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Posted by: Helen Philpot | October 23, 2008

Those Damn Poor People Ruin Everything!

First things first.  Let’s comment on this shopping spree to spruce up the Spruce Goose Governor from Alaska.  I don’t have a problem with it.  Evidently she couldn’t just be a pitt bull.  She had to be a pitt bull in lipstick.  And we all know it costs a lot of money to make an aging beauty queen look like a pitt bull in lipstick.    And hey, she is just a hockey mom after all.  She couldn’t afford those clothes on her own so the McCain campaign had to redistribute a little wealth her way.

What really gets my goat is that I could have put that same wardrobe together at JC Penny for about $300 with enough money left over for a piece of pie and coffee.  Are you telling me THAT is the best they could do with $150,000?   I know I’ve seen the same three outfits about a dozen times this week alone.  And when this is all over, it all goes to charity.  Well isn’t that just rich?   Don’t give them health insurance, give them designer clothing.  Honestly, only a Republican could have come up with that one.

But it really all comes down to a fundamental misunderstanding of the poor.  When you hear Palin screaming “socialism” or John McCain spouting off about “redistribution of wealth” that’s really code for “those damn poor people”.  What they are really saying to those people who live in pro-American parts of the country is that Obama is going to take your hard earned money and give it to some poor person who is sitting at home in  anti-America with too many kids just living high on the hog off the government.  And most likely that poor person doesn’t look like you (wink wink).  I doubt Palin even knows the definition of socialism.  After all it has three more letters in it than Muslim.  By the way, the average welfare recipient has less than three children.  Sarah and Todd Palin?  That would be five.  John and Cindy McCain?  Seven.

I do know this – taxes piss everyone off.  Nobody likes to be taxed.  Hell, Margaret’s husband Howard still has the first dollar he ever made.  Tax day to him ranks right up there with his annual prostate exam. And my Harold is no better.   But we all eventually take it in the rear because we fancy roads, schools, healthcare, national security, law enforcement, energy…  Those things represent the majority of what our taxes go to.  And speaking of majority, the majority of welfare recipients are children.  You know, those precious little bundles of life that the Republican base likes to ignore once the cord is cut.

If you have spent any time volunteering for a charity, you quickly learn that the majority of poor people are actually the “working poor”.  They work hard everyday but don’t get paid enough to put gas in the car and food on the table.  Yep.  That’s the group we are so mad about.  Damn those poor people. They just ruin it for the rest of us.  Because of them Joe the Plumber’s taxes are so high he can’t afford to buy his girlfriend designer outfits as nice as Sarah Palin’s.

Well that’s it for now.  Thanks for stopping by.  I mean it.

[PS.  The grandkids came up with some clever t-shirt designs.  Thanks to everyone for suggesting Cafe Press.  We now have a store there.  Matthew said there would be a way to get there from here.]


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  3. Ms. Helen,

    I have to gripe here sorry but I just have to. This is the first time I have seen your blog by the way as I am new to WordPress.

    I make 12.50 per hour. I struggle. I have three children. The ages are 4, 6 & 12. I do not take government handouts under any circustances. In 2006 I lost my job that I had for 5 years. I have many tribulations in my life time because my two younger children’s father started using drugs and if wasn’t nailed down you were going to loose it. About 2 years prior to loosing my job I managed to get rid of him. Because of his addiction I only received 3/4 of 1 child support payment. Needless to say he was no help at all! The job I had for 5 years paid very well however it was for a nonproft and budget cuts had to be made and I had to go. I stuggled for 18 months to find a job. I have great skills however it was tough. Finally in November of last year I was offered a job and I took it. Personally I do not like my job as it does not lead me to my full potential. However I could no longer live without one.

    I think what people do not understand about Republicans or conservative people is this…they want you to get out and make a life for you and your family. You will then be rewarded for your hard work. “Those damn poor people” is not want they mean when they comment on Obama’s redistributon of wealth. I am sure you and your huband worked very hard for your money all these years. Why would you want the government to take it and do what they want with it to include giving it to someone who is perfectly capable of getting off their but and getting a job. I understant that not everyone in this county has the will power to make an effort to better their lives. There are some people who will sit on the hind ends and let the government take care of them.

    While I was out of work I spent days upon days sending out resumes. I did what it took until someone gave me a chance. I personally feel that working for a Soccer club all those years people did not take it seriously. After all when people asked where I worked the response was always “what could you possibly have to do there”. Strangely enough alot more than I did at the job I am at now.

    When I lost my job I didn’t ask for TANF or a check from the government. I did recieve child support from my exhusband for my oldest daughter. My middle child has a disability and I applied for social security two years ago to help with her medical expenses. The first 6 months I did recieve unemployment. It was a struggle and I came out on the other side it with no regrets. I learned something during that time frame. Nobody in this world, not your parents, friends, or even the government can bring “change” to your life. You have to do it within yourself. Change comes within. You are in control of your destiny.

    I had a friend who recently bought a house have living in the housing projects in my city. She worked hard and did what she needed to do get out. It was a temporary thing for her. Many people in this city that I live in believe they are entitled to be taken care of by the government. Where we live yes there are extreme measures of poor people. However what really just boils my blood is when they live in the projects and have no intentions of getting out at all!! They are content being poor and living off the government. Poor people whether they are white, black, hispanic or asian all have the same chances in this county. Need an education and want to go to college – apply for a Pell grant. Knowlege is power!!

    You see Ms. Helen I over came adversity…so can those poor people. And as far as Sarah Palin’s wardrow. The GOP purchased it and it will go to charity. That wardrome was worth $150,000. In an auction it will more than likely go for more than double or triple that. That is alot of money that could be used to help poor get off of welfare and back to work.

    Obama’s “redistribution of wealth” and yes that is what he called it himself, is merely welfare. It is free money from the government. That is exactly what people are getting when they go and apply for welfar in this county. They are not working for it at all. They can sit around all day long and get a check. Becuase I only make 12.50 an hour and have three children I do not pay taxes. If I didn’t have my children I would have to pay taxes. Currently I get over $5000.00 back for taxes. Under Obama’s tax plan I would get another $2,038.00 a year. THAT IS OVER $7000.00! Sure it sounds great but lets look at where it comes from. Currently I would for a small business owner. We are an HVAC/DDC Control company. Last week the owner had to lay off 3 people. He is freaking out about Obama’s tax plan which will raise his taxes. He is not going to cut his pocket short so he will let people go to make up the difference. I do not blame him either. He is in the business to make money and have a great life for him and his family. What if I am one of those people that gets laid off? All for what an extra $2038.00 a month. I would rather have my 12.50 an hour and keep looking for a better paying job than not have a job and struggle for another 18 months or longer becuase the unemployment rate is so high!!

    Thank you for letting me vent Ms. Helen. I know we see things differently however sometimes I think progress is never made unless people argue their reasonings…. By the way I also admire your friendship of 60 years. That is wonderful. I hope that my girlfriends and I have the same time under our belt….


  4. Rich people decided a long time ago that for them to have an ass load of kids is a blessing unto this world. For poor people to do the same (eve if they have the exact same reasoning, religious beliefs, etc) is considered irresponsible. (If you ask me, I don’t think any people should have more than 2, 3 kids tops.) The difference is that the rich kids are just valued more, and it’s assumed that they’ll be better cared for, more loved and have a brighter future. What a crock!

    And I agree that the reason people hate socialism is because it means that there money will help poor people. And they can’t stand it!

    Great post. You’re amazing!


  5. OMG this is my first day reading your work, IT’S AWESOME!! please keep on writing your thoughts. it’s also nice to see someone over the age of 60 who is not a republican, thanks and i love your blog!!


  6. Helen,
    I just sent a link to your site to all of my family members. My mother is no longer living but I swear you are channeling her!!!


  7. Ladies, you’re rockin’ and rollin’. Keep up the good fight.


  8. A lot of talk here today about Mr Obama’s supposed plan to “redistribute” wealth…
    this is another another red herring thrown up to scare the socks off folks…


    Much has been made here of Helen’s straight talk. We are starved for straight talk! Especially after the last 8 years.
    Some folks are ticked off at her use of (mild ) swear words.
    Me- I’m ticked off at the hi-jacking of common decent words . By tone of voice, winking, and sundry other rhetorical devices, we have changed the meaning of words, or demonized them…Providing for our common welfare, providing for the things we do together – building schools and hiring folks to teach our kids, making roads to get us and our goods to market ( and get ourselves home from market with all our crap ) , is NOT socialism, nor is it the kind of redistribution the current Republican campaign is trying to convince us it is!

    Demonizing the poor and working poor as LAZY might make a cold heart warm with hitting on a rationale to refuse to lend a hand up but it doesn’t address the cost to all of us- on a hundred other fronts -that we pay by avoiding POVERTY.
    Twisting the word grand word “responsibility ” into “you’re on your own sucker !” or “I’ve got mine, you go get your own !” seems to be on the agenda lately too…

    Some of Mr Obama’s stated policies and goals are less than, or more than, I would prefer if I had the power of line-item veto but it is the overarching IDEA that we WILL try to address America- us- in a straight forward way that most appeals to me.
    I am ready to redefine words we have ill-used or dragged through the mud, ball em up into ideas and kick those ideas around in the sunlight, out in the open. We haven’t been able to do that for too long.
    We CANNOT evaluate the effects of policies on our institutions – home, communities, states, nation, if we talk in code.
    We CANNOT adjust our institutions to meet our expectations if we cannot even articulate our expectations.We must also have the elbow room to safely work them out- in the open- without some dingbat trying to push us all back into warring camps.

    Our Constitution can be seen as a narrow document or one that has room for us to grow and adapt over time. Both arguments have validity though I tend toward viewing it as the latter. The wiggle room afforded by the latter has helped us to survive some terrible times and move on. The self correcting function of the first view has kept us from straying too far afield on occasion…

    Whatever the hell has been gathering steam and flattening us all in the last 8 years is not a self-correction nor a flexing of necessary wiggle room…IT is an aberration, a disease, a pox that is taking us all down with it. IT is not an alien thing however…
    IT is the all too human ability to ignore what we know because it gets in the way of something we want…


  9. Please put this quote on one of your t-shirts:

    It must be hard to be both pro-war and pro-life at the same time and still look so perky that early in the morning.

    I will buy two. At least.


  10. Well, since you obviously prefer to live in a country where you get all you earn and nothing else I suggest you move to one.

    Its name is Haiti.

    Societies where everyone gets theirs and everyone else can go to Hell are societies where there’s quite a bit of hell.

    No thanks.

    If you had more than your addiction to Libertarian cant you would have known all that by now, btw.


  11. Well, since you obviously prefer to live in a country where you get all you earn and nothing else I suggest you move to one.

    Its name is Haiti.

    Societies where everyone gets theirs and everyone else can go to Hell are societies where there’s quite a bit of hell.

    No thanks.

    If you had more than your addiction to Libertarian cant you would have known all that by now, btw.


  12. Katie excellent insights! I can’t help but gag on “redistribution of wealth” that is just anti cpitalism.

    Alaskan beg to differ. Obama is proposing giving back my money after I have worked and sweated my entire life for it. The only thing more personal would be if he came after my family.

    “He is well off and is not willing to give that all away to make everyone “equal”. He just says that he has been blessed enough, he does not mind giving back something extra because he has it to give.”

    Hey I am all for him giving back everything he wishes to anyone he wishes. I want the same opportunity, I worked for it. It’s kinda like the little red hen fable if you know it.

    The line for who is gonna be taxes at the higher rate has already dropped in dialog from $300K to $250K to $200K to (Biden’s #) $150K.


  13. “The founding Fathers did not want nor foresee government providing cradle to grave intervention in redistribution of wealth or most other services either.”- ptfan1

    Just an aside the Constitution vs socialism…..
    Per the Preamble “Promote the General Welfare” you have to admit it is just a wee bit of built-in socialism. I’m not saying the founding fathers were dreaming of sugar plum fairies distributing free nation wide healthcare but we do have a unique system that combines the extremes of free market capitalism with the desire to provide goods for its people such as free public education referenced somewhere above. This is why America rocks and suffers from cognitive dissonance all at the same time. We constantly fight between our values to “make it” and help others.
    You’re right; the founding fathers couldn’t have foreseen any thing like health insurance, tax caps, tax breaks, personal welfare, and corporate welfare. That’s why they kept things deliberately vague, added the 9th and 10th amendment, and Article V. Our founding fathers wanted very simple things for our nation:
    To form a more perfect union, establish justice, ensure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and ensure the blessings of liberty for us an our future generations.
    Then they made it possible for us to change the constitution to account for changing times when these values might change with the times.
    A living document, meant to reflect a living populace. We are not the same people as our ancestors; we do not have their needs or issues, nor did they have ours. But they did have the foresight to give us a constitution that could change with the times. Pretty cool of them, eh?


  14. And last afterthought, I do know, (and had a lot of fights with the left winged german establishment for saying it aloud) that East Germany was, with their controls, opressions and Stasi, nothing else than a “red-painted” facism! But, like many other countries, with less greed it would have been such an opportunity!


  15. BTW I just wanted to say to all those Anit-Socialists out ther: I think Socialism (NOT Communism, there is a difference!) is one of the best ideas that ever happend to mankind, pitty is that no one was able to make it work, yet!
    And I always have to think of a BIG poster that went up on an advertising board in East Germany’s Berlin after the wall fell, it showed a big picture of Karl Marx with the comment: “Sorry boys, it just seamed like such a good idea….!”


  16. Hi Helen, I think you do excellent work here to educate people, but I think Washington Post and NYT should “steal” your articles and use the money they save by not paying you to finance the lawsuits they might have to fight for the contens, or even better, pay you and imporove your retirement funds and just throw the extra profit from tripled sales at the lawyers……. Anyway, all I wanted to say: Compliments again!
    I would like to lift my imaginary hat to you again and again… Greetings from Montreal, Canada
    Baron Werner
    Freiherr von und zu Schaffhausen


  17. The tapping of Alaska’s resources concerns me greatly. It is one of the world’s last untouched locations.

    Also, I have to fear Palin’s assessment of Drill Baby Drill, when she has admitted that she believes that the end of days will happen in her lifetime. Of course if she believes that, she doesn’t care what resources and what geography she ruins. Who cares about leaving resources for your children, when you think the world as we know it is going to end.

    Healthcare wasn’t so much of an issue when the country was founded because large scale healthcare did not exist. People died young from things that medicine can now prevent. So that analogy doesn’t really work.

    Obama is not a socialist. People really need to be able to define socialism before using scare tactics to threaten people who don’t know. Obama is obviously a capitalist. He is well off and is not willing to give that all away to make everyone “equal”. He just says that he has been blessed enough, he does not mind giving back something extra because he has it to give.

    This country may have governmental programs to help its citizens, but it will never become socialist. The thought is totally ludicrous.


  18. Thanks again for some useful insights into your understanding of the Obama policy platform.
    I agree that it is powerful and appeals to many as it is the promise of hope to many who embrace it for a variety of reasons. I am going to expand my thoughts to give a thorough response. And I apologize to all who attempt to read it.

    “I have to make the leap and assume that you believe in the words and spirit of the constitution.”

    lol in a word yes. I am a conservative constitutionalist it is what makes our Republic unique (imho) and it is to the core of why I oppose Obama. I reference the redistribution of wealth that he clearly has been thinking about since at least 2001. Most recently the tape from the Chicago radio show records Obama talking about what the constitution doesn’t do which is tell the government what its proper role to help people is. And that is the heart of the matter. The founding Fathers did not want nor foresee government providing cradle to grave intervention in redistribution of wealth or most other services either. Obama seems to be saying that the government should be making sure everyone has everything. That sounds like radical socialism to me and many others. There was no universal health care in the first 150years of the Republic and no one thought they were deprived of general welfare; they took care of themselves and their families. Using the example of k-12 as the precedent is a logical argument for establishing healthcare as a right and if it could come as an end-all addition of government support I could be persuaded but it clearly does not.

    Your link of doctors that support Obama is an interesting one. While there are some impressive titles among the board members the rank and file are largely undefined as to their practice ie we don’t know if they have a real practice yet or if they are students and new emerging Doctors. Let’s look at the AMA’s agenda too.


    “America’s patients will be best served when our country eliminates the disproportionate influence of insurers and government into medical decision-making. These important decisions must be placed in the hands of the patient and the physician.”

    Now I would interpret that as less regulation and more doctors to patient care.

    Natural gas?

    I couldn’t open your link. I know there are environmental issues in many areas that are not mining it. (like the Rockies). As for uncapping I am not an oil apologist I agree with that. I say we uncap and bring on Alaska’s vast resources and become less import energy dependent as we can as quickly as we can. I left out Nuclear Energy which is also a key differentiator between McCain who favors it strongly and Obama who thinks there are “waste” issues and suggests we study it further. McCain is for R&D and alternative energy. We all know it should have begun 50 years ago and leaders just haven’t been held accountable. If we had the budget it would be great to do it all at once. But we can not shut down our economy to do only R&D.


    “WE made the decision to go in there”

    Yup WE did, most of our leaders drank that kool aid; after the fact it is easy to abandon the CIC for political reasons. (Obama says he opposed the war, of course he wasn’t called upon in front of his country to participate in that vote cause he was not in congress at the time… talk is cheap) If you recall Colin Powell was a central participant in the presentation to the UN. We believed the info we were fed. If there was criminal activity involved the perpetrators should be tried by the courts not by the MSM (for political gain)

    I want to be clear. I hate war. I am angry that the state of the world is what it is. I am for disarmament. The realities of our world are what they are. Even though we have historically declared war on many countries first (for some really trumped up reasons) we still have to deal with reality. Early exit from Iraq now is an invitation to dismal failure that can escalate global terrorism. I go with the guys on the ground and David Petreaus.

    Of all the areas of separation between McCain and Obama this is the one that first placed me in McCain’s camp. There is still a clear and present danger in the world and it is our responsibility (by default) to lead in that area. I believe McCain and his family’s legacy are strong deterrents to aggression. So does Biden. I think Obama is not.

    You have made a strong point in your selection of “promote the general welfare.”
    It gave me great pause and subsequent reading further supports your point.


    Here’s the problem I see. Fixing everything at once is goanna require accountability from those same leaders that look so ridiculous now in their partisan politics. So the first step is maintaining national security (McCain). The next would properly be putting the right people in charge (like you said).

    Ready for this? How about really reaching across the aisle like the Mav rick he says he is and asking Obama to help. Lololol (sorry I couldn’t resist a lil election humor)

    Ps there’s some really strange remarks on that tape too about Hitler and how our country resembles Hitler’s Germany….I don’t understand what he was attempting to say but it’s quite strange.


  19. I’m a little late on this one, but John McCain and Sarah Palin should examine their complaints about redistributing the wealth. We already do that in this country: the working poor support the rich, high sales tax allows the rich to pay less income and property tax, keeping sick people out of insurance plans means more money for the insurance companies and their investors, I could go on and on.

    And as far as socialism is concerned, what do you call a $700 billion bailout of the financial markets? Certainly not a free market system. I guess if you have enough money, you’re “too big” to go bankrupt, but if you’re swamped by uninsured medical bills and lose your job, that’s just too bad.

    (And someone please explain to me why we should support insurance companies instead of direct access to medical care? Just a thought.)

    Keep up the good work, gals.


  20. Good afternoon everyone!

    I’m going to apologize in advance because I know that this will be a lengthy post. I hope you can all bear with me for the duration.

    To begin – Anita in FL, I have to echo the post by Alaski Pi and ask why you think we should go away? In my opinion, this thread has begun an intelligent conversation by people supporting both sides. If you’re personally not interested in what’s being said here, you have the choice of reading any of Helen’s other wonderful, insightful posts. Helen’s political house seems to be growing and you have the ability to move from room to room :) Thanks again Helen, Margaret, and Matthew for allowing us into your electronic world.

    To ptfan1 –

    I have to make the leap and assume that you believe in the words and spirit of the constitution. If that is the case, what do you think they meant by saying in the Preamble, “We the people….promote the general welfare…” To me, on the most basic of levels, it means that our nation will support the most basic of human needs, including but not limited to health care and education. A population of unhealthy individuals will lead to a nation of corpses or the walking dead; an uneducated society leads to government tyranny. I honestly don’t believe our Founding Fathers wanted either.

    As far as your comment about “Letting more government in is not the answer” – you do realize that our government has expanded more under the Republican administrations than they have under the Democratic ones, don’t you? (I posted the link in another comment & can’t find it right now) So while the Republicans claim that they are in favor of reducing the size of government, their actions demonstrate exactly the opposite.

    Are you sure about Obama not getting the support of the doctors? This site tells me otherwise http://doctorsforobama.net/pressrelease.html

    I’m not sure where you’re going with the universities “buying into” Obama’s plan. They still have the right to either accept or reject applicants based on stringent criteria. That doesn’t change. What changes is whether or not students that would meet the selection criteria will now be able to meet any financial obligations that go with attending college. The schools will get their money; the students will get their education; the work force will get well-qualified employees – everyone wins.

    For oil – why don’t we just uncap the wells that we already have?


    Natural gas? Seems like many of the states right smack dab in the middle of the lower 48, there’s an abundance of this natural resource. Therefore, it makes more sense to me to spend billions of dollars to conduct R&D on alternative energies than spend it on building a pipeline to transport natural gas from AK.


    Iraq – I read through the entire transcript and have to say it was very enlightening. Sorry, but I can’t draw the same conclusions as the 2 captains. First, we *bought* the loyalty of the Iraqi people (or at least the sheiks – seems to be the same thing). What do you think is going to happen when the American cash cows come home? It really angers me that while my husband & I work hard & struggle to make ends meet, the US government is handing out tens of thousands of dollars at a time to foreign citizens to stimulate their economy – charity begins at home. Second, this “economy” that they’ve been trying to set up is based on the failed trickle-down theory that has led to our own fiscal decline. Do you really believe that these sheiks are so altruistic that they will continue to spread the wealth once the US vacates the country, especially since they haven’t done so for thousands of years? Third, I find it appalling that they presume that the European nations should be footing the bill for this war. WE made the decision to go in there – WE need to accept the consequences. THEY didn’t fall for the deception – THEY shouldn’t be charged for the debacle.

    If we keep getting into wars for the wrong reasons, keep getting lied to by the powers-that-be, keep trying the same failed tactics thinking that they’ll yield different results (definition of insanity), how do you expect any support for the next conflict that may arise – either internally with more young people volunteering for military service or externally by the international community? Don’t get me wrong – I applaud the brave men & women that have fought for my freedom to say these things and continue to do so. However, I would also be just as supportive if these young people made the decision to pass up the armed forces if they feel that their commander-in-chief doesn’t have their or the country’s best interest at heart. War is *not* the only answer in a dispute.

    For Alaska Pi and A girl – I’ve loved your comments on this and other threads. The insight and intelligence you and several other posters possess is truly encouraging. I’m so happy that Helen & Margaret have provided a place where we could all gather and talk about how we can best get this country out of the deplorable state it’s currently in.

    That’s the end of my rant for now. Thanks for reading.



  21. Perhaps Anita has a valid point. My initial inquiry was to test the waters. I have enjoyed the ladies wit for a few weeks now, and do not wish to disrupt others. I will try and post additional thoughts on my blog here at wordpress for any that wish to follow up. Thanks Helen and Margaret


  22. “Don’t give them health insurance, give them designer clothing. ” Just priceless. You make many great points!


  23. Anita in Fl-
    Why do you think we should go away?
    Helen, with her great wit and good sense, and Margaret, in her own quiet way, have taken a chainsaw to the fences we have hidden behind for years and invited us into their parlor.
    Are we showing disrespect to Helen and Margaret if we pick up their ideas and turn around to talk to other specific folks in the room?
    Thank you again Helen- for inviting us all in.


  24. Why don’t you two start your own blog and leave Margaret and Helen’s alone….just a thought.


  25. Ptfan 1-
    Well, this attitude about government hasn’t fixed us up… whatever validity it has has been exhausted in over-application in the last 8 years.

    Since we made healthcare an “industry” in the free market way of doing things we have watched insurance skyrocket, share of insurance dollars going to everything except actual healthcare baloon, jobs WHICH SUPPORT paying for insurance disappear , doctors get buried under paperwork for insurance companies-private as well as govt– ALL this BEFORE the doc even gets a chance to check our pulse.

    Private sector has NOT stepped up to the plate in the way we want or need it to to deal with the issues…and doesn’t look it will or can. So- we are now going to apportion healthcare as a privilege? To those fortunate enough to get the dwindling jobs which can pay premiums and leave enough to feed and house us? We are going to close our eyes and our hearts to those who work their buns off and cannot afford insurance?
    There have been too many folks out there , on either extreme, who worry about the slippery slope of too much government-not enough government yelling for so long – we have lost track of the fact most of us out here aren’t on a slippery slope… we are on a steep s-curve… and we are losing traction in the mud!

    So- I am at the point , along with a whole lot of other folks, where I think we need to get off the stick and change a whole lot of things.
    When the private sector can’t or won’t do it , it is to our public sector we must turn. Misplaced faith in the private sector has as many- or more- pitfalls as misplaced faith in the public sector. Witness the Wall Street meltdown.

    In the end- NEITHER will do the job… the pushme-pullyou of attention to BOTH is where our best work is done. Most of us do not like that scary zone… but it really is where we do our best work…

    If we lose some docs who are afraid to make changes, I’m sorry.The docs I know just want to treat patients and make a decent living without having to spend so much time and money on NON-care tomfoolery.

    We tend to get stuck in thinking out toward logical extremes when change is proposed and flipping out… Realistically, stuff gets pretty diluted while we duke it out…If we keep our eye on the prize, for longer than election day, we can adjust our direction as we go instead of veering off toward extremes un-thinking.

    So- I disagree that “letting more government in is not the answer”- I want to let SOME government in and I want to smack the crap outta either side if they overreach.


  26. Alaska Pi
    “You don’t sound old enough to remember when healthcare issues were not about insurance but about the care itself… sure would like to see us get back there somehow.”

    Letting more government in is not the answer ………it drives doctors away. You decide less when government decides for you (imho)


  27. A girl-
    Hope you come back… after you take a walk around the block and breathe deep a bit. Ptfan 1 just zinged you with a stealth emotional hit disguised as logical thought. Pretty smarmy – patting you on the head and “reminding” you the state did not make the decision for you and your husband to have a child. The state is us, girl- us- ALL of us. IF we DECIDE to support OURSELVES with a better approach to healthcare . we WILL do it.
    You don’t sound old enough to remember when healthcare issues were not about insurance but about the care itself… sure would like to see us get back there somehow.


  28. Ummm… just because they have universal healthcare does NOT mean they are socialists. Just because you wrap up your opinion in a pretty package doesn’t mean you have a clue as to what you are talking about. And YES, I have talked to MANY people whose governments have universal healthcare. Ever heard of Canada? There are many others who have very successful healthcare programs. and I have never heard one of them complain about it. In fact, they all feel sorry for those of us who live in countries that don’t have it. I have talked to many of them about their healtcare program, and it sounds damn good to me! Not to mention the fact that we ARE ALREADY paying for it. What do you think happens when someone with no insurance goes into the hospital for emergency treatment. They are not turned away. And what do you think happens then? That charge is eventually absorbed by hostpitals jacking up their rates, which in turn, causes insurance premiums to go up. So yes, we are paying for it already. Our insurance premium has doubled over the past 3 years. And I expect it to continue to rise. There are many other things that we are paying for, like welfare, and you can sit there complaining about it all day, but it’s not gonna change anytime soon. And if I’m gonna have to pay for something, I’d much rather it be healthcare than welfare. Because healthcare is something EVERYONE deserves, even YOU.


  29. A girl ..having a child is a huge responsibility that you and your husband have happily made. The state didn’t make it for you. It is your responsibility to cover your childs needs. We do not yet have cradle to grave health care provided by the state and I pray that we never will. It means that you and your husband will also be taxed to support all of the other folks who might just not want to work but to have babies and let you support them. Some other countries do have socialist medicine. Have you talked to any of them about how it is working?


  30. Helen good day and thank you for this blog opportunity. And Anita thank you as well for reminding me of my manners:)

    Michele my answers may be a little different than you expect but I believe in truly building consensus from the input of a diverse group of stakeholders when developing policy. We have not had that lately…..not for at lease 20 years. And the plans that we are all chirping about don’t have it either. The issues are extraordinarily complex, more so than ever before. So what we have from both parties are plans that are designed to appeal emotionally to us but that are not fully vetted by all the stakeholders. So neither plan is likely to succeed as it is currently proposed. SO we are kinda putting the cart before the horse. With both Healthcare and with Education. Iraq is a diferent story.

    Remember when Hillary failed in her grand design to “reform” healthcare? One of the primary reasons of failure was she did not have the most important stakeholder at the table. Doctors. Same is true here. Ask your physician(s) how they feel about an Obama administration. I have asked mine. They are unanimously opposed to it (unfortunately I have had the opportunity to quiz quite a few). These guys/gals spent many years becoming licensed to treat you and I under a system that still rewards (although government is already eroding their ability for appropriate earnings). They are afraid of Obama more than McCain in my anecdotal research. I will incldue 2 links at the end of this blog that will support my thoughts. The first will be on Obama the second will be on Iraq.

    As for free college access for everyone well that gets a lotta votes but I haven’t seen any endorsement from University Presidents and if you have ever wanted to study bureacracy that is the place to do it. So it appears to me to be a dream not a reality and the educators will not be cooperative in implimenting change on that broad a scale. They think in terms of semesters to have a meeting that the business community would have in weeks. Gonna take a while, change comes slowly and painfully in the halls of our university systems.

    Energy wise McCain flipped on offshore drilling and led Floridas Governor to follow. Then Obama followed. Governor Palin has a history of trying to bring natural gas to the lower 48. T Boone Pickens opines that natural gas is the bridge to alternate fuel development which will take years of R & D, so increased drilling, natural gas and wind turbines might be a good next step for us there. McCain agrees.

    Lastly Iraq. America always tires of an extended war and thats a good thing else we might grow to fond of it (RE Lee). This war is being under reported by the MSM in a very disingenuous way to damge Bush and the GOP. There are very important reasons to stay for a victory. One is to stabilize Iraq’s sects, two is to eradicate all Al Quada, there is to secure its borders from Iran which is a genuine threat to Iraq and the world. Also to just arbitraily withdraw would be to dishonor our dead and living soldiers.

    I do not see Healtcare as a right.
    I do not see College Education as a right.
    I don’t think you can support freedom with a multinational agenda when the history of the UN is as weak as a tea party.
    I think environmental concerns are valid and a necessary part of an energy plan but we have to act quickly to gain energy independence.

    McCain supports all of that.

    Now for the links, the first is a Dan Rather transcript of an interview with 3 extraordianry patriots.

    The second is startling in its clarity about Obama.
    It just made the 6:30 National news.
    I just came across it today it surfaced Sunday Night.



    This second link demonstrates a clear ongoing strategy of Obamas, from 2001 to Joe the Plumber.

    I know this is long but I had the time today. And probably won’t have again for a while.


  31. How can anyone say that health care should be a “privilege” that you work for? That is a sick statement. So you’re telling me that if my husband and I lose our jobs, that my 2 year old should not have that “privilege” anymore? Perhaps I should have her open a lemonade stand so that she can earn the right to see her pediatrician from now on. You’re sick ptfan.


  32. Good Day, Helen! Yes, I see your $300 and I say I could do pretty darned good at Ross for say, $225. Not counting makeup of course.


  33. You could at least tell Helen “Good Morning”!!!


  34. ptfan1,

    Thank you for your prompt and civil response (it’s been hard to get those on both sides these days).

    Yes, I realize that most of these measures did not pass, but they are important issues to me and give me a glimpse into what each candidate feels is important and what they would try to achieve during their administration.

    As far as health care – If I’m understanding you correctly, the fact that I work (as does my husband) should qualify me for the privilege of health care. I believe that you’re saying also that it would be OK that McCain taxes this benefit. If that were to happen in my case, I would be paying at least an additional $6000 per year in taxes just to keep what I currently have – $1000 more than the $5000 tax credit. McCain would also disallow my employer to write off what they pay to allow me and my family to have health care coverage so it’s very likely that they would drop this benefit. This would leave me with the decision to either start paying the $24000 per year, shop around for other coverage (which would be costly given some pre-existing conditions that I & my family members have), or go without health coverage. To be honest, I can’t afford options 1 or 2 so I’d be left with option 3. Now, should any of us suffer from a serious illness or accident, who will pay for it?

    When I read the information on JohnMcCain.com, it appears as if he is mainly supporting the continued and expanded use of fossil fuels. Alternative energy technologies seem to be an afterthought at best. This is simply my interpretation so please provide me with the reasons you feel that my analysis is in error.

    I don’t understand why putting a timeline on Iraq withdrawal is foolish. It’s probably a very simplistic and naive view that I have, but if it’s costing us billions of dollars to be there and Iraq is operating at a surplus, what incentive is there for the Iraqi people to get their act together? Just let the stupid Americans pay for our civil war.

    The $4000 college credit would be earned in the form of community service (military, Peace Corp, or otherwise). From my perspective, this doesn’t sound like college admissions would get a dramatic influx of applicants, but rather give young, hard-working people another alternative to assist them in getting a college education (no hand-outs). This is from the 3rd debate – here’s the transcript:


    At least we can agree on the abortion issue to a large extent. I, however, am in favor of late-term abortions in cases where the mother’s life is at risk which is covered by RvW. Furthermore, I can not vote for a president that would work to overturn this Supreme Court decision.

    I also find it refreshing to someone that has a different view than I have and doesn’t resort to name-calling and simply regurgitating what various media outlets are spouting.

    Thank you for your time & consideration. I look forward to hearing back from you or anyone else that can offer better insight into why they feel either candidate is the best choice in this presidential race.


  35. Well thank you for trying. The question was really about what he has done and not what he says he will do. Votes on legislation that failed to pass may be the strongest points that he has going for him.

    As for what he says he will do I fundamentally disagree with health care as a right, i see it as a privelage that people work to obtain. And the small business tax increase he is proposing to make it a right will disincent job growth.

    Agree with alternative energy programs and so does McCain.

    Putting a time ceratin on Iraq is simply foolish as far as a military decision. Besides the language is already drafted for resolution and withdrawal. Just needs to be finalized now and it is being done without his input.

    Who will pay for $4K college credit and how will colleges that now have waiting lists manage a dramatic rise in attendees? I do not believe colleges will be happy to be told they have to accept anyone that has a free ride.

    I agree with choice and support RvW but not partial birth abortion any time during pregnancy.
    I am not one who would vote for a president on this issue alone.

    Again thank you for your effort it is refreshing to find someone who actually thinks enough about substance to dig a little.


  36. ptfan1 – I’ll take on the challenge. For what he’s done:

    Reference: http://www.votesmart.org/

    He voted in favor of the following bills:

    1 – Pay as you Go Amendment (McCain also voted Y)

    2 – Alternative Energy Subsidies (McCain – No Vote)

    3 – Coirporate Financing of Terrorist Amendment (McCain – N)

    4 – Equal Pay Bill (McCain – No Vote)

    5 – Habeus Corpus for Detainees of US (McCain – N)

    For what he plans on doing (various sources):

    1 – Health Care Insurance – not including it as taxable income and giving employers a 50% tax credit for providing Health Coverage to their employees

    2 – Proponent of Alternative Energies – I feel this is the next big infrastructure “project” that can help America with job creation and getting us out of our current financial crisis.

    3 – Plan to get out of Iraq – His plan calls for getting troops out in 16 months; McCain hasn’t given a firm timeline (best we can hope for is by the end of his term)

    4 – Proposal to give a $4000 credit for college

    5 – Continue to improve rights of women (pay equity & reproductive choices)


  37. I have a question for anyone on this blog that can focus on facts. Can anyone list 5 things that Obama has done as a US Senator that qualifies him for the office of President? Just 5 things.


  38. […] comes this fine blog from 82 year old Helen Philpot. You’ll want to read many of her entries. Here’s a starter. First things first. Let’s comment on this shopping spree to spruce up the Spruce Goose Governor […]


  39. Betsy I have to tell you thanks for writing your thoughts on taxes.It puts into words what was troubling me.


  40. […] over to her site to read the rest of […]


  41. Amen! So well said I can hardly stand it.


  42. Great job, ladies ! I’d call you.”my friends”, but those words actually have taken on a whole new repulsive meaning ! I may never have a “friend” again.


  43. TAXES — this needs rethinking. We didn’t used to mind paying taxes so much because we knew what they paid for. Roads. Bridges. Schools. Fire fighters. Ambulances. Police. All of them services we needed and wanted.

    Growing up as I did in a family of subversives, we were not glad about the taxes that went for the military.

    However, over the last 30 years, the GOP etal have hijacked the language in many ways, not the least is their joining of ‘Tax” with “Burden.” Now it is a tax burden we bear, and after awhile, people began to feel burdened in a way they had not, before.

    The words are important. A tax burden is something to be rid of! Of course, when we do that, we do away with necessary services, the regulation of things that need to be regulated (think: airplanes!), loads f things.

    Paying taxes is one of the costs of living in a free country. Notice how they took the language, brainwashed people into not wanting to pay taxes for the services we all want, and now our freedoms are being taken (even though the Constitution does not say we can be free because our laws say so; it says “We hold these truths to be self-evident…” and those are the truths of people and freedom which are ours by virtue of having been born. Period.

    Enough. You get my drift.


  44. A friend put me onto your blog, so I’ve linked for the duration. Thank you both so much for being here, you are wonderful.


  45. Such enjoyable reading. Keep up the good work.


  46. I read something not long ago, a definition of trickle-down theory.

    It’s when you overfeed your horse and the horse takes a dump, whatever oats are left in the pile, the birds can eat

    Sums it up pretty well, don’tcha think?


  47. Way to go! You tell it like it is and with humor. Without the humor, I think I could not face any more of this election. I would give you a big hug if you were near.


  48. Rat , Rat- Rat in this room now!!!!


  49. You two are wonderful. Please keep telling the truth.


  50. Thanks for making my day. As a Canadian we unfortunately don’t get to vote for your next President and in a way wish we could, at least I do. Most Canadians are very interested as to what is going to happen ‘south of the border’. I too will hopefully breathe a sigh of relief when Obama gets in; I mean really, can you picture Palin at a NATO meeting?


  51. I have a strong feeling that the statement about donating Sarah Palin’s new clothes to charity came after it started getting so much attention in the news.


  52. Mississippi for Obama-
    We’ve been skirting the elephant in the room here . While it may VOTE Republican , current Republican Neocon strategy only calls for turning it on and propping it up for elections and ignoring it the rest of the time…
    I’m talking about the large segment of the working poor -including the ones out there saying hateful things about Mr Obama- who vote against their own real interests…


    Democrats really did lose their way a number of years ago… not long … but off into the ozone nonetheless…A whole gob of those kids of ours we worked hard to send off to college got kind of uppity for awhile. I almost walked out the party door when Zoe Baird thought she was eligible for US Attorney General post when she couldn’t manage to follow the law regarding simple lil things like meeting her obligations to her household help.
    Thing is, I didn’t fall for the Neocon strategy of demonizing educated people as elitists… I heard it but I didn’t buy it.
    Your current neighbors did. The neocon strategy is like that of the classic abuser. they tell you they love you.- you are the only real Americans They work hard to play on your fears and “protect” you from outside monsters by increasing your isolation from the world- demonizing the so-called mainstream media…They divert your attention from your own plight by blaming their failures to really protect you on the truly poor and broken souls and GD politicians who just tax you and take away your hard work…AND then they hammer the hell out of you by cozying up to the jerks who are sending your jobs overseas, your bank accounts in the toilet, and slimes who are peddling you mortgages they know you can’t afford but hide in type so small you would need an electron microscope to read it!
    It is so discouraging to live with neighbors who have fallen for all that crap… and some dangerous, at times. But- let’s NOT demonize THEM…they are our neighbors and we don’t want to be creeps too.Let’s just call up all our strength and outvote them…And then lend a real hand up to ourselves AND our neighbors!


  53. I am Grandma to 4 —love your blog and just ordered myself a tee shirt!!!


  54. Helen you remind of a dear friend I lost a few years ago. Her wit was just like yours. There is a lot to say for age and wisdon and only little old ladies can do it right. Thank you. Also, here in the most Republican state in the country, Idaho people are actually starting to re-think their red stand. I also think Mccain and Palin are too out of touch with the real world. And, what’s with the I’m glad I that I was aquited of any wrong doing by Palin in the Ak indictment proceedings? If she can lie about that then what else is she lying about? The clothes are the tip of the iceburg as far as I’m concerned. And she should take some fashion tips from Micheall Obama. Now there is a lady with class.


  55. I make 41,000 a year at two jobs…I have a masters and work full time…Im a single mom with one child in my home and the other living down the street with my grandson…my rent is 50% of my income…my student loans have morphed from 37,000 in 2004 to 63,000 to date…they want me to pay 300 a month…it takes 90 a week to fill up my car…but I make too much for any kind of help…they are what you’d call middle class…but in reality I’m poor…I’m fighting to not live on my credit card…I have no food…don’t buy clothes and can’t get my hair and nails done…
    with 150,000 I could pay off all my bills…make a dent in my student loans…put some money aside for a few months emergency rent…get some much needed clothes and put some savings away…


  56. Well, Helen, I think part of the problem is that some people think that it is a person’s own fault if they are poor. In the back of their minds they are thinking that a person must be lazy for that to happen to them. They’ve never been there, so they can’t know what it is like.
    In essence, you are correct. The mindset is that if those damn poor people would just work harder they wouldn’t be poor! Those people just can’t comprehend “working poor”.


  57. Thank you Helen! When are you going to be on MSNBC with Olbermann, Maddow, or the Daily Show with John Stewart?


  58. Good Morning Helen & Margaret
    Look in every day to see what is going on, on your great blog. I have followed you through te first letter about Palin, many thanks.

    Here in the South I am very sad to say that so much of the 1/2 truths and misconceptions are still going strong. Local papers that have blogs are infestated with the fanatics. Coming from church pulpits and the uneducated I am reading accusations of Obama being the Anti-Christ. I am appalled that this ignorance is so wide spread. I am a proud Independant and my husband said we are NEVER living in a RED state again, I am having a very hard time being surrounded by these hate filled attitudes and can’t wait to move where the Republicans and their spewing of BS will be in the minority. Love to you both for helping to preserve my sanity.


  59. Thank you ladies for your thoughts and insight. Finding this blog has been the highlight of my day! I am looking forward to reading more in the future.


  60. LOVE the Best Friends Forever T-Shirt!!! Too Funny Helen!!!


  61. Daryl–

    Thank you for being so reasonable and polite in your dissent to the rest of the group here. Really. I appreciate seeing a “nice” response from someone who disagrees…

    Personally, I am not all that interested in clothing, but I do see your point. I’m sitting here in my LLBean jeans and my Obama t-shirt, wool socks and Birkenstocks (which I thought of as a splurge, but I have had them for 3 years so I’m starting to feel less bad about the purchase). I don’t think I’ve spent $150,000 on clothes in my entire lifetime, but I am not trying to convince anyone that I am a professional or a politician, either.

    But, also, I agree with others who think it is hypocritical to try to be “everyman” and then spend that much money on clothes.

    grace :)


  62. Helen! You’ve rocked my world lady!
    I used to be someone that shied away from politics. Kept quiet and let the world happen around me. Was too busy raising my sons on my own from the time they were 2 & 6 and making a life for us.
    But something happened to me this year…other than turning 50. A fire started burning about what was happening, what i was hearing and feeling about the condition of our world. Then this Palin chick hit the screen and that fire turned to heartburn. Through researching this mockery, I found your site and,,,,,,,I’m reborn! (and outraged)
    I adore you, your outlook, and your faithful followers and look forward to more more more!
    A gracious thank you, to all of you, for opening my eyes and making it easier to laugh at what i see~!!


  63. Mr Hunter-
    Ms Palin , my governor, IS a hick though she has NEVER dressed like folks’ idea of a hick . Heck, she dresses like a magazine cover to go hunting!
    The point here is that there is a big disconnect between what comes out of her mouth about being regular and Main Street and all that and going on a clothes shopping spree of this magnitude.
    You can bet that $150,000 worth of clothes to prance around the country in is NOT playing well with my neighbors in the bush who are paying around $8.00/gallon for fuel oil…NO matter who paid for em. Whoever proposed here that the clothes get auctioned on ebay had a great idea…
    I’m a hick too but have never had the interest in appearance Ms Palin does . I’m way more concerned about WHAT she DOES and whether it connects to what she SAYS.
    I feel sad about your siblings… “mastering the craft of keeping on the dole” says more about our collective lack of will to make welfare a real “hand up” for so many years…
    Human beings mostly do what they know… if they don’t know or can’t see opportunity they stick with what they know…


  64. I don’t quite understand why everyone thinks socialism is so bad. I moved to Austria three years ago. Austria (not Australia!) is a socialist country, and I couldn’t imagine moving back to the US anytime soon. I pay taxes…lots of taxes, but it definitely worth it if you know that you and everyone else will always have health insurance, the retired have enough money to buy food, and the disabled are also taken care of. How is this such a bad system?


  65. Hey, Helen!

    Once again you have nailed it.

    Also living in Texas I get a bellyful of this BULLSHIT on a regular basis. Mrs. Jack and I decided we might benefit from some Bible study a few years ago, so we headed a little ways down the road to the North Campus of one of Houston’s biggest Baptist Churches. At first it was fine, but as the election that year got closer and closer the political rhetoric started melding in with the Bible quotations. First there was the rant by the pastor/preacher about the “gay agenda.” Then came the racially charged e-mail jokes from our Bible Study teacher, then we got a new teacher for the seniors class who introduced himself with a rant against “welfare mothers.” We still hung in there, switching to a different class where we were treated to this statement: “Don’t tell me there’s not going to be any hunting in Heaven or I don’t want to go!” I was afraid for the guy’s life because Mrs. Jack is a life-long animal rights person. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that there was an announcement from the pulpit near the end there that there would be a big church-sponsored event where “Republican politicians” would speak.

    Fearing for our immortal souls, Mrs. Jack and I fled for our lives never to return. There’s a whole bunch of BULLSHIT being put out there by people who claim to be “good Christians” which also seems to include being a good Republican in these parts.

    It’s way past time for a change!

    To say the least we were out of there.


  66. I have just discovered you, and you have made my day. Rock on grandma!


  67. Once again I am accusing you of being a sock puppet. Stop impersonating your grandmother.


  68. Daryl:

    I for one would have had more respect for her if she had worn her Alaskan clothing. To profess to be “one of us”, while accepting that 150,000 in clothing and makeup, etc, makes her more “plastic” than a Barbie Doll.


  69. Woman for Obama,

    My husband and I have donated regularly to the Obama campaign over the last year. He can use all of MY donations to visit his grandmother. Thank goodness he honors his grandmother for all she did for him as a child. She is one of the reasons he is the kind of person he is, and for that alone I honor her, too.


  70. If Sarah Palin had campaigning in her personal wardrobe Maureen doud and everyone else would have ripped her a new one for looking like a hick.

    Susanna Chung Forest has carved a niche for herself by dressing powerful businesswomen and socialites in polished, conservative style.

    The clothes aren’t cheap. Jackets are about $3,000, shirts run to $1,350 and pants hover around the $2,000 mark. For first-time clients, there is a minimum three-suit requirement, simply because it costs so much to make the mannequins.

    Forest continues to send packages containing three or four suits at a time to Clinton on the road. She is finishing a bright red silk suit and has already sent along a black ensemble with a skirt instead of pants.

    Maybe we ought to see if Clinton is declaring these as gifts, it looks as though that the total will me, millions more than Ted Stevens received.

    I was raised on welfare and the worse thing that happened to my siblings is they mastered the craft of keeping on the dole.

    Obama wants to create more dependence not independence.

    Daryl L. Hunter
    Palin 2012


  71. Spreading the wealth by building road’s, bridge’s,schools is socialism? OBAMA/BIDEN 08 More power to you Granma.


  72. Hi Helen I’m a 56 year old British lady living in Malaysia and have been following the election…your blog is amazing..!!

    I know I can’t vote, but the rest of the world needs and wants Peace, Friendship and Change as you say and Obama definitely looks the right person for the job.

    Hope he wins by a landslide…

    Good Luck and Best Wishes
    Ali x


  73. bigsurkate – If by some horrid chance the McCain ticket wins I do believe that Helen will not run out of things to blog about for say 4 years. A comedian was asked which candidate they wanted to win the election — the answer was for the country Obama for my comedy routine McCain.

    With all the talk about Sara’s wardrobe tab — have we stopped to think what great things could be done with the millions of dollars all politicans (national and local) are spending on getting elected or re-elected???? Me thinks that the process needs a little tweeking. One and half to two years is WAAAAAAAAy to long for this process.


  74. Which about?
    Thank you Helen- yet again for inviting us all in…


  75. Oh jeez- I forgot to breathe again…
    There’s no thing about Mr Obama that reflects a meaningful connection with a Weatherman radical… there is EVERY thing which about Mr Obama which reflects him answering the call of the finest woman to to hit the national scene in our country’s history…
    Eat your heart out gov… and get back here so we can talk to you bout some stuff…
    Depositions due from both Palins tomorrow – to investigator in Troopergate 2!


  76. D-
    I think maybe I follow…
    I’m scared shitless too.
    I wasn’t kidding when I said . in another post here, that I’m a stove up old repair plumber finishing up my working days behind a hardware store counter. I stump around on my tottery bits and pieces and hope I can last til Medicare or drop dead before anymore things fall off me since I don’t have insurance. I do have a job I love so I’ll go out happy…
    I’m a grandma who bursts into tears everytime I hear my lil grand on the phone ( from Maine- what is it about that place that it has so many of our bests? Best friends, best sons, best, daughter-in-laws, best grands?!) Her happy confident lil voice singing out about her new adventures to her gran in Ala-saka. Her parents loving and cherishing her as they teach her boundaries and give her tools to take care of herself someday… And I’m just terrified of the world we will pass off to her and all her peers -the one beyond her parents’ door -if we don’t get our butts up to the plate and go to work…
    I was one of the working poor for so many years…a single parent who took more flexible work with less pay so I could go to all those football games and band competitions and so on…and fix hot breakfasts and be there in the evening to play yahtzee. (My guy learned his multiplication tables through 6s by six years old that way!) … and grow a garden and put up the food in the fall and, and…
    Everytime I hear about all the dang Joes Mr McCain and Ms Palin have drug out from some fantasy of “regular ” Americans I get heartburn . MY name ISN’T Joe! I’m damned regular even if I’m not very moderate… and I’m scared to death too many folks will get off on this dang Joe tangent and FORGET their own damn names aren’t Joe either … and swallow the BS.
    Oh- jeez- gotta do the breathing thingy again…
    But- while I’m out here trying not to stroke out , marvelling at Helen’s sharp mind and wondering if mine will ever be that sharp, I finally remembered what bugged me so much about the Ayers smear… I mean beyond the fact it’s all a lying smear… Remember Ms Palin chiding Mr Biden about something being in the past and he said ‘past is prologue…”? I’ve been casting around trying to decide what the prologue to the now-logue that is Mr Obama’s amazing appeal to me… And I finally got it…


    So- keep breathing all of you- us… vote, vote OBAMA!!!!!


  77. Well, I’ve been coming here for a while, as does everyone who is turned on to your blog, and I LOVE the T-shirts. I see one I just HAVE to order!

    But what I want to know, is once Obama is elected, where are you going to direct your blog?

    Palin does not deserve any more cybertime. She needs to get over herself, and she won’t as long as she gets the attention she crazes.

    So … be thinking about where you will lead your loyal readers after November 5th …


  78. Dang it, I meant “Yahtzee” instead of “yatzee”.


  79. Greetings from Florida!
    I love your blog – keep up the great work!


  80. American Pi (Okay, I’m going to start calling you AP):
    The unfortunate part to all of this is that this country is full of lazy people. These are the people, who park at one end of a strip mall to walk into one store, then get back into their vehicle to visit the store at the other end, instead of just walking. These are the people, who, instead of getting out and voting last year, stayed home thinking that their votes weren’t worth the effort. These are the same people who are too damn lazy to fight for their children’s education. These are the people who are too lazy to shake around a couple zatzee dice and prefer to bond with their children in front of the boob tube by watching mindless reality television. Frankly, I’m scared…. scared shitless that instead of laying down simple traps smeared with a bit of peanut butter, we’re going to wake up one day with a major rat infestation!!!!

    *deep breath*
    Okay, I’m better now.

    Dear God, don’t let the crypt keeper into the White House. That’s all I want for Christmas.


  81. The thing I hate is she is supposed to be the “common” woman. I’m the common woman. I’m raising three grandsons, one of whom I cannot get insurance for, and the last “fancy” outfit I bought, I got at Good Will.

    Hell, yes, I resent that money spent. Of course, if I’m not mistaken, it is also against the law to spend the Party’s money on things like clothing.


  82. Does anyone know how to contact The View or even Oprah.

    Helen, I would love to see you on one of those shows.

    Would you do it if they offered?


  83. You bring such humor to this blog. I enjoy it more than I can say and really appreciate that you make me laugh. We all need to laugh, and your sense of humor is just what I need. I’m a big fan and I sent your link to a few friends, too. thanks for the smiles and the laughs!!!


  84. Chris and D-
    Trickle -down was/is the latest re-incarnation of Social Darwinism. Unless we pay close attention and constantly monitor our ideas and how well they play out in our human institutions -like nations- we humans just shuffle the deck and come out with the same bad hand in a different suit…


  85. I agree with Awake in Rochester, Sarah should sell the clothes on ebay and all the republican men that have fantasies about her can purchase them. If Pat Buchanan does’nt buy them all himself. He keeps talking about her being the most popular president govenor, well yeah, you would be too if you were the govenor of Exxonland, kind of like disneyland just better you get a check from the oil companies. What bothers most about this is that women have a difficult time getting respected, taken seriously, equal pay for equal work and then we have this idiot show and is happy to be trouted around by McLame and his cronies as the “hottie hockey mom” , none of them seem to care that she is offensive, ignorant, opportunitistic, in articulate and attention seeking. Winking and smiling like a cheap $2 whore. Dont know if you saw her take Trig on stage face forward to the crowd march him directly across and then hand him off to someone off stage. She never stopped waved or smiled at him. She just shamelessly paraded her special needs child across the stage like he is her mascot. Everyone clapped as if they were watching a circus act. Very sick.. She is the anti feminist and women should be the most offended. I think she is setting her sites on 2012, lucky for McLame that they won’t win, with her as his VP he would have been wise to sleep with one eye open.


  86. OMG, I thought the same thing — $150,000, and that’s the best she can do?

    Knowing what I know about the Beauty Queen, I think she took the designer clothes back for a cash refund. So she probably IS wearing J.C. Penny! Which is the only thing we two have in common, I hope!


  87. A deeply religious friend of mine walked away from his church a few years ago- unable to make sense of the trickle-down theory that had trickled into the congregation – as” the poor will always be with us” there was nothing anyone needed to do – there would always be poor people, no matter what. ( agh!!)
    A housepainter by trade but a singer songwriter by heart he vented in song… check out “Jesus Loves Me ( more than he loves you)” and “Brand New Jesus”…


    Helen hit the bullseye, yet again! Pesky dang poor people…
    Helen- fooey on drafting you for Prez. You put on one of your Minding Ps and Qs T-shirts and we’ll all make sure you get White House Press Secretary.


  88. Fu@k Sarah, Helen in 2012!


  89. This election is historic! VOTE FOR OBAMA!!
    Vote for the common good of our nation!

    Vote Obama!!! For my grandchildren, Vote Obama!


  90. Don’t you think you need a T-Shirt for the words that started it all?
    “She’s a bitch. There… I said it”.

    You should think about calling some local and national newspapers/networks and tell them about your blog blowing up. I’m sure there are enough offline journalists that would run an interview, and that might help Obama.

    Afterwards, you should call Obama’s people and tell them about your blog as well. For your work, they should at least invite you to the inauguration ;-)

    Best wishes from Amsterdam!


  91. Good comment “D”…I’m there with you…nowhere in my sociology or ecomomics classes did they mention “trickle down” anything as a good idea…we had a good run with it for awhile, but in the end, it collapsed….just an ideology, not a solution to a much deeper problem….we have yet to find if, and I’m feeling positive that we will with Barack Obama as our President…he’s intelligent, thoughtful, a team player, and committed to all of us as well as the poorest among us.


  92. I really do believe that most Republicans skipped out on taking Sociology. Otherwise, they would have learned how tight of a fix many of the working poor are in.
    Many, who find themselves in the working poor bracket are victims of downward mobility. (Some were born into it and have not been able to grow upward.) The working poor are the single mothers, who have to put their children in daycare while they try to earn enough to cover the daycare, the rent, some food, and not much else. Many of these people do not have the financial opportunity to work, care for their children and better themselves by attending college. We need to do more to support a big portion of our society who are trying hard to make better lives for themselves and their children. I sure as hell would prefer my taxes going to them, versus going to a bailing out a bunch of banks who got way too greedy!!!


  93. Helen,

    I have been enjoying your blog the past few weeks. Don’t stop!

    I just wanted to mention where most of our tax dollars go: the military industrial complex. And, curiously, about 72 defense contractor companies in Iraq turned out to be shell companies when examined; they got the multi-million dollar contracts, but didn’t actually produce anything.

    When Duke Cunningham was indicted for bribery, two of companies that offered him bribes were shell companies; they didn’t make anything. I keep wondering if shell companies are set up, receive multi-million dollar no-bid contracts, and then funnel some of the money back to Congress people as donations.

    My heroes these days: auditors.


  94. um,,,, Rita? I can tell where I think he ought to go! (in a handbasket even)


  95. Helen you rock! I think you have given voice to what so many of us think and feel — and you’re doing it all through the eyes of experience enough to know better! I cannot wait until November 5th when we really can be proud of our leaders again and when idiot leaves office. The only thing I’m sad about is that he’s coming here to Texas — can’t he find somewhere else to go????


  96. Helen,

    Up Next: Your take on *robo-calling*.

    Please. I mean it.

    Your friend and ardent admirer, Maven.


  97. Amen! It has always annoyed me that “pro-life” ends at birth – they don’t care about poor babies and almost always support the death penalty. So support life! In utero only please!


  98. You nailed it. I always have love for someone that can defend the poor. Thank you for that.


  99. Here’s the thing — I lived in Germany for years. I paid close to the same taxes I pay now, maybe a little more. I paid less for the health insurance withdrawal each month than I have had to pay in the US for private health insurance. What did I get for my “high” European taxes — my daughter went to a multi-lingual day care with hot lunches, ballet lessons, and swimming lessons. The teachers were certified and had to attend continuing education classes once a month. It cost me $75 per month. I never paid a dime for any doctor visit ever. My husband spent 3 days in the hospital — for a dislocated shoulder (would never even be admitted to a hospital here). We never paid a dime. My prescriptions cost me 5 DM (before Euros), my children’s were free. That is what a good system does with their taxes. Buses were on time and clean. Roads were great — had the guys in the orange suits out sweeping BY HAND the roads each week. Paid a small tax for my dog and it paid for someone else to pooper scoop for me! And university is free. Darn those high taxes. Americans have no idea at all how behind we are.


  100. Helen!!! Love the T-shirts!!!

    Next stop…a book deal!!!!


  101. Well-said. Assuming that Her Snowiness had a different outfit on for each of the 64 or so days between her nomination and election day, that’s $1,915.20 for each day’s outfit. Ridiculous.


  102. Helen, I am a retired accountant and spend the filing season assisting low income taxpayers at our state’s taxation and revenue office. It is a poor area of town and most people I see don’t come close to the $40 K limitation. What breaks my heart are the homeless veterans that come in to file their returns. A lot of them have mental problems relating to the wars we have fought since Vietnam. They can’t hold down a job or if they do, they don’t make enough to get off the streets. If anyone deserves a “redistribution of wealth” it is them.


  103. Helen,

    I used to really hate paying my taxes. Especially here in Virginia where they even make you pay personal property tax on your car! UGH. Then I moved to California. Now they may have low low taxes…but their schools are in the shitter. They have no music, art, PE, computers, school counsellors, and their class sizes are HUGE!! They were ranked 49th last year for edcuation. Yeah, how does the 7th richest nation in the world have crappy schools…it’s called Prop 13. Now luckily we’ve moved back to Virginia where we are consistently in the top ten when it comes to schools. I’m very grateful! Trust me.

    So when October 5th rolled around and I had to write a $250 check for my 2006 Honda Civic I did it with a smile. Seemed a pretty small price to pay for a great education!!


  104. Helen,

    Once again, you are a gem. Thank you for the laughter…


  105. I don’t mind taxes for programs and charity for those in need. What I do mind is government buying up mortgages from people who shouldn’t have gotten themselves into that mess in the first place.

    I pay my mortgage every month, even pay extra, but no where did I ever think that I could afford $750k because there was no interest upfront. Granted the home loan organizations weren’t honest up front, but didn’t these people read the fine print when they went in for signing?

    I am for charity for those in need, but not charity for paying a mortgage for some idiot who tried to get the most they could get for the least amount possible without looking at the consequences a couple of years down the line.

    If it sounds too good to be true, it always is. John McCain says that I should be happy that neighbors will get to renegotiate their loans because they were dumbshits to get themselves involved in this crap. He says it is better than them losing their homes. Why do the true “fiscally responsible” people always end up getting the shaft because they have no debt (which gives then worse credit scores) and they pay their bills on time.

    The banks are crooked, the people getting the loand were greedy, because they banked on things being worth more and salaries being higher a couple of years down the line. Well look at it now. Our money is worth less than 2/3 of what it was in investments, companies are laying off right and left and the world is laughing.

    Since it is not worth saving or investing it right now anyway, I am going to Disneyland.


  106. I loved Pat’s post…very thoughtful and true. Has anyone tired “MUDFLATS”?


  107. Or at least they could run for V.P. and get some free clothes.

    I just hate stupid poor people.


  108. Stupid poor people.

    Why aren’t they smart enough to marry rich girls like Cindy or at least have rich parents who would leave them money?



  109. Sadly, this is the kind of “one of us” that the GOP thinks we need in office? Obama, the “elitist”, with his arugula, and his fancy Harvard degree, bah, we don’t need his socialism!

    HAHAHA! Who, in God’s holy name, is running McCain’s campaign? I’d say it was a 4 year old, but that’d be an insult to toddlers everywhere!

    As for the people who are out there saying that Senator Obama’s policies are flawed. I invite you to elaborate. Go ahead, take 10 minutes, sit down, and write out a well-reasoned, logical response to why trickle-down economics and deregulation work, and I will give you the empirical evidence to the contrary. Wait, you are witnessing it as we speak.

    I ask you further. Any of you guys ever try to make it through college on government funds, then have to pay it back to stay in school, ’cause you had to drop a class in order to work enough hours to help pay for your significant other’s doctor bills after she was in a car accident, since the insurance wouldn’t and her parents wouldn’t? You ever have to leave your vehicle somewhere more than 10 miles from where you were going because you ran out of gas, and didn’t have even the money for a single gallon? Ever had to live in 5 different locations in one month (this one wasn’t actually me)?

    Jesus Christ, people. I admit, I am nowhere near poverty. I like to think I make a fairly comfortable living. I’ve never had to go hungry, and I’ve never missed a payment on rent or utilities or bills, and I don’t have any debt. I have health insurance, I have dental insurance. I have a shit load of stuff. But, I know people, personal friends of ine, people who lived in the same neighborhood as me, who are far worse off.

    Take, for example, my friend who has been bouncing around from place to place. He’s a good kid, smart, funny. Never had an easy life. I could tell you his life story, but you probably wouldn’t believe me anyway. So I’ll just explain why he’s bouncing around. He had to drop out of high school, and has since, gotten his GED. He couldn’t get a job, ’cause he couldn’t afford to get the medicine his psychiatrist had prescribed for him, and he had to live with whoever was kind enough to let him stay. Hel, he never asked me, but if he had, he’d probably still be here. But thank God, he did end up getting a temp job working for the city, and has since found stable housing elsewhere.

    The secret of this story? That was this summer. July-August. You know something, I would have NO qualms whatsoever about paying higher taxes, as long as I could maintain a decent standard of living. And as for the “Land of Opportunity” bit, yeah, opportunity’s great and all, where’s the opportunity if you had to drop out of high school so you could work full time to pay for your little sister’s medicine, because both your parents were already moonlighting? Where is the opportunity in that? I’m thank the Lord everyday that I didn’t have to do that. And I pray everyday that my friend can make something of his life, now that he is finally able to be independent of his parents and siblings. And you know, when I graduate law school, I’m going to go into pro bono work. I’m going to be a civil rights advocate, and I’ll damn proud of this country when it finally realizes that yes, Mr. Reagan, there ARE hungry people in this country. Yes, Mr. Bush, a loaf of bread IS overpriced. Yes Mr. Cheney, gasoline IS over $4 a gallon. Yes, Mr. McCain, the economy IS failing. And yes, President Obama, I am glad I voted for you.

    And, all my friends out there who share the love, I am terribly sorry to go off like that. On another not, someone asked what a “fiscally conservative, socially progressive” person is, as the son of one, a person who identifies themselves as such usually is against pork projects, inefficient government programs, and wasteful spending, BUT, they are far from believing that issues like healthcare, education, welfare, social security, and other social programs are “wasteful”. Wasteful is Sarah Palin’s daughters’ travel expenses and her shiny new wardrobe.


  110. My son just found this post, love it, love it.

    I’m also ready for Miss Sarah to slither back under her rock.

    Thanks for the great blog


  111. Harry “Land of Opportunity”- you could do worse than learn a little about the motto of the folks that gave America its statue of Liberty “Liberté, égalité, fraternité”. Human society is built on looking out for one another. It works better than ME! ME! ME!


  112. When I read about the spending spree, my first thought was, “These are the financial reformers?” My sister said it best though. She said she could spend $90 on baby rompers at Wal-mart and get 10 rompers which would mean that 10 needy babies would get clothes instead of one getting something a mom would never let him wear!

    As always, thanks for saying what I was thinking and more!


  113. My friend sent me to your blog–thank you, Valerie! You are an inspiration, Helen! Keep up the great work trying to spread common sense throughout the land!


  114. The art of back tracking and cover ups: “We were going to give the wardrobe to charity…” sounds like “when I said our economy is strong I meant we have the best workers in the world!”, or “when I said I didn’t know what the vice president does, I was just trying to make a joke!!” these people are pathetic.

    And a great comment I heard about “undecided” voters: imagine you’re on an airplane, and the flight attendant offers you either the chicken for lunch, or a pile of shit with broken bits of glass in it. The undecided voter will ask how is the chicken cooked.


  115. Yes Ma’am, Helen you make my day. I just know that Ann Richard and Molly Ivins are reading your blog and hooting. You make me miss Texas and all the fabulous ol’ gals I used to work with in San Antonio. Keep it up, I will be back tomorrow to read more.


  116. I am sure that the $2500 suit donated to charity is really going to help the battered woman trying to get a job to support her children.

    I am sure she would much rather have a $200 suit and use the rest for rent and food. Hmmm…

    I agree. Sell it on ebay and donate the cash value to charity.


  117. From Harry:

    America is the “Land of Opportunity,” not the “Land of Equality.”

    Hmm – I seem to remember something…what was it? Ah, yes. Thomas Jefferson – Declaration of Independence

    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created *equal*, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.”


  118. I had a really strong reaction to the idea that it’s OK for Palin to spend $150 and still say she knows how it is for people — just because the clothes are going to charity when the campaign is over (yeah, right).

    It’s like saying the poor, cold people should just wear Prada.


  119. LOL! :)

    And in the interest of hearing the “other side” — McCain: Palin’s Wardrobe Will Be Donated to Charity. From Fox News, yeah, totally from the “other side.”


  120. Helen, you are the mighty breath of fresh air. If Palin spews a word salad everytime she opens her mouth, then you are a fresh drink of cool mountain spring water. Clear and unambiguous. Thank you this much. (stretching out arms as far as they’ll go)


  121. Helen,

    It looks like the Republican answer to stories about the Palin wardrobe is to complain about Obama taking a campaign plane to see his dying grandmother. As if they made donations to that campaign! Care to weigh in?

    As for me, I’ll be making another donation just so Obama can be with his grandmother.

    Heartless Republicans – that’s my cleaned up version.


  122. I meant wit by the way!


  123. I adore you Helen!
    And Yoram, you make a great point! :)
    I love the with pretty much all over this page! Except the very few “hate mongers”


  124. I can’t remember actually doing any name calling except calling Palin a media whore, which she is. The media has even called her that. I too am against the name calling. We all have opinions, that doesn’t make any of us right and wrong.

    The one thing that is clear is what we are currently doing isn’t working. And I don’t think that voting in more of the same, but even worse is going to make it any better.


  125. Spent time in Southeast Asia, where true poverty is easy to find. The usual election BS about “redistribution of wealth” or “40% of Americans not paying taxes” is just that. But I can’t wait to see how the winner of the election is going to resurrect the economy, rescue the housing market, and reform Wall Street and Washington.


  126. I read a great comment on Huff Post:

    Lipstick for a pit bull: $1.50
    Clothes for a hockey mom: $150,000.00


    and I want to add my own wishful thinking: OBAMA LANDSLIDE: (fill in the blank)


  127. You are so missing the point…there are so many things that you say that sound good…who isn’t for helping the poor, the need for taxes etc., It’s how you want to go about it…I’m over the name calling and finger pointing, and labeling people for what they want to accomplish for our country…let’s just vote and get on with getting our country back on track and healthy again…….


  128. Chris,

    What do you mean am I for real? Are you sayingt that you don’t ever feel any social responsibility? I am a business owner, I am a capitalist, obviously from that. But do you think with growing poverty in your own country that it can continue to stay strong?

    I am not for panhandlers begging for money. Or people who commit fraud for services. But do you really believe that you should never do anything to help out those around you.

    I commend Pat on her work at the food bank. I have an easier time trusting her assessment of the situations because she is there every week.


  129. You have inspired me! I have joined the world of ranters about Palin and her clothing budget. Come on by and visit me if you have time!

    I love your blog, Helen and Margaret! You are one of my “must reads” because of your humor, your expert use of language, your “go to hell” attitude. Keep up the good work. I have ambitions of being a feisty granny like you some day.


  130. You ladies crack me up! On my blog (where I have a link to your fabulous site) I talk a lot about politics, and I admit I get it right some of the time. You two, however, nail it every, single time! Your writing is classic, brilliant and hilarious. You should consider forming a PR firm so smart folks like Obama could hire you for ongoing counseling and advice. Maybe he’d even create a cabinet position for you! Keep on telling it like it is, ladies. It’s refreshing, humorous, intelligent, and write on target! (Which just so happens to be the name of my blog!)


  131. Oh my god. I love your blog. I am from the Stephanie Miller crowd…

    I hope to see you on her show or someones show… and I mean that!

    You are a bresh of Freath air! I mean… hhahahaha


  132. T-Shirt Suggestion:

    Less Bullshit. More Pie!


  133. Is the Alaskan for real?


  134. I volunteer at a community food bank every Friday. I input the client information into the computer, so I hear their stories of how they’ve ended up needing help from the food bank, often they give more information than I need. It’s because the working poor feel so unheard, I think. So I listen and try to help with more information about places they can get help with rent, utilities, etc.

    I think, Helen, that you are spot on with this one. I’ve said for a while that anyone running for any public office should be required to spend at least a year volunteering at their local food bank. Not just a day, but a whole year, so they get the broader picture of what is going on with people who need help.

    McCain and Palin seem to be so out of touch with the needs of all of us. To think that people wouldn’t find it outrageous that the RNC spent that much money on clothes just proves it. If they didn’t want to spend that money on advertising, then give it someone who really needs food and clothing. They still could have spiffed up her campaign wardrobe without spending one fourth that amount. Once again, I find myself wondering – what were they thinking? Well, clearly, as usual, they weren’t.



  135. And before everyone that doesn’t agree lambasts me, I admit I made a typo. It should be country’s not countries.

    Sorry only human.


  136. Harry,

    You are right. The Land of Opportunity for everyone to have an opinion and let our votes be heard with that opinion. There are certain things that are our moral and civic responsibilities. We are only as strong as our weakest links. It is in our countries best interest to not have generational poverty and keep cutting services. Right here in my land of suburbia there is a portion of the school district that has 76% of the kids on free and reduced lunches. The families in that area live in what looks to be regular apartment buildings, but are just tenament houses in disguise. These families are mainly two parent families where one or both work, but make so little that they cannot get health care or support their families. The apartments are safe by day, but dangerous at night. Children are not allowed outside after they return home from school. These kids have a 75% chance of not graduating which only perpetuates the problem. If we as a community took more opportunities to mentor and help, we could assure more graduations and more of these students pulling themselves out of the generational problem.

    Your short sighted and quip response shows that not only do you not understand how one thing affects the other and that balance is necessary, but you also have no compassion for anyone in a situation that is different than your own. Do you really think that tax breaks to corporations are going to help many of these people get jobs. The problem is so far beyond that. Wake up and look at the reality around you. Most of American poverty is “working poor”, people with jobs that are failing despite effort.

    I work a job and own my own business and my husband works. We are comfortable, not rich, but I still see my commitment to help others that may not be as fortunate. That can be money, food, mentoring or more.

    I only hope that someone treats you with as much compassion as you show when you may be in a time of need.


  137. I’ve been loving your blog a lot…telling the truth with humor works!!!


  138. Dear Margaret & Helen,

    America is the “Land of Opportunity,” not the “Land of Equality.”

    Thus endeth the lesson for today. Please write back.


  139. About those kids – why is Palin hailed as a hero for dragging her kids all over the country?? Shouldn’t they be in school? That little one is surely getting aneductaion walking EVRYWHERE with her mother and waving like some kind of princess! What does that say to a little girl? You sure are special?

    Also, also, also – how does the woman claim to knwo all about special needs children? hers is only 6 months old and has been on the road for months! She knows nothing about the trials of rasiing a special needs child because she hasn’t done it yet!!

    my 2 cents –

    love this blog!


  140. Hey Helen! Another great post. I *adore* your wicked sense of humor! Keep up the fantastic writing.

    The designs your family came up with are wonderful! I am definitely buying my Mom one of the “old ladies speak their minds” items.

    Just out of curiosity, are you donating the proceeds from your Cafe Press store to a charity?

    Thanks again, Helen. I love coming to read your latest!

    Take care,



  141. I just adore you!


  142. AWESOME BLOG Ladies! My friend just intro’d me to your blog and I already LOVE IT!! I put you on my role of blogs that I love. Hopefully sending more of my friends to your GREAT SITE!

    Thanks for making me laugh at work today…and realize that I am not alone in my thoughts about McCain/Palin!


  143. Give her wardrobe to the poor?! I can do a lot better then that! It’s simple. Sell the wardrobe on eBay. Sell it one outfit at a time. Gov. Palin is a Republican rock star, and an historical figure. People will pay big bucks for the clothes she has worn. I bet they could easily triple that $150,000. THEN give the money to FoodLink, or some other food based charity. In the Rochester area people attending food cupboards have increased 30%. You can buy an igloos worth of canned goods for $150,000!

    Hey, I might just make a Meme about this. Are you into Memes? Come on over to my website later today and check it out. ;o)


  144. Helen-dog gone it, you’re right again! I do so enjoy your blog. Ya betcha!
    Winkin’ at ya from California, land of the leftist, commie liberals


  145. Thank you, “Joe Plummer”

    The problem with us Republicans now is, that we don’t have enough ignorant voters anymore to buy into our skin deep campaigns of character assassination and fear mongering. Nothing wakes up voters like a hit to their wallets. Sad.


  146. This is great! The ‘redistribution of wealth’ socialism cry from the Republicans is really outlandish. I guess conservatives don’t use our roads, police, fire departments, etc….

    Also, I don’t understand voters who say they are ‘fiscally conservative, socially progressive’. Basically, that means you want all the services but don’t want to pay for them. Wouldn’t that be nice?


  147. Comment from Mike Murphy, McCain’s 2000 campaign stratigist re Palin shopping spree:

    “Murphy’s latest critique of his former boss is a post on Time’s Swampland blog offering sarcastic potential responses to the news of Palin’s $150,000 makeover:

    I saw the RNC statement on Gov. Palin’s $150,000 clothing bender on the RNC’s tab. This caper is gonna make for a long day at the office for the good folks at the RNC/McCain press operation. Thought I’d offer a little help in a humorous vein; some other possible spin lines for the RNC.

    1.) What you sneering critics in the liberal MSM fail to see here is… a Jobs Program! Saks floorwalkers, cashiers, a team of sweating porters to haul the merchandise from the store to the motorcade… chiropractors to treat those porters. Sarah Palin knows how to create jobs!

    2.) What’s the difference between a Pit Bull and a Hockey Mom? You can feed a pit-bull for 483 years with 150 grand.

    3.) Still cheaper than Mitt Romney’s hair products. We’re saving money here…

    4.) William Ayres is a terrorist!

    5.) New ad slogan: “Clothes for Gov. Palin? $150,000. Time machine to go back two months to late August and ask what the Hell were Schmidt and Davis thinking when they cooked up this idea and sold it to McCain? Priceless.”‘

    Go Obama/Biden


  148. Wow…it does take a village, doesn’t it…don’t mind him, Helen. You Rock!


  149. Great argument!


  150. It seriously irks me that people think that paying taxes leads to socialism. Do they even know what socialism is? True socialism is equal pay for all people no matter what work they do. Karl Marx would be rolling in his grave at the horrible references to his ideas. Socialism could work if there wasn’t so much corruption in the world.
    Taxes have been around long before Socialism. Taxes are necessary to make a Capitalist society work, which is what the majority of the world is. Without taxes a country cannot function.
    Love your blog Helen. And from us here in the north, vote for the better candidate, vote for Obama!


  151. Doesnt income tax re-distribute the wealth?

    And where does McLame plan on getting that generous $5,000 a family for health insurance from?

    Keep on writing these wonderful posts!!!!!!!


  152. Grandma Helen, once again you have spoken the truth and exactly what is on all of our minds. It’s so refreshing to hear the unfiltered truth come out in your writing. Keep up the good work, and go out and buy yourself a new outfit, a piece of pie, and a cup of coffee. You deserve it, unlike that hack of a puppet they have traipsing around in $2,000 suits.

    Jerame Clough
    -Next Gen Politics


  153. I fully agree with you Helen that nobody likes taxes. But it is our responsibility in a civilized society to take care of our own. That does not mean socialism. Taxes are a necessary evil. You can bet that the first people to complain about higher taxes and get all the tax cuts and loopholes, would also be the first to complain when their roads were no longer driveable or the fire department wasn’t able to show up to their house because they don’t have enough trucks. Taxation is for the greater good for all involved. Welfare is a necessary program. It is the fraud that is the problem. If some people put as much energy into a job or career as they do into fraud schemes, then they could be productive members of society to the benefit of all. And prices would not increase for everyone. I will happily pay my taxes for the benefit of my family and others. And if I am ever lucky enough to make over $250K per year, then I understand that my taxes should be higher also. It should be a flat percentage without all the deductions and loopholes. That way it is fair for all regardless of situation. We can see that the tax cuts for the businesses plan is not working because the CEO’s are the ones taking advantage of the benefits. That is not trickling down to the workers and the economy. It is not even freeing the business to create more jobs; they are farming them out to foreign workers.


  154. Bravo. Another amazing post, it is amazing that for 150G’s they couldn’t get Palin to look any better than that. LOL


  155. Brenda Kula sent me here to read your blog!!
    And I was not disappointed ,you should run for president, you surely have more common sense then he does.
    Keep on telling it like it is !!!
    Diane from Canada


  156. Helen, I just have to say I love the way you use words. Not only are your sentiments so wise, but the words you choose and the phrasing you use are so clever and witty!

    Thanks also for the link to your CafePress store! I love the designs!


  157. Vote Helen


    Vote for Obama


  158. You took the words right out of my mouth. I am not a part of an organized religion. but I have been praying to whoever/whatever will listen that this election goes to Barrack Obama and we will all have half a chance.

    Keep writing


  159. Once again, you said the stuff I’d love to say but better than I could ever do it. I’ve been telling friends about your blog all week.
    Interesting that the clothing story was reported on the same day the Dow Jones fell more than 500 points. How inconvenient for McPalin.


  160. In regards to one of the latest campaign talking points — the Bidden speach to the donors. While watching one of the news progams they had the taped speech (with writen text on the side since the sound on the tape was a little fuzzy) at the point where he was saying ‘he’ will be tested they cut that just short of “will find he has a spine of steel. I am surprised that the so called (by the republicans) liberal press does not point that part out??? I have only seen it once but sure that is what I read on the side verbage.
    As for the clothes while looking at the link to the Alaska paper they have about 24 pictures of the Palin wardrobe as mayor and govenor. Some bad choices from a fashion point of view but one also must consider where she lives (it’s cold up there) but over all a lot of what she wore looks pretty similar to the outfits you see her in now. I betch ya she didn’t spend that much on them then. I agree that they could have made her look more the VP candidate for a whole lot less. They only point out that ‘they’ have never had to economize – probably could have accomplished the same results at TJ Maxx or even the GAP.


  161. “You sure do know how to make an old gal feel special.”

    That’s because you are special! I love your blog. You Ladies do a great job, keep up the good work!
    I have your blog bookmarked and check in at least once a day. I’m going to send it to my family, as you remind me of my beloved mother.
    Thank you!!!!!!!!!


  162. Helen, no one could have said it better. I love your wisdom and insight. Keep up the great work. I send many hugs your way.



  163. Helen, as usual I loved reading your blog. I read it everyday while I’m at work and I have to cover my mouth to keep from laughing too loud. You hit the nail right on the head. I was talking to my sister earlier this morning about the Redneck from Alaska (To set the record straight, I’ve got nothing against Rednecks, just the one from Alaska trying to be the next VP) and she was just as disgusted as I am about the ridiculous amount of money that was spent on her and her family. You mean to tell me those damn people didn’t have any decent clothes to wear, so the Republican Party had to shop at Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus to outfit them. What the hell??? You can put lipstick, designer gear and high heels on a pig, but its still a damn pig!! And still tacky as ever! I wonder what would have happened if the Democratic Party had spent $150,000 to dress the Obama family. Can you imagine the outrage from the Republican Party on that.

    Cat, I totally agree with what you said in your response and I’m pretty pissed off at the mess our country is in. There is no excuse for it. We definitely need to take out the trash and clean the place up. Bring the respect back.

    Dee, I totally agree with you too. You can bet your a*! Sarah Palin and her family will keep those clothes. We ain’t stupid!

    Okay folks, I’ll get off my soapbox for now. Keep sending in the comments; I love reading them. And Helen, keep giving them hell!


  164. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20081022/ap_on_el_pr/rel_palin_dobson

    I read this article yesterday and two things really stuck out. First, Palin says the election is in God’s hands. Are you kidding me, as of right now, the election is still in “OUR” hands. Regardless of what you believe for religion, whether there is a God or if he is just watching, it is still for us to decide. What a cop out. If she doesn’t win, then it was God’s decision. No, if she doesn’t win, it is because enough people say through her absolute and total hypocrisy. I am outraged by her telling us to our faces that she is going to cut wasteful spending, while at the same time finishing up doctoring her travel expense reports for Mommy and Me time with her daughters all around the country to events where they were not invited. My former great state of Alaska should start an immediate investigation and make her pay all of that money back. She is a media whore that will sell her self to the highest bidder. Sarah Palin has shown that she only does what is best for Sarah Palin. She is Bush and Cheney rolled into one with Breasts; only she speaks better.

    The next thing that horrified me was her saying that she was a hard core prolifer and that her Down Syndrome son gave her the opportunity to Walk the Walk instead of Talk the Talk. Actually there are two things there. More buzzwords and cliches. Can this women not make a complete sentence without spouting off these ridiculous cliches? The main thing is that she completely gives the impression that her son was only an opportunity for her to prove her pro life position. Nothing from her statement sends any message of love and caring. The baby is just another political tool for her agenda. She must say “Wow, I can’t believe I got so lucky to have this child so I can prove my point. Won’t this make me look like less of a hypocrite.” I am sure that no matter how much a parent loves a special needs child, there is also some pain and regret for the child that might have been. I am not saying that the baby is not a joy with a right to be loved, but I know as a parent, there would be a certain mourning process. But no, not Sarah, he is a convience for her agenda. There was absolutely no warmth in her statement. It sounded like a talking point and not something that comes from a mother. I jumped for joy the other day when I got my ballot i the mail, because I cannot wait to vote. I want to be able to make my mark and say “Look, we can all see through the McCain/Palin charade.”


  165. Actually, the biggest recipients of welfare are the corporations! The ones that fire us and ship their jobs overseas so that they can get into those sweatshops that are even worse than the ones I’ve worked at!
    And Palin……what a doozy! She has the most socialist local goverment of all. Taking profits from the oil companies and giving a check to every Alaskan! Man, woman and child. Her family gets about $22,000./year! My family of four, who by the way work very hard, live on $18,000./year, that is, before taxes.
    I wish she would just crawl back under that rock she came from.


  166. Janiece, thanks for that essay. I wish that everyone understood and felt the truth in those words. In the past, I worked for my state’s welfare department. A whole lotta people are just one or two paychecks away from needing help. I don’t give a damn if that is called “socialism”…it’s real, and it’s needed desperately.

    And, like Helen says, three-quarters of welfare recipients are children.

    Like knittergran says: “Love the fetus; hate the child. That’s the Republicans.” Amen. That sums it up, doesn’t it?


  167. This is the same crowd, BTW, that called Johnson’s War on Poverty communism in a time when poor people were living in substandard housing with no running water or indoor plumbing–in CITIES. This is the bunch who insisted during the Reagan administration that NOBODY was going hungry in the United States. They want to believe people are poor by choice, not circumstance. Send the bums packing.


  168. can you get a myspace?facebook?i want you to be my top friend! oh oh oh and can you upload some pictures of you?and your family??


  169. Children and the disabled and the elderly. Those greedy folks.


  170. As always, thanks for your thoughts.

    You might enjoy an essay written by an author I enjoy called “Being Poor.”


  171. Helen – great commentary on the RNC regarding the clothes issue & the hypocrisy of the “Sarah Palin – working class hockey mom narrative” they’ve created. I am from AK, in fact I live outside of Wasilla & I can tell you that the whole “dog gone ya betcha” routine is quite contrived, as is the idea that Palin is just a regular ol’ Wal-Mart shopper. She has always been a fashion plate & is probably having the time of her life shopping on the RNC contributor’s dime. What’s more is that she would not even see the hypocrisy in any of it.


  172. I hadn’t ever read your blog before, but I sure enjoyed this post! I have a yarn/fiber/spinning/sock type blog and had managed to not make it political before a couple of weeks ago, but I am to the “can’t stand it” stage… I linked to your post in my blog!

    grace :)



  173. Love the fetus; hate the child. That’s the Republicans.


  174. […] Anyhow, I was reading up on various things to do with the Presidential election and found this blog post that I thought was great.  I will just direct you to go read it.  Margaret & Helen on Those Damn Poor People Ruin Everything. […]


  175. My favorite part was the kid count – keep up the great work, Helen!


  176. I would comment on the wardrobe issue but I’m too scared right now because John & Sarah told me that if Barack gets elected something terrible will happen to this country and he wouldn’t know what to do! not to mention he is also an Arab and a terrorist and a socialist, and he lives in Chicago which is NOT the REAL America.
    But seriously, it’s amazing how Barack is the Elitist… the guy with the one house and the Hybrid car, and Sarah can blow 150K on clothes (only half of Cindys 300K outfit), and the word Elitist doesn’t even come up. ABSURD!!!


  177. Hey Helen,
    I think you are a true delight! A friend of mine sent me to your blog and I laughed and laughed! You are my heroine! If we didn’t laugh right now we would cry, but I think we are all cried out and ready to stand up and demand a better group of leaders for our country. We want our America back from those nasty freedom-robbing constitution-crushing economy-smashing greedy Lizards who have taken over our country. In one of your blogs you said we aren’t mad, just anxious and hopeful. Well I am anxious and hopeful, but I have to confide to you, I am also a teensy bit mad too! I want more for my kid’s future. I want them to grow up in the America I knew, the land of freedom and opportunity. My daughter is 10 and the bulk of her life was under Bush rule. SHe is too young to understand this all now, but when she is older and can understand, I want her to know what it is like to live in a country that is successful and free and is the shining beakon it used to be to the rest of the world. Thanks for making me laugh and voicing my feelings so well. You are a Hoot and a “True AMerican” in my book! Cat


  178. Miss Helen,

    Once again, you nailed it on the head.
    Keep on Blogging!! I love it!


  179. So… Poor people don’t need food, shelter or any of that. What they need is ridiculously expensive designer clothes. I’d be willing to bet that the clothes will still reside in Palin’s closet.


  180. I volunteer for Meals On Wheels, so I see “those poor people” up close and personal. You’ve got it nailed, Helen. I’ve been sending this link all over the country. I wouldn’t be surprised if you get a book deal or tv show soon! I’d vote for you for president (despite your age!) and be happy about it. Because, like my great-grandmother who raised me, you’ve good common sense. And my husband is a doctor at a state hospital and they tax the hell out of him, but we don’t mind if it would go to “socialist” programs to help folks who are less fortunate.
    Brenda from East Texas


  181. Helen – you and your family are absolutely wonderful! Thanks for continuing to share your thoughts with all of us.

    I love the t-shirt designs!!!!




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