their hoes and shut off their power mowers, wondering, “What is that woman laughing so hard about?” And in Boston Harbor, cruise ships powered down as travelers ran to the rails to get a handle on the joke.

    What they may not realize is that I was simultaneously laughing and whispering, “You go girl!” just a bit solemnly (but not TOO).

    Helen, you are my hero.

  935. OUT OF THE PARK, HELEN!!!!! :-) :-) :-)

  936. Hi Helen,

    I’ve been waiting for this post ever since La Palin made her resignation ramble announcement. You hit this one right outta the ball park!!! And you pegged her way back before the election.

    She was fashionable and reasonably attractive ….until she opened her mouth. It was downhill all the way after that. It is pretty obvious that she was batting WAY, WAY, WAY out of her bush league.

    Thanks for another first rate post. Please keep them coming regularly.



  937. Helen – you never disapppoint me. You pick a topic that I have been t hinking about and then you put into words what I feel, only so must more to the point. Thank you!!

    MJJ- I would dislike having to be the one to dissect your b rain. All that venom and hatred would be frightening. So keep it to yourself.

  938. Here’s a funny comic concerning our Sarah:


    Keith in NM

  939. Great, as always! Thanks!

  940. Thanks for the post

  941. mary jane j speaking as a christion you give us a bad name please stop typing and embarrasing us Hellin you should run for president you are the girl i would vote for you

  942. Shouldn’t Heidi be tending to the goats?

  943. Pick it. Lick it. And stick it.

  944. As always, Helen, you are the definitive on all things Palin. I knew this would be a good one and I was not disappointed. Thanks for yet another keeper! You can always tell how right on you are by how fast the trolls sniff it. Also.

  945. Put that pie in the hole and eat the apples. That is what it is. Get ‘em.

  946. You never disappoint — your insight is amazing

  947. FABULOUS!!!!!!!
    BEST ONE YET!!!!!!!!!!!

  948. I just love you! Thanks for good laugh, it’s good to know there are women out there like you!

  949. Joe – please make sure you spell our names correctly, y’hear?

    Edna, don’t sweat the troll stuff. It happens now & again depending on the post topic. You might want to put on goggles though – cuz the trolls are going to show up sure ‘enuff and sometimes they slime. . .

  950. Joe…I bet Mary Jane J. sent you, didn’t she?
    Bless her heart…

  951. Joe…I bet Mary Jane J. sent you!

  952. Great post and great responses. I’m going to forward them to Palin and her attorney so they can also enjoy them.

  953. The two best lines in this post are as follows:

    “The only family meetings the Palins have usually involve someone peeing on an early pregnancy test stick.”


    “Show me a woman who is making a private medical decision to end a pregnancy and I’ll show you a Palin screaming for more government involvement.”

    Wonderful post, and I am pretty sure I love you! ;-)

  954. Edna,

    Sometimes we ignore the uncomfortable stuff. Sometimes Matthew cleans it up.

  955. Have I clicked onto the wrong blog here???

  956. Gimme summa dat!!!!!
    I loves me some HELEN!!!!
    I do, I do, I do!!!!!

  957. Lick it sister. Lick it.

  958. Helen I could just eat you!
    I love ya love ya love ya!!
    I loves me some Helen!!
    Gosh, I love you Helen!!!!

  959. The woman with the moose just touched me innapropriately.

  960. I was hoping for this post, Helen! Thank you.

    Alaskans aren’t playing the way Sarah wants, so she decides to pick up her marbles and find another game…

    Oh, wait,,, I think she lost her marbles….

  961. My refrigerator magnet says, “Thou shalt not SNIVEL”

    Ever since Palin threatened bloggers through her lawyer on Saturday, followers of Mudflats and Shannyn Moore have coined a new phrase….”Suck it up, Buttercup!”

  962. My goodness but you are a funny lady. Funny AND brilliant at the same time. What I wouldn’t give to see you on Television. You and Margaret should write a book. I’m sure you have heard this a thousand times already.

    You really are something.

  963. Every time you post I feel better about the world as a whole, because I know that not every single fellow-citizen has been swallowed up by some form or another of inarticulate rage. You rage on articulately, God bless you, and help keep us keep our heads clear.

  964. Brilliant! You nail it!

  965. Great post Helen! Keep it coming.

  966. Bwaahaahaaa! Helen you have put a permanent smile on my face for the rest of the day.

    Mahalo from Hawaii!

  967. Hey Sarah read my refrigerator magnets…

    “Winners Never Quit and Quitters Never Win!”

  968. Keith, Texas has to accept the bad with the good. It is a big country, after all.

  969. Thanks Helen we were all waiting for this one, great as usual!

    A must read by Eugene Robinson / WashPo

    “What can you say about a public official who ridicules those who would take the “quitter’s way out” — as she faces reporters to announce that she’s quitting? A governor who claims that “the worthless, easy path” would be to serve out the remaining 18 months of her term? An ambitious politician who says that “life is too short” to worry about, you know, boring things such as responsibility or duty?” …


  970. Funniest Post Ever!!!!!!

  971. Ok I am declaring…. !!! Funniest post ever…. And as they say nothing is funnier than the truth! …

    But let us not forget… She has “IT”!

    Good job ladies, good job…..

  972. Ooops! I meant your energies.

  973. She stretched my imagination until I heard she shot wolves out of helicopters. That is like killing mom or pop in the family down the street. I wonder if she ever heard of wolf families? Talk about leaving a disfunctional bunch of wolf families in Alaska. Give the former governor a gun and she makes some. Come to think of it, her pal also shot a judge in the face — accidental of course — both need some common gun sense; or a tour of duty in Iraq.

  974. Hey there, neighbor troutay! Haven’t heard from you in a while. Welcome back. :)

  975. I am so happy to hear from my favorite blogger on the latest Palin idiocy. I check several times per day for a post from you, Helen. Now I have learned that you save you energies for special moments like this one.

    Check this out:


  976. “C’mon folks, you’re being spoofed.” -jsri

    I agree jsri, only I think it’s a much older person with a more insidious agenda than that of a troublemaking youth.

    Who would have anything to gain by posting such nonsense? I wonder.

  977. Bravo Helen!!!
    Great post.

    Some one up there ^ called “her” Bailin Palin.
    That was pretty good!

  978. LOL! As Usual you are right on target! You ladies should be declared a national treasure!

  979. Amen!!

    As for Mary Jane J. I think it’s time for her medications. By the way isn’t Mary Jane a street name for marijuana? Perhaps that’s the problem, she’s used too much.

    Loved your article. I said when I heard she was resigning, I wonder who was caught cheating on whom?

  980. hehehehe I was waiting for this one ..and as usual, you didn’t fail me.

    Hilarious….and SO TRUE!!!!

  981. Absolutely wonderful! I had been checking for your response to the idiot’s press conference. Helen, you are priceless!

  982. greytdog: thanks for the heads-up…..

    Another in a bushel-full of reasons….

    If You Don’t Recognize The Name or Number on the Caller ID, DON’T ANSWER!

    Keith in NM

  983. Jo Atlanta: I AGREE! I thought the void left by the passing of Molly Ivans and Ann Richards would create a permanent vacuum. Not so, thankfully…. Helen stepped right up to the plate with the same kind of wit and truth you’d expect to hear from the kitchen… the heart of ANY family.

    Interesting to note, all three being Texans!

    Yes, before someone posts about the loonies that are also in Texas, we know….. such as Phil Gramm, Ross Perot (Lord what a fool there), and others. And as much as we (I) like to bash George II, I truly believe he has a good heart but his ears were tuned to Cheney’s bull-shit. As for Rick Perry… he’s just Palin with something between his legs… and yes, I know the next comment coming about Palin and what’s between hers…. just let that one go!

    MJJ: what the hell kind of Xtian are you? I’d keep an eye out for lightening if I were you!

    jsri: I don’t think a 12-year-old could be that bitter during summer break!

    Okay, time to fix lunch.

    Keith in NM

  984. Another off topic but important (promise, last one)
    Apparently quite the scam rampaging through the US (and it’s not Palin either)


  985. We Minnesotans are cheering for the incremental restoration of democracy and good sense. :)

  986. I just discovered this blog. What a wonderful thing to do! I enjoy your writings very much and hope you get a lot out of it too. What a lovely grandson. Best wishes.

  987. OT: Al Franken has been sworn in as the junior senator from MN

  988. And as a rooter-out of nonsense, I think ignorant, holier-than-thou statements like MJJ’s require an occasional smackdown.

  989. jsri, I’m not sure – so many states have had to cut their summer school budgets this year. . .maybe MaryJaneJ is a bored homeschooler?

  990. Well, as a 5th grade teacher, I’m glad to see MJJ taking some summer vacation to read and write.

  991. By the way, as I’m reading more about presidents, I have come to the realization that our elected leaders should be ashamed at the amount of adulation and “trappings” that come with the office today. Our senators, especially!
    They could begin by writing an essay on the meaning of “public servant”.

  992. C’mon folks, you’re being spoofed.

    Mary Jane J. is really a 12 year old male fourth grader who has been kicked out of summer school and has nothing else to do.

  993. Good post, Helen. This is a post that reminds me stongly of Molly Ivens.

  994. Greytdog,
    No, I haven’t. Will look it up.
    I thought many years ago that I would get a good grasp of our early founding fathers and what they were thinking as they set up a new government–and have dedicated myself to learn more and more about them. Thanks for the tip.

  995. Good point, Susan in CT.
    I always say….the best story that illustrates the hypocrisy of some Christians is actually not about a Christian at all–but was told by the man who Christians are named after.
    The Pharisee and the Publican says it all.
    Who is out in front of the crowd with raised hands and loud voice for all to hear? MJJ is. Maybe sitting back in a corner and doing some reflecting on her own actions and words would help.

  996. vgman, have you read The Jefferson Bible?

  997. MJJ — I’m guessing that you think that anyone who claims to be a Christian actually is one. A LOT of self-proclaimed Christians don’t seem to have paid much attention to teachings of the man whose name they claim.

  998. Ah Lieberman. First he told us that his previous term would be his last. Then he ran in the primary anyway, lost the Democratic primary to Ned Lamont, and formed his own party, Connecticut for Lieberman (NOT Lieberman for Connecticut — interesting difference). Then because the Republican candidate was a cipher and was being dogged by (probably inaccurate) rumors about gambling, Republicans brought in a great deal of money to back Lieberman.

    I don’t know if Lamont would have been a great Senator — he’s had a fairly small amount of experience in politics, and he was pretty much a one-issue candidate (the war), but without the Republican backing for the incumbent we’d probably have a different Senator now.

  999. If this post doesn’t take you viral and past 3 million hits…nothing will!

    You are amazing!!!

  1000. Believe me, after visiting Monticello three times and living at Montpelier for a week in 2001 studying the Constitution, I am in no way comparing SP to either Jefferson or Madison.
    Sarah is a fluke who doesn’t understand and could never diagram her own sentences.

  1001. I saw the “speech” too…I kept watching the Loon in the lake in the background…then the Loon in the Red jacket started talking….that’s when it got REALLY confusing…

  1002. Oh, thank you SO very much for this post! I was guffawing and clapping by the end.

    I really needed this after all the insipid, so-called interviews this morning with Palin on the beach.

    So, thanks a million times over, from a first-time reader who’s hooked.

  1003. Mageen in Old Virginny on July 7, 2009
    at 9:36 AM

    The Navy uses the term “Bolter” to describe a carrier landing where the plane has missed the arresting wire and is forced to go around for another attempt. Because jet engines are slow to come up to full speed from idle, the plane at touchdown is at full throttle. Anything less will end up in the drink.

    So a “Bolter” is always in ready for another attempt at landing. I think a lot of people hope that she SP will bolt out of the picture altogether.

  1004. Thank you Helen!
    My father always said, “good manners will take you places money never will”.
    Sarah’s biggest problem is that no one ever taught her any good manners.
    She is a total failure.
    I hope she just goes away, but I doubt that will happen soon. The general public seem to have a prurient interest, so the press will continue to cover her activities. …too bad…

  1005. This has to be one of the best posts that I will read all week, if not all month. You totally made my day. Thank you.

  1006. Not comparing at all. Just giving you FYI. I’m reading a biographical anthology of the presidents at the moment and I also found out that Jefferson wanted to resign his position as Sec’y of State in 1792. Interesting….

  1007. MJJ dear, I doubt you will really leave this blog, even though you said you would. So here’s my response to your baloney: I am a Christian, and Sarah Palin most decidedly does *not* represent my values. Sanctimonious, hypocritical preaching does not make someone a “wonderful woman.” That goes for both her and you.

  1008. And Poolman and PalinShutUp–I’m Jewish and I’d sure rather see your kind of Christian than the MJJ/Palin kind!

  1009. Re: Mary Jane J.
    Don’t feed the troll.

  1010. Sarah Palin is no Thomas Jefferson.

    She is only where she is today because she has lied, trampled over the people who helped her and because she is charismatic. She may know Alaskan issues, but she does not know US policy or US laws.
    There is no “Dept. of Law” that would protect her from the media. The only one that can do that is herself and she likes the spotlight too much.

    Voting for a candidate because they are a good Christian should be limited to church votes

  1011. Helen, will you marry me?

  1012. poolman wrote

    ‘…Your judgements are not His judgements. You haven’t been given the authority to condemn anyone to hell. Your hateful words don’t win souls. I will pray for you now also. May God bless you and purify your heart. May He cause His Spirit to inhabit your life and direct your path, control your mind, and govern your speech. Peace be with you.’

    you are my kind of Christian poolman and I will pray with you too.

  1013. @vgman:

    “Did you know Thomas Jefferson was governor of Virginia from 17(8)9–1781. He resigned before his last year was finished as well….He felt he was less effective as a governor than as a seer, committeeman, and draftsman.”

    I think this may be the first and last time anyone ever compares Sarah Palin to Thomas Jefferson. Big difference. Big. HUGE. : )

  1014. commenting on james’s post from Helen’s previous

    Lieberman; another idiot, I often wonder wth is he doing in the democratic seat, dont worry, i already know

    how could you equate losing car keys with WMD’s?? what ever james.

    no, its not OK for anyone, specially someone in public office, someone who makes decisions for the rest of us to sing a song poking fun of BOMBING anyone, that’s what mccain did

    there have been some questions regarding mccain’s hero status, i wasnt there so i will leave it be, for now

    AFTER Obama wrote ‘Dreams from My Father’ mccain came out with a book titled ‘Faith of My Fathers’ why he couldnt he come up with his own title? what exactly was the purpose in that? please, its obvious. I had respect for mccain at one time, long ago before i knew what type of person he really is. Dont need anyone like that as president just like we dont need that idiot in Alaska, we’ve had our fill of idiots

    Jon Stewart once said when he was asked if he thought this country was ready for a black man or a woman as president?

    ‘This is such a non-question. Did anyone ask us in 2000 if Americans were ready for a moron?’

    ‘Palin, a popular charismatic female governor with a biography as unusual as Obama’s……,Palin, a popular charismatic female governor with a biography as unusual as Obama’s ,Palin, a popular charismatic female governor with a biography as unusual as Obama’s ,Palin, a popular charismatic female governor with a biography as unusual as Obama’s ,Palin, a popular charismatic female governor with a biography as unusual as Obama’s…….’

    james’s broken record

  1015. OMG!!! SO FUNNY!!!!

  1016. Fantastic Post, Helen!!!
    You are the best!!!
    Really. I mean it!!!

  1017. Yeh!! Helen, wonderful post! I thought she would never leave. I do not care for her reasons, just wish she would ride into the sunset. Donna, loved your response to the Palin supporter on this site. Must be dimwitted indeed, to want to post in her favor, on this site, of all places. Just wanted some attention, I guess, just like the person she is supporting. Go away already!

  1018. see ya Mary Jane J. Your judgements are not His judgements. You haven’t been given the authority to condemn anyone to hell. Your hateful words don’t win souls. I will pray for you now also. May God bless you and purify your heart. May He cause His Spirit to inhabit your life and direct your path, control your mind, and govern your speech. Peace be with you.

  1019. The Lord knows where each and everyone of you lives. I will pray that you all will be forgiven for following the writings of this evil woman. Her name is HELLen for a reason.

    Trust me, people. Sarah Palin is our future.

  1020. Mary Jane J….We really won’t miss you here, dear. Go pray. It might just do you some good.

    Love ya, Helen!!! :-)

  1021. MJJ,
    don’t slam the door on the way out. Go help Sarah skin some fish.

  1022. You are very wise woman. You should be Governor of Alaska. They would be lucky to have you!

  1023. Lord, Mary Jane J., I think YOU need to LISTEN to sarah. Or maybe English isn’t your first language?
    And I don’t know where sarah gets her Christian values, but it sure isn’t from Christ. What Jesus would do and what sarah has done are poles apart.

    Oh, and Mary Jane J., saying that Helen is evil and will burn in hell is blasphemy according to the Bible.
    You better read up.

  1024. You go, Helen!!!
    Damn Funny!!!!

  1025. I will leave this blog and pray for all of you.
    Sarah Palin is a wonderful woman with a beautiful family. Helen is evil and will burn in hell for what she has written.

  1026. Woo-hoo! You rock! I couldn’t have said it better myself. I just finished reading a transcript of her reasons for resigning, and I was still left scratching my head. The woman talks in circles. Thank God she’s out of office. If only that really meant she was out of politics for good. Unfortunately, Limbaugh, Fox, and the entire far right coven of extremists are gonna be all over this.

  1027. Oh, please. She won’t get past a primary. Yes, there are “many” people as dimwitted as MJJ but fortunately, while “many,” they are a small minority.

    Oh, and MJJ–I’ve already listened to what she has to say. Which is one reason I didn’t vote for McCain. And THE reason that my normally Republican (but otherwise wonderful) husband did not.

  1028. Mary Jane J, I think these Christians are leaving Christ out of the mix. I don’t see Jesus in them. He is more of a shield in their lives. We are to be known by our fruit, not merely our words.

  1029. Lord help us if this woman ever gets elected president. Her skin is not thick enough and we’ve already had our share of presidents who can’t string together a noun and verb to make a coherent sentence. Shannyn Moore called her resignation speech a “word salad.”

    Moore has been in Palin’s sites for some time now and she has now threatened to sue her for publishing what Moore clearly called “rumors.” This is going to be an interesting 1st amendment fight.

  1030. Hey MJJ (that’s one more J than Michael has)–
    This country doesn’t need only Christian values.
    We need Hindu values, Muslim values, Wiccan values and a whole of other values. In fact, we need values that make sure your values aren’t the only values.

  1031. Mary Jane J. is being facetious, isn’t she?

    I learned in elementary school that to get bullies to leave me alone or stop picking on me, I should ignore them and go on about my business. How did Palin never learn that?

    By reacting to every single thing the press says (the press being her bully, as she sees it), she only exacerbates the situation. It is a vicious cycle at this point.

    The ridiculous woman certainly gives them plenty of fodder. Let’s hope someone clues her in to stop reacting instead of making it so fun to poke her with sticks.

    Her resignation is the final nail in her political coffin.

  1032. I will vote for Sarah Palin when she runs for President of the United States. We need her. She represents Christian values. She is good. Margaret and Helen are evil. You must LISTEN to what Sarah Palin is saying. She will have my vote and the vote of many many other people.
    God Bless Sarah Palin.

  1033. Sorry–1779–1781. He felt he was less effective as a governor than as a seer, committeeman, and draftsman.

  1034. Did you know Thomas Jefferson was governor of Virginia from 1799–1781. He resigned before his last year was finished as well.

  1035. John yes the clown is getting the attention she craves. And today will be really tough for her since it’s back to back coverage of MJ’s funeral. So maybe she throw a hissy fit and declared she’s staying in office (or at least the Anchorage branch) after all. . .

  1036. ah, yes. Another genius who believes that the answer to public discourse with which he/she disagrees…particularly on religious bases…is to squelch it. And another “Christian” response of loving tolerance.

    Thank you, Mary Jane, for validating the view that Palin supporters are mindless. I do appreciate it.

  1037. BRAVO BRAVO!!!!

    I would laugh but every word you posted is TRUE

    I love you Helen.

  1038. While it’s fun laughing at a clown, aren’t we (me, you and the media in general) giving the clown much more attention than the clown deserves?

  1039. BRAVO to Margaret & Helen for cutting through the b.s. and nailing it on the wall!!!! Well worth the wait – okay time for more popcorn as the loonies run for their bibles. . .

    MaryJane J: this is for you


  1040. Thank You for your comments about Palin.

    In Alaska, Palin has been disaster! The villages are facing a bad winter with little/no salmon again.

    Alaska is a better place with SP out of the governorship. Thank You Sarah!

    Thank You Helen for your wise comments!

    Mary Jane J= I feel sorry for you!

  1041. You are evil. I hope her lawyers come after you. How dare you go after her. She is doing the work of the Lord. You are a waste of good food.

  1042. Love it, Helen, but be careful. She’s going to sue all you liberal bloggers…:-)

  1043. You make me proud to be a Helen.

    Thank you for being you and telling it like it should be told.

    Helen G.

  1044. This one will surely put you over 3 million.
    Way to go, Helen!

  1045. Good one.