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Posted by: Helen Philpot | November 10, 2008

There’s always next time…

Life is short.  You realize that even more when you are old.  I have said before that in dog years I am already dead.  So each morning when I wake up there is a brief moment until I realize that I still need my glasses to see the clock before realizing I must still be in this old body of mine…  Then I turn and put a mirror under Harold’s nose to determine if I still need to put on my make-up and do my hair.

As a parent you eventually come to accept that one day your children and family members will have to continue on without you.  And you spend much of your life thinking that you are preparing them for that moment only to realize that you are really just preparing yourself.  Have I left them with a brighter future and a better world?  You certainly hope so and knowing so makes each day a little easier.  So imagine my shock when about 8 years ago the village idiot was suddenly running the show.    Panic set in.  My God what if I go tomorrow and that jackass screws things up and suddenly my children and grandchildren are left to clean up the mess.

Folks, I may not be here next time so I want you to remember this.  You really should strive for a Presidential nominee who is smarter than you… someone who understands you but doesn’t necessarily need to have a beer with you.  Strive for a Renaisance man… someone who knows that Walt Whitman wasn’t a guy who made chocolate candy.  And a good rule of thumb from this point forward: someone who fully understands that the Flintstones isn’t a documentary.  

We are a large, diverse country but we live in an even larger, more diverse world.  No President ever has a mandate.  Even the least among us need to be heard, and if possible, helped.  Differences should be celebrated not feared.  I hope one day we all understand that love is not about the body; it is about the heart.  Think about it.

Margaret and I really do enjoy your comments and all the excitement around our silly little blog.  It is keeping us young so thank you.   We have an idea for the blog that we think you will enjoy.  Stay tuned… and thanks for stopping by.  We mean it.  Really.

[NOTE FROM MATTHEW:  My grandmother wanted me to add this link to The Atticus Circle .  She said that those of you leaving comments about Proposition 8 might be interested in this organization.]

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  1. Cool story you got here.
    It would be intresting to find anything more concerning this post.
    Thnx for tell that information.
    With best regards!

  2. “… Then I turn and put a mirror under Harold’s nose to determine if I still need to put on my make-up and do my hair.”

    Too funny. I peed a little.

  3. I love you two ladies! Please come visit my blog. It’s not incredibly political, just random thoughts about things in general….


  4. [...] today, I followed a link posted in Margaret and Helen’s blog to Atticus Circle, which is a organization of straight folks working for gay rights. [...]

  5. oh heavens, i burst out laughing extremely loudly at the comment about the mirror in the morning.

    i have loved reading your blog the last couple months. you are a breath of fresh, honest air. thank you for that.

    there needs to be more commonsense spoken out loud like yours. wisdom truly comes with age!

  6. I am an astute, self-aware tabby and devoted fan of your blog. A friend of mine “tagged” me to reveal six random things about myself on my blog. I was asked to then “tag” six other bloggers to contribute to the collective confessional.

    You’re probably way too famous and busy to have time for my little game of tag. Not to mention how revelatory you already are on a regular basis. But I think it’d really be smashing if you gals revealed six random things about EACH OTHER. Imagine the dish!

    This is not a chain letter. I abhor those sorry things. Nothing bad will happen to you if you decline to participate. I will keep my claws retracted and continue to read your delightful blog faithfully. I have linked to you from my blog at:



    Signed, another pro-American cat for Obama, Margaret and Helen

  7. Obama really needs to send you an invitation to his inauguration!

  8. Helen, I love you. You brought tears to my eyes. i am only 31 and already wonder how my kids will be after I am gone. Not that they’ll need me; I believe I am instilling the right things in them, but a mommy will always worry. I dedicate a lot of time and effort into the environment (and animals because yes, they help keep the ecosystems strong and healthy) and it’s all because I care about what kind of life my future generations will have. Like hell i want them living in bubbles. Screw that.

    Thank you for your words of wisdom. Thank you for your humor and for being so candid. I can only hope I am like you when I get older. I love ya, sweetie!

  9. I thought this would be a good post in which to thank you for your blog, which is lovely. As one of a younger generation, I really appreciate that you take the time to share your wisdom. Cheers!

  10. [...] There’s always next time… Life is short.  You realize that even more when you are old.  I have said before that in dog years I am already [...] [...]

  11. Hi girls, see what I ment when i said best at your age is to keep busy? And suddenly you come up with “a new idea for this blog” ! Right on ! Lovin’ it and can’t wait to see what your up to next! Can you even top the election blog? Hope so!
    And to the Don Smith guy abvoe wth the “Palin 2012″ t-shirts for sale, look at my blog ( werner-oderwer.tumblr.com ) and the defaced “Palin 2012″ poster (photoshopped), treat your t-shirts accordingly and people here might really get interested….. lol!
    Love you girls, keep going for a looooooonnnng long time
    All the best, and lot’s of it

  12. One thing positive that has come from the lunacy of the past eight years-
    I NEVER forget to tell my daughters that I love them every time we part company.

  13. YUM smteaches. I know my hubby will love it, too.

    I just made my first batch o’ Pumpkin Bars for the season on Sunday.

    (Must get on the treadmill, must get on the treadmill, must get on the treadmill.)

    Looking forward to what you have planned for the blog, oh great and powerful Margaret and Helen. I shall follow wherever you may lead.



  14. Nothing says Thanksgiving and Family times like a bottle of Vodka….oh, we go waaaay back….

  15. Appreciate your posts. Wisdom earned. Thanks for sharing and for being here now. And love from Alaska.

  16. Vodka??!!?? Did I hear Vodka? Now I’m awake!

  17. You forgot the pint of vodka…..good times.

  18. Karen — my partner was just commenting that SP’s whole tenure has changed since Election Day. She comes across in her interviews as much less folksy and much more vindictive. As they say, you can fix ignorance but there’s no cure for meanness. Her true colors are showing through now that she doesn’t have to mind her p’s and q’s!

    As Thanksgiving approaches, I am eternally grateful the majority of the voters chose to move forward w/ Obama. In celebration, I thought I’d share one of my “secret” family recipes… Cranberry Salad is one of our favorite Thanksgiving dishes:

    Cranberry-Orange relish:
    12 oz. bag whole cranberries (frozen)
    1 1/2 oranges
    1 1/2 c. sugar
    Blend oranges & sugar in blender; add frozen cranberries gradually; refrigerate.

    2 sm. or 1 lg. box raspberry jello
    2 c. boiling water
    1 3/4 c. cold water
    Dissolve jello in boiling water; add cold water. Refrigerate. When jello starts to thicken, fold in:

    Cranberry-orange relish
    1 Golden Delicious apple, peeled & diced
    1/3 c. chopped walnuts

    Everyone loves this dish! We receive several requests for it throughout the holiday season. And it looks beautiful — very festive — in any kind of glass dishware!

    Wishing everyone a beautiful and celebratory holiday season!

  19. Question for the masses:

    Has anyone noticed that Palin is now pronouncing her “g’s” and gone are the “you betcha’s”?

    Did someone tell her it wasn’t playing well for the rest of us? Or did she drop the “folksey stuff” when someone told her that we despise the current Lame Duck and she was aligning herself with him with the fake folksey stuff?

  20. Joy- you can be sure a lot of Alaskans are happy it’s the USAF looking out for all of us! We are pretty worried the gov only seems to have understood Russia is nearby from her purported briefings as CinC of Alaska National Gaurd!
    A moment here , on Veteran’s Day, to think of all our active duty service men and women… and all who came before them.

  21. You have such a wise and witty voice.

  22. It has become blatntly obviously that not one ounce of thought has gone into picking Republican nominees since Dwight D………yep, that truly ages me !!! I was very lyoung at the time and only remember what I heard from my parents in later years. After Nixon they switched party affiliations to the Democratic Party. Next the Repubs picked an actor ,for heavensakes, who deregulated everything and we are where we are right now economically because of him and a little help from the Bush boys. The choices have become more and more idiotic. McCain was another terribly malleable, know nothing about the economy , war mongering person they thought they could control. They demanded he choose the idiot Palin as his running mate and praise the Lord and pass the applesauce, that decision bit them in the butt.

    And yet, there are people already screaming for Palin as a candidate in 2012 She is ignorant, vile, vicious ………..yep, a perfect choice for them.
    Palin’s brain……who will that be ?????

    If news outlets continue to fawn over the idiot Palin, I will continue to lock them out of my channel line up. I am done with NBC for good. (FOX is not even an option) What a classic waste of time for Matt Lauer to go to Alaska to ask the idiot Palin about clothing-gate. They spent all that money to go up there to ask about clothes. Why not ask her why she is such a vicious user who pals around with successionists and people who hate America ?? Why not ask her how many times she has seen Putin’s plane “fly over Alaska” ? She said that when he reared his head he flew his plane over Alaska. No, stupid, the US airforce patrols, 24/7, 365 days a year, the border between the US and Russia and if anyone reared their head and flew one inch into American airspace they would be shot down. You would think the governor of Alaska would know that. But of course she can use a bazooka and an uzi so she probably thinks she can protect her state all by herself.
    And this is the Republicans’ great hope for 2012……..yikes !!!!!!!! Are the lunatics still running the asylum?? “Perhaps so” !!!!!!!!

  23. Helen, you always manage to say what I am thinking, yet so much more eloquently!

    Chani, “the least of these” refers to those being marginalized, not those who are worth less. :)

  24. Thank you, Helen, for another great post. When I see a new post from you, it makes me smile, and by the time I am finished reading, I feel like I’ve just had a conversation with a treaured family member where we laugh a little, get a little serious, and end up knowing a bit more about each other.

    I am so grateful that you share your thoughts and musings with us…


  25. Keith Olberman made a worthwhile comment about Prop 8 on his show. Check it out.


  26. that’s supposed to be prop eight, not prop happy face!

  27. In a world with so much hate (see post above on Toot Dunham’s funeral) why there are people who want to deny rights to people who love and are committed to each other (prop 8) is beyond me. There are a lot of benefits, civil and otherwise, that are conferred along with marriage, and that no legal document can arrange. And the sanctity of marriage is harmed far more by our fascination with serially monogamous, relationship addicted ‘celebrities.’

    Our friends were a long term couple, owned a house together and all the rest. In Maryland gays can’t marry, so when one partner was facing death from cancer, he adopted the other partner, so that the healthy partner would be next of kin and so forth, and would be able to inherit without all the probate mess and extra taxes. An ingenious solution, but why does it have to be necessary?

    Eventhough I’m a pretty serious Christian, I am always suspicious of people who say they KNOW what God wants. Huh? Just how? And when they say “I have to pray over that,” why is God’s answer usually what they wanted to do in the first place? How convenient.

  28. Helen, thank you for sharing your wit and wisdom with all of us, and thank Matthew for setting up this blog for you. You have started a community of compassion here, and I hope it continues to grow. I really mean it.

  29. This seems to be working for Pete Seeger:
    “I wake up each morning and dust off my wits
    I open the paper and I read the obits
    And if I’m not there then I know I’m not dead
    So I eat a good breakfast and crawl back in bed.”

    “How do I know my youth is all spent
    My get up and go
    Done got up and went
    But in spite of it all I’m able to grin
    When I think of the places my get up has been”

    Yours too ladies, yours too!

  30. Ha, ha, ha! I loved the bit about putting the mirror under Harold’s nose to see if you need to do your hair and make-up! But why don’t you just misplace his glasses for him then you won’t have to bother anyway?? Or alternatively, get a black pen and draw some squiggly lines around the lenses and then he’ll think you’ve hair is perfect all the time!

    Your blog is wonderfully refreshing and humorous!

  31. The Time will soon past another election will be here before you know it

  32. so happy you guys are still alive!! haha

    i understand wat you mean cause i have parents who tell me how they are counting days before they leave us and how every day is a challenge just to do simple things.

    anyways i have enjoyed your pre/post election blog and now has become a current read for me.

    keep up your writing and happy dominating my pixels..

    @)–,–margaret helen –’–(@


  33. I thought it was so odd when the Republicans were calling Obama elite. Merriam-Webster defines elite as “The choice part” or “The best of a class”. Wouldn’t we want that person to be our president?

    Thanks for your writing. As a gay California man, I’m still stunned by Prop 8. I think some people were trying to stick it to the court for “legislating from the bench.” However, the legislature passed a same-sex marriage bill TWICE and Arnold vetoed it both times. Arnold said he wanted the courts to decide. It’s really frustrating. Now I don’t even know if we’re legally married anymore, although the law can’t change our feelings for each other, nor make either of us less of a person.

  34. Words to live by. Thanks ladies.

  35. I love your blog. My mom would have love it too. She was always political but became more so once grandchildren arrived. She fought many battles and my heart hurt when a month before her death Bush started the Iraq war–near death, she felt all was lost. When the Supreme Court made the village idiot the winner in 2004, I was glad she hadn’t lived to see it.

  36. Helen and Margaret (in her own quiet way)-

    Thank you, yet again!

    Jose Ortega y Gasset, lamenting a dark time in Spanish history, wrote that his countrymen ( he was a man of his time, so ladies fill in “and women ” where obvious…) were ” willing to hand over our free will to a rigid moral attitude than to keep our judgement always open , ready at any moment for the desirable reform and correction.”
    We’ve just been there and done that…
    Eight scary years of a narrow , rigid view of the world and ourselves has cost us. We MUST remember that intelligence guided by thoughtfulness is as valuable to us as a community as all other strengths we ask of the leaders we hire. For myself, I’ll save the much ballyhooed beer to share with my son when we remodel the playhouse he built for my grandaughter.

    Our children and grandchildren have to take the America we hand them. We are way overdue getting started on clean up of the messes we’ve been making out here. We need all the eyes, all the hands , all the differences we have to get tidied up and back on some sensible track.

    Helen –
    Ortega understood love too…” Nothing prevents heroism -which is the activity of the spirit-as much as considering it bound to specific contents of life. The possibility of heroism must subsist beneath the surface everywhere, and every man should be able to hope that a spring may come forth when he strikes vigorously the earth he treads.”

    We HAVE hope now… Let’s roll!!!

  37. Ladies, you continue to inspire me…and crack me up…with your words. Please continue to share your wit and wisdom with us. We need it.

    And the Flintstones line was priceless.

  38. “Folks, I may not be here next time so I want you to remember this. You really should strive for a Presidential nominee who is smarter than you… someone who understands you but doesn’t necessarily need to have a beer with you. Strive for a Renaisance man… someone who knows that Walt Whitman wasn’t a guy who made chocolate candy. And a good rule of thumb from this point forward: someone who fully understands that the Flintstones isn’t a documentary.”

    I couldn’t have said it better.


  39. Oh thank dog you’re still blogging! Don’t you dare stop now. Just because the election is won does not mean the race is won.

    And you are so right about needing a president who either is smarter than us, or at the very least just as intelligent. Sure, I bet ol’ Dubya is entertaining as hell if you’re knocking back a few Shiner Bocks back at the ranch. But as the PRESIDENT? Of MY country? Oh hell no.

    Keep up the good work, Helen. Oh how I wish I could meet you one day!

  40. My sister told me when you have a grandchild, you see the future. And she is so right. My grandson is almost two years old. We have a great picture of him in front of an Obama/Biden sign. I am so happy that I see his future with such a bright, honorable man as our President.
    Why I love this blog—-I know I am an intelligent woman. I have the degrees and feedback to prove it. But I want a president who is so much brighter than I am. Thank you for pointing out that is what we need in our leaders. They come from us, but they should be so much brighter than the “Joe Six Pack.”
    Please keep up the blog. You make my day.

  41. It’s always “about the heart”…thanks for reminding us!

  42. Dear Helen,

    This silly California Proposition 8 to amend the state constitution to prohibit homosexual marriage mystifies me. We lived off and on for a total of about 15 years in both Northern and Southern California. By and large, the people we came in contact with were friendly and kind, pretty much going about their daily lives as they are anywhere else in the country.

    For the record, I am a heterosexual. Always have been. I don’t know why, but that’s the way I think and feel. I have always had girl and women friends that I loved dearly but not sexually attracted to them. Ever since I discovered boys as a young girl, well, I liked them!

    Now what if a relatively small bunch of people decided that what I am, how I feel and what I think is WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! That I am going to burn in hell for all eternity for it. Further, because of MY heterosexuality, God in his wrath is going to bring down hurricanes, floods and pestilence on lots of innocent people; men, women and children – and it’s all MY fault!

    The only solution is to strip me of my rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution and perhaps even beat me up in a dark alley sometime.

    ONE of the justifications for this is the Old Testament biblical story of Abraham’s nephew Lot. Anyone can read the whole text in the King James Version of the Bible, Genesis Chapter 19. For the sake of brevity, here is my summary: Sodom and Gomorrah were very wicked cities so God decided to destroy them by fire. This story is similar to that of Noah and his Ark except that the world was destroyed by flood instead of fire for its wickedness. But Lot and his family were righteous. God sent two male angels to warn them to leave before the conflagration.

    A mob came to Lot’s door and demanded that he send the two angels out so they could ‘know’ them in the Biblical sense. Lot considered that a breach of his hospitality. He offered to send out his two virginal daughters instead. (To be gang raped???) The mob insisted on the angels so began to storm the door. The angels struck them blind and the mob disbanded in disarray. Lot and his family left but were warned not to turn back and look at the burning cities. Because Lot’s wife disobeyed, she was turned into a pillar of salt. The origin of the words “ Sodomite” and “Sodomize” are derived from the city of Sodom.

    Now maybe something was lost in the translations down through the millennia. But that’s not my idea of sexual morality to say nothing of an attitude toward women. It is hard for me to understand such a vengeful God. I prefer the concept of a loving Heavenly Father. What ever happened in our country to Jesus’ message of peace and love?

    There is a term for an indecent perversion called “Voyeurism”, that is, peering into the private and personal activities of other people. In common vernacular it is known as “Peeping Tom”.

    Where is the threat to heterosexual marriage? If they want to, shouldn’t everyone be entitled to be happily and/or miserably married like everybody else?



  43. Let’s go have a beer…you, Barack, Michelle, and me!


  44. Just an FYI: those crazy fundamentalists plan to picket Toot Dunham’s funeral. Nothing is sacred except their boundless hatred.

  45. Ladies..great blog.. ..the village idiot comment is priceless..i voted for him cause he is what we needed at the time…I hope we did better this time…..your blog keeps the rest of us young…Zman sends

  46. Love this site! Helen you are the best. I am 60 years old and have linked this to my kids. A sane voice in the desert on insanity. Love you, and I really mean it. Sid

  47. Thanks for the great posts, ladies. You keep us thinking!
    BTW–every day I teach my students as if each one of them could be president some day.
    It takes a lot of energy……….and the amount of initiative on the student’s part is what really “fills out” the phrase “could be president”.
    Today, we discussed the words “I am the only person who has the power to decide what I will be.”
    Keep posting–you always make my day.

  48. You are a NATIONAL TREASURE. Thanks so much for making my day! Blessings on you, and your wonderful grandkids who help out with the site.

    xo Katherine

  49. Helen,

    Thank you for your post. I love it.

  50. I love the picture….It’s a very interesting tour huh. It’s been a few years but I miss it. BTW. Checkout http://www.ASocialThing.com and pls share it with others. NON PROFIT SOCIAL SHOPPING MALL…add us on the link there as well for oursocial net pages like myspace. All proceeds goto charities that work on social issues. Change iswhat we make of it. http://WWW.ASOCIALTHING.COM

  51. Helen – still loving the blog. You make me think, you make me laugh.

    PS: To “President Sarah Palin” – I’m already sooooooooooo tired of your postings. Maybe once a day would be enough, ya betcha! You aren’t nearly as funny as you must think you are.

  52. Helen, a world without you would be a sadder place. Long live the Queen!

  53. Thank you for your always-thoughtful posts. And thank you for the link to Atticus Circle. I signed up immediately.

    Thanks for all you do!

  54. I love your blog! Reading it has made me laugh on a daily basis. Right to the point.

    Thank you for the information on Atticus Circle. I did not know about that site. I will be sure to look at it more closely.

    I believe in equality for everyone and I am the mom of a gay child.

  55. As usual, Helen, you nailed it.

    Bette Davis told us that “old age ain’t for sissies.” And it ain’t. But she was talking about the body. And that creaks and groans, doesn’t get up as quickly, sags in places and doesn’t always look like us.

    But the wisdom? The wisdom is priceless! And the willingness to just blurt out stuff, true stuff that others resist saying…? That’s Margaret. Smart and sassy!!

    I love reading here. I mean it.

  56. Beautiful Post.

    I’m addicted to this blog! Please keep on posting!

  57. Dang, that Alaskan thing is back…………

  58. I agree, better to elect someone who’s smart, not personable. I absolutely want someone smarter than me running the show, especially when we’ve got kids and hopefully grandkids. But even if we don’t, we want the smart man in charge for everyone else’s grandkids.

    And thank you for the link to the Atticus Circle. We will never be able to achieve equality without the help of the heterosexual community, and I’m touched beyond words to see a group fighting on our behalf.

  59. Your insight is always so illuminating to me. Like a firefly I tried to catch myself, and ended up batting it in the opposite direction instead. You make it all clear for me, Helen. I thank you for that.
    Brenda in Tyler

  60. Amen?
    Yes, sister! You are soooooooooo right to remind us Christians to be Christians. When I am president in 4 years I will build more churches to remind the people that they are Christian.

    Oh, and it’s all about job creation, too!

  61. Ah yes, Helen,
    Once again, all I can say is AMEN!

  62. hey there,
    I see you are about to reach 1 million hits on your website
    my hope is that you will get millions more
    we need more people like you to stand up for what is right and point out what need to be done to make things right
    You go Helen
    i wish you were my grandma


  63. So glad to come in today and see a new blog!! As always spot on!!

    U Rock!

  64. Some people may have wanted to share a beer with W. As for me, I’d prefer sharing arugula with Obama. ;-)

    The blinders of some people are amazing. They’re unable and afraid to look beyond their very tiny piece of the universe to see what there might be of real value in other points of view or other perspectives.

    For a distressing look at how much work we have yet to do, please read Chris Hedges’ piece today entitled “America the Illiterate”
    http://www.commondreams.org/view/2008/11/10-6 and then consider what each of us can do to effect change. I’ve made some suggestions on my own blog and welcome any additional ideas.


    Helen, you are a joy to read. Please keep reminding us of what we should be thinking and doing.

  65. My friend forwarded a link to your blog and told me it’s her new favorite; now it’s mine, too.

    And if my mom was still here, she’d be heading up your fan club.

    I love it! Keep it up!

  66. I so appreciate your humor and I needed a good and heartfelt laugh this morning. I enjoy your wisdom and it keeps me going all day.

    I think the US has elected a good man. I still think McCain and Palin should clean up their act and go around and tell people he is not a terrorist or a Muslim – I am appalled by how many death threats are being made towards that lovely family, by people who were all stirred up by the Foxy Folks and the candidates. There are just enough people out there who think it is true and are still scared and afraid…I am worried.

  67. At 76 I guess I’ll never catch up to you, but I can understand what you’re saying. Love your blog, and I promote it every chance I get. Keep it coming!
    thanks for the link to atticus. I’ll pass that along too.

  68. Its been a pleasure reading your blog, I wish I had heard about it sooner.

  69. She wouldn’t know diverse if it bit her in the behind. Now the Bi$%* wants to change it up again . We all know he was no Maverick but now it was too much the status quo she should stick to learning how to buy a vowel and let somebody with a brain run the country.

    “Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin said Sunday that she and running mate John McCain lost because the Republican ticket “represented too much of the status quo.”
    In an interview with the Anchorage Daily News posted on the paper’s site Monday morning, Palin pointed a finger at the Bush administration for souring the GOP brand, adding that it was “amazing” that the McCain campaign did as well as it did.”

  70. Thanks for another clever and funny post. I mean that. Really.

  71. You are truly amazing women that I look up to greatly! Thank you for your charge to the generations that follow to live into this calling.

  72. Rec’d text msg from a friend:
    “There is a sign up sheet for volunteers to help Bush and Cheney pack their Sh@t & get the eff out of the White House. I signed us up for the 3-8 shift”

    Pass it on!

  73. If having a lot of loyal readers who love you and who appreciate your wit and wisdom keeps you young, then you gals are going to outlast the Energizer Bunny!

  74. The Obamas were visiting the White House today. I hope Barney was kept in his own room. I can see Michelle and Barack (soon-to-be doggie parents) going to pet him and crrrrunch.

    Barney had better cool his jets or he’s going to spark a war against (scottish) terriers.

    I finally got more visual commentaries posted: McCain & Dubya team up for future employment; Sarah Peppy Palin meets the soup nazi; and others. Enjoy!


  75. When I saw those Obamas today when they were invited by our president I was sooooooooo excited imagining me and my family standing there being Preeeeeeesident!

    I mean, of course I will respect that black African couple. I am well educated! But it will be suuuuuch fun moving in that house and seeing them moving out!

    Just fouuuur years! I just can’t waiiiiit!

  76. I am unhappy to report that Arkansas voted to prevent “unmarried persons who are co-habitating in a sexual relationship to adopt or foster children” of course all know it was done to prevent g and l’s from adopting and fostering. I am counting on the ACLU to challenge it. It was not as much of a land slide as I expected.

  77. I laughed out loud, as I frequently do, when reading your blog. I even stopped my dear hubby and shared it with him. He laughed too. Thanks for keeping us all laughing and for so often saying what we are thinking!

  78. Dubya doesn’t strike me as dumb, per se. He strikes me as a guy who has always done just enough to get by. And isn’t that the temptation so many of us face? It’s so easy to coast.

    Unfortunately, Dubya was blessed with material wealth, so he’d never suffer from the results of his mediocrity. And even more unfortunately, his mediocrity and lack of curiosity had devastating effects on all of us.

    I just wish there were a way to make him take responsibility for the damage he’s leaving behind. He’s proven that actions don’t have to have consequences, and that belief can erode society faster than anything else.

  79. Just want to say that Matthew has an awesome Grandma!

  80. you said and I quote

    “You really should strive for a Presidential nominee who is smarter than you… someone who understands you but doesn’t necessarily need to have a beer with you.”

    Wow that is totally spot on! In a political science class I took last year we read a book called The Bush Dyslexicon by Mark Crispin Miller. It ironically was mainly written before Bush Jr took office…. Only the preface was added later. To make things short the premise of the book was basically what you see is what you get. Bush showed his lack of intelligence way before any of the crap happened and even before he got elected. He was portrayed as just like us and the guy to go and have a beer with.

    To think 8 years later the simple mindedness that Bush showed translated into the federal government. Can I say what you see is what you get?

    Of course Bush is the guy that we all wanted (well not really me but you get the point) to get a beer with. He was president of the biggest party frat on his campus when he was in college! (reference Bush Dyslexicon but unsure of page number off the top of my head) I could write more about the shocking gaffes and tidbits I learned from that book, but that would take all day!

    Thank God Obama won…. Thank god America spoke to intelligence!

    Helen- Thank you for the awe inspiring words. I especially liked the blog today. I really hope you are around for the next election and elections to come. Even if you aren’t I know I am smarter about the world because of people like you, my professors, my parents and even my grandmother. I hope that when I get to be your age I can help spread your wisdom as well as all the wisdom that I have and will pick up from the world between now and then.

  81. “Walt Whitman/chocolate”…. ha! Thanks for the grin.

  82. Amen!! I want to be like you too!!! You remind me of my grandma who I just love and miss to pieces. Thank you for your wise words and I hope to keep reading your blog for a LONG time to come :)

  83. Ladies, you so make my day! I kept checking all morning long for an update and it is finally here. Is it just me or is Bush in desperate need of a haircut?

  84. Helen, I love you! When I grow up (I’m only 36) I want to be just like you!

  85. Margaret, you are such a delight to read. Your grandson probably added another 20 years to your life when he helped you get this blog set up! What a following you have gathered to you!

    Your writing is sublime, the humor exquisite, and the points, so well taken. What a gem you have become in my life.

    Wherever this blog goes, I shall follow!

  86. I will be so glad to see the Bush moving van pull away from the White House and the Obama moving van unload. I think our country will begin to recover.

    I just love the whole Obama family!!

  87. Duh…

    It so grates on my nerves to when folk mispronounce “nuclear” as “nuke – you – ler”.

    I teach it this way:

    Practice the two words “new” and “clear.”

    Put them together and say “newclear.”


  88. You add a giggle and a serious thought to every day. Thank you!

  89. Hi Ladies—Loving your blog so much—it would be great if there was a place where we could post our pictures in our Margaret and Helen tee shirts—I LOVE mine!!!! WOW—you are getting close to that 1 million mark—

  90. Good to still be able to read your blog.

    I have said, all along, that I did not want a Vice Presidential nominee who was “just like me.” I want someone much smarter than I am; someone who is intelligent enough to surround himself with those even more intelligent. No way, am I qualified for the job and I want the best in it.

    Love reading your blog. Keep up the good work. Wish I could say it as good as you do.

  91. Keep writing ladies. I thoroughly enjoy your take on things and your sense of humor.

  92. I love Walt Whitman. I have his collection of poems, Leaves of Grass. Your post just choked me up something awful. But in a good way.

    “…A Child said, What is the grass? Fetching it to me with full hands;
    How could I answer the child? I do not know what it is any more than he.
    I guess it must be a flag of my disposition , out of hopeful green stuff woven…”
    Song of Myself. Walt Whitman. 1892

    Yes, a Renaissance person, someone smarter than the yourself, educated, purposeful, and decisive who tempers their knowledge with humility and compassion.

  93. Amen.

    Can’t wait to see what your cooking up for the blog.

  94. You’re right. The least among us does need to be heard. I humbly admit that I believe that I am the least among us.



  95. eloquent*

    Even as someone as young as I have trouble writing like you.

  96. My friend always said that she was supporting Hillary NOT because she wanted to have a drink with her, but because Hillary scared her to death!

    Helen, you are a wonder. Thank you for your wonderful insight and I am looking forward to your live blogging the next election.

  97. You words are so intelligent and so beautifully elegant. If you were running for president, I’d vote for you! Really :)

    - J

  98. I’ve thought the same thing since GW was first elected. I don’t want a President I can have a beer with, I want one so smart that he intimidates the heck out of me. Someone whose words are consistent with his behavior. I didn’t vote for Obama because of his color, I voted for him because he’s NOT another Bush republican.

  99. Helen,
    So glad to see a new post this morning. My day doesn’t feel complete until I have read your words. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us!
    I had been so stressed before the election, I had started eating everything in sight! Now I am back to my old self and feel happier and more hopeful than I have for 8 years! I have 2 grandchildren and finally feel the world is a better place for them.

    Also, to Don Smith, I checked out your blog and love it, too. We have some amazing people here. Keep up the good work!

  100. As a liberal, I know the proper thing to do at this time is to gather everyone around for a kumbaya moment, but let us not forget the atrocities that occurred over the past eight years nor how we were marginalized by righttards everywhere. They have been put into remission but their infection still festers. My partner came home from work on Friday extremely upset because there are a few guys in her department who already have a bet going on something completely unspeakable regarding the safety of our new president elect.

    Helen, I was so glad to log on and find a new post this morning. Your thoughts really do have a way of making my day!

    To the rest of the commenters here – I really enjoy all of you as well. Long after I put my two cents in I come back to see what everyone else had to say.

  101. “someone who fully understands that the Flintstones isn’t a documentary”

    Please don’t stop! I love your humor so much..!

    I wish my grandmother could have met you; such fun would have been had talking politics. She would be 108 now, though, so perhaps her ability to communicate would be less than optimal.

    Keep up the wonderful writing and commentary, and thank you very much!


    GREAT POST !!!

  103. As an older lady who rides a scooter, too, I enjoy you guys. You may replace Maxine as my hero.

  104. Ooooh, you are sooooooooo right!
    There will be really always a next time.
    I am already sooooooooo excited to become president! I just can’t waiiiit for the next elections!

  105. Hi Helen,

    You already have left the world a better place by standing up for what is right and good. I am a bit younger than you but by no means a spring chicken. I fought the fight during ther Civil Rights movement and thought that the work was done. Not by a long shot. I now see that as long as there are those in the world who seek to do harm the struggle will never end. It is up to us all to continue to fight the good fight and each new generation to join in. After all it’s their world that we are going to be leaving to them.

    Shirley V.

  106. Please excuse all the typos in post before. Right hand is not very cooperative sometimes, and I did”t catch them all.

  107. It made my day when I found your new post today!
    Son turned me on to you shortly before the electioin, and been reading
    all the previous posts and comments.
    It is wonderful to see you writing so m uch of what I have been thinking but couldn’t get p ut into words. Some of us old folks still have brains and thinking capabilities, and don’t want to pspend our days with Bingo, etc.
    Wouldn’t to be a Fly on the Wall and listen toi the meeting in the Ovall Officebetween Obama and Shrub? Have a comment that is not very nice so will leave it to your imagination!!
    I have hopes now for more for my children and grandchildren now. One growing up throught one DEpression was enough.

    Please keep writing. You make my day.

  108. My favorite Obama campaign button read:
    “Smart is back!”

    I’m so glad!

  109. Again, thank you so much for your blog. It means more to people than you probably realize.

    And thank you for saying this: “You really should strive for a Presidential nominee who is smarter than you.” Amen.

  110. Troutay-
    what got me is that he never did pronounce “nuclear” properly. I’m sorry, but there should be a requirement that states certain words must be said properly if one wants to seek the position of VP or President:
    Any word with a “g” at the end

  111. You mean Walt Whitman wasn’t a chocolatier, and Africa’s a continent?
    Finally there will be some common sense back in the white house. It’s been far too long.

    Keep on blogging Helen!

  112. Ha! D!!

    When pretzel choker came to my state some years ago, he stopped at a local Deli for a “samich”.
    Sigh…..He must have had ESL.

  113. “You really should strive for a Presidential nominee who is smarter than you… someone who understands you but doesn’t necessarily need to have a beer with you.”

    That line just did it for me!!! I still cannot believe that the pretzel-choker did not just have four years to tool around the WH, but this country allowed him to stay for four more after that!!!!

    I am so glad we have President-Elect Obama. At the same time, I feel bad for him since he has so much to clean up when he takes office.

  114. I’m queer – never did like ‘gay’ very much – and a grandfather. Becoming a parent, as accidental as it was, changed my life more profoundly and more for the good than anything else that ever happened to me. I can’t believe that the Publicans think that they win something when they manage to keep people like me from doing something that will probably make them better people. But there’s lots about Publicans that I can’t believe…

  115. I continue to read you everyday. With joy!


    I realy mean it.

  116. Don’t worry about the make-up Helen…you are
    BEAUTIFUL just the way you are!! Keep up the good work! See ya’ in the morning with my coffee.
    Love, Missy from the Bayou

  117. I agree……even the least among us does need to be heard. I’ve decided that i’m going to do something about it. How?

    President Elect Obama wants us to get involved, so while he’s forming his transition team, I’ll be emailing these letters directly to Congress over the next 20 Days.

    It might not be much, but it’s something. Thanks for the inspiration. Here’s the first letter:



  118. Wise words Helen, and I am so proud of Margaret for breaking out and voting Obama!

  119. Wonderful words of wisdom today ladies!

    I would also add to it, do not sit by and let complacency take over. That is where I was at before this years election. I did not vote for the village idiot in the last 2 elections, but was at the numb stage coming into this one thinking my voice does not matter.

    Thank God I woke up and realized I do have a voice and a brain and it was time to use both! It was for my children and grandchildren. I have come to a new awareness and will never hit that numb stage again.

    Always keep an open mind and heart!

  120. I was so happy to see your post this morning. I was truly missing your words each day. It got me off to an energized start. You affirm everything I believe and have said myself. Please keep up your good work.

  121. You are incredible. I appreciate your intellegent comments. Thank you for giving me such a gift.

  122. To DS:
    Bozone: I wonder how I can work that into conversation? I am sure as heck going to try.


  123. Thank you for that post today, ladies. I enjoy your inclusivity, and your willingness to share what life looks like through your eyes.

    We should all hope and strive to live a life where we respect our connections to each other and this planet.

    Thank you for writing; you’ve gathered an awesome community here because of your great wit and insight.



  124. As I age, I realize that my children are so important and I do my best to be nice to them. They are the one’s that pick out your nursing home y’know.

    Here is a New American Buzzword for you: Bozone (n.) The substance surrounding stupid people that stops bright ideas from penetrating.

    Hey girls, thanks for allowing me to post a link to my site and helping me out, I appreciate it. If you want a quick respite from Mr. Obama and all this … You can read about it here: http://ldsrr91.wordpress.com/2008/11/10/obama-free/

    Later today I am putting up one “For The Girls” you will like it, drop by and check it out.

    Now down to business. Perhaps you can help me out, I understand that you have a side-line and it is a T-Shirt business? I have a pretty good sized inventory of “Palin in 2012″ T-shirts for sale, and I was wondering if anyone would like to make me an offer?

    Will make you a good deal. Let me know.


  125. I have so enjoyed your blog. You make me smile every morning.

  126. I’m gay, so the Prop 8 really hit home with me. Thanks for continuing to write.

  127. Chani – you assume least is a quality statement instead of a quantity statement. I am sure Helen was referrig to mob rule.

  128. I’m glad you’re still writing post-election. I enjoy your commentary.

    I believe a society is judged by how we treat the least among us. So for me, the question for any candidate is, “how do you treat those who have no voice?”

  129. Good ideas here! I will take minor issue with a phrase like “least among us” though. I don’t think there’s a hierarchy of human value.

    That aside, I really do enjoy your site. :)


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