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Posted by: Helen Philpot | February 17, 2009

Ann Coulter Is Just Not That Into Anyone

Margaret,  after reading Chapter 6 of Ann Coulter’s book I am convinced that Ann Coulter hates me.  And I am sorry to break it to you honey, but she hates you too.  In fact, there are roughly 6.8 billion people in the world and Ann Coulter hates every last one of them… except for maybe George Bush and Sarah Palin. 

This chapter is titled “When 95 Percent of World Domination Just Isn’t Enough…”  which seems to have nothing to do with anything contained in the chapter.  It should have been titled ” 95% of Ann Coulter  is pure bullshit… and the other 5% is pure bullshit.”  It occurs to me that reading a Coulter book is like drinking the water in Mexico – eventually you find yourself wondering if the shit will ever stop.

The entire chapter seems to be one long argument over whether Bill Clinton’s scandals while in office were worse than George Bush’s scandals while in office.   Of course, Ann doesn’t think there were any scandals of note while Bush was in office.  In fact, Ann felt Bush’s biggest failure was that he spent his entire time trying to appease Democrats.  I can only assume that Ann has no idea what “appease” means.  It’s kind of a big word for her.

I really can’t explain this chapter other than maybe Ann didn’t think anyone would read this far into her book.  I may have indeed gone where no man has gone before when I finished this chapter.  That’s one small step for me and one giant foot for Ann.

Margaret, you’ll have to forgive me if my summation of this chapter is a bit wanting.  Ann’s thought process was even worse than her sentence structure so I don’t intend to spend anymore time on this summary except to say this:

Bill Clinton cheated on just one person – his wife.   George Bush cheated on… well 6.8 billion of us.  You tell me which is worse.

Before I go, I want to briefly move on to a more relevant topic – not that Coulter is relevant ever – but reading this chapter made me realize that the two political parties seem to be in a no-win war to see which one can screw things up while blaming it on the other.  I am just disgusted with the entire House and Senate right now.  For years I took care of a husband and raised three kids.  If I ran my house like they run the government, I would have never gotten food on the table to feed my children.  Who are these idiots?

To the morons running this country:  If you would spend as much time working on the nation’s problems as you spend trying to avoid paying taxes, you’d realize that most of us out here are neither red nor blue.  We’re varying shades of purple and we’re fed up with your nonsense.  Get together and figure a way out of this mess.  Trust me – you don’t want me to come up there and figure it out for you, because if I have to come up there your ass is going to be introduced to my foot.  It may not be a gigantic foot like Ms. Coulter’s but it will get the job done.

And with that, dear Margaret, I need to take a nap.  This book is boring the hell out of me, but I only have one chapter left.  I can’t wait to move on to something more enjoyable than Ann Coulter – like irritable bowel syndrome.  I mean it really.

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  2. Oooooo Helen, I just read this blog. You know I love you and I agree with you on Ann Coulter but making light of Bill Clinton cheating on his wife is just not cool. I’m not sure it’s a better or worse scenario. Both are terrible but quite frankly I would rather my husband cheat on everyone else other than me! haha Doesn’t mean that Geaorge W isn’t a screw up. I just mean that Bill Clinton “ain’t no prize” either.

  3. Okay, I have irritable bowel syndrome and I have to say…it is totally more enjoyable than Ann Coulter. Well spotted.

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  5. “Now I take offense to that. I remember Jackie Kennedy. Her feet were very tiny.”

    I seem to recall reading somewhere that Jackie Kennedy wore size 10 shoes–hey, I wear size 11, so I’m not prejudiced against long-footed women.

    I’m not Ann Coulter, though!

  6. This post is sublime.

  7. Okay….Margaret and Helen…it is Monday morning, I am at my desk with my coffee…waiting….waiting for your latest post…waiting….having coffee….waiting…

  8. Last post of the early am as it’s time to take the meds and crawl back to bed. See ya all later.

    Michael Winship is senior writer of the weekly public affairs program Bill Moyers Journal. Here’s a bit of a conversation Winship had with Washington Post associate editor Robert G. Kaiser on the political expectation of “living large” and that this expectation is probably the only place where true bipartisanship exists:

    “The “everybody does it” syndrome took over in Washington a long time ago and, in general, an indifferent, cynical public seems unmotivated to do anything about it. “They do not expect Congress to do the right thing,” Kaiser said, “They do not expect high ethical standards. On the contrary.”
    Source: http://themoderatevoice.com/26663/on-capitol-hill-money-is-the-root-of-all-hypocrisy-guest-voice/#more-26663

  9. Omigod – it’s that time of year again. The Annual Peeps show


  10. For morning punnies. . . go here:


    In re to renaming the No Child Left Behind. The entries are hysterical. (but they make me hurt when I laugh)

  11. Global Warming: I just cross country skiied into Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau, AK. It is an awesome sight but I was talking to a fellow who was talking about the retreating rate of the glacier. Since industrialization, the rate of retreat is increasing at a faster and faster rate. I was also told that things in the Juneau area are warming up when temps are compared over time.

    We have wasted 8 years of using false information perpetuated by Bush and friends. President Obama needs to move on Climate because of the inaction of Bush/cheney and the charlatan scientists they used to play semantics and ignoring real data.

    Climate issues are real. Ask villagers in AK.
    Help feed a village too:


  12. Okay…who are you really?? AND where have you been all my life?? You are just TOO COOL, Lady!!!! Looking forward to your next post!!

  13. Helen, I ama new reader and you are my new hero. My given name is Margaret so I am just gonna pretend you are talking to me and that we have been friends for 60 years.

    Bless your wit and wisdom and THANK YOU for reading Ms. Coulter’s book so we don’t have to!

    I saw her on Larry King this week and thought she was even ruder and more insufferable than usual!

  14. (Insert Deliverance theme music here)

  15. ddddd:
    “So in turn basically yes they were trying to help people…. The whole thing is the republican philosophy behind the bill was completely different than the democrats side…. ”


    Well, not exactly. The GOP philosophy behind the bill was completely different from the reality of economics.

    I have not heard ONE complaint from the GOP or it’s leader (Limbaugh) that was valid. In each case they seized on some issue that they could spin to their gullible followers in a way that makes it look like the stimulus bill was just wasting money.

    Example: New “green” fleet cars for the government. This would produce several stimuli, both immediate and long-term. It would create jobs, help the automakers, FORCE American automakers (if they want to survive) to start doing what they should have been doing for years (making greener cars with better mileage), support green industries and alternative fuels by creating a HUGE demand, create jobs, create demand for auto-connected 2nd-party supplies and services which will create jobs…it goes on and on.

    The GOP wants to continue to have a supply-side economy, without regulation, which is what has destroyed our economy. The only way to fix our economy is to stimulate the economy with a demand-side approach, focusing on increasing demand by creating demands for what America needs (i.e., rebuilding infrastructure, green cars from automakers), which provides Americans jobs, which allows them to again start purchasing stuff beyond survival needs, which creates more jobs and more demand…you get th epicture.

    So the GOP is playing its gullible supporters like two-dollar banjos, taking advantage of their ignorance and gullibility.

  16. UAW:
    My husband is a physicist who works on the West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS) project. He collaborates with geologists and earth and atmospheric scientists from all over the world, including his current collaborator at UC Berkeley.

    Global climate change is not a hoax or a myth. It’s not some grand conspiracy to get you or me or anyone to pay more taxes.

    Scientists, well-respected, published, peer-supported scientists are in 100% consensus: global climate change is a reality and humans are exacerbating a natural cycle by the greedy consumption of fossil fuels.

    This isn’t a hobby– is a science; a hard proven fact. If you think otherwise, you might need to actually do some scientific research on some ice core samples and get into climatology to have your “belief” get you a little bit of credibility.

  17. Judith,

    good information and true! All single moms do not have a Palin family and their connections to care for them financially and emotionally.

    Drugs: During the Reagan years he said, “Say NO to drugs.” He then had Ollie North working out of the White House selling drugs to the ghettos in the US. During the Reagan years, the price of Cocaine dropped because the supply increased due to Ollies good work of selling it. The Quality of the drugs during the Reagan years also increased dramatically.

    Reagan: Say one thing but do another!

  18. The vast majority of criminals come from poverty and hopelessness.

    Not all single parents are trapped in this kind of life, but many will agree that it’s a long hard struggle not to end up there. Even harder to get out of, once in.

    If you want to do something about crime, end as much poverty and hopelessness as you are able. This would involve helping single parents, not pounding them down with blame and punishment. If you have a problem with “rewarding sinners”, just think of the children. After all, they’ve done nothing but pick their parents unwisely.

    Somehow, I still don’t think Ann Coulter will be interested.

  19. Jon Stewart and Sununu on the stimulus package:


    Carbon is choking this world! Tradesman and the FLAT EARTH SOCIETY are back! Tradesman – just tell us you think Coulter is beautiful and well spoken, that would make my day.

  20. Just want to say thanks for the support…
    saw the Alexandra Pelosi you-tube clip and Yes I’m one of the 58 million people that did not vote for Obama…(Bill Clinton won in 1992 with 45 million)
    saw the msnbc-a-fathers-promise doc and didnt Obama in the begin show that Ann’s figures if not reasoning was correct when he said that 80% of criminals are from single mothers….I said before that single parenting is more to blame then single mothers….Obama said fathers need to step up and take responsibility for their children….then again some people are just born good and others are born bad…..
    I guess I’m a skeptic as far as man-made global warming goes….has the weather changed,,,yes…do we have to pay Al Gore,
    Africa, the UN for carbon credits …no…I feel that carbon credits are nothing but a scam(another tax)
    how do you know you haven’t won an argument…when the other person says “I believe”…hard to argue somepnes beliefs…




  21. Miss Helen – Bless your heart for reading this drivel and summarizing it for Miss Margaret and the rest of us. We are so truly honored by your efforts. I honestly don’t know how you’re managing it.

    When you’re done with this so-called “book”, please do something cathartic with it, such as perhaps burning it … you’ll feel so much better knowing it won’t end up in anyone’s hands ever again. (Much the way I felt when my last junk car ended up in the crusher.) :D

    Hugs to Margaret and Helen – may their long friendship inspire the rest of us to treasure our own dear friends.

  22. I’m confused….I thought Slum dog millioniare WAS Ann Coulter???

  23. This blog rocks. Let’s do Helen and favor and spread the word to see if we can take it viral again. That should be enought to either get her a book, a radio show or her own damn movie if she wants it!!!!

    Tell everyone about Marget and Helen!!!!

    You rock ladies. You laid Ann out!!!! Damn!!!

  24. Tabla Beat Science…sorry

  25. I like Knopler, FrouFrou, Lily Allen, Rush,Rhy Cooder,Table Beat Science….

  26. Whoa. My sincere apologies, I should have said “helen” in my first comment.

    Margaret, your posts are equally enjoyable, but since Helen wrote this one, it seems fair to give the compliment to her.

  27. “To the morons running this country: If you would spend as much time working on the nation’s problems as you spend trying to avoid paying taxes, you’d realize that most of us out here are neither red nor blue. We’re varying shades of purple and we’re fed up with your nonsense. Get together and figure a way out of this mess.”

    You have an amazing gift with words, Margaret. Please keep blogging. :)

    Can I be like you when I grow up?

  28. Sorry for so many posts, but Whirled Peas, could you link us up with the HBO show “Right America: Feeling Wronged” in entirety?



  29. JaneDoe, your latest song link was a real winner. I always thought Chet Atkins was old school just selling guitar lessons on tv. I was wrong. He’s a true treasure of America.

    What kept going through my mind as I listened to his song and the way it made me feel was our Republican half of our nation. Politically, we may be on opposite sides, but we are still basically the same. They are a little more like country, and we are a little more like rock and roll. But we have common ground – our values from our parents, our loyalty to our country. Different degrees, different viewpoints, but we are still Americans together, and good or bad, we love(d) our fathers.

    I feel sorry for those kids without fathers in their lives. Ann Coulter reviles single mothers who do not marry instead of feeling compassion for the kids and sorrow for their predicament. It’s one of the ways she twists a sad situation into an angle of attack. She is a really sick person.

    Thank you for the music suggestions, y’all. Please keep them coming from time to time. You’ve enriched my life with a little bit of country (and I’m a lot of rock and roll).

  30. Like totally OT, but this one is just too good not to share. OK now I’m off to Trader Joes.

  31. It is nice you call it a Congress when it is really a whore house. As they say, “if you have the money, we have the time!!”

  32. Would like to pass along some of my favs for Helen to listen to between chapters as a sort of accoustic Pepto Bismol of sorts. All that vile does create a lot of bile no doubt.

    Chet Atkins and Mark Knopler…Imagine

    Vincent…Chet and Don

    and some mighty fine pickin goin on here…

    classical guitar:

    and when you need to get energized to read the next chapter…


  33. Greytdog,
    Hope your surgery went well and that you recover quickly.

    My hubby just purchased Springsteen tickets. I’m not a huge fan, but hey, it’s Bruce so how could I not go? My city just built and opened a new arena, the BOK center. So far, the line up has included the Eagles, Celine Dion, AC/DC, Nickelback, Elton John/Billy Joel and now Springsteen. Acts that bypassed us before. Hopefully, our downtown area will spring back to life as new restaurants, clubs and shops are opening. We have a new baseball stadium in the works too. Our downtown has gorgeous Art Deco buildings, it’s a pity that it had become such a ghost town but maybe, just maybe, it’s on it’s way back. I see more and more people relocating to this area as our housing is still affordable and layoffs so far have been few.

    Maven – I saw that documentary a few nights ago, it’s amazing to me how the right seems to thrive on fear and completely without question, buy into the most outrageous claims. They don’t seem to have the capability to research for themselves as to whether it contains any truth. What a bunch of lemmings.

  34. THX for the heads up MavenΔ,

    Previews and interviews:

    “Right America: Feeling Wronged”


  35. Honolulu Sally:
    My kids turned me on to Green Day. I loved their “American Idiot” CD (think it came out in 2004, but still a gem in my book).

    Don’t know who all has HBO, but there is a documentary called “Right America: Feeling Wronged” which I found interesting. It’s a look at some of our fellow citizens along the McCain campaign trail last year.


  36. Honolulu Sally – I ain’t no spring chicken but my music tastes tend to get a bit eclectic. I once had to take a music history course and ended making the professor crazy because I used my music journal to write stories the music told me (ok maybe I was the one who was crazy) Anyway right now I bounce between Johannes Linstead (jazz guitar with flamenco influences), Norah Jones, Jackson Browne, Sting, anything by Yo Yo Ma. During surgery had my tunes with me and pre-op listed to Bill Douglas and Clannad, post-op was Suzanne Ciani and Bruce Springsteen.

  37. D’oh!

    DOn’t drink and blog….


    Note to Matt: How about a preview option? ;)

  38. TAKE TWO:

    Friday night /Saturday morning, whatever. I like the music idea JaneDoe.

    And Honolulu Sally,

    you can save this on your hard drive and load it into your IPod. xTina~’Beautiful’

    Enjoy ~ Δ ~ PEACE

  39. Friday night /Saturday morning, whatever. I like the music idea JaneDoe.

    And Honolulu Sally,

    you can save this on your hard drive and load it into your IPod. xTina~’Beautiful’

    Enjoy ~ Δ ~ PEACE

  40. I could use some pie right about now….I’m thinking somthing chocolate….any recipes??

  41. It’s Friday night, time for more music…

    Awesome and sensitive rendition of Starry Starry Night…love this song

  42. If anyone is still reading these comments – I to like “term Limits”. I don’t think our forefathers intended the positions of senators or representives to be CAREERS. Maybe serve 8 years then leave – if still able ‘maybe’ run again 8 years after leaving office. I do not believe our forefathers moved to Washington they traveled there for votes or business. They probably had that luxury because most of their time was NOT taken up campaigning (because they were not looking for a career) with a little time to actually be concerned about the business they were sent there for.

    Like I said in an earlier post I hope no one buys AC’s book if you are curious that is what libraries are good for. Besides you will save $27 plus dollars. I saw her on Larry King last night – I really think she does it for no other reasons than shock and Money. Mostly money. Remember the movie Field of Dreams? build it and they will come – well if she sounds crazy enough people will buy her books if for no other reason curiosity. If I write it they will buy it! she doesn’t care it’s money in her pocket. I really can’t believe she believes what comes out of her mouth.

    As to the debate this Republican/Demorcartic, red and blue we have going on in this country is pulling us apart. We are now in some very tough situations and we are all pointing fingers instead of coming to together to fight this common enemy or enemies. Financial woes, the two wars, and all that is happening lets ALL roll up our sleeves and work together no matter which side you agree with. The stimulus package was past – It is what is! Let’s try to make it work – not so the either side can point and say I did or they didn’t – instead we need to decided either this country comes together or we pull ourselves apart. I do not want to go down in history as the generation that made the United States go the way of Ancient Rome, Greece, or any of those that imploded.

  43. I can’t begin to thank Margaret and Helen for bringing together a most facinating mix of individual thoughts and opinions. I, like many of the people who read M & H (and Mudflats) prefer to stand ‘off stage’ and ‘gather’. On occasion I jump into the pool and offer my 2 cents. I love the wit and wisdom of the comments, introspectives, shared stories, happiness and heartbreaks, pie recipies, the try this look at that and do this tests etc etc. that comes from your blog. I am amazed at the genuine kindness and acceptence (by the majority) of M & H readers of some posters that would on any other blog be kicked in their arses out the door, but here they are offered a piece of pie. This is a port in the storm for me, as I’m sure it is for many out there. Most of all thanks for these great chapter reviews. Can’t wait to see what you have to say about the Oscar’s.

  44. Okay Grandma Katie, I’ve got it on order from our library – La Boheme/Puccini.

    I’ve never gone to an opera, and they say you either love it or hate it. When one of our daughters was 12, a friend took her to Aida, her very first opera, and he brought her back early (school night) and said that our daughter was at the front of her seat with her mouth open the whole first half. She said it was the most beautiful music she ever heard. Unfortunately, she later evolved into a teenager and Jewel, rap, and other artists took her fancy.

    Young grasshoppers, please let this middle-aged mature woman know of your favorite songs/artists that you would recommend for my ears. I like Jack Johnson.

    Thanks JaneDoe for the BOBS link. Interesting music.

    Wonder what kind of music Margaret and Helen listen to?

  45. Honolulu Sallie
    Try the music from the opera La Boheme. Gorgeous/

  46. Hey ya’ll

    I was at Borders today and I saw the book that Helen has been briefing for us. Curiousity struck me so I quickly thumbed through it and……


    With the 30 seconds or so that I thumbed through the book I learned the following things….

    1) Helen is dead on with her comentary.

    2) Trash sells

    3) Truth doesn’t sell

    4) Since 2 and 3 are true this does not hold our publishers to a very high standard!

    5) The damn shit in a cover sells for $27.99…. Fleecing republicans and stupid people…. At least Helen was smart enough to get it in a used bookstore so that the money did not support the extra trash!

    6) last but not least! She sounds just as stupid and vile in print as she does in real life! (if not moreso)

    I then got a major headache and almost ran out of the store crying due to the pain until I saw this book….

    The 12-Step Bush Recovery Program by Gene Stone

    Thumbing through it it seems to be a short satirical but at the same time informational and a very good read…. I highly recomend it… Especially if you have an experience like I did in the bookstore today with 30 seconds of Ann Coulter! Need to get to reading folks! Later!

  47. I am all for keeping the lines of communication open for all opinions but I ask that UAW start offering an opinion rather than disagreeing just to disagree. He drops in here each day simply to stri things up. That is not a conversation nor is it being open to others opionions. That is nothing short of harrassment. I could be wrong but I get the feeling it is making more than just a few uncomfortable in the process. Just my two cents. In the end its not my decision.

    Note to UAW: considering the number of folks who stood up for you today – maybe you could show a little respect and actually join the dialouge rather than harrassing our little community?

  48. I think it’s time for a musical intermission…It’s Miller time…


    about the BOB’s


    reminds me of Manhattan Transfer

  49. Great song link Werner, thanks. Love the guitar and harmonica together. Sad song though.

    I just bought myself an iPod shuffle yesterday, a teeny little music player that comes with earpods, loaded it up with a random mix of songs from my computer’s iTunes, and plugged it into my ears this morning as I was gardening and watering plants. Doing ordinary things with great music in the background makes living feel like a cinematic big screen experience.

    Music is magic. It also defines our generation. I love motown, Beatles, Streisand, Queen, Clapton, etc. and now as I am maturing (yes and menopausing) have expanded my library to classical tunes (Yo Yo Ma’s Gavotte performance), piano concertos, and that violin (!) music that Jean told us about was goosebump time!

    I may get blasted by the youngsters out there, but some of their music – rap, heavy metal, alternative – makes me cringe. If Ann Coulter was a song, it would be a loud, wrong messaged, out of sync, heart throbbing, disturbing song. Hopefully our young ones do have better taste and will also mature in their tastes later in life to appreciate the oldies and classics.

    Jean, if you check in, please pass along more of your wisdom with some titles of songs and/or CD’s of your favorite classics. I borrow them from our library and then download them. Now I can download them to my iPod, and raise the wonderfulness factor in my life with earbuds in my ear and a lightness in my step. Trouble is, I must also look like a fool to my neighbors as I sing along and dance like a banshee while in the yard.
    At least the dogs don’t mind.

  50. My apologies for messing up the thread – I was able to “borrow” another person’s ‘puter and saw that the climate postings I had submitted previously had been placed – and again, and again! Yikes. Sorry. For some reason, the original posts weren’t showing up so I figured . . . oh well. Sorry. Didn’t mean to club anyone over the head with those. Okay – back to bed. Night.

  51. Sorry, didn’t want to do the multiple post thing, but I got interrupted & then had to go home. To recap…

    Theory – tested and proven to accurately predict results. It isn’t ‘just a theory’, it Achieved Theory. Hypothesis – untested, possibly untestable.

    Further, theories can be discarded or adapted in the face of new data, and this in no way discredits the original theory – we didn’t have that data then, now we do.

    This is what science is all about. This is also what drives the one-true-way-ite completely insane. Their hypotheses are built on houses of cards and if one card collapses, the whole thing goes. So they try to seize on one thing about a scientific theory, question it, and shriek with frustration because the scientists won’t admit that the whole thing is a pile of worthless – because it still accurately predicts results and they’ll get the rest of the data as it comes in.

    Evolution – theory. Tested, works, we don’t have all the data yet, but we’ll adapt as it comes in.

    Intelligent Design – hypothesis. The experiments just can’t be run to determine whether it can predict results or not. (Or if you can run these experiments, can I watch?)

    Science is fun……

  52. Honolulu Sallie – You smmed it up about the stoooooooock market much better than I could. In fact the one time I can think of, I did once. The bank I worked for, bought their stock when the last (Ithink ) bank mess occurred. Hah.

    the bank bought another one. Then th gov. changed the rules and my bank could n o longer use the other banks as asset. CAn’t remember all the details but all oof a sudden my bank was in deep trouble. EVER hear of a 5 to1 reverse split?
    I settled for a few bucks. I will never play the stockkk marketagain.

  53. Omygosh! did any of you see this? I got a few minutes in and couldn’t take anymore. It’s a wonder Joy Behar didn’t just break down laughing at BigFoot Coulter ….


  54. When a hypothesis has been tested and proven to give consistent results or consistently predict results, it becomes a theory.

    When people say “It’s just a theory”, what they usually mean is “It’s just a hypothesis”. Calling something a theory is actually a good thing.

    Funny how scientific terminology actually means something.

  55. Whirled Peas ∆-
    Thought so… :-)

  56. Alaska Pi ∆ at 2:44:

    “I suspect you are a philosopher …?”

    You could call me an
    ‘armchair philosopher’. ;)

    God Created Evolution

    But remember:

    “We’re all just the retarded offspring of 5 monkeys having butt sex with a fish squirrel, congratulations.”

    PEACE thru knowledge ~ Δ

  57. This is too all here that believe that love is not connected to posession, ownership or anything else that makes you feel like you are in a cage:

    Chris Jones, died in late 2005, one of the worlds best accoustic guitars and Steve Baker, Harmonica playing actually IN the North Sea (the stage is hundert yards off-shore) in front of a crowd of 80.000

  58. Honolulu Sally
    …The only smart comment I heard was from a woman (hah Werner!) with a charming European accent ….

    just to make a point here:

    I LOVE women, esp. the one I married, it’s just that they sometimes scare the (sorry the pun) hell out of me……

    But I think that is generally a male treat, so I am not worried too much…..


  59. Pat said SO WELL-
    “but c is nothing more than verbal violence…”
    I agree.
    If I didn’t worry about the c-effect I’d have stayed away too…

    A Whirled Peas- one of my favorite voices..

    ‘Intelligent Design?
    Evolution is just a theory… ‘
    Theories which work well enough as broad tents to sort our info, test it’s reliability , and try to expand our understanding of ourselves and the universe we live in.

    I LIKE theories and see no reason to denigrate theory in and of itself.

    Some theories work better than others and allow us to build on the small things we know, others fall apart in the wash like cheap clothes.

    On the eve of what we now understand as atomic theory- ideas were all over the map about how to describe what we now call an atom. When we defined an atom we made huge strides…
    When we used wave AND particle theory to describe light we made huge leaps…
    can’t say we truly know what we are talking about but we have been able to build on those theories to change the way we live…

    Good or bad change is a whole ‘nother dealie…

    Intelligent design AS TOUTED currently has some big holes…
    Philosophical thought through the ages has made much better arguments for the divine behind the scenes than the current evangelical notions do…
    I suspect you are a philosopher …?

  60. Werner, you ARE a kick! Glad you have a wife to step on you from time to time.

    Changing the subject (scroll on Grasshoppers!), are you guys watching the stock market? It’s as low as it was in the 80’s. The stock market pundits are growling and sniveling and ranting about the Growth and Recovery Package (aka Stimulus Bill) and how it’s unfair people in trouble paying for their mortgages are getting special treatment, so maybe they should stop paying their mortgages, blah blah blah.

    And they are ranting about how the market is going down, and government has no business in getting involved and is causing consumer confidence to dive, etc., etc., etc.

    Friggin idiots! The only smart comment I heard was from a woman (hah Werner!) with a charming European accent that said she believes Obama and his team are on the right track to fixing the problem and looking at the mid to long term time frame and its solutions, and everyone is wanting to have the fix in right now, right here, for themselves.

    These Wall Streeters think that the world revolves around their ticker tapes. I, for one, think they need to get their ticker tapes into a bundle and shove it where the sun don’t shine. It’s not all about money and stocks and commodities. When I invest in stocks, I go in knowing that it’s a risk, just as when I put money in the slot machines in Vegas. Shit happens, and you just pick yourself up and move on.

    Everyone wants to be rich, or at least richer than their neighbor, BUT it is only money. I’d guess if you did a survey of Parties, minus the rednecks, the bulk of the “rich” people are Republicans. Money is their god, goal, and to hell with helping those who don’t have their ambition.

    These are scary times, and instead of pulling together, we are all pulling apart. Ass wipes like Ann Coulter are making it worse, and rather than use a hand to pull up a neighbor in trouble, those self-centered, self-serving, Obama-damning spewers have their fingers out and pointing at who is at fault. Rather than helping with the solutions, they will waste their time looking for who to blame.

    Sorry, off on another rant. It’s like having a hot flash with a keyboard.


  61. With all due respect….I haven’t tuned in to the blog since you began reading Coulter.
    tHere is a certain fascination with palin & even the octomom, to see how they twist and lie…….but c is nothing more than verbal violence! I’m not even curious!

  62. Now Whirled Peas

    I do have to disagree, Gravity is just an illusion!

    As proofen by Douglas Adams, the art (and the trick) of flying is just to throw yourself real hard at the ground…… and MISS!

    What would live be without illusions?


  63. Intelligent Design?
    Evolution is just a theory, like gravity. ;)


  64. Yay , Granma Katie!
    Thank you!

    Phht on the off-the-island idea. We do not to be creating another “real America” thingy. That crap has hurt us as much as anything else.

    Trades ∆- Kicking the tires to see if we all have soft spots in our arguments is an ok thing.

    Somehow this has started getting too personal here.
    Kicking ideas around is different than kicking people around…

    And whoever said PHHHT! on intelligent design. I second the PHHHT!

  65. translation from mubleonia:
    afgrred not to vote, kust in case)
    agreed not to vote, just in case)

  66. Well, as stated above, I vote NO too
    (Even if we nearly afgrred not to vote, kust in case)

    For all of you whole wondered how we got this far with the financial mess, I just blogged a, if rather simplified, animated video that gives a rather good explanation in a few minutes….

    check it through my screen name

  67. I too vote NO. That would make us too much like the Wingnuts. Everything not their way is out. And heavens no we don’t want to be like them.

    JuneauJoe yesterday the owner of my residence took me shopping to fill up a box. He was so taken with the idea he is going to send one.

    Then this m orning I called my sister in law in Kansa to tell her what I was doing with their gift. She was also impressed with the idea amd may join us in sending a package!!

  68. UAW I take ownership for starting with you and I accept your apology. Please accept mine.

    I vote No to kicking UAW off the island.

  69. Intelligent Design = religous belief ???

    Isn’t that what is called an oximoron in English?
    (Would fit since it is mostly oxes and morons supporting it!)

    just a side thopught

  70. Honolulu Sally

    Your bringing out the “worst” in ME again….
    just can’t hold back with snarky remarks when I see this:
    “…If the devil were a woman, it would be Ann.

    Who told you she (the devil) isn’t one?

    Ask any man (married or not) and at one point in his live he will agree…….

    Remeber Steve Martinin “Dead men don’t wear plaid”? (When he was real lovesick toweards the end, after she left himoverhearing the wrong phone conversation)

    ……”she rips out your heart, throws on the floor in front of you, steps on it with her high heels, cooks it, slices it niecly and serves it to you, and than expects you to say:”Delicous, honey!”……

    And this example is not to say that we guyz are any better or so…. just a good point why she (the devil) most probably IS a woman…
    (I mean God suposed to be one, which would make Jesus the only guy in this triangle….mmh intersting thought, even for an atheist!)


  71. I agree with not censoring folks like UAW, not that I agree with him.

    Thought I’d share with yall a site where you can see where you fall on the polticial spectrum (socio-economically speaking)


    I’m close to the cross-hair, but down in the bottom left quadrant — if you look at the 2008 elections, that puts me somewhere near Ralph Nader (!?!).

    Does anyone know of any right-wing blogs / news sites that are not rabid Limbaugh or Hannity fans? I’d like to be able to keep up on a more balanced view of the world, but it seems we have only a selection of extremes to choose from….

  72. I have been away for a day or so due to health issues and it seems like things have gone a little nuts while I was away.

    I also wonder if UAW has been either drinking or hyptnotized (spell?)…. I can respect that he has a difference in opinion, however, I prefer logic and real links to real sources. Pelosi does not matter!!! A politician’s personal life does not matter… How they run the country and vote and politically act does!

    I also despite how much he can tend to tick me off at times am not ready to “vote him off the island.” (thanks Greytdog!) Even though there was no “application” for devils advocate UAW serves as a good one to keep us thinking most times….. The only way to know how to outmaneuver the competition is to know the breadth of the arguments of the competition. There was no application for troll either, but people like Colorful seem to find their way on here anyway.

    I think that taking a realistic step back and looking at the sitiuation as a whole is in order for all of us, the trolls, and UAW alike. Sometimes as human kind we tend to forget to do that…. and thats exactly what Helen was saying when she went on her rant about this not being a red or a blue….

    I am a proud shade of purple! How bout you?

    UAW- Despite how much you tick me off at times…. I respect the fact that most times you try to offer valid arguments and postings that make your point…. This time when you got on your Queen Pelosi bit and started randomly arguing with people who wanted to vote you off the island all that logic that I thought you posessed went right out the door….

    please come back… But next time lets go back to the old UAW. I mean it really.

  73. Sarah Palin runs off to villages today. Here is a video of dear Sarah.


    Help a village because Sarah has not found time to do much yet. The Yukon River was frozen over until well into may of 2008. They will need help for a while.


  74. Voting on and off (Not on a TV show here….)

    I second the MirrorMan on the UWA issue…..

    I didn’t have a “Nazis raus (out)” sign on my door for the last 20 years to start iwith censorship now, let him says his piece, ignore him, hit him over the head or agree with him, whatever fit’s the issue, but let him say his piece….

    Hellen invited us all on HER porch, so the deciscion rest finally with her (through Matthew) and as long as someone is not OVERLY dumb and constantly insulting, let them have their say.

    We should be able to take critic if it is well founded and ignore ass-hats when they spew (Not directed at you UWA)

    And for some spitting around, no one really likes it, but it defenitly clears one’s throat!

    Just MHO


  75. Greydog:
    Hope it is nothing serious. Please take care of yourself.

  76. Whirled Peas Δ:
    Thanks for the links. (I missed the show last night.)

    Not very provocative, actually. Ann seems to have a set list of talking points that never varies. She comes off sounding scripted, ya know? Overall, an uninteresting conversationalist. If this show was a reflection of what Ann’s got to offer, it won’t sell many tickets to her *debate tour* with Bill Maher. Yawn.


  77. Mirror Man – No censorship, not here – agreed! While we may not agree with him and I certainly don’t, UAW has a right to his opinion just as everyone else here. After 8 years of the dems opinions being dismissed, should we now dismiss the opinions of those who oppose us? Methinks it better to continue discussions and try to find some common ground. I come here not only for H & M’s views but the views of those posting. I believe there are some incredibly bright, informed people here (and some… not so much). I enjoy reading the difference of opinions, the occasional snarky banter and especially how supportive people can be of each other during life’s hardships.

  78. For information purposes only.

    Ann Coulter with Joy Behar 2-19

    In 4 parts.

    Beware, may cause seizures.


  79. You are a martyr to sensibility, subjecting yourself to that crap.

  80. Intelligen Design phhht

  81. Something to share with y’all
    “Our whole economy is and has been little short of an elaborate Ponzi scheme since the 1980s. We have generated very little “real wealth” in over 20 years, most of it based on increasingly deceptive financial instruments designed to spread the risk into dubious nooks and crannies of the shadow banking world. It all began with the Garn-St. Germain Act of 1982 that deregulated the S&L industry and let it compete with mutual funds. Despite the disaster that befell the S&L industry in the 1980s, the deregulatory activists in the Reagan Administration, the Fed and increasingly in Congress (among BOTH parties) spread the virus of easy credit to other sectors. Finally, we “unleashed the power” of our financial markets by repealing Glass-Steagal and discouraging the SEC from poking their noses into the derivatives market. With interest rates low, and income taxes cut, the party was on.
    It was all a fraud.”
    There’s more about this at:
    My Rant by ELROD
    February 20th, 2009


  82. Okay I’ll try this again. Links for information on climate change (caveat – these are science sites therefore members of Flat Earth society and intelligent design persuasion may be offended)




  83. UAW I’ve tried to send links on climatology studies but I’m still getting used to this borrowed computer. . . too many bells and whistles on it, I’m afraid if I even think of touching the wrong key, some missile somewhere will be set off. Yes, you’ll the devil’s advocate and yes, if you were standing here right now, I ‘d probably kick you in the butt or at least let one fly upside your head. But vote you off the island? Nope.
    As Sally points out: “Ann is the kind of cancer that brings out the worst in people” . . . seems the cancer has wormed into here when we refuse to allow (somewhat) reasoned disagreement.
    Anyway – I’ll try to bundle those links later on today (heading off for some surgery) when I get home again. They’re interesting – technical, but interesting.

  84. Helen, reading Coulter’s book must be sheer torture. I just google searched the Joy Behar/Ann Coulter CNN segment, and watched the 18 minutes of the show.

    Yuck. It is very difficult for anyone to have a conversation with a lying psycho. The only way is if you were to wire the lying psycho with zappers and many many rubber bands, and everytime that psycho tells a lie, she gets zapped. And when she spouts nonsensical data, you reach over and snap the rubber bands. When she makes ridiculous statements, then her head gets gonged. Zap, gong and snap, zap, gong and snap, until her hair (she does have beautiful hair) starts to fry and frizzle.

    I’m not a violent person, but I really would have loved to see Joy reach across the table, grab two fistfuls of Ann’s beautiful hair, pull her out and over and knee her jaw permanently shut.

    Ann is the kind of cancer that brings out the worst in people, and enjoys it. If the devil were a woman, it would be Ann.

    Helen, you really do need to finish up the book and then go through a cleansing. Or better yet, don’t finish it. I don’t know how you can take it.

  85. That Mexico line… Utter GENIUS. Much Love From Kenya. Yes, that line was funny, even here.


  86. Stop it right there! As you can tell by my responses to his posts, UAW is not my favorite person and I don’t necessarily care for his position. But when you shout down or cut off all opposing viewpoints, you are being no better than the Free Republic website, or Shrub’s presidency. If we are going to be better than that, we need to start with ourselves! Yes, we don’t agree, but it is better to have an argument with reasoned viewpoints rather than shut someone out because we don’t agree. How will we ever find common ground otherwise? Let UAW spew. We can either argue with him or ignore him as we wish, but please don’t go the censorship route, because that is another form of Facism, and we have seen far too much of that already…

    And no, I am not going soft on Trades. If any of you have noticed from the previous postings, he still hasn’t responded to my request for proof that someone said Palin was responsible for the weather in Alaska….

  87. I vote him off the island!

  88. YES!!!!!!! Please, please, please YES!!!!!

  89. Let’s take a vote to help Matthew decide.

    Is UAW good for the conversation or bad?

    If you would like to see UAW banned from future comments vote YES.

    If not vote NO.

    I vote Yes. (I am tired of his constant need to just be negative for the sake of being negative)



  91. Imaginesta…you came at me and I did apologize.

  92. Okay, CO almost native, you’ve peaked my interest. I’ll do some “Google-ing” about the great state of CO. See if my “lizardness” can handle the move. Thx !!

  93. Merv, not worth your time. Like I said, I caught two minutes. They were more than enough. The shrieking was just too much for me.

  94. Did anyone watch? I sit worth my checking out on the re-broadcast?

  95. The shedevil is on Larry King. Could not take more than 2 minutes of her. How is Joy going to do it, I do not know. Painful! I do not wish to be in her shoes.

  96. I think Ann Coulter is a man.
    I think UAW Tradesman is a Ass Nozzle.
    I think Margaret and Helen rock!

  97. UAW it’s Imaginista. With an A on the end, for which I substituted the pie slice to represent it when I’m here. If you’re going to come after me with both barrels, at least get my name right. Peace out.

  98. Email questions to CNN for tonight’s Coultergeist appearance (9pm) on Larry King:



  99. did you watch Kudlow…Everyone should stop paying their mortgage…wall street’s really impressed
    thanks for the heads-up on larry king…

  100. @DCH Stuck in TX

    “Just one teensy-weensy problem, it’s COLD in CO!! I’m sort of like a lizard — I need warmth! Our current TX location — between Austin and San Antonio — affords us about 9.5 to sometimes even 10 months out of the year with temps these ol’ bodies (mine and hubby’s) really enjoy, which is the reason we moved out of OK (to get away from all the snow and ice storms!). ”

    We have 300 out of 365 days a year of sun; I got rid of most of my coats when we moved here from KS, 30+ years ago. You could go back to TX during the cold month, to remind yourselves of why you moved to CO (lol).

  101. UAW. I don’t care whether you apologize or not, your opinion means nothing to me.

  102. avotresante..WTF are you talking about…throw the SOB in jail (with Bubba) if he’s guilty…they haven’t charged him yet…OH that’s right the Constitution is only for liberals…
    I didn’t see a job posting for asshat but your doing a good job…..I should apologize for that but I’m not going to.

  103. Many thanks to Juneau Joe for the link to the Strap on Vets, what a scream! Also to Whirled for the quiz, turns out I’m a neo-hippie. Wow, neo. I was a hippie over 40 years ago when I protested another war (NOT soldiers, they were my friends and family) that we had no business sticking our noses in. Seems like I never have enough experience for some…
    Here’s some karma to consider, that Stanford who stole some $8 billion from investors, including money laundering for Mexican drug dealers, is “depressed.” Wah. The Feds took 6 of his jets and his 120 foot yacht (violin music here) but this is truly one dead man walking for screwing drug cartels. UAW, you must be crying in your beer for him, I’m sure he’s a hero to you because it’s all got to be the Democrats fault. By the way, keep us all informed about how you will get all puffed up and refuse the benefits you’ll get from this stimulus package. We can’t wait to hear your next “poor me” stories.
    Please, all with strong stomachs, let us know about the interview with mAnn Coultergeist on Larry King. Some of us just ate, and food is too precious to waste throwing it up.

  104. I don’t recall seeing an ad for a “Devil’s Advocate” position on this blog… did anyone else? Just wondered.

    Thanks to those who gave the heads up on the Larry King (Joy Behar) show tonight. I wasn’t aware of it and will try to watch it. Don’t remember who said their television wasn’t safe if Coulter was on, but thanks for that reminder as well. I will make sure there is nothing throw-able within my reach when I tune in this evening.


  105. co…thank you
    “And the high cost of gasoline had nothing to do with the Democrats, and everything to do with high global demand. Try reading Friedman’s book “Hot, Flat, and Crowded”.
    that means it had nothing to do with the Reps either or “it wasn’t Bushes fault”

    this playing devil’s advocate sucks…
    and if we”re going to start character assassinations….WTF is an “IMAGINIST”…are you imagining things….maybe you were a little Cranked up…back off on the Meth; it’s not good for you….
    I shouldn’t have said that and I apologize but you started it….like they say in the shop…paybacks are a M-F

  106. Helen, I have to say, I love your writing style and the way you explain things so succinctly.

    Whirled Peas, I took that little “What Kind of Liberal Are You?” test. I am a Reality Based Intellectual (liberal elite, oh my!) and my husband is a Social Justice Crusader. That looks like a cool book. I may have to invest in it. LOL!

  107. The ultimate irony of AC and her “book” is that it is the RIGHT WING that constantly portrays itself as VICTIMS.

    WAAHH! I can’t call Obama a porch-monkey or make jokes about watermelon and fried chicken or those big mean LIBERALS will pick on me and call me a racist! WAAHH!

    WAAHH! I can’t assault and murder f*gs without impunity or the LIBERALS will call me a bigot and a homophobe and sentence me to a HATE CRIME, which is the real injustice, not the blood of a million gays on my hands.

  108. Helen you are a peach! We here in Georgia treat ladies like you with the most highest respect. You are a treasure! I wish you the best and will remain one of your biggest fans!

  109. Matthew, if the same colored quilt pattern appears although the name differs, does that mean it all originates from the same computer/user? If so, Oderous, mko, darlene, anonymous and more are sharing the same computer, or somebody is having fun being schizo.

    Also, what impacts the number of hits on M&H’s blogsite? Is it each time we check in, or each person gets counted once and subsequent visits are not counted?

    JEN wrote:

    Helen, you really should be a talk show host. You are quick witted and intelligent. I’d put you up against any of the righty liars which would be everyone of them. Actually I’d like to see you interview Michelle Bachmann………..she might overtake the idiot Palin and Ann Coulter for stupid.

    Amazing what the Republicans are doing to each other……….threatening recall votes in California if they(the repubs) vote YES to ratify the state’s budget. Ah-nold, the gov is a Repub. Vile rightwing talkers mounting REPUBLICAN heads on sticks and screaming threats……….that is how they behave in third world countries.
    Republican governors threatening not to take the recovery money at the expense of their own states……….many of the states existing by virtue of the Federal dole already. Louisana repub Gov Bobby Gindall comes to mind: a several times over millionaire saying he won’t take the money………to hell with the people in his state; these same people have no jobs, no healthcare, foreclosed houses,living on foodstamps and vote against their own best interest year after year. And then you have the US congressional Repubs on their tour of lies saying “they” got this or that in the Recovery package for their state but never saying THEY VOTED NO . Whatever money any of the states gets is because the DEMS and 3 brave Senate Republicans voted yes………I am sure their heads will be appearing on sticks as well, Mark my words, they have already been threatened by their own party.

    The Republicans are responsible for the mess we are in, irresponsibly spending and spending like lunatics when it was in their best interest, lying and yes murdering our men and women who were sent to Iraq to fight an illegal war, not to mention the number of lives lost for the Iraqui people……….can any Republican say bin Laden.
    Nope, they don’t care that he was the one responsible for 9/11.

    I am sure Miss skinny butt Coulter is proud beyond belief of these despicable Republicans.

    Write and Right on JEN! I am still waiting for John McCain to go get bin Laden. Didn’t he say he knew how to get him, and when he becomes President, he would? He’s become a grumpy old man who has decided to take his marbles from the playground and go home. He is snarking, sniveling, and whining.

  110. Looks like some of our newbies need to build up those scroll finger muscles. The finger wagging, well, they’ve got that mastered!

  111. Shalyn and Manfred,

    There is an old saying that I will paraphrase:

    “Those that can do; those who can’t, well they snark, snivel, whine and have nothing better to do than count the number of comments.”



  112. Dear Helen,

    Thank you again for doing this most painful duty. And no, I for one cannot imagine deliberately listening to AC anywhere/anytime. That would be torture in my book. So Larry King will have to do without me.

    My one regret about the Margaret and Helen blog is that you weren’t available to us all much, much earlier. I firmly believe that your common sense, and truly hilarious posts, would have helped my blood pressure remain lower (although I do fear for your own … I can’t imagine going where no man has been before in such fashion … boldly or otherwise).

    How much happier I am to know that people like you exist, when our so-called mainstream media collaborated with RW Republicans over the past eight years in an effort to convince us that we were delusional and unpatriotic if we found something wrong with lying to go to war, torturing people, attacking a country that posed no threat to us and murdering hundreds of thousands of its people together with practically destroying one of the world’s oldest civilizations, allowing a major US city to be destroyed, and tearing our civil rights to shreds … among one or two other things.

    Thanks also to so many of the posters here who are clearly kindred spirits and who are neither delusional or unpatriotic for seeing the past eight years as they really were instead of how RW revisionists would like to make us believe they were. To those who aren’t kindred spirits and can’t see that, well, you are your own worst punishment. I don’t envy you your lives or your ‘tudes. And I am so glad to see you so outnumbered by sane people.

    And yes, where IS Margaret these days? I hope that she is well … and send warm wishes to those kindred spirits here who haven’t been feeling well.
    And Helen, please do take good care of yourself. You are definitely one of my heroes!

  113. The reason Coulter doesn’t think there were any scandals of note in Bush’s White House is that Repubs can’t recognize an ethical or moral issue unless it involves sex.

  114. Joy Behar of The View to interview Ghoul-ter tonight on Larry King’s CNN

    this concludes your service announcement.

  115. AlaskaPi Thanks for your n ice comment on my typing. Yes I am getting better tho not as fast as I would like!

    Gee Palin has a lot of nerve regarding taxes.

    I am being taken shopping in an hour for supplies for a box!! Maybe I can talk him into filling one also.

  116. nuff said already, no panic mavis!

  117. TROLL FIGHT!!! Get’m girls!!!!!!!!!!!!

  118. Troll to Troll –

    Jugoing bye youre sofistimacated waye ov exprezzing oorsef id saye shet yor fekking mowt for fife minnitz comma fifeteene persent ov the postz here are yoo azznozzle…

  119. Attention:
    Troll feeding point

    Odouros, judgeing by your sophisticated way of expressing yourself I’d guess that if you swalloed a fly, you’d have more brains in your stomach than in your head….

    End Troll feed
    (And I try not to do it again…..well….)

  120. I can’t help but thinking that the Republicans planned this all out. Have only 3 vote for the bill so that it can get passed, because that was the plan all along.

    But by having all of the rest being able to voice out against it. Kind of covers all bases and their asses too doesn’t it. They vote against it (knowing it will get passed) and they still get to take the money. Seems a little planned.


  121. To Shalyn and Manfred — SAVE YOURSELVES and please bypass this comment as you’ll most likely consider it graffiti.

    To CO almost native: Thanks for the invite (DCH Stuck in Texas- you can join me in Colorado, a beautiful purple state (some stuck in the past Repugs and lots for forward-thinking Blues and Independents.))

    Just one teensy-weensy problem, it’s COLD in CO!! I’m sort of like a lizard — I need warmth! Our current TX location — between Austin and San Antonio — affords us about 9.5 to sometimes even 10 months out of the year with temps these ol’ bodies (mine and hubby’s) really enjoy, which is the reason we moved out of OK (to get away from all the snow and ice storms!).

    However, your “lots for forward-thinking Blues and Independents” certainly does make one rethink ………

  122. Oops – the video didn’t embed — here’s the good laugh link:


  123. I’ll also chip in to help fund your trip to Washington, armed with some BIG ASS KICKER boots!

    Thought I’d share this article with y’all about Obama’s Housing Plan — seems much of the GOP House / Senate leadership can’t really find much to complain about… GOBAMA!


    And if you’re looking for a good laugh, watch this:

    Love to you, M&H!

  124. Nah. Yoo jez need to haf a lowe tolledrants for idiotz like Werner. Plz! Grlz. AmI rite?

  125. I do have a serious qurstion:

    With all the repub bashing going on here I was thinking:

    Do you have to hand over your brain BEFORE you get a party membership?

    Always asuming you had one before you applied…..

  126. Helen,
    We don’t have a lot of money, but if you agree to go and tell the House and Senate how to get things done, we’ll chip in for your ticket.

    Keep up the great work!

  127. Helen, you really should be a talk show host. You are quick witted and intelligent. I’d put you up against any of the righty liars which would be everyone of them. Actually I’d like to see you interview Michelle Bachmann………..she might overtake the idiot Palin and Ann Coulter for stupid.

    Amazing what the Republicans are doing to each other……….threatening recall votes in California if they(the repubs) vote YES to ratify the state’s budget. Ah-nold, the gov is a Repub. Vile rightwing talkers mounting REPUBLICAN heads on sticks and screaming threats……….that is how they behave in third world countries.
    Republican governors threatening not to take the recovery money at the expense of their own states……….many of the states existing by virtue of the Federal dole already. Louisana repub Gov Bobby Gindall comes to mind: a several times over millionaire saying he won’t take the money………to hell with the people in his state; these same people have no jobs, no healthcare, foreclosed houses,living on foodstamps and vote against their own best interest year after year. And then you have the US congressional Repubs on their tour of lies saying “they” got this or that in the Recovery package for their state but never saying THEY VOTED NO . Whatever money any of the states gets is because the DEMS and 3 brave Senate Republicans voted yes………I am sure their heads will be appearing on sticks as well, Mark my words, they have already been threatened by their own party.

    The Republicans are responsible for the mess we are in, irresponsibly spending and spending like lunatics when it was in their best interest, lying and yes murdering our men and women who were sent to Iraq to fight an illegal war, not to mention the number of lives lost for the Iraqui people……….can any Republican say bin Laden.
    Nope, they don’t care that he was the one responsible for 9/11.

    I am sure Miss skinny butt Coulter is proud beyond belief of these despicable Republicans.

  128. uups an other one….
    Honolulu Sally, keep this in mind:

    “Who doesn’t dare to dream hasn’t got the power to fight!”

    Fight on…….

  129. Shalyn and Manfred,
    just click on my screen name …. and there you are!

    Wasn’t that difficult, was it?

    And since I comment on other commenters her, as long as it doen’t concern you, move on! (To the next thing that interests you)

    Nuff said

    BTW I prefere a few short comments than a novel…..

  130. WARNING !! …the blonde bimbo is on Larry King tonight (Thursday).

  131. Links on Climate Change (caveat – these are SCIENCE sites, so ReThugs may wish to consult the Flat Earth Society prior to exposing themselves to this information.)





  132. – Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R-MN), who complained that the “federal government is spending money they don’t have,” told Rachel Maddow he would nevertheless accept funds for Minnesota: “Our view is, if you buy the pizza, it’s OK if you have a slice.”

    – Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), who also campaigned ardently against the bill, said he would nevertheless gladly accept its funds for his state. “You don’t want to be crazy here,” he said.

    – Rep. John Mica (R-FL) gushed over the bill, which he, too, voted against. “I applaud President Obama’s recognition that high-speed rail should be part of America’s future,” he said in a press release.

    – Rep. Don Young (R-AK) boasted that he “won a victory for…Alaska small business owners” in the recovery bill he refused to vote for.

    No wonder RNC Chairman Michael Steele declared recently, “You have absolutely no reason — none — to trust our word or our actions at this point.”

  133. Clinton’s indiscretion (and yes he lied) was one of the reasons that Gore lost in 2000. Yeah, I know Gore actually “won”, but he would have won by more for sure if Billy had been less of a horn dog that got caught.

    Then good ole GW Bush came out and waved his Jesus as his best friend platform, and praise be!
    “won” with a resoundingly solid Florida sway.

    It was America’s misfortune, and Bill Clinton will be more remembered for the Monica Lewinsky incident than as a pretty good president.

    Jean, I really do try to be tolerant of the right wing. I have too many friends that voted for McCain and Palin. I just got an email from one about the “porky” stimulus package, with a note that Puerto Rico gets $17 billion. I told her to read the website’s description – the listings were the mayors’ wish lists, not necessarily what would be funded.

    At least we didn’t have to fabricate or manipulate data to blast GW Bush. We had facts, history, and his great Presidential Moments from David Letterman.

    I could be bi-partisan, don’t we put up with UAW who just loves jerking our chains?

    Changing the subject (scroll on Grasshoppers), I have discovered another benefit of menopause.

    I have dreams, quite terrifying, of running away from something, trying to scream, trying to get help. Last night, I had the same dream, but SMW (Super Menopausal Woman) didn’t run away or try to scream. I fought back! That was a first, and it felt good.

    Jean, if you ever need to be picked up from the airport in Honolulu, let me know, I’ll be there for you. I’ll tuck away my cape.


  134. Helen,

    You know Ann is going to be taking questions on Larry King tomorrow night. Please tell me you will call in.


  135. oops. gotta get the cat hair out of the keyboard AGAIN.

  136. appeae is a foreign concept to ‘it’.

  137. Tanya-
    Yes, Clinton avoided telling the truth about a sexual relationship, but Bush lied about the War in Iraq, he lied about following the laws passed by Congress, he eroded individual rights guaranteed by the Constitution, he called those who disagreed with him unpatriotic, he led our country into debt and expanded the federal government- his business cronies stole money that was supposed to pay for the war effort- he had honest state attorneys fired because they didn’t do Republican bidding…

    I’ll take Clinton over Bush any time.

    Warm hugs to troutay and Jean- may you both feel better.

    DCH Stuck in Texas- you can join me in Colorado, a beautiful purple state (some stuck in the past Repugs and lots for forward-thinking Blues and Independents).

  138. UAW Tradesman:
    Parts of the Stimulus Bill were online for almost a month- I know, because I read a lot of it. Is it perfect? No, but at least the Democrats have tried something besides tax cuts, the Republican solution for unemployment as well as the common cold. The Republicans demanded that 35% of the bill be tax cuts, and then refused to vote for it.

    And the high cost of gasoline had nothing to do with the Democrats, and everything to do with high global demand. Try reading Friedman’s book “Hot, Flat, and Crowded”.

  139. Better link to Pollack.org


  140. Manfred and Shalyn-

    Helen said in late January-

    “As far as your comments go – the more the merrier. Knock yourselves out. Margaret and I appreciate the attention. Really we do. But you have to remember that besides a considerable number of years on this planet the only additional information we have access to is the same information you have access to: We read. We listen to the radio. We watch TV. And we apply a little common sense. We are more than happy to hear opposing points of view. We certainly don’t profess to be perfect. … You learn something new everyday… and really isn’t that the point ?”
    Please skip on by that which does not interest you and savor that which does…
    Our hostesses have allowed us a lot of room to whoop it up…
    If some folks’ conversations are not to your liking , circulate… there are many great voices here…

  141. Hey Manfred and Shalyn,

    Does this help?

    Graffiti anyone?


  142. I’m with Shalyn….One comment for or about Margaret and Helen is enough. All this other stuff is just graffiti.

  143. Now Werner, what a nice thing to say to somebody! Says a lot about you too. Thanks!

  144. Werner – apparently you don’t understand that THIS IS NOT YOUR BLOG. It is Margaret and Helen’s blog. Post your blog address, and if any of us is interested in 30 messages a day giving your opinion, we can log onto your blog.

  145. Alaska Pi

    one thing to keep in mind, though, is that Caribou Barbie may in the end turn out just a big ruse, whereby everyone focuses on keeping her away from anything important and the real threat is nutered in the dark and secret and snarks around the corner in no time….

    gotta keep those eyes peeled……

    but I do have to agree, Pa(l)in the butt is such a nice target for all these rotten veggies otherwise going to waste…..


  146. Easier

    IF simpleton you are, at least you’re a nice, supportive and always helpfull one……
    We could use more of those in this world.


  147. Now take a moment for something completely different:

    Comedy Break

    PEACE ~ Δ

  148. Well UAW is definitely a Republican if whips and chains excite him – can you imagine what waterboarding would do?

    Okau – snark off – but geez UAW you opened the door with your refusal to even consider another viewpoint. I’m gonna try to recreate the links on climate change – BUT given the fact that I am more than dragging butt right now, it may take a while. In the meantime, I suggest that you lay off the whips and chains and start thinking for yourself. Your brain can be an amazing organ – maybe more so than the one between your legs. Since I personally don’t know you, I can’t attest to either one :)

  149. [...] Ann Coulter Is Just Not That Into Anyone Margaret,  after reading Chapter 6 of Ann Coulter’s book I am convinced that Ann Coulter hates me.  And I am [...] [...]

  150. Troutay- Best wishes- get better!

    Granma Katie- A lot of we Alaskans are pretty excited the ghastly gov got busted on her tax scam- re: state per diem and not sad at all that she feels down…
    Guess would be that Ms Coulter will ignore the gov’s latest scandal as any kind of sign that the gov can’t be trusted as a leader…I just hope everyday folks don’t ignore it.
    If we are going to keep Ms Palin away from the national scene we need the news to get out… she’s the type to make herself out to be a martyr.
    Your typing has taken a great leap forward- hope that means you have too.
    Gotta go-
    food to send to neighbors…

  151. LOL Werner, quite an imagery indeed! (The running around I mean, by you know who.) Should have known you knew, sorry! Like I said earlier, I am just a simpleton.

  152. UAW said earlier: “…everybody seems to be avoiding the Queen Nancy comments I’ve been posting….”

    Wrong! I am avoiding ALL your comments! You are behaving like a sore loser and a bully. Two typically Republican attributes, both of which I am up-to-here with.

    DCH Stuck in Texas: I feel sorry for you down there. I’d offer Illinois as a Blue-State alternative, but the blue really only comes from Chicago. Many of the suburbs and almost all of downstate is as red as Kentucky.

    Tanya? So glad you squeezed in the hand-on-the-bible factor for your dismissal of Bill Clinton. I am wondering if the lack of a bible has made the Bush/Cheney lies more palatable for you.


    I’m not even the one reading Coulter and look how cranky I’ve become. Someone pass me pie, quick!

  153. What did you do, Helen, kick Margaret to the curb??

  154. Bill Clinton did not only cheat on his wife, he cheated on every last one of us when he stuck his hand on a bible and swore to tell the truth, then proceeded to lie about his affair with his intern. I personally do not care who he sleeps with, it wasn’t about sex, it was about honesty. Until that moment, I supported him. Until they brought the blue dress out and he was forced to admit he lied, I believed him. Everything he said after that point was suspect.
    I’ve read Anns’ books before. I think she got a nifty thesaurus for Christmas and slapped this book together.
    I do think you are a scream and I enjoy reading your blog.

  155. Helen,

    Go take a long Hoveround ride off a short and rickity pier!

  156. Hi Jean
    keep training those biceps of yours and you can carry your hubbie on your arms when your back is back (sorry the pun ;-))

    Some of us guyz likle that, ya know?

    Get better soon


  157. Jean –

    Sounds like a nice day — Happy Belated Birthday to Mr. Jean.

    Sorry about your aches and pains. At least you’re in Hawaii wearing shorts.

    Read about Ann Strongheart’s life without running water.



  158. Dear Helen, Margaret and gang,

    I am glad you are back with another post, Helen. I think I have learned a lot more about Ann Coulter than I ever wanted to know. Somewhat the same as I have learned more than I wanted to know recently about Spinal Stenosis, caused by Osteoarthritis; surgical and other treatments.

    Perhaps if we eased up on the bickering and started being bi-partisan here on this blog, it could spread to Washington. Ya Think? Just a thought. Save Helen the trip. Although maybe Margaret, you could come down and they could have a nice visit together. May I recommend a lovely hotel at Crystal City in Washington?

    For those of you who have the time and inclination to read all the comments on Helen’s posts, I thought you might like to know that the 100 ‘Valentine Guys’ I made and sent to my grandkids were very well received. The grandkids wised up and took extra packages of Hershey Kisses to ‘recycle’ the ‘Valentine Guys’ and pass them around. My daughter-in-law took a class picture of her elementary class wearing the Valentine guys and will send it to us.

    Each of our kids and grandkids families did a Happy Birthday group sing on the phone for my husband’s 80th birthday.

    His birthday dinner was at ‘Chez Nous’, (French for ‘Restaurant at our House’.) We dined on ‘Frozen Jumbo Shrimp al a Costco’, ‘Stir Fry Veggies’ with Wine Vinegar and a concoction of my invention of White Rice, Brown Rice, Wild Rice, Boullion and various herbs. I make a huge batch of it, divide it up into portions in Ziploc bags and freeze. Then all we have to do is take out a pouch and thaw it. (Sorry, Honolulu Sally, ‘Sticky Rice’ never caught on with us.) It wasn’t Red Lobster in Honolulu, but my husband was pleased.

    We topped it off with a Brownie. When he wasn’t looking, I sneaked one candle in the pocket of my shorts. Most of the time I was perched on my stool in the kitchen while he played run and fetch. (I am now using my husband’s recycled walker for upstairs, the railing going up and down and the cane downstairs.)

    No white zin for Jean while she is on these meds, (Sob!) so we toasted with a small glass of milk and the Brownie. I put the candle on his Brownie and lit it while he was pouring the milk.

    I would have hobbled over the to the piano, played and sang Happy Birthday to him, but he had to settle for a pretty bad ‘a capella’.

    My husband loaded the dishwasher, and I did the one veggie pot and counters cleanup.
    Whatever did we EVER do without dishwashers, microwaves, paper towels, Charmin, Kleenex, Ziploc bags, disposable diapers and sanitary napkins?

    I think my back is healing nicely, but my upper arms are starting to look like Popeye’s.



    P. S. Did you know that chronic pain CAN make you cranky —– IF YOU LET IT?

  159. Dear Helen,
    I LOVE you and Margaret, and any friends and relatives helping you two produce this,

    But in Defense of Mexican water,
    I’ve never had any, but I lived in Nicaragua on and off for about ten years, and think we should distinguish the parasites from the water…

    Parts of the US, alas, have water which causes AnnCoulterEffect and, I think, it boils down(pardon the pun) to poverty and environmental policies….

  160. Helen should read the 6 o’clock news. She cuts through the crap & gives it to us straight!!! Best read anywhere!!!
    Bravo Helen!

  161. I miss Margaret too!

  162. Where is Margaret??

  163. Helen! What do you think of the cover of the book? I just saw it and laughed out loud at the mere thought of your comments on her attire.

  164. Werner -Everyone was so great to offer up creative solutions. BTW, the 1st guy (an apprentice), I found his resume thru the unemployment office, the 2nd guy (a journeyman) responded to my ad on Craigslist.

    Thanks guys/gals!

    I. Mean. It.

  165. Troutay so glad you are back. I had been wondering where you were. Hope it ihas n ot been anything too serious. Have missed your posts.

    Just saw on news that Palin is feeling cold and abused. Gee so sorry about that. How do you Alaskans feel?

  166. Oh and troutay
    IF laughing hurts, take a break from comments for a day or two, but IF venting the anger helps, go right ahead…..

    All the best, (and lot’s of that) get on your feet soon


  167. Chloe
    congraz, but keep our good ideas shelved for the next “desparate’ run…..

  168. Easier,
    I’d guessed that already, was just taking the opportunity to mouth off a bit, and you have to admit that the mental image of the shrub running around the world, completly out of breath, trying to service 6.8 billion asses (those animals with the long ears, I mean… LOL) has something to it, no?

    But thanks for clearing things up anyway, coulda been ignorant too….. as MirrorMan said, I know a lot, but far from all.


  169. Werner, about the 6.8 billion, I think Helen means the population of the entire planet.

  170. Update – I hired 2 new employees today, one starts the 23rd and the other on March 2nd. Yippee! And, we picked up a sizable new account today, which in turn recommended us to one of their affiliates, so, maybe I’ll be looking for a 3rd guy soon!

  171. Hope you get to feel better soon Troutay!

    Been resisting saying anything to UAW but I work among reds who can’t wait to come to work everyday and spew their contempt for the current administration. This administration has been there how long, less than a month? If there is acceptance on their part, that the former adminstration bears some responsibility for the current state of affairs, it might be more palatable. But not so. They are being very critical of somebody who is trying to fix the mess he inherited.

    UAW spews the same talking points without at least admitting that things are the way they are because mistakes were made. The free market was left to work and what did we get? A worldwide debacle. Even then, you hear that Barney Frank and Nancy Pelosi and the democratic congress were to blame. It is just pitiful. Nobody in this country wants socialism and we are not going to get socialism. However, for the short term what do we to get the economy restarted? Start another war? I prefer investing in infrastructure, and schools, and alternative energy, or whatever might work. Thank you.

  172. Hope you feel better soon, troutay!

    UAW, we all do things wrong (both Dems and Repubs) but can always learn from our mistakes. I like the poster who said long live the purple . . . we are ALL Americans and need to try to do the best we can for all.

    Have a happy day, everyone!

  173. UAW:

    Its a bit like being an arm chair quarterback.
    Ask yourself what YOU are doing to help us get back on track. We can all complain, criticize, etc. But we all must take steps to help this country come back to a decent sort of life.
    I see people on here that are volunteering to help others, trying to inform many of us who are ignorant of things. But all I hear from you are rants. We are mostly “progressives” here and are “progressive” enough to know that things aren’t going to change over night, that we all need to step up to the plate.

    Now, just for today be nice. I just got out of the hospital and I don’t act very nice when I feel this bad.

    going back to bed

  174. I believe you are correct, Imaginist. I guess he should be treated as if he were one of the “trolls”…don’t feed him.

  175. UAW – have you been drinking? You are more vitriolic and nonsensical than usual. You do not sound like someone with genuine philosophical differences from the majority of this community, you just sound like an angry drunk. Bless your heart.

  176. UAW

    Ohhh, STUFF IT.

    We know we can count on Helen to kick ANY needing ass, never mind if it is red, blue, white, black, yellow or green with purlpe sprinkles…

    Don’t you get it into your boney head?


    We are in a worldwide mess, and for sure everybody needs starting to clean in his own backyard (And also you and me have, if different, enough garbadge laying around)
    But clean we must if our kids (And I have 4 of those) should have a chance!!

    So, shut up the rambling and get down to work.

    Post something that might work for a change instead of showing us what didn’t work!


    The head is round so thoughts can chance directions!


  177. Hi Ann.
    as stated in my email to Jane, what you gals expect from a poor guy when you share a screen name……

    Ah well, magic I guess, my wife tries to condition me to that (YOU SHOULD have know…..) since years now, but I still resist!


    I promise to better myself (but not too fast!)


  178. graydog…
    miserly weasel…WOW…rancid regurgitation???
    apparently you’ve been brainwashed into believing that the Dems can do no wrong…Even Helen wants to kick blue ass….(reds also)…. but NO…you can’t even admit that…
    And I never said helping someone was socialist…I said the State taking from one and handing to another is ….someone freely helping another is charity…no problem…
    Yep…We need the Blogoyovich,Burris, Drachele “CHANGE” in this country …
    You want to keep calling me names when I point out things that the Dems do wrong then go ahead…sticks and stones will break my bones but whips and chains excite me….

  179. Werner,

    That was me. Ann’s going to be really confused when she reads your message.


    I just sent an e-mail.

  180. Ann
    Problem here, cannot find email to send to on blog OR webpage….

    please send me an email to


    I will responde with pics

  181. Ann
    Super idea, use the shoes to route traffic to AK site and send the message to boot the hill with a link to real life as avoided by the Caribou barbie,

    Lovin’ IT!

    Pics are on the way within the minute


    Once they are up post the link here and we start asking Matt to put it up on the front porch, than you just keep linking the newest developements/stories to the pics download site
    and we are on our way….

  182. OMG Chloe!! I’d actually forgotten Shrub was here — in TX !! How could THAT have happened?? I suspect my brain is simply trying so very hard to forget the moron even exists. Geez, now I have to re-program.

  183. Werner –

    Send them to me.

    Everybody –

    Another day in the life of Ann Strongheart…


    See if your box arrived yesterday!

  184. You two are a true antidote to the perception of the older American as all-conservative. All four of my grandparents fell into that category, even though they all four came from very different walks of life. My father’s parents are the very worst kind, as they have to be dragged kicking and screaming into changing their minds about anything. I leave that to my dad, who manages to do much of the convincing.
    Kudos to you both!!


  185. already have 3 nice pic’s….any takers?

  186. DCH TX – I feel you. Term Limits – agreed! I may be stuck in Oklahoma with Inhofe and Coburn, but you, you’re stuck with Cornyn, Hutchison and the Shrub…my condolences. Give them Texas Rethugs a much needed dose of reality – every chance you get!

    Greytdog – as always, thanks for your kind words. And regarding your response to UAW…bravo, well said.

  187. And Matthew, would you ask Helen IF the above idea takes off if she would set a link to the photo too on HER home page?

  188. Hi Gang, just an idea……

    I only have a blog but some of you have actual websites (That don’t change every day) can someone post the pic of a shoe (old and “smelly” preferably) and link it to their homepage so we all that want to throw a shoe at someone can download it, attach it to an email and “throw” it on who ever needs it to be thronw at?

    All the people that can’t meet Helen in DC would be happy to virtually throw a shoe or two?

    as stated above, just an idea…


  189. forgot that I changed my name-

    I was lra364, now I’m just LRA

  190. Helen,
    I think you should publish your “Helen Notes” on many different kinds of books. What a hoot you are! National Treasure…yes.

  191. I just can’t shake the suspicion that Ann Coulter says what she says primarily to sell books.

    I don’t know how you can stand to read it.

  192. Helen, I don’t think you get enough comments.

    And let’s hear it for purple! The United States of America! We’re all in this together, folks – now go tell your representatives that.

    Do you think the Republicans in the Senate and the House are being sincere? Or are they just doing political grandstanding (especially the ones in the House) since they know the bill had to pass anyway?

  193. UAW Tradesman: Here is the next link for you


    By the way, Democrats voted for Bushes 2 Trillion dollar tax cut for the rich as well as the 1 Trillion dollar Iraq War. The good old days of bi-partisanship that ended up bringing down our economy!

    I am so glad that President Obama is in charge now. We need to face reality and get this country moving forward again.

  194. ‘puter down and I’m on a loaner – the “anonymous” post on climate change was actually from me. . . sigh. I forgot! Too much CO2 I guess. . .
    dyricci – glad to see you back! How’s the band?

    Oh – one more thing before my dog gnaws off my foot cuz he’s hungry – whenever you hear a pundit talking about the government involvement in mortgages – and refers to it as a “cram down” that’s a Rethug talking point.

  195. For UAW – in case you can pull your head out of your conservative ass and not just listen to ReThug talking points







    I realize that these are all science based rather than political ideology, but guess what – science doesn’t have a political agenda EXCEPT when hijacked by politicos

  196. Jeez! I sure missed coming to Helen’s for the dish! I missed all y’all!! I promise not to let myself get so wrapped up and sidetracked again!
    Helen (& all you bright stars here at the party)… You’re good for my health! Love you!

    Blessings from Seattle…
    xoxo ~ Dy

  197. Helen-

    Please, since you can handle Ms Coulter- would you let her know her pal has been busted?


    Please- if you go up to the the big city to straighten those rascals out , tell them you know an awful lot of folks who didn’t get a chance to throw a shoe at Mr Bush who would be just as happy to chuck a mountain of soles at them?
    Thank you.

  198. You are just so funny!! I can’t stop laughing when I read these chapter reviews. You should put all this in a book and publish it. I bet if you did, it wouldn’t be long before you were on Larry King Live sitting right next to Ann Coulter! lol

  199. UAW – yawn

  200. http://news.bostonherald.com/news/national/general/view/2009_02_15_Former_astronaut_speaks_out_on_global_warming/srvc=home&position=recent

  201. Did you see Ann Coulter on O’Reilly last night. It was the first interview that I saw her on that she actually talked (well said words) and did not scream. Those two folks are pretty scarey. Phew! Won’t do that again.

  202. [...] Allison Kilkenny, Ron Hardesty, David Bnava, Ann Coulter: Spike Jenson, SkepticCon, Kyra Cohen, Helen Philpot, Ruth [...]

  203. Helen, again you are the best! You have a wonderful style of writing…commonly known as THE TRUTH. Gee-whiz!

    If you head to DC, my home is open to you.

  204. Go Helen Go! You have such a way with words… Publish, Helen, Publish!

  205. yeah, mko, because the repubs handled it sooooooo brilliantly! after 8 years of leadership we are now in the WORST economic situation since the depression. the rich get richer,the poor get poorer…

    what are the repubs doing to help???

  206. From a born and raised southern baptist republican…..love, love, love you!

  207. Is it really that hard to understand how anyone could be outraged over this bill and the way that it was handled?

  208. sorry I’ve been gone (school has picked up) but I agree-

    our political situation has so much potential for right than it did before:
    -stem cell research
    -gay rights (the civil rights issue of our time)

    pretty important stuff!

  209. Chloe – kept you in my thoughts all day and hoped you know that you gave your girl the greatest gift we can bestow – she’s at the Bridge waiting . . . but will be with you always. . . as Roger Caras said, dogs aren’t our whole life, but they make our lives whole.

    On another note- in case anyone is interested, Pelosi’s trip is not some golfing trip paid for by lobbyists. She’s meeting with European environmentalists and leaders regarding global warming. . . of course since the ReThugs still think the Earth is flat and that there is no such thing as global warming, then it follows that they would scorn such a trip.

  210. in re to Pelosi’s trip that the ReThugs like UAW are whining about – gee, of course, it’s just a lark jaunt because she’s meeting with European environmental leaders (and a side trip audience with the pope) on global climate change and what we as members of this global community can, need, and must do to slow down global warming. Of course the ReThugs don’t believe in global warming – (they always cite the cold weather – thus showing the fact that for them, scientific understanding stopped when the Church declared an earth-centric universe) plus this jaunt doesn’t include a golfing expedition paid for by lobbyists so it must be unnecessary

  211. Dear Helen:

    I’ve been reading your blog since sometime around the first part of October ’08. Have commented once or twice; mostly I just read your insights and as many comments as I can get through before my eyes cross.

    However, tonight I’d so very much like to make a two-word comment, repeated over and over in order to get the point across, regarding one of your astute paragraphs above, that being:

    “To the morons running this country: If you would spend as much time working on the nation’s problems as you spend trying to avoid paying taxes, you’d realize that most of us out here are neither red nor blue. We’re varying shades of purple and we’re fed up with your nonsense. Get together and figure a way out of this mess.”

    My two-words — Term Limits, Term Limits, Term Limits, etc., etc., etc., repeated over and over and over. Maybe if I clicked my sparkly red heels together………?

    Thank you. I feel somewhat better, but not so much that I can honestly say my “two words” will ever come to pass.

    And Chloe — to use a phrase I hear on t.v. a lot these days — I feel you. I now reside in TX, but lived in Tulsa OK for 46 years, so I know of Inhofe and Coburn all too well. Two far, far, far right-wingers, to be sure. Inhofe will die in office, but Coburn just might……….might — get fed up enough that he goes back to medicine — someday soon, we all can hope!! I would, however, like some “I feel you” back at me since TX has had to put up with Cornyn and Hutchison far too long.

    Lastly, does anyone know if there’s a “friendly” state in this here Union for blue-dog Democrats? I’m soooo sick of being surrounded by Repugs!!

    Thanks for the opportunity to rant………I mean it, really.

  212. Helen Goes to Washington and Delivers a Whupping to the Congress–
    Please, please, please let that be a headline in my hometown newspaper!

    You rock, Helen (and Margaret, too!)

  213. I was the last anonymous. There are too many of us already. Need to take responsibility for all the typos.

  214. Was waiting impatiently for the next installment and well, once again, it was signed, sealed, and delivered. Your writing is pure genius Helen. Thanks for the good laugh.

    Hoping against hope that our country survives the foolishness going on in Washington. Fool me once, shame on me fool me twice…shame on you??? Our our former Commender in Chief had a way with that saying, wish I could quote him right. It is finally coming home to roost, people are not buying all the shrieking going on in some quarters. What are their solution to the problem? Criticizing is fun and dandy, but what are they really trying to do about the problem other than proposing the same old lines? Tax cuts? Yes, that should help Exxon Mobil increase its profits.

  215. UAW-

    You do realize that bills can sit in congress for months if not years and not even get passed due to fillibustering, bogus rhetoric, or simply because nobody cares. People cared about the stimulus plan. With how complicated things can get in congress at times this bill was passed very very quickly in comparison to most bills that never even leave the house subcommittee floor.

    This had nothing to do with Pelosi and her vacation. It would have passed and her vote wouldnt have done anything to change it for the better or for the worse. You repubicans seem to give her a lot more credit than what she deserves…. You hate her because she goes against your grain!

    The democrats wanted to pass it as soon as they could because they wanted to start doing something for the economy as fast as they could after another 500,000 jobs were lost within the past month. Call it partisan politics, call it catering to a vacation in the Vatican… Call it whatever you want….. Something needed to be done and Obama pushed for the stimulus plan forever ago… before any talk of a vacation to the Vatican came about. the democrats also knew that corporate greed wasnt working, but that spending money on things that matter had a better chance at working than something that hasnt worked for 8 years. Voters want to be ok.. first and foremost!

    Why don’t you quit worrying about the personal lives of our politicians and start worrying about the politics that genuinely affect you?

  216. I just had to get this up again: Coulter – femaile or maile?


    Help rural Alaska Tradesman! It feels good to help someone in need!


  217. hi helen, bravo on your bravery to subject yourself to such drivel. quick question, if it hasn’t been asked already, what do you plan to do w/ the book when finished? i can’t imagine it could be donated to anything worthwhile, i mean, i wouldn’t want others to suffer needlessly.

  218. Helen thank you for another fabulous post! Thank god I’ve learned not to eat or drink anything at my desk when reading one of your posts. (my IT person thanks you too!)
    UAW I’m sure that somewhere in this world there must be some goodness and light in you. . .but dang, I’m personally tired of trying to coax it out of you. You want to stay in your corner and keep on chewing on your own rancid regurgitation, then buddy boy, you go right ahead. As for me and mine, we have things to do that involve CHANGE and making this world better for everyone, not just the few. And I’ll be damned if I let you or some other little miserly weasel tell me that helping others is socialist and antiAmerican. Because while you may never have said those words exactly, your posts SCREAM that sentiment. So go on – be bitter, be a victim if it makes you happy. Just stay outta of the way of the adults.

  219. You’re all traitors! You are Benedict Arnolds! Darn Libo-Commies!! Now Excuse me I must go and vote in the wrong state again!

  220. Dear Helen, your writing is pure genius. I have enjoyed it so much, probably because I agree with you 100%. Well, that, and I love the way you tell it like it is without mincing words, and the fact that sometimes your words crack me up.

  221. This is kind of “inside baseball” stuff, but the radical right wing is beginning to splinter and factionalize even more than before. And we have Ann C to thank!

    The wingnut who runs the right site Little Green Footballs actually called Annie out for her blatant lying on behalf of the racist white supremacist group Council of Conservative Citizens. Now his fellow wingnuts are shrieking that he has betrayed the True Cause and must be some kind of commie libtard.


    Here’s the Ayn Rand jockstrap sniffers at Atlas Shrugged shrieking like the pod people from Invasion of the Body Snatchers:


    At this rate, by Memorial Day they’ll all be mailing each other anthrax, and I couldn’t be more delighted…

  222. Helen, you deserve a Medal, for being strong enough to read Coultergiest, so we don’t have to.

    Whirled, thanks for the link to the Quiz, that was fun! It says I am a Reality-Based Intellectualist.

    My favorite bumper sticker: definitely the Hummer/penis one. :)

  223. Now that nobody is in place to keep Queen Nancy in her place. The spendthrift that she is has/will come out. Her brother and and crooked father we like that when they were mayors of Baltimore and ruined the City until William Donald Schaffer turned it around. The boys and girls in DC are going to have to play nice and get us out of this mess without taxing us all poor.

  224. Calm down UAW…take a swig of JD and a deep breath. Your at the wrong place to be complaining OT about ‘Queen’ Nancy.
    Maybe you and by Werner need to go out for a piece of pie somewhere. Or if you need some lovin’ go over to Limpo’s neck of the woods.

  225. Quoting UAW at 5:31 PM:

    “…does anyone here know how to spell BULLSHIT”

    Ooo, Oooo, I know this one:



  226. Thanks for reading Ann Coulter’s book for us. I’ve enjoyed it immensely and am looking forward to the next book you’d like to share. :-)

  227. everybody seems to be avoiding the Queen Nancy comments I’ve been posting….why…you dance around it but say nothing about her…SHE HAD PLANS TO BE IN EUROPE……that’s why the rush was on…you won’t even admit to that….how about the “I need a plane as big as AIRFORCE 1″…how about the “typical politics” during the election against Cindy Shehann….OH…I forgot ” it’s the Rethug’s fault”….does anyone here know how to spell BULLSHIT

  228. Helen–you are absolutely priceless…and such a brave soul. I would have an ulcer by this time if I were reading the Ann Coulter epic.

    But thank you for the synopsis…I need a laugh-out- loud moment as often as I can get it and I just enjoyed a major guffaw (or two).

    Hang in there, your reward is in heaven…

  229. Great new post Helen! Glad I could stop twiddling my thumbs waiting and consume and laugh at your latest!

    As we say here in Hawaii, You da best!

  230. UAW,
    Time for you to concede…

    …even the RUSHpublicans at Faux are throwing you and your brothers under the union made bus.

    Come out of your ideological hell and into the light. Don’t worry, we welcome everyone here in reality and we’ll even help clean the shit off you.


  231. Tradesman,

    Full of it and called out again! Then you make it an issue of 48 hours? The Republicans are a mess trying to push tax cuts and they have failed in the past.

    We gave Bush and Republicans his/their 2 Trillion dollar tax cut and the 1 Trillion dollar Iraq war. Enough with the failed Republican party – let Obama try to fix the mess the Repubs made!

    Wrong again UAW Tradesman!

  232. UAW if you are going to split hairs like that we might as well call it a day and never attempt anything.

  233. ddddd…
    My point was once they had the bill finalized why not wait the 48 hrs. like they(Obama) said they would…they could have waited for Sen Brown to bury his mother….he flew back around 11:00pm to vote…..and Obama let it sit for 3 days….yep…it’s a real emergency…

  234. Helen,

    Mmmmm, another Charmin muffin for all your fans. You’ve been quite regular lately.

  235. UAW-

    I am still trying to figure out your whole argument there….

    You post a link to an article from the dcexaminer that basically says that the republicans wanted to do more in the bill for basic people….. That doesn’t tell the whole story though!

    All that the republicans have been screaming the whole time was tax cuts tax cuts tax cuts….. They were screaming that the bill was too large. Demint (spell?) from South Carolina was screaming that it discriminated against religions…. There were probably other pathetic screams and blocks but I dont have the time nor the energy to look up at this time……

    So in turn basically yes they were trying to help people…. The whole thing is the republican philosophy behind the bill was completely different than the democrats side….

    The question that I have is who are they trying to help??? The wealthy???

    The Pelosi argument there is irrelevant. The stimulus plan could have easily passed without her. Her vote would have been counted as absent… not yay or nay… Even though something needed to be done fast they could have easily waited for her to come back if they really needed her imput and opinion…. Of course it would look bad for the speaker of the house to be absent for one of the biggest bills of this decade!

    As far as gas prices…. They were steadily going up throughout Bush’s term. The oil companies panicked when the democrats took congress and the prices went up further. It seems to be the case with the stock market also… The democrats either do something or seem to be on the verge of doing something, they panic, and the dow drops 20 points for no reason other than panic. Then when people realize that there is nothing to panic about it steadily goes back up until the next panic attack!

    I just wish that we as a country could leave that partisan bullshit alone and come together as a country to provide for our people.

    Kind of like a family…. With the government being our “parents” providing us with the resources and the know how to succeed on our own in the big scary world…. instead of abandoning us for lower taxes and corporate greed.


    God you always make my day! classic lines such as:

    I can’t wait to move on to something more enjoyable than Ann Coulter – like irritable bowel syndrome. I mean it really.

    Only you could make bullshit like Ann Coulter make my Pelvic Floor Dysinergia and MS seem not as bad lol! People who let their predispositions get in the way of their brain function like Ann Coulter worry me…. Theres too many of them out there!

    Keep up the hillarious summary! It makes my day to see so many people that can see the republican motto of: “cut my taxes and my taxes only and whoever doesn’t agree with me is a stupid liberal” noting that the republican base listens to Rush and gets their flawed logic from Rush and Ann…. Seriously! Last time I subjected myself to Rush’s bullshit thats all I got out of it! And then I hear republicans all over talk and they more and more sound like Rush or Ann or both! Its sad!

    ok Rant over now ;)

    Keep up the good work Helen…. Maybe Ann Coulter will do you a favor and put lots of pictures in the last chapter so its not so painful for you to read! I doubt it though! As you said her shit is like drinking Mexican water! (not quoting exactly but) It just keeps flowing and flowing and flowing and flowing….

    and flowing…

    and flowing….

    and… well you get the point!

  236. Helen,

    You almost made me spit out my gum! Thanks for the laughs. My day isn’t complete without your humorous, yet very sage, wisdom.

    Keep up the great work and hurry with the next installment.

  237. interesting…


  238. Leave it to one cool and astute Southern Lady to have the stomach to read such dribble as an Ann Coulter book. Your comments are right on the mark, and your sense of humor, well I want to be just like you when I grow up.

    thanks you Helen and Margaret too. Friends after all these years. WOW.

  239. Tonya, after your last couple of post I am sure you belong in the first category.

  240. Werner…take your pie and go.

  241. After screwing 6.8 BILLION, what you call him?
    “Red Dick” or still just Dumb Ass George?

    I would prefere that HE get’s screwed by 6.8 Billion, I think it’s even managable:

    I read somewhere that everything is BIGGER in Texass (uups, I think I leave that “typo”) even the assholes, they say they’re so big you can drive a truck through!

    (And please, before you blast me, I said “The assholes in Texas” this excludes all non asshole Texans on this blog and otherwise, but still …..)

  242. Werner – It was a typo 6.8 BILLION… yes, you would be one of the screwwees, too. The only difference is, you didn’t elect him. Hm… niether did the US….

  243. Helen…
    I bet your LEFT leg gets more of a workout than your RIGHT…
    the Dems promised to let the PUBLIC study this for 48 hrs but pushed it through because Queen Nancy was leaving for Europe…not that it was an emergency….if it was a real emergency why did Prez Obama let it set for three days…

    andrew sullivan



    as far as rewriting history don’t forget that from Jan 2007(when the Dums took over) till now gas went from $2.50 to over $4.00 and heating oil hit over $9.00 in some areas.

  244. Chloe

    Nothing wrong with enjoying your environment…..

    We guys do that too.

  245. Sorry I am not getting this 6.8 million thingy?

    Greater Washington Area?

    Last time I checked (5 min ago) American Population was at 303,824,640 (July 2008 est.)

    So waht about the other 297 million?

    They didn’t get screwed….or……?

    Slightly confused Canadian here….

  246. hey gang,
    Wanted to let you know that I interviewed 2 guys this morning. One happened to be a guy that I went to elementary school with. He may just work as long as he promises to leave our yearbook at home! The 2nd guy seems promising too, but may have a few minor driving issues that I need to clear with my insurance agent. He was a dandy piece of eyecandy though, so I’m thinkin’, he could just hang out in the office and file some stuff!! Sorry guys, but yes, that is how women sometimes think!

  247. quote: Bill Clinton cheated on just one person – his wife. George Bush cheated on… well 6.8 million of us. You tell me which is worse.


  248. Hi Helen,
    I am so happy that you are almost done with this book- it can’t be good for you!

  249. Hmmmm….

    Crazy Coulter and republicans get hysterical and impeach a president for lying about sex
    The religious right wants mandatory DIVORCE because a couple is gay, not because there is anything wrong with their marriage.
    They SAY nothing about the high rate of divorce among the evangelicals because they are straight.
    And they also get hysterical when we talk about Maybe holding an administration accountable for lying about going to war.

    They all be crazy, not just Coulter.

  250. Whirled – that was a fun survey! Apparently I am a Working Class Warrior. Sounds about right. My favorite bumper sticker was “Nice Hummer – Sorry about your penis.”

    Cruising the site, I thought this page was a useful reminder on how to debate republitards:


  251. Helen

    look for discounts on busses (plural on purpose!)



  252. Helen,

    My home is available for the last leg of your trip to DC. I’ll have a fresh, warm pie ready.

    If you’re making it a road trip, perhaps several of us could join you? We could make it a delegation. More representation, more ass-kicking. I’d be first in line!


  253. Hi, Helen, I think I can round up some nice, heavy, and very pointy Texas boots for you to wear to Washington. You’ll probably want to take an extra pair with you, one pair for the Senate and one pair for the House.

    Love you girls!



  254. Whirled Peas

    liked the link even if ther results a re wrong….

    But just shows that my anarchistic disguise still works fine….. LOL


  255. Quick Quiz:
    What Breed of Liberal Are You?

    Funny stuff. My favorite choice of bumper sticker:

    “May the Fetus You Save be Gay.”


  256. …..It’s time you burn that book. It’s irritating the hell out of you……

    Please Helen, before you do that, finish the last chapter for us, for insights and laughter (The meanest weapon there is!) and than…..well, than…. light yourself a good fire with it, with a good drink (Alc or none, as you prefer) and enjoy our well-feelings towards you along with your drink and the fire…..

    sounds like a plan?

  257. Oh yeah, forgot
    Least but not last: CANADA supports it as well, and he comes here day after tomorrow!

  258. Delighted to see you back!! But where did you get the intestinal fortitude to read that drivel? I made sure when I saw the new post that I left my tea on the table and had a Big empty waste basket by the computer. How you have made it through thqt many chapters requires strong constitution. You deserve a medal.
    Desppite my strong feelings, it would be worth a great deal in thoses states to temporarily change my voting status just so I could vote them out!!

  259. Zorpheous
    …Helen deserves a Congressional Medal of Honor for having reviewed this book.

    Well, maybe not the Congressional Medal of Honor, even if honor she deserves, but maybe, a bit more realistic have Obama create a new Congressional Medal of Humor (! Much needed in these times) and have Helen as the first nominee?

    That might even work, but as a Canadian I cannot suggest, so would one (or better ALL) of the GANG please send something on this to Obamas suggestion email address and than we could ALL (And I mean all, world wide, NZ, Europe, Middle East and South-Africa etc) support it…..

    They might think on the publicity impact and actually go ahead and DO IT!

    I mean with those PR guys a million and a half hits is a dream….Yeah?

    What you think?


  260. You’ve given me some useful insights – thanks!

  261. LAUGHING my Queen Size, Republican Kissed ASS off!!!! You are just too funny, Lady!!!!!

  262. Helen,
    If you do go kick some butt in D.C., please consider making it a road trip. I would like to offer up my guestroom in Tulsa for the first leg of your trip. Heck, I’ll even make your favorite pie. I’m just betting between all of us, you’d have a place to stay in every state – coming and going.

  263. Yes, got kick Congressional butt, Helen!! I have been laughing mine off while reading this post. The party doesn’t seem to matter there – they’re both being boneheaded.

  264. It’s time you burn that book. It’s irritating the hell out of you.

  265. It doesn’t even matter to the Republic crowd whether it works or not. (If they insist on using Democrat for the adjectival form, as far as I’m concerned, it’s the Republic Party from now on).

    They’ll just rewrite history again and claim it didn’t work, while, of course, claiming personal responsibility for anything at all that goes right. Just like they do with the New Deal.

    In the eighties, I used to clean offices overnight. The fax machines always got mass-faxed rants about that evil-minded lowlife Roosevelt. In the eighties! For god’s sake, why can’t they pull up their big boy pants and get on with it?

    Note to mass-faxers – the cleaning staff laughs and recycles.

  266. I fell out of my chair laughing at this post. Please STOP your killin’ me! – Thanks for brightening my day.

  267. That must have been one boring Chapter……..

  268. I can’t wait to move on to something more enjoyable than Ann Coulter – like irritable bowel syndrome.

    LOL!!!! I think Helen deserves a Congressional Medal of Honor for having reviewed this book.

    So Coulter dones’t think there were any Scandles under Bush,… Well it is true, providing you don’t get too picky,…

    1) WMD
    2) Pre-Iraq Intel and the Office of Special Operations
    3) Katrina
    4) VA Hospitals
    5) Department of Justice
    6) Waterboarding
    7) Ignoring the Conventions of War
    8) Libby
    9) Outing an active CIA Officer
    10) Domestic Spying

    You know, just ignore these and the fifty other scandles and you’ll understand why mAnn said Bush had no scandles

  269. Imaginest – I like your idea like Chloe. If it happened maybe we would get rid of Roberts and Brownback here in Kansas.

  270. Oh Helen, I’ll sponsor your trip to DC and a new pair of shoes. Go kick their asses.

    A friend of mine has a good idea regarding this package. If you are did not vote for it, your district is not eligible to receive ANY funds from the stimulus package. Lets see them go back to their constituents and tell them that they are doing what’s best for them.

  271. Coulter’s a dude Helen. Check out the adam’s apple. The feet are another giveaway. A skinny little due in drag so he can talk in a manner that would get him slugged if he wasn’t in a dress.

  272. Helen, you must be a masochists to plod through Ann’s filth…hope you take plenty of showers! Seriously, thanks for the post.

  273. Imaginista – I like your plan. Maybe that would work in Oklahoma too and we could finally be rid of Inhofe and Coburn!
    BTW, love your state, such beauty there.

  274. I am still stiffling the giggles as I pretend to be working after having read the latest installment of Helen’s most excellent book report.

    As for the contemptible, power starved, lame excuses for human beings that comprise the House and Senate minority party I hope everyone with half a brain (that excludes Coultergeist and anyone who agrees with her drivel) understands the depth of the obstruction to achieve nothing but a power play over the past few weeks.

    It is awesome that we have a president and majority party who are working very hard for WE the PEOPLE. It cannot be said too often or too loudly.

    Do you know that there were members of the minority party who insisted on amending the bill to “make it more palatable” to the retarded right and then voted against it anyway? And even though it would directly affect me, one of the best ways to get this shit to stop would be to only give funding to the states who’s Reps worked for and supported this bill. That way Kyl and McCain would be directly responsible for denying my state funding and then would have to answer for it electorally. There’s my suggestion for bipartisanship.

  275. Hoping to share this earlier in the post for a better response…for everyone who was incensed when Prop 8 passed:

    On December 19, Ken Starr filed legal briefs with the California State Supreme Court defending the constitutionality of California’s Prop 8 and attempting to forcibly divorce 18,000 loving, committed, legally married same-sex couples. The Supreme Court will hear arguments in this case on March 5, with a decision expected within 90 days.

    The video “Fidelity” puts a few faces to this heartbreaking situation that is causing so much pain and anguish: http://www.couragecampaign.org/Divorce

    Please take 3-4 minutes of your time to watch the video and sign the attached letter to the Supreme Court asking them to invalidate Prop 8. Also, please forward this to your family and friends and post it on any blogs you frequent. They’re trying to get 250,000 signatures by March 2……frankly, I don’t understand why it takes so much time and work to get a measly 250,000 signatures. The Supreme Court should be inundated with millions of signatures. This is THE civil rights issue of this generation — ALL Americans should have full equality under the law!

    Thank you!

    “The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in times of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality.” (Dante)

  276. I’ll hold your coat and bag while you kick congressional butts.

    What kills me is the whoop and holler the repugs put up over every provision, insisting on this or that change and then not voting for it in the end. If it works, they can tout how hard they worked, if it doesn’t they have deniability. Absolutely without honor, the whole howling bunch, except Specter, Collins and Snowe.

  277. For avotresanteΔ:

    Rhubarb Raisin Pie

    3/4 – 1 cup sugar
    1/3 c. flour
    4 cups 1/2-inch-thick sliced rhubarb
    1/2 – 1 cup raisins
    Your favorite double-crust pie pastry

    Combine sugar and flour; add rhubarb & raisins and toss to coat.

    Transfer filling to a pastry-lined 9-inch pie plate. Cut slits in top crust. Adjust top crust. Seal and flute edge. Sprinkle w/ sugar. Cover edge with foil.

    Bake in a 425F oven 35 minutes. Remove foil. Bake for 10-15 minutes more or till top is golden.


    This is my mother-in-law’s recipe — she used the lesser amounts of raisins & sugar; I have a bit more of a sweettooth, so I use the greater amounts. Also, neither of us have ever measured the rhubarb. When the rhubarb is fresh, cut it into chunks & fill a pie plate. Fill it quite full & rounded — about 2″ over the top — then use fresh or put rhubarb into freezer bag & freeze. I freeze several bags in the summer & enjoy fresh rhubarb pie all winter long!

  278. Only one more chapter to go? Darn! I’m sooo enjoying this he he.

  279. Thanks a bunch for reading this so I don’t have to.

  280. and I agree withTalea ….

  281. I totally agree with you about Congress — both parties. Now that we have a grownup in charge, it’s much easier to see it’s the legislative branch of our government that’s not working.

  282. Helen
    for your trip to the Hill, consider those nice preactical blue polastic “over-shoes”!

    They are hygenic, get rid of the shit fast and can be exchanged for clean ones for multiple use and so the can’t “trace” you on your way out
    (Supposing you REALY don’t wanna stay ther!)
    You know how they are, up on the hill, they’ll follow any line of shit…..

    Always for practial advise to your excellent ideas….


  283. You know, I couldn’t figure out why so many Republicans failed to help work out the details of the Senate’s version of the most recent stimulus package and instead complained about it and refused to vote for it.
    Then I realized just what they were doing. They did it for political reasons.
    If the stimulus package doesn’t do what was intended, then they can loudly proclaim that it wasn’t their idea! A perfect partisan maneuver and just one reason we won’t see real bi-partisanship for a while.

  284. Helen,

    If you’ll go to DC and set some elected officials straight, we’ll raise the money to pay for the entire trip — and for the new shoes you’ll need afterwards!

    I’m w/ Cynthia P…I want to see “It occurs to me that reading a Coulter book is like drinking the water in Mexico – eventually you find yourself wondering if the shit will ever stop” on a T-Shirt, please!

  285. You are so brave…lol Thank you for doing this so we don’t have to.

    Great response to Eric Cantor’s video..


    Also at my blog… worth checking it out…lol

  286. Helen, I agree that your “water in Mexico” line should win you a Pulitzer, and when you think about it, it seems to fit what quite a few of those in Washington (and their supporters) say.
    Please, please, P L E E E E E A S E do it — go to Washington and TELL them how things are going to be run! We’ll all donate the boots needed to keep your foot clean, I promise.

  287. Helen, love, you made me laugh and I certainly needed it today. Thanks.

    Whirled Peas -Thanks for your kind words this morning. I actually feel pretty good about my decision and know I did the right thing.

  288. away for 4 days without the computer. couldnt wait to see what you had for us next, helen. never disappointed. as for picasso and shakespeare, compared to you they’re highly overrated.

    by the way, if any of you haven’t seen, ken starr and his cronies have filed a brief with the CA supreme court to effectively ensure all the gay and lesbian couples who were married before prop 8 are properly divorced.

    whether you know someone immediately impacted by this or not, it affects all of us – not just in CA but everywhere. help by sending a letter to the ‘powers that be?’ it’s very simple: http://www.couragecampaign.org/Divorce
    there’s also a video but you don’t have to view it to get to the petition.


  289. In Illinois’ 5th Congressional district, we have an opportunity to send a non career politician who is qualified to congress. The primary election is 3/3/09 and the man needs all the help he can get. Go see
    http://www.drcarlosforcongress.com and get to know Carlos Monteagudo. This is a rare opportunity and the pols know it. It’s time to let the voters know, too.

  290. I am in awe. You really are a rockin’ grandmother, Helen, of the very best kind.

  291. Well said!

  292. Once again, a work of art. Picasso and Shakespeare would be proud.;-)

  293. You keep on writing exactly how I’d love to express myself. You have my total admiration. Don’t ever change!

  294. What a brave lady…lol I am loving your commentary on this..

    Have you all seen Eric Cantor’s tribute to himself for voting NO on the stimulus?? Well here is another Republican’s answer to it and it is priceless… wonderful tribute to it…

    You will love it I swear.. it is great.


  295. Helen, you are definitely more Iron Lady than Maggie Thatcher ever was! All those chapters!

    As for the “legislative action” on Capitol Hill, I finally figured that one out. Tax cuts were really aimed at the top and kind of the middle. That means money was kept out of the hands of the working poor (them that still have jobs) cause, lawsy me, what if good American dollars ever got into the hands of the wrong people (them at the bottom)! Why, there goes western civilization! I really do think that is what is behind the R’s massive resistance to any money going straight out the door into the public in general and locking it up in tax cuts. Look at all the nasty stuff some of these Hill-ers have said about making sure none of this money gets into the hands of all those billions of “uncounted illegal aliens” in this country. “Uncounted illegal aliens” are code words for anyone who doesn’t meet country club criteria for membership. KnowwhatImean?

    You keep it up, girl! You’ve got it going on.

  296. God bless you for even reading that bilge. I’m surprised you didn’t feel like you’d drank water in Mexico after the first page and gave up.

  297. “It occurs to me that reading a Coulter book is like drinking the water in Mexico – eventually you find yourself wondering if the shit will ever stop.”

    Can we have this on a T-shirt, please? :-)

  298. [...] February 17, 2009 by Karen http://margaretandhelen.wordpress.com/2009/02/17/ann-coulter-is-just-not-that-into-anyone/ [...]

  299. My dear, your “Mexico” line will surely win you a Pulitzer. I mean. Really. :-)

  300. Brilliant!!!! Helen, you are THE BEST!!!!

  301. And we could call the fundus:
    “Shit for brains, an all natural way of remov(e)-all”

  302. Helen
    how about the following scenario:

    We set up a fund, collect some dough and bribe someone to exchange mAnn Couklters bottled water with the Mexican stuff?

    Maybe her mental diarrhoea that passes for a brain goes out the natural way….

    I think no one would notice the difference though…. I don’t think she writes her teleprompters herself (Monkey level and all….)


  303. ForgotMyGingko

    Forget adoption, the line is too long and the proceedings too tiresome for Helen, just feel welcome in the porch family………

    (I hope I AM allowed to say that, gang?)


  304. Just for the record, boinking somewhat attractive interns is entirely unlike starting wars and ordering torture.

  305. Helen, you are a delight.

    As for the blue-red argument — it won’t end. Ever. Look at what is going on in Minnesota — the Red Ones know they’ve lost, but will keep the arguments going solely because it will keep a Blue One out of the senate. Its whether you win or lose, not how you play the game….

    As for the ‘bottom of the barrel’ comment (katmc), it is because the Purple Ones don’t have the rabid win-at-any-cost gene that the uber-Red or uber-Blue folks have. It’s not apathy, it is that we know that should we get to the senate we would try being rational, try doing what is right for the people (as opposed to the party), and we would be thoroughly screwed by both Red and Blue….

    Cynical, I know, but there you have it….

  306. I tell ya’ Helen, I wish most sincerely you were in my family tree.

    As much as I hate to type this where the public can read it… my own mother is a huge fan of the Coultergeist.

    Needless to say, we don’t visit often, and I keep my calls down to once or twice a month. There’s only so many times I need to be damned for my evil liberal ways.

    Are you keen on adoption?

  307. Like usual I totally agree with you – great minds think alike. I like how you compare Ann’s book to the drinking the water in Mexico. LOL over that one. I’m not going to waste my time reading this book – thanks for telling us what it was about and saving me time to work on my quilting instead.


  308. I couldn’t agree more with your take on our elected officials. I’m sure there are some who are legislating their butts off in a respectable way, but the majority of them need a foot to the ass.

  309. You are so right katmc, since you made me think back, I guess I am one that doesn’t follow that. I am registered R but voted for Clinton twice, Gore, Kerry and Obama. Maybe I need to think my party affiliation. I for one vote for the person, not the party.

  310. “I really can’t explain this chapter other than maybe Ann didn’t think anyone would read this far into her book. I may have indeed gone where no man has gone before when I finished this chapter. ”
    Maybe you should let the chimp write the review of the last chapter so you can move on. Your writing and humor are too brilliant for this topic!


    Help rural Alaskans make it through the winter!


  311. You best sentence ever—-“It occurs to me that reading a Coulter book is like drinking the water in Mexico – eventually you find yourself wondering if the shit will ever stop.”

    And you know, I absolutely agree with you when it comes to politics. I’ve been saying for years now that most people don’t look at a candidate beyond the big R or D after their name.
    And that is a big reason why we end up with the bottom of the barrel.

    I say *He who has been in office the longest has fooled the voters the most*. Or made fools of the voters.

  312. It occurs to me that reading a Coulter book is like drinking the water in Mexico – eventually you find yourself wondering if the shit will ever stop.


  313. Unfortunately, these are the idiots that we elected and they are looking ahead to their next election. Maybe we just need to vote in different idiots. Draft Ann Coulter?


    I’ll take Clinton’s infidelity over the actions of a president that probably put the country into more danger by not prosecuting the war that mattered.

  314. I guess the real question would be ” Is it worse to screw an intern or to screw an entire country.?”I don’t know how you can read AC’s drivel, but I love your comments.

  315. Thank You Helen for reading this piece of crap. You are indeed one brave lady.

  316. Helen,
    You are a dream! Keep it up!
    You are so funny!!!

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