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Posted by: Helen Philpot | February 6, 2009

Does Ann Coulter Have Opposable Thumbs?

Margaret, you are the only person for whom I would do this.   Reading Ann Coulter’s book is like chewing aspirin without water.   I just finished another chapter and I am sitting here wondering if anyone has actually seen Ann using complex tools like a ball point pen or say… I don’t know… a toaster?  After reading the 4th chapter of her book I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that she actually doesn’t even have opposable thumbs. I could be wrong, but it is hard to believe that the person who wrote this book is also capable of fine motor skills.

You might have to read these next lines more than once.  It is very difficult trying to summarize the logic being used by Coulter in this chapter titled: Witless Witnesses to History.  Try typing that 10 times with no opposable thumbs and a size 17 foot in your mouth!  I can only assume she was under deadline and needed to fill some pages. 

According to Coulter, some Republicans are idiots because they write books calling other Republicans idiots.  Now Margaret, help me out here. Ann is calling some Republicans idiots for writing books where they say nasty things about other Republicans, but in this chapter alone Ann trashes about a dozen Republicans for doing this.  So doesn’t that make Ann an idiot a dozen times over?  I hope you can follow that because I read the whole chapter and I am still confused.

Now if the chapter was written by say – a sloth – then I might understand. But this book is written by a #1 New York Times Bestselling Author. It says so right there on the jacket cover above the picture of Ann.  Come to think of it, Ann is not only hiding her feet in that picture, she is also hiding her thumbs.  I wonder…

Basically the chapter is making the case that the media loves it when Republicans turn on one another but tends to ignore it when a Democrat turns on a Democrat.  I guess Ann never turned on the TV or opened a newspaper during the 100-year war otherwise known as the  Clinton-Obama primary elections.  Of course turning on a TV and opening a newspaper is more difficult when you don’t have opposable thumbs.

Look folks.  This latest chapter is just stupid and I am not going to waste any more time trying to explain it.  If you buy the book skip pages 111-135.  Ann must have been off her meds while writing them.

And there is another chapter I would like to close as well.  That would be the chapter in history where anyone cares what Dick Cheney has to say.  I feel bad too because Dick and I are both senior citizens, although at age 103, he now has 20 years on me.  You realize, of course, he is now aging in dog years.  That happens to you after you pee on the White House lawn a few times.

You know what Dick?  Shut the hell up.  You had eight years to scare the American people into hysteria so that you could get away with murder.  And I use the word murder not to complete an expression, but rather literally.   It was an illegal war.  If it were up to me we’d throw you in a cell and read Chapter 4 of Ann Coulter’s book to you non-stop.

Sorry I got off-topic there everyone, but you seem to do it all the time in the comments so you can’t hold it against me.  Three chapters to go and then we can leave Ms. Coulter behind.  Hang in there.  I mean it.  Really.

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  3. hey helen – hope you’re having a beautiful weekend wherever you are here in austin. here’s a little spring time from bee caves for you!

  4. “Dick Cheney is mentally ill.

    He will die a paranoid, delusional, wreck of a man.”….sounds the exact way he has been “living”
    …As for AN, funny how she gets that “best seller” tag, guess no matter that her publisher BUYS BACK her books for handouts at the conservative functions/fundrisers does not disqualify even thou a “contractual” duty to so oblige her in order to pump it as if she has REAL sales…..Pathetic all the way around and such a waste of human bones and oxygen and etc especially when others could put such to good use !!!!

  5. Correction to my previous post;

    ‘the world’ should read ‘the developed world’

    Oh bulderdash Southern Girl. Bush’s health care system is workin’ so well for the poor and the elderly is it?
    US health care is one of the most expensive, yet provides one of the lowest standards of health care, in the developed world. Your mortality levels are amongst the highest. And private insurance companies laugh all the way to the bank. In Australia, if you’re poor, the Government provides your health care. It’s not as fancy as private care, but it saved my life once and didn’t cost me a cent.

  6. southern girl, i’m going to go out on a limb here and say that you might want to read the plan and the program itself if you think it’s not an improvement – a considerable improvement – over what we’ve got today. turn off FOX and check things out for yourself.

    we’re killing our elderly and uninsured NOW. with obama’s plan there’s more than hope – there’s viable recovery.

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  9. Helen, I have just found your blog. The link was provided to me by one of my MySpace friends. I am so glad she posted this. This is the the funniest political humor I have ever read. You are one very smart and extremely funny lady. I only hope my mind and wit is one tenth as sharp as yours is now when I am, hopefully your age.

    I wish Ann Coulter would read this but it would be wasted on her because she has the humor of a piece of wood.

  10. Ditto what Helen from Australia just said. Except I’m talking about third world South Africa. Not fancy, but free for all children under six, all pregnant women, and anyone who can’t afford to pay. And if you have an income, you pay according to your income level. If you want to pay for fancy private health care, that’s your choice. But nobody is excluded from public health care. If we can do it, why can’t you?

  11. Oh bulderdash Southern Girl. Bush’s health care system is workin so well for the poor and the elderly is it?
    US health care is one of the most expensive, yet provides one of the lowest standards of health care, in the world. Your mortality levels are amongst the highest. And private insurance companies laugh all the way to the bank. In Australia, if you’re poor, the Government provides your health care. It’s not as fancy as private care, but it saved my life once and didn’t cost me a cent.

  12. sure hopin’ you ladies have figured out some sort of private fund for insurance…because you’re the first to go in our new government. Forget saving for “emergencies” (non health related)…with the new health care policy…the elderly should just “accept” that they’re going to die.

  13. UAW, how is anyone going to pay their mortgages without a job? I don’t care about a tax cut that will leave me with a little less than $40 a month. I would much rather have my fellow Americans employed. Not just employed but employed in infrastructure and renewable energy.

    No one wants a tax increase, but no one would rather a depression. Which, is exactly where we’re heading.

    The GOP got us into this mess and they’re doing everything that they can to NOT get us out of it… disgusting.

  14. Greytdog
    thanks for the link

    that much for the illusion of the clear, clean great wide North!

    It’s a bit like the Canadian Boreal forests, where before the protests organized by Richard Desjardins (L’Erreur Boreal, Docu 1999) they where clean cutting hughe areas, but leaving a 50 yard strech along the roads so people still thought they where driving through endless forests while behind the “Screen” therre was empty wast-lands……. (He has some impressive scenes taken by plane in that film. I will try to find something on youtube, but doubt I can (tried in french, momentarily blocked by work IT, will bypass and check again later))

    1999 L’erreur boréale (English title: Forest Alert) by Desjardins and Robert Monderie


    http://www.richarddesjardins.qc.ca/ (french)


  15. Dick spoke? all I hear is the Joker making his usual sounds


    Olbermann on Cheney

    Dody, the only mormons Ive met taught their kids rock music is the devils’ work and voted to support prop 8, excuse my pre conceived notions

    Somkeybones thank you for a beautiful post, you make me very proud.

    angrynana, sorry, you are too late, bush already destroyed this country Obama will now work hard to try to put it back together, kindly step aside and get the hell out of the way

    thank you.

    Like in any other community I would dare say there is impoliteness from both sides of this blog’s fence

    those who post long ass copy/paste articles instead of links with no regard whatsoever to the flow or how much room their posts take, those who come calling Helen and Margaret names like evil, lesbians, liars…those who tell people their posts are not worthy because they havent posted since the birth of man, those who use this blog to generate traffic to their own…

    Keep em coming Helen and Margaret and thank you once again for making my day, my heart goes out to you for having to suffer through ghoulter’s worthless dribble.

  16. I am going off topic….

    We in Illinois have a rare opportunity to send a non politian to congress. Dr Carlos Monteagudo is running for Illinois’ 5th Congressional seat in just 3 weeks. This is a special election where all the other candidates are trying to win by getting people NOT to vote. Dr Carlos is looking to get people TO VOTE. His website is www. DrCarlosforCongress.com. If you can help, please do.

  17. “…Let’s see; bigoted, profane, thuggish, hateful and all in the name of Christ. It would seem that Republithugs have a birth defect in which their brains were put in up-side-down and backward….

    finally….. an explaination that makes sense.
    thanks werner

  18. Mageen and others, here’s a link about the (real) current state of the State of Alaska. Interesting and informative read.


  19. And maven, I agree – UAW’s descriptions of his tomato crop has created a serious craving for good, homegrown, vine-ripe tomatoes. . . arrrgggh. Spent about (no kidding) 15 minutes at the store today sniffing tomatoes. . . and then walked out. Sigh. When is a tomato not a tomato? When it’s grown in florida.

  20. UAW wrote: “If we need 20 billion for education fine but if 15 of that is spent on new cars for the principals then we only really need 5.”

    But that’s just it – the money was allocated for funding schools: building new ones, updated/repairing old ones, supplies, updated labs (yes we need those despite many people believing the earth is flat) – why do you assume the money was for new cars for principals? Or are you basing that observation on the fact that the TARP money went not to offset the dismal money management of the banks but went to pay for junkets and bonuses? Not everyone is a potential crooked banker. As for the condoms thing – considering the number of Congress members getting caught with their wee willies hanging out, perhaps we should be throwing condoms at them instead of shoes! (Altho I do love the fact that a former adult film star will be challenging a former john! in a Senatorial race. . )

  21. Helen,

    By reading this book for such a dea friend as Margaret, and saving US ALL from the PAIN of reading it ourselves, I think you get to skip several more incarnations on this planet and skip ahead to sainthood! Bless you!


    Love You both!!!

  22. ImaginistΔ

    got that NBA or NFL thingy from someone elses blog and

    A) found it rather funny (THE oximoron: “I met an honest politician.”)

    B) found it also a good reminder that, since honest politicians usually don’t survive, when your dealing with crooks, be aware that you’re dealing with crooks……

    And I definitly mean no one down at the grassroot level, where a lot of energy is spend (see this blog) and even the concept of honor doesn’t seam completly forgotten….. but Politicians? Bah!

    But, no this was NOT intended as a serious, well researched post, see above.

  23. Tradesman: Fewer Kids will keep the costs down! I have three and kids are not cheap. I am retired but working full time to pay for lawyers and bail, well actually – medical school for a kid that aces everything. Condom would have saved me a lot of money.

    I could speak to the cousins who are in jail for making crack, heroin and such. There were two that were aborted too. YOU AND I probably would have been paying for their prison time as well.

    It is kind of like, we didn’t fix the bridge in Minneapolis and it fell! Damn, maybe some lives and money could have been saved with some repairs. We can spend money on the little stuff or pay a lot later.

  24. Do we have an incredible President or what.
    It is about time…

  25. Hey Tradesman. You said:
    “How was 200 million for condoms going to stimulate the economy????”

    um, I think that number was in the wrong column of the spreadsheet. The condom money should have been allocated for the middle class, because we have been getting f*cked.

    On another note: I am craving tomatoes now, thanks to you.

    And speaking of cravings: Congrats to Psychedelikat. If I remember correctly, you were visiting Chicago a couple months ago? hmmmm, maybe it’s our water.


  26. I graduated from HS with one of Ann’s bleach blonde commentary counterparts (but from across the political aisle). Both actually do look better as blondes. But while I thought Jane also made an attractive brunette, Ann would be far too wicked-witchlike with dark hair.

  27. Ann’s principal success with her fellow Republicans is in her bleached hair with the dark roots. For some reason it gives old Republican men the hope that she is a whoooo-er.

    The Peter Principle, if you will.

  28. Is it me or did we get a particularly snotty bunch of trolls in the last wave?

    Never mind that… I did want to address the viral email thing, Is it NBA or NFL?. I checked it out on snopes.com and it doesn’t really confirm or deny it, but does make the point that most of this stuff is vague and references no time frame or name names so it is impossible to verify any of it. I’d just as soon not see that kind of thing posted where impressionable cheeto eating knuckle draggers can give it new life.


  29. A report by the Congressional Budget Office estimates that only $92 billion of the original House version of the stimulus will be spent in fiscal 2009 (ending Sept. 30), and almost half of the outlays won’t take place until fiscal 2011 and beyond….motley fool
    so lets have a 92 billion stimulus and then a spending bill for next year. How was 200 million for condoms going to stimulate the economy???? There’s a lot in this bill that isn’t stimulus just spending. If we need 20 billion for education fine but if 15 of that is spent on new cars for the principals then we only really need 5.
    one of the most scary statements ever made …We’re From the Government, and We’re Here to Help

  30. Really? Why?

  31. UAW – good article. Here’s what’s annoying to me – where were all these concerned Senators and Representatives when the first TARP bill was passed – without oversight built in? I realize that many folks think the stimulus bill is laden with pork – for Head Start, children’s healthcare, continuance of unemployment benefits & access to COBRA – but as Obama pointed out, just what the heck do people think a stimulus bill is about? I’m still struggling with the idea that some companies are more important than others, that some people’s salaries are more vital than others, etc. . . while I trek out at night with food, clothing, bedding, etc. to take to three homeless shelters that are bulging at the seams because the uptick in unemployment and foreclosures. I want a stimulus bill that targets the folks in need – I don’t “buy” the trickle down economics theory at all – I think it is bogus and an airy-fartsy eff-U theory that jacks off on the middle class.

  32. sorry read that “thinking”

  33. TazMan, try, for once, thining with your “upper” brain !!!!!

  34. sorry TazManiac, I don’t kiss any one’s ass.

  35. Thought you might enjoy knowing that the “author” you are reading is under investigation for voter fraud…


  36. http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=washingtonstory&sid=aGq2B3XeGKok

  37. Question: Is Tazman real? If no one is around to respond, will Tazman still be a jerk?

    Answer: No – and Yes!

  38. democraddic…..
    Mark Twain said it best: “America is a nation without a distinct criminal class…with the possible exception of Congress.”


    Our research on the current Congress finds 111 members of the House and Senate who have run at least two businesses that went bankrupt, often leaving business partners and creditors holding the bag.

    This is who is trying to spend the most money…on what…that’s the question…on what….Lets not discuss it in congress lets let the MSM decide.

  39. Adding to what LarkOhio said, if Dick Cheney should find himself out hunting, he should shoot his own face off! Thanks for the sacrifice of your eyes and mind. When you’d like to purge, when you’re done, ask for anything, and it’s yours! Lots of Love.

  40. Donnie and DICK
    PEACE ~ Δ

  41. Although it is tempting, please don’t feed the trolls.

  42. Tazman can kiss my ass!

  43. Helen, that woman is appalling! It’s not just her though, its the entire GOP! I just posted an article about it today. I cannot get over the literal lies I’m hearing them spew on a daily basis about the stimulus, just shocking.
    Republican voters should be aware that the GOP thinks that you’re a bunch of fools who will believe whatever they tell you ( Ann is a perfect example of that).
    Do you want to admit that you’re an idiot that falls for it?
    It’s disgusting, as disgusting as Ann herself and then some ( and that’s saying a LOT)
    You’re awesome Helen, keep it up.
    By the way, did you hear Palin blast ” pathetic bloggers” who had nothing better to do than lie about her? Funny, I thought that’s what she did to Obama and the Dems. She may not like us Helen, but the truth hurts sometimes….

  44. Troutay…..Kiss my ass.

  45. Hardly, TazMan.

    If you bothered to read past posts, you would learn about their “husbands”.

    Silly thing to say. Really, I mean it.

  46. Zorpheous:

    You also sound like a “Red Green” fan.

    Keep your stick on the ice

  47. Are Margaret and Helen lesbians?? I mean it. Really.

  48. Helen,

    Discovered your blog via a few intertoob linkies about “good old” Ann.

    I have to admit, you are a braver man than I am for reading one of books, after reading about Ann and seeing her on Faux News, I came to the conclusion that she is a waste of oxygen. On the other hand I have deeply enjoyed your critique of Annie’s “book” and her size 17 feet (that explains her big freaking mouth).

    I just hope that when I reach your level of worldly experience and wisdom that I as on the ball as you are.

    You seriously rock in the best way. Keep you stick on the ice, you have made my daily reading list.

    From Canada
    Zorpheous (the Collector of Political Nutz)

  49. I’d like to recommend an actual children’s book, which is intended for children in or near second

    The author is someone I’ve never met, but we are friends on facebook, and I claim her as a daughterinlaw.

    The book is: Breakout at the Bug Lab by Ruth Horowitz.

  50. Jean correcting your french:
    that is:
    “mange la marde!”

    and is (as intended) note very nice translation for none french speakers:
    Mange = essen = mangiare = eat
    marde – mierda = scheisse = ….you know!


  51. Joe B
    Funny how trolls like sandie think they’re so smart when they end up just proving Helen right.

    Let’s see; bigoted, profane, thuggish, hateful and all in the name of Christ. It would seem that Republithugs have a birth defect in which their brains were put in up-side-down and backward.

    Sorry to disagree, Me thinks, but only MHO, that in most cases the brains wher just completly left out on the process.

    But in case of doubt there is a easy way to find out: just beat them over the head, IF you create a hollow sound, I was right!


  52. Here’s something for you, Dems and Reps alike:

    Is It NBA Or NFL?

    have been accused of spousal abuse

    have been arrested for fraud

    have been accused of writing bad checks

    have directly or indirectly
    bankrupted at least 2 businesses

    have done time for assault

    71 cannot
    get a credit card due to bad credit

    have been arrested on drug-related charges

    have been arrested for shoplifting

    are defendants in lawsuits, and

    have been arrested for drunk driving
    the last year

    you guess which organization this is?

    up yet? . . Scroll down,

    it’s the 435 members of the
    United States Congress

    same group of Idiots that crank out
    hundreds of new laws each year
    designed to keep the rest of us in line.

    from my blog, re-blogging “suddenly”

    And yes Ann traded her opposal thumbs for her brain…… not realizing that one is worthless withou the other…….. or was it her prick (often refered to as “lower brain” in males)?

  53. Helen,
    How do you do it?? You can turn that Coulter Crap into Gold…You are so funny. I wish you would write a book!!! Maybe write something with Margaret??? Just a thought…

  54. You ladies got a shout-out! And Ann Coulter commits voter fraud…


  55. Margaret and Helen, I would guess that someone else has already done this, considering how clued in and humane your correspondents are, but I am going to take a chance and send along this article from CNN. I saw it this morning on their website and thought to myself, “well, finally! the mainstream is waking up to this horror!” Please note how the state of Alaska has rigged the way their citizens CANNOT get help!

    Thousands of villagers in rural Alaska are struggling to survive, forced to choose between keeping their families warm and keeping their stomachs full, residents say.
    Villagers in Emmonak, Alaska, travel to the store and to hunt by snowmobile now that the river has frozen over.

    Harvested nuts and berries, small game animals, and dried fish are the only things keeping some from starving.
    To get to the nearest store, Ann Strongheart and her husband, who live in Nunam Iqua, Alaska, take an hour-and-15-minute snowmobile ride to Emmonak, Alaska. Their town does not have a store of its own.
    Normally, they would each ride a snowmobile, in case one broke down. But now, they can’t afford to waste the fuel, so they just take one and hope for the best.
    At the store, the Stronghearts buy groceries and supplies for the family for the week, which cost more than $400. They buy only as much as their snowmobile can carry.
    In many stores, 2 pounds of cheese costs between $15 and $18, milk costs $10 a gallon, a 5-pound bag of apples costs $15, and a dozen eggs costs $22 — more than double the price in the area just two years ago.
    Many area residents don’t even bother with fruits and vegetables, which can be damaged by freezing on the trip home.
    After shopping, the Stronghearts pack their groceries into boxes, tie them to the snowmobile, and begin the 25-mile trek home, passing moose, rabbit and fox tracks along the way. Watch how transportation is a challenge in rural Alaska »
    The trip sets them back about $50 in fuel alone.
    On top of high food prices, some residents are paying nearly $1,500 a month to heat their homes.
    The Stronghearts live in one of a group of Native American communities along the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta.
    They and other residents of these villages of 200 to 800 residents are feeling the impact of a devastating perfect storm of events. See where the towns are and learn more about them »
    Commercial fishermen couldn’t make money from the seasonal king salmon harvest this year, because there was barely enough fish for subsistence. In fact, most fishermen lost money.
    Then a brutal early winter brought the longest cold snap in five years. In September the temperature in many villages dropped as low as 20 degrees, a record low for many, according to the Alaska Center for Climate Assessment and Policy.
    The 1,200-mile Yukon River, which the villages use as a highway, froze completely in September, at least two months earlier than usual. That left residents cut off from some basic necessities, and forced them to have pricey bulk fuel flown in.
    These residents and their ancestors have lived for hundreds of years in the Yukon Delta, which Emmonak resident Cindy Beans describes as something out of National Geographic. Watch how rural Alaskans celebrate their culture »
    Though they send their kids to school, many speak the native Yup’ik language, and live a much simpler life than even urban Alaskans.
    They have always had the comfort of food around them — whatever they can pick, catch and hunt.
    “But in order to have access to all the subsistence food, you have to be able to get out there and hunt for it,” Beans said.
    And that requires them to go out on their snowmobiles, which means using more fuel.
    The community is always gathering food, Beans said.

    “All summer long we are putting away fish for the winter, by fall working on moose, then setting nets under the ice for winter time. But now, this food which used to supplement groceries is all that people have, since they can’t afford to buy food at these prices.”
    So residents have been forced to rely more on these subsistence methods.
    Beans said her brother walks three miles in 20-below-zero weather to check on nets under the ice for fish. The fish is a staple they need to keep themselves fed.
    “The life out here has always been hard, it’s just that its a lot harder now,” she said.
    Emmonak resident Nicholas Tucker wondered if others were feeling the impact, so he broadcast an inquiry via VHF radio, one of the common ways to communicate in the village.
    Tucker said many residents sobbed as they radioed him back.
    “His family has been out of food for quite some time now,” Tucker wrote about one resident in a letter sent to legislators and the media. “Their 1-year-old child is out of milk, [he] can’t get it and he has no idea when he will be able to get the next can.”
    “There are days without food in his house,” Tucker wrote.
    A single father with five children choked back tears as he told Tucker of his struggle to help his kids.
    “Right now, we can’t eat during the day, only at supper time,” Tucker wrote of the man. “If there had been no school lunch our kids would be starving.”
    Many of the tribal leaders said they are begging the state and federal governments to do something to help.
    George Lamont, tribal administrator in Tuluksak, Alaska, said because of the crisis and villagers’ inability to pay their utility bills, he fears many may have their electricity shut off. Watch how heating the house is a daily struggle for one family »
    Alaska has given many residents $1,200 energy rebate checks, but residents say it barely helps them with one month’s heating costs. Aid agencies, including the Red Cross, aren’t an option right now — the Alaska Red Cross said they couldn’t help unless a disaster is declared.
    But the state hasn’t declared an emergency yet, and it can’t because of a state statute that requires the average income levels in the villages to drop below $26,500 — regardless of the cost of living.
    Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s office said the state is trying to find a way to free up government help.

    “Local government specialists in the state Department of Commerce, Community and Economic Development continue to crunch numbers and seek creative approaches to finding a statutorily acceptable way to justify a disaster declaration, which would open the door to federal aid, as well,” deputy press secretary Sharon Leighow said.
    Leighow said Palin is sending her new rural advisor, John Moller, to the area next week, accompanied by representatives of the Alaska Food Bank.
    Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, asked the Bureau of Indian Affairs to step in and help the towns most in need.
    “I find it ironic, tragically ironic, that it takes an economic downturn in the rest of the country for this Congress to consider an economic stimulus for Indian Country,” she said during a Senate Committee on Indian Affairs economic stimulus hearing.
    The villagers hold out hope that the state or federal governments can come through.
    “People have really been looking forward to some emergency assistance,” Lamont said.

    After hearing the stories from his neighbors, Tucker said it’s clear help is needed now. “We have remained quiet, cried and suffered in silence,” he said.
    “So now, this is our simple cry to others for help.”

    Me, again. I am so proud of Margaret and Helen for providing the opportunity for their following to actually be way out in front on this. It is good to be the squeaky wheel!

  56. I appreciate that quote , Greytdog. It is something worth keeping in mind.

  57. Here’s an interesting article
    The Moderate Voice http://tinyurl.com/b7zafn
    Has The Internet Made America “Ruder And Cruder”?
    February 8th, 2009
    By JOE GANDELMAN, Editor-In-Chief
    From the article:
    “On the Internet, people have broken up into small, like-minded groups where they have minimal contact with people who disagree with them. As a result, there is little pressure to show respect for the opinions of people who see the world differently — since those people are, for the most part, not present. It means that facts that run contrary to their ideology will tend to be viewed with suspicion at best and will be totally ignored at worst, thereby creating groupthink on a titanic scale.
    Many people who start out blogging run into this problem: if they’re don’t sound like a lot of the others on the right or left, they simply will not get links from some blogs on the right or the left.”

    Hmmmm….sound familiar?

  58. Read faster. Write more. Go, go, go.

  59. What a refreshing post! I was linked here from another blog and WOW, I think I’ll be staying a while. :)

  60. UAW TRADESMAN: As a teacher, I have seen some great Head Start programs.

    You do not know what you are talking about with HeadStart. All of the paperwork which they require does not teach kids or parents.

    Go and volunteer in a Head Start class! You will be surprised. HEAD START NEEDS MORE FUNDING!

    You are buying into the Republican bullshit! They are telling lies you know.

  61. Kip: It is obvious that you are stupid.

  62. Greydog, are you bi-polar?

  63. I bow to you both and look forward eagerly to your posts.

  64. Dear Helen,
    Many people have already thanked you for your selfless, and self-sacrificing effort to keep us safe from the threat of loosing our sanity. Trying to find salient points in anything Anne Coulter writes can be no mean feet. Sorry. I mean feat. No mean feat.
    But I’ve stumbled upon this very interesting website, http://coulterwatch.com/, whose author seems to be less of a fan of Anne than the name of the site will have you believe. Sadly, it now seems that your efforts might have been in vain. Because what you are reading might have been written, not by Anne, but by somebody else. Anybody. Apparently, Anne has a tendency to “borrow” other people’s writing. Without saying so. Or saying thank you. Something that in an ethical world (a place Anne is not very familiar with) would be known as plagiarism. But I think we are all aware of the state of Anne’s ethics, morals, and scrupples. In her case, I think scientists might refer to it as “anti-matter”. So it is entirely possible that the book WAS written by a sloth, and Anne just forgot to credit him. (I say him, because the idea of a female of any species writing so much drivel is just so unpalatable!
    The author of the website is also accusing Anne of voter fraud! Mmmm! The plot thickens …which is more than can be said of her book.

  65. Helen, you are truly a gift. I’m absolutely addicted to you, and your latest–the review of Ann Coulter’s latest “book”–is the best ever. Please don’t ever stop blogging. I shudder to think what my life would be like if I couldn’t read your blog. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

  66. helen, you have cured my fear of getting old. If I’m as mentally sprightly as you at 70, I’ll be content. You go girl!

  67. I’m convinced that someday Ann Coulter will pass on to her next life, and at the autopsy the medical examiner will find….(Twilight Zone theme here)….evidence of a transsexual operation….

    Huge feet and hands, a peculiar appearance to her throat, a face that’d stop a clock in between Botox shots, absolutely bitchy personality. Yeah, she’s a he. Or was, anyway. Or maybe is still in between?

  68. Ha, ha. It is so much more fun to read your chapter-by-chapter review than it could possibly be to read the book itself.

    What a tweeb she is.

  69. Poking my head into the parlor before tumbling off to bed. . .
    UAW – went to that website you posted. the only thing that it confirmed for me is that Ann Coulter is neither funny nor frightening. She is amoral – and totally egocentric. That people believe her tripe is what’s frightening – though it says more about “them” than her.
    Wishing I had a slice of your tomatoes. . . maybe I’ll try growing tomatoes again. . . sigh
    And to Codpiece & Kip – when all you can focus on are the physical attributes (or lack thereof) of a person while ignoring their rhetoric and the affects of that rhetoric – Helen makes fun of AC but Helen also points of the BS the attention whore spouts.

  70. Katrina
    “BARACK OBAMA ran for president promising change. Unfortunately, a look inside the stimulus package reveals that “change” mostly means spending vastly more on domestic programs without necessarily improving the way they operate. Nowhere is this clearer than in its provisions concerning education, particularly Head Start.”


    “because in 2007 Head Start advocates persuaded Congress to eliminate the program’s new National Reporting System”

    Who was in charge of congress in 2007???? Nancy and Harry

  71. Ladies,
    You might want to follow up on this headline in http://www.huffingtonpost.com:

    Ann Coulter Under Investigation For Voter Fraud

  72. Ladys, you might want to follow this headline found in http://www.huffingtonpost.com/:

    “Ann Coulter Under Investigation For Voter Fraud”

  73. At least chewing Aspirin without water cures your headache. Reading Ann gives you a headache.

  74. You’ve read 4 chapters and only have 3 to go? Isn’t that kind of short for a book? What? She can’t count higher than 7? I’m not surprised. Education isn’t important to republicans.

  75. Sophronia:

    “Dude looks like a Lady….”

  76. go to huffpo article…click on blue investigate and the then go to


    good for a laugh

  77. UAW – chill dude. Are you forgetting what blog this is? It’s the one that became framous calling Palin a bithc. It is what it is. Like it or not.

  78. I don’t care what you people think….Helen can make fun of ANYTHING and it will be funny. THAT is what this is all about, Folks. HELEN IS DAMN FUNNY!!!!!!!

  79. Here is a link to an article about Coulter. She is under investigation for voter fraud. There is in the article also a link to the website, Coulterwatch.com, should you care to read further about her.


    I too am tired of seeing comments about her physical apearance. Who cares about how she looks? It is the vitriole which spews from her mouth that makes her awful.

    I am glad Helen is reading her latest book, because frankly I couldn’t stomach it.

  80. Ease up…UAW Tradesman…Codpiece Watch was just using the same humor that Helen does…and we LOVE her for it!!!!!

  81. http://www.nytimes.com/2009/02/08/opinion/08dowd.html?em



    Codpeice…lets next start making fun of people with sloping forehead, harelips, scars,burns missing limbs,Etc….what a codpeice

  82. Margaret, I’m not sure if Ann Coulter has opposable thumbs or not, but she certainly has room for them. You like to talk about her big feet, but have you ever checked out the size of her hands? Good Lord.

  83. oops …most of the tomatoes were that size…not the plant….started my own seeds…probably start them again about 4-1..

  84. berndoubt….


    So-so article about Ann… liked the part about possible tax violations by Rahm Emmanual
    Graydog..I grew Brandywines and Burpee super big-boys both grew to 4-4 1/2 in across and 3 1/2 – 4 in tall. also grew Bloodbutcher cherry tomatoes. I made my own cage from cement reinforcing wire(6 ft wide)…Had to trim tomatoes because they grew out the top. I’m just really getting started in this…my buddy says I should put in about 1800 candy onions.

  85. If Bush were to be given truth serum, this is what he would say:


    from hoolinet.com

  86. As a life long dem, I can’t think of anything that pleases me more than a Caribou barbie/joe the wetf he is this week, ticket.

  87. Sadly, I was wrong to list Limbaugh/Coulter/Palin as current leaders of movement conservatism. There is a new light (or bulbhead) which may outshine them all. It is our new friend, Joe the Plumber. Once an unlicensed plumber, then a political prop, Samuel Wurzelbacher is going to save our great nation. After surpassing the far more experienced (and possibly even knowledgeable) bloggers from Pajamas Media by donning street clothes on national U-tube TV, he’s mastered international journalism, and is now taking on economics at the highest levels:


    Michael Steele should be afraid. Very afraid. Joe the Plumber is coming for you.

    Sorry about the interruption. Grandma, read me more of the story about the evil witch with the tiny head and gigantic feet. I like going to bed smiling.

  88. I don’t check in for a week and look at all I’ve missed! The best thing about that is lots of good reading. :o)

    Thanks for keeping up the good work!

  89. Very true June, I just thought this one was particularly whack a doodle! lol And if it weren’t so scary it would be hysterical.

    To think that there are actually people out there with his doctrine? Did you read where he said we should all get enough amo to kill 10 k commies (democrats? LOL whewwwww whack a doooooodle. And it wont surprise you he supports palin! I saw that in one of his posts the other day.

  90. well, where’d the link go? i am so not designed for the 21st century.


  91. lorbe103:

    If her were here, I would consider chatting with the idiot but it is FOX. I expect stupidity there.

    When I was in Missouri, there was a saying: You wrestle a skunk in his house, you will end up stinking.

  92. ann strongheart. i put a few more links on howl to the information you provided. thanks for helping to make the world a better place.

  93. The post im referring to is the 1:19 one (last one)

  94. You guys have to see this post on a FOX blog. I would love to see M@H ( or any of you guys) take on this dude! (dog on crack)….

    I just don’t know where to begin with this knuckle dragger. LOL


  95. I love being pregnant! I think Jinx up there mentioned bacon???? Yum.

    Helen, I love your commentaries! Keep them coming!

    For those of you whose cable does not offer MSNBC, check out Rachel Maddow’s drop kicking of the Repugs who want to stall this stimulus package:

  96. Liar, cheater and scary Republican Ann Coulter may be charged with voter fraud.

    Original article on January 11th


    Ann Coulter being probed on February 8th


  97. Trades-
    You know BIG is considered about as commie as you can get, right?
    Even though it is not.
    Idea has been floating for quite awhile. How to create a fund filled by everyone and drawn on as a basic bottom line ‘backbone” of personal wherewithal.
    AK Perm Fund model fails at certain levels as dollars are not sufficient , amount is tied to value of the fund and can take big stockmarket hits, and , MOST importantly, AK residents don’t fill it themselves. Oil royalties do.
    The voter disconnect here with state government being funded by oil royalties and NOT hard earned tax dollars is made worse by the Perm Fund in some ways. There are way too many folks who only wake up and pay attention to govt if they think their PFD is at stake. Mind you- most of em have jobs and homes- they just ignore govt in general unless it touches them.
    The BIG idea is similar to Social Security and would have to be carefully crafted to avoid the mistakes made there.
    Don’t think we’re there yet- too many messes to clean up on too many fronts to duke this one out in public yet but has fascinated me for years.
    Gotta go to work. Hardware stores never sleep- folks need to fix potties on sunday too.

  98. freD-
    this is a scary neighborhood to call yourself Joe the Plumber in.

    but IF we want to take it down this line..
    Wouldn’t it be BETTER to be apes if Ms Coulter is a Writer?
    Joe the Plumber an economist?
    We could make a long list…

    If all I had to give up to be shed of being related to some of these folks twere opposable thumbs I’d sure have to think about it…

    But, then there’s President Obama and Helen and so many of the voices here… oh, heck.

  99. Since I became an economist, I’ve concluded that Ann’s large feet proves she’s more evolved than all of you because apes have small feet.

    Take that, liberals!

  100. P.S.

    CNN picked the story up….


  101. oh yeah forgot those links didn’t work…



  102. Update from Nunam Iqua!!


    Today we received 14 boxes of donations!! Six of the boxes were from SPAN Alaska and contained Diapers, Formula, Tuna, Tuna Helper, and Diaper Rash Ointment. The other eight boxes totaled over 100 lbs.

    Six boxes came from a dear lady in Houston, TX making up the bulk for the day totaling over 76lbs. Thank you so much!!

    Another box came from Littleton, Colorado QUYANA!!

    And the last box was from Seward, AK. Thank you so much C.D. I think you took my list and filled a box with just about everything I listed on there. QUYANA!

    The bulk of the donations was given to the family of 10 I mentioned a couple of days ago who was out of food. The rest was divided among nine families. The families that had babies and received the formula, diapers, and Ointment were UNBELIEVABLY grateful. You all probably saw my story about how much diapers cost here well formula is the same at well over $20 a can. And that’s for the small cans.

    OT— I know there have been many, many questions about me. Who am I, etc… I wrote up a little about myself and if you would like you can read it at the website… HERE

    QUYANA CAKNEQ for everyone’s hard work. If it’s weren’t for y’all there would be children here going to bed hungry and cold!!! If you would like to help you can find all of the information on the “HOW TO HELP PAGE” at anonymousbloggers site.

    Please feel free to contact me if you need additional information or have questions.

    Ann Strongheart

    Nunam Iqua Food Drive
    c/o Ann Strongheart
    P.O. Box 7
    Nunam Iqua, AK 99666

  103. Okay, I am just starting to look at the whole concept of US BIG…and I find the thought interesting. Guarantee a basic income and go from there…enough to meet the basics of living. I know an extra $1000/month would mean that I would be saving money, paying all my bills on time and probably going back to school.

    In the long run, all of those actions would make me more productive in the long run now, wouldn’t it?

  104. last post before heading out to local dogtrack where we were just informed of a dog with shattered leg – leg shattered during last race on THURSDAY!!!! Anyway – from The Washington Monthly
    ” Now the centrists have shaved off $86 billion in spending — much of it among the most effective and most needed parts of the plan. In particular, aid to state governments, which are in desperate straits, is both fast — because it prevents spending cuts rather than having to start up new projects — and effective, because it would in fact be spent; plus state and local governments are cutting back on essentials, so the social value of this spending would be high. But in the name of mighty centrism, $40 billion of that aid has been cut out.

    My first cut says that the changes to the Senate bill will ensure that we have at least 600,000 fewer Americans employed over the next two years.

    Dean Baker is thinking along the same lines: “We should talk about the spending cuts as job cuts. So cutting $100 billion from the stimulus means that they cut 500,000 jobs. (Working with the Romer-Bernstein numbers, $100 billion would increase GDP by $150 billion. This equals 1 percent, which they calculate translates into 1 million jobs. We divide by two [2-year savings] and get 500,000 jobs.) So the Collins-Nelson crew just cost 500,000 people their jobs. Isn’t fiscal responsibility wonderful?”
    source: http://www.washingtonmonthly.com/

    talk about opposable thumbs. . . the only thing centrist about these folks is the fact they all have a (well-fed) waistline

  105. UAW – go here: http://www.themudflats.net/
    read the post ramras 2 – palin 0
    Very informative but amusing (and scroll around for the pix of Brian the Moose – fantabulous!)

  106. Get an Agent, Helen….You are ready for the big time!!!!! :-)

  107. This stimulus package will help. I am in favor of helping all except the chinese.

  108. Trades-
    I remember the talk in the 70s. Site looks interesting. AK Perm fund doesn’t really meet a basic income- $900-$3500 depending on income in fund- but the idea is similar.
    Will read some more.
    Gotta go- dogs to walk and a benefit to go to.
    Besides- you are all talking about gardens and I can’t think about mine for months!

    ps- greytdog- I grew cherry tomatoes one year here… you can do it in Mat-su but here is tough. Most did not ripen so i had a HUGE batch of fried green CHERRY tomatoes. Heehee.

  109. ooooohhh UAW – what do you grow? The farmers’ markets around here are jokes – nothing at all like the FMs up north – same produce from the same produce distributor is sold at our local farmer’s market but for more money than what you’d pay at the supermarket! Sheesh. I tried growing beefsteak tomatoes – no go in Florida. I miss beefsteak tomatoes – heck, I miss tomatoes that TASTE like tomatoes!
    Speaking of illegal immigrants – try working the sugar cane fields. . . .

  110. Thanks again Helen, wonderful post as usual.
    Judith, I loved your post.
    Smokeybones, we need more people like you out there. We have been cowered so much by the right it is not funny! Way to go, I admire your take on things.

  111. http://www.usbig.net/whatisbig.html

    Still looking at BIG.?????Basic income guarantee(get the homeless off the streets) If you wanted extra you would have to work for it. There’s studies that show that we’d be better off if corporate taxes were 0%. Not individual taxes. We’re in this mess because of people without jobs getting loans.
    I took retirement to save my healthcare????That’s what the union told me to do. This leg ever straightens out I’ll be back looking for another job. Now I’ve got a lot bigger garden and sell produce. Yes, I’m doing the work of an illegal immigrant because most people wouldn’t do this type of work. Reminds me of when I was a kid on the farm.

  112. Tradesman is obviously rich enough to be Repug. and ignorant. I know people who think Repugnant, but don’t make the money needed to make it worth their while; they also live in that delusional world of has-been and never-was cowboy presidents and vice presidents. Not trying to be ugly; Tradesman just doesn’t know what he doesn’t know. Like trying to explain kindness to Coulter. Tradesman tries to understand, at least.

    Skyewriter, thank you for that link. Been off-line a few days and might have missed it otherwise. Been out watching the rose bushes putting out new growth. Ahhh, hope…….

    Helen, you deserve a Medal of Honor.

  113. UAW, citing Palin’s budgetary prowess is a bit like telling saying “Mission Accomplished”:

    “Today, the governor honored Rep. Hawker’s December request to revisit her unrealistic price forecast and amended her price forecast to $40 per barrel which will leave the state $1.65 billion in the hole for fy2009.

    A far throw from the $440 deficit she forecasted just six weeks ago

    The proposed cuts are nothing more than smoke and mirrors. While the public will consistently hear the figure $268 million, it’s pure hocus pocus.

    First, $200 million of that amount reflects lowering the estimate of the amount of oil and gas exploration credits that were going to be paid for economic development on the North Slope.

    The credits are a mix of exploration and development incentives for producers and other companies, that were created with the passage of the governor’s ACES tax increase.

    There are only two potential explanations for lowering the estimates of oil and gas tax credits: Either the state hasn’t been successful in attracting as much economic development on the North Slope, or the administration has simply pushed the amount off into the fy2010 budget with the belief that companies who qualify for the tax credits will claim them later rather than sooner.”

    Source: http://www.andrewhalcro.com/budget_cuts

  114. Hi Gang and especially UAW Tradesman,

    You and your wife have hit a very rough patch right now. My thoughts and heart go out to you. When two people have been together for a very long time, if one of them hurts, the other bleeds some. I know well from experience.

    You have friends here. As you know, we tend to pop in and out according to our schedules. But you must surely know that there is someone here 24/7. Whatever you feel might be helpful, well, all you have to do is ask for it. We will try our best to mitigate.

    Nothing like a lively political discussion to distract us from our everyday woes and then go back and face them head on.

    “Je t’aime”, both you and your wife.



  115. Tradesman: We have infrastructure which needs rebuilding, we have to upgrade mass transit, we have health issues to deal with – they take money and they put people to do the work.

    Giving money in Alaska made a down payment on some snow mobiles and such. It left those with little to have nothing in the middle of winter.

    The people I know have skills and want to work. We need to give them jobs and build up our nation rather than tax cuts for the wealthiest.

    Tradesman: Is your goal in life to do nothing from this point on? You would be a happy person?

  116. I didn’t really get that deep into BIG but it actually seamed to make sense. Take the
    resources of the US and and as there leased give the money to the people and not some gov. agency. The article I was reading even got into talking about interest(payed to the Fed) being used for BIG. Interest rates would drop to 1% or less. Then again would this eliminate welfare,SS, wic,unemployment.etc.
    The article got into how there’s plenty of money but not enough jobs. After your BIG you could do nothing, pick-up a part time job, or work 80 hrs if you wanted to. It wouldn’t matter because unemployment would be 0%.

  117. Trades- You have info on BIG? You WERE wondering about it in relation to AK Perm Fund?

    Helen- you are undoubtedly tougher than anyone I know.
    I’m gonna go take some aspirin WITH water. I can’t take anymore of Ms Coulter.
    Even reading , here, from a safe distance with you in between I feel like I did when I was a kid with a book about bugs.
    You know- where you hold the tips of the pages as far away from the pictures as you can so the creepy crawlies can’t get your fingers…?

  118. As of 02/05/09, our War on Terror:

    Troops Killed in Iraq: 4228
    Troops Killed in Afghanistan: 640
    Wounded in Action: 33696

    source: http://iava.org/

  119. What kind of scooter is that you two are riding…I need to get my wife one of those?

  120. UAW – on Palin adding $1200


    It’s a good read from a member of the Alaska legislature – in other words, boots on the ground, not a pundit with head up the ass

  121. I meant Nobel….

  122. Does Noble give out a prize for Book Reviews???
    Helen deserves many awards for this…GOOD JOB HELEN!!!! (tell Margaret hello.)

  123. Trades-

    Haven’t read the BIG stuff but know some about Alaska Perm Fund. Folks often talk about using the format as a guide for distributing funds by govt.
    Part of the oil royalty money collected by state is and has been diverted to a fund which is managed kinda like a trust fund and distributions/dividends are paid out to eligibile Alaskans once a year .
    The $1200 in fall was a feel good tack on to state energy legislation – was merely distributed to all who qualified and applied for a PFD – as an easy already vetted way to send out funds. NOT related in any way except delivery mode.

  124. This is the best blog….My God, you are FUNNY!!!!!

  125. Catherine,

    My daughter was in a small bar in Oregon two weeks ago and a guy walked in with a gun and shot 9 people. 2 died. He shot himself and he died a week or so ago. I agree with you about multi-round guns. They are meant to kill. The cheap handguns also can be outlawed as far as I am concerned. My daughter and her friends were not hurt- thankfully.

    Tradesman: BIG; How about ENRON, HOW ABOUT CORRUPTION AND WASTE IN IRAQ – they are just now getting a small idea of how many Billions just disappeared, HOW ABOUT AFGHANISTAN – lots of waste there, HOW MUCH ARE THE INJURED AND WOUNDED from Iraq/ Afghanistan going to cost for the next 30 years. How about not getting them body armor or reinforced vehicles. HOW ABOUT THE 1.4 TRILLION IN TAX CUTS Bush did for his rich friends. They stole that money from those of us who work. WE NEED A NEW DIRECTION! THE BUSH/ CHENEY WAY WAS A BLACK HOLE which is coming out of my pocket and my kids and grandkids. It is going to take bold steps to get us out of the MESS CREATED BY THE REPUBLICANS!

    President Obama: Listen to people and you make decisions which you feel will lead us out of this mess CREATED BY REPUBLICANTS!

  126. [...] Does Ann Coulter Have Opposable Thumbs? Margaret, you are the only person for whom I would do this.   Reading Ann Coulter’s book is like chewing [...] [...]

  127. Margaret, Why don’t you do a post abot gun control. I somply did a post about how I think assault weapons should be banned after a guy blew some kids away in Miami (who were unarmed) with an AK-47 and they descened on my blog like locusts. They were so nasty that i have been called “shit for brains” and a lot of other things. They now are planning on descending on others blogs who dare to have another opinion to harass them.

    What is even more ironic, when i felt that the comments were abusive I deleted them according to the rules of my blog. So what, it’s my blog. I wanted a discussion not a brain bashing. No, they want to “inform” the public that they have a right to assault weapons so that if the government gets out of line, they will have the power to overthrow it.

    It’s funny, I have been to a shooting range. I wanted to have a discussion about it because I am inclined in favor of the ban, after all that, you would be amazed how much email I got in favor of the ban! The wingnut strategy backfired.

    Anyway, I can guarantee you it would be as lively as those wingnuts for Palin. I’d sure love to see you blast them.

  128. http://www.newsminer.com/news/2008/aug/07/alaska-legislature-passes-1200-energy-rebate/

    I was talking about BIG and how it’s funded and did I lie

  129. Love your posts enjoy reading it everyday.

  130. Tradesman:

    That was the wrong link, sorry.

    Here is the Alaska Report link:


    From where I sit, Palin is a say a lot but do nothing governor. She then throws sissy fits when people call her on her doing nothing or even hindering the helpers.

  131. Tradesman:

    Here is another site for Alaska information: They have good stories about those being hurt economically in Alaska.


    Sarah is still doing little to nothing for the villagers on the Lower Yukon River. I hope you are not blindly saying that Palin is doing a good job in Alaska? I do not see her good governance helping the people. She is doing a little to make political points.

  132. Tradesman: During the Bush/ Cheney years, we have many more people without health insurance. Even those working full time, do not have health coverage.

    Result: Those without health insurance are dieing from cancer. They are not able to be screened early and when found, they cannot afford the $700.00 – $4,000.00 per month cost of care to treat the cancer.

    People are dieing of cancer and they would live if they had insurance. Bush/Cheney and the Repugnants like playing the free market health care game which IS NOT WORKING!

  133. Thanks for taking one for the team. How the hell do you do such a hard thing as reading this book?

    I’d review it on my book review website, but I’m afraid I’d my brain would shut down from ‘the stupid, it burns’ feeling.

    Someone needs to do this publicly, expose this twat and counter her arguments efficiently and logically on tv.

  134. UAW Tradesman:
    I have read your comments over the span of a few weeks and want to preface this by writing that I am not being snarky, defensive or disrespectful.

    I have read this bill backwards and forwards and have been writing about it for some time now.

    I chose to read it for myself and then decided what I thought. I also looked at the Federal budget for 2009; this bill is *gap coverage* for the budget since our economy has not lived up to its end of that budget forecast.

    Plain and simple.

    I encourage you to check it out for yourself.

    Even Paul Krugman (who has a Nobel Prize for Economics) says *no one* knows how to fix a problem this size. But, he’s also behind what’s being offered, politics aside.

  135. UAW, head over to http://www.mudflats.net for more information on what SP did and did not do for Alaska’s economy

  136. Tradesman: Bush got his 1.3 Trillion tax cut for the wealthy. Bush got his Iraq war by lieing to us and that cost is significant, in terms of lives, future health care cost which run into Billions of dollars.

    We know that the Tax Cut approach was the forerunner of BIG DEFICITS! Reagan years came up with a huge deficit as well!

    Historically, Republicans run up deficits and Democrats have then been forced into balancing the budget or reducing the deficit created by the Repugnants.

    We need a change! REPUBLICANTS HAD CONTROL AND CAUSED OUR ECONOMIC MESS! I will let President Obama have his chance. My suggestion to Pres Obama: Don’t listen to the Republicans – they have shown their ineptness the last 8 years.

  137. I’m just imagining Ann Coulter with giant thumbs like the heroine in “Even cowgirls get the blues.” Perhaps she’s given up a life of hitchhiking and needs to hide her thumbs so no one she ever picked up and attempted to murder (probably by talking to them) will be able to identify her.

  138. http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2009/feb/04/cbo-obama-stimulus-harmful-over-long-haul/

    Apparently the CBO does think much of the stimulus plan either. 58/42% split between spending/tax cuts….sort of what Rush thought it should be(follow the election spread)
    Helen …for your next book do The Shadow Party: How George Soros, Hillary Clinton, and Sixties Radicals Seized Control of the Democratic Party by David Horowitz. Would you also comment on Cloward-Piven Strategy of Orchestrated Crisis.
    I was reading up on BIG(basic income guarantee) and liked how it was funded, just like Alaska’s APF(didnt Sarah add an additions $1,200 to it last year)

  139. Yep…He would make a fun pinata :-)

  140. Dick Cheney: Fun at kids parties.

    What kind of games would he set up?

    -Give the kids guns and then shoot the liberal walking by? (Must be liberal – walking)
    -Give a kid a head start before you try to shoot the little person in the face?

    Dick Cheney, fun at kids parties?

  141. And thanks Greytdog; I was writing as you were.

  142. Oops, I neglected to thank you, too, Raji.


  143. Someone asked for the link in re to list of stimulus cuts. Here tis:http://www.politico.com/blogs/glennthrush/0209/List_of_spending_cuts_in_Senate_bill.html?showall

    May be bouncing in and out this weekend as time permits – have a client in end-stage osteosarcoma and we’re waiting for the human parents to make a decision.

  144. The Dick might not be very intelligent, but he’s great fun at children’s parties-so lets cut him some slack!

  145. You’re not going to get very far with either the Coultergeist or angrynana. It is really just this simple:
    They know what they know.
    Don’t confuse them with the facts.

  146. Dear Helen and Margaret,

    Please adopt me. You two are brilliant. I wish I had as much sass. :) Absolutely love your posts.

    Seriously. Adopt me. :)

  147. I mean, about Dick Cheney. Not about you, darling Helen.

    The picture on your header – where was it taken?

  148. I’m with you on the Dick Cheney thing. First, you were never supposed to run the country, buddy. Don’t know how that happened, but there you are. And, if we are in dire danger right now, whose fault is that, really? Hmmm? Maybe the people who have been overextending our military and misguiding our foreign policy for the past 8 years? Perhaps?

    Please, please go away. I have nightmares about you.

  149. She’s a threat to national security. People like Coulter destroy our ability to civilly disagree.

    If you’re interested check this post out:
    Ann Coulter: Idiot, Ignorant, or a Case of Arrested Development? http://ragingtantrum.com/?p=124

  150. I envy your sense of humor Helen, what a gift, to be able to make people laugh.

  151. Rachel Maddow on the stimulus package!

    Angynana, I think you could learn something with this link:


  152. Angrynana:

    Let me guess: Unemployed, no health insurance, little food, need higher education – BLAME THE REPUBLICANTS – they CREATED THE CURRENT ECONOMIC RECESSION! Bush/Cheney and friends also shredded the constitution as well as they got thousands of minorities to hate us because of how they handled world issues. BUSH/CHENEY HAD THE HATE DOCTRINE and YOU MISS IT?

    Obama walked into an office with a RECESSION CREATED BY BUSH/CHENEY.

    It is time for someone with a real brain to start moving our country forward! Thank you President Obama!

    Angrynana: Do something good: HELP AN ALASKAN VILLAGER! Seems Sarah Pain Palin is hitting the high class joints again but has forgotten the starving in rural Alaska! HELP!


    Have a good day from an anonymous blogger!

  153. gee, I think it’s your fault angrynana. just look at your name. I would never let you baby sit any grandkids.

  154. I’m really starting to enjoy the trolls now, instead of getting angry…sorta like comic relief inbetween actual posts.

  155. Much Love from Kenya. I do not know who the hell this Ann Coulter is, and I don’t care to know, given your insight.

    All I know is that I still read this blog even if I know shit about the inside politics of US.

    Thats writing.


  156. You reap what you sow ladies. Under Obama you will see America destroyed. It’s your fault.

  157. Nearly:

    That was great! I had already swallowed my coffee so I didn’t mess up my keyboard.

    I think she looks like a night crawler with three bad spots.

  158. Here is Keith Olberman on the Stimulus Package. You will also President Obama and John McCain:


    How to help an Alaskan Villager?


  159. Thanks for all who have visited my weensy blog.

    Thanks, too, greytdog for posting those cuts.

    One thing to bear in mind is that nothing has been wiped out totally in those cuts (I need to look at the headstart provisions). The billion dollar cuts are to spending that had anywhere from four to nine billion dollars already apportioned to it.

    One example is for the TSA; subtracting the cuts you so kindly posted here, still leaves 1 billion dollars.

    Another, NOAA still has 370 million.

    Would you share where you got the info on the cuts? I can’t find them online.

    I would really appreciate being able to update the six titles that I have outlined already.

    I’m getting traffic from a business blog, too, and I want to be armed with the best info possible for those out-of-work bankers and stock-brokers who are trolling on by blog.

    Another thing to remember the end of the fiscal year is September 30, and more funds will be allocated then when the new Federal budget comes out.

    Happy Saturday all.

  160. kip – i, for one, got a kick out of those helen highlights. repeating helen just can’t be a bad thing in any universe. joe is entitled to his opinion and i respect it. if we can skip over other threads that get off topic, we can skip over yours if they’re not what floats our goat at any given time. besides, as i myself was corrected a few weeks back, the great thing about this blog that M&H have created is that it fosters open dialogue, intelligent debate, respect for differences. well, up to a point. after awhile some differences have to be called out and revealed for the disgraceful, evil axis-makers that they are .. . . coultergeist, cheney (love the dr. strangelove image), limbaugh, palin . . . .

    sometimes i wonder at the venom in which people respond to such small things. as someone so rightly reminded me a few weeks back when i got on my horse. this is margaret and helen’s blog and if they have a problem, they’ll let us know. helen’s response to that was ‘the more the merrier’ and highlighting more helen certainly makes it merrier in my book.

    peace -

  161. Excellent content here and a nice writing style too – keep up the great work!

  162. To Smokeybones…thank you for your service and THANK YOU for adding your comment to this blog. It is people like you who make me proud to be an American Citizen. I am sure Margaret and Helen and their community of like minds welcome you with open hearts and minds.

  163. Morning all!

    Maven I took the time yesterday to email my Senator and Congressman. I had the same thoughts you did because both are Democrats, but then I thought no stone unturned and maybe a nudge would not hurt.

    I already received a response back from my Senator Patty Murray. She is one of the best. I have written her a few times and her office is right on top of letting you know they received your message.

    This was her response:

    Thank you for contacting me regarding economic stimulus proposals. I appreciate hearing from you about this very important issue.

    As a U.S. Senator, creating a strong economy and getting Americans back to work is my top priority, and I appreciate your input on what should be done to achieve these goals. I am currently working with my House and Senate colleagues as well as President Obama to move numerous measures designed to strengthen the economy. As we move forward, I strongly believe Congress and President Obama must work together in a bipartisan fashion to implement policies that will help stabilize the economy, create jobs, provide resources for workforce education and training programs, rebuild our nation’s infrastructure, and help Americans facing hard economic times.

    Be assured I will continue to work with my colleagues to address the many issues facing our economy and workforce. Thank you for sharing your ideas and concerns. Please feel free to contact me again, and I will keep your comments in mind.


    There was little more asking about the town I live in.

    If nothing else I do feel reassured that she acknowledged me and my concerns.

    Nearlynormalized I just spit coffee on my keyboard! “Anne Coulter looks like a skinny Drag Queen who is so skinny you have to tie knots in her legs to make knees.” ROFLMAO

  164. Thank you!!! Have you noticed what Cheney looks like? First four years he was looking like Peter Sellers in the movie “Being There”. Obamas inaguration visual he was Sellers in “Dr. Strangelove”.
    Anne Coulter looks like a skinny Drag Queen who is so skinny you have to tie knots in her legs to make knees.

  165. The Repugnants who are putting in tax cuts when we need jobs and infrasructure rebuilding are terrible. They had 8 years of their policies which put our country in the economic toilet.

    VILLAGE HELP! More help is needed for the Alaskan villages. Click on HOW TO HELP!


  166. I was going to take the advice of an earlier commenter and write my Senator & Representative before responding here.

    Then I remembered. Both my Senator & Representative are Democrats! With Obama as POTUS, I guess I am in a perfect place, politically speaking.

    Re Δskywriter’s link to the Obama speech (thanks for that, by the way):

    When Bush was president, I often felt his speeches were scolding the American people for not agreeing with him and his policies. On the other hand, this Obama speech was scolding elected Representatives for not agreeing with the American people. Ah, leadership. I had forgotten what it looked like.

    Maven Δ

  167. Ahhh thank goodness I’ve found a nice clean, quiet, pool of maturity, that I can settle my tired body into for a few minutes. A pool where like-minded people came together and expressed their minds about the HORRIBLE last 8 years and people like (Yes an IDIOT Ann Coulter).

    I am a very patriotic, retired Navy Chief Warrant Officer with 30 years in the military and currently work for the government. Believe me when I tell you I was one of the VERY FEW (liberal, Democrat, woman’s rights) people in my office. Expressing my very hard-hitting views about the previous administration over the last 8 years has left me with many battle scars lol!

    I truly wanted to see a woman run for president and I though the republicans might be able to pull a win off if they had selected a qualified women and then they came up with Sarah Palin! OMG! Now my worry is she will be able to beat a much more qualified woman in 2012. And do this simply because of the media attention of the last year.

    Anyway thank you Helen for the great post and blog. And Jeanne way to go in making that bet with your boss! you are tougher than me lol! Debbie you are so on the MARK! As a combat veteran I saw what happens when our government makes STUPID! MACHO! decisions that cause the deaths of innocents.

    My job now is to provide training to our military before they go to the Middle East specifically Iraq and Afghanistan. You can be truly PROUD of our men and women in uniform. They do their duty with steadfast devotion and an unsurpassed professionalism if you see one of them in uniform at the airport or at the mall, stop tell them thanks and shake their hands.

    And remember what STUPIDITY and IMMATURITY has done to them and their families and to us as a nation! This RED and BLUE crap is hurting us, God I wish it would stop.

    Thanks for letting me rant :-) Somkeybones

  168. Cheney is terrible. Anyone who drinks and hunts is terrible. As a moral example, there you go. Really.

    And Ann is just another example.

    Are these the people we’re holding up as examples for our children? Really?

  169. Ann Coulter is a poor, lonely wench who is doomed to live life alone fondling herself with her non-opposable thumbs and repeating, “I am smart, I am good, and dammit people like me”

  170. Skyewriter, Honolulu Sally and greytdog

    Thanks for keeping information regarding the stimulus bill on the blog. I know M&H don’t mind and we need to stay informed.

    I guess you could call this a bump :-)


  171. Paul Krugman writes in his New York Times opinion column: “A not-so-funny thing happened on the way to economic recovery. Over the last two weeks, what should have been a deadly serious debate about how to save an economy in desperate straits turned, instead, into hackneyed political theater, with Republicans spouting all the old clichés about wasteful government spending and the wonders of tax cuts….
    “Somehow, Washington has lost any sense of what’s at stake — of the reality that we may well be falling into an economic abyss, and that if we do, it will be very hard to get out again….
    “It’s time for Mr. Obama to go on the offensive. Above all, he must not shy away from pointing out that those who stand in the way of his plan, in the name of a discredited economic philosophy, are putting the nation’s future at risk. The American economy is on the edge of catastrophe, and much of the Republican Party is trying to push it over that edge.”


  172. A list of programs cut (actually reduced proposed allocations) from the House/Obama bill by Senate negotiators, put together by a Republican leadership aide:
    $40 billion State Fiscal Stabilization (screw the states)
    $16 billion School Construction (cuz we believe in all children being left behind)
    $2.25 Neighborhood Stabilization (Eliminate) (answer to NIMBY)
    $1.2 billion in Retrofiting Project 8 Housing (let the poor find a cardboard box)
    $7.5 billion of State Incentive Grants (Screw the states)
    $3.5 billion Higher Ed Construction (Eliminated) (don’t need no higher education)
    $ 100 million FSA modernization
    $50 million CSERES Research (Science is bad)
    $65 million Watershed Rehab (Who needs clean water)
    $30 million SD Salaries
    $100 million Distance Learning (education is NOT an American right)
    $98 million School Nutrition (let them eat twinkies)
    $50 million aquaculture (who needs fish and clean water?)
    $2 billion broadband (them rural folks ken git all thar news from Fox)
    $1 billion Head Start/Early Start (Poor people again – screw them)
    $5.8 billion Health Prevention Activity. (these folks can get insurance)
    $1 billion Energy Loan Guarantees (drill baby drill is better use of energy $$)
    $3.5 billion Federal Bldgs Greening (we don’t believe in efficient govt, why should we support energy efficiency?
    $100 million NOAA (funding cut for climate change research)
    $100 million Law Enforcement Wireless (use effing smoke signals)
    $100 million FBI Construction (We’re already safe and orderly)
    $300 million Federal Prisons (we have Gitmo)
    $10 million State and Local Law Enforcement (screw the states)
    $50 million NASA (we’ve already been to the moon)
    $50 million Aeronautics (again – science, phffff)
    $50 million Cross Agency Support (our agencies don’t need to work together)
    $100 million Science (there is no such thing as science)
    $200 million TSA (our airports and ports are secure)
    $122 million for Coast Guard Cutters, modifies use (Who needs the coast guard?)
    $25 million Fish and Wildlife (them critters don’t need protection, only dominion)
    $55 million Historic Preservation (the only history worth preserving is rewritten history)
    $200 million Superfund (clean up what? The coal/nuclear industries are already clean)
    $165 million Forest Svc Capital Improvement (best way to improve the forest – sell ‘em and log ‘em)
    $90 million State & Private Wildlife Fire Management (Let the damn world burn)
    $75 million Smithsonian (Smithsonian is for the elites – we’re not elites)

  173. I agree with you. This Mr. Cheney must remain silent. He and his people have done their damage. Time for the new President to repair everything. Miss Helen, you are best writer. These are my thoughts only.

  174. Helen…you are the funniest writer I have read in years!!!! Where have you been all my life!
    Write On, Lady!!!! :-)

  175. Thank you Helen and “You know what Dick? Shut the hell up.” goes for me as well.
    And also I say shut the hell up john mccain, mitch mcconnell. john boehner, vitter, sarah palin and every damn republican in the government, state and federal. Except for Ron Paul since he doesn’t usually act like an asshole.

  176. Just hysterical!!!!!!!!!!!! Loved it!

  177. Kip:
    Seven posts in a row is considered hijacking the thread. It’s distracting to other readers and rude. Say what you have to say in one post and stop acting like a twelve-year-old. A little blog courtesy goes a long way, so have some pie and shut up for a while.

  178. One last one I swear… a blast from the past…

    “But who the hell is Joe the Plumber? Seriously. What the hell was that all about? Joe the Plumber? Joe Six Pack? The new McCain strategy seems to be banking on a lot of guys named Joe with a beer in one hand and a pipe wrench in the other. Is this a political campaign or a dating service for the Palin women?”

    Best line during the election – hands down.

  179. Last one for now:

    “But I really did find out one new fact about Ann Coulter. New for me anyway. I did a little research and found out her middle name is Hart. Now that is Hart not Heart. No “e”. But trust me on this one. When it comes to a heart, she is missing more than just the letter “e”.”

    I hope she is getting paid for this.

  180. And:

    “And maybe her having enormous, Emu-sized feet is a new fact for you, but it really isn’t much to write home about. In truth I don’t even know the actual size of an Emu’s foot, however, I would imagine it is large… even compared to those gigantic hoofers on Ann.”

    Ha Ha Ha

  181. Still More:

    “By the way, for some unknown reason Ann likes to put lots of individual words in quotations like “poor” and “racism” to suggest that those concepts really don’t exist. It’s an awkward writing style and kind of bothered me as a reader, but maybe Ann is just “smarter” than I am.”

    Simply birlliant I tell you!!!!!

  182. More:

    “Now if the chapter was written by say – a sloth – then I might understand. ”

    This woman is too, too funny.

  183. More best of:

    “There seems to be no apparent reason for the pages about Fox News. I can only assume those pages guarantee her a closed desk when she appears on Hannity and Colmes so her feet don’t show up on camera.”


  184. Best of Helen:

    “Now right off the bat I am a bit disappointed because Ann’s having a law degree led me to believe that she would be able to write intelligently. Apparently she can’t. I know they say that when you write for the masses you should strive for an 8th grade level vocabulary, but Ann must have lowered the standards a bit realizing she would be writing exclusively for an audience of right-wing conservatives. It appears she choose to write at an obedience school level.”


  185. Helen, your reviews of this book have been so hilarious that I started reading them aloud to my kids, my friends, anyone that would listen. I swear, you should publish these reviews. They are just THAT good.

    I can’t wait for the next installment.

    Oh, and I totally agree with you on Cheney. I want to know how he’s claiming executive privilege when he is no longer in office. That’s just moronic. I hope they skewer him in court. I’d love to see him in an orange jump suit.

  186. Okay Jack…that was hilarious………

  187. Wow. Google is promoting this site as Hot stuff.

    I suppose left and right politics is always hot stuff, …. eh?

    I saw U-tube on A. Coulter. She is still young. I bet she will be great in time. She has a lot of courage and by the looks of it a lot she is very popular.

    Don’t bother putting me down. I am already down ….. way down in New Zealand, that is.

  188. One minor note on the long suffering Mr. Cheney:
    he has been around longer than 8 years. This money grubbing slug has been around since the Nixon administration. He and his friend Rumsfeld have been lurking in dark corners with Paul Wolfewitz (Rumsfeld’s former second who is running the World Bank) for nearly four decades.
    Even without looking at any financial statements, I can tell you none of these guys are sweating retirement on the $ they’ve made over the dead bodies of young men and women.

  189. [...] McConnell, Boehner, McCain, Voinovich and the rest of the whiners need to sit down and shut up.  It’s amazing that the rewriting of history continues (note to McConnell: the New Deal worked) and the philosophical bent which states that “government is the problem” that Ronald Reagan invoked and Sarah Palin mimicked while she was shooting wolves from a helicopter and pining for ESPN is still being spun like fairy tales or scary stories to entertain child-like sycophants. Rush, Sean and Ann. [...]

  190. I toss Ann the Skelator’s ramblings on the same compost pile as pimple-faced Neo-Nazis, alien conspiracy proponents and zealous evangelicists…not worth the effort of the eye movements required to read any of their crap.

    I’m a card carrying heterosexual Texas male with an appreciation for nice looking women, an emotionaly secure and understanding wife I love to death, and 20/20 vision (corrected of course at my age). But I’d have to gouge my eyes out if I accidently saw a picture of that brain-dead freak nekkid…

  191. Helen, you are a breath of, if not exactly fresh, then at least refreshing air. I don’t normally leave comments, but I do read your blog and love it. Bless your heart for actually reading that damn book, thanks for taking that grenade for the rest of us. Keep it up, you are a powerful woman and we love you.

  192. ditto lockwood

  193. I agree with Lockwood!!!!
    Publish, Helen, publish!!!!

  194. I think we fans of Margaret and Helen should start a public interest group to get them to publish. I swear, it is very uncommon to find commentary that is at once so funny, insightful and concise. People would buy a compilation book of this blog, just so they could pass it on to their friends.

  195. “Dick Cheney is the only politican that has a spine. Thanks to him our country is safe from muslims. I hope you two old bags rot in hell”

    Oh, really, “sandie”?
    Did you notice that your moniker doesn’t have a capital S at the beginning? Most names do. Perhaps yours is meant to be of the descriptive nature–or collective nature? As in………

    Sign along the road–”Beware of sandies ahead”
    My country will be much safer when I say, “Keep us safe from sandies”

    Does any of this make sense to you, sandie?
    Didn’t think so.

    Here’s some advice to help you separate yourself from the groupthink. You will do yourself a huge favor if you open a book and do some reading and research about your place in history. Who are you? Where did you come from? Who was here before you? Where do you wish to go? Ever stop to actually engage the brain, sandie?

    When you do choose to engage in life and learn more about its diversity, you will finally be deserving of a capital S!!!!!! Until then, you are a frightful sight as just a “sandie”.

  196. Ok
    Here is my plan. Find out which sponsors would be advertising during this time. Then write them a letter protesting Fox, etc. I bet if many of us did this, it would make a difference.

  197. I must have really thick skin because I actually put up with Fox News in the background too often. I think it’s because of an unconscious need to be a “watchdog” of the crazies that prowl around our lives. Anyways………they just announced that Ann Coulter will be appearing in the next segment. It’s a great feeling to be able to switch the channel and close her away into oblivion. If only………..

  198. Dear Sandie, (2/6, 3:08PM)

    Please get a plate, knife and fork and then “Mange le mal”. (That’s in the French language.)



  199. Funny how trolls like sandie think they’re so smart when they end up just proving Helen right.

    Let’s see; bigoted, profane, thuggish, hateful and all in the name of Christ. It would seem that Republithugs have a birth defect in which their brains were put in up-side-down and backward.

  200. Sandie says: “Thanks to him our country is safe from muslims”.
    Muslims? Isn’t that a specific RELIGION, like Catholics, Baptists, Methodists, etc?

    Sandie, don’t let the door hiy ya, where the Good Lord split ya!

    Helen, you deserve a MEDAL, for reading Coultergist, and for just being you! HUGS and good Karma!

  201. Judith:

    That was beautiful! Thanks!

  202. McCain is so concerned that Americans will lose jobs that he tried to oust a requirement stating businesses that get government funds must buy American.

    McConnell supports our troops so much that he answered a concern about their deaths with “Well, they volunteered”.

    The Bush/Cheney administration paid so much attention to our nation’s security pre 9-11 that they ignored dozens of warnings from intelligence professionals. In one particular instance, an expert met with Bush personally and was told “Ok, you’ve covered your ass, now you can go back to your office”.

    We now know that the BC administraion believes the only respect the presidency, our democracy, and the entire country deserves is the wearing of a suit and tie. Wasn’t it the Smothers Brothers who sang “If you get an outfit, you can be a cowboy too”? Well, you can’t.

    I am no more afraid of all Muslims because they have a violent wingnut faction, than I am afraid of all Christians because they have splinter groups that bomb clinics and shoot people. I am afraid of the heartless bastards who want to beat us into a permanent feudal system by the use of fear and economic chaos, for nothing more than their own profit.

    I won’t be distracted, cowed or terrorized. They’re wasting their foul breaths, all of them. I’m part chow and I have stubborn they haven’t even seen yet……….

  203. Helen,
    I’m so happy you’re summing up the “book” by AHC. I could never get through it. She makes me crazy in a bad way.
    Keep up the great blog!

  204. oh oh oh. i laughed so hard at this that I scared my budgie right off the laptop and back into his cage. You know, come to think of it, his thumbs are more opposable than Ann Coulter’s, and his brain is certainly bigger.

  205. To Party Piper:
    I walk home through a Mormon neighborhood everyday. They’re just like us. They have kids, they go to school, they pay taxes, they own businesses….and they have their own opinions about issues in life. Just like all of the rest of us.

    The more I learn, and the older I get, I see that people have more in common than not. Of course there will always be differences of opinions–but to lump an entire group together and be “scared of them” is a huge disservice to yourself. Whether it’s Mormons or Muslims, or whichever group you come across next that you don’t know as well as you could if you dropped your prejudices, there are a lot of good people out there in lots of different categories that are just waiting to be discovered.

  206. I have been following your posting for a while now but seldom leave a comment, since you already have two thousand thirty-two of them. But I have to let you know how much I enjoy reading your posts. Between your political savy and your irreverent sense of humor, you leave me laughing and weeping.
    I really think you should get an agent and get yourself a syndicated column, or even write a book. You could just publish your blogs with filler quotes from the stupid people you take on. It would be far more informative that Ann Coulter, not to mention, more entertaining.
    Thank you.

  207. “…he is now aging in dog years. That happens when you pee on the White House lawn a few times”. Priceless!

  208. I read somewhere that some conservative pundit or politician said that the liberal pundits say some of the most horrible things imaginable.

    I hardly see where they have the gall when they’ve got Rush, Anne, and Bill O’Reiley. They say some of the most hateful things possible! Bah…

    I saw a big thing on the Rachel Maddow show about Dick Cheney saying all this stuff about how we were screwed because the Guantanomo terrorists were going to be released and that because the policies he and Bush had put in place were being dismantled we would be attacked again. It was pointed out by a guest that the Bush squad is trying to set up a groundwork so that if there is a terrorist attack Obama won’t have the support that they had because they would have been right and Obama could have stopped it “if only he’d kept their policies” intact and that logic implies that they are speaking as though we were frequently targeted by terrorists before those policies were around. It’s just disgusting the way those executive scabs are trying to cling to their power.

  209. Well, if we’re going to be scared of people, I’m gonna put it out there and say I’m scared of Mormons. Case in point: weird underwear and Prop 8. And I’m scared of “Christian” Religious Right… because they make Jesus look bad.

    I walk home through a Muslim neighborhood every day. They’re just like us. They have kids, they go to school, they pay taxes, they own business (often in parts of town that would be boarded up otherwise).

    So, I’m a hell of a lot more scared of say, the people in this country who thought it would be a good idea to vote for McCain than any random Muslim. Frankly, those people were actually pretty violent and hate filled. Just sayin’.

  210. Are trolls like yard gnomes???

    I hope not, cuz I like yard gnomes almost as much as monkeys!

  211. Bless you, Helen. I don’t think I have the intestinal fortitude to read anything AC has to write – I know I can’t even stand to listen to her talk.

    When you’re through – since none of us were able to talk you out of reading this piece of trash – do yourself a favor and read something FUN.

    I recommend Secret Life of Bees.

  212. Hi, Honolulu Sally,
    Thanks for the link.

    I have redirected folks to it if they click on the link you provided or my screen name there to the laft.

    Thanks for visiting.

  213. Oh, sorry for posting so much. I found the video on skywriter’s website. I went back to the link:


    and it opens to a listing of some of the items on the stimulus bill, and then scrolling down, I clicked on “older posts”, and there it was. I have a feeling I will be spending a lot of time checking out skywriter’s site. She’s gonna grow up to be another Helen.

  214. Oh, just checked the website link, and I don’t see the video of Obama’s speech on skywriter’s website.

    In any case, it was an excellent feet stomping speech.

    Feet Stomp! Feet Stomp! Feet Stomp!

  215. Hey Sandie,

    The first round of this game show’s over –tell us a little bit about yourself.



    Read Ann Strongheart’s (Struggling_in_Nunam_Iqua) autobiography and how and why she started the food drive.

  216. Sandie,

    Oh really…..safe from Muslims. You mean like all of the wonderful Muslim people that are Americans and live in this country.

    Or were you somehow trying to differentiate between Muslims as a religion and extremists as terrorists. Because, deary, they are not the same. Not all Muslims are bad as you are implying by your statement.

    Also, let’s not even get into the whole “only Cheney kept us safe”. Are you kidding? Cheney lied, tortured and made us the bully of the entire world. An illegal war that has killed thousands of our soldiers and maimed thousands more in a place that wasn’t even part of the terrorists plots. I fail to see how that kept us safe.

    Your comments, although welcome here, need a little more backup documentation in support of your argument.

    Are you a Christian? Because your telling people to rot in hell is a very nice reflection of your religion and how Jesus taught us to treat others. Nice example you are setting. I mean it really.

  217. You are a much stronger person than I am, if you have managed to read anything that Ann Coulter has written. If she had a brain, she’d be dangerous.

  218. So glad whenever Helen rocks us all anew. Mahalo, Girlfriend!

    I have a really hard time calling people who are named Richard, “Dick” just because I just feel uncomfortable about saying such a word. So I usually avoid saying it or calling them Richard. However, in Dick Cheney’s case, it’s a name that fits the bald headed, ass kissing, egotistical, center-of-the-universe, dildo of a f–ker. Dick Cheney is a dick.

    And, since we’re allowed to change stream, I have clicked on skywriter’s blog (name is in red) and was delighted to see Obama’s speech to the Dems yesterday that had me standing up and clapping.


    It reminded me of the picture put up by another website, with Obama’s face pissed off looking, pointing a finger, with the caption, “Back the F— Off, I GOT this!”

    Boys and girls, we have a REAL PRESIDENT now!

  219. “I just finished another chapter and I am sitting here wondering if anyone has actually seen Ann using complex tools like a ball point pen or say… I don’t know… a toaster? ”

    I am laughing so hard!!!!

  220. what was that? i think i just squashed a ‘sandie troll-bug’ with one of ann’s GIMORMOUS shoes!

    margaret and helen ROCK! chaney’s head is shaped like a rock … and colter’s brain IS about as smart as a rock!

  221. Dick Cheney is the only politican that has a spine. Thanks to him our country is safe from muslims. I hope you two old bags rot in hell.

  222. “You know what Dick? Shut the hell up. You had eight years to scare the American people into hysteria so that you could get away with murder. And I use the word murder not to complete an expression, but rather literally. It was an illegal war. If it were up to me we’d throw you in a cell and read Chapter 4 of Ann Coulter’s book to you non-stop.”


  223. I want to thank you for reading this for us so that BigFoot only gets the royalty from your book and not mine … not that I read SciFi much

    Ah Darth Cheney … isnt he due for another heart attack? One can hope.

  224. Hi!

    I hope it’s OK that I’ve linked to the last 6 postings; I added you to my list as part of Blogroll Amnesty /W/e/e/k/e/n/d Day because I forgot to do so back in the fall.

    I give Ms. C. the consideration I’d give an amoeba, but your postings were well-wielded blunt instruments.

  225. Ladies, you rock!!

    AC is about as gross as I imagine the sweaty stink is from those feet of hers when she takes off her ENORMOUS shoes. Eww. We should all send her cans of foot powder off of the internet. Guh.

    Dick Cheney is a festering pustule on the butt of America who needs to spout off like a man-sized volcano spewing BS and noxious ash on us all every now and then.

    Helen, I’d like to hear what you have to say about that bloated windbag that they call ‘Mitch McConnell’. This guy is such a hypocrite. I can’t believe he had the intestinal fortitude to actually say that Obamas stimulus package was a ‘Trojan Horse full of pet projects’.

    This jerkwad almost single handedly fired a preemptive shot over the bow of the labor unions (particularly the UAW) by coralling his forces and voting down the LOAN, while simultaneously protecting the Japanese auto companies in his own state. He’s a greedy, bloated bag of crap and he needs to just shut the hell up.

    Also? Why do they keep calling it a ‘stimulus package’ and a ‘spending bill’? that is utter BS too. The package is a JOBS BILL. The result would be 3,000,000 people back to work, out of the current 11,000,000 people unemployed.

    The republicans want the jobs bill to bomb and the economy to tank even further so they can blame in on Obama.

    Our government is no longer ‘Representation by the people and for the people’. It’s Represenation by the Elites for the Elites and who gives a crap about the little guy’.

    Anyone who can be a republican and still defend them after 30 years of Reaganomics have left this country in the toilet is either a greedy bastard or a stupid sheep – or possibly both.

    Republican Policies and ideologies create economic bubbles and leave us all languishing in a pile of Sh**t!!!

    Keep up the great work ladies! Love you!!

  226. LMAO, “Republicans are idiots because they write books about other Republicans being idiots.”

    She must be on Ambien. You hear stories of some people who are on Ambien doing crazy shit. Like getting up in the middle of the night while they are still asleep and writing a book spewing hatred and making no nonsense ridulous assumptions.

    That’s it, the bitch is taking Ambien.

  227. “Witless Witnesses to History”

    She belongs in that group too!

    wit·less (wtls)
    Lacking intelligence or wit; foolish.

    Dick Chaney is a chapter out of “Who Cares!”

    I find it interesting that the Outlook Express spell checker wants to replace Palin with plain — its not fooled, how come so many people are?



    Read Ann Strongheart’s (Struggling_in_Nunam_Iqua) autobiography and how and why she started the food drive.

  228. Helen, you rock. AC is a boil on the butt of humanity, and Dick Cheney is a stinking pustule that had to burst. He’s been festering in infected puss for 8 years and every now and then has to spew BS all over the rest of us like a man-sized volcano.

    I’d like to hear what you have to say about that bloated windbag that calls himself ‘Mitch McConnell’. How DARE he say that the stimulus package is a trojan horse full of pet projects!! First, its a jobs bill, not a spending package or even a stimulus. They should call it the ‘America goes Back to Work’ bill. Second, he singlehandedly fired a preempitve strike over the bow of labor unions (particularly the UAW) by denying them their loan, while hypocritically protecting Toyota and other Japanese auto companies in his own backyard. Slimeball!!!!

    Thanks for all you do, ladies!

  229. Dear Helen, I truly hope that the delicious laughter you evoke with your spot-on blog posts is so contagious that it works its way back around to you, hundred-fold!

    May you chuckle many deeply satisfying chuckles as you keep on writing. You are definitely doing your part to help inspire hope in a nation sorely injured by the acidic breath of “writers” like Coulter. A million thanks.

  230. “Look folks. This latest chapter is just stupid and I am not going to waste any more time trying to explain it. If you buy the book skip pages 111-135. Ann must have been off her meds while writing them.”

    Helen dear- now I know you are sacraficing for both Margaret and your readers, but realistically we should all be skipping the whole book! From the sounds of it she uses the exact same twisted logic throughout the whole book… She probably just made less sense in this chapter… It doesn’t say much for her eh!

    Dick Cheney just needs to go into the shadows and disappear until death do him part with this world… Noting that I am not wishing him dead, but I am wishing him to go away…. Theres a huge difference!

    Same with Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh… but unfortunately I have a greater hope for an AIDS cure than I do for those two going into the shadows and disappearing!

  231. So Ann Coulter is an idiot and Dick is, well, a dick. Got it :)

  232. Thank you for continuing this review. I am still with you. And thank you for listening to the complete Cheney interview. I tried, I really, really tried but life is too short for some things. And listening to GW or Cheney again is one of those I hope not to have to do again.

  233. I LOVE you Jen…You are writing from the gut, and I’m right there with you!

  234. I can’t believe you’re still at it, and staying sane and funny!! This lady is from a different planet…no real person can be this clueless and come up with this stuff. Good luck on the next chapters….you’ll need it I’m sure!
    I’m with you on Cheney…he belongs in jail…it’s that simple…….

  235. Dear Helen, I check your blog every so often because you are so clear eyed and articulate. Keep up the great work!

  236. Can we leave Ann and Dick on an island together to fight it out? I smell hit reality show.

  237. You never have to read another thing written by any of these Republican women who think they have something to contribute to anyone. Incredibly ignorant and pathetic, right down the line: Coulter, Malkin, Ingram, Hasselbeck and the idiot Palin to name a few. And the sick Republican men who take their marching orders from Rush and fawn over the idiot Palin because they think she is cute? Oh yea, there a qualification for…………..what?? Nothing !!!!

    Cheney had lost his mind long before he became Baby Bush’s Vee Pee. The hate mongering and arrogance that they knew everything and did not need to read intelligence reports caused 9/11. They did not keep us safe, they were as responsible as bin Laden for 9/11. There is no excuse for what Bush, Cheney and the rest of the Republicans have done to this country.

    The Republicans want America to fail, they can not govern, their idology does not work , their tax cuts for the top 2% do not work, they despise the very people who voted them into office.

    So shut up Cheney with your fear and hate mongering, shut up Andy Card. What someone wears in the Oval Office has nothing to do with how they govern. Stupid Bush demanded suits and ties…………how’d that work out for us???
    Shut up Ann Coulter and go the hell away idiot Palin.

  238. Ann Coulter is mean and dumb. Does that sum up the chapter?

    Cheney needs to go back to Wyoming and go hunting or something. I am so tired of the fear card. Yes, we are vulnerable, and always will be.
    As I recall the worst terrorist attack in history happened on his watch. I think he forgets this. Oh, I remember, it was all Clinton’s fault. What a dweeb.

  239. Here is Jon Stewart on Dick Cheney:


  240. Your comments are so enjoyable and right on the mark. I just love truth, I’ve missed it terribly over the past eight years. A very close relative of mine who knows I love to read asked me if I would like to read an AC book. My reply was I would burn it. I surprised her as she knows how I feel about that kind of thing. AC is nothing, has nothing to offer and is just a diversion to keep people’s attention away from important things……you know, like taking care of the issues facing this country.

    Bravo to you for being able to actually sit through reading AC’s drivel. As far as Cheney is concerned I agree with Keith O….DICK go, just go.

    I so enjoy your blog, so refreshing and a great way to bring a smile and chuckle. There is hope within all of us that we will see better days if we ignore corporate media.

  241. amen, lab kat.

    helen, i know better than to drink anything when i read your blog but i broke my own rule this morning and hope my mac will still be operational after this.

    chewing aspirin without water.

    cheney doesn’t deserve to be in ANY category alongside you. even octagenarian. he is an embarassment to our country and to the human race. he, rove, hughes, bush and a few others are guilty of so many treasons and lies i don’t know where to begin. but there’s a great blog somewhere (i’ll have to find it again) by a young man who has been documenting them all. i hope they use this young man’s documentation when they start the war criminal trials.

    how bush never got impeached blows my mind to this very day. one of my favorite bumper stickers a few years back was “will someone please give W a bl@w job so we can impeach him.’ i damn near volunteered.

    have you ever seen coultergeist on bill maher? take blood pressure medicine and valium before doing so – or at least hide anything that could be used as a weapon against your t.v. set – baseball bats, fireplace pokers, comfortable shoes, vases . . . .

    and, hey, everyone. for every item or comment you post here, send another one to your senator or a senator opposing obama’s plan. anyone. inundate them and make sure they remember we elected obama for a reason. there’s a great piece today on http://www.revharrycook.com

    peace -

  242. Helen: AC just doesn’t stand a chance against you! Still chuckling here.

    JuneauJoe: Great minds … I saw your post just as I was about to post Olberman’s rant on Cheney and so will refrain. It IS worthwhile viewing! Thanks for posting.

    And Helen, here’s more grist for your AC satire mill:

    Holy Popsicles, Batman! Bush, Coulter and the Virgin Mary
    This is a trifecta! First, we have the Virgin Mary found in a hunk of ice the size and shape of a vibrator in IN, then George Bush gets his first offer of a job since leaving Washington. I hope he takes the job! Finally, Ann Coulter is her ugly self writing columns comparing single motherhood with cancer. A trifecta of Stupid for a Thursday!


  243. This blog is the reason I don’t fear getting old.

  244. Listen to Keith Olberman on Cheney:


  245. LOL…Thank you for taking one for the team and reading this awful book. I would never read something like that but I have always been curious about them. I appreciate the insight and am quite comfortable in my decision to continue to ignore such drivel. :)

    Keep up the good work.


  246. Dick Cheney is mentally ill.

    He will die a paranoid, delusional, wreck of a man.

    Again, Helen. Why not use Coulter’s book as kindling or donate it to the local animal shelter so they may line kennels with it?

  247. Of course she doesn’t have opposable thumbs, that’s why she lives in New York: so she doesn’t have to drive.

  248. Christina,

    I think that Ann’s mom was doing something strong than alcohol. I am thinking Oxycontin, the Rush drug of choice.

    Actually, I knew a guy that sniffed glue. He was as coherent as Ann and Rush.

    AC is a best selling author? Does the book burn well or something? Sure not worth reading.

  249. I had just finished watching the Rachel Maddow show with a segment about Dick Cheney.

    Reading Ann Coulter non stop is too good for Dick(or Ann).

    For the damage they have done and the hate they have spread, they should have done to them what they do unto others.

    Secret Renditions for the next 2-3 years ought to cure them, don’t cha think, wink wink!!!!

  250. Helen,
    Tricky Dick needs to realize that we seriously dont give a damn what he says anymore. He needs to roll off into the sunset (and into a prison cell) in his wheelchair. Or better yet, save us all some money and roll off a cliff.
    Maybe, with any luck, Annie will be with him.

    Thanks for the “review”, I think I will pass on the actual reading of the book, I am not sure I am as strong as you. I will let you read it and get your opinions instead. Since I always seem to agree with you it is almost as if I am reading it myself!

  251. With every chapter for which you give a synopsis, I become more and more convinced that Ann’s mother drank when she was pregnant.

    It’s the only thing that makes sense.

  252. Helen,

    You rock. I wish my grandmother was as cool as you and Margaret are.

    I hope you will still be sane when you have completed this book. I think there is something in it that pushes you over the mental edge.

    Want to read something good when you are finished? There is one by that guy on (are you ready?) FOX News, Judge Napolitano. A Nation of Sheep. Believe it or not, it was an excellant book.

    And I’ve read 2 by Al Franken and they were both quite enjoyable. None of them made my eyes bleed or my brain turn to mush like Ann Coulter’s did.

  253. I just wanted to say that I’ve been following this blog very closely and I love it. It really makes me happy when a different generation than the usual does things like start political blogs. I love the different viewpoint that you two provide. Please keep it up.

  254. “Look folks. This latest chapter is just stupid and I am not going to waste any more time trying to explain it. If you buy the book skip pages 111-135. Ann must have been off her meds while writing them.”

    More than likely her “Meds Supplier” was arrested that week in a drug sting. LMAO

    I love it when you go off topic and rant about Dick Cheney! I saw the report about him and have to say I quoted a Republican. Yep in the words of Rep. Boehner “Whatever”.

    I figure he is out spouting because he no longer has access to his “Meds” in the underground bunker.

    Thanks for the morning laughs I need them!

  255. Margaret and Helen, do you realize that so far (as I have discovered) your blog is the only one going that welcomes one and all for discussion on “hot” items? Every other blog I have ever seen that insists that it does so really doesn’t and (ahem and ooops!) are run by men. I truly appreciate what you are doing!

    AHC will never ever even be an apostrophe in history as civilization moves down the pike. She tries so hard to be a distraction but as the years go by, it just ain’t going to work. Its going to be Ann who? among our grandchildren and great-grandchildren. They are also most likely to possible ask, “What was a Republican?”

    Keep on keeping on!

  256. Thank you, Helen, for telling Dick “Dick” Cheney to shut up.

  257. I really appreciate the sacrifice you are making on our behalf and the entertainment you are providing. My mind is boggled and I am worried about my head coming off because I am laughing so hard. Thanks. I mean it.

  258. The faulty intelligence would be his own.

    And Helen, it helps to realize there is no logic with Ann Coulter- there is only the meaningless babble of madness. Once you stop expecting thought, reasoning and logic, it all becomes a little easier to take, though I still think extended exposure requires a doctor’s supervision.

  259. According to the Time Magazine article (the one with the HUMONGOUS feet on the cover) the Ghoulish one identifies with Liberterians.
    (yeah, I actually read most of the article. I think the author was in love with her or something. He was gushing over her-UGH!). I guess that’s why he/she/it finds it OK to bash the Repubs who bash other Repubs?

  260. Helen-Margaret,
    Thank you. Of course Ann Coulter is an idiot. Perhaps she is one of those idiot-savants they always talk about, except I can find no evidence of any “super-skill.” Maybe she is the world’s first brainless idiot-savants, i.e., her “savantish” character skill is functioning on no brain at all, well maybe she still has a functioning brain stem. But, between Ann, Barracuda Barbie up in Alaska, and Joe The Plumber now lecturing Republicans, I am finding great pleasure these days.

  261. Another truly delightful and hilarious commentary on the I always try to get my meds in, if I know she is going to pop up on the TV screen. I can’t believe there are that many repukes that buy her books and keep it high on the “bestseller” lists. You were smart to get it second-hand.

  262. I’ve tried listening to AC but it made my brain start to ooze out my nose and I had to stop. You’ll need to be rescued by helicopter out of the labyrinth of her “logic”. Thank you for the laughs this morning.

    Cheney is allowed his opinion but I think he’s still basing it on faulty intelligence.

  263. Excellent question. Delightful post!

  264. Dick’s coming undone and it shows. The fact that he’s out from under his slimy rock to insult the President in his first 15 days of office beautifully illustrates the way his mind and his administration worked: ego first, common sense and the rule of law last. And Ann can suck it.

  265. Helen, Your paragraph on Dick Cheney is spot on. He and W should have to be water-boarded at Guantanamo Bay for the rest of their natural lives (which, according to your numbers, shouldn’t be much longer in Dick’s case) for throwing us into an illegal and unnecessary war where hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis were killed and over 4,000 of our sons and daughters (plus the thousands coming home with head injuries, loss of limbs, etc.). How do those bastards sleep at night? And, as far as Ann Coulter is concerned, I have one very astute word to say: ICK!!!!!

  266. By the time you are done you are going to need serious meds, seriously.
    Love the blog. Only blog I read that discusses politics.


  267. Helen, you’re a better man than I for reading Ann Coulter. I fear for your sanity if you keep reading. Maybe there’s some kind of shot that can keep you immune from her imbecility.

    Have you seen the recipe for the Bacon Explosion?

    Hope you remain happy, healthy & in the best of spirits!

  268. I once made a deal with my (very conservative) boss that I would read Ann Coulter’s latest book (a previous one, I’ve erased it from my memory) if he would watch Al Gore’s movie. It took me a lot longer (and a lot more Tums) but it was worth it because he paid for the movie and the book. And I came away knowing what you’re saying here — that Ann Coulter is mean-spirited and not very truthful.

    In an earlier time, a 47-year-old unmarried woman who behaves like Ann would have been considered an embittered old maid. Oh, wait — I guess that still works.

  269. Hahahahahahaha!
    You are quite amazing Helen. . . .

  270. helen, i love you! i have been reading you for a couple of months now and it makes my day when i can start off w/ a new post from you. you say everything i think.

    bless you!!!!

  271. Ok, I got it skip pages 111-135 she is off her meds and skip the chapter on D. Cheney LOL


  272. I read this and thought, “Ann, you are an idiot!”

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