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Posted by: Helen Philpot | October 28, 2008

What was I thinking when I called Sarah Palin a bitch?

(Seven Posts in Seven Days – Day 1)

I am surprised that some of you are up in arms about my calling Sarah Palin a bitch, or John McCain an ass or even George Bush a jackass.   I read your comments about how I should be more respectable and not call Sarah Palin a bitch.  Some of you are actually praying for me because I called John McCain an ass.  In particular I am struck by the comments that suggest the problem with our country is that we can’t have an intelligent conversation to solve our problems without resorting to name calling like when I called George Bush a jackass.

Well this old broad is hurt.  Clearly I didn’t start this blog to call Sarah Palin a bitch…or John McCain an ass… or even George Bush a jackass.  I am so sorry if I have offended any of you.  What was I thinking when I called Sarah Palin a bitch?

New rules:

I will stop calling George Bush a jackass when he stops calling me a terrorist: Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.

I will stop calling John McCain an ass when he stops calling Barack Obama a socialist at every dog and pony show on the Straight Talk Express tour.

I will stop calling Sarah Palin a bitch when she stops calling Obama a terrorist sympathizer.  And I will stop calling Sarah Palin a bitch when she stops calling the parts of the country where I don’t live more Pro-American than the part of the country where I do live.    And I will definitely stop calling Sarah Palin a bitch when she stops acting like a bitch.

I’m old enough to remember the Republican party of Barry Goldwater – when the party stood for fiscal responsibility, small government and personal freedoms.  I remember when I could talk with friends about politics and just agree to disagree.  And then religious nut cases decided that if you didn’t agree with them you were immoral.  So they went and elected George Bush President so he could take the Republican Party from being a party full of respectable people to a party filled with asses, jackasses and yes – bitches like Sarah Palin.

I am tired of Rush Limbaugh suggesting that feminism is a dirty word.  How hard did he fight to gain the right to vote?  Or own property in his own name?  Or get equal pay for equal work? 

And I am tired of Sean Hannity suggesting I am un-American because I don’t think that war is the answer to everything.  How many bullets has he taken defending his country in battle? 

And I am tired that Sarah Palin can decide what she wants to do with her body but other women can’t make that decision for themselves.

NEW, New Rules:

If you are not for me, you are against me.  I’ll get over it.  Now kindly return the favor.

Oh…and one last thing. Elisabeth Hasselbeck is still a moron.  There is just no way around that, Folks.

Thanks for stopping by everyone.  I am doing fine.  Thanks for asking.  I mean it

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  5. No, yours is MUCH more powerful beausce the 2 skintones really bring out the Cheney creepiness in full. I was just poleaxed by it; thought to myself well why the hell didn’t *I* think of that?? All I could add was the skintone adjustment, but the real kudos go to YOU.

  6. I just heard about your blog and only have one thing to say. I freakin love you!!!!

  7. I think I love you.

  8. Sarah Palin is evil and wicked. She has no compassion.

  9. Dear Helen: I have been so upset the past few days and was looking for someone who felt the same way I do about the people you talk about especially Sarah. I don’t think after the last few days that I can call her everything I want to, because I don’t think everyone would understand the words. All I can say is this woman is evil. And I hope Fox New burns in hell with her. thank

  10. Looks like the Obama socialist thing is coming true.

  11. Awesome:::Thanks for the laughs and the wisdom!

  12. шокер

  13. Sarah Palin needs to accept defeat for the 21098423 time in her ridiculous life, and go crawling back to the remnents of the existance as Governor in Alaska. American hates her and she just needs to accept it. She tries to pretend like she is some Margaret Thatcher or something and did some wonderfully , historical and daring thing for women and this nation. The people who likes Palin, like the jagoffs I saw in line all over GA waiting to see her, are nothing even real Republicans. Real Republicans can’t stand her anymore than Democrats, independants , third party voters and the rest of the ill-feeling nation. These people are total extremist, militant malitia like, and I know are all going to break off into some secular, subculture, pro-Palin, close to white seperatist party , gun-toting freaks that elect Palin to wave and carry their banner to their deluded ideas of “glory.” They will be like what the SSPX is to the real Roman Catholic Church is. Just how the SSPX claim to be the only REAL Catholics and that ALL OVER Caths have it wrong, this new breed of Palinties …or Palintologists (that is what they are really calling themselves people!) Will claim this also. ONLY THEY are the REAL Republicans, only THEY stand for what the Repub party is SUPPOSE to be about, only THEY have gone back to the core values of the REAL Republicans! I PROMISE YOU this will happen. Palin most likely ruined what was left of any hope for Chambliss just like she did for McCain, who probably had a much better chance and would have had gotten much better poll results (but still would have lost anyway) before that shrilling harpie came along! At least poor McCain still could have held his head high and been proud that he did a great job representing the inklings that remain of the quickly crumbling GOP. Now however he has to forever pretend he doesn’t regret chosing Palin, pretend he still admirers her, pretend that she did wonders for him to get supporters and pretend she didn’t eat up his campaign! He is just being NICE and mannerly and cordial! That is all, you can see it on his face he is sick about choing that breed cow marm , shrew of a Governor for his VP! She is a disgrace and embarassment to ALL Republicans everywhere and along demolished any resoultion the GOP may have had to rebuild its tarnished, regressive image! I have MANY hardcore Republican friends…dedicated to their party….true conservatives and while we disgaree on most things, we ALL agree Palin is NOT any type of true conservative, DID NOT define the GOP and is NOT a shinning example of a genuine Republican. She is by far NOT the star of the Grand Old Party in the least! Like I said, true, devout Republicans LOATHE this woman and are humilated by her and ashamed that whenever one says Republican, GOP, conservative, right-wing now her chisled, big jawed, hugh teeth, four eyed, hawkish, bee hive face comes to mind! She was comical in GA today from what I was told, I couldn’t stomach going to see her rally live but my Republican friends went to supporr CHAMBLISS, and of course she took up more time and space than he did because she thinks she is the godamned queen of the world and wants to be, and thinks she is entitled to it! They said they got sick listening to her talk about how great she is and allll the wonderful things her and her corrupt family have done for Alaska and how she is such a true American and such a devoted mother and such a staunch Republican and such a hardend conservative and her faultless plans to get America back in line blah blah blah…

    They said if they not have had waited in line for hours and the exit would have been feaseable they would have left. She is like watching some parody or animated political sattire. I don’t think it has sunk into that giant head layered, highlighted, over the top hair of hers that she DID NOT win, not even CLOSE. And besides that, SHE wasn’t running for president! What is with her dronish followers and theri “Palin for President!” crap? Was it Palin/McCain…did I miss something? I could have swore it was MCCAIN..then PALIN on the GOP ticket!!! And ummm, Mr. Obama hasn’t even been inagurated yet! Why are the Palintologist whack jobs already campaigning for her and decided she is going to be on the GOP ticket in four years from now? I promise you that first off…there is no need for another election..Obama will be re-elect if he runs, and he will…and if he does not Biden will run and be elected. I promise that. But of course the right will have to have their candidate but I promise as well it WILL NOT be Palin..not even for VP. She won’t be allowed within miles of any GOP candidacy EVER again for ANY elected office! Like I said, she needs to crawl back to Alaska, finish off her stint as Governor and just drift off in obscruity. Even Alaskans are ready to impeach her! She thinks she is going to run for Senator HAHAHAH! Give me a break, I think Sarah Palin was doing well as Governor because that is where her mind is…at that level of politics. If she was truly interested in SOMEDAY running for higher office she should have stuck to being Governor, ran for another term as that, THEN ran for senator after that while honing in on and brushing up her high level political skills, learning about the world, connection with people and cleaning up her past…then in about ten to fifteen years, when she is older, wiser, more expereinced etc..ran for VP or president. Now she is tarnished forever, and after she is done being Gov or Alaska, she is through forever! Her political career is washed down the proverbial drain! No one EVER will take her seriously again. She is just a comical figure in the face of the political world now. She will lucky if she gets to host a conservative talk show in a few years alongside Rush! Anyway Sarah , go back to Alaska, actually pretend to give a shit about being Governor, breed out a few more retarded kids, and fine something else to make into your career…politics are over for ya hun. Oh and lay off the fake folksy dialect…ya know, also, ya betcha, darn right..

    TOTALLY fake and the world knows it!

  14. Back to a comment that Susan left…..obviously not well thought out. You think that if the current administration is willing to take or restrict your second amendment that they arnt willing to take and restrict your freedom of speech? First order of business is to make you defenseless, second order of business is to make you speechless. You become speechless sheeple that can be contained. Of course all just opinion like all else here.

  15. Cant have a debate with only one side. What about when your taxes go up for a Green tax. What about when your rights in the second amendment are taken away. What about the conveniently taken down post about mandatory civil service for every American! That sounds pretty socialistic to me. So before you go bastardizing another party be sure you understand what the alternative is.

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  17. refreshing. love your perspective.

  18. Hey! I love your blog and I totally agree with you! Sarah Palin IS a bitch, John McCain IS an ass (actually, more of a DUMBass for selecting Palin as his running mate) and George W. Bush most definitely IS A JACKASS!!! Keep up the good work! Your blogs are entertaining and last I heard, there is a thing called “freedom of speech” in this country. You are entitled to your opinions just like everyone else and if the far-right don’t like it, then too damn bad for them!

  19. Hi Helen,

    I was without computer access for a while so am now catching up on your wonderful blog. Man, do I wish I had seen this post when you wrote it! Around that time, Fox News did an “exposé” on Ayers’ Hyde Park neighborhood in which they suggested that everyone who lives there is connected with terrorism in some way. I live in this neighborhood along with 40,000 other people, and I couldn’t believe that I had to make the case that neither I nor my three children are terrorists. What sort of county has this become that people feel free to make claims like that?

    Thank God Obama won. I LIKE the attention our neighborhood is getting now!

    As always, thanks for sharing your wisdom. I hope you and Margaret are doing well, as well as your families.

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  21. Hysterical.
    And accurate.
    Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  22. I love your blog and was glad someone passed the link on to me.

    I love my grandmother, but I wish she held your views. Unfortunately, like a lot of senior citizens, she’s been captivated by Lou Dobbs. It’s very unsettling to come home for the holidays and speak to someone who was a New Deal democrat who now steers every political discussion to demonizing the teeming hordes of brown people overrunning the land. It’s even more frustrating when you consider her Irish grandfather was treated with the same contempt when he came to this country that she currently levels at hispanics and Africans.

    Sorry for the digression. I mention it because I was briefly tempted to print out a couple of your blog entries and mail them to her, but I’m sure they’d get thrown away at the first sight of “bitch,” “shit,” or ass. Racial intolerance is a-ok, I guess, but those naughty words: those are the sorts of things people shouldn’t hear.


    Regardless, thank you for your blog and for the smile it brought me.

  23. New, new, new, NEW rules!!

    Helen should be the new head of the Republican party! You hit the nail on the head with what happened. I’ve always considered myself an independent but could identify with SOME of the Repub party… until the party was hijacked by the church. It is now unidentifiable and kind of makes me want to puke.

    Since when does forcing women to give birth fall in to the category of smaller government?

    I love that you call Palin a bitch and McCain a jackass! The Republican party put Palin out there… if they have an issue with her… THEY PUT HER OUT THERE! No one gave a rats ass about how stupid she was until she was presented as a possible candidate for VP. She didn’t pick McCain – he & the GOP picked her. So if they went down in flames because she was dumb… it’s their own fault.

    With that said… don’t stop calling her out… she’s still a nutbag & I don’t want her to get near the white house!!
    I love you Helen!!

  24. You’re great and I hope you recognize that I’d be offended if you were “respectful” and stopped referring to them as bitch, ass, and jackass.

  25. Give it a rest, Anonymous.

  26. Obama is a socialist

  27. Keep saying it like you mean it. Today Sarah Palin will be sleeping in the dog house, not in the white house as a guest.
    I think one of the reasons she said all those crazy things, is that she knew the McCain/Palin ticket was a campaign to no where, and consequently, she had nothing to loose. It gave her a spot on the national stage.
    For a good laugh google Palin Prank. She is truly naive and stupid, best of all, it was broadcast on radio.

  28. I think you can stop calling her a bitch now. But that doesn’t mean that she will quit being one.

  29. Absolutely right! Keep saying it like it is. If there are people out there that can’t handle the truth then maybe they shouldn’t read your blog. And you are absolutely right…Elizabeth Hasselbeck IS a moron…thanks for saying it…

  30. I love you Helen.

    I remember AUH2O also.

  31. Call me superstitious…I’m just posting b/c there were 666 comments prior to this post and I thought I’d break that “bad luck” number.

  32. You rock! You have articulately stated what I have been saying for a long time. I am tired of being told to leave the country because I disagree with the administration. When did we become a dictatorship?

  33. Sometimes old people are fools; sometimes they are wise. Your words show that you are wise.

    It was sad to see John McCain select that hideous person as his running mate. 2008 may be the first time in memory that the selection of a VP decided the election. Of course, no prior candidate has chosen anyone who was as personally unqualified as Sarah Palin.

  34. Helen,
    I couldn’t agree with you more. Sarah Palin is a btich and I rarely use that word to describe women. I too am female. Again you are right on the money, Bush is a jack ass and McCain is an ass. Perhaps you should be running for President. You certainly have more sense than those three idiots put together.

    You rock! Seriously.

  35. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! The joy you bring – you actually cause me to laugh out loud and have to read your blog to others around me – is precious.

    Keep it up! I am WITH YOU!

  36. Ya just don’t get it yet, do ya, Helen ?

  37. only one tiny correction: the religious right-eous got their egos fed with the election of Ronald Reagan.. energized the grassroots while Clinton was in and then were ready and able to help elect W. I hope they are home with their bibles praying for a victory instead of voting tomororw

  38. Girls!!!Girls!!! Girls!!! No Ceremony, Please!

    For too many years people in this Country have dictated what you should and should not say. I applaud your honesty and straight-forwardness.

    There was a time when respected the Leaders of this Country. However, for many years there have not been anyone worth respecting.

    DO NOT let the very few dictate what you should and should not say…especially when what you are saying in RIGHT! I would be very disappointed
    if you conformed and become an android.

    The only thing that we owe one another in this life is the truth as we see it. What that person does with that truth has nothing to do with you.
    You have done your job. Keep doing your job!!!

  39. Oh no. Another addictive blog.

    How am I ever going to find time to work?!

    Rock on, ladies!

  40. Just catching up on my blog reading – congrats on the seven posts in as many days! I love this post!@ Great spirited well thought out exchange of ideas!

  41. [...] another chance to get down with margaret & helen … they also wrote this blog: “what was i thinking when i called sarah palin a bitch”.   helen claims to be 86 years old.  i really hope she is. Possibly related posts: [...]

  42. Have been reading here for the first time and am cracking up. I am well into senior citizenship and have never felt so badly for my country. I agree that the Republican Party has changed and not for the better and have hopes that, with a new administration, American can be pulled back from the “brink of destruction.”

  43. I fail to see anything insightful here. All I see is mindless rage. Good luck to you all, and I hope you find joy in your lives.

  44. I love it Helen, just keep telling it like it is.

  45. [...] link is to an angry post that he did about Palin’s medical records; he also provided me with this gem of a link to a blogging 80something woman. Called ‘What was I thinking when I called Sarah Palin a [...]

  46. I am amazed and totally in love with this blog!

  47. Helen, I love you. Like many others, I need grandmas just like you (mine have both passed).

    I’m infuriated that McCain, a man that I previously respected, expected me to line up behind him as a supporter of Hilary Clinton, just because he chose a female running mate. Sarah is no Hilary.

    Palin is an idiot (and a bitch, as you define the term). She abused her power as governor. McCain has evolved into an ass – and it’s a pity he decided to pander to the extremists of the Republican party in order to get the nomination. For his abrupt shift to the right over the last 8 years, not to mention his party’s racist bulls**t during THIS election (Karl Rove can go straight to hell), Obama/Biden will get MY vote on Tuesday.

    Ladies, you go, girls!

  48. Margaret,
    Wow….you are the coolest person I have ever come across and would love the opportunity to meet you. You summed it up all at once. I love the way you think and I admire you for speaking your thoughts. You truly are one intelligent woman. Have you ever thought about running for President of the United States? You have my vote…

    Gerry C

  49. Name-calling…don’t you just love it when the pots call the kettles black?

    Our neighbor with whom we’ve had cordial relations since they moved here about three years ago told my husband the other day, “I see you’re voting for that n—–.” Guess the huge banner on our door gave him a clue. So much for neighborliness!

    A supposedly good friend of my grown daughter told her the other day that she was voting for the spawn of Satan.

    Someone accosted woman at the Post Office in our county seat when he saw the Obama/Biden bumper sticker on her car and called her a communist.

    The same daughter I mentioned above worked the Democratic Party table at our county fair prior to the 2004 election. She was using her wheelchair that day, since a neuromuscular disorder makes her unable to walk on uneven ground or long distances. She didn’t know where the Democratic Party table was set up, so she asked some little old lady for directions.

    Well, it seems the old witch was a Republican, because she turned on my daughter and asked if she’d like to be dumped out of her wheelchair. My granddaughter, who has the same neuromuscular disorder and was beside her mom, would have been on the old woman like flies on you-know-what if she’ have made a move toward her.

    So when they carp about name calling, y’all are welcome to tell them what this family of Democrats has dealt with from people on their side of the fence. Remember, with them it’s do as they say and not as they do.

    Helen and Margaret, I love you, I mean it.

  50. [...] this election season. The two hold nothing back when expressing their thoughts, and have even had complaints from their readers for how they don’t hold anything back. I only hope I can be as fantastic as they are when I’m their [...]

  51. Yeah, Helen! I would never have chastised you for labeling those people the way you did — you’re 100% on the money. Kepp tellin’ it like it is, and call a spade a spade when it’s a spade.

  52. Bravo, Helen! This is exactly what this mentally and emotionally country needs, a good dose of reality!

  53. Helen, your post has made my day.

  54. First time I’ve read your blog and I agree, Palin is a a hate mongering bitch, McCain is an ass and W is a Jackass.

    I love your rules~!!

    You rock!

  55. Helen, I think you f@cking ROCK! You have hit the nail on the head with this post! I LOVE IT! And I don’t mind at all if you call Failin’ a bitch or McCain an ass because that’s exactly what they are.

    I can’t wait to read more — please don’t let those narrow-minded fucktard Palin lovers drive you off the net! YOU RULE!

  56. Hey, Helen!


    A clergy friend hooked me up with your blog and I LOVE it!


  57. Once again I read your blog and every word blows me away. It’s like you can read my mind and express everything that I am thinking but can’t express myself. I really just don’t know what to say other than thank you!

  58. You guys are SPOT ON! I don’t underestimate the potential for riots and worse on election day with the Alaska dingbat and her out of touch running mate lose…..but we need a new day, radical change, focused change. At 40 years old, I’m wondering where my last 20 years of 401K is dwindling to.

    Keep blogging, ladies. We love it!

  59. Absolutely brilliant!

    How interesting that the “proud American” republicans have such a problem with free speech. If no one were ever offended by what we said, then we wouldn’t need to defend it so fiercely.

    You’re proof that fighting for freedom does not need to be done with weapons.

  60. LOVE the T-shirts!!!

  61. Helen you so totally rock!

  62. Helen,
    You are so right, it’s such a pity that in this country we don’t listen to the wisdom of our older citizens, who know so much more than the rest of us. Helen, Sarah Palin is a bitch & worse, the last time I looked in this country we have freedom of speech, to say what ever we want or has Bush & his gang managed to get rid of that too?
    Your grandson is a hero for showing you how to be on the web.

  63. Best. Post. Ever.

  64. If the McCain-Palin ticket is elected in a few short days, the ugly truth about the U.S. educational system will be laid bare. We will have become a majority of dim-witted drones who no longer possess the ability to think critically, behave logically and then act upon it. Has the general public really lost its ability to think? That’s scary.
    I have a hard time understanding how people can consider the Republican ticket. They can’t possibly be listening to the same stuff i am, or reading the same news i am, can they?
    Really. I mean it.

  65. Reading through the rest of the comments… how do you like all these “Compassionate Conservatives” posting their vile bile? As they ‘feel’ towards the elderly, they ‘feel’ towards children: Nothing at best but they’re rarely at best, you can feel the hate roil up through their words. All they care about are the ultra-rich (which strangely, they aren’t) and fetus’ up until the time of birth — after that those kids are on their own, and their starving & homelessness is the kids own fault.
    And they’ll tell you how “Christian” they are!
    Absolutely disgusting.

    God help us regular Americans that these evildoers ever get in power again!

    Bless you ladies. Count me in your fan club.

  66. Uh..Cleo? I’m real (really) and I am posting what I think almost every day. I’m posting that you are a nasty little bitch (really) who hasn’t a clue as to how things work. Why don’t you spend a few of your posting hours learning what a blog is?
    Helen? Margaret? YOU ROCK!

  67. Rock on Helen! I love your sense of humor…
    You tell it like it really is!

  68. Helen, I love you!
    You made my day :D

  69. Oh, and if you don’t marry the other guys on here … will you marry me?

    You are a true punkrocker, Helen! Power to the people!

  70. Helen, you are fucking awesome! I hope to be as wicked cool as you when I’m your age. Go get ‘em and never let up!


    Proud Helen Fan aka Tony the Anarchist!!

  71. ooh, vintage snark.

    i salute you guys.

  72. When this business is over with, somebody better be buyin’ you a drink and a five-course dinner. You have just won yourself a new biggest fan.

  73. Helen, my grandmother’s name was Helen (bless her soul) and I believe she would be saying the same things you’re saying if she were still with us. I was just directed to your comments and all I can say is, “Thank goodness we still have people unafraid to speak their minds and tell the truth without equivocation.” Good for you!

  74. Thank you and thank you again. I’m not quite your age, but I’m getting there! I was raised to ‘think for yourself’ by parents who did just that.

    I admire people who do that and those that do speak their truth, not the truth that is looped and looped in the media to an American public who won’t or don’t bother to do some investigating on their own.

    My Dad and his sister were very out spoken and direct and I am the same. I’ve been saying the same kind of thing in my area of the country and find that there are many who agree….wholeheartedly. Guess they were just waiting for someone in the vicinity to speak up first.

    Calling things what they actually are seems to be an “unAmerican” thing to do over the past nearly 8 yrs. (Sure feels longer than that though)

    Anyway, thanks again and I look forward to reading more of your truths, as they actually line up with mine, and obviously with many, many others.

    Go Obama!

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  77. Helen, I’d vote you into office any day!

  78. Helen, I just found this site and you are my new hero. BTW, is that picture above on the USS Missouri? I used to work for a defense contractor and worked on the Missouri and the New Jersey. I am also a veteran but because I support Obama the rabid righties believe I am a terrorist. Idiots.
    Keep blogging your heart out.

  79. I wish you were my neighbor! =)

  80. Great blog! I couldn’t agree with you more . . .

  81. Love it!!

    I’m sending my mom a link to this blog because I know she’ll love it, too!!

  82. You are 100% correct as to when you will stop calling McCain, Palin and Bush names.

    As far as the religious right, they are part of why we are in this mess/

    Religion and politics should not be mixed in any formal way (like the way they took over the repub party). One can vote their own views and values, but no way should a party push religious values as an organization.

    So work like hell over the next few days we have left and hope and pray (yes righties we do pray) that Obama wins.

  83. Dear Helen,
    You remind me so much of my mom! Thank you so much with your honestly and frank comments.

    Our society needs more people such as yourself.

    Wisdom is gained not by speaking but by observing. You, indeed, have oberved a lot in your life.

    Cheers to you!

  84. [...] And finally, someone introduced me to a blog that made me laugh so hard I was crying. Meet Margaret and Helen, and their views on Sarah Palin: [...]

  85. “You sit in judgement of others and their views but do not allow any views but yours to appear on your site..”

    Yes they do allow other views to appear on their site! For example, “Cleo Gilbert is a big fat poopy head!” You see how it works? It’s called the “internet”. Your friends call it “a network of tubes.”

    Have a great day!

  86. Please don’t stop blogging! These McCain/Palin supporters are too stupid to realize how dumb they are!!!

  87. [...] Holy balls, everyone. Check out this gem, in which two old (and I mean old) friends bitch about politics and what not. An example: What was I thinking when I called Sarah Palin a bitch? [...]

  88. I don’t believe everyone agrees with your blog and comments… I certainly do not.. Are you too afraid of other ideas and views to post them. You sit in judgement of others and their views but do not allow any views but yours to appear on your site.. Why would anyone be stupid enough to believe what you say!!! Are the remarks you allow to be posted real?? Or did you make them up too???

  89. You are absolutely right, Helen! Besides, you can say what you want on your own blog! If others don’t like it, they don’t have to read it!

  90. Helen, I’m not even American I agree with everything you said! I love what you had to say, it was sharp & exactly to the point, keep that up!

    I’ve never read your blog before but I think I’ll definitely start following it now :)

  91. I might not live in America, but i think Sarah Palin is a bitch too!
    You are awesome Helen.

  92. I LOVE you ladies! You absolutely ROCK! One gets so damned tired of all the kissing of right-wing ass. And when you can’t come up with anything else, throw children into the mix. OMG! The children will be slaughtered if Obama is elected!

    The bottom line is that McCain is an ass and Sarah Palin is a bitch–an evil, animal-slaughtering bitch. If you want another four years of Bushian insanity, then by all means elect McCain. If you want a real change or at least a chance for change, then vote for Obama. It is that simple.

    It is truly sad to see what America has become when an ass and a bitch can give Obama any serious competition.

  93. I wish you were my grandmother!

  94. Could this get any better? I couldn’t agree with you more, Margaret. Keep ranting on!

    You remind me of my mother, who died in 1991. She wouldn’t have pulled her punches, either. I look forward to your opinions. They are SUCH a breath of fresh air in a country full of hypocrites.

    You know, it’s the secular countries which are the happiest countries. I have an idea. Let Alaska secede, and all the religious bigots go there and live. America will be better for it.

  95. Russell,
    OMG! Get some sleep dear. You don’t even know what a socialist is—-Quick, quick, look it up on Wikipedia. Did you? Now google information about the checks Ms. Palin makes sure EVERY Alaskan gets. That my hysterical babbling idiot child is socialism. Not bad really. She’s just “spreadin’ the wealth.” Also–google what the bailout actually did. It made the government sort of OWN the banks.

    Now unless you’ve seen the lovely ladies on this blog’s bank accounts–all your insane ranting about them living off of everyone’s money just makes you–well–how can I say this–CRAZY.
    Now go back to the basement or a Palin rally where you and all your squinty eyed troll friends will drool and be happy with each other.

    You may respond–but as it will be idiotic–I’m sure many will just chuckle.

  96. Hey grandiose delusions . . . no-one cares if you or your friends think Sarah Palin is a bitch and we don’t care if you stop calling her one. For you to like her would mean she’d have to transform into something despicable, something . . .socialist. Although since you’re living off everyone else’s money anyway by this stage in your little existence, I’m not surprised the definition is lost on you and others like you.
    Senility’s the only bitch I can identify in here . . .

  97. Look up socialist and you’ll see that Obama isn’t one. Simple. End of discussion.

    Of course Palin would like to quash fruit fly research. Fruit flies are evolution happening in real time.

    Stay strong, Helen!

  98. I think an 80 year old using language such as yours is simply pathetic.

    BTW Obama is a socialist. Let’s have some intellectual honesty here.

  99. love it, love it, love it. You stay strong and keep blogging. I agree with you on being able to talk with friends and just to agree and disagree. It is unfortunate that we can’t do that with family anymore or with the religious one at that.

    Keep it up and stay tough!

  100. Barack Obama’s name is beautiful, not unfortunate. It’s only unfortunate if we give a shit what those nutjobs have to say about anything.

    My aunt directed me to today’s blog, and I thank you for telling it like it is. It’s what I try to do everyday, and it really helps to see someone else doing it too.

    And to hop on the bandwagon, I wish you were my grandma too!

  101. You’re just an old bag who is looking for free handouts.

  102. You two are my heros. I just subscribed to your blog.

    Great work.

    I think the dissenting comments are interesting. Instead of talking about issues, they call you sickos or worse. Guess what? Everyone is allowed to have their own opinion. I wouldn’t vote for the John McCain of 2008 (would have voted for him in 2004 though) if someone held a gun to my head but other people can. I know that we will be a much better country when that sad, bitter, party-line toting man and Alaska Barbie are not in power. But if Herman and all the other people making more than a quarter of a million dollars or people who are willing to murder a fully grown man or woman for a week old embryo or people who can’t take the time to do the research and learn that Obama was blessed with an unfortunate name but is NOT Muslim (and who cares if he is anyway) or people who are too ashamed to say it but they can’t vote for him because their prejudices run too deep want to vote for McCain… go ahead. The rest of this country 60 – 70% will make the better choice for ya!

    Keep on truckin’ ladies!!!

  103. Great entry!

  104. You people are a bunch of sickos. You show no one any respect. When, and if, Osamba is elected, I hope you will be sharing your wealth, but reading this stuff makes me think you are all in the 40% that don’t pay taxes.

  105. I love you Helen. You are exactly the kind of woman I want to be at your age!

  106. Came here via theartofthepossible, and must add this to my daily must-reads. Thanks for saying what a lot of us are thinking – and saying it in such a kick-ass way.

  107. You rock Helen. I guess I’ll promise to stop calling Palin a bitch when she quits advocating aerial hunting in addition to what you stated.

  108. Love the way you think and write, Helen! One of the blessing of age is not putting up with BS anymore. Count me in your corner!

  109. wow, A couple of old wrinkled lesbians dont like Sarah Palin.
    What ever will the republicans do?

  110. You go girl!!! I wish you lived in my neighborhood! Everybody here in the over 55 mobile home park thinks I’m a freak because of my Obama signs. They don’t even wave at me anymore….boo hoo. My consolation is that my town has gone from red to blue and is getting bluer. Helen, those Republicans and their hideous campaign show us the worse side of America. All of us who will vote them out are also voting for the redemption of this country: this poor country that has gotten lost.

  111. Just read your blog for the first time and you are so right on. So articulate and well informed. Great job. Keep it up.

  112. You ladies rock! You’re my new role models! I hope I am as feisty as you guys when I’m your ages. Tell it sisters!

  113. I’ve officially become a fan.

    As a Canadian, I’m mortified at the thought that Palin could quite possibly, and soon, speak on behalf of the United States of America on an international platform. If McCain/Palin win, I’ll start looking for another planet to live on…

  114. Helen, my best friend tuned me on to your and Margaret’s blog, and I can’t get enough of it. You are both incredible women. I needed to thank you for your candor and wit. You just said everything I’ve wanted to say for months.

  115. I found your blog because it was talked about on Feministing. You guys (gals?) rock! :)

  116. AH, SIGH, and MORE…another kindred spirit who has basic unbridled common sense !!! A newbie to your site, but will back regularly as you do the blogging so very , VERY well !!!
    The hurumphables that feel the need to try to deride you or your positions are to be pitied for tis obvious they are handicapped with closed minds and stuck in the ruts of their mindsets that prevent them form learning “mo’ better’ !!!
    You are not alone, and your fan base is “authentically” spreading !!!
    OH…folks, there is much hurumphing over “socialism”, but honestly, it has been part of our way of life , hard won efforts and is what has given us many fine programs and benefits…Think all need to re-educate , it is NOT communism which is the general attempted applicable ddefinition.
    OUR socialistic tendencies include such basics as services in our local communities such as police, fire and hospital/medical access, it included our school system, our water and food safety issues, our transportation systems and upkeep and oversight , our work place safety rules and more.These are ALL socialistic programs and when managed correctly with fair oversight, we all benefit from them and they DO NOT prevent our pursuit of of individual endeavors to seek upgrading our own personal lives…as log as we do so without direct intentional harm to others, it is encouraged and even accesible by the guidence of socialistic rules of order..the rules and regulations and laws that work for the greater common good of all and not jsut left to the willy-nillying of a few who manage to fanagle into an advantageous position…OUr capitalistic part has gotten OUT of control due to the elimination , escavation of eules and regulations and laws and the oversight that was meant to help keep order.
    Oops…another tie for such discussion as just really meant to say what a delightful , informative blog you have going on here.

  117. AH, SIGH, and MORE…another kindred spirit who has basic unbridled common sense !!! A newbie to your site, but will back regularly as you do the blogging so very , VERY well !!!
    The hurumphables that feel the need to try to deride you or your positios are to be pitied for tis obvious they are handicapped with closed minds and stuck in the ruts of their mindsets that prevent them form learning “mo’ better’ !!!
    You are not alone, and your fan base is “authentically” spreading !!!
    OH…folks, there is much hurumphing over “socialism”, but honestly, it has been part of our way of life , hard won efforts and is what has given us many fine programs and benefits…Think all need to re-educate , it is NOT communism which is the general attempted applicable ddefinition.
    OUR socialistic tendencies include such basics as services in our local communities such as police, fire and hospital/medical access, it included our school system, our water and food safety issues, our transportation systems and upkeep and oversight , our work place safety rules and more.These are ALL socialistic programs and when managed correctly with fair oversight, we all benefit from them and they DO NOT prevent our pursuit of of individual endeavors to seek upgrading our own personal lives…as log as we do so without direct intentional harm to others, it is encouraged and even accesible by the guidence of socialistic rules of order..the rules and regulations and laws that work for the greater common good of all and not jsut left to the willy-nillying of a few who manage to fanagle into an advantageous position…OUr capitalistic part has gotten OUT of control due to the elimination , escavation of eules and regulations and laws and the oversight that was meant to help keep order.
    Oops…another tie for such discussion as just really meant to say what a delightful , informative blog you have going on here.

  118. Oh *YAY* – you sound a lot like my mother.

    And, to top it off, you live in Texas.

    You, Ann Richards and Molly Ivans – a proud tradition.

    Thank you!

  119. Amen! You’re my new hero! Keep up the good work, and don’t let the bitches, asses, and jackasses get you down.

  120. I think that you are making an important point, which is that word choice, as important as it is, can obscure issues about action. We’re repeated warned not to “say” this or that, but that transfers the issue from what we do to what we say. It’s possible for people to say any number of offensive words, but also to show in their actions what their real values are. You may call Sarah Palin a “bitch” but is your analysis of her actual behavior on target? I think it is. I started out, remembering McCain’s experience as a POW, with respect for his character, though not agreement with his positions. Now, I have little respect for him, because he’s shown himself to be willing to repudiate his values for his campaign. It’s not what he says, it’s what he does!

  121. Helen, I just found your blog and I think I’m in love with you. I’m gay but I am pretty sure we could work around it. Dinner?

  122. Helen I am jealous.

    The things you say sound a lot like my 91-year-old mom, who is failing physically but not at all mentally. I keep trying to talk her into a computer (maybe a used Mac), but she says she’s not interested, so she has only WebTV and a phone modem. So she neither reads blogs nor writes one.

    So I am adopting you as her web surrogate. Hope you don’t mind the added responsibility.

  123. You two are awesome. My best friend and I are only at the 14-years-of-friendship mark thus far, but it’s our dream to be rebellious, intelligent and handsome in best friendship together til the day we die. Wait’ll I show her your blog!

  124. Keep up the good work! You are a great lady.

  125. You rock! I wish you were my grandma! ;)

    Seriously though, who cares what the repugnantcans think at this point anyway. The reason the American people are rejecting the republican philosophy is because of the damage it has done to this country at home, and in the eyes of the world.

    They keep trying to play the blame game, and create scapegoats to avoid having to own up to what they have done to our country.

    “If you get kicked out of one bar, then maybe there’s something wrong with that bar. If you get kicked out of every bar on the street, then maybe the problem lies not with the bars…”

    Something for republicans to think about as they lose their power hold on this country.

    - Keep up the great work girls!

  126. Bravo!

  127. Helen,
    You rock the house and you made my day.

  128. An opinion from someowhere outside the USA:
    Clever and gutsy thing to say, good on ya!
    When it comes to McCain, how exactly did he end up being run by the clowns and crooks instead of being the man he was before 2000? The thing is, to win his party’s nomination, he had to please the clowns and crooks. Personally, I think he’s a “sacrificial lamb”, and the GOP knows they’re about to get knocked out this time (unless they Mugabe the US elections again!). The real GOP candidates are holding back for 2012 – by then the Dems will have has to spend their whole time in office trying to fix the damage done to the US in the last 8 years, and for every failure the GOP will pounce and say the recession/depression/whatever is the Democrats’ fault. If you look at the GOP’s campaign now, you can see them seeding the ground for the next 4 years of dirty campaigning and grassroots-level extremism. The shame is that McCain sold out to these sorts of underhanded swine in the last years of his career.

  129. You should listen to David Sedaris read his book “Holidays on Ice” on CD–it’s the best early Christmas/Hanukkah present you could ever give yourself. At the end he says, “Don’t tell ‘em I called you a bitch….Tell ‘em I called you a F*CKING bitch, cuz that’s exactly what you are…and hey! Merry Christmas!!”

    Reading your blog is a breath of fresh air..I live in McCainland and it’s so so great to be able to come here and see others who think like I do (with their brains!)

  130. I’m with ya Helen….all the way…You are hilarious and so right on. You sound like my mother …who by the way is 94 :)

    To quote mom, “George W. Bush is the sorriest man to ever shit behind two shoes.”

    And I mean that…honestly.

  131. I love you two. Seriously. That response could have been extracted from my own brain — except that it would have been nowhere near as eloquent!

    Rock on!

  132. Love your blog. And I agree with all you said. I especially related to the bit about remembering when you could discuss politics without being afraid of being burned at the stake.

    I think, GW- the ass, has been the worst thing that could ever happen to this country and certainly the most polarizing.

    And why we call a coward that ran from the action on the Forrestal, and wrecked five airplanes a hero I have not a clue.

    PS. Why do they keep getting rid of all the people that argue with Elizabeth on the view but never get rid of her when she is the common denominator?

  133. “Gays should be able to have health benefits, insurance benefits, and some of the other marital benefits that straight couples receive. However, they shouldn’t be allowed to get married” -abuck6

    HUH?? I can have all of the fun with none of the marriage? Can non gay couples get in on this? I know a couple of non gay couples who would LOVE to have all of the benifits without all that messy “till death do us part” nonesense
    Now if you’ll excuse me I have to fit my dog for a dress. Helen, you’re invited to the wedding. Hope you’re doing well; I’ll save a piece of cake for you

  134. Your article was sent to me by a friend — Ros — wow. So happy you wrote it! Thank you very , very much.

    I believe that everyone that studies, reads, thinks — regardless of gender — should have been hurt to the quick by the decision to put Palin into play.

    What a cynical joke on the rest of us. What a foolish stance to take.

    Thank you, thank you, and I guess just for being you guys!

    Pat M.

  135. you go girl !!!!!!!!!



  137. You’re lovely I want to be like you gals when I’m your age in 25-30 years.

    I finally figured out what I want to be when I grow up.

  138. You said it all…Love it!

  139. If I hadn’t already mailed in my absentee ballot, I just might have voted for YOU for president. Our executive branch of government has been common-sense-deficient for far too long. I couldn’t care less how old you are or what parts you have between your legs or what color the pigment in your skin is, seems to me like you might actually be able to get some things accomplished in this country.

  140. I enjoyed your post. It was great to get a good laugh.

  141. You GO GIRLS!!!!!!

    I admire you for speaking the truth..I once thought that It could NEVER get worse than BUSH and now we have 2 morons who make him look good. They talk about the Bitch running for the GOP in 4 years…we all will be headed to Canada. Maybe we can live on the coast and have the wonderful view of Russia that the Bitch has. This country continues to go from bad to worse…that’s why we need CHANGE…..OBAMA!!!!!!!

  142. Big hugs to you Helen. Loved it.

  143. helen, maybe if you spent as much time exercising, including weight bearing exercises, as you do spouting off, you’d be strong enough to walk on your own, and not have to scoot around on those feeble person scooters.

  144. I would leave my real name BUT the reds might come looking for me! Anyhow I agree with you ladies 100% AND I KNOW PALIN IS READING she should get over this BS she is on. WHAT FACTS do you really have that are on a truth basis, OH wait that’s right YOU DON’T hahahahaha ya BIOTCHHHHHH keep playing the blame game cuz it is obvious that you cannot think or speak for yourself……………. UGGGHHHHHHH just get over the fact WE WON and YOU LOST.

  145. I love you guys! Please keep writing. You’re saying what everyone else is thinking. And don’t stop after the election!!!

  146. abuck6, its wonderful that people like you are allowed to voice their opinions….however wrong and downright retarded they are.

    Colin Powell gave his reasons for voting for Obama, did you miss them or are you being deliberately obtuse? It’s hard to tell with someone like you.

    I just hope you don’t have children…actually I pray you don’t.

  147. Way to go !!

    Keep telling it like it is.

  148. Colin Powell is voting for Obama because he is black…that’s the bottom line. Nothing wrong with that and it is something that people could be proud of. I don’t think less of Gen. Powell.

    I had a response earlier from Shelly who said that she didn’t have a problem if she had to pay more taxes to help out less fortunate families out…I think that she used a family of 5 for example. Shelly, if you want to donate money to help people/families in America out that is very notable and i commend you. But for Government to mandate higher taxes and take more money from people that have more is Socialistic! Why does Biden donate so little when he makes so much? His charitable contributions are a joke, he has the net worth of a 35 year old and he claims that it is honorable to give more…yet he doesn’t practice what he preaches! I have donated more than Biden has in the past 5 years and I’ve done it by choice! For people that CHOOSE to have 3, 4, 5 kids, you better be able to afford it or you are going to have a tough road ahead…you may have made a bad choice. It comes down to common sense and personal responsibility!

    How long should a woman have to decide before killing a baby? 1 week, 9 weeks, 20 weeks, 30 weeks? When you hear a heart beat it is 100% wrong to kill a baby…Obama supports this…FACT. Helen supports this…FACT.

    Gay marriage is wrong…the pieces don’t fit…at least they shouldn’t fit! I would argue that there is something wrong (chemically or mentally) with gay people. Being gay is more accepted now, but it shouldn’t be promoted. Gays should be able to have health benefits, insurance benefits, and some of the other marital benefits that straight couples receive. However, they shouldn’t be allowed to get married and I would question their ability to raise children. Pretty soon people will be able to marry goats and cars and trees…so be it, but it shouldn’t be promoted as normal.

    The Surge worked…this is according to the military leaders. The people that have died have done so to protect our country and to promote freedom!

    Shelly if you like promoting wellfare, not holding people responsible for their actions, killing babies, being with people of the same sex, and questioning successful war strategies than i know where your vote is headed…what a shame.

  149. IS Sarah Palin a bitch? In every sense of the word.
    Yes, oh yes she is.
    With a side of ranch and extra cheese, she is!

    For people poo-pooing the complaints about Palin claiming that she’s not the one running for President, here’s the concern here: She’s a heart-beat away from the Presidency and if that’s not frightening enough, she steals the stage whenever she and McCain make a joint appearance.
    BTW, for a little fun, go check this out:
    http://www.palinaspresident.com click on everything you can (often more than once!) it “updates” daily and is scarily spot-on even as it makes you laugh until your incontinence issue makes an appearance. Turn up the sound, too!

  150. Can I adopt you as my grandma? You sound a lot more level-headed than the ones I’m surrounded with. It’s great to see opinions from the older generations on the internet! I’ll be back to read more!

  151. [...] by Courtney on October 30, 2008 Nerdette, can this be us?  This is so amazing.  Go read Margaret and Helen.  The About page says that they are two women in their 80s, who have been best friends for 60 [...]

  152. This is so wonderful. I love your perspective although I think the Repubs are going to trump us on this one, once Obama is elected. They’re already calling her a whacko and a diva who doesn’t have the trust of anyone – even her own family. That’s got to hurt. At times I almost feel sorry for her but then I come to my senses and remember that she asked for this.

    I love your blog!

  153. Helen Philpot is not the author of this blog. The author is not 82. Therefore, I do not believe anything written here. Why are you hiding under an imaginary character?

  154. Absolutely freaking brilliant.

  155. I love you

  156. Bless you, Helen and Margaret! I just found your blog today and have been loving it! Thank you for saying what I’ve been thinking, and so much more interestingly than I would have.

    Oh, as for the “name calling” – hey, if it looks like a duck, and walks like a duck…”

  157. I love you guys! Couldn’t have said it better myself. Keep up the great work!

  158. You GO, girl! Keep on telling it like it T-I-is!

  159. Amen, sister!!!

  160. I think the nursing home is calling you, Grandma.

  161. Jay david doesn’t make any sense:
    “She attended five different colleges because she had to keep taking time out to earn money to pay her way through.Unlike Obama she didn’t have a rich grandmother to pay her way.”
    Two things-
    -Part Time Jobs. Or is Palin so stupid she can’t work and go to school at the same time? Many americans do.
    -Taking time out to earn money is nothing to be ashamed of, but it doesn’t explain 5 colleges. FIVE. Why did she have to keep jumping from college to college?
    I went to college, paid my own damn way with a part time job and loans. I went to ONE college. And yes, I was there 5 years, and I’m not ashamed to admit that I flunked a few science courses and took more electives than I should’ve for a 4-year plan. But I don’t regret one second of it because that’s what I needed. Also, I’m not running for Vice President, so I don’t think I have anything to prove to anyone. Mizz Palin on the other hand, is running for vice president. Become mayor of a small town and then governor of a state with a population the size of my podunk college is not all that impressive.

    “What have you done in your little hate-filled life ? If it doesn’t include State Governor shouldn’t you be the one feeling embarrassed ?”
    Unless you’re governor of some other state, shouldn’t you be embarassed, too?

  162. You are amazing! I love this!

  163. She says, “I’m old enough to remember the Republican party of Barry Goldwater – when the party stood for fiscal responsibility, small government and personal freedoms. I remember when I could talk with friends about politics and just agree to disagree. And then religious nut cases decided that if you didn’t agree with them you were immoral.”

    And it’s she that calls Sarah a bitch, let’s just keep it with Sarah. She says that Sarah claims that Obama is a terrorist sympathizer. Sarah, in fact, says that (1) Obama has had a long relationship with Ayers and has interacted with him both professionally and personally. And that Ayers was a domestic terrorist who philosophically and presently holds ideas that would make most of the electorate, even those who are democrats voting for Obama, extremely uncomfortable.

    You can say that Obama was 8 years old when Ayers was a terrorist. And the answer is (1) Obama has had a long relationship with Ayers and has interacted with him both professionally and personally. And that Ayers was a domestic terrorist who philosophically and presently holds ideas that would make most of the electorate, even those who are democrats voting for Obama, extremely uncomfortable. Sarah is not speaking in this case as a religious nut or calling anyone immoral. Or name calling.

    The one other thing she lays at Sarah’s feet is that Sarah says that in some parts of the country, I suppose she means in more rural more traditional areas of the country, patriotism is held in higher esteem and is a value as opposed to the more cosmopolitan parts of the country. The word cosmopolitan implies a view that transcends country and one might disagree with her, but there is no moral judgment or religious judgment. Or name calling.

    The final thing she adds is “And I am tired that Sarah Palin can decide what she wants to do with her body but other women can’t make that decision for themselves.” Well, first I never heard Sarah name-calling in that respect, second over-turning Rowe vs Wade would put the issue back to the states ( I’m in favor of RvW but she isn’t name calling), and finally during that time when Goldwater and the Republicans were a polite bunch of gentlemen, both Republicans and Democrats name-called abortionists “murderers” and threw them in jail. Even that religious nut John Kennedy agreed.

    So that wrinkled old fat-assed pig should stop name calling.

    Also, it is strange that she gets all twisty when McCain calls Obama a socialist, implying that Obama believes that the state needs to move in the direction of intervening more in the processes traditionally reserved to free acting society.

    In fact with none of the people she talked about (possibly with the exception of Rush) is there any name calling. That quote from George Bush about with us or against us was in the context of the international arena, and he was talking about other nations that allowed within their country financial and political processes that supported the terrorist groups.

    That is the most inflamatory statement, but it is partially true and could be discussed and nuanced in the fine old tradition of those good old anti-abortionist Goldwater gentlemen.

    It is she that is so pissed off and impatient and so sure that her opponents are immoral and so incapable of rational thought that she stands alone in her name calling.

  164. I love it! No on could have said it better! I will be viewing your blog from now on!

  165. [...] example, “What was I thinking when I called Sarah Palin a bitch?”  I love her response to the commenters who were incensed that she called McCain an ass, Bush a [...]

  166. Fabulous blog, fabulous post. More power to you.

    And Palin IS a bitch, but much worse than that, worse even than a beauty-pageant bimbo (which I like for the alliteration, being a poet): she’s also a real religious nut-bar who frequently attempts to erode the separation of church and state (something our founders felt strongly enough about to include in the First Amendment).

    Folks should read Pres. Carter’s excellent book *Our Endangered Values* to get a better idea of the historical moment when the Southern Baptist Conference made a conscious decision to get involved in politics in order to try to create a theocracy. I say we go ahead and take all the churches that have been spouting political rhetoric from their pulpits and levy the appropriate taxes…I bet it would go a long way to lowering our skyrocketing deficit.

  167. A friend just sent me the link to your blog. One read and I’m hooked. I’m going to pass it on to everyone I know.
    It’s wonderful to find someone who is so clear and direct and truthful. Sock it to ‘em,Helen!

  168. Thank you for some real straight talk, Helen! I love reading your blog, and I agree 100% with your take on the current state of the Republican campaign, and candidates. (“Moron” is a generous description for Elisabeth Hasselbeck.)

  169. ha ha, you are far too polite, i use much worse word than that,

    thank you so much for giving me a good laugh!!!!!

  170. Helen!
    Where have you been all this time? I don’t know how I missed your wonderful blog.
    In this world where words like “narrative” and “event horizon” take the place of plain talking it is nice to hear a bitch called a bitch, a jackass called a jackass and a lie a lie.

    Thanks for being willing to speak truth!

  171. I love you. By any chance do you need another daughter?

  172. Helen,

    You rock! You are my idol. We have spent far too much time being muted for speaking the truth. Thank you for calling it like it is.

  173. Hi Helen,

    Love the blog!!! My 87 year old grandmother feels the same way. She may not use words as colorful as you do-she thinks Sarah Palin’s more a floozy than a bitch- but she definitely doesn’t understand why anyone would like her. She also finds McCain “very scary.” As for the rest of the election, she keeps asking me why the Republican’s haven’t put a real candidate forward. I keep telling her its because they don’t have one.

    Such words of wisdom!!!

    BTW Rick, Republicans cornered the market on Jackasses when they elected Bush for a second term.

  174. Legally blonde. Hasselbeck is legally blond, and Fox seems to be trying corner the market on legal blonds.

  175. Thank you so much! What a breath of fresh air.
    I have a running discussion with my right-wing Uncle and I do try to keep the discussion civil. We just see the world through such different lenses. This has boosted my spirits and I will continue to be the change I wish to see.

  176. In fact anyone that disagrees with you is a skanky-smelly-douchbag!

  177. Barb is a dumbass skanky smelling douchebag!

  178. Exactly.

    Divisive politics hurt everyone…My way or the highway is the bridge to nowhere.

    Thanks, Helen.

  179. Woot!

  180. [...] What was I thinking when I called Sarah Palin a bitch? Margaret and Helen [...]

  181. Wow, keep it coming! I’ll share the blog.

  182. You Rock!!!
    You should be on television
    these are the best comments about the election I’ve heard so far.

    Thank You, you made my day

  183. Helen, I think you are wonderful and I encourage you to continue speaking your mind. There is so much bitter vitriol coming from the right that it deserves a response. Good on you for calling them out!

  184. Helen, You make me proud to be a woman and an American! I aspire to have have half your moxie. You blog is funny, relevant, and just plain awesome.

    Keep blogging and I’ll be back for more!

    Best wishes,


  185. Oh, and by the way, you are awesome, Helen!!

  186. I’m am so sorry that you are getting such crap for calling Gov. Palin a bitch. Not everyone out there is such a tool. I appreciate your candor which is sorely lacking out there. I’m bookmarking your blog for daily checking. Good luck!

  187. Further reflections on Jay David: You have some real brass cojones to espouse on the echo-chamber of the Left as you parrot the same narrow-minded yapping from the Right that we hear from Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter. At least those of us on the Left can enjoy the intelligent and eloquent words of our party leaders and pundits. You are being lead through Hamelin by the Pied Piper of Crawford, whose dumbing-down of the political discourse to two syllable words and a fourth grade vocabulary have lowered our presidency in the eyes of the entire world. A man who won a re-election campaign pitting sides against one another four years after stealing the election in which he professed to being “a uniter, not a divider.” A man who pumped up his knuckle-dragging base with talk of “evil-doers” and of his opponent being a “flip-flopper.” As if it should be seen as negative to change ones mind on an issue after being presented with evidence that the administration this ass clown leads was lying about WMD all along (unless they weren’t lying, in which case they were at the very best woefully inept.)

    Now you are lining up behind a feeble old man who was once a maverick but is showing himself to be a shell of the man he once was, and his running mate who is the furtherance of the dumbing-down that Bush has made his bread and butter for eight years. We see it with the winking and the inability to stray from the talking points, the folksy phrases and the catchy sound bites. “He was palling around with terrorists” sounds a little too “Bush-y” for my liking. We see her calling some parts of the country un-American for being liberal. Hey Sarah, isn’t it un-American to be in favor of secession from the union? You did more than “pal around” with someone who was in favor of that; you married him. Or are you going to deny that the “First Dude” of Alaska was part of the Alaska Independence Party which was in favor of separation from the United States.

    Unlike you, Jay, I see the shortcomings of both sides. I just prefer to accept the side that doesn’t talk to me like a child. I accept the side that doesn’t try to lower the discourse to the lowest common denominator. I appreciate being talked to as an adult capable of understanding complex situations and making an informed decision. I don’t believe what is told to me on faith without checking the facts first, and the facts are on Senator Obama’s side. Not everything the Obama/Biden camp says is on target, but nothing in politics ever is. The number of misleading statements, half-truths and out-and-out lies from McCain/Palin however, smacks of people who will say and do anything to win. And when it looks like it, smells like it, and feels like it you have to call it what it is: desperation.

  188. This reader from “Old Europe” is vastly amused by your blog. Do keep it up, even if I’m not sure where I stand on the swearing (on either side of the fence, thank you ;) )

  189. you said it just fine, ma’am

  190. I absolutely agree with you. My sister sent me your blog, and I am a new fan. I am so tired of the fear tactics being used by the Mccain/Palin camps.

  191. GREAT blog post!! My brother pointed me to it and I couldn’t agree more.

  192. Hi Helen,

    This is the first time I visit your blog (got here from Andrew Sullivan’s blog). I read this post and became an automatic fan. I look forward to reading everything else you have to say. Love it!!!! Keep up the good work.

  193. I am with you!

  194. You’ve made this Australian 27 year old girl’s night!

    I haven’t seen such candour on any American’s blog during this US election… you’ve got those big yank balls they told us about in fairy tales!

    Rock on!

  195. [...] 80 years old, and she’s a blogger with something to say. check out this post from her, “what was i thinking when i called sarah palin a bitch“. you go, granny! and speaking of palin, there’s an eight-hour antipalin webathon [...]

  196. I’m sorry but since when did the Republican Party corner the market on morons, bitches, and idiots. The head “bitch” didn’t get the nomination, Hilary and her egotistical, self centered womanizer husband, was great for the moral quality of our country. I’m sorry Margaret and Helen, if you are going to criticize, try and be even-handed.
    What about the great democratic sage, Ted Kennedy, he got away with murder and still I’m sure he speaks to you and your enormous sensibilities.
    Wake up, there is a lot of blame to go around!

  197. I love you, Helen! You rock!, and don’t let those bitches and jackasses try to make you feel otherwise.

  198. I came here from The Dish
    What a great surprise, right on.
    I love your post

  199. [...] you can imagine, this got some attention. So she wrote her own form of an apology for calling Senator Palin a bitch: I will stop calling John McCain an ass when he stops calling Barack Obama a socialist at every dog [...]

  200. Helen,

    You go, girl! Love your blog. I have asked most of my Republican friends what is up with this bee-yotch going on about pro-America Americans when SHE IS MARRIED TO A SECESSIONIST. Well, she will find out in a few days that those anti-American areas, like where I live for example, have a lot more registered voters than the “real America”! I wish her godspeed on her way back to Alaska.

  201. This post definitely rocks. As others have responded, you say it just as I wish I could say it. Keep preaching it girl. I came here from another blog that picked up on this, and I will certainly pass the word. Best.

  202. Go, Ms. Helen! You tell’em how it is!

  203. I particularly enjoy the few posts that express distaste; serving only to back you up. Love it!

  204. I too long for the days when I could talk with friends about politics and just agree to disagree. Same goes for religion, child rearing, automobile selection, etc. Different points of view are what make life interesting!

  205. I love it…thanks so much for sharing…I’m going to spread the word!

  206. Bravo! You perfectly made your case.
    I clearly understand now that all you have in response to a claim that Obama is socialist (exactly as the worse half of most Europe governments) is some meaningless swearing. And this is how it should be in “discussion of important subjects”, it seems. I think I simply missed that moment when practice of replacing “I cannot counter your arguments” by “you bitch” moved from kindergardens to US election discussion.

  207. YES! YES! YES! Just heard about you from A. Sullivan as well! Keep it up!

  208. Excellent post. Thank you!

  209. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for this blog. As a 30 year old girl trying to teach this generation of screenagers, I am so glad I have ladies like you to speak for me.

    God bless ya! Keep up the good fight!

  210. I will pray for you too. I will pray you come up with way better names than jackass, bitch and ass. I can help you if you like. And don’t forget to include E. Hasselback in that group. Cajunboyinthecity (another blogger) referred to her as a “cunty simpleton”. You, see, why don’t you aim for something like that!

  211. You are great! Wonderful post! I just heard about your blog from Andrew Sullivan’s blog. May you blog for a very long time!

  212. sounds like you have a few years on me, maybe you can hep me with this question, why do people who preach socialist ideas and values get all upset when you call them a socialist?

  213. This entry is a breath of fresh air. I just found this blog and it’s going on my daily reading list. I’ll leave it to the two of you to say the things that apparently I don’t have a right to say because I haven’t had “life experience.”

  214. Helen… I adore you beyond words.

  215. Ma’am, normally I get all over people who use the b-word, but I wouldn’t dare in your case, when you have the service stripes that I don’t.

    I wonder if the trolls who have come to drop their little toad-bombs on you know how to read for content, since–in their scorning of you as a liberal–they seem to have missed the fact that you’re a conservative who is seriously disgusted with your party?

    I want to be you when I grow up.

    Tammy Pierce, aged 52

  216. “And I will definitely stop calling Sarah Palin a bitch when she stops acting like a bitch.”


    And Hasselback IS a moron, yes she is.

    YOU are right on the money.


  217. Funny how these decent folks WOULD ONLY be nice if:

    Obama WOULD ONLY stop heading further into socialism;

    Obama WOULD ONLY denounce the domestic terrorist Ayers.

    You are ultimately responsible for what you say regardless of the other person. I bet Goldwater would agree with that.


  218. It’s impossible not to wish all the bad things in the world for you and your readers. I hope you suffer before you die.

  219. I just discovered this blog. It’s now on my favorite list. You girls rock.

  220. You are freaking AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I want to be like you when I grow up.

    And don’t listen to the obnoxious little snots. This is your blog you can do what you want. It is still a free country even if some are a little annoyed by that.

  221. I’ve never responded to a blog post before, but yours was the best. You say it just the way it should be said. Thanks for blogging. You’re in my favorites.

  222. A-HOOOOO!

    Madame: where we disagree, I am happy to disagree with grace and dignity. For insofar as you have written, I am in complete agreement with you: and I am only too ready to stand beside you, wielding the Almighty Spade of Sensibility against the brick-hard heads of the mass of morons who oppose us both.

    Lead on. If I can’t follow, I promise at the least I can leave you room to do what you must – and I will by blood ensure that the rest of the idiots out there do likewise. So saith Dirk Flinthart!

  223. I grew up with a mom who thought feminism was a dirty word. It took me a long time to realize that feminism does not mean RADICAL feminism. I think people associate the two without pause. I don’t tend to namecall, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t think it! ;) I enjoy your blog and look forward to continued reading.

  224. [...] What was I thinking when I called Sarah Palin a bitch? Margaret and Helen Andrew Sullivan linked this on his blog, I found it hilarious, especially given the backstory behind these women and their blog. [...]

  225. High five and many thanks for putting into one place what so many of us have been growling at our TV screens. This was a great pass it around to all your friends column!!

  226. Dear Helen — Great great post! In total agreement! Keep up the good work. And, yeah, she is a total bitch. And as for the two dudes — what you said to the tenth power.

  227. My daughter just sent me your link. What a refreshing post! I’m so glad she found you. I love your take on the entire bunch of these neocon ignoramuses. I can’t wait till Nov. 4. The suspense is killing me. Maybe that knot in my gut will abate when Obama wins.

  228. Helen, you rock! Please don’t stop. Anyone who’s praying for you because you’re magnificently honest and outspoken has much bigger problems than your vocabulary.

  229. Well said Helen. Keep it up!

  230. I agree with every word you wrote. Keep writing; people like you might save this country yet.

  231. Madam your words are a bright shiny beacon of sanity in a sea of banal irrationality. I just discovered your blog you have an avid reader, thank you.

  232. Words of wisdom!!! Thanks for the really, really straight talk. Quite enjoyable.


  233. I thank God everyday that George W Bush, aka dumbass, is not, I say it again, is not a Texan. He was born in Connecticut and the only thing that he even resembles in Texas are the meadow muffins that fill the barnyards of Texas.

    Instead of a presidential library here in Dallas at SMU, I propose they make it a public bathroom, like Bush it would be full of SH_T.

    I am a sixth generation Texan and my family was here before the Republic of Texas.

  234. Hey there! You rock. I’m a web designer from Atlanta and I browse Reddit.com all the time for funny things to read when I have a break from working. It is rare that I’ll get a chance to comment directly to a person. You rock! Keep up the bitching!

    -Nate the web designer from Atlanta.

  235. Helen,

    You must be one of the more sane people in the USA, thanks!

    From the Netherlands

  236. [...] What was I thinking when I called Sarah Palin a bitch? « Margaret… 1) I am surprised that some of you are up in arms about my calling Sarah Palin a bitch, or John McCain an ass or even George Bush a jackass. [...]

  237. Dear Helen,

    I love you.

    I mean it. Really.

  238. Helen, you rock! Keep on keepin’ on!

  239. You can use those words and more as far as I’m concerned. I’m sick to death with the RR. There are more issues than they care to think about. I know I read everything lately. I remember voting for some Presidents because I believed them. Now I research everthing they say. Thank goodness for the internet.
    Helen you go girl!!!!

  240. Helen – you are fantastic! Thank you for the laugh I needed that! And I couldn’t agree with you more! :)

  241. It’s in our nature to make noise and stir up a bit of a ruckus when our own life or others we know and care for, are threatened, harmed, or intimidated. Cuss words are like animal sounds- offensive or annoying enough to startle senses.

    Thank you Helen, for keeping it real. Your are free to express your frustration on the tubes, as do we all. I think it keeps us from blurting these out in the middle of our regular conversations.

    It is unacceptable to sit by and play nice about their plans to continue to pawn off our future. Their aggrandizing and double speak is a verbal tool to divide and divert us from their corruption.

    They call names too, but in a much more slanderous way. They actually denigrate our character as individual American citizens.

    McCarthyPalinist son’s of bee-ya-tches should not be allowed to throw around accusations like that against other Americans. Obama supports are now all Marxist and Communist now, they say.

    They speak this without considering how unfounded and ridiculous that charge is in reality. That is unconscionable and meant to harm our body politic, enraging their hate base while condemning half of this nations people as being the root of everything evil according to their own supreme authoritative standards.

    I hardly think the word “bitch” is quite comparable to the confabulated slurs that McPalin and Gopers spew out to the world everyday.

    They look pitiful for doing this.

    This election is a world wide affair, and McPalin have failed to offer up relevant ideas. Only attack, attack, attack, and bomb, bomb, bomb.

    We all could stand to seek a better way of verbally communicating things, but certain instances call for an exception to that rule.

    This is one of them.

  242. It’s in our nature to make noise and stir up a bit of a ruckus when our own life or others we know and care for, are threatened, harmed, or intimidated. Cuss words are like animal sounds- offensive or annoying enough to startle senses.

    Thank you Helen, for keeping it real. Your are free to express your frustration on the tubes, as do we all. I think it keeps us from blurting these out in the middle of our regular conversations.

    It is unacceptable to sit by and play nice about their plans to continue to pawn off our future. Their aggrandizing and double speak is a verbal tool to divide and divert us from their corruption.

    They call names too, but in a much more slanderous way. They actually denigrate our character as individual American citizens.

    McCarthyPalinist son’s of bee-ya-tches should not be allowed to throw around accusations like that against other Americans. Obama supports are now all Marxist and Communist now, they say.

    They speak this without considering how unfounded and ridiculous that charge is in reality. That is unconscionable and meant to harm our body politic, enraging their hate base while condemning half of this nations people as being the root of everything evil according to their own supreme authoritative standards.

    I hardly think the word “bitch” is quite comparable to the confabulated slurs that McPalin and Gopers spew out to the world everyday.

    They look pitiful for doing this.

    This election is a world wide affair, and McPalin have failed to offer up relevant ideas. Only attack, attack, attack, and bomb, bomb, bomb.

    We all could stand to seek a better way of verbally communicating things, but certain instances call for an exception to that rule.

    This is one of them.

  243. By: koko on October 30, 2008
    at 12:32 am
    When McCain said “She is a role model”, I actually took that as an insult to most american women. We are not that dumb !!!

    Good to know I wasn’t the only one! My husband had to ask me twice to stop throwing insults back at McCain, before I remembered that the people on the TV actually can’t hear me. :-D

    He (my husband, not McCain) has pointed out that Sarah Palin’s nomination is an insult to him as a man as well; the implication that he would vote for a female candidate just because she’s hot offends him. Makes sense to me.

  244. give* <3

  245. By: Jay David on October 30, 2008
    at 1:17 am

    By: Jay David on October 30, 2008
    at 1:24 am

    By: Jay David on October 30, 2008
    at 1:28 am

    By: Jay David on October 30, 2008
    at 1:32 am

    Dear Mr David, you fail at being a Troll; Please accept that the intertubers no longer accept your crappy attempts at being witty.

    ….. And for being such a moron I get you the title “Nublet of the Year”

    Thank you for coming

  246. “Thank you for telling it like it is, Helen. I’m so tired of these religious fanatics ”

    As opposed to Obama’s religious fanatics screaming “God Damn America” and “America Is the greatest sin”. Would your “Grandfather” vote for a Democrat that listened to those comments for 20 YEARS and SAID NOTHING ?

  247. Congratulations on your blog. You even have trolls. Cool!

  248. “Bra. Vo. I wish I had half your talent, Helen.”

    In all honesty, I would try and raise your sights just a little bit higher unless you really think that “Palin Is A Bitch” is some kind of astute political comment. Actually, you probably do ..in which case you’ve already got your wish :0)

  249. Thank you for telling it like it is, Helen. I’m so tired of these religious fanatics and right-wing hypocrites riding rough shod over our country. They have ruined our economy and they have divided us all along ideological lines. My Grandfather belonged to the Republican Party of Goldwater and Eisenhower. That Party is dead as the Dodo and the Neocons are the ones who killed it. My Grandfather wouldn’t even recognize his party. He was a moderate Republican – the kind the GOP no longer has room for in the Party. He voted for a Democrat for President only once in his life and that was in 1960 for JFK. He couldn’t stand Nixon. I’m willing to bet that he would have voted for Obama if he were still alive. At any rate, his granddaughter has already cast her ballot for Obama. If Sarah Palin is the future of the Republican Party as some claim then the GOP is in even worse shape than it currently appears. Keep on fighting the good fight, Helen!

  250. “She attended 5 different (anyone can go) colleges and (finally ?)received one major in journalizm. And she can’t even speak. How embarrassing !!!”

    She attended five different colleges because she had to keep taking time out to earn money to pay her way through. Unlike Obama she didn’t have a rich grandmother to pay her way. That she stuck with it shows determination. That determination won her the Governorship of Alaska against the wishes of her own party..What have you done in your little hate-filled life ? If it doesn’t include State Governor shouldn’t you be the one feeling embarrassed ?

  251. It’s so sad that you’ve lived so long without gaining grace or wisdom.

  252. Sounds like you should be taking your Aricept more regularly.

  253. OMG, Helen–suddenly, my next birthday doesn’t seem so scary, knowing I may be getting old, but I could still be cool. You are worth 1000 Winky Mooselinis any day.

  254. I’ve read more “wit and wisdom” on the walls of toilets then anything you’ve managed to drag up on these pages. That the haters of the Left find your devastatingly dull and infantile name-calling so funny is a sad reflection on the mindset of today’s American liberals. That some college snark would want to pretend she/he is an 80 year old woman is kind of sad too. You’re being a trust fund rebel would explain the painfully boring tone of your writing. “Sarah Palin a bitch ” Wow !!
    Such insight, such nuance. It’s just the same old misogyny we’ve come to expect from Obamatrons. But, you’ve probably got nothing better to do, so keep screeching away in the echo-chamber of the Left…keep doing it long enough and you might blot out the sound of Rev. Wright screaming “God Damn America” while Obama nods approvingly.

  255. [...] And then, just as I was about to start writing up my long eloquent rant, someone else has already written it. [...]

  256. Just found you through Twitter…I’m on it, Margaret and Helen. You are what I want to be when I grow up (b. 1954).

  257. Ma’am? You are my hero.

    Sincerely yours,

  258. Helen: Did you actually vote for Goldwater in 1964? If not, invoking his greatness 44 years later looks pretty silly.

    And the notion that those wascawwy wewigious nut cases invented demonization of political opponents made me laugh. Liberals preach tolerance of everyone but those who don’t adhere with robotic fidelity to their views.

    Enjoy your fifteen minutes, courtesy of the yenta Sullivan.

  259. ha.. thanks for reaffirming my suspicions that not all americans are asses, jackasses, bitches and morons..


  260. I really enjoyed your straight talk. I am totally with you. I want you to keep it up.

    I was truly shocked when I watched Sarah Palin talked for the first time. My jar dropped.
    “You got to be kidding ! ” was my reaction.

    When McCain said “She is a role model”, I actually took that as an insult to most american women. We are not that dumb !!!

    She attended 5 different (anyone can go) colleges and (finally ?)received one major in journalizm. And she can’t even speak. How embarrassing !!!

    She didn’t even know what Vice President does. And she is running for Vice President of America ? I learned that in Junuor high !!! Everytime I hear her talking, I just can’t believe my ears. “How low american standard has become” is what I have to say…it’s really sad.

  261. Bra. Vo. I wish I had half your talent, Helen.

    You are now daily required reading. And will be on my blogroll, as soon as those idiots at blogrolling get their collective head out of their collective ass and get their service back up.

  262. keep speaking truth to power. we need more of it.

  263. I just read this post (got here via Andrew Sullivan over at The Atlantic) and I just wanted you to know that I’m hitting the subscribe button right now (right after the “submit comment” button). I support what you’re doing with this blog, what you’re saying in this post, and I want to just say keep it up.

  264. I wish you were my grandmom!

  265. i wonder if that’s the real moelarryandjesus, ie the troll from the Atlantic, or a not-so-clever impersonator? could go either way: they both tend to blurt mindless insults and never leave an email address. *yawn*
    trolls are so old meme.

    anyway, you ladies rock for speaking your minds. i came across this post via my newsfeed keyword scan for scooters. i ride a different kind of scooter, but this is an awesome blog anyway.

  266. Goodness, I hope MoeLarryJesus doesn’t pick up his baby with the fingers that typed that note above me. I was alerted to your blog by an online firend, and I was very glad to see that there are some USA folk who are not afriad to say what they thing, and I mean THINK.

    I’ll be back … please allow me to thank you for sharing this with what seems a wide audience. You are performing a valuable service.

  267. I just plain love you Helen. Your posts are awesome. And yes, as many other here have declared, you are my unofficial grandmother (mine have since passed)!!

    Keep up just being you.

  268. Am I dreaming or has clinical sanity begun to seep back into the national discourse of this country?

    Either way I totally love you for calling things by their proper names. Keep up the good blogging.

  269. i love you!

    and that is all.

  270. helen,

    it’s your blog, you shouldn’t have to apologize to anyone for voicing your opinion! tell them to go somewhere else!

    keep blogging!

  271. WONDERFUL!I’m also here on rec. from Sullivan, and I agree you.
    Refreshing is a word I’d like to add to the list of compliments for your thoughts.
    Best wishes to everyone. Reading everyone’s comments makes me see, once again, the side of America I love. The idea that we are all part of something here, and it’s something that can be great and terrible, but that being a real American doesn’t mean you think a certain way or believe a certain dogma; that it means you willingly take part in an experiment in philosophy, and the experiment is this (among other things): can a government be an expression of the people’s hopes and dreams no matter how those dreams and hopes may vary? Can we institute a collective that can argue all the different ways of acheiving this, but still maintain our unity? America is the first country that ever existed where a ruler turned over his power to his political enemy with absolute trust and peace. I believe that people such as Palin have forgotten this, in their zeal to believe ther is only one proper and moral way to think and feel. If you are inclined to think that way, I might suggest you look in the mirror to see the truly un-American person.
    USA! USA!

  272. I echo your statements and applaud your views. The Republican party has morphed into an entity that does not believe in less government, does not stand for personal freedoms and most importantly, does not accept dissent.

  273. You’re a cunt.

  274. [...] reminds me of my grandmother. A must read. New [...]

  275. Helen, I wish there were more people out there like you. So many of us can learn a great deal from you especially that dippy Sarah Palin!

  276. I’m with you, but you must surely agree that Palin is an idiot.

  277. oh! i love you! Elizabeth Hasselbeck IS a moron! and a twit! oh, god love ya!

  278. Wow, this is some great blog. I will check in often.

  279. Helen, you are a genius! This is absolutely brilliant, and exactly what needed to be said.

    Feminism is a beautiful word, Sarah Palin is not only a bitch, but a bimbo bitch at that, and if disagreeing with Bush and Limbaugh makes me a terrorist… Well, then I guess we’ll be terrorists together?

    By the way, Barack Obama is not even close to socialist, and if McCain had paid attention in Philosophy 101 he would know that. ;-)

  280. YOu make me exhale!

  281. Brilliant! I know exactly how you feel! :)


  282. wow. i think i love you.
    no, i know i do. and i am going to keep reading.
    thanks for sharing your wise and wonderful perspective!

  283. Helen, I just read this blog for the first time and I am impressed. It’s good to see that more and more people are getting it and are able to stand up against the hate and division brought to us by the right. Keep up the good work!!!

    Change is on the way!!!

  284. I’ve got a bunch of office moms, but I’m nominating you my one and only office grandmom. Thanks for (upholding my faith that there are good folks out there from all walks of life and thereby) giving me something to smile about!!!

  285. “And I will definitely stop calling Sarah Palin a bitch when she stops acting like a bitch.” Classic.

    Helen Philpot, your wit, intelligence, and wealth of experience add up to a blog which is an absolute pleasure to read. Thank you so much for sharing.

  286. Ma’am, I am most certainly FOR you!

  287. Yeah Mamma! You are so right! Thank you for being you. I’m going to send this around to all my sister friends.

    Peace! And the real straight talk express is running right here on this page!

  288. From one grandma to another, this is great! I’ll come back and check it every day.

  289. Bravo, Ladies! You totally rock! Thanks for making me smile and laugh! Your gems.

  290. When I grow up, I want to be just like you. A straight talking and smart woman.

  291. God I hope you are wrong 4 more years of republican domonance and we will be a third world country but maybe that is what we deserve.

  292. Just found out about you. You’re wonderful!

    Shine on brightly.

  293. Obama is not a terrorist, but he is a socialist. I know plenty of Democrats who agree with that and believe it is a good thing. For many Democrats socialism is not a bad word.

    For the record, Obama and Biden are good men. It appears their hearts and minds are directed towards helping people and supporting the country in the best way they know how. We simply disagree on the *how*.

    But calling them names would be childish. One person disparaging another because they do not agree with them only shows the limitations of the attacker\’s maturity. It also reveals that venom flows from the Left as well as the Right–and maybe even more so. The intense, fashionable hatred of Bush has no equal from the Right when a Leftist president was in office.

    It will be interesting to see the gnashing of teeth when the media\’s golden boy doesn\’t win. I\’m sure it will be blamed on a right-wing conspiracy rather than Americans voting their mind.

  294. Helen,

    YOU ARE THE BEST!!! I absolutely love this post – you get it!

  295. I love you.
    You are on my bookmarks bar now.

  296. I just laughed so hard I got into a coughing fit. Don’t worry, I’m ok now.

    You rock!!! THANK YOU (and your grandson) for creating this blog.

  297. Guess I’m less sexist than I thought. Never thought of calling Palin a bitch. But, yeah, she sure is.

  298. [...] Another hate-filled intolerant Democrat, this time an 82-year-old woman tries to justify her calling Sarah Palin a bitch http://margaretandhelen.wordpress.com/2008/10/28/what-was-i-thinking-when-i-called-sarah-palin-a-bit… [...]

  299. I love your post :)

  300. You ladies are what free speech is all about! Thank God for you two. Keep on keepin.

  301. LOL! love it, love it, love it!

  302. Dear Gals – I’m of your generation and the mother of six daughters – all professional women. I think the two of you are ignorant loudmouths – time for the ice floe.

  303. Darn! I wish I’d found you earlier…this stupid election would have been so much easier to take with you around. People who think! Amazing…I honestly wondered if there were any left and here you are (I was going to say almost as real as moose in Alaska but then I remembered there aren’t any left – Sarah & Todd killed them all!) Well, good for you and keep fighting the good fight…God knows you know more than they know (if you know what I mean)!

  304. I just added your blog to my favorites.

    Keep calling ‘em like you see ‘em!

  305. You ladies are jewels. I am going to have to read more of your blog. Great job!!

  306. I’ve read only Day 1 an Day 2 of seven and I look forward to the next five. Your perspective is a delight to read. You’re right, Palin is a bitch…. and a liar …. and lacking in basic integrity.

    And this is the burning question in my mind for month’s now. John McCain keeps saying he ‘knows how to win wars.’ What, pray tell, has he ever done that would provide him with the expertise to win a war? Bottom of his graduating class in the Naval Academy, crashed five jets, spent 5 years in a POW camp, and then went into politics. What in that resume provides the expertise to know how to win a war? So he was a POW and survived. His survival and his refusal to leave the Hanoi Hilton ahead of others is admirable, but it does not provide any experience in effective military leadership.

    Feh! I will be on tenterhooks until the election is over and Obama safely elected.

  307. Oh my god. What a fantastic post. When I read things like this it gives me SUCH hope that the entire country has not gone insane.

  308. You rock.

  309. Helen/Marge

    I am so glad I heard about your blog on the Stephanie Miller’s radio show. You guys rock!!

    My grandmother passed when I was 14 and I know that if she had lived, she would think and feel just the way you obviously do.

    Your grandson must be extremely proud of you.

  310. Helen,

    Inspirational ! The national media should stand in humble awe of your efficiency and effectiveness of resonating clarity out of all the campaign bullshit.

    For such, this blog raises the bar even for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

    Congratulations !

  311. Thank You You hit nail right on the head!

  312. Haha! I just found myself a new grandma.

    Awesome post. :)

  313. Thank you Helen!
    I’m Australian & play no part in your election.
    Americans have to understand that they are the biggest infulence in the world & must consider their vote affects all of us who don’t have a say. Electing bigoted, ignorant, racist, sexist, homophobic, murderous arseholes from the Republican party, of which almost half in Bush’s first term had never left the country has proven to be extremely destructive & we plead you not to do the same again.
    Look at the financial mess they’ve left the world in!
    The most irresponsible bunch of fools America has ever seen! They make Mugabe seem almost acceptable!
    Please Helen, keep it up…..
    Rob, Sydney, Oz

  314. Where are you in Texas?
    I want to buy you dinner, take you out for a new outfit and pay your bills for a month.
    You’re fantastic.
    And Bush, McCain and Palin are all those things you called them and worse.

  315. [...] by Greg on October 29, 2008 Calling a spade a spade.  Or, as the case may be, a bitch. I am surprised that some of you are up in arms about my calling Sarah Palin a bitch, or John [...]

  316. Dear Helen,

    I totally and completely agree with you!!! How nice to see your thinking. I love it.

    emberAZ *smile*
    65 year old, Feminist, Buddhist, Grandmother of Linus (22mos)

  317. This is the coolest blog ever. Right on every point, ESPECIALLY Hasselbeck. What an annoying human being.

  318. [...] And you should read what these two old broads think about Sarah Palin. [...]

  319. Now THIS is the ‘straight talk express’.

    Go Helen!

  320. Helen Rocks!

  321. Amen Lady, Amen. :D

  322. [...] and George Bush a “jackass”; if their commenters don’t like it, they have some suggestions for how to change their rhetoric. (Hint: It has to do with voting out of office what they see as [...]

  323. What the hell has happened to our party? Goldwater would be ashamed.

    Goldwater was appalled before he died, and more or less said so.

  324. You are awesome! You call them like you see them-I wish more people were like you!

  325. Helen:
    You give me hope!
    Come on up to Alaska, and I’ll show you some nice, real people.

    Alaskans for Obama

  326. Just found your site via Andrew Sullivan.

    Ladies, I think I’m in LOVE.

    God bless you and your sane, sane outlook.

  327. What a breathe of fresh air! Doesn’t it feel good just to say the truth? It certainly feels good to read it.

    Hat tip to Andrew Sullivan at the Atlantic for turning me on to your blog. I’ll visit often!

  328. Helen,
    Your opinions and views are truly priceless! You call it as you see it, no BS, just straight talk. And, like many others who have already written you, I happen to agree with you in regards the name calling. Or, as the old saying goes, “If the shoe fits, wear it!” Can hardly wait to read your other blogs…. have “bookmarked” you into my computer. Your wit & wisdom make for excellent reading. AND, it’s nice to know I’m not the only one who feels the same way about Bush, Palin, Elisabeth, etc….
    A friend in WA., Cathy

  329. You rule. I’m a lifelong Republican who’s watched their party become the playground of religious fanatics. While I pray that we can return to the true conservative values that the Republican party once espoused, I will not be giving my hard won vote to John McCain on Tuesday.

  330. Helen, thank you for saying what the majority of Republicans are thinking. What the hell has happened to our party? Goldwater would be ashamed. You’re wonderful!!

  331. You are so right Helen, and I love you.

  332. I love it!

  333. Helen, I’m in love with you.

  334. Helen,

    I couldn’t agree with you more in your appraisals of McCain, Bush, Palin and Hasselbeck. You really got their number. Keep it up, girl.

  335. Helen, you rock! I found you via memeorandum and will be linking this post in my nightly roundup. And you are absolutely right – McCain is an ass, bu$h is a jackass, Palin is a bitch, and Hasselbeck is the quintessential moron.

  336. [...] Just a taste. New rules: [...]

  337. You guys are my new heroes. Thank you for using intelligence against these fundamentalist nut jobs.

  338. This has to be some of the most intelligent commentary I have heard about our moronic leadership and wanna be’s.

    Thanks for saying what is true and not letting the idiots tell you how to think and or feel.

  339. Like Zachary, I followed the trail from Andrew Sullivan’s Daily Dish. Though I have no respect for Sarah Palin and her inflammatory speechifying, I will call no woman a bitch. There are so many other colorful words that don’t hold solely female negative connotations.

    Otherwise, I’ve enjoyed reading your posts.

  340. If my dear mother who died in 1998 was alive, she’d be 85, and she would be cheering you on. You have said what needs to be said, and I thank you. I am thrilled to find your blog, and look forward to more words of wisdom. I am watching Obama on TV now, and he is hitting it out of the park. VOTE !!!! It will be a great moment for this nation when we elect Barack Obama.

  341. I got here by way of Memeorandum but, now that I found your blog, I’ll definitely be back.

    Mostly I just want to say that this is great. I’m thinking of printing it out and hanging it on my wall for a while. You speak for a lot of us.


  342. Wow! I loved this post about Bush/McCain/Palin. It warms my heart to read your feisty missives. Keep it up!

  343. When I was in high school, my grandmother came to visit from FL and went grocery shopping with us.

    She insisted on buying her own snacks, and pushed her own cart through the store side-by-side with my mother and me.

    After standing in the deli line for no less than 30 minutes, she finally procured her sliced cheese and turkey.

    Another elderly woman walked up to her cart, removed her deli packages, and put them into her own cart. My grandma reached to take them back, and the woman snapped at her, “I don’t see YOUR name on them!”

    We come from a long line of strong-tempered women.
    My grandma took back her deli packs, held her purse up by the side, and told the woman that if she wanted a smack she’d get one.

    The whole place just about fell over.
    I have rarely been so proud in my life.

    As we pushed our carts away, the other woman gave her the stinkeye. Grandma leaned forward and said,
    “It’s old bitches like you that make us all look bad!”

    You are the shiznat, ladies!
    Keep on rockin’!

  344. I love the Barry Goldwater quote:



  345. I’m yet another person who came via Andrew Sullivan’s blog. Now I’ve bookmarked this one and placed it beside that very blog in my Politics folder.

    I’m Canadian, and moderately obsessed with U.S. politics ( or, as my father would say, completely over the edge and certifiably crazy, ready for the room with the padded walls and that nice jacket with the straps… but he’s a Fundie). I have been waiting for the chance to see a candidate that not only can talk, but make me believe. I know he will fail on some things- the nature of politics is that idealism gets smashed by reality time and time again. But isn’t it great to feel SOMETHING other than resignation?

    As for the name calling- well, I’ve called them worse on occasion, so whatever.

  346. Good post. Andrew Sullivan led me to this post. Keep at it. Do not let the religious right bully you out of being a person who values reason and liberty.

  347. Word.

    You go, girl!

  348. You forgot racists, the proud new sub-set of the republican jackass party!

  349. Great Post!

  350. Hi Helen,

    I found the link to your blog on Andrew Sullivan’s blog. I just wanted to tell you this post (and several others) have really brought a bit of cheer to my day.

    I agree with you that it’s a shame that so many people can’t talk politics in a civil tone and just agree to disagree. Thankfully, though, there are some of us who still can – my wife and I disagree on plenty of things (politics included) but we’ve always learned to respect those differences and cherish them for the fact that they make us all stronger both as individuals and as a couple.

    Bless you, Helen. And bless your convictions – it’s nice to see someone qualify their feelings with a little thought.

  351. You’re wonderful!

  352. You are awesome. What else can I say? I wish you were my grandmother.

  353. I LOVE YOU!!! :) I love your straight talk, no nonsense, witty spunk. You tell them Helen! Some people just can’t handle the truth.

    Can’t wait to read more.

  354. [...] bringing Margaret and Helen to my [...]

  355. Love this post! I laughed out loud more than once, this is great stuff. And true, obviously. Bookmarked and RSS’d – I’ll be a regular reader here!

  356. [...] you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!Margaret and Helen are what I want to be when I grow up. Thank you, Andrew, for introducing [...]

  357. You ladies make proud to be an American. Your grandkids should be very proud of you. Keep up the good work. I agree with everything you have written.

  358. LOVE your blog!

    Well written and entertaining.

    Couldn’t agree with you more regarding W, John McC, and Palin.

    Keep on! You SO Rock!

  359. I just found you, Helen, and you are the bomb. Wow, what a wonderful blog.

  360. Just found your blog and you are fantastic! Keep writing and we’ll keep reading. And you are 100% on the money with your assessment of Bush/McCain/Palin.

  361. Ha! What a great blog. I’ve had discussions with my conservative friends about how I admire the principles of conservatism but think the GOP as a party is narrow-minded, destructive, and bad for the country. Most are utterly unable to discern between the ideology and the party, and assume that criticism of one party is necessarily acceptance of the other. This disconnect baffles me almost as much as them. At least most religions promise hope – hopefully this election will be over quickly!

  362. kudos for a good and entertaining site

  363. kudos for a good and entertaining site

  364. Helen~

    You truly inspire me. I hope to be as insightful as you some day, and I am adding your site to my blog.


  365. Helen, you are awesome. Keep on saying it like it is. Hugs.

  366. Helen, I adore you. You call anybody a bitch you want.

  367. Also found you through Andrew Sullivan. When you’ve lived as long as you have, you know the truth when you see it and hear it. Thanks for telling the truth about Sarah Palin, Helen. Wish that column was on the front page of every paper in the country!

  368. I am just reading your blog for the first time and I’ll be back!

  369. Drop dead you disgusting obese retarded liberal whore.

  370. Awesome.

  371. I think I love you . Now off to read your blog about Elizabeth Hasslebitch.

    OMG..what WAS she doing w/Sarah Palin? WHO is she to be introducing her? Cuz she’s her NUMBER ONE FAN or something..

    “Im most impressed with your flag pin.” I’d like to stick that flag pin on Elizabeth’s butt!

  372. Um, just came here via Andrew Sullivan’s blog.
    Im in Britain, and people here are fascinated by the US election.
    And I applaud your comments.
    I’m over 50 and NOT a conservative. But I can remember when Republicans stood for ideas which they could promote intelligently.

    I actually miss Richard Nixon- something I never thought I’d write- because even with Watergate, he still had a greater sense of ethics than people like Cheney. He was a statesman.

    I don’t think its safe when a major party in a global power is driven by religious fervour- whatever the religion.
    And its actually quite authoritarion, to place any disagreement with one’s political ideas in the ‘you’re un-American’ camp.
    I thought the days of Senator McCathy could never be repeated. Now, I’m not so sure…

  373. This post just put you in my RSS reader.

  374. PS…one of the best speakers that I’ve ever seen live was Colin Powell…if he were running for office I’d vote for him!

    PPS: Colin Powell is voting for Obama because he is convinced Obama is the better candidate, as you would be were you not blinded by preconceptions.

    Helen, PREACH IT SISTER!! :) :+:

  375. I <3 you Helen!

  376. This 69 year old couldn’t agree more. Your verbal skills are so good that they actually give away your age! Perfect!

  377. Couldn’t stop laughing as I kept reading. I am definitely adding you on my blogroll!!!

  378. Helen you have truly made my day; I’m smiling from ear to ear!! Thank you for keeping it real and giving us all inspiration! You totally rock!!

  379. “If it walks like a bitch
    and talks like a bitch and
    looks like a $150,000 bitch

    Oh, but Browngirl, she ain’t a $150,000 bitch. She’s a $5.00 bitch dressed up in $150,000 worth of clothes. Sort of like putting lipstick on a pig, remember?

  380. Go Hellcat go! It’s nice to read someone who’s been around a couple three days tell it like it is. And you have over a half-million hits! What is your secret? I wish I had the walnuts to call Palin a bitch, but I’m limited to calling her an idiot.

  381. You ladies rock! It’s nice to see that good, sound thinking never gets old.

  382. Helen
    You’re awesome!!!!!!
    Perfect casting would be Obama/Biden in charge. I’d have Obama make you one of the cabinet members. You a person after my own heart.

  383. I found you through Andrew Sullvan’s blog.

    This post rocks.

    Being an urban dweller, I know that I’m totally in the anti-American part of the country according to Rep. Bachmann of Minnesota. Add in that I believe in the right to choose, and that Christianity is about the Social Gospel Teachings of Jesus, well…I guess I’m going to hell.

  384. Thanks Helen – awesome and hilarious post.

  385. I just turned 40 and one thing that I love about getting older, and which I admire so much in you, is the ability and willingness to call a spade a spade. I am half your age and I too remember when the Republican party was the party of tough-minded, responsible folk. Now it’s just a bunch of lunatics with guns and Jay-sus fish tattoos. And, yes, Sarah Palin is a bitch and thank you for saying so! I’m glad to see her humiliated by her own stupidity. She gave one of the snarkiest, most obnoxious, most graceless acceptance speeches ever and I wish I could laugh in her face when she’s sent packing back to Alaska.

  386. Helen, you kick ass. Keep speaking what needs to be spoken~

    “Freedom is something that dies unless it’s used” – Hunter S. Thompson

  387. If I wasn’t already married, I’d snap you up for myself!

  388. Funniest post on the internet, ever. This is classic!

  389. I just discovered your blog on Andrew Sullivan’s Blog for the Atlantic Magazine.
    Thank you for the referral Mr. Sullivan, this spot is a delight and loaded with great comments and ideas.
    Thank you for your good ideas
    And always thanks to the grandies who help to keep us all connected and talking!

  390. [...] Three cheers for senior citizen bloggers. [...]

  391. When I grow up I want to be exactly like you, Helen.

    Thank you for being who you are.

  392. Thank you Helen, you just made my day!

  393. [...] it’s true, but what they have to say is rather fun. Here’s an excerpt from the blog post he sent: What was I thinking when I called Sarah Palin a bitch? I will stop calling Sarah Palin a bitch when she stops calling Obama a terrorist sympathizer. And [...]

  394. Helen, you kick ass and take names.
    You go girl!

  395. Helen
    I am with you all the way. Great blog! Thanks for blogging. I love the website!

  396. I found your blog through Andrew Sullivan’s daily dish. Thank you Andrew. Whenever I watch the news and hear pundits talking about Barack being a socialist, or Marxist I lose a little bit of faith in the public and the depth of our public discourse. Your blog restores it. Thanks.

  397. I am reaching a time in my life when my thoughts should be turning Republican, but so long as that party is ruled by the extreme religious right, it ain’t gonna happen. Keep on talking, Granny.

  398. [...] couple of days ago, I linked to 82 year-old Helen Philpot’s blog. Well, she’s at it again and this time she’s laid down the law: I will stop calling [...]

  399. Helen is not an idiot. She is a great American woman who speaks the truth. And you Ann are blinded by ignorance. Too bad we can’t just flush the ignorance of bigotry and republican corruption and lies down the big ole porcelain god!!

  400. Will you marry me?

    Lovestruck Rich

  401. I bow my head to you! :-)

  402. I think I’m in love… This was my favorite piece of political opinion in a month. To quote another comment… YOU ROCK!

  403. You are a complete idiot. I would be ashamed to have you in my family. Bitch doesn’t even come close to describing you.

    McCain-Palin 08

  404. This just may be the best blog post in the history of the Universe.

    Mrs. Philpot, thank you!

  405. OMG, where have you gals been all my life!!! I’m feelin’ nuthin’ but love for you at the moment. That is the best and really the SMARTEST response to the ‘bad new GOP’ hate machine I have ever seen. Thank goodness Andrew Sullivan linked to your site. You are permanently bookmarked.


  406. This just may be the best blog post in the history of the Universe.

    Mrs. Philpot, rock on!

  407. You go Helen I love this post and I plan on checkin back in regular to see what else you have like to chat about! I am so glad I found this link!

  408. Just saw this blogpost on someone’s facebook page, and I am now a Marget and Helen groupie! Love it.

  409. Roll on, Granny!!
    Your brand of straight talkin is a breath of fresh air! Keep on postin, we’ll keep on readin…

  410. Just stopping by to tell you how amazing I think you both are! I am 18 years old and while I may not remember the days of Goldwater style Conservatism, I have read and heard about those days and I am thoroughly convinced that Mr. Goldwater would be ashamed to see what the Republican party has become. I am hoping that we will all soon realize that religion has no place in politics and that religion certainly has no business being in control of a major political party so we can get back to the real issues and get this country back on track.

    Keep blogging; I’ll keep reading!

  411. I quit watching the view after Rosie left because I couldn’t stand listening to Elizabeth. We love to read what you think because you are honest about your feelings Helen,,,,Thank you.

  412. ……….if either of you old broads are ever unfortunate enough to be in Cleveland, email me and I’ll buy you a drink- you are what’s best in this country- freethinking intelligent people who can cut through the bs. Cheers…..

  413. This is terrific! Where has this page been?

  414. Awesome post!!! You are great! Elizabeth Hasselbeck is an idiot you are so right!

  415. You may want to occasionally swap out “bitch” with “grifter” for Our Sarah. Jon Stewart on the Daily Show used that term to describe Herself’s family, and I think it’s pretty apt.

    She’s out for herself, and the devil take the hindmost.

  416. Wow. Note to self – if you’re planning on disagreeing with Helen, you better bring your best, because she’ll artfully and methodically pick you apart.

    Helen = awesome. Great blog! If only McCain had picked YOU as his running mate, I might actually be conflicted in this election …

  417. I my god you ROCK woman!!!!

  418. Great blog !!

    I was a 7 yr old kid in the Goldwater days but I do remember my parents actively working for the Goldwater campaign in California.

    Sadly, it seems Sarah Palin has become a lightning rod. I wonder how much better McCain’s campaign would have been if Leiberman or Ridge had been chosen as VP.

    I am an Evangelical Christian and I am embarrassed by the things that Sarah Palin has said and done. I am also embarrassed that many Evangelical leaders are silent about her actions. Their silence betrays a “party first” spirit and everyone knows GOP stands for God’s Only Party. :)

    Obama has my vote.

  419. Sometimes it’s so easy to get wrapped up in the dialogue of politics that you can fail to see what’s right out in the open. How can people be fine with politicians calling each other “terrorists” and balk at a word like “jackass”

    I would also add, that just because other engage in name-calling and tomfoolery…doesn’t mean we should engage in the same thing.

    I don’t like Palin as much as the next guy, but calling her a bitch probably isn’t fair. You obviously have a lot of thought and nuance that you put into these entries…I hate to see that wasted on people who would dismiss you as rude.

    Please Please keep blogging!

  420. GO HELEN!

  421. Hear, hear! (Or is that here, here?)

  422. You tell them! I love righteous older ladies!

  423. You ladies make me believe in this country again. Please please keep it up. My only issue is that calling Sarah Palin a “bitch” is an insult to my neighbor’s female dog.

  424. Helen, you rock. ’nuff said.

  425. My mom passed away 4 years ago at the age of 70. She always said that being called a broad was a compliment. So naturally, I’m thrilled to find those that also celebrate the joys of broadhood.

    And yes, Palin is a bitch. Don’t listen to anyone that tries to suggest you shouldn’t call ‘em as you see ‘em.

  426. You Rock!!!! Thank you for speaking for alot of us! Keep up the great work (and play)!

  427. You go, girl! I just found this blog off the Daily Dish. You should get lots more traffic!

    And you call Palin, McCain, and other WHATEVER you feel like calling them! They have lost ANY claims on respect from anyone!

  428. i’m with you!

  429. I love it! You two are just great….I’m a 67 year-old ‘old broad’ and agree with everything you’ve said – keep it up!

  430. You made me laugh. I live in Arizona and I think John McCain is a complete jackass. He has not been an advocate for the state in his years in the Senate. That is why we rank 49th in education funding! Way to go Johnny!

  431. You absolutely, positively rock. I like your style!! Like Jeff said, “Give ‘em hell!” Keep blogging and really take it to these know-nothings.

    Rock on…

  432. You go, girlfriend! Give em hell, indeed!

    PS…George Bush is a jackass. And, that’s the truth!

  433. Hi Helen,

    Followed a link here from Andrew Sullivan’s blog. I love this post!! Keep preachin it and don’t let up!!!

  434. On behalf of the women of Generation XY, thank you Helen. It’s because of your generation’s tenacity, open-mindedness and grace that we enjoy broader freedom and opportunities.

    Let’s not allow the crazed zealots to steal them back.

    Keep fighting the good fight!

    P.S. As a writer, I have to agree that sometimes only a descriptive expletive will do. Loaded language has its place and I think in today’s world, that place is McCain-Palin HQ.

  435. Helen: You are officially “Joe the Grandmother” in my book! THANKS!!!!

  436. Helen, you’re my new hero!!!
    Give ‘em hell :)

  437. Ma’am, you have my vote.

  438. You ladies rock!
    Thanks for the laughs and the wisdom!

    Keep up the good work!

  439. You guys (gals) are awesome! :)

  440. You are amazing. Seriously.

  441. Here’s why you should for Obama abuck6:

    *i like keeping more of my hard earned $- thats great and I’d argue I feel the same way, but to support American infrastructure, to help provide support for veterans that has been lacking, to help rebuild the gulf coast, u know to uphold the American way everyone’s money is needed, now If I have to give a little bit more than the single parent taking care of 5 kids because I have a little more, I don’t think that’s too much to asking for much because the money that I am giving is going to help support institutions that are vital to the American way of life!

    *McCain has a better track record w/National Security…Obama was against funding for the troops and the Surge~ I’d like to argue that the Surge wasn’t successful, currently many American soldiers and Iraqi’s are loosing their lives daily, I believe that the War in Iraq is very problematic, and the “peace” and “democracy” that we intended to bring to the Iraqi’s I’d argue in many respects we’ve done the opposite, so i support him not funding the surge, it’s a failed mission

    *i don’t like killing babies~ NO ONE is for killing babies, but if an adult woman decides that she isn’t ready to bring her child into this world and decides to terminate that pregnancy for watever reason, that is her prerogative, that is her choice, government cannot and should not criminalize choice! PERIOD!

    *i like to hunt and am responsible enough to own a hand gun~ So own one and go through a process to do it! As far as hunting is concerned, killing off animals for no real reasons sounds ludicrous!

    *i’m against gay marriage…they can have marital benefits though~ I hate that you use the word “They”, You know what, people like to say that marriage is a sacred institution and that it’s protected by God, I don’t see anything in the Bible that justifies prejudice, and when I read the Bible I see that God is for love, that’s the God I believe in.

    *Obama is trying to enable/entitle people to things that they haven’t earned for themselves…he’s a Socialist.~ GOD FORBID! He tries to enfranchise people, God forbid!

    PS…one of the best speakers that I’ve ever seen live was Colin Powell…if he were running for office I’d vote for him!~ and Colin Powell, Despite working for this current administration is a brilliant man..but he too is supporting Barrack Obama, I think you should jump on the bandwagon!

  442. Reply to Candian Woman:

    “If you don’t like what she has to say don’t read her blog, it is as simple as that.”

    Sort of like “If you don’t love America, get out” ?

    So the only people that should respond to this blog are the people that 100% agree with Helen?

    What’s the point of that?

    When dissent and mere questions are not welcome then what is the difference between you and “… those religious nutcases”?

  443. to be honest, i’m not really that comfortable with foul language.

    but i do believe in the importance of free speech as a vital part of a democracy, so i do hope you continue to craft your posts exactly how you feel you should. :)

    and it’s been quite good reading so far. :)

    also, i like the fact that the words you use aren’t the be all and end all of your criticism. you offer substantive discussion on matters such as creating division, smearing which flies in the face of facts, the belittling of women’s rights, the enthusiasm behind the use of unwarranted force, and government intrusion into what should be a deeply personal choice.

    i look forward to your next post. :)

  444. Helen I love your blog and I love how outspoken you are and ‘tell it like it is’ attitude!
    I live in Canada and almost everyone I know here is hoping that Obama/Biden wins this election! I totally agree with all your observations….including the fact that Elisabeth Hassleback is a moron!

    Hey I can see the USA from my backyard (true!)….does that make me qualified to run as VP or something?! Give me a break!

    Keep up the good work!

    A Canadian fan.

  445. Nao,

    I’m not a racist like you claim people not voting for Obamy to be. I’m conservative and he is the most liberal Senator in office. He has no experience to fall back on. Obama is the one spouting off about who he would invade and other military plans…he seems to think that everyone likes him.

    Here are some reasons that i’m voting for McCain:
    *i like keeping more of my hard earned $
    *McCain has a better track record w/National Security…Obama was against funding for the troops and the Surge.
    *i don’t like killing babies
    *i like to hunt and am responsible enough to own a hand gun
    *i’m against gay marriage…they can have marital benefits though
    *Obama is trying to enable/entitle people to things that they haven’t earned for themselves…he’s a Socialist.

    PS…one of the best speakers that I’ve ever seen live was Colin Powell…if he were running for office I’d vote for him!

  446. Helen, you are AWESOME! You are definitely the coolest grandma anyone could hope for. I stumbled onto your blog today while reading another blog hating on Elisabeth Hasselbeck – who I also hate with a purple passion! I immediately bookmarked your blog for future reference, and forwarded the link to my mother who will love it. I want to thank you for your refreshing opinions. Keep up the good work!

  447. Hey Helen, I love your blog! As for the folks saying that McCain would be a better leader than Obama, well I guess I ask the question How? Don’t get me wrong he has done an amazing service to this country but this is a man whose openly said that he would declare war on SPAIN a NATO ally, invade Iran, doesn’t know how many houses he has, and to make him even less qualified he choose Sara Palin as his running mate…like seriously??? I don’t see where’s he’s qualified..he doesn’t even believe in “women’s health”…seriously all you people a talking about Obama is not qualified enough..shove it and just admit you not voting for him cuz he’s a negro and it scares…It okay..you know you’ve been wanting to say it..stop holding it..let it now..you’ll feel much better!

  448. Helen,

    John McCain is an ass
    George W. Bush is a jackass
    Sara Palin is not only a bitch but a complete utter moron
    And Elisabeth definitely is a moron

    And sometimes you simply have to resort to this type of language with folks because they just drive you to it. And my theory is if folks don’t like it, tough.

  449. Helen,

    I had a longer post ready, but I chose to delete it. There is no sense preaching to 99% of people reading this because they are all liberal nut jobs like yourself. I’m not trying to be mean…just stating facts. Have you thought about starting a business to sell some Margaret & Helen apparel or coffee mugs? With the # of people visiting your site, you could probably make a fair amount of income…unless Obamy wins.

    I can understand how people can vote for Obama…he speaks very well, he’s well educated, and he has run a strong campaign (even though I feel that he’s been protected by the media). Also, McCain is very hard to relate to on the surface…and that’s coming from a conservative. If you (the voting public) were to actually look at the issues, I think that McCain wins going away. Unfortunately, we live in a time where people care more about Paris Hilton, MTV, and Fantasy Football than learning how to balance a checkbook, how to invest for retirement or what’s happening in the world.

    Again, I am a conservative, but if there were a more moderate Democrat running I would consider voting for them. Obama is far to liberal & inexperienced to earn my vote.

    Helen…do me a favor and write in Hillary on November 4th!

  450. Oh…and one last thing. Elisabeth Hasselbeck is still a moron. There is just no way around that, Folks.


    I have issues with her and Palin’s shrilly voice. Some toastmaster people out there need to teach these two a lesson on voice modulation. THERE’S NO NEED TO YELL WHEN YOU’RE IN FRONT OF 5-10 MICROPHONES! THAT’S WHAT THOSE SPEAKERS ARE FOR!

  451. Dear Helen:

    I love you.


  452. Please, promise you will continue this blog beyond the election. And I hope Obama and Biden read daily. Thanks

  453. helen,

    i like to start out my day reading your blog. your honesty, sharp mind and wit is refreshing and inspiring. you’re my role model. may you live long and healthy.

  454. Dear Helen,
    Just wanted to throw in my support!!
    missy from the bayou

  455. I love your blog. Keep it up.

    One of my great-grandmothers was also a Philpot….maybe we’re related!

  456. Yes I can’t stand Elisabeth Hasselbeck, she is blindly spewing praises to the Republican party with no basis or proof that any of that crap is true. Thank you for your great blogs!

  457. Nicely done, Helen. Yep. Doesn’t matter how much lipstick Sarah puts on . . .

  458. I think calling a bitch is an insult to Dogs in a way. How about we call her a maggot or a fly or something else that lives on Bullshit.

  459. Amen sister. I’ve been following you and Margaret since all this bruhaha started and I gotta tell ya you crack me up. A definite favorite blog of mine these days. Keep up the good work. :)


  460. Helen,

    I think you have re-defined the straight talk express! You tell it like it is and back up your points. Rock on!

  461. Jennifer,
    You are more than welcome to your opinion, however, what you fail to realize is that Helen is not like those religious nutcases. She does not preach to others, she voices her opinion. She does not force people to come to her site, they come on their own. If you don’t like what she has to say don’t read her blog, it is as simple as that.

  462. Helen,
    The next time you have an x-ray I bet they’ll find out you have a spine of steel! You go girl.

  463. Love the blog. Bought the T-shirt. :-)

  464. A person needs to start their day with the Helen blog and either the Daily show or the Colbert Report. Here is the Colbert Report:

    Colbert explains socialism.

    I hope the Helen and Margaret blog hits a million before the election.

  465. Halloween is coming up fast! Is the candy sold in the US safe? Here is a video that says no, it is not.
    He says candy with melamine is being sold in the US and the FDA will not issue a recall because it could hurt a presidential candidate or the economy.


    Sadly. with the Bush Administration in charge, I feel it may well be true. I could see Bush, Cheney, Rove, McCain and Palin saying it could hurt the republicans and then do nothing.

  466. My girlfriend just sent me the link to your blog and I cannot believe how intelligently and succinctly you successfully argued the case againt the “new” Republican Party!
    George Du(m)bya, John McSame, Dick (Head) Cheney and Sarah B. Phalin’ are symbolic of the shift from the center-right policies that served that party so well to this new FAR (OUT-OF-TOUCH) WRONG wing element that has usurped power and control from reasonable moderates to neo-con fascists! They practice all that they preach against – intolerance, unquestioning servitude to their dictates and a complete slaughter of the fiscal responsibility that the “former” Republican Party once stood for.
    Thank you for speaking your mind so eloquently and maybe one day we will have a viable two-party system that will afford us the opportunity for REAL choices!
    Keep on rockin’ Helen! You, too, Margaret1
    P.S. I work in a NYC high school about three blocks from the USS Intrepid!

  467. Helen whoever didnt like what you said can kiss ur u know what. You are right on the money and always… and please keep blogging…U make my days

  468. BRILLIANT !!

  469. OMG, I love this blog. I LOVE THIS BLOG. Margaret and Helen, my hats’ off to you. My Grandmother was 83 when I got married 17 years ago. One of my husband’s groomsmen was quite the studmuffin and my Grandmother made it quite clear he was a hottie. When we feigned horror she said, “Hey! I’m OLD, I’m not COLD!” And man are those words to live by.

    Kim Stagliano

  470. AMEN sister! This is the most awesome blog post I’ve read in a long time. Sarah Palin is a total bitch. Didn’t anyone hear her convention speech? Bitchy McBitchface all over the place!

  471. I’ve been following your blog for a while now and you are the shit, as we say down here in south Georgia. I have never posted a comment before on any blog until today. Yes I live in a red state in a town located about 30 miles from Tallahassee, Fl My husband and I fully support the Obama/Biden candidacy, and let me tell you that we are a minority in our small upper/middleclass (white)neighbor hood. The McPalin(thats how I refer to the other ticket) signs are everywhere in our neighborhood. We were the lone Obama supporter until last week. Lo and behold our neighbor (white) put their Obama sign out and then another. I am proud that although we are out numbered 20 to 3 that my neighbors have the courage to proudly display their support for Obama. And that no one has messed with the signs either as I figured it would be taken in the middle of the night by some fool.

    I love my mother in law to death, sweet lady. She is Pentacostal Holiness. She called last night and of course the election came up and she asked my husband who we were voting for. He told her Obama and she said I can’t believe you are voting for a n***r. (Onward Christian soldiers) My husband responded that you had to be an idiot to vote the other ticket and went on to explain why. Her come back was “but Sarah is so pretty”, David said “then put her in Playboy, not the white house”. That comment just reinforces my love for my husband as he is a Good ‘Ol boy that lives for hunting, football and beer, when he is not working. Any how, I voted early and just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog.

  472. Keep on going, Helen! Youve got the attention and suport of more people every day!

  473. Love you Helen. Keep telling it like it is.

    Winkin’ and blinkin’…. heaven help us.

    Vote Obama.

  474. [...] October 29th, 2008 By PETE ABEL, Managing Editor My wife discovered this blog — Margaret and Helen — and shared the link. These women don’t hold back, so don’t go there if you’re expecting anything even approaching moderation. On the other hand, if you share my slightly twisted sense of humor, you’ll probably have a good laugh or two. I especially enjoyed these posts: What was I thinking when I called Sarah Palin a b***h? [...]

  475. You are 100% right! Keep posting, Helen – you are the true “Straight Talk” Express!!

  476. You go girl!

  477. You think your favorite already has it in the bag?
    Next week I will be president.
    The American people are not as stupid as you think, you’ll see.

  478. Dearest Helen,
    You are a hoot! I wish I’d had a granny like you who shoots straight from the hip. You make sure all your family knows what a gem you are. Although me spitting coffee all over my laptop isn’t a good thing but, as you say, I’ll get over it.

  479. Helen, if you read this, you can call them anything you want. Sometime people can’t handle the truth. Some in the McCain camp are calling her a Wackjob.

    I’d call her a coolaid drinking facist, that would love nothing more than to be the one that brings on the rapture. She is the future of the party, you know.

    Will the last Republican Rat off the ship, please turn out the lights.

    And please someone put a sock in Elizabeth Hasselbecks mouth.

  480. As we say in Oz Good on ya Helen you are beaut!

  481. Helen You are amazing. I read your blog everyday and then read it out to my partner. We agree with you 100%
    I am from New Zealand and we are watching CNN and Fox alot to see what is happening in USA.
    Go Obama the best possible person for the job.

    Please American do not vote in another idiot, you are too great a nation to be lead by a fool and his barbie vp

  482. Honest to God, Helen, I read you every morning and you make me giggle like a school girl! There is little in our lives to really make us happy every day – and reading your blog gets me smilin’ for the whole day. You are so RIGHT ON! Don’t stop…!

  483. Helen,

    My grandmother left OK during the dustbowl to come to CA with nothing but her family and the clothes on her back. She’s dying now, both her lungs filled with cancer. She remembers what Republican government brought us in the 1930′s and I’m seeing that now. Her dying wish is to see this rancid Republican government out of power,

    Thank you so much for speaking the truth.

  484. Somebody’s gotta say it…and dog gone it, there you go again!

    Keep speaking for those of us who care about where our country is headed, and know enough to know the difference between bullshit and the truth.

    You go girl!

  485. I love you, Helen!!!

    And, you’re right: she IS a bitch!

  486. I have no aptitude for politics. When people start talking about politics they might as well be speaking Martian; even if I try hard to listen and pay attention, I don’t understand any of it. I’ve always relied on politically savvy , trusted friends when it comes to politics.

    This presidential go-round doesn’t look any different from the last half dozen to me; as usual I’m given a choice of bucket-mouthed idiots who’re saying as little as possible about what they believe and as much as possible about all the “bad things” the other guy believes, whether or not their commentary has any basis in fact.

    Still, this time I’m voting for Obama because the most politically savvy person I know, Helen Philpot, thinks it’s a good idea.

    Nuff said.

  487. Hi u 2 cuties! Hellen, you remind me of Grandma Rose and Toots! Love ya!

    Ya’all gotta see this. You’ll love it. It’s a satire on why kids need to talk to their parents about voting for McCain (as in NOT).


  488. Right on!!!

  489. How is Helen’s post above or the comments that follow any different than the behavior that you are all riled against?

    “I remember when I could talk with friends about politics and just agree to disagree. And then religious nut cases decided that if you didn’t agree with them you were immoral.”

    Why are those that disagree with you immoral/stupid/in for it/unreasonable?

    Why is it that you’re name calling if you didn’t like it when “they” called you names?

  490. i love you and want to be your best friend.

    this post was *that* good. rock on!

  491. I live in NC and early voting is going on. There is a 3 hour wait in line and some folks looked stunned when trying to get in to see so many people out voting. This is a red state so maybe it will turn blue. Most exciting election candidate I have seen since JFK. Obama is the one but if he doesn’t get elected all those that voted against him deserve what they get.

  492. helen,

    i am new to your site and i must tell you. i love you and your honesty. of course it helps that we totally agree! keep it up!

  493. WTG girl!!! A friend put me onto your blog and I love reading your posts.

    As to those that don’t agree with that what is being said…quite simple stop reading the blog.

    “Be who you are and say what you feel,
    because those who mind don’t matter
    and those who matter don’t mind.”
    - Dr. Seuss

  494. Just found your page from a link on facebook. I’m not sure who you are but I think I love you!

  495. Helen, I know I’m way down on the comments list…and you may not read this far…but dang it lady you got it going on! Call ‘em like you see ‘em. If they don’t like it they can find their own blog! Keep writing Helen and we’ll keep reading. (And, btw, I remember a republican party that cared for folks, was fiscally responsible, and such, too. Shame they went away.)

  496. You go Helen! A delight to read, as always!

  497. Helen: You RULE!

  498. Sarah Palin shouldn’t compare herself to a Pitbull – it is disrespectful to Pitbulls.

  499. I am newly registered first time voter, a natural born citizen of the United States of America, of hispanic descent and live Texas. My father is a naturalized citizen who served in our Navy as a young man and has achieved more in this country, our United States of America, than ever possible in any other country. Though I have never been interested in politics before, this election has compelled me for the love of our country, the freedoms we all take for granted too often, and each individual who does all they can to continue towards a “more perfect union”. Our country needs us all to educate everyone around each one of us as to our basic voting rights.

    That being said, I am terrified, I have been watching news reports, TV and online, and there have been multiple tactics by GOP to keep the student vote down in many swing states: Colorado, Virginia, Wisconsin and probably many more.

    There are flyers and rumors circulating amongst students (written in a manner that seems to be coming from other students to make these messages sound more authentic) that if they vote they can A) risk losing their scholarships or B) be arrested for parking tickets. IF they do actually vote, they will be directed to use provisional ballots. There are also flyers being distributed in Virginia and no doubt other states that say that a recent decision was made by the state legislature to hold two polling days due to the extremely high projected turnout. The flyer states for Republicans to vote on Tuesday, November 4th and Democrats to vote on Wednesday, November 5th.

    These lies are very very scary. We must all do what we can to reassure students and all voters that these are ALL suppression tactics to try to steal the election from Barack. We cannot allow this to happen!

    It is our constitutional right to vote, and all Americans must know this, and know that anyone who is trying to suppress your vote is suspect for fraud. This comes down to the collective hope we all have for our country and therefore we must all work to have Barack Obama in the White House as our next President of the United States.

    Share these tactics with everyone you know and let them know what GOP is trying to do.

  500. Helen,

    I agree. Please write more often.

  501. Ignore the bad and focus on the good lady! You are awesome and put into words so eloquently what so many others are thinking and feeling! Please keep going with the blog! It’s helping me get thru the anticipation of the next week! I will raise my glass to you when celebrating Obama’s win on Tuesday!

  502. Grandma Helen I couldn’t agree with you more. It has become something of a rallying call to decry name calling when it is focused on them, but then having no problem with name calling if it is focused on their opponent. The hypocrisy is amazing!

    Keep telling the truth Grandma Helen. We need your voice!

    Jerame Clough
    -Next Gen Politics

  503. If I am half as fiery and ass-kicking as you when I turn 80, I will consider myself living a good life! Thanks for sharing your ever-so-eloquent thoughts with us, Helen.

  504. Peggy in Virgina…. “Kind of like comparing the Stepfords to those Stepping Forth.” What a wonderful line!

    Helen, you are great! I’ve been reading since your first political post, but never commented before now. You are a must read!

    (just voted your blog the best politic blog) here- http://bloggerschoiceawards.com/categories/19

    My hope is that reason wins out over fear on November 4th

  505. What were you thinking when… You were thinking what I was thinking and what so many others were thinking!! AND you said it!! I stand beside you. If others disagree, that’s ok. Maybe YOU would like to be President – how about a write-in candidate on the ballot??

  506. Okay, didn’t Sarah major in journalism? How exactly then, can she claim gotcha journalism? She presumably took all of the same classes. That would be like if I graduated with my Sociology degree and said “that’s not fair… you’re tricking me with Foucault references… that’s gotcha Sociology.”

    Seriously, is anyone going to call her out for this?

  507. Ah, you do my heart good, my friend, as far as I’m concerned Palin is indeed and a bitch, McCain is indeed an ass or worse and well, can’t say anything bad enough about Bush, Rush Sean. Wish there was a toliet big enough to flush them all down. I’m 75 and I’ve earned the right just like you!! Hurrah for old, bad mouth broads!

  508. Shari and other EH fed-ups, I would love to hear Whoopi or Joy say to her when she goes one of her neoconservative rants……

    “SHUT THE PH..K UP!!”

    Crass, I know….but it’s a fantasy I have

  509. Dea Helen,

    I agree that Bush is a jackass, McCain is an ass, Palin is a bitch and What’s-her-name is a moron.

    Come January, the jackass will go on back to Crawford, TX clear brush and fade into the oblivion of obscurity. Hopefully the ass, the bitch, the moron and the rest of their cronies will languish in unknown territories. Here’s the kicker though. They have homes to go to. They will have financial security, access to first-rate health care and no doubt, their children and grandchildren will be going to expensive, private institutions, NOT sub-standard schools.

    The ass and the bitch are desperate about now. They have both been raving about Obama being a socialist. For their information there is a vast difference between COMMUNISM and SOCIALISM. They should educate themselves on the meaning of those very different ideologies.

    Sweden is a democratic country that practices a brand of socialism. Its people are rated among the HAPPIEST in the world. It is not the richest nor does it have a nuclear arsenal or much of what the US as a ‘World Power’ does. A few centuries ago, it went through a period of trying to be an Empire until it tried to take on Peter the Great in Russia. After much bloodshed and draining the national treasury, it decided there wasn’t anything wrong with staying within its own borders, taking care of its own people and minding its own business. The result – happy people. Sweden is one of the most modern and certainly cleanest of the many countries around. Their people are happy!!!!!

    What is Social Security but mild Socialism? If Bush had had his way, it would have been privatized. Put it all in the Stock Market. Where would Social Security be now during this economic meltdown? Well, there are alternatives.

    Early Alaskan tribes had a custom of putting an old mother-in-law out on an ice flow. I can’t help but wonder what kind of relationship the bitch has with Todd’s mother. Would she, as governor, like to revive that primitive custom?

    Further, in an Ancient Greek city, I think it was Sparta, because of its strong emphasis on military thinking and the shortage of resources, by LAW, EVERYONE was required to drink Hemlock at the age of 60. Now that’s a birthday party one would not exactly look forward to! Under that law, Helen, you, Margaret and I would be long gone by now. Just look at the fun we would have missed out on!



  510. You are the most delightful person I’ve stumbled on yet.

    Rock on!

  511. Thank you, very well said!! Can I adopt you? I promise I won’t act like Brian or Syliva, or even pee on the furniture.

  512. My best friend has directed me to read your blog…thank you so much, it is fabulous, you are the best, and I appreciate your posts! They are sharp, intelligent, and funny! And they also give me hope….

  513. Lovin your bloggin!! I agree 100% about Elisabeth Hasselbeck – I don’t watch the show much any more, but anytime she says “I think” I want to scream at the TV – “NOBODY CARES WHAT YOU THINK!” I really do enjoy it, though, when Whoopi puts her in her place and then she pouts and crosses her arms. Boo Hoo!

  514. Oh, Helen. You’re a charmer; these entries of yours just brighten my day. Take care of yourself.

  515. My neighbor just told me that if a terrorist attack was to happen before the election, McCain would win instead of Obama. He kind of had a twinkle in his eye with expectation for that to happen! I just HAD to get this out of my system and gain some sanity again. Thanks for listening.

  516. I LOVE your blog. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Please blog daily.

  517. Hi Helen and readers- just got back from Obama rally at JMU in Harrisonburg VA. Surrounded by the county with the highest percentage of Virginians who typically vote Republican. First time a presidential candidate has visited the “burg” since Stephen Douglas, who was running against Lincoln. I waited for several hours in cold (low 40′s with a lower wind chill factor) with thousands of others hoping for a chance to get in to the Convocation Center; didn’t get in but was up close when he did a short unscripted speech in the corner of the soccer field where our line was snaking around and then went to one of 3 indoor venues to watch his longer speech on bigscreen tv; didn’t mind the wait because this was such a cool group of people. What a difference in this crowd from that at a McCain/Palin appearance I went to in NoVA. Today’s crowd was diverse in every way, friendly, open-minded, positive. Kind of like comparing the Stepfords to those Stepping Forth.
    Virginia is an important battleground state; I am actually hopeful this will be our first time of swinging Democrat in a long time. All of you, keep on swinging, calling it like you see it, and stepping forth. This 60 something grandma who grew up in the segregated south is proud to be an Obama Mama. If my mom were still alive, I’m sure she would be too.

  518. Helen, keep up the good work! Love your blogs and they get better each day.

    You say what so many people are thinking!

    Don’t let the haters get you down!

  519. Oh Helen, Thank God for you. Your “Seven posts in seven days” is my plan to survive this election. I am depending on you, Helen.

    I will be in a bar starting at 5 pm on Wednesday 5 November in New Zealand. That is midnight east coast in the US of A on the night of 4 November. I plan to celebrate or cry or both depending on the returns. I have never been so upset, caught up, concerned, afraid and amused in a presidential election. I am running thin on amused right now and that is where you come in.

    Thank you for sharing this stie and your thoughts with me and the cyberworld. You make this displaced American feel sane here in the hinterlands of the Southern Hemisphere.
    With affection – Katiebob

  520. Helen, you’re hot!

  521. Helen-
    You are an anchor .
    You are an inspiration.
    You are the best of what we can be…
    You are straight forward- NO making words like liberal and conservative into swear words… just good ole straightup swear words!
    You have a sound moral compass-your voice resonates with fairness and compassion…
    And you make me laugh so hard I almost pee my pants…
    The latter is seeing a whole lot of us out here through a hell of a tough time… the laughing part not the peeing part…
    You go Helen! And Margaret, in her quiet way… thanks for having us in…

  522. Dear Helen,
    I look forward every day to your blog. Perhaps if I didn’t agree with your every word, I wouldn’t find your blog so funny and interesting. However, I do. I have nearly lost my mind, because I do enjoy The View—well, at least I do when Elizabeth isn’t there. She is a moron and she drives me crazy. And the very thought of Sarah Palin as President is enough to give me a heart attack/ or cause me to move to Canada.
    Rock on, this is one Linda who loves you!

  523. Dear Helen, I look forward to reading your blog at the end of a long day at the office — it’s my reward. Today’s remarks are spot-on as usual.

  524. I am now officially in love with you!

  525. Go Helen!!!!

    You say it as you see it and I think that’s awesome!

  526. Frankly calling Palin a bitch is one of the nicer things I can think to call that broad. Anyone who is mad at you for saying what you are saying should have their head examined.

    From where I sit, you are telling the truth and at your age you have certainly earned the right to tell the truth, in fact we should listen to what our elders have to say.

    You rock!

  527. Hello there from Jolly Old England..yes, England as in the UK….You have made it all the way over here also. I am an American who is currently in London and LOVE reading your blog. keep up the good words….And yes:
    George Bush is an Jack ASS
    Sara is a BITCH
    and McCain is an ASS!!!!!
    You got them all correct and just to let you know everyone over here in Europe wants Obama to win also…I WILL stay up all night next Tuesday to watch the return over here!!!!
    Keep up the good work, you ROCK!!!!!!

  528. I love you Helen!! You are awesome.

  529. Hel-en! Hel-en! Hel-en!

  530. Isn’t everyone getting a bit sick with the repeated & multiple “Fight Fight Fight” throughout McCain’s speeches? He shouts it out over and over and the idiots cheer. It makes me want to go out to a firing range and blast away! With palin as his vp and Joe the no-plumber as sec of state, McCain would turn this country into an armored outhouse! Have a great night, Ladies !

  531. Dear Helen — You are without a doubt the breath of fresh air in an otherwise stifling election. I, too, am tired of being called anti-American, a socialist, or even a communist simply because I’m a democrat.

    I’m also tired of interviewers not asking the tough questions, like: Why the hell do you believe half of the American people are anti-American? And how the hell can you say you’ll “reach across the aisle” when you’re accusing the people on the other side of the aisle of being communists?

    I would pay good money if they’d let YOU interview McCain and Palin. They’d THINK they’re getting a cute little old lady from Texas … then WHAM!

    Keep up the good work. And Sarah Palin IS a bitch.


    There. I said it loud and proud and I feel SO GOOD!

    Helen, You are my breath of fresh air! You are my rock in a storm! You are my sunshine on a cloudy day!

    And pay no attention to the “Barbs” and “Lindas” and that Faction of Hate.

  533. Ah Helen, gotta tell you that I’m officially a fan. Found your blog entirely by accident and have been laughing my butt off.

    And as for the Palin/Bitch issue, as another commentor noted, this little huntress in her Neiman Marcus clothes did call herself a Pitbull w/lipstick. And as I understand the lingo in the doggy world a female dog is well… She’s a bitch… :)

    So keep it up, love your blogs, and only wish I could call ya Grandma! :)

    Oh yeah, and as for those moralistic ninnies that feel the need to be negative and mean in their comments… Screw ‘em I say!

  534. You’re the best. I’m glad that you’re exercising your right to say what’s on your mind. Rock on!!!! I voted early……

    Obama/Biden ’08

  535. Hi Helen:

    You’re hilarious and right to the point.

    I added you to my blog roll a couple of weeks ago. :)

  536. I LOVE YOUHhelen!! You go girl! You are right on it!

  537. Helen,

    I. Love. You.

  538. You are the greatest Helen.

    Thanks for your insight and talent for expressing what the rest of us are thinking.

  539. Helen,

    You are right on! You said it beautifully. You go, girl!

  540. Helen,
    You are the best. God bless you!
    I’ll keep reading as long as you keep blogging.

  541. Helen,

    Well, I’ll pray for you, too, sweetie. I’ll pray that you’ll be around to educate us, guide us, and give us your opinions for a long time to come!

    Cris in MT (red state trying to turn blue)

  542. Helen, you are one classy Dame with an awesome way with words! You should turn these blogs into a book. You’ve got quite a fan club here.

    Veteran for Obama

  543. You go girl!

  544. Helen,

    I hope your feelings aren’t hurt because some commentors get all nasty and mean. That happens on every blog and when you throw politics or religon into the discussion, everything goes tits up.

    This is American Free Speech at its best.

    I have to admit I cringe anytime a woman is called a bitch, it may be because of that one jerk I dated for far too long who referred to me as a bitch more often than he used my actual given name.

    However, I have no problem saying that Palin does NOT represent most women, she is Not qualified for the position she is seeking and I find many of her views detrimental to women everywhere.

    Oh yea, and I have NO problem calling McCain an ass or Bush a jackass.

    Guess I’ve got a double standard goin’ on here, but hey! it’s about time the double standard favored the women?

  545. Palin is a Bitch! A stupid Bitch! She did compare herself to a pitbull.

  546. Helen:
    I have been reading your blog for a couple of weeks now, and I find it very refreshing. I am on the same page with regard to Palin, Bush, McCain and Hasselback. You are right, she is a moron. On the other hand, I am kind of creeped out by Palin. She doesn’t realize or believe she is underqualified. That’s just scary!

  547. I ADORE you!!!!! You are so right on.

  548. Helen,
    Frankly, if people don’t like what you have to say, they have the option of navigating away from this site. The great thing about being an American is having the ability and the right to say whatever the hell you want to say and to question. Questioning is a good thing, it is an intelligent action. Remember, it’s “for the people, by the people”. We just so happen to be those people.

  549. I love you.

  550. Dear Helen,

    You are an intelligent woman. Common sense is a gift that many Republicans should be praying for. I once took a course in crisis intervention. Two female psychiatric nurses taught the class. The most valuable lesson that I learned is that I do not possess the answers for all people. The Republican party wants all of the answers to poverty, pregnancy, catastrophic illness and women’s rights just to name a few, to be quick, cheap and painless. Nothing messy to ruin the designer clothes or plastic body parts,please God!!!!!!!!! We need to consider helping individuals find their own best answers. We need to educate people about choice, hope, personal goals, and paying it forward. In other words, we need to build people up. Let’s help provide Jane with free child care while she works full time at her job. Let’s have her volunteer part time at the same child care facility to pay it forward. Obama has this kind of forward thinking,progressive vision. Let’s teach Javier how to apply for college grants so that he can have a better future. Maybe he could do volunteer tutoring in an area of learning that he excels in at the college he will attend. Democrats have a vision which brings people of different backgrounds together. The plan is all-inclusive like the church was supposed to be!!!! If the plan does not work we will try plan B. Obama is smart and talented so don’t be surprised when you hear about his innovative Plan Z!!! Anyway,Helen, keep writing. You are my Democratic, All-American, new, BFF. I’ll see you at the voting booth Sister Friend.

  551. sorry to respond twice…. but

    Can we add Bill O’Reilly to the “I am tired of” list?

  552. You know, a bitch is just a bitch. But a dumb bitch is dangerous…

  553. LMAO :) you go. preach!!!!! thats what I am talking about.

  554. Right on Helen! another dandy post!

    By the way, here in blue-state Illinois, the Republicans running for other offices on this Tuesday’s ballot seem to be running scared. I have noticed that some do not even use the word “Republican” in their campaign materials. And with only a week to go, a flurry of auto-calling has begun on behalf of these candidates. Means they’ve either got the money to waste on those calls, or, um, (giggling delightedly here) they realize that the backlash is about to happen.

  555. God Love You, Helen!

    I served 20 years in the U.S. Military (4 years in the U.S. Navy, 2 of which were on submarines, and 16 years in the U.S. Coast Guard). I served to allow people to disagree and to speak their opinions.

    You are my rock and my anchor. You are my guiding star.

    I try to read your blog every morning. Since the passing of my mother, I needed someone to turn to that called things as they are. I know that you will call a spade a spade, a bitch a bitch, a moron a moron, and a Jackass a Jackass.

    Do not let the religious nuts try to tell you different. Do not let the people, who claim to speak for the Moral Majority (they are neither Moral, nor a Majority), try to silence you.

    Thank you for being you.

    God Love You, Helen!

  556. I love you!


    Come on people. Vote for Helen for the best political blog

  557. I love you Helen & Margaret, consider yourselves hugged, and kissed. I’d bake cookies but that would be over the top. People would talk.

  558. Helen,
    You are awesome!!!!!!!!!!
    From a woman who lives in “Anti-America” (California)

  559. p.s. molly would be so proud of ya!

    please don’t let the turkeys get you down. they’re entitled to their opinions and to voting for whomever they want. right?

    if what they want, however, is more of the same – that’s not the kind of intelligent life form i want taking care of this planet for my kids and grandkids.

    it’s mccain and palin themselves, as a matter of fact, who are calling Obama “dangerous” for wanting to sit down and talk with world leaders – as well as the man and woman and child on the street before taking any action. if that’s not dialogue, i don’t know what is.

    besides, we’re going to be fresh out of children, fathers, domestic partners and the like if we keep bombing first and trying to talk later. not OK in my book – whether i had children of my own or not.

    and i hope to louie (my dad’s – louie rest his soul – name for god) – said he could talk to him better that way — hope to louie that if bombs do end up speaking louder than words, the ‘heaven’ some of these fear mongers and bullet-spewing people envision ain’t what it’s all about. if so, i’d rather be in hell anyway.

    as my friend heather says

  560. Amen, sister!

  561. P.S. Helen, I still love you.

    You make me look forward to being a cranky old gal (I am WELL on my way)!

  562. Ever since we elected, er, I mean, since The Supreme Court elected “I’m a uniter not a divider” we have been more divided than at any time in my life.

    I grew up in Arizona and went to a meeting with Barry Goldwater when I was in high school. Back then Republicans and Democrats could disagree fiercely and still be gentlemen and ladies. Barry Goldwater lost his bid for the presidency in a big way (hopefully McCain will lose as badly) but he didn’t sell his soul and his self-respect trying for the job.

    When McCain loses he will have nothing left but an empty shell of a hateful man who would do or say anything to win an election.

  563. To Linda,

    I am late in this response but–Helen does post negative comments. She just does not have many thinkers from the Dark Side as you must be, reading this blog. Go Helen!!! I think I am in love.

  564. I love you.

  565. The current divisive campaigning of the republican party didn’t start with Dubya Bush. It started back in the 1980s with Lee Atwater. Then in the 1990s, Newt Gingrich had the policy that it was “us against them” when dealing with the democrats in Congress.

  566. Bless you, Helen, and you too, Margaret. Your words resonate deep in my being. You are a role model for so many of us. I would have loved having you as my mom or grandma.

    Keep up the terrific work!

  567. I just discovered your blog. Great! I’m a feisty 74 year old and I love hearing women of my generation speak up and speak out. I teach for Head Start in the Ithaca, NY area and I could give you an earfull on the gov’t crap we have to put up with! Mary

  568. To Linda,

    Sorry, you have it wrong! Your comment was posted. Your thinking is just the very, very small minority! Most of us agree and love Helen and our country.

    And about waking up? We are awake. That’s why we are voting for Obama. It is not too late, we are only just beginning to create a positive future that will rid us of the “bitches” and “asses” that think they run our lives.

  569. Anyone who can’t deal with name-calling doesn’t have to read the blog, now do they?

    And anyone who can’t stand name-calling should definitely not be supporting McCain/Palin, as you so accurately pointed out!

    I’m with you. She’s a bitch.

  570. You are right on about the Republicans. I am proud of my mom too who is 85 and after much consternation will vote for Obama – and she lives in Alabama !! Never thought I would see the day !!

    In 7 days it will all be over – it has been a horrific and long 8 years. I just hope we all can live to see a better day for our country.

  571. Linda,

    How interesting that you haven’t given any examples to back up your opinions or give evidence to WHY you think we are wrong.

    I applaud Helen for her candor and willingness to say what she feels. Obviously there are a lot of people out there who agree with her and I do see posts that don’t. So I am not sure why you think they are being removed. Do you think there is actually some moderator that is working 24/7 to remove your post?

    You are entitled to you opinion; it would just make more sense if you could or would actually back it up.

  572. Helen,

    Been reading about you over at Mudflats and finally had to come and see what all the fuss is about!

    You, madam are ADORABLE!

    Thank you for your candor and the truth!

    My mom is 82 as well. I’m so proud of her, she is voting for Obama and lives in Arizona!

    I’m looking forward to day two in your series.


  573. Hi Helen, I’ve been reading your blog for about 2 weeks now, and I have to tell you…you couldn’t be more right about everything you say. From bush to mccain to palin to elizabeth hasselbach from the view, you are sooo right, i can’t stand that ho…I just wanted to share that my co-workers and I at the njdmv love reading your blog…I hope your still doing this after the election . . . and have you weighed in yet on who is actually gonna win?

  574. What is so special about calling people names and I see you post only the blogs that agree with you. How interesting!

    I do believe from what I read that not a one of you have done any serious thinking and and you will wake up one of these days when it is too late. It goes to show how mean and low people have sunk to….the time will come and time will tell…

  575. Standing on my chair now and applauding wildly. I didn’t think I could love you any more than I already do.

    …and I would like to add one more thing to your New New Rules….

    “On the way out, don’t let the door hit you in the ass”

    Loudly cheering once more…:)

  576. You are my hero Helen!
    Don’t forget to vote for Helen for best political blog ;)


  577. Helen thanks for helping keep us all sane the last 7 days until the election.

    Everyone – please VOTE!!!!

  578. Another excellent post, Helen. The nice thing about living in the US is our first amendment right to freedom of speech. You exercise that right splendidly! Keep up the great writing. :)

  579. 7 posts in 7 days. The suspense is killing me! I look forward to reading and laughing for the next week, as the countdown continues…

    Obama … Obama … Obama

    Oh, and can we figure out how to keep Palin in Alaska from now on? She is the worst thing (and I mean thing) to happen to feminism in 100 years!

    Another patriotic female with a DD214 from 1968, when we were still segregated from the men, and the south still had “colored only” bathrooms and drinking fountains, even after Brown v. Board of Education, and the Equal Protection Clause!


  580. Grandma Helen,
    As usual I love reading your blog. You know, some folks will get offended about everything. Oh well, they need to get over it! You call it like you see it and I respect that. Yes, Sarah Palin is a Bitch! And she is not a good role model for any of us women. John McCain is just freakin’ clueless; he needs to go home, sit on the porch and try to figure out how many houses he’s got. He’s done his part for the country, now go away! As for George Bush, my goodness he is just a dumb ass! Yes, I said it and I ain’t taking it back! If people are so offended by what you write, then why don’t they go and surf the net somewhere else. Helen, you’ve got my full support; keep giving them hell!

  581. Helen.

    Not only did you hit the nail on the head but you gave me hope that the generation that raised me feels that we (the next generation) should step up and create a better world for the next generation. Passing the torch, if you will. I love that you spoke alot of common sense. Keep writing, I have placed this site in my favorites category.

  582. Is language wonderful? So many words with so many nuances. Why use a word that doesn’t convey exactly what you are thinking. Those who want to ban words are the same as those those who want to ban books and ideas and personal freedom and civil liberties.

    Use all your words Helen – they are as perfect as you are fabulous.

    I’ll be a fan forever.

  583. you make me laugh. I am adding your blog to my list of favorited things to read.

  584. You make me proud to be a woman! Thanks.

  585. Helen, I appreciate that you use your wonderful logical abilities to think things through for so many people who don’t have time to think. You cut to the chase, and that’s great. Keep it up so that all we middle-aged people with kids running around like chickens with our heads cut off can get some appropriate insight from a person with wisdom. So glad I found your blog.

  586. Sorry about the crazies. They get even crazier when they know it will no longer be possible for them to continue to be theocratic bullies. We’ve had enough, we’ll soon be turning them out, and they can’t contol their anger at getting a cold slap of reality in the face!

    Keep telling like it is!

  587. You go Helen, this Barb is loving every post and agreeing 100% with you.

    No Johnny McBush, nor no Bitchy Palin………

    Obama all the way

  588. I’ve been reading your site for awhile now, and I just feel the overwhelming urge to say: I hope like hell that I’m still as passionate when I’m older, as I am today- Just. Like. You. I wish there were more people out there (of your generation and otherwise) who felt the way you do. I think I’d be a little less worried about the outcome of this election. I’m cautiously optimistic about an Obama win, but I have ran into so much ignorance and so much hate in these past few months. Even though it hasn’t silenced me (I tend to be loud, opinionated and at times, obnoxious- thank god for the women who fought to allow me to be!) it still makes me worry for our country. Because as strongly as I feel for Obama, others seem to feel AGAINST him (notice I didn’t say they feel it FOR McCain? I have yet to run into a single McCain voter that can give me a better reason then, “He’s not Obama.” Rediculous.)
    Anyways, Sean Hannity can kiss my big white butt because I did my time as an Army wife, spending a year alone raising my daughter because my husband has the courage to go and do something greater then himself. HE went for the right reasons, even if the idiots who sent him there didn’t. His motto was always “minds and hearts” while there and he touched a lot of people’s lives in his year over seas. I trust his opinion on the war explicitly, with him having to have lived it- and when he says there’s nothing else we need to do, to give the power back to the Iraqi people and trust that they can and will make the right choices… Well, I just have to say- I couldn’t agree more.
    Thank you Helen, for being outspoken, courageous, and a woman after my own heart. I hope I can be half the woman you are when I’m your age. Take care!

  589. Hi Helen,

    a according to Governor Palin you aren’t a real American, and you don’t really exist, so you can’t really have called her a bitch because only real people can call other real people names.

    I love reading this blog. Thank you.

  590. Love you Helen!
    One more time, you hit the spot!

  591. Hi Helen.

    I live in the UK and found your blog through Rosie O’Donnell’s and now I visit everyday.
    I actually love you! Although I am English and live half way round the world from America I have been following this historical election like a hawk on her prey. I think you are BRILLIANT, I really do – I have told all my friends about this blog and encouraged them to read it – your words need to be read.
    You remind alot of my Auntie Thelma (she’s amazing I promise!) who’s straight down the line and doesnt take any crap either. I think you should be very proud of what you have created, its a little gem.
    Thank you for your honest and witty perspective on this unpredictable but exciting race and keep going all the way!
    Lots of Cagney & Lacey love, Ashleigh aged 18.
    P.S Obama all the way!! xx

  592. you go helen! you are absolutely right, and a very fun read.

  593. I just have to say, I love you. You make me miss my grandparents but I still love you! I wish your words could reach more people – especially before next Tuesday!

  594. Kenju sent me, and I’m glad she did.
    Thanks for the laughs and the sanity.

  595. “One can spend a lot of time pouring over a new dictionary. I looked up al the four letter words I could thing of, and they were all there. After people have used these words, as they are doing now, until all of the nap has worn off of them and they are threadbare of meaning, what will be left to ue when there is really a need to shock people into attention?”
    - Elizabeth Gray Vining, in “Being Seventy”

    If ever there was a need to shock people into attention, this election is it. I also remember what the Republican party used to stand for and wonder why reasonable people don’t remember. The honor is gone. What is there now is deceit and greed. If you’re offended by 3-letter, 4-letter, or 5-letter words, PAY ATTENTION to what else is said!

    Keep on speaking truth, Helen, and use whatever words are needed to shock people into attention!

  596. Right on!

    I really wish you’d been there a few years back at a family dinner when someone asked me to pass them the wine and my Uncle Tom starting ranting about how the French were responsible for all the dead american soldiers in Iraq (not Saddam, not the enemy soldiers, not the american government that sent them there, but the French). Another uncle difused the situation with a joke about freedom fries, so things didn’t turn ugly, but I noticed later in the meal that it wasn;t even french wine. It was California wine with a french sounding name.

    And at least you can bring yourself to use Sarah Palin’s name. I usually have to refer to her as “That Woman”.

  597. Hey Barb,
    What has got you so offended? You obviously have no objection to profanity. Are you offended because Helen uses examples and critical thinking skills to back up her claim. Please tell me why does intelligence scare people like you so much?

  598. Helen, I hope you see this among all your comments. ignore those who want to call you names. You’re wonderful! I love all you say — even the name calling. :D Let’s hope McCain/Palin don’t find themselves in office. Oh, and BTW, I love your name and Margaret’s name. My name? Margaret Helen. :D :D

  599. if you say ‘no’ to bluedog, will you marry me?

    i must have missed the posts where you called palin a bitch and mccain a jackass and bush an ass. did you say you called elisabeth h a moron?

    wait, it’s coming back to me now. i did read those and i’ve forward them to everyone i know who will appreciate them.

    besides, it’s ok to use words like that when they fit. i know if obama were an ass, you’d call him one, too.

    but, just remember the good news. the moral majority is neither.



  600. Helen, will you marry me?

    Love your blog!

  601. Cheers! Keep it up!

    Oh – thanks for the comment about Hasselbeck. I feel like people sometimes forgot that she was just some chick on Survivor before she was on the View. Is she qualified to have be own show on Fox News? I think not. (Well, Fox News lives in a different universe than the rest of us, so probably on that planet crazy she is.)

  602. Helen, all the negative fuss over your blog proves you and the rest of us are getting to them! They are losing and they are now in a panic. After 8 long dark years it is refreshing to see them squirm as they do down in failure.

    Hurray for all the negative comments – they can rant all they want! At least they have to read your comments first. Hopefully some of it will finally sink in.

    If by chance we lose and we have another 4 dark years we will need your blog to get us through.

  603. Dear Mrs. Philpot,

    OMG! I love this blog. My friend just forwarded it to me and I wish you were my grandmother (sorry, Nana…)
    I hope I’m able to still be blogging when I’m old.


  604. I think Helen should be the next Supreme Court Justice!!!

  605. …another thing – the Barbs of the world can’t take the truth. Unfortunately, Senator McCain and SP aren’t telling anybody what they can do for the country – only slandering Senator Obama.

    I’m so excited, I’m going to see Senator Obama in Raleigh tomorrow!!!!!

  606. I love your rules; they are 100% accurate.

    Love your blog; read it daily!! Keep on going!
    Phyllis in NC

  607. Barb,
    Shame on you! You are free to express opposing views, but I hope you wouldn’t go into another person’s home and call them names like you just did to Helen!

  608. You go girl!!!

    Keep speaking your mind and forget about the naysayers. This is your blog and you are free to say whatever you want. If they don’t like it, they don’t have to visit your site.

    You are awesome!!!

  609. People like Barb are the exact reason why the majority of Americans are voting for Barack Obama. All bark and no intelligence.
    Please Barb, explain why you feel this way about Helen. And please use an INTELLIGENT way to explain your argument.

  610. Really, Helen – calling Sarah Palin a bitch? Isn’t that a tad too, I don’t know, tame? I think right-wing, bigoted, anti-feminist, neo-conservative, Born-Again Christian, nut-job bitch would be more appropriate. But, as always, I admire your way with words. After all, no one says ass, bitch or jackass quite like you do! Love to you and Harold.

  611. Hold on to your hat!!!

  612. You are a bitch, ass & jackass!

  613. You go girl! I too have a DD214 that proves I am patriotic even though I live in one of those states SP says is unamerican. I believe it is patriotic to stand up for injustice, and speak out against the despicable things McCain/Palin are saying on the campaing trail, and the policies of the Bush administration that has left our Country in such a mess.

    Will you be my Grandma too!

  614. Julie D said: “The only thing I don’t like about calling Palin a “bitch” is that it is terribly insulting to female canines everywhere. (I’ve known quite a few, and they are all lovely, honorable creatures, unlike Palin.)”

    I had a similar reaction. My Ruby, bless her heart, is honorable, loving, loyal, and beautiful!

    You go, Helen. If people don’t like you calling it like you see it, they should stop visiting your blog. As my mother used to say, “The truth hurts, doesn’t it?”

    My grandma was arrested and put in jail in Kansas City back in the 19teens during a protest she participated in. It was for suffrage, and because of her and other women like her, women now can vote.

    So, don’t forget to do that thing!

    Meanwhile, thanks for making my day!

  615. I just had to give you shout out on my own blog, I hope that’s OK. God love ya !

  616. Helen,

    Don’t let anyone get you down. You are so incredibly awesome and fun to read. I’ve been passing the link to your blog around to all of my friends, and opinions are divided between, “She’s just like my grandma!” and “I want her to be my grandma!”

    Keep writing, please!!!

  617. this is absolutely amazing! THANK YOU HELEN!

  618. Oh Granny Helen tell us how you really feel about Palin :)

    I LOVE IT!!….

    If it walks like a bitch
    and talks like a bitch and
    looks like a $150,000 bitch

    its a BITCH!!
    Deal with it folks its true…

  619. I got into words with a friend who actually supports mcpalin and it got heated so i said what any self respecting helen and margaret blog reader would say…”don’t make me go all Helen on your ass”. You are a treasure, reading your blog makes my day

  620. Helen,
    I love your blogs. You are so right on…

    I wish you were running for President.


  621. Dear Helen
    Don’t pay any attention to the “crazies”! You are right on target. My 87 year old mother, and me at 69 years old, completely agree with you. I think that older people who don’t let their minds atrophy are much better at figuring out what’s really going on. I’m pretty much muting every time Grampy or Caribou Barbie starts speaking on my TV. I can’t believe that there are people that believe their dribble!

    I just hope the next seven days go by without any violence or more horrible lies than have already been told. I am as nervous as a cat on barbed wire! I was pretty sure John Kerry was going to win in 2004, so I’m not taking anything for granted. I voted early, and wish I could vote often :-)

    You keep on expressing yourself as you are, you have more brains than all the Faux News airheads have in their big empty head cases.

  622. Bravo! I couldn’t agree with you more on every single point you have made.

  623. I was very, very sad when Molly Ivins died, because she could stick it to Shrubby & Co. like nobody’s business. But now I’ve found Helen and the good fight carries on. *standing ovation*

  624. Good for you Helen. It just really bites that they think they can get elected by lieing through their teeth and no one will ever notice or care. It’s like a grade school election, trashing the other guy without any regard and Palin is the high school cheerleader who acts all friendly and kind when “the right people are around” and stabs you in the back the first chance she can.

  625. I love your blog, you are so damn fantastic! You always say it better than I ever can!

  626. Helen, its truly incredible that anyone would give you a hard time on your blog. You are so right and on the money about Palin etc. I also really need to know if you ship your t-shirts etc worldwide cos I want to buy stuff for my family for christmas. keep it up xxxxx

  627. To Helen,
    Thank-you! Americans have always said it the way they feel it, and you have every right to say whatever the hell you like! If people are offended, to frickin’ bad!! This is still a free country, and they can go elsewhere if they don’t like it. It never fails, there’s always someone out there who feels we’re not being PC enough. If you ask me, that’s half the problem. It’s just like the same ignorant morons that voted for George Jackass Bush are the same ignorant morons who will now vote for McCain and his bitch. They must be part of the 27% of the ignorant population who STILL believe he has done a good job as President.
    McCain and his ilk are completely out of touch with mainstream America. They rightly deserve to have their asses handed to them on Nov. 4th
    On ‘Meet The Press’ this Sunday, grumpy grampy finally gave us some straight-talk when he said, in a Q & A statement, “Do George Bush and I believe in the same Republican philosophy? Sure we do.” He then went on and tried to show how (quotations with fingers) Mavericky he is by running off a litany of things he disagreed with. Yes, John, riding shotgun with old George and Dick 92% of the time sure shows your adept skills in going against the Republican-grain.
    This guy and his dumber than a box of rocks running mate need to “get the shoe” on Nov. 4th.
    For once, this country seems to be waking up to the promise of fresh new leadership and ideas.
    I also hope the Dem’s get 60 seats in the Senate, so we’re not beholden to their fillibusters when we try to get things passed.
    Thanks, Helen, you are what makes this country so great!!

  628. hahaha! pretty good Lynne A!

  629. Oops – just noticed my typo.

    But I quite like it. What do you think?

  630. And another thing……

    If the Redistribution of Wealth is a “bad” thing, why has Hollowood made so many films with Robin Hood as the hero?

  631. To Peggy in Virginia. It’s cool. I was crass and I admit it. The important thing is that this is a place where we all feel able to voice our opinions, and it should stay that way, even the “wingnuts”.

    Helen: You have a following that is true blue. We love your ability to say what we all feel. And we will stand next to you through all the viperous comments.
    We (Peggy in Virginia and I) are all Americans regardless of what our beliefs are. We all have hopes and fears, but the vision of Obama and what he stands for gives us faith that our American system will again be what we have always believed it could be.

    You go Helen!!!

  632. Helen,
    Why don’t you just say it like the good ‘ol SNL used to….

    Sarah, you ignorant slut…..

    We’d all have a good ‘ol laugh even from the “un-American” parts of the country.

    Actually, we need to be grateful to the ignorant slut as she has now started splintering the Republican party into tiny shreds and spreading the divide far and wide. I, for one, think we need to send ol’ Sarah a thank you note when this election is through. If you’re not with Sarah, you’re not a REAL Republican. Thank you, Sarah, for showing the Republican party for what it has become…a party that thrives on ignorance.

    Your friend,

    FromSeattle the un-American city–leftist haven!!!!

  633. Hallelujah and amen Helen! Give ‘em hell.

  634. Hahaha!!! You just keep getting better! I’m with you! :)

  635. My daughter sent this to me this morning. I am so glad she did. I havent read any of your other posts but now I am going to have to. :)
    Mostly what I want to write is that I am glad there are people like you in the world. I am glad my daughter has other stronge women to look up to and learn from, to stand up for her beliefs and her rights and to speak her truth.
    Thank you for being you. You make a difference in this world.

  636. Hey Helen,
    I love your blog. I love your honesty. Keep letting “those people” know that they are acting like crazy radicals, especially the rat eating Elisabeth. What is up with these so called Christian people. The good Christians I know don’t go around making things up and say bad things about others. Crhistians my ass!

  637. kudos to you Helen, you tell it like you see it and that is refreshing. Just dropping a quick note to let you know you have one more fan on the WWW.

  638. I think someone already posted this link, but it is worth posting again:


    “Palin in a nutshell” is great/scary!!

  639. Well said. You keep up saying it like you see it. You are fantastic!

  640. I have nothing left to say!! Helen, you and all of your followers have said it all this morning! And you are all right on……I can’t wait for this to be over though!

  641. You are on a roll!!!! Keep up the great work. The posts just keep getting better and better.

  642. Helen,
    Don’t let the naysayers bring you down! John McCain is an ass. George W Bush is a jackass. And I KNOW Sarah Palin is a bitch.

    Love your blogs!

  643. Well-put… your candor and insight are a treat, thank you!

  644. Anyway, Helen, you were wrong about palin being a bitch. I feel you left out the word “raging”. She is a “raging” bitch.

    And correction on McCain- he has turned into a “soul-selling” ass.

    And i also have to correct you on bush – he is a “dangerous” jackass.

    And yes, hassel-blech is a moron. A giant mindless one. she’s a “giant mindless” moron.

    Hannity and Limbaugh are evil.

    Don’t take back anything you said and don’t apologize for anything. By the way, whoever is getting mad at you should remember that this was your little blog before someone found it and shared it with everyone, so if they’re mad they can stop reading YOUR blog. The rest of us can go on enjoying it.

    Helen, you rock my world, Grandma!!!

  645. I just stumbled upon your blog yesterday. Boy, have I been missing out! You hit the nail on the head every single day. Yes, I sat here and read many entries….lol Frankly, I’m tired of being ridiculed for my choice of candidate. Last I checked, this is still a free country (although all bets are off if McCain wins) and I can vote for and support whomever I want.

    And you know what? This is YOUR blog. You call Palin every name in the book if you want. If ‘they’ don’t like it, they can kiss your ass. ;)

    Kudos! Keep up the good work!


  646. You call it like it is!!!

    WTG! Again, u r my hero!!!

  647. Helen – As usual a great column – you should be on Huffington Post!!!
    And you’re correct, Hasselback IS a moron. And Sarah IS a bitch –
    Thanks so much for being so funny – I love your blog and have sent it to my daughter – to brighten her day!

  648. And I love the little quilts!

  649. Bravo, bravo, bravo !!! Clap, clap, clap ! Finally I found somebody with intelligence and sense and a MOUTH to say what she thinks and stand to her opinion ! We here in Europe can’t understand this hysterical fighting during elections ! It makes us think of soccer games ! and it’s about the same intelligence level too. I first have noticed that only very few Americans dared to mention politics on their blogs and then always with thousand excuses that they don’t want to offend anybody ! Most of them never commented either they just are scared. I started to think that it is worse than in Russia, nobody dares to open his mouth and say what they think !
    I can call our king an idiot or our prime minister an ass nobody would blame me for that. We would discuss, get excited and then laugh !

  650. And I will definitely stop calling Sarah Palin a bitch when she stops acting like a bitch.

    That’s “ignorant bitch.”

    Even if they lose, it’s scary that an entire half of our major political parties takes the position that having or wanting a good education is a hoity-toity affectation.

    * * *
    This is a terrific blog–much better than mine!

  651. OK – I just LOVE you!

  652. I just found your site the other day, and I want to say thanks for writing. Your straightforward tone is so refreshing. It’s funny, ironic, smart… I agree with whatever commenter said you were a thousand kinds of awesome. You are!

  653. Keep it up – doesn’t bother me at all. Can’t wait to hear sean Hannity after Obama is elected. He has always turned vile on anyone who would question “our commander in chief.” As if that act is un-American. I guess it is only un-American if you are a Democrat speaking against a Repuke President. btw…I honestly avoid watching Hannity whenever possible.

  654. Brava!

    I’ve been saying that if Palin didn’t want to be called a bitch, she shouldn’t have compared herself to a pitbull.

  655. You said it! Go ahead and call ‘em as you see ‘em.

    I visited a blog recently where someone posted an “email forward” showing military statistics, etc., where the vast percentage support was in favor of McCain, and the lady suggested the media deliberately hid this information from the public (I suppose to trick us to believe O’Bama is ahead in the polls). I commented that I don’t believe in those “emails,” and posed a couple of questions to her about how she viewed the difference involving abortion and bombing unborn children in Iraq, and also was she willing to give up her FL land to oil drillers if Palin herself asked her to. (She had also posted in favor of “drill baby drill” and all the other “Palin rocks” type of crap, blah blah blah, so I thought I’d see how far she was indeed willing to sacrifice for the good of her country).

    She didn’t answer either of my questions, but instead turned into a drama queen and decided that I was “coming after her.” I had visited with her for a couple of years and we were very friendly so she had no reason to think that way. But she gathered up a little posse of her daughter and some cohorts, and they responded back by terming me an “idiot”.

    Other supporting commenters on her blog and other blogs I’ve read lately have also gone on to state how they believe Bush has sold us out, McCain has backed him and also contributed to the economic downfall and other problems of the past 8 years and they do NOT agree with his policies, YET they are still going to vote for him on Nov. 4th!

    And they called ME an idiot! If that’s the case, then I’m PROUD to be an idiot, LOL!

  656. Thank you, Helen, for putting into words what I’ve been trying to say for so long. I will continue to subscribe to the Gospel according to Helen. You are great; thanks!


  657. Oh Helen – you are the greatest! Don’t let the small minds of a few stop you from telling it as it is. You’ve been spot-on in every post and using colorful terms is sometime necessary to show the strength of your feelings.
    My Dad is originally from OH and even after living in CA for 50 years still has prejudices left in him. However, he is voting for Mr. Obama. He, like you, sees through the bs and is voting for the better ticket.
    So keep up the posts and know you’ve brightened quite a few of my mornings!

    Susan in CA

  658. Vote Helen ’12!

  659. I forgot one other thing in my brain hopper…Palin has the audacity to spew during one of her rants how she will be a “special-needs child advocate” in Washington. Puhhh-leeeeese!

    Prior to her becoming a special-needs-child parent, she slashes those budget funds in her state. This makes her a lying beeatch.

    Now that the shoe is on her own foot, she starts to kiss ass. And my mother told me to never wink, that it looks cheap and stupid. Mom, you were so right.

  660. Helen,

    I am an “older” woman and thank you for the inspiration to speak up as you have with honesty and integrity. Sarah Palin is labeled in many ways and all may be true, for that is who she is to those who do the labeling. For me, I see a very dangerous being, one who has the ability to move people as Barak has and yet with the opposite results. She is definitely a leader that is moved by the darkest part of humanity in a cloak of deception that I see as dangerous. Obama brings, much needed, hope and light to our nation and with all the positive energy, darkness and negativity tries hard to raise its ugly head. She embodies this, and her attractiveness only emplifies it more. Those that are attracted to the outer instead of the inner are the deceived. It takes the young who see this life with new, evolved eyes. to recognize truth from the lies. Also the older, who with experience have gained wisdom, know what is best for the future. And then there are the McCains of this country who are stuck in the past and their own egos.

    Obama must win, will win!

  661. Helen, I LOVE your blog. You have the freedom of speech to call whoever you want whatever you want. That’s the great part of freedom. We don’t have to agree with everyone, and they don’t have to agree with us, but we all have the right to express ourselves. Keep expressing yourself, I promise I for one will keep reading!

  662. Nothin’ wrong with saying it like you see it. Those words are mild compared with words that a lot of people would use to describe Palin, McCain and Bush. And it’s certain sure that there are other folks out there useing much worse words about Obama.

    It’s not the words…, it’s the context and content.

    And your context and content are pure and right on the button!

  663. Helen…you’re amazing. I, too, have linked your blog on my site. Keep it up, Sistah!

  664. Abso-freakin-lutely! You go girl!
    Love the blog, love the ideas, love your slant on the issues.

  665. AMEN!!!
    Truer words were never spoken!!!

  666. What’s life without a little humor? Don’t let the nay sayers get to you one bit. Besides, the majority of us love your posts!

  667. Helen, well said.

    Your blog is clever and invites interaction. I am intrigued by the type and volume of comments even when considering that the hit count is inflated by returning visitors.

    I don’t think I have ever read a blog with so many comments from people who either do not have blogs of their own or choose not to reveal them (which might be a good thing with this crowd). On the other hand, following links to their blogs is such a great way to get a real sense of their perspective.

    Do you follow other blogs? I would enjoy seeing your blogroll. Hope you consider including one.

    I began a different comment on your ABOUT page but it turned into a post so I will simply write it at my own page.

    Best regards,

  668. Dang it Helen—you are awesome!!!

  669. Thank you so much.
    You speak from your heart and we all hear and agree with you!

    It is so upsetting to be called un American and a traitor because you use the mind that God gave you and are frightened to death by the lies and actions of McCain/Palin, the Religious right and GW & Cheney.
    God gave me a brain and I intend to use it!!!!

    Vote, everyone and speak out against morons, asses and bitches!!!!!

  670. Helen, you hit the nail right on the head, as per usual. Love your “New Rules”! The only thing I don’t like about calling Palin a “bitch” is that it is terribly insulting to female canines everywhere. (I’ve known quite a few, and they are all lovely, honorable creatures, unlike Palin.) I prefer to call Palin a monster. Or a murderer, when I think about the wolves who’ve been terrorized and killed.

    I think you are right about the Republican Party too. They, also, used to be honorable, back in the day. That’s probably why so many of them are supporting Barack Obama in this election. Afterwards, I hope they reclaim their party! Our political system works it’s best when both our Parties are behaving their best!

  671. Helen: Don’t apologize to anyone who can’t take it! A lot of peeps on the faaaaaaar right “can’t handle the truth!” So they believe untruths that make them feel better, touting they are right (correct and belief-wise) and everyone else is wrong if we don’t agree with them.

    First Helen & Marg, I vent my feelings with cartoons (I’m on a roll about Elisabeth, it’s too easy):


    Ba-Ba Wa-Wa on the View asked both Elisabeth and Joy the other day to name one thing each disagreed with about their respective parties (and then they all talked over one another and went to commercial).

    Joy has gone against certain opinions from several democrats. Elisabeth is apparently lacking the gene that allows her to think for herself.

    Her constant spewing the talking points is a bore. Somewhere in the “Representing the Far Right Handbook,” this habit of Elisabeth and Hannity and all the others, of answering a direct question about McCain, Palin, Bush, etc., with trying to turn the answer into what’s wrong with Obama or Biden or anyone else who disagrees with them is now laughable.

    SIX MORE DAYS FOLKS! But!!! Then we all will have to start a new mantra to this hyperbole: “He’s YOUR president, too!” Oy Vey.

  672. I hope you get ONE MILLION HITS ON YOUR BLOG by this time next week…..in the middle of election day. People are listening!

  673. Hot Damn Helen! Tell them how it is!

    Sarah Palin isn’t just a bitch she’s an idiot. It’s been 16 years since I took AP Biology but even I knew the merits of studying fruit flies!

    You’re my new hero!

  674. Seriously, Helen, I couldn’t agree more with you. You’ve been expressing your opinion very eloquently. And, as far as I know Cheney and Bush haven’t struck the Freedom of Speech from the Bill of Rights yet. They have a few months left…maybe they’ll get to that before they leave. (A friend tells me that they are still trying to squeeze in some more deregulation on mountain top removal here in WV before they leave office).

    So, keep on truckin’ Helen! I’m with you!

  675. Helen, this is the 1st thing I read each morning! Great way to start my day!
    Did you see McCain on Meet The Press this past Sunday? I had to laugh when Tom Brokaw asked this:
    “How would you describe the $700 billion bailout that has the United States government buying shares in American banks, in effect nationalizing those banks to a degree, and even your own mortgage plan of spending $300 billion to buy bad mortgages from banks, having taxpayers who have done the responsible thing, in effect, subsidize people who’ve done the dumb or wrong thing?
    And then McCain’s reply:
    “Because we are in a financial crisis of monumental proportions. The role of government is to intervene when a nation is in crisis. ”

    He obviously didn’t notice the middle class has been in financial crisis for a long time. Oh, wait, he still refuses to even use the term – “middle class”!

  676. Are you suggesting you’re calling a moose a moose?

    Makes sense to me….I’m just sayin’…..

  677. A minor quibble–”Bitch” is too good a word for Sarah Palin–I’ve been called a bitch and it’s usually been in situations where I’ve had the gumption to stand up for myself or others, so I don’t necessarily see it as a negative word. Because George Bush is a jackass, I think “lipstick-wearing jackass” is far more appropriate. The difference between the two is really that negligible.

  678. I heart you Helen!
    Well said as always…


  679. Helen,
    You can disregard everything that idiots have to say about you on your site. Majority of people agree with you. most of the ones who disagree with you are not worth listening to and just use sites like yours to vent their idiotic ideals.
    Sarah Palin is not only a bitch, she is also a huge hypocryte. Spouting off about Obama being associated with terrorists while her own followers engage in the ultimate terroristic activity.
    When people like Sarah Palin think of terrorist they see people with olive colored skin wearing a turbin. Shame on her for encouraging these racist bigoted skinheads with rants, because that is exactly what she is doing at her rallies.
    Don’t forget to vote…Barack Obama #1

  680. Yay Helen!

  681. You’re calling it like you see it. What’s wrong with that?



  682. ditto helen. well said.

  683. Keep it up, Helen! For those who believe in the bible, remember that naming things was the first job given to Adam. And, we are supposed to be honest. So call things what they are.
    To troutay, you are right, I was overly sensitive (re: comment about electric shock). As penance, I am providing a link to a site recommended by my 3rd child, who is a scientist and not an evangelical Christian/Republican: thinkprogress.org/2008/10/24/palinfruitflies/
    After scientific explanation of the importance of fruit flies in research- in contrast to Palin’s giving fruit fly research as a prime example of “pork spending”- there are interesting responses to the question “What do you get when you cross a fruit fly with Sarah Palin?”
    I am off now to Harrisonburg for the Obama rally at James Madison University. The county surrounding H’burg is the most solidly Republican in the state, but there is a chance for Obama to win VA. By the way, I live in the county where the good old Republican sheriff was arrested last week on 22 federal charges. Well, we should all just pray for him.

  684. Helen you make me so happy. Some mornings I laugh so hard at your posts that coffee comes out my nose.

  685. Helen for Secretary of State!!!!!!
    I’ll even buy the T-Shirt!!

  686. Ha!!

    Ditto everything you said! LOL

    I’m sooooooooooo WITH you. :D

  687. Oh, and by the way, thanks for being one of the people brave enough to suffer through Hasselback on “The View” so that people like me don’t have to…

    Courage and fortitude.

    …how’s about we get you into a Cabinet position if Obama wins?

  688. I applaud you, Helen!

  689. There’s a new name for straight talk in this country and that’s Helen!! Brilliant as always!
    And just a few more words about socialism: can anybody explain to the republicans what REAL socialism is?? socialism is when everybody gets paid the same, regardless of their jobs. Everybody drives the same car. Everybody gets same amount of vacation days. Does any republican see the absurd of calling a 3% increase in taxes for the silly rich socialism?? Plus, who started the earned income credit?? where poor people get money back from the goverment (meaning, from other tax payers): Ronald Reagan!! is anybody calling Reagan, the republican of all republicans, a socialist?
    BTW if you look at the philosophy of communist China during Mao’s leadership or communist Russia during Stalin, where the individual is only there to serve the greater purpose, the mother country, If you try and sum up that ideology in two words: COUNTRY FIRST (think about it- not me, not family, not career, COUNTRY FIRST).
    And they are calling US socialists. ABSURD!!

  690. I thought you were just telling the truth. Shrubya is an inbred Moron. He doesnt even look like his daddy. He looks and acts like Pat Robertson. And that has always made me wonder.

    McCain sold us out. He tried to run a reasonable Republican Campaign in 99, and he was taken out by Pat Robertson and that ilk after attacking their feelings of holiness on their home turf–Virginia. I had such great hope for McCain, and now this. Its like waking up to find out that Santa Claus and the bogieman are one and the same HE works for evil Clowns.

    Sarah Palin is a self righteous Cow. You calling her a bitch is nothing compared to what I call her. She is a bigot, she is hateful, she is vain and vacuous, and she is not the person I would want to be subjected to as a President or Vice President, because she will Submit to Christian Supremacists–being the kind of woman that she is.

    She allows racist banter to go unchecked at her rallies, and I picture her smirking when she read to day that there was an attempt on Obama by her Brethren–some White Supremacists.

    And She is the antithesis to the Feminism I fought for in Uniform! She can call me unAmerican all she wants. I will be happy to whip out my DD214 and she can question that.

    Rush Limbaugh is a Fat Bitter Little Man who is upset because Women can say no to his advances and if he persists, they could bring charges. They can support themselves leaving him less room to wave dollars and security in their faces in exchange for “comfort”. Rush wont be happy til we all wear burqas and walk 10 paces behind his fat ass.

    The country I grew up in, Doesnt have Queens or Kings. And even if we suddenly did, I sure as hell wouldnt bow to them. W and Palin want to be a sovereign Ruler. You can see it in their beady little eyes. Thanks but no thanks. I am an American, and not a Serf.

    So you go Ladies and say whatever you want. There is no sin in using language precisely–even if its colorful language.
    As stated before, you are much kinder about it than I am.

  691. You say it like I wish I could say it, but you back it up with fact…. Now if McCain had chosen you to run as his VP, I might have more predisposed to vote for him. I’ll just “betcha” you’d be able to handle that “left” wing press who come up with all those “gotcha” questions to make Palin look shallow! (ha! she does a good job of that without any help from press or anybody) You’d know what you were talking about.

  692. Yay for honesty in name calling! Right on, Helen!

  693. My wife turned me on to your blog, and I, for one, find your candor and insight refreshing.

    Then again, the title of my blog has a four-letter word in the title of it, so I guess it would be pretty hard for you to offend me. ;-)

  694. Hi Helen! A friend just turned me on to your blog and I love it! You are hilarious! And I couldn’t agree more!

  695. Both my grandmothers have passed away. One I never had the pleasure of meeting, but I am named for her and the other who passed away when I was 12.

    Helen, will you be my grandma?

    You are one hundrew thousand kinds of awesome!

  696. Helen,

    You are so right. I have enjoyed reading your blog – it is great! I wish more people could see things how you do. This country has become so divided, I hope that the election will remedy this. Go Obama!

  697. Helen you crack me up! I visit this site everyday looking for your opinion. You are right on point with everything… Falin, McCan’t, Public Idiot #1 and the moron.

    Keep it going girl! I hope you continue blogging after the election!

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