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Posted by: Helen Philpot | June 4, 2009

Pat Buchanan is a Cracker

helen-mug1 Margaret, this old gal has clearly lived too long. Never in my life did I think I would see a bunch of old, white men claiming they are being discriminated against. I am sure the Hispanic women who cleaned their houses today are having a good laugh… or a good cry.  Honestly, the absurdity of it all is more than I can take.  Stick me in a hole and throw some dirt on top of me.  I’m done.

If you are born a white, male Christian in today’s world and life didn’t turn out the way you wanted, you probably have only yourself and the Rush Limbaugh Show to blame.  Some exceptions probably do exist, but if you’re a commentator on a cable news channel you’re probably the rule and not the exception.

Pat Buchanan is an idiot. I mean it. Really.

margaret-mug1 Helen, dear, I sent an email to that talented Susan Boyle telling her that I thought she had the voice of an angel and that I wanted her to sing at my funeral. Her response said she was free next Thursday.

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  4. This is the first time I have visited this blog. I started off at Buzzflash and don’t have any idea of how I got to your blog, but I’m sure glad I did….you two are just great and have absolutely made my day. I am also glad that one of you is in Texas…at least it shows the country that not everyone is this state is an idiot…

    Take care…

  5. Why is it that these republicans are always whining? I have never seen a bigger buch of whiners and the media that makes it possible. We also need to start balming the media for giving these idiots a platform.

  6. I love you two. Marry me now (we’ll have to move to Utah first).

  7. Job interview on Monday!!! Send happy thoughts! Send happy thoughts! Send happy thoughts!!

  8. Hi Greytdog – also wishing you a speedy recovery. I first saw Jo Atlanta’s post about UP and the “SQUIRREL!” (great movie) and then your description of the dogs chasing them had me in stiches – until I realised how bad your fall was. Take it easy and all the best.

    As for Margaret and Helen’s gems: Perhaps the Boocanon and Limbarf exist so H&M can give us all a good chuckle every now and then. It’s cathartic :-)

  9. Werner, sorry about your accident, hope you are feeling better!

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  11. Great post, gave me a good laugh.

  12. Once a Cracker….

    Buchanan argues against affirmative action: ‘One prefers the old bigotry.’


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  14. [...] takes Pat Buchanan down in one round… Margaret, this old gal has clearly lived too long. Never in my life did I think I would see [...]

  15. With a just her fingers even.

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  17. Loved your post as always, nothing but the truth.
    Margaret, I just love you too! You phone call and response was the funniest thing I have heard. Nothing like wanting you to hurry up and head “home”. What a hoot.

  18. Buchanan someplace tells how his father demonstrated how hot Hell is: He stuck Pat’s fingers in a candle flame and held them there. I never was mad at Buchanan after that. Abused kids grow up to be bullies.

    Of course if I ever meet Pat Buchanan personally I will kick him in the crotch.

  19. Oh my! Werner and Greytdog! This had been a dangerous few days!

    Indeed, even here, there have been some mishaps and losses that are sad and unusual.

    Please take care (Greytdog stay OFF ladders) and speedy recovery.

    God bless and Namaste,


  20. HI GANG
    quick update

    I had a bad bicycle accident last Sunday and I stayed away from the computer a while.

    I am back at work today but will leave soon, still too much pain breathing (I got stuck iwith my front wheel in one of our famous Quebec potholes (while checking on my son driving on the pavement)
    I fell on my face and left hand (only some severe bruising, not too bad) but when I came down again I hit my bike and cracked two ribs, that keeps me in pain for a while…..

    So, sorry for the trolls, still alive, but a bit handicapped….

  21. Greytdog, speedy recovery to you. I am forbidden from ladder tasks while my partner is not at home. Accept that small restriction with good grace because you were lucky this time. While you are resting, be sure to see the movie UP!. “Squirrel!” is a plot device you will certainly appreciate.

  22. Morning everyone. By my clock I have about a half hour of relative lucidity (but there’s no guarantee that I’ve been lucid anyway, so…) I’ve decided to take some time off from working 24/7 and have been puttering about the house and yard. The other day I decided it was time to scrub out the bird feeders, bird baths, and squirrel feeders. Now one of the feeders is really high – high for me. So i dragged out SO’s 12ft ladder and set it up. The puppers were playing in the yard & soaking of the sunshine. Birds singing, squirrels nittering. Very nice. I climbed up the ladder and started to detach the feeder from its perch when SQUIRREL!!!! And the dogs were off! And under the ladder, and around the ladder, and then tried to go through the ladder, which meant the ladder and I were violently torn apart. And I ended up bouncing off the fence, off the bushes, and slamming into the largest oak tree root in the yard. the dogs came over, bouncing happy happy, cuz look! Mom’s playing with us! Mom wasn’t playing. Mom had a concussion complete with oozing scalp injury, torn knee ligaments, and a dislocated shoulder. By the time SO arrived home, the ladder was back in place, the debris cleaned up (I thought I’d just wrenched my knee really badly and couldn’t figure out why my left arm wasn’t working so well), and I was trying to get the yuck out of my hair and scalp. (Tree bark has to rival gravel in its unwillingness to leave the human body once embedded) So now I’m in a knee brace while the swelling recedes (we’re hoping no surgery), the shoulder is back in place but OW! And the concussion was relatively mild – slight dizziness periodically. The puppers are fine – they really liked the new game of watching mommy fly – and the birds and squirrels have their food & water served in clean containers.

    But I got to catch up on my reading as well as some writing so that’s a good thing. I love my laptop! I had to spend overnight in the hospital and since they wake you up every two hours anyway, I just stayed up and wrote. So for my next adventure, I was thinking of tackling the gutters before hurricane season come full force. But only when SO is home to help (my god that man can rant)

    I was sorry to read about James’ vision trouble. That’s tuff. And then to take a fall like that. Hope he has some help around the farm.

  23. The good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and the evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For out of the overflow of his heart his mouth speaks.

    Luke 6:45

  24. On one hand, I am distressed that a lot of posts appear after I am not available, and of course, my posts appear when many of you are not available. On the other hand, it reminds me of sitting on the outside of the group when I was younger and my aunts would chat together at my grandmother’s table. I was not expected to contribute and my listening was tolerated. The thought makes me smile.

    Although I enjoy discussing deeper issues than the “travel log”, I don’t mind that at all. It is refreshing to find people who are open and consider fellow posters to be friends, not people they can offend with impunity. I wonder the anonymous anger we often see on blogs is symptomatic of the blandness of politicians that say whatever they think people want to hear? I wonder if some of us feel the need to throw out harsh words like angry splashes of paint on the wall.

  25. “How politically active have YOU been in the past 5-10-20-50 years? How many hours of volunteer work have YOU done? How many letters or e mails have YOU sent to YOUR elected representative, local or national? How many boxes of food have YOU sent to the Native Alaskans when they were in dire need, using YOUR own time and money?”

    Thanks Jean for delineating the litmus test for posters on this blog. Do we send the information directly to you for verification?

  26. For those interested in tons more info on Sotomayor, this site is packed full of stuff, if you haven’t checked it out already. But not for those who prefer the reader’s digest version… http://www.scotusblog.com/wp/tag/nomination/

  27. another oops! Hit the wrong button.

    How many hours of volunteer work have YOU done? How many letters or e mails have YOU sent to YOUR elected representative, local or national? How many boxes of food have YOU sent to the Native Alaskans when they were in dire need, using YOUR own time and money?

    You said . . . “but lord almighty we all just love coming here and pretending life is just so swell.”

    I could summarize what most of the people on this blog have told about themselves. Can’t think of any of them whose lives have been just a bowl of cherries. But they have been working very hard. I love each one of them very much.

    I would advise your to go back and read M&H’s very first posts and each and every comment. I figure that would take you about six months. That should give you a very different perspective.

    Then come back. We will make you a fresh pot of tea and save you a slice of your favorite pie.

    In the meantime, quitcherbitchin’!


    Auntie Jean

  28. Hi gang and PookieCat,

    PookieCat,re: yours of 6/10, 1:55PM and your litany of the recent bad news we are all familiar with. We can read. We watch TV. We have friends and family wherever we live and stay realtively well informed.

    A few questions for you. How politically active have YOU been in the past 5-10-20-50 years? How many hours of volunteer work have YOU

    . . . but lord almighty we all just love coming here and pretending life is just so swell.

  29. I second that Elsie!

    jsri, don’t let a few spoil it. We can try to pretend they haven’t said anything. Except I am still ROFLOL at Jean’s snappy comment earlier.

    This is really a nice place to check in on – so many familiar characters, so many different backgrounds, and new people showing up, occasional people popping in. Sorry if I am taking up so much space right now – getting antsy before a trip. At least you’ll have a weeklong break from me soon!

    PookieCat, I checked out the video link – it was a Fox news host, Shepard Smith, talking about the hate email Fox was getting and saying it has to stop. The hate email he read was from someone upset about Shepard Smith not going after Obama’s birth certificate and telling people to get over it and then the email ranted about Obama Hussein, etc. Then Shepard Smith said this was a sample of the many many emails they receive daily, all full of hate and baseless. He said these people are really out there on a limb and they are mad with hate. He said it was scary, and it has to stop.

    I agree with him PookieCat. It has to stop. It is doing the country no good at all. And I am glad Fox has someone like Shepard Smith that is realizing this and calls it out.

  30. “Just when I think I have finally found a weblog where folks seem to have a sense of humor and a high degree of tolerance, I go away for a few hours to find that there seems to be some sort of dustup that rose up out of the background while I was away. I hope I wasn’t a part of the problem.”

    Hey, jsri, don’t be put off by the trolls. You and many other fine people have much good to offer here, where an appreciative group cares about your contributions.

  31. D&L arrive tomorrow…all is well here. I am sitting in a coffee shop / book store. Howard is wandering the various rows of books..happy as a clam…there is a “college” student sitting across from….hello gorgeous…”excuse me, could you tell me where the Alamo is??”. Oh, my….

    ANYWAY…wish you were here, …what a wonderful world this place is!

    I’ll have a look in now…..Talk to you later.

  32. Good Grief! Just when I think I have finally found a weblog where folks seem to have a sense of humor and a high degree of tolerance, I go away for a few hours to find that there seems to be some sort of dustup that rose up out of the background while I was away. I hope I wasn’t a part of the problem.

    One of the reasons I’ve been attracted to this site is that for years I have been a blogger of sorts on other forums, mostly political, but have become increasingly disenchanted by the crude and downright scary people who have taken them over. Mostly I don’t like what they have been doing to me, taking me back to the sort of thinking that took me years to suppress.

    When blogs first came on the scene a number of years ago I wrote a column for a monthly news magazine about them and predicted that the anonymity factor of blogs would be one of the downsides to such a system. I was beaten up on the blogs for saying that but nothing in the interim has changed my mind.

    I just may have to lay back for a while and recuperate. Life is tough enough without artificially stimulating my blood pressure or giving me heartburn.

  33. PookieCat, sure there are people on here who would talk a leg off a telemarketer, but just let it go.

    UAW, Black Milk?

  34. Donna,

    You hit the nail on the head when you said, “For the most part, this is a remarkably accepting group of people. If there’s a “membership badge,” I think it’s just being polite.”

    The trouble with writing on these sites is that you are anonymous and can say whatever – however you feel. Thus, comments from some posters about others are easy enough to do, without repercussions. If they were in a group of people having a conversation and they were to say something like “who’s house is this and why are you talking and taking up our time”, they would probably get backhanded and the host/ess would yank them by the ear and call their parents.

    It is good etiquette to mind one’s manners, even if you won’t get caught for being rude.

    That being said, this blogspace is very comfortable for the more liberal minded that believe President Obama is a good president. It is hell for those who think the opposite, and one can always choose to go where you want to in this wide world of the internet.

  35. Hello folks. I just got in from a day out in the sun to check in and see what is new. Seems everyone has a little pent up steam now days. Life is hard and complicated, we all get frustrated and need to vent. We all do that in different ways. Hopefully none of us here thinks that means we need to go out and blow someone’s head off. I am actually relieved that we are not all of the same point of view. Personally, I have no problem with everyone catching up and going off point. It’s not my parlor and I’m the new guy on the block. I don’t think it’s too critical to follow the topic a week past the post. But that is my opinion. I’m still learning the etiquette.

    Just remember that whatever we post, it is now in black and white for the world to see. And I haven’t figured out how to erase it yet. My point? It is much harder to retract, so be sure you can live with it long term. Hopefully it won’t come back to bite you in the a$$ down the road. We’ve actually got some very interesting comments, all in all.

    I’m still waiting for UAW to clarify the black milk bit….

  36. PookieCat: What’s your point? What’s wrong about a little travelog now and then? You need to check in on Werner’s blog “Think Positive”.

    By the way, where is Werner?

    LOL, way to go Jean, you did good. I recently found out it’s just not adolescent histrionics unless you are referring to senior citizens reverting to adolescents :-)

    Greytdog, glad to have you back. Only point I differ with you is on the African American male as that sector is more prone to a matriarchal society.

  37. Imaginista–you and me both. My bad.

    And Jean–you are a delight. Don’t you dare apologize!

  38. Hi Greytdog,

    Pain meds??? Are you OK? I missed you the past few days. Reassure us.


    Auntie Jean

  39. Hi gang,

    I feel I must apologize to all you bloggers for popping off at picco. That’s not usually my style. However, occasionally I lose patience with the adolescent histrionics of those who have not yet learned to interact with the grownups on a variety of levels.

    I’ll try to keep a lid on it in the future.


    Auntie Jean

  40. I’m bummed that after all of my admonishments here on the ranch, I have been troll feeding. Herein lies a good case in point.

  41. no. But I do see many people who come onto this site spewing that sort of hatred. The people who regularly post here are the opposite of that.

  42. here’s video link from a popular liberal website. Do you see yourself in this video?


  43. M&H — you girls keep lambasting the bozos on “our side” who helped create, and continue to stir the brew of, the mess we’re in now! Thank you Biggus Dickus Cheney and Flush Limburgher!! Remember the movie “Papillon”? I’m all for depositing those two, and their ‘mates, in a similar quarantine, far, far away from civilization as we would like to experience it. You go, girls!!

  44. Anna, I’ve never bought the spiel about the white male being the source of all evil. I do think, however, that being a patriarchal society, we tend – as a society – to see the male having the almost god-given right of supremacy. Owing to our national history of slavery, the male of color is seen as less than the white male, but still more than a female (regardless of color) – sorry if I’m rambling, but the pain meds are starting to kick back in – Yet, I’ve noticed within each sector of our society – be it African American, AmerAsian, Latino-American, the male figure remains in favor. Anna, if you look at your writing, you’ll notice that subtle influence when you state “because he is the man, and despite all this talk about equality of the sexes, he is supposed to support his family. ” That, to me, has always been twisted dynamic in the talk of equality between the sexes – and in the talk about the oppression of the male.

    If we look at the expectations placed on any male in our society, then yes, I do think the case can be made (maybe a thin case, but still a case) that subtle oppression does occur. We, as a society, still see the male as the primary breadwinner (often because women’s salaries are much lower than their male counterparts) – for instance, if you’re married & make more $$ than your husband, you are NOT Head of Household under the IRS regs.

    As to whether or not the white male specifically is oppressed, I’m not sure. I think in regards to the idea of white males being oppressed, it’s more economic and class oppression rather than color of skin. There’s more in my head but it’s really jumbling up with the meds. (oh! something shiny!) I remember when being high was fun. Whatever happened to those days? Sigh. ‘night.

  45. My husband, a white male, has pointed on, on numerous occasions, that being white and male is not a free pass to success. His parents couldn’t afford to send him to college, so he went into the military and paid his own way. In this economy he is especially stressed about losing his job because he is the man, and despite all this talk about equality of the sexes, he is supposed to support his family. Even though we both work, if he were to lose his job, we’d be in big trouble. No one has ever given my husband anything, he grew up poor, and there were certainly so special programs to help him because he’s white and male and so of course, doesn’t need any help.

    Do I think whining white males like Pat Buchanan are full of shit? Yes. But it’s worth nothing that white men–my husband is one of them–are the ones to blame when anything goes wrong.

  46. let’s see…who is “one of us?” Well, James is–and he certainly has some ideas that aren’t exactly in the majority. And UAW is–and God knows that he’s one curmudgeon-y conservative. For the most part, this is a remarkably accepting group of people. If there’s a “membership badge,” I think it’s just being polite. But that’s just my opinion.

  47. imaginista, do I need a membership badge now to post comments on the internet? Or is this just a strange form of initiation to prove that a commentator is “one of us”?

  48. Pookie – I don’t think you’re from around here.

  49. actually, I don’t think people here are “nasty to anyone with a dissenting point of view.” Far from it. I think people object–sometimes pretty energetically–to perceived rudeness. But respectful dissenting points of view are treated with a warm welcome.

    It’s also hardly the case that this is a frivolous group–they have talked about all of the issues you raised (other than the Holocaust Museum, which just happened). But sometimes, conversation veers off in a different and more light-hearted direction. That often comes from people who have either shared wrenching personal stories or expressed depression/concern/distaste/fear over the sorts of issues that you mention. You simply aren’t being fair or accurate.

  50. “gangbanging on Pat Buchanan for being hateful while you’re being nasty to anyone with a dissenting point of view…” -PookieCat


  51. Here’s a new idea: the death of Dr Tiller with the murderer declaring that more violence is planned, a shooting at the Holocaust Museum, school systems across this country on the brink of academic failure and going bankrupt, people losing their homes and businesses, off-shore drilling and mountaintop removal because no one wants to give up fossil fuel – and you’re sitting around here gabbing about travel (what’s your carbon footprint?), gangbanging on Pat Buchanan for being hateful while you’re being nasty to anyone with a dissenting point of view. . . but lord almighty we all just love coming here and pretending life is just so swell.

  52. Picco and Pookiecat – we like this blog just the way it is. If youdon”t like it , there is no need to be nasty, just go away to a blog that you are comfortable with or stay and maybe, just maybe, get some new ideas in your head. If y ou choose to go away, we won’t miss you. If you s tay we mightnvite you into Helen’s parlor for pie and tea.

  53. You two are my heroines. I wanna be like you if I grow up.

  54. Tine dear, there was nothing uncivil about my post – just a simple observation. Pretty touchy place around here – where are the posting rules that everyone seems to append on a whim?

  55. M & H, put Sarah P. in the same cracker jar as Pat Buchanan! Back a little while ago when she found out that the state of Alaska was not going to pay for all her air plane tickets to wherever she wanted to go to make speeches and such, she established the SarahPac. It brought in $400,000 the first month without asking! Whom the gods would destroy they first give $400,000! Right now SarahPac looks mighty like fraud!

    No office of any sort. The mail goes to a P. O. box.
    Mail does not get any response such as whether or not she will make an appearance someplace.
    Thus the crazy mix-ups that have been going on with her “schedule”.
    So far, no officers have been announced for the PAC.
    No filings have been made to comply with laws.
    No contributor records are available such as name, address, and amount and when.
    I think you get the picture. This is not a legit PAC and inasmuch as this has been going on from the gitgo, she obviously doesn’t give a damn how it effects her personally or politically or how it effects anyone else. It is her own personal piggy bank. Now either that is just plain sloppy or stupid or criminal. Your pick.

    And her party, especially in Alaska, is getting fed up with her. She shows no leadership. At best she is only an icon. And those can always get destroyed.

  56. Picco and Pookie, dears, if you (a) don’t understand or (b) don’t like what’s going on here, please feel free to (a) stick around and learn and participate civilly, or (b) go away.

  57. Actually, from what little I’ve read of Helen’s post, she has no trouble at all letting someone know if she does not like wjhat the person is posting. It reminds me of a saying from the days of bards. Do not offend a bard as he will return the favor across the land. (or something like that.)

  58. I greatly enjoy Sally’s and Jean’s posts. My assumption is that, if the hosts do not, they will privately let them know. And, of course, anyone who doesn’t appreciate them can simply scroll on by.

  59. Thought this was the M&H blog – seems like the Sally & Jean travelblog

  60. Jean, bwaahaahaa! I didn’t know this side of you!


  61. Picco,

    So kill yourself already if you want to. You won’t be missed here.


  62. What the hell are you people talking about. Am I on the right blog????????? Get a blog of your own or a life for crying out loud. I hated this blog and those two old bitched before but now I just want to kill myself!!!!!!!!!!!

    What a bunch of morons.

  63. jsri, ha ha ha!

    Reminds me of a character created by Rap Replinger (died of overdose years ago), Aunty Marialani. She would “teach” people how to cook a chicken, and because the recipe called for wine, she would take a swig of the wine to “test” it so it wasn’t tooo sweet or tooo rancid, but just right!

    By the time she reached the end of the recipe, she was wiped out from testing the wine – Not tooo sweet, not toooo rancid…. but jus’ right!

  64. Hi Gang,

    If so many lives have not been lost, so many wounded and maimed for life and if so many billions have not been spent to conduct wars since forever, the whole scenario would be comical.

    As most of you know, I am a history buff. But this little story is not exactly history but fiction. Or is it?

    During the height of the Cold War in the fifties, there was a hilarious novel written by Leonard Wibberley entitled, “The Mouse that Roared”. It is about ‘Grand Fenwick’ a tiny fictional European Alpine duchy only three by five miles in size. It was on the brink of financial ruin. The government officials, in desperation, remembered the amount of money the U.S. had invested in Europe, Germany and Japan to rebuild those economies after the destruction of World War II. So they decided that the best thing a country on the brink of bankruptcy could do was to declare war on the U.S., be defeated and have the U.S. pour tons of money into it.

    So they got a little boat and armed with longbows, rowed up the Potomac to Washington to invade the U.S. The only problem was; when they got there, a nuclear drill was going on and nobody was in sight to surrender to. Through a series of flukes, they managed to get their hands on ‘The Bomb’ and win their ‘War’.

    NOW, who had to pony up foreign aid to whom? You can only imagine the machinations that went on after that on both sides.

    Does this have a familiar ring to it? Does it sound anything like that silly little twerp, What’s-his-name, the ‘leader’ of North Korea? Who says that history doesn’t repeat itself, either in fiction or in real life?


    Auntie Jean

  65. Honolulu Sally
    I just saw your recipe for grilled shrimp. But then I lost interest when I saw that the vodka and whiskey were for the sauce.
    Speed reading can be so confusing.

  66. Craig:
    I just looked back at your post on June 8, 2009
    at 3:15 PM and it occurred to me that there are probably many, many individual stories that are more interesting than mine. All that is needed is a little encouragement and an opportunity to have them heard.
    For a long time I’ve been thinking about setting up a blog that would do that and given the blog technology that is now available, it is certainly doable.
    I have a theme for it but I’ll have to give it some more thought.
    Just look at the unique following that Margaret and Helen have. They are certainly an inspiration.

  67. Jean:
    I’ve used trip insurance before on overseas trips and stuff like that. This loss was on local tours in Montreal so insurance coverage would have been almost as much as the cost of the tours.
    Actually, we don’t travel much anymore because of my wife’s medical condition that keeps us close to home. Now we go to places we can drive to.
    I had bypass surgery about ten years ago so I try not to sweat the small stuff anymore. And my wife keeps me grounded as well.

  68. On the bright side, Honolulu Sally, when I went to Montreal, I gained about 5 pounds in three days, thanks to overdosing on pastry. Sorry you did not get to go, it is a lovely city. Hope you do go sometime soon and sorry you had to lose your money.

    James, I hope you get better soon.

    jsri, it is because of people like you that hope is never lost. Enjoyed your post.

  69. Welcome back Bruddah James! Hope your eyes get better everyday!

    Gang, wouldn’t you know it but we got our passports today. Oh well, we will check out the Eastern part (NH to Maine) of the USA instead, looking forward to cool clean crisp beauty.

    And, since I’ll be gone from Friday, please allow me to share the BEST grilled shrimp recipe ever. It really is best to grill – not fry or it is horrible:

    GARLIC MAYO SHRIMP (adjust recipe as needed for quantity of shrimp)

    20 lbs of shelled, deveined jumbo shrimp (wipe off excess moisture)
    1 bottle mayonnaise (30 oz regular size jar)
    1 bottle oyster sauce (Chinese 12 oz jar)
    LOTS of chopped garlic (4-6 HEADS at least)
    1/4 cup whiskey
    1/4 cup vodka
    dash of cayenne pepper powder

    Mix ingredients together gently. Add shrimp to coat. Let marinate for a few hours or overnight in refrig.

    Grill on each side until golden brown (not burnt).

    Enjoy. and please report back if you tried it. Our worker made it for his girlfriend’s family and they insisted that he marry her after that. He did!

  70. My eye is still in a bad way, but it is slowly improving. I still spend too little time at computers to check what was written before, so maybe someone has already written what I am about to. I also had a nasty fall early yesterday morning because of my impaired eyesight. I am still in pain and in a vile mood.

    New Haven rejected the fire fighter exam because the test violated Title V11 the federal civil rights law that prevents bias in employment. Employers must consider the racial impact of hiring and promotion without intentional or inadvertant discrimination.

    The city hired experts to review the test, and they determined it to be race neutral. New Haven officials threw out the test in part because they feared lawsuits from black civil rights groups.

    Ricci’s claim is that the New Haven is violating his civil rights when the city tries to comply with the Title V11 law. It is race discrimination under the 14th Amendment and under Title V11 itself.

    An employer can discriminate unintentionally via a “disparate impact” by out screening a group for no good reason. Thus, New Haven claims the results illustrate unintended discrimination, and the rules of the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission would support their conclusion. The city was caught between a rock and a hard place. They denied white promotions as the easiest way out of a dillema.

    An agreement with a union that the test count as 60% of the promotion decision and also because a city charter rule required that every promotion go to one of the three top scoring candidates. These rules magnified the disparate racial impact because only one Hispanic and no black candidate was eligible for promotion, though several did pass the test.

    A writer described New Haven’s conduct a “cruel bait and switch” because they threw out the test after everyone had studied for it and because it produced unexpected results. The firefighters were cheated when the city changed the rules. Ricci is attacking the city for considering the racial impact of the decision but that is what disparate impact requires an employer to consider. Thus, a victory for Ricci would threaten one of our most important civil rights laws.

    Circuit Judge Sonia Sotomayor rejected fire fighter Ricci’s appeal, and many commentators have criticized her for voting against him. Some have even called her a racist. They all have missed the point.

    Sotomayor’s court had to weigh the rights of an aggrieved individual, against one of the foundations of United States civil rights legislation. Maybe that, not race compelled her decision. I think the fire fighters should prevail in a way that preserves the law.

    Sotomayor is a liberal judge who’s beliefs are compatible with Obama’s, and the President has a right to appoint such judges. I haven’t made up my mind about her confirmation, but she will be our next justice baring relatives finding Grandma hidden in the freezer.

    California did it to themselves, and the United States is following close behind.

    I’m leaving again, because my eye still hurts, but I will be back sometime

  71. Poolman, thanks for the heads up on James’ post. I went over to read it.

    James, I am so sorry to hear about your fall. Vision can cause a loss of balance. Good post and I hope you will repeat it over here.

    Is it just me or has anyone else noticed a change of tone from the commentators in this last post of M&H? It is always great to hear new comments and be directed to new information. For me that is what M&H is all about. However, the regulars who post here could take the comments from Helen to another level and still maintain the sense of community. If you look back through all the posts, there has always been a sense of humor, wit, and controversy and I hope we do not lose that.

    If you look back at the beginning, we all came together at Helen’s parlor for pie and coffee or tea or wine with a bit of satire thrown in as well as some wisdom not to mention Helen’s humor.

  72. Hi jsri,

    Butting in here. We learned the hard way about Trip Cancellation Insurance for our travels. It is a little pricy but well worth it. Especially at our age.

    We were on a cruise to the South China Sea once when a fellow passenger had a medical crisis. He had to be medivaced by helicopter to the tune of mega, mega,mega bucks. We live and learn.


    Auntie Jean

  73. Hey folks, FYI: James just posted on “Summer of Love” and I think it is more in line with this subject. His vision is still messing with him. I hope it gets better so he will be able to contribute.

  74. Honolulu Sally
    It never rains but it pours.
    Not only is the trip canceled but I got clipped for half the cost of the tours I had arranged on the Internet and had to cancel. That’ll teach me to wait until I’m in town before I start arranging tours.
    Not the first time I’ve had to cancel a trip but by far it is the most expensive one in terms of value received.
    Still living and learning I guess but I’m a little miffed by the slow response of the passport agency and their premium expedited service.

  75. craig, good one! Reminds me of stuff my teacher from Oklahoma would say – No bigger than a minute, Face so sour she could curdle milk, It doesn’t matter what other people are sayin’ about you behind your back, etc.

    jsri, BUMMER for you too! Maybe we can join Margaret II at the coffeehouse in Maine!

    Aloha to all,


  76. Tryptic:

    I still think my salvation came through education. It was the combination of people, new ideas and environment that exposed me to levels of thought that I never would have considered otherwise.

    As far as dad is concerned, don’t push too hard or else you’ll get a push back. Remember, his experiences are far different from yours and although much of it may seem like excess baggage to you, it is still part of him.
    I don’t necessarily agree with everything my son or grandsons do, but I don’t share all their experiences either.

    My grandsons think I’m mellow but they really don’t know that for sure.

  77. jsri,

    After reading your post I got to thinking that maybe there’s hope for my dad yet. Then I got to thinking about what might have helped you get to the place you’re at now, because length of years doesn’t automatically equate to measure of wisdom. Then I got to thinking that maybe self awareness had something to do with it. Then I got to thinking that if my first thought is about how far my pop has to go then maybe I lacked the self awareness to get there myself. Then I got to thinking that maybe there’s hope for me yet.

    Thanks for that.

  78. as well as jsri!

  79. ps HoneyJo:

    Standing Ovation!

  80. OH NO!
    HNL Sally: Our passports are lost somewhere in snail mail never-never land and we had to cancel our trip to Montreal for next week. What a bummer. Oh well, we’ll find something else to do, we always manage something.

    Jean: I guess society is maturing a bit but I’d bet a lot may be due to the current financial situation. Growing up during the depression we learned “Waste not, want not.” It still applies

    Craig: No apologies needed. Appreciated your comment.

    Clearthinking: Thanks. I apologize for making folks wade through so much verbiage to get my point. I’ll try to be more concise in the future.
    And I think I might be sticking around more because I like the intelligence level displayed in comments here.

  81. Today (courtesy of my friend Barb)

    Posting this in honor of a friend Caroline Welch, Joseph’s grand-niece I believe she was. Hope she had a chance to high-five him when she got to the other side.

    On June 9, 1954, Army counsel Joseph N. Welch confronted Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy during the Senate-Army Hearings over McCarthy’s attack on a member of Welch’s law firm, Frederick G. Fisher. Said Welch: “Have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?”

  82. Maine loves Margaret and Helen!!!! I have a group of people that meet every week at the local coffee shop to discuss Margaret & Helen’s latest posts. WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!

  83. God, I love you ladies!

  84. Sally, one of my favorite quotes from my grampa:

    He that has a big nose thinks everyone speaks of it.

  85. Whirled, your link from early this morning (5:17 am) about the 6/8/67 Loss of the USS Liberty was mind boggling. And very very sad.

    I hope those older officers and crewmen get their investigation. Pres. Johnson did something wrong. Almost smelled like 9-11 and Pearl Harbor. But that is just my radical thinking.

    jrsi, have a great time in Montreal – we would have been there at the same time had the timing been better for us! Please eat lots of bread and good food, and let us know. And congrats to you and the missus for a great long marriage!

  86. Hi jsri,

    Is’nt nice to be ‘mature’? Welcome to the Old Timers Club here. My husband and I celebrated our 56th anniversary in April. As I always say, we are starting to get the hang of this marriage thing.

    Yep, the ‘youth cluture’ gets a little wearing at times but we fine our own way, especially with books. And of course, aches and pains too. However, we earned every one of ‘em. And it takes all these years to gain the experience to look at the world from a l-o-n-g perspective, doesn’t it.

    I do think society is starting to grow up a little tho, don’t you?


    Auntie Jean

  87. Clearthinking,

    YES! It is great when new or occasional posters come in and share their own stories. I enjoy them as much as the regular parlor talk folks.

    Like someone who comes to the party with a fresh case of beer and pupus as we are running out of beverages and snacks.

    We all contribute, it’s a great place to be! I don’t know if there are other places like this, but I am hooked, and I really need to get other things done (like clean my house, make dinner and water the grass after work).

  88. jsri – I come here for Helen and Margaret. I stick around hoping someone like you shows up.


  89. I want to thank all who commented on my post. Isn’t it amazing how age and experience have a way of broadening ones perspective, filtering the bad and emphasizing the good. Yet in a way age can be depressing too because all that experience gets lost in the rah rah of our youth culture. Also the aches and pains don’t help much either.

    Anonymous, sorry you’re not going to Montreal. It’s been years since we were last there and next week my wife and I will be spending four days there as we celebrate moving into our 57th year together.

    HoneyJo, you are a fine writer and I have sent this blog address to a few of my less than liberal friends. It’ll be interesting to see their reactions.

  90. Hi Sally,

    Bummer. Oh well, maybe next time. Still if you never have been to New England, there is certainly plenty to do and see! Lovely GREEN contryside like Hawaii. Not like much of barren dry California.

    The one thing that amazed me the first time I went to New England was that you can cross six states in one day! Coming from Colorado, that was quite a revelation. My husband is from northern New Hampshire. The White Mountains and also the Green Mountains of Vermont are lovely. (For me, they were just little bumps compared to the Rocky Mountains of my home state. That’s an on going dispute between my husband and me for 56 years!)

    Anyway, have a wonderful time wherever you go.


    Auntie Jean

    P.S. I knew right away ‘Anonymous’ was you.

  91. Hi gang, jsri and OceanGypsie,

    Along with HoneyJoRumple’s stories, both of yours were also so very touching. They illustrate the humanity that each of us has within us if we will only take the time to THINK once in a while about how lucky we are to be members of the HUMAN RACE.

    More stories like these might, just might, turn a few people’s thoughts and hearts around. (Well, maybe not UAW’s.) But I think to have empathy and to be kind, is to happy!



  92. Posted without entering name prior. “Anonymous” was me.

    craig, one of my favorite quotes from the Dalai Lama:

    Be nice whenever possible. It is always possible.

  93. I shouldn’t have used jsri’s post to make a point about how I perceive the usual fare of comments. In doing so I have done his post a disservice. My apologies, jsri.

  94. jsri, Amen brother.

    Imaginista, thanks!

  95. HoneyJo, I am humbled by your eloquence and grace. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    I was going to tell you not to let those who wouldn’t be able to catch your drift with the broadside of a barn get you down, but I really think you’ve got the transcendence thing down.

  96. jsri and OceanGypsi,

    I did enjoy both your posts.

    jsri, your story gave me goosebumps and although hair-raising, glad it happened to you for you are now a better person for it.

    OceanGypsi, sorry you had to leave Hawaii, but Arkansas has very nice people too. Hawaii isn’t perfect but it is a great place to raise kids. Your hapa daughter must be beautiful. re: your comment about Obama just acknowledging his father’s African side, I disagree about being disappointed. I don’t really care since his grandmother and mother’s upbringing is what most influences his core values. He may look black but he doesn’t act black or white. He is hapa.

    To jrsi and craig, I am sorry, as a regular on this site that sometimes our comments seem like we are empty barrels. To each their own, and I kind of like the other barrels. It’s like being at a party and there are some groups with more interesting conversations and you are having your ear filled by someone not as lively, but yet, we are connecting. And I might find out that she/he knows something fascinating or funny, and then another may join us or we might disperse and find another group to listen in or join in.

    So, being a comfortable empty barrel, I’d like to leave a note to Jean and Werner that my hubby and I won’t be going to Montreal after all. It would take hours to and from either driving or by bus, and our passport card still hasn’t arrived. We’ll instead have 3 days (instead of 1 1/2 in Montreal) to dally around NH, Vermont and Maine. Maybe hubby can fish, that will make him very happy. I can check out local fiber guilds and small stores.

    Thanks for all the suggestions. My biggest regret about not going to Montreal is the food and bread! Oh well, maybe one day – Paris!

  97. Separate (yet cosmically intertwined) points.

    I am haole. My daughter is Hapa (Hawaiian term for racially mixed). We are from the South. I moved my daughter and I to Honolulu so that she would have a more culturally diverse environment. I also wanted her exposed to the “global mentality” that we do not find in the South. Sadly, we had to return to Arkansas as my mother was diagnosed with a serious condition and told to get her affairs in order. That being said….

    I am all too aware of how OWM and women think and act. I am a very poised, classy, and educated woman. But, do not think for a minute that this lioness does not RRROAAAARRRR when her cub is being treated unfairly merely because she doesn’t have blond hair and blue eyes. Yet in all fairness, President Obama has disappointmented from the beginning. I voted for him and stand behind him. However, he is Hapa. He is a beautiful mix of different cultures. He is neither Caucasian nor African-American. He is neither because he is BOTH. And, SHOULD BE the unofficial spokesperson to the world that Multi-Racial is now an ethnic group that must be recognized. Sadly, he claims one over the other.

    I am raising my naturally sunkissed daughter with her beautiful, curly tundrels and her big, twinkling, full of wonder, brown eyes to be proud of both of her cultures. I will be as saddened if she claims my culture (Cherokee, Italian, Irish, and English) over her fathers (Trinidadian) or vice versa. She and President Obama are the face of America. It is no longer the European-looking Jesus on the cross with forlorn, blue eyes. This is 2009, people!!!!

    My other point is this: Aren’t the arguments against Sotomayor (tailored to fit her ethnicity, of course) the same rhetoric that we heard when Sandra Day O’Connor and Thurgood Marshall were appointed? There is nothing new in their arguments. It was the same yesterday. It is the same today. And, it will be the same tomorrow. ~yawn~ Right-wingers bore me so!!

    God speed to our soldiers!

  98. jsri, I was moved by your post and wish that there were more stories on point shared here like yours. I too am turned off by the daily diary of irrelevencies and one-upsmanship that goes on but yours and Honey Jo’s posting on this latest M&H topic were worth wading through the dreck.

    “I always strove not to be an empty barrel.”

    Your efforts paid off. Well done.

  99. Hey Pigs. Your precious Obama said he was going to end the war in Iraq. What happened? PIGS!!!!

  100. Although I check in occasionally, I am not a habitual commentator on this blog. I hesitate mostly because once I get past the posts of Margaret and Helen and into the comments I get turned off by the repeaters who take over with irrelevancies and arguments that too often miss the point.
    My mother had an expression, “Empty barrels make the most noise” and I always strove not to be an empty barrel. But after reading HoneyJo’s comments I felt an urge to participate.
    I am probably slightly older than Margaret and Helen. I was born during the Hoover administration and grew up during the Depression in a New England textile town where every mill recruited its workers from a different European country. Each owner recruited that way to prevent rival mill owners from poaching the workers he had brought in.
    The result was a town made up of a series of ethnic enclaves and by the time I was in the first grade, I knew every nasty ethnic pejorative that existed and how to use them for maximum effect. But I was also infuriated whenever someone turned one against me. Those most commonly used were against Blacks and Chinese. Yet when I went to a Catholic HS, I was one of the few non-Irish students and often had to defend myself verbally as well as physically against the teachers as well as other students and I didn’t like it one damned bit.
    Just after the end of WWII, I was still in the Navy and was working on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier where I came within inches of dying in what could have been a particularly gruesome and spectacular way. I had almost gone through the propellor of an F8F fighter plane doing a magneto check. But a fellow sailor grabbed me and pulled me out of danger, by putting himself in harms way to do it. Imagine my surprise when I found out that my savior was one of only two black seamen in our division. Though I didn’t even know his name, he had unselfishly put himself in jeopardy to pull me out of the way. It was that singular event that began my thinking about the unfairness of my own biases and prejudices.
    What was even more revealing was the way an enormous weight of anger and hatred was lifted off my shoulders as I began to see things more broadly. After the service I went through college and grad school and drifted into teaching, where I came into contact with people from countries and backgrounds that I hardly knew existed. It soon came to the point where ethnicity took a back seat to our common interests and our education and now when I look at President Obama, I don’t see his ethnicity. I see him only as our president.

  101. We’re not short, we’re concentrated.

  102. Jean loved your post abut the retired husband. I divorced mine before he reached his age. I uysed to say that the day he retired I wou ld ge t a 24 hour day job!
    HoneyJo I hope to see Sotamayor onto the Supreme Court.
    If I s tarted on my soapbox about old WM I would be writing for several hours!

  103. There was a lot of discussion this weekend for me to catch up on. Interesting discussion. Someone commented on a comment I made last week that implied white men complaining of discrimination were like spoiled children. The comment was something about the founding fathers being white men. Well, at that time the dominence of white men was completely unchallenged. Women and minorities rarely if ever were educated at a college level. If they were it was likely a self taught endevor. They would never have been allowed a position of authority. I might add, those same white males would not consider themselves guilty of discriminating against women and minorities. They probably felt it was their duty to govern and protect those -lessor- people. This is not to say they were bad men.

    I would say that most people who have spent time on a Federal bench have written enough opinions for the open-minded to gain a firm opinion of how they view -the law-. I am comfortable with Sotomayor’s opinions that she strongly considers existing laws in her decisions. I was a lot more worried with the appointment of our now Chief Justice, who had spent NO time on a federal bench. How could we determine his view on the law? Yet he was confirmed with little debate. We can say with certainty that a woman with no federal bench time was not confirmed; Miers, although that seemed like a throw away appointment from the start. (Insulting to everyone involved actually.)

  104. Never forget 6/8/67:

    Loss of USS Liberty

    A national disgrace!

    Lots more HERE.


  105. maybe: http://mason.gmu.edu/~lsmithg/deathfugue.html

  106. or: http://www.blackmilk.tv/

  107. Curtis Cross, (born August 14,1983) better known as Black Milk, is a hip hop producer and MC from Detroit, Michigan.

  108. “Yes I can. But that doesn’t make me qualified for the SCOTUS. ”

    Of course it doesn’t. But as you say, it contributes to how you interpret the law and may cause you to see something in the letter of the law that someone from another kind of background missed.

    “It has been my experience that ethnicity in no way automatically guarantees diversity in anything other than color.”

    Absolutely not. As you go on to say, Clarence Thomas is proof of that. He was a poor pick all the way around. Not only do I believe he was guilty in the whole Anita Hill thing and never should have been confirmed, but I’ve read a few of his decisions and I thought he showed a distressing lack of understanding of the law.

    “but more so, I would like to have a SCOTUS that truly conducts itself in a manner that is nonpartisan – ”

    LOL Ah, I suppose we can dream…

    “I have no problem with the idea that a Justice brings personal experiences, mindset, etc with them to bear on their rulings – I simply don’t want that to be the primary influence on their rulings.”

    Nor do I, but if my life or livelihood were somehow on the line in a Supreme Court case, I would rest much easier if there were a Sotomayor on the bench than I would if it were nothing but a court of Scalias. I truly do not believe I would get a fair appearance before the court in the latter scenario. And everyone deserves a fair appearance before the Supreme Court, above anything else, fair.

  109. “Yes I can…A long time ago I tried college and ended up quitting because I wasn’t allowed outside after a certain time(had a job on campus till 1:00AM)…..that and buying a carton of “what’s the matter with black milk” got me more than my share of bloody lips and black eyes…
    Are you(and Sotomayor) telling me that wasn’t discrimination….”

    This example isn’t really clear. You were not “allowed” to leave until 1am because you were white? And there was a group of black men who beat you up on a regular basis, all the time or just when you bought milk? Yes, this would be racism, but how institutionalized, how ingrained and how detrimental, and how effective it was at stopping you from achieving what you wanted and needed to achieve, thereby being the kind of discrimination we are really talking about, you have yet to clarify.

    “What about the New Haven firefighters????”

    I cannot comment on this case, as I would have to read the actual test that was originally administered to the firefighters. There have been other lawsuits regarding standardized testing being skewed against a particular cultural or racial group. It is possible, make no mistake. If the test really was not skewed at all in any way, then yes, Sotomayor’s ruling was off. If the questions were skewed, or had anything at all to do with things that someone who grew up in the projects would not have been exposed to culturally, then her ruling was correct. I would have to see the test questions.

    ” “will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character”
    Repeat that a couple of times and then explain how reverse discrimination is OK….”

    I never said reverse discrimination is ok. You decided to read that into my posts. I am simply saying Sotomayor is not quilty of it. If you think Sotomayor’s actions and words are racist, then despite your “black milk”experiences, you still have no real concept of what racism is. You still think like a white man. There is nothing wrong with that per se, but there are other kinds of people besides white men that will be bringing cases in front of the Supreme Court. These people who are not white men will benefit from a more comprehensive jurisprudence if not every judge on the court thinks like a white man. Thsi may come as a shock to you UAW, but white men do not have the lock on reason, right and wrong, fairness and justice. Your view is not the only view, and it is not the only view with merit.

  110. Newt would mop the floor with you JJ. You talk like a teenage girl taking her first poli sci course.

  111. If these anti-arbortion advocates would put as much energy in educating our youth and talking about sex and the like, we may be able to reduce the abortions that are performed. I do not advocate abortion as a form of birth control, but as JuneauJoe has stated, they are certainly necessary in some instances. And to think, some will call that girl a murderer. God help us!

  112. I might add that I supported her late term abortion decision. When it all came out, the little girl was devastated. She felt she was at fault and would not tell anyone.

    She moved away to get a fresh start.

    I hope our new Supreme Court Justice will give women the option of choice.

    12 ANGRY MEN: I think Republicans (and Democrats) need to read or see the movie 12 Angry Men before they choose a Supreme Court Justice.

  113. Jean,

    Maybe that is why I am divorced? (I don’t golf so the golf club option was out.)

    Poolman: The Republicans are brain dead. Newt, go back in your hole and take Bohner and Palin with you.

    Another Rant: Late Term Abortion: I taught a 15 year old girl who always wore BIG clothes and she was a little thing. On a 80 degree day, wearing a big coat, the counselor and I talked her into taking her coat off. She was pregnant. Child Services was called and she was taken out of the home.

    She was over 6 months along. Her dad had a bar and after drinking, the guys would have their way with her. Her father and two others ended up in prison. She had a late term abortion.

    There are some sad realities out there folks.

  114. Jean, here’s to golf club chairs!!!

    ThymeCher, thanks for the link to Paul Hawkin’s commencement address: http://www.charityfocus.org/blog/view.php?id=2077


  115. Jean, LMAO, that’s priceless!

  116. Newt is such a tool. I’m embarrassed to be a white male today. These are our leaders?


  117. Hi gang,

    This puts a lot of our recent debate in perspective:


    It is important for men to remember that, as women grow older, it becomes harder for them to maintain the same quality of housekeeping as when they were younger. When you notice this, try not to yell at them. Some are oversensitive, and there’s nothing worse than an oversensitive woman.

    My name is Mike. Let me relate how I handled the situation with my wife, Debbie. When I retired a few years ago, it became necessary for Debbie to get a full-time job along with her part-time job, both for extra income and for the health benefits that we needed. Shortly after she started working, I noticed she was beginning to show her age. I usually get home from the golf club about the same time she gets home from work.

    Although she knows how hungry I am, she almost always says she has to rest for half an hour or so before she starts dinner. I don’t yell at her. Instead, I tell her to take her time and just wake me when she gets dinner on the table. I generally have lunch in the Men’s Grill at the club so eating out is not reasonable. I’m ready for some
    home-cooked grub when I hit that door.

    She used to do the dishes as soon as we finished eating. But now it’s not unusual for them to sit on the table for several hours after dinner.

    I do what I can by diplomatically reminding her several times each evening that they won’t clean themselves. I know she really appreciates this, as it does seem to motivate her to get them done before she goes to bed.

    Another symptom of aging is complaining, I think.
    For example she will say that it is difficult for
    her to find time to pay the monthly bills during her lunch hour. But, boys, we take ‘em for better or worse, so I just smile and offer encouragement. I tell her to stretch it out over two or even three days. That way she won’t have
    to rush so much. I also remind her that missing lunch completely now and then wouldn’t hurt her any (if you know what I mean). I like to think tact is one of my strong points.

    When doing simple jobs, she seems to think she needs more rest periods. She has to take a break when she is only half-finished mowing the yard. I try not to make a scene. I’m a fair man. I tell her to fix herself a nice, big, cold glass of freshly squeezed lemonade and just sit for awhile.. And, as long as she is making one for herself, she
    may as well make one for me too.

    I know that I probably look like a saint in the way I support Debbie. I’m not saying that showing this much consideration is easy. Many men will find it difficult. Some will find it impossible! Nobody knows better than I do how frustrating women get as they get older. However, guys, even if you just use a little more tact and less criticism of your aging wife because of this article, I will consider
    that writing it was well worthwhile. After all, we are put on this earth to help each other.




    Mike died suddenly on May 7 of a perforated rectum. The police report says he was found with a Calloway extra-long 50-inch Big Bertha Driver II golf club jammed up his rear end, with barely 5 inches of grip showing, and a sledge hammer laying nearby.

    His wife Debbie was arrested and charged with murder. The all-woman jury took only 10
    minutes to find her Not Guilty, accepting her defense that Mike, somehow without looking, accidentally sat down on his golf club.



  118. First time poster, and I’ve just recently found this blog, but I had to write and say how much I love it.

    Oh, and Pat Buchanan IS an idiot…my only wonder is why MSNBC has him on all the time. Speaking of that, why does Chris Matthews have that indicted felon Tom Delay on so much…the guy needs to be in prison!!

  119. Ahhh yes finally outed – I am a tall willowy blonde born with a platinum and diamond spoon in my mouth, have my own personal trainer, live a chic and glorious life blah blah blah. whatever

  120. Dear Auburn: Of COURSE we are a minority! The world was made for giants and I object violently and often. GreyDog – we might not fit the handicapped section but we ARE handicapped, and if YOU were short, you would realize it. I bet YOU are a giant.

    My husband laughs at me, but is my “height” when needed.

    Sympathy is desired. Short people of the world, unite! We need our rights respected!

    And, Helen and Margaret – YOU are jewels in this world of madness. Keep up the good work and live to be 150!!

  121. Grandma Katie: Finished School Friday. I will get on a ferry and take the inland passage to Canada and then drive to Seattle and then Portland. I am hoping to see whales. It is a 2 day ferry trip that I am taking.

    I am officially on vacation. I just cleaned out the apartment and got food loaded, along with some Alaskan beer for my OR, WA, NV friends and relatives.

    I will be offline for a while actually. I am bouncing around a lot this summer. I will check in when I can.

  122. Auburn, depends on your height. If you’re an adult (18 or older) and shorter than 4’11, you would qualify as handicapped and could argue your rights under ADA compliance regulations. Otherwise, do what the rest of us “short”-times do, use a stool. (altho I prefer a stepladder)

  123. I am short. Does that make me part of a minority? If so, I want my rights protected! I want recognition! Things that are designed for average or tall people are very high for me to reach. I have to use the stool to get dishes from the top shelf. Of course, this issue is way more vital than the economy and US international respect.

  124. And these WM Trols if they don’t like M&H and the coments, please gp away and stop messing up the parlor.

  125. Juneau Joe Finished with school? Glad to see you back.
    GreytDog ,and Uncomonsense thanks for the posts RE: Sotomayor.
    I was raised to treat everyone with respect. Predudice in the early 1900′s was common, so it was with horror in the 70′s to discover that my parents were predudiced!! One of my daughters married another race. She and her father didn’t speak for 5 years because of it. Once my parents go to know their grandchildren and their father, they would have loved them.

  126. I am guaranteed out-loud laughs when I come to your blog. You two are amazing! Always telling the truth and making us smile while you do it. THANK YOU!!!

  127. Last week, Paul Hawken was presented with an honorary doctorate of humane letters by University of Portland, when he delivered this superb commencement address.

    Paul Hawken is a friend of CharityFocus, renowned entrepreneur, visionary environmental activist, founder of Wiser Earth and author of many books — most recently Blessed Unrest.

    Commencement Address to the Class of 2009
    University of Portland, May 3rd, 2009


  128. Potty mouth, I don’t know how long you have been reading this site, but I find it fascinating, if I knew a anthropology student seeking a subject for their master’s thesis I would definitely say, check this out. As I see it, Margaret and Helen know each other like the back of their own hand, maybe better, we are simply allowed a peek into their relationship and sense of humor. From that, some us project a lot more into the fact that they blog, then they perhaps meant in the first place. Some here would have them working fulltime to straighten out the country. Others, I am almost certain, don’t even bother to read their clever posts; they are in such a hurry to get to their own agenda. Whatever. If you read back through all the comments, you’ll notice, each time a new male posts, they challenge the resident males, who then sniff and snort, piss and stomp, like bucks, during the rut, protecting the harem. It is interactions like this that make this blog so unique, and Helen and Margaret are, it goes without saying, sensational humorists

  129. Rather than placing our assumptions on Sotomayor, I feel we should listen to her:
    “Each day on the bench I learn something new about the judicial process and about being a professional latina woman in a world that sometimes looks at me with suspicion. I am reminded each day that I render decisions that affect people concretely and that I owe them constant and complete vigilance in checking my assumptions, presumptions and perspectives and ensuring that to the extent that my limited abilities and capabilities permit me, that I reevaluate them and change as circumstances and cases before me requires. I can and do aspire to be greater than the sum total of my experiences. ”
    Judge Sonia Sotomayor, October 27, 2001, Berkeley Law

    IMO: as a multiracial female, but importantly, as someone who respects and upholds the Constitution of the United States, the sentiments expressed above by Judge Sotomayor are exactly what I believe are necessary for ensuring equal justice for all.

  130. Folks, I am a white guy. I am retired, like UAW.

    As a teacher, I have been able to see the blatant discrimination of minorities. It happens all the time.

    In Alaska, a land originally settled by Minorities. We, the whites, have disrupted their lifestyle and they are strangled by the laws of whites. Oil and mining takes precendence over subsistence living. It is 40 below zero in the villages and the oil comes from their land but they must pay $8.00 a gallon for heating oil. Fishing: The villages live off the land and fish or die. The white man has upped the ‘by catch’ which allows trollers to take more salmon to make McDonald’s fish burgers and then tell the natives they get 1/4 of the fish needed to survive. White man rules.

    Women: Why do women have to pay full price for birth control and men get viagra at reduced rates?
    White Man rules. (I saw this in practice.)

    Invisible man: a discussion is open to all, even arrogant folks like me.

    By the way, I did live in a village and the real Alaska can be seen there.

    Women need a voice and minorities need a voice.

    Sotomayor for the Supreme Court!

  131. “Buchanan and Repubs seem to want the white guy mentality only in closed door sessions. WE NEED DIVERSE OPINIONS ON THE SUPREME COURT”

    Having observed the conversation so far, it seems to me, IMO, that the opinions being expressed are starting to fall into a very awkward realm. Honey Jo asked: “ther injury or insult from having been beaten because the white kids didn’t think I belonged in their neighborhood, wasn’t good enough to be in their neighborhood simply because of my skin color. Can YOU say THAT?” MY answer: Yes I can. But that doesn’t make me qualified for the SCOTUS. What it does mean, to me, that those experiences have helped define me as a person as well as helped shaped my mindset/outlook. I would hope that the justices sitting on the bench would have the ability to empathize with the very human component while applying and interpreting both the word & the intent of the law. Constitutional law is a very different beast from criminal law, corporate law, etc. Constitutional law does require, IMO, the ability to empathetically extrapolate as well as logically delineate the facts as well as the outcome. It has been my experience that ethnicity in no way automatically guarantees diversity in anything other than color. I personally would like to see an ethnically & gender diverse court, – but more so, I would like to have a SCOTUS that truly conducts itself in a manner that is nonpartisan – that solely considers the merits of each case as it relates to the Constitution of the United States and to both the letter and the intent of the law. After all, as the selection of Clarence Thomas proves, ethnicity, affirmative action, and growing up in a prejudicial society do not necessarily equate to empathy for others who face the same obstacles towards achievement. I have no problem with the idea that a Justice brings personal experiences, mindset, etc with them to bear on their rulings – I simply don’t want that to be the primary influence on their rulings.
    As for UAW continually bringing up the New Haven firefighters case, I have reservations about the ruling – not so much Sotomayor’s work but rather that she seemed to have no real judicial opinion and I find that to be rather interesting in a “wonder why?” way – but more from an HR point of view rather than an EEOC p.o.v. – in any case, I think Jonathan Turley, a renowned Constitutional Law scholar and professor, provides a good overview of some of the cases and his reasonings seem sound http://tinyurl.com/r4ptlq

  132. UAW
    Okay, I’ll bite what is “what’s the matter with black milk”?

  133. Joe, it’s a decent discussion they’re having. Why don’t you close your yap and let the rest of us listen even if you don’t want to. Talk about arrogant.

  134. UAW: You sure are arrogant.

    HoneyJoRumples makes good points and your come back is an insult.

    We need diverse ideas presented on the Supreme Court when the Justices go into closed session to discuss the law and how the law relates to the case they just heard in court. Buchanan and Repubs seem to want the white guy mentality only in closed door sessions. WE NEED DIVERSE OPINIONS ON THE SUPREME COURT and your drivel proves it.

    HoneyJoRumples: Thank You for a very important and needed look at the Sotomayor situation.

    Sotomayer for Supreme Court!

  135. HoneyJoRumples….
    “My point was, I came home from school at least once a week with a bloody nose, a split bleeding lip, a goose egg on my head the size of a golf ball, a thick, yellow, dripping loogie on my back, or some other injury or insult from having been beaten because the white kids didn’t think I belonged in their neighborhood, wasn’t good enough to be in their neighborhood simply because of my skin color. Can YOU say THAT?”
    Yes I can…A long time ago I tried college and ended up quitting because I wasn’t allowed outside after a certain time(had a job on campus till 1:00AM)…..that and buying a carton of “what’s the matter with black milk” got me more than my share of bloody lips and black eyes…
    Are you(and Sotomayor) telling me that wasn’t discrimination….
    What about the New Haven firefighters????

    “will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character”
    Repeat that a couple of times and then explain how reverse discrimination is OK….

  136. “I am sure the Hispanic women who cleaned their houses today are having a good laugh… or a good cry.”

    “The appointment of ‘Maria’ Sotomayor for the Supreme Court is the clearest indication yet that President Obama’s campaign promises to be a centrist and think in a bipartisan way were mere rhetoric.” – Mike Huckabee


    yeah, think?

  137. Honey Jo, your June 5th post should be printed in every newspaper and posted on most blogs. It’s stunning, and I’m passing it along to my “circle.” (Actually more like a multi-pointed star, I guess, since many of my acquaintances don’t know each other.)

    If anyone wants to take a music-break here, check out this simple but pointed cartoon for Todd Snider’s ‘Conservative Christian Right-Wing Republican Straight While American Males:’

    …and then check out his song that takes Guthrie’s thoughts a littler further — ‘This Land Is OUR Land:’

  138. My Son’s Father,

    I am surprised with your selection and good for you! I do believe you made your decision based on the best qualified. I wish we all had that ability to look beyond the cover to the core. Bravo! I respect you for that.

    Robert Bork, unfortunately would not stand a chance. After he was publicly crucified by the left, his name still raises a sour note. Additionally, his age would be a factor. Though I feel he is a very qualified contender, he is perceived as leaning to the right. The pendulum is not swinging in his favor at this time in history. Although he and Sonia are both Catholics, so are Ted Kennedy and Nancy Pelosi.

    I hope you continue to stop by to visit from time to time. I feel your perspective would be well appreciated and keep the discussion lively.

  139. Hi gang and Potty Mouth,

    Make no mistake, there are serious underlying themes to Helen and Margaret’s posts even though they are presented with lighthearted humor. That’s the beauty of it. We all have different styles, including you, Potty Mouth.

    I would like to speak to another insidious kind of discrimination that is some respects is more cruel than any other. It is rendering an individual or any group of individuals invisible. To completely ignore them as if they did not exist is beyond the pale, I think.

    I like people. I always have. When I am out and about, I like to make eye contact and smile at people, especially little kids and babies. Little kids are short and go around looking at other peoples knees most of the time. They LOVE it when someone actually looks them in the eye and smiles!

    I know, I know. We are carefully taught to never talk to strangers, that is not polite to stare and such. There is some validity to that of course. (And heaven forbid, if a girl is out there ‘giving the eye’, FLIRTING!!!) But an excess tends to isolate people from other people. How can you get to know and understand people if you won’t have anything to do with them?

    Certainly a harmless white haired old lady can’t be much of a threat if she smiles at you, can she? Occasionally, someone returns my smile with a scowl, but usually, it is returned with an appreciative nod. I think it is important to acknowledge one another’s existence.

    Not long ago I was shopping in Wal-Mart. Down one of the long aisles was a young man in a wheelchair with a woman who was probably his mother. I noticed that most people averted their eyes and gave him a wide berth as they passed by. As I approached him, I realized that he was seriously deformed. He was probably in his early 20’s and was slumped dejectedly in the wheelchair.

    I managed to make eye contact with him and gave him a big smile. His eyes visibly brightened, he gave me a broad smile lifted his shoulders and seemed to sit up straighter in his chair. I had merely acknowledged his existence, nothing more.

    How long did it take for us to recognize and mandate by LAW that there was a need for handrails, close in parking spaces and facilities for the handicapped? Inside their bodies, they are people just like everybody else.

    So please, when you are out there, take an extra two seconds to make eye contact and smile at people. I think you may be surprised how good it makes you feel.


    Auntie Jean

  140. To the person who said that “White Christian males act like brats”
    Dont forget WHO wrote our laws that we are supposed to LIVE by; the white male.
    You sound like a real white-hating racist. Hoe sad and misfortunate for you,

  141. I came back!

    I hope, Poolman, you do come back to read this. I will reveal my choice in candidates.

    I have selected a very nice lady from El Salvador for my HR position. Bottom line for me: She knows her stuff, has a master’s degree in HRM, and she understands that her job is to make sure people are hearing each other. If she is called to make a judgment in a situation, I am convinced she will hear the facts and base her opinion on facts, not empathy.

    Re: Sotomayor alternatives, I will name one that would be better than her: Robert Bork. But…it is the prerogative of the executive branch to nominate an individual of their own ilk. C’est la vie.

    I just pray that we find Sotomayor to be a closet pro-lifer. Maybe then we would see a change I can believe in.

  142. You regulars need to just take a chill pill. What a downer to have such serious pontificating on a site so heavily influenced by humor.

  143. Rush supports Sotomayor…


  144. gotcha….glad we can debate respectfully and clarify when necessary. We do have our differences, but more often than not, we are on the same page…as I think we are on both issues here.

  145. And to that end:


  146. Sherri,

    I guess we both misunderstood each other.

    You said: “I don’t believe prejudiced/intolerant/discriminatory thoughts and actions are at all instilled by nature…”

    I read into that you meant we started with a clean and pure slate. And that is where I would disagree.

    And then you misunderstood when I said that “the educators, leaders, and public voices needed to be more critical of themselves”, because they carry more weight than those of us on the sidelines.

    They have influence over a greater number of people, because they have a bigger audience and are heard or seen by more people. We entrust them with our youth and they are in positions to represent us and be the role models. These are our teachers, Sunday school teachers, Day care workers, politicians, radio, and television talking heads (including Limbaugh). Even our Hollywood celebrities would fall in this category.

    My point is if I screw up the lives of my 2 kids, that’s very bad and I will answer for it. But if I am a Hitler or O’Reilly, I can screw the lives of millions. They will have to answer for more.

    I did not relinquish any responsibility for each of us individually. No, not at all. I believe as I have said before that we need to fix ourselves first. Then we will have the ability to HELP others.

  147. HoneyJo, bravo! UAW, you have been trumped – more of a result of you firing before aiming. But that’s okay, we still like you and enjoy the aftermath of your stirring of the kettle with your pot.

    I do believe that hardship creates character. Well, it can either destroy (joining gangs, doing drugs, blaming the world) or it can give motivation and drive that the more privileged lack.

    This is not a blanket statement, for there are some born with wealth, status, and/or WASP that are outstanding compassionate people because they are appreciative, aware, and good people.

    I say this as a mother raising 4 kids in relatively good status and seeing how they are more fortunate than some in more depressed family situations.

    However, those fortunate circumstances can breed spoiled selfish rotten kids that turn into rich mean power mad draft dodging asshats.

    Although I would not wish hardship on anyone, it has been one of the greatest lessons in life for people like HoneyJoRumples, Barack Obama, and Judge Sotomayor. They are richer for their having to rise from their given situations.

    Most of our ancestors or parents have had to struggle and in their own way have succeeded in preserving a family line of which we all are their success stories.

    I’ll make up a Buddhism: It is sometimes the length and hardship of the journey that makes the destination all the sweeter.

    Namaste to all!

  148. Poolman, you make some good points; however, I never wrote that we are born innocent, so I don’t know what you’re disagreeing with. (I’m not saying that we’re NOT born innocent, either…just that you’re disagreeing with something you pulled out of thin air.)

    I do take deference to your comments that the words and actions of educators carry much more weight than “those on the sidelines.” It takes a village to raise a child and the voices and actions of every single person in the child’s life have equal importance. It’s so cowardly to blame all our problems on “the educators, leaders, and public voices.” It’s an easy way to shift and avoid responsibility and place blame. Who else is it that damns the teachers every chance possible? Oh, yeah, Rush Limbaugh…..like he’s doing anything effective with his “public voice.”

    And who, pray tell, gets lumped into the category of “public voices.” Anyone and everyone who steps up to the plate and tries to make a difference intheir community has a public voice…but I digress…the responsibility for inclusion, acceptance, and empathy belongs to all of us equally, not the few who seem to live more public eyes.

    Be the change you want to see in the world, Poolman….that would be a good start.

  149. You chicks crack me up, every single time!!! If shit was a drug, Pat would get his back surgically altered so that he could smell his own ass!!!

    Thus endeth the lesson!!

  150. Sherri,

    I agree that discrimination and prejudice are learned and we aren’t born with them. I don’t see any comments here that contradict that. But to believe we are born innocent, I will have to disagree.

    I believe since the fall of mankind (the bible’s account), that we inherit a “sin” nature. We can overcome that, and it is by choice that we do. But our tendencies and weaknesses are part of our genetics and play a major part in our life struggles.

    You’ve heard people say “a chip off the old block”; “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”. These, I believe, are based on truth. Some of us have to work much harder to seek the truth and render a more fair and unbiased judgement. But it is a choice on the part of each one of us. A willingness to hear different perspectives and weigh the evidence. Putting aside those pre-conceived notions and be willing to change our mind when the evidence presents itself in contrast to those beliefs.

    This is where I feel our educators, leaders, and public voices need to be more critical of themselves. Their words and actions carry much more weight than those of us on the sidelines. I feel many of the white males that are in these positions have hardened their hearts and will not even consider that they may be wrong.

    That is why we have seen so many fall. And I believe we will see more fall before it is all said and done.

  151. HoneyJoRumples, I believe you have explained the nomination of Judge Sotomayor like nobody else has done so far. I so empathize with your story. I definitely understood what Ms. Sotomayor was trying to say. The reactions her words provoked kind of illustrated her words more than anything. Her critics’ breath of experience is so narrow that they failed to understand her words. We do need more than white males on the Supreme Court, so that all points of view may be represented. My hats off to Helen and Margaret for inspiring a blog with people like you visiting. You really brought a whole lot to the discussion. Thank you.

  152. Cracker report. Twisting the truth and getting paid to do it, where else do we find the truth so loosely applied….


  153. To Republican Wingnuts – You are wrong on Gay Issues. Anchorage is debating a Gay ordinance and a wingnut pastor is afraid of men going into women’s restrooms. Typical crazy thoughts of a right winger.
    It is time to consider the real issues.


  154. Ladies I love your insight and wit. I look forward to each and every post. It was a great day for the blog world when you started presenting your thoughts and comments.

    Love ya–keep it up,

  155. Helen and Margaret,
    Another great post.

    Honey Jo,
    Well said! Thank you for sharing your story.

  156. Honey Jo, you’ve told your story in a most eloquent and endearing manner. Above the constant din of squatters and interlopers fighting for territory and the spotlight, you come on and grab the blog by the soul. So thank you.

    I don’t think I agree with some things you said, but that doesn’t matter. I just liked listening to you and hearing what you have to say. I did learn one very important thing about the SCOTUS issue from you, which I’ll take with me (again, thank you).

    Most of all I appreciate you for speaking from the heart and not just regurgitating ad hominem attacks and links to “proof” of “their” racism or evil or idiocy. Your timing was perfect, and your story was uplifting, even the parts that made my heart hurt. You’re beautiful :)

  157. HoneyJoRumples, you make your points eloquently and clearly. Thank you for helping us all glimpse life through your lens and broaden our own perspectives.

    On a separate note, much has been said on here about the fact that “we’re all born with prejudices and we all discriminate by nature.” I disagree…if you watch very young children at play, they play well with whomever is around them, regardless of skin color, ethnicity, gender, or socio-economic status. Sadly, by the time they enter school, children have often “caught” prejudices from their home environment. However, I have observed children/teens/young adults who seem to have absolutely no prejudices or discriminatory tendenceies whatsoever, so it can happen that humans can be raised NOT to harbor prejudices.

    I think at some point, we all (who do have prejudices instilled in us from our upbringing) realize our beliefs/actions/thoughts are prejudiced and discriminatory and we either do everything we can to check those tendencies and change, or we decide to continue those habits and instill them into our own offspring. I don’t believe prejudiced/intolerant/discriminatory thoughts and actions are at all instilled by nature, and I do believe we ALL have the ability to choose to be accepting, inclusive, empathetic, and thoughtful at all times and towards all people.

  158. President Obama’s
    Weekly Address 6/5/09


  159. HoneyJoRumples, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.
    Margaret, thanks for the belly laugh just when I needed one.
    Helen, hang in there. These whiners are making themselves the perfect examples of why things must change. Who knows, maybe even UAW will begin to understand.

  160. No, the Supreme Court doesn’t make law. It interprets what an unclear law might mean, sometimes overall and sometimes in an individual case, and determines the Constitutionality of said law.

    How could this not require perspective, and different perspectives, at that.?

    Whenever the consensus interpretations is an answer that someone doesn’t like, the cry goes up “They’re making law!”.

    No, this is their job.

  161. FYI: 06.05.09 — 4:49PM David Kurtz @ TPM
    Conservative Multiculturalism

    For its latest cover, National Review goes with an Asian caricature of the Hispanic Sonia Sotomayor over the title “The Wise Latina.”

    URL: http://tinyurl.com/m6ejq5

  162. 100% for Sotomayor! Diversity on the Supreme Court is needed.

    The Iraq Quagmire explained:


  163. HoneyJoRumples: what you said!

    All the way!

  164. Its been a while since I posted but that doesnt mean I dont visit. Thank you, once again for a great blog.

    I, for one, want the media to keep the microphone and cameras in front of Pat, Rush and the rest of the haters so we can re elect Obama. They are the gift that keeps on giving!

    Stay well, both of you, I mean it!

  165. It’s impossible to be human and not be prejudiced or biased in some fashion to some degree, which is precisely why we need a court with judges that represent a broad demographic. A balance. So that each one sees a little something the others may not. A court with only one black man, one woman, and the rest white men, is stacked, pure and simple. It’s ridiculous for the GOP to say that stating that fact is racism. It’s a ploy, a strategy that has nothing at all to do with reality or the truth. White male GOP whiners like Buchanan, Limbaugh and the like are not afraid the court will be unfair if Sotomayer gets appointed. They are afraid it will no longer be unfair in their favor.

  166. HoneyJoRumples, Bravo!
    Help us tear off those blinders!

    Unfortunately the eyes and ears of most won’t accept your insight because you, like the rest of us, carry that prejudice with your judgement.

  167. Oh, and p.s., UAW, before you accuse me of holding YOUR skin color against you as a white man, no I’m not. I have no problem at all with your skin color. I do not recoil at the thought of touching a white person. I would not be embarrassed to be seen in public holding hands with a white person. I do not see a white person and automatically assume they are stupid, unclean, cannot be smart, talented, or have any worthwhile gifts or believe they are innately inferior to me because of the way they were born. I make no judgment at all on your skin color. I made no judgment at all until you opened your mouth and proved that your realm of experience simply does not include certain things, and therefor doesn not enable you to fully understand certain issues. This is what Sotomayer was driving at when she said commented that she would be a better judge than a white man. Taken in context, her realm of experience allows her to see things you don’t, is all she was saying. And you have proved her correct. That, coupled with her record, her education and her achievements, make her a pretty impeachment-proof nominee, whom I would be very excited to see on the bench of the Supreme Court.

  168. “…..I’m getting sick and tired of hearing how hard everyone except a white person works….guess who worked the fields before 1920….it wasn’t Mexicans….at least not in Michigan…..
    And I’ve still got callouses from a hoe handle….can you say that”

    UWA – unfortunately you have missed the entire point of my post. My post was not about working hard at all. My father worked hard his whole lilfe and struggled and sacrificed so I would not have to. His main goal in life was that his kids would not have to be on welfare, and we weren’t. As I said, I grew up in a middle class, mostly white suburban neighborhood. My point was, I came home from school at least once a week with a bloody nose, a split bleeding lip, a goose egg on my head the size of a golf ball, a thick, yellow, dripping loogie on my back, or some other injury or insult from having been beaten because the white kids didn’t think I belonged in their neighborhood, wasn’t good enough to be in their neighborhood simply because of my skin color. Can YOU say THAT?

    But thank you for proving my point. As a white man, you are so incapable of understanding what it is to have the color of your skin, something that transcends how hard you work or don’t work, something that is appointed to you and something you have absolutely no power to change at all, held against you, that you didn’t even grasp the meaning of my post. We live in a diverse society, and a diverse supreme court, where as many factions of our society as possible can be represented, is important. Whereas you totally missed the meaning of my post and you totally missed what it is to be me, I’m sure Judge Sotomayer would have understood immediately. That can only be a good thing. If I had made a case out of my 7th grade history teacher who insisted on sitting me and the only black boy in school in the back corner of the class room, “according to height”, even though we were the two shortest kids in the class, I would much rather bring my case in front of someone who has the realm of experience and the capacity to understand such issues and what it means, rather than someone like you, who can’t even wrap your mind around the concept of the detriments and dangers of racism, and who is only capable of seeing things through the eyes and the experience of a white man.

    Jean – thank you very much.

  169. Someone came here and actually tried to make the case that white men are indeed discriminated against. Igues all those black CEOs won’t hire them. Now that just cracks my ass up. Maybe stupid white men… but then again stupid is as stupid does.. just reading some of these comments if proof of that.

  170. Jake. I am laughing my ass off. That was too funny and perfectly on point. Too bad it won’t make a bit of difference. His being full of himself and all…

  171. Hi gang,

    Let’s take a short break and continue my tour of Ladies’ Rooms around the world as well as another history lesson:

    ‘Mont-Saint-Michel’ is a marvel of medieval architecture perched on top of a really, really big rock off the coast of Normandy, France. Building began in 709 AD and continued off and on for over a thousand years.

    At high tide, the ocean waves lap at the walls of the granite ramparts and barbicans of the abbey. At low tide, salt water meadows, slimy sea-sand and quicksand surround the island. Over time all kinds of romantic stories have been woven about fugitives, both criminal and political, trying to race across western France to reach sanctuary at the Benedictine monastery. With determined authorities and baying hounds at their heels, the good guy made it. The bad guys were either swallowed up by the quicksand or in the jaws of the dogs. Just desserts.

    The dimensions of Mont-Saint-Michel are mind-boggling. The circumference of the island is less than 300 feet so the only way to build was up the steep slope of the pyramidal rock. The heavy-duty building began around 966 AD when Richard II brought in the Benedictine Monks. Besides building, their primary duties were the preservation and enhancement of knowledge in the ‘scriptorium’, laboriously hand copying and illuminating manuscript after manuscript. At any rate, the end result is a magnificent edifice of gigantic proportions, a labyrinth of steps and passageways. A person could be lost up there indefinitely without a guide.

    The monks must have anticipated the One Hundred Years War because they turned the base of ‘Mont-Saint-Michel’ into a fortress that withstood a number of sieges, one launched by the English that lasted for twenty years. Honest. After that the monks left for some reason. Louis XI already had kept some of his famous iron cages in the dungeons and so under Napoleon, ‘Mont-Saint-Michel’ became a prison, no longer exactly a haven for either criminal or political fugitives anymore.

    In 1863 Napoleon III abolished the prison, the monks returned to worship and work, and a one-hundred-year restoration began. A causeway was built from the mainland so that a train could bring pilgrims and visitors to ‘Mont-Saint-Michel’. Now cars and buses travel frequently to this unique site.

    During WWII the Free French used it to broadcast radio signals. They drove the Nazis nuts trying to track it down. It is such a huge labyrinth of stairways and secret passages that it was easy to keep moving the radio around. The Nazis never could find it.

    Upon arrival, where once there was a drawbridge, we went through the King’s Tower and Gate to the village ‘Grande-Rue’, the main street. We climbed up the winding, narrow cobblestone road past a tangle of houses, mostly restaurants and souvenir shops on the ground floors. From there we stepped centuries back in time to the Middle Ages as we began the ascent up stone steps to the abbey. Would you believe that within the cloister there is a beautiful garden up there; grass, flowers and trees. Red granite columns support the Gothic arches giving a light airy touch to the quiet retreat.

    Walking around the ramparts, from a breathtaking height we viewed the bay and the shores of Normandy only fourteen miles away. And then, out to the ocean, we could see forever.

    Descending the stairs back into the twentieth modern times, it became necessary for me to find a rest room. I stood in line only to find that a lady was collecting one ‘franc’ for the privilege of using the facilities. This was before the Euro. Now, in our travels I have found that trying to juggle different currencies is a bother. My husband is a whiz at it so he is in charge of the money. Fortunately, I found him in the crowd.
    I didn’t want to stand in that line again and my husband had noticed other rest rooms further down so we pressed on. The second set of rest rooms also had lines but the cost was ‘two francs’. I figured we had better stop there. No telling what the price would be on down if we pushed our luck to go further.

    One hundred twenty miles east of ‘Mont-Saint-Michel’ is a charming city, Paris. Everybody knows all the lovely things to see and do there. The Food, the ‘Louvre’, The ‘Arc de Triumphe’, The Food, The ‘Champs-Elysee’, The ‘Cathedrale de Notre Dame’, The Food and The ‘Eiffel Tower’ to name a few. Did I mention the food?

    My husband is fluent in French and I have a smattering from two years of college French and living with him all these years. (He speaks French in his sleep!) I smattered all over France and found the people falling all over themselves to be kind, friendly and helpful, from hotel desk clerks to taxicab drivers to waiters.

    A visit to the ‘Eiffel’ Tower turned out to be an adventure. We took the elevator from the west ‘pilon’ up to the top. Fortunately, they do have elevators there even though they are sort of clangy and absolutely jam-packed before they are allowed to ascend or descend. Once at the top there are 360 degrees of massive windows for panoramic vistas of the city. It was a perfect day and we spent quite a bit of time taking it all in.

    By this time I had learned to scout out where rest rooms were for future reference. The base of the west ‘pilon’ had them. However, without knowing it, we came down the elevator to the ‘east pilon’, which turned out to be roughly four city blocks diagonally from the ‘west pilon’. I sprinted across the vast area only to find that the rest rooms had a booth similar to that of a movie theater. ‘Five francs’! But the good news is that you get a receipt! Sprinting back, miraculously, I found my husband and extracted some ‘francs’ from him.

    Moving right along to the ‘Cote d’Azur’ and Monte Carlo. Technically not a part of France, French is the language spoken most frequently in Monte Carlo. The casino at Monte Carlo is exquisite. Ornate and lavish, it looks more like a palace. American casinos generally have slot machines, blackjack and crap tables one after the other in huge noisy spaces with perhaps the baccarat high rollers fenced off. Not so Monte Carlo. There is one room off the entrance filled with slot machines for the general public. To gain entry to the main casino costs you fifty ‘francs’. With a hushed high ceiling, lush carpets and soft lights, one room after another contains a single roulette table.

    My husband was having fun gambling so I wandered around from room to room admiring the décor. I was getting pretty cocky by now with my French so I thought I would try out a well-rehearsed question on the attendant in the change cage. My accent was perfect. I asked him if there were any brochures of the Casino. I outsmarted myself. He must have thought I was a native Frenchwoman. He rattled off his answer in French as he waved his hand around. I did catch the word, ‘guache’ which I know, means ‘left’ in the direction of his gesture. So politely and with great dignity I said ‘merci’ and moved on without any notion of what he had told me.

    About that time I stumbled onto the Ladies’ Room, the most elegantly appointed I have ever seen!!! All marble and polished brass with fresh flowers and discrete little ‘objects d’art’. In the stall was a fixture sumptuous to behold. There was a soft bluish-green light emanating from it that denoted a sanitizing effect. A discrete little sign on the wall in several languages described how to use it. One waves one’s hand, not touches, but waves over a button on top of the tank to the right. A humming sound begins and the seat slowly lowers at the same time it is being automatically wrapped with covering paper. On completion, one waves one’s hand over the button on the ‘left’ and the seat slowly returns to its full and upright position to be sanitized once again by the bluish-green light.

    I was so impressed that I came back the next day with the camera and paid my fifty ‘francs’ admission to the casino from my currency ‘cache’ that I will never be without again! I took pictures of the Ladies’ Room in all its glorious stages of operation.



  172. Ladies, you are why I read blogs! Fantastic! More, more, more!

  173. UAW,
    “..I’m getting sick and tired of hearing how hard everyone except a white person works….guess who worked the fields before 1920….it wasn’t Mexicans….at least not in Michigan…..
    And I’ve still got callouses from a hoe handle….can you say that…”

    There are a few of us white people that have worked hard all our lives. I have been in the construction industry for 34 years. The farmers I know are some of the hardest working with the least monetary gain from their work. They are some of the deepest in debt and least appreciated, for sure. They work the longest hours and are constantly at the mercy of “Mother Nature”.

    But times have changed in this country. Most of the farms are corporations and the owners rarely get calluses. Here in Arizona, the family farms have been sold to developers and tract housing has replaced the crops. We still have farming, but it has spread further into the rural areas as the city has expanded in all directions.

    When we recently began to crack down on the illegal immigrants and raid these farms and farm businesses, the illegals fled. This led to an “opening” in the labor market. The farms had plenty of work and pay was actually better than a lot of city jobs. The farmers placed ads and sought people to work to pick the crops that were ripe in the fields, but to no avail. Even though unemployment was on the rise. Some came and lasted a day, some a couple hours. The work was hard (no duh) and the temperatures were high (this is the desert).

    Most farmers lost their crops as it rotted in the fields. They could not get good or adequate help from the “legal” workforce of the area. This then resulted in many of the farmers who were barely making it before, decide to get out of farming. Others just did not plant any crop. Why bother, if they could not harvest it? This caused a shortage in some crops, which in turn raised the price at the grocery store.

    My point is not that illegals are the answer, but I believe our system is broken. There are many out there that are willing to work, if we make it legal or easier for them to do just that. The citizens that we have raised in this country are not willing to work with their hands and toil in the field like our ancestors did. The work ethic is not there anymore, I feel. The people that could do the work would rather find an easier job, somewhere where they can just socialize and get by with doing the minimum. It’s sad, but true. I see it everyday. The majority of the people working in society do not appreciate giving excellent service and giving everything they can to their job or employer. Times have changed.

  174. Right on Helen! Good post! Can’t stand the Buchanan man’s almost always flawed logic. But then again, I saw many comments on the nominee to the supreme court that just boggled my mind. Just like I would like the President of the United States to be more intelligent than me, I would also like members of the judiciary branch, who interpret the Constitution, to also be smarter than me. Ms. Sotomayor appears to be of above average intelligence from what I have heard, from her performance in school, to her professional experience. Somehow, that is being shoved in the background for some reason. I guess giving weight to her accomplishments would detract from the aim of vilifying her, based on comments taken out of context, so that she could be debased at will. Poor white males indeed! Her resume speaks for itself, deal with it!

  175. HoneyJoRumples,

    You told your story so eolquently. It was heartbreaking. But you had the strength of character to overcome it and become the find person you are today. I am very proud to call you my friend.



  176. Hey Werner…
    went to dickipedia and guess what….
    Dubya’s not a Dick….course they forgot Barrack also

  177. Judith….
    “The blindfolded lady represents the Court, not the individual Justice. Redundancy results in myopia, astigmatism and cataracts.”
    The blindfolded lady represents each and every Justice on the Court ….that’s why she’s blind….
    and for your information the supreme court does not make law like Sonia would like…it says if the laws that congress makes are “Constitutional”……that is US constitution…not world law,UN law, Shari law,Arab law ,or who-gives-a-shit-law but US law…

  178. HoneyJoRumples…..
    I’m sorry to hear about your upbringing but being white (second generation immigrant) I just had to say that I remember playing on the end of the field with the little kids while the “hired labor” and my older siblings blocked and thinned beets…..by six I was driving tractor and doing chores(feeding cattle)…..I’m getting sick and tired of hearing how hard everyone except a white person works….guess who worked the fields before 1920….it wasn’t Mexicans….at least not in Michigan…..
    And I’ve still got callouses from a hoe handle….can you say that…

  179. Ummmm… is it too much for Rush and Patty Boy to accept that a Hispanic woman may have been, in fact, better qualified than the other candidates? Or does it make them feel better that some “obviously” better qualified white candidate was discriminated against on the basis of quotas?

    Sometimes I wonder if affirmative action is as much of a gift to the right wing as abortion is; they don’t EVER want it to end, because what drum would they beat then?

  180. On my Grerman car (when still there) I had a bumper sticker that stated:
    “Rassiten sind Arschloecher. Ueberall!”
    “Rasists are assholes. Anywhere!”

    nuff said

    (I also had an other one, showing a young sheep and stating: “Born to be wild”…..really) ;-P

  181. Pat Buchanan and Tom Tancrado, unfortunately from my state, are two of a kind. Tom called Sotomayer a racist because she belonged to a group called La Raza, which is “Illegal immigrant” said Tom, for The Race. He said it was the hispanic version of the KKK. I think this simply proves Sotomayer’s point, that there are certain cases, certain things, that she has more of an understanding than white men do.

    I am hispanic as well. I grew up in a very predominantly white middle class suburban neighborhood that abhorred anything different or unconventional. I was considered lucky to have been given that life, even though my father, the son of immigrant farmers, was so poor he was born in a chicken coop. But he worked hard from the age of 13, put himself through school, got on the high school football team, went into the Navy and served this country during the Korean War, came home, finished his degree and went to work as an aerospace engineer, working with NASA and the defense programs for this country’s defense. You know, the typical lazy, good for nothing shiftless immigrant refuse that loves to spunge off this country and its “real” citizens *can you hear my eyes rolling?*

    Even so, I was beaten up regularly at school, told I was dirty and that I stunk because my skin was dark. I ate lunch alone. I took nap time alone. I thought I had one friend in my preschool class. her name was Laura. One day, I had something I was dying to tell her, can’t remember what, but she came in late, and I was so glad to see her. It was story time and during nap time, I maneuvored my mat over to her so I could tell her what I’d waited all morning to say. I whispered to get her attention, and she looked at me, said “you stink”, yawned and rolled over. I think that was when it started.

    My mother had painted my bedroom pink, like any normal American little girl, and I spent countless nights over the next several years crying myself to sleep, with my forehead pressed against my pink wall that my bed was pushed up against, praying to God ssoooooo hard that somehow I could take the white skin on the palms of my hands and the soles of my feet and stretch it so it would cover my whole body, so my whole body would be that pink and cream color. Then I wouldn’t be dirty anymore, the kids wouldn’t tell me I stunk. They wouldn’t spit on me or beat me up, bloody my nose, split my lip, make lumps on my head, and I wouldn’t have to apologize for being alive anymore. Then my father became an active member of a group called Lulac, the League of United Latin American Citizens, very much like La Raza. We would go to the conventions and they would talk about networking, afterschool programs, things to help hispanics stay in school, get to college, find good jobs after graduation, etc. I saw latina girls who looked just like me, dressed in beautiful traditional Mexican garb, doing the Mexican hat dance and other traditional dances, I heard traditional folk songs, and I saw that there were people out there in the world beyond my own home who looked just like me, who were from the same ancestry I was. And they were smart, and funny and nice, and moral and honest, and productive, and educated, and they weren’t dirty and they didn’t stink. That there was another side to this mysterious culture just south of the border that my school teachers and classmates told me was just a simple nation of simple, lazy, unintellligent, unmotivated, dirty people or degenerates like Pancho Villa who just lived to kill “gringos.” I believe Lulac, and the positive exposure to the good things about my culture and heritage, was a big factor in what literally and figuratively saved my life.

    The fact that white men like Tom Tancredo, Pat Buchanan and Rush Limbaugh think this is the same as the KKK, that this is racism, just proves her point that there are some things white men just don’t get, and a female hispanic will have the realm of experience to understand and therefor render a more broad based, and fair decision. That is all she was saying. White panic hears that and hears racism. A very sad state of affairs. Sad that they believe themselves the only rightful heirs to any kind of goodness in this country, them or people who at the very least think just like them, and sad that there are people out there still listening to them.

  182. Mashed-up Cracker


  183. Just discovered your Blog…..and haven’t stopped laughing for two days!

    I agree with you completely…these old white men whining and crying is making me sick!!!

    Keep up the great work…..you have a wonderful grandson to set this up for you….love it!

  184. You two are on point. Thank you

  185. The old white farts are whining to cover their feelings of inadequacy. They may call it discrimination, but that’s just a euphemism. Let’s face it, Pat and the other Crackers know dang well that their “credentials” can’t compete today. When my husband’s alma mater went co-ed, entrance test scores went up and admission got more competitive. That has extended into the world of business, medicine and law… sorry boys, you aren’t being discriminated against, you are being dismissed. There are too many OTHERS who can easily surpass you.

  186. Honolulu Sally – yep, Craig T is Coach. I missed the part on Hannity about all Americans not paying taxes — but he’ll take the benefits of those taxes. Got to love it.

  187. My Son’s Father, (sorry, had that reversed the first time)

    I agree with most of this last comment. I agree we all discriminate. We require discrimination to survive. I do not believe any living creature is above discrimination. Even prejudice can be favorable or unfavorable. We all make judgements based on our own experiences.

    IMO, Both are wrong when used to promote or denigrate others. You are right to want the BEST qualified for our court. Who would you nominate?

    I do not agree with the quota system we established in our hiring. But it came to be because we were not looking for the BEST applicant. Is it fair? That depends on which side of the table you are sitting on. Overall, has it helped establish fairness? Yes and no. Again, which side of table are we on?

    Look at our history that has brought us to where we are today. We (WM) overran all the natives in this country and destroyed their social networks, enslaved people and destroyed their family structures for our gain, our (WM) benefit, denied women equal participation in government and the workplace, and still believe we had every right to do it. That somehow it is God’s will and our right.

    Now we perceive the tables have turned and we cry out “UNFAIR!” We made the bed. Time is a great equalizer.

    You want me to guess the pallor of your splendid candidate? I can only guess, as I do not know the position or requirements, only the tone of your comment. Maybe WASP?

  188. kitkat, Is Craig T. Nelson “Coach”? If so, he was the asshat on Sean Hannity’s show that sounded absolutely looney and idiotic. He spouted off about not paying income taxes (opposed to Obama’s policies) and when Hannity pushed (delightfully) that is he saying that he wasn’t going to pay any income taxes – backpedaled and said that he wanted Hannity to promote to all Americans not to pay their income tax. Idiot. Chickenwimp. Asshat.

    Shows what a fine intelligent face Hollywood actors can portray on film, but some of them are really dumb. Hopefully, this only applies to a few, and we keep those contained within our borders.

    Jean, thanks for pointing out that Hawaii is part of the United States. I don’t get mad at those haoles that talk about the “States”. I think it is funny, and wish them a good trip back to their home.

    I wish our Governor would pack up as soon as her term is over and go back to the “States” to be nearer her buddy Sarah Palin. She is a prime example of a politician who does not know how to bridge gaps. Little does she know that having potlucks and bringing food along with beer can start opening up good dialogue to get results and cooperation. Well, in Hawaii, that is.

    Oh, and taking off your shoes when entering a person’s house.

  189. M & H, very good today. Really enjoyed it. Don’t forget to include Craig T. Nelson who is whining about not getting a bail out (he only got food stamps and welfare). Poor baby. I think some rich, white, straight men need to spend some time in other people’s shoes before they start talking.

  190. My Son’s Father – I respectfully disagree.

    To begin with, Sotomayor is very well qualified. At this level, in a field of candidates with superior qualifications, can you identify a single ‘best’?

    I don’t see how, except to consider the Court as a whole – who will be best for the team? Who supplies something that may be in shorter supply? This happens in HR all the time – you don’t hire several specialists in the exact same field, you cover as many fields as you need. Redundancy is supposed to be avoided as a waste of resources.

    Law, at this level, isn’t all that simple. If the question can be answered without recourse to philosophy and consideration of the spirit of the law, as well as the letter of it – Hell, if the letter of the law is all that’s needed – it got answered in a much lower court. It didn’t make it to the Supreme Court to begin with.

    I think we need a diverse Court filled with highly qualified candidates. The blindfolded lady represents the Court, not the individual Justice. Redundancy results in myopia, astigmatism and cataracts.

    It’s not the same thing, at all.

  191. These two are not for real. Probably two college kids. Get real, people.

  192. Thanks for stopping by….

    I still think Helen is a Hoot….

  193. Poolman, thanks for your kind response. I probably will never return here, simply because finding this blog was somewhat random.

    The fact that everyone is discriminated against is immaterial. Discrimination itself simply means choosing between alternatives. Of course we all do that, but the big question is: What is the basis for the selection. When we place ethnicity or gender above capability, we are weakening the structure we are building.

    Sotomayor may be well qualified, but is the the BEST qualified? Clearly not (IMO). She was selected based, in part, on her empathy. That is not only irrelevant, but actually works against justice. The lady holding the scales is blindfolded because justice is not supposed to consider the individuals involved, only the merits. Once we begin to consider factors unrelated to the law, we are finished as a just society. Outcomes matter more than the law.

    I see evidence of this all around us. Look at companies that seek diversity as a primary goal. They end up selecting poorer qualified candidates. Furthermore, diversity candidates realize they need not be the best, merely adequate. Again, I have seen it time and again over my relatively short career in HR. And we HR professionals are among the worst at it.

    Here’s a disclosure for you: Today I interviewed a splendid candidate, who we will likely hire. We scanned through hundreds of resumes. And I believe we found the best candidate. Does it matter what gender this person is? Does their skin color matter? What do you think? Go ahead, speculate on the pallor of my preferred candidate. You might be surprised…and you might not.

  194. By the way, a while back I said there have been 112 Supreme Court justices, with only 108 of them being white males. The New Yorker says the numbers are 110 and 106 respectively. It doesn’t change much though, does it………

  195. Werner, THANKS for the Dickipedia link. Nice to see it’s an equal-opportunity-offender, finding subjects on both political sides and other pursuits. Very funny.

  196. Just to look at this ‘discrimination’ thing from a math perspective…

    No group is more than 50% of the population – we’re all in a minority. So (to the OWM) – you think that suddenly makes you special? Join the club – the rest of us have been here a long time. (Actually, it’s kind of homey).

    The only way you can be outvoted is if other groups get together and form coalitions – you know, find common cause, common ground, compromise and vote together. The larger group can be more than 50%. Sometimes much, much more.

    If that’s what you’re afraid of, if you think this is unfair – well, what’s stopping you from doing the same thing? Agree to disagree on some things, compromise on others and agree to support each other to get the best deal for all.

    The pathologically selfish won’t go for this, but it’s what mature humans thrive on. It’s how things get done.

    Or you can just stay in your corners, sucking your thumbs, rocking yourselves and whining incessantly. See what that gets you.

    Get over yourselves. Coalesce.

  197. “Also, maybe we should have a fundraiser for all the poor, white, male, Christian millionaires in the world. From what Pat and Rush say, those guys are really hurting, and I’m just a pinko, tree-hugging liberal who hates to see anyone having a rough go of it. I’m sure we could collect old Rolex’s, Brooks Brothers suits, and $100 silk ties for these poor saps. Anybody interested?”

    Debbie, HAR!!!!!!!!!

  198. Margaret,
    You are a Hoot and a Half!!!!!!!

  199. Where do you ladies come up with this stuff? You two are priceless. Big hugs to you both!

  200. Jake, Funniest damn thing ever…thank you for that. Much needed. Point made. :-)

  201. Jake


    None of your blody business

    see above

    see above

    see above

    see above

    hadn’t thought you understand a good movie like that …… (For the others, “To have and have not”, H. Bogart and Lauren Bacall)

    some depressing color, fit’s your mood

    Off, to scare little chicken shit’s like you

    None of your blody business

    Put fireworks up yours and watch you blow, works everytime I get a cold

    Thanks for volunteering to let me blow off some steam, ahh what a relieve trolls can be……


  203. Werner what remedy for the common cold works best for you?

  204. Werner how long, on average, does it take you to fall asleep once you’ve turned out the lights?

  205. Werner when you leave a room do you turn the lights off or keep them on? Explain your answer.

  206. Werner what color should I paint my kitchen?

  207. Werner have you ever been stung by a bee?

  208. Werner what do you order when you eat Chinese food?

  209. Werner what’s the best bargain you’ve ever found at a garage sale?

  210. Werner what’s the longest you have gone without sleep?

  211. Werner what’s your favorite book?

  212. Werner did you notice the new M&H post?

  213. Staci
    ??? NOW you lost me, where did I offend now, and where not ? (aside of just being me, I am used to that ;-) )

  214. And one last comment on the above:
    it wasn’t me that named the guy (Cheney) for what he is…….

  215. not dicks, Werner….PUSSY!!!!!!!!

  216. Grandma Edna

    sorry the “Dicks”, but this are column headers from that website, and despite the strong language, I’d guess if you’d take a peek there you’d like it, but that is only a suggestion and MHO

  217. First 0ff- I object to all of these trolls mindset that jut because Margaret and Helen are their age that they are stupid. There are a lot of us Older persons who have al their faculties and do something besides go to Bingo each afternoon.
    WE are actually using our brains for something constructive and interesting. JUst goes to show you that they are some of these Older white males who are discriminated against.
    My son’s FAther – how do you know th at they do not have any marketable skills? Thier education in their own country may have been
    excellent but not recognized in th is country.
    If you live in glasss houses , don’t throw stones.
    J. Nitze – you have brought u p several points I have thought a bout for years. Thanks.
    If you don’t like GreyTdog and WErner and their opinions- just go away, we won’t miss youWE would miss them.
    And don’t critize my typing, thank you very much.

  218. Have to agree with Grandma Edna, Werner. A bit offensive. Bring it down a notch, Boss. :-)

  219. Dolores

    you said about Helen and Margaret
    …You always hit the nail on the head…..

    While I do think you’re right, I think we can precise this by saying:

    ….You always hit the nail WITH the head…..

    Somteimes it is Ann’s head, or Rush’s head or Pat’s head, but with the head alright….

    Right On!

  220. Such Language, Mr. Oderwer…honestly.

  221. From Dickipedida:

    ….Cheney is sub-species of dick known as the “Chicken Hawk,” which is a person who publicly supports a war but is too much of a pussy to fight in it himself. There is a scene in the movie “Office Space” when one of the characters, Michael Bolton, is sitting in his fancy car listening to hardcore gangsta rap, and then the black guy pulls up next to him, and he rolls the window up. A chickenhawk is this sort of person. ……

    nice pic……

  222. You old bags crack my ass up!!!!! You got it going on!!!

  223. And for the gang, check this:

    Welcome to Dickipedia!


    Political dicks
    Entertainment dicks
    Media dicks

    and even more….

  224. Helen and Margaret
    even if Susan sings pretty good, can’t you find an other opportunity than your funerals, pls……

    While we all think you deserve a private concert, I’d like to point out that:

    A) Live would be MUCH pooreer without your witty posts

    B) A lot of people would enjoy hearing her, but you, as corpse, might have a rather “limited” experience …..;-)

    C) WE NEED YOU ALIVE AND KICKING (uups Helen, read that: spitting(?))

    So, a long live to you (and loads of posts for us ;-)) and free concert tickets instead of a poor funerals!!


  225. My Fathers Son, welcome to the discussion.

    Yes, I will agree WM are discriminated against. So is every other race/nationality on the planet. By one group or another.

    Sonia Sotomayor is very qualified, DESPITE her gender and nationality. Ask any of her peers. In a more tolerant world, we would not even be attempting to discredit her. Her record should speak for itself.

    It is the mindset that she is latina and therefore is only qualified to take out your trash that is at issue here.

  226. Rush Limpawwww:

    “It’s really uncool to
    be white male today.”


  227. Fluxux, these are labels like “racist” that we humans seem to need to resort to in able to categorize our thoughts and ideals. Unfortunately, it also closes our minds and puts us in opposing corners with like-minded biased persons.

  228. UAW, good to hear from you. Hope things are well. I don’t think I have bad-mouthed republicans. Most of my relatives fall in that category. I do think many are digging their own graves right now. I think many have proven themselves hypocrits, but so have many dems. I would like both sides to do like we discussed in the last post. Look in the mirror, fix their own selves (opinions, attitudes, faults, etc), then move on to HELP others and this country to get on track.

    Peace. Respect. Positive contribution.

  229. Honolulu Sally:
    I DID hear the comment made by the President to Brian Williams that most of the cable news chatter is like watching the WWF! Keeping that in mind makes it a little easier to watch these old geezers make fools of themselves!

  230. Wow. Calling people crackers and uncle toms is…..racist, don’tchya think?

  231. Forget Sotomayor….I want Helen on the Supreme Court!!!!

  232. I think there’s already a
    name for this ‘affliction’…

    RNC Chairman Steele On Sotomayor:
    ‘God Help You If You’re A White Male Coming Before Her Bench’

    You tell me…Wiki: Uncle Tom

    Am I wrong? ~ Δ

  233. And… Helen and Margaret, you two continue to bowl me over with your witty commentary. Keep it up, ladies!

  234. Get Out Now: I hope that was a joke…

    Meanwhile, there is no “Mexican woman” nominated to the Supreme Court. Her parents were from Puerto Rico, which last time I checked, was a US territory.

  235. Helen, only donut holes for you, and Margaret: Thursday is too soon! My god, Pat Buchanan is a moronic blathering racist. In the words of Bugs Bunny, What a maroon! What an idjit!

  236. poolman…
    I don’t know why you want to badmouth republicans about Bucanann(notice how I used a small r) we didn’t vote for him either….
    “He sought the Republican presidential nomination in 1992 and 1996. He ran on the Reform Party ticket in the 2000 presidential election.”……..and got how many votes?????
    why not say that Pamela Anderson speaks for all Dems….
    and now to piss off the left….
    “Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and former Vice President Dick Cheney have little in common politically, but they receive almost identical image ratings from the American public. According to a May 29-31 Gallup Poll,”


  237. I don’t like Buchanan. He seems like a racist to me.

    Been in the HR business for 18 years now and I will confirm this: white males are discriminated against. Happens all the time. Put a well-qualified WM against a marginally-qualified minority or female and the minority/female will get the job most of the time.

    The wise latina woman will be on SCOTUS because of her 1) Gender and 2) Ethnicity. Her legal experience is not a major issue to Obama. He said so himself – he wants empathy.

    The fact that many a nice Latina woman takes out my trash is not an indication of discrimination, it is the fact that she has few marketable skills. The implication that it is discrimination is merely shallow thinking.

  238. Ladies, I spit my coffee out. Thanks for that. :-)

  239. As far as Republicans being smart enough (or whatever) for a Nobel prize, I wonder what the late VERY smart William F. Buckley would have to say about the current state of the Republican Party. He’d probably be in mourning.

  240. Sad indeed. Is it that people feel powerless and have to lash out? Why do they believe the nonsense they believe?

  241. It is sad how many people actually find that funny, Whirled Peas.

  242. Speakin’ of Crackers…

    Fox News Asks Commenters To Write ‘Funny Questions’ They Would Ask Obama

    Surprisingly most questions are intelligent and respectful… who am I kidding? Racism ensues!


  243. You ladies should sell T-shirts with some of your sayings. You are just too funny! :-)

  244. Blast from the past:

    HELEN: If a big footed bitch, a pitt bull in lipstick, and a fat moron with a microphone are your party leaders, the party is over.

    MARGARET: When hosting a dinner party remember your alphabet: Fork then Knife then Spoon – F, K then S. Unless you have an oyster fork… then it gets tricky.

  245. Helen, I think you and I dated in High School. Did you go to Filmore in Canton?

  246. Love, love, love the post !!!

    Isn’t it ALWAYS old, white males who whine about everything? They are the ones who proclaim they “know the Lord” and then create wars, fear and hate, they desire failure for America, they pray that we are hit again by a terrorist attack, they tell women what they can and can not do with their bodies, they scream about jobs being taken by ethnics , yet they would not touch those jobs with a ten foot pole, they have cheap and excellent healthcare, but do not want others to have the same, they take handouts from the government and give themselves ridiculous raises and bonuses, they close manufacturing plants in the US and ship the jobs to China, they obstruct every piece of legislation that comes to the floors of congress and worst of all they are paid millions of dollers to spew crap on their radio and TV shows every single day…………..they are a fine sort these poor, pathetic, white male Republicans !!!!!

  247. Pat Buchanan is a Cracker – LMAO!!!!!!!

    That is too funny. Now I must go read more of your blog. Just too funny.


  248. To Gerry and “Get out Now”, You two need to just get off this here web blog. We don’t want your kind here. We LOVE Margaret and Helen and LOVE what they have to say. You two need to go to another web blog and share your hate with people like yourselves. Hateful lot you are. Go. Get. Don’t make me get my belt.

  249. I LOVE THIS BLOG!!!!! First time vistor but certainly not the last. Love you!!!!!


  250. Gerry and Get Out Now:

    Kiss My 56 Year Old Ass.

  251. Suck It Grandma. You’re too old to have a normal bowel movement much less an intelligent opinion.

  252. You Ladies are just mad that someone is speaking up to Obama. God forbid someone question Obama. That Mexican woman will ruin the Supreme Court. Men are more qualified for postions like that and everyone knows it. I hate this site and I hate everyone who loves you. Piss on all of you.

  253. Funny, funny…FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!

  254. Ladies, it’s the last day of a major deadline and I needed to start the day with a laugh.

    Helen, I still want to be you when I grow up.

    Margaret, if I can’t be Helen, I’d like to be you instead.

  255. I think I heard someone on this site say that no Republican (I guess she meant president) ever won the Nobel. Actually, Theodore Roosevelt won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1906. But its been a long, long dry spell since then.

  256. Pat Buchanan’ never had children, really? It lays some hurt on the complaint that since gays cannot procreate they should not be allowed to marry. Somehow the opponents don’t see the laogic flaw there.

    White male Christians thinking they are discriminated against are like spoiled children who suddenly encounter a great-aunt who refuses to give them a cookie before dinner. They have never faced discrimination –and do not now– so they don’t understand what it really is. They have no clue that they have been given preferential treatment for years because they never questioned their right to that treatment.

  257. Great post, lol. And so true :)

  258. I am a right-winger, and I DESPISE Buchanan. He is a disgusting vomitous hate-filled MAGGOT.

  259. Thank you girls. You made my afternoon :).

  260. M & H: LUV you gals! And what a treat to hear from Margaret too!

    Ah yes, poor little old white rich male millionnaires … so discriminated against. My heart bleeds!

    Don’t let Susan Boyle be wasted on your funeral, Margaret. Do enjoy her while you’re still here. It may help make up for the Pat Buchanan-like eedjits that abound among Republicans. Well, it probably won’t make up for them, but do take her up on the offer of next Tuesday! Sans funeral, of course.

    While the eedjits dig themselves in deeper, Obama inspires. Thank God!

  261. Did you get all you needed?

  262. There seem to be a great deal of new visitors to this site today. For those of you new to Margaret and Helen you might enjoy reading some of their earlier posts. The ones during the election were priceless. Her review of Ann Coulter’s book should have been a NY Times Book Review. But my favorite is from a few weeks ago called “Shit Happens”. These women are a national treasure. Spread the word…

  263. Margaret you CANNOT die. Not next Thursday! It’s too soon. Imagine how Helen would feel! She would be devastated :(

    And Susan Boyle will not be singing at anyone’s funeral. She should be busy with her record label.

  264. Hi Sistah Sally,

    Oh, I thought you were leaving tomorrow. How long will you be gone? We’ll keep your chair warm and save you plenty of custard pie.

    Yep! Definitely have to meet sometime. We usually pop over to HNL often, but my back problems have really cramped our style. We’re starting to get cabin fever though. I’m having my first in a series of epidural steroid shots, June 17. (Oh joy!) But after that, who knows?


    Auntie Jean

    P.S. The snarky stuff doesn’t bother me in the least. I’m not thin skinned at all. I think most of us take it all in stride, right? C’est la vie!!!!!!!!

  265. Seriously hilarious. I love you two.

  266. Sistah Jean,

    No, not packed yet, we don’t leave until next Friday and I always throw things in at the last minute.

    Picked tons of plumeria flowers this afternoon and hubby and I just finished stringing up the leis. Have a high school graduation of friends to attend tonight, and several more this upcoming weekend. I love graduations – the start of these kids’ new life.

    Will keep you informed regarding trip – we have to meet Sistah! Maybe when you come to Honolulu since I hardly go to Kauai anymore since the kids are grown up.

    Werner, will see how to contact you on your website later alligator. Thanks for all the info. STILL waiting on our passport cards though. I am sure they will arrive soon.

    Behave parlor people! Snark under your breath but save the keyboards for the good stuff! I like good times and comfort, coke floats and custard pie.

  267. Hi Margaret and Helen,

    Remember when that old race-baiter, Pat Buchanan, coined the phrase, “the silent majority,” for Spiro Agnew? When were they ever silent? Now what suffices for news on cable actually hires them just for their verbal diarrhea? Unbelievable, they still have jobs when so many smart people have lost theirs. Wonder if they should go to the head of the line, to receive an enema from a garden hose, or if the network executives should go first, to clean up their shit-for-brains?

    You’ve surpassed yourselves again ladies! Once again you’ve proved to me, we don’t have to live in the past as we get older, may both of you continue to laugh and make us laugh at the absurdity of life for a long time. Your grandchildren must adore your company, even though I am a granny myself, I still have to stifle yawns of boredom when oldsters get lost in the past.

  268. Well, of course they’re being discriminated against. Since we’ve turned into a democracy, they can’t run everything and keep all the good stuff for themselves anymore.

    Majority rules, how unfair is that? Especially when you can’t just decide that anybody who isn’t exactly like you isn’t a real citizen. Geez.

    Poor babies.

    Good post.

  269. Helen, Margaret, I thought I would show the definitions of a Cracker from wikipedia. I hope you don’t mind…


  270. trouble, I think he is more than that and should know better than coming across so biased. Here is his bio from Wikipedia:

    “Patrick Joseph “Pat” Buchanan (born November 2, 1938) is an American political commentator, author, syndicated columnist, politician and broadcaster. Buchanan was a senior advisor to American presidents Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, and Ronald Reagan, and was an original host on CNN’s Crossfire. He sought the Republican presidential nomination in 1992 and 1996. He ran on the Reform Party ticket in the 2000 presidential election.

    He co-founded The American Conservative magazine and launched a foundation named The American Cause.[1] He has been published in Human Events, National Review, The Nation and Rolling Stone. He is currently a political commentator on the MSNBC cable network including the show Morning Joe and a regular on The McLaughlin Group.”

  271. And Sistah Sally,

    One last thing before someone gets after me for using up cyberspace.

    Are you packed yet?


    Auntie Jean

  272. Please don’t leave yet. Let’s all just remember that Pat is an entertainer, not a real person.

  273. That was an Oops! Hit the wrong key. Where was I?

    (And it is the MAINLAND folks, not the STATES. We have been one of the United STATES since 1959! That bugs us out here.)

    Anyway, about prices. They balance out though. We hardly buy any clothes. We run around in shorts, tank tops and flipflops. My husband’s and my idea of getting REALLY all gussied up for a special occasion is for him to put on sox and me to put on a bra!

    There is no such thing as heat or air conditioning in most homes. So no heating or airconditioning bills. We do have AC units in the bedrooms that came with the house but we have never used them in the 3 1/2 years we have been in this house. Who wants recycled air when you can have the gentle Trade Winds?


    Auntie Jean

  274. Aw sistah Sally,

    Thanks for your kind words. I must say, however, that I identify with the ‘locals’ far more than I ever have with the ‘haoles’. We have been here 19 years, but I did when we first came here for a vacation.

    One time in Safeway I was behind an obnoxious ‘haole’ tourist who was bitching at the cashier about the prices of food. Like it was her fault. I butted in and said, “Well, you know, we don’t get many 18 wheelers across the ocean out here.”

    Yes, prices here ARE high compared to the mainland. (And it is the MAINLAND,

  275. Francis: so…that is your take on a certain subset of comments on this blog?and you claim to love the commenters? and you joke and dehumanize ….I do not think there has been any work done here about rural Alaska in quite some time.Maybe I should be pleased that you mention it and even know that it happened here. I think you should have left “eskimo saving” out of that list,apparently you still do not understand that it is hurtful-NOT FUNNY.

  276. Jean….you crack me up! :-)

  277. Hi Helen and Margaret,

    My day is always brightened when you both put up a new post! I cannot add one word to except praise for what you wrote.

    The GOP is indeed desperate when they drag out an old fart like Buchanan who has been around as long as I have, for heaven’s sake!

    Obama’s speech in Cairo today was phenomenal!
    One commentator said that it was of Nobel Prize caliber. I agree. Can anyone name a Republican EVER who was smart enough for a Nobel Prize?

    Things are looking up so much that maybe, just maybe, there could be peace on earth in our lifetimes. For you, Helen and Margaret, and me it can’t come soon enough. And Margaret, make sure you hang around long enough to see it. Get a Susan Boyle CD and enjoy it NOW. No telling how much the dead can hear!



  278. I just wanted to say I am pretty new to this site as far as commenting – a month or so – I believe. I am still learning the etiquette. I haven’t commented at other sites in the past or even now. Most others are so full of vile and inane BS, that I do not even enjoy reading the commentary. My time is more valuable, I feel. I have really enjoyed the level of intelligence and concern from all the posters here, except of course for the occasional troll. I think you guys are great. The links have been wonderful and thought provoking. I think Helen and Margaret are smart and on target with the important topics of today. This is my first stop of the day (after the bathroom) and my last stop at night. And admittedly, many more stops during the day when I actually should be doing other stuff. I guess what I am saying is that I am addicted to you guys now. I have you on my brain all day. So good or bad, for better or for worse, you’re stuck with me for now.

  279. Good Post Helen and Margaret.

  280. Yep…looks like we might be in for another Snarky Friday Folks…hang on to your hats!! :-)

  281. You girls remind me of Martin and Lewis. What a hoot you are.

  282. I love all the regular commentors here…really I do…even the Ass Hats. I just think when Margaret and Helen have a new post we can AT LEAST acknowledge it before starting the usual addition of opinions, additions, name calling, shit throwing, ball busting, Eskimo saving, pie fights.

  283. Why is it that when someone acts like you act, it’s “snarky?”

    You drive away awesome posters who present a different point of view (and we all know who I’m talking about, don’t we?) and then pretend to care about them. The hypocrisy is staggering.

    Such bullshit.

  284. Getting snarky in here, and it’s not Friday yet!

  285. “Stanton, grab a glass of wine, use a fork with your pie, and go off to the corner. When you’re done with your time out, you can come join the grownups.” -Greytdog

    GD, come on. You accuse others of being the post monitor and that is precisely the title that you think you are entitled to. Get over yourself.

  286. Stephen Cobert’s word regarding gay marriage:


  287. [...] Pat Buchanan is a Cracker  Margaret, this old gal has clearly lived too long. Never in my life did I think I would see a bunch of old, white men [...] [...]

  288. Gnarles et al, I am not the post monitor here. Matthew is. But you snap at me, I snap back. Simple as that.

  289. Good Manners. We are, after all, visitors here.

  290. Down girl. Everyone knows you’re the post monitor, GD. Leggo Franny’s leg.

  291. Somehow you always make me fall out of my chair. I agree with every word and can’t stop laughing!

  292. Hey Francis you the post monitor this week?

  293. Who says we cling to our guns and our religion?


  294. Hey Greytdog…you could at least tell the ladies you like the latest post before starting in on one of your usual and many comments…just saying.

  295. Stanton, grab a glass of wine, use a fork with your pie, and go off to the corner. When you’re done with your time out, you can come join the grownups

  296. “Sheik Muhammad al-Nujaimi, member of the committee in charge of rehabilitating Saudi militants, said he is going to tell the militants Muslims should offer help to the new American administration and reciprocate its overtures.
    “Americans are a civilized people. The previous president didn’t represent them. Today, there’s a new president who’s using a new language and wants a new world in place. We should give him a chance and not open up a new front that will lead to the failure of his plan.”
    Source: The Huffington Post
    Article: Obama Arab World Speech: Extremists call him a “wise enemy”
    Author: MARJORIE OLSTER | June 4, 2009 02:56 PM EST |
    URL: http://tinyurl.com/pq35kt

  297. ‘And Tango Makes Three’

    PEACE ~ Δ

  298. If only you two could be my Grandmothers instead of the bitter, dried up old hags that are.

  299. Sherri, dear, are you feeling well?? You seem to be all over the place???

  300. We should all purchase a copy of “And Tango Makes Three” and donate it to a local school library in honor of M&H! Putting this on my to-do list for this weekend………

  301. Jean….you’re right that same-sex marriage should be federally mandated and we shouldn’t have to wade through this state-by-state silliness. Clinton did us a HUGE disservice with DOMA. Let’s hope Obama will find the courage to take a stand on this one and urge the senate to move forward.

    Since same-sex marriage is such a hot topic in the media right now, I’ve seen countless interviews and commentators opining that gay marriage is unnatural (and therefore morally wrong) b/c it does not allow for the procreation of children. Of course, if there were any logic in that, then childless-by-choice Buchanan is one of the world’s greatest hypocrites.

    Whirled Peas…thanks for the link to the gay penguins raising a baby together in a zoo in Germany. There are two male penguins in the zoo in New York City who have been mates for several years and have also raised babies. There’s a wonderful children’s illustrated book about them titled, “And Tango Makes Three.” Of course, the book is banned in many schools and libraries….the penguins are not privileged, white, male, heterosexual Christians and Pat Buchanan is not ontheir side so most children will never know the book exists.

  302. what is “And Tango makes Three?”

  303. Margaret and Helen,
    This is just too funny. You two have made my day once again. Keep it up, Ladies!!! :-)

  304. Denise,

    We’re waiting for an update with bated breath!

  305. UAW, how’s your wife? And how are you? As always, your both in our thoughts and well wishes!

  306. Margaret, so good to hear from you! We ALWAYS enjoy & look forward to your posts! Boyle can sing for you next Thursday, as long as you’re sticking around for us for another decade!

    Helen, I’m in line for your book! You are, as always, a National Treasure!

  307. AAAAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

  308. Did you guys (and gals) see the short clip in the limo with Pres. Obama and Brian Williams? He was asked if he ever (as he channel surfed on tv from sports to sports), watched cable news when they talked about him. Pres. Obama said no, he generally didn’t, and the reason he didn’t was because each of the commentators, whether it be Keith Olbermann or Pat Buchanan have their roles to play, and they play them. He compared it to WWF wrestling, ha ha ha.

    Well, I must say this tag team here on M&H’s blogsite is one of the funnest, smartest, and coolest tag team that I want to hang with.

    I miss James, and glad to still have UAW going strong for the other side’s tag team.

    James, if you are reading this, try “eyebright” for your eyes. It is very powerful and natural. It has cayenne in it, so you need to build up to stronger doses. Check it out on Dr. Schultz’s herbal website: herbdoc.com (This is not a network marketing plug – just stuff I use to remain healthy so that I don’t really use my health care benefits, the premiums of which are increasing every single year).

  309. Ladies…you two are priceless!!

  310. I think Pat needs to open his eyes. This looks like Sonia was made for the part:

  311. Oh yes, Ms. Helen, I feel ever so sorry for Pat Buchanan and Rush Limbaugh. I mean, it’s so horrible to be part of the majority that has had it easy since time immemorial in this country. Terrible, really, to be part of a privileged class of people, who have set up the laws to suit themselves, whose opinions on everything are treated as Gospel truth, and whose religious views have been regarded as the only REAL religion allowed.

    Now, these poor, poor, privileged rich white Christian men might have to compete with *gasp* a minority, who is also *GASP* a WOMAN. Oh, the horror! And, and, the President of the United States isn’t one of THEM anymore! He’s a minority himself, how terrible!

    Yes, it’s so awful that they’re being so persecuted. I mean, having your say in the media, every day? Awful. Having mindless little drones to repeat back every word of racist, misogynistic, bigoted drivel that spews forth from your filthy mouth? Terrible.

    Pat, Rush, do us all a favor. Go cry in a bag of money. The rest of us REAL Americans are happy there’s actual progress. No, you are not being persecuted. You’re just not gaining an automatic advantage due to race, class, gender, or religious beliefs.

    And Ms. Margaret, I hope Susan Boyle wasn’t trying to hurry you along! Nothing worse than some entertainer who is impatient to get her next gig over with….(I’m just kidding, I hope you’re doing well!)

  312. Haven’t you heard? White is the new black.

  313. I look at your blog every day hoping, hoping, hoping for an entry—-today– EUREKA!!!

    You always hit the nail on the head. We should all be bopping Pat Buchanan’s concrete filled head. So sad to be him–a disgusting old supposedly Christian White man who whines incessantly!

  314. Why is it that EVERYONE but the Kristian Konservative Koalition and the men who make them up, are out of touch with how they are seen by everyone but themselves?
    Could it be they were allowed to have their delusions run rampant for 8 long years?
    Nice post. This has been an ongoing topic on many blogs I go to as well as the one I keep. Thank you ladies!

  315. It just blows your mind, doesn’t it? Would it kill them to admit that she is qualified to be on the Supreme Court?

  316. Oh me thinks I’m glad I didn’t see that interview with Pat. Gawd he is annoying.

  317. Helen and Margaret,

    Always the best! Hope Rachel Maddow brings Pat Buchanan on her show so she can chop him up.

    Sistah Jean,

    Have you heard Pres. Obama’s speech in Cairo? He spoke about the same achievements from the Muslim community – algebra, etc. that you had written about earlier. Sure you’re not on his cabinet of advisors?

    If ex-Pres. Bush had given this kind of intelligent compassionate speech during his terms, I would have acknowledged that he was a good leader. Instead, all I can remember of his foreign visits was his ability to duck two shoes. Can someone please help me find a better way to remember him? Did he have a (some) moments of greatness that I can use to displace the shoe ducking incident?

    If only the Obama haters can stop building their roadblocks and start paying attention to what needs to be done for our country, together.

    We left wing liberal nuts can be vocal, opiniated, and unwavering believers in Obama, and even though we felt defeated and doom filled during Bush’s years, we weren’t nuts to the point of killing doctors who we disdained or divisive to the point of race, class and gender discrimination.

    As a local gal born, bred, and living in Hawaii, I can honestly admit that we have reverse discrimination here. Asshat white racists have no place here. In fact, haoles (white) are not the supreme race here, and this is perhaps the only state in the nation that this is true. Some may have more money than the average Joe, and have the better jobs in some companies, but for the most part they aren’t treated with more deference. In some areas they are treated with less deference to the point of stupid hateful arrogance on the local level, not unlike Rush, Hannity, and Coulter’s stupid hateful arrogance toward anyone not like themselves.

    Not to say that all locals feel this way. Most local people are polite, non-abrasive, and mind their own business. Haoles like Sistah Jean are embraced because of their love and acceptance of Hawaii’s lifestyle, and because of the kind of person she is.

    We are a melting pot with everyone still keeping their own culture and nationalities. People like Pat Buchanan will have a very very small group to call friends. People like Sistah Jean and most of you haole parlor friends here would have a whole bunch of multi-cultured friends here because of your character and the ability to accept people based on their heart and not their skin.

    It’s about Whirled and Raji and others when they say “Namaste”. What a wonderful word.

  318. Oh Margaret, you crack me up! Please hold out for an available date MUCH further in the future, won’t you?

  319. “If you are born a white, male Christian…”

    And straight. Don’t forget straight.

  320. Rush, Rummy and The Dick in one small cell in Gitmo .. is this wrong to pray for?

  321. Thanks to
    argaret and Helen formaking my day.
    Iam sick of these ofs white guy7s trying to tell u8s women how to live our lives, AS if they7 had a clue.
    Now the one who gives me a headache isNewt Gingrigh. AFter seeing how Obama spends his day. He sees the giirls leave for school each day, sees part of a soccer game and attends school affairs as time permits. Compare Gingrich giving his wife divorce papers while sh e was in the hospital
    following cancer surgery. No comparison,
    and hhe wants to run for
    president. Yuk

  322. Ladies,

    This one really made me laugh out loud. Thanks for making my day.

    Dear Margaret, you’ve been holding back by being the “straight man.” You are hysterical.

    Keep up the great work.

  323. Love it! Thanks for the new post! It’s always a treat. But Helen don’t give it up yet. You either Margaret. We need to ride this one out.
    And I had thought Buchanan was really starting to mellow until this Sotomayor fiasco. Poor, poor white boys. Time to get out of the saddle and put their feet on the real ground and back to reality.

  324. Thanks. That made me smile.

  325. I am laughing my head off at how Rush the DimpleDick is now madly trying to backpedal from his “She’s a RACIST!” rhetoric without actually, oh, you know, saying he was wrong in the first place. Oh my, this is going to give Keith Olbermann so much to talk about for SO long, even if he’s no longer discussing “Billo the Clown” because of his jackassery about Dr. Tiller.

    I’d invite Pat Buchanan to kiss my Canadian/American fanny, but lord knows what kind of noxious disesases I’d get as a result.

  326. I just got a new car today (well new to me anyway) and yet this post still ranks up there as a high-point for the day. Awesome doesn’t even begin to describe you two.

  327. On one hand, I don’t understand why Rachel Maddow gives PB face time on her show. On the other, isn’t it awesome how Rachel puts the old cracker on her show and then gives him enough rope to hang himself?

    Yet another great observation from the Queens of Common Sense! M & H ROCK!

  328. Ladies,
    Absolutely freakin hilarious. “I’m free next thurs”, just about had me peeing my pants. You ladies are the best. I mean it really!!!

  329. The anon 11:24 was from me. I posted anonymously by mistake. I hate when that happens.

    Also, maybe we should have a fundraiser for all the poor, white, male, Christian millionaires in the world. From what Pat and Rush say, those guys are really hurting, and I’m just a pinko, tree-hugging liberal who hates to see anyone having a rough go of it. I’m sure we could collect old Rolex’s, Brooks Brothers suits, and $100 silk ties for these poor saps. Anybody interested?

  330. Helen, Don’t you just feel sorry for those poor, old, rich, white guys? The things they have to go through day-to-day just to get by. It’s inspiring, really.

    And, Margaret. You’re not going anywhere for a long time, honey. Tell Ms. Boyle to call you and sing on the phone. Maybe you could get yourself one of those video-cams. After all, what on earth do you think Helen and the rest of us would do without you? Especially those poor, old, white guys – they’d REALLY be lost!

  331. Helen you are so right. These guys have no self awareness, to quote Jon Stewart. Just who is discriminating against the very class of people who have dominated our cuture since day one?

    Every woman is seen throught the filter of male preference; every minority is viewed with wariness. I am amazed that Sotomayor’s appearance is not mentioned with disdain.

    And the beating up of her began before any real evidence was out there. A quote or two taken out of context is thrown out to the media who take it and grind it out endessly like so much sausage.

    Which white man asked if she really understood what is was to be American? She is American.

    I only get Pat Buchanan’s comments on MSNBC second hand because I don’t watch MSNBC, but why is he even on as a commentator? Surely they could get someone more relevant?

  332. You two are way to funny. Thank-you for the great laugh.

    But promise you won’t be going away (underground) for a very long time.

  333. I haven’t commented lately, but I just want to “claim my space” and let you both know how fond I am of you two, and how grateful I am to you and the relative (nephew?) for this great gift you share…

  334. Helen – you have pegged the character of the bloviating fools – called “white men.” They have come clost to outdoing themselves over Ms. Sotomayor. Referring to her as a racist, or G. Gordon Liddy referring to her menstrual periods. Egads – these are definite signs of desparation.

    Margaret – Susan Boyle could come sing for me anytime – though I would prefer to be alive. Don’t rush life here – just buy her CD as soon as it is released.

  335. It took me all of 5 seconds to fall in love with this site.

  336. I just discovered your blog and it is the best thing I have read on the web!! Really funny with lots of truth mixed in! Love it!!

  337. Just found this site courtesy of Americablog. OMG – you are my new role models! Smart, hyterically funny and twisted in a good way…Now I have to catch up on all the wondrous postings from the blog’s past… happy happy joy joy!

  338. Helen,

    Keep it up you two. You’ll wind up on KO or Rachel.

    Speaking of crackers, I see your Governor is kissing Rush’s fat ass.

    Texas Gov. Rick Perry:

    ‘God bless Rush Limbaugh.’


  339. Funniest Damn Thing EVER!!!!

  340. You have made my day with that post! Keep it coming and I aspire to keep my attitude like you two. Keep it coming.

  341. Margaret, you kill me. Susan will have to sing at *my* funeral. And what’ she got against you anyway? Is she saying she wants you dead? No! We demand Margaret!

    Helen, I couldn’t agree more. Pat Buchanan is a Cracker Sandwich with Crazy Cheese.

  342. Helen (you doll!), you were brave enough to read the Ann Coulter book. You might want to read or have someone else read it for you the book about Buchanan’s coming up in the world. Large family, loud-mouthed I Am God father, lots of assorted bigotry displayed around the children. One kid, (Bay Buchanan) left the fold, became a Mormon, then divorced said Mormon. She is still pretty much outside of her family. Fact is that no matter how often or how hard this bunch gets hit in the face with the facts they are unchangeable; i.e., no capacity for growth.

    Buchanan used to be on local radio talk show with the late Tom Braden (father of 8 much more interesting kids remember the TV show “Eight Is Enough”?). Buchanan used to called out regularly by listeners about his bigotry. He never could understand it cuz where he came from bigotry werent bigotry but the gospel. He also insisted that he never called anyone any names while on the air. But he sure as heck used every code word going! Admit it? Never!

    For someone who is also stringently and publicly anti-choice (a/k/a a zealot for zygotes) he and his wife have never had children nor have they adopted. Can’t help noticing that. Gasp! Could it be that this is the way both of them prefer it? That it was a choice? That they recognize they shouldn’t be anywhere near kids out of sheer lack of talent?

    I would bet that amongst all the chuckling etc. by all the Hispanic women who are today cleaning someone else’s house, tending someone else’s baby, this is for you, Pat: Si, es basura!

  343. Thank you for making my morning.

  344. Margaret,
    Tell Boyle to show up Thursday and sing, you could listen to her great voice. We waste too much talent on real funerals.
    You and Helen have lots of blogging to do – forget about getting dirt thrown on you now. Way too soon.

    Buchanan: Mr Hot Air.

    it is interesting to see the piddling going on by some.

  345. High point of my day thus far.

  346. YOU TWO CRACK ME UP!!!! CRACK ME UP!!!!!!

  347. Helen pu tme in that hole with you because I about fell out of my chair when I saw Pat Buchanan on that interview. WTF????? He actually said white, Christian, males are the most oppressed people on the planet right now?????

    DEpressed maybe!!!!

  348. Margaret, I don’t understand. Are you feeling well?

  349. You tell ‘em Helen. Buchanan is an ass and a cracker.

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