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Posted by: Helen Philpot | March 5, 2009

Rush Limbaugh – King of the Idiots

Margaret does Howard still listen to Rush everyday?  I don’t listen to him often, but I tune in every now and again.  He’s like a train wreck on the evening news.  You don’t want to believe it’s true, but you keep checking back to see if there are any survivors. 

Lately, I find myself tuning in for Open Line Fridays because that is when the real crazies come out.  You just have to laugh at these morons if only for the fact that they are calling into a guy who is technically deaf.  I mean, what’s the point really?

Having recently seen Mr. Limbaugh on the news giving that speech to the CPAC, I will definitely be listening in on this week’s Open Line Friday when I am sure Krispy Kreme will be calling in asking for their donuts back.  Do they make an OxyContin donut these days? It certainly would explain a great deal.

A couple of weeks ago I was listening when a caller phoned in to ask Rush if he had really said that he wanted President Obama to fail.  While these are not direct quotes, the general idea is pretty true to the actual call.  If anybody heard this as well, let me know because I never thought such gullibility existed outside of the Orwell novel Animal Farm.

Rush:  Go ahead caller.

Caller:  Rush.  Dittos from anywhere USA.  I am a first time caller and I am so glad I reached you because I am so mad at my local news station.

Rush:   Well Ma’am what exactly did your local news station do to get you so upset?

Caller:  Rush.  They reported that you said you wanted Obama to fail.  And I listen to you all the time and I know I have never heard you say that.  I mean I was so upset and I want to write a letter to them but I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss something.  I mean you didn’t say that did you?

Rush:  You know this is what makes me so mad.  How the liberal media takes my words out of context and then turns them into a sensational news story just to try and make me look like a villain.

Caller: Well I knew you would never say something like that, but I wanted to make sure.

Rush:  It is all so preposterous.   Here is what happened.  Here is what really happened and what I really said.   A major print publication  contacted me to get an opinion piece from me on what I thought about the Obama Presidency.   They wanted me to give them a 400 word opinion piece.   I told them I don’t need 400 words.  I told them all I need is four words: I hope he fails.  And that is what I said.

Caller:   Well, I knew you would never say that you wanted Obama to fail. I am going to write a letter to my news station and tell them to start telling the truth because I listen to you and I know what you really said.

Rush:  Yes Ma’am.  You do that.  Because I know what I said as well…

So Margaret, ask Howad to explain this to me.  Do you have to be deaf to be a caller on Open Line Fridays or just an idiot?  Or maybe it’s both? 

Seriously.  Rush Limbaugh is too stupid to be getting this much attention, but we seem to be living here on Animal Farm where Republican leaders are kneeling down to their Napoleon pig king asking for forgiveness.   Nothing surprises me anymore.  Maybe Rush’s call screener should start by asking “two legs or four?”

Well Margaret, I hope you and Howard are staying warm.  It’s getting harder and harder to travel these days but I do hope we can plan a trip soon.  Know that I love you.  I mean it. Really.

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  4. we need to put rush limbaugh into a (very) small soundproof box and ship him off to antarctica. maybe then the large hunk of ice that’s obviously replaced his heart will help re-freeze the ice and do some good for once?

    Whirled Peas Δ,
    the tags made my day :)

  5. Bet you this caller was the same lady at the McCain rally who asked if Obama was an Arab. LOL!

  6. Thanks Maven Δ!

    Is is Friday yet?

    ŸŸŸ “hic”

  7. Ÿ
    martini, two olives

  8. Now, now, people…don’t you realize what a big difference it is between Rush “wanting” Obama to fail and “hoping” he will fail?

    I’m surprised you can’t discern that huge gulf of difference. I would explain it to you, but the OxyContin is kicking in and I really don’t have…the….

  9. Off Topic but this just makes me smile. Seems that “nature” is exacting a bit of revenge. . .


  10. This is great – Meghan McCain rips Ann Coulter:


  11. It wouldn’t be funny if it weren’t so true Greytdog! Excellent find, thanks for pointing me in that direction.

  12. Thought you folks would enjoy this:

    “This Modern World”
    The GOP’s surefire 11-point plan for success!
    By Tom Tomorrow


  13. I have to share this-
    When I would get stuck in traffic on the East coast – beats LA and SEATTLE big time- and would be falling asleep I would look for a channel with either Rush or Oliver North on them.
    It usually took less than 2 minutes to get my blood pressure pumping so much I could stay awake for another 24 hours.
    Sure glad I am not in that traffic any more and have to subject myself to such mind altering tactics!!

  14. Has anyone seen this yet?


  15. When will Americans be civilized in their politics? When will they stop thinking they are a Christian Nation when they give so little to the less fortunate overseas? When will thet stop thinking politicians must be Christians and that the only critieria is being anti gay, anti choice and anti Islamic?

    When will Americans stop hating people of different colour? When will they finally see how destructive their gun rights really is. When will they stop peverting proper political ideologies such as Conservatism? When will they start debating like civilized (I used your American spelling) people and not have VPs saying the f-word?

    When will they start thinking practically instead of saying freedom is everything and they won the Cold War )(which they did not). When will they stop harping on how great democracy is when they have made a mockery of it. When will they stop criticising countries on human rights when they can’t accept a non white leader and lock their own native Americans in camps.

    When will they sit down and agree to disagree but not make ridiculous claims like they want leaders to fail. When will they see that capitalism has failed over and over and stop harping on its being the best state?

    And when will they even bother to change?

  16. Hi Helen, gramma rock and gang,

    It never ceases to mystify me why there is such a preoccupation with self-proclaimed media soothsayers who masquerade as political pundits. But whatever turns anybody on.

    I’m back and have been busy pacing myself and ‘healing’. More on my personal stuff later perhaps. gramma rock, I’m very glad you and your husband have one amputation down and maybe one to go. Us Old Timers play the hands we are dealt and usually come up winners, right?

    Much of the news of the day has been pretty grim of late. However, I have been impressed with the energy the Obama Administration has been exhibiting to turn the country around. There have been a few missteps of course, but I think they have been courageous enough to step up to the plate, admit them and try to correct them.

    I thought it was interesting that Hillary Clinton has taken the initiative in mending fences with Russia, (restart button), sending envoys to SYRIA! and personally going to Turkey!

    It was reported that she was on a TV talk show there similar to ‘The View’ here in our country. It does show AMERICANS that Turkey is a secular country like ours even though it is predominately Islamic. A smart move on Hillary’s part.

    A few of you may remember the lengthy comment I posted here some time ago about our adventures in Istanbul and other parts of Turkey when we were there several years ago. We did not go to Ankara, the capital though.

    Plenty of financial houses-of-cards have been falling down! There are probably more to come. Here are a couple of thoughts I would like to run up the flagpole and see if anyone salutes. I am not a lawyer, so I don’t know the legal ramifications but the new Justice Department has been pretty aggressive about going after tax shelter accounts, especially in Switzerland. The biggest bank there has agreed to release the account numbers of Americans who have parked assets in those accounts. Maybe the Justice Department will go after banks in the Caribbean too.

    It is possible they can round up the tax dodgers. I don’t know for sure but I think they can confiscate the funds, impose hefty fines and dump them all into the treasury. Multiply that by however many tax cheats there are and we are talking BIG BUCKS!!!!! Enough to lop off a trillion or so from the deficit?????

    I personally don’t care whether they go to jail or not. If they can do a guilty plea bargain a la Madoff, that’s fine with me. People who define themselves by how much money and power they have are NOTHING with their names disgraced and their reputations shredded. I’m not into revenge, just justice.

    Wadda ya think?



  17. I went on Facebook and posted a video of Letterman lambasting Rush Limbaugh. One of my conservative friends said “He was funny until he started being a mouthpiece for the Democrats.” I replied that Rush advocates hate and misuse of reason and I gave a very good example.

    Another good friend of mine told me I simply didn’t know what I was talking about and to please stop equating Rush with hate because he doesn’t advocate that.

    So I ticked off the feminazi remarks, the mocking of Michael J. Fox’s disease, calling military against the war “fake” soldiers, etc., and asked, “How is that not advocating hate?”

    He never responded.

    I grew up in Texas, and while these are my friends, I can’t see how they can possibly agree in any way with this blow hard.

  18. From now on any republican who proposes any policy we shall chant I want xxxx to fail.

  19. Whirled peas: From an oldster, that is hilarious

    Wedgies and Winos!!!

    psychedelikat, not until I read the link that Whirled peas
    posted and thought it was worth a “bump”

    Thanks Raji, for the quotes. Were you aware that Frank Schaeffer is the son of the late evangelist Francis Schaeffer.

    Δ & Ữ Yes

    Δ & ¥ Yuck

  20. IMO, folks who are rooting for Obama to fail have already lost their souls. They have forgotten what it means to be the “loyal opposition” and have concentrated only on “opposition”. I didn’t like or agree with Bush/Cheney, and often wished Congress would have acted and impeached them both. BUT I never wanted Bush to fail – I wanted him to succeed, to prove to all of us who voted against him that WE were wrong, that he was a good leader, that he knew what the hell was going on – instead he circumvented the Constitution, he allowed Cheney/Rove to run a deep-shadow government op, and kept us terrorized for 8 years. But not once did I hear anyone say “I hope he fails”. I did hear and I did say He failed – I never sought his failure.

  21. I agree with you baby, that hard right is praying our country will fail. We have to continue to scream at the top of our lungs THIS IS NOT OBAMA’s Mess! People tend to have short memories and unless we are vigilant about this they will paint this on Obama as sure as shittin.

  22. I’ve spoken with four of my Republican neighbors, and I’m amazed at how intensely they want Obama to fail. They don’t care about the people who are losing their homes. They don’t care about Al Queda. They don’t even care about their hard-hit stock portfolios. They care about one thing only: Obama failing. In this “dream” of theirs, Obama takes the blame for the bad economy, and the Republicans do well in the 2010 elections. In a way, these Republicans are worse off than the families who are losing their homes. These Republicans are in danger of losing their souls.

  23. Great thread!

    I think the strategy of tying Rush to the face of the repubs is a brilliant one. I can’t think of anything better for the dems. ;-) He is terribly unpopular and will continue to showcase the hate filled right thinking.

    BTW did any of you see why Meghan McCain was trashing Ann? Check out CNN.com political ticker.. It’s great!

  24. It would probablly take a lot of rolls of duct tape, but I would gladly pay for it to shut his big mouth.

  25. Rush is da Bomb! Like when you’ve had a greasy meal of hamburger piled on with slices of raw onions, ketchup, mustard/mayo, cheese, and you take extra capsules of intestinal correctional formula #1 (Dr. Schulze’s), and the next morning, you GO, really GO and it’s the stinkest biggest rush of crap that fills the toilet bowl. da Bomb!

    I wonder how Helen is after listening to his Friday Call Ins? Hope she got to bomb after.

  26. Thanks Raji, for the quotes. Were you aware that Frank Schaeffer is the son of the late evangelist Francis Schaeffer.

    He says of his father:

    “[W]hen my late father — Religious Right leader Francis Schaeffer — denounced America and even called for the violent overthrow of the US government, he was invited to lunch with presidents Ford, Reagan and Bush, Sr.”[4]


  27. ON this mornings column by Ellen Goodman, she is talking about Rushie boy and his comments on women. She says he can be cured with duct tape! Wonder how many rolls it would take to wrap his mouth and body?

  28. Thanks! Werner for the very clever ¥ wineglass.

    The Asia influence in design is very IN right now. And it can even opt for a saki glass as well, good to be abel to multi-task in these times.

    However it is a bit early in the day/ week here on the left coast for Δ¥, think I will stick with my

    Ữ Ữ Ữ * for now.

    (*Design by Maven)

    Merci and Sayounara

    or my personal favorite…later gaitor.

  29. Quoting Werner Oderwer Δ @ 10:16AM:

    To all the “oldsters” here


    Wedgies and Winos!!!

    Sorry, but it had to be said. ;)


  30. Actually saw Kathleen Parker (Washington Post writer) on a talking head show Sunday morning claiming that the White House is beating up on Rush Limbaugh. Up to that point I almost had respect for her. Limbaugh uses inflammatory speach deliberately (but not with any deliberation, as in thought). If you all remember, one cannot stand up in a crowded theatre and yell fire, especially if done just for “fun” or whatever and get away with it. But Rush is immune from consequences of his own actions?

  31. Werner, since we are on the subject:


    A comedic god!

  32. To all the “oldsters” here


    What with all the wine and pie things going on here you have to watch not to be called un-american again!
    (Promoting the ¥ (=Yen) as the Δ (Alpha) currency and all…..)

    (I can I am CANADIAN, and with oiur semi-dollar no one gives a hoot!)

  33. avotresanteΔ¥

    try some light Vino Verde from Portugal maybe (Light green (young) wine with a light sparcle to it, nothing great but goes good with fish and white meat and is rather inexpensive too)

    A votre sante!

    I have to wait until Easter, not religous but doing the lent thingy anyway, (being atheist alows you to take your pick from ANY religon and get away with it!!! He He He)

    Or as a (now sadly dead) jewish friend of mine once said it: “I am a reform Jew, I can pick any 5 of the 10 commendments that suit me….. LOL

  34. HoneyJoRumples
    just a question that comes to ming….

    Are there ANY religous Zealots that are NOT nutjobs or any bible thumping radicals that are stable?

    I sincerily doubt that!

    I don’t mean to diminish your argument, but…..

  35. Hey Werner! Being a bit inelegant myself, it works for me! Thanks. Now to find some wine I like…..

  36. JaneDoe

    Found a Ja[panese wineglass for you (Yen sign) find the “foot” a bit inelegant but ….
    here it is



  37. Frank Schaeffer Author of “Crazy for God” on What’s Left of the GOP: Today the Republican Party is rooting for doom.

  38. Whirled peas, thanks for the repost as it had an update I didn’t see the first time.
    A Must Read!!! Quote from the article:

    HUGHLEY: Why — why then are men like Rush Limbaugh and a woman like Ann Coulter so tremendously popular? Why then? It makes me as an American go, this is how a large percentage of the country feels.

    SCHAEFFER: No, don’t think so. I think if people read my book, they’re going to see that the religious right started with good intentions. And then was manipulated by very crass people who have taken it in a different direction for personal gain. Today you have about 20 million people who buy all of Ann Coulter’s books, watch Rush Limbaugh. Send money into the televangelists. It’s all the same people.

    The fact of the matter is, there are 300 million of us. There’s no 20 million of us. The truth is I failed every math class. But somebody in the audience will tell us what the percentage of 20 million of 300 million. It’s not a big percentage. It’s just a loud percentage. This is the drunk on the subway making trouble in the car for all of the people on the subway. There are 100 decent citizens on there, there is one ass in the front that’s molesting women. That’s the Republican Party now in terms of the loud car.

  39. I miss Margaret. Has anyone checked on her?? She could be snowed in up there in Maine and we wouldn’t know until the Spring thaw….

  40. And finally this from Mother Jones:


  41. Robert Reich’s blog – http://robertreich.blogspot.com/ – of March 04, 2009 covers the current financial debacle & the political hay that’s being made. Included in the writing is this:
    “Republicans have made no secret of their wish to blame Obama for the bad economy, and to stir up as much populist rage against his so-called “socialist” tendencies as politically possible. History shows how effective demagogic ravings can be when a public is stressed economically. Make no mistake: Angry right-wing populism lurks just below the surface of the terrible American economy, ready to be launched not only at Obama but also at liberals, intellectuals, gays, blacks, Jews, the mainstream media, coastal elites, crypto socialists, and any other potential target of paranoid opportunity.”

  42. Thanks all for the birthday wishes and for the replies to the silly email I got. I think you all should be in Obama’s cabinet. I learn more here than I do from all my news readings and meanderings through the “tubes” that comprise the internet.

    And hello to you Alaska Pi! Nice to see you here.

    Again, Thanks to Helen and Margaret for creating this place, and thanks to you all for your humor and wisdom.

  43. troutay- Happy Belated BIRTHDAY too!
    Maybe that dumb crummy email was for your dirthday…?

  44. Helen-
    Almost 20 years ago a friend of my son’s invited my son to go to hear Mr Limbaugh speak. Was a family outing (!?) for the young man -his dad even called and extended an hearty invite.
    Puzzled over how to deal with it longer than I did when time came for my boy to attend his first funeral.

    In the end I let him go , of course. Don’t do our kids any favors by cocooning them…

    What I want to know, after all these years, is how that 16 yr old kid of mine was onto the verbal flummery and sleight of hand Mr Limbaugh revels in that the hundreds of adults at that show missed entirely?

    You hit the tone just right with your radio script-
    Mr Limbaugh is like the amateur magician – you can see all his props- quarters tween the fingers, bunny tail hanging out from under the hat… AND folks just swallow it for realsies… whole.
    And they still do all these years later…

    I’ve been beating up on myself for not doing more- jumping up and down , hollering louder, through the Bush 8.
    Starting to think it would not have mattered. Too many of my neighbors were down at the Big Top watching Mr Limbaugh pull scarves out his sleeves and flipping marked cards round the stage to pay attention…

    What folks have at stake that they get mesmerized by that phony magico worries me more than the stupid stuff he says does…

    nuff of the shudders…
    Happy Belated dirthday troutay!
    You had the Tolkien players and REAL magic from Whirled… ! Pie and lots of well wishes…

    And that crummy dumb email? Don’t send that person a B-day card anymore! PHHHT.
    glad to hear granpa rock is doing ok- best wishes for next op to go ok and hope you’re ok too granma rock. and Jean.. and Mrs UAW…
    granma Katie- come visit us more often at AnonyB! Lots of projects, lots more stories from Ann Strong-of-everything soon.
    Thank you and all who have helped – you too Margaret and Helen!
    Greyt- note for you end o last thread…

    Thank you for having us all in Margaret and Helen- !

  45. had to leave this blog for awhile and lose myself for awhile in mindless tv. However, after much thinking, I cannot do better than all the previous posts.

    How anyone who has lived through the past depression call themselves Republicans
    I cannot understand.

    From an article my daughter sent I quote.
    Like my former SD (passed in 9/06)he had no objection to having Medicare pay his biills, cccomplain about the h ighways he used etc. Too annoyed to think clearly) He also complained about the number of Handicapped parking spaces in front of stores. (He might have to walk a few feet)

    I am on my soap box over this way of thinking, so I shall sign out and go to bed and wish all of you a nice night.

  46. Party Piper, as a Deaf individual myself, I couldn’t agree more!

  47. Funny, funny stuff! Just saw your blog mentioned on 20something Bloggers. Nothing like keeping people laughing every day. I’ll be back!

  48. Thanks Greydog! And I forgot to say as well…


    p.s. It’s the republicans that are trying to tell us who can and can’t get married, what we can and can’t do in the privacy of our bedrooms, what a woman can or can’t do with her own womb…so I guess the answer is really, NO, I won’t be happy when the government will tell us what to do, when to do it, how to do it and with whom, and that’s why I voted democrat.

  49. Thanks Greytdog, HoneyJoRumples for explaining the sickening “poem?” to make it more palatable. The divide is so great! How is it going to be breached? And Whirled Peas, I so agree that the republican party is rooting for doom! But the message being conveyed is that the market is responding to Obama and his administration’s ineptitude rather than to their rooting for him to fail through daily messages of doom. Obama did not create this situation. Results displayed by businesses in the first quarter of this year came from whatever occurred in the past months and years in some cases. What is so hard to understand? It is like the people on the right have already absolved themselves of the debacle we are facing and are putting the blame of Obama with the willing media helping along. Have they ever accepted responsibility for anything? It is beginning to leave a bitter taste in my mouth.

  50. Here’s something interesting from Michael Moore (Roger & Me, Sicko) on Rush:


  51. I usually never re-post a link on the same thread…but this is A MUST SEE:

    Frank Schaeffer Author of “Crazy for God” on What’s Left of the GOP: Today the Republican Party is rooting for doom.

    “And since the Republicans are now anti-American members of an Obama-must-fail insurgency, lies become a self-fulfilling prophecy: talk doom, and keep the economy in a panic and we may get what we wish for.
    And using the media to do it.

    Explains a lot ~ Δ


    Because this isn’t a football game, this is life we’re talking about.”

    HoneyJo – you nailed that sucker!!!! BRAVO!!!!!


    This is a democracy. We all live under the rules the majority decides. If McCain and Palin had won, the conservatives would be insisting we all live according to their rules. The only difference is, you like their rules. Well, the majority of the voters did not.


    How fair is it for some fat cat CEO to make millions and millions off the sweat of the backs of the peons working for him and then pillage their pensions they’ve worked so hard for? You may have forgotten all about President Bush’s good buddy ol’ Kenny boy Kenneth Lay, but I have not. It is fair that everyone in this country who puts in a hard day’s work to be able to go see a doctor or take their child to a doctor when they are sick.


    I have never aborted a human life. But if the mother of that human life decides that’s what she must do in order to save her own, either literally or figuratively after some man used her, abandoned her, lied to her, commited adultery or fornication, or told her, as the boyfriends of two women I know told them, “I”m not ready to be a father, get an abortion or I’m leaving you.” Yet the conservative right wants to demonize and villify women for being the evil witches who can’t deal with a “little inconvenience” like having a baby. Funny how it’s a huge, huge thing, the hugest thing that could ever happen, to them when it’s born, but when it’s threatening the healthy, sanity or well being of a woman, it’s just “a little inconvenience.” Also funny how consevatives hate welfare moms, single mothers leeching off they system, yet more unwanted babies born means more people on welfare. They haven’t quite figured that one out. Besides, my dog has done more to contribute to my daily happiness, well being and comfort than any human I know. I work for animal rights because I generally like animals more than I like most people. I’ve never met an animal who treated me with the intolerance, judgment, rudeness and selfish tunnel vision as most republicans I’ve known.


    Because this isn’t a football game, this is life we’re talking about. And in competition, there is always a winner and a loser. And right now we’re seeing, and feeling, what happens when people are more concerned with winning than playing fair and doing right by others. Competition also assumes people will play fair, which they don’t. We are currently living the consequences of greed unchecked by government regulation. 9 people died and several hundred got violently ill from salmonella because a peaunut factory worried more about its bottom line than being “fair” and shipped products they knew were contaminated, again, thanks to no government regulation. I have to wonder if you’d feel the same if it were your child who died and you had to bury because she ate a peanut butter cookie that someone knew contained a deadly bacteria but sold it to you anyway in order to pocket profits.


    Not something I’m worried about. More knee-jerk, reactionary right wing propoganda.

  54. Other western democracies are more civilized. They may not be perfect, they may be more socialist type but I don’t think you can name any other western country that criticises a candidate’s religion, birth certificate or name. Nor do you see any person in any other western nation annoucing “I want President/PM xxx to fail”.

  55. I read that last part to my darling husband and we both got a good chuckle out of it.

    Thanks Greydog.

  56. it’s been that way for some time. . . but the last 8 years have elevated it to a “fine” art. . . RL and AC are the two top practitioners.

  57. it is so sad to see America reduced to such guttural politics.

  58. Dixie Chicks – I feel the same way. . . .

  59. Here ya go Troutay:
    STILL HEALTHY – 50 YEARS LATER. Mrs. Rozell had a really deep voice which we prepubescent boys thought sounded sexy – we were Bogie to her Bacall. She died from lung cancer before we graduated from high school. We went to the funeral totally stoned, man, cuz we were so bummed – she bought our booze and cigs for us. Now we had to get a new source.
    QUICK DRAW TEENAGER). Of Course, most of the women drank in the afternoon while the men were busying fondling and cleaning their weapons. That quick draw teenager? He got shot taking care of Mrs. Rozell’s “needs”.

  60. Great responses Hi!
    And greydog too funny!

    I still don’t get the last part about the guns and smoking though…..

  61. Here’s my try at it: (It’s a bit like being in a really boring english class and making fun of really bad literature, isn’t it?)

  62. Troutay – why respond at all? IMO that gives this screed validity. . . and the whole point of the screed is to tick you off and get a response. Why engage in petty battles? If you want to respond, you could always send them a copy of the Beatitudes. . .

    (No politician or citizen is God/Jesus)
    (No meaning)
    (Rather the Republican party destroys itself)
    (Urm yes. War, violation of civil rights and tax cuts for the wealthy made you “employed”)
    (So starve while you live in your “free world”)
    (True and untrue. Tax cuts must be explained. Republicans tax cuts are for the rich. Obama’s are for the poor. Tax rises are for the rich)
    (And the past right years was a dream of glory. wow)
    (Excuse me while I puke)

    (whose rules? The rules that allow your telephone and private conversations to be tapped?)
    (Since when is that evil? Are you so called Christian conservatives Christians or using God’s name in vain?)
    (Right foetus have the right to live and create social disorder. People without accesse to healthcare do not have the right to see a doctor.)
    (Where is the competition when wealth is concentrated in the top few % of Americans?)
    (So the dumb remain dumb for the rest of their lives. Tells volumes of what conservatives want society to be)
    (There is no such thing as American freedom. American corporate globalisation has destroyed Third World country. You Republicans especially have violated your own constitution and international law by invading a soverign country and casuing your own debt)
    (Power to the stupid rather. All you thik life is based on is foetus, no gays and guns.)

  65. troutay, my reply:

    No politician, no citizen is God/Jesus. Neither President Obama nor any of his team claimed hime to be Jesus/the Messiah. It’s people and the media who spawn such nonense. No Democrat or Republican is “more” Christian than others. If that is the case for voting for your candidate, than none of the American Presidents were worthy. Kennedy had his mistresses, Nixon was courrupt, Reagan was war bent etc etc etc….

    Capitalism should not go un-fettered. If Americans think capitalism solves everything, then they are blind to the conditions now. It was the fact that capitalism was left to itself that America in such trouble. The so called conservatives scream for tax cuts. Tax cuts for who? The rich so that they can create another banking crisis?

    Socialism is not a destined evil. Peverted Conservatives in America do not know the definition of socialism which is for the common good. They whine and bitch that wealth should not be distributed. in the first place, where does the wealth lie?

  66. I got this email today. Would like your responses so I can reply to the idiot that sent it to me. I am fuming and would not make much sense if I responded now:





  67. Hey! thanks smteaches!
    I got a new rod and reel for my b-day. I have been practicing my cast in the back yard.

    I can’t wait for spring.

  68. Happy Belated Birthday, Troutay! How nice that on your birthday you posted the first response to Helen’s new entry!

  69. Gramma Rock-
    This unfortunate circumstance is because people suck…. Thats why there is room in the constitution for future ammendments and other statutes to take place.

    I apologize about any injustice in your ancestry (assuming you are native american since you feel so strongly about it) but I guess despite media, people, and history etc… you do have the ability to do something to bring these injustices up to your elected officials by writing, organizing and politically speaking your mind. Protests etc… And if that doesnt work, vote accordingly and get some people in office that are more aligned with your views.

    We cannot change the past… the future is not going to be perfect.. but this election more than anything has shown me that we need to take steps to build towards the future.

  70. Also notice I used the noun “person” instead of gender or the words I wanted to u se than would get me thrown off M&H!

  71. Also read the post the person wrote about all the wonderful things your governor has done for your state.
    Too bad she did’nt get lost in a snow bank and forgotten.

  72. You’re welcome Juneau! My caregiver changed the cloks yesterday morning. So cell phone, computer and tv said one thing and the clock said something else. Confusing

    At last box is on way. Gentleman who owns th is facility took me shopping, he was so fascinated with the story he o\pitched in and bought stuff, went to PO and got boxes and then mailed them . DEspite how I packed tightly, have enough for almost another one. Have enjyed Ann Strongheart’s stories. That woman deserves a medal.

  73. Grandma Katie,

    I just changed my clocks because of you! Thanks for the reminder.

  74. I hate daaylight savings time!! Takes me at least 3 weeks to get adjusted. I like the old anology. It’s like cutting a fot off the end of the blanket and sewing it on the other end to amke it longer.
    Oldest dazughter sent me the thing Mill Maher said about government, VEry good.

    My SO was a stanch republican but he sure was quick to accept paaramedics , Medical, etc. Interesting.

    CAn’t tolerate Limbaugh. Maybe if he gets enough rope, he will hang himsellf.

    Off to spend the morning at an election campaign office, Special election to fill spot on city coulncil of woman who was just elected to the state assembly.

  75. WOW…just WOW!

    D.L. Hughley talks to Crazy for God author Frank Schaeffer who’s father was one of the founders of the religious right.

    Watch this and read a excerpt of his writings.

    Just what we thought ~ Δ

  76. Happy Daylight Savings Day
    Apparently Rush Limbaugh and the GOP have found a new way to keep Michael Steele in line.


  77. Morning folks. . . DST is here but the dogs don’t know that – they think I’m running really late with their breakfast and omigod, they might never have another meal again. . . . sheesh.
    So while I calm the canines and felines, here are some interesting Rush & Rush-related links to read with your AM coffee. . .
    Washington Monthly has an interesting comparative overview of new world socialism in Be Like Reagan And Thatcher! Soak The Rich! It’s the second article on the page.
    Source: http://www.washingtonmonthly.com/

    Rush is facing a pretender to the throne. . .NYTimes has an interesting article on the upcoming firebrand pundit of the GOP


    And The Nation’s John Nichols has a VERY interesting look at Limbaugh and that which is most prized by the GOP – Nixon’s comment on Barbara Bush is illuminating


  78. RL was asked to write 400 words. The reason why he stated only 4 speaks volumes of his level of education.

    And the level of stupidity of rw americans.

  79. Good morning, Margaret and Helen and all who enjoy this wonderful blog!

    I am NOT a David Frum admirer, but he is one Republican that I can at least stand to read on occasion without raising my blood pressure beyond boiling or, as described by one blogger in his “review’ of JTP’s book, cutting my hand(s) off. IMO, he nails the reasons why RushBo is not only King of the Idiots, but will likely drag the entire Republican Party down with him, so long as it is composed only of his Idiot admirers.
    Of course, Frum’s writing is not nearly as fun to read as Helen’s! But for those who come here specifically to denigrate her and her writings, please be aware that Frum is saying essentially the same thing.


    Have good ones and please remember to set your clocks forward if your area is moving to DST this weekend!

  80. Gawd. I hate the time-change thing.
    Thought I was awake because is *was time* ….instead it’s really night (my time) and I am just sleepless.

  81. “….unfortunate circumstance….”

    that kind of sums up mainstream america’s view of federal indian policy, the bureau of indian affairs and the dept. of the interior, all right!

  82. another way to look at what I said is…

    Theres a difference between the text of a law and how it is enforced or not enforced or completely imagined bullshit.

  83. Gramma Rock-

    When the native Americans were “forced” to become christians… it was never signed into law.
    Yes the original intent for the freedoms was for white males, but the constitution and way of thought has evolved within the past 200 years….

    I look at the intent behind the constitution and the literal words that it says when I analyze the legitimacy of the constitution. History and unfortunate circumstances are a completely different subject. Native Americans being forced to become christians, although illegal, was an unfortunate circumstance.

  84. “Meddle not in the affairs of wizards, for it makes them soggy, and hard to light…

    And don’t throw your cigarette butts into the urinal, because they are subtle, and quick to anger…”

    Or something like that in the Tolkein books.

    (I am easily confused on that subject)

  85. Master betrays us. Wicked. Tricksy, False. We ought to wring his filthy little neck, and then we be the master! Shhh. Shhh. It’s too risky! He will read this………

  86. Oh, Bilbo, calm down! Me thinks they are making comments partly in jest, just as big footed women have defended their big footedness in common with Ann Coulter. No need for us to battle over trivial non matters lest the Repubs start laughing at our infighting.

    Have some wine and chill, Uncle.

  87. Diane and PartyPiper – WTF?????? When you call someone who drinks too much a drunk that doesn’t mean you are making any kind of statement about people who have a glass of wine with dinner? Jeez. Get a grip. In both cases, Helen put it in the appropriate context. Why are you not doing the same? whatever…

  88. SCROLL ALERT! Slightly off-topic.

    During evening drive-time, I listen to a humorous AM radio show. It’s always good for a few laughs after work.

    One day a couple weeks ago, my ex-husband offered to take my car for a quick service check. He came back later looking at me like I had grown a third arm. What’s wrong? I asked. His reply: When did YOU start listening to Rush Limbaugh?”

    Moral of the story: Change your radio station settings after your program is over. You never know what they air the rest of the day.


  89. Just as someone wanted to stand up for people who legitimately need OxyContin, I would like to stand up for the “Big D” Deaf community and lumping them in with Rush in any way, shape or form. There might be some who like him, but being Deaf does not make one a dittohead.

    Otherwise, Gallaudet University would be a lot like Bob Jones, and it isn’t.

  90. At least that’s one teensy weensy thing (okay, two) about Rush Limbaugh – HE doesn’t claim to sit on the right hand of God, nor does he claim to be the 2nd son of the 2nd son of God. . . he’s just another morbidly obese American wallowing in their own petty self-importance.

  91. Greytdog, excellent comment.

    colourful, it’s so interesting to see you people criticise Obama’s religion and actions when you people don’t give a care about healthcare or equity but branish you so called pro-life agenda.

    pro-life: allow foetus to live while letting folks die.

    You are peverted Christians.

  92. Who was screaming (block capital letters) in their post with the quotation from the Book of James? Whoever it was – you need to return to Bible Study Class. You got the wrong chapter, doughhead.
    Here’s James 4:10 ““Humble yourselves before the Lord and he will exalt you.”
    And for a clearer understanding of James 2:10 (the one you were screaming about) I suggest you go here and learn something:


  93. I’ve never listened to rush and can’t ……ever. so I need our brave heart Helen to listen and explain it to me. Helen is the” spoonful of sugar” that makes the medicine go down.
    I have seen pics of him though and it’s apparrent his conservativism doesn’t extend to his eating habits. Can you say blob????
    Keep it up, Helen you are a treat & a tresure. I really mean it;-)

  94. Thanks Greytdog! That worked too!

  95. Oh! I had a new quilt pattern! Must be my schizo multiple email addresses.

  96. Whirled Peas, you’ve done it again, Mahalo nui loa (thank you, very much). That was the video link to Bill Maher talking about our government, about 3 minutes in.

    I just can’t believe that Bill Maher used to date Ann Coulter. Hopefully it is myth and not fact. At the very least, it’s a good thing they didn’t have a kid together. The child would grow up to be very schizo.

  97. Maher’s Ode to Government:


  98. Whirled Peas – I went to that link on JTP’s book. . .omigod, that was funny! I even read some of the reviews. . .here’s my favorite from someone named “Mr. Grumpy” -
    “I could not put the book down. Seriously, something really sticky was on the cover. I think it was some Super Glue. Anyway, with a book permanently glued to my hand I decided the best thing to do was to read it. About half way through the book I decide to cut my hand off. Yeah, it was that bad. I’d give it two thumbs down if I could. “

  99. Honolulu Sally,

    I’m not sure what specifically you are looking for, but how about this?

    Bill Maher New Rules

    PEACE ~ Δ

  100. “WARNING! Any politician who says he/she is part of a religion of God and professes to believe in or support major heresies (abortion, homosexuality, etc.), knowingly or unknowingly practices Satanism. “AND WHOSOEVER SHALL KEEP THE WHOLE LAW BUT OFFEND IN ONE POINT IS BECOME GUILTY OF ALL.” James 4(10).”

    Another reason the republican party is floundering. It has become the party of nutjob religious zealots and unstabel Bible thumping radicals, like the mother in the movie Carrie.

  101. Whirled Peas, you amaze me with your abilities to post links. Can you post the Bill Maher recent segment when he talked about the role of government in our lives?

    Thanking you in advance,


  102. ……One of the principles that this country was founded on is religious freedom…

    a gentle reminder here again. native americans were forced to become christians at the hands of unkle sam. today we must still fight for our religious rites and are denied access to our sacred sites. we are denied due process and civil rights. on the reservations we are still at the mercy of a colonial system of law called the indian reoganization act that is manipulated by the bureau of indian affairs under directives of the dept. of the interior.

    in reality the ‘founding principle’ was religious freedom for white christian males.

    mainstream america has come full circle and with this collapse of the economy is experiencing upheaval in their culture just as the indian tribes experienced with the westward expansion and the newcomers’ lust for land ownership.

    is america paying attention ??
    greed is greed .

    most isms are archaic terms for archaic times…… civilizations evolve and the ‘isms’ need to evolve with them.

    btw……granpa rock’s first amputation surgery went well and he is recovering.
    second surgery will be scheduled based
    on recovery from the first.

  103. wow… Colorful, Mel Ancholy-

    My question for both of you is…. Despite the treacherous label that Rush has put on your little concept…. Why would you be against it if it brings the country and human kind up out of the recession and allows this country to prosper!

    One of the principles that this country was founded on is religious freedom… Obama is a christian… This is not a christian nation according to the constitution! This is only a christian nation according to popularity. It is very immature to want people to fail, unless they are trying to destroy something. Last I checked Obama was trying to build this country up!

    Mel Ancholy-
    What Rush does not realize is that this country has gone so far downhill that capitalism has failed us many times over. Since it has failed we voted accordingly and you know the rest of the story. Despite your presumptious label of socialism (which its not) Obama is not a socialist. He is a progressive liberal with some centrist tendencies when it comes to the war.
    It is immature for Rush to nitpick and say that “If he wants socialism I hope he fails.” Socialism by definition (see Greydogt’s post…. approximately the 140th post on here for this thread) has helped in history create a sense of community and helped some countries prosper. Obama has never uttered the words socialism. I hear stemcells, housing, stimulus, economy…. etc… but never socialism.
    I think its to the point where the American public is beyond the point of caring how we get out of it…. as long as we get out of it and are ok in the longrun… sort out the nitpicky details later after we are prospering again…

  104. Hello again!

    I have to ask, please, please, be considerate to those of us who have to use pain relievers like Oxycontin.

    I have had to use a similar medication for the past 10 years. I have never abused or gotten it by illegal means. There are millions of people out there who use this drug responsibly.
    I just had to say this.
    I know people don’t mean to malign all Oxycontin uses, but I hope that people are aware that there are those of us who use this medication responsibly and whose only pain relief comes from using Oxycontin and similar meds.

  105. Why oh why do we keep doing this? Concentrate on Rush..who gives a crap? We spent 8 years on silliness instead of stopping Bush from destroying our world. We let it happen. We continue to elect idiots because we discuss idiotic topics. If we expected more from our elected officials, maybe we would get more. When do we stand up and say BE A GROWNUP! I am angry because I am as responsible as everyone else for the mess we are in. I didn’t say “enough is enough”!

  106. As my future Senator, Al Franken once said
    “Rush Limbaugh is a big Fat Idiot”

  107. Quoting Raji:

    “Got something to say to Rush Limbaugh in 10 words or less?”

    Here’s a billboard print ready:

    Both of these guys
    want America to fail.


  108. fascinating, the number of times Colorful shows up on what he/she contends is a sinful blog. This is much like the local owner of a “Christian” broadcasting company who–and I say this from personal knowledge–regularly disappears into his office with porn. Or the number of “leaders” of the anti-abortion groups who–again, this is from personal knowledge–have their daughters avail themselves of the procedure when they find themselves pregnant.

    It should go without saying–but obviously doesn’t when dealing with people without intellect or knowledge–that this is NOT a Christian nation. This is a nation founded on the principle that people are free to believe as they wish. One obvious reason for this is that nobody gets to decide what appropriate religious beliefs are–not the government, not a pandering lowlife like Limbaugh, and not a sad foolish person like Colorful. Neither Limbaugh nor Colorful know whether the President is a Christian and neither of them are in a position to read his mind/heart on that point. The fact is that he says he’s a Christian, and you don’t get to decide the extent to which he really is.

    Colorful–let me make this simple. I am Jewish. I have many friends and people I admire who are Christian. But then I encounter narrowminded, moronic fools who spend their time spouting crap from the safety of a fake name on websites. And those people (yes, you) absolutely, unequivocally make me run for the hills from the religious beliefs you claim to hold. So if you genuinely hold those beliefs, please appreciate that you are not doing one bloody thing to advance them. Instead, you are driving people away from them. And if you don’t genuinely hold those beliefs but are just one of those clowns who get off trying to stir up bloggers, you are equally pathetic.

    As for Limbaugh’s “Christianity,” I guess that the multiple “marriages,” the obvious sexual problems, the drug addiction, the outlandish narcissism, the cruel insults of others based on their appearance or health or anything else he chooses to mock…..not exactly a magnet for the faith.

  109. And finally, before I head out to the beach (hehehe), in case anyone missed Jon Stewart taking on CNBC:

  110. I went on the Rush Limbaugh forum and saw some good zingers on there. Good job Mr. Liberal. There were mostly Rush idiots though.


  111. Colorful – here’s something that will send you over the edge into the arms of the Beast. . .

    Interesting op-ed from Richmond (Va) Times-Dispatch. Here are the two closing paragraphs that caught my attention:
    “. . .the real issue at the heart of the argument about marriage as an institution. To say that letting gay people marry cheapens the currency of marriage holds true only if gay people have less intrinsic worth than straight people — just as the argument against interracial marriage, that it would lead to the “mongrelization of the human race,” made sense only to those who saw blacks as less than human.
    To let gay people enter into sacred matrimony, then, requires recognizing something sacred within them. It requires acknowledging their equality on a very high plane. How troubling that some people would rather create civil unions — subprime marriages — than take that step.”
    Source: http://www.timesdispatch.com/rtd/news/opinion/columnists/article/HINKLE6_20090305-180904/222790/

  112. Colorful,

    You are back? Where is the ufaoflanfnkaoJJFLKA FD

    or did doG tell you to quit cussing him out in tongues.

    That was obscene what you wrote in tongues last time.

  113. Morning bits for gnawing upon:

    Justice Bader-Ginsburg gavels home her point:


    OUR Big Government is better than YOUR Big Government


    Hmm. Interesting newsbit from across the Pond. . .


  114. After reading that conversation between idiot Rush and that dumb-ass caller, my jaw is still dropped. What is the matter with people? What’s in the water there?

    I love your columns, ladies — please keep them coming!


  115. Okay everyone, here is your chance to express yourself :-)

    Got something to say to Rush Limbaugh in 10 words or less? The Democratic party wants to hear from you.

    The Democratic National Committee is soliciting slogans for a billboard to appear in Limbaugh’s “hometown” of West Palm Beach, Fla. The lucky winner will receive a T-shirt emblazoned with the winning slogan.

    “Please keep your suggestion to ten words or fewer,” the request reads on the DNC’s Web site.


  116. I do believe poor “Colorful” has borderline mental retardation, which happens to be a prerequisite for being a Dittohead.

    Be careful, Colorful. You better not let your King of the Idiots, Rush Limpdick, know you’re trolling around on sinful blog sites. He may have to banish you like he did with his 3 ex-wives. Now if you were a bottle of OxyContin or a bucket of fried chicken, you’d be safe. Rush would never banish his drugs or fried food! Now go jack off while speaking in tongues and leave us sane people alone.

  117. I should add, AFN radio also plays NPR and more ‘librul’ stuff too. They get around.

  118. Once again I thank you, this time for listening to Rush so I won’t have to.

    If I’m not careful and don’t hit the switch quick enough at 6 pm every evening (here near a military base in Europe) his dulcit tones fill my kitchen.

    It makes me barf.

    Thanks again.

  119. Ho ho! That was funny and very informative sealite2u, thank you!

    Learning a lot from my daughter back from college. Showed her my new ipod shuffle, and she showed me a website Pandora.com. You register, and then create your own albums – either by songs or artists. It then starts a play list of related music for free. They don’t have all the artists, and it is sometimes limited, but you get to pick and choose which songs stay on your lists. You can then access your playlists at anytime for your listening (but not downloading) pleasure.

    Unfortunately JaneDoe, I couldn’t access Sara K or Chris Jones.

    I just finished watching TheDailyShow.com with Jon Stewart, and some of Stephen Colbert (colbertnation.com) and I am still chuckling. The stock market is unstable, business is okay but not booming, and I yet I still get such a kick out of the wit and humor of Margaret, Helen, and you all, as well as those funny funny liberal media shows.

    Thank God Barrack Obama won. If he hadn’t, WE would become the sour faced losing side looking for a fat savior to lead us through our dread and fear of 4 years of Palin/McCain. I don’t think I would have felt like laughing at all. And that’s why those conservative pundits are the way they are. In their mind’s eye, they now have our Bush.

    They get to grumble and grouse and doom and gloom.

    The difference is, I’d put money down on Obama for getting us out of this mess that their Bush got us into. Maybe one day they will be able to realize it. Hope springs eternal.

  120. Crap. She’s back. Not me, I swear.

  121. Rush Limbaugh believes that this is a Christian nation and he knows that Obama is not a Christian. That is why he want Obama to fail. All non-Christians should fail so that Jesus can lead us all to salvation.

    This blog is not good.

  122. And I am back again. That is why so many people share that particular quilt pattern.

  123. And here I am with a different name but again no email.

  124. And here I am back using my email.

  125. Exanoke: Here I am just using my name.

  126. Not true Fresh Tracks. Quilt Pattern is a design selection just like any others. That said, the light blue quilt pattern is given to anyone who leaves a comment without an email or wordpress account.

  127. Mel – he siad he wanted Obama to fail. You don’t get to pick and choose. Either you want the President to succeed in protecting our nation or you want him to fail. Which is it for Rush?

  128. I’m sorry I’m late with this, I just found you. What a great site! I only hear Rush when I’m visiting some of my conservative relatives or neighbors. I generally let his crap just blow by me. You’ll never convince his followers that he has done anything wrong. He is even more Teflon coated than any of the TV evangelists. Possibly even more so than even Saint Ronnie Regan.

  129. oxyContin crispy creme – god you crack me up. ‘two legs or four?”

    i don’t know which frightens me more – the gullible ones or the hate-filled rush is our saviour morons. really, i think you’re being kind calling him an idiot.

    every time i watch him, or someone showing excerpts from a show or speech i get this incredible urge to SHAKE THE HELL OUT OF PEOPLE.

    between him and steele and coulter and ralph reed, i sometimes wonder if aliens are flat out sucking the brains out of people here on earth. for sure they’re sucking some of the hearts.

    p.s. if you want to travel and just can’t drive or fly – you and MR. helen – i’ll volunteer my services to drive you anywhere your little heart desires. as long as it’s not to london. despite what rush has reported from time to time, there is NOT a transatlantic bridge.

  130. The caller sounds like they have adhd (I can say that because I am adhd).

    I listen to rush enough to know what he meant when he said he wanted Obama to fail.


    If Obama is for socialism and trys to implement it THEN Rush wants Obama to fail. He has said this enough times that you think the liberal news media would report that… yea RIGHT

    Ya’ll have a good day :)

  131. Kudos Greytdog-

    I especially like the Meyerson column… It hits it right on the head!

    I am glad someone had time and the energy to get these sources to show the republican flawed way of thinking about socialism and what Obama wants to do.

    Kudos to you my friend… Kudos!

  132. Einstein on socialism (a bit pedantic, but if you’ve read James or Wittgenstein or Aquinas, this is a romp)


    A brief overview of the history of socialism


    Harold Meyerson (Washington Post)
    “Who Are You Calling Socialist?”


  133. Quilt pattern is WordPress default, when no other image is selected, even when one puts in their E-mail.

    My same one shows up on all wordpress blogs on which I comment and my E-mail is entered–no matter which name I enter.

    Clever folks can recognize each other by their quilt pattern, regardless of name appearing.

  134. TGIF! It’s Miller Time here in CA…so with that
    a little Dixie Chicks tribute to my fellow M & H ers.

    Cheers everyone have a nice weekend :)!

    ‘Without you I’m not OK’

  135. Raji, thanks for the nod. I’m with ya on that pie and coffee duo – (I get enough “whine” at work -but the good k9 kind)

    We’re looking at mid-80s for the weekend here. So won’t be hanging around much – heading to the beach after grabbing foodstuff at the farmers market. Everyone – have a safe, fun, and relaxing weekend!

  136. Apology accepted , Jane Doe :-)

    Whirled peas, Thanks for all the humor.

    UAW, Hang in there. I think this blog has really been good for you considering what all you are dealing with. It seems to give you an outlet and you are getting good responses.

    Thanks greytdog for all your links. Never thought I would know this much about Rush as I gave up listening to him back in the 80′s and am just astonished that he has risen to these heights. I still think Rove is back there somewhere.

    Kind of like the stock market these days, ups and downs, or just the gamblers trying to make a quick buck !!!

    Where is Jean? Are you going to have surgery in April? Love your website.

    I agree with Granma Katie, we need to keep the Pepto Bismol handy for all the news out there.

    Werner, you are hilarious. Keep up the good work.

    Time to go back into the closet and just listen to all of you with a glass of wine. Sorry no wine with pie but pie and coffee, yes.

  137. [...] Rush Limbaugh – King of the Idiots Margaret does Howard still listen to Rush everyday?  I don’t listen to him often, but I tune in every now and [...] [...]

  138. HA HA! Napoleon Pig! Perfect comparison!

  139. UAW – do you ever have anything productive to add. So sorry your world is so sad. I feel for you. Really, I do.

  140. Hey UAW-

    We don’t need to bash Bush/Cheney anymore because they have vanished off into the sunset. Rush Limbaugh took over and said “I hope he fails.” Granted Rush is not president or in any office, but he has annointed himself grand pooba of the republican party.

    The difference with Olberman is Olberman has stayed in his place on television and has not done anything remotely idiotic to violently rile up the democrats. He leaves that up to the real leaders of the democrats… Obama, Kaine, Pelosi, etc etc etc… The ones who actually have real power to directly change something… Within the confines of the constitution of course.

    Socialism is a term that was tossed around to criticize Obama’s plan for raising taxes for the rich. It became way too popular with pundits and Rush alike.

    I encourage you to get out your dictionary and look up the real definition of socialism and leave your Owellian slips and media frenzy out of it. Any shift in taxes or healhcare is going to get criticism, but Obama’s plan was never socialism…. A bunch of idiots basically called it that because of the shift that it tended towards, and then people started jumping on the bandwagon. It was never even close to pure socialism…. Get your dictionary!

  141. Ellen Goodman, columnist, with her p.o.v. about Rush:


    UAW – I’m ignoring your snarks. I want to know how things are going with your wife . . .and is there anything any of us can do – you’re in my thoughts and prayers, you neocon farthead. :)

  142. that dreadful excuse masquerading as a human being said today that Ted Kennedy will be dead before healthcare reform passes.

  143. Limbaugh is the winger’s fault, not anyone else’s.

    “Stung by the negative public reaction to Rush’s takeover of the Republican Party, a new line of spin has been birthed by the crazies on the Right — that the dastardly Democrats have conspired to push Limbaugh into the public debate to take away attention from the failed Obama Administration.”


  144. Stephen Colbert calls Sean Hannity’s praise for Rush ‘obsequious crack-licking’.

    “I mean to warrant obsequious crack-licking like that, he must have said something terrible,” theorized Colbert of Hannity’s praise. “I mean — something like the vacuum in Republican leadership has allowed a mean-spirited, lard-assed talk radio host to become the de facto leader which is turning an already crippled party into a bickering laughingstock.”


  145. Ladies you are delightful, articulate and right! I found you by following a link from DU. I laughed so hard I almost wet myself. Keep up th good work!

  146. I laughed so hard when I was reading this that I almost choked on a pretzel. I’ve watched the speech many times but I can’t even stand to listen to Rush anymore. It’s become blatantly absurd. I didn’t much care for George W. Bush. I tried, though, because he was my President and I wanted him to succeed. That’s what good Americans do. I’m just saying.

  147. Tom re: “Did you want Bush to succeed?? Your sacrcasim re: donuts, drugs et. al. is typical of someone who has no interest in the exchange of ideas. If someone has an opposing or offending view your only comeback is personal. Doesn’t say much for your credibility or openmindedness. I don’t even know by your blog what it is you do believe that is of any substance, only that you have an obvious prejudice.”

    Go ask Tom Delay, George Bush, Karl Rove, et. all about exchanging ideas, credibility or openmindedness… You bastards had your 8 years and look where we are now.

  148. No no no…see, the MSM reported that Rush *wants* Obama to fail, but what he actually said is that he *hopes* Obama fails. TOTALLY different, duh.

    (insert extreme eye roll)

  149. “Jane – Run with it – it’s yours. Maybe you can “clean” it up so it’s not so rambling??? We wouldn’t want them to get lost along the way.”

    OK Greydog…I dun run with it. Grab some Pepto Bismol and watch the s@#%! hit the fan.


    ref: Emily from Grovers Corner| 3.6.09 @ 1:59PM

  150. @sealite2u on March 5, 2009
    at 8:02 PM

    About the “quilt patterns”. Anyone who leaves a comment without entering their email address or who is not logged into their wordpress account will automatically get that same quilt pattern. That particular pattern is given to anonymous commenters who just fill in the name space and leave the other spaces blank.

    Big apologies to Kris and Raji and anyone else who gets that randomly selected lovely blue quilt. I did not know this. Thank you sealite2u for setting me straight.

    My sister and niece-in-law are great quilters and am constantly amazed at the beauty of their artful work.

    Ữ and Δ to all!

    (New quilt? My other one is hanging out to dry:)

  151. Here you go avotresanteΔ:

    Vase or faces?


    ‘I Stand’ by Idina Menzel

    PEACE ~ Δ

  152. Sorry, now the link doesn’t work.

  153. Jane Doe – there’s that optical illusion — wine glass or faces, at brainbashers.com
    I don’t know how to copy it or make itty bitty so we can use it. What do you think?

    For anyone feeling low today: with the exception of one line I’m not particularly fond of, this is a pretty uplifting song.


    (It’s called “I Stand” by Idina Menzel)

  154. UAW: You have a new book to read; Joe the Plumber has a new one!

    UAW: What amazes me about you are:
    1. You had a long term decent job and are now retired with health care benefits. (Through your comments, I feel you want to deny that to the next generation. I am for health care that covers all people. We spend more money on health care in the US but so many cannot afford it. The Insurance Companies are making off like bandits.
    2. The Republicans were worse than the Democrats in exploding the deficits and Pork Barrel spending but you blame the Democrats.
    3. Republicans and tax cuts: When Reagan did it we ended up with a massive deficit, When W Bush did it (2 Trillion in tax cuts)- it brought down our economy. It also brought creative ways to steal: Enron, Madoff, Banks, A Trillion Dollar war in iraq which was started with lies.
    4. Constitution: Cheney/ Bush/ Rumsfeld could pick up people off the street and lock them up and not say why under Cheney/ Bush. they could listen to your conversations, bank accounts and what you read without a warrant. I am sure the founding fathers were rolling over in their graves.

  155. fundie alert! Yes, not as exciting as Colorful but nonetheless someone who believes he/she has the Answer and anyone who believes or acts to the contrary is satanic.

  156. Change of pace…
    Wanna ROTFLOL?

    Check out the Tags Customers Associate with This Product

    ‘Not’ Joe, ‘Not’ the Plumber…
    the gift that keeps on giving!


  157. I forgot — Troutay, hope you had a great birthday.

  158. Greytdog, I understand the sadness you talked about. I don’t understand politics, have never taken a class in Political Science, but have a basic (very basic) understanding of various forms of government.
    You said “…doesn’t sound like much of a democracy, does it?” and I totally agree with you. When shit happens like that, over the years I’ve learned to deal with it by remembering that we do not have a democracy. Our form of government is a republic. The idea that all are equal can’t happen in a republic because of the nature of the beast itself. We give our power of determining what’s best for us to someone else in a republic.
    I know you already know that, but sometimes we get hopeful for simple decency, and forget.

    By the way, ironhead, how many children have you adopted who were unwanted or unable to be cared for? I’m sure you must be a shining example of an alternative solution.
    Which brings me to another irritation — we supposedly have freedom of religion, but why don’t we have freedom FROM religious nutcases who think their particular brand of hate-in-the-name-of-God should be shoved down everyone else’s throat?

  159. Helen, did you ever read the book by Al Franken, “Rush Limbaugh is a big fat idiot and other observations”? It was published about 10 years ago, but some messages are really timeless.

  160. Norman
    Mattoon Thomas (November 20, 1884 -
    December 19, 1968) was a leading American socialist, pacifist,
    and six-time presidential candidate for the Socialist Party of
    America. He was ordained as a Presbyterian minister in 1911. As a candidate
    for President of the U. S. Norman Thomas said, in a 1944 epoch

    “The American people will
    never knowingly adopt socialism. But, under the name of
    “liberalism”, they will
    adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day
    America will be a socialist nation, without knowing
    how it happened.”

    He went on to say: “I no longer need to run as
    a Presidential Candidate for the Socialist Party. The
    Democratic Party has adopted our platform.”

  161. Helen, once again your blogging is music to my ears!!

    I never miss Keith Olbermann, but seriously, he HAS to stop showing the clip of Rush at the conference last week where the crowd is cheering him on and he starts jumping up and down while chanting his own name. It’s causing serious mental distress in my children!! ACK!!

    Keep up the great work, Helen!!

  162. UAW Tradesman, have you ever listened to the show Morning Joe on MSNBC?
    If you have then you will remember the day that Zbigniew Brzezinski was on and called joe’s views stunningly superficial.
    The day after that, the shows rating started going up because the number of viewers increased. People wanted to see if something like that would happen again.

    I suspect more people are tuning in to limbaugh for the same reason, to see what major gaffe he might make and be there when it happened.

    He’s the train wreck that already happened and his mouth is the second train coming up to the wreck.
    Will it stop or make a bigger mess?!
    People want to see.

  163. Tom on March 5, 2009
    at 11:03 AM
    Tom, your response shows that you are a limbaughite.
    No, I did not like bush. BUT, I did NOT want him to fail.


  164. WARNING! Any politician who says he/she is part of a religion of God and professes to believe in or support major heresies (abortion, homosexuality, etc.), knowingly or unknowingly practices Satanism. “AND WHOSOEVER SHALL KEEP THE WHOLE LAW BUT OFFEND IN ONE POINT IS BECOME GUILTY OF ALL.” James 4(10).

  165. I think it’s a prerequisite that anyone calling in to THAT ONE’S show be deaf, dumb and blind.
    Or maybe they’re just starstruck. *sigh*

    I really hate to say it but there seem to be an awful lot of people in this country who simply cannot use their brains when they’re live on radio or television or even when they’re talking in person to a so-called celebrity.
    Makes me sad.

    Love you ladies, take care.

  166. [...] we pay for college? How will we afford the house? Republicans are stupid. Liberals are dangerous. Talk show hosts are hoping President Obama fails.  Our country, our homes, our businesses are divided.  We are rendered ineffective by the [...]

  167. love your posts and bright spot in my day to visit.

    are there people out there that are that stupid? so sad………..

  168. something for you to laugh at…


  169. graydog …send more links…”Have you ever noticed how all composite pictures of wanted criminals resemble Jesse Jackson?” LMAO

  170. you beat me …
    you did use media matters…even huffpo…any other way left sites you want me to laugh at

  171. Jane Doe, Don’t lump me in a group. I have no idea why I get the quilt pattern I do
    When and if I ever post which is rarely, It’s just me :-)

    @ Kris, Amy, Anonymous, Newbie AG, J, wynwalker, party piper, Melissa, Chi chat, Raji, Summer and one I recognize from Spectator.com site is your nom de plume mizzoujgrad which you used on Helen’s previous post.

  172. “to hear him vocally masturbate each day”
    Helen …your talking about Orbermann aren’t you…
    Its a loosing battle to bash Bush/Cheney anymore so the Dems need a new demon…More people are listening to Rush now…He must be LHFAO…
    and Nancy Pelosi creamed her undies when Brad Pitt showed up…who’s next ???Rosie
    aand graydog …why not post something from Media Matters also…Hell.. use Joe the Plumber

  173. (UAW avert your eyes and close your ears) Bob Cesca has an interesting take on Rush as the Leader of Republicans


    And in re to “phony soldiers” see this http://mediamatters.org/items/200709270010
    Which more than outweighs any jerk like a Jesse MacBeth

  174. UAW your blurb about Jesse MacBeth is to prove what? That the American Left has its own set of liars and propagandists? So tell me – which propaganda spiel led to more destruction? The lies Jesse MacBeth told or the ones about WMDs that Cheney/Bush/Rove told? Which lie damage this country more?
    As for Rush’s grand jestures, he sure didn’t extend very far for this kid (and I mean KID, as in a child):


  175. This man is talked about way too much for my liking. He’s a radio show host for Christ’s sake! A shock jock like Howard Stern. I’m more likely to listen to Howard’s political views than Rush’s.

  176. Three tidbits for your morning perusal:
    1. These two links seem to proof that the Wingnuts have taken over the Republican party. Seems their political philosophy is now Delay, Obstruct, Obfuscate, and Filibuster the US (aka DOOF-US)
    Source: http://thinkprogress.org/2009/03/05/buchmann-thwart-obama/
    Source: http://www.washingtonmonthly.com/ (article: Senate: Stop It.)

    2. Seems “Not Me” is in charge of Congress:
    Both parties deny it’s their economy: The blame war between Republicans and Democrats erupts
    Source: MSNBC http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/29529658/

    3. And then this – in case anyone is wondering why Congress can’t get anything of substance done. When Congress members use stupidity as a political weapon, I have to wonder how they even got elected. . . do they represent the REAL American voter – stupid is as stupid does?
    Source: http://washingtonindependent.com/32560/why-bipartisan-climate-change-legislation-wont-come-easy

    UAW – include source links, remember? Otherwise it’s just an opinion piece which doesn’t say anything other than that you support RL which we already know. How’s your wife?

  177. “and publicly made fun of a disabled person?”
    Which Harry Reid and forty other Dem senators signed a letter”demanding the “repudiation” of their inaccurate interpretation of Rush Limbaugh’s comments about Jesse Al-Zaid (a.k.a. Jesse MacBeth) and other “phony soldiers” who falsify their service.”
    the proceeds from the E-bay sail of the letter($2.1 million) went to a marine charity.Rush then matched it….And Dingy Harry tried to take credit for it!!!!

  178. As you say so aptly, Helen, he is indeed like a train wreck … or any other man-made disaster.

    While it’s true that human frailty knows no political party, it is also true that those who have the most obvious frailties seem to be prominent in today’s Republican party. And RushBo is not only prominent (he does look like Jabba the Hut, but Jabba seems somewhat like a “warm fuzzie” in comparison) but he makes as little sense as the rest of a particularly sorry lot.

    The reason why we here focus on Republican frailties more than those of Democrats is that today’s Republicans hold themselves up as role models for “family values.” Thrice-married Rush with a cyst on his behind … to keep him out of military service during Vietnam … and with all his other “troubles” is hardly the standard-bearer any sane person would desire for anything. But Republican leadership is literally fawning on and crawling before him.

    They represent HYPOCRISY run rampant, exactly like the train wreck.

  179. It’s really sad to know that Rush is tainting the image of Republicans. I am Canadian, so I can’t say I know a lot about American politics (I know more American politics than Canadian however!). But I do have some American friends (young!-mid 20′s) who are Republicans. They are angry at the fact that the whole image of the “republican” party has turned into some wildly uneducated group of people. I really do hope there are some true republicans at heart.

    I’d like to consider rush and his entourage, not a republican party, but a college frap party gone horribly wrong. Their official party colour would be green, puke green. Need I say more? :p

  180. Four legs have more class.

  181. Kris,

    It doesn’t happen often but Helen has been known to call out Democrats as well. Most recenlty she commented on the tax scandals of the various cabinet nominees. I think she has more fun with conservatives like Coulter and Limbaugh… but don’t we all.

    Just FYI…

  182. About the quilt patterns – I like quilt patterns. I like quilts. I treasure my grandmother’s Amish quilts. They are gold, in my eyes. And I treasure the five quilt blocks I made for five friends who died from AIDS – a gifted musician (he could hear any song once, play it by ear, and then improvise and riff with technical and emotional precision), a teacher who taught his students by listening to them, asking them questions and getting them to answer those questions; an ER nurse who brought forth hope and solace in some of life’s most chaotic and horrific moments; a dentist who gave folks in Appalachia complete and gentle access to much needed care, and finally, a young dancer/poet whose movements wove poetry on the stage and whose writings vibrated with life and hope. . .
    Quilts are, for me, the scrapbooks of my generation. . . Quilts give warm, hold memories, connect us to our pasts and our future. . . and it’s always fun to cuddle on a quilt. . . (except with a 4-legged who’s idea of a cuddle is to head butt you)

    Okay. Nighty nite.

  183. Seems some Republicans are cogitating on “where are we going, how do we get there, who has the kool-aid?” issues facing their party. (Note -this is from Politico, a moderately conservative newsblog – with a tendency to hysteria)
    “Republicans this week are processing two sobering new polls that found the party’s support reduced to a slim one-quarter of Americans. In the absence of a popular elected leader, its most visible figure is a polarizing radio host. Its strategic powerhouse is a still-divisive former House speaker forced from power more than 10 years ago.”


  184. Jane – Run with it – it’s yours. Maybe you can “clean” it up so it’s not so rambling??? We wouldn’t want them to get lost along the way. . .

    I’m very sad and disappointed tonight. It seems the California’s judicial system will now codified the right of the state to not only tell you who you may or may not marry, but demand that you divorce the person you love. This is a real beyond crushing blow to human rights – and it is a real exposure of the effin’ falsehood that this country values individualism and believes that the government has no place in anyone’s bedroom. Let’s see – evisceration of the Constitution, DOJ memos that are basically “how-to” create a secret torture doctrine and bypass/suspend the 1st and 4th amendments, rejection of citizen rights based on sexual orientation, the use of extraordinary rendition and torture against people the State has deemed, without evidential cause, to be “enemies of the state”, the State has asserted its right to protect the citizens by treating each citizen as a potential suspect thereby enabling the government to wiretap private conversations, threaten libraries and telephone companies for private records, and the list goes on. . . .doesn’t sound like much of a democracy, does it? Anyone else recognize that “shining city on a hill”? Anyone recognized “one nation . . . indivisible, with liberty, and justice for all”? I don’t.

  185. Troutay: Happy belated birthday, neighbor!

    Grandma Katie: Glad to see another bluegrass fan here on the porch.

  186. ‘Hoping for Failure’

    PEACE ~ Δ

  187. Rush Redux


  188. Greydog you took the words right out of my mouth. It must take very myopic eyesight, and a very very short, selective memory to be a republican. Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks had spent the day leading up to that fateful concert watching Londoners protest all day against the war and against Bush starting it on such obviously faulty intelligence and other half baked “evidence.” She knew the declaration of war was weighing heavily on the minds and hearts of the members of her audience, and all she said, in a tongue in cheek way, was “we feel you. Not all Americans are wild-eyed, blood thirsty vengeful nutjobs wanting to run off to war half-cocked.” She and her pals EMily and Marty had their lives threatened, and their livelihood, their ability to make a living, stripped from them (BTW, when some members of the Jewish community in Hollywood were threatening a similar blackballing on Mel Gibson after his racist anti semetic comments, Bill O’Reilly was pounding on his desk screaming about how un-American it was to take away someone’s living just for words they said. I guess the Dixie Chicks didn’t get that memo).

    It’s amazing really how, for lack of a better work, how thick republicans are. they really just can’t see. Tom said “Did you want Bush to succeed??” Succeed at what? Rush Limbaugh has never been the President of the United States. My fate, my future and my 401K has never been in the hands of Rush Limbaugh, so that is comparing apples to oranges. Oh, sorry. For you republicans, that means it’s comparing two very very different things that really shouldn’t be compared at all because they are so different.

    On the other hand, my fate, my future and my 401K ARE in President Obama’s hands. And when Rush says he wants Obama to fail, he’s taking a big, hairy dump all over all three. A better comparison would have been if Tom said “Did you want President Bush to succeed??” But that would n’t have been a very interesting argument for ol’ Tom, because no democrat ever said “I want Bush to fail.” We wanted to him to reverse his stand, to lighten up, to follow the letter and spirit of the constitution, to not torture, but none of us ever said “I hope he fails.” because democrats are simply smart enough to know one very simple thing – the president’s failure is America’s failure. Rush is too stupid to understand this. And Rush is the figurehead of the whole republican party. And they have to wonder why they lost. Well, you keep wondering, guys.

  189. Fears of a Clown!

    Limbaugh presented himself as the defender of capitalism, liberty and unfettered free markets. Obama, he has said since, is waging a “war on capitalism.”

    There is a war, all right. We are witnessing the worst debacle of unfettered capitalism in our lifetime brought on by — you got it, capitalism at its worst. It cannibalized itself. Government, sad to say, had nothing to do with it — except for criminal neglect of oversight.

    Now that government has been forced to the rescue, just who is insisting on taxpayer bailouts? Who is in line for handouts? Who is saying that only government can save capitalism? The very leaders of unregulated markets who injected this poison into the economy, the very plutocrats that Limbaugh celebrates.

    And, of course, let us never forget that the bailouts of banks and insurance companies were initiated by the Republican president Limbaugh defended for eight years.


  190. Greydog you are amazing. I love the way you, and others put so succinctly, clear and to the point, what many of us are thinking.

    Mind if I run with this ‘over there’ if you haven’t already?

    I’ve recently had a tetanus shot, and an extra helping of garlic bread so I should be OK.

    I would love to see what they come back with on this. But need your permission to plagerize / verbatim.

    Thanks aka Cerulean

  191. Because, Greytdog, that kind of proclamation in OUR mouths doesn’t gain the attention that it did in the mouths of the right. They’re very good at the ol’ “best defense is a good offense” method of trying to shut down the opposition.

    Kris, sad to say there are people of weak character in both (all) parties. Power seems to do bad things to some people no matter their political persuasion. We can only keep hoping that people of better character (and nobody’s perfect, we all know that) will find it possible to get involved in public service, whatever their political persuasion.

    It does seem to me that the right has made a pretty successful attempt at using smear tactics, and I don’t seem to see the equivalent of a Rush on our side. Olbermann can be pretty harsh and smug, but I THINK he’s more honest than, say, Hannity. And Maddow is so clear in her thinking and her expression of thought that I can’t help but think she’s on the right track.

    Where are the William F. Buckleys of today? Can you IMAGINE him saying the sort of things that we heard from various speakers at CPAC? I can’t. What I SEEM to see is a very large effort at posturing and obstructing and fighting very hard to gain prominence again, rather than doing their share to try to get the country on track again.

  192. Ditto Greytdog, I have been thinking the same thing. I do believe I heard one of the premises F news was funded on was that the office of the POTUS was not being respected enough by the mainstream media and therefore, they had to counterbalance this lack of respect. What has changed? Are they not the biggest detractors of the current POTUS? Yes, the thought has crossed my mind that there are some double standards going on.

  193. Helen, You are great! I just went back and re-read your last post and this stuck me. Rush is more than an idiot.Rush is a flake of the highest order.
    When comparing Obama and Rush:

    A Harvard law graduate and former constitutional law professor, or a disc jockey with a drug addiction who flunked out of college, divorced three wives and publicly made fun of a disabled person? Because that is the choice we have between Barack Obama as leader of the free world and Rush Limbaugh as leader of the Republican party.

    I listened to his speech to the conservatives and enjoyed what the pundits did with it.

    I scratch my head about Rush! This is the man that everyone apologizes too? I think idiot is too nice of a word for him. He just makes stuff up and we are supposed to believe him – not I.

    Helen: Thanks for listening to crazy but wealthy Rush. I just cannot take his lies and distortions.

  194. Just a random thought buzzing around this empty chamber aka my head:
    Do you remember the time when folks would criticize Bush and be reprimanded with “He’s the POTUS. You HAVE to respect the President” – that meaning, by virtue of holding the title (I refuse to say “office” since Bush never did an honest day’s work in or out of any office) of President of the United States, he/she was the living symbol of this country. . .remember when Dixie Chicks commented in London that they were “ashamed that Bush was from Texas” and the C/W crowd went nutso and sought to not only destroy their careers but their families and their lives? Why? Because Bush was the President and the POTUS was deserving of respect. . . so why is it okay NOW, March 5 2009, for people to say they want the POTUS to fail – why is it okay for so-called “respected” elected officials to say they agree with RL and they want this particular POTUS to fail? Why is no one screaming traitor in their faces? Why is no one demanding that these folks be brought up on charges of crimes against the state? Why is no one demanding that these folks go live somewhere else since they obviously don’t love America? Why is that? Any Republicans out there who would like to explain why it is wrong for the Dixie Chicks to say to a London audience that they are embarrassed by Bush, but that it’s okay for Rush Limbaugh to proclaim to his international audience that he wants Obama to fail?

  195. A little earlier I read some guy named From. and than his comments. All I can say is those people have IQ”s th si=ze of my shoe. I cna’t take very much of that. I would need a very large bottle of Pepto Bismal and a HUGE suppply of barf bags

  196. Grandma Katie, ordered the CD So Long So Wrong. Thanks for the suggestion.

    Thanks sealite2u for explaining the quilt pattern mystery.

    Helen, my daughter said for you to dust the dirt off your shoulders. I said what?

    Go check out YouTube.com for Jay Z’s song. Basically if you’re really good, superior, sassy, smooth and with it, you get dirt on your shoulder, and then you brush it off.

    I went to the youtube.com site, entered dirt on shoulder, chose Jay Z, and then also followed a link to Obama brushing the dirt off. It showed him early on in the Democratic campaign talking about Hillary’s attacks on him.

    If you have a chance, check it out, and then Helen, please, brush the dirt off your shoulder!

  197. Napoleon pig king!!! Helen you’re a genius!!! (but wouldn’t that be insulting Napoleon the pig, no?)

  198. …and now I am back.

  199. example: here i am again but this time I only put in my name and not my email…

  200. About the “quilt patterns”. Anyone who leaves a comment without entering their email address or who is not logged into their wordpress account will automatically get that same quilt pattern. That particular pattern is given to anonymous commenters who just fill in the name space and leave the other spaces blank.

    Just thought you should know…

  201. To that Big Fat Idiot, all I can say is “keep it up.” The right-wingers peed in their shoes in the last election and now they’re crapping their pants. The Democrats just have to keep shining the light on them like cockroaches and they will reveal themselves as they truly are… nasty, sniveling, drug-addicted, selfish bastards whose driving motivation is to destroy everything around them and then claim success.

  202. In the early eighties, Rush Limbaugh used to come on the tube where I lived. I could not understand his mindset. I started to tune him out then, and had not listened to him anywhere anytime since. The only time I hear him now is when he is part of a news piece and even then, I pay cursory attention to him at best. I would listen to the commentator and quickly tune him out. It does please me to a certain extent that he is now representing the republican party. Then, hopefully, people will learn to tune out the the mouthpiece and the entire party altogether. I am so tired of their gloom and doom message!

    Happy Birthday Troutay!

  203. Thank again Maven! Ữ This is great. Works for me.

    You know I think your right about reading that stuff over there, it’s just not worth it. I actually had nightmares last night.

    Way way too much anger, hate and viciousness.

    I remember seeing an (Italian?) painting back in an art ed class in HS of all these screaming naked souls decending into hell, might have been called ‘At Hell’s Gate’ or something like that, but that’s what it reminds me of when I peruse that site.

    Think it was appropriate that Limpo-racula had all black on for his appearance at CPAC. I’ms sure he left his red lined black cape at the door.

    Again, thanks for the Ữ.

    And Happy Birthday to Troutay too!


  204. Miss Helen, I love the troll drop and kick move! WOW!!

    Troutay – have a wonderful birthday! Enjoy the WHOLE pie!

    Have to feed the woof crew – then might be back on later.

  205. Hmmmm. Are you sure they are not assigned at random? I did a scroll through of other comments and saw the same symbol used on several comments that I did not post. :)

    No harm done, and I laughed at your meds comment. I believe the last time I posted, it was several weeks ago, I mentioned Sowell, and I did indeed post as “Kris.”

    Have a great night!

  206. JaneDoe,
    I read the one article, then the comments. I could not bring myself to post anything there. Thanks for the link anyways, though.

    Couldn’t find an icon that looked like wine. How about coffee instead?

  207. That is Alison Kraus and Union Station.

  208. Helen – ove your takke on Rush After living with a SO for 22 years who spoke of Rush as tho it was gospel, how refreshing to hear your comments!! and it is great that you have popped in and added your comments!!

    H> Sallie have you tried Alison and Union Station? Blluegrass. My favorite album is “So long So WRong” and track #7 “It Doesn’t Matter”.

    TRoutay A very happy Birthday!! A huge bouquet of balloons to you!

  209. “Huh”?

    @ Kris, Amy, Anonymous, Newbie AG, J, wynwalker, party piper, Melissa, Chi chat, Raji, Summer and one I recognize from Spectator.com site is your nom de plume mizzoujgrad which you used on Helen’s previous post.

    Just saying that we see a lot of comments coming from your ‘blue quilt sign’ that sometimes are contradictory. My ‘meds’ comment was just my feeble attempt of a little humor. I think I’m gonna leave that to Helen.

    Just an observation not making any judgement.

  210. “Hmmmm…seems to me I recognize that quilt Kris…now come on, did you take you meds today?”


  211. Hmmmm…seems to me I recognize that quilt Kris…now come on, did you take you meds today?

  212. Good luck Maven

    Will join you when I get home from work tonight, (4 pm here in CA) and pour me a glass too. Cheers to you.

    Might want to dangle a few bulbs of garlic around you computer sceen for protection just in case.

    We have a little icon for pie Δ…
    do we have one for a glass of wine?

  213. “People who are NOT substance abusers or wife-cheaters or egomaniacs.”

    Of course. Because there could never be a prominent Democrat that was a substance abuser or a wife cheater or an ego maniac. Men like Patrick Kennedy, Ted Kennedy, John Edwards, Bill Clinton and Keith Olbermann are all moderate men that have no problems with sobriety, fidelity, or humlilty.

    The door swings both ways, folks.

  214. oh goody! Helen’s a SCRIPTwriter too!

    And Helen, the little *gems* that you’ve been putting into our comments are like finding the baby in a king cake!

    JaneDoe: I am going to have a glass of wine, then forge boldly ahead to that site and see what I can stir up.

    Maven Δ

  215. I Love Limbaugher Cheese, anything that stinks that much just has to be good for you.

  216. I have found after assessing conservatives’ positions on the issues, that they see things from a different point of view, mainly based on ignoring the facts and pursuing an unrealistic agenda. All they seem interested in is power. Just the fact that they believe all liberals/progressivs wished for Bush to fail is an example of their worldview. We didn’t want Bush to fail. We just didn’t want him to ruin our country (which he did). They have a hard time understanding this. With them it’s, either you’re with us or against us. There’s no middle ground. I am as loyal and patriotic as any conservative, and probably more so than many cons. After losing in the past two national elections cycles, they still cling to their same talking points. They refuse to change their ideology in order to expand their party membership beyond the base. Furthermore, they do not understand that Michael Steele’s plan to use hiphop to attract new people to the party, is a failing proposition. Just more evidence that they view the world differently than liberals/progressives.

  217. I am sad to say that some of my closest family members and some friends from grad school are rabid RL fans, and I just shake my head in amazement wondering WHY — why do they find him worth listening to, and why did I turn out so far on the opposite end of the socio-political spectrum…

    RL is a huge zit on the nose of American politics. IMHO, we should let RL and the Republican Party leadership continue to rip each other to shreds, and HOPE that maybe out of this we can find more moderate conservative voices of REASON come to the fore, e.g., George Will, David Brooks, David Gergen, etc. People who are NOT substance abusers or wife-cheaters or egomaniacs. People with whom the Democrats could actually sit down and have a civil politicial debate…


  218. Helen, it’s been incredible to watch all the weird stuff about Rush and the way all the republicans are bowing down to him. Why? What is it that these educated, seemingly intelligent people find that compells them to listen to him. Oh, that’s it – they lost their common sense somewhere along the way.

    Mageen, you’ve said exactly what I’ve thought. Without Bush (and he never should have been there), we would have had a very different 8 years.

    I remember 9/11 and it was the thought of what Bush would do that scared me more than anything. I didn’t want him to fail, I just prayed that he would get it right. And, then like many others, I kept wondering why he wasn’t impeached. And in 2004, I couldn’t believe that we got landed with him for another four years.

    I’m so thankful now that those years are behind us, but like anything else that hasn’t gone well, it’s going to take a lot of time to fix all the problems created and perpetuated by Bush and his cronies. From the sound of things coming out of the truth commission (or whatever they are calling it), we’re going to find out just how large of a failure Bush was – with no help from any of us who didn’t like him to begin with. He did it all on his own.


  219. Thanks for taking the time to listen to Rush so that we don’t have to!

  220. Bush’s failure is a specific type (among failures) that I always hoped I would never see. Its called “failing upward”! He had help. See Bush 41, Karl Rove and Dick Cheney. Al Queda deliberately picked 43. Inasmuch as they do not have real jobs or real lives like the rest of the world, it was easy for them to sit around assessing the psychology of various people such as possible candidates for the White House. In short, they were ready for him. They had him all figured out as to what he would do and then all they had to do was sit back. Between 43 and bin Laden, this country almost collapsed like the Twin Towers. With a different man in the White House, I doubt seriously if it all would have happened.

  221. Helen, read off Rush’s radio caller and response to my daughter, and she couldn’t believe it. I wonder if they screen out the smarter callers. If that is the case, you won’t have a camel’s chance (camel through the eye of the needle) of getting through.

    Alaskan∆, right on post! Bush failed without ANYone hoping it. Haven’t seen the movie “W” yet, but heard he was always a failure. Amazing. He was our President for 8 years.

    I’ll stay away from the spectator website, but thanks for the info. I’d rather enjoy the wit of Margaret, Helen and friends than get my blood pressure up in the den of Obama haters.

  222. You know, when Democrats complained about bush, republicans said we wanted him to fail.
    No, we wanted him to be IMPEACHED.

    Rush Limbaugh is a big fat idiot.
    He wants to debate Obama, well let him run for office and put his money where his big fat mouth is.

  223. Sorry that was http://www.spectator.org

    Talk about a parallel universe this outta be a good one to jump into just FYI.


  224. @ Maven Δ on March 5, 2009
    at 12:25 AM

    “If I follow the suggestion of earlier commenters to *say something* at http://www.spectator.com… won’t it be filtered? (That, or any other site-that-does-not-agree-with-my-personal-opinion.)

    I know how I dislike the folks who we label “trolls” here… Wouldn’t any comment from ME on a site like that be treated likewise?

    …just wondering.”

    No Maven, I seem to get thru OK, but just get called alot of unsavory names. Not that it stops their vile hatred and sickening comments, but it just gets some of their gotchies tied in a knot for a moment :)

    Go for it.

    aka Cerulean

  225. I did not want Bush to fail but I also didn’t want him to be re-elected. There is a difference.

    To fail meant that more soldiers would have died, people would have lost jobs, the economy would have tanked, our education system would have gotten worse,… oh my. He did fail, didn’t he.

    Considering the outcome, I don’t think anyone should want the President to fail.

  226. I for one did not believe in most of what BUSH spouted off, but I did not want him to fail. The president failing is not a good thing for the country he leads. However, Bush did fail. He failed to retain a positive image in the world. He failed to keep our economy strong. He failed in terms of keeping our solidiers from harm unless absolutely necessary. He failed at retaining the support of his people. I never wanted him to fail, but he did anyway.

    Now it is time to dig in and try to turn it around. Obama is not going to be perfect in this, but he is definitely putting in the effort. I don’t agree with all of his decisions. But I do agree with a hell of a lot more of his actions than that asshat Bush. Or should I say Bush’s inaction. Much of our trouble has come from Bush not doing anything to stop the downward spiral.

    Any rational person could have predicted the crash of the inflated housing market. That is why I never refied at 120% to take out cash to pay credit cards and then run them up again and start the cycle over. It is called responsibility. These ridiculous plans should never have been offered, but people should have been smart enough not to take them up on it. They would have told us that we could afford a $750K home, instead of creative financing, I would have told them, they were nuts.

  227. Helen, Thank you, thank you! It’s a dirty rotten job but someone has to do it!

    All of the despicable blabber from Jabba the Hut is a matter of public record. It’s especially fitting that a hateful, physical horror show is the spokesman for the hateful and delusional Republicans.

    Aren’t there laws to deal with Hate Groups in this country? Keep an eye on these lunatics.

  228. As a person who has struggled with their weight all their lives, I am still astounded at just how huge Douche Windbag has gotten. That is the outward sign of an unhappy or troubled person.

    Me thinks he replaced his Oxycontin addiction with food.

    He is irrelevant. More now than he has ever been. We should not hype him more by discussing him in the media. It’s like those criminals who lead police on chases that make the news (especially in L.A.): they just want to be on the news for the attention.

    We should quit talking about him but definitely keep an eye on him. IMHO, he’s a traitor to this country by positing his own agenda before that of our country and its people.



  229. Miss Helen,

    Please start commenting more often. You are too funny. Really. I mean it.

  230. Yes Werner I agree cauldron is a better visual! Cauldron it is.

  231. LED
    I’d think rather cauldron than kettle, but otherwise I fully agree!

  232. Tom calling kettle black. Rush does not fight with facts or have an open discussion. Why do you all insist that the rest of us have to adhere to rules that are not applied the Rush, Coulter, O’Reilly or Hannity?

    I am definately prejudiced against people who keep insisting that for our country to succeed then President Obama and his policies have to fail. I actually think they are Neanderthal thinkers and have their collective lowbrows shoved up ……Rush Limbaughs ass!

    Helen I am guessing most people who call in have 4 legs and say Baaaaa Baaaa.

  233. Russian Diplomat Igor Panarin predicts USA will desolve into 6 independant states bevore 2011….
    he is Dekan of the russian Diplomatic Academy.


    article is in German, paper is normaly considered good (Not wingnuts press)

    Alaska will return to mother russia (but only AFTER Caribou Barbie built that bridge (MHO))

    The details read a bit like the Russian “brother in arms” of the Slimepouch…… wonder what they put in his Vodka???

    Reason for all this? Moral decline of the American bourgoise, overfull prisons and homosexual men (women don’t count much with him, I’d guess) and shooting on schools…

    So, overall, rather entertaining but no real threat to anyone but himself…..

  234. OxyContin doughnuts! I love it.

    Tom…get over yourself. Apparently, you haven’t been reading this blog for very long or you would know what Helen believes in.

  235. No she didn’t!!! Tom, I think Miss Helen just showed you the door!


  236. Mageen

    if that really works……
    let’s start support groups!

  237. Tom Honey,

    My fat ass is tired of his fat ass. What more do you want to know?

  238. I think I am missing something with the Rush Limbaugh and republican rhetoric!

    How is “I hope he fails.” different than wanting Obama to fail?

    Failure is not an option at this point! Obama realizes this!

    If Rush Limbaugh is all the republicans have to offer, I think that they are screwed up royally! (they are!) Your country is in a recession and you want Obama to fail? Real mature Rush, Real Mature!

    Helen- as always you tell it like it is and I like it! Keep up the good work!

  239. Did you want Bush to succeed?? Your sacrcasim re: donuts, drugs et. al. is typical of someone who has no interest in the exchange of ideas. If someone has an opposing or offending view your only comeback is personal. Doesn’t say much for your credibility or openmindedness. I don’t even know by your blog what it is you do believe that is of any substance, only that you have an obvious prejudice.

  240. Werner, I knew a few people over the years (all burly guys) who kept pet boas. They all thought they were stronger than the animal they actually wore out and about. They did everything to keep the animal happy except mate with it. But there were some very unhappy endings. Eventually the animal, which operates on an all or nothing energy principal, put the squeeze on and it was fatal. Thats my point!

  241. Jabba-the-Rush as a pet boa?

    I’d guess you would need quiet a Redneck to hang that kinda animal around…….

  242. Me again!

    First I want to assure all the Canadians tuned into this blog that we here will fight the good fight and definitely prevent the elephant from rolling over on you!

    Also, anyone who actually calls in to Limp-paw to do a smack down is just wasting their time and their life. You will be treated the same way pirates treated their prisoners. The best way is to do a smack down via blog. I know it is so tempting to just put the hammer down on this guy on his own show, but that won’t work. After all, he is non compes mentis.

    Just remember, the Republican party is wearing this guy around its neck just like a pet boa, and even them critters can take just so much and then they squeeze!

  243. Troutay – Hope you have a very Happy Birthday!

    Helen – Please, please, please call into his show this Friday and educate him. I NEVER listen to this blowhard, but you bet I’d tune in to listen to the smack down!
    Also, I do hope that you and Margaret will have the opportunity to get together soon.

  244. Rush and Ann-Big-Foot sitting in a tree
    First came love, then came marriage
    Then came a freakish, brainless, cruel new species and the end of comprehensible civilization as we know it.

  245. Helen,

    You need to check this out to learn something new.


    It is about Village AK youth learning traditional YuPik ways, quite interesting. Great view of the village lifestyle.

    Thanks Jane of Anonymous Bloggers.

    Donate if you can.

  246. Helen, Thank You! You are right on!

    I feel sorry for the dittohead lady who wrote the letter.

  247. I found your blog totally by accident, and believe me I will be back! Helen, you are wonderful! And when I read that you live in Texas, I laughed so hard I about cried. I was a die-hard Molly Ivins fan and when she died, I had no clue who could possibly fill that hole. I have found that person, and she is you. :)
    I have spent quite a bit of time in Texas ( I travelled all over the U.S. working at Renaissance Festivals. ) and some of my best friends are Texans.
    Now, I have a question and then after that, a request. The question :Have you seen Michael Moore’s movie, “Sicko”? The request: Could you do a post on the health care system here in the U.S.? As a single woman with no health insurance, it is a topic close to my heart.
    Thank you for just being you!

  248. I feel I’m really missing out on a lot of comedy over here in Europeland.

    Obviously it’s great that we have plenty of our own clowns, but you guys had Bush, then Palin and now this Limbaugh guy (how do you pronounce that hilarious name – ‘limbo’?)

  249. delaney55:

    “I watched Keith Oberman last night and they discussed good ole’ Rush.”


  250. Jaqcui
    ….Wanting Obama to fail is like praying for the iceberg while you are sitting on the Titanic. Maybe we should go back to literacy tests to vote. Course that might just eliminate the entire Republican party and not just its base……

    PLEASE DO! This would make us Canadians feel so much more safe!

    Happy B-Day.
    Only the best for you, and lot’s of it!

    Rush Slimepouch:

    I finally got why he is in Radio (I was save of him, here in Canada, until I read about him here, than I started to look into him (What an ugly sight!))

    He is on radio since he is so ugly that People would have to puke all day if they would have to see him too!!!!

    And I was wondering what CPAC stands for?

    Crack and
    Prescription medicine

    I might be wrong, but not by far……..

    I did understand GOP (Gods own People) right?

  251. I can’t believe that fat insane drug addict has his own show. People need to think for themselves.

  252. Let them have Rush. If that’s the best they have to offer, well, sorry!

  253. Now Helen and Margaret, would you believe that Voice of Reason, the Guardian of the Middle Class on CNN, Lou Dobbs is leading an expose of the war the liberals have launched upon poor old Rush Limp-paw! Frankly, from what I have heard and seen of the Republicans lately (Steele, Cantor, et al) I think they are all on mind altering stuff. Wonder if you have seen the political cartoon in this morning’s Washington Post. Its a classic and it says it all! A Jabba the Hutt size Limp-paw in a diaper is seated on an asteroid size throne with a minute GOP logo kow-towing to him. Off to the side are two Democrats who say to each other, “As long as they don’t impose their religion on us!” That should get Lou Dobbs’ phony meter into the volcanic explosion area!

    Keep on keeping on! This is the only way to stay sane!

  254. A friend just sent me your link. What fun! I am so full of hope to find such a like-minded site. For those of you who “love” Rush, don’t miss today’s Tom Toles cartoon:


  255. My husband said he wouldn’t be surprised if Rush & Co were planting people to say these idiotic things to scare people.

  256. I looked for a transcript of that particular conversation on his website. I couldn’t find it, but I did find one equally dumb.

    A listener railing against the stimulus checks sent out last year. Now, these were tax free, (essentially, these were taxes we’d paid being given back to us), and yet…Barney Frank is somehow blamed for something W approved of. Way to go, Rush!


  257. Thanks Helen!

    I almost wish Sarah P. would host another photo op and push Rush out of the headlines. Speaking of which — we put all of Ann’s updates from Nunam Iqua on one page. Take a look and see what we bored, pathetic, anonymous bloggers have accomplished!


    Thanks Helen, Margaret and Mudflats for kicking this thing off. Thanks everyone for keeping it rolling!


  258. Found your blog by accident after looking for Ann Coulter critiques.

    Keep up the fantabulous work.

  259. if the Republicans are depending on Rush to bring their party front and center I think they will have a lot of defectors – that man is insane and surely a lot of people will realize he is not the voice of reason.


  260. Well Helen, Rush said “he” not “Obama”, it makes a world of difference,… now where are my mind numbing drugs?

  261. Hello, Helen!

    Just for a nice change of pace — did you hear that the Obamas bought their daughters a very nice made-in-America swing set and had it installed on the White House lawn not far from the Oval Office? That way they can see their daddy at work, and their daddy can see them at play.

    One of the things that the Obamas like best about being in the White House is that, despite the trials and tribulations of Daddy’s new job, the family gets to see each a lot more than they did when he was Senator, being that they live above the store, so to speak.

  262. I watched Keith Oberman last night and they discussed good ole’ Rush. The fact that he seems to be the “voice” of conservative Republicans is proof of how clueless and delusional most are any more. I think most of the smart ones have left the party and are now ashamed of ever being one. If not, they should be.

    Q: will there even be a Republican party by 2012 at the rate they are going downhill?

  263. Helen, this is very strange! Just yesterday I wrote a post about Idiot Village, you know the place where Rush, Sarah, Ann and George hang out?
    I swear we read each other’s minds sometimes!
    This country is full of idiots!


  264. My four legged fur kids are smarter than that. And I remember seeing once that pigs are maybe smarter than dogs and cats.

    Wanting Obama to fail is like praying for the iceberg while you are sitting on the Titanic. Maybe we should go back to literacy tests to vote. Course that might just eliminate the entire Republican party and not just its base.

    Got a nightmare for you to contemplate: Rush and Sarah on the ticket for 2012. Now I would pray for that to fail.

  265. This lump of a creature SHOULD become head of the RNC. We could sit back and watch those “hip-mo-tized” by the orating blob get that “children of the corn” glazed-over-in-the-eyes look (altho’, so many on the far right are already there).

    Ever since this self-righteous idiot repeatedly spewed his holier-than-thou thoughts on how any drug users should “be convicted and sent up,” then gets caught with his fat fingers in the oxy-contin cookie jar (whoops!), any IDIOT should have dismissed his rhetoric.

    Monday on “The View,” Sherri “I Don’t Know If the World is Flat or Round” Shepherd actually commented that she thought Rush looked hot in his open-collar black ensemble at the CPAC.

    Then after bringing up Michelle Obama’s official portrait and comments about how nice it is to have a really strong woman as First Lady, Elisabitch Hasselbeck predictably had to pipe up about how strong Laura was…then was shut up when it was pointed out that Michelle wouldn’t hestitate to contradict her hubby.

    Elisabitch, your lock-step devotion to anything “right” is getting really, really old!

  266. Even Media Matters has devoted a new page just for Limbaugh


    “This page is a resource center devoted to monitoring the top-rated radio talk show host in America, a man Ronald Reagan dubbed the “Number One voice for conservatism in our Country” and congressional Republicans felt was so influential to their 1994 takeover that they made him an honorary member of the GOP freshman class. Check back often for Media Matters’ latest research on Rush Limbaugh.”

  267. Margaret and Helen, first time visitor here. Really enjoyed reading as much of your blog as I could this morning – very funny stuff! Have bookmarked you and will be back for more!!

  268. When folks call into Rush’s program (and maybe any program on talk radio), it seems their brains shut down almost immediately – or at least that part of their brain that processes incoming information. I think Rush et al know that, and they just keep talking and talking, louder and louder (hello, there’s a microphone in front of you, you don’t have to YELL), and verbally run right over anyone in hearing distance. Rush is a bully, plain and simple – and not only does he have the perfect platform – a microphone – but enough people who think he actually says things of great substance. The only great substance of Rush is his enormous so-1990s greed and gluttony girth.

  269. It doesn’t surprise me that the caller didn’t understand what Rush said, nor does it surprise me that Rush didn’t correct her.

    People like him are more interested in being listened to and adored than they are in being right.

  270. Helen,
    Today is my birthday. I am in the last 1/3 of my life.
    And I am still amazed after all these years at the sheer stupidity of people.

    Its called “selective hearing”.

    thanks for the great post. We love you out here.

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