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Posted by: Helen Philpot | May 29, 2009

Summer of Love

If your village is missing its idiot, you might check in California.  They seem to be overrun with them.  Most recently they decided to legislate love.

Let me tell you a little story about my shit for brains nephew who actually does live in California.  He was married ten years and had two children.  Sadly, it didn’t work out.  Honestly she was horrible, but you never really want to see a marriage end.  So we were all a little sad when she left and he fell apart.  Eventually he got his shit together, picked up the pieces and met another girl.  I don’t like her much, but she makes him happy so what do I care if they want to get married?  However, the Catholic church cared a  great deal.   You see,  he was still married in the eyes of the church even though his moron of an ex-wife had been gone 4 years.  And the new one is also divorced… and (oh my) a Baptist.

Problem?  Not for long.  Two annulments later and voila – they were never married.   Never mind the kids.  Bastards all of them I guess.  Funny but I didn’t know the Catholic church could annul a Baptist marriage, but you live and learn. 

I’ve  lived a long time and I have learned many things.  For instance, I  now know that even if the marriage is annulled, you don’t get your wedding gift back.  I also learned that the previously married then divorced then never really married and now newly engaged couple can actually have the gall to print on their invitation where they are registered.   As if that blender I purchased for the first wedding was annulled as well.  But I digress…

Give me just a second… I need to remove a spec from my eye…. There.  That feels much better.  Now.  Where was I?  Oh yes…

Fill out a check and sign a few forms and two marriages each producing two children are suddenly gone – as if they never really existed.  Feel free to marry again.  Feel free to ask for more gifts.  Feel free to check your brains at the church door.  Feel free to pull that enormous beam out of your eye.

Honestly folks.   If we paid as much attention to the sexual activities of Catholic priests as we do to homosexuals wanting to marry, we probably could have saved a lot of children from years of guilt, shame, anger and pain.

The world has just gone plain crazy  I tell you.  The next thing you know a smart, accomplished Latina woman will be nominated to the Supreme Court.  Oh the horrors… the horrors.

Can’t we all just get along?  Really.  I mean it.

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  2. Great…Thank For your story.

  3. Yeah, it’s like a do over.

  4. Annulments are very easy to understand if you place them in a “political” context. Just as the Decider had to come up with a new story when no WMDs were found in Iraq, annulment allows a “mistake” to be overlooked.

  5. My eye is still in a bad way, but it is slowly improving. I still spend too little time at computers to check what was written before, so maybe someone has already written what I am about to. I also had a nasty fall early yesterday morning because of my impaired eyesight. I am still in pain and in a vile mood.

    New Haven rejected the fire fighter exam because the test violated Title V11 the federal civil rights law that prevents bias in employment. Employers must consider the racial impact of hiring and promotion without intentional or inadvertant discrimination.

    The city hired experts to review the test, and they determined it to be race neutral. New Haven officials threw out the test in part because they feared lawsuits from black civil rights groups.

    Ricci’s claim is that the New Haven is violating his civil rights when the city tries to comply with the Title V11 law. It is race discrimination under the 14th Amendment and under Title V11 itself.

    An employer can discriminate unintentionally via a “disparate impact” by out screening a group for no good reason. Thus, New Haven claims the results illustrate unintended discrimination, and the rules of the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission would support their conclusion. The city was caught between a rock and a hard place. They denied white promotions as the easiest way out of a dillema.

    An agreement with a union that the test count as 60% of the promotion decision and also because a city charter rule required that every promotion go to one of the three top scoring candidates. These rules magnified the disparate racial impact because only one Hispanic and no black candidate was eligible for promotion, though several did pass the test.

    A writer described New Haven’s conduct a “cruel bait and switch” because they threw out the test after everyone had studied for it and because it produced unexpected results. The firefighters were cheated when the city changed the rules. Ricci is attacking the city for considering the racial impact of the decision but that is what disparate impact requires an employer to consider. Thus, a victory for Ricci would threaten one of our most important civil rights laws.

    Circuit Judge Sonia Sotomayor rejected fire fighter Ricci’s appeal, and many commentators have criticized her for voting against him. Some have even called her a racist. They all have missed the point.

    Sotomayor’s court had to weigh the rights of an aggrieved individual, against one of the foundations of United States civil rights legislation. Maybe that, not race compelled her decision. I think the fire fighters should prevail in a way that preserves the law.

    Sotomayor is a liberal judge who’s beliefs are compatible with Obama’s, and the President has a right to appoint such judges. I haven’t made up my mind about her confirmation, but she will be our next justice baring relatives finding Grandma hidden in the freezer.

    California did it to themselves, and the United States is following close behind.

    I’m leaving again, because my eye still hurts, but I will be back sometime.

  6. From one California gal, with family roots in TX, to a TX gal with some of her branches in California, you are too funny, but right on.

    California has lost its one remaining marble. The ship is sinking into the Pacific, as so many predicted so long ago — in the original Summer of Love, the year I graduated high school.

    The nuts are running the asylum, and we call them our government. TX is soundin’ mighty fine.

  7. You can almost believe this:
    Conservatives say the darnedest things!
    ;) ~ Δ

  8. I knew a girl who was divorced, she wanted to get remarried as a Catholic, but the Church kept asking her for more money for the annulment. So it seems the thing is, “if you pay enough, you can be restored.” And if you’re broke, well, then you’re stuck being a sinner.

    She decided to become a Lutheran.

  9. Allow me to stand up and cheer! I adore your blog, please keep it up ladies! Tell it like it is!!

  10. Frank
    First: I did, if you care to scroll up!

    Second: who made you cop of the blog today?

    And if you can’t take a joke……poor sod!

  11. Werner….at least have the respect to compliment the ladies on the latest post before starting with your absurdities….for christ’s sake…..

  12. David

    as you can see above, “Sanctity” is only a question of the right price……

    ’nuff said

  13. Whirled Peas Δ

    Whoever said Gays are agains “chicks”? ;-P

  14. A picture is worth a
    thousand words…

    June 4th 1989:
    Tiananmen Square Massacre

    News reports and more HERE.

    PEACE ~ Δ

  15. Is this how the Catholic church protects the “sanctity of marriage?”

  16. If it takes a special clause to assure the “homosexual-behavior-is-a-sin” types that they need not suffer a gay marriage in their church without fear of a lawsuit, then I hope all the states put in that clause so we can move forward with legal marriage for all citizens. They other obstacle is DOMA. Like Prohibition, that needs to be repealed. ::sitting back quietly in my chair, hoping Helen and Margaret are not offended by my comment. I really do like the pie.::

  17. Poolman, the actual reason the Catholic Church insists on celibacy is inheritance, if there are no legitimate heirs, the church inherits the property of priests, monks, etc.

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  19. Honolulu Sally
    Bring a warm jacket and close shoes too, nights are stil in the single digits (Celsius, thats low to mid 40s Fahrenheit, Days are fine at low 20s (70s))

    Your husband can fish near the rapids in LaChine or go to Laval, rent a canoe or boat and go on the Riviere des milles illse (THousand Island Rivier, one Island north of Montreal approx 30- 45 min from downtown)

    In Montreal they just installed a new rental bike system that is rather interessting for the downtown core, and when you here, don’t miss Le Plateau, artist and hip districty (ex working class area, now all boutiques and restos)

    When you want more tips (don’t want to annoy the others) send me an email through my block and I send you my phone number….

  20. Jean….Why it be “nonsense”, girl???? I just asked a question. Don’t get all up in my face…

  21. The text of Obama’s speech in Cairo


    Video of speech/MSNBC


    Whirled Peas might be able to find a better video source. . . (hint hint)

  22. Poolman wrote: “But we are flawed and gave up perfection due to being persuaded that we could be like God.”

    And then, we compounded things further by deciding WE are God. . .

  23. IMO, I think it takes 2 beings to be complete. There are a few special people that can be so close to God that they do not need another. Those are talked of in the bible and I think that is where the Catholic Church got that priests needed to be celibate. But it is spoken of as being a gift and quite rare. Otherwise, for those 2 to be physically male and female in gender, as well as spiritually male and female and/or mentally male and female, the odds of all hitting all three all the time get less and less as we pass from generation to generation.

    In that way, I think any union of 2 people deserves all the same benefit. I still feel that the original intent was this flawless, masculine, perfect man and this flawless, feminine’ perfect woman in a union as one flesh, mind, and spirit. But we are flawed and gave up perfection due to being persuaded that we could be like God. Imagine the creation being equal to the creator. We didn’t behave from the get go, give or take a few thousand years. Couldn’t keep 1 rule. Silly humans!

    Why can’t we humble ourselves? Why don’t we strive for the greater gifts? Like Paul talks about, “And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.” 1st Corinthians 13:13

  24. Hi SunnySideUp,

    I don’t usually respond to nonsense. But how do YOU know which of the commentors here is black, white or whatever? I don’t, nor do I care. They let old broads like me in, don’t they?

    We are all sisters and brothers here and squabble from time to time just like real life blood sisters and brothers. Or as we say here in Hawaii, ‘sistahs and bruddas’. So who ever or whatever you are, come on in, have some pie and tea and join in on the fun!


    Auntie Jean

  25. HI gang and Sherri,

    Well, yes, hooray for NH. But I’m all for going for the whole shebang at the National Level and get this foolishness of state by state over with. Last I heard, this is still supposed to be one country.

    You are our resident keeper-up-to-dater on the issue. Any progress on that front? Please keep us informed on any developments. We care.


    Auntie Jean

  26. Hi Sally,

    before you go, one more thing. We will REQUIRE a DETAILED account of your trip when you get back.

    I forgot that now you need a passport to go to Canada. Sheesh! We used to pop in and out of both Canada and Mexico like we were only crossing a state line. Those were the good old days I guess.

    Once again, BON VOYAGE!!!!!


    Auntie Jean

  27. Gay penguins rearing
    chick in German Zoo

    ;) ~ Δ

  28. Facebook is so not my thing.

  29. I have a great story but my sister would have a
    cow a real live cow

  30. I am not a troll.

  31. I sent the link to Ellen and Bonnie.

  32. which is now

  33. werner is pretty smart ask me a question and lets see if I was close to a computer on the day when
    you people were chatting real time

  34. if I could type better and faster I would.

  35. Sherri A thank you:) Thank you ….Whoever is going to Do that job for Werner good luck with
    that. Thanks for taking up arms with cheney what are the odds ?

  36. Approaching 2 million. But I really don’t understand. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

  37. all you people on this site are so kind

  38. I am a number cruncher

  39. A million hits

  40. Well what does “Family overload” mean?

  41. I do not know what is going on?

  42. Denise – do tell.

  43. Family overload

  44. MaryJane. More of us understand than you realize. Been there many times. Let it out girl. Everything’s going to be OK.

  45. MaryJane – I think you forgot to take the meds today. Maybe you should double up on the dose. . . and for your problems in re to sex – get a dildo

  46. Sherri:

    That was funny as hell! And yes these are all stories in the bible. All are stories and accounts of people in the bible, and yes most, if not all, favor the male of the species.

    They are just not God’s “plan” for marriage. It is written in Genesis 1:26: Then God said, “Let US make man in OUR image, OUR likeness…” 27 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.
    The “man” and “him” and “them” in this verse refer to mankind.

    Truly they were told to “be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it.” Genesis 1:28. We don’t know if Adam and Eve only had the 2 kids that are mentioned. Surely they would have had many more. I mean where would Cain’s wife have come from? Spare ribs? I suspect they had numerous kids. I don’t think they ate the “apple” within that first year or two. We have no indication of the time lapse. Man was, after all, created with eternal life.

    Oh and there had to be what we would consider incest, or something like it. Right. We don’t know if sex as we know it was even involved here. I mean Eve was formed from Adam’s rib. Adam says “this is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called ‘woman,’ for she was taken out of man.” For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united with his wife, and they will become one flesh: Genesis 2:23-24.

    IMO the female and male are more of a soul mate, opposite sides of a whole, more of a yin and yang scenario. I mean male and female personalities, not physical differences. Just my interpretation, I guess. I know many “males” who are really female personalities and vice-versa.

    We just can’t look past the physical and it stumps us every time. Looking at the cover to judge the content. Silly, silly humans…

  47. Yo Yo Yo Sunnysideup!!! Represent girl! Said.

  48. I can’t hold it in any longer. I miss sex. I want to lick someone down there. I had an abortion in college. I don’t really believe in God anymore but I don’t know how to stop going to church because that is all I have done for the last 20 years. I hate my husband. He is a dweeb. My children are not soldiers in God’s army. They are brats and when the hell did I become this mindless Stepford wife. I was going to go to law school for Christ’s sake. What happened to my life??????

  49. Well they don’t think like the rest of us so I guess they don’t write like the rest of us either.

  50. Just curious…Does Margaret & Helen ever let any Black people comment on this blog?? I’ve read thru these comments and it sure looks like they are all made by white people. Where are all my sisters???

  51. One for the funnies:

    Pinocchio, Snow White, and Superman are out for a stroll in town one day. As they walk, they come across a sign: “Beauty contest for the most beautiful woman in the world.”

    “I am entering!” said Snow White.

    After half an hour she comes out and they ask her, “Well, how’d you do?”

    “First Place!,” said Snow White.

    They continue walking and they see a sign:
    “Contest for the strongest man in the world.”

    “I’m entering,” says Superman.

    After half an hour, he returns and they ask him, “How did you make out?”

    “First Place,” answers Superman. “Did you ever doubt?”

    They continue walking when they see a sign:
    “Contest! Who is the greatest liar in the world?”

    “I’m entering,” says Pinocchio.

    After half an hour he returns with tears in his eyes.
    “What happened?” they asked.

    “Who the hell is Dick Cheney?” asked Pinocchio.

  52. BRAVO, New Hampshire!

    Six states have done the right thing…forty-four to go! Who will be next?!?

  53. Sherri – hilarious! I viewed another with Sarah Palin being interviewed by Betty Bowers – go Muck a Foose! ha ha ha ha

  54. “Intelligent, tolerant and compassionate legislation grounded in the firm separation of church and state.”

    Same-sex marriage becomes law in NH


  55. Poolman & Donna – just read a bit more of the troll attack. WOW. You guys did good! I wonder if that troll is to counterterrorism the same way that Palin is to foreign policy – i.e he can see Cuba from his fishing boat or something. . . sheesh. Delusions of patriotism.
    Poolman I did like your response about pounding the chest and spouting insults… good one!
    Okay folks – heading back out into the world. You stay safe – give a smile & hug away!

  56. For all who want to know what the Bible REALLY says about marriage…and even if you don’t want to know what the Bible REALLY says about marriage, you should find out anyway…

    Fair Warning: If you get offended, take it up with God, b/c every statement in this video is truly found in The Good Book:

  57. Greytdog–I’m fine and thanks! Yes, he (she) was a particularly noxious little troll. Pretending to be something he(she) obviously has never been. BIG YAWN.

  58. Jon Stewart does a fun piece on Sonya Sotomayor


  59. Greytdog, I followed Donna and got snared to. Sorry. There sure is a lot of anger out there from the right. It is the same passion I see at some sporting events when the “right” team is not winning. A little alcohol, a little provocation, lots of adrenaline and BOOM! Now we’re the enemy. Line us all up and shoot. I have a hard time keeping quiet when people, trolls or otherwise, don’t respect others. If we were all dittoheads, what would be the point? I think the diversity makes us stronger. It certainly makes us more interesting! Alas, I’ve been branded. I may as well give in and follow the herd. NOT!

  60. Since we are all venturing off topic,,,,,

    Here’s a Lawrence Seward story. He had two female cats: Boots and Lady. Their Pedigree was “Chicago Alley”. Lawrence thought it was *wrong* to mess with Mother Nature and never had his cats fixed. It meant that every male “Chicago Alley” within scent-range would hang around the yards for the whole block… The yowling some nights was quite impressive.
    Every year, twice a year, each of those felines had a litter of kittens. About 16 or so at a time. There were so many kittens between those two mamas, whatever nipple was closest was the one used. (Our wonderful cat, Mr. Meow, came from one of those litters.) One summer, I planned a catnapping and was going to pay to have at least one of his cats spayed (which ever one I could catch). My husband talked me out of it. Bless Lawrence, though, he always did manage to find homes for all those kittens.

  61. Donna, you okay? I read that you had tangled with that troll on Helen’s post about Dick Cheney. I hope you don’t get sick from that contact – seems the troll had his panties in a twist or something. . . not even snarky, just hate-spew. What an asshat. Donna, be sure to gargle, rinse, gargle, then disinfect your hands . . . maybe wipe down the keyboard to prevent any slime. . . you did good, though! Really.

  62. You guys really need to get on Facebook with your link to here. I would be adding your link for all to see!!

  63. Werner,

    Much mahalo (thanks) for the Marriott link to the downtown hotels. I checked them out and like the Residence Inn since they serve breakfast, but also like the Marriott Chateau Champlain, and the Courtyard Montreal Downtown (but no breakfast). I use the AAA rate.

    We’ll figure out how to get there by train, and then probably walk/bus/cab our way around town. My husband will feel land locked without the ocean, but maybe he can fish in Vermont for a day or two.

    Still haven’t got our passport card. If we don’t get it in time, change of plans, and maybe we can just relax in the beautiful Northern part of the USA. My son loves it – has learned to chop wood and takes pictures of bare trees in the winter and forays into quaint towns.

    Got my comfortable walking shoes! Ecco – sandal-like with adjustable straps. Feels like walking on air.

    MLP, we also enjoy Helen’s posts, so please bear with our parlor conversation as we wait for the newest. Better yet, join in!

  64. Werner: Yes indeedy, it very well could be. And I guess saying that makes me a nasty Catholic.

  65. Up…yes. Running…eh.

  66. Hello all…. Great post… as usual…I agree 100 percent….

    Did we hear old Newt had second thoughts about calling Sonia a racist? Yeah right …. What he is having second thoughts about is forfieting 1/3 of his voting bloc IF he happens to snag the nomination in 2012.

    Hey werener…. Did you ever get the other blog up and running? I am still interested.. ;-)


  67. Hi to all the catholics on this here blog

    just something that comes to mind while reading all the stuff about annullment….

    could it just be the the Annullment is the new “letter of indulgence” (read that “medival cash cow”) of the church?

    ….just a nasty thought from a nasty atheist…..

  68. sigh…if an annulment was THAT easy to get, I’d have one : ) But the whole annulment routine hurts the church – lots of middle aged people might still be Catholic…..it is a laborious process..

  69. My uncle restored a Bentley. He then sold it to a guy from the west coast.My uncle advised him to ship it cross country, but the new owner wanted to drive it. He was cautioned that this old car should not go over 55. That guy blew it up before he even got home.
    My Grandfather had a big cadillac. He left it for me to drive when he went on vacation. My friends and I got bubble gum cigars and drove around pretending we were rich old men.
    Summers were spent at the beach. I spent the evenings hanging around with some kids that were working on their cars. I believe that the ’54 chevy was the favorite for dragging and cruising around the circuit.
    When I was little my best friend’s father sold DeSoto’s and Plymouths. Although we had never owned a De Soto I was shocked and concerned even at a young at the demise of that car.

  70. Worst car story:

    A supervisor friend lovingly spent his free time restoring an old Morgan Roadster – vacations for his family meant scouring old garages and mechanics shops throughout UK for parts and such. One Friday he took off early – he had completed the restoration!! He and his wife came by all kitted out in their beautiful car and happily and duly received the accolades. We even popped some champagne cuz it was their “baby” (he started restoring it when his boys began high school – they were now in college) – as they started off on their mini-roadtrip, they were broadsided by a drunk driver running a red light! His wife ended up in the hospital (broken pelvis, head injury), he had to be extracted (broken leg and shoulder – and the Morgan sent off to the junkyard. Once they were healed, they decided to restore a VW bus – once a restorer, always a restorer. But jeez – that Morgan was a gorgeous car. . .they are now in their 70s, still have the Bus, and yes, he still misses his Morgan.

  71. All this about cars makes me giggle. In 1948 I learned to drive in a 1936 Chevy. First car my parents had owned. Then when I got masrried we had a Studebaker. Now that was a classy car.
    Fr some reason my husband decided to trade it in and we got a brand new 111955 Plymouth. Ugh. After tht Studebaker it was a piece of junk. After we had it for a month we were trying to trade it in!! EVentually got rid of it and got a Volkswagon. WE had several of them and they and I had a mutual dislke for each other! I used to say that the only thing they hadn’t done to me was stop on railroad tracks with the train coming!!

  72. {{{{DENISE}}}} how ya doing, hon?

  73. God Help Us, Helen….Please Post something soon!!!!

  74. Posted at Daily Kos by Bill in Portland Maine: http://bit.ly/dY5XH

    It’s getting mighty hard to resist mowing “ASSHOLE” into Dick Cheney’s front lawn.

    If telling a lie caused an electric jolt to go through the body, Republicans would be floppin’ around like fish in a bucket.

    And don’t ever try to paste muttonchops on a cat. They most certainly do not appreciate the gesture no matter how distinguished it makes them look.

  75. Karmann Ghia. Oh the memories. Had a boyfriend when I was 18 with a Karmann Ghia. Things I learned in the Ghia… Or outside the Ghia on a blanket on the grass… There was the time in the cemetery…

    I am so glad most of my life experiences have been good ones.

    It has always seemed to me that the most devoutly religious people I have encountered have always had a sad tale to tell about their life. Religion is a NEED for some, to cope, I guess. But I wish they did not want to impose it on the rest of us.

  76. Speaking of cars, I just rec’d this from a friend:

    If my body were a car, this is the time I would be thinking about trading it in for a newer model.

    I’ve got bumps and dents and scratches in my finish and my paint job is getting a little dull ..

    But that’s not the worst of it.

    My headlights are out of focus and it’s especially hard to see things up close

    My traction is not as graceful as it once was. I slip and slide and skid and bump into things even in the best of weather.

    My whitewalls are stained with varicose veins.

    It takes me hours to reach my maximum speed. My fuel rate burns inefficiently.

    But here’s the worst of it —

    Almost every time I sneeze, cough or sputter, either my radiator leaks or my exhaust backfires!

  77. Sally
    I don’t use Hotels in Montreal but here are some links to 4 different Mariott location (Since youi got points there) in downtown, if you like one or two I can hceck the aerea for you and tell you which is the better location….


  78. hey everyone how are you?

  79. Poolman, thanks for Juneau Joe’s link (from Life’s a Bitch….). I just ordered the book Family of Secrets from Amazon. Poppy Bush…. Hope Junior gets real repentant and spills all the family beans in his new book.

    Jean and Werner, thanks for the Montreal info. I will definitely not drive, and I will eat bread everywhere. Werner, we will stay near the Place Jacques Cartier if we can. Sounds fantastic and I can check out the artsy stuff. Love it.

    Re: cars: I’ve had a lot of different cars in my lifetime. Always used, except for a Buick SUV gas hog that was on sale for 1/2 off! and my second Olds station wagon.

    My very first car was a Karmann Ghia – sweet!

    My best car was a used 8 year old drop dead gorgeous celadon pale metallic green Lexus LS400 that my friend found for me. The ride was smooth as can be, the car had only 17,000 miles with light grey leather seats that still smelled brand new. With the AC on and the windows rolled up, I felt like I was in another world, it was so quiet. I loved to get on the freeway and blast Queen on the CD player.

    The only trouble was, I wasn’t a BMW, Lexus, or Mercedes kind of gal. Not that anything is wrong with BMW, Lexus, or Mercedes people. I just felt like the car was too important.

    There was a whole different way of being treated when driving up to the valet with a big, fat, heavy cherry Lexus versus a rattling stuck-window, headliner sagging Olds station wagon. It was like having shaved legs wearing Manolo Blahnik pumps versus rubber slippers and shorts.

    It was with bittersweet relief when I gave the car to our friend that loves his fancy cars. They are a better match and I am buzzing around town in my 9 year old Honda CRV. It smells of my husband’s fishing bucket, always seems to have sand on the rug, I feel every bump in the road, and for now, it is the car that best matches me.

    Who knows what my next car will be. Maybe a Ford, maybe a Fiat Chrysler. Maybe even later get back my fat Lexus LS400, a little older, a little creakier, but still able to play a mean CD.

  80. Juneau Joe has posted a very interesting link on the last topic 5/31/09 8:28, if you guys ever go back to check them out. I have been amazed and have been checking the validity of the source and it seems to be legit re: the Bush family. Pretty intense stuff. Arggghh! Guess I will have to break down and buy a book….

  81. Hi gang,

    A while back, I swore off ever uttering Cheney’s name again. Recently, I decided instead to use it as a swear word. No more “Oh, shit!” Now, it’s “Oh, Cheney!”

    Several days ago he came out IN FAVOR of gay marriage. OK. His daughter is lesbian. That’s understandable. But his ‘Republican’ cronies are raving on about Sotomayor’s ONE statement (out of 17 years as a highly respected judge handing down decisions based on the law) about a Latina woman being able to make a better decision than a white male who had not had that life experience. I think that was quite an honest and realistic assessment on Sotomayor’s part. I’ve been saying right along that there is no such thing as objectivity. We all bring our own life experience to every situation.

    Now Cheney says that Sadam Hussein didn’t have anything to do with Al-Qaeda. Say what???? I’ll say this for him and other Republicans. They are consistently inconsistent. And consistently make no sense.


    Auntie Jean

  82. Greytdog,

    I’m an animal transporter for rescue dogs, too, although for the past 18 months it’s pretty much been on again/off again as finances allow. I find it really rewarding, and the animals are generally so much nicer than people. When I first started transporting, I was stupid and didn’t have any crates. A rottweiller shifted my car into neutral on the interstate, and the next day I went out and got crates. Go figure. Anyway, I have been sad because I lost one of my own furkids to liver failure on May 22. But helping other dogs in her memory has helped a lot. So, kudos to you, and keep on keepin’ on!! I LOVE this place . . . so many like-minded people . . . you’d think it was nirvana.

  83. The best and most decisive that I have read to date.

  84. Hi Sally,

    Me again re: Montreal. I concur with Werner. Unless you have lots and lots of time, forget Notre Dame Cathedral. Nothing special there.

    I don’t know how they do it, but throughout the Province of Quebec the bread is to die for!!! Bread of any kind, rolls, even a sandwich in a roadside greasy spoon. I guarantee, you will eat your way across Quebec with bread alone and come back 20 pounds heavier. It will have been worth it though.




  85. When i was kid, my dad had a land rover (just like the one in the movie Born Free) while my mom drove a Willys Jeep Wagon. When the Willys was finally retired, mom moved to a VW bus. Between the willy and the bus, she managed to turn all her kids into risk takers. My god, that woman took risks on hairpin turns without guard rails, dirt roads even off-roading before it was fashionable. When I first went off to college I had my brother’s cutlass -which I later traded in for a VW Superbeetle. . . that’s when I learned that mom’s driving habits had definitely been deeply ingrained – I think I terrified a few friends on those Appalachian mountain roads. . . I now have a Volvo wagon – very exburb but it carries all my animals – and I wanted a car that was safe safe safe, that I could drive for another 10 years, and was a good evacuation ride – my wagon can hold three dogs, three cats, tons of food and meds, plus a couple of humans too if needed. . .SO drives a Ford 150 truck/longbed so he gets to carry all the other stuff during hurricane season. The wagon is definitely the dog car – I transport rescue dogs and can fit four XL dog crates in the back without discomfort. It’s boxy, but it’s safe :)

  86. Jean
    St. Josehp’s……
    Being an Atheist didn’t stop me to admire St. Peters in Rome (for the historical value) and it is, besides other things, rather “bombastique”, but VERY beautifull.
    I also saw St. Joseph’s, and IF you are a believer it has it’s merits, I still found it rather ugly (too much kitsch and too much Beton/Concrete) and it is more or less a money making machine for the catholic church…..

    one more thing, everybody will tell you to go see Notre Dame Cathedral in Montreal, but this is full of North American Kitsch (BonBon colored stained glass windows etc.)

    If you want to see a very beautifull Church there is one down near the Harbour, just aside BonSecure Market (Now a place full of artisanal boutiques) that is truly beautifull, I don’t know the name but it is only 50 meters beside the market and a 5 minute walk from Place Jaques Cartier (THE main downtotwn tourist place).

    BTW if you are at the Place, there is a small side street approx in the middle on the west side (pedestrian only) that is full of small stalls from artist of all kinds of owrk, don’t miss that….

  87. Me? I’m a Ford gal. Have been for a long time.

  88. Re Sherri Δ post…..

    When I lived in Chicago, my next-door-neighbor was named Lawrence Seward. He took a lot of pride in his ancestor (of Seward’s Folly fame) and flew a HUGE Alaskan flag off his front porch.
    Most in the neighborhood never knew what that flag WAS and just thought he was nuts.
    He operated his home as a rooming house and had two other gentlemen living with him: Bruno and The Colonel. (I am not making this up.) All 3 of them were elderly, and living next door to them for 7 years was a hoot.

    My dad never had a Rambler but we did have a DeSoto, a Plymouth and a Nova (there were others, but those 3 came to mind). Last car Dad had was an Impala. He loved Chevys.


  89. Hi Sally,

    Shoot, Sally, I wish I had thought of this before your firmed up your plans. Yes, those long flights are brutal! Try to run up and down the aisles as much as you can until the flight attendants make you take your seat.

    We are lucky to have sons and their families on both coasts, so we always hippity-hop to SFO and then on to Philly. Visit and get over the jet lag coming and going. Here’s a tip for future reference. There is a nice Holiday Inn Express Hotel in SFO, (Burlingame. San Francisco Airport South. [650] 347-2381.) If you call them direct instead of using the Holiday Inn 800 number, you can get a lower rate. But best of all, they have a shuttle bus to pick you up at the airport and take you back. That way you don’t have to mess with the hassles of rental cars, freeways, etc.,etc.,etc.

    Besides that, there is a wonderful restaurant, Maxx’s Opera Café on the hotel’s grounds. The food is great and relatively inexpensive. But best of all is the atmosphere! The waiters and waitresses are all aspiring young opera and Broadway Musical type singers waiting for their big break. (They can’t be starving artists while they are working there!) They sing with a piano accompanist while you are dining. It is a fun place and very relaxing after a long flight.

    When you go up to Montreal, let your son do the driving. He knows the terrain and highways by now. You and your husband can just sit back and enjoy the scenery. A MUST SEE in Montreal is the St. Joseph’s Oratorio on Mont Royale. It is up on a high hill with a panoramic view of the city. It is a Catholic basilica modeled after St. Peter’s in Rome. Its dome is almost as high as St. Peter’s. Winding up the side of the mountain beside it is an exquisite garden depicting the scenes of the Stations of the Cross. It has way larger than life statues at each Station. Plan to spend the better part of a day there.

    Please congratulate your son for us on his achievement. We wish him well with his future endeavors.

    And BON VOYAGE!!!!!


    Auntie Jean

  90. So, let’s get this straight….of the 112 SCOTUS judges, 108 have been white men….and the white men are screaming, “Reverse Discrimination!”?????

  91. I just have to put in my 2 cents on this. (Like who else would care!)

    I tried to learn to drive a stick shift when I was 16 on Dad’s ’65 Rambler Classic. Just couldn’t get the hang of it–jerky, jerky, jerky, die. Thought I was just dumb. Then….my first car ($325) was a “66 Rambler Ambassador. Automatic, of course. Then I met the man of my dreams. (He had a Chevy truck, too.) His daily driver was a…a…a…AMC Gremlin!!! Ramblers have haunted me! But I could drive that stick shift Gremlin like nobody’s business. Spin donuts on the ice, too! Finally I was able to get away from AMC with a pea green Fiat!

    Really. we have had many different vehicles over the years. I stuck with the same man of my dreams, though.

    Favorite? My ’79 Ford Fiesta. (What was that? Italian made? German made? ??) And I now love my Ford Focus. Going strong at 162 thousand miles on it. Hubby has a GMC truck with 195 thousand miles on.

    IMO Corporate greed and shortsightedness has put GM where it is today. Not the quality. And Chrysler? Could never figure them out, since the K car. (Ran the wheels off of 2 Aries, too.)

    OMG we either drive a lot or are very old……

    Oh, about Dear Helen’s post…Being raised a bland upper midwestern Lutheran, I wasn’t twisted with guilt growing up. Still, I left religion in the dust, mostly after run-ins with fundamentalists.

    If you don’t go every week to be re-indoctrinated, and start listening to (Christians) arguing WITH EACH OTHER about who’s right and who’s wrong, your eyes shall be opened!

    ‘Scuse meandering…..

  92. I hate to bring up Sarah Palin yet again, but she’s in my neck of the woods next week….visitng Auburn, NY to mark the 50th anniversary of Alaska’s statehood.

    She’s in Auburn b/c that’s the home of William Seward, the Secretary of State who purchased Alaska. The purchase was widely known as “Seward’s Folly.”

    Here’s hoping Palin will one day be widely known as “Alaska’s Folly.”

  93. Whirled,

    You had me confused there for a minute, with your link to the New Christian Science Textbook. I was raised in the Christian Science church, and I was wondering what kind of new textbook they could have come out with. Duh!! These days I’m more of a spiritualist; I guess that’s what I’d call it, anyway. I’ve never really found an organized church that I have really been able to identify with. Oh, well. The CS Textbook was pretty funny . . . thanks!

  94. Cynical Susan

    on one side it’s hard on people working hard for legalization (Gay marriages too….;-P ) but I find it just good old fun, and it works too (mouth watering……)

  95. Cool ad from Ben & Jerry: it’s legal in Vermont –


  96. My guess is that MLP uses “MLP” because the choice name of “WERNER ODERWER”was taken…

  97. Sally
    Well that was only a suggestion, gagantuan is pretty close though….

    Another good suggestion is downtown (East part) in 1690 Rue Ontario Est “Au Petit Extra”, also one of our favorites….


    they do speak good english, the Chef is a woman but the english site is, as usual, not ready yet.
    (The place exists only since 10 years plus, but we are not so fast here….;-) )

    Good food, expect to spend approx. $40 – $70/CAN per person with a bottle of not to expensive wine (they have the expensive stuff too!)

    Maybe that is more to your liking…..

  98. Werner,

    Keep on keeping on. btw, I visited your think positive website – it’s great! I LOVED the photo of the monks on a roller coaster!

    You may be one of the quirkiest of the posters, and constantly kolohe (rascal), but you are a parlor friend, and you are always quick to welcome all newcomers.

    Thanks for the restaurant suggestion – will probably pass since it sounds gargantuan and having sex before meals is not my cup of tea – especially since our son will be with us…..

  99. Re: child abuse by clergy: a very unsettling film is “Deliver Us from Evil,” about a U.S. priest who came from Ireland originally, and who kept being moved from California parish to California parish when it became clear that he was messing with kids. And part of the reason that he wasn’t just bounced out because he was sort of “normal,” a lot of his victims were female rather than male so at least he wasn’t, y’know, homosexual.

  100. MLP & Coco: Scroll bar broken? Don’t like something? Don’t read it. This is M&H’s place, not yours. Obviously they welcome Werner. So get over it.

  101. “If the gift is expected, so sorry Charlie!”

    And what about those of us who somehow never got married? It cost me just as much to set up my house as it does any married couple, but I wouldn’t dare have sent out a notice that said “I’m moving to my own house, and I’m registered at ______ !”

  102. “How come the ‘Good Ole Boys Club’ has promoted WASP men every since this country was founded”

    Of the 112 SCOTUS judges, 108 have been white men. Try to change the mix a little, and people get upset!

    I think a lot of the Repub objection is boiler-plate. They’re going to object no matter what, they can’t appear to be going along with Obama. But it’s funny — I remember when Bush was in the SCOTUS-nomination business, and one of his party said “The President should just be allowed to make his choices.” Seems to me a president is choosing for the whole country, not a new toy…

  103. Coco

    how about some proof? (or do you just don’t speak french?)

    Last troll feed for the day! Promis!

  104. Werner’s posts are asinine.

  105. BTW
    Thanks Donna…:-)

  106. MLP (My Lame Poster!)

    Didn’t they tell you that jealousy is a deadly sin…..?

    Poor little sot, all the way to hell on the reason of an atheist, By the way I have 2 blogs now, second blogs address is:


    (Now THAT was a kick in the behind of the others from the gang that where so eager to contribute to the second one…..)


  107. I very much enjoy Werner’s posts. I do not enjoy MLP’s posts.

  108. Werner…didn’t you create your own blog recently? What’s wrong…no hits??

  109. MLP
    FY too

  110. VERY interessting German video on terrorist watch, German with english subtitles

    It is called: You are a terrorist!

  111. Werner…please stay on your own blog.

  112. Thank you, Helen. It’s so nice to know I’m not alone in the world.

  113. Belgian Chef = French cuisine quality and a full plate too!!
    Best of 2 worlds…..

    And a Belgina joke too (The Belgians are the French’s Newfies / Polish / Irish)

    5 french guys reach the Belgian border in an Audi Quattro, the Customs officer asks the usual questions, seams satisfied and finishes the border check with the following words:

    OK, welcome in Belgium, 4 of you can enter but the fitht(?) one needs to stay here or take the train……

    The owner of the car asks for a reason and the Customs Officer (CO) answers: Well, this is a Audi Quattro, Quattro means 4, so only four can drive on!

    The owner shows his car’s papers where is clearly written that this is a 5 passenger care and a big argument starts, with the CO always comming back to his former argument that Quattro means four and only four can enter Belgium in this car and he doesn’t give a rat’s arse about French rules and laws and this is Belgium and that’s that!

    After a whil;e the owner of the Audi get’s fed up and asks the CO to speak to his supervisor, whereoff the CO says, sorry Sir, that is not possible…….

    So our guy starts really getting pissed and starts shouting: WHY, IS HE HIDING BEHIND A BUSH OR PLAYING SICK OR WHHAAATTT?

    Says the CO: Sorry Sir, none of that, he is just very busy overthere with the two guys in the Fiat Uno!

  114. Honolulu Sally

    train is a good option to Montreal, Busses too.
    Quebec drivers are crazy and we have off-ramps (only a few!) ON THE LEFT SIDE OF THE HIGHWAY TOO!

    You can always use taxis and public transportation in Montreal, but if you want to come to Montreal and have a view days check this:


    This is a belgian Chef in St. Agathe du Nord, approx 1 hours drive from Montreal, the Hoel is la la (not bad but only 2 rooms with bathroom in the room) but the KITCHEN!!!!!!!
    see specially this: (brush up your french)
    (Soem things cost extra to the fixed price…. but worth every PENNY!)

    Notre menu au choix à la carte à 39.50 $

    Le menu à 26..50 $ sans les entrées

    Les soupières

    La soupière de bisque de crustacés en croûte + 2.50 $
    Le potage du jour selon les disponibilités du marché

    Les entrées

    Le foie gras de canard poêlé sur demi-pomme caramélisée
    au sucre d’érable, sauce au vieux porto + 8.50 $

    Aiguillettes et confit de canard sur mesclun de salade
    au confit d’oignons et vinaigrette

    Les crevettes tigrées au coulis de homard
    parfumé au curry Madras

    La salade de caille au vieux porto et miel d’acacia
    relevée au citron vert

    Les pétoncles poêlées au beurre demi sel et sa salade
    rehaussée d’une pointe de basilic

    La petite tomate aux crevettes de Matane sur un lit
    de salade ciselée et brunoise de légumes à la niçoise

    La cassolette d’escargots de Bourgogne gratinés au coulis de tomates à la fleur d’ail

    Le saumon fumé maison à l’érable et sa petite
    sauce tartare aux fines herbes

    Le feuilleté de ris de veau braisé au bouillon de jeunes légumes et sa sauce crémée à la graine de moutarde

    Les plats de résistance (Main courses)

    Le pavé de bœuf Angus aux échalotes
    et sa garniture de légumes

    Le magret de canard aux agrumes et sa petite pomme
    caramélisée à la confiture de bleuets (pour deux pers.)

    Le cuissot de pintadine au vin de Bordeaux
    et petits oignons grelots

    Les rognons et ris de veau à la crème de Roquefort
    et jeunes pommes de terre au beurre persillé

    Le filet de saumon florentine légèrement crémé
    et sa garniture de légumes

    Le médaillon de chevreuil sauce poivrade aux champignons
    et confiture d’oignons à la pulpe de grenade + 9, 50 $

    Le carré d’agneau à la moutarde de Dijon, gratin dauphinois
    et petites endives grillées au beurre de noix de muscade

    La cuisse de lapin à la bière belge et pruneaux
    pommes dauphines

    Le confit de pattes de canard mulard
    à la façon bordelaise


    Le mille feuilles de chèvre chaud au sirop d’érable
    et mesclun a l’huile de noix
    et vinaigre balsamique. + 7.50 $
    (Have to transklate the above: Mille Feuilles with hot goat cheese in Maple siroup and oil of nuts! HHHHmmmmmmm)

    Les desserts gourmands

    La mousse au chocolat noir belge
    La petite soupe de fruits rouges et glace vanille
    Les profiteroles vanille et chocolat noir !!!!!(Home made, NOT from the supermarket!)

    Me and the wife, when going there, have created the habit to have Sex before meals, since after….no way either of us will move more than necessary!!!


  115. Honolulu Sally:

    Then it’s time to check out a Ford, if you’re thinking American and quality…. they’ve been getting it right for a good ten years now…. especially with the Taurus….. am on my second one (75,000 miles now and not a single repair).

    Keith in NM

  116. Helen, I just gotta keep coming back! Your posts just won’t let me go!

    Spoke with a very old friend last night, a cradle Catholic who left for the following reason – and it’s a doozy! Never heard it expressed like this!
    The Church was becoming just too Jerry Springer-ish for her! OK. I thought about it and it fits.

    Also, that post about Cheney — he is now an unredemptable charicature of himself, especially all the more as he continues to use “9/11″ as a punctuation mark!

  117. We had an AMC Rambler Wagon in ’64 that we drove from the East Coast to the West Coast prior to heading back overseas (my folks wanted the kids to see the USA). I liked that car – because as the youngest and smallest, I had to sit in the middle between older siblings. . .but I could still see out the window! That was the only reason I liked that car. And the color – baby blue and white. My dad hated that car – kept overheating – we certainly got to see the USA – all the tiny garages and such along the way. . .We had a longer stayover in Flagstaff because the transmission was conking out (a brand new car!!) but that Rambler ‘Reck finally got us to San Francisco where we bid it cheery adieu. . .

  118. My family-Blue Rambler-didn’t like it much……But Mom’s Cutlass was great. I had a permit and drove it everywhere. She even let me drive alone to go pick up a friend as my liscensed driver! I had a bad experience with the Ford country squire station wagon(known as The Country Squire);the first time I tried to back out of the garage alone on the 1st day of my learners permit, I got too close to the wall,but I figured CARS ARE STRONG; I bashed in the side & it was sooo costly to replace that fake wood- maybe$100.Slowed me down for a bit- but a few years later that cutlass restored my confidence. I remember hauling a U_Haul for a friend all over Manhattan & thru the Queens Midtown Tunnel without a care in the world!lol
    My truck is a GMC Deisel-should last my lifetime…

  119. Our Hawaiian Electric bills always come with great recipes. Here’s the one for June:


    2 cups flour
    1/4 cup powdered sugar
    1 cup butter or Smart Balance Butter Blend (stick)
    1 cup chopped pecans or macadamia nuts, toasted

    Preheat oven to 375º. In a large mixing bowl, mix together the flour and sugar. Cut butter into flour mixture until it looks like coarse crumbs. Gently mix n the nuts. Pour the crumbly mixture into a 13x9x2-inch pan, shake to distribute crumbs evenly; very lightly press the crumbs down. Bake for 20 minutes or until golden brown; cool.

    3 cups light sour cream
    1 tablespoon sugar
    2 small boxes (4-serving size) instant vanilla pudding and pie filling
    1 container (16 oz) frozen sweetened strawberries, thawed
    1/2 pound fresh strawberries, sliced

    In a large mixing bowl, mix together the sour cream, sugar, pudding mix, and thawed strawberries. Gently fold in the fresh strawberries. Pour filling onto cooled crust; chill for 15 minutes.

    1 container (8 oz) frozen light whipped topping (such as Cool Whip), thawed
    1/2 cup chopped pecans or macadamia nuts, toasted
    1/2 pound fresh strawberries, sliced

    Spread whipped topping onto second layer. Sprinkle nuts over topping and lay strawberries on top. Recipe makes 20 servings.

  120. Whirled Peas,

    That is a funny video link. I always liked George Carlin. I really miss him. He had a way of really cutting through to the chase. And had a true grasp of human nature. So very sarcastic too. That bit is actually one I had not seen before. I guess he has a lot more insight now that he’s passed to that other realm. It’s been almost a year now. 22nd of this month I think.

    For the record, Jesus shortened the 10 commandments for us also in Matthew chapter 22:
    37 Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ 38 This is the first and greatest commandment. 39 And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ 40 All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.”

    We just don’t follow the rules very well. If we did we wouldn’t be in this world of shit. But hey, my generation is notorious for breaking the rules. I think we actually pride ourselves in not following them.


    I remember when I was a kid we had a white Rambler station wagon. As I recall it was a very solid car. We were always doing cross-country trips and I was always in the very back. No one had seat belts then, or AC. Kind of primitive by today’s standards, I guess. That would be a hardship now. Especially here in AZ.

    Other than that, Dad was always a GM guy. My Grandparents in NJ had a Lincoln Continental that I used to sneak out in the middle of the night in my HS days. It seemed to take up the entire road on those winding wooded mountaintops in central Jersey. It was so big and cushy. Definitely felt like a boat!

    Honolulu Sally,

    Great memories! I was on Oahu from 62 to 67 and we went over Pali pass. I remember when we had tidal wave alerts and had to flee to the mountains. I’ve been back to Maui and Kauai, but would love to get back to Oahu someday. Lots of good memories for me there.

    My wife and I recently joined the church we’ve been going to for a couple of years. I decided I wanted to get involved in the children’s ministry, since I used to do that when my kids were young at the church we were part of in Texas. They are always short on male helpers and a lot of these kids need good positive male role models. Besides I have 2 grandsons now 6 and 3 years that attend.

    It is so different now. They will do a background check on me. I have to provide 3 non-relative references. The whole first meeting was an interview where we discussed sexual and physical abuse and how statistically 1 in 5 males and 1 in 4 females have or will be abused in their life. And how it is 9 times out of 10 someone that the abuser knows. The average abuser will have 500 victims in his/her lifetime. All the rooms have video cameras. No classrooms are allowed less than 2 supervisors. We are all learning to look for signs of abuse. So, they are being very proactive and open about it, unlike any place I have been involved with in the past. Not only are they aware of the lawsuits that have been awarded since 1984, but are very concerned with trying to help minister to the abusers. Most abusers were victims. Most, if discovered will still have a place in the ministry, just not around kids.

  121. Greytdog, my mom had a Rambler – American Motors right? It was a boxey car with not much power. We used to have to roll up all the windows when we would drive on the Old Pali Road. It was a narrow 2 lane stretch cut in from the mountain and rather dangerous since the drop off was steep and deadly if you left the road. It was also so windy that a heavy gust of wind could pick up the car and slam it over.

    As a kid, it was exciting to drive “over the Pali” because we always felt like it was a life or death journey and the wind would shake the car as we wound our way from Honolulu to Kailua and back.

    And no one took pork with them, for if you did while going over, Pele (Goddess of the volcanoes) would end up sitting in the back seat – yikes!

    Now, we have a highway that cuts right through the mountain and the winding treacherous Old Pali Highway is overgrown except for an overlook and parking lot for tourists and buses to enjoy the strong winds and beautiful scenery.

    Will be going to New Hampshire next Friday, Jean. Long time on an airplane…

    We might go to Montreal, although we are still waiting for our Passport Card. Someone told me to go up to Montreal on the train. That sounds quite loverly. I don’t look forward to driving for hours. This local girl is scared of freeways, on ramps, and changing lanes.

    Not sure where we’ll be staying yet – but probably a Marriott since I’m in their points club. First time out to the Eastern side of the country for my hubby. He may go into culture shock.

    Change is good. It is also a good excuse to buy a nice pair of new shoes.

  122. George Carlin:

    The Ten Commandments
    “Thou shalt keep thy religion to thyself.”


  123. Hi gang, Sherri, uncommonsense, Sally and Greytdog,

    Yep! Squatting is a bitch for us gals, ain’t it. I don’t know how they manage it in Asia for a lifetime.

    Marco Polo in a previous life? Could be. When it comes to travel, I have always had itchy feet.

    As for pedophilia, it is so pervasive in so many religions and with people who have authority over children. Apparently there is no treatment for perpetrators and repeat offending is almost guaranteed. Why superiors persist in trying to cover it up mystifies me.

    Whenever a snake gains the trust of a child and then…….. Well, in principle, I am against capital punishment, but I’m not so sure when it comes to sexual abuse. What’s the answer?

    Oh yes, Greytdog, I remember the good old Nash Rambler. As a matter of fact, at one time or another we have had almost every car manufactured except the Model T.

    Sally, your Olds reminds me, sort of, of our ‘Cream Puff’. (By the way, when are you going to NH for your son’s graduation? And on up into Quebec?)

    We had a Lincoln Town Car that we swear belonged to the Philadelphia Mafia! During the 70′s gas shortage, a guy who worked for my husband had a brother that knew someone who had a friend, etc. who wanted to get rid of a brand new Town Car – REALLY CHEAP!

    We went to look at it where we thought was a car dealership and asked for ‘so-and so’ as we were told. The big burly ‘salesman’ (?) took us to a private house, and told us to wait in the car until he got the keys and got it out of the garage. (We never saw the owner. It was registered to a lady.) It was a gorgeous car with soft leather seats and every conceivable custom upgrade and extra. We called it the ‘Cream Puff’.

    After a very short test drive, we almost got an ultimatum, “Take it now, TODAY, or else”. (Cement overshoes in the Schuylkill River?)
    When we got it home, I asked my husband to look in the trunk and see if there was a body.

    I despised that car. It was SO big and long it cornered like the USS Nimitz. I had to park it up by the Photomat in the supermarket lot because it was too big to maneuver in between two other cars. I could only drive it from gas station to gas station. My husband, of course, drove an economy car that was light on gas.

    When we got rid of the ‘Cream Puff’ I insisted on a little Chevy Chevette with a hatch back. (Burgandy color!) I named her ‘Betsy’. She could go anywhere, turn on a dime and functioned as well as any pickup truck. We even shipped Betsy out here! Oh, how I loved that sweet little car.


    Auntie Jean

  124. Does anyone remember the Rambler?

  125. Sorry Werner, thought of your long ago funny post with the phone caller who kept calling you by that derogatory name.

    Glad some people have had good Oldsmobiles! Maybe I was a magnet for the junk ones. Must admit that the ride was good. People used to say we all looked like the Brady Bunch packed into our station wagon. It was funny with the headliner sagging lower and lower on their heads. Then, one power window went out, fixed it under warranty, and the others went out. When the door handles started breaking, that was it for me. Gave the dang car to a family in need. I still see them driving it around town with towels hanging from 2 of the windows that are powerless.

    I grew up loving Chevrolet. My dream car was a Corvette, my brother had a yellow bomb ’58, an old boyfriend had a Z-28. American cars were the best. They lasted forever and rock solid. When the first Japanese cars came to the Islands, they looked so cheapy and tinny in comparison. Somewhere in the ’80s or ’90′s the quality of GM went down, and the imports started looking like better made cars.

    Sad. I’ll buy American again, but not just to be patriotic. I’ll wait for the quality to return. Then maybe I’ll hang those fake fur dice from the rear view mirror.

  126. The New Christian Science Textbook


  127. From Katie Couric’s speech at Class Day/Princeton 2009:
    “In his book, entitled “Snark”, David Denby writes, “Snark often functions as an enforcer of mediocrity and conformity. In its cozy knowingness, snark flatters you in assuming that you get the contemptuous joke. You’ve been admitted or re-admitted to a club, but it may be a club of the second rate.”

    ’nuff said

  128. Religion on the march!!!

    Video from the scene of Dr. George Tiller murder suspect Scott Roeder’s arrest — including the little-reported detail that Roeder had a handwritten Operation Rescue phone number on his dashboard.

    ’nuff said!


  129. ooohhhh 96 cutlass. . . I had a 72 Cutlass – wow. that thing could power out – but had to finally sell it because ya know those speeding tickets just kept piling up :) loved that car

  130. Sherri…
    It’s easy to blame the church for what some of it’s officials do, but it’s the officials not the church….people still send children to day-care but wasn’t it two years ago that a place in California got in trouble for making XXX movies with children…..lots of people abuse their authority…..look at Enron…..they were all for Cap-and-Trade….
    Honolulu Sally …..
    don’t know why your bashing Olds….I’m still driving my 96 Cutlass…..

  131. From a reader’s post on Andrew Sullivan’s blog, The Daily Dish, regarding the murder of Dr. George Tiller:

    “the point is whenever we presume to be the gatekeepers of God’s love and grace, we ourselves are turning away from God.”


  132. Sherri’s so right – Sexual & child abuse has nothing to do with a particular religion, a particular denomination, or even a particular set of theological beliefs. Sexual & child abuse does have everything to do with power – or rather, the misuse of power. It is easier to claim “sanctuary” when standing in a pulpit, leading a Sunday School class, working at a church camp, or a multitude of other church-related activities. After all, who would ever believe a minister, a deacon, an Elder, a camp counselor. . .etc would do such a thing – why that child must be lying. . .

  133. Lest people think the sexual abuse problem is unique to the Catholic church, let me assure you it is not. I spent the first thirty years of my life in a Baptist Church and I could tell you at least a hundred horror stories of children who have been sexually abused by Baptist ministers. It is why I eventually left the church.

    I know people from many other denominations who say the same thing. We have a massive problem in this country — as I’m sure many other countries have — with church officials feeling a sense of power and control over others and abusing their positions in horrific ways. It is my belief this is a problem of epidemic proportions and that most church officials are aware that its happening amongst their colleagues but turn a blind eye.

    I’ve seen so many posts about the Catholic church in particular that I just had to weigh in and say — unfortunately — this devastating problem is not unique to Catholicism.

  134. Spot on, as always, Helen!

    Jean, my aunt and uncle were once driving from CO to CA to visit family, when my aunt desperately needed the facilities. It was late, dark, and traffic was slow (this was about 30 years ago) so she agreed to squat behind a bush alongside the road. My uncle pulled over & left the headlights shining so she could have a bit of light. She found a somewhat secluded spot, squatted (you know how hard that is for a female) and proceeded to take care of business, but no sooner did she start tinkling than she jumped up screaming and running back to the car with her trousers around her ankles…it seems she squatted directly over a frog and as soon as she started tinkling, it jumped straight up and hit her hoo-hoo. No female in my family has ever attempted to squat since!

  135. Thank you. Perfect, as always. :-)

  136. Sally
    please gimme change on that hundert dollar word “derogatory”, my poor german soul cringes when I imagine what that could mean……

    And let the “Vermin” be for the trolls, last I mistake you …..;-P

    (Last person who called me that 3 times on a day lost her job…….)

  137. Amen!! Jean!

    Werner, you naughty dog. It was funny though derogatory, but then, it is typical of our “Vermin”, yah you betcha!

    Is anyone subscribed to Michael Moore’s email group? He just sent out an awesome solution for GM who has officially gone into bankruptcy and now in the Federal government’s hands. Great ideas for a brand new start. Scrub the crap cars (I had 2 Oldsmobiles – both had irritating problems within the first year like sagging headliners and power windows that wouldn’t work) and start making trains!

    Maybe I’ll buy the GM stock now. Everyone is saying not to….


  138. Jean: AMEN!!!

  139. Adam and Eve, the gay version………………..

  140. Jean

    …..a quote from Sarah Palin:

    “Yes, I think I will see Jesus come back to earth in my lifetime.”….

    Like in: “Jesus, Yesterday Noriega came out of prison…..”?

  141. janofdg

    That was one of the best and nicest welcome post I read so far….

    Welcome, you should fit right in!

  142. The progressiveness of the community here at M & H’s is a wonderful thing. I love to read people’s thoughts and feelings on most every subject, but the gay marriage rights issue is especially near and dear to my heart. Thanks to all who express their support in such beautiful ways.

    James, I was wondering where you were. Sorry to hear about the glaucoma.

    Jean, another Amen for the Jesus funny. That was really cute.

  143. read that …my right”’

  144. Cindy
    …or blue with pink polka dots.

    I have 4 pink ones (one gay lady, 2 hetro boyz and a hetro Girl)

    Think I could try for one more blue with pink polka dots? I’d love the color and I’d take it gay too, just for the balance…….

    …or as I (really) stated to my gay daughter after she “told” me (she was then only 18)

    ……you could be happy with a green dog with yellow fleas for all I care, the only thing that matters to me is:

    a) that you’re happy
    b) that your partner doesn’t hurt you more than we both consider “normal” (Love does hurt from time to time, is what I mean)

    As long as that is the case I would never ever mix in your love or otherwise live…..

    ONLY when there is abuse I will

    a) say something
    b) act as I see fit!

    ….and that is might right as a parent that really cares!

  145. Why would someone feel they have the right to walk into a church, a school, a county courthouse, a place of employment or even a McDonald’s and emphasize their point by turning them into killing fields? Do people feel so hopelessly silenced that the only way they can make themselves heard is through the echoed report of gunfire? Oklahoma City, Columbine, Virginia Tech, Knoxville and now this – all are examples of domestic, homegrown terrorism – born and bred in the USA. Way scarier than anything Al-Qaeda can come up with, don’t you think?

  146. Cradle Catholic here. Put up with a lot for many years because I saw “church” outside of institutional/organizational definitions. Finally had it when it was obvious that in a way I was actually quietly enabling the destructive things that were going on for decades and decades. Translation: there just wasn’t any justice! Paying off victims, even when bankrupting a diocese, just barely feeds the bulldog. The institution will never change. It has built up immeasurabley thick and high walls over the centuries. Friends and family are now marrying legally with a justice of the peace. When I was a kid that would have made their children illegitimate in the eyes of the official church because such a marriage was viewed as “irregular”. A friend recently married someone who was divorced from the previous wife. He had to go through hoops to prove the divorce was valid, etc. No, the church could not annul his previous marriage but they sure wanted proof there would be no egg on the official face if something untoward came up after marrying this person in the church. It did not cost money. The Catholics I know who have gone through annulment did not part with any money, just huge chunks of time out of their lives waiting for the whole thing to be resolved. This permitted them to be married in the Church. I know of only one such couple who has since stayed within the institution. Their wedding ceremony was officiated by a dear friend of theirs who was not a typical parish cleric but a chaplain.

    Yes, Helen, I certainly do share your hair-ripping-out frustration with the tyranny of words! Torture is not torture, it is enhanced interrogation, etc. There is a very high barf factor in all of this.

    Matthew, help your grandmother out. I know that it is technically possible to block all the nasty trolls. Nobody deserves their unfettered, unlettered abuse.

    Helen, keep on keeping on!

  147. Susan
    …..What time is midnight mass??….

    just after 6.00 PM so te kids can attend

    Catholic Church (CC): When we can anull marriages, we might as well make the clock fit the purpose to get people into our churches.

    Q:Whats is a considered a full church nowadays in the CC?
    A: A priest +1!!

  148. Helen
    thanks for the great post!

    thanks for the video, reblogged it and send it to my gay daughter in Germany….

    …Thanks for the invite! We may just take you up on it. One thing though – if all the American progressives moved to Canada thus leaving behind all the right-wing wingnuts, do you really think Canada would feel safe having a fascist nation across the border???…

    Spain got together a left wing intellegent Army to fight Franco, so why shouldn’t we Canadians be able to do that too?

    And we got the better beer already (AND THIS goes a long way to attract good fighting men (and women too!)


  149. “In the rear window of the 1993 blue Ford Taurus that he was driving was a red rose, a symbol often used by abortion opponents. On the rear of his car was a Christian fish symbol with the word “Jesus” inside.”


  150. James,

    I’m sorry to hear you won’t be contributing much, if any, to the commentary here. I have enjoyed your posts and perspective. You probably don’t want to hear it, but I think Marijuana would help (or cure) your glaucoma issues. I know people who have benefited from it.

    It is coming out that this person who shot Dr. Tiller is indeed part of a RW radical group that is anti-government. And this wasn’t his first attempt at destroying the means for providing legal abortions. I think this was his life’s driving force. I’m sure it will be all over the news and it will be interesting to see Fox’s perspective on this.

    I only hope this serves to better educate us on the broader face of terrorism in our world, and get us off the mindset where we see “them over there” as the only threat.

  151. This the last time I have visited the site since I last posted, and I won’t be checking back, at least for now. Our busy season is here, and though I could find time to post once in awhile, I won’t because the medication I take for glaucoma is an eye irritant.

    When I last posted, my left eye was becoming so sore and red it looked like pink eye. It got worse and looked disgusting as my vision declined. I assumed it was due to a combination of irritants and eye strain. I stopped using the computer except for reporting the weather. I helped run our history society/visitor center anniversary celebration and program on Saturday, and I didn’t want my eye to be the center of attention. It began to improve.

    The eye doctor confirmed my suspicions. She said my eye has become more sensitive to the medicine, and the computer screen was straining my eyes.

    One side effect is the medicine may grow busy eye lashes and change the color of pupils. It didn’t happen to me, and my eye lashes are already full. A scientist altered the formula to create a product which enhances eye lash growth, so the company is now making money from two versions of the drug.

    So, for now, I am keeping my computer use at less than twenty minutes a day, and I am listening instead of watching television.

    One thread began with “Life is a bitch…” It isn’t. It is an adventure with good and bad. I hope I was entertaining at times.



  152. Were you Marco Polo in a past life Jean?

  153. A new grassroots movement.
    Conceptualizing Conscious Capitalism

    Jeff Klein spent the past two days (May 28 – 29) at Bentley University outside of Boston attending the first Conceptualizing Conscious Capitalism conference, which is intended to be a precursor to the Conscious Capitalism Institute. The event, produced by Professors Raj Sisodia of Bentley (co-author of Firms of Endearment: How World-Class Companies Profit from Passion & Purpose) and Ed Freeman of University of Virginia (“author” of the stakeholder model of business management), with Shubrho Sen, serial entrepreneur, outsourcing pioneer, and visiting professor of marketing at Bentley. In addition to providing an enlightening survey of work being done in diverse academic disciplines at universities throughout the country and around the world, the event convened an inspiring and energized group of academics and others dedicated to transforming business and business education, and making meaningful progress towards these ends


  154. Greytdog, this is an excellent article on the link you provided.


    Sunday, May 31, 2009
    And this is what ‘Religious Terrorism’ looks like

  155. Speaking of “facilities”. . . .when I was a young teen, a friend of our family came to spend a few months with us. My sib and I were in Israel and the three adults flew in to meet up with us and to give our friend the “family tour” of Israel. At the top of her list of “must see” places was Mt. Tabor – the site of a Crusader castle, the biblical site AKA The Mount of Transfiguration (in Christian history). So we ended up climbing to the top of Mt Tabor with our picnic lunch and cameras. . .at the top you can look over the Jordan Valley which is truly spectacular. But our friend, a nice matronly woman in her early 70s, really needed a bathroom. But no facilities. Being an intrepid soul, she grabbed the ubiquitous roll of TP that mom always carried and took herself off into the bushes. . . a few minutes later we heard this horrific howl. . . so mom and I rush down to where our friend had hidden herself. . .to discover, as she had, that she had been hit really bad with. . . an attack of dysentery! Luckily, we had about four gallons of water with us and managed to get her cleaned up and into fresh clothes. . .as she came out of the bushes my irreverent Reverend of a father twinkled “Now you know why it’s the Mt of Tranfiguration” to which this feisty lady shot back “At least it wasn’t a burning bush!”

  156. Jean, LOL, you have a real “potty” mouth :-) :-) :-) :-)

  157. Hi gang,

    Time out from politics and religion for a public service message. Now, before you assume I am fixated on bodily functions, these are facts I think every woman especially ought to know for those times when there is some urgency. I have never seen them spelled out in any travel guidebook. You men can scroll on down unless you want to understand why you spend so much time outside the Ladies’ Room tapping your impatient foot and ruminating on why it is taking your wife/mother/girlfriend/daughter so long.

    Here’s why. There is an anatomical difference between men and women you know. You guys can just find a secluded bush. We women need facilities!

    On our first trip to Thailand we visited the wonderful historical sites in Bangkok. The ‘Wat Traimit’, Temple of the Golden Buddha, is a magnificent blazing statue weighing five and a half tons of solid gold!

    Near the Golden Buddha, I found a Ladies’ Room. It was immaculately clean with a gleaming white porcelain bowl about 3 inches high – flush with the floor! This required some skillful maneuvering with trembling thighs and a minimum loss of dignity.

    Our next stop, Hong Kong was very easy to get around. All that we needed was a map and a spirit of adventure. We took a double-decker bus all around the perimeter of the island to Stanley, a town on the southern side of Hong Kong Island. Interesting shopping there.

    I found a large old permanent brick building with a brick floor that housed the Ladies’ Room. Inside was a long row of stalls. Within each stall was nothing but a brick trough about six inches wide and six inches deep. I checked out several other stalls. The trough ran the complete length of the building. No toilet fixtures. I had noticed when I came in the building that the entire floor was all wet so I presumed that someone came in from time to time to hose down the trough and the floor. Okay. Maximum culture shock! But then, whatever works.

    The ‘flush-with-the-floor’ is the pretty standard rest room facility throughout Asia. After we had toured the Three Gorges Dam site, we visited Chongqing, known to us during WWII as Chungking. It is a mountain city heavily bombed by the Japanese during WWII. There are no historical sites, buildings or structures left there. For those of us ‘of an age’ who remember them, we toured Mme.Chiang Kai-Shek’s home as well as General Stillwell’s home and headquarters.

    Then we toured the City Hall, built in the 50’s and an art gallery in the building. Outside on the wide avenue, we saw a toddler with his parents. The toddler wore pants that are open from the crotch down to several inches from the bottom hem. We had seen other little ones like him. When they need to ‘go’ they just squat down and do it through the open trousers. I don’t know if this is before or after potty training, but they do not wear diapers or underpants. Their little bottoms are winking through their open pants as they toddle along. Adorable! Probably not too sanitary for the streets, but again, whatever works.

    After we had toured the Three Gorges Dam site, we visited a museum complex with an exhibit of a diorama and a very large-scale model of the dam. It is the largest hydroelectric project in the world. There was also a huge sturgeon mounted up on a wall. I was surprisedat its size. It is a REALLY, REALLY BIG FISH!!! Yes, there is Chinese caviar.

    Naturally, about that time I needed a rest room. I found one way at the end of a long deserted corridor. I couldn’t resist videotaping it as proof when I talked about it to friends back home. It was a typical Asian toilet facility except that the fixture was RED porcelain. Usually they are white.

    It was a very small room so I had to step out in the corridor to tape it. When I was finished and turned around, I saw a Chinese man leaning against the wall, dying laughing. I guess he thought, “Crazy American woman, videotaping the toilet!”

    That takes care of Asia. Next time, Europe.


    Auntie Jean

  158. Maven, he is a “cutie” isn’t he and nickname is “Father Oprah”. Catholic Church -1, Episcopal Church +1, that is if anyone is counting.
    However, if he had been gay that might have been a different story as the Episcopal church is having it’s own problems in that direction. But on the other hand if he was gay, he might not have left.

  159. Are Beck and O’Really serious about ‘demonizing?’


  160. Poolman wrote: “Sadly, many RW uber religious will see this as a good thing, since they consider the Dr. a murderer and its still “an eye for eye” mentality.
    And like Whirled Peas Doonesbury link, not what Jesus is all about.”

    and all I could think of when I read this story. . . “and He wept”

  161. Greytdog, re: your link
    More radical extremists justifying murder as an answer to promote their belief system. I’m sure the one who committed this thinks they are helping to perform God’s will. Some still believe we don’t have terrorists in our own society. Sadly, many RW uber religious will see this as a good thing, since they consider the Dr. a murderer and its still “an eye for eye” mentality.
    And like Whirled Peas Doonesbury link, not what Jesus is all about.

  162. Upholding the sanctity of life by murder


  163. Jean – another Amen to your post.

    I too have been disallusioned about religion.All thee man made rules give me a headache.
    I seem to find all my friends are of the same mind.
    To o many ideas going through my head toooo post any of them.
    All of you have said it anyway inmuch better words than I can .
    Enjoy your Sunday!

  164. “God’s only son is
    this total pacifist…”



  165. Helen, you have hit a sore spot with me on this one. I was born and raised Catholic, was active in the church until I was in my early 20′s and then left. I began to question the Church’s right to govern my life after I became an adult. As I learned of the priest sex scandals and the subsequent sweeping under the carpet of these horrors, I became even more disillusioned with my native faith.

    I stopped going to church. I began to even question the existence of a god. I dabbled in native spirituality and found that I feel more comfortable worshipping a powerful being in nature, rather than a man-made building.

    When I heard of the 9-year-old girl whose mother was excommunicated from the church for allowing an abortion to be performed in Brazil, I thought to myself, “What about sanctity of this existing child’s life? Wasn’t she as important as the unborn child?” She was raped at the hands of her step-father, and yet it wasn’t her step-father who was punished, it was her mother and the doctors and nurses who participated in SAVING this child’s life!

    And now, the Irish scandal has come out. What next? I wonder how my devoutly Catholic friends and family can still cling to their faith, unquestioningly. I wonder if they allow themselves to think for themselves, outside of what the church decrees.

  166. My husband introduced me to your blog last weekend and I am hooked. I wait, eager, for each new entry while making my way through the previous posts. Thank you Matthew. Finally, a clear voice of reason.

  167. I just ran across this and found it quite interesting:

    Undercover At An Evangelical University

    All Things Considered, May 30, 2009 · Taking a semester off to travel and focus on writing isn’t that unusual for a student at Brown University. But instead of studying comparative literature in Europe, Kevin Roose decided to go to Lynchburg, Va., and enroll at Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University.

    Roose passed himself off as an evangelical Christian to blend in with students at the school founded by the late Moral Majority leader. The experience led to a book, The Unlikely Disciple: A Sinner’s Semester at America’s Holiest University.

    Here’s the link for the entire story:


    Keith in NM

  168. I am not making this up:

    Reported by the AP this morning:
    A popular (and good-looking) Miami Roman Catholic priest named Alberto Cutie has decided to leave the church because he has a girlfriend. The Episcopal Church is taking him in (since they allow their priests to marry).

    Puns, anyone?


  169. AMEN!

    And to really get things ready for a twisted Sunday:


  170. Another Amen, Jean! :-)

  171. Jean … LOVE your story! ROFLOL!

  172. All hail the Queen. Great post!
    More please.

  173. Amen!

  174. Hi gang,

    Since we are into irreverance today, may I join in with a tretise on Jesus’ religion and ethnicity?
    Maybe God enjoys a good laugh now and again too!

    There were 3 good arguments that Jesus was Black:

    1. He called everyone brother.

    2. He liked Gospel.

    3. He didn’t get a fair trial.

    But then there were 3 equally good arguments that Jesus was Jewish:

    1. He went into His Father’s business.

    2. He lived at home until he was 33.

    3. He was sure his Mother was a virgin and his Mother was sure He was God.

    Still then there were 3 equally good arguments that Jesus was Italian:

    1. He talked with His hands.

    2. He had wine with His meals.

    3. He used olive oil.

    But then there were 3 equally good arguments that Jesus was a Californian:

    1. He never cut His hair.

    2. He walked around barefoot all the time.

    3. He started a new religion.

    And then there were 3 equally good arguments that Jesus was an American Indian:

    1. He was at peace with nature.

    2. He ate a lot of fish.

    3. He talked about the Great Spirit.

    Then there were 3 equally good arguments that Jesus was Irish:

    1. He never got married.

    2. He was always telling stories.

    3. He loved green pastures.

    But by far, the most compelling evidence of all – 3 proofs that Jesus was a woman:

    1. He fed a crowd at a moment’s notice when there was virtually no food.

    2. He kept trying to get a message across to a bunch of men who just didn’t get it.

    3. And even when He was dead, He had to get up and come back because there was still work to do.

    Can we get an AMEN?


    Auntie Jean

  175. I’m in agreement with Greytdog. I think giving to a worthy cause in their name is better than a blender, or whatever. We starting doing this at Christmas, too.
    For the first marriage, I can see the need for household gifts. But the subsequent ones – not! If the gift is expected, so sorry Charlie!

  176. After living together for 4 years, the decision to marry was made. Wedding announcements were duly sent out with a couple of notable differences from the traditional announcements:
    1) in lieu of gifts it was suggested that folks donate to their favorite charity. . .
    2)invitations read:
    “(insert parents of the bride’s name here) are relieved to announce. . . “

  177. After my terrible divorce I received an invitation to my former stepson’s wedding in Hong Kong. I cared about the two of them and sent a nice gift….but I never heard from them after the thank you note—I am glad I was generous, since I felt true good wishes; although some others said that I should not have sent the gift….some of these things are difficult to decide. I believe they do not know that I stay in touch with their father because we want to. I try to go by the guideline that it is nice to be inclusive and generous whenever possible.
    BTW when I married that man I was the 3rd wife- I got gifts like plastic beverage glasses….it is understandable…We could all write a new book of wedding ettiquette & marital advice right here!

  178. Same sex marriage helps small business. Currently, people spend 70 Billion dollars on marriages – that is without same sex marriages.

    If same sex marriages were the norm – it would be a financial windfall for all in the wedding business.

    It makes financial sense to let people marry whomever they wish.

    Divorce lawyers could also make a few bucks too.

  179. Another angle in Helen’s blog, that intrigued me and I think would make for a good discussion, was the deluxe wedding ceremonies and receptions which score high dollar gifts via the “we are registered at …” angle, in spite of fact that many of these ceremonies are second or even third marriages. Or the marriage takes place years after the couple began living together. The enclosure of any mention of gifts in invitations, I think, both defies logic and good wedding etiquette. In this respect, I can top Helen’s story about her nephew. We are invited and will attend a June wedding, the bride’s second and the groom’s third, or it would be the bride’s second and the groom’s third, except for the fact that they were secretly married last August. We are among a handful of invitees who are aware that they are already married. Their wedding invitation included a note of which stores they favored for gift certificates and also the one store they are registered. I think it is so audacious, that I am tempted to give them nothing more than a lovely card to commemorate the event, but for the sake of family harmony I will give a gift.

  180. Boy George, did you choose cremation? Cos I will be happy to oblige you now…no need to die….jerk!

  181. Susan lost for the same reason prop.8 got passed in Cal. Everyone thought she was a shoe in so they didn’t VOTE! We can’t afford to sit around any more and let the jerks (last admin.) run this country. It’s time to let the religious right, Catholic or Protestant, know that their moral compass is broken. We were put here to witness not to judge.

  182. What I don’t understand is the “straight marriage only, because marriage is about procreation” argument.

    What about those of us who are of different sexes, but are not going to have kids? I & my husband, married for 30 years, never planned any & made sure we never had any. He already had a son from a previous marriage. (Incidentally, up to my ears in infant knitting – I’m going to be a grand-pudy in October! This Minnesota kid is going to be warm…..). So – we can’t be married?

    What about post menopausal women? Or lonely elders who want companionship and intimacy? People with medical conditions making them sterile? No marriage for you, I guess.

    Who are these people and where do they get off deciding that my legal status depends on what I can do, or want to do with my uterus?

    I know, they conveniently ignore all other scenarios that fall within the logical scope of their argument. Gays…. only gays are a problem for them. Procreation, my ass.

    And to the people who believe that if the gays can get married, their kids can’t – are you kidding? Nobody’s arguing that. Nobody’s even suggesting that. And nobody with even half a brain cell believes that.

    Blessed be, back at ‘cha.

  183. Susan Boyle came in second during the finale of Britain’s Got Talent 2009. She lost to Diversity, a street-dance troupe comprised of several sets of brothers, friends, etc. . . Diversity covers the group well – multiracial & educationally, from middle school kids (2) to a Masters Degree candidate & led by a physics student at Oxford.

  184. Poolman,

    No matter how round-a-bout my journey to God, it always included Mary.

    She is the Mother figure,
    a symbol, the way to Gaia.

    The Blessed Mother just
    has better PR.
    ;) ~ Δ

  185. Whirled Peas – link: something to think about

    They may as well screen print a bull’s-eye on those tee shirts too, as I know many RW gun-toting rednecks would take offense – and aim – at someone wearing one!

    Funny stuff. And some interesting links from the site.

    We do tend to think of Jesus as like us – God in our own image. And we do tend to associate love with sex and with weakness. We are told that the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us. So that He could experience the flesh and know better what we go through – the joy, pleasures, pain, suffering, temptations, cravings, etc. We do know the early established church tried to polish the image of Jesus. A re-branding, if you will. They picked through all the stories and put together those they felt presented the best image. Sound familiar?
    We know he had brothers and sisters, some were already Josephs, others came later. But that would mean Mary didn’t remain a virgin, as the Catholic Church would have us believe. Truly the Catholic Church has given more deity to Mary than her son. We were actually taught to pray to Mary to intercede for us. Even though she was mortal and died and was buried. And the Catholic Church depicts Jesus as still on the cross, though he spent less than 1 day there.
    We always got to add our 2 cents. Our own spin. Silly humans.

  186. I still want to be you when I grow up.

  187. Whirled Peas…
    watch out…
    you’ll have Colorlful talking in languages again…

  188. How about a sing-a-long?

    Jesus was a Gay Black Hippie Jew

    Jesus was a Jew till the day he died
    And his followers too for many years beside
    Till going to Damascus Saint Paul decides
    That the gentiles ought to come along for the ride.

    Jesus was a gay black hippie Jew,
    And if you hate that then I guess he will forgive you.
    Jesus was a gay black hippie Jew;
    Some say he was a secret Buddhist too…

    With his sandals and his beard and his messy hair
    He’d be shunned by rednecks everywhere
    And he’d turn the other cheek if you hit him there
    Yet a pacifist Christian is pretty rare.

    The folks in the region of Palestine
    Were mostly fairly dark-skinned in Bible times
    Yet he’s straight-haired and blue-eyed in our painters’ minds
    Making god in our own image is a telling sign.

    Christ always preferred the company of men
    And he never was ashamed of his love for them
    There are some who think Saint John was his ‘special friend’
    But many more the idea would just offend.

    Original post here

    Δ ~ Something to think about.

  189. Whirled, ROFL! Good one!

  190. The ‘fish on Friday’ rule was just to make sure He and all His fisherman buddies got a piece of the market.

    At sometime in the 20th century, I hear He bought into a slaughter house congolmerate. Sorry no link. ;)


  191. Teresa, I always had a problem with the “no meat on Friday, but fish is okay” rule.

    And then we were allowed to eat the “body of Christ” in communion, as we were told that the priest actually changed the sacrament into the body of Christ in the ritual! Are we cannibals? …and then for them to reverse the rules. What? Things are different now? Why? What changed?

    They forgot God hasn’t changed. Time does not affect the eternal: God the same yesterday, today, tomorrow….

    The Hypocrisy has turned many away from church and religion, for sure.

  192. Hi Folks:

    Here is the Church of Elvis in Portland, OR. Get saved a quarter at a time. I will drop in a quarter in a few weeks.


    Great Post Helen!

  193. Might be the voice of The Flying Spaghetti

  194. A David Copperfield Act -what could be worse!! But a voice says”Keep doing what you are doing and you will find out!”

  195. UAW, I checked the link you provided and it seems that this OPINION piece has been posted on all the major right wing news media outlets. While I find the article interesting and it does contain some fact, understand it is from a Russian Tabloid.


    “After the paper was closed down in 1991 by decree of President Yeltsin, many of the staff founded a new paper with the same name, which is now a tabloid-style Russian news source. There is an unrelated Internet-based newspaper, Pravda Online (www.Pravda.ru) run by former Pravda newspaper employees…The new Pravda newspaper and Pravda Online are not related in any way, although the journalists of both publications are still in touch with each other. The paper Pravda tends to analyze events from a leftist point of view, while the web-based, tabloid-style newspaper often takes a nationalist and sensationalist approach.”

  196. Well maybe they weren’t in hell, but in limbo – sort of there but not there – maybe they’ve been languishing in the world of an unending David Copperfield act. . . – and then the new edict comes down, and these folks raise up the cry “Oh and NOW they tell us it’s okay?? WTF??”

  197. They got a pass when the rules changed(my vote-let them out of hell)

  198. Here’s what I want to know: in Catholicism, it used to be a sin to eat meat on Friday, right? But now it’s not a sin. So what about all those people who went to hell for eating meat on a Friday when it was still a sin? Are they still in hell, or did they get a pass when the rules changed?

  199. I have been reading all the posts about religion. Very interesting how many have left organized churches these days. I know many more who have done so.
    In a book I read lateley ( fiction0 that I hauad to go back and read parts again to find this quote. The yoyng lady was a midwife who was agrieved because she was refused admittance to medical school just because sh e was a woman. Her comment is this: “Marriage is an artificial instition. It was instituted by man as a way of subjugating women.”
    My, the trolls have come out of the woodwork. Need some h elp cleaning Helen’s parlor? WE can’t leave Helen toclean up this mess after she so graciously invites us in.

  200. Hmmm… the RC excommunicates, so I wonder if the FSM ex-pastaficates?

  201. Whirled, the FSM always shows up here in FL wherever there is a stupid Board of Education seeking to have creationism taught alongside evolution, or someone raises a glass of whine about discrimination against prayer clubs in high school. I always feel so much safer when FSM appears!

  202. Hey GtD Δ,

    I love the FSM. ;)


  203. Here ya go! Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster:


  204. Here’s one for ALL of you posting. Just remember, this could happen to YOU!

    I’ve had my experience with the Catholic Church and divorce too. Back in the 70′s, my brother and his 1st wife, who were Episcopalian, divorced. They had a daughter from their marriage. First wife later re-married a Catholic, after having her marriage to my brother annulled. My husband and I received papers from the Catholic Church, asking us to sign, saying that her marriage to my brother was invalid yada, yada, yada. (I can’t remember what they said exactly.) We both felt funny signing them but did so because we were very fond of my brother’s ex-wife. So yes, my niece would have been considered a bastard in the eyes of the Catholic church. What I’m wondering, is if when her step-father legally adopted her several years later, giving her his last name-IF that meant she was “un-bastardized?”

  205. Awesome post!

  206. http://english.pravda.ru/opinion/columnists/107459-1/

  207. Here’s some LOVE for ya:




  208. From TheWashingtonMonthly – http://www.washingtonmonthly.com/
    ” * Liberty University, the evangelical college in Virginia started by televangelist Jerry Falwell, caused some controversy last week when it yanked official recognition for the on-campus student group for Democrats. This week, my friends at Americans United for Separation of Church and State asked the Internal Revenue Service to review the tax-exempt status of the school, arguing that Liberty, as a tax-exempt institution, cannot legally favor one political party over another.”
    X-Reference: http://tinyurl.com/q75oyl

  209. The jewish religion has divorce ceremony. After a civil divorce not much is left except dissolving the spiritual.This religion is also a code of law…
    Not sure why marriage and divorce should be legal(I think you mean civil) contracts….Raji- what you think is simple, I do not understand?

  210. We have all this debate about gay marriage, civil unions, religious versus non religious marriage. I agree with Voltairesneighbor, it should be no big deal.

    So why AREN”T we debating marriage versus divorce? If religious marriage is such a big deal then why shouldn’t there be religious divorce? The catholic church solved that issue by saying no divorce. If God has put together what no man shall put asunder, then how come the government has the right to do so?

    Seems simple to me (although KISS is not in the legislature’s vocabulary). Marriage and divorce should be legal contracts recognized by the government and if the parties wish to have a religious ceremony to celebrate the occasion (marriage or divorce) so be it. If the church wants to be the deciding factor then make them the deciding factor in divorce and fill the coffers. Bet the divorce lawyers would scream over that decision. It really is all about power and money, isn’t it?

    I think that was one of the points Helen was trying to make and she does such a good job of it.

  211. President Obama’s
    Weekly Address 5/29/09


  212. Helen, your explanation of the Catholic Churches marriage system is spot on. Maybe they have an explanation for gay marriage in California too. I mean, what does it mean for the folks who were legally married in that brief period of time last year? Are they still married? Are their kids now bastards too? I don’t get it. If something is legal one year and illegal the next, how do you determine who is and who is not actually, legally married?

    Are you and I the only ones who see the futility in trying to legislate “morality”? Don’t you wish the folks in California would do as my mother always told me and just stay out of grown folks business?

  213. MJT:

    What makes you think we gay people give a shit where you’re kids get married? Puleeze.

    The point is you think they have that right and we don’t.

    Wake up.

    Keith in NM

  214. Hey, MATTHEW!

    Helen needs a clean-up on Aisle 3. And maybe Aisles 4, 5, and 6. I suspect that lab testing will show all the rat droppings come from the same rat, but, regardless, Helen’s place here is soiled and needs some attention. If you start with Poolman’s list of offenders on May 29, 2009 at 6:21 PM, you will have a good beginning. Additional shallow entries follow that insult your grandmother’s graciousness here.

  215. Wow…looks like a whole herd of troll went thru here last night…hope nobody was injured…I’ll pick up the parlor before Helen gets home.

    Is this the price she has to pay for being a celebrity? What next…Paparazi?? :-)

  216. Religions always have had rules for organizing sexual conduct. The founding Fathers & others where organized by this morality; & so there has been a transfer or an assumption in our laws……..
    Secular marriage is largely an economic union;as shown by secular divorce. Religious marriage is a spiritual union;and sexual activity is organized often for a goal of procreation which make the religion bigger and stronger…………………………… Gay marriage has not included procreation ,usually. Therefore it is thought to be only about sexual pleasure and that makes all kinds of Puritans,traditionalists,conservatives, & other uptight people uncomfortable.Some of the crazy comments seem to be from folks without the ability to articulate the shift in our values, morality & beliefs.They just try to demonstrate it with dumb comments.

  217. Whirled peas:” We’d all be better off if we embraced reincarnation and karma. We wouldn’t keep destroying each other and the planet because we’d understand exactly how connected we ALL really are.”

    Two words stand out in that comment, “understand” and “connected” when brings to mind one of my favorite quotes by Joseph Conrad:

    “It is when we try to grapple with other men’s intimate needs that we perceive how incomprehensible are the beings that share with us the sight of the stars and the warmth of the sun”


  218. Well said voltairesneighbor.

    Aloha Jean-my pigeon english has long ago faded.

    Directions for humans:

    Look in the mirror first. Remove the plank. Now go HELP your brother get the speck out of his eye.

    Doesn’t say use the plank to beat him down. Doesn’t say use the plank to fence him in. Or fence him out.

    It’s in the rule book. Red letters, too.

    (Luke 6.41)

  219. Yes, Helen, you are absolutely right about how much phoniness there is in institutional religion generally. In the California situation, however, the Catholic Church was not the primary … or only … church involved in the constitutional change abomination. As a former Catholic, I, like you and most others here, whether Catholic or not, lapsed or not, am able to make the distinction between Church doctrine and practicing Catholics. Most are not fiends, hypocrites or zealots; many have worked very hard for liberal social causes all their lives, both in the clergy and out.

    Yes, there are some very bad apples. I attribute at least part of that to some very stupid Church practices – enforced abstinence being one of them.

    In most of Europe, where I reside, marriage is primarily a legal contract recognized by the State. It grants legal rights and privileges to the parties. Thus, the most important part is the civil marriage. Many people also choose to be married in a church, but a religious marriage really does not count as “marriage” if the civil obligation has not first been met. In many European countries, civil marriage between gays is recognized and some churches also allow religious ceremonies to be held. It’s simply no big deal … and that is the way it should be … no big deal.

    Now one would think that churches that even remotely aspire to the teachings of Christianity would be happy when two people love each other and want to commit to each other. But we have seen that not to be so. And you have exposed the blatant hypocrisy of many of those who are most against gay marriage – they do not choose to recognize their own hypocrisy in making “religion” fit their own narrow-minded definitions and manipulating the system so that it can work in their favor – and instead fulminate against letting all have the privilege and commensurate legal standing that marriage provides. That is simply wrong. God loves all. Any church or religion that does not recognize that fact and does not enable two people who love each other to live in legally recognized loving relationships is not worthy of being an earthly representative of the “religion” it espouses.

    Oh and yes, annulments are indeed all about power and money. Check out the most historically relevant situation of all. The Catholic Church would probably have annulled the marriage of Henry VIII to Catherine of Aragon but for the fact that Catherine’s nephew was the most powerful ruler in Europe and the Catholic Church needed his support. Thus, the proceedings were dragged out for years, in the hope that Henry would get over his infatuation with Anne Boleyn, until Henry got so frustrated that he finally took things into his own hands … and we all know how that turned out.

    I have been happily married for 28 years to a non-practicing Baptist. Our marriage would not be recognized by the Catholic Church because we were both previously divorced, even though his first marriage was actually to a Catholic woman who was divorced when he met her. !! Interestingly, his ex-wife remarried for the fourth time (!) some years back and was allowed to marry in the Catholic Church, even without an annulment. The reasoning went like this: 1) husband no 1 died after she had married and divorced husband no 2 (mine); 2) marriage no 2 was never recognized by the Church; 3) marriage no 3 was never recognized by the Church and he died of cancer while they were still married. Thus, marriage to husband no 4 – no problem. Sigh.

    Silliness, silliness everywhere … and it seems to run amok the moment that one talks about “religion.”

  220. Hi Brudda Whirled Peas and Brudda Poolman,

    It was lovely to finally read a happy ending story for a gay couple. Thank you for telling it. Most of us know the heart wrenching other stories. It is soooooooo unfair.

    It was also nice to hear that you, Whirled Peas and Poolman, have both found your own ways to spiritual peace. My husband and I have too by the circuitous route of staunch Presbyterian and Catholic upbringings to the here and now. It’s all the same thing if you think about it and dig a little deeper.

    Namaste’, blessings and Aloha!

    Auntie Jean

  221. BLOW ME

  222. @C&L: Compassion and Choices

    Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon were issued a marriage license in 2004 when San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom ordered that same-sex couples could apply for them. Sadly, it was voided by the courts just a few months later. Phyllis implored the courts to reconsider:

    Del is 83 years old and I am 79. After being together for more than 50 years, it is a terrible blow to have the rights and protections of marriage taken away from us. At our age, we do not have the luxury of time.

    When the California Supreme Court did legalize gay marriage in June of 2008, Del and Phyllis were the very first gay couple married by Mayor Newsom.

    Martin and Lyon had already been together for 55 years at the time of their marriage.

    Del Martin died just two months later from complications from a bone fracture. Del was 87 years old and had been in failing health for some time. Because Del and Phyllis were legally married, when critical choices had to be made about Del’s condition, Phyllis had the right to act in the best interests and wishes of her wife.

    There is now a site designed to help couples–both gay and straight–discuss the uncomfortable subject of end-of-life issues: Compassion & Choices

    More at the links.

    PEACE ~ Δ

  223. Oh, let’s see, that reminds me of somebody. Who is it, who is it . . . Hmmm, oh yeah! It’s our good buddy Dickhead Cheney. He and the anulment crazy Catholic church are famous for trying to rewrite history.

    My ex called me to ask if we could get an anulment so he could get married again in the Catholic church. Apparently I had to sign off on it (read, pretend it never happened). I can’t repeat here what I said in reply.

  224. Poolman, I went thru the whole Catholic nine yards till 8th grade (parents divorced at that time and I was set loose on public school).

    I enjoyed church service and being an alter boy. I thought it was great to get together and celebrate God.

    And then I started to see the hypocrisy of ‘love everyone…except that one or that one.’

    Not. For. Me.

    I found my way back to God thru the East. We’d all be better off if we embraced reincarnation and karma. We wouldn’t keep destroying each other and the planet because we’d understand exactly how connected we ALL really are.



  225. Serioulsy. Just ignore. You are responding and that is what they want. Just ignore…

  226. Whirled Peas: That was a funny clip about the Christian gene. I bet that was in response to the “gay gene” that some say causes homosexuality. We always have to find the “cause”. Human nature, I guess.

    I too was raised Catholic. Catechism, altar boy, the whole bit. It really turned me off to God and the whole religious experience. I still get a kick out of the mockery many have put out over the years. Funny stuff. Vatican rag, etc. The sit, kneel, stand, genuflect, genuflect.

    Mass was primarily Latin. Very ritualistic. Repeating phrases and words we did not even consider the meaning of.

    My Grandparents attended the same church their whole lives. Unfortunately, the priest never could even pronounce their names correctly. They looked past that, though, and got much from their faith. They really felt complete when I would voluntarily attend Mass. From the outside, we always look at the people involved and see all the hypocrisy. This is the surface and the outer face of religion.

    But their hearts were gold. I know many Catholics that way. I know many from other faiths the same way.

    As a Christian, Christ is supposed to be center and Lord of our heart. Everything else is peripheral. Unfortunately, the most outspoken really give Christians a black eye. Then you have the crusaders. The George Bushes of the world. As I have said before, these radicals are present in all faiths and are the most dangerous. Force- feeding their beliefs down the throats of others with great zeal and sooo self-righteous.

    The humble and true are quietly praying on the sidelines. They are the real church. They are the true spiritual warriors. They don’t seek the spotlight. The Mother Theresas of the world. We are to be known by our fruit, our actions, our deeds.

    I do not worship the Bible. I do read it and receive inspiration and wisdom from it. I believe it was inspired by the Spirit of God. It also has been compiled and held by man and translated over generations, much from oral accounts. Therein lie the cracks and discrepancies. Given time, I believe we(mankind) can screw up anything we get our hands on.

  227. As far as the ‘bug’ infestation, that’s gonna happen when you start to get popular.

    I’ve seen links to M&H on a lot of popular blogs, including Huffpo and Kos. You begin to get the overflow of haters who can’t attack the biggies because they have moderators and registration.

    I live by one simple rule that totally improves the quality of my life, on and off line….

    I.S.P. thx.

    ~ Ignore Stupid people ~


  228. Helen is on Jerry Springer right now!!!

  229. I’ve been observing this evening…think you might be right….Rush’s flying monkeys!!! :-)

  230. Oops, guess I’m not quite ready to turn in….

    Peas, FWIW, I think the folks who say “I saw you on TV!” to Helen are just trolls. This has happened before, and it’s a bunch of malarkey.

  231. Just got to pondering on this sudden infestation, and wonder if 1) babies with computers getting jollies or 2) Rush’s little jackbots have finally decided to try and shut down this blog. Anyone else catch the connection between the TV appearance and the roaches scurrying around the porch?

  232. I agree, janofdg. Matthew, it’s gettin’ a little funky in here. Time for some moderator action, methinks.

    G’night, all. (*mwah*)

  233. To everyone who has asked for video of Helen since last thread, I’ve looked and cannot find any. If someone could point me to a TV station, I know, if it exists I will find it. I wanna see it too.

    As far as Catholic Divorce…

    …no comment. ;)


  234. I’m starting to think all the rain over the country the last few days have allowed for a massive algae bloom in the blogpool. . . Matthew, any chance you can pull some extra duty and clean up your grandmother’s blog of these nasty little germs?

  235. Report Elderly Abuse.

  236. Does the blood smell of violets?

  237. My palms are bleeding. Has anyone ever had that happen to them?

  238. Oh good Lord…if a little chili pateen can be in the Supreme Court than my face is the color of a Baboon’s ass…a Baboon’s ass.

  239. Well they’re not hurting anyone. Ignore it and it will go away.

  240. Oh, my.

  241. When was Helen on Television?

  242. Matthew,
    Time to show some of our friends to the door. Blind as a Bat may not be able to see the way out. Please help shut & lock the door behind him/her.

    Thanks for all your help keeping your grandma’s blog up and runningl. It’s a real public service. Really. We mean it!!!

  243. What the hell was that?

  244. So there I was sitting on the roof while she licked me on that place between my balls and my asshole pausing only long enough to ask how large the bug was that just got zapped by the bug zapper. When she got done I spit on George Cerny and then went on a date with a guy who made me talk to his teddy bears. Honestly I am pretty sure a little bunny rabbit is going to cross the street right after the guy asks me to take a hot steamy shit on him. Remind me never to drink and hot tub again because that was just plain crazy. And really now, why the hell is he sleeping down the hall and you are sleeping in here? Because the next time you arrive at Raul’s party early and then leave ten minutes later I am going to scream how much I hate that guy for being so god damn boring. Of course all of this gets better if you slip off ot the library to do research for your book. Did somebody turn the heater on. Baby it’s hot in here. LA DEE MF DAH Poodle Clippie N the name of the lord I am not actually goging to use that word here but you knew what I meant didn’t you – you microscope stealing little bastard son of the Colonel. Go wrap your head in toilet paper and look for purple easter egges under the bush because I’m pretty damn sure I can still smell that closet full of porn that belongs to your roommate.

  245. I was wondering where all the Hawiian gooks were tonight…

  246. Hi Helen,

    You hit a home run – again!!!

    Now let me get this straight tho. Us Leftwing, bleedingheart, Feminazi Liberals just don’t understand.

    If you change the word from ‘Divorced’ to ‘Annulled’, then no marriage ever existed. If you change ‘Creationism’ to ‘Intelligent Design’ then there is no such thing as ‘Evolution’. If you change ‘Torture’ to ‘Enhanced Interrogation’, then nobody ever tortured anybody. It follows that the ‘Inquisition’ was merely ‘Questioning’ to find out if people were ‘Heretics’ or not. If they were, then burnin’ ‘em at the stake would ‘Cleanse’ their misguided sins.

    I heartily dislike the word ‘bastard’ however. No child ever had any choice in the circumstances of his/her conception. That goes for race, religion, ethnicity or culture too for that matter.

    How come the ‘Good Ole Boys Club’ has promoted WASP men every since this country was founded, but just nominate a well qualified woman of a different heritage for the Supreme Court, and the Republicans come out swinging and screaming ‘Racism”.

    How come???? How come I just can’t see the ‘Light’????


    Auntie Jean

    P.S. a Quote from Jerry Falwell:

    “I recall the election in 2004. Hollywood was against us. The media were against us. The universities were against us. And despite them all the church of Jesus Christ put George W. Bush back in the White House. We’re on the winning side. We are going to win because we have the truth. We have the inerrant word of God.”

    a quote from Sarah Palin:

    “Yes, I think I will see Jesus come back to earth in my lifetime.”

    Lest we forget!!!!!

  247. There you are Whirled Peas…can you help us find the clip of Helen’s TV interview that people are talking about????

  248. As Δny regulΔr here at M&H knows, I’m a ‘recovering Catholic’. I firmly believe in God but I don’t worship a book!

    So I always thought being Christian was a life-style choice.

    Gay Scientists Isolate Christian Gene

    Maybe not. ;)

    PEACE ~ Δ

  249. Dear OldAsDirt,
    Welcome to Helen’s porch!! There are many of us who love to read the wise words of Helen & Margaret. Some folks comment regularly. Some of us (like me) comment only occasionally. Many read and never comment.

    If you want to respond to what someone else said, you can use their name and quote a bit of their comment if you want.

    A general blog rule is to “not feed the trolls.” Trolls are people who aren’t interested in discussion and exchange of ideas, rather, trolls just want to shove their views down the throats of other readers and commentators.

    Here on Helen’s porch, most of us enjoy reading Helen & Margaret’s posts, comments and sharing the intellectual pie and lemonade. We tend to stand on the progressive side of the life spectrum, caring about the rights of all people.

    Glad you could join us. We really appreciate the perspective of those who have lived longer, richer lives and can remind us that some our concerns are just plain small, petty and mean.

    Pull up a chair and stay awhile.

  250. Please can someone put the interview clip of Helen’s interview on You Tube?

  251. Great post Helen! The absurdities we human fabricate! I always wondered how the church in one fell swoop, could put asunder what no man could put asunder. Always wondered how a marriage that produced children could be annulled. So it is about the money! Now I understand.

  252. You are AMAZING!!!!!

  253. OldAsDirt, sometimes the comments are unfollowable. Don’t sweat it. Read ‘em and join in if you like, scroll on by if you’d rather.

    And welcome, by the way.

    Poolman, I love this: “They’re casting out our favorite demons!”

    (*snort!*) That’s priceless. :)

  254. Helen, you always put the issue in such a clear light. I am so tired of folks who try to use their religious beliefs to bear on civil issues. From the civil perspective, marriage is a legal contract with rights and responsibilities. No church will ever be forced to perform, recognize or honor civil marriages that do not meet their beliefs (unless of course they are supported by taxpayer funds).

    If you haven’t read Rob Thomas’ comments @ Huffpo (thanks, Joni), please do. It helps provide historical perspective that is frequently missed about a group of people who sought religious freedom.

    I am a practicing Catholic. As the mother of a twenty-something young adult who is about to marry, I am thrilled that he and his future wife believe that all people should have the same civil rights that they enjoy. My parish is supportive of all people who come to mass. It seems that just as some people are born white or black, able-bodied or with physical challenges, some are born hetero or homosexual. As I read the Bible, it is my understanding that God loves each and every one of us. Who are we to discriminate or legislate against a friend of God’s?

    Helen and those you comment here regularly, you give me hope that our future can be filled with care and concern for one another. Really. Thanks!

  255. Helen….one more thing….Love your posts, but not quite sure how to follow all of these comments. I’m afraid I’m a bit confused. Is there a secret to all of this?

  256. Who peed in the pool?

  257. uncommonsense- Candice Milsap, Porky, and Blind as a Bat, too.

    Mom and Dad must have gone out and forgot to lock the computer. Ah, the silliness of youth…

  258. Helen and Margaret,
    I am 82 years old. My best friend of 30 years told me about your website blog. I have now read every one of your posts. You are a breath of fresh air. Old bitches like us need to stick together. We have something to say and we are not afraid to say it. I send you best wishes and want you to know that I will continue to visit this here website for now on. Got to run for now. That new blood pressure medicine just goes right through me like something awful.

  259. I think somebody is hanging out on my roof. I swear I hear voices up there.

  260. Sue, what station/channel?

  261. Fight the team across the field
    Show them the Gays are here
    Set the earth reverberating with a mighty cheer
    Hit them hard and see how they fall
    Never let that team get the ball
    Hail Hail the Gays are here
    So let’s beat those bastards now!

  262. Add Cindy Lou to the list of Sybil’s many personalities. He, she, it, probably thinks we are easily shocked, that would make them about twelve or thirteen don’t you think?

  263. Helen, I saw your interview on the news the other night. What a hoot! You are a SUPER STAR!

  264. I knew a Nun once that could crack two walnuts in one hand and twirl a baton in the other while singing God Bless America…backwards.

  265. MJT, to be perfectly honest, when I was raising my children I hoped they were straight, because I knew their lives would be easier, not because I would love them any the less if they were gay. Unfortunately, it will probably be at least a couple of generations before that is not the case, so as the loving parent you profess to be, I hope you want what is best for your children regardless of their sexual orientation.

  266. All of you pseudo-Catholic or sympathetic-Catholic or kind-of-sort-of-still-a-Catholic, o rmy favorite – American Catholics reallys should read this post again. Helen really doesn’t beat up on the Church that much. She really kind of attacks the idea that straight people put marriage out there like it is some kind of holy scarament not worthy of homosexuals and yet they treat it like yesterday’s newpaper – so easy to toss out when it no longer serves a purpose in your life. And as a FORMER Catholic, I can tell you the whole concept of anullment is about guilt and money – which seems to be a commone theme in most religions.

  267. God what I wouldn’t do for a big throbbing dick up my ass right about now.

  268. Helen –
    Wow – that one really disappointed me. As a non-practicing American Catholic, I have a lot of beefs with Church hierarchy. Not the least of them is that church and state should stay separate (e.g. reproductive choice, gay marriage, etc.) That said, annulment of a marriage is just that – it separates the legal marriage as defined by the state from the religious aspect. The Catholic Church does not get to say whether or not someone is married in the eyes of the law, only in the eyes of the Church. You have to get a divorce to be free to marry legally, and an annulment is a statement that no valid marriage exists as far as the Church is concerned. No children are bastardized in the process – that’s a legal concept, and not very Christian. Just sayin’….

  269. [...] Summer of Love If your village is missing its idiot, you might check in California.  They seem to be overrun with them.  Most [...] [...]

  270. Maybe not schizophrenia, but juvenile multiple personalities? Or arrested development disorder?

  271. Methinks Kthorp, Sitnspin, Boy George and from the last post PookieCat, MrsTurk, IntheVWbug, Kthorpe, Mary Jane, Mike Flynn, and Bilbo Baggins are the same person. I would say schizophrenia is the prognosis, but I’m not qualified to judge.

  272. Raji, where is werner? And James?

    Poolman, great post(s). Very thought provoking – and I really liked your phrasing ” He is casting out our favorite demons” – touche!

  273. CindiΔ, Blessed Be!

  274. It is just amazing how the GOP can fabricate so many lies and scares regarding ANYTHING our president does. If he says black, they scream WHITE. And just to be arbitrary.
    I guess it is naïve of me to expect adult behavior from our elected officials. Or maybe we’ve also redefined “adult” behavior. Just like torture, if we rename it, somehow it becomes justifiable and cutting edge. It sounds more thoughtful. Smarter. That seems to be the trend these days. That ole whitewash again. There is nothing new under the sun!
    Just like this latest SCOTUS nominee. Who is better suited for this position? Who better to represent our populace regarding the interpretation of our laws? She has an exemplary record. And she was even nominated, appointed, and supported by many in the GOP in her previous and present position. What’s the problem? Oh, that’s right. Our president (a DEM) chose her. I’m afraid if Jesus himself were the nominee, those Sadducees and Pharisees we call the right would oppose him also. “Look,” they would exclaim. “He is associating with sinners! Gays and Muslims! He is casting out our favorite demons!”

    In addition to losing the stronghold in the legislature and the executive branches, they are now losing the respect of the people. And fast. Can we grease that slope any more? Keep talking and slinging mud. You have done more to strengthen the left than the left could ever do on its own. Just remember the pendulum will swing just as far in the other direction. Let us learn from their mistakes. There are just so many, it’s hard to keep track.
    Oh, but not to worry. Everything is recorded. We will be able to review in the future. Whirled Peas will link us to the videos and transcripts. But will we grow up?
    Or just change what we call it.

  275. God loves gays the same as straights. He looks at the heart. The intent. We are ALL sinners. No one (except Jesus) is perfect or sinless. It is better to love. Love knows no boundaries. Out of our paranoid selves we tear down others when we are instructed to uplift and help others. The plank and spec metaphor that Helen refers to. Remember the glass houses from the past post. Grow up!

  276. MJT…I would die if they became gay.

    Honey, you’ll die one way or the other. And I have a newsflash for you…the Divine blesses all her creation: gay, straight, bisexual, transgendered…black , white…asian, european…or blue with pink polka dots.

  277. Greytdog….the duck video was HYSTERICAL!

    And, as always, Helen, you are amazing. Good grief!

  278. And who lifted the lid on Pandora’s box? Helen, the pie and sweet tea on the porch has attracted the flies. Maybe it’s time to move the party indoors :-)

  279. Greytdog, LMAO, that was my thought :-)
    and Werner could add some sauerkraut to the mix.

  280. MJT, dear, your daughters will never “become gay.” They either are gay or they aren’t. Already.

    Gay or not, undoubtedly they will marry someday and the Lord’s love will indeed bless them, regardless of whether you and your particular church do.

  281. MJT, your god and your church are teeny and weak to be so a-feared of them thar gay people. . .

    K Thorp – and if you hit yourself over the head with an anvil, you’ll see stars – honest. Try it. really.

  282. From my friend since preschool who now lives in California. “If I can’t marry the man that I love, then I’ll marry your daughter!”

  283. Quoting:
    Honestly folks. If we paid as much attention to the sexual activities of Catholic priests as we do to homosexuals wanting to marry, we probably could have saved a lot of children from years of guilt, shame, anger and pain.


  284. My pont is that I want my girls to be married in the church and gay people shouldn’t have an issue with that.

  285. How are the knees doing today Talley?

  286. MJT, you’re gonna die some day anyways (unless your religion has an “in” with the Grim Reaper). Your point?

  287. Jesus blessed my marriage and it will last forever. My three beautiful girls are soldiers in God’s army. Bless them all. They too wil marry and be blessed in the Lord’s love. I would die if they became gay.

  288. Two “Catholic Church” stories:

    My sister was married in the Catholic Church in 1978. My brother-in-law is Baptist, a regular church goer, choir member, and heavily involved in his church community. Our Catholic Church agreed to marry them but made the two sign an agreement that their children would be raised Catholic. They proceeded to have 3 children — Baptists all. (My sis was so disgusted by the Catholic Church, she left it almost immediately after her wedding.)

    Girlfriend of mine was married in Catholic Church. Things didn’t work out. She remarried another Catholic, but in a civil ceremony. The Church doesn’t recognize the second marriage (since it still holds the first one “valid”). After a few years of Catholic guilt had done its number on her, and, um, about $10,000, she got her first marriage annulled. Whoever said it’s about the money is right.


  289. See. Push it once and you can watch Seinfeld. Push it twice and now you can watch Wheel of Fortune. I have no idea how it works. It just does.

  290. I feel like riding a bicycle while watching some gay porn.

  291. fets:

    I sympathize with you. I’m so tired of this arguement. That’s why I wrote to my congressmen yesterday and told him I want civil unions to be legal in Illinois. It’s not marriage but better than nothing. I think the only way it’s ever going to happen is if heterosexual people like myself en mass start demanding it too.

  292. Did anyone see Fox news yesterday (can it really be called news)? Some guy, I don’t know who cause I don’t care, was being interviewed by a woman, complaining about Sotomayor being chosen because she was a woman, and the interviewer asked him, “Did it ever occur to you there were no qualified white men available?” Well, he sputtered and said no it hadn’t. I love it. We just assume white men are the default, and anything else was chosen because it was different, not in spite of it being different.

  293. Boy George – Is that all you have to contribute to the conversation? How charming. Gran-Syph’s comments may be out of line but UAW certainly doesn’t need your help defending himself, he does fine on his own. Those of us who frequent this blog are quite fond of him actually, even if we disagree with him most of the time.

  294. Raji, yeah I’d read that ‘opposition’ – personally, I would be able to fumigate the entire Court if I even looked at refried beans. . . hmmm…..not a bad idea, there are some real roaches on that Court right now. of course I am very concerned that Scalia might eat too much Scampi and that would impact his ability to make impartial decisions. . .and Alito always looks a bit. . .impacted.

  295. Greytdog,” culture (what? she likes modern art?) will somehow overly impact her court”

    Nah! It was her pork and refried beans and rice :-)

  296. OT but thought you all might like to see this:


    Petraeus criticizes Gitmo & torture: “I don’t think we should be afraid to live our values”
    be sure to watch the embedded video in the article

  297. fets, whenever I hear the argument that “such & such (insert your fear here) agenda will destroy (insert institution/prejudice here)” I liken it to the fundamentalist Christians who cower in fear of Satan. . . ever notice that? How these fundamentalists just go on and on about Satan & the AntiChrist blah blah blah. . .and yet never mention their God. . .so I always wonder, is their god that puny that faith in him/her cannot defeat the power of Satan, is he/her that weak that his believers assigned so much more power to evil than to that which is good? Such it is whenever someone rants on about how gay marriage will destroy heterosexual marriage – I always wonder about the sorry shape of that person’s marriage for them to be so threatened by another couple’s relationship. . .

  298. Priceless, Helen :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

  299. Gary, come back when you get your GED, stubby.

  300. Grandma SyPhyllis you’ll be dead soon, hag.

  301. Oops, I meant to say almost as good as Helen . . . sorry!!!

  302. I loved this article by Rob Thomas (of Matchbox 20) in the Huffington Post. I thought he did a wonderful job with the subject of who can marry whom. Almost as good as Margaret . . . but not quite. : )


  303. I’m gay and we are two of the still married 18,000 in CA. The court was forced to make that decision because it is their job to uphold the constitution, no matter what it says or if it’s wrong. The voting population made the decision to amend the constitution. It stinks but there you have it. Some day right will be done and all people will have the right to marry. I will continue to work for this. Some days are very difficult when faced with people saying things such as “the gay agenda will destroy marriage”. I always want to ask, “HOW”? How does my marriage harm YOU in any way? and it makes me angry. I can only hope that some day love and sense will win. I hope I live long enough to see nation wide acceptance. Right now international couples can’t marry and therefore the foreign partner cannot come to live in the USA. There are many heartbreaking stories because of that.

  304. Note: UAW is our resident contrarian. We rarely agree with him, and he rarely changes his opinions. But then again, we rarely change ours, so it evens out, sort of. :)

  305. Thanks so much Helen. I just got this off a friends space on Facebook. I have now added the blog to my favorites and will anticipate each new entry.

    UAW – I am a bit confused as to why you follow Helen’s blog, but I am hoping it will serve as an educational tool for you.

    I still want to get married some day. I think it will be sad if I have to leave the state of California to do it!

  306. I am a Californian who voted no on Prop 8, I don’t give a rat’s ass if a couple of guys want to get married myself. I guess California isn’t as liberal as I thought it was. Ugh. Love reading your blog! Keep up the good work!

  307. Enjoyed your post! Love that you use the sayings of Jesus so effectively.

    It is my understanding that the Calif. election overturning gay marriage was funded in large part by Mormons from Utah. Or perhaps, persons of the Morman faith, not the Morman church?

    The thing is all of this interference in the private lives of U.S. citizens (abortion, marriage rights, contraception, treatment of post partum depression, etc.) by activist religious organizations does seem to me crossing the border between church and state.

    And as Helen has pointed out so well, there is a fair amount of hypocrisy involved as well.

  308. Matthew, maybe it is time for Margaret and Helen to Skype!!! :-)

  309. Helen,

    Thanks for another winner. You always brighten my day.

  310. What time is midnight mass??

  311. Thanks. I am laughing out loud!!!!

  312. in re to City of New Haven(CT) vs NHFD:
    “But that doesn’t mean the firefighter had a viable discrimination claim. The bottom line, according to Sotomayor and the rest of the three-judge panel: The city of New Haven was simply trying to fulfill its obligations under federal law when confronted with test results that had a disproportionate racial impact.”

    Source: Salon.com
    Author: Peter Yost, AP
    Article: For Sotomayor, Discrimination Case Likely Issue
    Posted: 05/29/2009
    URL: http://tinyurl.com/ljjrq4

  313. Helen…Love the post.
    UAW and the like…die already.

  314. American Catholic here with a few points to share…

    Catholics and non-Catholics alike, I beg you not to confuse the hierarchy with the church. The people are the church, and there is much beauty in it. The “Catholic” evil that has kept rearing its ugly head over the centuries has come almost entirely from those in power: priests, bishops, and popes.

    I belong to a RC community that is (was?) so progressive (we even — gasp! — held gay weddings) and so entrenched (40 years of awesomeness) that the current bishop basically lit a stick of dynamite under it. Undid all the social programs, destroyed the community, emptied the coffers…just to flex his muscle. I’m sure he thinks he was doing the Lord’s work, but I firmly believe he’ll be crapping his spiritual pants on Judgement Day.

    I’m married to a man who attempted to have his 1st marriage annulled, so we could marry in my home church. Though I was a silent partner in the proceedings, we went through the whole ordeal together. The effort failed because we were unwilling to pay the diocese shitloads of money.

    As for what an annullment means to the RC church: it means that the marriage never really existed because some element considered necessary for a “true” marriage was never present. Yeah, I know. Crazy talk. But that’s what it is, and money is how you get it.

    OK, off my soapbox now. One final thing:

    Sing it, Helen! You’re my idol.

  315. poopinmyeye time 1:42

    You said “. . . The citizens of Calfornia voted on this issue in mass last November . . .”

    I think you meant en masse

    Sorry. It just struck me as an inadvertent but funny typo.

  316. In re to Sotomayor, New Haven FD, and the concept of justice:

    “ . . . Obama’s Supreme Court pick, whose alleged racist crimes were to call herself a “wise Latina” with better judgment than a “white male,” and to not overturn a decision by the city of New Haven to scrap a fire department promotion test accused of disproportionately favoring white (and Hispanic) applicants.”

    Source: Vanity Fair (online)
    SubSection: VF’s Daily Power & Politics Blog
    Author: Michael Hogan
    Article: “No, Newt, You’re the Racist”
    Posted: May 27, 2009, 4:37 PM
    URL: http://tinyurl.com/pt4d76
    X-Reference: “…aware that justice is not the same thing as rote application of the law; i.e., that while justice must never be entirely, or even mostly, subjective, it nevertheless requires taking into account particulars of the case. This is called wisdom. This is called judgment.” Rod Dreher, Beliefnet.com http://tinyurl.com/o8xksk

  317. UAW, why don’t you just write “ditto” three or four hundred times on each post? It’d save you having to type all those other words. We already know where you’re coming from.

  318. Some higher power should decree that from this day forward, theology and biology will never mix again.

    I live in California. My daughter is gay. How dare a bunch of Bronze Age bigots deny me the right to be the mother of the bride!

  319. Helen, I can only aspire to have your hope and class. Since you seem to have an abundance, could you share with the idiots of the world?

  320. jsri – did I or anyone else say that? Maybe, just maybe the comparison Helen is making is that the Catholic Church opposing gay marriage has an enormous beam in its eye as does nayone using relgiion to make this case. I love that she pulled from the bible. Funny and smart that Helen…

  321. jsri :)

  322. UAW – really? You really want to use Rush Limbaugh’s talking points on this blog? My god you are a stupid man. Think for yourself… for once.

  323. poopinmyeye

    “. . . The citizens of Calfornia voted on this issue in mass last November . . .”

    Are all Californians Catholic?

  324. Barbara,

    When the Catholic church annuls your marriage the marriage has been disovled in the eyes of the church and God. You are allowed to remarry in the church and take communion. Why? Because the church no longer recognizes that a divorce occured because they no longer recognize that the marriage existed.

  325. myminddroppings,

    Who said anything abou the California Supreme Court ruling? The citizens of Calfornia voted on this issue in mass last November and now it has been upheld in the courts. You can’t separate one from the other and Helen didn’t do that.

  326. Helen
    I went to a Catholic HS that could have been an offshoot of the ones in Ireland that are now making international news. But it was a great learning experience because by the time I graduated, the brothers running the joint had managed to knock all religion out of me. So I guess I should be grateful because it opened up a world I never had known existed.
    Once free I was able to associate and work with all kinds of people having an assortment of skin colors, ethnic backgrounds, and sexual orientations. And you know what, I found that there are varying degrees of competence in any of these groups that range from outstanding to just plain awful. And the difference was usually in how their innate intelligence was amplified by the breadth of their education.
    That is why Obama’s choice for the SCOTUS is so exciting. Seeing a woman of such unparalleled accomplishment, education and experience being nominated to such a critically important position is such a turnaround from the incompetence choices of the last administration. It makes me believe that we may actually survive the debacle of the past eight years and I won’t have to emigrate to Canada after all.

  327. Let us not forget that the real sexist, racist, hateful, fear mongering bigots call themselves REPUBLICAN. -J. Nitzel

    BIGOT: A person obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices ; especially one who regards or treats the members of a group with hatred and intolerance. See sample above.

  328. FUNNY!!!! (sure hope your nephew doesn’t read this…) :-)

  329. For Pat Robertson and all the folks against same-sex marriage… -Greytdog

    Like Obama.

  330. Helen,
    You, my dear, are a hoot and a half. What I wouldn’t give to sit with you for an hour and hear you talk about ANYTHING.

    Where does it come from?? Like others have said here…you are funny AND brilliant.

    More, Helen, MORE!!!!!!

  331. Bravo!

  332. Thanks, Helen. My husband and I have been blah all week since the ruling came down.

    I hope I didn’t hurt anyone’s marriage by daring to mention my own.

  333. The next thing you know a smart, accomplished Latina woman will be nominated to the Supreme Court.
    I hope she remembers the phrase “justice is blind” and that the lady with the scales is blindfolded….
    ask the New Haven firefighters about reverse discrimination


  334. Susan wrote: “I live in Canada where gays are free to marry or divorce at will. Come join us here….”

    Thanks for the invite! We may just take you up on it. One thing though – if all the American progressives moved to Canada thus leaving behind all the right-wing wingnuts, do you really think Canada would feel safe having a fascist nation across the border???

  335. the great thing about the United States is being able to join or not join whatever religion you want — all have pro’s and con’s

    One thing in my opinion is not to start discussions on religion and or politics.

    A lapsed Catholic but Catholic non the less


  336. EVERYONE needs to forward this post to at least 6 people….this is PRICELESS!!!!!!!

    Helen you are a treasure!!!!

  337. WOW!!!!!!! GREAT POST!!!!!!!!!

  338. So, UAW, did you even read Helen’s newest post??? Just curious…

  339. annette…you said…..
    “Bush and Cheney proved that if you don’t like the way things are, you just change the law or write a memo and make it the way you want it..”
    it’s called executive order….U.S. Presidents have issued executive orders since 1789….
    even Obama has made executive orders….stem cell research,Guantanamo,torture being some….but Obama’s executive order wants it both ways on interrogation


  340. You should be required reading for, not only the senate and the house of representatives, but also the president and the pope.

    Thank you for being you and telling it like it is and how it should be…

    Helen G.

  341. Helen on TV?????
    I would LOVE IT!!!!!

  342. Great Post Helen, as always. I’m glad this came earlier rather than later. BTW is there really a television news interview with you? WhirledPeas, where is the link? What station broadcasted it?

    Love the sex with ducks thing. How ridiculous we are!

  343. My God but you are funny…and brilliant at the same time!!!!!! We need more people like you in this world. I mean it. Really.


  345. Helen,
    A friend of mine just sent me your blog…I LOVE it! I’m going to spend to entire weekend reading the previous posts…I think I am in for a great ride!!! :-)

  346. Helen…you ROCK!!!!

  347. Tell me, please, why it should be my business who everyone loves?
    And thanks Greytdog for the awesome video “Sex with Ducks”!

  348. The citizens of California can easily decide to make it illegal to practice yoga next, or sell beer on Sunday or whatever else they what. The CA SC has decided that the CA constitution allows a simple majority to take away rights. They did not understand the lesson of our founding fathers when they created a republic. Pure democracy too easily becomes mob rule. What will it be next now that the SC has firmly established that rule? Maybe women should not be able to marry without the consent of a male relative? They only need to put it to a vote and get 50% +1.

  349. You are “the cat’s meow” Helen!!!! Love everything you say and truer words were never spoken.

    Let us not forget that the real sexist, racist, hateful, fear mongering bigots call themselves REPUBLICAN.

  350. The answer to everything in the universe is 42. That’s all you need to know.

  351. If one has enough $$$ the Catholic church would even annul a Scientology marriage. My husband’s ex-wife wanted to get their Lutheran marriage annulled – since she joined the Pope’s army, and sent us a packet of papers to fill out. Bottom line, priest are voyeurs. They asked about “the sex” over fifty times. How, wehn and where type questions. But we refused to sign and send – as we couldn’t fathom the kids being “bastards.” The Catholics, say that isn’t so, because this is not a legal paper – duh!!!????!

  352. Great blog. As a non-American Catholic I enjoyed it very much.

    Annulment does not mean that the children are now illegitimate. It does not mean that the marriage never happened. It means it happened but for whatever reason, (and the reasons depend on where you live in the world!) it did not work. Could be anything from the non Catholic partner not believing in anything, the Catholic partner being so in love that they did not think things through properly, the non Catholic partner refusing to have the child baptized in the Catholic church BUT adultery is not a good enough reason in some countries!!! The whole thing has become known as ‘Catholic Divorce’ and yes you are right – the church does not have the authority to annul a Baptist wedding.

    Oh and there are two types of annulment, one of which does not allow you to remarry!


  353. Fantastic Essay Helen (as always). For the government to bless who I marry, who I make love to and how…. seems to me… oh I don’t know… against Life, Liberty and Happiness?

    That said, it is important to keep sight of the fact that the recent California Supreme Court ruling was not about “Gay Marriage” itself. It was about the legal / judicial validity of a Ballot measure impacting constitutional guarantees.

    The court ruled that Ballot measures have a constitutional validity. It just happens to be that THIS ballot measure went against what we support. But that only means that we have our job cut out for us to convince more californians to vote against Prop 8 and its offsprings.


  354. Hipprocracy is hipprocracy no matter what church or denomination it is! I swear they (the church types) make this stuff up as they go along….

    Religion has caused so much pain, death and suffering in this world and then there’s the children. Residential schools where they beat and molested ‘innocents’ as their leisure.

    The pedophiles (sp?) in robes preying while they prayed. I was one of those victims… but not Catholic, but Anglican.

    As for Prop 8: I agree with you Helen. Can’t we all just get along? Live and let live? To be able to love and share a life together is not just an institution for men and women. It’s for everyone regardless ….

    Life is too short and there are no embraces in the grave. ( for anyone!)

    Sorry to sound ‘down’ but all this stuff is so darn frustrating. What someone does in the privacy of their bedroom is no one’s business and does not reflect on their value as a human being, and their ability to work or serve their country.
    Only the homo-phobes make it an issue.

    I live in Canada where gays are free to marry or divorce at will. Come join us here….

  355. Very funny post – really enjoyed that.

    I’m thinking of starting a campaign to make marriage and religion illegal for everyone.

  356. Love The Post and Greytdog’s video too.It is an appropriately humerous and cool illustrative comment!

  357. What did happen to California? I wish I could blame it on the terminator, but, he doesn’t preside over the Supreme Court.
    I still never get a ” straight” ( hehhe) answer out of those who oppose gay marriage, when asked how allowing homosexuals to marry would affect their lives.
    Really? How would it? How does that threaten your marriage or the future of heterosexual relationships?
    I hate hatred God Damnit!
    On that note, have a wonderful weekend everyone!

  358. did you hear Rush go on about how Obama wants one of his own on the Supreme Court? I was wondering if Rush meant an intelligent person or a person of color .. I sure hope Judge Sotomayor is approved ASAP

  359. Greytdog:

    LOVED the video, thanks for sharing!!!!

  360. Keep it up Helen, :)
    you’re ahead of the curve.

    The Defenders

    Wife: “But we have kids!!!”

    Preacher: “And now you have bastards. Bye bye”

    PEACE ~ Δ

  361. Helen’s Post is Brilliant…we don’t need added videos, Greytdog….

  362. For Pat Robertson and all the folks against same-sex marriage – oh, do enjoy!

  363. You are a breath of fresh air.

  364. This essay was great! Yeah, I’d want my blender back, too!
    Thanks for being a voice of sanity!

  365. Right on as usual!

  366. Exactly, Greydog — I love how when your gender is male and your race is white, somehow they don’t affect your decision-making, but be anything else and you’re suddenly talking about deviations from the zero axis. Because being female, like *over half the population*, is obviously going to lead to you making crazy decisions that go against the will of the majority!

  367. Catholic religion is a DISGRACE!!! It’s not about learning or worshiping your belief…it’s about how they can drain every PENNY from your pockets!!!!

    I am extremely proud to say I no longer belong to the Catholic’s!

  368. Funniest Damn Thing Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  369. Bush and Cheney proved that if you don’t like the way things are, you just change the law or write a memo and make it the way you want it.. same thing with the Catholic Church.. that’s what they have done forever. When they don’t like something they rewrite the rules until they fit the situation. Be it rogue priests or marriages and divorces.

  370. Let’s see: a Catholic priest leaves the Church and joins the Episcopalian Church after photos reveal him frolicking on the beach with – gasp! – a woman – but we’re to be reassured that this moment in time is not a frivolous moment in time because he’s been seeing her for TWO years. . .and now the Catholic Church is really mad at the Episcopalian Church (newsflash – they’ve been pissed off since Henry VIII). . . and the Catholic Church with their annulment policies have shown through time that what God has put together can be and will be easily asunder by the Church. . .bastards by decree!
    And by nominating a summa cum laude Ivy League graduate who happens to be both female and Hispanic – gasp!! – and is proud of both her gender and her cultural heritage – Obama is practicing reverse discrimination, and the GOPers are a-feared that this (how dare she!) woman will allow her race (what, the 5k?), gender (she rules through her genitalia?), and culture (what? she likes modern art?) will somehow overly impact her court rulings despite the fact that the Justices all bring such baggage to the court. . . oh and let’s not forget, omigod how horrific – she’s diabetic too! I’m surprised that Big Sugar hasn’t lobbied against her. . .

  371. And how about “Octo-Mel” Gibson? He was so staunchly a conservative Catholic in his public views and now he’s getting a divorce from the the mother of his 7 kids in order to marry his pregnant girlfriend? But I guess if you can get everything annulled and the slate wiped clean, it’s no biggie. This hypocrisy is why I don’t go to church…..

  372. Hooray for you, Helen!

  373. Helen, I’m beginning to think you may be Jesus.

  374. I bow to your infinite wisdom.

  375. Helen, you are a Goddess.

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