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Posted by: Helen Philpot | January 29, 2009

Ann Coutler Almost Failed Obedience School

So I made some calls and found a copy of Ann Coulter’s new book at a used bookstore here in town.  I was happy to know that my dollars would not go to support her, but I am a bit worried about a book that ended up in a used bookstore two weeks after it was published.  Now Margaret told me she probably couldn’t find a Coulter book new, used or otherwise where she lives, so I told her to relax.  I’ll read it and give her (and all of you) a summary here.  Sort of a my version of the old Cliffs Notes concept.  Do they still have those?  

When I’m done anyone wanting the book can send me their address and we can mail it around until everyone has read it.  That way no one has to actually buy it firsthand.

Anyway, here is the Hell ‘N Notes version of Guilty: Liberal “Victims” and Their Assault on America by Ann Bigfoot Coulter

Chapter 1 - Liberal Motto: Speak Loudly and Carry a Small Victim

Now right off the bat I am a bit disappointed because Ann’s having a law degree led me to believe that she would be able to write intelligently.  Apparently she can’t.  I know they say that when you write for the masses you should strive for an 8th grade level vocabulary, but Ann must have lowered the standards a bit realizing she would be writing exclusively for an audience of right-wing conservatives. It appears she choose to write at an obedience school level.  And even then she barely gets a passing grade in my book.  Here is an example:

“Today there are more men who are sexually aroused by women in stiletto heels crushing live frogs to death while talking erotically to the frog than there are members of the Ku Klux Klan.” 

Basically this first chapter is Ann’s attempt to make the case that racism really doesn’t exist and victims really aren’t victims.  According to Ann you should never help a victim because they are either lying about being victimized or they deserved it.  Seriously.  But then she does an immediate about-face and says the only real victims in the world are (were)  “George Bush, the duke Lacrosse players, Joe McCarthy, Jesse Helms, Tom Delay, the Swift Boat Veterans, and Sarah Palin.” 

Then she writes a few pages dedicated to Fox News which she suggests is the most respected and respectable news outlet in the universe.  To prove it she points to the fact that it has higher ratings than MSNBC.  There seems to be no apparent reason for the pages about Fox News.  I can only assume those pages  guarantee her a closed desk when she appears on Hannity and Colmes so her feet don’t show up on camera.

Now I know you think I am exaggerating or otherwise misrepresenting Ann’s words but honestly the woman really is an amazing yarn teller.  She suggests the O.J. verdict is proof that racism doesn’t exist and Barack Obama was race-baiting when he referred to himself as black because he should have described himself as  “half white”. 

Really.  You can’t make this stuff up – unless you are Ann Coulter.   My favorite part  is when she claims “the poor” are actually counterfeit victims.  That’s right folks – George Bush and Tom Delay can be victims but a poor person is either lying about being poor or deserves to be poor.   Well I am glad Ms. Coulter has lots of money because when you are poor it is hard to afford designer shoes in a size 17ww.  By the way, for some unknown reason Ann likes to put lots of individual words in quotations  like “poor” and “racism” to suggest that those concepts really don’t exist.  It’s an awkward writing style and kind of bothered me as a reader, but maybe Ann is just “smarter” than I am.

Her concepts are vague and she tends to paint with very broad strokes… sort of like a kindergarten student.   Considering Ann didn’t go to kindergarten, opting instead for obedience school, all I have left to say is:  Down Girl.  Down…  Now stay.

Well that’s all I’ve read so far.  It was only one chapter but the book reads like a grade school primer so I imagine this series of posts won’t take too much time.  Do come back soon.  I mean it.  Really.

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  2. Rebecca – I LOVE THAT: “Grown women don’t need excuses either.”

    No; we sure as heck don’t. Thanks for your post.


  3. Helen, I know this is an old post, but I’m new here.
    I wanted to let you know that I (unfortunately) know Ann’s high school English teacher, and she couldn’t be more proud of where her pupil is. Apparently this high school is a very well respected prep school, but that just goes to show how money isn’t everything. I could go on for hours about how horrible this woman is, and how Ann makes a little more sense when you consider her influence, but no one wants to hear about that. Grown women don’t need excuses either.
    Thank you for your blog posts. You remind me of how my grandma was before her memory started to go. Stay sharp and keep putting your family first!

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  8. Helen, will you be my mom? I have a Republican model right now that I would like to trade in, and I think you are a hoot!

  9. Helen, I love your posts, but I feel compelled to defend obedience school.

    In obedience school, beings who are not wired to understand English learn to comprehend beings who are not wired to think without it, and which is the more intelligent is often open to debate. Ann would never make it on either end of the leash. I’ll stack any of my shepherds against her any day of the week, even the dumb one. I think he’s probably no worse a writer.

  10. Excuse me, UAW tradesman, but Joe McCarthy was NOT right about the communists in Government…in the FIVE years he was the Chairman of the Sub-committee for Investigations, NOT ONE of the people he accused was ever convicted. NOT ONE!

    get your facts straight.

  11. I’m glad that my coffee wasn’t yet ready as I read this entry as it would surely have sprayed out through my nose. Delightfully acerbic. It is now clear why Ms. Coulter “writes” for WorldNetDaily.

  12. Helen, I am concerned about you reading the Coultergeist. If you notice fog coming under your doors or your mirrors fogging up, please, please, for the love of God, throw the book in the fireplace!!!!

    If none of that happens, however, I’d realy love to know why all of these conservatives are so very nasty. Given that they are all bible thumping “Christians” and therefore “better” than we are because they are “real” Americans, why are they so different from Jesus who, at least from a cursory review of the Bible, appeared non-judgmental, kind and compassionate?

    I’d like to know, really.

  13. Recently, while browsing at the Borders in downtown DC, I picked the book up and randomly opened and read… the erotic frogs quote!! I was laughing like a fool. I read it and read it again. It could only have been written by someone on acid. Do you think Arnie does acid? Thanks for the excellent work. I was going to try to find this book at a used book store and read it…. but now I don’t have to!! Thanks so Much!!!

  14. Morning Y’all,

    Here’s another link……



    Ann S. :-D

  15. lol i can’t write intelligently either!lol ann has stirred several debates on our blog as well.

    enjoyed your post here! well written and concise!

  16. JuneauJoe….Oh, yes. I remember trickle down economics! It was one of the Reagan capstones. Basis of the Bush tax cuts…if you reduce/eliminate the taxes for the rich, they in turn will create jobs downstream.

    Isn’t that the same line that prosperity preachers use?

  17. Discovered you a few months ago…I’ve gone back and read, I think, ALL the old posts (RARELY have I ever done that, but they are PRICELESS and I couldn’t stop myself!)… LOVE LOVE LOVE this blog. God bless you both… you are angels. Did I really read that one of you is from Texas? I’m fear I’m deep in Team Sarah country, but just knowing you are near is calming. LOL. I see some Mudflats posters here too!!!! Another anchor in the storm. Thanks again for putting all your great thoughts out there.

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  19. The piss on theory started with Reagan and the conservative Republicans have held to it ever since…if you help the wealthy continue to be wealthier then they will spend money which will help everyone else’s situation below them. It is like a rising ship rises for everyone instead of building a strong foundation from the ground up.

    That is a very simplistic explination but even when I first heard it back in college, it sounded absurd to me. It still sound absurd…

    Perhaps the Conservative/Reagan/Neo-Cons are actually just DaDaist Performance Artists???

  20. I have a short memory:

    Could someone refresh me on the:

    I think it was Bush/Cheney or Reagan or someone who thought they being on a big building peeing on those of us below would make our lives better? Help.

    Coulter and Rush like to trickle on folks too.

  21. I hope that Ann C. has her hand-basket decorated and ready by the front door, because there’s a special place in Hell for those who say (and profit from) the vile things she does. Poor Ann, all that because the only thing she knows is negative attentions seeking behavior….
    But here’s my vow: As long as she’s putting her mental swill on paper, I will continue to fulfill my civic duty and “re-shelf” copies of her books at my local mega book store.

  22. Forgot to mection Juneau8Joe and AlaskePi Glad y ou are back. knew you wouldn. abandon Margaret and Helen because of a bunch of nasty trolls. You know they are unhappy they lost!!

  23. Greytdog, Jean and Charles
    Thaks for all the writing ti ps! I have a n umer of childrens stories stored in m computer and have been sending to oldest daughter for critism. The latest one written last week she loved a nd is formatting it and retyping and is g oing to help me get it copywrited. I got the idea from the stuffed moose she had sent me!! Wonder if SP the moose hunter will come after it? Also have several others with illustrations packed in storage. When I s tarted writing, it ju st seemed to write itself!

    Jean, I too am 79, was teaching two days before the stroke, am a cancer survivor, etc. When we regard these things as bumps in the road and learning lessons, we get through them. Not fun, but there are lessongs there.

    Greytdog, thanks for the reminder about the Adept. I th ink I have read sme of them. Is that in Scotland and remnant of the TEmplars? GEt taken t oi the library this week and willlook for them. Thanks for the reminder.

    Boy th is is long today.
    For 8 years we have kept our feelings quiet because our dislike of being caled UnAmerican, unpatriotic etc.
    One friend I talk to in another state we were always getting out phone conversations cut off. WE thought we were being eavesdropped on. Come to th ink of iiit, the phone interuptions h ave ceased lately!!
    Have a goodday all of y ou. It is a pretty sunny day h ere and should
    about 70.

  24. My last post didn’t show up.

    Charles, you might find this helpful to you for practice. I ran across this site last week, and haven’t spent much time there, but they call it Life in your words. It seems to be all about publishing your own stories.


  25. Who was it that said, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”…? Some Chinese military strategist, I believe. I suppose that’s one reason to read Coulter’s book.

    Of course, like Limbaugh et al, it will be filled with half-truths, misrepresentations, and out-and-out lies. When cornered about their lies, they say they’re in the entertainment industry…in the end, everything they say & do is strictly meant to provide entertainment & does not have to be proven to be truthful or factual.

    Unfortunately, Limbaugh & Coulter have tens of thousands of ultra-right-wing conservatives who shelve their books next to the Bible and take everything they say as gospel truth…and our country is more divided than ever b/c of it.

    Helen, in the spirit of “keeping our enemies closer,” thanks for taking on the task of reading their hate-mongering words and providing the Hell ‘N Notes for us to review. Have you seen “Signs?” Perhaps you ought to wear a tinfoil hat while you read to keep your perspective intact and protect yourself from Coulter’s hatefulness, hurtfulness, and stupidity.

  26. Charles – as I noted in another comment somewhere on the blog, I’ve just enrolled in writer’s workshop. I’ll pass along the tidbits I get from workshop. But the gist is mainly to write write write. Of the books and guides recommended is The Writer’s Way (can’t remember the author but think it’s the same author who wrote The Artist’s Way), Writing For Your Life (why can’t I remember the damn authors?), and then The Writer’s Path that includes writing prompts and such to get the creative brain going. I’ve also a list of websites that folks can go to for additional prompts & exercises which help to unclog the juices and get the words out on paper. I did a writing exercise last night – which caused me to be up way too late after a long day – here’s what triggered it: Take a well-known fairy tale/myth. Pick one scene from the story – and re-write that scene from another character’s point of view (cannot be the antagonist or the protagonist). I’ve also started keeping a writing journal in the car (for when I’m stuck in the rush-hour parking lot), one by my bed (which, honestly, I rarely use except to jot down my “to-do list” for the next day), and I keep a small one in my backpack for during the workday – usually to jot down phrases that jump into my head or catch my eye for reference later on. I’ve tried the “morning pages” thing – the point is to simply write in the morning even if all you write is “write” – and discovered it did help center me more for the day but not the writing.

  27. oops, just re read the op and she wrote that she did not grout

  28. howlgirl, no water or creek bed just the path would be shaped like one instead of straight

    similar to the photos here, please scroll down the page to about mid way



    first photo in gardenweb is straight path but you can see how the concrete was poured around them

    wondering how it was done.

    avotresante “I almost forgot. A good solution for moles, voles, mice, chipmunks, and others is to adopt a kitty. It’s a win/win situation. No guilt allowed, they’re doing what they do when they keep the other populations in control.”

    thanks but that’s not doable, we do not have a fence and live near a busy road, no outdoor kitties or dogs live here

  29. Hi gang and Colorful,

    I thought I would respond to a number of your comments. You are obviously intelligent and express yourself well in English in your typing. I thank you for your prayers for us. We can all use all the help we can get from any quarter. You begin with the Lord’s Prayer but then go into some other language that few if any of us can understand. Perhaps in the same way that we don’t understand Aramaic, the language that Jesus spoke. We cannot read it.

    I’m sure you are sincere in your belief just as I am. Someone once said, I don’t remember who, “To be kind is to be happy.” You have said some very unkind things to us but as the Lord’s Prayer says, “Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us”. I think we can forgive you.

    You enumerated our ‘sins’ such as homosexuality. What exactly did Jesus himself have to say about homosexuals, prostitutes and tax collectors? (I am an old broad, age 79, but not that old! I wasn’t around to personally hear his words over 2000 years ago.)

    You are condemning us to hell unless we “repent”. I don’t think that is your job. That’s God’s job to judge who goes to heaven and who goes to hell, not yours.

    I think most of us here are just your garden-variety sinners, a parking ticket here, losing our temper from time to time, etc. Didn’t Jesus lose his temper in the Temple about the ‘Money Changers’? He was human too. I don’t believe a merciful heavenly father would condemn anyone to hell for all eternity for those silly sins.

    As to killing babies. None of us condone killing babies!!!!! What we do STRONGLY OBJECT to is sending our children and grandchildren off to be killed in an unnecessary war about which we were lied to. OUR children and grandchildren were once OUR babies!!!!! And how about an AMERICAN missile that killed an Iraqi grandfather and blew both legs off his four-year old grandson? The grandson is now in the United States being fitted with prosthetic legs thanks to the generosity of SOME American people. Who is responsible for sending that missile?

    I believe that Jesus had a sense of humor. Didn’t he say something about it being easier to put a camel through the eye of a needle that for a rich man to get into heaven? That analogy is pretty funny!!!!!

    George Bush is a very rich man even if he does pray everyday. He has a multi-acre ranch in Crawford, Texas and just moved into a multi-million dollar house in Dallas. I doubt if he has much of a mortgage on either of them or is in any danger of being evicted.

    I do not personally fear death. In my long life, three times, I looked death squarely in the face, said my prayers and waited calmly to see what happened. Twice back in the 1950’s in clunky old propeller driven aircraft. Fortunately, the planes were in the hands of competent professional pilots and they landed safely. I trusted them.

    (The first time, the plane bounced all over the sky in a horrific storm from Chicago th Boston for FIVE hours. The second time we bellied in without landing gear. Chicago again!!! Out the window I could see SIX fire trucks racing along the runway beside the plane to be there IF and when we landed.) I have flown in modern planes hundreds of times since without incident.

    The third time, I was 33 years old and had a ruptured Ectopic pregnancy. I was bleeding to death. The seven week old embryo was already dead. Again, I was in the hands of competent professional medical personnel who knew exactly what was necessary to save my life. I trusted them. I said my prayers and calmly waited for the doctors to do their job. They did. The next year I successfully had our third son.

    My Guardian Angel was working overtime then and still does. I also had family and friends who loved me and helped me through the rough times.

    So please come on in, sit down, have a cup of tea and some pie. We have a wide variety of pies made by some wonderful cooks here. Do you prefer fruit pies of cream pies? Let us get to know you. You are not alone anymore. We will be kind to you. I think we can help you come to grips with your fear of death, learn to express your love and enjoy the life God gave you.



  30. Hi gang, Grandma Katie, Greytdog and Charles,

    About your writing. Here are a couple of tips that might be helpful in getting published. Google:

    Writer’s Market.com. “It is a big paperback book with lots of info on how to and where to get published. You can get it at Borders or on line.

    Also our oldest son gave us a big stack of ‘Granta’. You can Google it too. It is “The Magazine for New Writers” published in London. It is not really a magazine but a paperback collection of short stories of every genre.

    Of course, first you have to write!!! And write!!! And write!!!! Takes lots of time and work, but you can do it. Get on it!



  31. I read sections of Coulter’s newest book (held my nose), and her research- if you can call it that- is shoddy and flawed. It seems all of the problems of the world are caused by single moms.

    Helen is right: her vocabulary and writing style are terrible. If I was grading her “essay” she’d earn an “F” for sloppy organization and weak support.

    No opportunity to rewrite…

  32. Hi Gang and Ishtar,

    I’m so glad you checked in, Ishtar! We have followed the international dance competition on TV with the host being Michael Flatley (sp?) of international fame as the Irish River Dancer. YOUR lovely dancer who was the swan was exquisite!!!!! Such artistry!!! Also your judge was most astute. His comments on all the dancers demonstrated his keen understanding of the fine points of dancing. If it had been up to me, I would have given every one of them a Gold Medal to take home. We also enjoyed very much the Shaolin Monks from China.

    We hope you will come back and give us a look into your country from your perspective. Not just the political aspects but the everyday life of the people. That is something that we here in the U.S. are painfully ignorant about. We want to learn!



  33. palinshutup – i misunderstood what you were saying. the bottles with concrete that i’ve seen are in walls, not in the ground. i can’t get my head around how that might work but i can ask my friend who’s done the wall – she may know.

    does what you need to do in your creek bed require something solid? if not, could you bank it or frame it and fill with the small pebble/ river stones around the bottles?

    i was looking at one of the photos where my partner did a long stretch and she basically dug a trench placed the bottles in almost side by side, then filled it with dirt – if you get small enough pebbles you could try that? maybe small stretch first? we don’t get the extreme cold here that you do along the pacific nw but i have a friend in eugene who is trying it -

    can’t remember who asked but the women who write this blog are real. they’ve explained on here before that they stopped using their real names and, after some of the exchanges here, i’m glad helen’s grandson matthew recommended that.

    they are real.

    a certain talk show host has helen on the show (by phone) from time to time. she’s as much of a hoot by phone as she is by written word. she’s kind of like a phantom celebrity here in austin.

    i think they both hung the moon. my 85 year old mom lives with me and she’s a lot more like margaret. we both get a kick out of them everytime they post something new.

    hope everyone’s having a good weekend. did anyone catch the nadal verdasco match? amazing. it’ll be a classic like the nadal/ federer final at wimbledon that nadal won. and a few of the laver, sampras, bjorg matches, too. imho.

  34. I have to agree about your sacrifice. I still don’t understand, with the Christian rights sense of values, why do they have their very own pin up. How do people like her get air time…she’s not all THAT cute. She scares me.

  35. You really sacrifice too much for us readers. I appreciate it, really I do, but I couldn’t read any tiny bit of her book for anyone! So thanks from those of us who can’t stand to read or hear even one second of her hate-filled nonsense.

  36. Apparently Obama’s decision to focus on work and not work-clothing styles has some Repubs upset, especially Andy Card. From The Washington Monthly this report from Steve Benen is interesting:

    “Former Bush White House chief of staff Andrew Card complained to right-wing talk-show host Michael Medved that President Obama is insufficiently respectful of the presidency. Apparently, one demonstrates respect for the presidency by their choice of attire. The other thing to consider here is exactly how one “respects” the presidency. For Card and others who served with Bush, it’s about choice of clothing. For those who serve with Obama, it’s about honoring institutional limits and the rule of law.

    Or, put another way, where exactly does a loyal Bushie get off talking about “respecting” the presidency? Did George W. Bush always wear a coat and tie? Sure. Good for him. But while he was wearing nice clothes and demanding that his staff do the same, he also oversaw a scandal-plagued White House that trashed constitutional norms and routinely ignored the laws that the president twice swore to faithfully execute.

    One respects the office by honoring its place in a constitutional system, not by wearing a suit.”

  37. ..I,me.mine, conservatism will always have big mouth pieces and the fact that Ann has such big feet just goes to show the rest of us that she will have no problem getting it in and out of her mouth!

  38. And for Lammas Night fans. . . you might want to delve into the Kurtz/Harris series of The Adept. Some of the characters from Lammas Night show up in that series :)
    And for folks who enjoy history mingled with alternative reality, (not the Bush Alternative reality, I must add) – Eric Flint’s 1632 series is loads of fun, thought-provoking, good historical background, and well developed characters.

  39. and Cramer? You deserve to be voted off the island. You’re not just an asshole, you’re the whole ass.

  40. Sometimes, in the privacy of our homes or in the comfort between friends, rants occur – a loosening of pent-up anger, a sense of freedom borne from the ability to express yourself without having to self-censor, knowing that the folks around you either agree fully or at least understand the difference between a rant and a rage. Dad In Dallas, for 8 years we’ve had to live with family members and friends and colleagues and strangers who insisted we live in Wonderland; who insisted that up was down, good was bad, and that the Ship of State was being captained by a Compassionate Conservative who loved each and every one of us. Our Winter of Discontent stretched from unease to foreboding to dismay to horror as we watched this Captain steer the ship onto the rocks, all the while proclaiming that the rocks didn’t exist. The voices of outrage here are simply that – long suppressed, finally free – outrage bursts out but rides a wave of hope that change is really here, and that we are all rebuilding that wrecked Ship upon which we sail. I’m sorry you believe that your depression is caused by this blog. I’m sorry you believe that your depression is caused by the remarks and comments engendered by this blog. But it’s your depression – deal with it, find the real cause for your depression. This isn’t the Harmonic Convergence in Sedona. We will try our best to understand you and give you the same respect we give most everyone who visits. But we won’t hold your hand and we won’t accept the blame for your problems.

  41. I have no idea if these women are real or not. In particular I wonder if there really is a Helen Philpot. I have no reason to believe she is fake as I can name several great writers of her age. Which brings me to this: all of you out there commenting with suggestions on what she should write about or how she should say something need to get a reality check. The woman writing this blog is clever, witty and powerful with her word choice. We are witness the birth of a great new writer with this blog and I suggest we all stand back and let her happen. Helen, whoever you are, your talent has been hidden for too long. Let your light shine and don’t be surprised when your first book hits the best seller list – hopefully knocking off the latest crap being tossed out there by Coulter.

  42. Cramer:

    You sound like a complete idiot! Let me guess, you are Colorful’s husband?

    BTW: You can think whatever you wish about my sexual orientation. If that is a big concern for you, I feel sorry for you fellow.

    Just read where even China of all places is now saying that the pollution produced in their country is producing handicapped children at a higher rate than ever seen before.

    CRAMER: HELP! Send some money or food to a village or to your local food bank. You could try to do something good for someone else.


  43. I have always had rescue animals…sometimes I feel like a throw away as well, so we get along well.

    Besides, to be honest, none of them have been dogs that would do well in a ‘family’ and I couldn’t see anyone else putting up with any of them. So far, a chow/retriever mix, a 150lb German Shepherd and now a pit/lab/chow(?) mix…after him, we’ll see who shows up.

  44. Dad in Dallas just needs to find himself a good man.

  45. Charles, thank you for explaining, and thank you for giving that dog a home. My animals (dogs and cats) are all rescued also, but none from the circumstances you describe. They are all wonderful in their own individual ways, but also drive me NUTS sometimes and it’s comforting to know I’m not alone. My newest ate a couch cushion today. I swear I was out on the porch for 10 seconds. Last week she ate my one pair of shoes and she was never out of my sight. Well, I guess I keep thrift shops in business.
    We seem to all get along, we’re all throw-aways here in our little family.

  46. Judith and avotresante – getting together? Maybe this can become a match maker site like eHarmony. Like minded liberal individuals exchanging banter, finding a comfortable place to dally.

    Check out his creds Judith!

  47. Judith – you’re fantastic!
    Lammas Night fan — poem, book, celebration..???

  48. A “Vet tech program” dog is a dog who was taken from the pound by the local community college and for a year lived in a kennel with minimal human contact except when he was in the classroom so vet tech students can practice different techniques and procedures. I have his records somewhere…he had blood taken, received practice shots with saline, was put under anesthesia, etc to train the students.

    Though I recognize the potential necessity of this I also know that I ended up with a whack job dog that was very needy, suffered from severe seperation anxiety and which I have never been able to socialize…for the first year I had him, he had to be on ‘downers’. I had to keep him kenneled in the house when I was gone, which I have no problem with denning, I have used it sucessfully before…but he hated it and actually destroyed a kennel which was supposed to be safe for shipping a 150 dog by airlines standards. I ended up spending almost $500 to buy him one which was made from metal, welded…and which I had to buy a clasp for the ‘lock’ since he figured out how to break that as well.

    With me, with my fiance and her dogs I have no problems…but I wouldn’t trust him alone with anyone else in my apartment, can’t take him to the dog park…and he has an annoying habit of picking up small dogs and holding them in his mouth. Though he has never actually bit any…he used to pick up a neighbor’s doxie.

    He is not the first ‘special needs’ rescue I have owned, my other two dogs have all been ‘short bus’ and not very social…I suppose sorta like me :-)

  49. Seven,

    For me, you are fine but for some like thinking person who is trying to raise his family, make the various bills and be politically active while trying to keep mentally positive with your kids, can get a person down.

    I’ve been there. I toned it down for my kids as they were growing up and can increase the levels against the far Right stupidity as is certainly appropriate.

    I think Dad in Dallas thinks like you or I and we simply do not need to go after each other. However, you can go after me if you feel my posts are stupid.

    Keep posting Dad in Dallas and Seven. We will get through this and this country will be a better place because we are helping President Obama undo the damage done by the Republican fools.

  50. As a liberal, I’d like to say that I do not like Coulter, Hannity, Limbaugh, O’Reilly and their likes. But I also understand that there are two extremes. While these ultra-conservative pundits spew hate, I also see some ultra-liberals spewing just as much hate. No matter how thick skulled most of the Republicans are, I’m going to take Obama as an example and keep trying to reach the middle ground.

    The right doesn’t have to ever agree with my political and social choices/opinions, but I want there to be a day where the left and right can respect each other despite their differences.

  51. You go Judith.

  52. Whoops, forgot to mention – another Lammas Night fan, here.

  53. Judith…you rock!

  54. Personally, I’m not that upset about the Repubs because A: Did anybody really expect them to do anything else? and B: Lined up en masse or not, at the moment we can manage without them.

    I think Obama will make a few attempts to encourage bipartisan effort. If (When) they insist on playing hardball even though we currently have the ball, the bat, the field and the stands, Obama will at some point say “Ok, you want to play hardball? Well, here’s how we play where I come from.”

    Yes, I wish they weren’t wasting time being stupid and self-obsessed to the point of outright delusion. We could be saving jobs and homes and lives right now, instead of trying to give them one more chance.

    But it’s coming, we’ll get to it. Right now, they can’t stop us.

    If that puts me in the happy zone, well, tickle me pink and call me Elmo.

  55. I almost forgot. A good solution for moles, voles, mice, chipmunks, and others is to adopt a kitty. It’s a win/win situation. No guilt allowed, they’re doing what they do when they keep the other populations in control.

  56. Charles, what is a vet tech program dog, please?

    Also, I can relate to making the same $$ as you made 20 years ago. Don’t feel bad, the last “real job” as my mother calls it, that I had last year paid the same as I made 40!!!!!! years ago. AND NO BENEFITS!
    I encourage you to do what you love, and I think you’ll find the same as I have. Even though I don’t have a pot to piss in (or a window to throw it out of) at the present time, I’ve never been happier in my life. I make just enough to allow me to be exactly as I was created to be, and I can’t think of one single thing that’s better than that. Follow your heart! You might be surprised to find that it works out more wondrously than you could have ever planned.
    Kiss your fears goodbye, and you’ll do great.

  57. “some cow of a redneck woman”


    I would add “who couldn’t even bother to brush her hair before heading out to the rally!”

  58. I think Helen should set her sights on Jessica Simpson next…the press is saying she is HUGE now….what is she, a size 2 now??…Good Lord.

  59. Seven,

    We should get upset if the same Bush ass wipers are still at it again, because we’re still mad. But to each their own, and we all have our own level of tolerance and comfort.

    I have some friends that cringe when I use the asshole terminology, and some others that cringe everytime my husband starts preaching God stuff. Actually, I’ve cringed myself at some of his words.

    Sticks and stones can break my bones, and words really can hurt. But the words here are more like fist bumps and high fives. Some blog sites make me reel back, just as they made John McCain reel back when some cow of a redneck woman yelled out stuff about Obama.

    Helen said all comments are welcome, Margaret said Ass hat and to quote the Pointer Sisters, We are Family!

  60. Exactly Phyllis. And JuneauJoe yoy seem nice enought but my comment was not uncalled for actually. It was called for based on the post left by DadinDallas who is getting depressed because were not all in the happy zone together. Sounds to me like the Republcians have already lined in mass against Obama. So exactly what is it that I am not supposed to be upset about again?

  61. Keep those Hell’N Notes coming!!!! :-)

  62. Helen Rocks!
    Dad in Dallas…grow a pair. Life is hard.

  63. Again, I think it is not as much hatred or venom on the side of the regulars here but anger…and I know sometimes I can spew anger as well, especially if something pokes at me. To be honest, that type of anger is not just in the anonymous aspect of the internet, where I do agree a lot of people tend to be more ‘vocal’ but rather a bluntness that I tend to have in person as well. There are some at my work who are uncomfortable with that and it had been brought up by one manager who did not like my straightforwardness…others appreciate that I do not bother blowing smoke up anyone’s ass.

    To be honest, my anger is not personal as much as a vent, it comes, it goes…it is part of my existing as human. It is not from fear, it is not anchored with wanting ill done to others…rather it is the fact that sitting back and not speaking out, nothing changes. Not in relationships, not in societies…I do not yell at people, though I am capable of it and I do tend to be sarcastic.

    Ususally, I use my sarcasm is an attempt to illustrate things which I feel is stupid. Sometimes, it comes from just people leaving a door wide open and still not having the maturity to just walk away…but I will honestly say that if Dad in Dallas or anyone else feels offended by anything I say, you are more than welcome to skip my posts when you see my name. Most people don’t like me anyway, so I am definitely not offended if you don’t like me on the internet either.

    Who knows, perhaps someday I will feel the all encompassing compassion that comes from being more mature in my spiritual development…but to be honest, I feel all aspects of being human is part of our experince here, why we are here.

    As for Dad in Dallas or anyone else who is raising their children on their own being wimps…I call bullsh-t and state having gone through a similar situation, even in a relationship and with someone else’s children, and knowing a lot of single parents, most of them have my respect. Those who put their children first, who want to help create a world for their children, they are saints.

  64. Dad in Dallas,

    I hear you, sometimes the venomous comments make me feel very uncomfortable too, but don’t let it get you down.

    Myself, I can sympathize with those wanting to see the jerks burned at the stake or leaving this world. It’s been far too long having been told that we are either on their side or we are with the terrorists, and we are wrong bad wrong, and we had to take it. It was like having shit shoveled on us. We had nothing except our voices, until the day hope and change won on November 4th.

    So now, some sing more loudly and vehemently than others, and some sing more sweetly. In all cases, it is relief from 8 years of being ignored, and each of us has our own way of purging those years and era out of our system.

    It’s comparable to road rage. Here in Hawaii (welcome Kapahulu!), we have incidents of road rage and parking piss offs. Even me, in years past as a mother of 4, driving my Oldsmobile (piece of crap) station wagon. Friends said it was the Brady mobile.

    Here we have a ingrained sense of waiting our turn – in bank lines, grand openings, cashier stations, bus stops, on streets, etc. There are some stretches of road that go from 2 lanes merging into one, before entering main streets or freeway entrances. One in particular is from Waialae Avenue just past Kahala Mall going toward Hawaii Kai on Kalanianaole Highway. It is about a block long. The left lane is the through lane, and the right lane must merge in, and then one must merge into the highway.

    There is a bottleneck, always. In heavy traffic times, both lanes are filled up and usually every other car goes through, and the car that merges in usually gives a wave or “shaka” of thanks. Sometimes the left laner doesn’t let a car merge, and they get the “stink eye”. But it doesn’t usually matter because the car behind will let the merging car in.

    When traffic is not heavy, what happens in that little block of merging traffic is magical, although some will think it stupid.

    ALL the cars line up in the left side lane, and the right lane is completely clear. Traffic moves slowly yet quickly enough so that cars entering or turning into that stretch of road from 3 sides of the intersection are all able to be accommodated in the one long left lane.

    Whenever I am in that situation, I have to chuckle. There I am sitting in a long slow moving lane, and every one of us in that left lane has the option to move into the empty right lane, glide to the front of the line, and merge in at the top – but nobody does. Only in Hawaii, as we say. For us, that is being polite and taking our turn.

    Sometimes, a car from the back end breaks rank and zooms up front from the right, and leaves us behind. That causes a shake up and sometimes other cars break rank and “cut” too.

    Well, that used to get me pretty upset, I tell you. That’s not right. That’s not how they are supposed to act.

    So, I get my big assed station wagon and plop it right on the line between the two lanes, preventing any more of those impatient “cutters” from going forward. I get some stink eyes and my kids are cringing in their seats, and we all get to the highway in our own time.

    The point of my story is, just because I want to have my magical moments when everyone waits their turn and nobody gets out of line, other people get out of line! And they really don’t think they are doing anything wrong. It’s me who thinks they are doing wrong.

    So, is it me putting my station wagon down the center line who is wrong, or them who are taking advantage of a perfectly open strip of street to go to the head of the line?

    Well, I had an “Ah-Ha” moment one day as I was driving around town (different street, different car, no kids), and a car cut off another car from 2 lanes over, blocked the intersection, and caused me to miss the light. Well, I was fuming, and for the rest of the drive I was mad and grumpy, and depressed at how those ignorant impolite fools are taking over our streets and they ought to get a ticket, etc, etc, etc. I was muttering to myself and probably looked like a crazy woman gripping the wheel of my car and searching the cars in front for that asshole driver, when all of a sudden, I saw myself and how I was getting all twisted up over a stupid traffic incident that just caused a slight delay, but no one was hurt, no car damage, no disaster, no conflict. And I said to myself, “SO WHAT!” And then I laughed. “SO FRICKIN WHAT!”

    From that time on, I don’t get mad at those cars and drivers that zoom into the right lane to beat the ones in the left line. When it’s my turn at the top of the merge, I let them in, and accept their wave or shaka of thanks. They aren’t bad people or wrong. They just don’t know how to savor magical moments sitting in a long line of cars with all of us waiting our turn, or realize they are breaking my rules of street etiquette. It was me who was causing my own anger.

    In a way, when people’s language and feelings offend us, they aren’t doing it to offend. It’s just how and who they are.

    I have learned to temper my opinions of Palin, Bush, Fox news when I am with friends that might think different, because I will probably offend them.

    But here, with Margaret and Helen, the regulars and the occasional, we are comfortable enough, and anonymous enough to let loose. In a perfect world, we wouldn’t have reason or need to let loose. But here, it is a release and I do so enjoy all the comments. If a troll pops in and spews, I can say to myself “So What! They lost, we won!” and enjoy the ensuing verbal battle or better yet enjoy how they are ignored. If a comment comes up that makes me uncomfortable, I say “so what”, they can say what they want because that’s how they want to say it, and it’s helping them purge and release.

    Don’t get depressed, Dad in Dallas. If the bitterness in comments gets to you, just pass them by and go on to the next comment.

    For me, I just love this place. It’s magical. It is a place where I want to high five Helen and Margaret and all the others here who were mad as hell for so long, and now we can celebrate and laugh and do the nanny nanny boo boo to the scumbags and bitches and ass wipes that we happen to believe are scumbags, bitches and ass wipes.

    I must admit that I have the same dream as you – when people of opposing views can finally agree to disagree with respect, although I would like to add that ass wipes like Limbaugh and Coulter have to shut up for that to happen.


  65. howlgirl thanks! we live in the NW on an incline not steep, just moderate, no water collects on our property

    we are also not planning on doing the entire yard with bottles just sections around plants and not planning on using concrete everywhere only on a path in sort of a creek or wave motion like ~~~

    Did your friend just pour the concrete over the bottles and then brush it off to show the bottom of the bottles through the concrete?

    I am really curious as to how the process happened

    I know with walls they lay the bottles on their sides then apply the concrete on top as they go along…sort of like mud or adobe

    I have seen those sustainable living homes where they use all sorts of recycled materials, pretty amazing structures

    I just cant see pouring concrete then sticking bottles into wet concrete (?) does that make sense?

    for the person who suggested castor oil for moles, yes, we have used it , the whole place smells like a kitchen for a while then the rains come and wash it all away and the moles return twice as bad

    we also tried the windmills/motion nothing really works

  66. Dad in Dallas….Just read Margaret and Helen’s posts….don’t read the hundreds of comments.
    THAT WAY you can just enjoy the funny of it all.
    Margaret and Helen are a HOOT…plain and simple.

  67. Seven, I think your post was uncalled for actually.

    Politics is ugly stuff and you have to develop a thick skin. As a young parent a few years back, I sat in Dad in Dallas’s shoes. He is trying to make a positive life for his family. Politics can make that difficult to stay positive.

    My own feelings are less sensitive because my kids are now on their own. I wish I had been more vocal in earlier years when Reagan ran and when Bush/Cheney ran.

    A dad is not wimp! No way! A mom with a growing family is no wimp either.

    Hang in there Dad in Dallas, those ugly thoughts do crop up but keep moving forward as best you can. It is really a pretty short period of time and then they are out of the house

    If you feel uncomfortable with the language sorry. So did I when my kids were little. The sad fact is that Rush, Coulter and the Republican crowd do not get subtle messages.

  68. If Ann Coulter comes on TV shaking her long blond hair (I think it’s a wig and it’s too young a style for her) one more time I will lose it.

    Minnesota Gabe referred to a video of Ann C. running around trying to avoid having a pie thrown in her face. That happened at the U of A in Tucson where some idiots asked her to speak. Protesters belted her with pies and she sued. The University ultimately paid her off to keep from having a lawsuit. Pity!

  69. DadinDallas – get over yourself. This is free expression. I could just as easily say you are a wimp becasue your posts are too sickeningly sweet. Did it ever occur to you that some of us may have lost loved ones in a war or our homes in the economic downturn or got so fed up with what Bush and compnay did that we might need a little time before we are ready to pretend everything is just peachy in the world. Evidently you don’t watch the news either. Take a Prozac and get over it. Life is rough.

  70. I’ve been getting depressed a lot lately. At first I thought it might be because of things like the state of the economy, or the freezing temperatures outside. But last night I realized that my depression is coming from reading this Blog.

    Many of you are liberal thinkers, just like me. However, so many of you liberal thinkers on this list of blogger’s are so full of hateful things to say about the opposition that it wares me down. I think many of you would actually like to see G.W.B. in a body bag, A.C burned at the stake, and I can’t even come up with something to equate your feelings about the former V.P.

    Yes, I know I have the choice of just leaving and not returning, but then I would miss out on the good things said here as well. As of this moment the good still out-weighs the bad on this list.

    Instead, for me the answer is to point out the venom spewed from many of us towards our fellow human beings and hope that those of us with PEACEFUL liberal agendas can remember that the price of peace is a little extra topping of forgiveness.

    In the mean time I will go drink my cup of coffee and dream of a day when people of opposing views can finally agree to disagree with respect.

    Have a great day!!!

    ~D in D

  71. palinshutup: yes, the bottles and concrete works. i’ve seen it done several places including at a friend of mine’s house.

    i prefer to take the labels off. it’s surprising how long they can stay on even when in the dirt and out in the elements.

    where do you live? alaska? other? the concrete glass thing might need consideration of the temps but i’ve got a few places to look things up.


  72. We’ve moved the conversation about the crisis in Alaska to our own blog but some of you might be interested in this post from Ann Strongheart.


    Yeah, I only have dial-up so it takes forever for pages to load.

    hmmm, anything we need more urgently…

    Larger diapers size 6
    Toilet paper (always!! LOL can never have enough)
    Minute rice
    Pilot Bread ( Sailor Boy w/unsalted tops)
    plain spaghetti noodles (they put them in native soups with the rice)
    canned milk (got some of the boxes with the liquid milk and they burst and made a mess in some of the boxes)
    coffee (have gotten very lil of that)

    OOOH I really need plastic grocery bags or trash bags when it comes time to distribute the food we have quickly run out of boxes etc. I reuse whatever boxes the food comes in but distributing the 600 lbs from Emmonak wiped out our box supply.

    hmmm wonder if anyone has a contact for getting reusable canvas totes donated?? Then we could just have the families bring them back and reuse them for donations over and over again

    I LOVE that people are sending ziploc bags, they are really used here and they make great packing material to fill up the flat rate boxes when y’all send them.

    never thought about seasonings either, everyone uses A LOT of Lea and Perrins worchestershire sauce out here! Helps cut the gamey flavor of moose etc…

    Several moms have mentioned needing Laundry Detergent. I could use ziplocs to divide it up ;-)

    OOH course dry/powdered milk

    umm don’t know whatelse to add, if I think of anything else I post it

    Ann S. :-D

    If you would like to donate any of the above items, we have contact information and more ways to help on this page:




  73. Ah, well…. tried to be clever and my comment got thrown out or sent to a moderator? (Mathhew: nothing bad was in there, the gibberish merely created white space “by design”.)

    Guess I’ll just settle for a piece of pie and read the other wedgies.


  74. ANY FOLKS IN WA DC AVAILABLE TO PROTEST SARAH PALIN’S VISIT TO DC? She is ignoring the people of the villages and her stimulus package that she is pushing is for pipe lines and not much more. Even her Republican friends are shaking her head.

    I am AK or I would be there to protest!


    She will be at the ALFALFA CLUB dinner in DC tonight! Who knows, maybe Coulter will be there too.

    It is never wrong to help others.

  75. came up with a response for trolls who speak in tongues. (crossing my fingers that this works)


  76. Thank you so much for reading and summarizing the book here. I was curious about it but could never actually spend money for anything to do with Dann Coulter. (large feet, huge adam’s apple, calls Keith Olbermann a 57-year-old woman trapped in a man’s body, stuff like that makes me wonder if she was formerly he!)

    I love your blog!

  77. Greytdog, Ann and Grandma Katie…thanks for tolerating my off topic posts and for your encouragement to continue writing. I am going to start working on some short stories while I continue my research…and I have picked up a book to help with the organizational discipline required…instead of my normal shotgun approach.

    I now return you to your regular programming :-)

  78. Julie
    link doesn’t work.
    alternative, please?



  79. LOL. Great post. Thanks for telling us about the book.

  80. Hello ladies!

    Just found your blog, and I gotta say……….GREAT JOB! I will be a regular reader as of now.

    As to Ann Coulter…..she is such a caricature of something human, just hearing her name makes me gag. Ugh.


  81. A petition against Rush Limbaugh – please sign it! It is time to tell Rush and Coulter that they are wrong!


  82. Yesterday it was -17 degrees in Emmonak and the heating oil for homes was still $7.50 a galon. My neighbor just got a $500.00 electric bill for one month when it is normally $180.00. In Juneu, we had power lines go down so we are using more expensive diesel power. The Juneau Utility is paying $2.50 per gallon for the diesel. (Compare that to $7.50 in the village. Also: Emo uses only Diesel generated electric power for the village)

    HELP IF YOU CAN or help a local food bank! Helping another is never wrong!

    Link to help village children in AK.


    I am sending money off today!

  83. More Rachel on igmoring Rush, Coulter and Republicans because they have no thoughts of being bi-partisan.


  84. Tell Congress and President Obama to ignore the Republicans and get rid of tax cuts! Here is Rachel Maddow:


  85. I was sent this link abour foreclosure – one of the legacies of the Bush/Cheney administration.


    Never heard of it before so thought I would pass it along.

  86. Charles!!! I have a fave. book with a Golem; Snow in August. Cannot remember the author. A shout out to Colorful…fyrdssamo&^mwq!

  87. The monkey in the middle actually favors shrub a little, don’t ya think?

  88. oops…didn’t mean to post as anonymous…lol I’m still on my first cup of java.

  89. Hey guys! Found my muse for the 3 monkeys idea for the outer facade of the Shrub Library. Go to this website and check out the pic! This is gonna be fun! Tell me what you think.



  90. Jean – here’s viewpoint on Steele from Talking Points Memo:


    caveat – this is one side of who Steele is – so be sure to look for more opinions/articles regarding Steele’s tenure as Lt Gov of MD (as well as his conduct/words since then). The one thing that I’ve found that almost all articles reference is his campaign tactic of “pretending” to be a Democrat in order to win votes in the African American community of MD. Since he didn’t win the MD Senate seat he was seeking, I guess the tactic didn’t work.

  91. When dealing with meaning/definition of words, remember it’s usage that is the indicator of meaning. For instance to some people religion/spirituality is the same thing, while to others, these words represent polar opposites. DadInDallas – I like your linkage of procrastinate/nap. I usually choose nap whenever possible. But I rarely procrastinate – I totally avoid. Procrastinate, to me, indicates a future intent to attend to something. . .if I can’t avoid something, I simply do it and then go nap. :)

  92. Hi Werner

    My pleasure!

    I always get a little thrill when I see a reference to South Africa so big ups to you for making the effort to find out about the history of my country.

  93. I saw an episode of B Original (a kind of craft, art, decorating program series) a while back, and she also used wine bottles as a border in a garden. If I remember correctly, she pounded 24″ rebars into the ground, spacing them apart, then put sand into the bottles, turned them upside down and onto the rebars. They looked very pretty.

    Interesting list Jean. Some of my takes on words with a fine line separating definitions:

    Remind and Nag
    Procrastinate and Nap
    Obama and Superman
    Clutter and Treasures
    Limbaugh and Coulter
    Bush and Palin

    Thanks for the fun exercise!

  94. thanks howlgirl, I wonder if using the bottles with a mix of concrete in between would work in our backyard (?)

    do you remove the labels?

  95. Monkeys??? I like monkeys!

  96. P.S.


    I’m NOT even THINKING about damn monkeys until my blistered, bleeding Valentine Guys’ fingers heal.

    But thanks for asking.



  97. What the hell was that?

  98. Jean: nice list, but for me one ends where there is the word “and” then the other begins!

    Actually, seriously, I have often wondered about how our felings are som clearly segregated. Like your words above, I certainly KNOW the difference between say… love and like. Or Jealousy and envy. It is also often true that I can feel more than one feeling, but each is distinctively it’s own.


    ~D in D

  99. Hi gang,

    I am very encouraged!!! Today Michael Steele was elected to be the RNC chairman. He was formerly the Lt. Governor of Maryland. Check out his resume. Impressive! I watched his speech. He appeared to be self-possessed, articulate and knowledgeable. I look forward to learning more about him.

    I am feeling that the Republicans have finally come to their senses. Perhaps this is the ending of the Middle Ages mode of thinking and we are entering into a New Era of cooperation to get things done in this country and then globally. Let’s hope!!!!

    Here is something to think about. There is a continuum of meanings for words. I have compiled a short list of words to illustrate this. Where does one meaning leave off and another begin? It is always subjective.

    Internal and External

    Spirituality and Religion

    Patriotism and Nationalism

    Revenge and Justice

    Gossip and Debate

    Private and Secretive

    Loneliness and Solitude

    Personality and Character

    Persuasive and Manipulative

    Cajolery and Coercion

    Arrogance and Self-confidence

    Stubborn and Resolute

    Flexible and Uncompromising

    Fashion and Taste

    Nudity and Eroticism

    Miserly and Frugal

    Stingy and Generous

    Anxiety and Fear

    Empathy and Sympathy

    Humor and Derision

    Intelligence and Education

    Knowledge and Wisdom

    We seek knowledge in order to achieve wisdom – a life long pursuit.

    These are only a few examples. You can think up an endless list of your own.

    Off to bed and reading. Nighty-night, my good friends.



  100. Colorful can kiss my hell-bound heathen ass.

    Love the rest of y’all.

  101. Ooops. Should have proofread a little. Time to go to bed.

  102. Gtrytdog–at last after years someone I know has read Lammas Night!!
    Wonderful story. My former neighbor who is Wiccan says it could be true!!

    Don’t want to scroll back to find your name . But turn your Mopm inot volunteering. There are so many palaces she could volunteer. During the election I volunteered in a campaign office. Now I get all the paterwork odne and going to volunteer Hospice office. Can’t go make calls, can’t drive .

    Wat to go Charles in y our writing. Just today I finished a children’s story.Has been good for my typing.LOL

  103. thanks y’all. and of COURSE there are zombies in austin. 24/7/365. it IS the state capitol and home of the dellionaires, you know. where the 70s, 21st century and good ol’ boys collide.

    the ‘trick’ with the bottles is simply that you get to a point where you get the little twists and turns that it takes to get them in right. of course (J) trying to push them through coral or limestone or bedrock takes a miracle rather than a trick. here in austin i had to get an auger to drill through some of the rock bed but still got it to work. i’m not going to do more than the little bit i’ve done here, however, until i move into my new house. i’m just renting right now as i moved here so quickly and have learned – somehow – over the last 54 years to not make big decisions when too much is crashing down.

    to be totally above board with all of this, my partner did 90%, if not 99.9%, of the work on the house we were restoring. i had my corporate america job that paid for a few thigns but she did all the work on the house. she is a really gifted davincina artist/ craftsperson/ how-many-times-did-you-get-in-line-when-talents-were-being-handed-out kind of gal. but the bottles were beautiful.

    she got the idea because the house she was restoring was originally on another piece of property and we had it moved onto ours. the old lady who had been dead probably 50 years before we got the house – literally falling down in parts – had paved the entire area around the house with bottles. it must have taken her her entire life. stories were that she just went out and swept her yard every day. kept the weeds down, made her garden and yard like a jewel – i’m still determined to do it SOMEwhere and am hoping that when i move into my new house it will be the last move i ever have to make.

    my best luck with the bottles comes when i use a bulb planter to dig a hole almost the full depth of the bottle then inch it / twist it until the bottom of the bottle is level with the ground. no matter how firmly you think you have it in the ground, they will still settle more. i’ve also dug trenches where i’ll line the bottles up side by side – bottoms up – and then fill in around them. all depends on what type of soil you’re dealing with and how many bottles. little by little they add up – in fact we got to a point where she told me to tell my friends to stop saving their bottles for us.

    they are also beautiful in concrete – i’m going to do an outdoor shower at my new place with the bottles in the enclosure. and in some walls around the place – kind of like pompeii meets chihuly meets mother earth – only chihuly without the attitude.

    oh well, gotta go lock up before the zombies figure out i’m still up.

    peace -

  104. I always get discouraged, because I get here 300 comments in. But you are hilarious, and like many have said before, a better woman than I . . . there’s no way I’d make it through the first chapter. I cringe when I witness insanity without medication . . .

  105. Charles – go read Kathrine Kurtz’s Lammas Night. Eerie and pretty spot on.
    And considering that Hitler was most likely a member of a coven. . . whoa! Get thee to your writing!!! I wanna read that story that’s sitting in your head!

  106. Knocked up by twins? No there’s a story. Do tell…

  107. Thanks…I love dogs, the first time my mother learned about Lotus and what she did for a living, my mom looked at me and said “It’s a good thing she loves animals”.

    I have always had rescue dogs, including the one I have now…who was a basket case after being a vet tech program dog.

    We’ll see about the writing, I told Lotus a little about the subject matter and she just shook her head…it has to do with mystical experience, the creating of a golem, alchemy and the meaning of family all set in Nazi Germany near the end of the war. Sort of magic realism meets dark fantasy. Still doing a lot of research (residue of too many 400 level history classes in my youtn).

    Me…I am to the point of deciding towards having a life, being in my 40s and finding myself making what I did almost 20 years ago. Except for the stress of paying rent, bills and praying my car will stay alive for another couple of years, it is all good!

  108. Colorful:

    I am actually feeling quite sorry for you.

    You seem pretty pathetic if you truly believe what you are writing.


  109. Charles – I totally empathize. Working with animals keeps me sane. . . but poor. I’ve had some good paying positions that enabled me to pay off student loans and keep a roof over my head, but finally realized that there really is a difference between making a living and. . .having a life. The animals help me choose the latter. And I agree with Lotus – plus I firmly believe that animals have taught me and continue to teach me about living in the moment (of course coming home to a house that looks pillaged and plundered by a band of marauding toddlers makes me question this p.o.v. sometimes – picking up toy guts and pieces/parts of stuffed dogs toys. . .and stepping into cat hurl. . . )
    Anyway – dogs especially seem to have a “yes we can” attitude about EVERYTHING. So in the words of the immortal Nike ad: Just do it. Write. Write Write.

  110. “. . . she totally freaked when I began working with animals because animals are “smelly and riddled with disease”. Arrggghhh.”

    Lotus has groomed dogs for twenty years now, because she finds them much more spiritual than people. Her boss, is in it because of the money.

    Myself, I have always had to take whatever paid the best and now seeing little hope for my financial future…getting back to my own painting, which I should have kept with the last 8 years instead of the decisions I had made and getting back to writing fiction.

    Who knows, perhaps I’ll actually support myself with a love instead of a job eventually…

  111. Good Evening to all….Helen, you are just the best..you make me smile each and everytime I read your blog….and the fact that this blog attracts flies like “colorful” just makes me giggle all the more…I knew a girl like her when I was in school…she got knocked up by twins and THEN found the Lord….bless her heart. She manages a Applebee’s today in Loisville Kentucky…poor little skank….AnyWho…Love the blog!!!

  112. http://www.juddlegum.com/blog/2009/01/5-facts-about-the-new-rnc-chairman/

    Okay folks – gotta walk the doggies before I head out to the stables. . .

  113. strangest thing, If I post the YT link the whole post just disapers into Nirvana…….

    Well, as I tell my customers every day, …….in IT logic is not necessarily involved……

  114. UAW Tradesman forgot to include the entire Pelosi quote:
    ““I didn’t come here to be partisan. I didn’t come here to be bipartisan. I came here, as did my colleagues, to be nonpartisan, to work for the American people, to do what is in their interest.”

  115. What the heck, is it the youtube linkÉ
    I am typing this the fifth time now……

    Here I give you the one and only Monkees:


    (Don’t copy Quotes)

    Who can still remeber Those?

  116. Donna – nope I’m not a better person. But thank you for thinking so – It was just weird reading through Colorful’s garbage and then that one plaintive phrase just seemed to jump out. Oh well – perhaps Colorful is like the weird monk in the DaVinci Code – inflicting self-pain in order to find God and hurting others to prove worthiness of God’s approval. Strange.

  117. And here for all concerned, the one and only real Monkees!
    (Who can still remember those?)


    YA, we are the Monkees……

  118. Helen ~ adopt me.

  119. Finally
    so 4th try, seams to be a problem with my Vista box at home and IE7 so ssdp (…. … different post)

    Jean can we please make those Monkeys (Bldg) look out of a big….. Aeeehhem shrubb?

  120. For PalinShutUp: about your mole problem. Here’s a solution from Mother Earth News:
    A repellent mixture of castor oil and soap usually causes moles to leave an area. Put one-half cup each of castor oil and dishwashing liquid in a jar, and shake well. Use this as a concentrate and mix 2 to 3 tablespoons in a gallon of warm water. Use a watering can to dribble it over the area you want to protect. A castor oil-based commercial product called Mole-Med can save you some of the mixing. Until you get the animals to feed somewhere else, make time to visit your garden each morning and step on all the tunnels around your plants.
    I’ve used Dr Bonner’s castor-oil based soap because the castor oil concentration isn’t so high as to be toxic to other critters or to moles. Some folks also plant marigolds to deter the moles.

  121. Greytdog–you’re a better person than I am. I just think she’s B-O-R-I-N-G. Why don’t I like her? Gosh–I can’t imagine. Someone who thinks the Shrub kept us “safe?”

  122. test

  123. Donna – have you read through Colorful’s garbling? There seems to be an underlying theme: “Why don’t you like me?” – this is not a troll. This is a child crying in the dark and not understanding that flipping the light switch will banish the darkness. So rather than be proactive, this pitiful soul berates those who dance in light because she refuses to leave the haven of her fear. Poor baby. Poor scared baby. A prisoner to her own hobgoblins.

  124. Colorful, you’re not…

    And not worth it….

  125. Charles – it’s okay – it’s a train I’ve been on enough they’ve made me a honorary conductor. Sigh.

    My ex-mother-in-law is a doozy – the same category of the entitled phew(ee) – never worked a day in her life, money handed down through a few generations. . . ick. I think the heaviest load she ever carried were her three kids and only for 9 months at a time. Her son (my ex) is a hard working extremely talented artist who makes a good living (but not good enough according to the Phewees). . . she totally freaked when I began working with animals because animals are “smelly and riddled with disease”. Arrggghhh. Gnashing my teeth. And the only time I felt justice was evenhanded was when the IRS finally reminded her she needed to pay back taxes. . . hehehe. (evil snicker)

    Note to Colorful: God called. He wants you to shut up – you’re embarrassing Him.

  126. Jean can we make those Monkeys look out of a big…..aehhh shrubb?

    And her not to be forgetten, I give you the one and only original: Monkees (Who can still remeber THOSE?)

    Monkees Theme – Pilot – Intro



  127. “UAW Tradesman – I tend to categorize wealthy folks as described above as the ultimate welfare queens. And I don’t care if they’re Dem, Repub, or whatever. They’re skating on my hard-earned thin dime and I would rather use that dime to help folks like those in Alaska, or West Virginia, or out on the rez.”

    Woo hoo…sorta like Fitzgerald gushing to Hemingway about how the rich are so different than everyone else and Hemingway replying that yep, they just had more money.

    My fiance works for a woman who’s father is on the low end of wealthy, does quite well as a CPA, her husband is a private pilot and everything, including her business has been handed to her. Now that is the type of person with money that annoys me, not those who made it from wherever they started but those who have a sense of entitlement because everything has always been handed to them. In fact now, she lives on an estate in a rural town outside of the Portland Metro area because her Dad put a couple hundred thousand down for it…

    Then I have watched as her boss’ business has more than doubled because of my fiance’s work…yet my fiance cannot open her own shop because of her credit. She has over 20 years of experience in her field and her boss has none…in fact was primarily retail untill she hired Lotus. Had tried having groomer’s before but could never get that end of the business running, now it is carrying the store, retail, etc.

    Sigh…sorry, started getting pissed and completely lost my train of thought :-)

  128. Colorful you really need to quit eating crackers over your keyboard!

    I would suggest a can of air to blow all of the crumbs out. We just might be able to understand you then.

    Good Day! No I said GOOD DAY!

  129. How fascinating. One thing that we know is that Ann Coulter had a long thing with Bob Guccione–the publisher of Penthouse. Yes, Penthouse. Now, I find gynecological photographs and inflated tatas and prose worthy of a 12 year old boy fairly tiresome. But one would think that a fine Christian would be horrified by someone’s, ahem, intimate association with Mr. Guccione. But no, because Ms. Coulter says that she’s a Christian, that’s just jake.

    I guess that today’s ramblings have persuaded me that Colorful is, indeed, not a well-meaning but somewhat touched soul. Definitely just a garden variety troll of the sort that gets a psychological lift from trying to cause chaos among strangers. Perhaps therapy would work, or new meds. Or perhaps Colorful is so immature and limited that this is all he or she is capable of.

    WWJD? Well, he wouldn’t be lurking on blogs and telling people they are going to hell. WWCD? ["What Would Colorful Do?"]. Exactly what Jesus wouldn’t.

  130. Colorful –
    Get a job.

  131. I’m going to ask my daughter to draw the 3 monkeys bldg. AKA the Shrub Presidential Library. We’ll see what she comes up with.


  132. Woohoo Dodo’s back and obviously has not taken her meds today.

    I don’t recall any of us asking for you to come here and save us. I don’t think your crazy method of saving us by telling us we are all going to hell is going to turn any souls here. I think many of us have our own way of believing and you won’t be able to change that no matter how many times you tell me I am going to hell.

    Jesus saved with love and caring, not threats and wild ranting. Ann Coulter says she is a Christian. Bush says he prays. Do you know that for a fact? He also said there were WMD’s in Iraq. BUSH LIES. I don’t believe a word that comes out of the man’s mouth.

    Oops, went against my own idea of ignoring the trolls. But I couldn’t help it, she really is silly. She is begging us to not come here, yet she keeps coming back. I wish she would take her own advice and stay away.

  133. Ignore the colorful troll!

  134. UAW Tradesman – I tend to categorize wealthy folks as described above as the ultimate welfare queens. And I don’t care if they’re Dem, Repub, or whatever. They’re skating on my hard-earned thin dime and I would rather use that dime to help folks like those in Alaska, or West Virginia, or out on the rez.

  135. UAW Tradesman – and I must preface this forthcoming comment with a “tiny” back story : I live in an “enclave hamlet” (hahahaha) of tres wealthy people – of both political persuasions. I refer to this lovely little enclave as bruised colored since we sport a divine shade of deep purple. . . and it is my experience from living among the Bruises that wealth is the common denominator – not politics. So many of the Bruises have household help – often from other countries. The housekeepers tend to be from South/Central America, the nannies from the Islands or Europe, and the rest of the help from just across the tracks. And I have only met one family who paid FISA, etc for their household help – and yes, they are Dems. But back to my comment – again – it’s the wealth that’s the primary denominator – wealth that seems to say to folks of all political leanings – you’re above the law, or the law doesn’t apply to you – and if you yourself are not wealthy but are somehow employed by or under the protection of wealth (power), then likewise you are a beneficiary of the protection FROM the law. At least Daschle paid his taxes – after a fashion. As to the mindset of anyone who believes they don’t have to pay taxes or picks and chooses what they pay – well, from the view from the other side of the tracks, seems to go with the neighborhood. Sigh. Frankly, I’d like to go kick every single person who believes they don’t have to pay taxes simply because they are someone “special” – and I’d like to start with my ex mother in law. arrrghhhh…growl.


  137. Don;t hae sex befor eyou get married. If you do and get pregnanat don;t kill the baby give it to adoption go to yuour church aand ask to be saved PLEASE

  138. Ann Coulter is a christian. she says that all she needs to know is that Jesus died for her sins. That is all you need to know to Repent. Don’t come here anymore
    i AM CRYING FOR YOU. why donh;t you like me. Who are you afraid of ..you need to listen to me this is IMKPRORTANt!!!!!!!!!! thias is your life and yiou mus help yourself


  139. Dodo’s back.

  140. I do not come here to upset you or to anger you. Why do you think that. I come here to save you. My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ commands me to spread his word and save your soul from eternal damnation. I am here to help you.

    When I come here I see lies and pro-homosexual comments and anti-christian writings and I am saddened knowing that you will all go to hell. The woman who writes this blog uses foul lanquage and lies to get you to like her. She is like the devil and she will burn for etenity if we do not save her.

    President Bush found the Lord and made decisions based on what God told him. He PRAYED everyday and made the tough decisions to save us. He saved us here on earth but only Jesus can save YOU in the afterlife.

    I am praying for each of you to find the light. You must stop now. You must take down this site. You must repent. I am BEGGING YOU. PLEASE. YOU ARE EVIL. YOU ARE DAMNING YOURSELF TO HELL.

    Our father who art in heaven

  141. “It’s an awkward writing style and kind of bothered me as a reader, but maybe Ann is just “smarter” than I am.”

    I had to hold in my laugh.
    Note to self: never reading the Margaret and Helen blog in public spaces like the computer lab.

  142. Aloha from sunny blue skied 74º trade wind Hawaii! So sorry, but it is beautiful here, and my oldest is freezing his butt in Vermont right now and unable to go to school. I sent packages to the Emmanoks and Num Iquas on Inauguration Day, flat rate priority, and the soup is probably frozen if it hasn’t arrived yet!

    Okay, I learned something new today as I was eating my little tv dinner for lunch. It was meatloaf with mashed potatoes, nothing to write home about, but it was food. Well anyway, it was small, so I grabbed a small salad fork instead of the regular dinner fork, and ate a satisfying lunch. I do believe it made the food go a longer way – and I took longer to eat since you can’t put as much food on a little fork as you can a big fork. Actually, now I am a little afraid to post this bit of information because of how Werner might start giving us some forking lessons…

    Mauka and Makai, Jean. Yes, this is our Hawaiian way of location. It is very effective and can only apply to islands. Mauka is mountainside, Makai is oceanside. So, when going mauka, you generally are heading towards the middle of the island, and when going makai, you are heading towards the shore.

    That’s for one leg of the compass. We also use Diamond Head and Ewa (on the island of Oahu) as another leg of the compass. Diamond Head is on the east side of our island and Ewa is on the other side. It gets a bit tricky to give directions when you are actually at Diamond Head or in Ewa, but we manage with other reference points.

    So, if you were to meet a friend on the corner of Keeaumoku and Beretania, and they want to know which corner, you could say the diamond head makai corner, and we would know that was the corner closest to the ocean and east of Keeaumoku.

    Makes perfect sense and very understandable. Great for driving directions, just as long as you don’t mix up mauka and makai.

    So, here I am with this great sense of direction ingrained into my consciousness for all my life, and I had to take my daughter up to California for her first year in college. Luckily for me, my neighbor went with me, and said she would drive. She google mapped the directions from LAX to Pasadena, and as we started off with our rental car, the directions looked like Greek. North Sepulveda, east on West Greenwich, enter on 110N, etc.

    Well, I tell you, it took us forever to find the entrance to the freeway because Sepulveda, El Coronado or what ever it was didn’t have North or South on the dang signs even though the dang map said to go 3.2 miles on those dang North or South streets! You couldn’t see the mountains or oceans to determine if we were going away from the coast or driving into the desert!

    And people are honking at us as we are craning our necks to look at crossing street signs, how rude! Well it took us over an hour to finally get on the scary fast freeway and another hour getting off one freeway to get on another, and we were so exhausted and stressed out by the time we got to my daughter’s school, I needed a nap.

    Those Californians have a lot to learn from us here in Hawaii, I tell you.

    And I also learned to buy a GPS for those stupid California streets. I tell it the exact address of where I want to go, with the least use of freeways, and the nice lady in the box tells me exactly when and where to turn.

    Glad you finished those Valentine boys Jean!

  143. Getting back to asshats…”During the vetting process to become HHS secretary, Daschle corrected the tax violation, voluntarily paying $101,943 in back taxes plus interest, working with his accountant to amend his tax returns for 2005 through 2007.” What is it with rich Dems and taxes???

  144. Helen, you are so “brave” I can hardly bring myself to even look at that evil woman.


  145. She’s the best and tells it like it is! -

  146. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/republicans

  147. http://thecaucus.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/01/29/partisan-barbs-follow-house-stimulus-vote/

  148. Reference: http://centerblue.org/

  149. UAW Tradesman – here are some global headlines that will make you split your sides laughing:
    * Home
    * Philosophy
    * Bio
    * Contact

    Quote of the Day
    January 22, 2009, 10:37 pm

    “The United States will not torture. The orders that I signed today should send an unmistakable signal that our actions in defense of liberty will be as just as our cause and we, the people, will uphold our fundamental values as vigilantly as we protect our security.”

    President Obama, on closing Guantanamo Bay Prison

    It’s about damn time. I hope these words are chiseled in stone on a monument someday, so that people remember what America really stands for despite the stain of the last eight years.
    Sphere: Related Content

    Tags: guantanamo, obama
    Category: Civil Liberties | Comment
    The World’s Newspapers Say Good-Bye to Bush
    January 19, 2009, 3:53 pm

    Germany’s Sueddeutsche Zeitung under a headline of “The Failure:” “He confused stubbornness with principles. America has become intolerant and it will take a long time to repair that damage.”

    Canada’s Toronto Star: “Goodbye to the worst president ever. Bush was an unmitigated disaster, failing on the big issues from the invasion of Iraq to global warming, Hurricane Katrina and the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.”

    Sunday Times in London: “Bush leaves a country and an economy in tatters.”

    Britain’s Daily Mail: “He leaves the world facing its biggest crisis since the Depression, the Middle East in flames and U.S. standing at an all-time low. How will history judge George W.? Have we, perhaps, to quote his own mangled malapropisms, ‘misunderestimated’ him? On the plus side, after 9/11 he achieved what became his number one priority: to prevent his country suffering further attack on its own soil. Al Qaeda has been hugely weakened.”

    The Scottish Daily Record: “America is now hated in many parts of the world. Bush leaves a legacy of wars and the world economy in meltdown. He has been dismissed as a buffoon and a war-monger, a man who made the world a more dangerous place while sending it to the brink of economic collapse.”

    The Economist: “He leaves as one of the least popular and most divisive presidents in American history. Bush has presided over the most catastrophic collapse in America’s reputation since World War Two.”

    The Sydney Morning Herald: “Farewell to a flawed and unpopular commander-in-chief” [who had a] “singular lack of curiosity in international matters.”

    France’s Le Monde: “It’s hard to find a historian who won’t say that Bush was the most catastrophic leader the U.S. has ever known. One success: since September 11, 2001, there was no attack on U.S. soil. But this sits alongside an interminable list of failures, starting with the war in Iraq.”

    Germany’s Die Zeit: “Bush brought great misery to the world with his ‘friend-or-foe’ mentality.”

    Germany’s Stern magazine: “Bush led the world’s most powerful nation to ruin. He lied to the world, tortured in the name of freedom and caused lasting damage to America’s standing.”

    Austria’s Wiener Zeitung: “The United States was once the symbol of justice in the world but that has been damaged by Bush. A web of manipulation has cost America $900 billion and the lives of 4,000 soldiers — along with at least 500,000 Iraqis.”

    Warsaw’s daily Dziennik: “It was empty rhetoric.”

  150. “Here’s a good one…Nancy Pelosi says she’s nonpartisian……HAHAHAHAHA”

    Would like a link to that…that’s like Cheney saying he’s human :-)

    (Dick, we all know you’re Luke’s father)…

  151. Yeah UAW Tradesman, that’s about as hysterical as Boehner claiming that the GOP wants to work with President Obama to repair the dire economic straits created over the last 8 years – and then has the House GOPers vote en masse against the Obama stimulus plan. Only difference is that no one is laughing, except you and Rush

  152. Here’s a good one…Nancy Pelosi says she’s nonpartisian……HAHAHAHAHA

  153. Going through the posts, I started wondering why the LGTS haven’t been complaining…..Your comparing them to AC…

    Can we add the Ruby Ridge and Waco Rooms to Clintons Library…how about the Janet Reno Stormtrooper Room

  154. just checked Sumo Paint, this is the ideal programm to work the library prokect (IF we do it) It has all we need picture / graphic tools, central file saveing and file sharing through accounts!
    and freeware


  155. just want to add a ps

    please no ideas how to kill moles, we do not

  156. thank you for sharing the bottle in the garden photos! loved it

    I am curious as to what the trick is you mentioned in your post.

    we live in the soggy wet but gorgeous NW, we have moles so our earth tends to be a bit softer in many spots of our back and front yard/garden

    perhaps using pavers and recycling items like bottles used in the manner shown in your photo would help keep weeds down and discourage moles

  157. maybe cheiney was inAustin?

  158. Omigod Werner – we saw that story about the zombies in Austin and just fell down laughing! personally speaking, even though I know it’s criminal and a level one felony, I still laughed. It would have made more sense in Dallas though with the return of the Shrub. . .

  159. http://blogs.zdnet.com/security/?p=2452

  160. endlish article on ZDnet about the zombie signs (attention, technical!)

  161. Howlgirl, what did you do?
    Zombie warnings in Austin!!!!???

    Someone reprogrammed those roadside warnigs outside of Austin so they warned ofZombies instead of building sites!!!



    article is in german but a there is a pic!


  162. and BTW it’s free

  163. Raji , Jean
    I think I might have found the tool for the librasry project:
    Have a look at
    sumo paint,
    works in a bowser, has photoshop and paint abilities, if we can find a central storage point for the images and have ‘em password protected (against trolls messing) that could maybe work, someone with graphic knowledge should take a look at this an give a feasability comment:



  164. For anyone keeping an eye on Mount Redoubt:

    Alaska Volcano Observatory
    Information Statement
    Friday, January 30, 2009 7:16 AM AKST (1616 UTC)

    Redoubt Volcano
    60°29’7″ N 152°44’38″ W, Summit Elevation 10197 ft (3108 m)
    Current Volcano Alert Level: WATCH
    Current Aviation Color Code: ORANGE

    Unrest at Redoubt Volcano continues, though no eruption has yet occurred. Seismicity levels have risen within the last 8 hours. Redoubt remains at Aviation Color Code ORANGE and Volcano Alert Level WATCH.

    AVO’s website has been overwhelmed with traffic this morning because of extensive national news coverage. A backup, low-bandwidth webserver is operating with limited information.

    On the news:

    Alaskans brace for Redoubt eruption


  165. Too young and we limit their internet, but yes Bot-hell is what it is called in jest. Althought the real pronunciation is with the soft th sound. There are a lot of scandinavians around here, but you don’t hear as many “Ya sure, You Betcha” jokes lately. The phrase kind of went sour, oh about September of last year.

  166. Alaskan, do your boyz kill those awfull Bot-Nets???
    (Spammers heaven)
    I just thought!
    (Bot-hell and all)
    Werner lol

  167. And Tine
    (sorry to come back to you as our professional)
    picking up the above ideas and adding to mine from before
    how about a layout where you have a wide sideline (left and right outside of the page, separetad by a vertical line from the text) where the recipes could be published, and some ethnic stuff too (Hawaiian, first nation, Inuit recipes too aside the normal everyday stuff that is just good, quick and healthy?)

  168. We have a thing here in Quebec that is called



    (link to english website of them)

    that is coordinating donations and volunteers and all that stuff for Montreal region and partial also for Quebec, maybe you guyz could setup something along those lines?

    Saves overhead for the small grassroot volonteer groups, makes sure that stuff get’s distrubuted fairly betweeen all members and gives a central point to donate, handle tax receipts, coordinate demands volonteers etc.

    If you don’t al;ready have soemthing like thios I could try to make contact for your groups? (As someon who knows how to setup some5hing like this?)
    But there must be a real will to work with w central spot organiozation……. otherwise waste of time better spend in helping individulas


  169. Some thoughts on your TERRIFIC ideas:
    I think there may be a lot of other people out there nowadays who are willing to help others, but don’t know exactly what they can do, so the idea of a clearinghouse sort of thing is so great. I think it will all speak for itself. The variety and diversity of the help available will be motivating to others to either join, or do the same. It sounds like your ideas will inspire everyday Americans to stand together to move forward because they will see that Yes, we can! Personally, it’s very inspiring to me to see what can be accomplished when the community gathers on Margaret and Helen’s porch.
    I second the idea of recipes, too. They’d all make a great little cookbook to sell in the gift shop.

  170. “http://theimmoralminority.blogspot.com/2009/01/sarah-palin-finally-mentions-emmonak.html”

    More Palin BS

  171. Ann

    You will be getting two more boxes soon from Bothell, WA. My boys were very glad to help.

  172. From Mudflats – an update from Ann Strongheart:
    Struggling_in_Nunam_IquaNo Gravatar (02:12:47) :

    Just in case anyone missed it on Odd’s and Ends thought I’d repeat my post here!

    WOW!!!!!!! We distributed over 700 (YES SEVEN HUNDRED) Pounds of FOOD today here in Nunam Iqua. The Emmonak Traditional Council sent down 600 lbs of food for our village today ADDITIONALLY we received over 100 lbs of food in the mail. It came from:

    Seattle, WA
    Miami, FL
    and Wahpeton ND

    It was a wonderful day!!! We gave food to 30 families!!! It took me and my volunteers (hee hee cousins and aunt) 4 hours to sort, inventory, and fill boxes and deliver them to those who couldn’t come and get them. I am on a food drive/giving HIGH right now LOL. I am soooo proud of all of you muddflatters and others for making it possible for us to help my village

    Quyana Cakneq (Yupik for THANK YOU VERYYYYY MUCH!!!)

    Ann Strongheart
    Nunam Iqua Food Drive
    P.O. Box 7
    Nunam Iqua, AK 99666

    P.S. CNN is picking up the story, they already spoke to Nicholas Tucker, in Emmonak and I received a request for an interview!
    Ann Δ & Jane in Miami – way to go ladies! Will bring further updates as they occur. Please remember all that this crisis is not over until AFTER spring thaw

  173. I agree with Charles that it is not really hate, but anger. We are all angry about things that have happened and are now gaining momentum to do something about it.

    I also agree that is it nice to debate with UAW. I don’t agree with him much of the time either, but he makes statements, backs them up and answers questions. He doesn’t just pop in with a whack job comment and then sit back and watch the reactions. This is what colorful and anonymous do. It is also what Coulter does. They enjoy the up in arms reactions they get because it makes them seem more important. “Look at me, look what I did, I made all those people mad.”

    That is why it is best to ignore trolls (unless one seriously needs to be bashed over the head).

    It is sad that Christians get a bad reputation because of the actions of a few. Most Christians are just living by faith and trying to do their best. There are the handful that put a bad rap on all. But isn’t that the same with Muslims? There are a few extreme terrorist groups that give all Muslims a bad name. I know a lot of Muslims and they are nothing like the extremists. They just want to raise their families, work their jobs and have their beliefs like anyone else.

    We make such a fuss about the Muslims, yet look what goes on in our own country. The fundamentalist mormons keep women as breeding cattle and swap wives and families around between the men at the whim of one man who is a “prophet”. They keep them uneducated, perpetually pregnant and have closed contact with the outside world. These women are living in circumstances that are worse than under the taliban. All in the name of their religion.

  174. Werner, I like that title. . . for a working title. As for the audience – wellllll now – of course progressives, but I’m also thinking a broader spectrum – seniors to teens – maybe even tweens! Especially if salted with recipes here and there – and social commentary, not just political commentary.

    Howlgirl – contact your local PBS station to see if they have a reading program where folks go in and read the local and national newspapers, magazine articles, etc and the tapes are distributed through a special program to the visually impaired community. That might be a good volunteer opportunity for your mom plus a way for her to become part of the austin community. If she likes art and is ambulatory, she might want to consider volunteering as a docent at a museum or specialty gallery.

    Tine, as to your question: What can a book give that folks can’t find here?
    Well for one thing, not everyone is connected to the internet – but they could vicariously participate through a book. Plus a book builds on the community here – who knows what will be built from this – look at how we came together to not just express our outrage over the neglect of the Alaskan villagers, but to pool our resources, our connections, etc. to make a difference – to say yes, WE can.

  175. Sherrie1690 Whoa….have you been spying on me?lol

  176. But I still like the Garp idea:
    “Live as Margaret and Helen seeit, with comments of the rest of us!”

  177. Oh, and a more serious title idea:
    “Thoughts from America” would hit it nicely I’d think

  178. Karen
    “sill-ettos” is so much better! Fits the subject. leave it at that

    audience is grass root never do got liberals (How many millions potentual customers makes that….?)
    contens is the blog from Margaret and Helen as chapter starter and than the wittier comments (inlcuding some troll bashing) as filler for ther rest….?

    And maybe a warning at the home page (for legal purposes) that reads like : “your comments will be recorded and might be published for educational purposes”!

    What ya think?

    And yeah, hm the kind of book…..one made out of paper, maybe?

    No but seriously, I was even thinking along the lines of a loose leave collection published by monthly chapter, that people collect in folders?

    Remeber we had them on all levels a few decades back?

    Cheap to publish cheap to sell and inexpensive to buy, and still would make money, and published in monthly cycles gives add opportunities for apporved charities as well….

    But before I rumble on I’d like some input from the two main gals here (and the grandson at that, he’s taking the brunt of the job, I’d guess)


  179. Someone made a comment earlier that they did not like the bad comments coming from us. And that we were no better for dishing out hate.

    First of all, colorful is most likely not a real nutcase, but a troll trying to get reactions. Anonymous has already admitted that they say things just to get a reaction.

    And Coulter, Bush, Rush and the like deserve what they get because they spout vileness constantly. We completely have the right to “not like” what they say. And by not using the h word, I mean “they spout off some F***d up SH*T.

    It is not all conservative, or all republicans that get our ire. Just the ridiculous right wing whack jobs.”

    Again, we are back to people who see things “progressive”, have a social consciousness, that feel that there should be more than “piss down” economics should be meek?

    There are those who speak out that came from the punk side…Jello Biafra, Henry Rollins. I am not sure if what these readers are seeing is hate is actual hate but rather anger. A lot of anger, very intense but an entirely different emotion than hate.

    Sometimes it does take anger, anger at what is wrong to be an incentive for people to step up and demand changes to the system. hate is very damaging response but even the ‘far right christians’ need to remember that even their Lord reacted in anger, remember the temple and the moneychangers?

    TO the one poster who was sad that all Christians are being lumped together as whackjobs, I will admit that it is unfortunate that a few outspoken, hateful people have hijacked the name of your faith also and twisted it…not all Christians belong with the likes of Pat Robertson, Falwell and their ilk…some are spiritual, loving, sincere and probably have more in common with Thomas Merton than the freak that prayed at the beginning of the Inauguration.

  180. Correction: “stillettos.”

  181. Your comments are hilarious…only you gotta be nicer to us gals with big feet. I have big feet, but I do not use these gigantic sillettos to crush frogs, just Republicans.

    I mean it. Really.

  182. Hmm. I seem to have “outed” myself professionally. Should’ve waited till I’d thought through the book idea more carefully. How about 2 cents now and a buck later?

    I have been pondering whether there’s something sale-able, bookwise, in this here blog. I think there might be. I have seen other blogs (or families of blogs) turned into profitable books. And yes, the astronomical popularity is a big plus.

    The real questions, to start, are: What *kind* of book? Who’s the audience? What can a book give them that they can’t find here?

    I’m still puzzling over all that…. If anyone’s got some possible answers to those questions, fire away.

  183. I however do not speak French, even though I have a French name.

  184. I was supposed to be born in Montreal, but my parents moved during the last month and I was born in Halifax.

  185. Hassel (my) Butt? Better NOT!

  186. Alaskan
    Yup it is, we can stick with the “You/ Du” and your German is still good
    BTW I live since 1995 in Montreal Quebec (Bonne Journee a tous) and we can stick to english for the rest of the blog

  187. Just some ideas for you, after you’re done Hell n’ Noting the drivel, I’d like to know how you feel about E. Hasselbutt breeding again. Speaking of breeding, the woman having octuplets while having six kids at home and living with her parents, that obviously didn’t have fertility issues, but got fertility treatments anyway. Just wondering what you thought.

  188. Elementary schools love volunteer readers. They would jump at the chance. So many programs are being cut that they love volunteers for library, recess, art, music and room helpers.

  189. Werner,

    Wo in Deutschland wohnst du? Sollen wir dutzen? Ich habe ein jahr in Shoenach gewohnt. Ich war eine auschtauschschulerin in 84.

    Wow exchange student is definitely a long word in German isn’t it?

  190. as in she reads or as in she goes to hear a reader? if kate winslett is part of the package, i’m in!

    if she’s a listener, she might fall asleep. if she’s a reader, that could for sure work. i wonder if the elementary schools take volunteer readers? that’s a really good idea. thanks!

  191. the faster you type the more you entangle your fingers, see above… lol

  192. Howlgirl
    if she is mentaly active, how about geust reader at the local university on subjects that intersts her? the more you tease the brain the more active it gets, plus it gets her together with people of ALL ages, that never hurt anyone as far as I know….
    just an idea?

  193. Greytdog, do not forget:

    What does a sadist say to the masochist (read that “Whack job”) when he says “Beat me”?

    “No, No”

    But you are right of course, they beg to be victimized!

  194. happy fred rogers day, helen! have you ever seen such a beautiful day in the neighborhood?

    i might even get my mom outside!!!! speaking of which, i need to find her some pals here in austin. she plays well with others, doesn’t bite (at least not quickly enough that one can get away), can’t do too much with her hands so no knitting circles . . . i have to drive her anywhere she’d go outside the house but that’s an option in the evenings . . .

    someone should start a ‘play day’ program for mums and dads like they do for kiddos. she’s recently moved in with me (houston to austin) although she refuses to believe it’s permanent.

    any ideas are appreciated. first time to go down this road.

  195. Hey Tine
    what about the book idea of this blog and some (exemplary) comments?
    As an editor, do you see any chance?

    A publisher should normally jump at this with all the previous exposure / 1 Million + hits in a short time?

    give us your 5 cents worth (or a bucks worth, if you feel generous!)


  196. AlaskanΔ : “It is not all conservative, or all republicans that get our ire. Just the ridiculous right wing whack jobs.”

    Actually, I think it’s whack jobs in general, right wing, left wing, center-right, center-left, or just plain center. I think we all appreciate a well-rounded debate – but with whack jobs of any ilk, debate is not an option. It’s their skewed view and vitriol that matters to them. There are some folks on here – UAW Tradesman comes to mind – with whom I disagree – probably most vehemently – but at least there is a modicum of respect and a mutual, but polite, agreement to disagree. With whack jobs, there is no disagreement – just fear wrapped in hatred and self-loathing that they project onto others. IMO, whack jobs are around for the rest of us to whack – because they really really like it. :)

  197. OOps link came out weird- here it is http://www.funnyordie.com/videos/140efbd351/obama-reads-bush-s-letter

  198. Rambleicious

    Just read your comment about getting published.

    If that idiot can get published, then you surely can and maybe even I will have a chance with my childrens story. Got to go and hopefully get it finished today.

  199. Granma Kathi3e
    Congraz, with 3 -4 corrections you are on or above the level of a German (Me, and WE think ourselfs superior! Ha Ha Ha)

    Way to go


  200. Go Grandma Katie! :)

  201. As an editor who spends an inordinate amount of time rewriting craptacular previously-published drivel for new editions, I can assure you all of this:

    The mere fact of getting published says *nothing* about quality.

    And now I shall return to my hovel, where I shall continue rewriting somebody else’s craptacular book….

  202. WErner
    I gladly accept your idea that I could be a greeter (or something) in the shrubs new library. Just keep reminding me to take my blood pressure pills b efore every tour of duty and remind me to wash out my mouth with soap at the end !!

    Helen thanks for the Cliff notes. Be sure you take your blood pressure pilllls before you start reading. Just reading y our Cliff notes gives me such a pain I can imagine what reading the book will do!

    Whee typing really improving — only had to go back a make 3 or 4 corrections!!

  203. If you manage to make it through the whole book – I think you ought to be nominated for some kind of award – what crapulent drivel!

    On the other hand, Ms. Coulter is making me feel better about my own chances of ever being published. Perhaps I’ll dedicate a book to her one day.

  204. http://www.funnyordie.com/videos/140efbd351/obama-reads-bush-s- letter here it is !

  205. Werner – love the musical interlude! Here comes a link for the library. BTW:Just sold another saddle at the resale shop-ready to make another donation for the rural Alaskans.I read that cnn is picking up on the story! Ann Strongheart has reported recieving a good sized shipment of goods in Nunam Iqua…we are really able to make a difference for these folks while their Gov. is off partying in DC and TURNING DOWN earmarks that would be helpful! I guess she is planning slogans for her next campaign.How Awful.

  206. Just a good example of why we need to read and learn. A slight twist on words can mean different things to different people.

    HOUSTON (AP) – Exxon Mobil Corp. (XOM) (XOM) on Friday reported a profit of $45.2 billion for 2008, breaking its own record for a U.S. company, even as its fourth-quarter earnings fell 33 percent from a year ago.

    The previous record for annual profit was $40.6 billion, which the world’s largest publicly traded oil company set in 2007.

    Exxon Mobil Profit Falls 33%, Less Than Estimated
    Bloomberg – 2 hours ago
    By Joe Carroll Jan. 30 (Bloomberg) — Exxon Mobil Corp., the world’s largest company by market value, posted a smaller decline in profit than analysts estimated as increased refining earnings cushioned the impact of a record drop in oil prices.

  207. For everyone who asked about howlgirl’s wine bottle garden borders, here are pictures.




  208. I can’t wait til someone puts together a volume of Margaret and Helen and publishes it.

    I will run and buy as many copies as possible to share widely.


    This blog is so life affirming in so many ways.

  209. something I found for JuneauJoe


    software for teachers! links to freeware etc. check it out


  210. JuneauJoe
    good idea, but we need a more permanet host site to draw people on the long run (blog moves further down all the time) but maybe ask the provider for space as to promote this blog for now and others when help is needed elsewhere?

    Something along the lines: “Got screwed by moron politicians? Stop whining and do something about it, donate today!” ……

    So use a good laugh to channel donations or just awareness, I like the concept but we need to finetune

    Until we have a better place I will start to coordinate, anyone willing to work on this please contact my hotmail email (for filtering trolls) and from there I send you my private mail for future use:


    We CAN do it (again)


  211. And have your daughter help with bringing the room ideas into painting/drawing into the plans?
    And Jean in Hawaii and others contributions scaned and scaled into plans?

    Can you ask if
    a) they are willing and
    b) do have the time (Not a rush, but wuill still take some time)

    I keep looking for online collab tools that might help use spread the work

  212. OK Julie, Raji and the rest

    Julie can your son come up with an architecual plan that we can start with (or 3)
    Me thinks
    A starter website with the 3 monkeys,
    enter the first, poster of plan one, the library
    enter second, the microscope and accomplishments
    enter third the “olde giftshoppe”

    …something along these lines mebbe?


  213. Werner,

    Could set it up at http://anonymousbloggers.wordpress.com/

    since it us anonymous bloggers who are making life tough on Sarah and her wealthy friends.

    Donations to the villages at:


    I am sending another donation this weekend.

    Raji and Werner: What a great idea! Wonderful minds working here!

  214. something i’d like to share even if completly out of context

    I just stumbled across it reseraching other stuff, but this is the kind of spontanious thing I really really love:

    …..Homesick Mac performing at the Frankfurt Music Fair in march 2008, Sanden Guitars booth (www.sandenguitars.com). The cool about this clip is that it was filmed just for the archiving purposes but then THIS GUY started jamming with his drum sticks, his son was there too, all of a sudden he pulls out a little “egg shaker” and walks right in front of me, man, we’ve had a great time. A cool spontaneous thing, me like :-)



  215. My son is a architectural draftsman and my daughter is an artist who can create beautiful things with her pen tablet. Maybe we’re on to something!

  216. FOIA Author unknown, I’m just the passer on. I like the idea of the 3 monkeys as architecture, with three separate doors. Getting a good mental image here but really like Werner’s idea for the poster.

  217. Well jean’s not so good on the box she said, so let’s see what we can find on the web or get donated, any architectual plan of a school or big public biulding as a starter and than we need the online tool I will lok around if you join in!
    Once we have that every one can start designing one room (we need a clipboard as to collaborate without working “against” each other
    lemme see what I can do

  218. I appreciate your willingness to suffer for the greater good, Helen. I just cannot bring myself to read that woman’s words. Luckily, I think she is almost past the point of procreating, so at least she won’t be spawning.
    Wish I could say the same for Elizabeth Hasselbeck, who is knocked up again.
    Oh, and more good news, a volcano is about to erupt in Alaska, maybe it will keep Sarah Palin busy for awhile…

  219. OKO let’s do it
    set up a library comitee, built a web model and do a virtual tour! (I want either Greytdog ar Granma Kathie as tour guides, please)
    In the “olde giftshope” we can actually setup a “make it better” booth for real donations to real charities that right the wrong’s
    But otherwise this thing could be a nice huge palygrouind to have fun in together and later used before elections to remind the “short of mind” WHY you voted them out of office last time!

    So Whirled Peas and any other computer savvy
    what we need is an online collaborative graphic program, than pool our ideas and have fun! after that just a good place on the web where everyone can have fun visiting and if we can make money with adds, there is AK villages and tons of other charities that could use all the moeny we can generate……

    Any body (seriously) in?

    Raji how about you (coming, or donating above comments, or what?)

    I will invest time if there is interesst

  220. f) sell as poster
    g) get stinkin rich through it (only an option!) lol
    h) enjoy with the rest of us

    I love IT


    Great Idea!! Jean’s the craftsman here. Want to make a poster of the Bush library, Jean? Now that you are through with the Valentines.

  221. Raji,

    Oh I love the W Library already! Can’t wait to see what the architecture will be. Will it be in the shape of shrub shrugging like “What, me worry?” or the 3 monkeys who see, speak and hear no evil? Let’s get some ideas guys!

    Great post!!


  222. Someone made a comment earlier that they did not like the bad comments coming from us. And that we were no better for dishing out hate.

    First of all, colorful is most likely not a real nutcase, but a troll trying to get reactions. Anonymous has already admitted that they say things just to get a reaction.

    And Coulter, Bush, Rush and the like deserve what they get because they spout vileness constantly. We completely have the right to “not like” what they say. And by not using the h word, I mean “they spout off some F***d up SH*T.

    It is not all conservative, or all republicans that get our ire. Just the ridiculous right wing whack jobs.

  223. Hooray, Alaskan!

    Impressive use of Monty Python quotes there.

  224. I love reading your blog!

    I was wondering what your thoughts were on the record profits from oil companies while everyone else is losing their shirt!

    You girls are wonderful, keep blogging!

  225. To the trolls:

    “No, now go away or I shall taunt you a second time.”

    This is one for Bush:
    “Oh, king eh? Very nice. And how’d you get that, eh? By exploiting the workers. By hanging on to outdated imperialist dogma which perpetuates the economic and social differences in our society.”

  226. oh yeah,
    if you don’t like option g) donate earnings to AK Villages

  227. Raji
    …..The library will feature an electron microscope to help you locate and view the President’s accomplishments. ……

    please do the following

    a) get plan of library
    b) blow up to A3 or bigger
    c) number rooms,
    d) paint in specifics (Shot-gun rack, senators foot under toilet wall, microscope, etc)
    e) add the number sto corresponding comments
    f) sell as poster
    g) get stinkin rich through it (only an option!) lol
    h) enjoy with the rest of us

    I love IT


  228. Werner: Thanks for the tip. ;)

    Anybody recognize that quote? (I’ll give you a bit more: “I fart in your general direction! Your mother was a hamster, and your father smelt of elderberries!”)

    I must admit, I’m surprised this particular crowd didn’t get it! Oh well….another joke falls flat.

  229. I have to take a little offense at Rachel’s comment about C’s “alabaster Connecticut whiteness”. I’m from CT and I may be white, but we would ride Coulter’s pasty racist ass out of town on a rail. We do have people of color here, too, ya know, and we are a BLUE state with a great Republican Governor…so cut CT some slack…ok? ;)

    I don’t think we should burn her books. Sadly, because of the dioxins in the paper, and the vitriol she pours on the pages, it would be too harmful to the wonderful Alaskan environment to burn her books. In fact, I don’t think it is safe to burn her books ANYwhere. Let alone READ them. Thank you Helen for risking internal brain injury on our behalf.

    If I met A.C I would ask her this “How can you possibly quantify people wearing stilletos and crushing frogs vrs KKK members?” Did she take a poll? Did frog crushing high heal wearing people actually come forward to admit their fetish? (not that it’s wrong to HAVE a fetish, mind you, minus the cruelty to frog part) Does she realize that the KKK is a SECRET organization, that the members wear hoods for a reason, and that there is no way to actually know how many members are on the books? How about all the racist groups that are independent of the KKK?….

    Oh never mind. I forget…the bitch is stupid, and probably never actually took an actual statistics class, let alone a passing grade.

  230. Colorfull
    your so full of it!

    there is probably no god, at least not for me.

    If there is a heaven and it’s occupied by the likes of you, I’d PAY to go to hell just not to have to hang out with such a bunch ov morons!

    So, if there is heaven and hell, ket’s just keep it as it is and stay on opposite sites, since I am sure your heaven would be my hell!


  231. Tine
    about trolls:
    “…But I fart in their general direction!”

    Good plan but be adivesd that the use of poison gas has been banned since 1928 by the Geneva convention!


  232. Oh my Lord, Helen, just rip the pages out and flush them. I am sure that I would not even want to touch the damn book. But, like it or not we do have freedom of speech and until her kind turn on themselves and say enough is enough, this kind of vile rhetoric will continue. “Ann Coulter”, Michelle Malkin, FAUX News, The idiot Palin, Druggie Limbaugh and their ilk have become the poster children of the Republican Party. Now the Republican’s are taking their marching orders from the Drugster who has apparently annointed himself chairman. These are the type of people who are ruining this country. These are the weasels who have forced their way ( and without much opposition from their fellow Repubs I must say) to the head of the pack and think the what they say or write is important.

    Good luck with your reading….maybe you should get some special glasses so the words don’t burn hole in your eyes.

  233. Hi Ishtar
    thanks for info

    it was a few years (3 or 4) since I read the book and yes you are right (or left! lol) in all points.

    But in this book they particulary used the politcal wing of the boers movement to implement racist rules and help establish the apartheid society, that was te point I was trying to make and it was mainly AGAINST bookburning! (Except for fuel!!)

    But as you said, not every white south african is a racist and not every black person is an angel……
    what I mean is that idiots come in all colors and shapes, and we should NEVER let our eyes decive us:
    “Unterm Pflaster ist der Strand!” (Under the pavement is the beach) and
    UNDER the skin you will find the person, I think it is always worth a look!

    SO, sorry if I was misunderstood for examples sake….. and excuse a german for his poor english spelling!

    BTW talking black and white (or half blck or whatever color) here, a black joke for the poeple up north:
    Musical Quiz:
    Q: What ios the main difference between a piano and a guitar?
    A: A guitar definitly burns longer!
    (From my grandfathers band in the Klondike, LOL)

  234. The reason her shoes are 17WW is allegedly they are a man’s shoe, not a women’s. Makes sense to me. I think Ann does not have the female components. Wish I knew her/his doc for the real answer. Between the size of the adam’s apple, shoe size, no breasts, vile hatred, and that horrible voice, it all seems to add up to only one thing… A MAN COULTER!

  235. Helen, thank you for taking the time to read that so the rest of us won’t have to. I picked up her “Godless” book at the library once because I thought it was her autobiography and I wanted to see if she had any “before” pictures in there and it was TOTALLY unreadable.

    Please don’t over exert yourself, if it gets to be too much, let it go. Take care.

  236. you guys represent the Hope & Change crowd quite well…

  237. Don’t like Rush: express yourself http://www.dccc.org/page/s/rush

  238. Just in case some of you want to donate :-)

    Subject: Bush Library

    The George W. Bush Library

    Dear Fellow Constituent:

    The George W. Bush Presidential Library is now in the planning stages and accepting donations.

    The Library will include:

    The Hurricane Katrina Room, which is still under construction.

    The Alberto Gonzales Room, where you won’t be able to remember anything.

    The Texas Air National Guard Room, where you don’t even have to show up.

    The Walter Reed Hospital Room, where they don’t let you in.

    The Guantanamo Bay Room, where they don’t let you out.

    The Weapons of Mass Destruction Room, which no one has been able to find.

    The National Debt Room, which is huge and has no ceiling.

    The Tax Cut Room, with entry only to the wealthy.

    The Economy Room, which is in the toilet.

    The Iraq War Room. After you complete your first visit, they make you to go back for a second, third, fourth, and sometimes fifth visit.

    The Dick Cheney Room, in the famous undisclosed location, complete with shotgun gallery.

    The Environmental Conservation Room, still empty.

    The Men’s Room, where you can meet some of your favorite Republican senators.

    The Decision Room, complete with dart board, magic 8-ball, Ouija board, dice, coins, and straws.

    And don’t miss the Gift Shop, where you can buy an election.

    The library will feature an electron microscope to help you locate and view the President’s accomplishments.

    The library will also include many famous quotes by George W. Bush:

    ‘The vast majority of our imports come from outside the country.’

    ‘If we don’t succeed, we run the risk of failure.’

    ‘Republicans understand the importance of bondage between a mother and child.’

    ‘No senior citizen should ever have to choose between prescription drugs and medicine.’

    ‘I believe we are on an irreversible trend toward more freedom and democracy – but that could change.’

    ‘One word sums up probably the responsibility of any Governor, and that one word is ‘to be prepared’.’

    ‘Verbosity leads to unclear, inarticulate things.’

    ‘I have made good judgments in the past. I have made good judgments in the future.’

    ‘The future will be better tomorrow.’

    ‘We have the best educated American people in the world.’

    ‘One of the great things about books is sometimes there are some fantastic pictures.’ (during an education photo-op)

    ‘Illegitimacy is something we should talk about in terms of not having it.’

    ‘We are ready for any unforeseen event that may or may not occur.’

    ‘It isn’t pollution that’s harming the environment. It’s the impurities in our air and water that are doing it.’

    ‘I stand by all the misstatements that I’ve made.’


    G.W. Bush Library Board of Directors

  239. Very nice prose to wake up to Greytdog….Glad you are around!

  240. Good Morning one and all – the sun will be rising soon and the trolls will be replaced by scroggins. (cousins to trolls)

    Psychedelikat – keep de-fizzed ginger ale and crackers near the bed. . .nibble lightly prior to rising to keep the nausea at bay (hint: don’t use heavily salted crackers)

    Well on the subject at hand – Coulter and Limbaugh are the drum majors for the GOP marching band. Doesn’t matter that the instruments are out of tune; doesn’t matter that they each playing a song from the dim recesses of their memories; doesn’t matter that the voters and taxpayers paid for those instruments and uniforms; the only thing that matters to AC/RL and the GOP Band is that they march in lockstep down the ruins of Main Street, the ragged notes of “God Bless America” drifting behind them like smoke from a smoldering house. . . AC/RL are simply the “symbols” of the neocons who refuse to accept the fact that the majority of this country stood up to fear and said no more. Enough. We have work to do. Go, Go play your one-note song on your tarnished instruments – but we, we are building a symphony that will celebrate America, not destroy her.

  241. ‘Oh Honey if you would quit following her and the other hate mongers you might be able to see the smoke clear and realize that this country is already well on it’s way to ruin.’

    on its way? Bush left it in smoldering ashes!

    I thought I saw two of the
    three faces of eve earlier?

    *twilight zone music playing*

  242. Thank you, Greytdog! I think I’ll go to sleep now.

  243. @ Werner Oderwer

    A few corrections re: your South African references.

    It’s “Boere” not “bure”. Bure = neighbours.

    Boer is the Afrikaans word for farmer and doesn’t necessarily mean the person is a right-wing nut. During the Apartheid (note spelling) era the word Boer was usually associated with racist Afrikaaner whites but that is rarely the case now.

    Just thought I’d drop you that quick FYI.

  244. Congrats to psychedelikat!

  245. Wow, Helen. I love your summary! I’d say, “Put me on your list to send the book around,” but I’ve just discovered I’m pregnant and I can’t risk having any more dizziness and nausea. In fact, I’m just getting over a serious bout of it right now.

  246. Oh, oh oh…I forgot to mention…
    Ann (who points her bony finger at others accusing them of crying victim, then whines that she was victimized on “The View”) had to petition Palm Beach County keep her address confidential after receiving assorted rude “suggestions” in her mail, and too many people driving by her kennel, er, house, calling her an a-hole, and other colorful adjectives!

    Like Whoopi said to her, “You can dish it out but you can’t take it, Ann.”

  247. Imagine: Ann & Bill O’Really? on a futon, getting all hot and sweaty as they trying to top one another on who is the most victimized, treasonous liberal. Talk about foreplay!

    Nine months later, Ann gives birth to

    Can I get a rim shot? Ba-rrrroomp-boomp!

    Check out my “visual” remarks on Ann, Billo and Dubya for a giggle. (Scroll down to the “Compassionate Wasps”) Tee-Hee!


  248. Hi gang, Honolulu Sally, Whirled Peas and anonymousbloggers (jane@latintravel.com),

    Valentine Guys Progress Report.

    I’m coming down the home stretch. The first batch is off in the mail to PA!!!!! Along with our son’s birthday gift, the postage for the box cost more than the contents! (I work really cheap.) $39.64 from HI to PA. Of course the Valentine Guys are feather light but the dimensions of the box were too big for a Priority box. The one to CA will be in a Priority box for sure.

    Item one: I noted that What’s-His-Name the governor of Illinois was impeached and removed from office. Our system works and justice was served – rapidly. This is a significant precedent. I wonder if the people of Alaska are paying attention to the Illinois developments.

    Item two: While I have been grinding out the Valentine Guys, I watched (heard) two different interviews on two different channels with Jimmy Carter promoting his new book. VERY INTERESTING! He probably knows more than just about anyone about the Israeli/Palestine situation. He did bring Begin’s Israel and Sadat’s Egypt together with the Camp David Accords. That was a conflict going all the way back to Abraham.

    Carter said that the Palestinians DO acknowledge Israel’s right to exist in the sense that it does. They just do not recognize Israel DIPLOMATICALLY!

    ACKNOWLEDGE – RECOGNIZE. Semantics with very different meanings. He also said that SOME Palestinians are and have been agitating for Israeli citizenship which Israel refuses. As a THEOCRATIC democracy, Israel does not want to enfranchise people who may out number them and thus vote themselves into power.

    He calls that ‘Apartheid’ not unlike in South Africa, whites against blacks; English Protestants against Irish Catholics; whites against blacks in our own Civil War and up until the Civil Rights Movement.

    For sure next week when we go to the big city of Lihue, I will buy his book at Borders. I want to learn more about the nitty-gritty of this longstanding conflict.

    George Mitchell is Obama’s envoy to the Israeli/Palestine situation. He was successful in getting the Irish/English conflict resolved after 800-900 years! That’s EIGHT OR NINE
    HUNDRED YEARS! If ANYBODY can do it, Mitchell should be able to bring the Israelis and Palestinians to the table together in peace.

    Helen and Margaret, now is the time for you two to bring the Democrats and the Republicans together peacefully. You could do if you put your minds to it! Piece of cake. That conflict hasn’t been going nearly as long as the Israeli/Palestine or Irish/English conflicts.

    Anonymousbloggers, you asked about a picture of the Valentine Guys. I don’t own a Gee Whiz camera to take a picture and put on the computer because I don’t know how.

    For the same reasons we are the only people on the planet without a cell phone. We are not up for wrestling with the damn manual to figure out how to work it. We do have a nifty video camera that records our travels but it took us WEEKS to learn how to use it!

    When our grandkids were here at Christmas, there was a beautiful double rainbow out the Dinky Deck one early evening after a ‘Mauka’ shower. The thirteen-year-old grandson whipped out a high tech gadget, took a picture of it and sent it to his friends in PA that were freezing. Rotten kid! He got instant jealous replies!

    Sally, explain ‘Mauka’ and ‘Makai’. Do all of you out there know that when there is a double rainbow the colors are reversed on the second rainbow?

    When I was setting up my web site some 8-9 years ago I had a computer guru who patiently sat, held my hand and taught me how to get it going and maintain it. It is pretty much outdated now however. I did not have a Mathew. This was long before blogs came into being. My guru was wonderful!!!! Of course $$$$$$$$$. But I didn’t mind. He too has mouths to feed.

    Anyway, Whirled Peas, I never figured out on my own how to do italics, bold and underlines here. Foreign words and phrases need to be italicized.

    Would you like to move in with us? We have a spare room. We would feed you Spam Musubi and lots of local yummy favorites. We would teach you to speak Hawaiian, Pidgin and enough Japanese to get by. BYO laptop!



  249. I found it both entertaining and also somewhat sad to read your post and all of the replies. Entertaining, because I agree with most of the sentiments expressed and find many of them humorous. Sad because I also see hatred and insults being hurled at the right even as you berate extremists like AC for engaging in the same behavior.

    I have BTDT because I get so angry at those on the far right who claim to be Christian while promoting hatred, discrimination, and sometimes even physical violence, and showing not only a complete lack of concern for but also a very condescenting attitude toward the poor. However, as a Christian myself, I have to take care to counter that with love and forgiveness, not retailiate by spewing more hatred.

    Those who feel the same way (and maybe even some who don’t) may enjoy my blog, http://www.betrueblog.wordpress.com, which includes an entry about Obama being true to himself and a welcome change from politics as usual.

  250. Greydog,

    Colorful is more like stinging nettle. You get it all over yourself and then you just can’t get it off. It just stings and irritates and doesn’t go anywhere. Makes you just want to take a cold shower to get it off you.

    Much like Bill Maher must have felt if he actually did have a tryst with Ann Coulter.

    Instead of name calling, this is more fun. Talking behind colorful’s posts. I don’t think colorful is real either. Just somebody trying to stir up heated comments by saying idiotic stuff. And you notice that all of colorful’s post have been exactly the same. Burn, hell, damnation, pray, “da738729hfhds” talking in tongues. Oh yeah and “sinners”. Colorful come up with some new stuff will you.

  251. (((( o )))) <— Hey Shash. Kiss it. Kiss my ass real hard and then go away. Helen can say whatever she damn well pleases.

    Did it ever occur to you that, like Rush, you can’t argue with Coulter because that is what she wants… a fight. So you belittle her in a way that she can’t argue and eventually she gets upset and everyone sees her for the clown she is. I think Helen is brilliant.


  252. sherrie1690 on January 29, 2009 To AnnA:
    Why don’t you stand up and give your mouth a rest?

    Excuse me, what the hell is that about, Sherrie?

  253. I hope no one burns Ann’s book since burning it will create caustic air pollution. I am convinced that Anny Coulture is really a horrible drag queen in stilletoes that no klan member would want to be involved with. She comes across as a very sexually frustrated idiot who acthally needed to read directions in order to get her vibrator to work. Guess her intuition is lacking. I did hear that in her younger years she was told “Ann, you have to suck not blow on it.”
    Her writing style is geared to the nuts who can’t comprethend any word constisting of more than 2 syllable. With all of the major layoffs going on, I am sure her supportive base won’t be buying her books since they can’t afford to.
    Did anyone ever see the video of Ann in her high heels running around a stage trying to avoid having a pie thrown in her face? It was hilarious! I hope U tube has a copy of it.
    Go Hell on wheels! Love your writings.

  254. To AnnA:
    Why don’t you stand up and give your mouth a rest?
    To Helen:
    I’ve seen Coulter on TV–that’s why I’ve never read one of her books. I guess I didn’t realize she was literate.
    To my two dogs:
    I’m sure Helen didn’t mean to put you in the same category as Coulter, so don’t cry. Both of you certainly know how to understand most the words found in a first grade primer — as well as how they are spelled. You are beautiful, athletic, well-behaved, and pleasant to most people. No, Coulter is NOT a real “bitch.” (She wishes!) Yes, if she ever comes around our house, it’s OK to bite her!

  255. Donna:
    Typing in tongues!
    You people can be as funny as Margaret and Helen.
    Bill Maher, my heart is breaking. How could you?
    Hope it doesn’t fall off now.
    Looking forward to the next installment of Hell’N Notes!
    Keep up the good work

  256. I am laughing at Colorful too….hilarious, in a sick sort of way.

    Betty Bower: love that site! Thanks for the link!

  257. Colorful, I just might end up in your idea of hell but it will be for some really fun stuff I have done (OH YEAH) not the stuff I have written into the little blue box for my response. You can come here to visit all you want as far as I am concerned;you seem to be a rather entertaining troll…when will you treat us to some more typing in tongues? I look forward to it!

  258. Okay…time to come clean…who are you REALLY, Helen??? You can tell us…we’ll still love you. You are an incredible writer. It is time to let us all in on the joke….Who are you?? You are NOT an 83 year old woman living in Austin.

  259. OMG Colorful is such a crack up – I’m not feeding, I just have to giggle at you “Stop writing and reading this blog before it is too late.” I’m not feeding, promise. Just giggling. Now laughing out loud. Gotta go before I fall off my chair and take the keyboard with me!

  260. Helen, you’re a much braver woman than I am. I could never bring myself to even touch one of her books for fear that it would suck out my soul.

  261. Alaskan, I’m really really not feeding trolls. Colorful is not a troll – Colorful is . . . colorful. Like a shin bruise.

  262. Jeanie noted in the comments on the first post regarding Coulter and learning something new:
    “only 2 native animals cannot go backwards – the kangaroo and the emu.”

    And to add to her interesting tidbit: The only creature incapable of moving forward is. . .the right wing fundamentalist archconservative neocon. (All the above “descriptors” are also redundancies for “Coulter, Limbauggghhh, and Hannity)

  263. OH I loved loved loved this post. What a great blog!

  264. Willpen’s site is pretty cool too. Check it out.

  265. Perhaps Sarah Palin is on her way for a raunchy rendezvous with Miss Coulter…. sshhhh! It’s a secret!

  266. Sorry Alaskan,
    No Trolling! Yikes – forgot!

    Ann Coulter is a bitch!! I agree!! Thanks Helen for reading her stupid book. I heard Coulter this past weekend and I swear that she and Sarah Palin have the same speech coach.

    Sarah is out of Alaska for the weekend. Ms. Fiscally Responsible is turning down money which would help Alaskans.

  267. OMG, that Betty Bower website is such a kick! They have political buttons that say McCain/Spears, and mugs and stuff that say “America – returning Jan 20, 2009″.

    So glad we liberals have so many counter personalities to the Ann Coulters, Bush & Co, Rush Limbaughs, etc. with intelligence and laughter. The ultra right conservative pundits have no joy in their hearts and I can’t recall a single joke they have made that is funny. No wonder they are so stuck in the Repub party’s bull shit. They don’t know how to dance with joy, and when to go home because the party is over.

    To paraphrase Betty Bower: There are none so blind as those who Nazi.

    Thanks for the link!

  268. Ann Coulter,

    Anyone that is so full of hate and venom such as yourself cannot honestly consider themselves Christian, can you? It never ceases to amaze me how mean spirited, judgmental, and downright cruel some self proclaimed “Christians” can be.

    Jesus would be a democrat, helping others and forgiving those who spit venom at anyone who disagrees with them.

  269. Let us not, in our homage to Colorful, malign the fly. Flies, especially fruit flies (are you listening in, SP?) have been very helpful in our SCIENTIFIC research to eradicate disease – such as autism. Fleas, however, are very much akin to the “colorfuls” of the world – annoying, carry disease, can’t really get rid of them without destroying the environment, suck our blood, give our pets heartworms, etc. . .

  270. Colorful–
    Do you even know how to open a book?

    Margaret and Helen–
    If you’ve heard it once, you will hear it many times more–You Rock!
    Thanks for your perspectives!

    Ann Coulter–(I know you have someone monitoring this blog–”let me know because I love the attention!”)–Would you please leave a post to let us all know what you have ever done to help another of the human race?

    There–I’m finished. I feel better.

  271. I was right! She is the one who types in tongues!!! What a riot.

  272. doG told me the translation is:

    Colorful, You are like a fly (or flea). You eat shit and bother people!

  273. Please remember, we are ignoring trolls today. If you ignore them, they go away. :-)

    Colorful says nothing new every time she comes here, so at this point, it is just boring, not inflammatory.

    Yawn, colorful.

  274. Greytdog,

    I read and understood everything you said to Colorful.

  275. Greydog, I needed that! LOL!!! Until I cried. Thanks.

  276. Archangel Gabrielle, thank you for that link, it was great.
    Colorful, hell is only where you’re at, so take your rules and go.
    Would those book pages clog up a toilet?

  277. Colorful, this is for you:
    a;lskjdfj -9u vaqermljbvpoiublms,.hn;lj;lase-8-4;tlmsfdlnmpoa;ldskhpvoaeritjh 0(&)(ulsknvf 0s897u0=W&a0[ih bhzp9sbh

    got it? good. now shut up

  278. Colorful:

    You might want to save your time praying for us and spend some of it examining your faith and why it allows Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, Rush et al?

    Who exactly do you think Jesus would hang out with right now?

    I’m gonna lay it out there. The “Christianity” (sorry) professed by most “Christians” is a sad joke, being defined more by political posturing than loving thy neighbor.

    When the bible said be Christ onto this world, did you think that meant that you could say and act any way you wanted? That it meant that you should scream about abortion, gays and family values?

    Because here’s what I think it means: You, as someone who professes to follow Christ, BECOMES Christ in the eyes of the unbeliever. Whatever you do, say, act upon, believe ect becomes Christ.

    What kind of witness are you, exactly?

  279. The reason that Ann writes in “vague broad strokes” is because she is simply a “vague broad”. The woman would probably eat her own young if she ever had any… UGH !!!!!

  280. In re: Neocons and deviant sexual behavior.

    Ahem. Ever noticed as well that when one of them comes out of the closet, they come screeching out, usually followed by police sirens? That when they have a sexual scandal, it’s usually stuff you couldn’t make up. Now Monica fellating Clinton…. yeah, not too much of a stretch there. Happened forever in the White House, I’m sure.

    Oh, and that bathroom Sen Craig was arrested in is a MSP tourist trap now.

  281. Ok, as a veterinary tech I work with dogs every day. I’ve seen them at their best and at their worst. Even a fear-biter behaves in a more rational fashion than Ms Coulter.

    Part of the problem seems to be that she has to continually top herself in order to get the same attention (and the money).

    Further, I think she was deliberately used by the neo-cons to float ideas. If they worked, well, good; the neo-cons could go ahead with them. If they didn’t, well, everybody knows she’s a wingnut, none of our concern…..

    She has no internal editor to tell her she’s gone too far. Even if she did, how else can she make a living and get the attention she desperately craves? And now, she’s lost her support system.

    Pathetic? H E double hockey sticks, yes! But if you lay down with rats, you get up with Hanta virus and other unpleasant things. She bears far more responsibility for her own position than any of the victims she so gleefully castigates.

    I think I’ll save my sympathy for other creatures.

  282. is Colorful the person who types in tongues?

  283. Colorful:

    Back again? Jimmy Swaggart is looking for you!

    Colorful – Coulter is a hate monger and I cannot believe ANY PERSON with serious religious belief backs what she says! Coulter is evil along with Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Alberto Gonzales for the short list.





  284. I feel I really have to — uh — stand up for us big-footed girls! We can’t help it, and the size of our feet has nothing to do with our intelligence, our politics, or our writing-ability!

  285. “Down Girl. Down… Now stay.” I love it.
    I hope you have had your shots. Anny is a rabid dog. I would say bitch, but I don’t want to offend the dogs of the world that even at their worst are better behaved and more humane than she is. She’s really kind of pathetic in her mean-mindedness and stupidity. Perhaps we should take mercy on her. Naahhh!
    Sickem’, Helen.

  286. Colorful,
    If your posts are serious, then I have a question for you…why do you continue to return? I am not certain what denomination you choose to adhere to but it seems most of them do not support hanging out in sinful areas, to take part, read, view things which they feel are sins and might potentially lead you astray. As well as the fact leaving those areas, even “virtually” is not a good witness.

  287. Helen, I purchased one of Coultergeist’s older books at Goodwill. Had to see the train wreck for myself, and the money did go to a good cause. Could’nt finish it though, felt an overwhelming urge to wash my hands.

  288. Sinners. You call people names and make fun of them because they call people names and make fun of you. That is how the devil comes and makes this country godless. I will pray that hell isn’t as horrible for you as I am sure it will be. I feel sorry for you and at your age hell is so close. You are running out of time. Please rethink your actions. Pray for forgiveness. Stop writing and reading this blog before it is too late.

  289. Hilarious! Helen, thanks a bunch! This is what keeps me coming here, making something so sad so entertaining. Ann Coulter makes me sad. She simply chooses to ignore her humanity for the sake of an asbtract idea. How could she not know that she fails to connect with the majority of humans? It could not escape her that she does not connect. Unless she really does not connect with reality.

    Good post Helen. I truly admire your taking on this task. As always, you made my day.

  290. sounds like one of those books that you pick up to read to have a good laugh and not take seriously – I don’t think I would take any thing she says seriously.


  291. Archangel Gabrielle: The Bowers link was a keeper (beyond just the Coulter book review). I have no idea who Betty Bowers is, but hers is one site I intend to revisit. Thanks!

    Δ Maven

  292. I haven’t been to Betty Bowers site in years…I forgot all about her. She is great!!!

  293. Sara Palin and Ann Coulter should get together… Maybe Sara could place hands on Ann and help take the dyke out of her… Sara thinks that works for gay’s… Ann is an evil person spewing hatred and getting big bucks for doing so…

  294. Here is a great review for one of Mannie’s older books by America’s Best Christian. You’ll all enjoy this, even the trolls.


  295. “You will ruin this country and then you will see the value in her books. Just you wait.”

    Oh Honey if you would quit following her and the other hate mongers you might be able to see the smoke clear and realize that this country is already well on it’s way to ruin.

    How many job losses today? How many on unemployment today? How many for the week? How many have commited suicide or killed their families because of all of the destruction around us?

    What I am sorry about are all of the people who keep listening to these deadly pied pipers. I also am sorry that it will take many of the above to hit your family as things keep spiraling downward before you wake up and realize that there really are victims and Ann Coulter is a delusional harpy with her own agenda.

  296. Even though they normally don’t have anything interesting to say. Coulter gets mouthy too, but it is just idiotic. Is that woman bi-polar or what? She comes across as delusional.

  297. But remember, if we ignore them today, maybe they will go away. They get feisty and mouthy when cornered.

  298. [quietly using hand signals...AlaskanΔ]
    We can do the hunting, but can I sic MirrorManΔ on a troll when we find one? He so enjoys it and we get the benefit of a good laugh.

  299. oh… this is going to be a fun few posts from you Helen! Btw, your chapter reviews are so much more interesting than Cliff Notes.

    As a side note, now that you have taken to calling her “big foot,” I can’t help but think of Ann Coulter as some mythically being that wanders the remote forests and all we ever see as proof of her existence is 1/2 a second in home videos and blurry pictures.

    Thanks for making my evening more interesting and amusing!

  300. Helen, please tell me you have no family history of cardiovascular issues. Because reading that soulless (far worse than godless) whore’s trash is bad for the blood pressure.

    I am not talking to trolls today. Nope, I’m not. Trying to be a good wedgie.

    But I fart in their general direction!

  301. [...] Ann Coutler Almost Failed Obedience School So I made some calls and found a copy of Ann Coulter’s new book at a used bookstore here in town.  I was happy [...] [...]

  302. Shhhhh, be vewwwry vewwwry qwwiet. We’re hunting twolls today.

  303. Tradesman, thanks for the link to the Rush Limbaugh op-ed piece…. He is neither an economist nor a politician, so his ideas, frankly, fall into the impotent category to me.

    But back to Ann….

    Coulter views issues like a playing card. There are only two sides — either front or back — and you can’t see more than one side at a time.

    To the contrary, issues are more like a dodecahedron* where numerous sides are visible from any angle, and slightly turning it reveals even more sides.

    *12-sided polyhedron. (How many of you “learned something new today” ?)

    Helen thanks for the Hell’n Notes. And your hide-her-feet-behind-a-desk-at-Fox line was wicked funny.


  304. Or I could chime in….

  305. Helen

    The thing’s you go through for us! Thank you!

    Are you also going to review Sarah Palin’s book when it’s published?



  306. “Want some cheese with that “whine”? Loooooooooooooooooooooooong winded whine there.”

    Shhhh…we’re ignoring the trolls today. Same with the troll w/the “godless” remark. Just grab some tea, sit down for pie and they’ll go away.

    If not, I can always go get My dog…

  307. “You just can;t stand it that she is right about what she writes. All you liberals are the same and Ann Coulter calls you on the carpet and all you can do is whine.

    You will ruin this country and then you will see the value in her books. Just you wait.”

    Want some cheese with that “whine”? Loooooooooooooooooooooooong winded whine there.

  308. Helen, If you start feeling dumb STOP READING COULTER IMMEDIATELY.
    But thank you for the short synopsis. Like others, I was curious but refuse to feed her ego by purchasing the things she write and too embarrassed to borrow it from the local library.

    By the way, did you know some people swear she’s a man because of the protruding “adam’s apple”? Big feet too huh?

  309. Funniest Damn thing I have ever read. EVER!

  310. thank you for that cliff notes version! i agree with you in keeping up with the enemy. also helps me to have conversations with my sister and to be prepared for what she’s going to throw at me – she is a paliin, coulter, bush-can-do-no-wrong kind of gal. i’m doing my damndest to cancel her out.

  311. There is no way I would check this book out at the library. They know me there!

  312. “You will ruin this country and then you will see the value in her books. Just you wait.”

    I find it extremely curious that so many people on the right, your “Anonymous” commenter for example, seem to hope that our new President and his administration will fail; hell, Rush Limbaugh said as much on his radio show recently and while I never actually listen to Ann Coulter speak long enough to know if she has said exactly this, I have the sinking feeling that I can include her with this bunch. It would appear that it is more important for them to be right (“correct” in this context) than it is for the country to adhere to its own Constitutional Law; to be economically strong; to handle its ongoing wars with strength yes, but also with honor; and to be a beacon of human rights and dignity in a world which is often lacking both.

    And yet they claim we on the left are the ones who are not patriotic.

    P.S. I apologize if this is a duplicate post. I am having issues getting my comment to post…

  313. I’ve just recently started ready some of Molly Ivins work/ Helen, you might want to read some after reading some Ann… just to make sure both you mind and your funny bone is still working!

  314. You’re welcome, Jackie. :)

    Hopefully, I won’t be run off!!!!!

  315. Rachel – I am almost as proud to say Obama is half white as my black friends are to say he is black. I am more proud that we all – black, white, young, old, christian or not… elected him. Now let’s help him do a great job.

    Kris – Thank you for trying to give serious conservatives a voice in this blog. Obviously “Bigfoot” isn’t a serious anything. Other than a pain in the neck.

  316. HAHHAHAHA! :-) Thanks for the laugh. x

  317. Helen, you are marvelous. Thank you.

    It’s my business, so let me throw out that libraries have her book already. Don’t spend a dime on the trash and support your local library in the process.

    Of course, here in the DFW there’s a dozen reserves for her book. No accounting for taste around here.

  318. “Kris, I was interested in you posting a serious conservative work, with how the conservative movement has seemed to be more overrun and hijacked with ‘bomb throwers’ than actual intelligence or scholarship it was interesting to see a reference to a serious work.”

    There are plenty of serious scholars out there. Unfortunately, there voices cannot be heard above the screaming and name calling.

    “If I only had a nickel for every time somebody told me to go read Thomas Sowell without providing any teaser quotes, intriguing ideas, or persuasive debate.”

    I could be wrong, but the purpose of this post, or at least the comments, is to bash AC, no engage in intriguing ideas or persuasive debate. :) Reading Sowell was merely a suggestion for anyone that is truly interested in moving past the name calling and trying to dig into some conservative principles.

    “I take this as a good indicator of the kind of people that most conservatives really are – mean and/or stupid. ”

    This is painting with the same type of broad brush that AC was accused of using in the original post, freD. In fact, if you swiched the words in your statement from conservatives to liberals, I would think that AC wrote it herself.

  319. Charles-

    “Then again, as you pointed out, it wouldn’t be as fun to lampoon now would it?”

    Exactly. I’m not sure what you could lampoon about Sowell. Have you read any of his work? Very solid, backed up with loads of data, and rational to the core.

    I agree that AC is just giving opinions. To me, she has plenty of counterparts on the left. I would not call her a serious writer, and I’m glad that she does not identify herself as such.

  320. Already have a tote!

  321. Anne Coultier truly puts liberal point of views in perspective. The truth hurts…that’s probably why most of you can’t bare to read it. What do you bleeding hearts think of Arianna Huffington? I’m sure that she’s smart and credible, right?

    Another question…How many times will Rush Limbaugh’s comments about Obamy succeeding/failing be turned around on him? Almost every station has taken this live interview completely out of context and turned him into a hate monger…not the case…he actually wants Americans to prosper.

    I don’t support the bailout or our President’s decision on it…this won’t be Bush’s fault!

  322. ProudMemberofHope2009

    I strongly disagree:
    Let’convince her to publish, she’ll get a $Million to the penny on what she spent easily!!

    Who helps editing and has publishing contacts (IF Helen agree’s!)

    I mean it!

    (I’ll help in sales, at least there I know what I do!)

  323. Proudmemberofhope2009, just buy one of their T-shirts or canvas tote bags! :-)

  324. I think we should take up a collection to reimburse Helen for the trash she purchased on our behalf. Who’s in?

    I mean it. Really.

  325. If I only had a nickel for every time somebody told me to go read Thomas Sowell without providing any teaser quotes, intriguing ideas, or persuasive debate.

    Kris misses the point. The new leaders of today’s conservatism – Coulter, Palin and Limbaugh – are vastly more popular and influential than Sowell. I take this as a good indicator of the kind of people that most conservatives really are – mean and/or stupid.

    Say… lets revisit a few choice quotes from our new conservative leaders (Maybe Kris can counter with some of her favorite wisdom from Sowell):
    “I think the government should be spying on all Arabs, engaging in torture as a televised spectator sport, dropping daisy cutters wantonly throughout the Middle East and sending liberals to Guantanamo.”

    “If [the media] convince enough voters that that is negative campaigning, for me to call Barack Obama out on his associations then I don’t know what the future of our country would be in terms of First Amendment rights and our ability to ask questions without fear of attacks by the mainstream media.”

    “The only way to reduce the number of nuclear weapons is to use them.”

    “Why should Blacks be heard? They’re 12% of the population. Who the hell cares.”

    Maybe Jesus really is weeping?

  326. I wonder why nobody has thrown a shoe at Coulter! I wonder why some people have to judge people that they have no clue about….
    I see people like Coulter and Rush and Bush and see that their lives are so sad that they feel the need to put everyone down that doesn’t agree with their doctrine…. Coulter and Rush do it with words… Bush did it by ruining the country….

  327. John – you’re right – dogs who go to obedience school are much better mannered than Coulter and her ilk. Wonder if we could just give Coulter and Limbaugh and O’Reilly a nice rendition vacation somewhere. . . like oh maybe a quiet little prison in Iraq where the activities include waterboarding (water sports), electro-massage (electrodes attached free of charge. . . until charged), and a full body stretching workout via the custom rack???

  328. Bahahahahaha. Well, you won’t have to stick to that reading material for long. In case you hadn’t heard, Sarah Palin just set up a political action committee even though she is denying that she intends to run for president in 2012. I just can’t believe she would think she has a chance. Who advises her anyway?

  329. If some of you missed this article it is a very interesting read!

    Ann so believes that victims are lying she hijacked and address that helps victims of abuse and used it as her own. In the process she has put all of these people in danger.


    She is an AssHat and a dangerous Asshat at that!

  330. This is outrageous. My dog went to obedience school, and he and all the other dogs are much more rational than Anne Coulter. I think you owe dog trainers everywhere an apology.

  331. Helen,
    Read “Godless” for all your fans. That one suits them better.

  332. Greytdog,
    I pull my hat to you, never thought about Camilla, but as you said:

    The apple doesn’t fall far from the horse!


  333. Helen Thank God somebody is reading that damn book for me! I just can’t bring myself to read it but I am very curious what other crap she is shoveling between the dust jacket.

    Me thinks that if she really was “smarter” she would listen to her doctors advice and take her meds.

    Watch out AC those flying victims are out to get you!

  334. Werner – “Goad Thought”
    is actually a very wonderful motto!
    It doesnt, of course, apply to Coulter who must be the woodpile child of Prince Charles & Camilla – same horsey look. Never say Neeeeiiigghhh.

    Helen, I do salute you for your courage in reading Coulter. Too much slime for me.

    As for McCarthy – yeah he sure was a victim. And I’m sure Dalton Trumbo was a raving commie when he wrote “Johnny Got His Gun” and was blacklisted. As for the lacrosse players – yeah that was a bum rap and the work of an overreaching, underachieving DA who had his head handed to him & rightfully so- and I’m sure their lawyers will make it all okay with the civil suits and defamation of character suits.

  335. Donna,
    I, too, am sickened that Bill Maher could have ever hooked up with her. I’m certain she’d give him something that would have to be sandblasted off. He had to have been high! I think Bill is funny and intelligient and not afraid to call bullshit and I prefer to believe that his being involved with her is nothing more than a rumor!

  336. You’re such a fantastic writer — you made me burst with laughter at work.

  337. Alaskan, you speak my heart!

  338. One and all in the pie club: Good job not feeding the trolls today!

  339. Imaginista
    see no need to buy the books, they are already paid for, so nofuel costs there……
    and fgor the rest I think we should be able to pick ‘em up for a penny to the dollar simnce nearly no one buys them anyway…..

  340. [...] is one of my favorite new blogs – the women are freaking awesome. Helen is currently reading and reviewing Coulter’s new book chapter by chapter, it’s [...]

  341. I love you and Margaret deeply, but I cannot comment on posts about stupid bitch c*** whore that is the subject of this post. As a single mom, I feel she owes me most of her profits and will not utter her name until she pays up.

  342. and add some of the comments to “spice it even more up”

  343. The only concern my husband had is that if we send the books for fuel, that someone might accidentally read it. So we would have to put your disclaimers on all of them. We could get them from garage sales and used book stores and try to rid the world of this filth while keeping just a couple of copies for museum pieces for the future. When the world is a better place with caring individuals, these will be showpieces of a worse place in time and the new generations can see a better world.

  344. Oh Helen,
    one more
    how about pubishing your posts in book form (a series, collect enough for one book and than just come up with sequals as you “ramble” along?)

    My suggestion as title for the first one:
    “Food for thought, or the live as Helen and Margaret see it”

    I’d think you could spice up the retirement fonds easily, with all the exposue it practicly sells itself and since you post it anyway it’s just bit of editing and smoothing it over (lead from one to the other and summarize in Chapters) so easy money as far as I can see it, and more important, books as opposed to blogs, stick around and even our kids can learn that old age doesn’t mean your loose your brains.

    ….. just a thought….


  345. I am constantly amazed at the capacity humans have to use their powers for evil and mayhem. Why would someone voice their mean-spirited opinions and pass them off as fact? This may generate a nice income but not a lot of good karma. And what does it say about the state of our education system that so many people can no longer distingush between actual fact and this type of flawed fiction? Critical thinking seems to have taken a long vacation.

    “Compromise” is a four letter word and “discussion” is an endangered species. We no longer practice open dialogue, it is more like uninterruptible serial monologues. I, for one, welcome the oppportunity to discuss issues with people who disagree with my views, I just don’t have the energy to actually read some of the vitriolic nonsense costuming itself as literature. Thanks, Helen, for taking on this burden for me.

  346. “I agree that her writing is not very good. She really is more of a bomb thrower.”

    she herself said she is just giving opinions…and she is not really a journalist or for that matter even a ‘pundit’. It would be like reading Dave Barry for serious parenting skills, except that Dave Barry can actually write and is funny.

    Kris, I was interested in you posting a serious conservative work, with how the conservative movement has seemed to be more overrun and hijacked with ‘bomb throwers’ than actual intelligence or scholarship it was interesting to see a reference to a serious work.

    Then again, as you pointed out, it wouldn’t be as fun to lampoon now would it?

  347. Hell’n Notes! :-) I can’t wait to read (your version of) the other chapters; I really enjoy your commentary.

  348. Helen, will you be my mommy? I love you!

  349. Parctical joke for anyone Meeting Ann Coldheart: (Coulter)

    Hand her a paper towel and ask her to wipe her mouth.
    When she asks “why?” tell her it’s all brown, form talking shit all day…..


  350. Donna – any man who even finds Ann HUMAN, much less had sex with her, needs to be sent to the moon.

    I realize we can’t send them all there, but that would be a good start.

  351. Shit read that “Good Thought”, please

  352. Alaskan
    revising my comment above!!

    One book as reference more than enough, let’s collect the shit and truck it up North for fuel or as isolation material (paper works WONDERS in isolation!)

    Goad thought


  353. Oh, Helen, how I would love to see you go head to head with the bleached martyr. The View ladies were pretty good, but you would wipe the floor with that blubbering hypocrite.

    This is the best blog I have ever read.

  354. Ms Madison
    beware of book burners!!

    Even if he only ment it good, it is never good to burn a book….

    ….. I once had a family saga from south africa once about the Bure movement (Bure = dutch origin right wing racist nuts that created apartheit) and
    a) I read it since I wanted to know how those people “ticked” and it was from a well know author
    b) Before I put it in the recycle Bin (I couldn’t keep it in the house, it just got me too mad!) I added a fat comment in the front:
    This book contains racist and facist material!
    (So if someone actually took it out of the Bin, at least he knew what he’s getting in to)

    Book burning was always started by ignorants (NO insult intened here, see good intensions above) and should NEVER be done.

    If they are so dumb to put it in writing, keep it for reference material and USE IT AGAINST them (as Helen is actually doing)

    Remeber, only a well informed society has the power to stem the tide.


  355. OK, I have a question. I guess the ghastly AC had a thing with Bill Maher. I have never been able to get past that, as smart and funny as I think he is. Am I alone in this?

  356. Yikes ! Please don’t associate Ann Coulter with Connecticut – we may have to reinstate witch trials. It’s not the fault of the rest of us that she owns property here(I don’t think anything that bloodless can be said to “live” anywhere).

    She needs to spend time with people who are actually struggling instead of taking the myth of the welfare queen to heart. Spend time with W VA republicans in coal country and see how much they deserve to be poor or are too lazy to deserve to be better off. Let’s see how well she lives with 6 children in a mountain side trailer and no job. I have been priviledged to spend time with some of the best and most deserving people in that area who are neither lazy or unambitious. It’s hard enough to survive let alone get ahead.

    She is a sad little attention whore.

  357. Yep. You’re right. Lucille Ball was a communist and McCarthy was a victim.


  358. Okay, since I am on a roll not saying the H___ word, here’s one I found to put us at ease, because our new President will overcome the sorority behaving Republican politicians:


  359. So you all know how her books become “best sellers”, don’t you? This explains it better than I could:

    >In late 2007, several Regnery authors sued Eagle Publishing, charging that the company’s business practices, including selling discounted books to clubs, depleted the authors’ royalties. In their lawsuit, the authors —Jerome R. Corsi, Bill Gertz, Lt. Col. Robert (Buzz) Patterson, Joel Mowbray, and Richard Miniter—claimed that by selling discounted books and giving titles away to book clubs, Eagle was attempting “to avoid or substantially reduce royalty payments to authors.”

    Although the lawsuit was eventually dismissed, it shed light on what some observers claim has been a technique by right-wing publishing houses to artificially boost their sales figures and thereby get books placed on best-seller lists. In an interview with the New York Observer, former Bill Clinton aide Sydney Blumenthal said, “What I think the key question is for Ann Coulter and all these other right- wing writers is, why is there a dagger in the New York Times best-seller list next to their books?” That symbol, which appears next to some books on the list, means “that some bookstores report receiving bulk orders.” In other words, explained Blumenthal, “someone is buying their books in bulk to put them on the best-seller list. These are bogus best-sellers…. I want to know why [Ms. Coulter] won’t come clean and explain which rich right-wing sugar daddies are putting her on the best-seller list.”<

    here is the link to the full article:


    Although reading liquid crap written by Anthrax Coultergeist can be hazardous to one’s health and peace of mind, when distilled down to it’s true organic form by someone like Helen it becomes comedy gold!

  360. Yes, Helen, Anthrax Coulter is a typist! Writer? No. Thinker? You gotta be kidding! Not that long ago she embarassed the **** out of her own party with her statements about 9/11 widows. They actually told her to shut her pie hole. She thought of them as traitors to the cause and kept right on going, just like a big wind-up mechanical doll. Her books do not sell very well. As for the neocon thing about sex, well, shucks, what can I tell you! They are indeed very confused.

  361. Helen, thank you for doing a cliff notes version of a spiteful book. It is almost like watching tv with a friend as we both threw spitballs anytime Bush’s face and announcements appeared.

    What I really don’t get is that the less radically right conservatives aren’t standing up and saying to these arrogant self-centered hatred spewing conservative celebrities to sit down and shut the hell up! Instead, they ignore their own and say they haven’t heard of Rush or Ann, or worse yet, won’t acknowledge the actual hard work and thinking our new President is doing, instead still moping around with their dread and gloom.

    Oh, sorry, Jean. I said the H___ word. I meant “Sit down and shut the F__ UP!”


  362. Coulter’s parents must be so ashamed of her. She got rid of her soul a long time ago.

    The sad thing is, she thinks she’s hot. It’s not about the outside, Baby. It’s what’s inside that makes you attractive or not!

  363. “By the way, for some unknown reason Ann likes to put lots of individual words in quotations like “poor” and “racism” to suggest that those concepts really don’t exist. It’s an awkward writing style and kind of bothered me as a reader, but maybe Ann is just “smarter” than I am.”


  364. HELEN, YOU CRACK ME UP!!!!! :-)

  365. You are right the Duke Lacrosse players did get a bad deal, but how is that a slam on liberals or democrats? So she was right about one thing.

    But she sure as hell wasn’t right when she kept insisting that Canada sent troops to Vietnam.


    If you are going to spout garbage, at least make sure your garbage is factual.

  366. You are right the Duke Lacrosse players did get a bad deal, but how is that a slam on liberals or democrats? So she was right about one thing.

    But she sure as hell wasn’t right when she kept insisting that Canada sent troops to Vietnam.

    If you are going to spout garbage, at least make sure your garbage is factual.

  367. I couldn’t do it. I just couldn’t do it. My skin would crawl right off my body and my brains would rot and run out of my nostrils. I’d look like the villains at the end of Indiana Jones 1 and my terrier would have to clean up the mess.

    Take it in small doses, please, and do something to recover inbetweentimes. Maybe a Dame Edna video? Girls night out? Great music and fantastic beer?

    Thank you for not giving her any more money.

  368. You’re a better woman than I…glad you had to do it! Where does she get this stuff? Her ideas are so twisted and warped, that I can’t even wrap my brain around it!!!

  369. You forgot Rush


  370. And, Anonymous, please grow a pair.

  371. Please read Matt Taibbi’s book called “Smells Like Dead Elephants”. It is a MUST READ for all of us!!!

  372. Haven’t read the book but she(Ann) was right about the duke Lacrosse players and Joe McCarthy. The players WERE innocent and Joe was RIGHT about those people being communists.

  373. Helen, I’m curious, what color crayon did she use to write such nonsense?
    Why, or why, won’t the likes of Stan Coultergeist (that’s what we call her(??) in my house), Rush, Hannity, Palin, Billo, just fade away? How anyone can listen much less agree with any of them is astonishing to me.

  374. I give you credit Helen. I sure as hell couldn’t read anything she has to write (let alone pay to read it – even at used book price). I can’t even listen to her for “free” when she is whining on TV. The reason her feet are so big is because she needs them – she is always sticking one of her feet in her big mouth! Honestly she is worse than any of the rabid RR people I can’t stand which is really hard to believe considering the list (Rush, O’Reilly, Beck, Dobson, etc.).

  375. I have no intentions whatsoever of buying even a used copy of that bitch’s venom. Have to admit though, it had crossed my mind to see if it’s available at the local library.

    I love the Hell ‘N Notes version, and thank you for doing that for us!

  376. Actually we are all a different shade of brown ranging from a very light beige to very dark brown.

    Coulter is an idiot and a bigot. I wouldn’t and couldn’t read her book without gagging.

    Thanks for the update!!!

  377. Don’t play with the trolls, they are rabid when they bite. They froth at the mouth and not much “sense” comes out of them.

    Now intelligent dialogue and discussions even from those that disagree are welcome.

    But trolls are what you get if Ann Coulter were to actually “breed”.

  378. Funny how the trolls all have the same name.

    Anonymous, us liberals can’t possibly ruin this country, your Bushies already did that. We’re trying to fix it. Now go away, we’re busy.

  379. Half-white, of course, because the natural state of a person is white… that’s the assumption that all of these people who say “he’s not black, he’s mixed” or “he’s not black he’s half white” keep making. Newsflash: there are more brown people on the planet than white. It seems to me that the natural state of a person’s skin is brown — not this alabaster Connecticut Ann Coulter white. Yuck. I despise that person… and in referring to Coulter, I use the term “person” only in the strict legal sense. Yuck.

  380. Put me on the mailing list. With this “vibrant” economy still booming from eight years of Bush, I can no longer afford toilet paper.

    Maybe as a public service to humanity, I should be the first to receive this “book” after both you and Margaret are finished with it.

  381. There is an even cheaper way to read Coulter’s book: go to a Barnes & Noble which has a cafe, buy a latte, find and easy chair, and sit down and read it. They don’t even care. They net more profit off the latte than the book, especially it it takes more than one trip to finish it.

    On second thought, you might want to skip the latte. I suspect a certain percentage of readers would vomit while reading her book and cause the hardworking booksellers even more work.

  382. Shut up and go away Anonymous. We don’t want to play your games today.

  383. You just can;t stand it that she is right about what she writes. All you liberals are the same and Ann Coulter calls you on the carpet and all you can do is whine.

    You will ruin this country and then you will see the value in her books. Just you wait.

  384. I love you Helen.

  385. Thanks for the Cliff’s Notes. I can’t imagine ever reading her book. I can’t stand talk radio OR Fox News so why would I ever want to do that? Your amusing recap is much better.

  386. Helen … you consistently hit just the right note.

    I have a feeling that Hell ‘N Notes would be a much bigger best seller than Ann Coulter’s BS is … and there would certainly be no copies in a used book shop two weeks after publication.

    Of course, here we get to read the comments here first … and for free!

    How I wish that your correspondence had been accessible on the I-net for all before 2000. Your pithy comments on the “Little Man” who ultimately became pResident might have pre-empted the Florida debacle and Supreme Court “Selection.”

    Some of the saddest words … “what might have been …”.

    Continue to rock on, forever, you two! Please!

  387. Helen,
    Today’s post had me laughing! size 17ww feet, indeed! Thanks for taking this on, as I would not be able to keep down my food if forced to read it.

  388. Dear Helen,

    Loved “Bigfoot”
    LOVED “smarter” in quotes
    Really loved “closed desk appearance”
    Totally loved “It appears she choose to write at an obedience school level. ”

    You are funny. Very, very funny. And clever.

  389. Please tell me you consulted your physician before reading Coulter’s book, Helen. Coulter is known to cause serious side effects.

    Thanks for taking one for the team and all, but really, I’m worried.

  390. I think I will wait til it comes out in comic book form …

  391. Bad idea. Bad idea. We would have to BUY her books in order to send them to Alaska. BAD IDEA!

  392. I love the idea of sending all the Ann Coulter books to Alaska for fuel. I normally am against censorship or book burning in any form, but I think that this is the best use for that printed crap. Helen thank you for doing the reading for us. I have a morbid curiousity about the content, but couldn’t bring myself to read it.

    She has nothing. A whiney loud mouth “conservative” that only has fame because there are people around who will give her attention. How is she a conservative with the statements she makes. She sure is conservative about the “filth” she lets fall out of her mouth.

    I call it Shit in Mouth Disease. Every time she opens her mouth, shit just falls out.

  393. hahahah, Leslie.

    Excellent idea! Books for Fuel, coming to an Alaskan village near you!

    Or maybe we can spread out the pages and place some wet alfalfa seeds upon them, and then feed the greens to Sarah Palin upon her return to Alaska.

    Whenever that might be.

  394. Why don’t we start a movement to send all of Ann’s books to the people up in Alaska – they can use them as fuel to help them stay warm. It would help them with their heating costs, and they could roast food too!

  395. Great job… loving the commentary and looking forward to reading the rest… not sure I could take reading it….glad your chin is tougher than mine…lol thanks for taking it on the chin..

  396. I agree that her writing is not very good. She really is more of a bomb thrower.

    If you are honestly looking to read some very intelligent and well written books by a conservative author, I would suggest anything by Thomas Sowell. Basic Economics is probably the most dense, but is worth the read, and is a great book considering today’s economic crisis. His newer book, Economic Facts and Fallacies is an easier read, but deals with many of the same issues.

    I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that you are reading Coulter more for blog fodder than to actually tune in to some conservative viewpoints, but if you are truly trying to dig into a conservative POV, Sowell is a great place to start, IMO.

  397. Hell’N Notes!!!!! LOVE IT!!!
    You, Mam, are a HOOT!!!!

  398. You are (both) so wonderful!

    I love reading your posts.

    Just remember to take long breaks while reading Coulter’s driv– err, book — or it’ll drive you ’round the bend.

  399. ((((( o ))))) <—– right here Coulter, you bitch! Kiss it!!!! Kiss it hard!!!!!

  400. I love how you put “smarter” in quotes. Very clever. You really are a terrific writer/entertainer.

  401. Thanks for reading the book so the rest of us don’t have to – talk about taking one for the team! Promise you’ll treat your brain to some poetry afterward so it didn’t think it was being punished having to wrench itself through Coulter’s mindless drivel. Seriously, I never heard of such an educated person who knew so little about everything & anything. It’s not even that I’m against her for her viewpoints- I could at least respect her if she had any basis for anything she said. But sometimes I feel like she literally plucks concepts from the air and calls them facts. She makes Bill O’Reilly look like a reserved genius. I’m just glad she didn’t get any of your money. But I weep for the tree that died she it’s pulp could be used as toilet paper for Coulter’s shithead.

  402. Let’s hope Harold doesn’t do as my husband did. In reading her book I would rant about how illiterate the read was. Anyhow back to the point of the reading. I wasn’t even half way through and my husband got up and said; “enough of the bs”. He took it out back poured gas over it and burned it. Can you believe it. So, if it gets upsetting and you blurt out comment. Beware, Harold might do the same thing. JUST TO SAVE YOUR SANITY!
    I will be looking forward to what you have to say about it.

  403. It’s like you have become our national kindergarten teacher reading us a book. I question your choice of book but love your interpretation of the bitch’s words. Keep it up.

  404. Wow. It says a lot about a book when it is in a used bookstore just two weeks after it was published.

    Bless you for taking that bullet and actually reading it. I’m sure your notes will be far more eloquent and entertaining than the book itself.

  405. Yes, Helen, you are indeed a very brave person to read this trash and summarize it for us. Every time that moron comes on TV, I just have to turn it off. Otherwise, I would probably throw something really big through the TV screen and have to go out and buy one of those new flat-screen ones.

    I do love your idea of passing that one used book around to keep Ann from making any money off of it, though. I have to believe that the only reason she writes this trash is that there are a few thousand folks out there who really believe what she says and will pay good money for her books.

  406. Helen!

    I told you not to bother reading Ann’s book! Anything she writes or says is a total waste of time.

    As for this statement:
    “Today there are more men who are sexually aroused by women in stiletto heels crushing live frogs to death while talking erotically to the frog than there are members of the Ku Klux Klan.”

    Is it just me or do neocons have to connect everything to freaky sex?

    Now, Helen, go pamper yourself. It’s going to take awhile to get that Ann smell out of the room.

  407. I cannot imagine how hard that must be to read. I cant even listen to her talk! Let alone read what she might write.
    Kudos Helen, you’re a Saint! Read on and keep us informed.


  409. Thanks for reading it for me and providing the Hell’N Notes!!

    I couldn’t bear the idea of actually reading it myself. But I do want to know what it says, though, I’m not sure why.

    Thanks for everything you do!

  410. Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin must have gone to the same obedience school… and they both just sound hateful. And this comment comes from a social conservative!


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