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Posted by: Helen Philpot | October 21, 2008

Harold! The rat is back!

I was just watching CNN  and I couldn’t believe what I heard.  Even if McCain loses this election, many in the Republican party will see Governor Moose Meat as the candidate who almost saved McCain.  In other words, it wasn’t her fault – he would have been nothing without her.  The reporter then took that to a horrifying conclusion – Palin in 2012.  

Has everybody gone mad?  Dear Lord she is like a cockroach.  We’ll never be rid of her!  I tell you after the scare of that report my hair went from a lovely silver, just like that sweet Anderson Cooper’s, to stark white… completely devoid of color (my hair not Anderson Cooper).

You know,  Harold and I had a mouse problem once.  We tried everything and couldn’t get rid of it.  My children were young at the time and begged us to keep it as a pet.   I had to teach them about diseases and germs and all things rodent.  No.  This was not appropriate to keep as a pet no matter how cute it appeared.  Come to think of it, its squeak was kind of quirky and I could have sworn it winked at me on more than one occasion.  But I held firm. I had to protect my children.  It needed to go and eventually it did.  But now it seems to be back sporting designer frames and an up-swept hairdo.

I’m sorry.  I can’t write any more right now.  I am in shock.  Let me think on this for a day.  Leave your comments and maybe together we can come up with the proverbial better mousetrap or at least a can of Raid.

Remember to vote early if you can.  And stop by again soon.  Thank you.  I mean it.  Really.

[ PS.  Our grandchildren and great nieces and nephews think all this attention makes us "cool".  It only took 82 years!  They are busy designing some cute buttons and t-shirts.  I'll let you know when they are done so you can see them.]

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  5. Palin was not folksy. She was stupid. She said she wanted to be like Dick C. What the? Who are these people that voted for her and McPain? She might as well said, I’ll give you a pony if you elect me for vice president. and Mcpain McCain sold himself out by buddying up with papa Bush. What a loser. He was tortured but to get elected he was willing say it was okay. Why are christians for torture and war?
    I am still confused about that.

    Thank science for Obama

  6. I LOVE this blog. It’s the best. While my wife will tell you I’m a ridiculous optimist, I was right about the election and I’ll tell you something else I’m right about. Sarah Palin is done, DONE. She had her 15 minutes of fame, well slightly more unfortunately, but she will disappear from the political landscape quicker than you can say Drill Baby Drill! She was painful and fun to watch. Just imagine if Tina Fey didn’t get a chance to parody her. It would have deprived us of the most enjoyable part of the election. I’ll tell you she’s DONE!

  7. An added thought – the only thing Fiance and the mother of his kids agree on? OBAMA!

  8. My neighbor has a McCain/Palin sign in her front yard and I’m friendly with her in the “Oh, Hi, how are you? Sons? I’m sorry my dog is in your yard again but he didn’t pee on anything” kind of way. I just want to knock and say “Are you kidding me? I thought you were intelligent? And you’re female! Palin? Seriously Bonnie.”

    My fiance has hidden the spray paint.

  9. Count all votes and have a machine that prints a ballot so that a recount can be done if there is a dispute.


    No more stolen elections like in 2000.

  10. Thank you for the blog – I love hearing your perspective.

    I think what scares me most is the prospect of Palin as a VP becoming President if McCain was to suffer a stroke or other incapacitating illness. The man is in good health, but things happen. I’m a lot more comfortable with Biden assuming the presidency if something would happen to Obama than I am with Palin taking McCain’s role.

    Just something to think about!

    After all – as a parent – don’t you want a partner that ensure your child will grow into a great adult if something happens to you? I have the same wishes for our country.

  11. no no if she is even still in office in 2012 i will move to Canada or a boat off the coast far way… We must put a stop to alow stupid people from breeding . We could dress them up as bears……..vie

  12. Thanks for taking such upsetting news and making it hilarious. The idea of a Palin mouse living in your walls- priceless! Does it wear a tiny red business suit?

    If Sarah Palin becomes first woman president (or for that matter, first woman anything), I’m pretty sure I’ll vomit until I die. And that’s putting it politely.

  13. i think she is scary because of what she stands for and in defense she can lie, and perhaps even destroy, without a blink. she is an immense liability to women, american people–humanity that should not be ignored. it must be nipped at the bud. maybe she can be impeached for her inappropriate behavior as a governor. beyond just expressing discontent–disgust–we should do something to prevent her from doing “real” harm in the future. all suggestions and knowledge you have regarding this matter, curtailing her political career are welcomed. we must act within reason and law to safeguard people’s dignity.

  14. If you have a rat, wouldn’t it be a good idea to get a cat? Or a couple of cats. Hungry, skinny cats.

  15. I love the analogy!! I can’t believe I’m just now being introduced to you lovely women! Your blogs have entertained me for an entire afternoon!! Keep rockin’

  16. Oh, Helen, you make me laugh. I love you!

  17. You know, you could ask Sarah Palin to move to British Columbia. Since all us socialists smoke dope and eat bacon, we won’t mind her one little bit. She’ll keep us laughing for ages.

  18. It’s nice that Sarah wants more education and support for children with special needs. Of course, McShame plans to FREEZE all spending. But I think she should want more resources to help pregnant teenagers finish high school, doncha think? ALSO, there should be remedial schooling for people who want to be vice president – like reading the constitution and major newspapers ALSO !

  19. It doesn’t really matter if Caribou Barbie runs in 2012 (although I am not sure she will). Basically, the R’s have no new ideas. All they have is culture wars and taxes. That’s not enough. The need something new, and basically have 8 years to come up with it.

    But we will need something new too. We will need someone to follow Obama in 2016. I don’t think it’ll be Biden or Hillary. From 1976-1980, the D’s had the Presidency and an overwhelming majority in both houses of Congress. But the R’s came along with a new set of ideas and the right person to sell them. I didn’t like those ideas or that president, but let’s be honest, it has worked for the Rs ever since. All of them have invoked Reagan and his vision ever since. They got complacent. We cannot afford to be.

    I said earlier that I don’t think Palin will be back in 2012. That may be wishful thinking, but with the scandals she’s facing (troopergate, billing the Alaska for taking her tykes to first class digs, charging a per diem to be home in Wasilla, the $150,000 in clothes), I just don’t see it. If she isn’t left out in the snow in Alaska, she’ll be laughed off the national stage when next she shows up. And never mind having no new ideas–she doesn’t even have a clue….and most of America already knows that.

  20. I just saw something that was toooo funny.

    Palin was asked for her definition of “Elitist” and her answer was “someone who thinks they are better than anyone else”.

    Then when she was asked, “so it’s not educational, not income base, state of mine, not geography…

    She said, ”of course not”

    OF COURSE NOT!!!!!! Oh my gosh, how much more is she going to set women back?

    I almost fell off the chair laughing. Then I wondered to myself, why would she say that?

    The interviewers have a field day with her every time, and she falls in their trap every time.

    How many times must she hang herself?

    SNL did it with her right there. Why did they let her go on SNL? It made her look even worse.

    Y’know it reminds me of something a Black lady, a friend of mine, told me a long time ago.

    Remember the movie Gone With The Wind?????? She said, “that movie set Black women back 200 years …

    “oooo, ms scarlit, I don’t know nut’’n ‘bout birff’n no baby”……..

    ……………….that’s the way I feel about Sarahnook of the North ….

  21. Hey y’all it’s my first time here! I love this!

    reverendo- ya know….if ya don’t like the board ya can just get off here and take yer Joe 6-pack the plumber to…well, I’ll think of some places and get back atcha!. WINK
    Seems ya don’t like us reverendo. But because, ya’ know, we as Americans, we can CHOOSE ta do whatever we like. We are a country of great THINKERS and DOERS and ya can just do what cha’ like here in the good ol’ US of A. So…
    I think ya would do much better one of those there internet sites that SUPPORTS YOUR CANDIDATES.
    Do ya know if there is one anywhere on the web?
    Oh yeah?
    Well, which ones do ya’ go to and look at stuff at?
    Ya don’t know?
    Well, why don’t cha’ come up with some…. an stay there? M’kay? WINK
    i.e. You’re becoming a bit of a rat….please step on the copper clip, we want to see how heavy you are. LOL!

  22. yup blue dot, I think you’ve called it. When she gets home to a recall election she’ll have to consider Faux news her next gig. Unless the Alaskans come to their senses and jail both her and the first dud.

  23. Remember, if she runs for president in 2012, the gloves will be off! How in the world would she be capable of handling a debate, interviews, and speeches by herself? She can hardly complete a coherent sentence.

    I predict that Fox News will hire her after her stint is over in Alaska. Oh joy.

  24. Excellent analogy as always, Helen.

    Also, I’m glad you’re getting the recognition that you deserve from your grandkids. Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of people across the globe envy them for having the coolest grandmother on the planet.

    Thanks for the offer to show us pictures of the pins. I’m interested in seeing them!

  25. I’m horrified, too, Helen – and it gives her four years to become better prepared (let me rephrase – four years to become more programmed by whoever is pulling the strings).

    I’d been hearing Palin 2012 for some time, actually. More in the context of it being the step after VP (this was from some Republican acquaintances of mine).

    Even more reason why Obama and Biden need to get in, and then do a good job.

    I think my biggest fear is that they get in and something goes horribly awry. That will just open the door wider next time.

    And your grandkids should think you’re cool – you TOTALLY are.

  26. Don I like your idea of the write in campain.

    I vote for Helen!

  27. Helen –
    Thank you again for your wise words and the invitation to use this parlor of yours to visit with so many interesting folks… and a rat or two.
    I’ll carry the teacups to the sink if someone else will get the lights when they leave…?

  28. Thanks Alaska Pi!
    (Also, I thank you for visiting my humble little site.)

    -Oh, and I was the little sibling… a lot of friends think I am the older of the two when I share my stories.

    I’m out for the night!!! I look forward to catching up on the comment-reading tomorrow evening.

  29. D-
    ANWR- you betcha it explains it… remember that when you hear Ms Palin go on and on and on about how we all love our lovely outdoors…

    Love those postcards from the Palin campaign trail ! Not as good as an an electronic ankle bracelet but least we know where she is … sorta.

    It is important for folks to stay wary… Ms Palin doesn’t recognize boundaries that most 12 year olds do…It’s a mistake to think she is stupid. Helen’s post hit a huge nerve with me… Ms Palin IS like one of those carnival games where the critter keeps popping back up no matter how many times you knock it over!

    Enjoyed your yahoo response…I think you should also get pain and suffering costs from state (insert name) for the lil sister thing. I had one of THOSE lil sisters too!

  30. Thank you, Helen, for keeping it real. I also enjoyed reading most everyones posts.

    McCain is out of touch and Palin is out of touch with the lower 48. We don’t need any Sarah 6-packs in the WH. We’ve already seen what George 12-pack has done.

    Obama/Biden is the most appropriate
    choice as Colin Powell explained so well last Sunday. You’d have to be a blind, deaf, and dumb rat to come to any other conclusion.

    Get out the mouse traps folks…

  31. Alaska Pi enjoyed reading the ADN web site- As some one who moved from cold and snow to warm climes — I really felt bad to notice that your temperature today was 26 degrees. Brrrrrr. Sounds like you all have some real drama going on up there.

  32. Great blog! Did anyone else notice how well most of the comments are written. Full sentences and big words. (Well that wasn’t one of them). You sure do attract an inteligent group of bloggers. Thus, I’m not surprised there hasn’t been any comments from SP in AK. LOL. But I digress, I do have a thought. Most have heard about the per diem payments for staying at home 312 days that the rat applied for. Well if I saw correctly, Ms. Bristol Palin played basketball for Juneau High School during that time. Dad was up north and Mom at home in Wasilla. Poor child seems to have been alone six hundred miles from her family. I guess that’s why she started a family of her own. Maybe she was just lonely. Doesn’t say much about Sarah P’s attention to her daughter. Beware, the rats are breeding. Very scary.

  33. That explains her desire of ripping up ANWR.

  34. D –
    I am all for the governor having to reimburse the state for all the family travel- except for any directly related to travelling from Wasilla to and fro Juneau – when she actually reports to the Capitol… not just whizzes in for photos.
    I don’t know enough about the actual guideline language she is relying on but have a tough time with the fact Ms Palin altered the expense requests, after the fact, to say kids were conducting state business. While she apparently insists it was to make sure there was no misunderstanding about WHY the kids were along, everyone I’ve talked to today has the same questions you do. Me too. I still want to know why the kids were along…
    There is a tough disconnect here , in Alaska, to overcome. As many of you have come to know we only pay taxes at the city and/or borough level and to the feds. At the local level, we act like everyone else- a lot of hollering and yelling and so on while we decide what to ask of ourselves and what kind of community we want.
    We don’t pay state income taxes and on top of that there’s the whole PFD thingy- dividends paid out from a big investment fund .
    This could get me shot up here but I think the PFD was a BAD idea for the RIGHT reasons…
    While there are still lots of folks who pay close attention to what is going on at the state level and vote intellegently , there are an increasing number who pay not one whit of attention to what’s going on unless their PFD is in danger.
    (I have never applied for nor received a PFD – one must apply yearly… )
    Anyway- as Alaska has tied it’s forseeable future to oil- in the form of royalties from the oil companies to run the state and so many jobs for citizens… and we have drugged ourselves with “free money” the time lag for getting riled up over mis spending public dollars has been pretty long… HAS been pretty long. Hoping all the uproar over Ms Palin’s perdiem issue combined with this lights a rocket under all of us now!

  35. Oh my gosh, my friend Diana sent me a link to your blog and I’m totally hooked. You write like a Nobel laureate!! Not sure I spelled that correctly, but I’m sure you get what I mean.

    I even made my own blog but so far nothing I can say compares to what you have said. I think I basically did it to be able to leave you this note :)

    Have you seen the Barbie Palin doll on E-bay? One went for 60.00!! I think I missed my opportunity for some quick money. She comes complete with a pig with lipstick and a machine gun. You should really check it out.

    Keep on keeping on!

  36. Btw, I love how the ADN allows me the opportunity to sign up for daily postcards of Palin on the campaign trail.

  37. I wrote my response to the Yahoo article on my site since I think its a load of bull. (Click on my name if you want to read it.)

    What gets me is how this woman talks about getting rid of wasteful spending on one side of her mouth, and then proceeds to commit acts of it at the same time. I swear that woman has a “Do as I say, not as I do” mentality that’s really pissing me off. I can only imagine how bad it must be for you and your fellow Alaskans.

  38. Q1- No
    Q2- No

    The Anchorage Daily News story highlighting the gov’s staff response to the whynesses and hownesses of of why we Alaskans are supposed to suck it up on this issue just tipped me over.
    I’m still in the “OMG, this just torches my shorts!” phase…
    This is from the woman who chided state legislators that “someone has to be the grownup here,…” as she redlined capital projects in the state budget that would have benefitted LOTS of Alaskans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Was she being “fiscally responsible ” so her kids could pull raffle tickets somewhere?!!
    Oh- jeez. Breathe in, breathe out…


  39. D-
    Tough one here…
    I’m still trying to remember to breathe in and out after the travel$$ thing hit the news… give me a min to catch my breath…

  40. Here’s an idea…how about we share recipes with Helen?

  41. smteaches-
    Have to disagree with your take on Republican party being taken over by right wing religious conservatives…I know too many right wing religious conservatives who are also thoughtful ,well read, thinking souls to paint with that broad a brush.
    I think the Republican party got hijacked by strategists like Carl Rove who see groups of people as apples to pile up til they want to roll em downhill in a thunder…The neocon strategists weren’t too picky about the state of some of those apples they been piling up… some are kinda rotten. The almost laughable part (I’d laugh but it hurts all of us so much) is now those strategists are stuck with pandering to the least of their catch- having had so many moderate Republican souls flee in horror.
    I do agree that the degradation of the core of the Republican party is alarming . I am deeply concerned that we are flying too close to a fascist trend in this country .

  42. Hey Alaska Pi, I have a couple questions for you:

    Do you feel that the Palin children represent your state? Do you feel that they do justice to your state when traveling the rest of the country on your dime?

    If not, you should start demanding for a refund. Apparently, Gov. Palin’s defending her children’s travel on your dime because, ” Palin ordered the children’s travel expense forms changed in August to add language claiming that they performed official state business on the trips. Alaska law allows governors to charge the state for their family’s travel if they conduct state business. ”

    If that’s the case, I want to know just what sort of state business her 7-year-old is conducting. In addition, do we not have child labor laws in this country?

  43. Revrenzo isn’t worth anyone’s time here. Revrenzo is one of the whacko base who raised its head, and behold! Revrenzo can see the end of the McCain/Palin campaign from its lair.

  44. I don’t understand why those of you who don’t agree with Helen’s ideas feel it necessary to personally attack her – this is her personal blog. Feel free to leave, or leave your comments on her personal opinions, but how is a personal attack helpful or further a reasonable thoughtful discussion? it feeds into stereotypes and further divides our country.

    Love you helen! I am crushed when i come to the site and there is not a new post – keep blogging!

  45. I have a feeling that if we wait long enough and give her enough rope, Sarah “The Rat” Palin will hang herself.

    You just keep me rolling in the aisles. Keep up the good work. Waiting patiently for buttons and t-shirts.

  46. Helen:

    I have a serious mouse problem. Traps, diligence, steel wool, and expanding foam are your best solutions. A judicious use of poison works, too.

    Sarah Palin is not a mouse, however. Mice are much more clever and adaptive. I don’t think Sarah is angling for 2012. I believe that her career in Alaska is over and she’s looking for something in television. Preferably a religious station. Or a book deal.

  47. i’ve got my ‘helen for press secretary’ button and bumper sticker!!!!

  48. D, thank you . . .your comments helped me keep laughing after Helen primed the pump with her insightful pest problem. :)

  49. smteaches,

    I am catholic woman and a republican, and I live and work in Phoenix, Az but I will never vote for the McCain-Palin ticket. I’m voting for Obama and Biden. I think Obama has a grasp of issues relevant to the state of education in this country. The AEA (Arizona Education Association) endorses the Obama-Biden ticket because after going over their stand and program for education, we realized that the Obama-Biden programs are better. Arizona is second to the lowest rank on education within the country and I’m holding McCain accountable for that him being a senator for so long and did nothing about it. I wish the Obama campaign will put TV ads here. There is a tendency for this state to turn blue.

    Arizona teacher for Obama ’08

  50. Helen did you vote already? You and your family…if not remember to do so and for CHANGE!

  51. I really think that Palin is not making gaffs, she is actually giving us insight into what she plans to do when she becomes VP. Some were so excited and bedazzled by her arrival they were not asking the “tough question”. Palin does not seem to think that newness wears off. Kind of like the really fun party guest that wont go home, they dont ever seem to notice everyone has left and the host is cleaning up. McCain seems to have sold his soul to you know who to win and she is willing to do anything to help him.

  52. Make no mistake about it…McCain chose Palin for only two reasons:
    a) he thinks most females will vote for ANY female, regardless of other issues – - he greatly underestimates us & our intelligence!
    b)he knew Palin could rally the vote of the right-wing, religious, conservative evangelicals b/c she’s one of them – - he did not underestimate them…they may vote based solely on misguided religious beliefs, but they DO turn out the vote. Our only hope is to outnumber them at the polls!

    Listen to Helen…the voice of reason, sanity, wisdom…VOTE! Take other voters to the polls w/ you! Encourage everyone you know to vote! Only 56% of all eligible American voters voted in 2004.

    C’mon, America…we can do better than this!

  53. One of the biggest problems in American politics today is that the right-wing religious conservatives have taken over the GOP & their movement has become the modern-day equivalent of the medieval Catholic church–only allowing the propaganda of “approved”
    pundits to be accepted doctrine; all differing opinions are decried as heresy & all persons w/ differing opinions are heretics. (Thus, the massive ‘disendorsements’ of Powell, who has been a Rep. hero for decades.)

    Researching an issue/candidate for yourself & making up your own mind is not only discouraged, but decried, so liberals are regarded as dangerous. Independents & free thinkers are regarded as even more dangerous. And this lockstep mindset is leaking into the mainstream Rep. crowd…evidenced by the McCain/Palin campaign & supporters making the most ridiculous claims & not being held accountable for their statements by their own party.

    The Republican party itself is NOT evil. It’s sad to see the party degraded by such an astonishing lack of intellectual honesty. On the other hand, if this mindset continues to grow, it could foreshadow a very dangerous fascist trend for America. Think of all the governments, past & present, that discouraged or disallowed citizens
    from expressing disagreement w/ the govt. & you will have a list of very unpleasant places to live.

    Sounds more & more like AK has become one of those places under Palin’s rule!

  54. Learn the facts, revrenzo! You say that Obama “would not vote to save the lives of failed-aborted babies.” That’s because there was ALREADY a law on the books to do so, besides the fact that doctors are required by the Hippocratic Oath to save the lives of these babies. Thus, Obama saved taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars in the earmarks attached to the unnecessary “new” law.

    McCain says he’ll take a scalpel to unnecessary expenditures, then allows his campaign to spend $150k to clothe & make up Clarabelle the Clown.

  55. I love ya gal!!!! This year I am dressing as “Americas Worst Nightmare” and going as Sarah Palin for Holloween- complete with tiara and red, white and blue sash that says “Mrs. President”–I am quite sure it will be lost on the children of the neighborhood, but I’ll feel pretty fabulous!. It is amazing to me that she still has the number of supporters that she does! In my opinion she is only where she is because the Republican Party have so little faith in the intelligence of the American people that they believed a woman- any woman- would capture the female Hillary supporters and undecided soccer mom’s, not to mention the undecided men who tend to think with their little “heads”. I don’t believe they’re going to succeed! I couldn’t take an other four years of occupation.

  56. Helen: Please write about the Palin $150,000 wardrobe budget paid for by the GOP… I would LOVE to hear your take on that!

  57. I have already voted by mail as of Monday, All Democrat. Darcy Burner and Gov. Chris Gregoire need our help!

  58. To those like Nancy Goldfarb and revrenzo(ie republicans who bash Obama). This is probably a waste of time – but here goes anyway. I visited your sites and watched your must see videos. WOW My question is have you check out any of the web sites we mentioned here? Such as the alaskahockeymomsforObama or the Vets for Obama (sorry I don’t remeber the exact name but you can find it if you scroll through the other comments here — if you really care). Come on fair is fair I call it getting both sides of the story.
    One thing I learned is that Alaska and Wassila(sp?) are more in debt than before she (Palin) was governor or mayor. That your Philip Berg going on about Obama’s citizenship was slapped with a $10K in sanctions for a ‘Laundry List of “unethical” Actions. Some one I would not follow or believe on much. Also since you put so much stock in past associations. Walter H Annenberg was appointed to be Ambassador to the Court of St. James in the United Kingdom by Richard Nixon (Sorry you probably want to forget about that particular Republican) Annenberg was also friends with the Reagan’s social and business. Reagan awarded him the Presidental Medal of Freedom and appointed Annenberg’s wife as the State Depart’s Chief of Protocal. Therfore these Republicans are in the same boat as Obama in their association of Ayers. The phrase 6 degrees of separtaion comes to mind.
    I will also echo that we are not down on Sara because she is a Republican it is only because we do not think she is qualified to be Vice President or President (in the event anything should happen to McCain – going from the frying pan to the fire).
    I would also like to ask since McCain and his supporters say he is ready to take on the wars, Putin etc. Why does being a prisoner of war make you all say he is more qualified to be President because of the world situation. He lost 5 air planes and spent 5 years (as bad as that must have been) as a POW. While there was he making war plans, did he try to organize an escape, was he leading soldiers in battle, or was he negotiating with world leaders trying to find peace. They also asked an interesting question on the vets web site why were McCains war records sealed. Don’t be afraid to check this out – we won’t tell Rush on you.

  59. I think at this point it’s only her rabid religious or racist base that really wants her around in 2012. Most intelligent Republicans and Independents are all going Obama cause Palin scares the crap out of them.

    The reign of scary evangelicals in power seems to finally be drawing to a close.

    Oh, and I don’t think her Joe Six Pack crowd is too thrilled with her $175,000 wardrobe makeover while most people are scraping to get by these days. Sad, they don’ t care that RNC money is being used to fund recorded phone bank lies about Obama, but Sarah’s 7 year-old daughter Piper getting an $800 Louis Vuitton purse at their expense is pissing them off.



    Meanwhile, Michelle Obama shops at the Gap for herself and their daughters, doesn’t wear designers and Barack has had the same shoes for years. Yet THEY are the elitists that redneck America can’t relate to??

    This photo of Obama makes me want to weep, it shows so much about the man. This election really is about US for him.

  60. Aww thanks CW. You must certainly be a member of my “Brain Trust”… still wished he would have called it a think tank. Okay, someone’s gonna have to take my Decon. I have to study for my Soc. midterm. (For any potential rats, that would be Sociology, not Socialism.) Ta ta for now!!!

  61. *Gets out the Decon*

  62. Canadian Woman – I shouldn’t worry too much about Palin bankrupting the country if she comes to power. That particular moose is already on the loose thanks to the Texan hick in the white hoose.

  63. Hey Revrenzo—
    Feel grateful that you still have the civil liberty of freedom of speech (sort of) because your party would further erode this and other liberties that Bush has so willingly done away with (wire-tapping, Geneva Convention.)

    What I think is a good thing, is that you are on this site, you are reading our rants, posts, humor. Perhaps one day you will understand what we think and that this country was not built on ideals of separation, racism, scare-tactics but individual freedoms. We all have the freedom to believe whatever religion we would like to (including yours and Islam) We still have the freedom to say things that we say here (even though it just was reported that we are 36th on the list of freedom of the press.) Thank God that we still have some semblance of what this country was built on. Your party wants to take women back to before choice, your party continues to erode our civil liberties, your party wants to Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition…..

  64. D, you are an inspiration. “People” like Revrenzo (and I use the term people very lightly as there is no actual word that suits properly) have nothing better to do with their time than to write spam on another persons blog. And I say it is spam because it is the trash that is not even good enough for the inbox.
    Hipocracy is a word that can best be used for Revrenzo. Because with one sentence he/she/it claims that everyone on this site is sheep for agreeing with Helen, and then with the next he/she/it spouts the same trash that all the sheep to certain churches like Palin’s use to vent their missinformed “knowledge” (another word that I use very lightly). It’s just pathetic that this person has to use Helen’s positive site to spout their negative garbage.

  65. Rev-
    Ms Palin is making much of our divides… and pounding big wedges in to hold us apart..
    You are one of those wedges!
    How dare you propose some notion of what constitutes a REAL Christian? I want to see YOUR credentials, buster ! Don’t show MY Id to any fake-o cop and not to you either…
    America is a mess!
    We don’t listen to each other much… The brief moments we all come together are in times of disaster – when we are working too hard to help ourselves and our neighbors to remember all the us and they crap. When we go home we all feel kinda let down… Everyday life feels kinda sad without that sense of purpose and commitment that flowed through our bones working for the common good.
    Fooey on even playing the game of what or who is the real America(n)…or who or what is pro-American. Ditto fooey on who’s a real Christian, et al.!
    It takes ALL of us, everyday, to make America…
    I don’t want Ms Palin framing the questions we ask ourselves… We have BIGGER questions than she can manage to come up with…Like, how do we restore some kind of balance between understanding our divides and uniting for our common purposes? How do we keep from swinging too far one direction or other now that we have let the dividers convince us there must be only “one way”?
    We have All presided over dragging the fine old traditions of liberal and conservative thought into some kind of sicko mud wrestling game… We ALL have work to do… I suggest we start by shaking our neighbor’s hand across the City /Rural fence… even if we are not quite sure we trust the booger on the other side…
    Remember that booger is at your back when the river floods, or the earth quakes…it’ll make it easier to reach across…
    You -I will NOT reach my hand across the fence to…
    Rat, rat- another rat in the house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. It would be great to have Palin in 2012. That would virtually guarantee Obama a re-election.

  67. Oops,
    Hillary/Powell 2016!

  68. Revrenzo-
    Lord Revrenzo, forgive me for reading transcripts, researching voting records, watching campaign videos of both parties, viewing the all four debates, for reading books, enjoying every moment of every day, admiring Rosie O’Donnell’s work from “A League of Their Own”, listening to NPR, majoring in political science, for not being a member of your church (or cult for all I know) and for playing that evil Rock music.

    While we’re at it, forgive me for serving my country and protecting your freedom to rant and judge others. Forgive me for doing my duty by being one of the many participants in uniform who stood at the side of the road at the ’01 inauguration, through the freezing rain, and for maintaining composure when spat upon by protestors. Forgive me for working a part-time job while serving in the military. (That’s right, I had two jobs, not just one.) Forgive me for donating my time and money by handing out blankets to those less fortunate in the winter. Forgive me for my hours spent preparing meals at a local soup kitchen. Forgive my desire to save others by becoming a member of the National Bone Marrow Donor Program. Forgive my compassion for abandoned animals, by adopting from the local SPCAA. Forgive me for working more than forty-five hours a week and attending night classes in an effort to better myself. Forgive me for paying my taxes (and making my mortgage payments on time).

    You’re right. I am such a terrible person who’s only cares about myself and takes advantage of everything around me. I REPENT!!!!!

    Btw, I prefer the term “think tank” over brain trust. However, I still thank you for the compliment!!! Blessed Be!!

  69. Forget the name calling. The fact that someone as unqualified as Palin could become a viable candidate chills me to the bone. The RNC should have spent some of that 150,000 dollars on a copy of the constitution for her instead of designer shoes. Sad sad sad. This woman has no respect for or knowledge of the constitution she would be sworn to uphold. Please, vote with your head.

  70. To Trulyscared, that is what I call a constructive plan…a plan of merit.

  71. [...] October 22, 2008 by savanvleck Okay, if I just link to a hilarious blog, by an 82/83 year old woman, about Sarah Palin, then possible editors and agents cannot get mad at my opinions, because I did not say it, right???  I mean, no one made them link on this blog to this blog:  Harold! The rat is back! « Margaret and Helen. [...]

  72. Here is what we should do. I have those Plug-In Pest Repeller Units plugged in on every floor of my house. They work tremendously.

    Before I bought them, I would go into my basement and I would sweep up bugs. I used to have mice in the walls and between floors and this is a new house (we think they got in while the house was being built).

    When you buy one Plug-In Pest Repeller Unit, you get one free.

    Here is what we do. We all buy one Plug-In Pest Repeller Unit for 29.95 (I think you get them for about 14.00 in some places), get another one for free, collect them, ship them to British Columbia, and have the people there plug’em in…… that’ll keep her out

  73. Oh Revenzo, I happen to be gorgeous, but that is not the point.Some of us are so upset with the poor choices made by the republican party and what it says about this country that it is helpful to express ourselves. It is better to write about it and laugh and vote;than to resort to untrue anger inducing smears that some poor people actually believe.

  74. My step dad sent me this link in an email today, i rarely read his and my moms email becuase they are usually just forwards of those bad joke ones, but i decided to open this one and im glad i did.
    I’m 20 years old and go to the University of Central Florida, I am studying political science and as a politcally driven woman I am sick to my stomach with the thought that Sarah Palin could be the first woman president. Not only because of her policies (but seriously making women pay for their own rape kits?) but because of her total lack of experience and qualifications. I like John McCain as a man and am deeply saddened he has to end his political career like this. I hope to a better future with Obama and another chance at a real woman nominee.

  75. @ revrenzo – what a show of class!

    (this is sarcasm if you’re not sure or think I’m complimenting you)

    Obama/Biden ’08

  76. Sorry revrenzo, I have a job. I don’t sit on my butt, I wish I could.

    I am just glad when Obama wins that people like you
    will fade back under the rocks where you came from.

  77. Oh, Ann. How about you post your picture. Then we can all see what you’re slapping lipstick on. How clever you and your geriatric cohorts are.

  78. To all of the sheep who find demeaning Mrs. Palin a fine spectator sport, get a life! You think that Joltin’ Joe Biden is better? Of course, you must be Obama-maniacs. This is the guy who would not vote to save the lives of failed-aborted babies. What compassion! This is the support of Raila Odinga, the genocidal thug PM of Kenya. Great judgement. His friends are aged terrorists….and don’t try to deny it. He hangs with the likes of Rezko and Rev. Wright, a true patriot. You all must have your heads someplace, well, very dark. Now, we are threatened with rioting if Barry should happen to lose. Oh yes, you have so much to be proud of. How about, get off your butts and get a job. Stop holding your hand out and fend for yourselves. You are disgusting!

  79. Well, “D”. another key toter for the brain trust lock box, I see. The need that liberals have to trash anyone and everyone who has a shred of self-respect and joy in their lives, well, it has astonished me. Many of you claim to be Christians. Again, astonishing. Does it give you a warm, fuzzy feeling to resort to name calling? Maybe, that is a demonstration of the extent of your intellect. “George Bush is a “dumb—” nya, nya, nya , na, nya, nya.”. Do you wiggle your fingers in front of your bulbous nose while your chanting? Oh yea, I know where you will wind up, when He comes back to settle things. Dangling over the lake of fire, no doubt. Have a nice day.

  80. A Catholic is not a real christian??? Who says so??
    I guess my God is much kinder and accepting than yours revrenzo. If you are what a “Christian” is, I would rather be a druid.
    So sad to think you have the right to shove your religious beliefs down peoples throats.

    Thanks Helen!

  81. Palin is pure evil, and not quite as stupid as she pretends to be. Her major drawback is her lack of judgment, but that’s a good thing, otherwise she’d weasel her way into the White House (causing McShame to slip in the shower), then we’d all be screwed!

    Palin reminds me of the conniving PTA mom who the neighborhood residents are afraid of: Mean, vengeful, hypocritical, and potentially dangerous.

  82. You have revealed that you are NO Christian, and Catholic’s don’t count as Christians anyway. You are dripping with hatred, animosity and jealousy. Very nice. This woman has done nothing to you and still, you peel her like a banana. Look in the mirror. See a lemming. Be Proud.

  83. Karen.I wonder why the republican campaign had to go out and buy Palin new clothes and makeup.May be they were putting lipstick on a pig? a rat, a cockroach…it should look nice with her electronic ankle bracelet (D)when she is confined to Alaska…on a melting iceberg maybe in full view of Russia and our neighbors to the north.We do not need this woman anywhere in the public eye. McCain did a really bad thing to give her a chance for greater prominance.Now it is hard to stuff her into a box and nail down the lid…back to the melting iceberg

  84. I want a t-shirt!!!!! : )

    I hope that you will still be blogging when President Obama takes office!

    Thanks for the smiles…

  85. Thanks Helen another great blog. Hey did you hear about the voting machines that are changing Obama choices to McCain? Not the other way around though. Would the Republicans really be stupid enough to try and steal this election? Probably – it will be interesting to see what happens after that. My husband wants us to go out and buy a week of supplies 11/3 and is preparing to hide in our home all of 11/5.

    I have an ethical/compassionate objection to those rat glue traps but in this case….

  86. Anon-
    I had read about the clothing fund. I’m just going to paste what I wrote out in reaction to a similar article on my site….

    I don’t know what’s worse, knowing that the RNC felt like they needed to do a little makeover for the Palin clan, or knowing that some staffer has the miserable task of picking out 90 dollar rompers for Trig. So, the Republicans are really in touch with the middle class, eh? If they want to give off that appearance, how about not wasting $150,000 on clothing? It’s not as if undecided voter sitting at home is saying, “Well, I’m not crazy about McCain’s health care plan, but that red suit that Gov. Palin wore from Neiman Marcus is really making me think twice about voting for Obama.”
    “Wow, Gov. Palin really does care about her son. I can tell with that black and blue striped onesie she had him in at her last campaign stop.”
    Give me a break!!!

  87. Helen I’m so glad you’re out there. I want to be your granddaughter too.

  88. Well also consider let’s see what happens when they lose and Palin goes back to Alaska now after this…I bet there is no way she gets reelected.

  89. Helen, I wouldn’t worry about Gov. Palin in 2012, this election is the eye opener, the defining moment. Palin has proven to anyone with any sort of political insight that she is not worth the salt in her body, and anyone who would vote for her is either, uninformed, illiterate, insane, or otherwise in capable of logical thought.

    Karen P, may I ask, why would you believe that the Democratic party would nominate anyone other than the incumbent? To me, that seems like a serious flaw in your judgement.

    If you believe that John McCain is going to win, then, well, you may be correct in your statement. However, this nation cannot take another 4 years of deregulation, and as far as I’m concerned, if that seems to be what’s going to happen, then I will be hauling upstakes, probably to join our friends to the north. So, if he wins it will be someone else’s headache.

    In short, I will not vote for Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary of 2012, and no one I know will either. Her particular brand of politics is old hat. Though, I must say, thanks to her “kitchen sink” strategy, Obama learned hard and fast how to take a punch. It’s largely thanks to Hillary that McCain’s vicious attacks are falling on mostly deaf ears.

    When 2012 rolls around, I will be voting for the incumbent, Barack Obama. In 2016, well, that’s 8 years away. We will just have to see how things play out then.

  90. Helen – As always you are simply a treasure. In the sunset of your life you’ve become the sunshine in ours!

    Tell your grandson he should try and keep right-wing nutjobs like Nancy Goldfarb (see above) from posting links to their poorly written drivel. Although I have to admit, I laughed nearly as much when I read her blog as I did when I read yours but for an entirely different reason.

  91. Terrific post! I just found you today and you two are great! Write On!

  92. My friend just introduced me to your blog. It’s fabulous. I sent it around to my office. None of us got any work done this afternoon.

    How do you feel about Sarah’s clothing expenditure? If they lose, does she have to give back the clothes? I hope so.

  93. Helen,

    It is horrible! I read this article that said Palin is going to be making a mint with an active schedule of speaking engagements and endorsements. It went on to say that the Republicans will mold her, make her read (can she? Oh, right any of ‘em, all of ‘em!) up on all the issues and be able to converse on “any of ‘em.” Yes, and they are hanging their hat on her for 2012, they think she is the future of the Republican party!?! It is amazing to see how stupid the Republicans can be, thinking that putting icing on a rat, we will not be able to still see the shape and rabies of that same rat. I think the only option would be arsenic and old lace. Then we can kill two rats with one stone, her budget for clothes and getting rid of the 2012 Republican candidate! Oh, wait, that’s right she’s not literate, she wouldn’t get the pun.

    On a more serious note, let’s just start celebrating that should the R’s consider her for 2012, that means only one thing….it will be Hillary and Sarah fighting for the most powerful seat in the world, and my money’s on Hillary!!!

    Vote Hillary/Powell 2012!

    Your friend,

  94. I absolutely love reading your blog. Whenever I need a laugh I head on over here, thank you and keep on voicing your thoughts and opinions!

  95. rock on helen

  96. My daughter just sent me the link to your blog…LOVE IT!!! I,m not quite as old as you are but I am just as opinionated!!! Good job ladies.

    Rat traps sell like mad here!

  97. Thanks for the laughs and the reporting–I came across your blog Monday thanks to a friend and it has been added to my favorites! Keep up the great work—hopefully we’ll get rid of the rat problem soon enough.

  98. I never thought I would…but I have no choice…I’m going to start praying for the rapture!

    Buh bye Sarah!

  99. Helen, I’m always delighted to see that you’ve invested in another blog post. It is greatly appreciated!

    The thought of a Palin presidency also send shudders up my spine. It’s sickening that this would even be a discussion. I am still not convinced that Obama will win..let’s face it, McCain and company(dirty repubs) have more tricks up their sleeve to distract the short attention span of a lot of Americans. Let’s pray that common sense wins over ignorance!

  100. Helen, You are fabulous! Please keep writing. It is so refreshing to read your blog, you verbalize what most of us are thinking! Waiting for the t-shirts.

  101. I love your blog, and yes I agree you gotta get rid of rodents! We live in New York City and it is you or them, no choice. We got cats, now we have no mice! We also ripped out some of our cabinets to plug up the holes! Ahhh, city living. Keep kicking ass sister!

  102. You summed it up rather well, Helen. Let’s get a broom!

  103. hysterical!!

    You should go to cafeepress.com
    Create your own shirts and buttons and sell from there

    I will buy one

    Keep up the good reporting

    I don’t watch the news, too depressing


  104. The RNC has spent $150,000 on clothes, hair, & makeup for Sarah Palin & her family…even buying clothes for her husband & her infant son. Not to worry — they say the clothes belong to the RNC & will be donated to charity after the campaign.

    This from the party that promised a week ago to take a scalpel to the budget and cut all
    unnecessary expenditures. This from the ticket that slams big-spending Washington insiders. This from the “I’m just a hockey mom strugglin’ to make it from day to day just like ya’ll” one-of-the-folks candidate? Let’s hope Wal-Mart shopping hockey moms across the nation unite and say, “Puck Palin!”

    C’mon America — we can do better than this!

  105. “It scares the daylights out of me that Ms Palin lacks a fundamental internal check and balance system.” Isn’t this the definition of a sociopath?

    Has anyone noticed Palin starting to disagree with McCain on different subjects like using or not using the Rev White as a smear on Mr Obama? She’s for it of course.

    I also think she is positioning herself for a run in 2012, no doubt about it. I think she’s going to say “if McCain had listen to me, we would have won in 2008.”

    I’m hoping that Alaska takes the Troopergate 2 investigation (which I believe will show just how unethical and corrupt she is) and prosecutes her to the fullest.

    Save a botton for me!

    Love from CA

  106. I visit your blog everyday!! Love your post!! :)

  107. Thanks Helen, I love your thinking and I’ll buy one of whatever you come up with.

    Shirley in L.A.

  108. Once again your words brought a smile to my face. You rock Helen!

  109. See the t-shirts and buttons… Hell, I want one… You ARE cool! In fact, in my opinion… you rock!!!!

  110. Helen, I think I am in love with you! I live in Illinois, one of the early voting states, and I have JUST come from PROUDLY casting my vote for Obama!! This is the first time in my 54 years that I have been excited about voting! By the way, has anyone noticed how the bigots at the Republican rallies are starting to look and SOUND just like the audience at ‘The Jerry Springer Show’?! I bet they are just about as smart, too.

  111. Excuse me while I’m a tad indelicate here, but in view of the age of Thump, Splat or whatever it is her youngest is called, it is possible that Cruella de Ville’s stunt double is still lactating?

    If so, as soon as she stops, some of the reasons she found favour will fade away, so to speak.

    How old will Chelsea be in 2016?

  112. Hey, Mad Dog, I like your rat trap design!

    And Helen, get those T-shirts in production. A little extra income for you and hubby in your golden years.

    Watch out SNL, here comes Helen!

  113. Helen, count me in too for the buttons, etc.!

    As for the pin-headed butcher of wildlife, I wouldn’t worry about her too much. I think she’ll just become a comic footnote in history. Or at least the history of Saturday Night Live.

    You didn’t say *how* the rat went away. Did it just go away one day? I had crows in my backyard, until one day one seemed to stay there. She had apparently hurt her wing somehow, because when she tried to fly, she looked to me like she “winched”, but she folded her wings right back up. Animal Services suggested a “wild bird sanctuary” for us to call. We did and they sent someone out. The crow was caught, examined, and it was determined that her wing was damaged. They took her away to their sactuary, where, if she couldn’t be healed, she would live out the rest of her life. For 2 days after that, the crows still came, but then they went away. Maybe they thought “One of us went down there and never came back! Don’t go there!”

    So, maybe after McCan’t is defeated in a landsland, and it proves to be the end of his political career, Ms. Palin-the-butt will say to herself “One of us went down there and never came back!” She’ll go back to Alaska, never to rear her head again.

    Thanks for writing! Keep on writing! Best regards!

  114. oops – I meant 2012 not 1012…

  115. Wow – I hadn’t heard this about Palin in 1012; this is beyond belief!

    Margaret – I seriously want a T shirt; tell me how much and where to send the $. I love your blog and your sense of humor!

    AlaskaPi – if you and M&H ever got together for a chick’s night out, what a hoot it would be!
    Phyllis from NC

  116. Oh, and count me in for a t-shirt, a coffee mug or a book bag. I love it!

    Helen, when did you say that book is coming out? It wouldn’t all have to be about politics either. I’m sure you and Maragaret have some wonderful stories to share, along with all your insights.

    It makes me smile to think of the two of you meeting in college and being friends for 60 years. My college roommate and I are still friends after more than 40 years, so I know how special that is.

    Hugs to you both.

  117. I’ve seen a few claim that 2012 will be the end of the world — I’m starting to see why :)

  118. Helen, you are so on target with your view of Ms. Palin. Thanks, again, for saying what many of us are thinking.

    Back to your original point, though. My husband and I had the same discussion about the possibility of Palin rearing her head in 2012, and he, even though he thinks she’s an idiot, said he thought it is possible, that maybe she’ll get her brains by then.

    OK, I have to explain the context of that one. We have two daughters and hubby has said for many years that people get their bodies when they are 16, but don’t get their brains till they are 25. He said it often when they were teens, accompanied by eye rolls from the girls and their boyfriends. However, when each of them turned 25 (they’re now 30 and 26), they said that they agreed with him.

    The problem with Palin is that she must have missed that part of the natural development – the getting-her-brains part never kicked in. I don’t think four more years will help.

    The good thing about all this has been getting to know so many great people from all over – Helen and Margaret, and all the people from Alaska. We all really have to stay in touch after Palin gets sent home (hopefully for good), when we can talk things non-political. Ahhh, won’t that be refreshing.

  119. Helen & Margaret,

    Love your blog – i wonder what you will have to say to this –


  120. Helen, you are wonderful! Your perspective really does clarify all the junk going on today. I hope you keep on blogging even after this election is over! Hey, did ya hear how many turned out in Austin for early voting? I was there waiting in line & couldn’t believe it! Oh and I put a link to your blog on mine.


  121. The better mousetrap will snap closed on NOVEMBER 4TH!!! The woman cannot even think for herself. I loved the interview on CNN yesterday with her. Crap – all the same old talking points…she has just had several weeks to rework the sentences. On her smartest day – she couldn’t keep up with me!! BTW – my hair is progressively getting whiter and whiter thanks to this “election season” which has gone on for TWO years. Keep it up girls – wonderful insight. We think alike.

  122. Cindi-
    Send her home.
    We’ve rolled up the rug and thrown away the broom…
    It’s not going to be easy- no one likes having their illusions shattered…but the evidence of corruption and unethical behavior is piling up up here…It’ deeper than the snow…

  123. Don’t worry. Palin’s political career is done after this election. I think she knows it as evident from her SNL appearance. She is getting her 15 minutes of fame and she is going to milk it for as long as she can. She will go back to Alaska and probably be impeached for all her corruption. Just today, the AP reports that she charged the state $21,000 for her daughters’ traveling expenses and didn’t pay taxes on those refunds. Do her children ever go to school?


  124. Well, Helen, I am not an architect but I have some ideas for the design of the appropriate rat trap:
    1. It would be in the shape of the State of Alaska
    2. The bait would be “pork” (you know, as in Bridge to Nowhere or Hwy to Nowhere)
    3. It would be complete with a travel office for all those pesky airline and hotel expenses for the kids (cuz they were all “working” for the State while traveling with the Gov, right?)
    4. It would have a Neiman Marcus outlet for another $150,000 for clothes and makeup and such for the whole family…..can’t have public figures looking tacky after all)
    5. It would have a press room for press conferences….but it would be ever so small cuz it is not expected to be used much (or EVER?) Oh, and the mike will have a censor buttom (hey, that’s even a better idea than burning books!)
    6. All the telephones would be hooked up for direct calls to the various State offices where Sarah, Todd or any of their friends and relatives want to get someone fired for no good cause.
    7. There would be an ethics office (but it will be much smaller than the press room….just sayin’)
    8.There would be a large area for storing guns, dead large animals and, of course, Todd’s snowmobile.
    9. There would be a closet as an office for Karl Rove…dark and unavailable to the public for him to conduct his dirty business as usual.
    9. And lastly, there would be a stage for the storage of the Miss Congeniality sash (because it will never be worn by Ms. I Don’t Pronounce My G’s At The End Of My Words Because It Makes Me Sound Folksy) and for the Talent Competition (Because I will always maintain that flicker of hope that the woman has SOME kind of talent….we just haven’t seen it yet. Personally, I am hoping it is the talent to disappear and stop annoying us all with the prospect that she could actually have her finger on the nuke button.

    BTW, for a good laugh check out http://www.palinaspresident.com It changes daily.

    I can’t wait for buttons and t-shirts….the sooner the better.

    And, Helen, Thank You. I mean it. Really

  125. Helen you’re spot on, as usual. I do wish though that we wouldn’t lower ourselves to the name calling and nastiness some post in the comments. It’s too similar to the garbage being spouted by the fundies. Obama has chosen the high road and we should, as well.

    But, I do vote for sending her back north to face the charges of corruption. And here’s hoping her home state won’t sweep it all under the rug.

  126. Well, Helen, I am not an architect but I have some thoughts for the design of the rat trap:
    1. It would be in the shape of the State of Alaska

  127. to cammy in ca – even better … A FILM

  128. hey helen have you seen the photo of her wearing the scarf with the donkeys all over it? and the word vote? proof positive as you say that you shouldnt sleep with your cousin

  129. I’m not worried in the slightest about Palin 2012. Why?

    1. Obama would be an incumbent who would be very difficult to beat.

    2. If Palin is not helping McCain now, what makes anyone think she could carry the ticket alone? If she were so good, people would be voting for her NOW.

    3. I was relatively indifferent to the presidential campaign until McCain chose Palin as his running mate. I agree with you Helen, the woman is awful and to have her anywhere near the White House would be a disaster. I therefore contributed $1,000 to Obama’s campaign to prevent that (if he hadn’t chosen Palin, I doubt I would have contributed at all). IF she won the Republican nomination in 2012, I would donate everything that I could to keep her away from the White House.

    Palin would be the Huckabee of 2012. Anyone with an ounce of sense has no inclination to see her serving as POTUS.

  130. Hello Miss Helen,

    I know how much you love Caribou Barbie… check out this website…. give us your opinion…. what do you think of this??


  131. Did you see her last night? For the 4th time she was unable to explain the duties of the Vice President! Yesterday she answered a 3rd grader by saying that she is looking forward to her job of being “in charge of the senate and getting in there and making policy.” I imagine Senator Byrd beating her about the head with his cane.

  132. Well Helen, I heard Brian Williams on NBC last night say that people are viewing Palin as worse for McCain than Bush. So let the damned Republicans think what they must. I think her caribou has been cooked for 2012. Because there’s something about that husband of hers that makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up, even worse than she does. Something is going to come out about that fool before long that will send them packing. Oh, and Helen, I live and garden in Tyler, Texas. I voted early yesterday. And I have a nice big Obama/Biden sign in my front yard. I’m sure the neighbors are mortified. But they have accepted that I am a little “different” than they are. Also, my husband is a doctor, and we have both long been Democrats. And that further confuses them!
    Brenda Kula

  133. Sorry that was Al-Qaida not Al-Qaeda…but seriously you should all go to Yahoo and check it out. It’s freakin’ hillarious.

  134. Did anyone catch yahoo news. Apparently Al-Qaeda is backing John McCain. You guys should all check it out.

  135. Does ANYONE know a Literary Agent? I think Helen has a book in her SCREAMING to get published! I would certainly be first in line to buy one!! Keep up the good work, Helen!

  136. You gals are right on point!!

  137. It is scary to think that there are people who are so frightened of intelligence that they will vote for any moron who comes along but we’ve seen it happen time and time again. I have hope that our young people will be smarter than we have been and will demand the highest qualifications for the people who hold our highest political offices. It’s funny to imagine Palin applying for a job as a CEO of any company in America (or elsewhere for that matter). She wouldn’t even qualify for an interview!

    As for her illegal behavior in Alaska, all I can say is that I hope Alaskans and the rest of the U.S. get to see the truth of her illegal and immoral behavior. And that she is forced to face the consequences as any other crook would.

    Helen, I love your blog. Keep giving us the laughs we need during these tense days!

  138. Another great post Helen—I will comment now because soon you will be getting so many you wont be able to read them all!!! I want a tee-shirt and a book too—you must have been a writer all of your life—-Love your blog!!!

  139. Mequet- You’re leading me to another “fabulous” idea. Stick the shock collar around her neck, then set up a website, where for a small fee, patrons can send send shocks via the web!!! Granted, it would break two or three laws, but what are laws anyway? Just a series of words that some governors try to change or flat out ignore.

    Oh, speaking of, I just finished reading that the AP did an investigation and found that Palin made Alaska pick up the tab for her children’s’ travels. Where does it stop with this woman??!!!??

    Helen- Zazzle.com allows designs to go stamps, mugs, skateboards, and even tennis shoes. (You also make a commission off the sales that you set.)

  140. I’m hoping that FOX “News” will take her on as a pundit or something and that will feed her need for attention and sycophants. Barring that, we could always get her one of those shock collars and anytime she heads anywhere near a campaign of any sort, we’ll just push the button and BZZZZTTT!!

    Can’t wait to see the buttons and shirts! I’m glad your grandkids and great grandkids and nieces and nephews think you’re trés awesome now! How exciting!

  141. The Sara Palin thing has so much more to do with a certain demographics feelings of impotence and fear than who Sara Palin is, or could be.
    There is obviously a large group of Americans that see their world being overwhelmed by factors outside of their understanding or perceived ability to influence. Fear of “smart” people is easily morphed into “not being an American”. This is more a result of technological and global influences that many do not understand, much less feel any connection with outside of the impositions on their more basic understandings of the world around them.

  142. I want a “Helen Rocks!” T-Shirt!!!

  143. Palin is enjoying her 15 mins of fame. In two weeks she will be a has been and in a month people will be saying “what was the name of the idiot with great hair?” Seriously, I can not imagine even the good people of Alaska knew the depth of her dumbness.

    Helen. You are fantastic. I love reading your blog. It brings a smile to my face.

  144. First of all, three months into this, Palin STILL doesn’t know what the VP is supposed to do. She’s under the mistaken impression that she’ll be in “charge” of the Senate, able to “get in there and work with the Senators to change policy”.

    OK, whatever.

    I imagine that if Palin takes the time to actually read the constitution (she can read, right?), she’ll definitely be gunning for the big seat in 2012. Much more power as Prez, you know.

    Here’s what we all need to keep in mind. In 2012? Obama will be running for RE-ELECTION! Palin won’t stand a chance.

  145. Helen I was watching the same report on CNN tonight & I too could not believe it! There are a lot of Australians following the elections that can’t belief some of the stuff that goes on. If I could vote I would vote for Obama/Biden.

    I did meet a guy yesterday who does get to vote & he said he would be voting McCain. All I could say, was but why? why? why? He said better the devil you know, and i said maybe the next one doesn’t have to be the same devil or even a devil just better. This guys only watches Fox News, I’ve asked him to open his view on the world a little, even if it’s just to CNN.
    And another thing about Fox, I personally apologise for our Rupert & his Fox Network, it is an embarrassement to us all!

    Great blog Helen, you remind me of my grandma who hs been long gone, you would have liked her :)

  146. Set it up..maybe cafe press…and I’ll buy.

    If not, we’ll design them for free….

  147. I’m REALLY praying that Obama will unite us all so much that when Palin raises her head again (Palin/Putin being equally scary), she’ll see how the world has moved far beyond her tiny mind.

    She was a sportscaster and loves all this attention. I see her future in broadcasting, but NOT political office.

    Please, God.

  148. Palin has left McCain in the dust. In her reptilian brain, McCain is already dead and she is the new leader of the free world. Did anyone catch that interview Palin had with Christian Broadcasting Network? She supports a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, a break with John McCain, who has said he believes states should be left to define what marriage is.

    Thanks Helen. Your grandkids are right, you’re the coolest.

  149. but wait…doesn’t she have to become a movie star first? or can she ride on her tina fey impression laurels alone?

  150. Someone mentioned Michelle Bachmann? Take her, please? What an embarrassment to decent Minnesotans.
    I can’t vote in that area but I sent her opponent money for his campaign.

    Thanks Helen for another great post!

  151. Hey Helen! I want one of these shirts…really. Any way We, Your Fans, can get our hands on one? Seriously, I’ll buy one sight unseen.

    Love Bunches from Seattle.

  152. As usual you are right on target Margaret. Did you see the AP article about Palin abusing her office as governor to charge the state of Alaska for her family travel? Here’s the link: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20081022/ap_on_el_pr/palin_family_travel
    First family?! Where does she get off thinking that American taxpayers should pay for her family outings? If this is how she treats her expenses in Alaska, can you imagine what she would do in the White House? Harold, get the rat trap!!!

  153. Alaska Pi, thanks for pointing us to the alaskahockeymomsforobama.com site. Loved the post from “An Alaska Hockey Mom Not Voting for Sarah Palin”! It is heartening to hear so many others who see thru this “woman” (I like the term “rat” much better!

  154. I pray that Sarah’s prayers go unanswered. I pray that the war ends, not that God shares his plan why we need to be in Iraq. I pray that children who choose to have pre-post marital sex practice safe sex and not that the schools will teach my child nothing about protection. I pray that people start waking up to the fact our major problem is our dependency on oil and not that people will agree to drill the heck out of our shoreline and Alaska. I pray that people will be educated about tolerance of diversity and not that the church group praying for me to turn straight continue their quest to teach hatred. I pray for us all that people come to their senses before it’s too late.

  155. Rat and cockroach is the perfect analogy. And speaking of which, would you please write about the new Joe McCarthy, Marilyn Bachmann? She apparently thinks no one remembers Joe McCarthy from Wisconsin, but he lived next door. And Minnesotans and Wisconsinites have LONG memories. MB defies the odds, since it’s usually too cold for cockroaches to live in Minnesota.

  156. Woops- forget it’s middle of the night for folks Outside.
    Good night Helen- sleep well.
    We are coming to count on you to kick us into action…while we laugh.
    Thank you dear lady…
    and ,folks, send the rat back home.

  157. Ok, we Alaskans who don’t like Palin have realized by now that this has been one of her goals all along. To steal a great line from an article on her: “She doesn’t want to be part of the Junior Varsity Team”. This is so true – and means she won’t want Congress ’cause that would be a group of equals that she can’t choose herself – so it’s the White House or bust. However DON’T FRET, she has revealed too much which can never be retracted or forgotten. She has her whacko base which will probably try to follow her, but as we’ve seen that only makes her look worse. She will probably end up on Fox after we vote her out of Alaska. I wonder if she’ll see Russia from there?

  158. Oh my…
    “How dare she accept that nomination for the second highest office of our country knowing she doesn’t even read a magazine or newspaper and hasn’t even travelled outside the US except to go to Canada last year? Geezzz!”
    It’s pretty clear Ms Palin doesn’t know what she doesn’t know…
    It’s becoming increasingly apparent she will dare just about anything , including accepting the nomination for the second highest office of our country.
    It scares the daylights out of me that Ms Palin lacks a fundamental internal check and balance system.
    Maybe that’s part of her problem with getting a hold of the idea that the job of the VP is NOT one one foot in the executive branch and one in the legislative branch…

  159. I’ll buy that book!

  160. She needs to go back to go back to Wasilla and weave a cocoon around her and perhaps after fifty years, she will metamorphose into a smarter individual who can show some amount of intellectual curiousity. I think McCain’s decision to pick her a running mate is based on the fact that she is dumb – his narcisistic behind didn’t want to pick someone with a higher IQ than his. How dare she accept that nomination for the second highest office of our country knowing she doesn’t even read a magazine or newspaper and hasn’t even travelled outside the US except to go to Canada last year? Geezzz!

  161. i think the technical term for keeping a rat (or squirrel or mouse or moose or caribou barbie) out of a house is “exclusion”–at least that’s what my exterminator calls it.

    i agree that it is wrong to underestimate her connivability factor–she kinda scares me in that way. she is adaptable, much like the cockroach, and will thus figure out how to survive. and much like the flying cockroaches i grew up with in houston, she gives me the creeps.

  162. Well D, it looks like Alaska Pi is determined to take her back. Alaska Pi, let me know if you change your mind. You might enjoy being a canadian, who knows. Together you and I could think of an impressive way to dispose of the Palin refuse. :)
    Well that is all for me…I look forward to reading all your comments tomorrow.
    Still awesome as always Helen…

  163. Hi Helen, My take on the Palin for 2012 is just a way for some of the Reps. to maybe ease the pain of a slide to nowhere. McCain was slipping , then he chose a woman ( quickly and a Pretty one ) I might add to hopefully save a dying campaign. I think it worked, temporarily, until the masses gained any real knowledge of her, and now that she has exposed herself as basically incompetent, they are trying to gain some comfort as the Obama lead increases.
    I have many reasons why I am voting Obama. But the recent scenes at some of McCains rallys have left me appalled and ashamed that the rest of the world would see those videos . People, tell me WHY Mcain nor Palin have not stated that this was not acceptable!
    How disgusting!! Dirty politics and mud slinging have gone too far.
    Helen, you have a wonderful insight on these things – I enjoy your viewpoints.
    Sandy Wisc

  164. What IS wrong with people who think she is qualified?? How much more transparently moronic does one need to be to become a problem for these people?? And on the same subject, what is up with those “undecided” votes?? Is it really that hard to pick between the two COMPLETELY opposite platforms??

  165. Nope, no deal with Canada…
    They have been very good neighbors to us.
    Send the rat home.
    We need to clean up the mess we made. See it through…
    We had just gotten to where we could sorta look at ourselves in the mirror again after the last batch o rats…
    and we did it AGAIN!

  166. Canadian Woman-
    A self-absorbed leader, eh? Hrm… gee, I wonder what that’s like. We just have a Pres. who hurt his head after choking on a pretzel.
    You’ve had three elections in four years? Ouch.

  167. Well D, he’s more delusional than horrible. Kind of a little bit of bonehead. But at least not a dangerous bonehead…only a self-absorbed one. That is most likely the reason why he can only make a minority government. That and the fact that the majority of voters are tired of all the f*ing elections (three in under four years).

  168. A friend of mine told me that right after Palin got the nod from McCain, some right-wing kook was shopping a book proposal titled “How Sarah Palin Saved the Republican Party and Won the Election,” to come out right after the polls closed. He was genuinely floored that nobody wanted to take him up on it.

    Helen, keep up the good work. I’ll be back.

  169. Canadian Woman- I’ll go for just shipping Palin your way if Alaska Pi can’t keep her fenced in with the electronic bracelet. Besides, I already am aware that most of Quebec ends up at Old Orchard Beach in Maine during the summer as is, so this country might as well collect income tax from them.

    Wait, how’s Prime Minister Harper? I don’t want Alaska Pi to suffer if he’s horrible.

  170. there is NO job for her in washington, but there is a job for her in entertainment, for sure. she can perform when she is wound up – as long as she doesn’t have to answer hard qts. on the spot.

  171. Helen for President!

  172. Sweet…Well in that case D I might have to rethink everything. I will trade you Quebec and Celine Dion for Alaska and the disease infested rodent. Maybe we can use her for her impressive experience with foreigners. She can keep an eye on Russia for Canada. ;P

  173. You are delightful. Thanks for reminding us to laugh…or we’ll cry. Fourteen days and counting…

  174. I meant “your” not “you’re”.

  175. Alaska Pi & D….get a room already.

  176. Alaska Pi-
    I like you’re thinking. That way if she falls in with the electronic ankle bracelets… well, you won’t have to keep an eye on her.

  177. Helen you never fail to bring a smile to my face….write a book….I’ll be the first in line to buy it!!!

  178. Dee- report is available a number of places . this site has lots of other current news as well. i think the report link shows up in a couple posts- notes from 10/16…?http://alaskahockeymomsforobama.com/?m=200810

    check out adn.com- all the troopergate docs and background are available there .
    checkout mudlats site too…
    And keep them Palinstas outta here!

  179. It’s mean but I’m kinda hoping the gov gets fitted for one of those electronic ankle thingys the bad guys wear when they are under house arrest… so we know where she is at all times…

    My choice of place would be in a rowboat in Lake Lucille in front of her house, sentenced to casting her rod in that dead lake, day after day.year after year and catching no fish. ..

    I don’t suppose she would ever understand that it is dead because of poorly conceived development nearby but it would allow all of us ,who truly do treasure our beautiful state , to keep an eye on her…

  180. Canadian Woman- I would have even thrown in keeping Celine Dion down here.

  181. Maybe all the Palin supporters can move to Alaska and stay there with her when they withdrawl from the US with the Alaskan Independence Party.

    Well…we can hope can’t we???

    We love you H&M

  182. alaska pi, where can we find branchflower’s report on troopergate 1? the thought of palin in 2012 is terrifying. she will think she is even cuter then.

  183. Well D, as tempting as the offer might be, we already have enough problems with Quebec up here always trying to separate. However, Russia might have an interest in buying Alaska back. I’m sure then she could keep an eye on us canadians for the russians so that they don’t have to worry about us moving in on their territory. >:)
    Thanks for the offer though, under other circumstances, possibly with less of a rodent infestation I might take you up on the offer.

  184. You could try the electronic fence. It might just work as long as you can hold her down long enough to stick the collar around her neck.

  185. woops… somewhere…

  186. I don’t think so. She returns home a losing candidate to face two troopergate investigations, two civil lawsuits related to same, tax investigations re improperly billed travel expenses, etc. etc… I doubt she’ll keep her governor’s seat which means she has no standing in 2012.

  187. We are going to do our BEST to fence her in…

    It’s a mistake to think of Ms Palin as stupid. She’s cunning and slippery and secretive… while spouting about “open and transparent”. She fights dirty- whoever heard of a mayor of a small town campaigning as an anti-abortion proponent? Hit those folks with something which concerns them, whether it has anything to do with town business? If you have the time read Branchflower’s report on the so-called Troopergate 1… nasty,nasty,nasty stuff- very Machiavellian…

    We are getting a bit worried about them weird Palinistas following her back up here though…

    You all better find somehwere else for them to drift…

    Send the rat home…

  188. Alaska Pi-
    We’ll send her back as long as you promise not to let her back out.

    Otherwise, I’m going to continue with my attempts at brokering a deal with Canadian Woman or will drop her off on a nice chunk of ice that’s inhabited by a polar bear and let him take care of her.

  189. Geezer, don’t worry. Tina Fey’s still has her day job over at 30 Rock.

  190. Send the rat home folks…
    We have some things we want to talk to her about…
    While there are certainly still folks up here who like Ms Palin personally and some who think she reformed something besides the good ol boys’ inner circle of the Alaskan Republican party, there’s a growing number of us who want to know about state travel expenses, perdiem to live at home, government emails on private accounts- you know pesky little details about how Ms Palin conducts state business…We are still waiting on the findings of the so-called Troopergate 2 investigation…

    Send her home folks.

    We were dumb.We weren’t paying the right kind of attention when we voted her in… A whole bunch of us are pretty dang unhappy about her filthy behavior away from home on top of our statewide beefs.
    Send the rat home.

  191. Yes, but the polls are now showing that more people are voting against McCain because of his choice of Palin as his running mate (34%) than because he might continue Bush’s policies (23%).

  192. But we need Palin! Otherwise, what will Tina Fey do for the next four years! On second thought, let’s take up a collection to help Tina thru four years of unemployment.

  193. I love your blog Helen! Keep at it.

    What to do about Palin, I don’t know – George Bush has taught me that there are a large number of Americans that are just plain scared by intelligent people and they feel more comfortable with an idiot running things.

  194. You go girl!

  195. I think we have a reasonable right to expect the highest offices in our nation to be occupied by persons who are reasonable, intelligent and free of political taint, partisan bias or private agenda.

    I don’t understand what’s gone wrong but I’m beyond expecting anything to change in my lifetime. I just wish that professional politicians has less in common with professional wrestlers. When I was 12 I thought wrestling was totally cool. I’m not 12 any more.

    When it comes to the US presidency, desire and qualification bear a reciprocal relationship. The more someone desires to be president, the less qualified they are for the job. We need to find a politician who’s qualified (thus having not the faintest desire to be president) and start a write in campaign.

    Helen, you’re my hero. I love this blog.

  196. Oh, I thought of another solution!!
    Canadian Woman- Do you mind taking one for the team and making Alaska a Province? I’ll make you a batch of cookies to sweeten the deal.

  197. I saw the same article as you jaz. It’s awesome that 55% think she is unqualified, but what the H are the other 45% thinking? This woman isn’t competent enough to keep a town of 9000 from becoming almost bankrupt. How would she ever be able to handle a post as important as VP let alone President.
    Another fantastic post Helen. From way up here in Saskatchewan…you are wonderful.

  198. I would like to have the Palin rat arrested for domestic terrorism and intent to cause harm to a public official. Can we spray the rat then confine it to a place where it is taught better manners?

  199. Yes, but we already know how out of touch the Republican party is with the American people: an NBC/Wall St Journal poll was just released today that shows 55% of Americans believe Palin is unqualified to be president, and that her selection as VP candidate is the biggest concern about the McCain campaign, even more than his continuance of Bush’s policies or his economic policies.

    Don’t you worry dear…those pesky rats won’t be around much longer…

  200. Damn, you’d think after having a dumbass as the President for eight years, we’d institute an IQ requirement. That would be one way of keeping her out. I’ve read that Gov. Palin and her husband have ties to the secessionist movement in Alaska. So, after this election is over… perhaps we should support the movement and ban her from the lower 48. Then again, if she really does believe in the End of Days, and is correct about it being soon…. I’ll be the one sitting in Hell thinking, “Hey Satan, can we throw a few more shrimp on the grill?”

  201. I actually read an article titled Palin 2012 about 2 weeks ago. No, that’s a lie. I saw the headline, shuddered and moved on! I couldn’t even believe it. I thought who in their right mind thinks that’s a good idea. Then I remembered I live in a country where George W. Bush can be elected President of the United States TWICE. Well, that’s another lie. Once, but hey who’s counting?

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