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Posted by: Helen Philpot | February 23, 2009

Coulter and Bush sitting in a tree…K.I.S.S.I.N.G

Note From Helen:  I wrote this before Ann Coulter appeared on Larry King Live with  Joy Behar.  I am leaving my entry unchanged because I think many of you come here for the humor.  That said, I feel sorry for Ms. Coulter.  She seems so uncomfortable in her own skin.  She – like Rush Limbaugh - is  fine when hiding behind a book cover or a radio microphone.  But expose them to the light of day and they become defensive and nervous to the point of pathetic.  It’s sad really.  But they made their bed so I hope you enjoy this last installment of  my Hell ‘N Notes on Ann Coulter’s book, Guilty:  Liberal Victims and Their Assault on America.


Ann and George sitting in a tree…K.I.S.S.I.N.G.

Somebody should warn Laura Bush that a certain blonde fiction writer named Ann is really, really, really in-like with her husband.  First comes love.  Then comes marriage.  Then comes Coulter pushing a – oh gosh I just can’t go there.  I mean could you imagine the size of the feet on that child?

Margaret, I did it. I finished an Ann Coulter book…  Now there are six words surely never spoken before.  And having finished the book all I can say is, “What the hell was that?”

Is she kidding me?  This is what gets her to #1 on the New York Times Best Seller List?  What’s #2 – The Rush Limbaugh Diet?

The final chapter is some of the worst writing I have ever suffered through.  Evidently Ann is upset that Michelle Obama is considered prettier than Laura Bush.  What that has to do with anything is beyond me, but she then argues that Jackie Kennedy was only pretty because she looked like a Republican.  Now I take offense to that.  I remember Jackie Kennedy. Her feet were big but not nearly as big as Ann’s.

Most of the chapter is a long list of who Ann hates.  She hates ugly women. She hates most men especially if she suspects they are gay.  She hates anyone who doesn’t like Sarah Palin.  She hates Tina Fey.  She seems to hate everyone in Hollywood.  She hates the Dixie Chicks.  She hates Bill Clinton – a lot.

The final few pages are a laundry list of political assassinations throughout the nation’s history – Lincoln, Kennedy, Martin Luther King – with Ann making the argument that only liberals are capable of assassination.  And in one of the most bizarre conclusions I have ever heard, Ann states, “Based on history, Sean Hannity is at greater risk of being shot than Obama is.”  Oh Ann.  From your lips to God’s ears.

But seriously, I really did finish it.  The very last line is, “They’re not victims – they are guilty.”  The whole book reads about as eloquently and intelligently as that line.  Which is to say that the whole book reads like graffiti on a bathroom stall.

It occurs to me that Ann Coulter – like Rush Limbaugh – is quick to tell you what she hates and who she blames for what she hates.  She never seems to have any reasonable solutions nor can she point to anything she has done to make the situation better.  Ann, of course, has never done anything wrong.   Sadly as long as the world isn’t perfect we will have bottom feeders like Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh.

Whenever there is hatred in the world look for Ann in the background saying “I hate you more.”  Whenever there is injustice in the world know that Ann will be there not to lend a helping hand but rather to make sure  she can profit from it.  And whenever you hear about two monkeys and a sloth getting together with a typewriter know that either  another Coulter book is about to hit the bookstores or Rush Limbaugh is having an OxyContin hallucination.

I love you Margaret, but I will never read another Coulter book for you.  Need a kidney? I’m your gal.   But when it comes to Ann Coulter all I can say is:  Free at last.  Free at last.  Thank God Almighty I’m free at last.  I mean it.  Really.

Note from Margret:

Helen, dear, you are peach.  I can’t believe you were able to read that mess of a book.  If I remember correctly, all I said to you was “Who is Ann Coulter and why is she a New York Times Best Seller?”  I should have known this would be interpreted by you as a challenge.  I thank you for suiting up and going in there with both barrels loaded for bear…or should I say, Emu?  You have not only done me a service but have done the country a service.  You most certainly deserve a medal as many of the comments here have suggested.

So, while you were subjecting yourself to that crazy Ass Hat’s book, I too read a book.  Merv Griffin’s Book of People “From Where I Sit”.  What a charming man and such delightful stories.  Shall I send it to you, dear?

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  1. Attractive? Fine? What’s anonymous been smkinog? Ann Coulter looks like Olive Oyl after she discovered the wonders of peroxide. But to call her horse-faced is a slam on horses.And thanks to Bush and his phony war in Iraq, I can no longer afford cable. Shoot, it’s all I can do to gas up my pickup. Thanks a lot!

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    You should check this site out: http://fbliker.net …it pretty much lets you like anything you want on facebook. Kinda cool!

  4. Ann Coulter stated publicly that she would campaign for Hillary Clinton if McCain was the Rebublican nominee. I don’t think much of Ms Coulter, but Meghan McCain is trying to be popular.

    Wait until she takes a conservative stance on a provocative issue and let’s see how reasonable you think she is. You’ll wonder happened to Meghan McCain that she suddenly turned stupid and evil.

  5. Hello, I would like to suggest a video for you to watch.
    It is about what people can and cannot change in their lives.

    If you can, please, watch it and give me your feedback!

  6. wow, Hobo–what an original thought. How unique in your manner of expression. You are remarkably dull, which makes the contrast between you and the hosts of this blos (and virtually all of the posters) all the more vivid. BIG YAWN.

  7. ATTN: Hobo,

    Maybe someday you will live to be an old something. I’d hesitate to venture a guess as to what kind of an old something you might be but the letters S O B come to mind!

  8. ATTN: Hobo,

    Maybe someday you will live to be an old something. I’d hesitate to venture a guess as to what kind of an old something you might be but the lettes S & O & B come to mind!

  9. hobo-
    Whether you are a kid stuck in the burp and fart age or a grown-up with seriously bad social skills, you are a twit.
    Insulting your hostesses is about as dumb as sticking a fork in an outlet…
    Put your pie down and go away…
    Jeez, twit, twit,twit…

  10. You suck you old grandmas!!!!!!

  11. Meghan McCain, who asserts she is a Republican, but not a wingnut, has taken on Ann Coulter. She slammed Coulter in her column on the Daily Beast and repeated her comments on Rachel Maddow’s show. If all Republicans were as reasonable as Meghan McCain, maybe the GOP wouldn’t be heading the way of the dodo. I’m not a Republican, but three snaps to Meghan!

    Now if some Republican could actually take on Rush Limbaugh without backing down ….

  12. Here’s a new AC tidbit…
    McCain: Ann Coulter is
    ‘offensive, radical, insulting, and confusing.’

    No…not that McCain. Meghan…gramps daughter. ;)


  13. Big Nagative MirrorMan–What do hits get me?

  14. Sorry, Magus, but I think the other people are right, your only reason to be here is to troll for hits. Not today, not in the market for it.

  15. UAW – don’t even get me started on PETA – oy! Those people have made my life hell on wheels as I’ve gone about doing my job – ALF and ELF are similar in my opinion. But as we all know there is nothing more dangerous than those blindly committed to any doctrine or group-thought.
    on Abortion: it’s legal through the first trimester, legal through the 2nd under strict mitigating circumstances. but for the third trimester only if extremely strict medical criteria are met – i.e. life of mother vs life of unborn child – and rarely if ever done. The typical route would be premature birth through C-Section.
    Finally managed to set aside some time each evening to hunker down with the stim bill as well as the budget proposal specs. . . right now trying to simply tabulate and compare figures and such.
    Magus you can share the beer (but don’t touch the Guinness!) but you have to provide something more than piss water in exchange.

  16. Greytdog,

    You said: “Honolulu Sally – BRAVO!!! I think Magnus came over here because only his buds seem to think he has something important to say. Oh well, whatever floats the boat.”

    Not at all. I justthink there’s an unhealthy concensus on this sight. It’s like a giant episode of The View here. I like to crash parties and steal beer. And bras.

    Anyway, glad you guys are finally awake–guess it”s time for another go–


  17. Oh, BTW…when I filed for bankruptcy in the late nineties, it was primarily because of my (now ex) wife having to have emergency life saving surgery. Though if I had known then what I know now about her…ooops, did I type that out loud?

  18. “Obama wants to pull a Clinton – Tax the wealthy a bit and get jobs to the poor souls who are out of work. I AM HOPING HE DOES SOMETHING FOR HEALTH INSURANCE BECAUSE SOMEONE IS GOING BANKRUPT EVERY 30 MINUTES BECAUSE OF HEALTH CARE EXPENSES. Many of those folks have health insurance too.”

    …and why should companies be responsible for providing health insurance? This is an argument which I don’t understand from the right. If the government provides it, “you” will lose your choice of care…well, My corporation that I work for was just bought out, I lost my provider, a doctor that I had had for almost 10 years, had my ‘premium’ double every month, to the point that I am going to have to drop my coverage, and had my co-pay become absurd…and this is choice? I have worked for small companies that couldn’t even provide health insurance…I grew up, you had health care, you went ot the doctor…now you are lucky if you have it at all.

    This seems neither like progress nor did the HMO solution seem like a solution either.

    …and speaking of solutions, a FOURTH bailout to AIG??? They are too ‘big’ to allow to fail but it’s okay that they go to retreats? WTF???

    Time for some responsibility, accountability from more than just our government…if “our” money is going to prop up these corporations, then there damned well better start being some balls grown on “both sides of the aisle”!

  19. “…how Obama was a terrorist and listens to gangsta rap. Well, whattaya know?”

    Oh, Oh, I must be a terrorist too, I listen to gangsta rap, though my favorite is Paris and he is more political, though he uses Gangsta style beats…check out “Sonic Jihad”.

    Then again I also listen to black metal, ambient and Johnny Cash depending on my mood.

    As for PETA, I think they are the posterchild for ‘extreme’ animal rights activists, primarily because they have been pretty effective…and I do remember back in 2002 we were being told that ALF and ELF were the largest terrorist threats to this country.

    As for abortion, I oppose it but I also oppose having it illegal…I think that there is a lot of similarity in concerns of both the left and the right. Watched “Iraq for Sale” the other night…and the statements of no-bid contracts, of endangering the troops so corporations could profit, of running empty semis and endangering civilian lives so the government could be billed, of burning trucks for flat tires, etc…are just as big of a concern for those wanting responsible government, less government as to those who opposed the Iraq war in the first place.

    Hell, even the Libertatians call for legalizing marijuana…

    Maybe different philosophical roots for people but certainly a lot in agreement…but it is easier to keep people divided, seperate and with little power than it is to allow them to see their similarities and risk a whole lot of people being mad as hell at the power brokers.

  20. Sorry, kids. Rough Monday, and a cocktail or two.I will be better tomorrow….

    (Sorry for the spelling errors. Transitioning between the laptop and the full keyboard isn’t as easy as it looks!)

    Now, let’s see if UAW responds to any of this.

    (He hasn’t been very good about that….)

  21. Edited for spelling…

    “I don’t have a passport…I don’t plan on leaving…”
    Good! And I mean it!!! Not only do we care about you as a person, but also we value your presence her because it keeps us honest. Don’t misunderstand me, I don’t agree with you, but you do keep us checking our compass, which is more than the dittoheads and the WingNutDaily crowd have to offer!
    “Doesn’t it seem strange that the party in power didn’t want any type of ID having to do with voting but now wants a chip in everyones ID”
    Um, proof, please? Not that I doubt you, but….
    who cares who votes but don’t take your ID to a gun show…or a protest against abortion…or a RNC convention…
    See above…
    “to the people that are going to bash me for the abortion statement…I myself am prochoice but the day before labor starts is a little late…NO???”
    Let me be clear on this: I loathe abortion! I would much prefer every child be born in this country to a couple, regardless of gender, that will nurture it and love it and be responsible for it and love it and raise it to be a as much a freedom loving and decent person as possible! That is in a perfect world, and you, UAW, must surely admit that we don’t live there. That being said, you just made one of the most provocative statements I have ever heard. Please, elaborate, because you REALLY need to provide some sort of reference to what you just posted, or else I will come down on you like a ton of bricks. Not saying your wrong, but you need to back up your statements, that’s all…
    “while I’m at it what is PETA’s (way left) stance on abortion????
    while I’m on PETA why don’t they spray paint a Hell’s Angel or a Devil’s Disciple…why pick on some old woman…:”
    OK, PETA…”Sea Kittens”?!?!?! Wilco Tango Foxtrot?!?!?! Don’t get me started. I’m not a vegetarian, I like my meat, yet I can understand PART of what they are arguing, but Judith H. Christ, some of that is made of the Wacky!

    “Yes the Arctic coastline is eroding…didn’t say one word about MANMADE global warming… you know my feelings on carbon credits…did you hear that the stimulus plan has a $1.27 increase to the price of a gallon of gas…I didn’t hear anything about home heating oil…maybe it will go back to $9.00 in some places…I should probably add HAHAHA but I’m not going to because I use fuel oil to heat my home…maybe next winter I’ll have a cornburner…”

    It never fails to amaze me that people of your “professed” political beliefs think that just keeping the same course will inevitably turn out OK. I imagine the lemmings must be thinking the same thing as they plunge into the ocean. Does the capacity for rational thought elude you? Is reason a foreign land to your mind? Even the most primitive of cultures realized that what we do touched what we eat and breathe. Have you progressed so far beyond us that your answers overrule common sense? Or have you listened to the Rush a little to long?

    Just sayin’…

  22. Tradesman:
    Historically – Republicans insisted on tax cuts and their own pork barrel crap. THE REPUBS VOTED NO on it!

    Tax Cuts – Reagan did it – DEFICIT SPENDING
    Tax Cuts with W – 2 TRILLION IN TAX CUTS – guess what – THE ECONOMY IMPLODED!

    Clinton raised the rates on the wealthy, without republican votes and DEFICIT SPENDING ELIMINATED! Surplus actually!

    Obama wants to pull a Clinton – Tax the wealthy a bit and get jobs to the poor souls who are out of work. I AM HOPING HE DOES SOMETHING FOR HEALTH INSURANCE BECAUSE SOMEONE IS GOING BANKRUPT EVERY 30 MINUTES BECAUSE OF HEALTH CARE EXPENSES. Many of those folks have health insurance too.

    The Republicans are good at deficit spending! Time to get back to pay as you go. The wealthy have to pay a fair share too!

  23. Thank you, all, for your support, ideas, and general commiseration. I’ve got other things to worry about right now (looming deadline, barfing toddler), but I’m tucking all those thoughts away for later. I ain’t done with that cousin of mine just yet. :)

  24. UAW, I love you as much as I love the black heads on my chin. I pop them out by squeezing – it is very satisfying to see them go. Yet, I look for them with dread and anticipation and when they return, my heart skips a beat because I again have the satisfaction of seeing them pop out. And at least you aren’t a walrus or a wimp.

    Skyewriter, I think you need to take on UAW’s (ill)logical jump to 60% of the recovery package being Dem pork.

  25. Oh 40% is repub pork…???…60% is dem pork then…right… didn’t barack say NO PORK

  26. hanalulusally…
    “He is like our daily dose of a pile of conservative crap that we get to disinfect and flush, knowing that he’ll give us another big pile of crap tomorrow.”
    It’s nice to feel needed..I think graydog was getting bound-up….

  27. juneaujoe…
    I don’t have a passport…I don’t plan on leaving…
    Doesn’t it seem strange that the party in power didn’t want any type of ID having to do with voting but now wants a chip in everyones ID
    who cares who votes but don’t take your ID to a gun show…or a protest against abortion…or a RNC convention…
    to the people that are going to bash me for the abortion statement…I myself am prochoice but the day before labor starts is a little late…NO???
    while I’m at it what is PETA’s (way left) stance on abortion????
    while I’m on PETA why don’t they spray paint a Hell’s Angel or a Devil’s Disciple…why pick on some old woman…
    Yes the Arctic coastline is eroding…didn’t say one word about MANMADE global warming… you know my feelings on carbon credits…did you hear that the stimulus plan has a $1.27 increase to the price of a gallon of gas…I didn’t hear anything about home heating oil…maybe it will go back to $9.00 in some places…I should probably add HAHAHA but I’m not going to because I use fuel oil to heat my home…maybe next winter I’ll have a cornburner…

  28. In my family (with the exception of me), they’re pretty much the same. I had to read through my older brother’s crap during the election: citing religious figures who did “research” about how Obama was a terrorist and listens to gangsta rap. Well, whattaya know? I did my own research and found nothing of the sort. (I forgot the name of the author)

    I called him out on it. His response? “Just read the book.”

    Yeah, right.

  29. Maven Δ, it happened when the Republican party sold their soul to the religious right, A Faustian bargain of such epic proportion that we are only know seeing it’s scope….

  30. Psych… Used to be the two taboo topics were “politics” and “religion”. When’d they become one?

  31. Tine, I’m in the same boat as you. My family is very religious and I’m not. I’m the only “liberal” in my family. My brother and I had some pretty interesting lobs back and forth, but so far the rest of the family has stayed out of it.

    If your family gives you a hard time, just tell them, “Hey, I thought you brought me up to have a mind of my own! And this is what I believe!” Or, you could just avoid them all…

  32. One more…

    Cynthia. Your 15 minutes was spent last Saturday, but I’m resurrecting your name for a few more seconds to remind you that the Internet/World Wide Web has very few rules.

    Move to China. You’ll be happier there.

  33. Thanks Honolulu Sally:

    It was a learning experience, to say the least.

    I had to take my email down; it got really ugly.

    I *really* appreciate your support.

    Poor Margaret; she’s recovering from that atrocious rag of a book.

    I hope she’s okay :)

  34. megus? (3/2/09 9:09 am for scrollers)

    When did bra-burning enter into this? Nevermind,,, I cannot follow “mental paths” of others. However…

    For the record? My bra is a necessary component of my ensemble. The girls get stuck in my belt otherwise.

  35. Troutay, that was fun. I looked lovely in pink with a gun strapped to my thigh…

    Skyewriter, good to hear from you. Checked out your website, and tried to contact you, but couldn’t figure out how. Just wanted to give you moral support after the threats you received. Creeps. I would have called the Secret Service too if I thought they were discussing assassination. Yuck. yuck.. Scary. Hope you are good.

    Twiddling my thumbs waiting for Helen’s or Margaret’s next posts, and been surfing the web (does that date me?) and came across the Michael Steele (RNC Chair) and Rush Limbaugh cat fight. Michael was on a tv show and stated that HE was the de facto leader of the Republican party and that Rush was an entertainer and yes, incindiary and ugly. So Rush flaps around and blasts Michael as he bloats up his flabby ego, and Michael later does the back stroke and backs off. A walrus and a wimp. The Repubs/conservatives can keep them.

    I am currently participating in an Arbitron radio listening survey, so am now listening to radio stations locally, making VERY sure I don’t tune in the O’reillys or Limbaughs. As I am looking at the stations here, we have many religious conservative stations, but I can’t find one liberal station, otherwise I might try and tune into that one. So, I’ll listen to the soft rock stations, maybe check out PBS. I wish I could put a negative rating on those other manipulative conservative stations. Oh well, better to ignore them.

  36. I forgot to put eyes in. Now mine just looks like a vagued out bag lady

  37. Troutay, that link was SO FUNNY! Sending it to my mom.

  38. Tine:
    Just point your relative to the Omnibus Bill 2009 (H.R. 1105). Check it out at Taxpayers for Common Sense.

    Forty percent of it is GOP pork. And after all their screaming over imaginary ARRA ear marks….

    Two examples:
    Linsday Graham asked for $950,000 for a Myrtle Beach International Trade and Convention Center

    Barbara Cubin: $190,000 for The Buffalo Bill Historical Center, Cody, WY for digitizing and editing the Cody collection.


  39. “Maybe we need an invasion from outer space like the movie “Independence Day”. That sure united everybody.”

    Well the world was sort of divided into two camps: the dead and the living. But it was still an fun escapist movie. Altho the Prez’s speech to the “troops” was pretty insipid weaving together Henry V and Dylan Thomas and all. . .

  40. Tine,

    You can’t win. Religion and politics are set in stone for the religious and political. I’ve got good friends that are political opposites from me, and I’m in the no-place land of religion (still searching for a Buddhist/Christian based gathering), married to a Jehovah’s Witness, although I was born and raised an Episcopalian.

    You can’t win, and neither can they. Even tolerating them is difficult, they are fed the venom of their party, and we are fed the koolaid (delicious enjoyable koolaid) from our “leftist wonderland.” They think we are nuts and delusional.

    The only point I make with my conservative spewing religious righteous trembling with fear Repub voting friends is to give Obama a chance. They don’t have to like him, they don’t have to agree with his policies, they don’t have to change their beliefs. Just give him a chance. We had to endure GW Bush for 8 years. They had their rescuer. Now we have ours. The difference is, ours actually cares about ALL of us.

    At least that plea tends to shut them up, even though they go away muttering.

    Maybe we need an invasion from outer space like the movie “Independence Day”. That sure united everybody.

  41. here tine…
    maybe this will help:


  42. Chloe, I agree – sometimes you really just have to call bullshit with some folks – I have (had) a friend whose p.o.v. was so toxic that I now only see her maybe once in a blue moon. I kept my mouth shut through her racists rants until I realized that keeping my mouth shut was akin to tacit agreement. I finally had to basically say enough and told her to “talk to the paw”. Unfortunately, with family, I think it is harder to do. Sometimes you just have to maintain an air of icy detente in order just “keep the peace” among the brood. But for really toxic friends and family, I have learned to basically weed them out of my daily life.

  43. Δ Tine, clearly you have been exercising self control for a very long time but sometimes you get to a point and have to call out Bullshit!
    You may have to agree to disagree with your cousin to keep the peace but don’t you feel better for speaking up instead of swallowing that bitter pill time and time again?
    I feel for ya because I have an uncle that sent me the most vile neocon nonsense during the election. We had never, ever discussed politics before so he must have assumed we had the same views. Hardly. I never did respond, just kept hitting the ol’ delete button but I always felt the need to set him straight on a thing or two. I mistakenly called him one day, just to chitchat, catch up on family, etc. and before I know it, he’s heaping praise on Palin (gag!) and ranting about Obama being a terrorist. Enough! Damnit, there was no delete button to hit, so I politely called Bullshit, informed him that I had opposing views and why and then invited him to attend an Obama rally with me the following weekend. He declined of course but needless to say I never received a toxic email again. And we still love each other…even if we think the other is an asshat!

  44. Mirror to the rescue, if you please…..

  45. Subject matter that’s making my head explode:

    General GOP griping about the stimulus package, whilst offering no solutions and taking no responsibility. Calling the whole thing a bunch of pork.

    A libertarian on the fringe of the discussion who keep yelling about fair taxes and blaming the financial crisis on the Community Reinvestment Act.

    Accusing me of being closed-minded, while *I’m* the one crossing the battle lines and trying to talk civilly with the other side.

    This particular cousin is a decent human being, but Rush is his idol. (*scratching head*). He seems willing to talk civilly. I don’t know the shrill yelling Libertarian. But he keeps yelling, so I feel compelled to answer.

  46. Δ Tine,

    What subject? I bet I’ve got a link for ya. ;)


  47. Werner – that was a good one!!!! ROFL!!!!

  48. Take that with a big smile, please!

  49. Nope Tine
    Must! Exorcise! Family!

    Friends you choose,
    Family you have!

  50. Help! Someone stop me, please…. I’ve just picked a Facebook fight with my conservative cousin….

    I just couldn’t keep my mouth shut anymore. Now the whole damn (huge) Catholic family will be breathing down my neck.

    Must. Exercise. Self. Control.

  51. Honolulu Sally – BRAVO!!! I think Magnus came over here because only his buds seem to think he has something important to say. Oh well, whatever floats the boat -

  52. Since everyone likes to share a story, here is one I found rather interesting on what people can do to their kids by giving them the “wrong” name:

    This is a nice example how the “better off / Bourgoise” in some areas in Germany real can grab deeply into the “brown matter” when trying to select a real “Hipp” name for their ohh so “ete petete” kids. (ete petete is an older way in German to identify a true snob)

    Her goes the story:

    ….. the icecold of winter is just getting better (in Hamburg, that is) as more and more customers find their way to my favorite Ice-cream shop, “Eiscafé Veneziana” in the Grindelallee (street in a “better off” neighbour-hood in Hamburg).
    A small kid and her mother admire the hugh selection and the kid commands in a loud voice: “one scoop of Strawberry!” and is than asked by the sales clerk: “And what is your name then?” The 3 year old announceces loud and proudly “Mia-Lotta”. The salesguy has problems hiding a smile and says to the mother: “Interesting name, in Italian it means ‘Mein Kampf’!”

    (For the ones not so secure in German History: “Mein Kampf” was the main pamphlet on which Hitler built his Nazi movment!)

    Now, for the sake of the mother we will asume that she is just plain dumb, and DIDN’T name her kid on purpose after Hitlers book……

  53. Brownback mountain = pile of shit?
    I mean, the color fits, it stinks alright…..

    Eat shit, 50 billion flys can’t be wrong…. or can they?

  54. Brownback of Kansas ugh Now I know why I left there so many years ago!!

  55. Werner, I think I’ve figured it out why one of my posts went into neverland – I used the n—— word in describing some of the people in Pelosi’s “Right America, Feeling Wronged”, as n—– haters, among other labels. I still feel very sad about that half of the country.

    magus71 is not in that league. He is probably city dwelling, well educated, young, and ambitious. I won’t check out his website/blog (his name is highlighted in red) because like Grandma said some people post just so we go to their website and give them traffic. Instead, he can post to M&H’s bra burning website.

    Yes, this is leftist wonderland. Trolls that like to attack are usually not welcome and are either ignored or countered out of here. Contrary opinions are more or less blasted, but in the case of UAW – tolerated, dissected, and welcome at times. He is like our daily dose of a pile of conservative crap that we get to disinfect and flush, knowing that he’ll give us another big pile of crap tomorrow. At least he has become a friend and does pretty good research posting links to prove his blasted points of view.

    Contributors that do the M&H attack act are sour grapes here and are better off on the conservative sights where they would be wine to the whiners. Go thither, and forward my middle finger salute to your pals Ann and Rush.

  56. I highly recommend reading David Brock’s Blinded by the Right. He does a great job of unmasking many of those who purport to be true believers, but who in reality are merely opportunists. You’ll love what he has to say about Ann Coulter. After reading that trash (AC) that is being paraded as a book, you will thoroughly enjoy Blinded by the Right.

  57. I hope you are fully recovered from reading DAnn’s trashy book. I’ve never had the stomach to read one of those things.

    Reading or seeing blurbs about him(her) is all I can stomach.

    I loved the commentaries that you wrote as you read. Give’em hell Helen!

  58. Helen, are you okay???

    It’s been a (long) week since Helen’s last post.

    I knew reading AC’s book would take some recovery time, not to mention a long hot shower, but I’m getting concerned.

  59. JuneauJoe
    interesting link, it is the exact same article that run 1 or 2 weeks ago in the German magazine “Der Spiegel” that started my question to you about the native input to this (remember?)

  60. LRA, pls understand:

    Anyone with an IQ higher 40 is considered an intellectual by the right wing, and that counts world wide, I mean look at all the real die hard right wingers, thay ALL have an IQ in the range of my shoe size!

    So, don’t wonder, just accept realities as they are, those people couldn’t write for anyone of their readers if they WOULD have brains….

    They still can make money….. but I guess for this you only need street smartness, not real brains!

  61. avotresanteΔ

    This is tuff, but:

    How about a head-tax for every female American?

    So as to cover the cost of rape (testing, doctors court and mental health)

    I mean, it REALLY is all their fault, they a re born as women after all, can’t blame it on the poor braindead male that just want’s something a bit different to his everyday sheep, goat or “rubbermaid”!

    Can you?
    (Well I can without trouble and I am not even female)

    Live is so beautifull, my friend, sometimes it just makes me puke…..

  62. Hey all! I know I’ve been gone for a while (and I changed my name- I was lra364),

    I haven’t had much to say about Coulter, but I do want to take a minute so say…

    I hate Rush Limbaugh! He is supposedly the ‘new’ voice/”intellect” behind the Rebulican party?

    Intellect? Really? I don’t see it. I see a blustering blowhard.

  63. magus71
    get off the magic mushrooms yourself….. not mutch magic in the magus!

    And if you think along the line of magister…. show us some brain first!

  64. Greytdog
    your (copied) article on Sen. Brownback (Brown was the color of the Nazis, but that, still, might be coincidence)………………

    Does this realy mean that as an US Catholic you have to hand over your brains before they accept you into their church?

    Is this why catholic movments as the “Opus Dei” and the “Pius Brotherhood” among others are so strong in the US?

    I knew why I always was VERY suspicious of ALL churches and how they wash your brains!

    Nothing against peoples religion, (and I really try to respect PERSONAL religous attitude) but BEWARE OF THE CHURCH!

    And thinking that these people try to influence my everyday live makes me shiver, same as thinking of the stakes in the middle ages, same gang, same thought process, and if I remeber right the last american whitch was only burned in the late 1700s? No?


  65. ” Sticks and stones and weed and bones…..some oh some I murder; some oh some I let go”….for Magus71

  66. avotresante,

    put down the bong and put your bra back on. then we’ll talk.

  67. magus71 you are correct. You can hardly think.

  68. Honolulu Sally
    noticed myself that some links when you post them make your post go nirvana, or belly up or somewhere…

    since some post work with links I haven’t qyuiet figured out what makes em disapear (Matthew, wanna comment on this, pls?)

    But the “work around” is to put your limk between “”. you can’t click on it anymore but you still can cut and paste! (practice, Granma Katie, pls!!)


  69. Chyntia:

    …K2inSR – Thank you, you have to realize there are some people you can not reason with especially if they are a pack of Ass Hats, it is just impossible…….

    I Never read a more proper description of a troll on her/themself(s)!

    And our Kennel doesn’t need an Alpha bitch, we have a German shepard and an American Mirror (uuups, read that…., well, best you choose your dog-race yourself…. LOL) that bites every doggies ankles until they behave or run off……

    Wouff Wouff!

  70. Wow–this is a Leftist wonderland.

    I can hardly think in here, for all the burning reefer and the upside-down cross in the jar of urine is a little…unsanitary.

    Can we have a gool ‘ol fashion bra-burning, too?

    On the other hand, Margaret and Helen–leave your bras on–please…

  71. Here’s something off topic that will make some people mad.
    Check out the story on http:thinkprogress.org
    O’Reilly to speak at fundraising event for rape victims. Honolulu Sally, I’m with you on not understanding them at all. Do the people at that foundation think it will actually help rape victims by promoting the idea that it’s rape victims fault?
    Just when you think you’ve heard everything…..

  72. UAW Tradesman,

    I know you are interested in Global Warming!
    Check this out!


  73. Greytdog,
    You make Gitmo sound so appealing, I want to steal a few Billion so I can end up there. Anyone here have 10 Billion that I can take? I promise I will give you 150% return, just never as when.

    I think the ‘drill, baby drill’ would be a bit much though. I will pass on being a Billionaire.

  74. Well if Madoff and the above named folks ever are jailed, perhaps we can reopen Gitmo & Abu Ghraib – think of it a CriminalWorld – you too can experience the thrills and chills of waterboarding (bring your own towels), dance class consists of extreme avant garde movements assisted by electrodes attached to genitals help you keep cadence with “drill baby drill”; gourmet offerings of watery gruel, rotted pork, and a couple tablespoons of salt help you undergo a rigorous spa diet; no partying but music and strobe lighting provided to keep you up all night. . .and day. . . and night. . . and day. . .

  75. UAW Tradesman – Your new passport has some sort of chip in it, Bush/ Cheney pushed the idea of know who and what about everyone.

    Re: Bernie Madoff not being in jail. A Billionaire in jail. Can that happen during this time of the wealthy can do no wrong? OJ had to pull a gun on someone to make it to prison and he was only a football star. I hope Madoff will make it to jail but realistically, it will be about the time that Rove and Cheney make it to jail too.

  76. Hey UAW, doubt if it is censorship – might just need to break your long post into two parts. . .
    Glad to know you’re still out there kicking tires and all. . .

  77. Hi all…

    Sorry I haven’t chimed in. The computer died. We gave it an appropriate burial. Thanks to the VA finally (it took 5 years) coming through, we were able to replace it rather quickly. Hugs and pieces of pie to all the regulars.

  78. I’m with sealite2u:
    Say “NO” to Protesting!!! ;)


  79. HI Graydog
    I had a long post but it won’t go through
    Censorship maybe
    Rahm Emmanual scares me…Hint Carl Rove


  80. Glad you read it casue I won’t.
    Love the blog.

  81. I thought it was the left-wing that bought all the books…
    as far as book deals


  82. Her is a question for you.. WHY isnt Bernie Madoff in jail?

  83. Helen,

    I enjoyed your comments very much. You must get time out of purgatory for the suffering you underwent, reading that book.

    Open your imagination to the concept that one way the Right Wing rewards their supporters is by laundering money to them by way of huge advances on books, and then buys a hundred thousand copies to make them bestsellers. It’s the only way to explain why all these right-wing people from Newt Gingrich to Laura Bush get these multi-million dollar book deals for (ghost-written) books nobody reads.

  84. Anyone heard from Helen lately?

  85. I am with Cynthia. You people really do need to get a blog or a life or both.

  86. Actually Norman Rockwell is considered an American Treasure – obviously Coulter doesn’t understand the genre of illustration, or native realism. Kinkade’s work, in my opinion, is not even good naive art – but to each their own.
    Personally I always thought Rockwell or any of the Wyeths would make fantastic art laureates.

  87. From today’s LA Times. Article ‘If I ran the NEA / National Endowment for the Arts.”


    Here’s what ACoutergeist had to say

    “I always wanted to run the NEA so I could fund only tacky bourgeois art, such as Precious Moments figurines, thimble collections, dogs playing poker, velvet Elvis paintings, “Scarface” mirrors from the gift shops by the beach, etc. I’d have a major retrospective on Norman Rockwell paintings and make Thomas Kinkade our painter laureate.

    My plan was to so enrage liberals and other half-brights with status anxiety that they would finally join with conservatives in demanding the abolition of that ridiculous agency…”

    Why does this scene come to mind?

  88. Nick Tucker of Emmonak meets GINO Palin


  89. Where’s UAW? I’m starting to worry – hope all is okay. . .

  90. This is just too cute. A little Sunday morning/day Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh


  91. Finally – CARL ROVE WAS TOLD he created the economic problem and should not be listened too!!

    Took long enough!


  92. Mental Health Break: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=epUk3T2Kfno

  93. I forgot to add a thought regarding AC, Rush, etc….I loathe them for espousing the belief that their beliefs are the only correct beliefs and that everyone else is wrong, a bad person, evil, stupid, or what have you.

    They are blights on the American political and ideological landscape.

  94. One of the most difficult and admirable things about our nation is its separation of church and state. In almost every other country before us, going back to biblical times and beyond, the law was based on religion. Religion and law were so intricately intertwined that one could not speak of one without the other.

    The great modern experiment of the USA; the separation of church and state is one of the most difficult challenges we’ve ever faced. Here we have people from all over the world, and yet, most of our laws are Christian at the core.

    We have the Christian right wingers who try to get laws passed based on THEIR beliefs. There are the atheists who resist having their kids forced to listen to the Pledge of Allegiance during school. We have Jewish kids and Muslim kids who often feel left out because their religions are under-represented in school, and then there’s the poor Jehova’s Witnesses who aren’t allowed to celebrate anything, not even their own birthdays!

    If we passed laws based on this cacophony of religions, we’d become a schizophrenic nation!

    This is one of the main reasons why I can not stand Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, etc., etc., etc.

  95. But you noticed that folks like Brownback seem to think this concept of separation of church/state is talking about someone else’s church, not theirs? Perhaps we need to hold national classes on American Civil Religious History. . . ?

  96. I think that separation of Church and State is becoming extinct and the” moral minority” never knew of it. AWFUL

  97. From The Washington Monthly:
    “a major kerfuffle that broke out after Sen. Sam Brownback (R) of Kansas, who converted to Roman Catholicism while serving in Congress, questioned the religious commitment of prominent Catholic Democrats.

    It started with a fundraising letter on the Freedom of Choice Act, printed on an official-looking letterhead that reads “United States Senator Sam Brownback (Republican-Kansas),” and featuring Brownback’s signature.

    “Real Catholics need a new voice — not the likes of Ted Kennedy and Nancy Pelosi who have campaigned as Catholics while voting to undermine the values we hold most dear,” Brownback wrote in a letter on behalf of Catholic Advocate, a project of the conservative Washington-based Morley Institute for Church and Culture.

    “The same can be said for the five ‘Catholic’ senators sponsoring the Freedom of Choice Act, namely John Kerry (D-MA), Barbara Mikulski (D-MD), Bob Menendez (D-NJ), Patty Murray (D-WA) and Maria Cantwell (D-WA)… You can’t be both Catholic and Pro-Abortion!” [scare quotes and emphasis in the original]

    For a prominent Catholic lawmaker to question his Catholic colleagues’ faith, in writing, was understandably seen as both insulting and offensive. “This is an astonishing breach of the basic norms of civility long honored in the United States Senate,” said Stephen Schneck, professor of political science and director of The Catholic University of America’s Life Cycle Institute. “Regardless that FOCA is horrible and — for me — immoral legislation, an affront like this between senators is unfathomable.”

    Initially, Brownback’s spokesperson claimed that the senator’s office “had never seen, heard of, or approved” the letter. Then Brownback’s office changed its story, saying that the letter had been approved by an unnamed, since-departed campaign aide. Then the story took another turn when the group that sent out the letter said the screed had been “sanctioned by Brownback.”
    source: http://www.washingtonmonthly.com

    Guess Brownback never heard of separation of Church & State?

  98. Hmm… wonder if WashingtonMonthly is a subscription site – can’t remember. Lemme check and get back to you. Sorry about that. I’d lift the paragraph (with proper citation) but it’s a bit long

  99. Morning all,

    Hope everyone is warm and toasty!

    Ann Strongheart has posted photos of her village after last week’s blizzard.


    Be sure to read the next post — Rural Alaska — Moving Forward (Working Title)

    It’s a letter she and Victoria, from Ugashik, have written and will be sending to the Alaska Dispatch.

    Much of this was born right here in Helen’s parlor. Thanks to everyone who has contributed! Special thanks to those who have contributed to the conversation and gotten things rolling!


    We couldn’t have done it without you!


  100. Greydog:

    Sort of reminds me of kids:
    “My God is better than your god”.

    Stupid people.

  101. I would say “priceless” smteaches.
    Great response. I think people just get too impatient and don’t want to stop and “smell the roses”.

  102. Looked at the snaps ,Greytdog but could not findG-D …About Rush-Iwas on a plane 2 weeks ago. A lovely little family group sat behind me; a father ,son and daughter-well behaved. I was eavesdropping because they seemed so nice. Then the father said “you know son, we could go look at the house where Rush lives while we are here.” The son about age 10 says”Gee Dad that would be great! Do you think we could go in and meet him?” Dad replies,”Well son, that would really be an honor wouldn’t it!?” ….

  103. Cynthia,

    You rant & rave @ all the irrelevant comments, yet you keep coming back & scrolling through the comments, and replying. Of course, many have suggested that you just read M&H’s post, then leave gracefully, but you don’t. So either:
    a) you do have time to read all the comments
    b) you’re curious enough @ all the comments to keep coming back & reading them
    c) you’re actually more interested in the comments than you allow yourself to realize
    d) you’re just a bully who can’t contribute anything useful, articulate, or interesting to the comments, so you’re going to attack those who can
    e) all of the above

    Methinks this community has made it clear — this is a gathering place where diversity, respect, and responsibility are honored and valued. You have several options here: scroll past the comments that don’t interest you (as already suggested numerous times), jump on board and stimulate your brain by joining in the thoughtful and though-provoking conversations, leave the party and go find a party where everyone in the room talks only @ the same thing, and only in response and relevance to any comments the host(ess) makes. (Gee, I really hope your family gatherings/office gatherings/ social gatherings are not like that!)

    Make a cup of hot tea, get a piece of pie, take a deep breath, relax, and enjoy the good things that are happening here. You’ll be surprised how much more you’ll enjoy your own life, and how many more friends and acquaintances you make when you start valuing and respecting others.

    Just my two cents…..Δ

  104. Sunday morning news romp. From ThinkProgress an interesting look at the CPAC keynote address – especially the audience reaction:


    The Washington Monthly has an interesting little article on “who owns God”. Go here:


    then scroll down the page to “This week in God”

  105. Thanks MirrorManΔ

  106. Lucky for you we saved some pie!….

  107. Sorry I am so late to the table..

  108. Cynthia, I was very surprised by your comment-can you not realize that we are having fun…is there something wrong with that? We do lots of good, nice things too. I think that you are just jealous of Greytdog because she is popular and we all like to hang out with her in Helen’s parlour.Do people smile when you come around here ?

  109. Exactly Gramma Rock.

  110. …..I do think calling someone a “bitch” is almost a compliment though.

    remember the old saying~ “witches and bitches! we get things done!”

  111. Cynthia – if that was how you were taught respect Yuk. That resppponse from you did not contain any respest that I could detect. I bet the other girls didn”t want to play jacks with you either.

  112. Greytdog – I am still practicing!

    The first time I saw a Word Processor I thought of my mother. Would she have loved one. She could type 90 wpm on a manuel in carbons yet. She would have had smoke coming out of a word processor! She tried to teach me shorthand. I lasted the first page and said no thanks!

  113. Sorry Cynthia, I scrolled back and I do not think you reacted in a good way. Rude behavior doesn’t get you anywhere here.

    GreyDog: I admire your self restraint.
    I do think calling someone a “bitch” is almost a compliment though.

  114. From CNN:
    “Romney again tops conservatives’ straw poll

    Conservative activists on Saturday picked former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney as the best 2012 Republican presidential candidate. It was the third consecutive year Romney came out on top. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal placed second, ahead of Rep. Ron Paul of Texas and Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. The annual poll is conducted at the Conservative Political Action Conference.”

    It’s like that scene from “Monty Python and The Holy Grail” where the sorcerer Tim warns the knights about the killer rabbit, and when they attack it he almost pisses himself with laughter at their ignorance as it tears the knights apart….

    Yeah, kind of like that….

  115. In case ‘some of you’ haven’t noticed, M&H is not your regular blog. Our hostesses give us something to start with and leave us to discuss among ourselves. I get the feeling they enjoy our give-and-take because no matter how many of ‘you’ show disdain, M&H continue to let us speak, including you. So have a piece of pie and relax.

    Just remember:

    Today’s off-topic conversation becomes tomorrow’s front page post.

    Quoting MirrorMan Δ 3:23PM

    “Hey, variety is the spice of life….

    (or was it oregano?)”

    I was thinking of a different ‘herb’… but then again… what were we talking about? ;)


  116. Hey, variety is the spice of life….

    (or was it oregano?)

  117. guess some folks prefer their ‘blogs’ in uniform with shaved heads.

    standardized, eh.

  118. MirrorMan, that was a funny youtube link!

    Dunn daaaah dun, dunnn dah dun…..

  119. Wow, Cynthia, way to stay classy! Are you bitter much about being wrong? Or are you bitter because you can’t waltz in here and make everyone on the blog behave the way you want?

    First you take everyone to task for behavior you don’t approve of, and when that doesn’t work, you turn into Little Miss Super Snark because people won’t jump through your hoops. Well, I am afraid you will have to lump me into that group that has failed to be impressed by your comments. By and large, this is a rather respectful, fun, and erudite bunch, and I can understand why you want to thought of as such, but trust me, the way you are coming across right now insures that those thoughts will never be applied to you. So just take your bitter thoughts, comments, and control issues and run back to the Free Republic or whatever blogs you visit that allow you to exercise the attitude that you have displayed here, because we aren’t in a buying mood.

    And now for something completely different, and pretty funny, Sorority Girls From Hell:

  120. Whirled Peas (re: Obama’s weekly address),

    So Am I too!!! We have got a real President! He got cahones.

    Mirror Man, I tried the cut and paste, and did a opinion post about Whirled Peas other link to “Right America, Feeling Wronged”. I then submitted comment, and poof! it disappeared (my post, that is). Don’t know why, but it’s okay, I’m fine without the pie. Actually I need to linger in M&H’s parlor a bit less – and start tackling my paperwork and business stuff.

    I felt very very sad after watching “Right America, Feeling Wronged”. They were just like me, only opposite. They can’t understand us just as I can’t understand them.

    Weren’t we as a country better before? Less divided? It’s not just them pushing us away, we liberals are pushing them away too. These are good people, albeit racists, proud-to-be rednecks, gun toting, religious righteous, Fox news groupies.

    After listening to Obama’s weekly address (thanks again Whirled Peas), what struck me most was that he is reaching out and helping those right wingers the most, especially those country “proud to be an American” hicks. I hope they start to listen, and realize where his focus is. It’s on all of us instead of the select privileged few.

    God bless to us all (even you Werner rascal!), God bless the USA.

  121. Grandma Katie, now you know that the best way to Carnegie Hall is to practice, practice, practice – same with all this techno-gizmo stuff. Practice. Anyone here remember typewriters? Manual Underwoods – and then those awesome electric ones! Wow.

  122. greytdog thanks for the help. So far I haven’t made it work but will practice!! Loved your words to Cynthis and then she popped uppppwith another long diatribe. SAme comment as before–if she doesn’t like M&H’s blog go somewhere else. I have found all the comments great and how every one leapped in to helping the Alaskans==well all I can say is Wonderful GRoup oof peope.

    Thanks MirrorMan for your very nice response, I guess y ou know I am recovering from a stroke and this blog has been a big help to my mental outlook.

  123. Woof :)

  124. Hey Greydog, Come girl,

    I hesitated to respond to you. I fear it would be like having a political discussion with a Republican or explaining to a three year old he can have chocolate milk or ice cream but not both. But inspite of my better judgement ……

    I apologize I was not aware Helen encouraged off topic comments here, she must have a lot of time on her hands. I come for the on topic remarks and while I know how to use the scroll doo-hicky thingy I find it annoying to scroll through the clutter of the irrelevant comments made among you. In my opinion it degrades an otherwise fantastic blog. But it is Helen and Margaret’s place and I agree they make the rules. Perhaps they should have an open thread allowing us the best of both worlds.

    I recognize a number of you from Mudflats. In my opinion it is like a pack of dogs running around from place to place marking their territory by lifting their leg on every tree or bush, attempting to prove to them and the world they are relevant.

    Since you asked, No I wasn’t the hall monitor, hardy however I was brought to be respectful although I have made exceptions. Were you the leader of a gang of girls that bullied others you deemed to be inferior to you? Just curious, however, no need to reply.

    So my dear Greydog, I concede to you. I accept your being the Alpha Bitch here. And I really, really, really mean it.

    You too have a good day.

    K2inSR – Thank you, you have to realize there are some people you can not reason with especially if they are a pack of Ass Hats, it is just impossible.

  125. so am i

  126. President Obama’s

    Weekly Address 02/28/09
    * …”so am I !!!”

    PEACE ~ Δ

  127. The doctor is in with some free advice for all readers of this blog who complain about the comments section. Here goes:

    Don’t like the comments? Don’t read them. Nobody is forcing you to.

    This has been a public service announcement. Have a nice weekend y’all!

  128. fort snelling does have excellent staff.
    and then there are some staff and interns
    who who need a smack upside the head from some gramma’s walking stick.

    had a surgeon last time granpa was there whose bedside manner/attitude would have been better suited for an audition to grey’s anatomy. gave us different information than was given to us later by the head vascular surgeon. caused a lot of unnecessary stress on the family. and told us that the removed body parts absolutely could not be returned. but after remedial course in the native american religious rights act and the native american graves and patriation laws, fort snelling now has ‘a form’ that clarifies who will be receiving the body parts for religious/cultural disposition.

    fort snelling does have good vascular surgeons available because of the nature
    of wounds coming back from iraq and afghanistan.

  129. FreepeRs on parade.

    Where was Ron Paul when Dub & Dick were in charge?


  130. Gramma Roc:

    Grampa is also close to me (waving at Tine).
    Is there anything I can do to help? Hopefully things go well. The VA hospital there is excellent. I know he will be taken care of to the nth degree. It is a teaching hospital affiliated with the U of M so they have many splendid people on staff. Please let me know what I can do.

    You look stunning! Not fat at all!

  131. mine doesn’t make me look fat, does Δt?

  132. I like it alot-looks cool,freΔ, it’s perfect.

  133. Keep it freΔ, it’s perfect.

  134. freΔ I think it looks just fine, tres chic. . .

    wonder if eons down the road some IT archeologist will come across this blog and see all those wedgies and after much pondering cry out “Eureka, we have discovered the code for that ever elusive ultrasecret society of rabble-rousers the Triangulators. . . . ” and of course none of us will be around to hand him a piece of pie, pat him on the shoulder and say, “nice try, bubbie, have some pie, try again”

  135. MirrorMan ∆, Ho ho!! Done did it.

    Just viewed the “Right America, Feeling Wronged” from the link on Whirled Peas’ post.
    ‘Right America: Feeling Wronged’
    *in 5 parts

    Boy. It’s a different world out there. Just as we believed whole heartedly that Obama was the best candidate for President, those proud-to-be rednecks, religious righteous, gun carrying, race car frenzied, nigger hating, Fox News groupies believed whole heartedly that Obama was the wrong person. They actually look down on a Harvard degree and fling around words like commie and socialist when they probably don’t even know what they mean.

    They were just like me, but opposite. I wanted Hawaii to secede after Bush won. I applauded people who moved to Canada. I hated Bush.

    In Pelosi’s film, we liberals were referred to as idiots. I had to laugh – I used to think they were the idiots! We thought they were idiots because they idolized Palin, and they thought the same of us because of how we felt about Obama.

    Whenever Bush would come on tv, I would turn the channel and not listen to him. I bet they are doing the same thing now when Obama speaks.

    Will we ever be a country united? Weren’t we better before? I don’t remember this kind of divide, and it seems to be widening.

    Part of the problem really is the media. We have our Jon Stewart (love him), Rachel Maddow, Keith Olbermann, and they have Fox News and Rush Limbaugh. They think we are being brainwashed (although ours are really funny media guys), and we think that they are being brainwashed.

    They condemn us as the city folks who really don’t understand them – the real down home backbone of the country folks. And it’s true. I don’t.

    They are good people, even though they are condemning, racists, and close minded. They don’t know how to be otherwise, and Obama being our leader scares them, just as Bush/Palin as leaders scares us.

    Alexandra Pelosi’s film made me feel very sad. I truly hope President Obama gets a united America soon. I will do my little part. I will put away my McCain/Speers button and not wear it anymore.

    Wanting peace,

    Sally ∆

  136. I dunno man, it just doesn’t look right.

  137. And Grandma Katie, it doesn’t really matter. You will always be a “∆”were we are concerned.

    Much love and happiness…..

  138. Just copy and paste…

  139. From one Mac Geek to another:

    Honolulu Sally ∆

  140. Learn something new everyday. Have to learn to be more forgiving though. Today I saw a car with a bumper sticker, “Impeach B.O. Now”. I wanted to lob a spit ball at his dirty old car. Obama has only been in office for 5 weeks, and already the discontents have made up their mind to oppose him. My religious friends are so set against him – it’s the abortion issue. I really want to go check out their churches and ask their ministers what the heck they are preaching. Stay the bleep out of politics and learn to judge by actions and heart, not words and religion. That’s what Bush, Limbaugh, Ann, Palin, Bachman, et al have: words and religion. Their cold hearts belong in hell.

    I didn’t know how to get the ∆, but played around with my keyboard (Mac). By holding down the “option” key, and typing a “J”, I get the ∆.

  141. Step 1: Here’s your name: Grandma Katie Δ

    Step 2: Left click mouse button (hold button down) and move cursor across your name – this highlights your name –

    Step3: Right click your mouse and a mini-menu pops up. Look at the list and find COPY. Click that on

    Step 4: Go to left side of comment box. You will see your name “Grandma Katie”. Again, highlight that name following step 2.

    Step 5: Right click your mouse again and the same mini-menu comes up. Look at the list and find PASTE. Click on.

    You should have Grandma Katie Δ installed in no time at all.

  142. Since I am computer incompetent, I have never figured out how to cut and paste, so I have never gotten myself a wedgie So my chief caregiver is going to teach me. FRom her I finally learned to add things.

    HonololuSallie – - so glad you liked La Bohome. It is my absolute favorite. If you can, subscribe to Rhapsody. It has almost every kind of music ever trcorded. MY son hooked me up to his.

    Martha UnAlaska TEll us some more stories from the Yukon and the boxes. LOved the one about the Postmistrss!!

  143. Reading an Ann Coulter book must be torture. Every time I see her interviewed on TV I want to take a shower. The woman is slimy, narcissistic, and says outrageous things just to get attention. You’re right…she adds nothing good to the world and seems to exist just to tear down anyone who doesn’t see the world in the incredibly disturbing way that she does.

  144. Jeani, on behalf of those of us who have found sanctuary and fellowship on Margaret & Helen’s porch & parlor, welcome. Have a piece of pie ~ Δ ~ , sit a spell, share a story, vent a bit, rant awhile, and always always, indulge in pie!

  145. Oh Ladies… you have given me a new lease on life. As I grow older (56 now… and can’t imagine how in hell that happened), I sometimes feel as though I’m no longer relevant in this world. But then I read your blogs, and they give me something to aspire to becoming. The fact that I share 99% of your opinions helps too. Let me join the throngs that are encouraging you to stop reading books and start writing one. For that matter, you already have the book written in this collection of blogs. Just find yourself a publisher, do an interview on NPR, and start rolling in the dough. Thank you for making me laugh, for reminding me that there are still people in the world (few though they may be) who have common sense, and for making me realize that relevance has precious little to do with age.

  146. Grandma Katie – you’re absolutely right – conversation between friends flows in and around, meandering here and there, flitting from topic to topic. . . conversation is the bee that pollinates friendship. . .

    hmmm…. think my pain meds just kicked in! :) I’m waxing way too lyrical, even for me!

  147. We could all play Pictionary – maybe that will make everyone happy?

    Or charades?

  148. In response to the trolls, well isn’t a good conversation with friends one that flows from subject to subject? At least with my friends that is the way conversation foes. I’m afraid if we stuck on AC everyone would l

    I take eception to the trolls who are disputing this blogs content. If they don’t like it why are they here? Surely they can find one that is strictly controlled. BEsides isn”’t that the mark of a good conversation between friiiiiends? A conversation that flows from subject to another? At least that is the waay conversations go with my friends.

  149. “And whenever you hear about two monkeys and a sloth getting together with a typewriter know that either another Coulter book is about to hit the bookstores…”

    Helen I have read your blog ever since you told the Internet that Sarah Palin was a bitch…and I have read you ever since BUT I think it was unfair to pick on monkeys like this…I like monkeys, I have stuffed monkeys, and I can sincerely say, if they were ever exposed to the fecal matter that you read, they would scream, even if I didn’t press their paws.

    So besides taking umbrage with your insult to monkeys, I continue to enjoy it here :-)


  150. Whirled Peas, thanks much for the “Right America, Feeling Wronged” link.

    I’ll watch it when I have more time, so am thanking you in advance for your awesome link finding fingers!


  151. @ Werner

    I will go comment on your blog so we can connect that way (I did take a peak at the Ann Coulter book cemetery – very appropriate!) but I have to leave for today so I will track you down over my weekend.

    Thank you so much for your offer! There is SO much to do, but we only have two Village Talkers so far and we’ve buried them in suggestions and tasks!

  152. K2inSR, please point out the folks who “screamed” at poor abused Cynthia. . . I mean really! As I recall the conversation (and I do since I have mastered the scroll doo-hicky), Cynthia became all quite prim and proper in her self proclaimed role as room monitor (wonder if she was a hall monitor during her school years?). As a couple of us pointed out, Helen herself has addressed this before so whenever someone decides, for some reason like a short lunch break or maybe a missed nap, that the comments are just toooooo long for any one person to stand and thus gives into their inner Rush, we, the unruly masses, attempt to get clarification. Now if you’ve noticed, since our request for clarification of Cynthia’s authority to be the room monitor, we haven’t heard from her. And I assure, we are waiting breathlessly for her presence with the same enthusiasm and glorious anticipation as we await our next colonoscopy prep. And so in like manner and with as much excitement, dear K2inSR, do we await the bestowal of your wisdom. Have a good day. Really. I mean it. Maybe Monday you should talk with your boss about giving you a longer lunch break – perhaps offer to work a few hours extra so that you can take the time to meander through M&H without being overly bothered by the communal musings.

  153. It’s not a race, you know…

  154. Seams my last post dind’t load

    found a pic on what happend to mAnn Coulters bestsellers:

    upps, might be the link,

    never mind IF you want to see it. follow the link through my name to my blog, in case I blogged new stuff, scroll down to the “hall of books”, you’ll love it!

  155. My LAST mAnn Coulter blog here, but I just found all her bestsellers and WHAT HAPPENED TO THEM!


    (In case I blogged new stuff, just scroll down until you see the “hall of books”!)

  156. GrammaRoc, I will pray for Grandpa Roc….maybe for your car too! —-Werner…you can help at anonymousbloggers by giving good creative helpful input.

  157. Greytdog,
    the MirrorMan might be lonely, but he was definitly faster (Or was that Clint Eastwood, keep mixing my old Western up…. LOL)

  158. forgot to say, you just need to comment on anything and than I get an mail to which I can answer

  159. Martha
    thanks for the nice comment, I have a question for you, above you said you need help on research and other stuff and as K2 noticed, I do have spare time (if. pittily, no spare cash) between helpdesk calls and am in front of a computer all day, so If I can help in anyway, pls contact me through my blog (follow link in my screen name) and I will answer your email directly.
    Went, not for the first time, to the AK villages blog but cannot realy see a link / topic there on how to help without donating goods or cash.
    (The few donations we can afford me and the wife do locally, enough shit to shovel around our own “yard”)

    So, if I can be of any help, use me!

  160. uh oh – TPM calls B.S. on Jindal


  161. Whireled Peas

    I nearly forgot why I was scared of the people down south, thanks for reminding me, and I think to revieve that business idea I once had, exporting inflatable brains to the south…..

    I know there won’t be much takers on this here porch (on few needing them anyway) but the main Ideas was to get rid of the hollow sound when you hit those Repugs over the head…..

  162. K2

    As the german extrovert pointed out (and a very smart one at that, who has provided many great discussions and observations here), the scroll button is your friend. It gets easier and easier to identify the subtopics that you aren’t interested in and just go on by ‘em!

  163. Hi K2

    If you’d bother to read what is said here than you’d notice that Helen acutally enjoys reading the discussion, even off topic, that go on here….
    ,,,, and if your short of time, too bad, but an advise given to others before: SCROLL the stuff that doesn’t inerest YOU, OTHERS might still be interested!

    That said, no need to scream, havea nice time but what got ecerybody excited about Cynthia was her “Blockwart” attitude, cause all of us belive that these (Blockwarts) where savely burried with their master (Adolf) and should stay so!

    Matthew, can post on the sideline the comment from Helen about inviting comments, so we don’t have to repeat it for everyone who thinks to teach us what we can and can’t say here? Thanks!

    And what the heck, blame me if you want to, I am German and by habit we first take over the posts and than the blog, we can’t help it, it’s in our Genes!

  164. Cynthia,

    I’ll probably get jumped all over and called all kinds of rude names, too, but I think your mild mannered suggestion that this blog be limited to polite discourse is spot on.

    I love to read the different blogs to get an idea about what all kinds of people think and believe. And I do believe in reasonable discourse and crosstalk. Unfortunately, I can only read this blog during my lunch, so sometimes it’s hard to find new kernels of opinion when the blog gets taken over by a few bloggers with too much time (and not enough manners) on their hands.

    So “scream” at me too!

  165. ‘Right America: Feeling Wronged’
    *in 5 parts


  166. Gramma Rock – you both will be in my thoughts and prayers. Please let Granpa Rock know that I and many of us here applaud and appreciate his service. Thank you Granpa Rock! Thank you Veterans!

  167. Hello all! Grandma Katie, La Boheme is indeed beautiful, unbelievable voices… (thank you!)

    Just got sent a link to a funny clip on our young ones from the perspective of a middle aged comedian. Makes one laugh and nod:

    Must admit, very true; but please remember, young grasshoppers, our parents’ generation thought the same of us.

  168. On my way to work this morn, found myself behind a car that actually still had a W04 sticker on the back windshield. Almost splailed my Starbucks and took all I had not to rear end this vehicle.

    Got me to thinking that I took my Obama/Biden
    08 bumper sticker off my car too hastily. Makes me smile when I still see them still on other cars on my daily commute.

    When I got to work pulled up CafePress.com and found a very nice Obama ‘seal’ sticker to put on my car to show my continued support of our PO.

    Just in case anyone else is interested…


  169. It’s almost like Christmas….


    A train wreck….

    A big one….

    With nuns….

    And puppies…..

    And sad clowns…..

  170. Thank you for making me laugh and think at the same time! Keep up the good work.

  171. Cardio-lites – I love it! I don’t know, there’s a lot of sharp wit running around this blog, starting with Helen’s. We could end up dying of laughter or something, and then who would Cynthia have to push around?

  172. it took the social worker two days
    to track down someone to translate
    after we gave her the name of the
    language teacher at the u.

    in the past we have been told there was
    no one to translate and we would have
    to provide our own.

  173. Almost forgot: …on the same day that BofA is testifying over billion$ of bonuses from our (and hopefully more of the wealthy’s) tax money.

  174. Speaking of trolls, it looks like the wingnuts are still going to have their stupid “tea party” to protest increasing taxes for the wealthy to try and help the rest of us.

  175. Gramma Rock: Grandpa Rock is a mere mile or so from where I sit. I’ll send healing thoughts his way.

    Hooray for the Ojibway interpreter! I’m surprised the VA hasn’t provided them before. It’s not like it would have been hard to find someone. There seems to a very active Ojibway community here. (My hubby taught briefly at Heart of the Earth school.)

  176. ……GranmaRoc-seems to me that Granpa Roc was not doing well at all, I hope I have not missed anything? I hope all the best for you right now.

    mii gwetch for remembering us.

    granpa rock is in v.a. hospital at fort snelling in the twin cities and has decided to go with the surgery to amputate his infantry soldier paratrooper feet. he is a combat veteran of the korean war and holder of three purple hearts. (he received two additional wounds in combat, but they were behind enemy lines and undocumented
    so they are not recognized by the u.s.a.)
    in traditional warrior society protocol, he is holder/carrier of a split eagle feather, which indicates a warrior with multiple wounds from many battles. he is ogitchida.

    made a little bit of history this a.m. as we finally got the v.a. to provide an ojibwe language interpreter at the medical team meeting. although granpa rock speaks english, it is his second language and his thinking processes are still in his first language, which is ojibwe. a language that is indigenous to this side of the world. ‘professionals’ generally do not have the patience to wait for him to process the languages in his head and jump in and try to think for him. today they acknowledged his native tongue. the least they could do, considering that native language speaking indian troops in korea were used by the armed forces as radio operators. despite being punished in gov’t schools for speaking their languages.

    surgery has not been scheduled yet. they will be running tests to on blood flow in his legs.

    i went down there for tuesdays meeting. got hit by deer both going and coming). so had to teleconference the meeting today.

  177. The people who buy her book (that actually believe the things she says) are just about as sad and pitiful as she is. They are holding on to demons that just won’t materialize! Oh and there’s a clip of Rush Limbaugh defending Jindal– the Republicans attempt at adding color (whatevah…) He sounds like he might die of an asthma attack. Pretty pathetic.

    Loved the review!

  178. You are such a trouper. I couldn’t have lasted all the way through.

  179. But actuallty, I move to replace “troll” by “cardoi-lite” from now on, confuses them even more and puts a positive spin on stupid comments….

  180. MirrorMan
    are you suggesting free membership for trolls to “improve the circulation of the elderly”…..?

    Well, worth thinking about, but since all here is free (including free flying pies) I guess we might need a bit more as incentive…. LOL

  181. Ha MirrorMan! Great idea.
    Grandma Katie, I feel the same way about people here.
    It is nice to learn things that come through and many of the posters are such a delight.

  182. Grandma Katie, think of the trolls as “cardio-lite”. They get the blood pumping, but they are cheaper than a gym membership.

  183. Tine- I’d delighted to “adopt” you! As Helen says The more the merrier.
    I have two daughters, four grandaughters. One of my friends’ girls calls me Grandma Katie. So join the crowd.

    It is hard to explain how much th is g roup has beome so important to me. My typing has improved even! And learning new stuff every day. Jean with her history and the posters from Alaska. Even the trolls do something. ( They stir up my adrenaline and make me growl)

  184. Secret Talker’s right!


    From Allure.com:

    “Wild salmon is an outstanding source of natural astaxanthin, a unique and multi-talented antioxidant,” says Nicholas Perricone, MD, author of Ageless Face, Ageless Mind and one of salmon’s biggest cheerleaders. “It’s a superstar in the realm of anti-aging foods.”

    “Astaxanthin is shown to improve skin elasticity and reduce the appearance of fine lines,” he says. It also helps “endurance and recovery following vigorous exercise”—key for Madonna, who spends hours each day working out.

    Now before you dig in, make sure the salmon you’re eating is wild, since only wild salmon is rich in astaxanthin.”

    Buy wild Alaskan salmon that is produced by Alaskan owned companies!

  185. Oh YEAH- buy Alaska Salmon! It is good for your skin,according to Madonna.

  186. So happy to observe that the mention of helping rural Alaska can till piss people off on the site, despite Helen’s invite…..so happy that Grandma Katie is on the case, Charles emerged from the shadows, and Greytdog is her usual brilliant ,caring self! GranmaRoc-seems to me that Granpa Roc was not doing well at all, I hope I have not missed anything? I hope all the best for you right now. I had a name change based on a Yu pik discussion. So I used to be AnnA(wedgie, actually). Currently thinking about going to Israel with a bf….but what about my horse and dogs?TO LIVE? Scaring myself….not much into Ann Coulter- troubled about fundamentalism in every faith with regards to WORLD PEACE and my journey….just thought I would say HI! or Help from my pajama clad blogger buddies…..

  187. As much as I love to read your writings – I have not read them in the last couple of weeks, because I am not interested in any listening to or hearing anything about Ann Coulter. Could you please give us your view on Obama’s first month in office. I am still extremely proud.

  188. Maven Δ, we would have given Cynthia a Δ but with a fascist ‘tude like the one she displayed, I simply couldn’t grab the pie fast enough – and my throwing arm is a bit off for safe delivery. . . sorry!

  189. jeez, I leave for ONE DAY and Cynthia sneaks in…?

    why did no one give her a wedgie so she would learn some of us are wedgies? or a piece of pie, even? sheesh….

    I have my link-clicking ahead of me,,,, so many good ones posted! thanks, by the way.

    Maven Δ

  190. As usual ladies you give me a chuckle when it so seems we need it.
    Thank you so much!

    Did I miss something? Is AC heading to SP country? Hope she takes some of that $$ she earned from all those that need hatred and shares it with the people are cold and hungry.

    I popped more packages in the mail for the villages in Alaska. This month I was also able to a do a little towards some fuel help. Wish it could be more.


    It looks like there is at least the start of a conversation on how this can be worked on for a better long term solution.

    Are the villages getting involved? How can we lend more support to assist them with what has to be some tough decisions?

    The wisdom of this group, even the semi researched opposition, looks like it might of some help, how do we help them turn this around??

  191. Martha, I’ve been trying to get over there. . . seems WordPress and I are starting to see eye to eye a bit more, but once onsite, I’m still not able to post. Will keep trying though.

  192. @ Greytdog Δ

    Yes, we have brought this up, I have been sponsoring loans with Kiva.org and there are many more such worthy programs. One of our posters found such a program run by a university and its students. Can we invite you to join / start a thread on


    if you have some ideas? We are discussing many things, but are a bit stalled because we need “troops” to carry out think-tanking, research, and probably letter writing very soon. We need more VILLAGE advocates to help us move in the best direction(s) and to focus our efforts. Ideas are welcomed, thank you!

  193. Martha, Pi, and JuneauJoe- would the villages gain economically from a program similar to the microloan programs set up throughout SEAsia/Central Asia, South/Central America, and Eastern Europe? That’s one of things that has been floating around in my brain for sometime – been researching it and that type of program could be easily adapted to almost any situation – especially if it is set up in a similar manner as the small business initiatives of Vermont (that gave us Ben & Jerry’s). . .right now I’m waiting for information from World Bank (which oversees some of the programs in SE Asia) on microloan programs to see if their parameters would be adaptable. . . microloans are about “seed” money – but some places have used microloans to start businesses that deal with issues on a village level – plumbing, housing, agriculture, animal husbandry, sewage, etc. . .

  194. You’d think Malek could at least spring for a couple $$$k’s of Omaha Steaks for his most favorite politician and her family. Sorry – but I just don’t see Caribou Barbie and Iceman Todd engaging in subsistence hunting. Any one every see Palin’s father’s house? Funny, but my dad was a subsistence hunter and we never had rack after rack after rack of antlers throughout our house. . . of course he was a long-bow hunter not a heli-hunter.

  195. Grandma Katie, you rock. :)

    Helen and Margaret have so many adoption requests. I think I’d rather have you anyway. Will you be my adopted grandma? Mine are both gone, and you are just so….groovy.

    Hugs from Minnesota.

  196. …Sshe says she goooooes hunting and fishing so the family can have good healthy food to eat. yuk

    princess hunting & fishing barbie needs to do some hunting and fishing downstream from her precious oil drilling and extracting companies. like the indigenous peoples in the “canadian oilfields” and then see how healthy the food on her table is.

  197. @ Grandma Katie

    YOU are a dear person for sending boxes to rural AK, thank you! It has turned into quite an amazing effort in Nunam Iqua, and beginning to be in two other villages who are coordinating efforts with Nunam as well.

    Stories abound from Ann Strongheart in Nunam Iqua, and they are mostly heart warming or very funny. Such as the postmistress calling Ann the very first day that boxes started arriving and saying “The Post Office is FULL!”. There were about 12-15 one rate boxes there. And Ann’s struggle to explain to villagers who is helping them – she doesn’t have a Yup’ik words yet for explaining bloggers, or the Internet, or email. Chuckle – I think she’s probably taking creative license with those concepts!

    I don’t think the Postmistress has worked this hard, ever, in Nunam Iqua. Boxes arrive whenever weather allows the mail plane to land. They are coming from all OVER the country and some from outside the US. People are smiling, and eating, and they have hope.

    This is NOT a usual occurrence- it’s something very special and good things will come from this generosity. It’s more than the giving itself, it’s the attention, discussion and the outpouring of ideas for long term solutions that is part of this as well.

    You are a wonderful person, bless you!

    Uh oh…am I in trouble with Cynthia? Has she shown her badge yet?

  198. JuneauJoe I am a bit slow as I have to make aa time to go shooping when ever anyone has the tiem. Am using Christmas money from Brother and Sister in Law.
    Aaanyway will pack the may be one big or two small ones to go tomorrow.
    The gentleamn who owns th is residence took me shopping. He was so intrigued with the idea he is sending one also. WE may combine into one oooof the bigger ones.
    I reaad today Paaalins things she sai about herself. Blech. Sshe says she goooooes hunting and fishing so the family can have good healthy food to eat. yuk

  199. Greytdog, you continually crack me up…thanks.
    Charles, hang in there!

  200. Cynthia dear, when speaking to the unruly masses (such as those of us on this blog), you must do the following:
    1)Clarify your authority – delineate your credentials also known as a post from Margaret & Helen establishing you as the sole authority for their blog
    2) Clearly define what you mean by “misusing” – examples are required (after all, you are dealing with the unruly masses – we be a bit slow). Furthermore, citation of verifiable sources for comparison are required to full comprehension.
    3) Clearly define “it” as used in your sentence: “Don’t disrespect them by bring it into their place”
    because frankly “it’ is an ambiguous term and truly signifies nothing in the structure of your sentence.
    4) Please demonstrate your command of “Have your discussion, but take it outside.” –
    5) Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.
    And Cynthia, do have a nice day. Really. I mean it.

  201. Cynthia, a quote from Helen on an earlier blog entry “As far as your comments go – the more the merrier. Knock yourselves out. Margaret and I appreciate the attention. Really we do.”

    There are those who just comment on the post, those who troll and entertain others by it, those who use it as a forum…deal :-)

    Well, back into the shadows, having to figure out how to match bills to a continually shrinking income and kinds depressed, think I will go back to a short story idea instead and listen to some more Arch Enemy.

    Missed you guys!


  202. Cynthia – are you the blog police? If so, you need to be more specific, such as:

    Who is it that is in trouble, is it more than one commenter? To me, it looks as though each commenter is practicing that that verb “discussing” so I really want to be clear on this point since maybe every single post is in violation of your rules.

    Oops, am I in trouble for discussing your ridiculous comment?

    Where is blogger jail, and can I get $200 for passing GO on the way there?

    Thank you for clearing all of this up!

  203. Who’s Cynthia? And why should we listen to her?

  204. To all those who are misusing this blog.

    This is Margaret and Helen’s place; they invited you in and made you welcomed. Be a proper guest.

    Have your discussion, but take it outside.

    Don’t disrespect them by bring it into their place.

    Thank You!

  205. Anyone here have any suggestions about what to do if your ex is cyber-stalking you? LOL

  206. As a refreshing change of pace, I would like to recommend Terry Pratchett’s Going Postal and the sequel, Making Money. Between them they explain the workings of government and high finance perfectly, and do so with a sly tongue-in-cheek “gotcha!” but no malice.

  207. I think that AC has issues and need professional help and large doses of meds, personally.

  208. Helen, I’m a bit concerned that Jindal’s speech made Palin more attractive. She paid for all of her children’s flight expenses this week after praying over the natives last week. Nothing like a trip with Franklin Graham to brighten up Sarah’s spirits. What will we do here with her continuing presence.

  209. I think I’m in Lady Love with you!

  210. Secret Talker,
    In the lower 48 people are thinking spring. Winter will soon end, things warm up and life moves on. IN THE VILLAGE where I was last year, Emmonak, the Yukon River was frozen over until the end of May.

    THE VILLAGES have below zero weather for 3 more months. People cannot assume that the ice breaks soon and a barge will get supplies into the villages. That is not possible until at least June. VILLAGES WILL NEED HELP FOR 3 MORE MONTHS!


    Money for propane is very important as is money for fuel oil for their homes. Help if you can!

    UAW Even GW Bush has said that Global warming is caused by man. He was 8 years too late in his assessment and now we have to play catch up to change his policies.

    By the way, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS CLEAN COAL! Coal puts massive amounts of CARBON into the air! I am pleased to see Obama moving on Global warming initiatives. Al Gore is a man with a lot of information on Global Warming by the way.

  211. Chloe, thanks for that Jon Stewart link. Hilarious! :)

  212. Jon Stewart’s response to Jindal’s speech.


    Man, I love Jon Stewart!

  213. Juneau Joe thanks for mentioning repeatedly that there is such need for help in rural Alaska.I hope that the commentators here will act on their behalf.Thanks Helen and Margaret!

  214. Just knowing that you have finished that garbage is a relief to me. Thanks for taking her venom and turning it into humor.

  215. No link, just a random quote that fits with Republican response to Obama’s speech:

    “…………..a tale
    Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
    Signifying nothing.”

    (”Macbeth,” Act 5, Scene 5)

  216. Last link for the AM – gotta start moving (slowly) through my day…everyone, take care!

    Source: http://themoderatevoice.com/

    Go to site link above. Scroll down the page to this article for an interesting read on an interesting politician. . . :
    The Future of the GOP is in Utah.
    By DENNIS SANDERS February 26th, 2009

  217. Progressive alert (all conservatives and neocons duck and cover time): interesting primer on economics


    And for a very sarcastic rebuttal to Jindal’s speech:


  218. Liz Smith just got dropped by the New York Post….I think they should hire Helen to write a daily!!!!! :-)

  219. UAW – Palin also gave a good speech last week about the villages! I bet you would be most impressed!
    Now she can wash her hands of rural Alaska and focus on Strip Mines and Oil drilling.

    Help a village folks! Helping those in need is the right thing to do.


    UAW – What if you are wrong about global warming and humans really are ruining our environment? The scientists looked at the data and feel Bush/ Cheney made Global Warming worse with their policies. I thank Obama for making changes in the disastrous policies of Bush/ Cheney. We still do not know what oil execs made the Environmental Policy for Bush/ Cheney. Enron had some input though, remember Enron? Didn’t they take down the power on CA a few years ago and made a killing doing it?

  220. UAW – Jindal was in good form last night so Lou is probably doing just as well as Jindal.

    Grandma Katie: I have to admit, the place here is beautiful. When it rains though, it rains like few places in the world. Lots and lots of rain and lots of snow this past winter.

    Help feed a village folks:


    If you give to the AK food bank, tell them you would like them to use the money for feeding the villages!

  221. Did you see Bobby Jindal’s speech after President OBama spoke? IMO, Sarah Palin doesnt have anything to worry about as far as being a “star” in the republican party. I wonder, WHY was he on primetime TV spouting his self-serving speech anyway? If that is the best-of-the-best that the republicans have to offer, we dont have to worry…..

  222. Maybe we’ve already seen this one, but….

    Bears a look again.


  223. JUneau Joe am rerading a mystery book about happenings on a crusise ship that goes to Juneau, Skagway and Glacccier By etc. Descriptions are great.

  224. Hey Turn the page–loved your response. Not that getting angry will do anything to th eir thick skins.
    UAW – sorry to hear about y our wife.
    So tired of hearing the repubs saying Obamas ideas won’t work. But I don’t hear any ideas that are better. All th ey do is scowl.

    JIndal and Palin -now that is a nightmare of a thought.

  225. Thanks Greydog. Nice hat tip to NPR. Please pass on more of this type of info as it’s important to have perspective.

    I need some music now: Puccini’s Nessun Dorma

  226. watching lou dobbs..
    he’s in good form tonight

  227. Here’s the difference between Jindal’s speech (apparently some pundits see it as his leftover speech from the 08 Repub convention) and Obama’s address to the 04 Dem convention (please note at the time no one outside of Illinois had really heard about Obama who was running Illinois Senate seat) Both speeches are biographical in tone. . .but. . .


    As for Clinton – he has always been longwinded, pedantic and an uninspiring speaker. I used to nod off about 2 minutes into his speeches. Just couldn’t prop the eyelids open. . . but then again, I’m the person who falls asleep as soon as the minister starts preaching or the professor starts lecturing. . . especially in monotone. . .

  228. Janedoe…
    in 1988 at the Dem convention
    Arkansas governor Bill Clinton gave a widely jeered 32-minute-long opening night address that some predicted would ruin his political career, a source of much satisfaction to him 4 years later when he was elected the 42nd President of the United States.

  229. Hurray TurnThePage! Sometimes it’s good to get angry.

    Mad as Hell and ain’t gonna take it anymore!!!

    Welcome to the club!

  230. From the American Conservative:


  231. I wonder if the GOP put Jindal in there so they wouldn’t have to worry about him in 2012…should have been Palin…..go Newt

  232. Well, I don’t like Sarah Palin and never did, so I guess Ann Coulter would hate me too.

  233. Wonderful, Helen. Thank you once again for your summary of Ann’s book.

    I’m a big fan of books, but I will bite off my own big feet before I read that rubbish Coulter calls a book.

    Recently a co-worker asked me what I thought of the stimulus package. She had that tone in her voice – you know, the tone they use to ask a question while projecting their own opinion with it? I knew where she was going with this but what surprised me was my response. I basically said, “Look, no one truly knows if it will work as expected – but Obama’s trying. I know what the opposing side is saying. They hate it. They think it’s irresponsible. They talk crap about the man who is trying to do something about the crappy economy. But are they offering a solution? No. If you have a problem with the package, either come up with a proper solution or shut up.”

    I got angry. I shouldn’t have gotten angry.

  234. and Here we go again – same song, second verse same as the first
    GOP hates earmarks – except the ones its members sponsor


  235. OT. Just wanted to read what the other side was saying about Jindal’s speach last night and came accross this site. (UAW would be at home here.)

    Sorry I just do not understand the way these people think.


  236. About last night: Al Giordano’s is the best analysis I’ve seen anywhere on the web, notable for this particular tidbit –

    >Regarding health care, the President boomed, “we can no longer afford to put health care reform on hold.”:

    “Already, we have done more to advance the cause of health care reform in the last thirty days than we have in the last decade. When it was days old, this Congress passed a law to provide and protect health insurance for eleven million American children whose parents work full-time. Our recovery plan will invest in electronic health records and new technology that will reduce errors, bring down costs, ensure privacy, and save lives. It will launch a new effort to conquer a disease that has touched the life of nearly every American by seeking a cure for cancer in our time. And it makes the largest investment ever in preventive care, because that is one of the best ways to keep our people healthy and our costs under control.

    “This budget builds on these reforms. It includes an historic commitment to comprehensive health care reform – a down-payment on the principle that we must have quality, affordable health care for every American.”

    I didn’t hear a single TV pundit last night or today pick up on what Obama is really up to here. It’s in the bold type: “This budget builds on these reforms.” He was talking about the budget he is about to propose. The next steps in creating national universal health care will come not in separate legislation which requires 60 out of 99 US Senate votes, but, rather, as part of the budget bill that, according to Congressional rules, needs simply a majority – 50 votes – to be passed and which cannot be subject to opposition filibuster.

    That was exactly the point in the speech when Senate Republicans got those long unhappy looks on their faces. He had just ripped from them their only obstructionist power. They shifted nervously in their seats and scrunched their “holy crap” scowls. Skilled politicians all, they knew their goose had just been cooked. It was at that point in the speech that, after a couple of minutes of coming to grips with the new rules, they began to make a show of applause and standing ovations for the cameras. If you can’t beat Obama, join him. It was a beautiful play to watch.<


    I didn’t realize this – did you? It’s true when they say Obama is playing chess and the bumbling, stumbling obstructionists are playing tiddly winks!

  237. UAW, there’s your strenth, you tell a good, funny story, without politics. Run with it and you’ll do well.

  238. MirrorMan, I agree with the others who say bravo to you. Your posts are interesting and informed. I also agree with Greytdog on a couple things: First, that you’re farting into the wind trying to get UAW to understand. UAW seems to be the poster child for the urgent need for better education. I also agree with Greyt that those who have opposed and worked against Obama’s plan should not receive any payments, and that includes my own state. Sure, I’d love a bailout as much as anyone else, but I think it’s more important in the long run to see our representatives’ true colors and who or what they’re actually representing.
    Helen, please do a serious detox program. We love you and are concerned about your health.
    Thank you, smteaches, for the rhubarb raisin pie recipe; it sounds yummy.

  239. welcome slythwolf, have a slice of pie and stick around, you’ll like it here.

  240. Someone linked me to your-all’s blog from another blog I read, and let me just say, if this post is any indication of the quality around here I will shortly become a regular reader.

  241. A Sunday school teacher is concerned that his students might be a little confused about Jesus, so he asks his class, “Where is Jesus today?”

    Steven raises his hand and says, “He’s in Heaven.”

    Mary answers, “He’s in my heart.”

    Little Johnny waves his hand furiously and blurts out, “He’s in our bathroom!”

    The surprised teacher asks Little Johnny how he knows this.

    “Well,” Little Johnny says, “every morning, my father gets up, bangs on the bathroom door and yells ‘Jesus Christ, are you still in there?!’”

  242. Bush Embarks on Speaking Tour


    Wonder if his museum will have a McDonalds playland. . .

  243. Hey greytdog
    why punsh the poeple for the stupidity of their govenors?
    Power (or money) to the people, fuck (political) PARTYs
    just MHO

  244. Mirror Man – your post at 11:38 – bravo, well said!

  245. My opinion – Any governor (note: no party affiliation specified) who has campaigned AGAINST the stimulus bill should forfeit access to the stimulus funding. Since these governors feel that the bill is more detrimental than beneficial, to accept such funding would be placing them in a position that, as leaders, would be untenable to their electorate who believe their governor acts on their behalf (otherwise, why would the governor hold that office in the first place). Notice please, this is MY OPINION. If a governor has come out publicly and repeatedly against the stimulus bill, so be it. The funding “earmarked” for that state should then be divvied up among the states who have sought for, and obviously need, funding.
    UAW, I’m flattered that you think my opinion is a target of your opinion. It’s a bit like jousting – just don’t mistake my opinion for anyone else’s.
    Good luck with the oncologist. Please keep us informed. You and your wife are in our thoughts and prayers.

  246. hey graygog..
    I’m posting this so you can see were they picked up their info thats all…hint(wiki)


  247. UWA

    after 8 years of shrubb there are a LOT of screw up’s to bash about.

    after 1 1/2 month s of DEMs there are surpisingly little screw ups yet (Even you have to cherry pick ‘em)

    so, double standard THAT!

  248. mirrorman…
    graydogs statement was from yesterday(24)
    today you said”No one, and I repeat, NO ONE, as in zip, zero, nada, null, has been saying that! ”
    on the 24th the only ones mentioned were Reps….not just here but tv and radio…..
    today(25) a Dem comes along and now I hear excuses……
    like I said…double standard…

  249. Did Bobby Jindal even watch President Obama’s speech? He’s as out of touch as the House Republicans who congratulated themselves for unanimously voting against the stimulus bill, even after President Obama agreed to some of their demands.

    My mother (please forgive her – or not – I’m a very liberal Democrat) was a staunch Republican who hated Eleanor Roosevelt, framed her invitation to the Nixon/Agnew innauguration and worshiped the ground the Reagans walked on. She also hated the Kennedys (she said Jack Kennedy was his father’s pimp and called Jackie Kennedy “miss breathy voice”), but since she wore size 9 1/2NN shoes, she did admire Jackie’s style in her size 10N shoes.

  250. You will have to ask Greytdog that.

    What I do know is that he said “any governor”, not “any REPUBLICAN governor” You keep picking this same fight over and over. I wonder why?

    But I do agree with him.

  251. mirrorman…cut from graydog post…
    “MirrorMan ∆, my personal opinion is that any governor who has publicly come forth and said NO to the stimulus bill has therefore forfeited any access to that money”….but if its a Dem?????

  252. Good luck with the Oncologist. I don’t know enough about the field to be of much use.

  253. If you would listen instead of shouting, you might be made aware of some facts!
    “It’s the double standard being applied that pisses me off.”
    No one, and I repeat, NO ONE, as in zip, zero, nada, null, has been saying that! But to you, it is all you see! As for your example:

    “A Rep Gov wants to not accept some of the stimulus and he’s chastised…a Dem Gov wants to do the same thing and excuses are made…”
    Let’s get this clear right now. The Republican governor is resisting purely on POLITICAL grounds, and when needy people ask for the help, they get prayers. The Democratic governor is resisting on FINANCIAL considerations, and is looking to restructure their funding to help more but diminish future obligations due to the restrictions built into the stimulus package. Wow! Democrats being fiscally responsible? Isn’t that the GOP meme?
    “A.C. votes in the wrong district and some want to burn her at the stake….No problem with a state that has more votes than voters….(Minn-Frankin….Wash 2004-Christine Gregoire)”
    Two very important things here: 1) We want to burn A.C. at the stake because she is a loathsome waste of flesh, a shrill harridan, and a talentless hack who wants to return to a point in time where she wouldn’t have hardly any rights to speak of. She is a clueless idiot of an attention whore, and that whole voting thing is more about her holier-than-thou attitude and most people’s abject distaste of her than anything else. 2) If you want to bring up voting, we have Florida, we have the disenfranchised people in, I believe, Pennsylvania who were in line to vote for hours and couldn’t because of extremely prejudicial and unethical behavior by the then-Republican individual in charge of voting. And don’t even bring up Diebold. A problem with the antivirus software? Why is it hooked up to the internet ANYWAY?!?!?!?

    “as far as tv or radio personalities…we got-em on both sides(asshats)…
    I’m going to keep pointing that out …..”
    One thing we agree wholeheartedly on.

  254. mirrorman… I kept my feet apart…I also watched the wind….how’s your pink eye(from pissing into the wind)

  255. graydog
    thanks for asking..
    we’ve got a follow-up with a different oncologist (new cat scans-tests)….It doesn’t look good…moved into her lungs…

  256. UAW, I am smart enough not pick up piss-filled boots. By the way, your shirt is yellow…

  257. Honolulu Sally…
    It’s the double standard being applied that pisses me off.
    A Rep Gov wants to not accept some of the stimulus and he’s chastised…a Dem Gov wants to do the same thing and excuses are made…
    A.C. votes in the wrong district and some want to burn her at the stake….No problem with a state that has more votes than voters….(Minn-Frankin….Wash 2004-Christine Gregoire)
    as far as tv or radio personalities…we got-em on both sides(asshats)…
    I’m going to keep pointing that out …..

  258. MirrorMan – ;)

  259. UAW – for future reference, Wikipedia is NOT a scholarly or journalistic or any credentialed source for citing. Wiki is fun, it’s one of those “all-in” places but rarely verifies (ohhhh sounds like Fox) – but as far as veracity goes, find other sources to back up statements.

    Honolulu Sally “He’s like the brother-in-law that farts hamburger surrounded by vegetarians” OMIGOD woman! ROFL and it really hurts! But what a great line. . .

    MirrorMan, just accept the fact that nothing we say or cite will be acceptable to UAW – so just quit trying to change his opinion. You’re up against a cement block. And you need to fully realize that there is no such thing as bipartisanship in this country. No way, no how, ain’t gonna happen. Think of it as our American version of the Israel-Palestinian conflict.

    UAW – how’s your wife? How are you doing?

  260. Not that I am any better, just to make a point.

  261. MirrorMan, UWA: SIT!

  262. mirrorman …pour piss…
    when you read the directions did you get any on you…

  263. Whoa MirrorMan ∆! I normally think your comments are wisely sane and your “Pucker Up” comment prior to this one was spot on and funny at the same time (like an offspring of Helen).

    But UAW is the bad boy parlor cousin who sometimes needs to sit in the corner but not leave the room. He could easily defect and go over to the other side and be welcomed as one of “them” and happily bash the Liberals and our new President with their stupid logic and blind hatred.
    At least we have smart logic and eyes-wide-open hatred here.

    And he’s got great body armor on – is able to take the criticisms and vote offs and being the brunt of our attacks many times over. He’s Stuper Republican, and he’s ours.

    He’s like the brother-in-law that farts hamburger surrounded by vegetarians. He’s part of the parlor gathering.

    So MirrorMan ∆, rant on, because you do a great job of it, but let UAW rant too and continue to push our buttons. I prefer his farts over the crap from Coulter, Limbaugh & Co.

  264. …since you have so much to share….

  265. mirrorman …
    you accused me of having Ann and Rush as my Gods…I just shoveled a little back..

  266. Wow, you certainly took a bullet for all of us by reading that insane dribble. I’ve always wondered what this troll wrote in all her books, but I never wanted to give her/it the time of day. So, thank you very much!

  267. UAW, I swear to god, you must be one of the most deliberately obtuse people I have ever had to deal with. At times, I wonder if you could pour piss out of a boot with directions on the bottom!

    To wit: “I thought it was the liberals that had the messiah”

    There you go, thinking again. Let’s leave it to the professionals, huh? Wherever have I said that Obama was the Savior? That he was the best thing to happen?

    Oh, don’t bother looking it up.

    We all know that when you are challenged for the facts, you change topics and run to another argument. Your facts are specious, your arguments lame, and conclusions murky, to say the least. You are intellectually dishonest and bankrupt, and you refuse to see the flaws in your pathetic little group of self-important whackjobs because you are too busy telling other people how wrong they are. It must be nice to be so perfect and have that much time to correct everything around you that you know is wrong. Tennessee? From the article I read, they have legitimate concerns about not accepting the money. But their issue is a financial one, not political. And they aren’t telling people to pray their cares away. And Byrd is questioning his own party, something the Republicans never did when Bush went stomping over the Constitution and something you don’t have the courage to do.

    And if Chris Matthews did say that, he should be ashamed of himself. Of course, when we say the same things about O’Reilly, Hannity, Rush, etc., we are told we are not American, that we hate America, Free Speech, blah, blah, blah. You don’t like what he said? Stuff it! He has the same freedoms as your right-wing gaseous talking heads! We have to put up with them; you have to put up with the “Oh, God.”

    Got it?


    Now the grownups are talking.

    Shut the hell up.

    Pardon me, I have work to do.

  268. http://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2009/02/msnbc_oh_god.html

  269. and another Dem


  270. and another Dem


  271. mirrorman…
    nice rant??????
    I thought it was the liberals that had the messiah

  272. When taxes were reduced for the wealthy did they put their extra cash into growing the economy? Or did they aid in creating the wildly speculative commodity fluctuations which ruined our economy?

  273. junneujoe..


    * Timothy F. Ball, former Professor of Geography, University of Winnipeg: “[The world's climate] warmed from 1680 up to 1940, but since 1940 it’s been cooling down. The evidence for warming is because of distorted records. The satellite data, for example, shows cooling.” (November 2004)[5



  274. Hmm this is interesting – from NOLA Times-Picayune article on Jindal speech. A poster writes in:
    “Bobby Jindal’s response to Obama’s address was pitiful. His story about Harry Lee was borrowed straight from Aaron Broussard’s playbook. Broussard told the exact same story, but it was Harry Lee and Aaron Broussard. Jindal wasn’t even in JP during Katrina. He was too busy mugging for the cameras in BR so that everyone would say, “If only Bobby was Governor instead of BlankZero.” Now Jindal needs to worry about being Governor of LA and quit being romanced by the GOP as their “rising star”. Jindal will not win the presidency of the U.S. I don’t think anyone wants a LA politician leading this country.”

    Posted by garykranz on 02/24/09 at 11:06PM
    Source: http://www.nola.com/news/index.ssf/2009/02/gov_bobby_jindal_says_debt_wil.html#comments

    Seems there’s more to this story about the Katrina debacle than just the FEMA F%@kup. . . wonder how many other LA politicos made hay on these stories

  275. Gryphen strikes again and calls out Bullshit!
    Wednesday, February 25, 2009
    Sarah Palin, who wanted Obama to vote against the Stimulus Bill, is now asking for 285 million MORE money then Alaska is being offered.


    Gov. Sarah Palin submitted a spending bill to lawmakers on Tuesday asking that they authorize $461 million from the federal stimulus package for infrastructure projects in Alaska.

    Palin’s supplemental bill is asking for more than $285 million over what the state expects to receive in transportation projects from the stimulus bill.

    The state, instead, expects about $175 million. But state transportation officials earlier this week told lawmakers that the administration would be requesting additional spending authorization in case Alaska receives money that was destined for other states that failed to meet the “use it or lose it” deadline.

    Whoa hold on just a damn minute. Didn’t Governor Palin express disdain for this bill? Didn’t she even go so far as to suggest that Obama veto his own Stimulus Package? Yes she did. (http://www.politicususa.com/en/Palin-Stimulus-Bill)
    Source: http://theimmoralminority.blogspot.com/

  276. Did anyone notice Samuel Alito’s face when he had to shake hands with Obama? I thought the man was gonna run out of the room to sanitize himself – what a grimace he wore!

    And MirrorMan, spot on as usual!

  277. UAW et. al., I am not against Republicans per se, as I agree with a lot of their central tenets, 3 in particular: 1) Smaller Government, 2) Staying out of people’s lives, and 3) Lower Taxes.
    Now, if the bastards would:
    1) Make Government smaller instead of bigger, I wouldn’t have a problem, but they don’t. They talk the talk, but then go back and complicate things and make it bigger. To be fair, both parties do this, but for one to make the claim that they want a smaller government and turn around and make it bigger, well that’s just being full of it.
    2) Staying out of people’s lives means you can get married to who you want, have an abortion if you choose, have sex with 1 or more adults of your choosing, and wear whatever clothing your religion asks of you. The Republicans have welded themselves to the religious fascists of America and believe none of these things; so again, they are liars and full of it. What people do in their bedroom, whom they marry, whatever their reproductive choices may be, as long as consenting adults are involved, the government needs to STFU and MYOB! Period!
    3) I believe in lower taxes, just not for the richest SOB’s in the group. They have the money to pay taxes. I want the tax breaks to go to people who need the extra twenty dollars because they will use it for diapers, or baby food, or groceries, not a F%&^ing down payment on a new BMW or to subsidize the latest trip to Aruba.

    So no, I am not against Republicans, but until they start acting like Republicans, the rest of these GOP Bastards can kiss my ever-lovin’ ASS!!! And if you actually believe what people like Jindal and Sanford are selling, if Rush and Ann are your gods, if Hannity and O’Reilly can do no wrong in your eyes, then I have put one suggestion for you…

    PUCKER UP!!!!!

  278. It is simply awesome to have a real President. An intelligent adult with a plan. A person who not only can give a real substantive speech, but one who knows what it means too. No wonder he’s driving the wingers out of their collective nut.

  279. Bobby Jindal gave me bigger creeps than the Palin wink. . . his delivery seemed more pained (and full of bs) than a colonoscopy prep. And what he failed to tell you in that little story about the Sheriff yelling over the phone during Katrina. . .the sheriff was yelling at Michael “heckuva job” Brown’s FEMA jerks who refused to let the airboats and rescue folks into the stricken areas

  280. Gov. Jindal is all that the Repubs have???

  281. OMG: Even Fox News is saying that the Republican response to the Obama State of the Union Speech was inept!

    The Republicants should have let Rush give the response.

  282. Last night Obama mentions cutting the deficit and the Republicans stand and applaud. Then Obama says “Which I inherited.” A classic heh.

    We’ve had “The Greatest Generation”, “Generation X”, etc… Today’s “Right of center” will come to be known as the “Just F@(cking Finance It” generation.

  283. UAW:

    Something for you to read about the rate of melting polar ice caps. Global warmng is a big issue!


  284. huh? Are you translating Colorful now?
    that’s a good one graydog..
    no I just cut and pasted from other posts

  285. I LOVE this blog so much. I don’t think I will ever stop laughing, what really made it for me was hearing Ann referred to as an “Ass Hat”.
    You two are so amazing! You deserve medals, you really do!
    Sending laughs from over the pond <3

  286. Give it a rest, will ya!

    Margaret and Helen…keep on going…you two are a hoot!!!!

  287. Morning gang

    Just a bit disapointed here, with the medal project.

    Everyone and his brother wants to hand a medal to Helen, but no one seams willing to put in a bit of graphic art work!

    Vellum hasn’t got the tools, I ain’t got the eyesight for imaging, so, last call, any takers?

    I have the complete material available…..

    And the “throw a shoe at someone” project is finished, but cannot be hosted by the creator.

    Doesn’t make sense to put it on my blog either (would move back day by day and any posted link becomes moot in less than 24 hrs)

    Anybody a (static) home for it?
    (We got the OK from the owner of the shoe pic to use it and in the end it’s nothing else than sending an automated email with an attached nice old shoe pic…..)

    Any takers 1 & 2?


  288. nope changing roles:
    from the “voice in to keep you on your toes” to the “poor right wing victim” I’d guess, or just fedup with too much goodwill are you?

  289. UAW: “Theocratic Republican DoucheNozzle
    witchhunter’s twaddle
    Bitch-on-a-stick? Q-Tip?
    Fux gnews”

    huh? Are you translating Colorful now?

  290. maven…graydog…
    like I said….a left bashing right blog…
    don’t believe me…. how about…
    Theocratic Republican DoucheNozzle
    witchhunter’s twaddle
    Bitch-on-a-stick? Q-Tip?
    Fux gnews

  291. Tradesman: All the delaying tactics in the world are not going to change the course of the Min election. There was an election and a recount – time to seat the winner.

    UAW: Florida – back when Bush stole the first election! Please comment.

    Remember: Bush (stole the election) got his 2 Trillion dollar tax cut and lied us into a 1 Trillion dollar Iraq war.

  292. Sophronia…
    why are you so outraged about AC voting and not about the vote count in Minn. …the outrage shouldn’t be about who might win but about the fact that there are more votes than voters….

  293. Its all good Greydog. Its all good.

  294. rule # 1 – don’t work computer when on pain meds
    rule # 2 – don’t let the cat type for you

  295. Richard Cohen in today’s Washington Post – on Obama’s speech wrote:
    “It sang, as Walt Whitman did, of a glorious country.”

  296. Just had to share this quote from Richard Cohen’s column in The Washington post today. On Obama’s speech:
    “It sang, as Walt Whitman did, of a glorious country.”

  297. Maven ∆, we’re 5 hours behind the East Coast and 2 hours from the West Coast, so it’s still early to me, but sorry it kept you up. Wasn’t it great though!

    I don’t know who those men were in the second row, but they were Republicans. The woman in the row in front with the smile on her face (and she was sitting next to McCain) was one of the 3 Republican senators that voted for the Recovery Bill.

    A perfect ending to the speech would have been someone starting off singing “God bless America” and everyone joining in. Remember the Vietnam movie “Deer Hunter”?

  298. Honolulu Sally:
    Thanks for the link,,, I am up WAY past my bedtime tonight because I clicked it!

    Just wondered though…. who are the guys in the second row at 57:39 of your link? Two of them didn’t even seem to be listening, and one was busying himself with notes of some kiind….
    Don’t be naive here with the Repubs kiddo. They look at that “aisle” like the Red Sea. Can’t be crossed without a miracle. JMO.


  299. greytdog Δ -
    I have scrolled past UAW’s posts for, um, a few Hell’N Notes now. He doesn’t seem to bring anything to the table. And I got sick of wasting my time reading it….sorta like listening to Republicans in general,,,, all slang-damn-no-substance…. I’d rather watch Fox News where at least they are more articulate.


  300. It was a GREAT speech! They got up and down with their standing ovations, and from the comfort of my home with my earphones on listening to great words from a great leader promising us a better tomorrow, I myself stood up to applaud. The Republicans will get it soon. They have to get on the train or they will be left out in the cold. They have to forget their divide and dig in with all of us. We must welcome them when they do.

    Hope you can hear and see his speech (and his LONG walk up to the podium). The video is about an hour long:


  301. President Obama was GREAT in his State of the Union speech! The Republican response was as lame as a freshman debate.

    Thank You President Obama! Thank You Helen and Margaret!

    The State of the Union Speech was honest, straight forward and what our country needs after the mismanagement of Bush and Cheney!!!!

    I feel we have hope and a way forward!

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  303. The full text of
    President Obama’s speech


  304. Honolulu Sally….Bless you for the recipe!!!!

  305. President Obama and Helen rock!!!!

  306. I thought Laura Bush was o.k. Really.

    Ann Coulter is deluded. Always has, and always will. She’s projecting what she can’t get into hate for those who “has it”.

    Same as Rush Limbaugh. He’s a chicken hawk who masquerades as a “hero” a “fighter”, shall I say a “leader”… But someone who will hide and run when the first sign of trouble approaches.

  307. From The Washington Monthly:
    The Senate confirmed Hilda Solis as Labor Secretary, 80 to 17. It’s about damn time.
    Source: http://www.washingtonmonthly.com

  308. Preview of Obama speech tonight –
    “I think about Ty’Sheoma Bethea, the young girl from that school I visited in Dillon, South Carolina – a place where the ceilings leak, the paint peels off the walls, and they have to stop teaching six times a day because the train barrels by their classroom. She has been told that her school is hopeless, but the other day after class she went to the public library and typed up a letter to the people sitting in this room. She even asked her principal for the money to buy a stamp. The letter asks us for help, and says, “We are just students trying to become lawyers, doctors, congressmen like yourself and one day president, so we can make a change to not just the state of South Carolina but also the world. We are not quitters.”
    Source: http://www.fivethirtyeight.com/

  309. Just twiddling my thumbs and waiting to hear President Obama’s Address to Congress tonight.

    Meanwhile, will share Hawaiian Electric’s recipe of the month (they have great recipes with every bill):


    Shortbread Crust:

    1 cup butter or margarine
    2 cups flour
    1/2 cup sugar

    Preheat oven to 350º, grease a 13x9x2 pan.
    In a mixing bowl, cut butter into flour and sugar until mixture resembles coarse crumbs. Gently and evenly pat the crumbly mixture into the prepared pan. Bake crust for 15 minutes, set aside.


    1 package (17 or 20 oz.) Ghirardelli brownie mix
    1 egg
    1/3 cup vegetable oil
    1/3 cup water

    In a mixing bowl, blend water, oil, and egg. Add brownie mix and stir until moistened. Spoon batter over shortbread crust and spread evenly. Bake brownies for 35 – 40 minutes or until done. Cool and cut with plastic knife. Makes 24 bars.


  310. Ready to tackle the economy now, you two?

  311. [...] Coulter and Bush sitting in a tree…K.I.S.S.I.N.G Note From Helen:  I wrote this before Ann Coulter appeared on Larry King Live with  Joy Behar.  I am leaving my [...] [...]

  312. Sorry about the rant. SO headed up to pharma to pick up refill of pain meds. But just as I’ve found that as I get older the worse pain feels. . .I’ve found that I have much less tolerance for BS games, including the ones UAW likes to play. Dialogue I welcome; debate I enjoy – but butting heads to prove who’s the bigger jerk-off? “thanks but no thanks”. I’d rather talk with the Sphinx. I mean it. Really.

  313. http://www.comcast.net/articles/news-national/20090224/Palin.Family.Travel/

    Palin in the news again. This time she has to pay almost $7,000 for back trips taken by her daughters that were of questionable purposes to actual state business.

    First the taxes on the per diem, now this. When is someone going to seriously look into the contractors that were used to finish her house that were the same as built the sports complex. I wonder if their time and any materials ended up at her place. Sounds kind of like the same thing Ted Stevens just got in trouble for.

  314. MirrorMan ∆, my personal opinion is that any governor who has publicly come forth and said NO to the stimulus bill has therefore forfeited any access to that money. I agree with the governors who have petitioned Congress and the White House requesting that those monies be divided among the states who have 1) publicly supported the stimulus bill (even while holding their noses) and/or 2) refrained from politicking on the subject. IMO, I find it interesting that the primary states leading the NO to the stimulus bill are all led by Southerners, born-again, or at the very least wanna-be POTUS. Since Obama took office the only thing we’ve seen from the GOP is their inability to be part of a solution, and their refusal to admit they are the majority of the problem. After 8 years of reckless wasteful spending and allowing the federal government to wiretap American Citizens without just cause or a warrant, to have the Federal Government tell women they cannot have access to certain types of medical care, now all of a sudden the GOP is against Big Government and wasteful spending? Talk about asshats. I noticed McCain failed to mention (maybe he forgot?) that those helicopters of which he was so scornful, were requested by the Bush Admin following 9/11. . .and approved by the Admin and Congress following 9/11. Just as I’m sure if McCain had been elected, those helicopters wouldn’t even have been an issue. . . petty petty little man belonging to a petty petty little political group.

  315. nobody should read a coulter book. my brother has one and i bet the twit read it too. free with GOP donation i bet as ‘it’ is #1 because of bulk sales so it can be given away to Fux gnews fans. or ditto heads, or college republicans.

    i burned my grandpa’s jesse helm’s book he got for donating to the GOP. was fun ripping it up.

  316. “Good things come to those who wait…”

    Unless, of course, you live in a state run by a Theocratic Republican DoucheNozzle, and the goods things you are waiting for include extra help with your unemployment, food and a stimulus package to get your eeonomy jump-started.

    But I am prayin’ for ya!!!!

  317. Thanks to you both Helen and Margaret. This should go down in history indeed as a major undertaking! (Reading the drivel that is!) Thanks for making me laugh so much! Thanks indeed, and please, as much as I loved reading your rendition, I would say, it is a mighty wise move on your part to take a vow of avoidance in regard to anything written by the shedevil. I know reading such would be hazardous to one’s health.

  318. MirrorMan:

    I started praying around 1 p.m. and still no double fudge brownies. What the heck?

  319. After the Coulter conflagration, a book by Merv Griffin would be a pleasant mint.

  320. Congrats Helen! Closing that book for the last time must have been a relief. Now you have your whole life ahead of you! Thank you for your efforts on our behalf — don’t EVER do it again!

  321. UAW–it’s the whole “now can we use his middle name?” business. When someone sneers Barack HUSSEIN Obama, it’s nasty. When he chooses to use his full name, it’s his right. The difference is in the way the statement is intended, not that it was uttered.

    Obama was making a point about the need for men to be involved with the children they father. Coulter was calling unwed mothers trash. The difference is in their stated intentions, not the fact that they both cited the same statistic.

  322. I got this today about how SP is putting all her effort behind “helping” native people in Alaska:

    Miller: Sarah Palin’s hostile record on Alaska Native subsistence


    I found it rather interessting, trust the source, but cannot verify…. JuneauJoe? Ann?

  323. For those of you who might be interested, click on this link for information about voter fraud and AC:


    AC was accused of voting in the wrong district before, in 2006, but charges were subsequently dropped. I could not find that the current charges have been settled.

    I actually think these voter fraud charges against AC are richly ironic.

    AC wrote an article after the election purporting to show that Al Franken’s people were committing voting fraud during the Minn. recount. The link below leads to that article:


    So, she is outraged that Franken might win on a recount, because of possible fraudulent Democrat machinations, but she, herself has probably voted twice fraudulently.

    I have a suggestion: it is easy to make fun of AC’s appearance, to accuse her of being male, etc. With just reasonably easy searches on Huffington Post or Google, you can turn up real facts about AC for outrage and disgust.

  324. UWA
    the only people here that I saw “bashed” where people to either too dumb or too lazy to use the brain they should have… not cause they have an other opinion, esp YOU should know, after people (all those liberals, lefties and so) stood up for you…..

    The Carbon Credit thingy…..

    I personally do not like it at all, I don’t think it a real scam, but a foul compromise, where people profit from the efforts of others.

    I think any kind of credit (tax reduction, whatever) should ONLY go to people that reduce their emissions, AND NOT BE tradeable!

    Otherwise we just change shit for manure, same product, just another lable….

    But this is only my 2 cents worth.

    And for your links, all I can say (and this cuts two ways, pitty it is) ANY statistic is only as good as the person who faked it, but if more and more results point in the same direction……

    I still hope we wake up in time, before all the people that bent the data to THEIR use can play us against each other and our children have only a toxic waste instead of a planet….

    Just read an article today about our canadian oil sands where fish 300 miles away from the fields around Fort McMurray (where they dumb millions of liters of heavymetal toxic water on open ponds without ANY security for the ground water) are poisened and native people die of a very rare cancer that can be traced back to the Oil production are just ignored!
    There wilol be a one hour special in German TV (Spiegel special on Wednesday)
    (Who the heck cares about a few dead injuns if we can make a billion dollars a week easily!?)

    I don’t think this is the “right” (or left) thing to do, do you?

    Remeber, we DID only borrow this planet from our children!


  325. Thank you for reading it so I wouldn’t have to. Your poor eyes must be bleeding from the experience. To think there is any sane person in this country who still listen’s to AC and takes her rantings seriously.


  326. That’s funny…
    that’s as raciest as that monkey cartoon but it’s still funny…….
    and werner…
    “b) because they are smart, witty, funny, to the point”…..sounds like Ann, Rush, and Sean to me….OOPS… their on the other side so they have to be the opposite!!!!!!!
    Ann was bitched at(to be kind) because she said that 80% of the people in jail are from single mothers……..Barack in the intro to “A Father’s Promise”(an MSNBC doc) said that 80% of the people in jail were from single mothers and nobody says jack shit….where is the difference in those two statements ….
    Yes MKP …this is a left bash right blog…they kind-a sort-a put up with me but people like anonymous make us people that are right-of-center look bad…
    and werner I didn’t say it’s not getting warmer I said I’m a skeptic on it being man made…I also said that I think the carbon credit stuff is a scam…if the gov wants to tax us more then tax us more don’t try to bullshit us….and if your going to tax us then leave it in the US and not give it to the UN…..i could “google” lots of stuff proving my point but I have to go get my mother-in-law’s groceries and prescriptions…and if I posted links someone else would post other links refuting them so why bother…gotta go now…

  327. Sorry MKP,
    but as you said, you invited that comment, but still sorry, sometimes I just use trolls as “vents”!

    And I am NOT the gatekeeper, just an opportunist (sigh) at times…..


  328. Sorry about that…I have re-read my comment and I can see how someone might take it as a “troll” attack….I am sincerely amazed at this site. So, I apologize to the “gate keeper”, Mr. Werner Oderwer. The writing by these Ladies is fantastic!

    Rock on, Helen! :-)

  329. Wouldn’t it be fun to locate a couple of people AC went to high school with? It could be very interesting to hear opinions from her high school and college peers. I wonder how she ever got through college anyway. Of course, that’s assuming she did…

  330. OT but you’ve got to check this out: LMAO!!!

    Vogue and Vague covers from the mudflats.


  331. MKP
    a) read (the blog posts) and you will understand
    b) because they are smart, witty, funny, to the point and everything else you’ll never be, even if you should manage to get as old as they already are….

    stop troll feed

  332. I’m impressed you read the whole book! I’m not sure I could have. :-)

  333. Who the hell is Margaret and Helen and why are so many people interested in what they have to say??

  334. sorry read that imaginG, nothing wrong with my imagination LOL

  335. One more thing on the medal

    Why do I NOT work on it myself?

    I mentioned this a while ago, but think it is important to do this again, I am 3/4 blind (28% eyesight), so even if I can do a lot with this, driving and anything involving good eysight (color work, photographic or other imagine) I am just useless at these things, but are well willing to offer time organizing, researching or posting stuff…

    Vellum meanwhile send me the pics, so if there are any takers, I can offer material…


  336. Thanks for leaving the post– but thanks also for adding the forward. I think one of our biggest strengths is in being human enough to care about the well-being of others.

    It isn’t just us hating them for being haters. It’s us looking for ways to bring up future generations so that they DON’T think it’s okay to tell lies and hate anyone who questions their beliefs/choices.

    We have to take responsibility for who we become, and what we do when we get there. Nobody else will. We have to think through our choices so that when they are questioned, we can rationally and intelligently defend them.

    People like Ann and whatsisname on drugs and radio simply want everything to be someone else’s fault. Thank You for inspiring us to THINK about what we say– and then SAY something useful!!

  337. Sorry if someone else has already mentioned this, but the only reason Ann Coulter’s books appear on the best seller list is that a bunch of “conservative” organizations regularly buy them in bulk.

  338. Virtual cocktail received. Many thanks.

  339. Δ Tine, I will pray some cranberry juice and a lime wedge in your direction.

  340. Christ on a cracker, Sanford! $%*$&*#

    Don’tcha think God would prefer that you in fact *do* something (something well within your power, BTW) to help your constituents?

    Thanks for the link, MirrorMan. But now I need a vodka chaser to help me calm down.

  341. Yeah MirrowMan

    but please don’t forget to donater from your hugh un-employment check while in church……

    I can only answer with the refrain of a song I wrote already in the late 70s (things didn’t change much since then, it seams)

    ..life is so beautifull, my friend, sometimes it just makes me puke!

  342. Not to go off-topic or anything, but I really think the Republican Party has lost it’s freaking mind.

    To wit:


    I mean, really. Are you Fu@%*ing insane?!?!?!

  343. Oh yeah, one last thing
    I propose to send a copy of the finished medal to Mr. O. so he knows who got the medal and for what!

    pls comment on that one too (And I am aware that he is rather busy, still think he would enjoy the motion!)

  344. OK Volunteers needed

    A lot of people in this and the other posts before said that Helen deserves a medal!

    NOW is the time to put you work where your mouth is, Vellum made a start but doesn’t seam to have the right equipment / tools for good quality, anyone her do any graphic / art work?
    (Good Ideas don’t always come with the right tools attached, pitty it is…)

    Vellum got some basic pcis, but he might be right and it is better to start over for quality purposes:

    What we have sofar:

    Idea: Create a medal to present to Helen (and Margaret for supportive blogess?) for the good job she did with this blog!

    1) of an old war medal (better with ribbon)

    2) pic of Obama laughing

    3) suggestion for back of medal, Rahm making a long nose:

    Vellums example of front of medal:

    So let’s see…. any takers?

    If yes, pls contact me through my blog (comment on any pic and I will answer directly to you, sorry but 2 or 3 anonymous send my email address to spammers already after I openly displayed it here the last time, might have to change hotmail address soon, if it gets too much)


  345. Werner,

    a) i’ve commented on your blog (cool beans, btw)

    b) feel free to download and use the pics i’ve posted to edit — I’d post something of higher quality than a jpeg for you to edit, but i’ve only been working with jpegs (which may explain a lot ^__^) I just took photos of Mr. O and used an emboss filter and a bit of shading and stuck it over top of a jpeg of a war medal, might even be easier just to start from scratch if you want something printable.
    :) cheers!

  346. I think it is time just to move on. Coulter’s Bush? Want more is there? Do we need to say anymore? ;0)

  347. Ann Coulter is laughing all the way to the bank. She serves her own purpose, which is to become wealthy at the expense of the “little people.” She does this by throwing them a thick security blanket of lies and hate, wrapping them into a cocoon of “we” v. “them” thinking. As long as there are groups of people who think “my group” is better than “your group” the Ann Coulters of the world will have fertile ground for growing their own riches.

  348. Oh, and a last one…..

    How about a medal for Margaret too, for “Best supportive bloggess”?


  349. Vellum

    OK just saw it, passable, can others work on this and elaborate?

    Can you post a downloadable pic with complete ribbon? (can we use that if you don’t have a ribbonned one?)

    Matthew, can you please start thinking on how we can “hand-over” that medal (Helen should at least have a printed version, No?)

    I think this is gonna be NICE!


  350. Vellum (others can skip this one, if they like)

    was on your blog yesterday (a medival early history buff myself a bit) but could not find any email, go to my blog, pls, and make any comment , this should give me your email and I will answer! (How about a medal thingy with a medival joker?? Would fit the clowns she battles with!)

    And requierd reading for you and Vaulting:

    Peter Berling, “Children of the Grail” crazy historic novel EXTREMLY well researched (look at the appendixes, you’ll love them!)
    out of print, but available used

    customer reviews here :



  351. “It occurs to me that Ann Coulter – like Rush Limbaugh – is quick to tell you what she hates and who she blames for what she hates. She never seems to have any reasonable solutions nor can she point to anything she has done to make the situation better.”

    Couldn’t have put it better. People who don’t step back and asses the situation will never find the route to their problems, they will just continue to add to their problems.

    Can you imagine how angry she must be on the inside? It must be horrid.

  352. When are Bill Maher and Ann Coulter going to be on TV? I’d like to see it.

  353. Margaret and Helen! I’ll take Merv over Ann anytime! Glad that you are done with that project, Helen.

  354. From Obama’s meeting with Congressional leaders, labor, healthcare, etc.:

    “But I do want to make this point, and I think it’s important — on the one hand, the majority has to be inclusive. On the other hand, the minority has to be constructive.”


  355. Helen, I am so glad you are finished with that drivel called a best seller. The fact that it could become a best seller only shows the small, closed minds that the far right have.

    Now read something pleasant so the nightmares this book has probably given you will end.

    Love ya always!

  356. Is she kidding me? This is what gets her to #1 on the New York Times Best Seller List? What’s #2 – The Rush Limbaugh Diet?


  357. I am so glad you survived reading Coultergeist; I doubt seriously I could have done it!

    And, now Gryphen at The Immoral Minority and AKM are both reading that SP garbage-book, so the rest of us don’t have too!

    Ahhh, life is sweet! HUGS and pie for all!

  358. This is my first time posting here, but I’ve enjoyed this blog for about half a year. (-: I just wanted to say, I’d also like to see a synopsis of the Merv Griffin book. I was a schoolchild in the 70s, so I spent much of my life back then parked in front of the TV, watching gems like Merv Griffin. I don’t think I was old enough to truly appreciate him back then, though.

    Thanks so much for sharing with the world! What you have to say is interesting, but it’s even more interesting (and inspiring) to see *who* is saying it! May you blog long and prosper!

  359. “They’re not victims – they are guilty.”

    Wow. She can’t even manage a simple rhetorical flourish to cap off the book?

    Was it too hard to think another three seconds and come up with something coherent, like:

    “They’re not victims – they’re the perpetrators.”

    Oh wait, what am I saying? Of course it was too hard.

  360. of you two, not out of…that would be bad.

  361. Helen, I truly wish my family were more like you than Rush, Hannity, Coulter, et al…

    You and Margaret are national treasures. Someone should make a statue out of you two!

    Ok, now I need to find something to fill this pregnant belly, cuz I’m hungry from all this reading!

  362. OMG…I REALLY meant that there ARE many more people and situations that deserve our attention rather than this moronish (is that a word?) woman. I continue to say…why are we even giving her our time? I’m with my girl ‘D’ as always…….

  363. helen, i recommend a good healthy dose of dr. seuss to neutralize the ac toxic residue in your synapses : )

  364. you are truly priceless. absolutely priceless. i haven’t been able to get here for a few days and i sure did enjoy catching up. possibly busted a few ribs but well worth it.

  365. Best Quote of the Day:
    “It occurs to me that Ann Coulter – like Rush Limbaugh – is quick to tell you what she hates and who she blames for what she hates. She never seems to have any reasonable solutions nor can she point to anything she has done to make the situation better. Ann, of course, has never done anything wrong. Sadly as long as the world isn’t perfect we will have bottom feeders like Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh.”
    You’ll see never THAT in a NYTimes Book review.

  366. Helen, I’d never seen yours and Margaret’s site until a friend linked to it from Facebook. You two are priceless. Thanks for reading that drivel so the rest of us don’t have to. Not that it would have ever occured to me to do so.

  367. Okay here — it’s not as well done as the original, but my GIMP-fu is weak and I don’t have a mouse :( still it’s passable.

  368. Werner! I went out for the day, sorry for the delay — of course you can, send away :) I think my e-mail’s up on my blog :)

  369. Werner: Google: Kenji Yoshikawa for Permafrost studies. He is out of Univ of Alaska, Fairbanks, UAF. He has been doing Permafrost studies in Alaska for over 20 years. Kenji set monitoring guages by Emmonak School.

    His name is Kenji Yoshikawa. He is a Japanese explorer/ scientist that has skied to the North Pole, the South Pole, explored the Amazon for a short list. It was explained to me that he is the true Japanese warrior heritage in the modern world. He is doing perma frost studies in the Yukon. He is a permafrost scientist working out of the Univ of Alaska, Fairbanks, AK.

  370. Helen: You are truly amazing! That Coulter crap you read was terrible but I am sure glad your read it for me! Thanks for your sacrifice!

    Werner, Alaska and Climate Change

    Along the Yukon River, the permafrost has been softening up for years. When I was in Emmonak, last March, a scientist from Fairbanks snowmachined in and set some guages in Emo. He then explained the results from 15 years or so that he has been setting guages along the Yukon, and Bering Sea.

    It is not frozen Permanently like in years of old.

    I will look back and post most information about his studies. I did talk to same natives about global warming and village folks were talking about the warming up of Emmonak. It only gets down to minus 20 and minus 30 when it used to be minus 40 or 50.

  371. I am posting the links to this series; your Hell ‘N Notes have provided a needed bright spot. I would probably have dropped that book in the bathtub a page into chapter 1.

  372. This is TOTALLY out of character for me but…

    What do you call Ann Coulter standing on one leg? Bitch-on-a-stick? Q-Tip?

    What do you call Ann Coulter with a yeast infection? A quater pounder with cheese?

    What do you call Ann Coulter with a bunnion? A three wood?

    Okay, enough of those…now to my point.

    Thank GOD you finished that book.

    As much as I love you ladies, reading the last few blogs, although they made me laugh a few times, was similar to reading my own post-mortum.

    Depressing, not in that Ann is allowed to be published, but that anyone would buy her book and contribute to her continued access to a platform.

    Is the Ann subject dead yet?

    PLEASE so it’s so.

  373. My favorite saying and I think it applies to Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh et al

    “Hating is like drinking poison and wishing the other other guy would die.”

    So self destructive in the long run.

  374. Helen: God bless you. I mean it. Really.

  375. Hmmm? Maybe a compute at a college dorm perchance? Same quilt for Spellucci, Anonymous, Hm, Michelle S. and Lucy…what’s next Sybil?

  376. [...] cute post from a charming site called, “Margaret and Helen– Best Friends for Sixty Years and Counting…” Original post entitled, “Coulter [...]

  377. oops – that was me – not sure where my name went…

  378. Not sure if anyone has mentioned this before but have you seen this? http://www.courlterwatch.com

    It’s like going up into an old forgotten attic and finding a Pandora’s box. An excerpt…


    As I was reading this I felt for sure AC’s hand would come out of the computer and grab me by the neck…ala Carrie

  379. “It occurs to me that Ann Coulter – like Rush Limbaugh – is quick to tell you what she hates and who she blames for what she hates. She never seems to have any reasonable solutions nor can she point to anything she has done to make the situation better. Ann, of course, has never done anything wrong. Sadly as long as the world isn’t perfect we will have bottom feeders like Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh.”

    “You’re right again. What has that horrible woman ever done that benefits anyone but herself? Nada.
    Her next book should be titled, “Bitch, Moan, and Spread Hate Your Way to Riches!”

    These are my thoughts exactly. I’m so tired of the hate spewers. Instead of telling us what’s wrong constantly, propose a real solution. Oh, I forgot, they don’t really want people getting along and helping each other – they need people afraid of and hating each other so they can continue to get rich from it. AARRRGGHHH!!!

    Thank you for giving us this review Helen. I never would have read this or any drivel, I mean book, by AC. The longest I’ve been able to even watch anything with her on it is about 5 minutes. Blech.

  380. AC not comfortable in her own skin? Gee – ya think so? Would anyone be comfortable in that skin? And then Lucy wrote: “It must be really tough to have to live inside her brain.”
    To which my first response is: AC + brain + oxymoron. Or perhaps more simply moron.
    AC is a walking composter – garbage in, “fertilizer” out. . . except hers is so toxic nothing will grow, not weeds, certainly not flowers, and as AC has repeatedly shown, no compassion

  381. Green Eagle that was good!

    Helen I am so glad you finished reading that book. I worried more about you having a stroke from reading that bunch of bile than I anticipated reading the Hell ‘N Notes. Every time I accidentally catch a clip of her as I’m channel surfing my blood pressure starts to rise. (smoke coming from nose)
    I agree with all above. YOU deserve the medals, not the jackasses that the fool bush gave medals.

    Margaret good to hear from you!

    You two are so lucky to have each other and I’m so glad you’re sharing yourselves with all of us.
    Love to you both.

  382. Honolulu Sally–I didn’t even notice that but you’re right. What on earth would possess someone to do that? Trolls are pitiful enough but someone who posts troll-junk immediately after a “legit” post? Please.

  383. Ann of a thousand lays: From Salon.com

    This from an a post 10 years ago by Thor Hesler, but it couldn’t be more timely…(wow I did not know she has been around this long!)

    Ten modest proposals to help Ann Coulter get a date.

    1) Quit injecting yourself with your own urine. I don’t mean to be presumptuous, but the rumor is that George Balanchine used to put so much pressure on his corps d’ ballet to remain razor-thin that some of them injected themselves with their own urine to keep the pounds off. You look like you’re doing this also.

    Although I’ve never met you in person, I’ve seen you on TV (after all, like all the other D.C. people you characterize so well, I watch TV constantly rather than socialize) and, not to put too fine a point on it, you make Calista Flockhart look like a grand-master sumo. I’ve had potato skins that are thicker than your biceps. I’ve dated a couple of really thin women in my day, and I assure you, it’s a major turn-off when their hipbones bruise you when you’re intimate together.

    Which brings me to my second pearl of wisdom …

    to read more go to:


  384. Honolula Sallie Hope you enjoy La Boheme music! and if you have any young people in the famillly–take them to see the Nutcracker at Christmas. My grandchilllldren that live away from me well Their Christams gift fffffor several years have been tickets to see it.
    Just this weekend I told my son that next year his liitle girl is big enough to go~!

  385. Helen, dear,

    If you write a book I will buy it! I don’t know that I can take any more of Ann Coulter. It must be really tough to have to live inside her brain.

  386. …….And oh yeah, not only am I glad that you’ve finished the book for your mental health’s sake, but maybe now you’ll stop being mean about big feet!

    Love, 12AA Susan

  387. ??? Anonymous and hm.. from the same computer? (same grey blue quild pattern)

    Maybe somebody having fun?

  388. According to a friend involved in a “Conversation Series” at a large local concert hall where Ann was appearing with Al Franken, at the break between the two “sets” Ann was crying outside the stage door. Now it could have been ANYthing, but I think the comment that she’s not comfortable in her own skin (or maybe even with who she is) might be right on target.

    It’s easy to say outrageous things on the page, but to be challenged in person has to be difficult, even for one whose statements are pretty harsh.

  389. I wouldn’t hold out much hope for a Maher smack down–they were, shall we say, an item. It’s my one quibble with Bill.

    And how incredibly original a thinker Anonymous is! Let’s see…”old bags”….there’s a novel insult. And “you suck” (complete with the effort to make it seem very drawn out and theatrical. Yes, that’s right about the level of my 8 year old, not terribly bright neighbor child.

  390. So glad the AC saga is done (for now). Whew. Here’s a little OT thingy some of you might be interested in:
    Doctor’s Orders?
    February 20, 2009
    Republicans claim that the new stimulus law says the government will tell physicians what procedures can and can’t be performed. It doesn’t.
    Source: http://www.factcheck.org/politics/doctors_orders.html
    Note: Factcheck.org is a nonpartisan, nonprofit “consumer advocate” for voters that aims to reduce the level of deception and confusion in U.S. politics. They monitor the factual accuracy of what is said by major U.S. political players in the form of TV ads, debates, speeches, interviews and news releases. Our goal is to apply the best practices of both journalism and scholarship, and to increase public knowledge and understanding.The Annenberg Political Fact Check is a project of the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania. The APPC was established by publisher and philanthropist Walter Annenberg in 1994 to create a community of scholars within the University of Pennsylvania that would address public policy issues at the local, state and federal levels.The APPC accepts NO funding from business corporations, labor unions, political parties, lobbying organizations or individuals. It is funded primarily by the Annenberg Foundation.

  391. My, my, aren’t you the brave one? Yelling insults while hiding behind an anonymous moniker. Hush now, you silly troll…shouldn’t you get back to listening to Rush like a good lil’ neocon and leave the adults alone.

  392. Nice one, Helen. I guess I’ll email Ann and ask her how much Sean Hannity pays for his Secret Service protection. Then maybe she can make such a comparison! But, as we all now know, no logic can be applied to Ann’s statements.

  393. Both you old bags SUUUUCCCCCCKKKKKKK!!!!!!

  394. When is Bill Maher going to be on TV with her? I’d love to see him skewer her!

  395. What makes the Man speachless?

    I think he only refers to history (as in mAnn Coulter, she is that on this blog, I hope too)

    I don’t think he dares to threaten Helen, anyone?

    Chris? Clarify!

    Otherwise, off to new frontiers I hope Helen is, and she still had this nice projekt of bi-partisan ass-kicken on the hill, actually quiet looking forward to that!


  396. Someone above said:
    “Honestly, I don’t know if you gave Ann a fair chance. Her writing, like most of the Bible, doesn’t make much sense unless you read it over and over again, preferably omitting entire passages that you disagree with and repeating parts you like.”

    How many times can I repeat “the end”?

  397. Anyone, Chris, anyone….

  398. I’m sure you’re relieved it’s over…..I am. I loved that you read it and I didn’t, loved and laughed about your take on it, but can we just be over her now, and not give her any more press, notoriety and income? Who out there deserves it more?

  399. JuneauJoe
    can you give us some local intro on the climat change driven coatal errosions near Barrow at the Beaufort sea.
    (Read in a german article that the errosion of Permafrost coast went from 6.8 meters avarage (22 feet) from 1955 to 1979 went to 24 meters (60 feet) in 2005-2007?)

    What do the locals say to this?

    It seams clear to the scientific community that this is a result of man made clima change…. (UWA)


  400. Ladies, please write about Ms. Coulter’s visit on the Larry King Show with Joy Behar. AND, please let us hear from you on Alan Keyes’ recent comments about Barack Obama (http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/washington/2009/02/obama-birth-cer.html).
    Thanks again for your writings.

  401. JaneDoe
    instead fo a medal, this is a nice piece of RESPECT for Helen, I second that.
    anything on the medal work thingy?

    Whirled Peas,
    you any good with graphics? (take a good photo and cut and crop and create a medal of some sorts)
    I real think we should create a medal for Helen, after that big job…… (Me, with my bad eyes, I just suck on graphic work, colors too) and waiting for Congress to create one might take to long to remember what it was all about
    (I suspect until they get moving on the hill Helen has “killed” the next 3 repugs and no one even remembers who mAnn Coulter was…..hehehe)


  402. Helen,

    I agree with the poster above who said instead of reading another book, you should write one! You are just an absolute joy to read! Heck I would not only buy a book you wrote, I would read it all by myself! (Unlike the Coulter book which I admit I do NOT have the stomach for.)

    BTW, I guess it would be too much to ask you to read the Sarah Palin ‘biography’ that is out now and report back…

  403. Helen, as much as I’ve enjoyed your review of the nasty book, I have to say that I’m not sorry to see it end. Thinking about Ann Coulter just makes my head hurt, even when softened by your hillarious, but insightful, wit. I do appreciate you saving me from ever feeling guilty for not reading anything by this nitwit.

    I’m amazed and impressed that you actually stuck it out to the end. I don’t think I could have done it.


    Now, go enjoy some pie and coffee or some soothing tea, or whatever. You deserve it. And I mean that, really. ;-)


  404. Dear Helen

    In honor of your service above and beyond the call of duty you deserve our R. E. S. P. E. C. T.

    Love & peace to all.

  405. What is that book about. It seems all over the place…. I guess it just something she used to rant about all things she didn’t like at the same time conning people into buying that shit.

  406. Bravo and Yee Haw – you are done with the “book”!!
    And what a review! Rush Limbaugh’s diet book as #2, bwaahaha!

    Have a whole pie, read a real book, and plop earbuds in your ear with your favorite music and dance around your house. You deserve a great big hug from all of us!

    My treat to myself – off to the library to pick up the CD for La Boheme (thanks Grandma, and also others for sharing their favs).


  407. Helen,
    Instead of reading another book, PLEASE write one!!!!! :-)

  408. “It occurs to me that Ann Coulter – like Rush Limbaugh – is quick to tell you what she hates and who she blames for what she hates. She never seems to have any reasonable solutions nor can she point to anything she has done to make the situation better.”

    Well said! and pretty much the root of issues. Why doesn’t she have solutions if she is going to bitch so much.

    Michelle Obama is truly beautiful because of her soul. Ann Coulter doesn’t have one.

    Thanks Helen!

  409. dear dear Helen, in these troubling and painful times you are the only one with a clear, concise vision that provides me an outlet. I keep laughing for hours after reading your eloquent pieces. Thank you for saving my sanity.

  410. I also hope Bill Maher will not let her get away with spouting her nonsense. I am surprised that he would even agree to it though. Bill, are you smoking so much pot that you…a) are too high to make rational decisions or b) need the money to buy more weed?

  411. I said in one of your first Ann C posts that I would have to stop reading so long as you were still talking about her. Well, after watching the Larry King Live interview, I just had to come back and ended up reading all the Ann C posts. Thank you. Thank you for making me smile and laugh while discussing her. I never thought it could happen.

  412. I’m really interested in seeing Coulter and Bill Mahr do their debate or whatever the heck it is their supposed to have. I think he’s pretty whip-smart and he can be just as mean as she is, so it will be fun to see him put her in her place.

    Great to hear from you, Margaret!

  413. Thank you for your self-sacrifice. I am thrilled to discover I had made Ann’s hate list (I hate Sarah Palin. Though by being an Obama volunteer and having tiny feet I probably was already on it. But three times is a charm.

    I must admit, like Margaret, I wondered why she was on the best seller list. And not that I have dutifully read your review of this book I am even more at a loss to explain it. Must have something to do with Republicans, Joe the Plumber and our current illiteracy rate in this country.

  414. BRAVO! Huzzah! The long nightmare is over.

  415. I just love how the Republicans don’t seem to want to offer any solutions. All they have to offer is hate and jealousy. With Ann Coulter and Rush as their fearless but yet backwards leaders they seem to be steamrolling!

    Anyone can identify problems. Anyone can live in an unfortunate fantasy world. Anyone can be an asshat with big feet!


    I like solutions to problems. I like people who can think outside the box and look at things from all angles.

    Even though I am not in the same health I was back in 04 or even last year in 08… I solemnly swear upon my firefox browser that I will do everything in my power to make sure that the Asshats of the world do not win….

    no matter what political party they belong to.

    Anyone who subscribes to that hateful bullshit obviously does not have enough brainpower to run any sector of this country. Of course Coulter thinks Palin is the second coming of God or something like that and everyone else sucks…. Yeah lets see here… NOOOO!

    Coulter, you can go to Alaska and spend your remaining days bowing before your savior… Just please do not attempt to write again! Please for the love of God do not even attempt it!

    I have a cat asleep on the couch who is more intelligent than Ann Coulter! and my cat is not that intelligent!

  416. Thank you for the sacrifices you make for your readers. I just could not have read AC’s book, not that there’s actually any good reason to do so…and you have certainly made that clear! I don’t understand the woman’s popularity-except that maybe unhappy Republicans (are there any other kinds) really enjoy listening to all that hate.

  417. O joy, Helen is at long last free! Her shackles have been loosened and the burden is lifted.

    Thanks for taking one for us all. Please promise us that you will never repeat the ordeal. It can be very dangerous for your mental health.

    Coulter is a loudmouth asshat (yes, I too love the term, Margaret!), but praise be to all the gods, she is in no position to have any real impact on people’s lives. Unless, of course, that is their choice. And if they are insane enough to make that choice, they deserve ALL of the consequences.

    Sarah Palin, on the other hand, is apparently still the major sweetheart of the political crazies.

    So, I for one am glad that, after a bit of well-deserved rest, we can look forward to Helen’s much-appreciated homilies on Caribou Barbie and other political crazies, if not outright criminals.

    Please don’t change one iota! Either of you!

  418. You guys are so funny. I laughed a lot throughout the summary of this terrible book. :)

  419. Hey! My father was a guy in a skinny black dress. He wasn’t self-loathing or horribly conflicted. He was kind of cute actually….

  420. Ann is “uncomfortable in her skin” because it isn’t “her” skin. Anyone should be able to tell that Ann ain’t no lady, “she” is a guy in drag. Size of the feet, the androgynous look, and the Adam’s apple. Women do not have Adam’s apples. I can’t wait for the day when it’s finally revealed that “Ann” is a self-loathing, horribly conflicted guy in a skinny black dress.

  421. Helen,

    You are a fantastic writer. Very much in the vein of Molly Ivins.

    YOU NEED TO WRITE A BOOK, NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  422. Helen:

    I am new to this blog but in reading, it is as though I am speaking, listening, and learning from my mother (who is almost 83 years old and a Depression-era flaming liberal).

    Ann Coulter is a pox on humanity. I wouldn’t wish her on my greatest enemy. Her vitriol stems from the fact that she was the ugly, flat-chested, geeky girl in school who was overlooked by one and all, and has never forgiven her classmates their sophomoric stupidity.

    Thank you, Helen, for taking on the monumental task of reading her rubbish. I hope you find something to purge the poison from your system — a piece of pie would be perfect.

    Keep up the good work. And love to Margaret. (My mother is Margaret and so am I!)

  423. Thanks for taking one for the team Helen! Whenever something has come up on this ghoul, I have been referring people back to your blog…

  424. Actually Jackie wore a size 10 narrow … compared to Ann Colter’s ginormous feet that’s small … of course the interesting thing here is that I am sure BOTH Ann’s feet will fit in her equally large horsey mouth .. simulatneously

  425. Hello!
    I stumbled across your blog today, and I think it is wonderful. I’m glad that someone else thinks that Coulter is un-readable. She doesn’t argue; she yells and rambles.
    Keep up the good work!

  426. Helen,

    A part of me wishes the book had more chapters; I so enjoy your humorous critiquing of each chapter.

    It is my understanding that conservative groups order large quantities of AC’s books and is the reason why they make the ‘best seller’ list. These books are then given away to every “lucky” caller of certain radio shows or door prizes or perhaps a Secret Santa present. Poor Ann believes she is actually a best selling author!

    I don’t wish to be the one to tell you Helen, but you may be the only one who has actually read an Ann Coulter book!!!!!

    These are strange times we are living in. I am not that far behind you in age; there is a part of me that is happy I don’t have to put up with this for a long time but another part is very curious about what will happen to this country. Will common sense and logic ever return; will sanity over power insanity?

    I will miss your book reports; has Rush written a book lately; is Rush able to write a book?

    Thank you for the enjoyment and I really meant it.

    A devoted fan

  427. I’m afraid I’ve been enjoying your pain so much, it’s made my ribs hurt. Thanks

  428. I never thought mAnn Coultergeist was good for anything, but Helen, you have truly proven me wrong. Her “writing” (if you can really call it that), parsed in your inimitable style, is comedy gold. Is it me or has your writing gotten even sharper as a result of your self inflicted torture? Almost like the more Coulter wandered off into crazy territory the more honed your analysis became!

    Margaret – you are entertainingly droll! I’d love to hear from you more.

  429. You just made my day. I eagerly await your blog posts, they’re the best.

  430. Did you see her being interviewed by Joy Behar on Larry King? Could she twirl her hair any more? She’s an evil, narcissistic freak in extremely large heels.

  431. I think there’s some kind of biological formula – your feet have to be longer than your face from hairline to chin. She’s like a size 16.

  432. I’ve been struggling over how to tell my cousin — a big fan of Rush — what I think of people like Rush and Ann. Normally I don’t hold my tongue, but with relatives, I gotta be careful. Can’t just kick them to the curb, because my actions will come back to haunt me at the next family reunion.

    Thanks to this post, Helen, I know what I can say:

    “Ann Coulter – like Rush Limbaugh – is quick to tell you what she hates and who she blames for what she hates. She never seems to have any reasonable solutions nor can she point to anything she has done to make the situation better. Ann, of course, has never done anything wrong.”

    Amen, sister.

  433. Super J
    while you are perfectly right about the way to read the bible and other fundamental books, I have to “strongly” disagree about the AC books:
    repaetatly reading that kind of rubbish leads to brain evaporation!
    Proceed at your own risk (look at any Repug that owns one or more of AC’s books and you will have to agree)

    So for future posts, please think about the public health and post a “Don’t do this at home” before post that post risk to your health…..

    otherwise: LOL


  434. Vellum
    good try, but could you find an Obama pic where he is actually laughing?

    Or use the pic of his head of staff from the inauguration? (Makeing the long nose )
    It fits better the humorous subject, I think.

    But a good start none the less….

    IF you can swap the pic, can we mail one or two to ya?

    Cause we all agree, Helen DOES deserve a medal, but a funny one!
    (After all she went through, looking at her medal should make her smile, I think)

    Anyone a better idea or the possibility to elaboratet on this one?


  435. Honestly, I don’t know if you gave Ann a fair chance. Her writing, like most of the Bible, doesn’t make much sense unless you read it over and over again, preferably omitting entire passages that you disagree with and repeating parts you like.

    For that matter, if there are passages that are patently offensive you can reasonably chalk it up to typographical errors due to Ann’s equally massive mannish hands or her poor grasp of the English language. You can correct any errors you find for her because she obviously would have wanted it that way.

    Oh yes, it is only with repeated readings will you come to see the true genius of Ann’s literary gift. Granted, given the above formula for re-reading I’m sure it will be a quick read indeed but it might be far more enlightening. Or not.

    Evangelically yours (in a completely heterosexual way),
    Super J.

  436. Here I sit again, giggling at my computer screen like an idiot. Like your style ladies!

  437. Well, Helen I do read your blog posts for the humor, but I really look forward to the thoughtful nuggets within the post as well. So, thanks for it all.

    “Whenever there is injustice in the world know that Ann will be there not to lend a helping hand but rather to make sure she can profit from it.”


    I do consult my memory to differ with you about the size of Jacqueline Kennedy’s feet. I believe she did have largish feet. But who cares? Really who cares about the size of AC’s feet?

    The still photos of AC I looked at online show her to be as you described from her interview–uncomfortable and not at all relaxed. And she is scarily thin, particularly for her age. I don’t know what to make of all this, except I can’t help feeling sorry for her. But she has freely chosen a life spent spewing ridiculous vitriol, and so she should be held accountable.

    Thanks for an interesting series of posts Helen.

  438. *sigh* which did not show up.

    once more with feeling :)

    cue music from the medal ceremony in star wars:

  439. In honour of your services to liberals everywhere, I present you with this medal:

  440. Dearest Helen (that’s my Mom’s name too!),
    Thank you so much for your sacrifice for us. I appreciate you more than you know.
    I think you need to take Margaret’s advice and read the book she suggested.
    Something light, happy and SMART!

  441. And Helen:
    for brain recovery (After the AC shit) I recommend :

    Douglas Adams
    “The Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy”
    All 5 (rather smallish) books in small doses, will certainly make you laugh and is always so relaxing, even on the tenth (!) read through.


  442. Helen
    … Sadly as long as the world isn’t perfect we will have bottom feeders like Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh….

    ….feeding from other people’s bottoms…

    well, well

    mAnn Coulter: EAT SHIT….. 50 billion flyes can’t be wrong….., or what?

    BTW the abvoe would mean that “shit for brains” has to eat her own, does that count as recycling? Does that make her a “better” person? sigh!

  443. Isn’t it incredible that people buy that book and make her rich?

    She is a despicable human being.
    Anybody can rant and rave about what they don’t like. She reminds me of a school yard bully. A really mean, nasty school yard bully.

    It takes courage to change things and make them better.

    Ann Coulter is not courageous and is a menace to society.

  444. I agree. Thanks Helen for reading that nasty book. She does always appear to be unhappy in her own skin. Why do GOPers think they can mistreat the world and get away from it?

  445. If any of you have seen the ad on tv putting down the Recovery plan featuring Jesus.. here is an answer from some of our Military Families.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WbPPf1K2Sns it is great… Please watch it and then rate it up if you like it… Thanks.. and thanks Helen for reading this nasty missive so we didn’t have to. You are still the bravest woman I know.

  446. You’re right again. What has that horrible woman ever done that benefits anyone but herself? Nada.
    Her next book should be titled, “Bitch, Moan, and Spread Hate Your Way to Riches!”

  447. Ladies, you are my heroes. Not only can you make it through that slavering witchhunter’s twaddle, but you do it with class and wit. Your insight – and iron stomachs, apparently – is much appreciated. I can only hope that my own foul-mouthed liberal best friend and I make it as long as you two have.


  448. 2legit…go back several posts…you will see when Margaret discovered the word “asshat” from one of the comments left….she loves it now! :-)

  449. Does your brain hurt? It should after reading all of those pages of lies, hate and filth. I guess that she really is just a dumb bigot because I would hate to imagine they kind of mental gymnastics a normal person would have to put themselves through to believe all of that b-s.

    And one more thing — Jackie Kennedy wore size ten shoes. Not tiny, but not the same size as Shaq either.

  450. Helen,

    You absolutely slay me. Thanks for the chuckles.

    Also, Margaret,

    Did you really use the term “asshat”? You usually don’t swear. I like it! Heh.

  451. Thanks for saving the rest of us from having to read that vitriolic azzhat’s blatherings.

    I only hope you got your copy from the library and didn’t add to the blatherer’s coffers by buying it.

  452. Thank you for making it possible to avoid reading the book and still know how awful it is! I think you’re my hero!!

  453. “She never seems to have any reasonable solutions nor can she point to anything she has done to make the situation better. Ann, of course, has never done anything wrong. ”

    Al Franken has also made this point about Ann: She never defends or explains her position, she only attacks people who disagree with her. So she really doesn’t add anything of substance to any debate.

    Thank you for reading Ann’s book (so I don’t have to). Your comments are not only hilarious, they are wonderfully insightful.

  454. SO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  455. hilarious as always!

  456. Thank you for reading the book Helen, I could not even touch it much less read it. It just proved to me that Ann has serious issues. She, like a lot of people, use people’s fears to incite hatred and prejudice. Nice job, Ann…now go get some counseling or deprogramming, because someone sure did a number on you!

    Love you both, Helen and Maragaret! Nice to witness such a great friendship! I mean it!

  457. Gives Helen a medal for heroic service.

  458. And in one of the most bizarre conclusions I have ever heard, Ann states, “Based on history, Sean Hannity is at greater risk of being shot than Obama is.” Oh Ann. From your lips to God’s ears.


  459. And whenever you hear about two monkeys and a sloth getting together with a typewriter know that either another Coulter book is about to hit the bookstores or Rush Limbaugh is having an OxyContin hallucination.


  460. I was in a bookstore two times this past week and both times I picked up Ann’s book off of the table and intended to sit down in the coffee shop area and leaf through it to see if I wanted to read it based on your tales of Ann, both times I left the bookstore without the book — I could not part with my money to read her hatred for that is what it is – she is full of hate for anyone who does not believe as she does. It is one thing for all of us to have different opinions but she goes beyond that.
    Thanks for suffering through that book and giving us all the information about it — and saving us money in the end!


  461. Well, now I know far more about Ann Coulter than I ever wanted to know and I didn’t even have to read one of her books or watch her on TV. I understand that that what you have written is “somewhat” slanted against Ann, but it matches many other things that I’ve heard about the “lady.”

    Thanks for taking the time to read the book and share your views on Ms. Coulter.

  462. That was surely a Herculean task you set for yourself and congratulations for finishing that piece of trash. AC is grasping for attention. Sadly she has a following. I wish they would carry her book prominently so the rest of us would know who to avoid. How does that prayer go – Lord please turn their hearts but if you can’t please turn their ankles so we’ll know them by their limping?

    You deserve a slab of pie ala mode.

  463. You two are simply the best!!!!! :-)

  464. You poor, brave soul. What a lousy way to live a long time: read an Ann Coulter book to make it seem longer.

  465. I would like to see Ann Coulter and Condoleeza Rice battle it out over Dubya. My money is on Condoleeza, but of course Ann would cheat, so who knows what outcome this deathmatch would have.

    Thanks Helen, I’m sure time spent reading that book should be measured in dog years.

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