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Posted by: Helen Philpot | October 27, 2008

Elisabeth is a moron and then I have something important to say

So Elisabeth Hasselbeck is not my favorite person.  I would call her a bitch but that word is too good for her.  She is such a moron.  Pretty much everybody with more than a pre-school education realizes that the war in Iraq was a mistake.  I mean if you ask Hasselbeck’s daughter what she thinks of the war in Iraq she probably would say something along the lines of a mistake by the Bush administration of monumental proportions which my generation will be paying for years from now.  But she is only three so “monumental proportions” might be a mouthful.  Now ask her mother that same question and you get some rant about how the terrorists are going to get us if we don’t get them first.  I guess you’ve got to keep those pro-war fans happy so The View keeps its ratings up even if a few soldiers are dying needlessly. 

It must be hard to be both pro-war and pro-life at the same time and still look so perky that early in the morning.  It’s as if she doesn’t lose a wink of sleep over it.  What a brave little soldier she is.    You know I just wish the hell that Whoopi, Joy, that other one, or even Barbara would just haul off and whack her upside the head.  I mean if The View were an island, those women surely would have  voted Hasselbeck off by now.  So tell us Elisabeth, just how many rats does one eat for fame before they ask themselves if it’s worth it? 

And that brings me to something of real importance.  Now stay with with me here for just a minute because it will seem trivial at first.   This weekend Elisabeth introduced Miss Alaska to a crowd of pro-America Americans down in Florida and both women took time to whine about the attention the press has been giving to the $150,000 wardrobe.  “These clothes, they are not my property,” cried Palin.

OK.  I get it.  All the world is looking at you right now and you need to look your best.  It’s unfortunate but true that many in America do judge a book by its cover so things like a $150,000 makeover can actually be justified in my book.  Had you given your speech in one of your hunting outfits we would have surely laughed you  all the way back to the Wasilla Moose Lodge  from whence you came.  But the problem, Governor Palin, is that you ate the rat.  And I am not talking about the clothes. 

Your first big policy speech was all about support for families of special needs children but as Governor when you had that chance you actually decreased support for those same children.

Lately you have been screaming about that socialist Obama and his tax and spend, tax and spend, tax and spend (repeat until audience members scream “kill him” or the moose come home)…  And yet while you were Mayor of Wasilla government spending went up and so did the sales tax.  Hmmm.   Maybe you should have a heart to heart with Joe the Plumber.

You claimed to have sold that jet on Ebay when, in fact, that jet didn’t actually sell on Ebay.  But hey.  I get it.  It sounds good in a speech.

I’m not sure, but I bet if I did enough research I’d come across some PTA minutes where you championed abstinence only sex education at your children’s school.  Ouch.  That has to hurt in hindsight.

You claim that as Governor of Alaska you told Congress “no thanks” to that bridge to nowhere, but  Congress had already said never mind to that bridge before you were elected governor.  Again, it really did sound great in the speech though so I understand.

But here is what I don’t understand.  As Mayor of Wasilla you thought it appropriate to charge rape victims for the rape kit used to collect evidence needed to convict the rapist. What in God’s name were you thinking? I mean that is a huge rat to have eaten all at once.   But I shouldn’t be surprised really, considering you also think a child raped by her father should be forced to carry the pregnancy to term.

You see, Governor Palin, you might finally be dressing like a Republican politician, but you’ve been acting like one for years. 

I guess I really should have written something about the top of the ticket.  After all we are not electing Sarah Palin to become President.   She is just the runner up.  Of course if something should happen to the winner that would prevent him from fulfilling his duties… well there is a thought to keep you up at night.  So here is what I decided to write about the top of the ticket:

John McCain is an ass of monumental proportions.

Thanks for stopping by everyone.  Margaret and I appreciate it.  Really.

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  1. You have a way with words, Helen…nice. I think The View producers only keep her around because she’s more than willing to demonstrate just how ignorant right winged conservatives are. She is everything I DON’T want to be, and the foolish little girl just keeps dishing it out, day after day. It’s quite pathetic, really….maybe someone should stick a soother in her mouth to keep her pacified.

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  4. I love, love, love the way you think Helen! I think you may be my long lost Grandmother! I have a blog too, please visit at Keywestfinest.com . I didn’t get to blogging about Elizabeth Hasslebitch but I love what you wrote! I will use you as inspiration! If you ever come to Key West we’ll have tea and vistit the Hemmingway House! Keep speaking your truth, I am hearing you loud and clear!

    Amber DeBevec
    Key West

  5. I agree Elisabeth is a twit but I don’t think anyone can be more annoying that Whoopie – she doesn’t let anyone get a word in edgewise. I would really like it if they would replace Elisabeth with another conservative voice. I disagree with a lot of her positions, but I think Whoopie and Joy are wayyy too far left.

  6. Helen you are so right about McCain! Only an ass would hire the firm of Snide, Snear, Smear and Fear to run his campaign. He did that because he figured no African-American, if nominated, would ever get elected. He picked Palin for the same reason – totally underestimating Obama – not because she had anything to bring to the ticket. Well, this kind of mindset is what keeps old dogs from learning new tricks even when their lives are at stake!

    I stood in line half an hour yesterday in the elementary school my children attended years ago. It is now much, much larger with new stuff added to the historic part. We were not allowed to stand out in the rain but taken inside to a line that ran through all the corridors of the school (its on one level) to get to the voting hall. The folks in line were very respectiful, as if they were going in to see someone they admired rather than push a button, and very courteous to each other. Three young African American women who were voting for the first time had a throw away camera with them and while they were in the corridor another man in line offered to take their picture which will no doubt go into an album with the cap line of, “Us, on our way to vote for Obama”. Once in the voting hall there were more than enough people and voting machines of two types. I was in and out in no time on an action that decided the fate of my country.

    A few words spring to mind and they can stand on their own “then sings my soul…”

    God bless you Helen and Margaret!
    Yes, we did it!

  7. You are preaching to the choir about Elizabitch. I couldn’t figure out how she lasted this long on The View because she’s a knucklehead. I think I figured it out. Elizabeth Hasselbeck, Ann Coulter and Sarah Palin are easy on the eyes. These three broads LOOK GOOD & they spout the same bullshit that the good ole boys spew! These three broads give the good ole boys woodies and they know it! The Viewmaster, Bill Geddes, is one of those good ole boys and THAT’S WHY Elizabitch is still employed. By the way, Helen, I haven’t watched a full episode of the View since Rosie left, but I do watch clips of it on youtube. I just can’t bear to hear Elizabitch, her voice is like nails on a chalkboard to me. I mean it, really.

  8. [...] Okay guys – I just followed this link from another site and had to share. Enjoy Elisabeth is a moron and then I have something important to say Margaret and Helen That was a hoot! Loved the website too. I think I’ll be reading more of Margaret and Helen. [...]

  9. Can someone explain to me how Hasselcrack went from game show contestant to flapping her idiotic gums on a talk show? And how that qualifies her as a political expert?

  10. Thank goodness someone finally called Hasselbeck out! I’ve been screaming “Moron” at the TV for a couple of years now! Go Helen!

  11. Hi! Just found your blog! I’ve been complaining about Hasselback on my blog as well. But you have an audience:)

    Did you catch the ET interview with Palin tonight? Where she said the $150k worth of clothes aren’t her and then gestured to her off-stage clothing and said ‘this is the real me’ to which the only thing I could think was ‘so she’s not real on stage?’

    And puh-leeze we all know she’s going to keep those clothes. Particularly if M-P win the Whitehouse (God forbid).


  12. Helen: Great posting and so glad to have been told about this site. Elizabeth is an idiot…her morning repeat of whatever the day before rant was on Fox is beyond tiresome.

    and Sarah may be the runner-up, but it seems the media wants to give her Miss Congeniality. the scary part is she does not plan on going away…I can only hope that means she is getting her own show on Fox.

  13. Helen, you’re my new hero!!

  14. Dusty,

    Someone ought to clue you in that calling other women vulgar names is not cool. It is sexism. And, yes, women can be sexist. A twenty-something guy pretending to be feisty old ladies can be and in this case, is sexist too. I bet you’d be one of the first to jump up and scream racism if a pejorative term was used for a black Obama supporter.

    Grow up and learn to discuss your political beliefs with civility. C i v i l i t y — look it up.

  15. I think it is great we know all the dirt on SP before she can get in office. But IF she got in office I wonder what more we would find? Chasing the SS men? Hunting on the WH lawn? Shoplifting at the nearest Goodwill store? This could get very scary.

  16. I’m also hooked to your BLOG…One smart lady!

  17. It’s not sexism, indie in CA, but folks sure love to jump on that bandwagon!

    Grow up, real sexism still exists and this ain’t it. Figure it out.

  18. I agree with your disdain for some of the policies and positions both Governor Palin and Hasselbeck favor, but I find your name calling and advocacy of head smacking (violence) disgusting and immature.

    Sexism sucks…especially from so-called progressives.

  19. Helen, have you forgotten to take your meds. Replace Elisabeth????With who????Bring back crotch grabbing Rosie O??How about Keith Oberscum or Chris( tingly feeling up my leg) Mathews… Look what two years of a DEM Congress has done to us…four more and a Dow at 107. The only one with a worse poll than Bush is the Dem led Congress.

  20. Will you marry me? Anyone who can put the “Queen Moron of Morning TV” in her place with a few well-chosen words like this…well, she’s my kind of woman! Elisabeth Hasselback…she would be just another person who has bought the Bush Republican propaganda hook line and sinker (I have met many who do) if it weren’t for a couple of things. She’s so offensively shrill and vehement in her uninformed opinions AND she has a national forum for sharing her ignorance. Too bad. As much as I love Joy Bahar, I find myself turning off The View when it comes on…because of Elisabeth. She’s too much to brook….too big of a rat for me to eat. Thanks for a good laugh.

  21. I have two daughters: Helen (12) and Margaret (10). I hope they grow up to be as thoughtful and outspoken as you!

    You girls ROCK!!!

  22. How refreshing!

    I just discovered your blog today from a friend and I am hooked!!!!

    You are my Hero!!!

  23. Ha ha ha ha ha!
    Love your header btw.

  24. I.LOVE.YOU!

  25. I’m new to your blog and now I’m a fan. You are so right about Bitsy – and Sarah Palin.

  26. I just found this blog today and I can safely say that never have I been more enlightened with such “straight talk” than I’ve been by your intelligent and insightful musings. I haven’t been able to drag myself away from these posts (even when the lure of other web candy pulls me). Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us.


    Helen and Margaret , you are great …but I feel so much ‘LOVE’ are ‘union’ , whatever you want to call it w/the fellow posters praising you. I swear you’re all a cult and you’re pulling me in. A GOOD ONE THO!

    I almost hurled when I saw EH w/Sarah Palin. Was that gag reflex material or what? Did you see how self rightious, indignant, and catty EH seemed? And the “Im most impressed w/the FLAG PIN Sarah Palin wears everyday.”

    omg..I’d like to stick her w/that flag pin.

    and I watch THE VIEW a few times a wk cuz I love Joy Bahar and love watching her and Whoopi get under EH’s skin.


  28. can’t stand EH either. She’s so dumb, she can’t even memorize the GOP talking points. Many a morning, she’s actually READING THEM OFF CUE CARDS. I wish one day, one of the other ladies would just snatch the card out of her hand, and challenge her to debate, mano-a-mano.

  29. I’m not worthy.

    This blog speaks to me as if my late grandparents were giving me their straight talk about the world. I miss them and I miss their candor; this blog really gets it.

  30. In my opinion, Margaret and Helen the Bloggers make far more sense than Joe the Unlicensed Plumbing Celebrity.

  31. Your blog and comments are wonderful.

  32. this is my new favorite blog!

    I have often thought that Hasselbeck and Palin were somehow seperated at birth…..

  33. (didn’t finish response)

    wanted to say —

    How does someone whose claim to fame is being on a reality show – which she lost – get to give a speech for a major political party?

  34. How does someone whose claim to fame is being on a reality show – which she lost?

    I guess the repugs are really desparate!

  35. Thank you, I love reading your new blogs about the McCain/Palin ticket. I originally said Palin was only put on the ticket to “smile, wave, and look pretty”. My hubby said I was sexist, I disagree; mean, perhaps, but never sexist. I hate the fact that our country is stupid enough to believe that Palin is good for this country (b/c let’s face it, McCain ain’t living much longer before GOD comes knocking on that door).
    I’m tired of hearing the McCain/Palin ticket call Obama a socialist! I’m tired of hearing about “Joe the Plumber”; he’s not even a plumber, and he doesn’t even pay his taxes. A radio station actually gathered up a donation to help pay the $1500 back taxes that Joe the not a real Plumber hasn’t paid.
    America may be led by the super rich, but the people who actually run this country and keep it going is the middle class! The middle class is the police officers, ER doctors, teachers, public transportation workers, Walmart employees, military, etc. The wealthy has gotten tax breaks the last 8 years, now look where we’re at. The market is going down the drain; I’m losing money from my IRA account, and my son is losing money from his 529. It’s not socialism when you’re helping bring back the economy. Nobody likes paying taxes, but taxes are necessary for government spending. Such as EDUCATION, roads, hospitals, public safety, etc. Especially education, our kids are the dumbest in the world now, and some may be the sluttiest. Have you heard in other countries about 5th and 6th graders getting caught having sex in class during school hours? Very sad.
    Obama may be just another politician, but I believe that he has his heart in the right place in fixing this country. Palin just wants a name for herself and McCain just wants to live out the family tradition. He couldn’t make Admiral, so he’s going for Commander-in-Chief.
    (Not all, of course, but there are quite a lot of military brats that are truly little dumb brats; Sen McCain doesn’t seem to be of any exceptions).

  36. I worship you, Margaret. This is my first day here and I am already worshipping you. I can’t wait until Obama takes office.

  37. Helen,
    You remind me of the quote- “Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History”!

  38. Helen,
    You are classic! You have nailed the way I feel about the Ass, The Bitch, The Jackass, and the Moron. I refuse to watch the View because of Hasselbeck, she grates on my nerves. Write on Helen, as I am a new fan of yours thanks to my daughter!

  39. agreed. I cannot STAND that moron hassleback.

  40. Right on . . . elizabeth hasselbetch is a moron.

  41. Helen,
    Looks like the “rats” are jumping the sinking ship, especially Palin. Would love to know your thoughts on that, as I so enjoy reading your blogs each day. Keep it up for all your fans!

    Go Obama!

  42. Thank you, Helen. You are truly a breath of fresh air. Keep it up…some support from down under!

  43. Wow! I am so glad I found your site. It is one of the very best. Palin is an over-ambitious and unscrupulous witch. (I’ll be a tad nicer.) You certainly have her down pat.

  44. Elissssabeth makes me “Kill her!” at the TV screen every morning. As an Obama supporter I guess I should know better.

  45. Helen, can you come over for Thanksgiving. I make all kinds of pie.

  46. I’m responding to Anonymous’ post on October 28. I do love Margaret and Helen’s blog!! I just wanted to say that Anonymous spoke the words that I have been carrying in my heart and spirit about Barack since the day he announced his run! I feel that he has been ordained by God to take this country and start it on the path to civility, decency, hope and greatness!! I am not by any means a great believer in what separates us in religious terms(i.e. my God is better than your God) but I believe in compassion, decency and the fact that God created all of us to work together for the common good! Thank you Anonymous for expressing what I have been unable to put in to words, and thank you Margaret and Helen for being realistic, funny and unafraid to speak the truth!!

  47. [...] Elisabeth is a moron and then I have something important to say I give all credit to the author of this blog. [...]

  48. This is fantastic. Thank you for brightening my morning. I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve placed a link in my blog to this post. It’s too good for me to not share with everyone that stumbles upon my blog. I will definitely be visiting your blog more often.

  49. Your comment about Palin regretting her abstinence only stance is off the mark. The problem is that she DOESN”T regret it. Despite the policies obvious failure in her own household she still supports abstinence only education…and that’s one of the reasons I won’t be voting for the fundycrat wackaloon ticket.

  50. Hi there, Helen. You really have to stop being so polite and say what you really think ! LOL You’re one of my daily news checks – keep it coming.

  51. Helen, Margaret and all:

    I just saw a clip about Was the 2000 election stolen.
    Can this election be stolen? The Bush legacy of stolen elections, a war started with lies, and destruction of an economy must come to an end.

    Watch this:


    Vote Obama/ Biden! Keep the lawyers handy for a quick recount too.

  52. Thanks anon- for Schaeffer quotes… you made my day!

  53. I absolutely love your blog. You are a gem, a breath of fresh air, and an inspiration. I can hardly wait to share your blog with all my friends. Why haven’t we seen you on Ellen or Letterman? God bless you.

    With love and respect,
    Rich Potter

  54. Now you are my kind of woman! Where have you been all of my blogger life? I had to laugh at your most dead on observations of the dreaded Palin and all that she represents.

    I promise you, I will be back to your blog and I can’t wait to get caught up on it!

  55. I don’t watch any of that “reality” tv crap. Did she actually eat a rat?

    BTW, Palin wasn’t “Miss Alaska”.

    I disagree about the clothing issue. She made herself out as some middle-class working mom. As a governor, she had suits to wear. She didn’t need to wear brand new $2500 suits. Even if she did need new clothes, they didn’t have to get them at Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus!!! It’s about hypocrisy! Most of the “middle-class” don’t even make $150,000 in 3 YEARS. And they spend that much in 2 months on clothes, make-up, Gucci bags, and Prada shoes. They are paying hollywood make-up artists $22,000 every two weeks. We all knew it and this is just proof. She is NO middle-class working mom. She is a paris hilton neo-con Michele Bachmann that craves attention!

    And, Hasselback is a moron! She calls all this clothing cost talk as sexism, but the very first thing she brings up in her speech IS the clothing cost. Then she makes innuendos about Palin “really knows something about cleaning” up Alaska. What a hypocrite!

  56. I only thought that Palin was an insult to my gender with her stupidity and lack of anything resembling logic…until I saw Elisabeth. Scary! I am not sure that I believe that anyone could be so clueless and still know when to draw breath. But, then, Republicans are known for their brainwashing ways….dont ask questions….just believe. “We will assimulate you. Resistence is futile.”

  57. That young woman is as vacuous, self-righteous, fatuous, and most important, unaware and incurious a person as is George Bush. Her lack of a capacity for critical thinking certainly doesn’t hold her back from expressing herself. Truth? Who cares?

  58. Obama Will Be One of The Greatest (and Most Loved) American Presidents!

    Great presidents are made great by horrible circumstances combined with character, temperament and intelligence. Like firemen, cops, doctors or soldiers, presidents need a crisis to shine. Obama is one of the most intelligent presidential aspirants to ever step forward in American history. The likes of his intellectual capabilities have  not been surpassed in public life since the Founding Fathers put pen to paper. His personal character is also solid gold. Take heart, America: we have the leader for our times.

    I say this as a white, former life-long Republican. I say this as the proud father of a Marine. I say this as just another American watching his pension evaporate along with the stock market! I speak as someone who knows it’s time to forget party loyalty, ideology and pride and put the country first. I say this as someone happy to be called a fool for going out on a limb and declaring that, 1) Obama will win, and 2) he is going to be amongst the greatest of American presidents. Obama is our last best chance. He’s worth laying it all on the line for.

    This is a man who in the age of greed took the high road of community service. This is the good father and husband. This is the humble servant. This  is the patient teacher. This is the scholar statesman. This is the man of deep Christian faith.

    Good stories about Obama abound; from his personal relationship with his Secret Service agents (he invites them into his home to watch sports, and shoots hoops with them) to the story about how, more than twenty years ago, while standing in the check-in line at an airport, Obama paid a $100 baggage surcharge for a stranger who was broke and stuck. (Obama was virtually penniless himself in those days.) Years later after he became a senator, that stranger recognized Obama’s picture and wrote to him to thank him. She received a kindly note back from the senator. (The story only surfaced because the person, who lives in Norway, told a local newspaper after Obama ran for the presidency. The paper published a photograph of this lady proudly displaying Senator Obama’s letter.) Where many leaders are two-faced; publicly kindly but privately feared and/or hated by people closest to them, Obama is consistent in the way he treats people, consistently kind and personally humble. He lives by the code that those who lead must serve. He believes that. He lives it. He lived it long before he was in the public eye.

    Obama puts service ahead of ideology. He also knows that to win politically you need to be tough. He can be. He has been. This is a man who does what works, rather than scoring ideological points. In other words he is the quintessential non-ideological pragmatic American. He will (thank God!) disappoint ideologues and purists of the left and the right. Obama has a reservoir of personal physical courage that is unmatched in presidential history. Why unmatched? Because as the first black contender for  the presidency who will win, Obama, and all the rest of us, know that he is in great physical danger from the seemingly unlimited reserve of unhinged racial hatred, and just plain unhinged ignorant hatred, that swirls in the bowels of our wounded and sinful country. By stepping forward to lead, Obama has literally put his life on the line for all of us in a way no white candidate ever has had to do. (And we all know how dangerous the presidency has been even for white presidents.)

    Nice stories or even unparalleled courage isn’t the only point. The greater point about Obama is that the midst of our worldwide financial meltdown, an expanding (and losing) war in Afghanistan, trying to extricate our country from a wrong and stupidly mistaken ruinously expensive war in Iraq, our mounting and crushing national debt, awaiting the next (and inevitable) al Qaeda attack on our homeland, watching our schools decline to Third World levels of incompetence, facing a general loss of confidence in the government that has been exacerbated by the Republicans doing all they can to undermine  our government’s capabilities and programs…President Obama will take on the  leadership of our country at a make or break time of historic proportions. He faces not one but dozens of crisis, each big enough to define any presidency in better times.

    As luck, fate or divine grace would have it (depending on one’s personal theology) Obama is blessedly, dare I say uniquely, well-suited to our dire circumstances. Obama is a person with hands-on community service experience, deep connections to top economic advisers from the renowned University of Chicago where he taught law, and a middle-class background that gives him an abiding knowledgeable empathy with the rest of us. As the son of a single  mother, who has worked his way up with merit and brains, recipient of top-notch academic scholarships, the peer-selected editor of the Harvard Law Review and, in three giant political steps to state office, national office and now the presidency, Obama clearly has the wit and drive to lead.

    Obama is the sober voice of reason at a time of unreason. He is the fellow keeping his head while all around him are panicking. He is the healing presence at a time of national division and strife. He is also new enough to the political process so that he doesn’t suffer from the terminally jaded cynicism, the seen-it-all-before syndrome afflicting most politicians in Washington. In that regard we Americans lucked out. It’s as if having despaired of our political process we picked a name from the phone book to lead us and that person turned out to be a very man we needed.

    Obama brings a healing and uplifting spiritual quality to our politics at the very time when our worst enemy is fear. For eight years we’ve been ruled by a stunted fear-filled mediocrity of a little liar who has expanded his power on the basis of creating fear in others. Fearless Obama is the cure. He speaks a litany of hope rather than a litany of terror.

    As we have watched Obama respond in a quiet reasoned manner to crisis after crisis, in both the way he has responded after being attacked and lied about in the 2008 campaign season, to his reasoned response to our multiplying national crises, what we see is the spirit of a trusted family doctor with a great bedside manner. Obama is perfectly suited to hold our hand and lead us through some very tough times. The word panic is not in the Obama dictionary. America is fighting its “Armageddon” in one fearful heart at a time. A brilliant leader with the mild manner of an old-time matter-of-fact country doctor soothing a frightened child is just what we need. The fact that our  “doctor” is a black man leading a hitherto white-ruled nation out of the mess of its own making is all the sweeter and raises the Obama story to that of  moral allegory.

    Obama brings a moral clarity to his leadership reserved for those who have had to work for everything they’ve gotten and had to do twice as well as the person standing next to them because of the color of their skin. His experience of succeeding in spite of his color, social background and prejudice could have been embittering or one that fostered a spiritual rebirth  of forgiveness and enlightenment. Obama radiates the calm inner peace of the  spirit of forgiveness.

    Speaking as a believing Christian I see the hand of a merciful God in Obama’s candidacy. The biblical metaphors abound. The stone the builder rejected is become the cornerstone… the last shall be first… he that would gain his life must first lose it… the meek shall inherit the earth…For my secular friends I’ll allow that we may have just been extraordinarily lucky! Either way America wins. Only a brilliant man, with the spirit of a preacher and the humble heart of a kindly family doctor can lead us now. We are afraid, out of ideas, and worst of all out of hope. Obama is the cure. And we Americans have it in us to rise to the occasion. We will. We’re about to enter one of the most frightening periods of American history. Our country has rarely faced more uncertainty. This is the time for greatness. We have a great leader. We must be a great people backing him, fighting for him, sacrificing for a cause greater than ourselves.

    A hundred years from now Obama’s portrait will be placed next to that of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt. Long before that we’ll be telling our children and grandchildren that we stepped out in faith and voted for a young black man who stood up and led our country back from the brink of an abyss.

    We’ll tell them about the power of love, faith and hope.

    We’ll tell them about the power of creativity combined with humility and intellectual brilliance.

    We’ll tell them that President Obama gave us the gift of regaining our faith in our country.

    We’ll tell them that we all stood up and pitched in and won the day.

    We’ll tell them that President Obama restored our standing in the world.

    We’ll tell them that by the time he left office our schools were on the mend, our economy booming, that we’d become a nation  filled with green energy alternatives and were leading the world away from dependence on carbon-based destruction.

    We’ll tell them that because of President Obama’s example and leadership the integrity of the family was restored, divorce rates went down, more fathers took responsibility for their children, and abortion rates fell dramatically as women, families and children were cared for through compassionate social programs that worked.

    We’ll tell them about how the gap closed between the middle class and the super rich, how we won health care for all, how crime rates fell, how bad wars were brought to an honorable conclusion.

    We’ll tell them that when we were attacked again by al Qaeda, how reason prevailed and the response was smart, tough, measured and effective, and our civil rights were protected even in times of crisis.

    We’ll tell them that we were part of the inexplicably blessed miracle that happened to our country those many years ago in 2008 when a young black man was sent by God, fate or luck to save our country.

    We’ll tell them that it’s good to live in America where anything is possible. Yes we will.

    -Frank Schaeffer is the author of CRAZY FOR GOD-How I Grew Up As One Of The Elect, Helped Found The Religious Right, And Lived To Take All (Or  Almost All) Of It Back. Now in  paperback.

  59. Peggy from Virginia — thanks, little sister, for turning me on to this!

    Helen, keep up the great work! At 66, I’m a bit behind you, and delighted to have a wonderful new role model. You are more right-on and fun every day.

    And amen to all who say it takes more than prayer to get what we need in this country. Prayer anchors us in vision, compassion and inspiration. Then it’s time for action with integrity.

    I’m so thrilled to be able to vote for Obama, Biden and whoever they bring in with them.

  60. Hi Helen and Margaret – As always, your thoughts are more coherent than some of the candidates’. I wanted to share the link to another site that seems to share some of your sentiment – their goal is to get 5,000 signatures, maybe we can help them?



  61. helen, luv u gurl!!!

    now, about ‘liz-beth’…she is sooo consumed about obama and him ‘pal’ ing around with terrorist..wtf?..somebody please explain to her that if obama was a terrorist, he would have blown up the capital bldg in the yrs he has been a senator or even blown up harvard while attending there….so to her, it makes sense to run for president with bodyguards and constantly being watched while planning to make terrorist attacks..go figure..
    ‘liz-beth’ really gets on my last nerve..please fox channel hire her!!
    i wonder what her husband think of her making a fool out of herself…

  62. Great post Helen. Maybe the Palinista die hards in the Lower 48 will wake up to the obvious conclusion that Palin is a phony opportunist. After they lose this election, & we all finally get to move on many of us in AK will be signing the recall petition.

  63. Helen, you are such a hoot. When I saw Elizabeth Hasselbeck shilling for Sarah Palin tonight, I knew I had to come read your blog. Keep it up — everyone adores you!

  64. Pink… Oh dear.
    There’s relatively little negativity being practised in the “free speech” here.
    We are trying pretty hard not to call our neighbors bad names, we are working hard to call ourselves and our leaders to task for the messes we have made…
    If I had a nickel for every almost disaster I cleaned up in my working life because someone couldn’t JUST SAY they had a problem with their potty or sink or septic tank I could afford health insurance! Pink – we do have problems in this country- some of them are VERY untidy, some of them nasty… Please pray for us – and Helen – while we clean em up…

  65. Helen, I found out about your blog — oh, about 2 weeks ago — while reading Rosie O’Donnell’s blog, and am I ever glad I decided to check it out! It’s a helluva lot of fun reading what you have to say. Delightful — I’m now a daily devotee!

    And I couldn’t agree more on your take of McShameful and his moronic VP choice. I only hope that more registered voters make their voices heard between now and next Tuesday than did all the teens and tweens who voted for the last American Idol.

    Now, about The View — I watch it every day — solely because of Joy Behar, and now — because of Whoopi Goldberg. However, the ONLY way I watch it is AFTER I tape it on my DVR (digital video recorder). Then, when I get around to watching it, I have the remote in my hand and my finger poised over the fast forward button, so that whenever EH opens her right-wing mouth to spew her Republican lies, I hit that button!! Truly, ladies and gentlemen, it’s the ONLY way I can keep from having a daily coronary! I also do the same thing — hit that fast forward button — whenever BW starts wailing about how much they all love each other. Oh, puhleese!! Give me a freakin’ break.

    One last thing, I’m a 60-year-old, white female, yellow-dog Democrat who (somewhat unfortunately) lives in the middle of the Texas Hill Country, and who proudly voted last Wednesday (10/22) for the Obama/Biden ticket!!

    Finally, thanks for your posts!!

  66. Pink: You seem like a nice person. And I believe in prayer. But if we all prayed for things to happen without actually acting on it, the human race would be out out of here in no time. Please get out and vote. And say a prayer too if you like.

  67. Pink-
    Actually, we CAN change things politically. It’s called voting. Praying for a candidate doesn’t work as well in this country as voting does. Praying is great, don’t get me wrong. However, one has to make an effort in order for those prayers to come true.

  68. “John McCain is an ass of monumental proportions.”

    Didn’t expect it at the end. Laughed so hard. Thanks :)

  69. I am saddened by the negativity in our country, as demonstrated by free speech, and thus this blog. Things will unfold politically as they are suppose to, and none of us can stop it or change it. We can only waste time and words upon it. God’s plan is before us. Helen, I reserve admiration for those who bring about admiration within and to others. I will lift you in prayer. God bless you.

  70. McCain nominated Palin to fool women to vote for him.

    Barbara keeps Elisabeth on the air to fool republican viewers to watch the “show.”

    Elisabeth does not have the intelligence, curiosity, or at least demeanor to represent more reasonable republicans, the same way Palin doesn’t represent smart women.

    Democrats don’t find her (either one) worthy of her position (either one).

    It’s about time republicans call bullshit.

  71. “…Our natures do pursue,
    Like rats that ravin down their proper bane,
    A thirsty evil; and when we drink we die.”

    Measure for Measure

    I’ve never known a time in my life when Shakespeare had more relevance, but if the fractured state of the GOP can be reduced to words, that one surely nails it. Drinking their self-brewed bane, the cure for their disease more of the disease itself–Priceless.

  72. Helen,

    You just keep getting better and better. Bless you and your wonderful smart assed brain….keep them coming… it ain’t over just yet. And when this is all over will have to continue keeping lil Miss Sarah down so we don’t find her back in our faces running for the finish line in 2012.

  73. Troutay, your comment was hysterical and we got it. Let’s not be so sensitive. Many of us have worked in the MH and MR industry and have had relatives with these diseases. It is the laughter that keeps you going.

  74. Alaska Pi-

  75. Helen, thank you for bringing a breath of sanity into our lives. Your posts are one of the best parts of my day. You shout out for a lot of us; a true patriot. Most of all, you’re an inspiration. You make free speech worth being free. I look forward to many more of your spirited and salient posts.

  76. Helen, thank you for bringing a breath of sanity into our lives. Your posts are one of the best parts of my day. You shout out for a lot of us; a true patriot. Most of all, you’re an inspiration. You make free speech worth being free. I look forward to many more of your spirited and salient posts.

  77. For all who sorta, maybe, might have a feel
    for the what of Ms Palin -a talented Alaskan writer has hit it on the head -just as Helen does. Different style- same hairs on back of your neck standing up…


    Robin- If we end up with but spare change in our pockets, won’t have been Mr Obama to blame…will be US to blame for goofing off calling each other names and lobbing threats at each other while the rats stole the store…our jobs gone overseas, our retirements scattered on the winds by greedy slimes on Wall Street, our homes gone because we believed the snake oil salesmen about “oh you betcha, you can afford it..!” Yuppers- it is US.

  78. Helen…love you and LOVE THE T-SHIRTS!!!!

  79. OMG, you are my hero!! TY someone who i can finally relate with!!

    My fav are those who throw Obama’s middle name in…yeah…his mom so knew that one day he would run for president and that the name would be associated with a terrorist.

    Damn, hope i did not name my kids wrong!!! lol

  80. You make me hate myself for not coming up with this first. Seriously. It’s brilliant.

    Surely Elisabeth’s daughter could (and would) muster:

    Palin poo poo!


  81. hey folks,

    Ted Stevens, Republican Senator for Alaska was just found guilty on all 7 charges brought against him!

    Any bets on how many charges Sarah will face for Troopergate, Housegate, Gas Pipeline contract to friends only or … the stuff is still coming out.

    Republicans have a great way of walking away with money and then wanting more.

  82. Dear Robin,

    indeed, you are an ignorant fool, I couldn’t have said it better. Go back and read one of Helen’s earlier posts “Maverick My Ass” as to why there is a need for change. Why would you want an angry old man with a chip on his shoulder and no new ideas for president. Oh hang on, yeah, it’s the ignorant fool thing… d’oh.

  83. ish
    enjoyed the videos the last one has a link to their new one a rap for Obama, Pretty funny

  84. Dear Helen and her Ardent Readers,

    Since Sarah Palin seems to drive all of you up the wall as much as she does me, I though you would enjoy a little song and music to accompany Helen’s latest post (brilliant as always!)…please see the attached link.

    Helen, I love your site and have sent your website link to all my family and friends and now visit daily for your latest pearls!!

    Thank you so much for writing…and I really mean it!

  85. Helen as usual you are spot on.

    I found this blog and I am pretty sure everyone would enjoy this. . .

    On the Lighter Side. . .For Your Entertainment

    God bless America!!!!

  86. You know who else is a real moron? Barbara West!


  87. Wow, and the need to bring up his middle name, which has no affiliation with Saddam Hussein, just makes him SUCH a threat!!!

    Either raise an legitimate issues with Sen. Obama’s policy, or go hang out at Anne Coulter’s site.

    Btw, according to babynames.com:
    The boy’s name Hussein \hu(s)-sein\ is pronounced hoo-SAYN. It is of Arabic origin, and its meaning is “good; small handsome one”.

  88. Love you. Brilliant response to the idiocy that is EH, SP, and JMc.

  89. Dry up, granny! We’re going to get stuck with Barack Hussein Obama and still will take it on the chin for his demonstrated weakness and lack of experience regarding foreign policy. Great! Yeah, vote for Obama — for change — yeah, that’s all we’ll have in our pockets after he shakes us down. . .Of course I am a narrow-minded, ignorant fool…

  90. I usually call this kind of dishonesty to be intellectual dishonesty. It’s the art of giving just enough information, without giving all of the information. However, I don’t think I can use the word intellectual in a sentence with Sarah Palin. I guess I just did, but you get my point. What amazed me about Elizabeth (and other Republicans) is their ability to justify and try to reason everything! When Democrats do something don’t like or don’t agree with I don’t justify it. I call their asses out on it. But Republicans I know do not seem able to do that.

    My three favorite Republican responses…

    1. “I don’t know enough about that to comment.”

    2. “You are completely missing the point.”

    3. “That was completely taken out of context.”

    I always want to respond with…

    A. You are an idiot, do you not read?

    B. No, I get the point and that’s what you have a problem with.

    C. I didn’t take it out of context I applied reasonable thinking, and read it all…so I get the context dip shit, do you?!?

  91. Helen, you say “moron.” I say “delusional twit.” To-may-to, to-mah-to…

    Anyways, you never fail to entertain and put a great spin on this whole presidential race. I have sent your blog to everyone I know. Keep speaking out!
    P.S. I miss Austin….:(

  92. [...] Elisabeth is a moron and then I have something important to say So Elisabeth Hasselbeck is not my favorite person.  I would call her a bitch but that word is too good for her.  She [...] [...]

  93. Way to go Helen! I can’t wait til Obama wins so we can see the last of Palin. I don’t know how anyone can seriously consider voting Republican with her on the ticket–I cringe when I hear that voice.

    Go Obama / Biden!!!!

  94. Helen, you are great!

    I love your blogs! I like your matter-of-factness.

    Keep it up!

  95. Really wonderful!

  96. Peggy in Virginia:

    Yes, what I said was not “politically correct. It was probably insulting to some. However, as you said yourself, you knew I was speaking in jest.
    I would never endorse cruelty to people who have mental illnesses, I have one of my own.
    But to defend myself, it was in jest, you knew it was, and if we are to become so fearful lest we insult anyone, well then there is no real free speech.

    Sorry to those I insulted.

  97. Helen, I discovered your blog last week and have since told many of my friends about you. That includes some who will probably vote Republican, and who most of your readers would assume are too narrow-minded to read your or your readers’ comments. You see, some of my closest friends are bible-believing Christians. With some, we have mutually agreed not to discuss politics or the war in Iraq. With several others, we can talk about our different views respectfully, and even learn from each other. That last statement seems to be true for the most part with the community of readers and responders to your blog. I also have many liberal friends, including my older sister who lives in the SF bay area of California. We were talking on the phone last night while simultaneously reading your latest entry and some of the comments. She is spreading the word in that area about your wonderful commentary.
    I recently took early retirement from my job in community mental health (nearly 20 and 1/2 years working with seriously mentally ill persons) so I could spend more time with my grown children and doing creative things. Because of that work, I was very upset to read the comment by “troutay” (8:24 AM today) about EH on the view: “makes me almost wish for the days when electric shock therapy was the answer to all mental problems.” Said in jest obviously, but not funny to someone who has been subjected to that or other cruel inhumane “treatments”- nor to someone like myself who has come to know and love people with schizophrenia or bipolar illness who have suffered much in the name of therapy. Also because of that passion, I shudder to think of what would happen to the mentally ill if Palin were at the helm.
    I also worked in Social Services, for over 10 years, mostly doing child abuse investigations, foster care and adoptions. So I am disgusted that anyone would require a rape victim to pay for the rape kit. Whether a child or adult victim, the system already re-victimizes the victim enough even when the most enlightened professionals are involved at the various stages of an investigation. And of course, usually there are players involved who are neither enlightened nor sensitive nor compassionate.
    Speaking of compassion, I cannot agree that Republicans generally lack compassion. Two of my three children are currently evangelical Christians who plan to vote Republican. I have met many of their friends, including many who go to the same conservative church. The majority of these young people (ages 20′s to 30′s) have participated in multiple service projects: week long rebuilding projects after Katrina and other times; taking a month or more off to work in an orphanage in a 3rd world country; inner-city after school programs that help keep kids safe and well-fed; homeless shelters; etc. My children and their friends are not stupid or poorly educated; they just happen at this time to have come to different conclusions than I have, and we are able to have respectful dialogues and continue to learn from each other. I hope that last will continue to be true of this forum.
    Helen, keep on writing long after the election is over. I love hearing your take on things and I love reading what your readers have to say.

  98. Weeeeeee! They should be paying Palin and Hasselbeck as comedy writers.

    Sexist Schmexist. Edwards’ $450 haircut seems like quite the bargain.

    I want Obama to win ASAP, but all this material lends to my cartoons too easily.


    I nearly wrecked my computer screen spewing Diet Coke when some pundit on TV utttered, “Palin in 2016.”

    Then we’ll have to go thru the whole, “Is she qualified to be VP” thing when Sarah picks her ass-kisser buddy Elisabeth as her running mate? Oy Vey. I need a Pepto.

  99. PS I just realized that my post made me sound like a right winger. I’m a bleeding heart liberal. I’d just like to hear an intelligent person defend the other side. The other side must have some good ideas, right? Elisabeth just confirms my worst fear – that the right wing is crazy.

  100. Elisabeth drives me nuts. Why can’t they have a smart right winger on The View? That would make for much more interesting discussions. I think the other women like having a right wing moron to argue with. It makes them look smarter.

  101. Thanks again, Helen. I watched The View this morning just to see what they would all say about Elisabeth’s stint with Palin this weekend. They were surprisingly civil, considering some of the conversations over the last few weeks. Even Barbara went out of her way to be nice to her. Is that the beginning of the end for Elisabeth? Wasn’t that the same sort of tone they all took before Rosie left and before the first younger one left? Interesting.

    The thing about Elisabeth – and I agree that she is so totally clueless – is that I think she really is sincere about what she is saying. I find that much more disturbing actually. At least with some of the Republicans, you can kind of tell they are sounding loyal because they feel like they have to see this through to the finish. (I’m so thankful we only have one more week of this!) But I think Elisabeth actually believes all that nonsense coming from McCain, and especially from Palin.

    I did think it was funny that the clothes came up again because Elisabeth brought it up. Apparently, she didn’t get the latest Republican memo that it was the subject to be ignored. How funny was that.


  102. Thanks for the Post.. I agree with everything you wrote. Elisabeth Hasselbeck should be on Fox, her rants on the view with the daily Republican talking points get make me sick..

  103. I love how the others on the View look crazily at her when she says something totally stupid. (which is too often)

    About McCain, he sold his soul to the far right. I don’t know how he sleeps at night.

    Can’t wait until the Winky and Blinky show is over.

    “Stupid is as stupid does.”

    Love the blog. If I didn’t know better– You sound just like me!

  104. When Hasselbeck joined The View, or to be more accurate, ruined it, I stopped watching. The girl makes my skin crawl. I wouldn’t watch it now if I were laid up in bed in a hospital with nothing but the Bible. And I’m not going to open that topic. When I heard her the other day at that podium talking about “why is it everyone is focused on what Sarah Palin is wearing?” and she pursed her lips so prettily and pouting for the camera, I wanted to scream. Instead I turned off the TV before I grew violent. Couldn’t have said it better myself, Helen. You’re my hero. If I’d ever had a mother, I would have wanted her to be you.

  105. You are the first person I look for in my blog everyday now. I can’t wait to read what you have to say. I didn’t see the view but I do know about EH’s idiocy. The FRUSTRATING thing is, there is a sad percentage of people who agree with her no matter what we say or show to prove how ridiculous the Palin ticket is. It is the Palin ticket now, isn’t it? That’s where the attention is so focused in the media. McCain seems to want that. Why? It seems to me that it shows a supreme lack in judgement which is definitely not what we need in a President. We’ve already HAD 8 years of that. Thank you so much for saying everything for us. I am going to put a recommendation in my blog to have everybody read what you have to say so much more eloquently that I could.

  106. Oh Hellen, you make my heart sing!

  107. Her clothing budget would have bought my house. I’m so depressed. But lest we forget, it’s everywhere; our money goes to some stupid, stupid things in Washington.

  108. sorry, Wrangler Tractor is my Sarah Palin Baby Generator Name LOL! I’m just not that clever!

    OMG Helen you are AMAZING! I was away for the weekend, and came back to find 3 posts! And so on target. I couldn’t agree more.

    I just got back from a meeting with my son’s teacher (I’m the room mom) and accidentally on purpose got on my Sarah “I’m the worst choice for VP in the world” Palin soap box. Most people in our hopefully soon to be blue state of VA don’t know her well. I lived in AK for 5 years and feel it is my sworn duty to educate! I was explaining hte rape kit issue and the teacher’s eyeballs almost came out of her head! And then I showed the dichotomy of the tickets: Joe Biden co-sponsored legislation to cut Fed funds to states that force rape victims to pay for their exams.

    I love to read your stories, and your frank talk is so refreshing (not like SP). Thank you for your wonderful posts! As the paretn of a child with DS, I could go on, but if you’re interested I posted on my blog about SP and the special needs community too: http://smallsteps-ellie.blogspot.com/

    I am so thrilled to report that my Mother-in-Law from your generation who grew up in segregated Washington DC and always voted Repub is a proud Obama/Biden supporter in FL and already cast her vote! HooRay for your generation!

  109. Sharol, I lived in Kansas for ten exceedingly long years and I know exactly how you feel. Cried tears of joy when I saw Wichita in the rear view mirror for the last time.

    Helen, I applaud your fortitude in actually being able to sit through The View. All of those women are like itch powder down the shorts as far as I’m concerned.

    Keep on kickin’ their butts!

  110. One of my favorite recent Palin moments was when she refused to answer Brian Williams question as to whether she’s a feminist, citing her desire not to attach labels, blah blah blah.

    This coming from the women who labels Obama a terrorist, a socialist and an elitist!

    I’m not sure who is more frustrating Elisabeth or Sarah!

  111. I hope all of you have your Champagne chillin’ (oops, I forgot, I am educated) CHILLING and are ready for a party to witness a Democratic landslide with me Tues, the 4th!

  112. Hasselbeck is an idiot.

  113. Thanks again Helen. Was in a big weep this morning..then read your blog and it snapped me back. Nothing like a little truth and humor to get the day going in the right direction.

    Keep at it. What you’ve got to say/write is more than worth the reading.

  114. Great post again Helen. I really appreciate your straight talk. You are always right on the money.


  115. I love your blog! I’ve found that most older voters I talk to tend toward the Republican ticket, but it’s comforting to know that someone of a different generation shares so many of my views. God help us if McCain/ Palin can dupe the public into electing them…


  116. I am not a fan of EH either – as with most republicans I find they never let the other side get a word in. They seem to shout over whatever the other side is saying until the other side out of politeness shuts up. If you have ever watched O’Riley or Hannity or listen to Rush (oh sorry those with oppossing views from him either never call the show or never get through) That being said I think we are all being a little hard on EH after all that is what the View is about different views. Some of the posts I have read hear sound just a tad bit like the ones we critize for spewing hate and nothing else. Most of you have had the right reaction to EH you stopped watching.

  117. I absolutely love your blog!
    Obama 08!

  118. As a rape victim myself, I find Palin more than despicable.
    Thank you for the post Helen!

  119. I am so grateful to read that so many of you share my view of Elizabeth. I don’t watch the view much but looked in a couple times last week and when Elizabeth got going, my husband asked me, “who is that woman?” He doesn’t watch much TV and reads more, he was amazed how she just spewed out all that stuff! I thought they would be rid of her by now, but it is ratings that keeps her on.

  120. For fellow Elizabeth-haters: Why tell just us? (After all, we agree that she has made The View unwatchable.) Tell ABC how you feel! Do you suppose enough of us out here in TV-land could at least get a gag-order issued by Barbara? Let the show know how you feel by submitting a comment. http://abc.go.com/daytime/theview/ask

  121. As always, you leave me nothing to say. You say it all and say it well.

  122. As a volunteer for Rape Crisis here in BFE, I get apoplectic when I read about her charging victims for rape kits. I would gladly invite her here and give her a personal demonstration of a rape kit, and explain, in very simple terms, why it is WRONG to expect anyone to pay for forensic material needed to find a perp. Must go puke now, she has that effect on me.

  123. I have been reading your blog for about a month and your insight is amazing. Sometimes this election campaign has really been a circus. I say that because its so many different performances and acts, rolled up into one event. And this election is so important with so much is at stake now.

    I am an active duty marine, who has served for 12 years and just recently returned from Iraq after my last 13 month tour. I am amazed with some of the opinions, from folks who have no idea and probably couldnt find Iraq on am map if they had to.

    Anyways, I thought you might find this interesting as the good governer, being called a Diva, has decieded to make her own mark as well


    Take care Helen, and continue doing what you are doing.

  124. Thank you for writing what I’ve been thinking…she’s a definite airhead! Doesn’t surprise me that she likes Palin, as they are both so far out there off the radar in their thinking that no one can bring them back! Even after being exposed to so much information because of her job, she’s still clueless. I stopped watching the View because of it…it was like beating my head against the wall and took away from the real issues being talked about….sound familiar???????

  125. Sharol,

    Thanks for your response. As a cameraman I get to travel this country a lot. I’ve just drove accross all the way from California to Maine and back, plus another trip to Oklahoma to shoot a documentary for the weather channel about the dust bowl. I can’t tell you how many depressed little towns I drove through, how many boarded up businesses and homes. And I’ve met and spent time with a lot of people. Hard working, decent good people, that can barely make ends meet. Some people were selling everything they had. People near retirement age. Our goverment looted this country, they robbed us blind, and the people who support this goverment suffer the most. Sad sad sad.

  126. Helen, I just love your blog. You make great commentaries and best of all, you are not afraid to call a spade a spade. Now, as to E.llizabeth , she is just plain dumb and also very boring. I don’t watch the view much, too much mouth flapping with nothing to say. Palin is scary. Now as to John McCain, I wouldnot vote for him, but because of his torture in Vietnam and service to his country, the man has earned his say. Keep up the good work! I eagerly look forward to your comments, they are mostly right on!

  127. [...] The View Okay guys – I just followed this link from another site and had to share. Enjoy Elisabeth is a moron and then I have something important to say Margaret and Helen __________________ Obama/Biden [...]

  128. …and Elizabeth gets up there and references Palin as a “hot ticket” then calls the argument over the clothes SEXIST!!! A moron at best. As for Palin being a hockey man, that really griped me, supposedly “Track” started hockey one season and never finished – does that make a hockey mom? She needs to take care of that baby and make sure he gets to bed at decent times!!! Grrrr….

  129. Helen, you’re on the money as usual!

    Sarah Palin does not, in anyway, represent the women of out great nation. If she is the true maverick she claims to be and has the strength to stand up to what is wrong, she could’ve and should’ve said no to the ridiculous spendings at saks and neiman. Isn’t this a form of redistribution of wealth? Only, the wealth has been distributed to a unworthy cause. Tax in itself is redistribution of wealth. Why can’t some people understand this? We, the hard working, tax paying citizens want our tax dollars to be spent / “redistributed” wisely.

    Anyhow, your posts are greatly appreciated. I mean it. REALLY! =)

  130. woohoo! my eyes are burning–’cause that post was on fire!

    something positive to think about: on saturday, both john mccain and barack obama came here to albuquerque. both gave an identical amount of prior notice before their rallies. mccain’s public rally, held at a large public site, netted about 1500 people (generously); obama’s rally, held at a large public site, netted between 35,000 and 50,000 people (or 10% of albuquerque’s population).

    i think the tide is turning, even here in the desert southwest. keep up the good work, helen!

  131. Helen, I found your blog last week and immediately marked it as one of my favorites. I also sent it to all of my family members. You ROCK!!!

    This latest post regarding Palin and McCain is one of your best yet. Bravo to you for calling McCain exactly what he is, and being brave enough to say so! I wish there were more Americans like yourself. Then we’d again have a decent country.

  132. Sharol—-I too live in Kansas and a good friend that is in politics says there is a very good chance that Kansas will turn blue—I would LOVE to see that. Almost everyone that I know is for Obama!!!!

  133. Well said, Helen, but there’s more to say – and I hope you’ll sum it up in a post soon. This is it: How much legal trouble can a candidate get in and still be a viable candidate? From Trooper-Gate to charging the state of Alaska for the time she lives at home and everything in between, this woman may already be a felon and yet look at everyone turning a blind eye to all of the problems and the evidence? Who is adding it all up?

    Could it be that – should Palin not be able to fulfill her duties because she’s in court or in jail – would/could the RNC try to keep Cheney or slide Rove or their like in under our noses? Say it isn’t so!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for speaking out! You’re a brilliant star in the 1st Amendment world of free speech! May it always be so!!

  134. Yikes! I need one the T-shirts in Pink…can that be done??

  135. I wish they would boot her off, can’t stand her, I think she’s dumber than W if that is possible.

    I too check every day to see if you’ve posted something new…..Rant on ~

  136. I hate Elizabeth also,she is so rude cutting the ladies off wanting to be heard with her garbage mouth.
    I ask you how can a smart woman be so stupid.
    And Palin well don’t get me started on that subject.
    I live in Canada and I am watching with great interest.

  137. Sorry if someone already wrote this…I have to run off to class and can’t read through all the comments now, but:

    Not only did SP give a policy speech about funding efforts for special needs children (which she already slammed down in Alaska), BUT she MOCKED the VERY RESEARCH (fruit flies) that aims to prevent and treat the genetic causes of SPECIAL NEEDS CHILDREN. It saddens me that intelligent people can vote for a person that does not believe in science whatsoever. As a medical student, I fear my future as a doctor. After all, if McCain/Palin win, I may be out of a job since science doesn’t solve anything. I guess Gd does it all for us (and I believe in Gd. Just not the way Palin does).

  138. Helen,
    You surely are an American Treasure! I love your blog and have been telling everyone about it.
    EH drives me insane, I can hardly watch the View anymore because of the idiotic things that come out of her mouth!
    Keep up the good work ladies!

  139. I stopped watching The View some time ago because I always ended up, throwing up. Elizabeth and the Moose Girl are both ridiculous and disgusting. Surely, there aren’t enough idiots in this country to actually vote for a McCain/Palin ticket? On the other hand, maybe I don’t even want to know the answer.
    Great post! as always.

  140. Yoram,

    I’m from one of those benighted red states. I apologize for all the stupidity here, but there isn’t much I can do about it.

    My racist ex-husband forwards me e-mails promoted by the far right, and I factcheck them and send them back. We aren’t speaking right now (and we just became first-time grandparents). His 93 year old mother says she isn’t voting (for the first time in her life) because of “that Palin woman” who is “a disgrace to all women” and she can’t bring herself “to vote for a n*****”

    I don’t want to move, but sometimes I grieve for the blindness of my state. The last time Kansas voted for a democrat was in 1964 (remember Goldwater?).

  141. Elizabeth is a joke. When Whoopi told her openly about how Racism is an integral part of the American culture, she was lost for words and began to cry. But she like an idiot is standing there defending the unborn daughters of America!!!

  142. Does anyone find it hilarious that Mrs. palin does not approve rape kits, to save tax payers money but has no problem buying lipstick for pigs and self with taxpayers money!!!!

  143. Sarah Palin and Elizabeth can be termed as “Extremists”. They are!!!

    If they had an ounce of humanity in them, they would deplore rapists and be kind to animals, moose or otherwise.

  144. Hey Helen- way to go!
    Someone really ought to check if RNC provided dancing lessons for our gov as well as all those snappy duds…
    Ms Palin denies knowing her Police Dept charged for rape kits but I would think moving $15,000 around in the budget would be worth a question or two on her part, as mayor, ya know…

  145. I never liked the View anyway. It seemed like a Cackling Henhouse–it reminded me of the popular cliques in highschool, the girls who didnt talk to me, because I wouldnt play dumb and wear a push-up bra and put out. As an adult I wouldnt associate with these people–I sure as hell wouldnt watch their dumb show.

    As far as Hasslebeck goes–Security Mom’s Suck.
    Here are my thoughts indepth on the issue, because I dont want to stink up your blog with my true thoughts which are laced with colorful language. More Colorful than Bitch–and Moron. http://apocalyptictheocracy.blogspot.com/2008/10/security-moms-suck-and-other-axioms-we.html

    I dont see the view as a show that explores Women’s issues, or at least not deeply. I am surprised that Whoopi Goldberg is there at all-given her usual take on things, it must be hard for her to bite her tongue and not ruin it for the others by displaying her brain.

    It reminds me of Parenting Magazine. I once got a “Free subscription” to that stupid rag when I bought maternity clothes–and it wasnt really free–But thats beside the point. That magazine, was full of the perfect advice for women who could afford Nannies and Day Care, and who had their college degrees, who knew just want to wear and worried about which baby designer they should order from–etc., It was just full go good damn advice. [note sarcasm]
    And it sucked. There was no useful anything in it for this mom who doesnt have a driver or a nanny.

    The View is just like that. We dont occupy the same world, and to me, they look so stupid, that I dont even fantasize about occupying that world.

    So I cancelled the not “Free Subscription” and I turned the channel years ago.

  146. I never liked the View anyway. It seemed like a Cackling Henhouse–it reminded me of the popular cliques in highschool, the girls who didnt talk to me, because I wouldnt play dumb and wear a push-up bra and put out. As an adult I wouldnt associate with these people–I sure as hell wouldnt watch their dumb show.

    As far as Hasslebeck goes–Security Mom’s Suck.
    Here are my thoughts indepth on the issue, because I dont want to stink up your blog with my true thoughts which are laced with colorful language. More Colorful than Bitch–and Moron. http://apocalyptictheocracy.blogspot.com/2008/10/security-moms-suck-and-other-axioms-we.html

    I dont see the view as a show that explores Women’s issues, or at least not deeply. I am surprised that Whoopi Goldberg is there at all-given her usual take on things, it must be hard for her to bite her tongue and not ruin it for the others by displaying her brain.

    It reminds me of Parenting Magazine. I once got a “Free subscription” to that stupid rag when I bought maternity clothes–and it wasnt really free–But thats beside the point. That magazine, was full of the perfect advice for women who could afford Nannies and Day Care, and who had their college degrees, who knew just want to wear and worried about which baby designer they should order from–etc., It was just full go good damn advice. [note sarcasm]
    And it sucked. There was no useful anything in it for this mom who doesnt have a driver or a nanny.

    The View is just like that. We dont occupy the same world, and to me, they look so stupid, that I dont even fantasize about occupying that world.

    So I cancelled the not “Free Subscription” and I turned the channel.

  147. Brilliant as always, Helen!
    What puzzles me about the support of McCain/Palin, REALLY puzzles me, are those permanent Red states. The ones that stay republican no matter what. I mean, what would it take for some of these people to switch sides?? How far down the toilet this country needs to go before that happens?? How many war fronts, dead soldiers, foreclosed homes, unemployment, stock market crashes and other monumental disasters will it take for someone to say “okay, it’s time to put my team on the bench and let the other team play”.
    But then, we have Joe the plumber, a moron who thinks it’s “not fair” that the rich are paying more taxes, as if the rich will let his kids into their Ivy league schools or their country clubs. The rich don’t play fair, Joe. I’m sure he’s also convinced that the economic trouble started by Clinton (that’s what republicans are saying). Clinton, the one that left office with 128 billion dollars surrplus.
    And speaking of Palin, the “Washington outsider”, who do you think put her on the ticket?? she’s been schmoozing with Washington republican Elite for years, to get to were she is right now. Absurd!!

  148. My new favorite blog!

  149. Helen,
    I too have shared your blog with everyone I know. We just love your

    Hopefully next week McCain will lose and Barbie will have to go back to Alaska and face the music about what kind of person/ mother/governor she is. Troopergate, rape kits, teenage pregnancy. A lot has come out during this campaign, her political career may not be a long one.

  150. “…how many rats does one eat for fame before they ask themselves if it’s worth it?”

    LOL Helen! And too think Elisabeth has the nerve to accuse people of drinking the Obama Kool-Aid. As far as I’m concerned, when she’s done stumping for the Vermin in Ermine she can keep right on going …

  151. I did hear Gov. Palin say yesterday, at one campaign stop, that she was back to wearing her old clothes that she purchases from a local consignment shop in Alaska. Yeah, like the periodicals, she couldn’t attach a name to the place.

    As for that creepy Elisabeth woman, she doesn’t have to go home, but she does need to go away.

  152. Goodmorning,

    I could not have said it better. That chick from The View drives me absolutely crazy. Talk about drinking the kool-aid. And did you know that her 4 year old daughter runs up to kiss the television every time she sees Obama. Her 4 year old has more sense than her.

    And not only did Palin take the money for the bridge to no where, she never returned it and built the road to the bridge to no where. Yes, she build a road to no where. It is hysterical!

  153. Sorry Dyanne, didn’t mean to cause any “physical damage.

  154. The Chief of Police (or whatever he was called) complained when the Alaskan congress banned charging the woman for rape kits that it would cost the taxpayer up to $15,000 a year (and it is interesting to note it was ONLY Wasilla that did this, the law was seen as aimed at Wasilla, and although her supporters try to make out she had nothing to do with it it went through while she was mayor)

  155. I was away and didnt get to check your blog for a few days….Its like an addiction now. You are always on point ,brilliant!
    Remain blessed

  156. LMAO!
    “electric shock therapy”

    OMG someone help me up from falling off my couch!

  157. Excellent post.

    Palin charged for the rape kits because the kits contain emergency birthcontrol and items for STD testing. She believes in covering the cost for evidence collecting, but she says these other items have nothing to do with evidence.

    Believe me, I’m not defending her! I think she is scary and dispicable, but that is her excuse for charging for the rape kits.

  158. Hi and good morning

    Wow another one right on the mark

    Every morning I click on to see what ya have to say

    Love it every time

    Much happiness to you and yours!!

    Keep up the great work

  159. Once again Helen, you have made my day.
    Elizabeth makes me almost wish for the days
    when electric shock therapy was the answer to
    all mental problems.

    Yes, a cruel thing to say but Geez! what is wrong with that woman’s brain???

  160. I kept checking your blog yesterday for a comment. I can not wait to read your posts!!
    My friend of 40 years sent me this blog site with the note “this is what we’ll be like if we make it to 82″.

  161. Hi Helen! I found your blog over the weekend and am enjoying it!

    I used to work with that Elisabeth chick before she became famous and oh my has she changed!WHAT.AN.IDIOT!

  162. Way to go HELEN! You have done it again!! I am sending this to everyone I know AND I am buying T-Shirts!!!!! You are the greatest!!!! :-)

  163. ‘Morning, Helen!
    As usual, you take the cake and I love you for it! I really can’t stand that ding-bat, Elisabeth! How Whoopie & Joy put up with her is beyond me. He’ll, I guess they have to have SOMEone to laugh about when they run into each other backstage!

    Thnx, and Love Bunches from Seattle…

  164. I visited your blog this morning specifically to see if you wrote something about Hasselbeck and, lo! You did!

    I woke to that voice this morning, my husband raging at the early morning commentary covering the rally you mention. Wow. I mean…WOW! Thank you again for pointing the finger of idiocy right where it belongs.

  165. Helen – I have a blast ranting and raving on my blog about The Dynamic Duo, but your eloquent prose always hits the mark. Simply put, you’re the bomb! (The only kind we really need.) Thanks for your plethera of Mavericky insights!

  166. Good morning Helen,

    I have been reading for a while now, and I completely agree with you. This election becomes less and less about anything of substance, and more about Caribou Barbie every day and it disgusts me.

    I’m really not sure how anyone with any thought could possibly vote for someone as vapid and transparent as McCain/Palin.

    I hope you don’t mind, but I have been forwarding your blog to everyone I know and telling them you are my very own Grandmother!

  167. Brilliant !!!

  168. Well said Helen! Love the blog.


  169. Wow Helen—-this is my favorite post yet—Elisabeth totally drives me crazy with her over the top Republican agenda. She has this irritating way of trying to get her point across and it doesnt work. I think McCain put the nail in the coffin when he chose Palin—the moment I heard I said he is through—choosing this woman because she is good looking and likes to shoot animals may appeal to old white men but not to most of America.

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