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Posted by: Helen Philpot | October 9, 2008


Hello world.    Well where do I begin?  I am shocked at the response to my little rants.  You sure do know how to make an old gal feel special.  Of course there is another woman out there who feels special, but that’s only because she’s been shooting caribou out the window of her Straight Talk Express on the way to her next Republican hillbilly rally.

For crying out loud America.  How bad does it have to get?  Senator McCain is practically crumbling to dust before our very eyes while Governor Palin is out in the hinterland screeching about some 60′s hippie who bumped into Obama once or twice over the years. This from the woman who panders to secessionists in Alaska. Please, dear God, somebody throw a stone because that glass igloo needs to be shattered!

Margaret and I are both reading all of the comments and it’s been very exciting to hear from all of you around the world. For those of you who seem to be at odds with my language, all I can say is what I always say to Margaret – even if you watch your p’s and q’s you can still spell bullshit.  I promise to write again after the next debate or before that if Rocky and Bullwinkle (aka McCain/Palin) piss me off. 

One more thing before I go.  Does anyone else find it ridiculous that our current fool of a President told us all to go shopping after 9/11 but now when we really need to be shopping that jackass has suddenly lost his bullhorn?  What an idiot.

Just before posting this, I stopped to read it one last time.  And it occurs to me that there was a time in my life when I never would have considered calling our President an idiot.  It’s a shame how this jackass has ruined so many things that we all held dear.  Sometimes elections should be about something bigger than all of us.  This year we have an opportunity to right a very big wrong.  We have the ability to restore respect to the greatest office in our land. Our leaders should inspire us.  They shouldn’t divide us.  They shouldn’t embarrass us, ignore us or pander to us and they definetly shouldn’t lie to us.   And for the love of God they really should know more about the world than Alaska’s proximity to Russia.  

So there you have it America.  I, Helen Philpot, am calling BUSH-shit.

The time for change is now.  It’s been too long and I don’t have many years left.  I’ve had enough.

Thanks for stopping by.  I mean it.

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  1. Your language betrays your origins and outlook.

  2. helen,

    not rocky and bullwinkle… boris and natasha fer sure! you betcha.

  3. Who ever you are, Helen, you make an excellent blog. And I added you to my Blogroll.
    I am so happy, I discovered it. Now I will keep it. Please, you have to keep writing.
    Best thoughts and wishes from Berlin in Germay.
    PS I follow with sorrow what is going on in the US. I love your country and I hope, that Americans will keep eyes and minds open on the 4th of November. And even after that.

  4. You go girl and yes Hasslebeck is still a mindless twit.

  5. Let’s start the countdown!

  6. You go girl.

    It’s the office of the president we should respect not necessarily the person temporarily sitting in it. They have to earn our respect. Something the current ass never had a mind to do and neither would the one now running on the Republican ticket.

  7. Anonymous:
    You don’t need to know history to know what the future holds if McCain is elected into office. By the way, it’s “you’re” pathetic… and you are!

  8. My gosh, you people are on pot. You know nothing of History, you just hate these people because they are Republican. You have no validity to your statements, if Hitler was running on Obama’s ticket, you’d vote him in as well. And about your shopping comment, are you brain damaged? Shopping would help the economy. But probably best helping this country would be getting some dumbass gossiping hens like yourself off the Internet. I’m fine with Democrats and Republicans but you shouldn’t even call yourselves Democrats. Your pathetic.

  9. Did you not know that in the past these
    presidential republican candidates attended
    the stupidity school and the most stupid ones
    won the chance to run for president.

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  11. You are officially this 24 year old’s hero. You have said so much in this one post that so many people are afraid to confront.

    At this point everyone should be able to see that McCain and Palin are a bad choice. Everyone should be tired of the crap and agenda.

    You say everything I think!

  12. Wonderful. Thank you.

  13. Ha! Rocky and Bullwinkle!!! More like Boris and Natasha!

  14. [...] analysis and commentary. Awesome. Who needs the Economist anymore? The story continues here: For crying out loud America. How bad does it have to get? Senator McCain is practically crumbling [...]

  15. You ROCK! You should’ve run for president!

  16. Oh Helen Philpot, I LOVE your blog! I just happened upon it — I linked over from another blog. You sure do tell it like it is and I think it’s perfect! We couldn’t be more in sync. Keep it up Lady! You’re great!

  17. “even if you watch your p’s and q’s you can still spell bullshit. ” Love it! Have you copyrighted the saying yet? You really need to make some T-shirts with that saying. Put me in for an order of at least a dozen!

  18. Last year I lost a good friend to leukemia at the age of 84. I have missed her greatly. Now I have found someone who thinks and talks like she does and I’m not so sad any more!!!

    YOU GO, Girls!!

  19. Helen – God love you woman.

    Can I write you in on my ballot? You’ve got more sense than any of those fools!

  20. Good Morning Helen,

    Thank you for just taking a moment to speak the truth!!!! I’m not a young gal either and P’s & Q’s have never been one of the rules I tend to follow in my old age.

    Please keep speaking your mind and I’ll do the same and just maybe we won’t have four more years of revised BUSH-SHIT!


    Sassy Old Lady from Pasadena, CA
    Lady Dominique’

  21. Helen,
    You are my hero. I mean that with all my heart and bless your’s!

    You go sister!

    Your friend,

  22. Hey Helen, I say keep it real with your potty mouth. I love it! In fact, I’d be pleased if you would swear even more. How about using the F word once in a while? My mom is 79 and she says it loud and proud whenever she sees a republican on TV. You’re awesome!

  23. I thought I was feisty at 66 but you have me beat.
    Keep up the good work. Whatever happens, this election is a referendum on race, and it’s about time that we start having some real discussions about racial and cultural prejudices in the USA.

  24. You are awesome!

  25. I just heard about your blog on “The Stephanie Miller Show”, and I LOVE it! Keep posting & fighting the good fight!

  26. I’m so glad a friend sent me a link to your blog. Don’t stop telling it like it is!

  27. Hilarious! I love it! It’s nice to hear someone finally say it!!!!! Kudos to you!

  28. I just love coming in here and reading your well written post and the responses to them! Keep it up! We love it and you!

  29. Loved the Sarah Palin is a Bitch posting. Exactly what I’ve been thinking. So right on!
    Thank you!


  30. Helen,

    You are the greatest! I see, even the McCain crowd are making their way onto your blog. THEY ARE LOSING ON ISSUES AND MCCAIN DOES NOT REPRESENT THE THOUGHTS OF THE MAJORITY, so they say terrorist!

    McCain is an empty shell of ideas! We have had 8 YEARS OF REPUBLICAN POLICIES AND NOW HAVE 12 TRILLION DOLLARS OF DEBT! Of course, my grandkids are expected to pay off the debt created by no oversight and no regulation of Wall Street.

    Give them hell, Helen.

  31. You go girl!
    I had the same thoughts about 9/11 and the call to “go shopping!”

  32. Dear Helen and Margaret,
    I agree with you 100% . I can’t even write george bushe’s name in capital letters. He literally makes me vomit. And MaCain is a big liar and bushe’s ass kisser. More power to the both of you. Continue to enlighten the public.
    Maria Buccino

  33. Helen – You ROCK!! I love reading your spot-on perspective laced with legitimate criticism and terrific humor. You can speak for/with me anytime (and use any language you desire!)

    The older I get (50 now) the more perspective I obtain — HOORAY for HELEN who still sees clearly and educates others with her endearing wisdom.

  34. I’m pretty sure that you’re a long-lost grandmother that I didn’t know I had!

    You’ve said everything that I’m thinking!

    God Bless!

    Obama/Biden 08

  35. Very well said. I’ve been running two “white shoe polish” comments on the back window of my truck. The first one said,

    “Stay the coarse
    McGeezer and Winkie
    in 2008″

    The second one said,

    “Palin, take the L out of
    it and all you’ve got is Pain”

    I think my next one will be,

    “Stay the coarse
    McCain and Pain
    in 2008″

    Keep the laughs coming!
    P.S. I purposely spelled it “coarse” as opposed to “refined.” I encourage anyone to use the shoe polish messages. They’re fast and easy to change. You can also remove them if you’re headed into “hostile territory!”

  36. Dear Helen,

    Along with your many fans, I am looking forward to your take on the next snoozer debate.

    I am a history buff since I have lived long enough to see plenty of it first hand.

    Does any of this history have a familiar ring?

    There were a multiplicity of factors leading up to the French Revolution. Some of the major ones were:

    1. The Seven Year’s War (1756-63) that almost bankrupted France.
    2. The totally incompetent King Louis XVI.
    3. The corruption and extravagance of the Court.
    4. The disparity between the desperately poor and the rich.
    5. The lack of France’s ability to produce one of it’s most vital commodities, grain for bread.
    They had to import much of their grain.

    Now, just substitute:

    1. The Iraq War.
    2. ?
    3. ?
    4. The debacle of the ongoing mortgage crisis and the financial system meltdown.
    5. Oil.

    Another interesting factor was French help for the American Revolution against the British. This involved money, arms, military advice and personnel, some of it sub rosa. However, it was not altogether altruism on the part of the French. The British and the French had been feuding forever, i.e., the Hundred Year’s War (1337-1453). France wanted to thwart Britain – again. In the process the United States gained independence but France lost Canada, many of her colonies in the Caribbean and around the world.

    The French should have seen the Revolution coming since Britain had had a similar ‘revolution’ (Civil War) and lopped off the head of King Charles I in 1649. Ostensibly, that war was between the Catholics and the Protestants. Afterwards, the Commonwealth of Cromwell lasted only some 36 years until it too messed up with equal abuses of power. The House of Stuart was restored with King Charles II under a Constitutional Monarchy.

    Fast forward to the French Revolution that lopped off the heads of Louis XVI as well as his wife, Marie Antoinette, many of the aristocrats and ecclesiastics. A physician, Dr. Joseph Ignace Guillotin came up with a much more efficient instrument of execution than hacking away with a big ax.

    Fortunately, Article VIII of the United States Constitution prohibits “cruel and unusual punishment inflicted.”

    After the French Revolution, they wound up with Napoleon et al, which was not exaclty a boon to France or to much of the world for that matter. So obviously, it is a huge mistake when the political pendulum swings too far either left or right.

    Anyway, rewind all the way back to the Greeks who are credited with inventing democracy. Bear in mind that the only Greek citizens who were qualified to vote were land owners and men. We have come a little way since then. To put it in perspective, women were granted the right to vote in the United states only nine years before I was born. I’m old as dirt!!! But not so old that I was there personally with the Greeks so we will have to take the word of the fine historian, Will Durant who wrote in The Story of Civilization:

    “In Laconia, [Greece] as elsewhere, the simple paid tribute to the clever; this is a custom with a venerable past and a promising future. In most civilizations the distribution of the goods of life is brought about by the normally peaceful operation of the price system: the clever persuade us to pay more for the less readily duplicable luxuries and services that they offer us than the simple can manage to secure for the more easily replaceable necessaries that they produce. [homes, super markets, electricity, water, sewers, fire and police protection, infra-structure, cars, fuel, medicine, TVs, computers, cell phones, etc., etc.] But in Laconia the concentration of wealth was effected by irritatingly visible means, and left among the Helots [conquered people who became slaves] a volcanic discontent that in almost every year of Spartan history threatened to upset the state with revolution.”

    In Athens “As the seventh century [BC] drew to a close the bitterness of the helpless poor against the legally entrenched rich had brought Athens to the edge of revolution. Equality is unnatural; and where ability and subtlety are free, inequality must grow until it destroys itself in the indiscriminate poverty of social war; liberty and equality are not associates but enemies. The concentration of wealth begins by being inevitable, and ends by being fatal. ‘The disparity of fortune between the rich and the poor,’ says Plutarch, ‘had reached its height, so that the city seemed to be in a truly dangerous condition, and no other means for freeing it from disturbances….seemed possible but a despotic power.” The poor, finding their situation worse with each year – the government and the army in the hands of their masters, and the corrupt courts deciding every issue against them – began to talk of a violent revolt, and a thoroughgoing redistribution of wealth. The rich, unable any long to collect the debts legally due them, and angry at the challenge to their savings and their property, invoked ancient laws, and prepared to defend themselves by force against a mob that seemed to threaten not only property but all established order, all religion, and all civilization.”

    “It seems incredible that at this juncture in Athenian affairs, so often repeated in the history of nations, a man should have been found who, without any act of bitterness or of speech, was able to persuade the rich and the poor to a compromise that not only averted social chaos but established a new and more generous political and economic order for the entire remainder of Athens’ independent career. A man name Solon and his peaceful revolution is one of the encouraging miracles of history.”

    I like to think there is a Solon in our midst. Wouldn’t it be refreshing to no longer have old men send young men and women off to die with honor in the glory of battle, death and distruction. Rather to have statesmen with the wisdom to achieve the honor and glory of peace and prosperity.

    In my opinion, I feel that Obama and Biden are statesmen with the education, judgement and experience to effectively guide us through this God awful mess that our country is in now.

    Thanks for listening,


  37. I love you, Helen Philpott!

  38. I am charmed, I am delighted, and I am going to link this blog to mine!

    My best friend for 30 years was named Philpott. She’s no longer with us — breast cancer can be unrelenting — but your name caught my attention and your voice has captured my heart!

    Thank you!

  39. Helen-well my friend it seems that a lot of the good people of our great country really like what you have to say;and gosh darnit I do too.

  40. Helen you are terrific. I hope I have as much spunk as you do when I’m 82. Just keep telling it like you see it.

  41. “In the middle of the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, John McCain wants to change the subject from the central question of this election.

    “Perhaps that’s because the policies McCain supported these past eight years are pretty hard to defend.

    The Obama campaign put together a documentary about why John McCain’s failed philosophy and poor judgment are a recipe for deepening the crisis.

    “Watch the documentary now and share it with others.”


  42. Right on ladies. I love reading people who believe in straight talk. Keep up the good work. I have been trying to figure out why people in the US want to elect presidents and VPs who are only as bright as they are. Seems to me we should be recruiting the best and the brightest for those positions, but the polls keep putting dimwits into office. Now I know I am not alone out here. Glad I found your site.


  43. I want to be like you when I grow up. Thanks for keeping it real!!! Q

  44. Back again to respond to Darla and Tom: Can you say “Gordon Liddy?” I mean if we’re going to talk about presidential candidates “palling around with domestic terrorists,” shouldn’t we talk about John McShame’s continued association with Liddy? Who was convicted, after all? Liddy has been unrepentant about his calls to kill Federal agents (he recommended head shots because “they’ll be wearing body armor.”) He has given thousands of dollars to McShame’s campaign, and the Senator has publicly praised this “terrorist.” What about the Keating Five and Senator McShame’s integral part in that criminal enterprise? The savings and loan fiasco that cost us the taxpayers multiple millions? The current financial disaster and Senator “deregulation at any price” McShame’s responsibility for it? The fact that before he became McShame he righteously fought against torture only to cravenly and shamefully vote to permit it? Where’s the honor in that? Where’s the honesty in any of that? In what universe are these the acts of a “maverick”?

  45. Don,

    Some friends and I were hoping that another state would adopt the Palin family. We actually would like Tina Fey for Governor.

    I think the Palin’s would like Maine!

    Helen – You are the greatest!!!! Maybe Obama will make you secretary of ______________? Your clarity of views is so wonderful.

    Vote Obama!

  46. Helen – the Bushes have soured the state of Texas for me. You’re definitely restoring the good name of your state!

  47. Helen, it was nice to read, that Palin got booed soundly last night at the Flyers opening game in Philadelphia. Also, this moron of a mother goes out on the ice, with two of her daughters, the youngest one wearing a Flyers jersey. and she subjects her kids to the booing. This goes to prove, that this woman will stoop so low, as to use her kids to hide behind. I’d just wish this woman would pack up her bags, and head the hell back to alaska and stay there.

    Keep up the good work Helen, and keep telling it like it is.

  48. Dear Helen,
    I’m 15 and you remind me a lot of my grandma – she hates Bush, too.; One day she sends me a song called Who’s your daddy about Bush. She loves it. I want to share it with you. Maybe you like it too. Thanks for giving us your thoughts. Here is the song:


    Thank you Helen and kisses to Margaret!

  49. Rational Americans love you Helen & Margaret! Thanks so much for your rant. You’ve made us proud. ;-)

  50. By: Leo Deege on October 12, 2008
    at 3:43 pm

    You and many Republicans confuse or mislead politics with patriotism.
    Stop it. Here is the door, say good-bye.
    No no that is not a question, bye bye…

  51. This blog is awesome. You are funny and brilliant. Best thing I’ve read all week.

  52. Dear Helen and Margaret,
    I AM IN LOVE! I’ve only just now discovered your site, and I am in awe! You so completely rule! There are fools out in the world ranting about “patriotism” who could find the word in a dictionary, much less tell you what it means. Patriots don’t trash the Constitution, patriots don’t torture or condone torture, patriots don’t lie the country into preemptive immoral wars, patriots don’t ally with seccessionists and then lie about having done so, and patriots don’t besmirch their country by pandering to the lowest and most base human instincts. You two are patriots!!! Thank you.

  53. Leo,

    Let’s look back 8 years. We got lied into an unending war which is costing 700 Billion or so.(Remember WMD) We now have an 800 Billion Bailout of Wall Street because they went on a drunken binge. Let us remember de-regulation and McCain wanting to do for health care what has been done to Wall Street. I forgot, that is old news – 3 weeks ago. The daily list of bail outs for Billionaires and golden parachutes is increasing while Joe Six Pack is hoping he has a job next week. Health Care: We have more uninsured people now than 8 years ago. We are paying $4.30 for a gallon of gas in Alaska. It is over $7.00 a gallon in the villages. That is up a lot from 8 years ago.

    THE TOPPER: 8 years ago we had a budget surplus!

    VOTE OBAMA!!!! We have seen the ruin created by the Republicans! It is time to show them the door.

  54. The spirit of Molly Ivins lives on. She would be proud. Thanks for your strong, clear–and amusing–voice!

  55. Amazing how Americans make decisions about who will lead them next. Instead of finding out what these candidates have actually done (experience/record in Congress or in Government) and what they stand for (values, such as patriotism when under stress/Hanoi Hilton) judgements are made from mudslinging by campaign salesmen. You will deserve what you will get!

  56. OMG! Another old dame that thinks like I do. You can be my new best friend, Helen. Bring Margaret along as well. We’ll have a great time bashing the Bushes as well as McCain/Palin. It just scares me to death to think that those two could ever be in the White House. Hopefully we’ll have the well educated intelligent Obama up there soon. I’m an old white woman and it doesn’t make a damn bit of difference to me what color our president is. He’s a fine young man and I’m emphasizing young. We need someone young to do the job ahead. I’m afraid that old geezer McCain will kick the bucket and then look at what we’ve have. Scares the bejeebers out of me. Keep on telling it like it is!

  57. Virginia, I was wrong there on that picture: I wanted to say ” … an I will make a great president” but Obama disturbed me at that moment.
    However, you oght to be lucky to have me as the next president. And from 2016 on: Sarah Palin.

  58. I just found this link on a blog… Live Obama coverage to inspire you


  59. A dear friend sent me to your site. You are amazing. Please keep up the good work. I have a website where I write commentaries, but somehow yours seems so natural. I really like your approach.

  60. Dream on, “John”.

    Talk about a coward…misusing the candidate’s name in this blog!

    One more thing…..


  61. It is sad to see so few patriots here. Most Americans support me and show pride. Most of your readers are liberal cowards.
    However, I will forgive them when I’m president. So does Sarah Palin when she will keep the torch in 2016.

  62. Hey Tom, Working on several public education projects with someone is not pall-ing around. Going on family yacht/private island vacations with the convicted Keating (who bilked over 2 billiion from Lincoln Savings & Loan customers), is pall-ing around ! Yes, Ayers had a fund raising coffee for Obama, but McCain hosted a fund raising picnic at his ranch with the big oil guys not too long ago -they announced a HUGE campaign contribution a few days later!! Sounds like a pall-sy sort of deal to me!

  63. Yo, Tom:

    Your opinions?

    Your accusations?

    Your diatribes?

    YOUR rants?


    Obama is the only hope this country has right now…It is not McCain/McSame/Migraine and his lapdog, Palin. The only lemmings I see are the Fox News viewers who actually believe all that domestic terrorist crap because it diverts the viewers from the realities that McCain is more of the same as, or probably worse than, Bush.

    And, if Bush really was a “C” student at Yale, than he probably is “brighter” than McCain, who came in 894th out of 899 students at the Naval Academy. Now THAT’S scary as hell.

    And, Palin stepping into the presidency is unthinkable.

    Take your rants to someone who gives a damn, like a redneck. It’s not Helen’s supporters.

  64. My greatest fear right now is that McCain will win this thing and those two fools will sit in the two highest positions in the US. I could just throw up thinking about it! And, no doubt, McCain will die in office. And you all know what this means….The Unthinkable. Sarah Palin sits in the Commander-In-Chief’s seat. She’s a loose cannon and an airhead. What’s worse than an airhead as President? An airhead with an out of control mouth. There will be absolute pandemonium. I may just have to leave this country and reside elsewhere if that day ever arrives.

  65. To Fmaggi, If your going to post info then post accurate info, The NY-Times article you are quoting was retracted by the NY-Times as incorrect, so , get your facts strait before you go off on a rant! and you neglected to state that Obama has worked extensively with Ayers in Chicago before moving to the Senate, and I like many others do believe it is relevant that association with a domestic terrorist who has never apologized for his actions is disgusting, especially for someone who wants to be President of the United States.

  66. What a bunch of left wing lemmings! Before McCain ran for president all the liberals loved him because he wasn’t the typical right wing Republican. Now that hes running for President you call him mcsame and other vile shit! get a life and get your heads out of your ass’s if you think Obama is your saviour your crazy as a bunch of loons, and I think the old ladys running this blog are a couple of Bitch’s ….. there I said it.

  67. Helen!! You need to run for President!! I love your blog!!!! Adding you on my blogroll!! YOU ROCK!!

  68. Dear Helen, My wife, Mrs. Jack, pointed you out to me this morning and I laughed my ass off. You are the greatest!

    I’m glad to see a fellow Texan senior speak out so that people know that we were all not stupid enough to buy into the Republican bullshit that has swept through our state. At my blog site, Left-Eye on the Media, I often call BULLSHIT! After all, down here in Texas we even shout that out when we’re dancing.

    I’m going to refer you to my readers because I know they will LOVE YOU!

    You are worth more than $700 billion!

  69. Thank you from Southern California. Thank you for speaking the truth of what I think every day about McCain and Palin. Palin really scares me with all her hate spewing. We don’t need to go backwards in America. This is the 21st century and the future is much brighter with Obama/Biden to inspire us.

  70. Helen, you’re a JEWEL!

  71. Robert

    Your comments on Bill Ayers and the current state of political discourse were the only coherent words I have read on this post.

    Thanks for not being a ranter and a name caller it IS refreshing.

  72. Unlike those who think Palin is anointed by God to be our next vice-president, I strongly support separation of church and state…

    Palin’s church views are not MY church views. Unlike her, we don’t do witch doctors in my church.

    And I don’t even know to what kind of church McCain professes his loyalty.

    His first wife faithfully waited out his POW years, raising his three children alone, awaiting his return. While he was gone, she nearly died in a horrific car accident. When he came home, she wasn’t the willowy beauty he’d left behind; her body was greatly damaged, and she was several inches shorter in height due to measures spent to save her life and help her to walk again.

    His “religious” views apparently don’t support marriage vows that say “in sickness and in health…forsaking all others…til death do you part.” He chose, instead, to play the field after he came back home, and eventually, he hooked up with the beautiful wealthy blond heiress 18 years his junior.

    Neither McCain nor Palin are in ANY position to tell us how to live our lives, when they support laws that would deny us our rights and cram down our throats their dogma of “family values”.

  73. Greetings from Bangkok! I think you are wonderful. I love how you cut through all the bull shit and Bush-shit that unfortunately constitutes American politics today. Please keep up the great work telling it like it is.

  74. http://www.thedailybeast.com/blogs-and-stories/2008-10-09/new-footage-from-inside-palins-church/#

    just wanted folks to see her church in action… she is Natasha and McCain Boris…you know LoCAL 13 thieves scoundrels union…

  75. Dude:

    You need to stop posing as John McCain’s Grandma. It’s funny but it’s really not cool.

  76. i’m so dang grateful to hear your voice, to hear you speak your mind and heart. reading your blog, your rip roaring posts, gives me hope that “barney & floyd” (!) won’t make it into the white house, that at least the intelligent, thoughtful, strong obama will have a chance to help us make this huge transition we’re getting ready to navigate.

    thanks helen, for being you, for getting your voice out here on the net.

    and margaret . . . seriously, chime in, okay? maybe explain why you nearly got sucked into the mccain/palin cortex, why they might make sense to some folks . . .

    rock on, righteous ladies . . . rock on :)

  77. My campaign manager Rick Davis told me to put you on my personal watch list for Guantanamo.
    So my team to put you on that “blog list”. You won’t escape now anymore.

  78. God bless America.

  79. I absolutely agree with you on all accounts, but could you please make some changes for accuracy? We must be absolutely vigilant in our facts-to-rant-with:

    Obama met Ayers on many occasions, and, he sponsored a party for him when first coming out into Chicago politics (and who cares??)
    The same fund is owned/run by a maven of the Republican party and funder of McCain/Palin.

    The idea that you would be hob-nobbing with convicted terrorists as they are lighting bombs is abominable.

    Now, for guilt-by-association: let’s talk Alaskan Independence Party, with whom Todd Palin has been a MEMBER til 2002. This in from nytimes:

    AIP’s creation was inspired by the rabidly violent anti-Americanism of its founding father Joe Vogler, “I’m an Alaskan, not an American,” reads a favorite Vogler quote on AIP’s current website, “I’ve got no use for America or her damned institutions.” According to Vogler AIP’s central purpose was to drive Alaska’s secession from the United States. Alaska, says current Chairwoman Lynette Clark, “should be an independent nation.”

    Vogler was murdered in 1993 during an illegal sale of plastic explosives that went bad. The prior year, he had renounced his allegiance to the United States explaining that, “The fires of hell are frozen glaciers compared to my hatred for the American government.” He cursed the stars and stripes, promising, “I won’t be buried under their damned flag…when Alaska is an independent nation they can bring my bones home.” Palin has never denounced Vogler or his detestable anti-Americanism.

    And finally, Palin’s acceptance speech at GOP Convention? From the Times’ Frank Rich (today):

    No less disconcerting was a still-unexplained passage of Palin’s convention speech: Her use of an unattributed quote praising small-town America (as opposed to, say, Chicago and its community organizers) from Westbrook Pegler, the mid-century Hearst columnist famous for his anti-Semitism, racism and violent rhetorical excess. After an assassin tried to kill F.D.R. at a Florida rally and murdered Chicago’s mayor instead in 1933, Pegler wrote that it was “regrettable that Giuseppe Zangara shot the wrong man.” In the ’60s, Pegler had a wish for Bobby Kennedy: “Some white patriot of the Southern tier will spatter his spoonful of brains in public premises before the snow falls.”

    This is the writer who found his way into a speech by a potential vice president at a national political convention. It’s astonishing there’s been no demand for a public accounting from the McCain campaign. Imagine if Obama had quoted a Black Panther or Louis Farrakhan — or William Ayers — in Denver.

  80. I totally agree with you on Bush.
    But you should be fair and NOT campaign for Barack Osama. Me and my running mate Sarah Palin are fighting for the right thing.
    So we deserve support from you senior citizens as long as you are legal ones and no aliens.

  81. Wow. You are the kind of person I want to become. And I don’t mean “when I’m your age” or some vaguely condescending comment like that, but right now. I am in my twenties and can’t bring myself to articulate thoughts the way you do on this website.

    Thank you very much for writing and please keep going!!

  82. You should phone bank for Obama.Keep it up.Let’s see them call you a terrorist.

  83. Helen your my new hero! Obama should have you out there on the campaign trail. You could also teach McCain a thing or two about “Straight Talk”. Keep up the good work!

  84. No disrespect. I love your blogs. They are right on the money…

    I think McCain and Palin are not so much like like Rocky and Bullwinkel as they are like Boris and Natasha – deceitful and dumb.

  85. Fantastic blog, I love you, girls!
    Remember, the whole world is watching, and waiting for change. Don’t let our dreams remain only dreams, on Nov, 4th

    Greetings from Italy

  86. Aloha from Hawaii!
    Love your blog and great sense of humor. And geat sense. Can I drop by for Thanksgiving? Better yet, you & Margaret come to my place, I’ll cook. Aloha!

  87. You are awesome! Thank you for sharing your views with the world. We can all stand to learn a lot from your wisdom and wit.

  88. Helen,

    Thank you so much for your brilliant blog.

    As an American living abroad, I am frightened when I see the racism the McCain/Palin ticket has welcomed and fueled in the past couple of weeks. With the shouts of terrorists and “kill him” if Obama showed up at a McCain rally, the crowd, iin their whooped up frenzy, would probably lynch him.

    Like you said, we need someone better then average. I’m going for the smart guys.

  89. I love you!

  90. I seriously doubt my own prerogative about commenting on this post as I am not in the US. I am a Filipino here in the Philippines who just can’t help but find a number of similarities on the sentiments that you guys have with your own political system. I also have my own sets of reasons for disliking a number of things on my own country but I could just do nothing but complain about those for the meantime. And blogging offers me a fascinating avenue for me to complain .

  91. Oneida recommended your blog and I love it. You are awesome. Keep on posting!

  92. I love that you tell it like it is. keep up the good work.

  93. You’re the best!!! Keep up the blogging!

  94. Thank you, Helen, for putting your two cents in. And thank you for giving me a warm fire to sit beside for a little while!

  95. OOPS! Darla, my You Go Girl was for Helen!

  96. Darla, you need to turn off the cable news and do some reading to get some real facts. All of the cable stations have a bias but facts are facts and they are out there. Open your mind and especially your heart and get to the truth. McCain and his wife Cindy along with Sarah Palin and her husband Todd have some seriously scary histories. John McCain is no friend to women. He exploits us and he has exploited his wives, both of them as well as many women while he was running around on his first wife, Carol. Cindy turned to drugs and she in turn exploited the people who helped her get them illegally while she walked away scott free. Her daddy was a bootlegger and a friend to the mafia. That is how he started making his fortune while Cindy, after the Keating Five (look it up) continued to have a business relationship with Charles Keating for 12 years. John McCain, a self proclaimed lover of gambling, has helped lobbyists screw the public for the gambling giants. McCain is a high roller and love craps. He forgets to report his winnings to the feds. Todd Palin was a member of Alaska Independence Party and Sarah supported their efforts and is still associated with one of their leaders. Sordid and dark history there. .

    Obama is a brilliant man, gifted with intellectual curiosity, a mind able to see what we need to move into the 21st century, a history of awareness and hard work toward helping those who needed a boost in life as so many do now. He is smarter than most of us, thank God and he is decent, kind and gifted in many ways. His family is outstanding. Their love and support of one another is palpable. His daughters are clearly well cared for and are the priority and his wife is also a brilliant and caring woman. These folks have beat the odds because they are exceptional not because they got special treatment as Mccain did.

    So Darla, please do some real research and then tell me how awful Obama is compared to these folks

  97. Thank you very much, andie…you’re a treasure in our Lord’s kingdom.

  98. You go girl!

  99. Ladies and gents,

    I’m not exactly a President Bush fan anymore because of what he’s trying to do to Israel, but I’m no Obama supporter either.

    Who in this world wants a liar, a cheat, a deceiver and a man who associates with terrorists in the biggest office in the land? I sure don’t!

    It seems that most of you watch CNN or MSNBC. You sure aren’t watching FoxNews to get the right info. If you did, there would be no way you could vote for Obama. Don’t you realize that he can’t get into that office on his own merits? He has to go out and buy his votes. He has other people, ACORN, and others go and do his dirty work for him.

    If he does get in, and I don’t think he will because of Gov. Palin being on the Rep. ticket, you better kiss your money goodbye, because you just plain won’t have any anymore. He’ll squeeze every penny you have out of you. And ladies, better think of something else too. At your ages, do you think he’s going to keep you around any longer if he puts health care in? Of course not. If he signs the bill to kill babies, don’t think that he won’t sign a bill to get rid of old people because they’ll start draining the money that they can spend on some pork for a rich Sen. or Rep. to put thru.

    Plus, the babies that he murders, well, dear ladies, their blood will be on your shoulders. You’ll be responsible for every one of them. And, myself, being a Christian, a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, I know that those babies are a gift from a loving Father and He doesn’t cotton to someone taking their lives. It’s bad enough that Obama may go to hell for doing that, but do you want to join him?

    Oh, by the way, who do you think was instrumental in all this financial buyout? Why of course, Obama. His hands are as dirty as Frank, Dodd, and Pelosi. Plus many others. They, dear ladies, are the ones who took your money and paid it to a bunch of rich cats. Why in heavens name would you want a crook and all his cohorts in the biggest office in this world?

    You’d better think twice and pray about it before you vote for Obama. If you do, you’re under a lot of pain and sorrows, along with your loved ones that you may one day leave behind. If you don’t think of yourself, think about sons, daughters, grandchildren, etc. They’ll have to live in a land under his rule and it won’t be too pleasant for them.

    Doesn’t it bother you that Gov. Palin is a born again Christian? Suppose God put her here in this time just to help you to a better life until the end of your days. And to help your family that you have leave behind. It’s quite possible you know.

    I know that this in contrary to the other people that write you, but that’s okay. Just getting my two cents in. I believe that God, our heavenly Father, has His hand on this election, and you all could be in for quite a big surprise…just as it was when Ronald Reagan was voted in. They said he couldn’t make it either, but look at the wonderful years we had when he was in office. He truly goes on the list with Pres’s Washington and Lincoln. One day that man will go down in history with the two of them.

    Anyway, you both be blessed, and don’t be surprised about the next 3 weeks….


  100. Hillarious! I love it! What wit.

  101. Praise the Lord! I love the way you two ladies say it like it is, in the spirit of Molly Ivins and Ann Richards.

  102. you go girl. thank god there are people like you who are over 70 (?) and able to see and think straight. Hugs and kisses to you

  103. I love you Helen!!

  104. I think of Mc Cain and Palin as Kermit the frog, as Miss Piggy.

  105. Helen, this woman half your age loves you! My best friend and I have all new goals for 80+ now and if we’re even half as feisty, we’ll be batting .1000. Thank you for your clear thinking and good humor. xoxo

  106. If you and I did not already have best friends, I would ask you to be mine.

    Keep speaking the truth, and your readers will keep passing it on.

    And if you ever find yourself in southwest Florida, the margaritas are on me.

  107. Helen, I will repeat what has already been said by many: YOU ROCK!..
    I am a college prof in US History and I so wish I could share your blog with my students. THis was forwarded to me by a dear friend and I will be passing the link on to many others.
    Thanks for the courage to speak up and speak out..and to everyone else here…from a Hilary supporter..we don’t need pigs with lipstick..so go Obama/Biden ’08!

  108. Here are some pictures of the 10/11/08 Juneau, AK
    Obama rally on my blog. Remember: It was pouring down rain the whole time.


    Helen and Margaret, You are Great!
    Vote Obama!

  109. Hi Helen!

    Thank you so much for having the courage to share your opinion with the rest of us at such an important time. Now that I’ve found your site, I’ll be checking in frequently. I’m an American living abroad, and voting absentee for Obama. Keep up the good work!

  110. from one old lady to two more…I wish there were more of us with courage to stand up and speak the truth about McCain and Palin…they are dangerous people… Keep your courage…you speak for a lot of us who can’t

  111. You have taken the words right out of my mouth. Thank you,
    Blessed be to you both.

  112. Helen, my hero,

    I just came from the anit-Palin rally in downtown Juneau. A lot of people in Juneau would like to apologize for thrusting her upon our nation. About 400+ people attended in the POURING RAIN, no less. The signs were great.

    Sorry folk, for Sarah. (If you would like to volunteer to take her, we will give her up.) I think we are liking Tina Fey for Governor of Alaska now.

    Have a good day Helen and Margaret. Signing off from rainy Juneau, AK.

  113. Disagreeing with and speaking out about it, is what democracy and the freedom we are fighting for and pledge our allegiance to? What else have any of us but our voice and our vote? We must demand accountability and honesty and hold those responsible to the letter of the law. Many in our country hope for collective denial of recent history while too many politicians talk PR, public relations and not public respect. They think we haven’t been paying attention…. Enough already..

  114. Amen!

  115. Couldn’t agree more!!! Thanks for the great post ladies.

  116. Oh and Helen, one more note from me. You have to check this site out (you all should): http://interviewpalin.com/

    This is hilarious. It shows a question and a possible Palinesque answer. You can have the question repearted for another answer to show or have a new question asked. The sad part is… it totally reminds me of the Couric interview. Katie C should have just used this site to conduct her interview.

  117. Weary Iraqi War Vet – A HUGE thank you from all of us as well.

  118. Barack on Margaret and Helen!

  119. Helen, I am a two-tour Iraqi Vet….just want YOU to know, YOU and every American like you is why I was there. I agree with every word of you last 4 posts, thank you for saying it.

    I fought for freedom, I risked my life to protect yours, it truly does my heart proud that that effort was not in vain. That’s what you did for me today. Thank you!!

  120. amen, sister! xox

  121. How refresing!!

  122. Call it like it is Helen! People are really responding to you because they see the TRUTH in what you write. I think Palin/McCain will be terrible for your great country too.
    Cheers from Singapore!

  123. Helen! I was directed here by a friend of mine, and I have to say–

    Good show, Madam! Beautiful ranting on your part. I love the blog, and thank you for saying the truth out loud. Palin is a backwards minded idiot, simple. McCreepy is less an idiot than a semi-dormant volcano of craaaazy, but the two of them together are sure fired to drive this country off a cliff. We can’t let that happen!

    I’m dying over here that you called Palin a bitch. DYING. Keep on being unapologetically opinionated and incorrigible! It gives 37 year old youngsters like me some hope that we can hold onto our idealism and not lose sight of what matters, and our sense of humor either!

  124. Helen, are you having some pie and celebrating the Troopergate findings yet? You should be. I’ll join you!

  125. Oh, you GO, girl!

  126. Hello Helen,

    You’re candor is very impressive! I love it when others know their potential and can put the truth into a “humorous” package. You got my vote! You speak for the masses and for the “sheep” who are too timid or are downright afraid to speak their mind in fear of being herded onto the “train” for slaughter.

  127. I want to grow up (well not really) and be just like you. You rock!

  128. Brett,

    I’m guessing your blog is a very lonely place.

    Bye-bye, you will not be missed.

    Roger from Loveland

  129. They say as you age the first thing to go is your tolerance for other people. So what you see as tough talk is the same thing she’d say to the kids playing baseball in the street. “Stop making all that racket you #$%&@ kids, I’ve had enough of you and am going to write about it on my blog.”

  130. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your insights. This is my first visit to your blog and I will be back!

    LOL. You remind me of why it was never a good idea to piss off my grandmother!! LOL.

    Keep up the great work.

    Too bad that McCain/Palin have besmirched the good name of Moose and Squirrel.

  131. Dr. Viagra, you’re a fool. You’re one of those “men” still in the dark ages who think strong women just need a man’s supremely wonderful sexual services. Methinks you are overpromising. Get a grip (pun intended).

    Go, Grannies!! U got it. Obama for Prez.

  132. i love u guys

  133. Hey Dr. Viagra,

    How about being the first Republican on your block to learn some freaking manners. People who talk like you are usually making up for their own short-comings in the sex department.

    Ladies, keep on rockin! These potty-mouthed Repubtards need a good dose of their own medicine.

    Love you big time,
    Roger from Loveland

  134. Thank you, Helen! and Rascalcat, you too. I feel if you are afraid or ashamed to at least put your first name down, you are not convinced of your own words. Helen, you said exactly what I have said a million times and pissed off about 10% of those people. I knew girls like Palin in school too and they are the reason I never looked back when I got out of school. Just missed my 50th high school reunion – by CHOICE! Oh no! there’s that word again! McCain put Palin in this position to get the Hillary vote, but Hillary is a strong, intelligent woman – no comparison! And why can’t these fools understand PRO-CHOICE IS NOT PRO-ABORTION! I raised 4 kids alone – their father was a religious nut-case and scary – and educated my kids, and my girls had a choice and they waited till their mid 20′s to have children. Education works! I’m not a Rep. or a Dem., but I wouldn’t vote for McCain/Palin under any circumstances because I love America and I want it back!!

  135. p.s. i love the quilt squares.

  136. have i told everyone how much i love elders–especially the ladies. i’m on my way to being one right now and look up to ladies like you two and my mom for the right way to do it.

    old gals know their minds and are not afraid to speak it.

    thank you.

  137. Hi Margaret: Loved the remarks in BUSH-shit and am wondering what you think about the “McCain Wander” that has been getting so much play in late-night TV and on the political spoof segments of shows like SNL. I think it reinforces your view that he should step aside and let the younger generation take over. Keep up the great work.

  138. Hey Anonymous,

    At least she is not afraid of signing off on her beliefs.

    Helen, you are amazing! Tough times call for tough talk. Rock on gals and hey, moose-woman, don’t let the scrren door hit ya!

    Love and kisses,
    Roger from Loveland

  139. Great Commentary. Keep telling the truth Helen. You are not the only maverick of truth that is receiving raving rants from those that are in denial. Take care Helen, and stay away from the idiots…America does have a few.

  140. I am so proud to know there are people of your generation who see through the Republican BS. I come from a family of McCain/Palin supporters and it’s all I can do not to gag when they start talking. You go Helen. Go Obama!

  141. Hi Helen. I’m 70 and got your blog from my daughter. We use the same computer (live in a duplex) and I had listened to her laugh while reading. I am still physically too busy to do a lot stuff on the computer – I do mostly e-complaining to CNN and various political and journalistic personalities, / I was a Hillary Clinton supporter after defecting from Charismaman’s cult. I was so pissed that I was ready to shoot myself in the foot and vote for McCain – until he picked Palin for a running mate. / I like your style and people are paying attention to your opinion. // Jeaan Clelland-Morin

  142. Sorry, but I think McCain/Pailin are more akin to Natasha and Boris (an old Boris of course). She’s so close to Russia she’s picked up the accent and she hunts moose (Bullwinkle, watch out!)

  143. Helen: I found your blog and sent a link to my young adult kids, telling them, “I am sending you this link to a WONDERFUL blog that is being done by a woman who will be 83 in December. She is brilliant with a potty mouth – I hope to be her some day!” Thanks for seeing it (and saying it!)how it is and reminding us all that we were given our brains to actually USE them!

  144. Wow what a breath of fresh air. And I thought my mother was the only one over 80 who thinks like this. (She is 96!)

  145. Brilliant, ladies! “Our leaders should inspire us, they shouldn’t divide us.” Truer words were never spoken.

  146. You, my dear lady, are a national treasure. In today’s politically correct atmosphere, it’s nice to know that there are still some people who will speak their mind.

  147. Splendid, simply spendid, post!

    We all want change in our government, but please don’t you change, Helen, because you are perfect just as you are.

  148. Don’t ever stop speaking your mind. I think you’re great.

  149. Well, Helen, I think the Alaska Legislative Council just through that stone you asked for. :-)

    Keep those great blog posts coming!

  150. Keep it up Helen, we need a little humor with all that is going wrong with our country. Can’t trust our government leaders, our financial leaders and we have idiot republicans running for president and VP.
    I appreciate your conviction to tell the world what you think. I can’t believe McCain stooped so low as to pick the bitch from Alaska for VP. Sure shows how unqualified he his. I thought “W” is bad, can you imagine Sarah Palin as President. As old as McCain is that would be a real possibility if they were elected. Then the US really would be the laughing stock to the rest of the world.

  151. Vote Obama

    A tribute to McCain

    Vote Obama

  152. Great as always Helen! However I think you meant “secessionists” NOT “successionists” in Alaska! :)

  153. Loved your post – hilarious, but above all SANE.

    I think you’d love some of the British comedians right now, who are asking how the geriatric chip man can be a military hero if he was so bad at evading capture. And considering so many troops were held until the end of the conflict, why did the Viet Cong keep letting him go? Was he telling them what they wanted to know, or was he so irritating they had to let him go?

    I do hope you’re in the majority, for the sake of the world, if not the universe.

  154. Palin – The first dud


    Vote Obama!

    The economy is in the tank because of Bush and McCain!

    Vote Obama

  155. Haven’t you read this yet?


    Now we know who That One is!

  156. Hey John,

    You choice of Palin says it all -


    You actually had ideas until you went the Rove Route.

    OBAMA 08

  157. Love it! We are over here in Taiwan reading your blog and couldn’t agree more. Keep up the good work!

  158. Amen.

  159. I totally agree with you. It is time for change.
    But it’s not That One who will bring change.
    It will only be with me.
    I invented change.
    I always was a maverick.
    Never voted for George W. – I don’t even know this guy.

    Vote for me and praise The Lord!

  160. I just want to say that I have a two year old daughter, and if she grows up to be just like you… well that would be my dream come true!

  161. I really enjoyed your post. Keep it coming!

  162. I think you should refill the Viagra prescription and have your hubby lay some wood so you loosen up. Obama is a joke who hangs out with terrorists.

  163. This my first time here and this post was a pleasure to read. Thanks to Onedia for recommending it!

  164. Nice blog post (and way to get a top comment on NBC). I had no idea there was a moment like that in Alaska (or they were friends of Palin). Thanks for posting it. P.S. I think it’s secessionist, not successionist.

  165. Helen, I can only DREAM of a day when ALL women, no matter WHAT age, learn to speak their mind without limitations, like you do! It has taken some time, and experience, but I am now at that stage and encourage all people, but women especially, to speak loudly, speak boldly and dammit… BE HEARD!

  166. When is Margaret going to post?

    But Helen you hit a good point. The state of this nation is sad. Very sad. Imagine had Gore who won the popular vote and should had been our president stayed. The guy is a genius. Look at his involvement with global warming. For Christ Sakes we had a surplus with a Clinton/Gore administration. Now we have a huge deficit. This is a crucial election. Crucial.

    What scares me is Palin. She is just dumb, incompetent, no potential, bible thumping and has this neocon mentality of ‘fight fight fight’…she scares the crap out of me…

  167. That would be a “smile”…I guess I should have retired earlier…

  168. I always make a point of reading your blog before I go to bed. I have a smike on my face and I just sleep better. Thanks!

  169. “with age comes wisdom” . . . seems I proved (above) that I need to check my postings!

  170. You are living proof that “with wisdom comes age”. I can only hope to be able to speak the unvarnished truth with such clarity (and humor) when I reach my golden years.

    I second the nomination for a cabinet position for you!

  171. helen,
    i hope obama gives you a position in his cabinet!

  172. Sarah Palin is Bush with lipstick.

    I still love your, Helen, and your expressive language.

  173. helen. i adore you. and thanks for taking up the slack with us missing molly ivins this election. where have you been all my life?

    xo :)

  174. “Proximity” is the latest form of knowledge. On one of the MSNBC talk shows a McCain/Palin spokesman said something like this: You know Obama had links to that terrorist because of. . . (you guessed it) proximity. I wish we were making this stuff up. Now I am going to my local credit union- I think they still have money- and get rich by… (you guessed it) proximity.
    PS. Reasoning by proximity is a symptom of psychosis.

  175. Helen,

    I just want to add my support. You are truly an inspiration and I want to be just like you when I grow up. :)

  176. Dear Helen,

    Please go to youtube.com and search
    LOOSE CHANGE 911. you will find it very interesting. The-Powers-That-Be have constucted a plan and we all need to be aware. Bush and many other are simply PUPPETS. They are pets to the Powers-That-Be and obay their masters every word. If this is what Capitolism is then maybe we do need to socialize Health Care. After all our school system, postal system and road system are socialized, just to name a few.

  177. Helen-You are Awesome! I hope I am as feisty and with it as you are when I am 82. I am sending my friends the link to your blog because I know they will be as impressed as I am.

    And you may just help me convince some of them the best way to vote this November!

    Paula in Kansas

  178. Helen is the TRUE Straight Talk Express!

  179. I am SO in love with you both. I can’t wait for your next post!

  180. Keep writing, Helen!! I just turned my mom onto you and in-between Praying St. Paul and the Daily Show, you are amazing!!

  181. I just found this site through a friend, and I’m so happy to read it! I’m only 62 years old, so I have a long way to go till I get as good as Helen.

    Thank you for your straight talk. We need more like you.

  182. A resounding Amen.

    All power to you,

    Much Peace, Maithri

  183. And if anyone hasn’t seen Wanda Sykes tear into Palin on the Leno show, it’s a must see. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2008/09/24/wanda-sykes-tears-into-go_n_128902.html

  184. The rape kit controversy! The view from Wasilla.


    Thanks Helen – you have the best blog!!! You remind me of my mother.

  185. AAAAAAHAHAHHA OMG Helen, you’re going to LOVE this. Palin has been found GUILTY of abuse of power in the Troopergate deal. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2008/10/10/lawmakers-emerge-from-ses_n_133800.html

    My favorite comments to this story were: (not exact quotes as so many comments were posted to the story I can’t find them anymore)

    3) Breaking News: Hokey mom just got pucked
    2) Is this what mavericky mavericks do?
    1) Hey, Sarah, I can see the end of your political career from my house

    AAAAAAAAAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA. Great way to end a week!

    Helen, rock on! Enjoy the news today.

  186. I LOVE your blog!! So does my mom, who by the way, directed me here. It’s so refreshing to hear someone speak their mind. I hope I’ll be like you some day!!

  187. Helen,
    Was just referred to your blog and so glad to be here. I love everything you had to say, and you are right, SP is a bitch. She is mean, condescending, sneaky woman and it was a thrill to read you call her out on it.
    You are on my favorites list-can’t wait for your next blog!

  188. Dear Helen,

    I’m not sure if you read each of these comments, but if you do, I’d like to thank you. You discuss life with great verve, enthusiasm, and unabashed candor, and your humor has made a very needed dent in what was otherwise a very bad day.

    You also dismantle misguided political bullshit and propaganda with laser-like precision, making you, well, my hero.

  189. My daughter sent me your blog and I must tell you, I feel you have taken the words out of my head. I love your commentary and appreciate the fact that “mature women” can be heard. Thank you for speaking for those of us who want to see America return to a proud country that we once knew. How in the hell can any reasonable woman think that Sarah Palin is appropriate for our government or for anything?

  190. cool! i look forward to reading more of your thoughts. have you seen the latest youtube video that showcases/interviews palin’s ignorrant supporters? real scary. i wonder if these people all gave up their brains and live in palin’s alternate world.

  191. Hello Helen and Margaret!
    Keep up the great work, gals! It is a pleasure to stop by and read about what’s on your mind. Thanks for sharing what many of us are thinking. Take care, be well, and keep writing!

  192. Blessings to you Helen, for having no fear, and the grace, to speak your mind.

    Out with the old, in with the new. Out with the rhetoric, in with the painful truth.

    Did anyone else think Palin was dressed like a hooker for the nominations? I hate it when the news PR folks stoop so low. Too bad they didn’t show the polar bear slaughter along side Palin, might have gotten a few more sorry votes.

  193. My brother voted for Bush, twice. Poor guy. The family can’t figure out why – he mumbles something about cutting spending. I would take the Nixon or Clinton scoundrels any day over the current potato head. Even Potato Head Sr. is looking pretty good right now.

    Well, the good news is, without Potato Head we would not have met you and had a few laughs along the way to the poor house. It’s hard but I try to be optimistic.

  194. Ms Philpot,

    “Rocky and Bullwinkle”: Priceless, absolutely priceless.

    I’m a little surprised that no one has pointed you to http://www.rollingstone.com/news/coverstory/make_believe_maverick_the_real_john_mccain/page/1 … make a pot of tea, first, though — it’s not a brief article.

    What is truly unnerving is the thought of what my 81-year-old mother calls the Trailer Trash vote. Unfortunately, it is apparent that the McCain/Palin campaign considers that block so significant that its entire campaign strategy can be summed up by looking at the National Enquirer. More unfortunate is that those people might just decide to stay sober enough after the Steelers-Redskins game to vote the next day.

    Keep up the great work.


  195. Helen, I also found you via Mudflats. You are proof that age is no barrier to using the “Tubes” as Ted Stevens calls it, or The Internets, or The Google, despite what McCain may think. Why, I’ll bet you can even use email and have been for some time. Thanks for speaking the truth. If you’re not aware of it, you have a kindred spirit there in Texas who blogs under “Left Eye on the Media.” I think you’d enjoy him as well.

    Thanks, and keep it up. You’re living proof that getting older doesn’t have to take the starch out of your sails.

  196. I just have to second (Ok, 130-something, but you know what I mean) the kudos.

    My m-i-l sent me the link to your site and I’ve sent it on to everyone I know. Keep up the great work!

  197. Just found your blog via Mudflats! You should come and talk to some of the seniors here in Florida who are so excited about Sarah Palin and dyed in the wool Republicans! Keep up the great work!

  198. Helen, you ROCK!
    Keep up your fantastic work.

    I have subscribed to your refreshing blog feed.

  199. don’t watch your p’s and q’s.

    You are hilarious.

  200. Your names are making the rounds of the blogosphere! Rant on wise women. I hope the masses down yonder will be smart this time around and vote for the non-idiots.

  201. Did anyone else hear John McCain say that there are people who don’t “deserve” to vote at a rally today?

    Who are these people? Elitist liberals who read the New York Times?

  202. To all my beloved snoozers,

    Oops! I didn’t mean to go all John Kerry on you :P

    A few specific notes:

    Dee, remember that Tom Delay made sure that Made in Guam counts as “Made in America,” so your well-minded hunt for clothing might be for naught anyway. As for the books, you might like to check out the Progressive Book Club.

    Matt, you can email me at ‘owner@mysite’sdomain’ and I’ll be glad to keep you occupied; maybe you can proofread my new book on the Narcoleptic Left 8?}

    Now you can all stop paying attention to me, this is Helen’s show and I clearly must find a date!

  203. Sing out, sista! Sure wish I had a no-BS grammie like you. Keep those blog entries coming.

  204. Helen,
    My niece Georgia showed me this on the internet. Call me and let me know if you see it. Will I see you on Sunday?

  205. Bravo!! I’ve found that getting old isn’t all that much fun, but one of the best things is being able to say exactly what is on my mind and saying it anyway I damn well want to.

    I’m delighted that you feel the same way. Keep up the good work!

  206. Helen, you are the best! I’m telling everyone I know about this blog. Keep ‘em coming!

  207. Keep them coming Helen. We’re behind you all the way!

    Cait & Marty,
    The Gimpy Girls

  208. Dear Helen,
    When I think you couldn’t get any better, you out do yourself. I agree that you should be read by everyone possible. Get your grandson to help you set up a facebook or my space page. You will be a worldwide sensation (not that you already aren’t). You give voice to what many of us think and believe. Rock on granny.

  209. Another astute post – Bushshit indeed! Keep them coming.

  210. Helen – THANK YOU for continuing to blog. And please please thank your nephew for me for showing you how to do this.

    I agree completely about there being a time when I would never have called the president an idiot. But the guy barely responds to light on the evolutionary scale.

  211. Somebody said he was worried about Bullwinkle coming back in eight years to make a run for the presidency. Eight years is a lot of time to hang herself with more scandals up there in Alaska. She’s off to a pretty good start already.

    I think I read somewhere, when he leaves office, Boy George plans to move to Dallas, where he’s setting up his Presidential Library at Southern Methodist University. I wonder if the Republican stronghold in Dallas can even tolerate him by then? He’s already a pariah.

    What worries me is the 40% drop in the value of my investments as of today. Clinton left a robust economy, and George Bush and his minions have ruined our country.

    I hope the violent threats against Obama will finally be met by strong reactions from law enforcement and Secret Service. It’s getting scary out there, as the right-wingers become more desperate to save Rocky’s candidacy. The failure to rein in the mob mentality is just another example of Palin and McCain’s desperation.

    Just because Obama gets elected president doesn’t mean that the crazies won’t still be licking their wounds and trying to get back at him. I think there will be plenty to worry about, even after he’s in office.

  212. Robert,

    I am roughly the same age as Helen. We were in our 40s during the 60s. Trust me. Everyone who looked like Bill Ayers was a hippie to us. …zzzzzzz… oops sorry about that. I fell asleep re-reading your post.

  213. Love you!!

    Honey, you need to get a facebook page!! You’d have a million fans in a second on facebook.

  214. Thanks once again for another stellar post.

  215. Somebody find Robert a date…

    Margaret and Helen are the real “straight talk express”…. on scooters!

    Every night I channel surf MSNBC, CNN, PBS, SNL and FIXNEWS. I can’t get enough. It has become an obsession. I will never forget Palin “I can see Russia from my house” (I know that is really Tina Fey but it is so funny)

    Not sure how to take the 700 bn bail out (rescue plan). Is this the beginning of a gov’t owned banking system? Is that so bad? Can you guys help me figure this out?

    Also, can you guys offer some ideas what to do when the election is over? What will I replace my obsessions with? Suppose, I could find out if Robert is busy?

  216. Not to nitpick, but Todd was part of a secessionist party, not succestionist. But, otherwise, love the title of your post and agree with you completely. Keep it coming!

  217. Thanks Helen — and no worries about your language. If you can’t cuss about the tough times we’re having, what can you cuss about?

    Thanks for calling it like you (and I) see it. It’s refreshing to see a lady of your generation thinking about the future. My mom and 85-year-old gramma are voting for Obama, my inlaws are not. They genuinely believe that Obama is the anti-Christ. All I can you is shake my head and ask, “what election are you watching?” The same one, apparently, but through a Faux News filter.

    Keep up the good work Helen!

  218. Robert, Please accept this as being offered with the kindest intentions, really I mean that.


  219. I LOVE your blog posts! Keep them coming!

  220. Way to go Helen. It is so refreshing to have someone actually speak the truth, and not be afraid of what others may think. I agree with you totally. Fantastic and keep up the good work.

  221. Holy Crap – what’s with Robert? Write a book ! BTW; Have you been shopping for gifts lately? Tried to get a head start on Christmas Gifts, but kept cursing as I looked at the “Made in …” labels. Even all the standard “American” clothing companies have shipped out. Gonna get all the kids a book and restaurant certificates this year. But there are some “Made in the USA” websites I plan to check out. Love your latest post & looking forward to you next week. Love ya, Hon

  222. Way to go, Helen! Thanks for giving so eloquent a voice to everyone’s thoughts nowadays. Every time I see George Bush’s smirky face on TV it makes me cringe. I hope you Texans have a welcoming committee waiting for him when he returns home in January….I think fire ants and honey would be appropriate! Hopefully McCain and Sarah will be visiting that day as well!

  223. i agree wholeheartedly…
    you’re awesome

  224. I love your language. Thank you for being so sharp minded. I appreciate your honesty and your wholesome, plain, honest, respectable, simple outlook on our country and the way it should be.

    And thank you for sharing it with all of us.

  225. PBS has an online poll asking if Sarah Palin is qualified.

    Apparently the right wing knew about this in advance and are flooding the voting with YES votes.

    The poll will be reported on PBS and picked up by mainstream media.

    It can influence undecided voters in swing states.

    Please do two things — it takes 20 seconds.

    1) Click on link and vote yourself.

    Here’s the link: http://www.pbs.org/now/polls/poll-435.html

    2) Then send this to every single Obama-Biden voter you know, and urge them to vote and pass it on.

    The last thing we need is PBS saying their viewers think Sarah Palin is qualified.

    Right now the Poll is split about 50/50.

  226. I’ve been reading your blog to my 87 year old mother and she loves it. She’s not as feisty as you, but she truly shares your sentiments, as do I. Please keep writing. It’s wonderful to see that people of your generation, my generation and the younger generation have this common ground. Together we can help restore this country’s dignity and humanity.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  227. Shermam,

    I thought of those two but I didn’t think anyone would remember who they are. Then the idea of Palin being a cartoon moose gave me the giggles and I had to go with that. Thanks everyone for the comments. You are all so much fun.

  228. Helen, can I adopt you? It would be so wonderful to have a parent who thinks like I do. Keep on writing! I’ll be back to check in on you.

  229. God bless you, Helen. You make my day :)

  230. “I think you mean Boris and Natasha”

    Excellent Sherman!!!

  231. Another great post, Helen!

    Funny how our country has devolved to the point where shopping, car stickers and chest beating is “patriotism” and trying to improve this nation for everyone is one step away from being equated with terrorism. Where are the sacrafices every generation before the current one was asked to make when our country was at war (other than your quickly disappearing civil liberties)? I was and still am sickened when I see some gas guzzling Hummer or SUV passes me with a sticker proclaiming the driver thinks they’re a patriot – how is sending our money to foreign countries for thier oil patriotic?

    If that wasn’t bad enough, watching my retirement savings shrink to nearly nothing and my friends lose their jobs while McCain and Co. race-bait and hatemonger makes me want to tear my hair out. I feel like I went to sleep and woke up in 1950′s Mississippi. If they aren’t hearing the hateful, dispicable things being shouted at their rallies, they certainly can’t be ignorant to the facts now (if they bother to read the papers or watch anything by Fox Noise.) Where is the statement from that campaign, denouncing these actions??? Where is even the token gesture to show they don’t believe those things themselves??? If Barack Obama is guilty of “pal-ing around with terrorists” or having bad judgement due to his association with a particular preacher, what does that make McCain and Palin for not condemning those shouting “Kill him!” or “Terrorist!” at rallies or the repeated use of Senator Obama’s middle name? My middle name is of obvious Hebrew origin – does it make me a Jew? When did self-serving fearmongering become “Country First”? How is apparently holding his solutions to the biggest problems facing this country hostage until we elect him to the office of President good for our nation?

    Thanks for blogging, Helen – it helps to know that people outside the liberal bubble I live in feel the way I do. More power to you!

    San Francisco, CA

  232. I think it’s just amazing that you are friends with a woman for 60 years! I hope I can keep a friend for that long. =)

    I think it’s also AMAZING, and a bit shocking that you are a democrat! I live in Kansas, and I personally have never met a democrat over the age of 45. I love your blogs! I’m going to continue to read! =)

  233. You are my hero!! My sister sent me the link to this website because we both agree with everything you have said, and I have to say I love your fiesty-ness and bravado! I think the language is colorful and well deserved. I sincerely hope at 82 that I am half as outspoken and full of life and knowledge as you are. THANK YOU for writing this.

  234. Please keep writing as the blogs that refuse to worship Caribou Barbie are keeping me sane right now!

    I just talked to my 72 year old father and he told me he had mailed back his absentee ballot and proudly voted for McCain/Palin. NOOOOOO!

    GO HELEN!!

  235. I think you mean Boris and Natasha, Helen.

  236. Yaye Kelli!

  237. Oh, and for Senator Obama and Joe Biden…you’ve won my vote sirs. Thanks for attempting to stick with the issues with poise and grace.

  238. Helen, I love you! You’re just great. I love reading your postings & couldn’t agree with you more. I went into mourning when Bush was re-elected. I couldn’t fathom how the good ole southern boys from my neck of the woods (Tennessee) could vote for the male cheerleader from Yale once again & save face. Nothing against male cheerleaders, but this was the man that everyone saw as a rough and tumble good ole boy totin a gun, and really, he was a boy raised in New England carrying a pom pom for Christ’s sakes. The only gun he totes is held in the hands of the young, and old, men fighting for the USA right now. I was undecided in the campaign for a very long time. My mind was made up:
    1. After witnessing Sarah Palin and her dimwitted lack of knowledge with the thought that, holy shit, she could become president!
    2. After the Republican hate rallies of late.
    These guys are the very antithesis of my values, and the values I teach my children. Thanks, but no thanks. And, apparently, I am am their target audience. I’m a middle class, 38 year old, white, mother of two who frequents many children’s sporting events., AND lives in a southern red state.
    They sorta make me want to puke, allowing people at their rallies to go unchecked after calling for Senator Obama to be killed, & hurling racial epithets at fellow citizens of the USA.
    That’s just disgusting. I have absolutely no respect for either of them, or their supporters who haven’t stood up against this madness.
    Helen, you’re tha bombdiggity girl.

  239. Dear Helen – this is the 1st entry I have read – & I think I love you! Thank you for saying what you say & giving hope to people who think there are only stupid people left – THANK YOU HOORAY

  240. To James Garrett – “they are coca-cola cowboy wannabe carpet-baggers….”

    LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Priceless!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  241. Greetings Ladies! First off, major congrats to you both! We have known a few couples to have made it past 50 years (David and I hit 30 years 10/12), but 60 plus years…how awesome and inspirational to us all. Love your blog….couldn’t have said it better. I can only imagine the nightmare if McPain and Palintheass are elected. Between Reganomics and Bushnomics, can this country stand the effects of McPlainonics? The only trickle down effect we have seen is after a couple of beers. But this is capitalism and actually all the isms are built on being the best, full of promises yet based on fear. All these religious nuts who feed into their cult organizations and who read their “book” for the betterment of mankind….oh holy are thou..actually only bullshit is more holy. Let’s face it, the GLBT communities still have not yet have the abilities and/or initiative to get out and vote. Look at Fla….one vote does count. Whether a person is gay, straight, transgendered, lesbian or bi….I think we are all part of nature’s balance. Being gay and lesbian ensures nature’s own form of birth control. Saying being anything other than straight is against “gods” will is ignorant. All it takes is some education and to look at what species do in the wild to control their own population. David and I love your comments and wish you both the best of the best. Thanks for letting me bend your ear a little bit.

  242. Rocky and Bullwinkle. LOLROTF
    The BEST description of them this entire election cycle.

    LOVE you gals.

  243. Right ON MARGARET & HELEN!!! You’re my kind of people!!!

    ALSO, LET’S NOT FORGET THAT THE BUSH FAMILY…JR AND SR…HOSTED AND HOBNOBBED WITH THE BIN LADINS. Yes, my darlings, for YEARS they hosted them at their houses and country club golf courses. In fact, Bush Sr. helped whisk the rest of the Bin Ladin family OUT of the U.S. the DAY OF 911 — WITH THE HELP OF THE GOVERNMENT…while ALL other flights (for mere Americans) were grounded. All of the above info is FACT and WELL DOCUMENTED with photographs/video even…I’ll NEVER forget the images of the Bin Ladens ON THE GOLF COURSE WITH BUSH…BOTH OF THEM WEARING THEIR LITTLE GOLF SHIRTS AND PLAID PANTS AND CUTE LITTLE SHOES….instead of all those burqa’s and sheets!!!!

    If former and current president BUSH Sr. & Jr. hobnobbing with the Bin Ladins isn’t “hanging out with terrorists” …I DON’T KNOW WHAT IS!!!

    Also, as a TEXAN myself, DON’T BE FOOLED: let me repeat that the BUSHES ARE NOT TEXANS…they are coca-cola cowboy wannabe carpet-baggers from KENNEBUNKPORT MAINE with the most pathetic phony accent!!!


  244. I agree with you two so much and hope I’ll be like you when I’m 82. At least you know how to use the internet.

    Can you believe that Sarah Palin said that Obama would lessen the prestige of the White House (words like that). Like she said, she’s a Washington outsider – except most of the people in the entire US feel that the current President has tarnished that reputation so much. I guess she can’t see the White House from Alaska so she doesn’t know anything about what has happened there.

  245. Helen!
    We love you, we’re spreading your words.
    Thanks for your eloquence.
    Cannot thank you enough!

    We mean it,

    Kerry & Paul Mehling
    Oakland, CA

  246. Another amen here sista!!! You writing is delightful to read. Keep up the writing….Love You!!!

  247. I have tried to access your blog since I saw the link at one of the Saturday Night Live videos. I read your latest posts and I agree with your views. I and my family are republicans voting for Obama and Biden this election. Keep going and may the force be with you.

  248. Another AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Would you please speak to the topic of:
    If it takes the Republican law-pack to go to Alaska to protect Palin in Trooper-gate, her guilt must be plainly obvious or all those lawyers wouldn’t been needed to hide the truth. FOR SHAME!!!!!!!!!!

    Preach on, Helen!!!!!! I’ve bookmarked you forever!!!!

    Barbara Anne

  249. My Nana, may she rest in peace, had two childhood friends named Margaret and Helen from the Girls’ Latin School. When I read your straight talk, I thought you might even be them.

    As I kept reading, I appreciated the risk you are taking in speaking out. It’s not status quo to question or call bullshit, and you are both saying it loud and proud. Keep it up!

  250. Thank you for your strong, brilliant words! As a writer, I bow down to your honest language.

    My husband and I are going to check in regularly!

  251. Helen, you have rocked my world! I love your views and have nothing but respect for you and what you have to say! You call bullshit and I admire you for that! Thanks so much for the amazing blog!!

  252. OK, despite that you make me look like an utter fool howling with laughter & clapping my hands so hard they burn here in front of the computer I must say that I love everything you said about these elections and McCain/Palin.

    And as a Swede I would love to nominate you to the Nobel Blog Award if there was one! :)

  253. I enjoy reading your columns and postings, and agree wholeheartedly, but the party will not be over once Obama is elected. The insult to all our sensibilities will be back in eight years, having burnished her credtials, filling in the many holes in her CV, and try to get elected president. She’s gotten a taste of big time politics, media attention and public adulation and she’s not likely to relinquish them forever.

  254. Helen,

    My best friend sent me a link to your “Palin is a Bitch” post when it was first up and I’ve been reading it since! Our dearest wish is to be “best friends for 60 years and counting” like you and Margaret.

    You are dead-on with your observations, funny, sharp, and true. “Even if you mind your ps and qs you can still spell bullshit” is my new motto!

    I went through the archives, and I have to say the letter to your family about Thanksgiving is one of the funniest things I have ever read in my life!!

  255. My girlfriend just sent your blog site to me and I’m so glad she did. I love you!!!!! Love what you have to say and couldn’t agree with you more. Thanks for putting it out there. And for the record I love the way you talk — sailor mouth and all. We obviously speak the same language, especially when we’re passionate about something. You go Girl!!!!

  256. Helen I LOVE reading your thoughts and think you should be VP!!!!!

    K. Woods
    New York City

  257. Helen, Will you be my new best friend? I feel like you are psychically connected to my brain and are reading my mind!

    I just want to say, thank you for the honesty. Thank you for saying what so many people are afraid to say, especially women, about Sarah Palin. And add me to your list of huge fans! Can’t wait until the next post!

  258. You go Helen! You seem to be the only one that makes sense and puts into words what we all want to say. Keep writing and cross your fingers that we might see a real change in November!! Thanks for your blog…you are a real American Treasure!

  259. You are amazing – straightforward and honest. I love reading your blogs, and would love for more women (or people in general) to speak their mind just like you have over and over again. I hope that I never lose my voice, or the gumption to say what I’m feeling at any given moment – no matter WHO it pisses off.

    Keep up the fantastic work!

  260. Helen –

    I’ve been checking your blog every day. I love it! I wish you were my grandma!

    You’ve been saying the things that intelligent Americans should be thinking (and saying).

    I can’t wait to vote for this election (this will be my first time voting). Lets all pray the best men win!

  261. I am insulted that the “powers that be” in the Republican party think that Sarah Palin represents the “ideal” woman and mother and this would fire-up the women voters. It tells me that with the selection of Palin, they have alienated intelligent, thoughtful, responsible women of all backgrounds. When they lose–serves them right.

  262. When was Harry Truman reincarnated?
    Tell it like it is!!!
    Give them hell Helen!!!!!!

  263. “It’s a shame how this jackass has ruined so many things that we all held dear. Sometimes elections should be about something bigger than all of us.”

    Thank you so much for this. Every time Bush opens his mouth I am dismayed by his willful ignorance. I want my President to be smarter than me, I want to be impressed by his intellect, I don’t want to think, “Huh. I could do better than that” every time he speaks. And I fear that McCain will give me the same feeling, and I know damn well that that stupid bitch Sarah Palin will too.

    Obama/Biden for me.

    Keep on posting, Helen, you rock!

  264. I’ve finally found the Straight Talk Express and it is from Texas, not Arizona!
    You go, girlfriend.

  265. Helen.. I love your post. Thanks!!

  266. Helen,
    Keep it up. Humor lets us get through the pain of what’s happenning. I was particularly moved by your comment about remembering what it was like when women didn’t have rights.

    What’s worse that “fetus with its head ripped off” in the trash or the sight of a desperate woman dead on the floor from a botched non-medical abortion – she’s dead, so is the child and so are the future children she might have had in better times.

    I’ve been heartened by the comments from young women who recognize the threats to their rights to be viewed as people rather than cattle. And excited to see this great example of American free speach in action.

    Keep on challenging complacent thinking with spicy funny language – you’re doing your part with it.

  267. You go woman! Thank you!

  268. I hope to add more substantial comments in the future; but for this, the first of your posts which I have read, I feel the need to make a minor point which carries with it a disproportional level of importance…

    Your use of the phrase “some 60’s hippie” to refer to Bill Ayers is clearly a misnomer, the vast majority of the hippie movement having as much to do with the Weather Underground as the modern Republican Party has to do with true Conservatism (when was the last time you heard of a Progressive Republican? Well, “our” President’s grandfather was one). However, I see your misapplied language as symptomatic of a larger pattern which drives me nuts on several levels: as a writer, as an editor, as a voter, and as a stinking dirty Liberal.

    That pattern is a lack of specificity in reporting and, more to the point, in debating. It seems to me that a subtextual jargon has taken over most every aspect of political discussion in our country: the language of convenience. I believe its roots to be in the right wing media, possibly in the mind of that post-modern political Loki named Karl Rove, and its machinations are so subtle as to be almost invisible. For brevity’s sake (too late), I’ll illustrate the process before explaining how it applies to your post…

    Step 1: Designate target to be mischaracterized
    Step 2: Find generic descriptor for target
    Step 3: Verify descriptor can be manipulated to your advantage
    Step 4: Publicly use descriptor in place of target
    Step 5: Repeat Step 4…A LOT
    Step 6: Some News Network uses descriptor in a report
    Step 7: Other news networks follow suit
    Step 8: Issue Press Release manipulating descriptor for political gain
    Step 9: Make speeches similarly manipulating descriptor
    Step 10: File away descriptor and language to use during the next election

    Whereas your are certainly not a conscious part of any conspiracy to undermine the hippie movement (as an historical construct), your incorrect description of Bill Ayers is nevertheless an example of the tertiary (and not unintended) effect of the above process: pollution of the political vernacular.

    We, as the conscientious lovers of fact and the bearers of Truth, have an obligation to not become a part of the aforementioned process. Specificity not only best informs those to whom we speak, it is that which most protects us from being misquoted, misunderstood, and maligned.

    P.S. I hope this readable; I long for better typesetting options.

    P.P.S. You can safely ignore my website for now, it has long been silent while I’ve dealt with other aspects of my life and rehabilitated my writing process.

  269. Ma’am, you are a breath of fresh air. Just when I begin to fear the that the elder white vote will be all for McCain, a dear friend introduces me to you.

    Thank you for your honesty and your outspokenness. Thank you for saying what needs to be said.

    I want to be you when I grow up.


  270. I have some aunties just like you, and though they wouldn’t all agree with your comments, they wouldn’t doubt for a second that a senior citizen can be smart and funny and well-written.

    I’m sending your blog to all my friends and family, democrat, independent, and republican. Keep up the great commentary!

    Thanks, from one staunch Hillary supporter who wouldn’t think of voting for Palin. Go Obama/Biden!

  271. Oh, Helen, you are so wonderful! I would hug you if I could!

  272. I don’t care if you are really 82 years old or a 20 something kid having a blast. I LOVE your blog and hope you keep posting. I’ve bookmarked it and will stop by often to read whatever you write.

    Kind regards all the way from Pakistan.

  273. I heart you on my algebra book!!!

  274. Helen I quoted you at Onedia in the Ozarks . I echo your sentiments from the last paragraph.

  275. The time for change is now. It’s been too long and I don’t have many years left. I’ve had enough.

    I have had ENOUGH of Republican values.

  276. Mrs. Philpot, I just wanted to stop by and tell you what an enjoyable read your blogs have been. You are an inspiration. I can only hope to be half as cool as you are by the time I reach 80. Please keep writing!

  277. Helen, you are too funny. I love the way you write. You say it straight, you say it true, and you say it funny.

    Keep it up!

  278. Actually this financial crisis leaves me feeling much as I did the morning of the 9/11 attacks; like my world had changed in ways I never knew possible and the future seemed suddenly at risk.

    And while I’m feeling frightened and anxious about the state of our financial systems, Palin is out there whipping up hate and anger and McCain is pointing fingers.

    “Our leaders should inspire us. They shouldn’t divide us. ”

    Wise words Helen

  279. Rock on, Helen. You are an inspiration.

  280. Thanks for taking the time to share your insight! :)

  281. So are you, “my friend” – so are you and we all know it.

  282. RE: BUSH shit

    You can also spell “fulla” while watching your “p’s and q’s” — as in: you are “fullashit!”

  283. You are truly the best, Helen.

    Go out and shop – what a moron; that was THE LAST THING I wanted to do. I was so damned petrified and on edge for many months after that and all I wanted to do after work was race back to the safety of my home. That idiot wasn’t running for his life over a bridge on that day with millions of people, I was. Counting the days till he’s gone!!!!

  284. Helen is my hero!

    Here is a clip about Palin and her terrorist friends.
    All of the negative by McCain is a sideshow to distract from his terrible policies.


  285. Helen, if my mom were still with us, you would be a great friend of hers I’m sure. She, too, was smart, witty and outspoken. Something we need so much of today.
    Please keep writing. Lord knows we need people with life experience to guide us through these times.
    Have you ever considered running for president?!

    You rock!

  286. I’m so proud to be a part of a civilization that encourages free thought and women’s rights (North America – I’m Canadian). It’s ridiculous that Palin is this close to office. She is an embarrassment to real strong women. Keep the posts coming!

  287. Hello grandma Helen and Margaret , if you haven’t seen this yet, you’ll really enjoy it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-QevraCQUc the title of this video is “Is McCain Palin’s Bitch?” very funny. Also, you should check out the comments on the VP debate video on the Saturday Night Live site: http://www.nbc.com/Saturday_Night_Live/video/clips/vp-debate-open-palin-biden/727421/
    Have a great week-end!

  288. Rock on sistah!

  289. “Stopping by” is our pleasure Grandma Helen. You are the most honest blogger I’ve found. Keep it up, you’re doing God’s work, even if you are using Satan’s tongue…ha ha. Have a great week.

    Jerame Clough
    -Next Gen Politics

  290. Wow ladies…where have you been the last eight years??? You are a breath of fresh air in this cesspool of perpetual politickng and theivery of our treasury.

    As one senior to another…well done!!!

  291. [...] the way, Helen Philpot, of Margaret and Helen, has posted again.  Worth a read – click here. [...]

  292. Thanks, Helen, for a great start to my morning! Loved your Rocky and Bullwinkle line. Heck, I loved all of it. :D

  293. Another laugh-inducing, thought-provoking post, Helen!

    I don’t see McCain and Palin as Rocky and Bullwinkle, but more as Boris and Natasha…

    How about posting your opinions after the results of the Troopergate?

    Have a great weekend, and I look forward to reading more from you!

  294. Thanks Helen! You’re the _real_ straight talk express!

  295. I have been shopping for America! It is the least I could do. I once saw explorer Ann Bancroft speak at a equal rights rally and say, “If George Bush wants to stimulate the economy, he should let gay men marry!” She may have meant it with a wink, but I think it is a really great economic plan.

  296. I agree with you whole-heartedly! The time for change is now!

  297. Helen, your blog is fabulous! Please keep up the great work. You have a ton of fans here in CT.


    Go Helen. You’re funnier and more trenchant than Stewart and Colbert combined! Your line about shopping is brilliant.

  299. Thank you – I am so tired of hearing Fox “news” spout off about Obama’s ties to terrorism – I have to listen sometimes because unfortunatley, I vote to counteract my husbands vote. Have you checked out the video on Youtube of good old patriotic Sarah addressing the convention of the Alaska Independence Party? They only advocate that Alaska suceed from the “lower 48″. And the “First Dude” was a member for many years – until his wife decided to run for govenor. What a crock – I really wish someone would ask her about that one. Can’t wait until she throws the first puck out at the Philly Flyers hockey game this Sat. night. – knowing my home town, we will boo her right out of the arena. Keep up the good work!!!

  300. I can only hope that so many of the country’s senior citizens (who vote in the highest numbers per age cohort) feel the same way that you do – and will act upon it.

    Thank you for your frankness and honesty.


    Helen, you should be heard by millions of people ASAP.

    Love you to pieces :)

  302. Bush has destroyed the image and integrity of this country. Voting for McCain will change nothing, if not make it worse. And Sarah Palin is an embarassment to the female sex.

  303. Helen -
    You remind me of my Grandma (also named Helen, but went by “Mac”) who loved to call out bullshit when she saw it too. Thanks for the refreshing honesty. I’m so glad your nephew taught you how to blog!

  304. Nothing goes better with my morning coffee and muffin these days than one of your Stellar postings! Please keep up the EXCELLENT WORK!

  305. it’s nice to know that at least some Americans have realised what some of the rest of the world reckoned we knew years ago.

    Then people (American people) told us that we’d gotten it all wrong, & Bush was a good man, doing great things for his country.

    Yes, well.

    Just get it right this time, please!

    BTW – I aim to have a scooter like yours when I get to need one. For now I manage with a bicycle.

  306. Helen,

    I just discovered your blog through my sister-in-law and I love it! I want to be just like you when I grow up! (I already talk a bit like you…hopefully everything else will follow)

    Thanks for the straight talk, I am looking forward to more posts! You make my day!

    Michelle S

  307. Well said. You really nailed it.

  308. Thanks for the straight talk Helen. I’m glad your husband watches his programs so you have time for us. Bush has caused more harm to more individuals since the Vietnam war. From his policies on international health care for women to the Iraq war he has ruined so many lives. How do you sleep at night, George?
    And McCain supported that guy for re-election. I can’t understand how people support him. Yiks!!!
    And I love your commentary on that woman from Alaska. What an insult to women. I worked and paid my way through college so I wouldn’t have to end up with joe six pack on the couch. I just want to scream at people, tell them to wake up and use their brains for once. Thanks for doing just that!

  309. my goodness! your blog makes me laugh until i cry. what refreshing words! you are the true “straight talk express”! keep on telling it like it is!

  310. Helen, I’ve never responded to a blog before – but had to write. You say it in real words. I just love it. Keep it up – I’ll keep coming back.

  311. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you for telling it like it is! Reading your blog is helping me make it to Nov. 4th.

  312. I absolutely LOVE your blog, and your name!! Keep it going for us!!

  313. HELEN FOR PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!

  314. Crumbling to dust before our very eyes! OMG that is so funny.

  315. LOLOL Rocky and Bullwinkle LOL That is so perfect. Sarah Palin is the moose of course!

  316. Miss Helen, I really appreciate your clear & thoughtful posts. Keep up the good work!

    By the way, I’m an Army wife at Fort Bragg, NC. My husband’s been to Afghanistan twice and Iraq once. Others have deployed more. Think of us when you vote, please. (Yes, the soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines volunteered – but there’s such a thing as abusing your volunteers.)

  317. Just discovered your blogs via email from a friend. I am now offically declaring myself your biggest fan! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts again!

  318. I think I love you Helen!

  319. Thank you, Helen. You are my hero!

  320. So well said! Thank you Helen!

  321. It’s sublimely ridiculous that we were told that a post-9/11 shopping splurge would help in the first place — at a time when anyone would have been happy to make real sacrifice for the good of our nation (most for the very first time in our lives) we were told to head to the mall. (Maybe that’s how some of our countrymen were in fact turned into Romero-esque zombies, blindly pulling the lever for the republican ticket again in 2004 and looking the other way when our highest elected officials signed off on genuine war crimes. But I digress.)

    Perhaps the reason Bush isn’t parading around telling us to shop is that Cheney’s tired of pulling the strings and making his puppet dance. After all, it is almost time to retire.

    On a lighter note, people who are afraid of words are both frightening and disheartening. They should be forced to listen to Lewis Black until they grow a sense of humor. Or at least realize that they’re reading a goddamn blog for chrissakes. I mean, honestly.

    Rock on, and I’m glad you aren’t afraid to call bullshit. (And I will be borrowing the P’s and Q’s line, because frankly, that’s brilliant.)

  322. I absolutely love your blog! I bookmarked it and will eagarly await your next post….BRAVO!!

  323. I wish people could understand… When you vote for McCain you don’t vote just for a man, you vote for a party. The only reason the McCain camp focuses on anti-partisan politics is because he would like to dissociate from his party, at least in the eyes of the electorate. But the reality is that john McCain is a member of the Republican Party, as is George Bush, and he will ultimately follow the parties’ agenda, which is, and has been for the past few years, the genocide of the middle class by creating economic traps. These traps force middle-class families to either fall into the lower class, or struggle to join the upper. What we are witnessing is the systematic elimination of a social standing which is making the few more powerful and the many hopeless.

    Paz y amor,

    desde San Juan, Puerto Rico.

    Yeah, we read ya down here, loud an clear…

    Stay cool girls!

  324. I love the two of you, but I dunno about insulting Rocky and Bullwinkle like that! ;-)

  325. Helen,

    Thank you again for putting into words what so many of us think. We are long overdue for a change!

    I’ll never look at Palin & McCain without thinking of you comparison to Bullwinkle & Rocky, even the visual is accurate. Thank you for the laughs and more importantly you thoughtful insights.

    p.s. Did you ever think about a career in Politics? I’d vote for you.

  326. Excellent! God Bless you.

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