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Posted by: Helen Philpot | October 3, 2008

Sarah Palin is a Bitch… there I said it.

Who can turn the world on with her smile?
Who can take a nothing day and suddenly make it all seem worthwhile?

Well it’s NOT you girl…

Look.  I am going to say what everyone at CNN, CBS, ABC and NBC is thinking but is afraid to say.  Governor Palin is a stupid, conniving bitch.  And it’s not because she is a strong woman – I like strong women… worship them… It’s actually the opposite.  She is a weak, pathetic woman who thinks big hair,  winking, baby talk and self deprecation is somehow becoming of a woman who wants to lead the free world.  My god, where is Margaret Thatcher when you need her!

But what really makes me mad is the hypocrisy.  She claims to be a Washington outsider and yet is the worst kind of politician.  She will say anything and avoid answering any question instead choosing to spout whatever line or soundbite some adviser put into her mouth a few hours earlier.  And exactly when did sounding like a hick make someone “more like us”.  Last time I checked we were a country striving to educate our children to be intelligent and honest.  I think I would die if my daughter came home from school and said something like “I gotta tell ya.  Change is a comin’.”  At the very least I would remove the Beverly Hillbillies from her approved TV viewing list.

And then there is Alaska.  Have any of you been to Alaska recently?  Although the largest State geographically, it has less than a million people – about 700,000. (The city I live in now is bigger. )Fewer population issues exist for lawmakers to address.  And because they make so much money from the oil companies, the Alaskan government actually gives it citizens an annual dividend check (this year $3,200).  Exactly what Governor wouldn’t be popular under those circumstances? No wonder they can afford to elect a governor who ony has an undergraduate degree in journalism and a few beauty pageant awards.  By the way, when you got that journalism degree did they teach you that some journalists actually ask hard questions like what newpapers do you read?

Fact: Sarah Palin is stupid.  Maybe not stupid by Alabama standards but stupid enough that she managed to get herself elected Governor while never bothering to educate herself on little things like the Constitution, foriegn affairs or appropriate debating practices.  She is stupid enough to have accepted a VP nomination for which she is completely unqualified and stupid enough not to admit it –  even though the future of our great nation could be irreversibly damaged by the decision.

When exactly do we all get to call “bullshit”? 

She loves to talk about being a mother but the last time I checked, having your newborn on national TV at 11PM instead of in bed wasn’t considered “good muthering“.  Neither was making your child’s unexpected teen pregnancy the talk of the nation because you desperately wanted to be a politician in Washington DC   – or isn’t that exactly what you said you didn’t want.  From where I sit, it appears you would sell your soul for the position. Kind of the way that Elisabeth girl on The View sold her soul for fame.  Please god get her off the airwaves – she became famous because she ate a rat… but I digress…

Oh and my favorite – my husband Todd (the first dude) and I sit around the kitchen table wondering about the cost of college like many of you…  oh really. Your oldest son went from high school into the military.  Your next oldest is pregnant with plans to be married to some hockey jock at age 17.  Seems to me you’ve got lots of time before you have to worry about college tuition especially being college doesn’t seem to be a priority in your family.

You refuse to give live interviews and then whine when your taped interviews get edited.  Then you have a chance to be live in front of the nation during a debate and you respond by not answering the questions  (proudly not answering the questions I might add) but rather by reading the cue cards given to you by a group of white old men who sold their souls to the political system when you were in…. I don’t know – 2nd grade maybe.  Your insulting to a United States Senator who is so respected that his home state has elected him to office 6 times.  And while I am on the subject of the debate - shame on Gwen Ifell for not making her answer the questions.  Damn I miss Tim Russert.

Sarah Palin is an ignorant, ranting, whining bitch.  There I said it.   But lots more are thinking it.

Please take your ridiculous hair, your over lipstick-smacking mouth, your Lenscrafter look smarter glasses and your poorly fitted designer jackets back to Alaska.   And when you get there, shove a piece of the pipeline up your considerable ass.  I’ll be damned if we’ll put our children’s future in your hands.  And the same thing goes for McCain – the ass wipe who gave her this national platform effectively pushing the woman’s movement back into the dark ages – knowing McCain that might have been his plan all along.

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  11. So they didn’t sell the airplane on eBay . big whoop. The mere fact that she was wililng to dump an expensive jet like that is commendable. Anyone calculate how much a jet like that costs annually just to maintain? I guarantee the apparent (was it really?) loss on the sale was that significant in the big picture.Just say no’ to elitist politicians who want to live life with a silver spoon.

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  13. You and your dumb ass commenters are the real bitches.

  14. Thanks Donna-
    getting so tired of the all -women -for -all -women or -we’ll -all -sink crap.
    It’s bad enough we tend to run in herds to the powder room , we don’t have to add covering for ne’er do wells like SP to round out the foolishness…
    Besides, since when did the behavior of one gent call into question the issue of respect for all gents?

  15. alaskapi–well put!

  16. Interesting you chose a 2 year old post Linda…

    “Are you so afraid of ideas you have to make a fool of your self to disagree. ”

    In the 2 years since Helen let fly here Ms Palin has proved every single one of Helen’s points…

    Ms Palin was unfit as our governor, which became painfully obvious as time went on… the only real thing she has done to progress Alaska forward was quit… and as much as I despise quitters, thank heavens she did!
    She was unfit, is still unfit, and will always be unfit for national office.
    She relies on gender devices to reel folks in and then whines about sexism if anyone says anything…
    She lies beyond belief…
    Pretending she was longlining for halibut (making a living as a commercial fisherman ) but taking the time to rag on the current administration when she was really on a day tour halibut charter prancing around for her TV show was the latest…

    The list is endless.
    She deserves the basic respect any human does…
    but nothing more.
    And in no way does respect or lack thereof of a particular public figure’s fitness for public office reflect on all of womanhood…
    The job was gender blind… twas SP which made it an issue.

  17. linda, why don’t you respect the fact that this is Helen and Margaret’s blog and by your own admission free speech IS (still) allowed in America. This has nothing to do with a mere “difference of opinion”. Palin has put herself in the public’s eye in an effort to govern and influence policy. We all have an obligation to point out how bad psychopaths (of either sex) in positions of power are, since they exhibit control over the rest of us.

    Please ask yourself what purpose you wish to accomplish by commenting on a two-year old post on a primarily liberal blog, using demeaning words and insults? Unless, of course, you aren’t really who you say you are and the intent is to smear others for your own feel-good experience.

  18. And I trust you will then respect MY right to disagree with you. I am a 57 year old professional woman. I believe that women earn the right to respect. I also believe women can forfeit the right to respect. And Sarah Palin’s behavior and speech have cost her the respect of any number of people. I certainly am among them.

    To claim that women are entitled to respect simply because of their gender cheapens the entire issue. I have huge respect for women who are intelligent, constructive, and accomplished–regardless of what they do for a living (and I fully include homemakers in that category). I have no respect for women like Palin who exploit their physical appearance and sexuality and who are negative.

    And why not take a look in the mirror, Linda. When you accuse another woman (i.e., the host of this blog) of ignorance, of being “pitiful,” of being “afraid,” and of “making a fool of herself,” you are hardly treating her with respect. Grow up–you certainly have forfeited any respect or regard from me.

  19. It is pitiful when women degrade other women just because they do not agree with there opinion.
    I thought this was America and everyone has a right to free speach. If you don’t agree that is your privilage. To degrade another human being because you don’t agree with them is another form of ignorance. Ms Palin has a right to her opino\ion as do you, neither of you have the god given right to call names and degrade because you disagree. Opinions matter even if you don’t agree you should respect the persons right to have one. Are you so afraid of ideas you have to make a fool of your self to disagree. My political view has nothing to do with this post but everything to do with the fact that I am a woman. I believe as women we must respect each other to be able to demand the respect we all need to get by in the world. If we don’t treat each other with respect how can we demand respect.

  20. Wonderful friends and beautiful blog of Margaret and Helen. My weblog is http://crusades-medieval.blogspot.com

  21. 2010 is half over, and I just came across this blog…absolutely wonderful. I realize not too many people are happy with Obama right now, but I still thank God that Palin the Idiot did not get in the White House. I am a conservative Republican and she is exactly what this blog writer has said she is. I just hope the American Public does not, in their unhappiness with Obama, decide that putting Palin back in any kind of power, if she chooses to run (which it seems like she might) is the solution. It isn’t! Besides setting women’s rights back, she is a spin artist..lies through her capped teeth, and here’s one for the animal lovers..she hates wildlife…even hates domestic cats. She is also responsible for a stupid law in Alaska that makes or made rape victims pay for their own rape kits. I hate to think of what she would do if she was President. On an ending note, in regard to wild animals, she ordered her state biologists a few years ago, to go into an unpopulated area of Alaska, kill a pack of adult wolves, and then had them drag out fiften month-old wolf pups out of their den. Each of these babies were held down and shot, point blank, in the head. That is the kind of thing the revolting Sarah Palin does to wildlife.

  22. Does anyone cognise the conflict between a pit shit and a hockey mom? One was castrated and the other should score been! Enter on telltale the emancipationist virtually McSame & the Complain!.

  23. шокер

  24. Awesome, Please run for President, you are so much more intelligent than anyone we have had the chance to vote for in many years, at least the number of years I have been able to vote.

  25. Margaret–yesterday The stupid woman gave a speech that lack intelligence or heart of any kind. I think you are wrong-she isn’t a bitch-she is a whore. She will say anything anyone pays her to say.

    I had to come back and read your post again–still LOVE IT 18 months later!

    Keep it up dear one!

  26. Hello. Great job, if I wasn’t so busy with my school work I read your full site. Thanks!

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  28. [...] a blogging celebrity. Check out her intelligent, feisty, pulls-no-punches perspective, “Sarah Palin is a Bitch…there I’ve said it.” And don’t forget to read the reader responses, a fun treat in itself, one commented, [...]

  29. You’re going to get what you deserve now, a weak-standing country in a scary world full of people that would love nothing more than to terrorize and kill you and your family members right here on American soil.

    Yep, the actions of these fascist dems that have now in power have had control for 2 years in congress, we WILL ALL suffer, Ron :(

  30. I didnt like or dislike Palin.
    But now we are stuck with one worse than the last 3 CZARS

  31. Helen, your the idiot and Margeret is too by association. You’re going to get what you deserve now, a weak-standing country in a scary world full of people that would love nothing more than to terrorize and kill you and your family members right here on American soil. We can whine and cry all you want about the Republicans and Geroge Bush, but the man and his cabinet has to be given credit for the fact that not one one act of radical muslim terrorism was committed in the last 7 1/2 years of his presidency despite tens of thousands (and probobly more) who’s life goal is to do just that.
    You and your ignorant liberal buddies can all watch as gun rights in this country are eradicated one by one till the only armed people are the police and criminals. Criminals will always have a black market source for weapons, it’s only the law abiding citizens who are effected by the nonsense laws that you and the people you worship (like the worhtless Senator from California, Pelosi) are working so hard to push through the Congress.
    Dont sleep well and don’t rest easy because terrorsits are planning right this minute to ruin your way of life.

  32. [...] I was out trolling and came across this blog…it is supposedly written by an 82 year old woman (I’ll go with that) but the post is…well just read it here. [...]

  33. I’m so glad there are others that have my same opinions about Sarah Palin. It was freaking me out that people actually wanted her as Vice President. She was too stupid to be Vice President and now she is considering running for President in 2012. And she thinks she has a chance.

  34. Helen, I know it’s been quite a while since the election, but let me tell you that I am forever grateful to you for making this post! You cut to the chase and told everything like it is, unlike that crazy old witch who, since she started running for it, came way too close for comfort to getting the Vice President’s office. Thank you again! if only you were in my family!

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  36. [...] http://margaretandhelen.wordpress.com/2008/10/03/bitch-there-i-said-it/ [...]

  37. Best blog entry ever.

  38. i love you guys!

  39. Crash and burn Mav………………………

  40. Well it’s over !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Barbi and McGoo can go home now.

  41. [...] My point here is not to relive every moment of the roller coaster that was the last two months, although I do admit it was amazingly fun to watch Sarah Palin, aka the “Caribou Barbie” crash and burn. Perhaps I enjoyed it a little too much- I hunted the online news sites daily for more news of stupid things she said, exposes of her screwed up family, and ridiculous gestures. And she didn’t disappoint- almost every day I could find something she had screwed up to read about with glee, even though she surrounded herself only with supporters and granted only two interviews. But I’m not going to get into it. If you really want to know why I detest her so much, it’s been said before, particularly well here: http://margaretandhelen.wordpress.com/2008/10/03/bitch-there-i-said-it/#comments [...]

  42. I guess President Obama can measure the drapes.

  43. [...] The day has finally arrived.  It almost seemed like November 4th would never get here.  And here we stand so close to having a Black Preseident that it’s crazy!  I have to admit I am not very political at all.  In fact, I still haven’t voted yet.  I’m in no rush to do so but I do plan to go tonight after work.  I’ve been a registered voter since I was 19 and not one time I have I actually made it to the polls.  This will be the first.  I decided to vote this year not because the canidate of my choice is Black..but because he actually makes sense.  He stands for so much more then McCain does.  And Sarah Palin…do I really need to go there on her?  I’ll let this blog speak for me. [...]

  44. scroll down to the video, it is well worth watching


  45. This is just too great a musical ending to pass up!


    Vote Obama!

  46. [...] on this page because there are far better blogs on WordPress for that (such as Mudflats and Margaret and Helen for example).  But this I found via BlackSpin and I’m sure it will soon be [...]

  47. Helen, you are my hero! way to tell it straight, girl!!! So many people are soooo ignorant when it comes to the election. One girl wrote her persuasive essay for my English class about why Palin’s some kind of frickin goddess… >.< It took so much self-control for me not to smack her!

  48. WOW!!!! Thank you.

    She is no comparison to Ms. Hillary Clinton.

    Sen. John McCain, what were you thinking about??

  49. [...] pieces on the election and American society.  I  encourage all who read my post to check out Sarah Palin is a Bitch… There I said it, and the follow-up post called Yep.  I called her a bitch and I am not taking it [...]

  50. To Jeff,
    Howdy, glad to see someone can be reasonable about supporting McCain. As for why you do. Hmm. Ok, can’t see any reason to dispute with you, if you really think that’s what the country needs, then vote with what you think is right.

    I, for one, do not see that McCain would delegate power to the states. Nor do I see how “growing” the government is necessarily a bad thing. But, ’tis not ours to reason why…

    On the other hand, I will say this. My college education depends on federal grants that I receive. If McCain were elected, I would be forced to stop attending college, which would adversely affect my entire future. His across-the-board spending freeze would, in fact, affect education grants, among other things that I and people I care about depend on to live.

    For this reason, I will not vote for John McCain.

  51. I don’t like McCain’s policies because they do not translate well here in Michigan. We have a lot of jobs going by the wayside because of Big Business. They send jobs overseas and lay off workers here.
    They do not care about who they get rid of. Everyone knows that is true.
    I like the fact that Obama will not reward the business who does that.
    Also, money is not a motivating factor for everyone. There are jobs that people love (teachers, firefighters, autoworkers etc.) and they may not make as much money as the ones in John McCain’s league. They need to be protected. That is why I am voting for Obama.

  52. Michelle,
    That was awesome! I actually really enjoyed getting chewed out by you. :-)

    Yes, I was rude to Helen. I am sorry for that. I attempted to make a point and went too far with it. Although, I was personally offended to read a self-proclaimed christian spell “God” with a lower-case “g”. No, I’m not trying to say that this is how “GAWD” chooses to spell “her” name; I believe it is disrespectful to those of the Christian faith to negligently dishonor the chosen name that the church has given the Lord. That being said, I am NOT saying that other faiths must follow the “christian” way of doing things. If you are of a different faith, by all means, call the Almighty by the name that you choose. I would not dare correct anyone of the faith of Islam for calling God “Allah.” That is the name they have chosen and it is my responsibility to respect that.

    That was a lot more long-winded than I meant it to be. I tend to over-explain myself.

    Back to Michelle – Why would I pick on you? You brought up a lot of valid arguments. Personally, seeing Sarah Palin speak drives me crazy because she talks in circles. It’s truly disorienting. Do I think she’s a bad person? No. I think she’s unprepared for this campaign, but that’s my opinion and what does that matter? While I may have been rude by being an “intellectual snob,” I never once in my posts called someone names or labeled anyone as a “moron” or an “idiot” or a “snob” etc, etc … It’s not my right to judge people. I am very careful to speak solely on what people say and what they mean by what they say. I think some of Helen’s comments were very ignorant and baseless. Do I think Helen is a bad person? No. I think some of her opinions are rather skewed, but she’s fully entitled to that. Helen sounds like a wonderful lady. I have never met her and know hardly anything about her, so what would give me the right to judge her?

    I’m really insulted by the “you and your ilk” comment. How do you know who or what I support? All you know about me is that I’m a guy with too much time on my hands and that I make pointless grammar lessons as an attack on someone’s character. Am I wrong in thinking this?

    I respect Barack Obama and Joe Biden. I think they are both very honorable and hard working men. I believe they have both done a great deal for this country. I very much considered voting for Obama, but I believe that McCain’s policies will be more effective for this country at this time. I like his incentive based approach to get corporations to move towards green technology. I like his plan to give companies a 10% tax-credit on all scientific research and development wages. This gives me a better chance of getting and keeping a job as a research bio-chemist. I like McCain’s belief in federalism. I like the idea of being in charge of and having choices in our own lives. I like having power delegated to the states as opposed to a centralized national government. I think the Bush administration has really set a very bad precedent in growing the national government and I fully believe Barack Obama will continue in Bush’s footsteps. If you want to pick me apart on what I believe, go right ahead, but enough with the insults and name calling. It’s rather childish.

  53. http://www.shesnotjustlikeme.org SORRY TRY THIS ONE

  54. Thank You so much for writing this Helen ! Fantastic Job ! She is just another so called christian with out a conscience ! Have you noticed how much satisfaction she get’s from being a smart ass. It has been a real joke…The first saterday night live did a awsome Job telling the truth. Everybody can check this out too http://WWW.sheisnotjustlikeme.org ..Go Biden ! I have already voted for the winners ! U should 2

  55. Wow…you are awesome…I have been saying these same things since I first learn of her…and yes folks here in Alabama LOVE her…which is why I have to watch what I say about her…these people get very violent when someone questions their intelligence, or their politics. I have been called the “yankee n–ger lovin’ bitch” down here for niegh on thirty years now, as well as been physically assaulted on more than one occasion, because I would not use the N word…I think that we should hook up the Alaskan Secessionist movement folks with these folks down here in the south and just LET THEM GO!!! They could form their own country of idiots and bigots and we wouldn’t have to take care of their lazy butts anymore. Maybe, since Russia is so close, they could care for them.

  56. You rock. I want to be just like you when I grow up. Let’s just hope the worst doesn’t happen on Tuesday and then Johnny drops dead.

  57. Helen, I have never called a woman a bitch….well before I saw Sarah Palin on the screen of my TV. From the “go get” I have believed her to be everything you have said in this blog. She is the type of woman I have warned my sons about, I term these types the “she devils”. They have an uncanny way of charming and manipulating their way into your life and wreaking havoc once they have done so.
    I surely hope that more people see in her what you do, I am still astounded at how many Americans she has manipulated her way into convincing them for her vote.

  58. Does anyone know the difference between a pit bull and a hockey mom? One was neutered and the other should have been! Keep on telling the truth about McSame & the Bitch!

  59. [...] found someone who sums up all my articles in a simple two paragraphs. I got starburts when I read this.The money [...]

  60. smoked her – on point and beautiful

  61. I got in trouble for calling Palin a bitch too. At least I’m in damn good company my fellow Texan. I said it before and I’ll say it again, you rock!!!

  62. He claims to be a Washington outsider and yet is the worst kind of politician. He will say anything and avoid answering any question instead choosing to spout whatever line or soundbite some adviser put into his mouth a few hours earlier. And exactly when did sounding like a hick make someone “more like us”…

    I like pie, it’s good with kool-aide…

  63. She called herself a bitch. Pitbull with lipstick????

  64. And so is her husband.

  65. Get a backbone K.G.
    She is a bitch. Women or not.

  66. It appears that the gentleman:
    By: Jim C. on October 29, 2008
    at 10:28 pm

    has an anger management problem, and uses info that is not true about Alaskans receiving annually $3,200. Wow! If that was only true. I think the man needs to go back to his sources and really do the math. The amount given this year was a fluke because it was added to with $1,200 for a stimulus. Why? Because we pay the highest oil prices in the whole 50 states! Even as you all are paying $2.00 and under for a gallaon of gass…we are paying 2x’x that amount. And that is a fact Jim.
    So Jim…you need to learn what your bitching about before you bitch it. Cause as a real person living in Alaska…this is a true amount, nor is it given yearly, nor annually, nor does everyone get it at all. If you had cared about true facts you would have checked them first before bitching about it.

  67. A woman calling another woman a bitch.


  68. Please excuse my aggressive nature, but, I LOVE you! I just read some of your posts with a few colleagues and behalf of all of us, Thank You! You could not be more on point about this ridiculous woman. She is a seat-filler and an offense to women everywhere. Ugh, and the winking at the end of every sentence for the “cute effect”……barf!

    Specifically, thank you for the mention of the rape-kit charge! I am devastated that this issue has not gotten more attention. I mean, being unbending on abortion, even in cases of incest and rape is one thing (wrong, but one thing none the less), but to vote a bill into place where the victim of rape is forced to pay up to $1200.00 for the rape-kit should be a crime!

  69. McCain chose Palin thinking she would get the women’s vote with her as VP. It backfired and it is because Palin is a grasping bitch who will stop at nothing to get what she wants. Her looks were more of the sexist decision than what is inbetween her ears. She has become a liability for McCain who could have chosen any number of experienced Republican women. Palin is a power grasping bitch who doesn’t even know what the real role of a Vice President really is according to the Constitution! She wants more power than what Dick Cheney has given himself. After 8 years of corruption, Sara Palin would only make it more of the same if not worse. Send this bitch back to Alaska where she can look out her window and think she is seeing Russia! “You betcha!” **wink**

  70. I just discovered you today and I think you are great!!

  71. Helen you rock!

    After reading most of the responses to Helen’s blog, has anyone else noticed (Queen B and others for example) how hate-filled Republican’s are? The world has to be Christian and their way or no way, and I have to tell you, most of the times that I have dealt with Republican’s when I owned my own business they were the nastiest and most hateful people when it comes to their party! What ever happened to decent people who wanted the best for our country?? Well, that is why Obama/Biden is going to win. Republican’s will have to just deal with it (like we have had to deal with Dubya for 8 friggin’ years!). It’s time that we turn this country back to one that we and the world can look up to. And, Republican’s, lighten up and take a nice pill. Rock on Helen!

  72. Linda, you are silly if you think our country will turn to communism or socialism if Obama is elected.
    I hope you are more intelligent than that.
    Maybe not!!!!

  73. Right Linda
    Study the Constitution.

  74. It seems that there is not one of you that knows what communism or socialism means. Get our your dictionionaries, if you have them?

  75. I have to say, this is the first time in my life that I am afraid of what is going to happen in our country. In the past I felt alright after an election even if my choice was not elected. This time around I am really scared.
    At least in the past I thought If we had a Republican, they would have enough good common sense and would not lead us into a depression.
    Obviously I was wrong. If McCain and Palin get elected I will be very very afraid for the first time in my life to live in America.
    Don’t get me wrong I am not going to leave this great country, because I know we have enough good people, but, I am afraid.
    I was afraid when Bush was elected and you can see the results.
    I think If McCain is elected, we will be talking about the horrible decision made on this coming November 4th.
    I hope I am wrong. (Guess what, 4 years ago those of us who did not want Bush was not wrong)

  76. Thank you!

    I’ve been waiting for someone to actually say that. It’s blindingly obvious that she’s breathtakingly wrong for VP, but nobody is willing to point out the obvious.

    Her ignorance is overshadowed only by her arrogance.

  77. Ha, funniest blog I’ve read in a long time.

  78. WOW Fantastic Amen
    I knew it. There are smart Americans

    We here in Europe follow the election closely if only for Palin. She delivers us a smile every day with her stupidity. On the other hand we are scared as hell that someone with the brainsize of a shrimp could come to power in your great nation.

  79. “Governor Palin is a stupid, conniving bitch. And it’s not because she is a strong woman – I like strong women… worship them… It’s actually the opposite. She is a weak, pathetic woman who thinks big hair, winking, baby talk and self deprecation is somehow becoming of a woman who wants to lead the free world. My god, where is Margaret Thatcher when you need her!”

    When’s the last time anyone left of center said anything complimentary about Thatcher?

    Yes, a weak woman bucks her own party and gets elected without riding her husband’s coattails, while Hillary toes her party line and is abandoned by them even with Bill’s help. She must be gnashing her teeth at that. I really do feel a little sorry for her.

    And incredibly you actually follow that with “But what really makes me mad is the hypocrisy.”


    You want hypocrisy? Look in the mirror! The snobbery, it burns!

    That’s a big reason the poll numbers are so close and there’s a chance Obama might lose. You think those less educated than you are dumb. That’s a HUGE mistake. And they KNOW you regard them with contempt and condescension. And they won’t forget.

    “And because they make so much money from the oil companies, the Alaskan government actually gives it citizens an annual dividend check (this year $3,200). Exactly what Governor wouldn’t be popular under those circumstances?”

    It seems you don’t think that’s right. It’s you against Alaska.

    “From where I sit, it appears you would sell your soul for the position. Kind of the way that Elisabeth girl on The View sold her soul for fame.”

    Hillary sold her own soul (i.e. self-respect) at least in the aspect of putting up with Bill’s catting around for their entire marriage. And for her efforts she gets sexist attacks from Obama supporters in her own party! I’m not surprised her campaigning for Obama has been less than enthusiastic.

    I don’t know why I bother to tell you this. You almost certainly won’t learn.

  80. How right you are. I was begining to think I was the only white woman over 60 who felt this way . Sarah Palin offends me as a woman. She ofends me as a human being.. She just offends me and I am furious that the Republicans think I will vote for this awoman or this McCain who has sold his soul to live in the White House. as if he doesd not have enougfh houses already.

  81. [...] another generation’s angry rant, look no further than my favorite 82 year old’s own blog regarding Palin. I love it when sassy ladies are gutsy enough to use the term [...]

  82. You are my new love.
    Sarah is a bitch…a scary bitch with staying power, because that kind of bullshit does not leave the stage willingly.

  83. How much do I love this rant… awesome… nailed it…

  84. This was an awesome post! Thanks for saying everything that needed to be said and more!!!

    If we all see her for what she is – why are there people still worshipping the ground this idiot walks on?

    She’s shockingly uninformed, and worse she doesn’t care that she’s ignorant!

  85. This is exactly accurate and a perfect summation of my own feelings on this wretched woman! Thanks!

  86. Helen rocks! Where is Linda? Is she obsessed or what! I know …she is getting her Sarah Palin costume ready for Friday.

  87. I am appreciative to Margaret and Helen for posting this. I am appreciative of anyone that can speak truthfully and with common sense.

    Quotes like: “mean spirited” and “calling people names”….are a continuation of the ridiculous. You women who write this are terribly confused (Ooops that’s more mean spirited name calling by your standards isn’t it?). Let’s talk about mean spirited, when a 50 year old named Kenneth Rowles can shoot a teenager (with a gun and bullet) because he doesn’t want to have his yard signs defaced. There is a difference between mean spirited and psychotic. I know which one I can deal with.

  88. Obviously you don’t know anything about Obama’s past and work for others. How wonderful to make such an uninformed statement.

    You have worked hard all your life for what you have. I hope you enjoy watching it go down the toilet with the market every day like the rest of us. Flusssssssssh….. Wonder what type of policies got us there? Hmmmh could it be republican policies. The same policies that McCain has supported.

    Where does that leave you if you can call someone voicing their opinion on their own blog a mean spirited person? Are you not entitled to your own opinion? You don’t agree with what Helen has to say. So what. Many do. Does that make all of us horrible, awful people also? I hope so because I am tired of the current administration and what might come to pass if McCain and Palin get in. She is a self absorbed hick, bully and about as genuine as her bold face lies. Mean spirited, that would be her at the rallies where she allowed racial and bigoted hatred to reach mob proportions.

  89. Thanks for stopping by, Linda…we mean it.

  90. Yeah!! Martha, I am with you!!! What in the world has Obama does for anybody, but himself and he is not fit or experienced to lead this country! And his running mate is for sure part of the problem! Doesn’t anybody read and understand what is going on?

  91. It does offend me and maybe I won’t come back as it looks like you are all in the pot together. Not a kind word to say and that is really scary!

  92. Must be a McPhalin lover.

    Linda….this isnt only Helen’s opinion.

    Don’t come here if it offends you

  93. Helen, you are one mean spirited person. Who would have thought that someone like you would know better. What a shame that you are saying the things you say….Shows that stupidity knows no bounds…

  94. So, Linda, I guess you won’t be buying any of their T-Shirts? :-)

  95. never have I heard such mean people. What an insufferable human being… ugh!

  96. OMG! I wish I had found this blog sooner! You two are amazing. I’ll be a devoted reader from now on.

    ~No To Palin

  97. At 82, I think you would have learned if you can’t say something nice about someone don’t say any-thing at all. You have a right to your opinion but
    I disagree with the way you are calling Sarah Palin
    names. It’s people like you who are making this the most vicious campaign I can ever remember.

    Yes, I am for McCain and Palin in this election. I feel that they are better for this country than Obama. I don’t want to live in a socialist country.
    My husband and I have worked hard for forty
    years and I don’t want the government taking
    our hard earned money and giving it to someone
    else. With Obama as president, all I see ahead is
    too much government in my life and taxes, taxes,
    and more taxes.

    By the way, keep in mind that Sarah Palin has
    had more executive experience than Obama has
    ever had. All he has ever been is a community
    organizer and a senator who has been out on the
    road for the last two years campaigning for
    president. Yes, Obama can give an elegant speech
    but remember Hilter could too.

    If Obama wins, it will most likely be because of the
    liberal media{ ABC, NBC, CBS}, Acorn and the
    far left people in Hollywood. Now those are some
    groups I want electing my president!

  98. I just recently returned from a cruise in the Bahamas. Usually, when people ask where I’m from and I tell them Alaska, they get excited and ask about moose and the darkness and how cold it is. However, on this trip, people said “Oh, where Sarah Palin is from.” I was ashamed. I have so much pride being an Alaskan and now this is what people know us for. It’s bad up here; everyone loves her for the most part and can’t wait for her to be elected. Then there is those of us who are appalled at such a notion. I didn’t vote for her for mayor, for govenor, and I wouldn’t even DREAM of voting for her on ANY national level. But please everyone, PLEASE remember that not all Alaskans are like her. Most of us still have our heads screwed on tight. Without the beehive hairdo. (**sidenote: I’m from the same damn city she’s from and guess what? I’ve never heard anyone talk like they’re from backwoods Minnesota. We don’t have ANY accents up here. It’s JUST HER.**) Thank you for your time.

  99. I pray that the stupid people don’t vote.

  100. Wow, Jeff.
    Do you know what obfuscation is? That is when you throw load after load of bullshit at people hoping that they are so stupid that they don’t realize that you are just repeating the same meaningless nonsense over and over and over, and never actually addressing the issue and/or answering the question! Sarah Palin is the Queen of this…though I very much doubt that she would recognize the word even if it up and smacked her in the face. You are pretty good at it yourself, but then you are just ‘eating the Party pie’, as Helen would say. I just watched Palin on TV go on and on about how the Republicans were going to fix this problem and that problem…but she never said ONE WORD about HOW they were actually going to accomplish this miracle, just that they were going to, by God! Unfortunately for you and your ilk, the American people aren’t falling for this nonsense or those nasty personal attacks any more!
    And speaking of nasty personal attacks, you were pretty rude to Helen, you intellectual snob! I know lots of big words, as you can probably tell by now…Feel free to pick on me, but I promise you I can and will run circles around you verbally, and I will very much enjoy it, so go ahead, make my day! (and please don’t bore me with stupid punctuation insults, don’t you have anything better to do with your time?)

    Note to everyone:
    I just early-voted, it felt like the most meaningful vote of my entire life!

    OBAMA ’08!!!!!!!!

  101. Hey. Anonymous. It seems to me that good and bad gets posted… even your nonsense. so get over yourself and post something of substance.

    Go Helen!!! I call bullshit. I got the t-shirt to prove it.

  102. Brilliant.

    Absolutely brilliant.

    You need your own talk show. Hell, if Elisabeth Hasselbeck gets to run her dumber-than-shit mouth on the View every morning, you deserve to balance out the world with your brilliance.

  103. All posts subject to moderation.

    Translation: If you agree, feel free to say what you want.

    If you disagree, your post will probably get altered or deleted…

  104. So, ladies…how would you two enjoy a nice meal with a handsome 82 years young gentleman? I would treat you both to high class and respect…and who knows, perhaps later we could get cozy in my hot tub later on in the evening…enjoy some fine champagne and cans of ensure. What do you say ladies?



  105. So I take it you won’t be buying any of her T-shirts then…right, Jeff?? :-)

  106. *”back” should have been “backed”. My mistake

  107. I find it hard to believe that so many people missed the point of my earlier post. Miss Helen has presented an opinion blog pointing out the “hypocrisy” and “stupidity” of Sarah Palin. Yet, in her own post, Miss Helen made several grammatical errors and backed up her claims with unsubstantiated “facts.” This is called “the pot calling the kettle black.” My intention was to point out the flaws in Miss Helen’s argument in order to undermine her claim. I felt that others would be able to pick up on the inferences that I had written out without having to spell each one out in black and white. Everyone has an opinion; I enjoy an intellectual debate on differing opinions. But, opinions based on ignorance are infuriating and disgusting. (Yes, I started a sentence with “But” to make a literary emphasis). When an opinion of someone is thrown into public view, but is simply back up by, “I don’t like the bitch. I think she’s stupid,” – I’m paraphrasing – it makes me genuinely afraid for the progress of our society. Please read. Listen to what people say – not just how they say it. Please ask questions. Go out and find knowledge for yourselves. Ignore the slander/libel in the tv, radio and newspaper ads. Find out what you believe in and turn away from being mislead by the media. It makes me sad to know that some people cast votes based on how a candidate looked on TV, or based on what was said in an advertisement. Research the facts: hardly any truth has been put on the airwaves, in the form of advertisement, by either candidate. Our voting process is the equivalent of a person driving a car while blindfolded and having a complete stranger telling him or her what to do.

    I am terrified by the direction in which we are heading.

    It’s also pretty frustrating to have other people by the same name commenting on this blog. LOL. Even so, I think it is hard to get us confused. ;-)

  108. Whoo hoo!!!…..Granny helen…tell them like it is…the woman is a complete moron!!

  109. yezzer…McCan’t shot hiz self in the foot with this ridiculous choice.

  110. <>

    Does that mean that I have to support just any woman? Even someone who is as power crazy, religiously wacked, and stupid as Sarah Palin? I think not. I will support those I feel are intelligent and strong and with whom I see eye to eye on important issues. I do not agree with that stupid bitch on any issue and she can take her hill billy ass back to the frozen tundra where rape apparently is regarded as a form of rough sex.

  111. I can’t believe I missed your blog until now. Sure hope there are enough of us out there to make a difference this time around.

    Keep telling it like it is!

  112. “I agree with those who say this could not have been written by an 82-year-old. I have known many, many “old” people, and I have NEVER EVER heard that kind of disrespect from ANY of them.”


    You’ve obviously not been to the Seneca Manor (western NY state) nursing home where the majority of residents are FOR Obama. Residents gathered for the debates and it was like a high school pep rally for octogenarians, most of whom served in WWII or Korea and worked & raised their families in a working class steel town. To this group from the “Greatest Generation” Obama is more popular than football (and in Buffalo Bills country, that is saying A LOT! :-)

    As for your notion that old people do not swear, I think that if you visit any residence comprised of elderly people, you’ll meet many feisty individuals with “mouths like sailors.” That “I don’t give a sh*t what anyone thinks, I’m saying it like it is” attitude is what keeps them going. My own grandmother was like that. She was 20 years ahead of her time and I only wish she had lived to see this election–I’m sure she would have been out there bloggin’ away, telling it like it is.

    You keep telling it like it is, Helen!

  113. I would not be surprised if McCain gets elected he would keep us in the war so long that he would try to bring back the draft.
    He would also try to say that you are UNAmerican if you oppose a draft.
    I would not put it pass him.

  114. Part of the reason McCain is scary is because of his terrible decision to choose Palin. She is highly unqualified. You can have your reasons to vote for your party but, McCain’s judgement is very bad.
    McCain is the scary one!!
    I am proud of the Republicans who know how bad McCain is. We need a change for now and McCain is not the one to get us out of this mess his partner (Bush) put us in.

    Being into politics for a long time does not mean you have the capacity to make good decisions. Bush is proof of that.
    Obama is not scary just smarter than McCain.

  115. Great article! You forgot 1 very important thing though, Palin’s aweful treatment of animals! Why aren’t the media asking about that? She is a cruel, heartless bitch having wolves killed so that hunters can come and kill moose there in stupid ass alaska!
    What an evil bitch she is!

  116. The reason that people are talking about Palin so much is because she is an old man’s heartbeat away from the presidency if she wins. I think one of the most absolute scary phrases right now would be “President Palin”. Can you imagine. The though terrifies me because as a woman and an Alaskan I can see right through her. She is not sincere and I find nothing about her trustworthy. She is there for her own agenda and will try to force it down every one else’s throats. Governing is for the people, by the people. Not what Sarah Palin wants because she is a hard core Christian. There is nothing wrong with religion (I have my own religious beliefs), but this country was founded on freedoms. I don’t want restrictions of her religious beliefs to govern what I do.

    If you really want to change something, educate don’t outlaw.

  117. Good job Grandma,Liz wake up.

  118. Linda,

    Well-said! You are obviously an intelligent, knowledgable and thoughtful writer. Wish more people were like that these days. I think YOU are right-on.

    I do not agree with Sue in NV. I think you are a person who really cares, and knows how to express it well.

  119. One of you wrote: “I’m sick at heart at what’s been done to our country by all these madmen.” Well, you might be even sicker after Obama becomes President. An opinion only.

    Why are people talking so much about Palin? She is NOT running for President. This is the first election in my many, many years that puts so much attention on a VP candidate. Is it because she is a woman? Or because the media wants to take heat and the spotlight off of their candidate, Obama.

    Why is there not hardly any attention on the “friends” of Obama – dangerous men to this country – and Obama IS running for President.

    What about his radical friend, Wm. Ayres, too?

    I think the media has focused attention on Sarah Palin to take it off of Obama. They don’t want to reveal all that is known about him. It does not suit their agenda.

    People like to think they are so intelligent, but we aren’t. Just a bunch of sheep leading a bunch of sheep….and allowing the media to manipulate us all. Wake up, America….or someday you may wake up to a country that is not America any longer. We have already given up so many of the rights we used to have in the name of individual rights and confidentiality. Individual rights can be a good thing but not at the expense of the greater good for all.

    I agree with those who say this could not have been written by an 82-year-old. I have known many, many “old” people, and I have NEVER EVER heard that kind of disrespect from ANY of them.

    Oh and Angela Marie. Yiou are right on. We should be able to discuss these things with respect. I am appalled to hear the way people speak to each other now. That is not the America I know and love.

    While I am not crazy about any of the candidates in this upcoming election, I am more scared of Obama. He is a charismatic charmer – a dangerous combination throughout history.

    I would love to have a black president or even a woman president…if they are the right candidate, which I feel none are this time out. My best friend is black and we are also both women. I will be voting for the candidate that I feel will do the least damage to this country in the 4 years of his term.

    I have also lived in Alaska and Indonesia. I do not agree with everything she says either, but…..Give me a strong Alaskan woman any day. It was those kind of MEN that this country was built on.

  120. Yes, yes, Abram, you raise a good point, the GOP has the Palins and the Huckabees who will appeal to the bible thumpers and the poorly educated, and they have the.. well, the anti-anything-that’s-not-the-upper-one-percent policies, designed by the misers themselves. I gotta hand it to them, though, they used to be able to buy votes with fancy ads, but now that they, for once, are stuck with less cash than the “liberal socialist”, they seem to be in trouble…. I guess the next sad irony is that it really is true that you have to buy your way into the White House…

  121. …so funny how the people agreeing with this blog fill the comments section with well thought out near-diatribes on politics in America, while the few (obviously conservative) dissenters show up with the occasional post: either “#%(#& YOU HELEN, YOU #$#*$&#($*&^!!!” or “I don’t care what you say, and I won’t give any reasons to the contrary, but I still like Palin.” We used to just have to worry about the income gap widening – now we have an intellectual gap to worry about as well? I swear the GOP gets dumber than I thought possible every year, and every year their “base” (see: rednecks/biblethumpers/rich misers) is more excited about the drivel being shoved down their throats. Is it not the most sad irony that those in the lower class are often supporters of the party that seeks to screw them over at every opportunity? Now that’s some effective propaganda!

  122. Yeah, I agree. I am from a small town, and I do pronounce my g’s, I don’t say “you betcha”, and I don’t talk like I’m from Minnesota (no offense to anyone from Minnesota).

    I can’t safely say that I am intelligent or knowledgeable, because there’s always somone out there who is to a greater degree. Can I say I think I have an understanding of the level of intellect it takes to get an undergraduate degree. Yes, I am currently getting one. Can I say that somone with a J.D. from Harvard is more intelligent than the average cookie? I can, because I am preparing to go to a law school much less prestigious, and it ain’t no cake walk.

    I’m giving myself in service to my country as well, and it’s not for such a selfish reason as to earn tuition for my college. It’s because I want to serve my country. That’s why a person should join the military, and I think it’s disgraceful the way the military hooks poor college kids into it with promises of financial aid, then delays their degree so they can serve extended tours in Iraq, costing them years of education.

    Alaskan, you and the others on here are credits to your state. I, for one, salute you.

  123. Before you defend her small town phrases, maybe you should know that they are just a learned affectation. There is an interview with her about 13 years ago as mayor and none of her cute folksy language is present. She has no accent (like most Alaskans) and is very definitely saying her g’s. She sounds more intelligent in this interview than in any she has done recently. Just how dumb does she think the American public is that she thinks this “small town” speak will endear her to regular “joes”?

  124. Linda needs a reality check. You probably didn’t attend college.

    The president and vice president shouldn’t be an ordinary person. I want someone who inspires, is open to diversity (religious and cultural), and is educated.

    OBAMA/BIDEN 2008

  125. you have alot of time on your hands, don’t you, Linda??

    Rock on Helen!!!!

  126. Rant
    Rant\, n. High-sounding language, without importance or dignity of thought; boisterous, empty declamation; bombast; as, the rant of fanatics.
    ~~~ ~~~
    Yes, I would say that just about covers waht you’ve got going one here.

    So Sarah Palin doesn’t have multiple degrees from pedigreed institutions of higher learning. One of our greatest Presidents was home educated, all the way through law school. Having letters of degrees trailing ones name does not gurantee intellegence or prove the lack thereof. I don’t have any degrees trailing my name either, yet know with confidence I am a smart, intelligent, knowledgeable person.

    You bash Mrs Palin for being a bitch, yet there is a former First Lady who would seem to be a bigger one– who supported her philandering husband while he perjured himself in front of the nation, no less! There has been much she could be accused of, but far be it for me to actually say something, because then I’d be anti- American, anti-woman.

    You bash her about worrying about the cost of college tuition by saying it seems she’s a long way off from that point. Her son has done an honorable thing by giving himself in service to his country, quite possibly to earn his tuition through GI Bills, so his parents wouldn’t have to pay his way. I am more impressed with a young person who finds their own means of college support than those who rest on the laurels of Daddy’s pocket book.

    Her daughter is in an unfortunate situation, but is taking responsibility for her actions, and so is the baby’s father. Time will tell how much success they have with their future. You acost her for dangling her pregnant teen in the limelight, but if she hadn’t come forward first, the media and public scrutiny would have accused her of being ‘ashamed of her pregnant daughter’. It seems she couldn’t win either way. Which would you prefer: admit to the obvious, or hide and play wait-and-see?

    You mock her for her hair, glasses and clothes; for her kitschy little phrases. Frankly I don’t care where she got her wardrobe. There are many women who constantly buy the latest fashions and donate their designer duds to Goodwill after the season is done. When she starts selling them off on eBay or the local consignment shop, then you may have some sort of leg to stand on. Her phrases ARE ones from small town America– she can’t stop being ‘small town’ over night, maybe she doesn’t want to. Why should she have to?

    So until you can sit at her breakfast table and live her life, be careful in your assumptions. And, for the record, if you had been ranting half-truths about Oabama, I’d be doing the same thing for him, and have.

  127. This is the most accurate, well-stated article I’ve read in a very long time. Keep up the good work, and continue spreading the truth.

  128. Will you please run for president so I don’t have to move to Canada when these clowns win???

  129. [...] if you wanted to laugh about someone’s grandma talking politics you have to read it!  MargaretandHelen! Check it [...]

  130. BRAVO to you Helen!!!!! THANK YOU so much for saying what the media isn’t out and out saying, altho I think maybe Rachel Maddow would just love to!! I give thanks to you Helen, wise woman that you are for having the courage to speak the truth.

    Not all of us in Alaska are in love with Sarah, not by any means!!!!

  131. I am infuriated over all the money Sarah spent on her wardrobe . “Like one of us”? MY ASS! And now that she is caught she says she’s donating to charity!

    She seems more about looking hip , winking, reciting a few ‘scholarly~lets pretend I know ‘things’ lines…and thats about it. The ppl who are smitten with her are scary.

    McCain looks like he is holding back so much anger his jowls look like chipmunks!

    Cindy McCain looks like she’ll break if you stare at her too hard….unless you turn into a stone statue lst from her icy blue eyed stare (those eyes are evil!)

    Lets all keep our fingers crossed. And if/when Obama gets it pray for his safety.

    Keep on blogging , Helen! I plan to make you a regular part of my life. Hope you don’t mind!

    Don’t worry…it doesn’t mean Im moving in!

  132. I don’t understand why those of you who don’t agree with Helen’s ideas feel it necessary to personally attack her – this is her personal blog. Feel free to leave, or leave your comments on her personal opinions, but how is a personal attack helpful or further a reasonable thoughtful discussion? it feeds into stereotypes and further divides our country.

  133. I followed a link to your blog, which had the first few sentences as a lead-in. I’m glad I came.

    Thanks very much for stating so simply what so many Americans are thinking. Thanks for not being afraid to say it. Make sure you vote come November 4. It’s not just our country anymore, the world depends on it.


  134. “This blog is bigotry at it’s [sic] best.”

    How so, Mr. Jones? the term “bitch” is not discriminatory since it crosses all social, economic, racial and religious lines. It is gender specific, but Sarah is, after all, female. It is rather discriminatory toward female dogs though.

    If you want to complain about bigotry, look at the technique being used by the McCain/Palin crew now–discriminating again people based on their political views by calling those who live in certain regions of the country “unamerican”.

    They’re desperate. Voters have seen through the lies they’ve been spewing this far. Imagine their shock when they realized that we do not believe the Mc-Palin campaign’s charges that Obama is a Muslim or (ee-gaads)… that even if he was, we don’t care. By the way, isn’t criticizing a person’s religion a form of bigotry? Hmmm…

    Since you’re on a bigotry kick, consider this. Because I don’t hail from “non-northern” Virginia or those select sections of the country that solidly support Mc-Palin I am therefore “unamerican.” I gotta tell you–that’s not what my passport says; or my birth certificate; or my voter registration card. But to Mc-Palin, I am. And so is every person in my state.

    That said, here’s a call to Mc-Palin and all of your “true American” cronies — come to New York, stand at ground zero and find the guts to call us un-American.

    Keep telling it like it is Helen!!

  135. This blog is big fun! Go Helen!!

  136. This blog is bigotry at it’s best.

  137. U Go Girl! Tell it like it is….

    100% in your corner.. Keep up the fire.

    The truth hurts those who lie knowing the facts.
    Peace & Love.

  138. helen, i love you. i love you love you love you. how do i become a member of your family? keep ranting, girlfriend! i ADORE it!

  139. Sorry, that is too Anonymous NOT Brenda!

  140. Brenda, LOL you must be joking! I must have read you wrong… Let me see, you are suggesting that Obama supporters should run a positive campaign, pointing out none of the flaws of McCain et al, while the Demonizing Max Clelland, Rove created bunch run McCains with more crap than any paddle could pull you though?

    What has happened to this country that people treat an election like a sports game where you cheer for your team no matter what. It no longer is what is best for the country but that ‘your guy’ wins. Anyone with an ounce of brains could see through the misdirection, lies, and propaganda of the Republican Party. It is the only way they can win because they represent at most 10% of the nation. The only way I can understand the majority of the people who vote Republican and against their own self interest is if I assume the voter is so obsessed with their ‘sports’ mentality of ‘us’ vs ‘them’ that they see nothing beyond the ‘team’, that they are dumb as bricks or both.

  141. [...] This woman who says she’s 82 is my new hero of the day.  Read This. [...]

  142. To Anonymous,

    That’s rich.

    Tell your candidates to stop speaking of the supposed negatives of our candidates and to campaign on their own positives.

    I’d say the problems in this country are a little more involved than people who “spout like this.”


  143. This is such a nice thing to find on the web. Please keep your thoughts to yourself. You Helen and the supporters of your comments are the only problems we have in America. Change, it’s people who spout like this. It’s people who compare oranges to apples. Speak of the positives of your Obama not the negatives of the other party.

  144. My response: “I love Sarah Palin.”

    And I’m not taking it back.

  145. Oh good God, girl. I heart you!! This was fantastic, and I’m posting a link from my blog!

  146. Apparently, her opinion does matter to many of us, as you can see. But regardless of HER opinion, we have our own opinions, which just happen to be the same as hers. Yours is just an opinion as well, and we certainly don’t care about yours. And don’t worry, you didn’t hurt Helen’s feelings, she’s been called worse, as she’s stated.

  147. Fox News should change their name – Fox Republican News sounds about right. How can they call what they present to viewers as news when it is so obviously bent to the Republican view.

    Keep up the posts! They’ll make the next two weeks bearable (just).

    Susan in CA

  148. Helen, I have read and reread this post (as well as the others). I just love how it epitomizes the way so many of us feel about Palin even being considered for the position of “next-in-line leader” of the free world. Boggles the mind. Thank you so much for being brave and candid in speaking your mind. I think you are inspiring.



  149. You go girl! Very nicely done. :-)

  150. You are right one. I was watching that debate and wondering why Obama didn’t lash out and say “You are so full of shit John.”
    I wonder what they will say about him today? They obviously don’t have anything to say about their own plans for the country. I can’t beleive this race is this close.
    I keep also wondering why they don’t bring up that Palin’s husband is a seperatist evidentally. Isn’t that Un American? I accidentlly caught fox news and can’t beleive those people can do thier shows with a straight face.

    check out the article in Rolling Stone about John McCain. It a real eyeopener about the man.

  151. You know, sometimes I wonder if the Republicans just looked at each other and said “Hey, let’s run a comedy sketch for the ’08 election. It’ll be a gas.”

  152. if you think that, prty, why come here?

  153. Helen Philpot is an ignorant, ranting, whining bitch. There I said it. But lots more are thinking it.

  154. Thank you. I think she is a dumb bitch too.

  155. You get a standing ovation for this one! Sarah Palin makes my skin crawl and the fact that McCain picked her so that he could get the religious right to be comforted even though she is completely out of her league shows how wrong he is for America.

  156. lol talk about not holding words back and “dirty politics”.

    Thing is if you all want whats best for your country then maybe some clean discussion and constructive debate might help.

    Whats Sad about “Democracy” ..(if there is such a thing) is we end up with the best people perhaps instead of working together for the betterment of the nation, working against each other thus nothing really gets done.

    There should be no political parties, just vote for the best individuals for every job. If we aren’t united at the top we can never be united at the bottom..

  157. hmm. looks like someone has their panties in a knot. You sound like a “touched” individual. People have a right to their opinions. You can’t change anyone’s mind by attacking them. Come up with some positive, sound argument on why Sarah isn’t a bitch.
    Your rant just makes liberals believe all the more that Republican conservatives are crazy.

  158. Don’t mind her, Helen…..it takes a village!

  159. You are the bitch….jealous because you are an old ugly has-been? You are just a mean, senile old lady who has no clue about anything….

    You claim she is uninformed….well, what do you think you are? I hate liberals like you who go off on a personal attack without benefit of knowing ANYTHING except with the “Cnn, Abc, CBS” etc spin…..

    As to being a mother…what a low blow…..many of us have taken our children out at times when they should be in bed…that’s called “life” Helen….and you idiots would be all over her if she had left the child with a babysitter….and why wouldn’t she want her child with her at the most important event of her life?
    Once again…you are an idiot…shut the hell up.

    I take my first sentence back…you are actually a “f’ing bitch”.

  160. Freaking awesome!!! I loved your post an i couldn’t agree with you more Sarah Palin is such a bitch. I just can’t stand her. She is a disgrace to woman.

  161. To Anonymous,

    I just meant that it’s hard to distinguish you from other anonymous people, which bothers me. I understand your point, I guess, but I had thought you could type in just a name. Perhaps I’m wrong?

    Either way, doesn’t matter, as long as you keep responding.

    As for education and wisdom, I completely agree with you. They are two eperate things. And also, let me point out that John McCain also crashed a plane while in flight school, which should have gotten him kicked out. And yes, I speak from experience here, my father was a Marine, and was in an air wing, and Department of the Navy policy is wrecked plane= expulsion.

    As for McCain, his pop and grandpop had a lot of pull, being admirals and all, so… yeah.

    As for lawyers, well, who knows the law better? I’d rather have a person with a J.D. in the White House or in Congress than anyone else, military officers included. The job of government is more than the military, unfortunately, and I know alot of veterans who I would not like to see in office. Of course, on the other hand, there are quite I number I like, and a good deal of lawyers that I don’t.

    Secondly, don’t generalize, “just another lawyer” there are many knids of lawyers, you know, and Barack Obama turned down a corporate lawyer job (one of the big bucks ones)to come home as a community organizer.

    That’s leadership I like.

  162. [...] Posted by Carl on October 21, 2008 On October 3rd, after seven posts covering family Thanksgiving, Fall leaves and shooting raccoons (and a few even more personal that have since been removed), Helen “Philpot” wrote “Sarah Palin is a Bitch… there I said it.” [...]

  163. Leave it up to a Canadian to put USA politics in perspective!! Thanks, Janney!! Will continue to spread the word to all readers/bloggers that Kevin Phillips has us and the US in crosshairs that give explanation and focus on who we are and where we’re going: please read “American Theocracy” and “Bad Money” that have been published this year and last year.

  164. [...] Helen at the blog Margaret and Helen speaking.  She’s 82 or at least that’s what the blog claims.  Since the blog was [...]

  165. This lady is a wacko. How can we trust a woman that all she does is (wink) and talk to us Americans like we are baby. She is an idiot.

  166. hi, just found this blog on SNL today, and let me just say that I agree with you, Helen, though not really with the way you articulated your opinions, but that’s beside the point.

    I’m a foreigner, and not even a resident in the US, and only in high school, but I have an avid interest in global affairs (comes from being a third culture kid, and I’m not ignorant- I’ve been involved with MUN, and I’m taking a course in International Relations) and no offense to any Palin supporters, but she… doesn’t seem to be the best choice for the country. I was rather surprised at some of her comments, like about Obama “pallin’ around with terrorists”. Such comments only whip up racism and misguided fears, which is really sad because when I was younger, I really had a more positive view about America. Now, I think “if America is really a country of diversity, why is there so much racism and other forms of discrimination?” I’ve also thought that America was a secular country, all about separating country from state, and upholding the rights and freedoms of its citizens. But listening to Palin, those ideologies that I had believed to be a key part of the American identity (maybe I’m wrong), they seem to be in danger. Taking the choice of terminating a pregnancy away from women, those fears whipped up against Obama because of falsehoods about him being Muslim, and how she seems to invoke God quite often- don’t take me wrong, I’m Christian, but I also believe in separation from religion and state- they seem to go against the ideologies. I’m afraid being a foreigner, I don’t have insights into American culture and identity, but that’s how it seems to me.

    And to all those people who object to Helen because of her age, that’s ageism and that’s discriminatory, on par with racism… Then again, maybe you don’t consider racism to be bad? What happened to respecting your elders? or is that not an “American” thing? Or is it only for Asians?

  167. Well thanks for sharing Joel. Bitch.

  168. I still think using the word bitch is wrong no matter whom it is addressed to.

  169. Wouldn’t matter if someone else HAD written it. It’s the truth, and it was really refreshing to read it! Great job, Helen!

  170. I agree wholeheartedly–We can only pray enough of the voting public does.

  171. Anonymous person there, aside from not giving a name, which bothers me to no end, what exactly do you mean Sarah Palin is “one of us”? She sure as hell ain’t one of MY people. Just who are your people, who are the Sarah Palins of the world? I shudder to think what my life would be like living in your community. Because someone’s dialect is different, uneducated, or otherwise unpolished, doesn’t mean one should discriminate against them, BUT I must say, I am not comfortable with someone with a mere undergraduate degree (in journalism, no less) being second in line for the highest office in the country. More over, I respect John McCain, or rather the John McCain that shows good judgement, the John McCain of 2000, but As he graduated in the lowest ranks of his class form the Naval academy (I believe it was the naval academy), I am a bit skeptical about his educational background. I would rather have someone who’s been to Harvard or Oxford, a “career politician”, making the POLICIES of this country than a person with questionable education.

  172. I just found your blog today. I love it. Keep it up.
    You speak the truth so eloquently.

  173. My dearest ladies…I couldn’t have said it better myself…you ladies are awesome and God Bless you both!!!!!…=) Keep up the good work… xoox

  174. Wow! I found this site through a blogger on SNL. Not entirely sure what this site is exactly, perhaps for the older ladies to correspond? I’m not older however I’m a woman of my early 30′s running a biz of my own. I’ve been reading through the blogs and the comments and I have to say I love you guys! You crack me up!!! You remind me very much of my own grandmother. It is so refreshing to hear some intelligent older woman speak their minds and to be so insightful and blunt! It’s woman like you for whom woman like myself look up to, not the Palin’s of the world. Thank you!!

  175. I agree with you gals and love most of the comments made by others on this blog.

    Don’t forget, all the support, talk and writing isn’t going to get OUR candidates elected. Remember, you have to VOTE and encourage your family and friends to do the same!

  176. [...] a quick excerpt from perhaps their most famous post about Sarah Palin: Sarah Palin is an ignorant, ranting, whining bitch. There I said it. But lots [...]

  177. Helen, what a fabulous post. McCain could learn a thing or two from reading your Straight Talk.

  178. Oh, baby. I like you ladies. Could you please have a talk with my grandmother? She watches too much Lou Dobbs and Glenn Beck.

  179. You are fantastic. I agree with everything you said and I love the way you said it. This blog is great and I look forward to reading more entries.

  180. So funny and so true. Every word. You made my day. The Republicans have been brain washing the angry rural population to vote against their own best interests for so long, they really have nothing else they can use. It should be clear to all by now that their policies have a simple objective: transfer cash from the middle class to the super rich. Duh. Palin is just a mouthpiece for the same old hate machine that has kept the Freepers in power for so long. But now that their policies have had such devastating consequences, the ninnies who voted for Reagan, Bush & W, are looking at their 401K statements and thinking maybe I was duped and that unregulated capitalism and tax cuts for the super rich might NOT be such a great idea after all. Two more weeks and Palin will just be a bad, surreal, and distant memory. Two more months and W’s ugly mug will never make me need to change the channel lest I put my foot through the TV.

  181. “Fact: Sarah Palin is stupid. Maybe not stupid by Alabama standards …”
    I have lived in Alabama my entire life, and Sarah Palin is “stupid” by my standards. However, ignorant people who stereotype a geopgraphic region are stupid too!

  182. I loved it!!!! Beautiful!! And thank you so much for speaking your mind!!! =)

  183. Sarah Palin is on Saturday Night Live tonight…this should be interesting….

  184. Who the hell is deborah calling a honky???? Is she kidding me with this?????? Get out, loser! It’s amazing how people get all big in the chest with the name calling on a blog – I’d sell tickets to see them do it face to face.

  185. I will also say to the McCain/Palin supporters here that I never go on to a very republican site and start trying to pick a fight.

    Go to a site that supports your views. You aren’t going to change anyone here to your way of thinking.

  186. Margaret & Helen:

    I love your blog. I also realize that you did not ever think things would go this far. There are so many good posts and so many bad ones. Just remember:
    we all are entitled to our opinions. And we have the right to speak them, or write them. If anyone does not like your blog, they have a perfect right to never come back to read it.

    I will be back. Thanks for saying things that many of us think.

  187. Deborah, bite me. How’s that? Sarah Palin spews worse trash than this on the campaign trail. So what’s your point?

  188. Deborah, before you lambaste Helen for her use of language, you should proofread your own response first. And by the way, lampooning politicians is a sign of a thriving democracy, not a weak one.

  189. Justin, Carol, and Larry

    Justin. Sarah Palin is an expert in NOTHING.
    But you are too damn stupid to see that, because neither are you. Justinidiot.

    Carol Nabb. If you can call Helen SENILE, – no one can take you seriously. She’s way smarter -at 80something than you are now.
    And your sarcastic ‘true patriot’ remark toward Vanessa is exactly how idiotically militant republicans rationalize anyone voting against them as ‘unpatriotic.’ You can’t stand Democracy, because it will interfere with your brainwashed little ‘patriotic’ wishes. Somehow, you have equated Democratic with Unpatriotic, and that’s the scary thing that stupid people like you do.
    You obviously don’t know what the word patriotic means.
    I bet you don’t even know how to explain what democracy means. And I know why.
    For you, it’s too COMPLICATED.
    It’s impossible to have a debate with a stupid socipath, like Sarah Palin, McCain, or you.

    Larry. You think you’re so clever.
    Your sniping self congratulatory little intro (which you think is so sharp)
    “i understand you are old … that can’t be helped.” Wow, Larry, so cuttingly CLEVER.
    And you want McCain? Hey Larry. What is he? Young? Spry?
    Bumbling old face-pulling ‘war-hero’ deer in the headlights lizard-tongue? Crashed 4 planes in the military, killing 130 amerian soldiers? Jesus.
    He’s an idiot behind the controls.
    Helen would have had him for luch, on the debate stage. Hands down. Obama was too nice to him.
    You also seem to have a problem with democrats. Liberal Democrats. -Like that’s somehow a dirty word. Explain. No, Actually.
    DON’T explain. I don’t want to hear your idiot rhetoric. You are the bitch. You think like one, sound like one.
    You’re too stupid to live. Shut up and jump off the ledge already.

    Jeff. We are sick of ‘gramar experts’ like you.
    Your correction here; (“Your insulting to a United States Senator who is so respected that his home state has re-elected him to office 6 times,” should read: “You’re insulting to a United States Senator who is so respected that the state of Delaware elected and re-elected him to office 6 times.)

    Really. Well Jeff, I would gladly read your stultifyin’ correction piece, if you economized on words just a little. Just correct the Your to You’re, and leave it at that.

    Then, f- off.
    All 4 of you. We the people, don’t need idiots like you bringing us all down.

  190. Helen, while u r getting all this priase for eulogy of Sarah Palin a short I hope commet about your use of language. I am not a super duper holy roller bit u must remember u r not the only one who posts or reads thiese blogs. While your language does not totally offend me your banter does.This is what is wrong with this country, blasting our leaders in such public forum only makes us as a country look even weaker. Don’t u believe that if there were anyone else who could put themselves out there for the constant jokes and blogs to unite this country and world hopefully they would. I do not care for either pary at all, but if u think I’m letting Michelle Obama run this country like Hillary tried to do you r crazy. I don’t know who is worse. I didn’t catch where u were from but your honky dialect dosen’t make u sound like the brightest light bulb in the pack either. As for Rosie featuring u on her blog or whatever, I would’nt be that thrilled about it. That’s no compliment. Next time u suggest someone should stick a pipe up their ass you might want to consider that whether we like it or not she may be in the white house soon. As long as you obviously have a roof over your head and medicare to buy your scooter and are still collecting your SS you are not doing so bad. There are people much worse and thats something you cannot blame on Sarah Palin or Mcain yet.

  191. Outstanding I am glad to see someone leve Sara. She is way ou in the OZONE !!!!!!!!!!!! Keep talking I like what you have to Ellen. The only good thing is evey time Bowinkel Barbe openes her mouth Barack goes up in the poles.


  192. I love your blog! You ladies are heroes to me. Keep up the great work!

  193. You go girl. We’re all thinking the same thing–and bitching and moaning to everyone who will listen. I am so happy that you put it out there for all to see.

    This woman is so wrong on so many levels–lack of intelligence, lack of common sense, lack of personality, lack of morals, lack of values, etc., etc., etc.

    What burns me more than anything else is the way she has paraded her children in front of the cameras–yes, including having the baby at the debate, handing him off to the little girl whom no one was watching as she struggled to go down the stairs with him. Palin spouts that she is concerned about “special needs” children. Her first concern should be the one she has at home. She should be AT HOME with him.

    God help us all is she and the old geezer get elected.

  194. GREAT POST! I really enjoyed reading that. She is such a vile, viscious, disgusting human being and you friggin nailed it on the head!

  195. You are a hoot!!! I wish you would blog everyday because I love hearing what you have to say!!! You are so dead on about everything!! LOVE YA!

  196. Hi, someone in this blog said that Palin running for VP with a young child at home is irresponsible. I have to disagree with this sentiment. I think that if she has decided within her family, between herself and her husband that is (because it isn’t JUST the woman that has to take care of the children, those days are gone…remember??) then she has the right to do whatever she would like. Don’t get me wrong, there isn’t ANYTHING in the universe that could get me to vote for this republican ticket (I am a democrat), but I don’t think this sentiment should be used to judge Palin. Furthermore, a couple of individuals have been talking about the middle class…I say: Screw the middle class. While their place in our society is only average, I would say that is much better than most who are living below the poverty line. For some reason this topic is so taboo in our government. What is THAT about? Shouldn’t more of an effort be made to decrease the class difference?

  197. Thank you.

    Thank you.

  198. Talk about nailing it right on the head! You successfully summed up exactly what I have been feeling towards Palin and expressed it better than I could have ever done! I too was quite saddened that the commentator allowed her to skip around the “asked” questions and instead answer irrelevant and unasked questions like a complete idiot.

    I hope once the Obama/Biden team assume the roles that they have been striving for throughout this campaign and that they, I would argue, undeniably deserve, that Palin will see the folly in her ways at least for her family’s sake. You hit on some key points and I hope with all the reflection I’m sure that would happen after being defeated that she would understand how much she had sold her soul and strive to earn it back.

  199. Oh my lord, this was a glorious read! Thank you so much for echoing the thoughts of so many people in this country! I’m glad to know that reason and candor are still alive in excellent people like you.

    I too miss Tim Russert…he would have given Sarah Palin quite a verbal (and intellectual) challenge.

  200. Helen, you took the words right out of my mouth.And I miss Tim Russert too.

  201. I am a Canadian woman who has been watching all events related to the protracted election process in the US with great and increasing trepidation. After the financial crisis broke in September and the subsequent loss of 42% of my investments to date it really seems as if this election is beyond anything imaginable in importance. The immediate world-wide impact of the sub-prime fiasco severely underlies the fact that how the US election turns out, how the US is lead forward is of vital importance for the entire planet. I certainly realize that I am not alone in having so suddenly lost so much financial security – few have escaped. This election matters so much and how anyone can believe the Republicans can do anything but significantly worsen these problems is beyond me.

    Bear with me, I have a lot to say, but I am urgently on the side of the Democrats here.

    I am not a rich person, in fact I am not currently employed. I have been caring for my father for the past 6 years. He is 86, totally blind from glaucoma, crippled from Parkinson’s Disease and has recently suffered multiple massive strokes. He has obviously had to receive ongoing and often extreme medical attention including frequent and prolonged hospitalization for this unfortunate combination of conditions. His medical bill for the entire year is $600.00 (Canadian). He is not in a special category under our Health Plan – this is the standard cost for a single adult of any age or health – no one is denied health care in Canada. Not only has he received excellent care, his life has been saved twice in this past year. I, on the other hand, pay zero – that is zero dollars for my health plan because I have not had an income during this time of caring for my father. Two years ago I was diagnosed with a serious condition and had to undergo an operation to save my life. My life was saved at zero cost to me. We have an excellent health care system in Canada, one that is available to all of our citizens.

    I am mentioning this because a myth of the evils of a degraded “socialist” health care system is being perpetuated by McCain. He repeatedly sneers “do you want to be like Canada” when he is arguing against a Health Plan for all US citizens. US citizens are being lied to on every topic by the Republicans.

    I have yet to come across any mainstream news on the actualities of Canada’s health care system in the US media. This is merely one issue that leads me to believe that Republicans are masochistic in the extreme. How anyone – Republican or not can support McCain/Palin is unbelievable to me after the fiasco of Bush.

    I do not understand how Republicans can be pro-life and pro-war at the same time. I do not understand how nor why Republicans cling to their guns. Have your guns – hide them if you want – Obama is not going to take them away – I believe he only wants to limit your purchase of guns to a still ridiculous level of one gun per month. Besides if Obama gets in he’s really got a whole lot of other shit to clean up before he goes routing out these deadly toys.

    I do not understand Republican’s belief that their leaders represent God’s will? I’m not going to step on anyone’s religion but how can you believe that Bush or McCain and especially Palin is acting in accordance with God’s will. I do believe that every politician first and foremost should be judged on how self-serving they are – there’s is just so much evidence that sociopathic individuals find a way to slot themselves into leadership positions. Fact – 4% of all Western people are sociopathic, supported in their cold self-serving goals by the masses of sheep that looks to me comprise a majority of the Republican party. (It is estimated that culture differences – ie. less emphasis on the individualism that characterize Western society, account for the fact that in Eastern countries 3% of the population is comprised of sociopathic individuals)

    Read this about McCain’s military history:


    for truth about the hero status that people attribute to McCain. I’m sure that his imprisonment was hell for him all those years and good for him for surviving but he doesn’t seem to have actually performed well in the miliary. I think it says a lot that Obama has not brought up the issues of the details of McCain’s dubious hero status in a decidedly poor military career. This article exposes his four plane crashes – one that led to the fiery death of over 130 other military men. He’s experienced first-hand the consequences of war, the destruction of human lives and yet it looks like he, even more than Bush, wants to go to war with still more countries, destroying countless more lives.

    It really is something else that Palin is pretty. It’s wonderful. I’m pretty too but let me tell you from firsthand experience that looks mean nothing. I have no respect for her lack of intellect, especially for her inability to know what she doesn’t know. The whole world is screwed and I can’t even begin to fathom the degree to which we will be screwed if this team gets to power.

    Also, can any of you Republicans get it that your fears of socialism are now being realized by the fact that this financial crisis is a direct result of non-regulation of the Bush regime and now you have suddenly been plunged into your vision of hell with the bailout and government ownership of the banks – albeit partial (at the moment).

    Someone said it best on this blog that Obama is for modernization not socialism. It is a new world, an unstable world, and a decidedly interconnected world. It is a dizzyingly speeded-up world and it looks to me like Republicans are clinging to the 1950′s. The best financial chance that we all have is for a growth economy – the biggest growth potential for jobs and wealth is to invest in alternative energy. That is growth from near zero to the heights of realization. Job creation via saving the planet is an elegant solution that accomplishes many goals with one action. Further, there is gathering understanding that alternative energy can be implemented on various and multiple local levels to connect to the grid in a variety of ways – much like we are now connected via the internet. This allows for projects at all levels of magnitude to be implemented in an infinite variety of locales. There are great possibilities for the future and the sooner the better that we get on the right track. Obama is the one with the intelligence to grasp this. Obama is also intelligent enough to understand that he has to surround himself with the highest caliber of expertise and listening before deciding.

    Finally, doesn’t the quality of discourse coming from McCain/Palin disturb the right – all those lies and dirty tricks – is that Christian? Perhaps it is. It doesn’t look like Obama has stooped to any of these tactics. He’s been too nice really.

    Good luck to us all. Please vote. I can’t.


  203. Helen, I want you to adopt me please. Your straight talk is refreshing. Thank you!

  204. Helen, you’re the greatest. Keep preachin’ the truth!!!

  205. What’s up with “child abuser????” What if someone on here was a victim of that? How dare you! You know what? You’re just a poor excuse for a human being, party affiliation having NOTHING to do with your obvious lack of social anything. I’m sure a decision to get rid of you because you are pond scum would be bi-partisan!

  206. SFC Patrick Clinton, I hate to burst your bubble but the U.S. House of Representatives AND the U.S. Senate have only been under Democratic control since 2006. So, maybe you should try and think about THAT, my dear. And maybe, um, read a freaking newspaper once in a while. Heck, I bet even “Stars and Stripes” reported that…

  207. Helen, I LOVE YOU:)

  208. Helen, I just discovered your blog via Jezebel.com and I have to ask: Where have you been all my life? You are hilarious and thought-provoking. Keep up the fantastic work!

  209. Go take your meds Pat—You come all the way to this blog to be rude?

  210. P.S. Democrats have controlled congress and senate for the last 4 years, perhaps George Bush or the Republican Party isn’t quite responsible for all of our problems…. Try and think about that won’t you dear.

  211. Only a redneck alcoholic child abuser would make statements decorated with so many choice expletives, and if you think “spreading the wealth” is such a good idea perhaps you should help your alcoholic, jobless (by choice I’m sure), fellow child abusing trailer owning neighbor with his trailer payment so I don’t have to.

  212. Thank you Alaskan. I was about to answer, but I believe you’ve summed it all up!
    I am glad to see an exchange of information and opinions on this forum.
    Thank you America!

  213. mike hall-you sound like an angry, republican, evangelical christian who has a penis between his legs and has no clue(and IMO, no right) to say anything about the abortion issue. get your facts straight about where Obama stands on the issue(i believe he is opposed to late-term abortions) and i agree with that, but we cannot remove the option for a woman to have an abortion completely. get some education on embryo development and go get the book “The New Our Bodies-Ourselves”, look at the picture on pg. 310 in the abortion chapter and tell me if that’s what you want times to go back to. you see, time and time again, we think if we make things illegal, that we will stop the said “illegal” activity. the fact is; people seek it out anyways and often the “illegal” aspect of it creates more or bigger problems. Prohibition-didn’t work. the war on drugs-failing miserably and has cost us millions if not billions. when abortion was illegal-women died horrible deaths.
    what makes it worse is the fact that you are a man thinking you should be able to control the rights of a woman. umm…that’s a big NO-NO in my eyes. let me ask you something, mike. do you have a monthly period? do you have ovaries and a uterus? can YOUR body accomodate a fetus?? i thought not….enough said.

  214. DQ,

    Just because you have not received a response does not make you right. None of what any of us are saying makes us right. We are expressing our opinions, which we all have equal rights to do.

    Sarah Palin is a bad choice because she lacks the insight, experience and temperment to do the job. The world will eat her alive. Leaders of nations will never take her seriously with her “Well I gotta tell ya Joe”. The accent isn’t Alaskan; it is an affectation of a MN accent, which I am sure she adopted to be “cute”. Cute is the least of our problems. Our country is falling apart so fast financially and politcally that it will be hard for whoever makes it in 90 days to fix with any speed. All politicians or anyone for that matter have done things that they regret or that can be seen as questionable. That is what makes us human. We have also all done something one way and then turned around and done it another way. That is sometimes called learning. The first way didn’t work, so you try again another way. But Palin and her tactics of inciting hatred and even condoning the behavior at the rallies is despicable. She is a hypocrite of the worst form. Don’t teach sex education, don’t allow free choice, don’t do this and don’t do that. Where does the Bible say that she can pick and choose which rules she follows. She and her daughter have both become pregnant before marriage. That doesn’t make her a bad person, but it doesn’t give her the right to preach to the rest of us and shove her morals down our throats. We all make mistakes, but the worst mistake is acting like you have all the answers and you are the end all be all of the Christian example. Hypocrisy is the worst offense of all.

    She is uninformed on world topics, she is devious in her treatment of issues and topics. She is obviously an adept speaker, but when it comes down to it, after you remove all the buzz words and cuteness, she hasn’t really said anything of any substance whatsoever. Maverick, Track Record, Joe Six Pack, Main Street, what do all of these terms mean if you don’t follow up with substantial thoughts and solutions. Which she has not. She defers everything to “Well, John and I have talked about that alot”…Then tell us what you talked about. I hear a lot of words, but no meaning. Joe Biden was well spoken and what he said in the debates answered questions directly and made sense. They all twist truths, but our system is setup that way. To vote for something might mean that there was a rider involved that you didn’t really want, but the bill was important enough. So now your opponent can say “Obama voted for THAT…” oh Gasp. We all know the tricks.

    Sarah Palin as mayor of a town of 7000 boasted that she cut her salary from $68,000 to $64,000. Yeah great, that’s because she had to hire a City Manager for $50,000 to help her run the City. I work with cities and counties. Most towns of 7000 do not need a full time Town Manager. She couldn’t handle it. She has hired and fired based on personal likes and dislikes and has fired based on family grievances. I really hope I don’t get in her way if she is elected. From the look in her eyes from the Katie Couric interview, we already know how she feels about Katie. There was a smile on her face and her eyes said “I hate you Katie Couric”. I for one do not trust that kind of duplicity and it is even scarier with her lack of experience.

    So DQ, call all the names you want, we all think that we are always right anyway. This is an open forum and I don’t really think that anything I say or anything that you say will really change anyone’s mind.

  215. I am so glad to have found this blog. I live in Utah and there are very few people in this state that will vote against John McCain. I was appalled when he selected this neanderthal from Alaska as his running mate. She does not represent me or any of the women that I know with her views on abortion, sex education, global warming or anything else where you need a brain to make good decisions. It makes me cringe to know that there are still people that think not talking about sex means kids won’t have sex. God I lived through the sixties when that was the philosophy and it didn’t work then and it certainly isn’t working now. If anyone should get that it should be you Sarah. Your daughter didn’t get the message.

  216. Helen, I want to hug and kiss you! You have spelled it out so clearly. Thank you for telling it like it is. This woman is resorting to hate mongering of the worst kind. Let’s hope this nation comes to its senses on Nov 4.

  217. Ummm…….Palin’s son has Downs Syndrome.

  218. Ahhh…not a single retort to my earlier post. I know I am right, but thank you for publicly confirming it.

  219. Careful Jeffy, you’re [sic] attenshun to speling and grammer cud make u unelectable as an elleetist [sic, sic, sic, and sic].

  220. Sarah Palin is good for only one thing: cheerleader for the hate-filled fearful-of-change crowd.

    She is expert in whipping these brain-deads up into a foaming frenzy.

    Does she really think batting her eyelashes and ACTING will get her very far in foreign affairs? It was okay for the little tea party they threw for her; but it won’t work when trying to negotiate internationally. And we DO need someone in our high office who is capable of LISTENING as well as COMMUNICATING.

  221. Can I be you when I grow up!

  222. C’mon folks- please send our governor home…
    Fooey on whether or why she answers questions from journalists…
    She doesn’t answer our questions here …and we’re already her constituents.
    Since being tapped for VP slot with Mr McCain , Ms Palin has had but a cheery wave and smile for her homebase…and an outright lie in asserting the Legislative Council’s investigation vindicates her…
    The second investigation is expanding as we post here… we have serious questions about how MANY ethical violations our guv has racked up…
    From the Main Street the guv is so fond of talking to – ” Sarah, get back here! Take that PARTY dress off, wipe that lipstick off your face. You have HOME work to do!”
    “Sorry guv, we just barely survived the shame of the Murkowski corrupt old bastards club we voted in…”
    “We were proud of you working , with bi-partisan support in the Legislature, toward undoing some of the damage done then. But we are pretty upset, NOW, that you are taking credit for all of the work… and throwing our legislators under the bus when we have some tough questions for you.”
    “And guv, there are a heckuva a lot of us who are not buying the ends-justifies-the-means spin on why you thought it was ok to pressure a lot of folks to fire Mr Wooten…Where were your Main Street remedies , the ones ALL of us have, to protect your family and sister’s family if you all were in danger as you say? Like Court orders of protection? ”
    “Domestic violence is a huge problem here… don’t PLAY on our sympathy… there is nothing playful about this subject!”
    ” If we push for reform in reprimand /termination procedures within the State Trooper Department , don’t believe for an instant that there is no question , amongst your constituents , about WHY you seem to think FIRING Mr Wooten was going to make your family safe?”
    Oh my… Helen, I need to go back and read your posts again… need to laugh again…

  223. Maddie, I dont really have an issue with profanity its more the derogatory comments toward people who already have a hard enough time being taken seriously in a world ruled by white men.

  224. [...] if you wanted to laugh about someone’s grandma talking politics you have to read it!  MargaretandHelen! Check it [...]

  225. Hello Margaret
    made me smile!…censored or not…
    Get ready for a thousand more hits…you just made it even bigger by being posted on Rosies site
    Good luck…have continued FUN!

  226. You have a point, ChocolateJesus – sometimes, though, people can just anger you to the point of……..ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Agreed, though, we all should make our arguments without profanity.

  227. I agree that Palin does not have the leadership, wisdom or broad appeal to be a leader of any country let alone podunk city. But I do take issue with the use of the words bitch and whore by both the blogger and the posters. Helen, you say that Palin and McSame take the woman’s movement back to the stone age. I argue that you are doing the same by using derogatory words specifically targeted at the gender of Palin. Calling a woman you disagree with a bitch has the same negative impact as a person color calling one they disagree with a ni**er. It is stupid and counterproductive and you should be ashamed of yourself.

  228. What about Obama being pro-abortion? Doesn’t anyone vote against him for being so pro-baby killing!!
    OMG, Pro-Choice is NOT pro-abortion!!!!!!! WHAT IS WITH YOU PEOPLE?????????????? LISTEN TO WHAT THE MAN SAID!!!!!!!!!!! And who is anyone (especially a MAN) to judge why a woman is faced with the choice? Let’s see how you would react if your daughter or wife was raped and found out she was pregnant……you know what? Why do I even bother arguing this point? Your ideology is just so incredibly backwards on so many things, I can’t begin to start my list….and please, PLEASE don’t argue back – I don’t want to hear it, I’ve heard it all before and I think by now I can safely say no one else here wants to hear it anymore – we’re done with it. But I’ll say this, you’d better pray real hard to God that your wife/daughter/sister are never EVER in that situation; I’d hate to think how she’d be treated……
    The great USA would be the laughing stock of the world!!!
    Sadly, Bluebird we already are for the very obvious reasons…. :(

  229. I fully agree with your remarks about Palin. However, I take issue with your retort “Maybe not stupid by Alabama standards…” Stupid people reside in every state, and those who make remarks like that, well…sound stupid.

  230. What about Obama being pro-abortion? Doesn’t anyone vote against him for being so pro-baby killing!! Why does people that call themselves evangelical christians vote for a man like this. I’ll admit, he is charming and very intelligent, but come on, stand up for what is right. Don’t vote for a guy that has no morals when it comes to killing innocent unborm babies!!

  231. Sounds like you are an ignorant, ranting whining bitch!

  232. carol, tell me one good idea conservatives have had. Liberals freed the slaves, gave you (women) the right to vote and passed the civil rights act. Conservatives opposed all of these.

  233. I’m new to your blog and I have to tell you, I bloody love it!

    Keep telling exactly how it is. Your honesty and poignancy is an absolute refreshment in this time of lies, exageration, bland pandering and typical politics. Mwah!

  234. Bravo! Just found this blog via Rosie O’Donnell’s blog and you’re now going to be one of my daily reads.

    Thank you for saying exactly what I’ve been screaming at the TV every time I see Palin, and McSame for that matter.

    You GO girl!!

  235. Helen,

    I could not have said it any better! Thank you for posting this.

  236. [...] She writes about politics in general and her acerbic wit is simply awesome. No wonder she gets over a 1000 comments on a single post! I would give my left arm for that kind of readership. I hope I am as feisty as her when I am 82 [...]

  237. you know if you dont have anything nice to say, dont say it at all. helen posted a blog about her thoughts, not intending to shove it in others faces, and not knowing it would be read by so many people. so for all you out there who continuously are insulting her and saying nasty things just for the sake of saying nasty things, why dont you go throw your hate in someone elses face?

    helen, i admire your honesty and i completely agree with you. good job =) its about time someone actually said something.

  238. I want to be like you when I’m 82.

  239. I’m from the beautiful city of Tuscaloosa, Alabama — wouldn’t want to be from anyplace else — and honey, FYI, we are all Albert Einsteins compared to Sarah Palin.

  240. I cannot understand how anyone would think she can lead the free world as a responsible president. She acts and speaks like a bimbo! It is frightening that she would be a heartbeat away from the presidency. The great USA would be the laughing stock of the world!!!

  241. This is exactly what I thought about Palin AND what i started on MSN message board.


  242. I won’t leave a long-winded comment, don’t worry :)

    Please try to remember that Sarah Palin is human. She deserves at least some shred of respect and dignity.

    I do not agree with her policies. I think she is (like most politicians) a people-pleaser and thus is bound to offend almost everybody sooner or later. However, I do not believe she deserves the treatment she has received from the media. It seems they’ve developed a sick infatuation with her. (See Larry Flynt’s new porn flick.)

  243. Helen, you are amazing, I love you!!! I am addicted to your blog!! Thank you for sharing:) Keep it up!!

  244. This is the best thing I’ve read about Sarah Palin to date. My thoughts almost exactly!!!!

  245. Makes you think if that is what McCain picked for the woman’s vote…. he obviously does not understand women and Sarah Palin is what he thinks the ideal woman is.

    Excuse me now, I must go and vomit.

  246. Hi,

    My Dad led me to your blog. Heck, if I’d known about you when we were driving across country, moving from Jersey to Hawaii, we’d have dropped in and said “Hey.” Keep writing, love, you’re in my bookmarks now.


    Bob & Gille

    P.S. And a shout-out to you Lynda. Power to ya, woman.

  247. Helen,
    I am a Black, 40 +yr old woman and you exemplify the word strength. I was taught to always ask questions and speak truth to power. However, being labeled an angry, uppity (or elitist for some) Black woman has had its set-backs.

    I want to officially issue you the Strong Black Woman title. You’ve earned it… keep speaking the truth. I love your wisdom and kindness.

    Lynda – GA Peach

  248. This Anti-Palin blog ONLY spouts claims that Palin is stupid, uneducated, immoral…but cites not a single fact. Is that what you wanted a retort too? Really? It’s hard to retort angry, baseless
    facts. It also references Elizabeth Hasselback, who, as the only conservative on the view, is blasted on a daily basis simply because
    she sees things from a different perspective.

    Furthermore, the blog ridicules the Palin’s “discussion” of college costs as though the cost doesn’t pertain to them because they have a
    child in the military and a pregnant unwed daughter? How is that relavant? And frankly, going to college is not a right, it’s a privilege. My family built on it’s successes over the generations so that now every member has been to college and has a degree. Congratulations to m family, but please remember my grandparents, great grandparents, and great great grandparents earned that success as blue collar workers: miners, horsemen, cops, and military servicemen. No one told them they were entitled to a college education. They were told of an opportunity to make a living and save, so that someday their children would go to college. The socialist dems believe we, as the educated and tax paying Americans, are REQUIRED to pay more taxes so that the “entitled” can go to college. Ironically enough, a lot of that type of thinking grew its roots in the lovely state of California. Now…why do think that state is broke? Entitlement, immigration (more entitlement), welfare, etc.

    Back to the blog..yeah Palin won’t do interviews….wanna know why? Because no matter what she says the liberal media slant, skew, and contort everything she says, only after they’ve ridiculed her for whatever they fancy that day….her accent, small-town sayings, hair, makeup, pregnant daughter, bad-ass husband
    (who’s more of a man than just about every male in the lower 48…just look at what he’s done in his life), military son, or autistic son. Yeah…if she were a democrat she’d be praised as unique
    for her quirks, courageous for her stance on any given issue, and one helluva a mom for taking care of five children, including an autistic
    child. If I were in her shoes, I’d tell the media to F off too. They don’t give her a free shot, ever. Apparently it’s working because so many uninformed people are spouting their mantra of hate against her (facebook group after facebook group all comprised of hate for Palin). If only she were a democrat things would be different. The same thing goes for the debate…if the moderator is a liberal (and she is a proud liberal) then what would you do? Would you have them tell you
    what to answer when you know the cards are stacked against you? I think not. Why didn’t Ifell ask Biden why he voted against the Senate
    Banking Committee’s bill that was supposed to “considerably tighten regulations on Fannie and Freddie, including controls over their capital and their ability to hold portfolios of mortgages or
    mortgage-backed securities”…well if he had and had gathered a few more democrats we might not be in this mess. But Gwen didn’t ask…and
    why should she?

    This blog article is a piece of shit. It’s poorly written with zero research and a whole lotta claims and assumptions…sounds like a Michael Moore movie. It’s disgusting to see adults reading crap like this.
    Of course, I am here so I guess I disgust myself. Now back to my book burning party…

  249. My friend sent me the link to this page, and I LOVE THIS. I lived in Alaska for eight years, at which time, Sarah was NOT governor. The town she was mayor of was (no offense to those from Wasilla) basically a shit hole suburb of Anchorage. My mom worked for the city we lived in, and had a chance to meet Sarah Palin. She said Sarah used to be even worse than she is now (apparently that’s possible?) Thank you for, like you stated, saying what everyone else wanted to!

  250. Pure Hatred, typical liberal bullshit. Way to go commrads

  251. Ted is too stupid to realize how dumb sounds.

    Kinda like Palin


  252. Elizabeth-I think McSame was thinking by putting a female on the ticket; he would get the majority of the female vote. from the moment i heard who he picked as a running mate, it SCREAMED desperation to me. sorry McSame, it takes more than someone who has the same “private parts” as me to get my vote. I think instead of McCain-Palin on the signs, it should read-DUMB and DUMBER!!

  253. helen…YOU GO GIRL!!

    to Queen B, which the b i will just guess it stands for BITCH!! which obviously you are and one w/ NO respect for our senior citizens. when you get to be helen’s age, you best keep your mouth shut and not say how you feel about anything b/c according to you, seniors have no right. in my eyes, they have EVERY right to say what they want-look how far they have come in life and all the crap they have seen. you do realize that your man McSame is a senior citizen?? is he a dried up raisin that should go find a bridge game???

    and to Jeff whose comment was near queen’s. OF COURSE she tried to keep her daughter’s pregnancy a secret. everyone seems to forget that Palin kept her OWN pregnancy secret as long as she could from her employees (and seemed quite proud of that fact) and didn’t even tell her own children that the baby had down syndrome! in my eyes, that is absolutely disgusting! if she can’t be up front and honest to her employees or family; what makes you think she would be up front and honest to the american people!!

    HELEN-keep on keeping on and calling it like you see it! I care what you have to say (and apparently a lot of other people care, too!)

  254. [...] Margaret and Helen tell it like it is: But what really makes me mad is the hypocrisy. She claims to be a Washington outsider and yet is the worst kind of politician. She will say anything and avoid answering any question instead choosing to spout whatever line or soundbite some adviser put into her mouth a few hours earlier. And exactly when did sounding like a hick make someone “more like us”. Last time I checked we were a country striving to educate our children to be intelligent and honest. I think I would die if my daughter came home from school and said something like “I gotta tell ya. Change is a comin’.” At the very least I would remove the Beverly Hillbillies from her approved TV viewing list. [...]

  255. As a mere Brit (British) may I say how much I agree with these blogs. I got my first sighting of Madam Palin in Aachen, Germany while on holiday. She sure scared me witless, and for many of the reasons posted here. This woman is a ‘sick’ heartbeat away from being the first woman President of the USA and she is not fit for the job. What could McCain have been thinking of?
    As someone who grew up in Kenya it is obvious where my vote would go – if I had one – but I do have to say that I would not wish on my worst enemy having to deal with the present financial situation.

  256. Brilliant! and so is Stephanie Miller for mentioning your blog. The Republican schoolyard bullies need their noses bloodied, and you’ve done a good job!

  257. No s _ _ _ sherlock. Helen, who are you? I love you. You so have it figured out.

    What is with these people who cannot see through her. UGH.

    Let me tell you, if she moves any further up the food chain, BE AFRAID. BE VERY AFRAID.

  258. You rock Helen. Keep up the good work.

  259. Refreshing to hear some real frankness in the political debate. Thanks Helen. Let us step into a different future! May our elders lead the way!

  260. Ted, Ted, Ted … are you really that stupid!

    “They will take this country fastest down the tubes, than McCain and Sarah could ever do.”

    Not exactly a master of words , are you?

  261. Amen and amen! You hit it on the nose. We couldn’t have said it better! We totally agree about Sarah Failin and the b/s about funding college. Hey my mom died and my 13 year old could sure you a smart grandma so if you are available…. ?

  262. Your blog was mentioned on the Stephanie Miller show today, she even read your bitch entry.

    You are now nationally famous, you deserve it!

    Keep it up.

  263. You’re incredible, seriously!
    Reading this from Beirut, Lebanon and LAUGHING! Keep up the blogging

  264. I cannot remember where I read it today but someone commented on a Palin story and called her “Bible Spice” (as in the Spice girls). I found it hilarious :)

  265. You make me laugh my ass off. And I don’t have that much ass to spare.

  266. [...] And then there is this one-line only, perfectly-concise, almost koan-like post: Sarah Palin is a Bitch… there I said it. [...]

  267. Will you be my grandma? You are too wonderful. I don’t care if you’re really 82 or 28!

  268. Poetry.

  269. I actually think Sarah Palin is completely dangerous for this country. She’d be a giant step in the direction they want to take this country — theocracy.

  270. If Palin/McToast win — Fear, Hate and Greed win. This country – our children – deserve a better future than that.

    Way to go ladies!! A few years back I realized that I had lived long enough to speak frankly on topics younger people often don’t. So it’s helpful that those of us who understand this DO ACTUALLY speak our minds.

    As you say – they’re all thinking it — we’re just saying it.

    Quilters, eh???????

  271. I completely glossed over the comments by Ted.

    You seriously believe McCain and Palin even know what to do with the economy? The public hasn’t heard anything from McCain other than he knows how to fix it. WTF is that suppose to do? If anyone had any sense they would’ve listened to Nader back in 2000.

    McCain and the Alaskan Wonder Bitch haven’t a clue and the country is letting it be known they are done with 8 years of miss-management. All the Republicans seem to be interested in doing now is smearing their opponent. Address the issues at hand and maybe they’ll see the decline in the polls stop.

  272. Huzzah! Well said and well done. Keep it coming.

  273. Ted,
    You are a sad excuse for a human.
    A racist bastard would be a “nice” description for you.
    Climb back in your hole….

  274. As (nearly) everyone has already said, thanks for a great post on a great blog. I, too, heard about you on the Stephanie Miller Show. Getting a shout out from her is a compliment to your writing and thinking.

    Don’t worry about the neo-nuts who are saying nasty things here in the comment section. Their thought and logic magazines are empty. They have nothing of substance left; only blank cartridges of personal attacks on critics and deflection away from the real issues.

    Keep the faith. You are in my heart . . . and my bookmarks.

  275. Couldn’t agree more! I may not be 82, but I’m from Texas, and we don’t all agree with Palin and McCain down here!!

    Keep telling it like it is!

  276. You will regret when Barak Hussein Obama and his bitch wife go to the White House. They will take this country fastest down the tubes, than McCain and Sarah could ever do. It is better to have a white bicth in the White House than a have ***** pulling the strings on Obama. This is the end of America; Just wait and see…

    {Ted is done}


  278. “The really sad part is that Senator Magoo and Bullwinkle Barbie with the A-cup ensemble are breathing our air.” — JR Ford, Oct 2008.

  279. Talk about the straight talk express. That dummy McCain and caribou bardie doll Palin could learn a lot about telling it like it is from you. Keep giving em hell.

  280. You rock my world. Bravo.

  281. Helen,
    Just heard you on Stephanie’s show. You are a strong, awesome woman—YOU GO GIRL!!!
    I think there may be a position in Obama’s cabinet for a fiesty gal like yourself.

    I LOVED when you talked about Sarah sharing her love of learning to her children! Did you hear that the hockey jock has now dropped out of high school to go get a job on the oil fields? You betcha, that love of learnin’ is a real value there in Alaska, my friends.

    And by the way, my Mom said the same thing about Sarah’s newborn being up at the late hour, she also mentioned that it was way too much noise for developing ears. I guess only GOOD mothers notice those details. Thank God for GOOD mothers!

    Keep up the good observations!

  282. Thank you ! Bravo !

  283. Hold on to your hats Ladies, you’ve just been featured on Stephanie Miller’s radio show this morning!

  284. Hey girls-

    I am listening to “The Stephanie Miller Show”, on the Jones Radio Network, and she just read parts of this post on the show!

    You are hittin’ the big time!

    Keep kicking their ignorant, pathetic, republican failure, asses.

    McCain=Bush=Conservative Ideological FAILURE

    Vote OBAMA/BIDEN 08!

  285. THANK YOU

  286. Yay! Stephanie Miller just read most of this post over the air on 30 major radio markets!

  287. I suppose you voted for Clinton too.

  288. [...] and blogs this evening. She seemed perfectly open to inappropriate humour and thought highly of eighty-year-old women calling Sarah Palin a bitch, but I still wanted to tell her my favourite blog is that of a former hooker to see what her [...]

  289. Some of the replies here illustrate the point how dangerously irresponsible the republican attack campaigns are. McCain and Palin are whipping ignorant and angry mobs into a frenzy with hate mongering based on six-degrees-of-Kevin-Bacon quality logic. When their audience yells “Kill him!” and they let it, they come razor-thin close to enticing violence. It is shameful.

    Palin is to dumb and self-posessed to feel shame or know propriety, but McCain should know better. Unfortunately, the one thing that his campaign has made clear is that he is willing to sell his soul and his principles to win. The republican presidential campaign is now morally bankrupt.

  290. Amen, Helen! My grandfather, an engineer and test pilot during WWII and a lifelong member of the Republican Party, wrote the party and discontinued his membership after Bush showed up in a flight suit in front of a Mission Accomplished sign way back when this war was just getting started. He’s got a few years on you, but you can bet he’s voting Obama/Biden in a few weeks, too!

  291. The only fun she’s brought to the world has been Tina Fey’s impersonations. But Tina even said that she’d not do them anymore.

    Sarah makes me ill. I know at least 30 women personally who are much more qualified to run for VP. At least they don’t say stupid things like “Joe Sixpack, youbetcha and ‘pallin’ around with terrorists.”

    If she drops one more G in her speeches, someone should shove them where the Good Lord split her!

  292. oh my. was this really written by an old woman (i hope that isnt wrong to say), but i absolutely LOVED this, you snapped- SO HARD, wow! you’re like my hero. I love this… i’m soooooo posting this on my fb pages. Check me out- http://www.theurbangent.com

  293. Wow. I am saddened by some of the comments on here. This is just my personal view, but it seems whenever I read something hilarious like this (especially the snl sarah palin clips) Palin/McCain supporters, or other people who agree with them come out and trash what is said. Seriously, there are some awful people out there who don’t seem to care that what they say is mean. Even on the Saturday Night Live website, where they make fun of everybody, some people just had no sense of humor and went on and on spouting absolutely untrue things about everyone. Although you are right Helen, Sarah Palin is a horrible horrible horrible choice for VP and McCain is only slightly better than Bush because he probably wouldn’t torture, but thats the only difference.

  294. Check this out Helen:


    And for a GOOD laugh:


  295. Yes, shame on Gwen Ifill for not making her answer the question and shame on Jim Lehrer for not making Obama answer the question about what programs he would cut.

    Helen, speaking of “shame”, it’s a shame you can’t see that Palin and Obama (and everyone else) play the same game in debates!

  296. Ms. Helen,
    You need to run for president! The hell with your age; it didn’t stop none of those other old ass men from running did it??? Love your blog! This was the first article I’ve seen from you and you can bet I’ll be reading them more often. Talk about calling it like ya see it, I couldn’t agree with you more. Sarah Palin is a BITCH! There, I said it too. And although I respect and admire John McCain’s military service (I’m retired from the military), he’s a P.O.S (Piece of Sh*!) too, not to mention arrogant and clueless. Obama is right, he just doesn’t get it! Some folks think that your comments are rude; I say you just got the guts to say what a lot of us are thinking. If I could meet you in person, I’d give you a hug and tell you to keep giving them hell! Thanks for the comments, Ms. Helen.

  297. “He’s not even black. He’s an Arab. Three of his grandparents are Arabic and one is black.”
    – By Chris at 10/13 at 11:58 p.m.

    Chris, maybe you need to get to bed earlier. You’re raving like a lunatic. Use your brain and don’t believe every e-mail that drops into your in-box. Obama’s dad was pure black African, not Arabic. His father’s relatives still live in Africa. His mom is a white woman born to a white couple in Kansas. Stop trying to spread rumors. If you don’t like the candidate’s views, then don’t vote for him. But don’t lie.

    To any folks of Arabic descent reading this, there isn’t anything wrong with being of Arab descent, of course. To any moron who thinks all citizens of Arabic descent are terrorists, think Marlo Thomas, Paula Abdul, etc.

    Oh, and by the way, Chris, this blog is about Sarah Palin. Duh.

    And Helen, this is a hilarious post. Yes, a little crude, but it’s what I’m actually thinking. And you sound like my 76-year-old mother-in-law when she goes on a rant over Sarah Palin. Keep up the good work!

  298. Bob,
    if you are intent on bringing up ancient history,
    let’s discuss the savings and loan crisis and McCain’s association with Keating.
    Give it up man… you are picking a fight that you stand no chance of winning.

  299. Helen, you rock.

    I couldn’t agree more with everything you wrote about Sarah Palin. It galls me that the Republican Party has so little regard for the intelligence of women that they thought one vagina would substitute for another. UGH! Sarah Palin couldn’t measure up to Hilary Clinton in either intelligence or experience or accomplishments if she had several lifetimes to try.

    I truly hope this entire sick strategy turns around to bite John McCain and his advisors in their big old white asses!

  300. The people that hate Obama are ignorant. I do not hate McCain. I do not like his policies. I do not like the way he let the hate talk get out of hand. He finally realized what he was doing and toned it down. He knows that he was inciting the insane people that will cause problems when Obama is elected. That is why he said what he did to the nut job old lady in the crowd.

    I am not voting McCain but I am glad he stepped up. All of the people on this blog saying crazy hateful things about Obama should take a cue from your own leader.

  301. Margaret and Helen, that’s an awwersome post. I had those thoughts myself, but I could have never put them together any better!!!!

  302. Thank you Helen.

  303. You blind mislead OLD women need to get an education and look at your inexperienced socialist candidate. He really is not ready to lead the greatest nation anywhere except into slavery and socialism. He’s not even black. He’s an Arab. Three of his grandparents are Arabic and one is black. When Nobama is president and you can’t even afford internet anymore just remember this IGNORANT blog and that YOU voted for the biggest socialist to match all the socialistic elites in the house and senate!

  304. What is with these Ayers nuts, Russ, Bob, and Hillary hijacking the comments tonight?

    Anyway, nice article, Helen!

  305. You’re all right in my book, Helen!

  306. AP: It’s Racist to Mention Obama’s Terrorist Ties
    The media’s attempt to install an unqualified ultra-left radical in the White House has entered the Twilight Zone with the alarmingly powerful AP’s attempt to smear as racist anyone who objects to Obama’s close association with anti-American terrorists.

    Obama is a protégé of unrepentant Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers, who introduced him to the Chicago political scene at his apartment back in 1995. Highlights of Ayers’s resume include bombing the Pentagon, the Capitol, and New York City police headquarters, getting away with it because of “prosecutorial misconduct,” then bragging in the September 11, 2001 edition of the New York Times that he wished he had done more.

    Also in attendance at Obama’s coming out party was Ayers’s wife Bernardine Dohrn, another unrepentant terrorist who invented the Weather Underground’s three-fingered “fork salute” in honor of the fork the Manson Family stuck in Sharon Tate’s pregnant belly.

    Obama has worked closely with Ayers on the Woods Fund and the Annenberg Challenge. When their friendship actually began is unknown, but Dohrn knew Obama’s noisily anti-American wife at least since 1988.

    No reasonable person aware of this information would want Barack Obama to have access to America’s nuclear codes — which is why AP has declared discussion of the topic to be racist. Here’s how it tried to slap down Sarah Palin for bringing it up:

    By claiming that Democrat Barack Obama is “palling around with terrorists” and doesn’t see the U.S. like other Americans, vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin targeted key goals for a faltering campaign.

    And though she may have scored a political hit each time, her attack was unsubstantiated and carried a racially tinged subtext that John McCain himself may come to regret. […] Palin’s words avoid repulsing voters with overt racism. But is there another subtext for creating the false [sic] image of a black presidential nominee “palling around” with terrorists while assuring a predominantly white audience that he doesn’t see their America?

    It doesn’t matter that Obama’s terrorist mentors Ayers and Dohrn are Caucasians. All resistance to the Obamessiah is racist.

  307. Obama Needs to Explain His Ties to William Ayers

    In my U.S. News column this week, I make a brief reference to the unrepentant Weather Underground terrorist bomber William Ayers and his connections to Barack Obama. They were closer than Obama implied when George Stephanopoulos asked him about Ayers in the April 16 debate—the last debate Obama allowed during the primary season. To get an idea of how close they were, check out Tom Maguire’s Just One Minute blog and Steve Diamond’s Global Labor and Politics. The Obama-Ayers relationship is also mentioned in David Freddoso’s The Case Against Barack Obama: The Unlikely Rise and Unexamined Agenda of the Media’s Favorite Candidate.

    Ayers was one of the original grantees of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, a school reform organization in the 1990s, and was cochairman of the Chicago School Reform Collaborative, one the two operational arms of the CAC. Obama, then not yet a state senator, became chairman of the CAC in 1995. Later in that year, the first organizing meeting for Obama’s state Senate campaign was held in Ayers’s apartment. Ayers later wrote a memoir, and an article about him appeared in the New York Times on Sept. 11, 2001. “I don’t regret setting bombs,” Ayers is quoted as saying. “I feel we didn’t do enough.”

    Ayers was a terrorist in the late 1960s and 1970s whose radical group set bombs at the Pentagon and U.S. Capitol.

    You might wonder what Obama was doing working with a character like this. And you might wonder how an unrepentant terrorist got a huge grant and cooperation from the Chicago public school system. You might wonder—if you don’t know Chicago. For this is a city with a civic culture in which politicians, in the words of a story often told by former congressman, federal judge, and Clinton White House counsel Abner Mikva, “don’t want nobody nobody sent.” That’s what Mikva remembers being told when he went to a Democratic ward headquarters to volunteer for Adlai Stevenson in the 1950s, and it rings true. And it’s a civic culture in which there’s nobody better to send you than your parents.

    That’s how William Ayers got where he was. When he came out of hiding because the federal government was unable to prosecute him (because of government misconduct), he got a degree in education from Columbia and then moved to Chicago and got a job on the education faculty of the University of Illinois-Chicago Circle. How did he get that job? Well, it can’t have hurt that his father, Thomas Ayers, was chairman of Commonwealth Edison (now Exelon) and a charter member of the Chicago establishment. As Mayor Richard M. Daley said recently, in arguing that the Ayers association should not be held against Obama, “His father was a great friend of my father.”

    In none of our other major cities is genealogy so important. I remember a story that Bill Plante of CBS News has often told. Plante was working for WBBM, the Chicago CBS-owned and -operated affiliate, during the violence-plagued Democratic National Convention. At a press conference, he asked the late Mayor Richard J. Daley a question “da mare” thought was impertinent. Daley’s answer was, “Sometimes even in the best of families there’s a bad apple.” It baffled the members of the national press, but not those from Chicago. Plante’s father and brother were Democratic precinct committeemen in the 49th Ward. The late Mayor Daley had the whole city of Chicago in his head. It is only natural that his son should vouch for someone by saying that their fathers were great friends.

    The voters of Chicago and Illinois respect family ties in a way that voters in no other state or city do. The current Mayor Daley is, of course, the son of the late Mayor Daley; the two Daleys have been mayors, and effective and competent mayors, of Chicago for 40 of the last 53 years. The attorney general of Illinois is the daughter of the speaker of the Illinois House of Representatives. The governor of Illinois is the son-in-law of the Democratic ward committeeman in the 33rd Ward. The congressman from the 2nd Congressional District is Jesse Jackson Jr. Jackson’s predecessor-but-one in the district was Morgan Murphy Jr., whose father was chairman of (get this) Commonwealth Edison.

    But my favorite example of the importance of family ties is 3rd District Rep. Dan Lipinski, who was first elected in 2004 to replace his father, Bill Lipinski, who was first elected in 1982. Bill Lipinski won the Democratic nomination in the March 2004 primary. But on August 13, he announced he would not seek re-election and would resign the Democratic nomination. The deadline for replacing him was August 26, and a meeting was set on August 17 for the 19th Ward and township Democratic committeemen to choose a new candidate. Lipinski announced his support for his son, who was then a professor of political science at the University of Tennessee and had not lived in Chicago for many years. Among the committeemen making the decision were: 11th Ward committeeman and County Commissioner John Daley, son of the late mayor and brother of the current mayor; 13th Ward committeeman Michael Madigan, speaker of the Illinois House and father of Attorney General Lisa Madigan; 14th Ward committeeman Edward Burke, who succeeded his father as a council member in his 20s and and was longtime chairman of the Finance Committee, and whose wife is a justice of the Illinois Supreme Court; 19th Ward committeeman Tom Hynes, former Cook County Assessor and father of Illinois Comptroller Dan Hynes; and 23rd Ward committeeman Bill Lipinski. An electorate more averse to an argument against nepotism cannot be imagined. Lipinski advanced his son’s name and said, “I’m optimistic, but one never knows in politics until the votes are counted.” It did not take long to count them: Dan Lipinski was nominated without opposition. To the charge that the nomination was rigged, one participant dryly noted that anyone could have run.

    To which it should be added that Dan Lipinski has since won two seriously contested Democratic primaries to hold the seat (Republicans are not a factor in this district). One reason that Chicago and Illinois voters have acquiesced to the politics of nepotism is that its products—or many of them—are quite competent. Mayor Richie Daley, if I can call him that, has on the whole been an excellent mayor. Edward Burke is a cultured man of high intellect. Michael Madigan seems to be a solidly competent sort, and for all I know his daughter is, too. Dan Rostenkowski was a highly competent chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee for 14 years, until he was laid low by a bit of cheap chiseling; at that point he and his father had been the 32nd Ward committeemen for just about 60 years. (The younger Rostenkowski got his seat in the House in 1958 because his father, Joe Rostenkowski, had supported the late Mayor Daley in the 1955 Democratic primary against fellow Polish-American Benjamin Adamowski.) There are exceptions. Many political observers would put Rod Blagojevich, the son-in-law of 33rd Ward committeeman Dick Mell, on the top of the list of the nation’s dumbest governors. But then, for Chicago, it has always been more important who is mayor than who is governor (not to mention out-of-town jobs like U.S. senator).

    Which leads us back to Barack Obama, who is now a U.S. senator and will shortly become the Democratic nominee for an office that even Chicago regards as more important than mayor. And the question presents itself: How did this outsider from Hawaii and Columbia and Harvard become somebody somebody sent? His wife, Michelle Robinson Obama, had some connections: Her father was (I believe) a Democratic precinct committeeman, she baby-sat for Jesse Jackson’s children, and she worked as a staffer for the current Mayor Daley. Obama made connections on the all-black South Side by joining the Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s church. But was Obama’s critical connection to le tout Chicago William Ayers? That’s the conclusion you are led to by Steve Diamond’s blog. And by the fact that the National Review’s Stanley Kurtz was suddenly denied access to the records of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge by the Richard J. Daley Library at the University of Illinois-Chicago Circle. (Kurtz had already been given an index to the records.) Presumably the CAC records would show a closer collaboration between Ayers and Obama than was suggested by Obama’s response to Stephanopoulos that Ayers was just a guy “in the neighborhood.”

    The increasingly sharp McCain campaign had the wit to ask the University of Illinois to open up the CAC records. But it doesn’t seem likely the university will open them up; as John Kass puts it in a characteristically pungent column in the Chicago Tribune, “Welcome to Chicago, Mr. Kurtz.”

    Does it matter if William Ayers was the key somebody who made Barack Obama a somebody somebody sent? I think it does. Not that Obama shares all of Ayers’s views, which surely he does not. Or that he endorses Ayers’s criminal acts, which, as he has pointed out, were committed while he was a child in Hawaii and Indonesia. But his willingness to associate with an unrepentant terrorist is not the same as Daley’s (expressed, as George W. Bush’s thoughts are, in disjointed prose but the product of a considerable intellect and seasoned judgment):

    “Bill Ayers, I’ve said this, his father was a great friend of my father. I’ll be very frank. Vietnam divided families, divided people. It was a terrible time of our country. It really separated people. People didn’t know one another. Since then, I’ll be very frank, (Ayers) has been in the forefront on a lot of education issues and helping us in public schools and things like that.

    “People keep trying to align himself with Barack Obama. It’s really unfortunate. They’re friends. So what? People do make mistakes in the past. You move on. This is a new century, a new time. He reflects back and he’s been making a strong contribution to our community.”

    For Daley, family is paramount, and Ayers is admitted into le tout Chicago because his father is one of its pillars. And electoral politics is also paramount: In a city that is roughly 40 percent (and falling) white ethnic and 40 percent black, with an increasing gentrified white population, the current Mayor Daley has maintained very strong support from lakefront liberals, including the Hyde Park/Kenwood leftists like Ayers who were the original movers behind Obama’s 1996 state Senate candidacy. It’s in Daley’s interest to work with these people and against his interest to do anything that seems like disrespecting them. As Bill Daley told me when I asked him some years ago whether his father would have approved of Richie marching in the gay rights parade, “Our father always told us when a group was big enough to control a ward, we should pay attention to them.” Staying mayor is real important to Daley, and Daley staying mayor is real important to le tout Chicago. An unrepentant terrorist? Hey, we know your dad. And you control the 5th Ward.

    For Obama, the outsider who gained the trust of the insiders, the position is different. He was willing to use Ayers and ally with him despite his terrorist past and lack of repentance. An unrepentant terrorist, who bragged of bombing the U.S. Capitol and the Pentagon, was a fit associate. Ayers evidently helped Obama gain insider status in Chicago civic life and politics—how much, we can’t be sure unless the Richard J. Daley Library opens the CAC archive. But most American politicians would not have chosen to associate with a man with Ayers’s past or of Ayers’s beliefs. It’s something voters might reasonably want to take into account.

  308. Will the Media Report Obama’s Terrorist Connection?
    Barack Obama has been running his campaign in the style of a revolutionary. Just how radical and liberal Obama is has been well hidden by the campaign. If you haven’t heard about his friendship with the leaders of the radical group, the Weather Underground, you can thank the media. Just how radically left this man is can be seen in what company he keeps.

    In 1995, State Senator Alice Palmer introduced her chosen successor, Barack Obama, to a few of the district’s influential liberals at the home of two well known figures on the local left: William Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn.

    …“I can remember being one of a small group of people who came to Bill Ayers’ house to learn that Alice Palmer was stepping down from the senate and running for Congress,” said Dr. Quentin Young, a prominent Chicago physician and advocate for single-payer health care, of the informal gathering at the home of Ayers and his wife, Dohrn. “[Palmer] identified [Obama] as her successor.”

    Obama and Palmer “were both there,” he said.

    Obama’s connections to Ayers and Dorhn have been noted in some fleeting news coverage in the past. But the visit by Obama to their home — part of a campaign courtship — reflects more extensive interaction than has been previously reported.

    Ayers and Dorhn are extremist radicals from the 1960′s anti-war terrorist group the Weather Underground, and they are unrepentant in the bombings they were a part of. They disappeared in 1970 after a bomb designed to kill army officers in New Jersey accidentally destroyed a Greenwich Village townhouse. They turned themselves over to authorities in 1980. While the Weather Underground claimed 25 bombings, these characters were never prosecuted. Charges were dropped due to improper FBI surviellance.

    Even today they remain proud of their violent past.

    “I don’t regret setting bombs; I feel we didn’t do enough,” Ayers told the New York Times in 2001.

    Obama does some nice double talk and condemns the actions of the Weather Underground, however he remains good friends with two of them that remain unrepentant for their actions. They helped launch his political career.

    Via Right Wing Nut House: There were other “encounters” with Ayers over the years, including the fact that both men served on a far left foundation as board members:

    Wondering whether the three may have crossed paths is not speculation. It is a fact that they have. Ayers, Dohrn, and Obama have appeared together at a number of gatherings and academic events.

    In November 1997, Ayers and Obama participated in a panel at the University of Chicago entitled Should a child ever be called a “super predator?” to debate “the merits of the juvenile justice system”.

    In April 2002, Ayers, Dohrn, and Obama, then an Illinois State Senator, participated together at a conference entitled “Intellectuals: Who Needs Them?” sponsored by The Center for Public Intellectuals and the University of Illinois-Chicago. Ayers and Obama were two of the six members of the “Intellectuals in Times of Crisis” panel.

    Ayers, “who in the 1960s was a member of the terrorist group Weatherman and a wanted fugitive for over a decade as a result of the group’s bombing campaign,” is currently the Board Chairman of the Woods Fund of Chicago and Obama is a former Board member.

    Lefty blogger Taylor Marsh:

    This is the vein in the Democratic party I will never understand, cannot accept on any level. What is it about some people who just don’t get the problems with our Democratic nominee being friendly, even taking a contribution (however small), as well as having a meeting as recently as 1995 with an unrepentant domestic terrorist like William Ayers? It reveals a lack of seriousness about the issue of terrorism and the dangerously immature judgment of anyone who is going to associate with a man, at the very least, that Republicans will use to beat us over the head with, having the bonus of hitting a spot the public loves to drink up, which is that our party is not serious about the dangers we face in this world.

    Rick Moran asks the ultimate question:

    Will the media expose Obama? Will they criticize Senator McCain if he tries to paint Obama as a radical? Will they dig deep into Obama’s associations and associates to discover the truth?

  309. It is scary to see that there are this many naive Americans. What are you all thinking? How can you be so blind to support that idiot, Hussein Obama? Please open your eyes and your minds. He is the most radical Democrat to run for office in our history. How can you overlook the fact that he befriends terrorists? His birth certificate is a forgery. He supports near term abortions. Imagine that. A child is pulled from its mother in the 7th or 8th month and left to die.
    I am a U.S. Marine, and there is no way I can ever respect this jerk. He voted against funding for the troops, who are overseas fighting for our freedom. I can never salute an idiot like that. He has never even worn a uniform of any type. McCain is a war hero, who has given his whole life to support and defend this nation.
    All of you Democrats need to open your eyes.
    By the way, Sarah Palin is more of a Presidential candidate than Obama or Biden will ever be. Joe Biden said it himself that Obama does not have what it takes. I know you all remember that.

  310. I don’t believe I have laughed as hard as I did reading this post!!!! Good on you for speaking your mind. I wish more people would do the same!!!

  311. Thanks for this! I explains how a lot of us feel, and don’t know how to express as well as you do!

  312. You go Girl! She IS a crazy bitch we can’t let get into office. Holy Moly. What an idiot.

  313. YOU. GO. GIRL.

    Don’t stop writing. You are a national treasure!

  314. Dear Ladies:

    Aren’t you glad that you have lived long enough to earn the right to vote and can now exercise that right to keep Lil’ Ms. Palin out of office? Shoot…I’m 92 and where I come from (Alabama) we would have called Ms. Palin “uppity” for thinking that anyone with her lack of education, understanding of the issues (or, heck, desire to know more about the issues) would be qualified to assume office. And, while we’re at it, can we pause for a moment to discuss the idea that the Republican party must really hate women…the best they can offer is a moose shooting gal who is basking in her newly assumed title of VPILF? I haven’t had the chance to have a career like those of my daughters or granddaughters, but if I did, I don’t think I would have gotten far walking into an office of executives winking my way through an interview or presentation. Unless, of course, it was a meeting of ophthalmologists, in which case they may have prescribed me a good eye drop to cure that dry eye. Really, her presentation at the VP debates was the equivalent of a woman walking into Mensa in a short skirt and cleavage bearing top in hopes that someone wouldn’t think to ask her IQ. Where I come from, we call that “loose”. So, here we are, an “uppity”, “loose” woman who hopes to assume the VP position. I’m with you.

  315. [...] Like most of us, I have watched all of the debates and I have read up on all four of the Presidential and Vice Presidential candidtates.  I would never try to stear anyone to vote a certain way….except for the SMART way.  This year’s election will determine how far America has truly come when they  are stared in the face with BLACK SKIN vs BLONDE BRAIN (no offense to any intellectual blondes out there).  During my course of viewing all sides I have read numerous political blogs and ALL dull in comparison to 82 year old Helen Philpot’s “Sarah Palin is a b***, there I said it!  I literally spent 9 hours reading the comments alone on this HILARIOUS, yet HONEST opinion of Vice Presidential Candidate, Sarah Palin.  See for yourself.  All I have to say is, Obama/Biden ‘08!http://margaretandhelen.wordpress.com/2008/10/03/bitch-there-i-said-it/#comment-989 [...]

  316. Beautifully put =)

  317. To those upset at the language here? Puhleeease, what a joke. There aren’t enough words to describe the pure absurdity of the McFailin campaign, so of course we will have to broaden our vocabulary to use the words that carry the most value to me/us.

    What about all their ridiculous attack ads, filled with nothing but lies and deceit? I suppose that’s OKAY? I get so tired of self righteous pompous folk, telling others how to spell, speak, or act. If you want that, go to China, I hear they love censorship. Perhaps what you fail to realize is the US was formed on the basis of FREE SPEECH. This is what our forefathers wanted, for us to be able to express ourselves however we see fit. If you don’t like Helen’s blog or the language used here, you have every right to GO SOMEWHERE ELSE. Like another poster said, it would be absurd for me to go to a Republicunt blog and try to ‘express’ my viewpoints. What on earth would be the purpose? You can’t change people’s views, they are what they are, however unfounded and uninformed they may be.

    Oh, and Mel, you couldn’t be more off base, yet your age explains a lot. You don’t like my spelling or grammar? Go suck an egg, like I really care. Hardeharharharrrrrrr! See, what you’ll learn with age and wisdom is: IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT OTHERS THINK. WHAT MATTERS IS IF YOU CAN LOOK AT YOURSELF IN THE MIRROR. Do you honestly think I have the time to proof read every post I send out? LOL! Why would I care to? Perhaps if I was writing to the National Board of Academics…. LOL. So honey, get real and stop trying to detract from the real issue. Your utter lack of comprehension. Perhaps you are yet too young to realize the total hypocrisy you have spewed forth. You are not old enough yet to have worked with as many needy kids and moms as I have, so you really have no idea what it is you think you saw or ‘know’. Get in the gutter and get to work, get your hands dirty, talk to single mom’s on welfare, get a job out on your own, pay your own bills, do ALL this before you put your biased, unintelligent opions forth in such an agressive ‘I think I know it all’ manner. It only proves you haven’t a clue. Seriously. My son is 16, and he has such an advantage over you, it really is sad. I’m so lucky to have a smart, sensitive son, who seems to understand a lot more than yourself. At 16, he’s been involved with charities, political organizations (even started an Obama club at his H.S! that’s MY boy!), and offered his time/services to several local families in need. He didn’t ask for a thing in return, and more importantly, HE DIDN’T JUDGE THE PEOPLE HE WAS HELPING. Unlike you, apparently.

    Take hope people, Mel is NOT indicitave of the average youth. My house is The Hang Out. I talk to these kids, aged 13-22. They ALL have said the same thing: they are angry where Bush’s politics have taken us, they WANT a future, and they ALL think McFailin is a total joke. There, I said it too. McFailin is a joke, a laughing stock if you will.

    To those who keep pushing the ‘other’ candidates….ahhh idealism at it’s finest! When the world is ready for a 3rd party, maybe we’ll see it. But, as for now, we are POLARIZED. We have 2 parties, and you have to pick between one of the two, or throw your vote away. I wish it were different, but alas, it is what IS. The only thing Ron Paul has to bring to the table is the decriminalization of marijuana. He doesn’t really have anything else to offer, and certainly does not carry the ‘presidentialness’ that Obama has, nor the experience (yet on different levels). As a Republicunt, he’s one of the lesser evils, yet he is still ‘one of them’.

    It is such joy to me to wake up every day and take in the polls. Obama is clearly running right over McFailin, whoooooooooopeee! I think it’s gonna be a landslide folks, truly. I’m gearing up for a huge election party. My house is gonna be full of merry liberals, drinking in the new era!!!

    To all ye of no judgement, we will fight for your rights too, even if you seem unworthy, because its the right thing to do. Pure and simple. Keep spewing racism, hate, and ugliness, and you will get it alllllllll back, tenfold. I guarantee it!

  318. People like Sampson get all their info from Fox News, Limbaugh, Savage and other media slime balls. At least Helen tells it like it is, and I am proud of her.

    Obama/Biden in ’08

  319. best. post. all. year.

    god bless you.

  320. U ARE SICK

  321. Hey John Samson: “Pretty” doesn’t run a country, jackass!!
    Have some respect for someone who’s lived a bit longer than you probably ever will & who’s sharp enough to know what she’s talking about!

  322. I love you and I think you are brilliant! Give them hell darling! I grew up around enough seniors that said whatever the hell they wanted, although in my case most of what they said was racist paranoid hateful blather. Why not speak truth to power instead of blaming everything on certain ethnic groups or uppity women! Stay strong sister, stay strong!!!!!

  323. Great article! I agree completely.

    There is an online petition posted to urge the producers of Saturday Night Live not to invite Palin on the show before the election. I hope you’ll check it out and sign it.


  324. Cindy you’re so right, especially point number 2, sentence number 2.

  325. Helen my dear, you are wonderful. You should be on television reading your letter to the American people. I wanted to write to let you know two things:

    1. You are brilliant, I loved your blog.

    2. Don’t mind these people who are posting hateful words to you. That’s part of the Republican mentality. They have no respect for anyone or their personal views. All we can hope is that when Obama is elected they will move to Alaska.

  326. Haha. Right on the money. Some writer from the Simpson’s called her an evangelical dominatrix on Bill Maher’s show this weekend.

  327. Amen!!!Hugs to you Helen!! Well said!! I have been saying this since McCain brought her into the spotlight and I cannot believe how many people look at me like I am nuts!! Sarah Palin needs to take her overdone 80′s hair, ugly suits and her low IQ back to Alaska. This country is going to hell in a hand basket and I am mad as hell! I am not going to take it anymore!!! There I said it too!! :o)

  328. I think I love you!


  329. Love it – your blog rocks!

  330. Helen, you are my new favorite blogger. Please don’t stop – YOU CAN TURN THE WORLD ON WITH YOUR WORDS!

  331. Helen you are a JOKE!! I can see you you don’t know what your talking about! What have you ever done in your life? People Love to put other people down because it make them feel like they are something. Well that tells me you have never done anything in your life worth a Damn!!! I bet you just sit around and complain about everything and everybody in your little pethetic life. Take some Laxitive so the crap stops running out your mouth!! Don’t be in envy of her good looks either she can’t help that shes Pretty and your just an OLD BAG!!!

  332. Helen:

    I feel SOOOOO much better after reading this! I’d have to bet you were smarter in the 2nd grade than Sarah Palin is now. You need a nationally syndicated talk show so we can listen to your common sense 24/7! You speak for so many of us – THANK YOU!

  333. WTG! So when you running for office?

  334. Helen,


    I just love your blog. I got the link from a knitting group that I read posts in (Ravelry). If you are ever over there, come check us out!

    Would you join our knitting circle?

  335. Absolutely fantastic! This is the greatest thing I’ve read in a long long time. This could rival the SNL skits!! Sadly, it is all true and unless we get out there and vote, our cuontry will no longer be America The Great. Grampy McCain and Caribou Barbie will ruin this country! Keep writing Helen, you are awesome!

  336. [...] this is funny…an 82 year young woman blog and her view of sarah palin… Sarah Palin is a Bitch… there I said it. Margaret and Helen [...]

  337. Thank you, Helen! Hugs from a fellow Texan.

  338. this was amazingly said. made my week. probably some of the truest words that have been said about the woman.

  339. Buh-bye!

    (oh, that’s MRS. Maddie to you).

  340. Miss Maddie-You need to go way back as well as to another name used and review remarks…and for your information I do have the right to get involved. The person that was attacked happens to be one of my best friends.
    Correcting other people’s grammar detracts from the topic at hand and THAT was totally rude and an ongoing mission with Barb on other comments. I have devoted enough wasted cyber space voicing my opinion here so I am deleting the link. Enjoy yourselves and I truly hope you do turn out to be a peace maker. I hope you hugged your cat today.

  341. “I can see the end of Sarah Palin’s political career from my house.”

  342. From what I read, Alta started with Barb, but whatever, it’s over and between them – not for anyone else to get involved with.

  343. You are the funniest thing I have read on the topic of this election. You have been the topic of discussion on Black Voices (which is where I found out about you)! For all who don’t believe that inside, we are all equal I would beg them to read your blog. Keep up the good work. Detroit LOVES you!!

  344. Please keep posting! I live in TX also and I am surrounded by McCain/Palin signs. It makes me mad because the people who have these signs also have at least 2-3 kids. They are raising another generation of stupid people.

  345. Very well said! This had me cracking up the whole time.

  346. Why are we not hearing such a perfect analysis from the media? Thank you!

  347. Helen, you are the bomb!! Girlie, just keep on telling it like it is, being real is not what most people care to do.
    For the life of me, I can’t understand how anyone who calls themselves intelligent and educated not be impressed with Barack Obama’s background. It takes a lot to even be admitted into Harvard and not to mention becoming President of the Harvard Law Review. The man is brilliant and if given a chance, I know that he will show this country and the world what he is capable of doing.
    It is time for a change and that does not mean another 4 years of Bush.
    Like those of us who put up with him for 8 years, let those who don’t want Obama to win put up with him for at least 4 years.

    You haven’t seen the worse on sara palin yet. There will be more sh** rolling out on her worse than this weekends revelation of her abusing her position as Governor. A lot of crap gets hidden when you live in a hide away like Alaska.
    The Republican Party ought to censure McCain for even choosing her. She will bring him down.


  349. Helen, you called it right!!

    Listening to her KKK rally “campaign” speeches this week, I must agree that she is a very dangerous woman. Not because of her associations, either, but because fundamentally, she’s a crazy bitch!!

  350. I am ashamed of all of you who have used profanity throughout this blog in a weak attempt to express yourselves. To know that some of you walk among us terrifies me. To Barb who told Alta to “drop dead”- SHAME ON YOU. I don’t know who you think you are… To Maddie who thought everyone should play nice you did not apparently realize that you had fallen into a pit of vipers. To all of you who have the decency to express yourselves in a civilized manner using facts instead of vulgarity keep it up. Words can hurt and words can heal. Attacking someone you do not know on a personal level speaks volumes. When fur starts to fly venom is spewed from both sides. Those of you who support your candidate simply state the reasons without getting vulgar. I have been monitoring both conservative and liberal blogs. This one certainly gets the award for the most inappropriate content I have ever seen. For those of you who are proud of what you have said here congratulations for painting yourselves as true morons. If you think Obama would be proud of your comments here-really think about that.

  351. Helen! My mother forwarded me the link to this blog. Good on you for speaking your mind. I’ve been living outside of the US since shortly after Bush got elected. I hope to return if Obama gets in. I don’t really see how anyone can feel that McCain is the right guy for the job, especially with his VP pick. She really isn’t that bright, and contradicts herself constantly. McCain just never really says anything of substance. But I’m a proud “loony lefty,” as the Republicans love to call us!

  352. THANK YOU for bringing up the point that this lady sacrificed her daughter’s reputation in order to have a chance at being vice president. If she really knew her daughter was pregnant, then she shoudl not have accepted the nomination. She KNEW they would have a field day with her daughter, and LET IT HAPPEN ANYWAY. Nothing makes me think less of her than that fact.

  353. you betcha, well gosh darn it, thanks for telling it like it is! We’ve just about reached the point where natural selection will supplant the viability of this nation. Stupid is as stupid does. We’re all going down if Palin gets elected…

  354. I actually received an email-forward which purported to affirm her goodness as a person and candidate because she smiled at and held a baby or two on the campaign trail! Sheesh, what kind of critical thinking ability is that?

  355. Thank you thank you thank you for saying what so many have been thinking. And in such an intertaining way!

    I am so disgusted by the Republicans (they are causing further loss of moral during a extremely frightening economic crisis and further lowering our image in the world) every time either (GOP) candidate opens their mouth! I’m an independent voter who is voting blanket Democrat this time.

  356. Okay, I had to cut and past this e-mail (giving you the credit by posting your website at the bottom of course) and sent it to all my friends. WOW! You hit right on. I have never been into politics before in my life and with this election I have had CNN running 24/7. My husband is wondering where this woman has come from. But becoming a first time mother, It is not only about me but the future for our children, and we can not afford 4 more years of the same. I gotta tell you, I LOVE OBAMA/ BIDEN. I believe them and WE NEED CHANGE.
    Thank you for your blog. I love it! I found it on http://www.republicansforobama.com (btw, I am not a rep. more like an independent voting for the best candidate….. which CLEARLY is OBAMA!!!) Girl you need to get on the view! I love all your blogs. Keep them going!

  357. Bravo Helen!
    As a former 32 year resident of Alaska, including 21 years in Wasilla, I’m dedicated to saving the world from Sarah Palin. McCain supporters need to clean their rose colored glasses and realize that this woman is dangerous. It is absolutely unfathomable that there is a scary number of our population that have embraced her. Not withstanding the obvious lack of intelligence, the blatant racism, the blind ambition….yes, she is a bitch. And a mighty dangerous one I might add.
    Join us at http://www.sarahpalindont.ning.com and help us save the world from Sarah Palin one vote at a time.
    Keep up the good work!


  358. I love you! Can I adopt you for my grandmom? Seriously, I appreciate your saying so much of exactly what I am thinking. One thing that scares the crap out of me is the number of women in this country that are saying, “Oh, *I’m* voting for Palin! We have SOOO much in common! I mean, I have a vagina, and she has one TOOOO! Isn’t that special!?!? And she’s a MOM! Just like me! These bubblehaeds don’t even realize they are voting for McSame, not Caribou Barbie!

  359. Like Hari, I too am not a citizen of the US and I will not vote in this election. I have been following the campaign for some time now and find it interesting that the McCain/Palin camps confusion about Barack Obama. On the one hand, they call him a man who cohorts with terrorists, then on the other hand they say he will wave a white flag and leave from Iraq.

    They say Barack does not have much experience and has a thin resume. I suppose that would be better than an “executive” experience, wherein you can invite your spouse to sit-in during important decision making meetings, try to twist people’s arms to get them to do your biding, ban books that go against your belief, claim to have won a war, distract others from more important issues such as economy and the like.

    Barack’s last name was mis-spelt as Osama in one of the voting sheets. You think it was a typo?!

  360. I have always loved listening to the older generations tell things how they are. LIfe lessons and history are the true teachers in life. Helen, you should win a Nobel Prize for your post. Palin is frightening. She would ban books in her libraries, fire staff she feels do not share her views (as unanimously found in the Alaska Legislature to be true), and would strip the MEDICAL rights from women and call it moral, and probably ship all gay and lesbian citizens out of the country if she could. Sounds like a Nazi to me.

  361. [...] Helen Philpot: Sarah Palin is a Bitch…there I said it Straight-talk from eighty-two-year-old women whose lived through fourteen administrations. She knows her shit! Don’t just read this particular entry either – read all her other, more recent, blog entries. [...]

  362. where is Margaret Thatcher when you need her!
    The good news is that the evil woman is suffering from advanced senility and is completely ga-ga. Even so, she would probably be more coherent in an interview than your Mrs Palin. So, we’ll send her over. She always wanted to be American, anyway (you get to own guns and execute people – she likes that sort of thing).

  363. I enjoyed reading everyone’s comments and most of all yours. But there is one thing missing from this whole election: choices. Why are we stuck with only two choices when there are other qualified people out there. Ron Paul being just one of them. We as a nation have to change the way of choosing so we have more choices, more party representatives, more quality. Helen, keep speaking up no matter who you vote for. At least you make some sense.

  364. Hey Helen!

    Check this out!

  365. Hi Helen,
    LOL means Laugh Out Loud. ROFLMAO means Rolling On Floor Laughing My Ass Off. I did both on reading your post.

    I’ve xeroxed your post for my ma to read, another feisty lady. Good job!

  366. Thanks Helen for sharing your wisdom. Having lived abroad for more than 12 years, I can tell you that our respect in the world does not get any lower. After the end of the cold war, we had a great opportunity to use our world leadership in a positive way, but instead we squandered it away bullying the rest of the world. The Republicans selected Bush as their candidate. After the sh*t they have stepped us in, can we really trust them with their next line up?

    Poor Sara should have stayed in Alaska. But in some ways, I am happy she didn’t. Had McCain picked a stronger running mate, well…maybe the forgetful American people would go another round with the republicans, and we could continue our slide downward into the dustbin.

    Regards and great blog,
    Republicans for OB 2008

  367. I keep sending this blog to my friends! It rocks! McCain and Palin…its coming to an end soon. Thank goodness!

  368. Just curious. Can you tell me what ROFLMAO means. I have seen this a couple of times among the comments. My grandson told me LOL means laugh oh laugh so I get that.

    Thank you.

  369. I was just sent a link to this blog.
    Your bluntness and forthrightness are a refreshing break from the mincing of words usually associated with political discussion. It’s nice to hear what so many people are thinking and not saying–we tend to leave the more lively rhetoric to the extreme fringes, so it is nice to see it applied to a more general cause, a more shared sentiment.
    I am generally rather oblivious to blogs, but yours is amazing!

  370. Miss Helen, You are my hero! The two teams that we have to choose from to try and salvage our country from what Bush has helped do to it, absoloutly TERRIFY ME! I don’t feel that McCain OR Obam are good enough to be president, and I believe our votes don’t even matter when it comes right down to it! If they did, we would have Hillary running instead of Obuma(yes, that’s the correct spelling!), because the PEOPLE wanted her. But Obuma was PUT there by “super-delegates” instead of OUR votes! This land is DOOMED no matter which of the two IDIOTS win!

  371. Uh, what about her reply to the “Achilles Heel” query – since it’s defined as a “fatal weakness” I guess all those things she plans to do for America she gave as her answer would be fatal for the rest of us.

  372. Sarah Palin Remix:

  373. You are amazing. This is the best description of this woman I have ever read. When did we start believing what we are told to believe rather than the truth!! It’s like “The King with No Clothes.” I wish everyone could read you article. Perhaps the country would be shocked back into reality.

  374. Thank you for saying it; I think you’re my new hero!

  375. Both my grandmothers are dead. Can I adopt you as my grandma? (although you’re younger than my 90-year-old father–I don’t care)

    If I’m lucky, when I’m older I’ll have a quarter of your level of piss & vinegar when I’m older, and half the writing verve.


  376. Helen you are my new hero!

  377. You guys ROCK! Keep up the good work. Would you like to exchange links? my blog is: http://astrologyandpsychicpredictions.wordpress.com

    Best wishes to you both!
    It’s great hearing your opinions.

  378. As an member of the generation standing poised to take the reins of this country I want to say thank you. Thank you for saying the things that we are all shouting at the top of our lungs that seemingly fall on deaf ears. I often find myself looking around the room and pointing at the TV in disbelief as if to say, “Am I the only one watching this?” Sarah Palin is an embarassment to intellectual women throughout this country who strive to break gender stereotypes. I am glad that I am not the only one who sees these things! Thank you! I only wish my grandparents were as wise as you!

  379. I find the most astonishing thing on this entire page the fact that Jeff knows, personally how GAWD wants her name spelled! Jeez, Jeff, why don’t you run? For pope, king, prophet?

    Palin’s bigoted, ignorant, narrow minded flavor of insanity is almost too obvious to be discussed.

  380. You are the greatest!

    America’s needs are too large for McCain/Palin…They only know how to stoke people’s hatred, and blind these people to the real thuth…Sarah, go back to Alaska and stay in the wild with the people who know nothing except what is around them!

  381. They say the older you r the wiser you become!!! In most cases I would not agree with that! However, in this case I can not disagree. The truth is the truth!

    Paulin is everything you said she was and more!

    Question? If McCain does not out live his age, who will be President?

    A) The Bitch
    B) The first Woman
    c) The dummy
    d) Dila in the bible daughter
    e) Sarah Paulin
    F) All the above

    Ans: F( Fake, Fool, funny, freaky, and forever dumb Paulin).

  382. Sorry, correction. The data is:

    “in the eyes of UK voters: 87% think the al-Qaida leader is a great or moderate danger to peace, compared with 75% who think this of Mr Bush”

    So I was not accurate in my previous post: British regard Osama Bin Laden as a greatest danger than Bush by a slight margin of 12% (not the other way around).

    Still amazing, isn`t it? The closest allies think Americans chose twice a leader just slightly less frightening than Osama Bin Laden. Just try to imagine what the rest of the world is thinking.

  383. 3LC, I see you make the same point I tried to make.

    Americans should know that a recent poll conducted in Europe found that, all over the continent, when European citizens were asked “Which country do you think poses the greatest danger to world peace”, Europeans ranked the US as No. 1, ahead of IRAN! Ahead of NORTH KOREA!

    Even in Britain! For Britain, check the facts at the reputed The Guardian newspaper:


    The BRITISH answered that they regard W Bush as a greater danger than Osama Bin Laden!
    And the uncomfortable fact is that Americans voted for W Bush twice.
    That is what I mean when I say that Americans face a big responsability in this election.

    By the way, THANK YOU, HELEN!

  384. “Who can turn the world on with her smile?
    Who can take a nothing day and suddenly make it all seem worthwhile?

    Well it’s NOT you girl…”


  385. wow. right, how is sarah palin not good at interviews? she has a journalism degree. brian williams, anchor of nbc evening news, doesn’t even have that. (other than honorary)

  386. Is it just me, or do most of the folks who disagree with you make it a point to insult you instead of trying to justify Pallin? These must be the same folks who go to Pallin rallies and do an imitation of a brown shirt rally in 1930′s Germany.
    I guess it’s not important to have a leg to stand on as long as you can still resort to bullshit when you come up short on brilliance. At least that’s what some of your critics seem to be counting on.

    As for me, you’re my new hero and I wish you many more years of sharing your thoughts with us. If I’m lucky I’ll one day be “old and fat” and called bad names by inferior people for speaking my mind. I hope I can have half the grace and dignity that you do when that happens. VIVA!

  387. I am overseas and have already cast my vote for Obama/Biden via absentee ballot. I live overseas, seeking political asylum from the Bush presidency.
    The comments here by the anti-Helen/pro McCain voters are confirmation that I would be persecuted for my ideas in the U.S….

    Is it really any surprise that the Republican party put forward someone like Palin for VP? Two terms of George W. Bush should be proof enough that Republican voters do not place a premium on intelligence or command of *any* language for their Presidential candidate, the #1 representative of the USA. George Bush knew NOTHING about foreign policy either time he ran for President (Condoleeza Rice defended him the first time by saying he could learn…). For Republicans, “Moral” considerations only matter when it’s the opponent…

    62 million people were dumb enough to vote for Bush the second time (many of whom had already suffered from the effects of his first term), 50 million the first time…

    I don’t know if it’s more embarrassing to be represented in the world by an idiot as a leader, or to be associated with those idiots who voted for him– because that’s what people think of Americans.

    But really, we should be focusing on McCain.

  388. Helen, I wish I was with you to give you a big Hug!
    Is that an aircraft carrier?
    God Love you!

  389. I ADORE you. Love this blog…

  390. Madam, I disagree. I LIKE Sarah Palin’s glasses. Everything else you said is right on.

    For the record, I’m an independent voter who found this link through the SNL web site. I liked both candidates through the primaries and thought this might be a tough decision between two good men. That is, until the VP nominations were announced. On the one hand, McCain’s greater experience led to the choice of someone who is poorly qualified to step into the Presidency. On the other hand, the choice was a VP who is known for speaking Truth to Power, which is a good omen for future appointments. Since the choice seems to be Judgment vs. Experience, I say that we have to go for Judgment because what use is Experience if it isn’t used to make better decisions?

    Please keep up your own Straight Talk, Helen. You are a hoot, and I wish I knew you. God bless!

  391. I am not disagreeing with you, Ernesto, but you should take care in your words – they can be very offensive to some people. Believe me, I KNOW about my Nation, thank you very much and yes, we do have a special responsibility; but just take care in your words, that’s all I’m saying.

  392. Just to mention a few “thank you America” items of late:
    - War for oil in Iraq
    - Trying to block the Kyoto Protocol fight on climate change
    - Subprime mortgages sold to the world by american institutions and rated safe by american institutions
    - Trying to destabilise the United Nations and blatantly lying at the UN (Remember that “evidence” of WMD?)
    - Blaming the Chinese for polluting the world, while each American alone pollutes more than a hundred Chinese put together.

    Belive it or not I am pro-American. That is why it hurts more. Belive it or not, your nation is the world leader. That is why it hurts more. That is why you have a special responsability.
    If you are not prepared to learn about what your country has done wrong, I am sorry for you, maybe I am wrong. Maybe I should re-think being pro-American.

  393. Repair the damages we inflicted on the world?? Ease up, Ernesto, WE are not the only ones responsible – it’s interesting how many of “you people” knock us, but when you need something? All sorrowful eyes turn to America. Trust me, most of us are not at all happy with the Dark Ages of the past 8 years, but don’t come on here chastising us. We may not be proud of our leadership right now, but all of us here are certainly proud to be Americans (and thank God for it) and won’t tolerate being bashed.

  394. Finally I read some common sense coming out of the US!
    You americans have a long time ahead to repair the damage inflicted on the world. You chose W. Bush. You chose him TWICE. What were you thinking? What were you sniffing?
    And now Sarah Palin is a contender. I am really angry at the religious right. As far as I know, we were given neurons. If some God gave them to us, I think it is an insult to Him not to use them.
    We have endured now many years of an indecent war. A war for oil, a war for money (oh, sorry! The war was for Weapons of Mass Destruction, probably things like Subprime Mortgages, CDO’s and all that rubish that white collar terrorists planted in New York, I guess). Shame on you!
    And that straight talking man says he will come out of this war a winner. What does “win” mean to him? Killing a few million more for the sake of some cheap oil?

  395. Let the mean comments roll off your back – I get the feeling you can (much better than I could), and thanks for reminding us that Palin has nothing to do with feminism (quite the opposite). In fact, in my opinion – YOU are the most beautiful example of feminism as it SHOULD be! So, don’t stop writing – women need to never stop speaking up (thoughtfully and intelligently). Good job!!

  396. Know what? I have a fat cuddly cat that I love!!!!

    There, diversion from the fighting.

  397. Good God almighty – you’re on a tear, aren’t you.

  398. DoReMi my comments were not to you so take a hike

    Beth believe it or not I got this website from a friend who got from a friend that is a Democrat that is not voting for Obama

    Barb I will drop dead some day as will you, but I’m not going just yet I have a lot of living to do. So good by and good luck as I have better things to do with my time. Now you can go attack someone else that has an opinion. My favorite saying was always OPINIONS are like ASSHOLES almost everyone has one!!!

  399. You know what, whatever…..I’m just tired of reading these insults and Beth makes a great point. True, we’re free to have our own opinion (thank God THAT’S still free!), but all of this other stuff? Really – totally classless.

  400. Well well now someone is using my name and posting things I did not say like Calli Duh and No…..childs play.

  401. PS – Alta, if you don’t like what we all believe, feel free to go back home to FreeRepublic to be amongst your own people. No one is forcing you to read Helen’s opinion and bashing ours just makes you look like a fool.

    For the life of me I cannot fathom why your type would come here and post. I would *never* consider going to some right wing conservative website and call them all morons because I don’t share their beliefs. That’s just a complete and total waste of time.

  402. AnotherNYer Oh and I forgot to add a foul mouth moron before the word idiot. Really I know your age group by your vocabulary. Truth be know you don’t have one that is why you have to use the F word in between every other word you speak. Where was your mother with the soap when you started spewing words????

  403. Bless you Helen! I love your site and agree completely with your sentiments. Keep up the good work.

    PS – I forwarded your site to everyone I know and they’ll be passing it along to their friends too. You’ll be an internet sensation soon, and well deserved. You echo the thoughts of so many Americans, regardless of age or gender.

  404. AnotherNYer now Barb you see why my spelling is bad this idiot is a New Yorker TOO!!

  405. Okay, then, I tried to be nice.

  406. no

  407. Scandle (Wrongfully FIRED)

    Well I see I have my answer. Now maybe she will, as she said “give some real answers to the hard questions”. This woman is clearly motivated to action by her emotions. NOT LEADERSHIP QUALITY!! Sarah Palin should be brought up on charges if she broke state law.

    GO TO MSNBC.COM for the story.

  408. Ummm……I don’t get what’s going on here, but is it really necessary? I mean the recent insults are disgusting and demeaning. Okay, you don’t agree with each other, we get it. But all this other stuff is just polution – can you stop please?

  409. Helen — I’m a long-time, registered Republican on Active Duty in Iraq at the moment, and I want to thank you for the wonderful belly laughs this morning after my cousin sent me a link to your blog post!

    You go, girl!!

    Thanks for voicing what a lot of us over here can’t say publicly.

    God bless you and Margaret and the United States of America!

  410. Calli. duh

  411. Who is this Alta person? You like insulting people?

  412. “Maybe their mothers should have flushed them….”


    Frankly, you should have died in your mother’s womb, or at best, she should have swallowed.

  413. The only thing I will respond to is this-
    When I refered to sitting in a comfortable office puching papers, I was refering to my career choices, not everyone elses.

    I would only hope that women would be intellegent enough to realize that contraceptives are not perfect. I have not judged anyone.

    But I would also appreciate if you would defend yourself as to why you can call me disrespectful while you are calling me a “hypocritical little punk”.

    Are you not an adult? Do you not have respect?
    I really don’t mean to be rude, but I am curious.

  414. Calli you go girl………..these idiots will see the fire of hell but never the light. They are a bunch of atheist morons who do not believe. Maybe their mothers should have flushed them. World would have been a whole lot better place without them.

  415. Mel F, you said “I personally, would rather not have been aborted.”

    Holy cr@p! When were you aborted? Are you posting from the great internet beyond?

  416. And just to clarify for all of you who claim to be Christian supporters of McFailin’, while calling names to your elders and judging “liberals”:

    Biblical Quotes Supporting the Belief that Jesus Is A Liberal

    Peacemaking, not War Making: Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God. [Matthew 5:9]
    Resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also. [Matthew 5:39] I say unto
    you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despite-fully
    use you, and persecute you; [Matthew 5:44]

    The Death Penalty: Thou shalt not kill [Matthew 5:21]

    Crime and Punishment: If any one of you is without sin, let him be the first to cast a stone at her. [John 8:7] Do not judge,
    lest you too be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged and with the measure you use, it will be
    measured to you. [Matthew 7:1 & 2.]

    Justice: Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled. [Matthew 5:6] Blessed are
    the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy [Matthew 5:7] But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father
    forgive your trespasses. [Matthew 6:15]

    Corporate Greed and the Religion of Wealth: In the temple courts [Jesus] found men selling cattle, sheep and doves and
    other sitting at tables exchanging money. So he made a whip out of cords, and drove all from the temple area, both sheep
    and cattle; he scattered the coins of the money changers and overturned their tables. [John 2:14 & 15.] Watch out! Be on
    your guard against all kinds of greed; a man’s life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions. [Luke 12.15.]
    Truly, I say unto you, it will be hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. [Matthew 19:23] You cannot serve both
    God and Money. [Matthew 6:24.]

    Paying Taxes & Separation of Church & State: Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s; and unto God
    the things that are God’s. [Matthew 22:21]

    Community: Love your neighbor as yourself. [Matthew 22:39] So in everything, do to others as you would have them do to
    you.[Matthew 7:12.] If you would be perfect, go, sell what you possess and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in
    heaven. [Matthew 19:21]

    Equality & Social Programs: But when you give a feast, invite the poor, the maimed, the lame, the blind, and you will be
    blessed, because they cannot repay you. You will be repaid at the resurrection of the just. [Luke 14:13 &14.]

    Public Prayer & Displays of Faith: And when thou pray, thou shall not be as the hypocrites are: for they love to pray
    standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men. Verily I say unto you, They
    have their reward. But thou, when thou pray, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father
    which is in secret… [Matthew 6:6 & 7]

    Strict Enforcement of Religious Laws: If any of you has a son or a sheep and it falls into a pit on the Sabbath, will you not
    take hold of it and lift it out? [Matthew 12:11] The Sabbath was made for man, and not man for the Sabbath. [Mark 2:27.]

    Individuality & Personal Spiritual Experience: Ye are the light of the world. [Matthew 5:14]

    So, Jesus may love you, but he wants his religion back.

  417. Jim, I couldn’t have said it better. :)

  418. He’s a pompous little ass, in plain English – apology or no apology, who are YOU to judge???? Some day, you little twit, you will have a daughter – I pray she’s never in a situation to have to make a decision like this and deal with the likes of you.

  419. Helen –
    I have been studying this Presidential race since the beginning of Bush’s unfortunate (for the country) second term. I am looking forward to hopefully electing a person who has compassion for the middle class (not a Republican), a sense of pride in giving our fighting, returning veterans the care they need (not McCain) and a vice-president and president who know how to, yes, unconditionally, sit down with other world leaders and talk about their problems and disagreements.
    The election of John McCain and Sarah Palin would be a tragic mistake. McCain has an axe to grind with any foreign country or foreign leader that looks at him cross-eyed. I think he feels he has a score to settle after being a prisoner of war. He said as recently as eight short years ago that “I hate gooks”. This from a man who wants to lead our country. He’s a war mongering fool. As for Sarah Palin, she’s one who is of the “family values” ilk, yet, obviously doesn’t educate her own children about it. Case in point? An unmarried pregnant teenage daughter. A hypocrite from the word “Go”. Palin is just as corrupt as any Washington politician, so that crosses off the “outsider” claims.
    Helen, keep speaking up. Good on you!

  420. My bad Mel, one last thing:

    You stated “Should the younger generation be preparing ourselves to one day govern this country? I would prefer leadership with a backbone.”

    There is a difference between ‘leading’/’governing’ with a backbone and CONTROLLING. The line of thinking you seem to be stuck on is of the latter. That is the problem with the right wing. Even your god says people get to have their own choice. Respect your god and stay the hell outta the personal choices and circumstances of others’ lives.

  421. Mel,

    Do not judge so that you will not be judged.
    For in the way you judge, you will be judged; and by your standard of measure, it will be measured to you.
    Matthew 7:2

    You make this too easy.

    You’ve made many uninformed judgements, including but not limited to:

    –judging women who are unable or unwilling to carry a pregnancy to term for any number of reasons you obviously do not understand

    –judging women who are able or willing to carry a pregnancy to term, but need financial assistance to care for the LIFE of the child (explain how that makes you pro-life – no, don’t, it’ll just be BS)

    –judging “a good portion” of people on “welfare” as “lazy” when you have no idea what it might be like to try to pay the bills and support a family on the subsistant pay most Americans receive – better move out of your parents house and start paying all your own bills now, while you still know everything

    –judging against people that “Sit in a comfortable office pushing papers” (even if that keeps them off welfare!)

    –judging “women who are on the pill” who you feel should be “smart enough to know there is still a chance to conceive.”

    You are an inexperienced, judgemental hypocritical little punk. End of discussion. I will not have a battle of wits with an unarmed individual.

  422. “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity.” -1 Timothy 4:12

    I have been quite respectful. At times sarcastic, I will admit. And for that I will apologize sincerely. My intentions were only to make a point. I have not name called, or purposely tried to hurt anyone’s feelings. I have not put myself above anyone. I realize that not everyone will think or believe the same way I do, but I do know that we live in country where we can state what we think and believe. I may be young, but that does not mean I don’t have the right to give my thoughts or opinions.

    Should the younger generation be preparing ourselves to one day govern this country? I would prefer leadership with a backbone.

    Again, I am sorry if I have been disrespectful.

  423. No, Alta, your English is poor because you’re a f-n’ moron, you pathetic loser.

    Go Barb!

    Keep posting Helen, you’re the best. People like this asswipe are a waste of life!

  424. Drop dead, Alta.

  425. Ya’ll, bless your hearts! Gosh, don’t worry none ’bout that yungin’ Mel F., ya hear? Mel’s just a “Teen for God”…the very reason they set a minimum voting age as most people gain a lil’ logic and reason after a few years experience in reality (Helen Philpot is a good proof of this). For example, if Mel was really as god-lovin’ as Mel claims, wouldn’t Mel know the “word of god” states:

    Rise in the presence of the aged, show respect for the elderly and revere your God. I am the LORD. Leviticus 19:32 NASB

    Mel, by your own standards, you have sinned by disrespecting your elder, you little punk hypocrite. So I give you a bit of advice, when you grow-up you will look back at this time of your life and release what a fool you’ve made of yourself:

    “Help me know, four years from now
    I won’t believe in you anyhow
    And I’ll mope around the campus
    And I’ll feel betrayed
    All those guilty summers I stayed
    But then I’ll laugh
    That I fell for the lure
    Of the pain of desire to feel so pure
    And I’ll bear all the burdens
    Of my little daily crimes
    Wish I had a God for such cynical times
    Far from today”

    (song starts at 0:40)

  426. Michele, I understand what you are saying. But I am going to stick to my position and say it is not right to kill the child. A crime does not justify terminating an innocent child’s life. Although not perfect, adoption is still a better option.
    Women who are on the pill should be smart enough to know there is still a chance to conceive. If they choose to have sex then they should understand the possible consequences.

  427. “I like strong women… worship them”


    Therefore, I like you Helen Philpot…worship you.

    Keep speaking truth to power.

  428. perfect! the palins are a disgrace. to everything.

  429. YOU GO GIRL! I AGREE! Keep up the great work! As to the rest of you Repugnant trolls on here, stop drinking the Kool-Aid and become informed voters instead of spouting off McNasty campaign propaganda. McCain is an asshole and so are Repugnants. Even members of your own party think so. There, I said it! Long live Helen :)

  430. Barb I too was born in New York that is why my English is so poor……so excuse me. I learned the English Language from my parents. Who by the way took me south to Florida to raise me.

  431. Please do not judge we Alaskans by our idiot Governor. The state has been in the past represented by some wonderful, educated(not always by colleges) statesmen. Our few but diverse people are as insulted, joyed, angered, embarased and frightened by Ms Palin being thrust into the national spotlight. She has in my view abandoned her responsibilities to the state and the people. Though I will say due to the “infection” she has been exposed to, I don’t wish her back.

  432. What a treat this has been to find your great blog, Helen. I, too, am a senior and I, too, tend to use “colorful” language to express myself. Isn’t it hilarious that most of the posters who take issue with “straight talk” are mostly the ones who present themselves as preachy, negative and mean-spirited?

    For those who think Palin is a saint for not aborting a fetus with Down Syndrome………..puleeze. I do not know anyone who would have done that and I know a lot of people who are pro-choice. Certainly, knowing that a child will have challenges before it is born, helps prepare for what is to come, but by no means would most people abort for that reason.

    That brings me to the so-called pro-life group who are not really pro-life, but are really pro-birth. Once the child is here, the hell with him. That is evidenced by comments from the Palin apologists for her dragging that baby out to display him in front of thousands of people. At the time of the convention, it was said that the baby was four months old. I would not want to take a child that young out in such a group if she was perfectly healthy. A child with DS is more vulnerable to viruses and other infections. Shame on her.

    Further shame is due to Palin for using that baby as a prop to show what a wonderful person she is and how she knows what it is to have a special needs child. No she doesn’t. At the age of that little boy, she has no clue. I have an 18 year-old nephew with Down Syndrome. As an infant, he was a piece of cake other than his having frequent colds and ear infections which is typical of DS babies. Before he was three years old he was already being taken for speech therapy and I do not remember how many other kinds of interventions.

    Sarah Palin and the McShame campaign have made that baby into a plus for their political purposes. He is no more than an object to promote their devious positions. BTW, have you noticed that whenever she would grab the baby after a speech she never looked at him? He was a prop for her drama. Spare me.

    Thanks Helen for saying it like it is.

  433. Helen:

    You’re my new hero. You are witty, intelligent and there is no bullshit in your soul. Keep up the great work!

    Oh, look, Deb@birdonawire gets her quotes from Starbuck’s coffee cups. I think it’s safe to say that Madeline Albright does not support stupidity, female or otherwise.

  434. Helen:

    You are intelligent, witty and honest. We need more people like you in this country. Keep up the great work!

    Oh, look, Deb@birdonawire gets her quotes from Starbucks coffee cups…I think it is safe to say that Madeline Albright would never support stupidity, female or not.

  435. Thank you so much for saying this. It almost made me cry. You should run for the Vice Presidental office… God knows you’d do a better job then her. Bravo!

  436. Mel F.,

    Granted, there are people getting welfare that fall under your description of “lazy” and “not willing to take responsibility”. However, what about the 16 year old girl that’s walking home from school & gets raped? Or worse, her father creeps into her bedroom at night and forces himself onto her. Did she make a bad decision? What about the .1% of women that are on the pill that end up pregnant? Did they make an “unwise choice that they are not willing to take responsibility for”?

    I hope you will stick with what you say and you end up doing what you can to make this world a better place.

  437. your mean

  438. I thought I got this as a joke. WOW what opinions. As aconvicted felon ,drug addict,homosexual, minority I must say some of you are mean.

  439. Michele, What is wrong with mothers and families being on welfare is that a good portion of them, excuse the harsh term, are lazy or simply had an unwise choice that they are not willing to take responsibility for.
    In fact I would, adopt and someday will. But really, what do you at all about what I want to do with my life? Sit in a comfortable office pushing papers? No, that’s not it at all.

    Barb, thank you I forgot to proof read my post. But you clearly haven’t taken the time to read Nikki’s either.

  440. Michele, Mel F can’t even write properly, look at the grammar – so don’t waste your time, though your argument is brilliant!

  441. Mel F.,

    While talking with friends this past week, we replaced the term “pro-life” with “pro-birth”. Most of you that are in favor of taking away a woman’s choice and forcing them to give birth to a child are the same ones that complain about those same mothers and children going on welfare.

    It’s great that you say you’re willing to give up your time and your money. Does that mean that you will be adopting as many of these children as you can afford when you are of legal age and encouraging the abortion clinic protestors to do the same?

  442. Nikki-
    First off- that’s MA’AM to you.

    Now- I will tell you that those children are happy, and they are grateful. They are grateful to have people willing to give up their time and money to come and help rebuild their homes and just to play with them. And belief me ma’am, if the local children’s home in my area allowed volunteers under the age of 18, I would be down there every chance I got. The truth is, whether you wish to accept it or not, being alive with an opportunity to make something of themselves is much better than stripping them of the three basic rights promised to every American, LIFE, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

    The wonderful thing about my God is that you are never forced to follow any “laws” other than to love those around you, no matter their lifestyle or choices, but to also strive to be like Christ. God has given us the liberty of free will, but He wants us to WANT to be like Christ and to WANT a relationship with Him. If something is forced on us, there is no reward. I am not intentionally forcing anything on you, I am merely stating that abortion is murder. God cares about the children and the mothers, but He allows us to make our own choices.

    I personally, would rather not have been aborted. I also do not consider myself “religious” actually, that is the last thing I would want to be labeled. I religious person worships out of fear, I worship out of love.

  443. Yeah – I meant to bring this up before, but didn’t because I don’t think Calli is reading this blog anymore. Here’s a very interesting site when it comes to the “Bible is against gays” crowd. Happy reading!


  444. Hey! Don’t go insulting Alabama like that!

  445. Calli (to Justin): “…REPENT and leave your gay lifestyle if you are truly a real Christian. …”

    Gee Calli does this include the priests, too, from whom you listen to the Good Word and take the Eucharist – want me to start on this topic now????? Who are YOU to judge anyone, you pompous (no doubt in the closet) pig!

    Yea, forward, you’re so right, this just got incredibly funny!!! :)

  446. This is too funny to go away.

  447. yea, okay, keep babbling………

    hoping someone “stops draining social security” makes you a complete toad; and since you allegedly don’t need it, why on earth would you care if it’s depleated?

    Go away!

  448. I do not need ss money took care of my self. This was fowarded to me and I am LOL at all these bitter losers who want someone to fix something for them.

  449. Helen – If my grandmother were alive today, she would want to be your friend. Thank you for saying what so many of us think. I’m worried for our country but I’m also happy to see so many people on here who feel as I do. There is hope for us yet! You are awesome!

  450. let mccain in and you’ll NEVER see your own social security! ignoramus!

  451. hopefuly you will be gone and stop draining social security. that would be change we could all use.

  452. Have not got the stamina to read all the responses.. only to add my own…
    Helen!!! You Rock!!!

    As a 63 yr old granny, 2 days out from my 3rd breast cancer surgery, I’m happy to know you are here… speaking words that I would speak.. cept for the damned pain meds.

    Keep it up. One of my daughters sent me this link.. I’m so proud of her and all my kids for being so smart and loving!!

    Rock on Grannies of the world!

  453. God bless you Helen!!!

    I want you to be my Grandmother!

    Very well said.

  454. I AGREE!!! And I even did my own post on the Palin nightmare. Palin vs. TRULY STRONG WOMEN! Please check it out, it’s the Sept post, second one down.


  455. Yeah, I’m baaaaack, just can’t get enough good liberal sound bites! Ok first off….

    DEAN: I’m rocking now as a matter of fact. I’ve found death metal to be great fuel when dealing with conservatives. Flattery will get you every where, I’m shameless. Does my butt look good in this btw?

    SETH: I would LOVE to. Get in the ring that is. My bro was state wrestling champ 8 years in a row until he graduated HS and moved on to other things. Guess who his sparring partner at home was? Yup. My folks were good liberals and they thought nothing wrong with a brother and sister wrestling. Keep the jokes to min people, we weren’t hillbillies! LOL I enjoyed it and picked up a few moves allright. Throw in my kick boxing experience and I’m ready to get in the ring with any neocon any day. In fact it would be a pleasure to sweep the floor with them. YES, IAM that MAD, that I DO think kicking somebodys arse might make me feel better. KA-POWWWWWWW!!!

    Is ‘hate’ too strong a word? I used to hate that word, hahahahaha, but now I find it weasling its way in to my vocabulary!

    Oh God, we can’t forget poor misguided Mel, who in his response does show that he is a caring man. However, I think he mistook the suffering children’s ‘happiness’ as he called it for something else entirely. Mel, please do not confuse that happiness with gratefulness, and the neediness that comes from sheer desperation. I’ve worked with these kids and to call them HAPPY is a gross misjudgement of character. I think you saw what you wanted to see. Perhaps you are insinuating they are just happy to be alive, but I’ver had many tell me they wish they never were, saddend that not only did their parents turn their back on them, but now so has their countrymen. Again, shame. You leave no answer as to what we would do with all the ADDITIONAL ‘unwanted’ living children’ if abortions were illegal. Where would they go? Who is going to care for them? If you force a baby out of MY womb, I’ll make sure that every single No-Choicer on earth gets a unwanted, woulda been aborted fetus down their own personal chimneys. If you are going to FORCE me to have it then YOU will have to care for it. All the un-abortioned children will now be the responsibility of all the No-Choicers. And YES, Mel, it IS self righteous of YOU to expect ME to follow the same so-called ‘laws’ of your ‘god’ when I do not share those same views. Besides, since christians seem to think their god is so vengefull and all knowing, then wouldn’t that be HIS responsibility? To take care of these possessed pregnant women himself? Where is he then? Why isn’t he making abortions impossible somehow? Because the god you worship does not exist, and sir you are not going to tell me what to do with my body based on a nonexistent entity. Now, I consider myself a highly spiritual person, not religious at all, but spiritual, which I believe to be far more important than worshipping false gods. I believe in the mystery of the universe, that some answers aren’t supposed to be known, because we just can’t handle the truth, look at how we treat LIVING CHILDREN. Living spiritually means doing unto others, as you would have done unto you. IT really is that simple.

    It would be something short of a miracle if all these No-choicers put down their posters of cut up fetuses and went down to the foster homes and began adopting foster kids at break neck speed. Then I would say HALLELUJAH!!!!

    Mel, you are entitled to you beliefs, but only when they don’t overstep their bounds into MY body, that is when you enter the arena of the self righteous. You seem like a nice enough man, so why don’t you take action on something you DO have some control over? I just don’t get it. From this point on I won’t listen to another No-Choicer, not until they got foster kids coming out of their ears……

  456. Helen, I’m appointing you as my adopted grandmother. I never had one who was as sharp or spunky as you.

    Way to cut to the chase and say what everyone is thinking. I’m so tired of Christians (and I call myself one too) basing their life and politics on 2 issues: abortion and sexual preference. When are we gonna address the other zillion commands in the Bible about loving one another and feeding the poor? And for God’s sake…why must we check our brains at the front door of the church?!

    I can’t, for the life of me, understand how people of faith can support such a manipulative, ignorant, intolerant candidate.

  457. PBS has an online poll asking if Sarah Palin is qualified.

    Apparently the right wing knew about this in advance and are flooding the voting with YES votes.

    The poll will be reported on PBS and picked up by mainstream media.

    It can influence undecided voters in swing states.

    Please do two things — it takes 20 seconds.

    1) Click on link and vote yourself.

    Here’s the link: http://www.pbs.org/now/polls/poll-435.html

    2) Then send this to every single Obama-Biden voter you know, and urge them to vote and pass it on.

    The last thing we need is PBS saying their viewers think Sarah Palin is qualified.

    Right now the Poll is split about 50/50.

  458. Thank you Helen! You nailed this one. You said it loud and clear what any rational person has been thinking and saying in conversations. I look forward to more of your ‘words of wisdom’.

  459. Seriously!! You said it. I am so tired of men telling me that I should like this woman for the simple fact that she is a woman. Are you kidding me? I can’t even watch this woman try to trick the nation into falling for her act. She is condescending and it’s an insult that she is using this act of hers to try to win support. I almost had to leave the country when Bush won two terms. If McCain and Palin win there is no hope for any of us.

  460. To Helen, Margaret, and Helen’s grandson:

    I apologize for taking up your bandwidth with my posts. I hope you don’t mind.

    To all:

    Before the McCain/Palin crowd starts calling me a hypocrite (after all, the title of this whole thread is Sarah Palin is a Bitch… there I said it.), one of the main reasons I’m voting for Obama has to do with the health care plans that each candidate is advocating.

    With Obama’s plan, nothing would change for me and my family. My current family health and dental care coverage would continue to be paid for in full by my employer (yes, I realize how very lucky I am) and my employer would actually get a tax credit to ensure they could continue to provide this fantastic benefit.

    With McCain’s plan, my paycheck will go down significantly because the premiums that are sent to the insurance company will become taxable income and additional tax money will have to be taken out of my earnings. In addition, if there’s no more write off for my employer to provide me and my co-workers with health insurance benefits, they may very well decide to stop paying the premiums altogether and I’ll have to start paying them. If this happens, it’s very likely that my family would turn into one of the millions of families that have no health care coverage because we simply couldn’t afford the premiums of approximately $2,000 per month (I changed jobs last year and found out how much my former employer was charged via my COBRA statement – I have better coverage with a much smaller company so I’m assuming that the premiums are a bit higher). I may not be the world’s greatest mathematician, but the $5,000 tax credit would only cover 2.5 months of this coverage and I need to come up with the other $19,000 annually.

    This is meant to be a simple, straight-forward analysis of one of the issues that’s been highly debated in the current election. If you find that there’s been an error on my part, please let me know.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

  461. Hey There Helen –
    I really loved your blog. A friend sent it to me.
    What also amazed me was how so many people would use your PERSONAL BLOG to argue with you, each other and put one another down. Apparently you hit a pretty “hot topic”. Good For you!
    I am proud that many of the seniors of this country CAN and DO not only blog, but feel free to state their opinions in a humorous and passionate manner! I loved this.

    Many of the put-downs and “intelligent” comments of the nay-sayers are just angry folks who may be threatened, apparently, by a sharp and sassy 82 year old woman.

    Have a wonderful day Helen and keep up the good work!


  462. Helen,

    Well said! Sara Palin is an embarrassment to all women.

  463. Yes she would indeed!

  464. Helen would make a great News Commentator!!!

  465. Why? Your first response was just fine – I understood and frankly, you’re right. This trashing back on forth is getting tedious.

  466. I suppose that I should better explain my last post. If the McCain/Palin supporters want to win me over, it’s not going to be by telling me how Obama is the embodiment of evil or how I’m must be out of my mind thinking otherwise. If you don’t have anything good to say about your candidates, then why are you supporting them in the first place?

  467. I’m getting tired of this whole thing, to be honest.

  468. Not a problem. I’m just getting very, very tired of not reading a single positive thing about McCain and Palin – even from the people that claim to be supporting them.

  469. Thanks Michele – you’re the best!!! I didn’t even want to go there with that person – just another desperate attempt, I suppose.

  470. Obama birth certificate question – been there, done that. Disproved that myth over 7 weeks ago.


    This seems to me to be yet another attempt by McCain/Palin supporters to use a recycled fallacy to beat down Obama. If you’re going to support your candidates, please do it by showing how their policies are going to positively affect me, my family, and the rest of the nation.

  471. BTW, my responses to Alta’s smut are in parenthesis.

  472. Alta -

    “…after all I voted for Clinton and when he disgraced our country with the words I DID NOT HAVE SEX WITH THAT WOMAN I lost all faith in him as a President. He should have been Impeached for lying under oath. …”

    I don’t disagree with that, not at all.

    Plus Obama still has not come forth with a certified copy of his Birth Certificate. Or have you not heard about the lawsuit on that one????? If your (pardon me, it’s YOU’RE for YOU ARE!!!) not a citizen of the US legally you can not run for President of the United States!!! (Really? No shit, I didn’t know that! Please….) Lets see how he gets out of this one. (yes, let’s!) I am not a racist I have many black friends (and I’m sure they just love you) something of which you probably do not (who are you to assume? Yes I certainly do, but I don’t need to advertise like you!)

    “Sounds like you are from the South (this one gets me – I’M BORN AND RAISED IN NEW YORK CITY for God’s sake)

    thinking all women should be barefoot and pregnant and not doing anything but raising kids and keeping house. Wake up! Now days its a two way street and women as well as men take care of the financial needs as well as taking care of the home and kids!!! (AND WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK I DO, are you kidding me with this?) Your (there you go again – YOU’RE IS YOU ARE – get it right already) just afraid of Palin because she is a strong WOMAN!!! (No baby, I’m afraid of Palin because she’s evil and an idiot)

    This whole website is a bunch of nasty mouth people as far as I am concerned. All of you are frustrated and this is the only place Ya’ll can air your nasty foul mouth comments and get away with it. (Then get off the website, do us all a favor)

    …But then again I have faith it the majority of the AMERICAN public to vote for the only one person running who is qualified to run this country. John McCain!… (Yea, good luck with that!)

  473. [...] find this to be an interesting read. I’ll let you decide for yourself. Click here to read Sarah Palin is a Bitch…There I Said It. By Helen Philpot Feel free to click back and tell me what you [...]

  474. Sorry Barb but I am not paranoid. Just old enough to know better, and for your information I do not vote just Republican………….I vote for the person who I think is better to run the country…………after all I voted for Clinton and when he disgraced our country with the words I DID NOT HAVE SEX WITH THAT WOMAN I lost all faith in him as a President. He should have been Impeached for lying under oath.

    Plus Obama still has not come forth with a certified copy of his Birth Certificate. Or have you not heard about the lawsuit on that one????? If your not a citizen of the US legally you can not run for President of the United States!!! Lets see how he gets out of this one. I am not a racist I have many black friends……..something of which you probably do not.

    Sounds like you are from the South thinking all women should be barefoot and pregnant and not doing anything but raising kids and keeping house. Wake up! Now days its a two way street and women as well as men take care of the financial needs as well as taking care of the home and kids!!! Your just afraid of Palin because she is a strong WOMAN!!! This whole website is a bunch of nasty mouth people as far as I am concerned. All of you are frustrated and this is the only place Ya’ll can air your nasty foul mouth comments and get away with it.

    Yep I was raised in the SOUTH!!! So I can say Ya’ll legally.

    Ever read Obama’s books???? Think you should they are very interesting to say the least. He stands with the Muslims and guess who is trying to destroy AMERICA???? What better way for the Muslims to get a foothold in this country. We walk among many here already just lying in wait. Who do you think the biggest contributions are coming from for Obama??? How are they getting the money to send………why our high gas prices we pay for OIL is how. DUH doesn’t take a genius to see that!! If he wins I hope you and yours enjoy turning your faith to ISLAM and are ready to Muslims.

    But then again I have faith it the majority of the AMERICAN public to vote for the only one person running who is qualified to run this country. John McCain!

  475. Wonderful blog! I’ve said much the same to everyone who will listen. The woman is embarrassing and I can’t take another moment of her silliness. I cringe that she is raising clones of herself!

  476. Good, I’m glad you came to your senses!

  477. I feel your pain. I guess you really miss Hillary too. Speaking of…I re-read this “old” Sept. 30, 1999 NYTimes article that stated: “Fannie Mae, the nation’s biggest underwriter of home mortgages, has been under increasing pressure from the Clinton Administration to expand mortgage loans among low and moderate income people and felt pressure from stock holders to maintain its phenomenal growth in profits…From the perspective of many people, including me, this is another thrift industry growing up around us,” said Peter Wallison a resident fellow at the American an Enterprise Institute. ”If they fail, the government will have to step up and bail them out the way it stepped up and bailed out the thrift industry.” Hmmm. The seeds of Socialism were being planted in America’s democratic earth some time before this administration…but I’m sure with Obama in the lead, everything will work out just fine.

  478. Ahhh typical Republican, paranoid that everyone’s out to get you – GROW UP!!!!! Obama, the anti-Christ??? Why, because his middle name is Hussein? Sing a new tune already, will you, we’re tired of this one and it’s gone flat.

    Frankly, being a former-Republican (yes, folks, I admit it), I’m rather surprised you all would even CONSIDER a woman to be anywhere but barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen. And, well, there is the fact that most (of not all of you) are pretty racist, so there ya go.

  479. Just as I figured they removed my post that I did on Oct 7th at 11:37 pm…………must be a strictly DEMOCRAT website……can’t take the heat but can sure dish it out. OINK OINK Thousand of little piggies being led to slaughter by the PIED PIPER OBAMA. Wake up America he is the Anti Christ!!!

  480. Helen,
    You are dead on. Sarah Palin is possibly the worst thing to happen in politics since I gained the right to vote four years ago, but please don’t assume that all Southerns or people with a certain dialect are stupid. Why aren’t woman like you in ruling positions?

  481. You women really rock!!!!

    Keep up the good work.

  482. Dear Helen:
    You are the bomb!! You make me proud to be an almost senior citizen–and a woman!!
    I LOVE your honesty, your no-holds-barred articulation of reality. I am going to circulate this blog to everyone I can think of–of course, they are already in your camp when it comes to Palin, but I think they’ll get a charge out of you.
    Keep on telling it like it is! I hope I’m giving them hell when I am 82! You are my hero!

  483. Helen – you are the first person brave enough to ask out loud – why aren’t Palin’s kids college material??? Good for you! The press tries to make it sound so wonderful that her kid with a strange name joined the Army. Geeez, I’m pretty sure she and the “first dude” laid down the law and said, “Either get a job or join the Army.” so he did. And the fact that Palin herself made a big deal of a pregnant teen and her sperm-donor friend – who in the world would air that dirty laundry on national TV? And then says family issues are off limits for politics – unless it suits Palin for a photo-op. I cannot listen to her voice again, so I’m glad there was only one debate. Keep posting these blogs, Helen – you’re the best!

  484. Helen – you’ve hit the nail on the head! It’s such a pleasure to read your blog on Palin. You’re right she is an “ignorant, ranting, whining bitch”! It’s about time someone called her what she is. Furthermore you’re right about her being a crappy mother – not only is her special needs infant toted around for photo ops – you notice she’s only holding him for a moment or two so the photographers can take some pictures – then he’s pawned off on various family members until the youngest daughter winds up holding him. Not for nothing but she’s too young to be up at 11 pm too, let alone assuming the parenting of a special needs infant while the parents campaign. My mom is 82 and also named Helen. You and her would get along great I think! Keep up the good work :)

  485. I say “you go girl”! You hit enough nails on the head to build a house. How people out there are bamboozled by her fake folksiness – particularly after the last 8 years – is completely beyond me. I guess Mencken was right: “Never underestimate the stupidity of the American people”

  486. Thanks for posting, Helen.
    We do not need any more “just folks” politicians running this country. Life is complicated, politics are complicated. That’s why the Palin selection is so sad. It’s not just a case of women turning against women. It’s women being intelligent enough to know when they are being sold an empty sack or bag of goods. Doncha betcha?

  487. hallelujah, amen, ms. helen.

    i hope i have your fire in about 40 years! can i adopt you as my nearly grandmother?

  488. This portrait is so true to life!!
    I agree totally.
    Many of the points, I had already thought of myself.
    The one about college though, I had not, but it is an excellent one.
    What a fraud that wind up doll Palin is!!
    And you know, a recent MRI performed on her has revealed the absence of thinking lobes in that bird brain of hers. It’s all occupied by the control center for her motor mouth.

  489. you helen, are an idiot…make that an old, ignorant, ranting idiot. I think you might just make a good canidate for VP…for B.O. as you both stink!

  490. Congratulations! This is the best post I’ve seen on Palin yet. She makes my blood pressure rise whenever I hear her nasally abuse of the English language. She can’t name the newspapers and magazines she reads? God, give me a fricking break. And the right-wingers think it’s perfectly fine to put this dip-wad within one heart attack of the presidency.

    She’s an insult to all women, like myself, who’ve worked hard (and avoided using sexuality and soul-selling) to get to where we are today. McCain sold us out. His choice of Palin proves him to be reckless, not a maverick. Do we really want this man sitting in the oval office with that sniveling, whining, uneducated, stupid woman at his side (or perhaps kneeling under the presidential desk?) There, I said THAT!

  491. WOW!

  492. Helen – Thank you for your post. I probably wouldn’t have had the nerve to put it in writing but I’m glad you did. I hope I’m still participating when I’m in my 80′s as you are.

    I do hope that Americans start looking at the facts and not vote based on their party. The two parties only divide us. John McCain showed how poor his judgement was when he selected Palin. Furthermore, why does everyone want our president and vp to be just regular folks? I want our president to be not only highly educated but very smart and have good judgement. I don’t want them to be like me at all. I’m not capable of running the country. Hello???

    Helen thank again! Looking forward to reading future posts. :)

  493. Helen U ROCK. I’m from Alaska and I’ve been telling people for years that Sarah Palin is a lying, coniving, vindictive, self-righteous, racist BITCH.

    Thanks for helping in spreading the word about this crazy lady! Keep up the AWESOME work!

  494. OBAMA/BIDEN 2008! It’s coming! :)

  495. Thank you so much for saying what everyone has been thinking!

  496. Wow! Thanks so much for saying what we all have been thinking.

    Helen, you are truly bootylicious.

  497. Larry & Carol:

    You are out of your mind. It’s ok. McCain is too. You suck ass, but thanks for playing. Remember, patriotism is supporting your country all the time and your government when they deserve it. If McCain gets elected, the best thing we can do as educated, free-thinking people is move to Canada or somewhere else, so all you ignorant bastards here can get the shit nuked out of you when McSame bombs Iran. You deserve it if you elect that fecal matter. We will vote for Obama and pray he brings America back to greatness. God Bless America and God Bless the next President of the United States, Barack Obama!!!

  498. Helen – Thank goodness there are still a few Americans smart enough to recognize a disaster in a skirt. You hit the nail on the head. You should run for President! – Ross

  499. Sarah has recently asked when will the media ask the hard questions of Barack Obama and when will they get straight answers. I would like to now how the investigation into the firing of her brother-in-law is going. I live near Detroit MI and I am aware of the national attention the Kilpatrick text message scandle received. Quite frankly I lean to believe that she would have tried to have her sisters ex-husband fired. I would like questions asked regarding that and real evidence to support answers!!

  500. “Sarah Palin is an ignorant, ranting, whining bitch. There I said it. But lots more are thinking it.”

    Whoohooo! you say it sister! way to tell it like it is!

  501. Go Rae Go!!!!

  502. Sarah Palin…., there are no words to describe what a sad, F’d up place America will be if that bitch and John McCain are elected. Thank you Helen, for giving voice to what intelligent Americans are thinking. I recently spoke to a 28 year old man, who told me he is voting for McCain because Palin is “hot” Thats what we need, a”hot” President in the White House. Remember, all you republicans who think she is hot, John McCain may not survive another 4 years, and she is what you’d be left with. She is an embarrassment to all women.

  503. I pretty much agree with you Helen. Sarah Palin seems to be an absolute train wreck — I find her a train wreck that’s hard not to watch.

    Well, here’s to tomorrow’s Troopergate report — likely another railcar careening off the tracks.

  504. Hey everyone. Margaret and Helen have been nominated for a Bloggers Choice Award in both the Politcal and Humor categories. Go vote for them at http://bloggerschoiceawards.com/

    Let’s make our gals famous!!!

  505. [...] want to come and spoon feed me facts, you are free to do so. But if a 86 year old woman can call Palin a bitch, won’t apologize for it and tells McCain what she really think, then we have to stop and think [...]

  506. Barb, I noticed that CNN report earlier in the day. I read several of the comments that followed, and the majority of them are from women who can’t stand Palin and argue that Palin doesn’t begin to represent them. It’s a complete opposite to the notions of the 10 conservative moms meeting together that the report addresses.

  507. And yet, CNN is showing/interviewing women in Florida who absolutely love Sarah, the “hockey mom.”

    I’m speechless, I really am.

  508. OMG!!! Helen, you rock!!! Iam 52 years young and i want you to adopt me!!!! Where were you when i was growing up with my wimp-ass mother and son-of a-bitch, militaristic father?? I am so proud to recognize a wonderful, witty, strong, way-y-y intelligent (somewhat)older woman– thank god for my wonderful husband who turned me on to your blog! Long live Helen!!!

  509. I adore you. I would like to bake you cookies and fluff your pillows. You are the woman I aspire to be.

  510. Ooops, something didn’t come out (not that it matters but, I’m OCD): It was supposed to say, up there, “At least Olbermann doesn’t pretend he was touched by a (insert diety of choice) to impart his thoughts on people, unlike O’Reilly and Hannity, et al.”

    Not that anyone but me will read it – I just, however, had to fix it. : ) Thanks for the forum.

  511. This is a hoot, totally.

    First things first. Whomever you are, you have my utmost admiration and agreement, unlike the typical Republican response of, “well, they don’t agree with me, they don’t know what they’re talking about, they have to be wrong”, blah, blah, and blah. (Actually, the blah parts are the most succinct things I think the GOP can muster. Man, I’m sick of that party of lies, exaggerations, and clueless self-righteousness. I believe “arrogance” is more befitting to a conservative, really.) I am tired of having to pretend that I have to be “fair” and listen or respect the other side – they show me absolutely nothing to respect, and I’ve no interest whatsoever in what a single one has to say, anymore. (They are starting to turn my stomach almost as much as seeing or hearing Mariah Carey always has – ugh, I can hardly stand it.)

    Second – to those people who still, for some unfathomable reason, still support this inane and thoroughly unqualified woman (I can barely type her name without my stomach churning (from nausea or laughter, I’m not sure which): Oh, please – how ridiculous. Sarah Palin SHOULD be questioned, repeatedly – investigations of impropriety; the audacity to try to regulate other people’s morality when she doesn’t even have a clue about her own family’s “moral decisions”; she “doesn’t exactly know what a Vice President does”; she also “doesn’t pay that much attention to Iraq”; her popularity in her own state that the GOP spouts about is generally derived from her instigating monetary rebates – come on, folks – you can only play these games for so long, don’t you think 8 years was enough? You should be embarrassed. She has NO substance at all. Seh’s cute but, so’s a squirrel wearing a hat and water-skiing around a swimming pool.

    Now she’s found it morally correct to crow about these obvious exaggerations regarding Senator Obama? And some people are buying it? No wonder this country’s in such a mess.

    Third – one of the posters up there complained about CNN being “on the side of the Democrats, and how unfair” – I’m paraphrasing. Does anyone even entertain the idea that Fox News (God, it’s hard to even type that trite) has any sort of unbiased reporting EVER? What is with these nasty and clueless conservatives, anyhow? The Daily Show pegged it, and Olbermann is right on the mark with those blowhards. AND BILL O’REILLY STARTED OUT ON INSIDE EDITION AS A TV RAGMAG NEWSREADER. Remember that. At least Olbermann doesn’t pretend he was touched by a to impart his thoughts on people, unlike O’Reilly and Hannity, et al. And of course, Jon Stewart knows who he is. He also knows the Republican party provides a lot more comedic entertainment, and they are hardly even trying.

    Finally, I was saying to my husband after I discovered this blog that, though I certainly could be wrong, I wondered if you, Helen, are really, say, your grandson – or whomever – posing as this very funny, charming, and truly on – the – mark woman and of course, has access to all these great photos of the same ladies and therefore, can make it appear to be she. (Not that it’s impossible for a woman of that – or any – age to be so involved and well – informed – of course not; my dad’s 79, and he’s a kickin’ old guy.) However, it matters not who is behind all this – what a great read, and it’s refreshing to see so many who still have the capability of using their thinking mind to try and help solve the disaster that the last eight years have wrought.

    Thank you, again. : )

  512. Helen, you are a hoot! Thanks for making me laugh at the end of another long day. xo

  513. Ok – my first post didn’t go through… so in order to condense what I wanted to say – yes, I agree Palin is a MAJOR BITCH & MCCAIN SUCKS AZZZZ! And yes – I know how I spelled it !

  514. Thank you for this entry, Helen. I couldn’t agree more. You have an enviable way with words–thank you for using that talent to say what so many of us are thinking.

    You’re awesome.

  515. Nikki,
    I am so sorry that you do not see how abortion is the murder of an unborn child. No matter the circumstances of the conception the fetus, aka a child, is alive and breathing. I’m not sure what a fetus would be other than a HUMAN. Those orphans your talking about, would you kill them? No, I highly doubt you would. So how could you possibly be okay will kill an unborn human, death is just at painful for them as it is for someone outside of the womb.

    I was in NO way trying to speak on God’s behalf. You are correct in saying that no one can do that. But I do believe that the Bible is God breathed and that He can use His creation to speak through. I am incredibly sorry that you believe you are no one, I certainly don’t. I know that I have a place and purpose for being on this Earth and so do you.

    I do know about the children in Africa and Mississippi. I have been to Nicaragua (and Mississippi since you mentioned it) and witnessed the work there is still to be done a year after hurricane Felix hit. I have seen the children who are living without even the bare necessities. It breaks my heart. But I also know that they are the happiest kids I have ever encountered. I care about them more than you can imagine. They are joyful and THANKFUL for a God that loves them and cares about them.

    I did not mean to come across as trying to shove anything down your throat or as you like to refer to me as a “self righteous ass” I merely wanted to point something out.

  516. Last time, I looked, walking around with a baby with special needs with all the press lights and noises around it isn’t good for the child!

    Besides, what about that part in her life when her water broke and she kept going from one place to the other ? She’s was trying to loose the baby ! The same one she holds high when the spotlights get turned on !

    My hat’s off to you, lady!

    Very well said!

  517. Ladies,
    I have passed your blog onto many friends and here is one response I would like to share;

    OMG, I have tears in my eyes.
    Your email arrived while I was outside talking to my 75+ neighbor – she was bathing her terracotta angels. I’ve lived next door to her for 30 years – a twice widowed Spanish woman who sounds like Charro. She’s a good Catholic girl, very conservative and all these years I’ve thought she was a staunch Republican. Boy was I surprised when she pointed to my Obama yard sign and told me she liked it. Furthermore she told me she prayed for Barack every day and she even has a picture of him in her kitchen so she can discuss things with him. I used to think yard signs were kind of tacky, but I highly recommend getting one if you haven’t already. You never know what you’ll find out about your neighbors.

    Also, if you know Margaret and Helen you might want to tell them that my mother who turned 82 three days ago, and has been a registered Republican all her life, is out knocking on doors in Colorado…for Obama! For the very same reason – she and my father believe it is time to pass things on to the grandchildren.

  518. Helen, you’re FABULOUS. Wise, funny, and telling the truth. I love it. I will be checking in every day from now on.

  519. I have to quote you Helen:
    “You refuse to give live interviews and then whine when your taped interviews get edited”

    That is exactly the point why she wouldn’t even make it anywhere Helen!
    SHE CANNOT SPEAK what needs to be spoken – she’s a ditzoid from hell with a face only her mother would love, and sometimes I wonder!

    The woman doesn’t have an ounce of intelligence in her pinky – let alone brain !

    She’s a bitch – yes – and a cocky one at that – and she’s going to eat her crap – (to put it nicely).
    God forbid McCain would ever get elected and croak – can you imagine her for president ?

    I’d be the first one outta here and moving to another country !
    The hell with that !
    She has no commense sense at all !

    She will never make it anywhere – and she’s really got to get over herself with the SHE’S A HOT BABE mentality that alot of men are thinking & commenting about her !

    Her face shows that of lies, deception…
    That little stupid grin she has makes me wanna hurl – and yes – right along with you – I’ll make it into the shape of Alaska !

    Ok – She is a bitch – need I say anything else?
    OH yeah – and for the record – MCCAIN SUCKS ASSSSSS !!!!

  520. This was a fantasic post! Thank you so much for writing it- I second every word you said!
    I think we may even be related, because my great-grandmother was from Waxahachie, Texas, and her mother was a Philpot.
    Keep writing and take care,
    Emma Curry-Stodder
    Age 17
    West Hartford, CT

  521. Awesome, this is pure awesome. Glad to see not all of our older populous has lost their minds.

  522. You are fabulous. My sister sent me this link and I agree. Katie Couric should interview you!

  523. I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard. Thank you so much for your blog.

  524. Id first say that if I disagreed with you…I wouldn’t call you names or berate you. My mother taught me to respect others opinions and especially to respect my elders. With that said I totally agree with you. After 8 horrible years of GWB, I cant believe there is still a person in this country who would openly admit they are even a Republican. McCain and Palin scare the hell out of me.

  525. i love this and its oh so true. couldnt have said it better myself. this should be televised. helen needs to be the next guest on saturday night live, for real. i’m with you helen. i’m reading this over and over, to me delight, and hope and wish helen gets to be heard on some other relevant topics.

  526. I can’t get enough of this. I don’t care how old or young you are. I also don’t mind the language.
    Your points are not only valid, but hillarious and will put.
    I say to the Haters: If you don’t like what is written in this blog then stop reading it!
    And what kind of name is Cortillaen?!

  527. I’m a youngster at 61, but had a grandma who was as outspoken as you are at 96. Keep on speaking your mind. No need to mince words either.

    I just wish that folks who don’t like what you have to say would go off and write their own blogs. It’s a free country – no one is forcing them to drop by here.

    Have bookmarked your website, and plan to come back to visit as often as I can.

    Thank you!

  528. Way to Go Helen! I’ve always thought it would be great to hold the debates (first off, with all the viable candidates — Green, Independent, etc.) but with the moderator holding a “cut the mic” button that would allow them to stop the particular politician from trailing off to tangent land and not answering the given question(s). The said politicians would look ridiculous and have to adhere to the answering policy so that their thoughts could actually be articulated — otherwise — dead mic for them!

    Palin would have been dead all night, no?

    Oh, by the way, Obama/Biden all the way!

    Cheers from Monterey, California!

  529. Helen,
    May God bless you for another 82 years! Your mind is sharp, your wit cracks me up, and in these gloomy economic, war-times – you are a breath of fresh air.
    Blog on, missus!

  530. We’re voting the Margaret-Helen ticket! Love the photos. Love the sassiness. You made our day!

    The Gimpy Girls

  531. Cortillaen,

    While your points may be valid, thank GOODNESS you didn’t write the original posting, which would’ve been read by 2 people (you and your most favorite loved one).


  532. Thank you, Helen. You and Margaret remind me of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony. I have no trouble believing you are 82: how else would you have become so wise? I’m about half your age and hope I know half what you do. Sorry you’re getting the angry folks posting, but like Michelle Obama says, when it’s not true, there’s no reason to take it personally.


  534. Wonderfully said! First time reading your blog, certainly won’t be the last. And even though I’m married and everything- I think I love you :)


  536. whatever.

  537. There is only one person on this blog that has made a point. Thank you Cortillaen

  538. oops! Spelled Triple wrong – long day

  539. Tripel Amen to that!!!!!!!!! Between hockey mom and maverick, there should be a drinking game!

  540. Amen to that, and then some!!!!
    Could not have ranted any better myself about it. It is what it is, and its the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

    If I hear her say Hockey Mom again during any interview, debates or anything else where she oinks on-air, I will hurl a huge puddle of chunks in the shape of Alaska, with the ugliest chunk right where Wasilla should be.

  541. Amen! I don’t mind the swear words by the way, or the pipeline up her ass. Language always helps to convey emphasis. One more thing, what kind of idiot winks at a television camera?

  542. I want to be like you when I grow up:

    And when you get there, shove a piece of the pipeline up your considerable ass.

    Might I suggest (to Palin):

    “Up yer fundament with a rubber tube-a-ment.”

  543. I found your blog by chance and i have to say i am very intrigued. I love your politics and i love them more in respect to your age.

    I just wish my own grandmother knew how to check email let alone set up a blog.


    ill be checking back

  544. My This is Great. Keep on writing as those so called professional journalist cant seem to say the things you so clearly can explain.

    Look forward to your future post… Good on you girl

  545. I miss Tim Russert too.

  546. Wow, hate much?

    Seriously, could all of you DEMS and REPUBS just rent an arena and hash it out gladiator style?

    Then, we can elect someone who isn’t plugged in to the system.

  547. Now this is an interesting piece of work…
    “Governor Palin is a stupid, conniving bitch.”
    “When exactly do we all get to call “bullshit”?”
    “Damn I miss Tim Russert.”
    “Sarah Palin is an ignorant, ranting, whining bitch.”
    “…shove a piece of the pipeline up your considerable ass.”
    “McCain – the ass wipe…”
    I can’t say I’ve known too many folks over seventy who care to use such language. Of course, this is the internet. What guarantee have we readers that you are who and what you claim to be? Your word and some pictures? By that basis, I could easily “be” my father, mother, grandparents, aunts, uncles, or the family dog. On the internet, there are three reasons to identify yourself: The vain do so to flatter themselves with the idea that innumerable people online know of them. Professionals do so in the name of accountability. The deceivers falsely do so in order to grant their words added weight from the illusion of authority, wisdom, or competency. That you seem to feel the need to repeatedly remind readers of your declared age certainly seems odd to me…

    Regardless, I’m not the sort to take a hundred year-old’s words any more or less seriously than those of teen ager. That’s the best part of the internet: Should you so choose, you can only be judged on the merit of your ideas and how you express them. That also means that respect must be earned, and you, whoever you may truly be, have done a poor job in that regard. Foul language is the tool of a weak mind, a crutch to aid poorly-reasoned arguments by sheer emotionalism. However, I have read more than a few well-thought articles by individuals to whom such language is simply a habit, so I’ve learned not to condemn a viewpoint merely because it was expressed uncivilly. However, declaring one’s opinion to be immutable truth (“Fact: Sarah Palin is stupid.”) is a rather more egregious offense. It speaks of either an exceptional arrogance or fundamental dishonesty in the author. These, combined with the apparent purpose of this article being to repeatedly insult someone for holding viewpoints and a political image greatly differing from those you would prefer, do almost anything except engender respect. That you appear, by inaction, to condone “Mike”‘s heavy-handed editing of dissenting comments only further damages your image.

    If you truly are eighty-two years of age, I must say you do a great disservice to your generation here. Likewise do any who find your article “refreshing”, “beautiful”, or otherwise positive. While I support your right to say your fill, I equally support my own right to tell you that saying it this way only makes a fool of yourself. You could have chosen to explain why you disagree with Mrs. Palin on issues or why you believe she was a poor choice for the ticket in a rational, civil tone. Instead, you have debased your views to a vitriolic article dedicated to your acidic contempt, if not outright hatred, of the woman on a personal level. I am aware that few people, especially the set-in-their-ways elderly, should you be such, can take criticism well, but I strongly suggest you try to set aside your anger. Letting emotion direct your thoughts and actions has, throughout history, been a great failing of humanity.

  548. [...] it like it is to a new level.  Her three recent posts are absolutely an outstanding read: (1) Sarah Palin is a bitch; there, I said it.  2) Yep.  I called her a bitch and I am not taking it back.  and 3) Maverick my ass!  Please [...]

  549. You are so brilliant and funny. I LOVE your blog! Please keep writing.

  550. 82 year old women don’t use the term “ass wipe.” I call bullshit on this blog–but it’s funny anyway.

  551. 82 year old women don’t use the term “ass wipe.” I call bullshit on this blog. Although it is funny.

  552. Exactly how stupid is “Alabama stupid”?

  553. Sounds like you are the old bitch…if you don’t like it, leave like Vanessa…

  554. The best thing I’ve read on-line EVER. You are the best if you ran I would vote for you.

  555. Helen … Thank YOU!! Wish I could meet you and chat. How nice to hear someone finally willing to tell it like it is! Keep it up ….

  556. It’s too bad that it takes name-calling to call attention to the obvious ineptness of Gov Palin. However, I was so horrified when I watched the Couric – Palin interview, I nearly fainted. Couric is an intelligent, polished, interviewer and it must have been shocking to her to have to listen to Palin’s blubbering, nonsensical answers. To know that this interview identifies Palin is a cause for everyday headaches. This country is in deep need of spiritual intervention along with the cool, informed intelligence of Sen Obama.

  557. Helen, you are remarkable woman. This is perhaps the most insightful and funny rant I’ve read in a long while. Seems you’ve got the insight of Jim Hightower, the wit of John Scalzi, the humour of Jon Stewart, and the angry satirical snap so many people lack today all rolled into the body of a feisty senior citizen. One hopes I’m still as sharp in another 35 years. You go girl.

  558. i feel like you have said everything that most women have been thinking for months now. Thank God you finally said it.

    Now if only somone can get Palin to read and understand what you wrote. She might realize how much she is actually hated.

  559. LOL apparently, Jeff, you’re not intelligent enough.

    “Your going to loose…”

    Firstly, it’s YOU’RE, as in YOU ARE. Secondly, “loose” means something not fastened or secured well.

    Now, LOSER means YOU – get a job.

  560. I just found your site, and I think I found my new second home. God Bless you for saying what we are all thinking. Keep up the good work.

    Jerame Clough
    -Next Gen Politics

  561. I just found your site, and I think I found my new second home. God Bless you for thinking what we are all thinking. Keep up the good work.

    Jerame Clough
    -Next Gen Politics

  562. You rock! I hope I am just like you when I reach 82. It depresses me to see so many American’s ga-ga over an poor excuse for a beauty pagant contestant who can’t even give a coherant answer to a question unless someone has drilled her on the right answer for days on end. Do we REALLY want this as an example for our daughters? I would be ashamed of my two daughters if they turned out like this!

  563. I hope everyone who has written here and everyone else vote obama. this clown loves to hunt what’s more she is teaching her children that it is ok to kill for sport. as per tv showing her with a child over a killed moose. Bad example as a mother and certainly not fit for a leader. as a proud canadian I speak for most that obama is the saviour of the free world. it is time america dump their stupid attitude to race and show the world that we are all equal. go obama go. long live barack obama

  564. Attention libtards.. Your going to loose..

  565. This is the best thing I have read in a long time. You should turn pro, Helen, we need straight shooters like you.

  566. God Jeff, get a grip. Or maybe job…..are you intelligent enough for one of those?

  567. You are my hero!

  568. To Larry and Justin….go back to your cheetos guys….you’ve accomplished your assignments….

  569. If you don’t like Palin, don’t vote for her. Simple as that. She does, however, have the right to voice those views, just as you do. When people have to resort to name calling and ridicule, it becomes apparent they’ve lost their grip on the intelligent conversation. That’s often apparent by the extremes of either of the two major parties. What a breath of fresh air it would be it be able to hear more views than what is spewed by the folks serving the kool-aid red or blue. But, that’s not how our “democracy” works…

  570. Hello Calli. Hello Lorie. Hello Dee. Having a nice day?

  571. collectively.. America is at a third grade level.

    we’re doomed.

  572. [...] Sarah Palin is a bitch…there I said it [...]

  573. Helen,
    I agree with everything you have said here. My wife and I are both highly offended by Palin’s “Joe SixPacks” references. It sounds as if she equates every man in America as a beer guzzling redneck.Maybe in Alaska…

  574. The Republicans should’ve just gotten Anna Nicole Smith to run. She has more energy than McCain and can move around better eventhough she is dead. Anna could ACT like she had experience like Palin is trying. Real life experience is what makes a woman. I can see Palin in a corner hiding when the REAL pressure comes. Or…she could just ask the advisors what to do. She wouldn’t know.

  575. Hey why do u keep deleting my post…I guess you dont wanna face the truth..Oh thats sooooo sad…u are just as pathetic as me…..

  576. Thanks Mark, agreed!

  577. I don’t know who you are, but I love you, and I want to hang out with you. Better yet, I wish we could get you in Washington. Reading this was definitely the best part of my day.

  578. Hey Jeff–The gap between Hillary and Palin is as big as the grand canyon. Hillary has a Law Degree from Yale and Palin has a Journalism degree from Idaho. What a joke. My guess is that you probably have a GED and don’t know the difference.

  579. It’s too bad your man Hillary couldn’t make it to the big dance. I can feel your pain and broken heart. Just because someone makes it without having a former President to give them a name shouldn’t make you bitter.

  580. OMG! THANK YOU.

    Her nomination and all her interactions – interviews, debates, questions on the run, etc. just make me think

    WHAT!?? I’m taking off work and making sure all those who registered to vote can get a ride to the polls. This CANNOT happen.

    I miss Tim Russert, too.



    My friend, Mitch sent me the link to this blog and
    you guys started my morning off BEAUTIFULLY!

    HONESTY, INTEGRITY and DOWN RIGHT BLUNT, I LOVE IT! I think the constitution calls it FREEDOM OF SPEECH, it’s amazing that it still exists.

    This blog re: Sarah Palin is the best read I have had all week, thanks for making me smile today ladies.

    My take on McCain choosing her was that he was not thinking of the country, he picked her as a slap in the face to OBAMA for not choosing Hillary Clinton. Although, if you know Hillary Clinton she will tell you that the VP job is NOT the one she wanted in the first place anyways.

    John and Cindy McCain need to take their 13 houses and go on vacation because after November 4th they will need to spend their time in other ways.

    I also have to add that the only reason Elizabeth is on THE VIEW is because Barbara Walters wanted to bring controversy to the table for higher ratings. I AGREE – EATING A RAT on SURVIVOR MAKES ONE FAMOUS? WOW !!!

    Oh and by the way… I can see RUSSIA on my map :)

    MARGARET and HELEN – YOU GUYS ROCK have a wonderful day …

    Kim Bachstein, Entrepreneur
    – Cicero, New York

  582. I am also an “elderly” woman – 75, in fact – who lived a few years in Alaska a bunch of years ago. Ms. Palin scares me! One step away from the Presidency, if enough Americans vote like they vote for American Idol, linked to a man my age on the ticket, she could become President! I’ve wondered a few times if McCain really wants to lose this election and figured by adding a completely inept ding-dong to the ticket that he wouldn’t win. Since I am old enough to remember women like Eleanor Roosevelt, I feel I can discern women deserving our respect Palin is a feather-headed fool by comparison. (Hillary doesn’t cut it with me, either). fyi- I am an Independent.

  583. …you go girl! Keep callin’ ‘em as you see ‘em.

  584. Hey, I don’t know why everybody’s talking about the Beverly Hillbilllies, Alabama, etc.

    The crazy freak is from the upper midwest, and she has that godawful nasal accent.

    Besides, any smart person from the south who’s not a racist (and there are many, including me) would see right through her boloney and put it in its place given half a chance.

    She’s so sick, we should feel sorry for her. But the last time we felt sorry for someone because he was so dumb and pitiful, this country elected him as president — TWICE.

  585. Helen, I’ve never met you but I love you.

    It’s about time we had more women stand up and say, “this bitch is the embodiment of everything we have spent our entire lives fighting.”

    To those who are supportive of Palin, I still have to ask why? Here are some facts about Sarah Palin:

    -She can’t name a single Supreme Court decision other than Roe v. Wade.

    -She made women pay for their own rape kits.

    -Despite being governor of one of the smallest states in the union, there are two things her state and hometown came first in during her tenure — rape and crystal meth.

    -She believes the founding fathers included “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance (the Pledge wasn’t written until about a century after America was founded and “under God” wasn’t added to it until the 1950s).

    -She believes a girl who was raped by her father should be forced to have the child.

    -She believes marriage is a sacred institution between two non-consenting teenagers.

    -She had to transfer to several different schools over the course of six years in order to graduate with a BA — due in large part because of her own poor performance.

    -Alaska has been the recipient of some of the most blatent earmarks under her tenure.

    -She can’t name a single news publication she reads.

    -Her idea of foreign policy experience is “I can see Russia from my house!”

    -Her energy policy has been denounced by energy experts across the world who say that it would take ten years of drilling before we see a single drop of oil and even then, the price of gas would only drop by a few cents — if at all.

    -She doesn’t know what the Bush Doctrine is.

    -She recorded advertisements for the Alaskan Independence Party, a secessionist organization.

    -Her spiritual mentor, the man she credits with making her governor, is a sociopath who brags about how he made an innocent woman in a Kenyan village a town pariah, had her terrorized and eventually run out of town because “she was a witch.” And his reasoning for why she was a witch? There were a few car accidents near her house.

    -In less than two years as governor, Palin’s administration is already the subject of two ethics investigations for abuse of power.

    -Palin saddled her town of Wasilla, which had a balanced budget before she came in, with twenty million dollars in debt.

    -Her claims of “working across the aisle” and “being a maverick” consist of firing everyone who doesn’t agree with her and replacing them with cronies who do her bidding.

    -She fired a librarian for “not cooperating with the mayor’s office” because said librarian refused to ban books. Town outcry got the librarian reinstated but she eventually left anyway because she was afraid of what Palin would do to her.

    -She constantly refers to average Americans as “Joe Six-Pack,” which I think is extremely insulting given that she’s basically saying average Americans are borderline alcoholics.

    -She blatently refused to answer questions posed to her during the VP debate because she wanted to “talk straight.” Talking straight is answering the questions, not dancing around them to pick out the right talking point.

    Those of you who want someone “just like me” running the country deserve to be sterilized, lobotomized, and left in a padded cell to rot for the rest of your natural born life, because you are a danger to yourself and others.

    This trend of anti-intellectualism has got to stop. You know who founded this country? Big-city, college-educated, non-Christian liberal elitists. The foundations of the Constitution didn’t come from Hicksville, USA or the Ten Commandments — they came straight from John Locke’s philosophies, collectively known as the Common Law, theories which are also known by another name — LIBERALISM.

    The greatest Presidents in the history of America — Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin D. Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, Bill Clinton — they were extremely well-educated individuals.

    I wouldn’t trust “Joe Six-Pack” with a student council government, let alone the United States government. Those of you who would are damning yourselves. Why do you think the Dark Ages were called the Dark Ages? Because ignorance ruled the world and that’s what you want to bring the world back to.

    And people like you are sickening degenerates.

    Helen, once again, well said on all points. You perfectly embody the spirit of feminism.

  586. I am a hick and you suck.

  587. Great post! I’m not taking sides either way, but this was one of the most entertaining posts I’ve seen in a very long time; thanks for writing it.

  588. All I can say is you Obama followers are like a bunch of pigs being led to slaughter!!!!! Oink Oink

  589. That was a hilarious read – thank you :-)

  590. Very interesting blog post and responses.

    Because you asked, I’ll tell you that I was referred to this site from a link on Democratic Underground. Fellow Democrats are welcome to join us there. I hope to keep reading what Helen and Margaret have to say as well.


  591. If Palin wins I can never leave the US and travel the world again. Everyone all over the world will laugh at me and stone me to death for being from a country that elected an idiot who claims she has foreign policy experience because she can see Russia from her backyard.

    Serioulsy, the world makes so much fun of us for electing Bush twice…..now Palin….wake up America!

  592. Helen check this one out, it’s Betty White as McCain’s speech writer and her opinion on Palin:

  593. Sarah Palin really has a degree in journalism?She sure behaves like an idiot.I guess Palin is the best John could get as a running mate.Considering that John,graduated from the bottom of his class,they sure share a lot in common.


  594. I salute you, Helen!
    If only you were in the race-I’d vote for you.
    More, more, more!

    Wailin’ Palin scares the shit out of me; everything she stands for is anti women’s rights, anti Earth, anti animal(It’s one thing if hunting must be done to eat-but she is clearly brutal. She’s even offered a 150.00 bounty for a severed paw from each wolf killed!)-she cares nothing about the polar bears drifting away on melting ice; as long as she gets to “drill, baby drill!” What is wrong with her?!
    Our orphanages are overflowing with innocent unwanted children and yet if a woman is raped, she wants that woman to carry to term!??!

    I’m voting early, and I’m voting – Obama/Biden!~

  595. I couldnt agree more with the Margaret Thatcher comment. As a British gal I miss her. Good ol’ Thatch.

  596. OMG!!!! I think I just found my long-lost grandmother!!! I CAN’T believe how much you sound like “The G-Man”. Our styles are so simliar. (Smiles)

    This was truly a GREAT, GREAT article. As a token of my admiration, I invite you to read my latest, “George W. Bush:A$$HOLE!”, which has become an Internet sensation. Here’s the link:


    Enjoy, and THANK YOU for a wonderful article!

    “The G-Man”


  598. Helen,, I’ve been reading your blog since Sunday morning– love it.
    Thought you would like this story on Palin about her Newsweek cover shot, it’s a hoot.

  599. Amazing hilarious blog – great job Helen, kia kaha!

  600. You are amazing!!! Every word I agree with..she terrifies me because she is so senseless, inexperienced (more than Obama!), and religious (what happened to separation of church/state?) that it would literally kill this nation since we are in such a horrific state…anyone for her really must be super glued to the Republican party…for god sake’s people, open your eyes! As cliche as this sounds, it’s time for change.

  601. I really believe you are the stupid ignorant bitch. No apologies.

  602. **Helen for President!**
    Gosh darn it! Caribou Barbie ain’t got nothin’ on you!

  603. If Obama wins..oh wait…according to most of you here he has already won so I think many of you are protesting way too much about Sarah…If what you say is true then why all of the chatter…Feeling a little insecure are we?! Heh heh!
    Hide and watch…You think this country is circling the drain now…Wait until your chosen one flushes one last time…Now…just get over yourselves and spin

  604. Nice work Helen. I’m with you. Keep it up and I’m glad to see you involved.

  605. You go honey…with all the qualified people out there, McCain picks this doozer.

    Go home and stay home, Palin: the rest of the nations’ women who are competent VOTERS don’t buy goshbygollygee bullshit. We refuse to step back evoluntion by voting for “any woman” the Republican party throws out there.

  606. Palin is not only ignorant, she is dangerous.

  607. Barbara, Then don’t read this……..

  608. this is totally disgusting. You people should be ashamed of yourselves.

  609. Helen ..you are saying the words that many of us 60ish women are saying .. This Palin is a bitch who would change all that we have fought for through these years. I saw young women in school in the 50′s who had back alley abortions. Thank God things changed and women have the right to choose.

    We choose Obama/Biden, how sad that uneducated, uncaring, unsensitive people will purposly vote for Palin. We know that Mccain will not survive and this winking blinking ding dong could be President.

    Horrors of what the whole world would think then. Bad enough that we have had an ill speaking, eating food with his mouth open, ignorant President for the last 8 years. Imagine our world if these ignorant women who would rather be like the poor girls in Utah. No voice over their own lives, no rights to speak out, no control of anything. Palin would like our world to be like this. She is a Taliban in hot lipstick. And likes to shoot Moose !

    Shame on the old men who chose Palin for Mccain ..

    Speaking of Mccain ..How has he gotten though this far in his campaign with not anyone asking him about Cheating on his first wife, Mother of his 3 older children, who had a horrid accident, leaving her no longer a gorgeous tall model, which gave him the go ahead to have affairs, and discover this very wealthy woman, divorce his wife and move on with this new woman ???

    Holy cow, he didn’t remember how many homes he owns, guess he forgot !!! OH YES THEY HAVE 8 homes. Doesn’t have to worry about any of his being repossessed does he !!!

    Mum is the word I am assuming.

  610. Nikki you rock.

  611. Carol JF

    I can’t recall the date (mid-Sept sometime), but, yes, it’s the Lonesome Trail one. Chilling.

  612. Hi

  613. I. am so. speechless. Helen, you said what I’ve been feeling, I have not been able to articulate through my rage at this sham of an election. How many pundits are out there saying what you are? But somehow yours was the money shot. I really agree with you; I couldn’t agree more, and I wish there were a million Helens — the glass ceiling would’ve been broken a looong time ago.
    Your blog is so cool I forwarded to my friends. Thanks for making me feel heard.
    -With love from California

  614. You go girl! You are my hero!

  615. Kelley, thanks for the english lesson. I didn’t have time to spellcheck my first-draft. Maybe I should have a ghostwriter like Osama had to write my blogs for me. I’m sorry that the content was too far above your head to really respond to.
    Your a bitch just like all bleeding heart liberals. There I said it — _you’re_ a bitch – thanks Helen

  616. Is it the Sept 15 issue, the article titled, The Lonesome Trail? excues my typo, the refeence is STEPFORD WIFE!

  617. I have seen several references to the New Yorker article regarding Cindy McCain, AKA stpford wife, which issue was it in, what’s the name of the article?

  618. Great post, Helen. I agree that Palin is a bitch (a beauty contestant AND a basketball player? definitely a bitch).

    But I don’t think she’s stupid. I think she’s narrow-minded, unsophisticated, un-nuanced, shallow, petty, immature and brainwashed by religion (did I just describe W or what!?!?!?). But not stupid.

    No, stupid is a label that should be left for the people who think Palin is a legitimate choice for VP and possibly Pres, and therefore vote for the Republican ticket. I don’t agree with John McCain on most things, and I wasn’t going to vote for him anyway, but I could have lived with him as Pres. Now, that prospect sends chills up my spine. WHY?
    - Because he made an impulsive, reckless choice of runningmate.
    - Because he brought her on the ticket to appease the far right that threatened to boycott the election, thereby showing that he in fact is NOT the independent person he claims to be.
    - Because he, like so many other (but not all) men, seems to throw all reason to the wind because this woman winked at him.

    But he probably relates well to bitchy women. Did anyone read the article in the New Yorker a few weeks ago about his wife?!?!?!?!?!?

  619. Darlin’ Helen! Such delightful reading. I enjoy your columns so much. Bet it didn’t take you 5 years and 4 schools to get an undergraduate degree in journalism!
    with laughter, marjiep

  620. Nice Carrier.

  621. In Gwen Ifill’s defense, the McCain campaign demanded a format without follow-up questions, or Palin simply wouldn’t show up at all.

    Gwen also had no choice in accepting that, the decision was made by the “Commission on Presidential Debates”. As moderator, she committed to it.

    I do wish Palin had been asked constant and relentless follow-up questions, just out of common human decency towards BS. But the voters are seeing right through her anyway, bless ‘em.

  622. Holy Crap. You just said it all, didn’t you? Now I can say nothing but Go Helen! Go Helen! Go Helen Go!

    I love you!

  623. A woman knows what a woman needs ( and I’m sure a man knows what another needs)

  624. I also believe we should all have a choice in whom we wish to marry. (be it opposite sex or same sex)
    If you have not tried it, why criticize it?

  625. Oh, I’m so glad you wrote this and I stumbled upon it. Couldn’t agree with you more.

  626. Helen and Margaret:
    You’re seasoned with years, popular, computer savvy and spunky. Use those skills, and your 1st amendment rights to create positive change, rather than sling provocative mudballs. Blog about this: Ways to Sacrifice for our Country. Here’s a tip#1 to start with: Buy American.
    Run with it gals…(our nation has too much to lose).

  627. Rock on Helen! You’ve got my vote!

  628. No Mel, the most vulnerable among us are THE LIVING CHILDREN. And they should ALL be protected from McPalin indefinitely. McPalin has no plan to help the LIVING children who are suffering, in fact, he thinks we’re ‘doin’ pretty darn good’. How can he help them if he doesn’t think there’s a problem. I’m sorry you seem to think my womb and what’s inside of it is any of your business. Now get off your self righteous ass and get to your local foster shelter and adopt as many children as you can afford. These are the children that need you help. The FETUS in the womb is not YOUR business, and you have no right to say what God does or does not think. Who are you? Nobody. Just like me. No one man or woman can say what God, Allah, Buddah, or whoever actually wants, and anyone that claims to is an abomination. The bible is NOT the literal word of God, and was created by men seeking power and wealth. Help the living children, I beg you Mel, for they need you now more than ever. Your abortion war will never get off the ground, so its best you stick to helping children who are here and now. Your wasting precious time arguing such a personal issue, when the LIVING children of your god continue to suffer and go without, while you continue to beat a dead horse. Get over it, your side lost, now let’s move on to something that we CAN be productive with. Do you not care about starving orphans in Darfur, or the Mississippi Delta? Are they less important than your fetus? Shame, shame on you for such an extreme oversight.

  629. Helen, Tim Russert (you know, the guy you miss) would be appalled by your comments and disrespect. He was one of the very few decent hosts NBC ever hired.

    oh and by the way, unless your liberalism is different from Obama’s Nikki, the statement, “I believe the most vulnerable among us should be protected” is not applicable.
    the most vulnerable are the unborn, and he doesn’t seem to care at all about their lives.

  630. Tim Russert would be appalled by your comments and disrespect. He was one of the very few decent hosts NBC ever hired.

    oh and by the way, unless your liberalism is different from Obama’s Nikki, the statement, “I believe the most vulnerable among us should be protected” is not applicable.
    the most vulnerable are the unborn, and he doesn’t seem to care at all about their lives.

  631. My name is Paula and look where I sit..
    In the world of ‘DUH!’ and my head is full of Shit…
    I don’t even know whats latest in the news..
    But I do like to stick my finger in other people’s views…

  632. Keep on keeping on Helen. McCain could have
    picked a mop and door mat for what he got
    in Palin. The American people deserve better.McCain, lets face it is not the most respected amoung women. Cindy was dating him
    while he was still married to his first wife. I’ll take
    Obama and Biden’s family values any day.

  633. This is long, but needs to be said. I get tired of all the ‘bad liberal’ talk, when most don’t even know what the true essence of a liberal is. So, let’s clear that up. Below is what being a liberal means to me. And I come from a long line of ‘em! My Cherokee ancestors decided to flee the trail of tears and refused to be numbered. They were the real warriors, the original liberals, the true freedom fighters. We refused to be numbered and turned down reparitions. I’m proud of where I come from, a long line of people who refused to believe the government at face value.

    A Liberal Moral Creed
    By Rodger Raino

    * I believe people are more important than things
    * I believe all of our children should have access to a high quality education
    * I believe we should respect those who are different than ourselves and treat them with dignity
    * I believe everyone should be treated equally under the law
    * I believe the most vulnerable among us should be protected
    * I believe that while war may regrettably be necessary it should only be undertaken after all other solutions have been exhausted
    * I believe encouraging diverse viewpoints makes us stronger
    * I believe society should be responsible for endeavors, that support the common good and are beyond the scope of individuals
    * I believe it is my duty to pay for the costs of services government provides
    * I believe it is wrong to dictate the beliefs of others
    * I believe that none of us should be forced to live in poverty
    * I believe everyone should have enough to eat
    * I believe everyone should have a place to live
    * I believe everyone should have access to quality healthcare
    * I believe all religious traditions deserve respect
    * I believe that those who claim to speak for God have not been listening carefully to the words of God
    * I believe that moral positions which promote hate are actually immoral
    * I believe I am responsible for my own behavior and the consequences of that behavior
    * I believe t hat policy decisions should be based on facts and science
    * I believe we should try to eradicate the root causes of crime
    * I believe criminal justice should never be cruel
    * I believe it is wrong to take advantage of others
    * I believe we must resist the temptation of majorities to tyrannize minorities

    As for anyone who thinks there is anything wrong with any of those statements…..well, you need more help than anyone could possibly give you. Shame too, because Karma is the real bitch here, and when she kicks your ass I’m gonna laugh all the way to the bank!

  634. I’m English and even I shudder at the thought of what would happen if McCain/Palin got elected – let alone if something happened to McCain and you’re left with HER as the President.

    There’s a new doll for your daughter to buy ‘President Barbie’. About as plastic and empty headed as the real thing.

    I hope when I get to your age I can be as forthright as you.

  635. Hey, I’m Calli too! Wow! We are all drones created by the Republicans. Now, where’d I put my remote control, I need to see what important information Fox News is sharing today!

  636. Carol Nabb
    Where’s the link to that statistic comparing IQ levels? I haven’t seen that research paper. As a researcher, I wouldn’t trust it anyway. Research is only as good as the person paying the bill. It’s bad enough that a small % of people are trying to draw party lines based on faith………very bad idea and extremely insulting to the bulk of believers…..but now you want to throw IQ in there? Sorry, I’m just not buying it and I would imagine most people wouldn’t either. It is also an incredible fallacy to base your standards of IQ on formal education. The two are not synonymous. Never has been and never will be. Just look into history for an extremely long list of incredibly intelligent contributors to mankinds progress and you won’t see a higher education on most of their resumes.

  637. See Calli. It’s me Paula.

    I’m stupid. Please love me. Don’t change my words.

  638. Calli, you really are clueless aren’t you. Anyone can type any name in here and say whatever they want. THere are probably a dozne people now using the name Calli just to piss you off. Go away. You are sooooooo pitiful.

    To make my point. Wathc the next comment from Calli.

  639. I don’t know what polls you’re watching, I have yet to see a single one that puts McStupid ahead of Obama, not a single one. These people are just going to get more desperate and will continue to pull outrageous claims out of their dirty little bag of tricks. Isn’t it refreshing to see someone like Obama take their bullshit in stride with a knowing smile? Do they really think baiting him will cause countless skeletons to fall out of his closet? LMAO! See, the thing is, they don’t know what to with an educated brother, don’t know what angle to take, so it’s pretty funny watching them flop around uselessly like a fish out of water. They’ve got nothing on him because there is nothing to be had.

    I have attended O’s rally’s everytime he comes to town, and bring a van load of supporters, including my 3 kids. We protested the VP debate, and that is a long story, but suffice it to say Palin’s group was up to their business as usual trickery, attempting to keep the protesters at bay. Crazy. She was so scared of us. When her motorcade came through, the Palin supporters shouts of support were drowned out by overwhelming BOO’s. I’ve never had so much fun boo-ing someone since the 6th grade! LOL.

    When Obama wins, you will see me standing naked in the street, being born again if you will, into the new world. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah baby!

    To all the Calli’s out there, you’re gonna be hurting pretty bad when your guy goes down, so it might be a good idea to line up some professional help now, the appointments are going to fill up fast!

  640. TB,
    I have a gay hair stylist. The reason I said I think the website host is gay is because the way he writes sounds just like my gay hair stylist. Gotta love em, honey.

  641. Dear “Helen” and/or “Margaret”:
    What have you actually done – not wrote nor talked about – to sacrifice for this country – in a way that would inspire/teach your grandchildren, and all children who yearn to learn, make informed decisions, respect those that disagree, and work together in a creative (a non-destructive) way in order to form a “more perfect union”?

  642. By the way TB, I wouldn’t consider anyone who puts on a sheet a true Christian just as I wouldn’t consider someone who straps bombs on himself and blows him up a true follower of Islam.

  643. (From a Canadian, facing our own election next week… bet you heard nothing about it did you?)

    Helen, will you adopt me?

    Seriously, as a Canuck, therefore frustratingly ineligible to vote (which I wish we were, because, let’s face it, we may be a different country, but we’d be delusional if we thought that what happens in the USA didn’t matter here in Canada… although I think your electoral process is RIDICULOUSLY undemocratic, drawn-out and hugely expensive at best) I SHUDDER to think what will happen to this continent (yes both USA and Canada… not mention a few other places too, not to mention overseas…) if McCain/Palin is elected.

    PLEASE PLEASE USA, for the sake of not only YOUR own country, but others of us who are looking southward and shaking our heads at the sad state of things down there, PLEASE VOTE… and PLEASE VOTE INTELLIGENTLY…

  644. Helen,
    I’ve always wanted to be a wise woman when I grow up and you are a perfect balance of wit, wisdom and tenacity with a light seasoning of expletives.

    You rock the house Ms. Helen! WOOO HOOOO!

  645. 2 other posts not written by me but have my name on them appeared. I think I’ll just start my own blog and call Obama and Biden names and delete anyone who has anything that is bad for them. I must be making someone mad because they can’t handle what I have to say, they have to erase it.

  646. I have a problem with the word “bitch,” Helen, but I think I understand what you are trying to express by it, and the attributes you describe are just as obnoxious and off-putting to me.

    I have read posts here claiming to have been written by well-educated strong-minded women who are “proud” to support the GOP ticket, but I don’t personally know of a single one. It’s baffling how anyone could support Palin based on anything but wishful thinking.

    A Republican friend called me after the GOP convention, and I have never heard her so angry. She felt deeply insulted by the Palin nomination, and as time has gone by, she had gotten only angrier. She wrote a letter to the chairman of the RNC after the VP debate, and I would be surprised if she left the party forty years after she first joined it. But she knows she doesn’t have to be a Democrat to vote for Obama, and she is looking forward to it.

    I am, too. In 35 years of voting, I’ve never put a lawn sign in front of my house before, but there’s one now reading “Obama/Biden ’08.” I’ve never made phone calls before either, but I’m doing that once a week. Not only is it something I am happy to do, it’s the only way I can really support the Obama/Biden ticket. I’ve had to take a job at 50% of my former pay and I know it will be a long time before I get a raise since everyone’s salaries have stagnated.

    As both Obama and Biden have said, it’s going to take a long time and a lot of hard work to get our nation back on our feet again, both at home and in the community of nations, but we are a service-oriented country and I have confidence we can do it, particularly with the strong leadership of Barack Obama.

  647. TB,
    Where are my comments that I said anything about Helen? They magically vanished.

  648. So,, my maverick John kicked butt last night.
    I guess that Barry can just throw in the towel.
    It’s all over.
    I wonder if they will let Sarah pick the new Whitehouse china?


  650. Hi kids,
    I just smoked a fatty and had a couple nips… feelin’ good now…

  651. Calli and other staunch Republican: You forget that the God fearing, bible toting Conservatives of not too long ago were actually sheet wearing murderers who hunted innocent black Americans and killed them for sport. This activity clearly made them racist. Why must we label everyone? Politics is not about conservative or liberal (whatever that means) it’s about common sense. For all of you who are trashing Palin, let’s look at this from a different angle. Sarah is doing exactly what she intended, she is making us talk about her. Be it positive or negative, WE ARE talking about her. That’s the strategy. The McCain/Palin ticket cannot offer anything of substance so they are dazzling us her brillance ( just watch the way McCain checks out her butt each time she walks by) and baffling us with the BS. If we spend our time on her we will never get the real deal out of them. This woman has used all of her pagentry skills to command an audience. Unfortunately, those skills are geared to sex and some men can’t resist the T&A. If McCain wanted a winning ticket he should have chosen Condoleeza Rice as his running mate. There you have experience, intelligence, class and someone the women of American can relate to and be proud of. Someone referred to Obama as not having experience (check your facts) and did not want someone doing on the job training as President. What do you think SP is doing. Remember she was elected gov. with less than 1,000 votes and her two campaigns together netted less than 2,000 votes. We all know she is not competenet to stand ready for the biggest job in the country, so stop giving her credit by spending the time to discuss her. Maybe if we ignore her she’ll go away.

    PS, Calli, BTW, why couldn’t Harry be a 26yo white man? I find that you are race baiting. Is this what your party is all about? When you don’t have the facts or can’t defend your actions you stoop to name calling and playing the other card.

    This is an announcement from the land of common sense.

    TB from LV

  652. John…..you are an uneducated idiot. Please go away and play with your moral, uneducated ……. goat!!! I would imagine you can ONLY relate to animals and that’s because they are penned up and have no choice. You are like a pesky fly…..well shoe fly shoe…..you’ve been smacked against the wall…..repeatedly. Just fall to the floor with your smart ass remarks and die will you??

  653. Helen – you are truly magnificent! You have a tremendous way of expressing your words and your words I know mirror what millions of us are thinking as well. Thank you for taking the time to write these blogs. They make me laugh in spite of how dire this situation is if McCain and Palin are elected. Never will there be a scarier time. We’ll keep watching for your next blog! You have more common sense and wisdom than any media reporter does – they could take lessons from you!

  654. Geez, how sad that the McCain supporters have stooped to “how stupid you all are” and these others blogging on and on about being ‘hacked’ to waste time – -

    Helen we love that you posted TRUTH and didn’t result to name-calling, after all, Palin started this “BITCH” thing by calling herself a Pitbull-in-lipstick….

    KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK and the rest of you, GET A LIFE…

  655. Whoa, whoa, whoa…..James and John since when is voicing our opinions in this country amoral?????? I haven’t read one immoral comment yet. You need to re-read and look at what is REALLY being expressed here. If anyone has been immoral in this entire election process, it’s in McCain’s choice to reduce women in this country to vaginas for the sake of votes. THAT ‘my friends’ is immoral.

  656. Thank you Political Amazon
    I’m from the U.P. originally and find Palin’s convenient accent…..just like Minn, northern Wis and the U.P. ….insulting. What is even scarier is the thought of her representing our country, meeting with world representatives and trying the same stunt. ((((shiver)))) Another poster put it as clear as can be…..I do not want someone like me in the White House. I want someone appropriate for the job. Say it ain’t so Joe but Palin ‘ain’t’ it.

  657. Angela Marie
    “Her views on “womens rights” for instance are held by a huge population of the US. ” What counrty are you living in? You obviously are as ignorant of the views or your own sex as Palin! You and Palin are very much in the minority. I’d also like to ask you a simple question……what is your stand on capitol punishment? I bet your a hypocrit like the majority of pro-lifers.

  658. Loving your no nonsense, tell it like it is style, Helen!

    I think you can appreciate this flowchart of Sarah Palin’s debate flowchart:

  659. ~
    [stands and applauds]

  660. C Brooke…this is what I am talking about…look what grandma Helen is teaching u…

  661. Right on! I expressed the same opinion of Palin in my blog but without the wonderful sense of humor you include in your. :)

  662. Great post, Helen!

    I think it’s interesting that I haven’t noticed any of the folks blasting Helen for her post talk about how smart Palin is, or defend her in any meaningful way. It’s primarily name-calling and attacking other posters’ spelling and grammar. If you’re so excited about Palin and you support her so much, wouldn’t it make more sense to try explaining why she’s a great choice?!?

    I’m glad McCain chose her. Just that much easier for us to win on November 4th.

    GO OBAMA/BIDEN ’08!!!

  663. PS – re-reading my post, I should say that I don’t at all mean to imply that the 82-year old “Helen” couldn’t appreciate or even choose to publish the sepia image – just that it’s pretty unlikely that the character being played here would choose to make that one of only two on the site.

  664. Love the post, but it does seem pretty clear that Helen is most likely a 23-year old guy. I suspect you are supposed to get that joke, and it’s funnier for him if you don’t. I mean really, “Philpot?” How many clues do you need? But the real closer is the photos. The banner photo is a little too perfectly messaged to be accidental, and what 82-year old have you ever run into who would post that sepia picture as the only other picture of herself on the site? It’s an artful photograph with a level of sophistication that is not at all in accord with the down-home vernacular of “Helen.”

    Speaking of which, I think the mostly younger audience here has not spent enough time around actual 80-somethings, if you are buying the near-Grandpa Simpson levels of old-timeyness in some of the language (most evident in other posts.) Borderline Palinesque, really.

    I could be wrong, and as others have noted, it really doesn’t matter either way. But if it’s a game as I suspect, it’s just fun to play a little.

    Oh, and yeah, I agree with everything in the post.

  665. Now that’s the spirit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  666. Brooke.
    Read my earlier blog. Please.

  667. Can you be my grandma? If you take that job, can you do something about my parents? ;-)

  668. hey Nik- BITCH BITCH BITCH BITCH are you going to implode? BITCH BITCH..it is a word get over it.

  669. “Your insulting to a United States Senator who is so respected that his home state has elected him to office 6 times.”

    I wouldn’t throw stones when your grammar is awful. I think i leaned the difference between your and you’re in…. 2nd grade?

  670. One thing I’d like to add to Helen’s blog: Ms. Palin wants us to to vote for her because she’s just like the rest of us?? Well, quite frankly, I don’t want someone in the White House who’s just like me…If I did, I’d run myself! I’m smart enough to know that I’m not qualified for the job. I’d like whoever’s running our country to be smarter than me.

  671. Helen,

    I saw your post at Democratic Underground, so I decided to come over and give you a “shout out,” Sarah Palin style.

    Sarah Palin is not only a conniving bitch, she’s a certifiably crazy, and dangerously ignorant bitch.

    Screw you, John McCain, for foisting this simpleton on us. We’ve had enough “straight talkin” from both of you.

  672. Holy Hell, you are fabulous! That’s really all that needs to be said. Fa-Bu-Lous!!!!!!!!!!

  673. Helen..love you! I love strong and smart women too.

    Hey Marcus (from FL), I guess you don’t read the newspaper (just like Palin) and haven’t heard about the socialization of our financial markets by your current republican government, a move that makes Chavez look like a moderate conservative president. Get the facts straight. Over the last 5 decades democrats in this country have operated governments with fewer deficits than republicans. Democrats are the fiscally responsible party…look at the mess in Wall Street!
    …and a gun? why would you need a gun to defend your family from liberals? Remember we don’t have guns. Look at the facts and the numbers, not just the crap coming out of the Fox network and Hannity / Rush’s ass. I have a bumper sticker in my car that says…”Think, it’s patriotic” (with an American flag background). Marcus, it’s time for you to be patriotic.

  674. I wish either candidate would/could have answered the most important question asked in the debate: “What sacrifices should AMERICANS make to help this country, as they did during WWII?” There is such an sense of entitlement in this nation, that we have lost the biggest call to action for people (in a true democracy) of all parties, ages, genders, races, economic status, stripes, to pitch in. We’re good at “slinging mud”, we have been (and could be again) even better at building something worthwhile, together. Here’s a list those candidates should have chosen from: support wounded soldiers returning home, tutor non-english speaking students, donate time and just a few items to to food banks, build homes via Habitat for Humanity, report drug activities in your neighborhood (more addicted Americans are “funding” the drug-trade: they’re handing checks to Osama Bin Laden), carpool, exercise….that’s just the beginning of the list. But, we play video-games, buy stuff we don’t need, join gangs, cheat on exams, find ways to steal the identities and money of others. We’re not “all that” here in America right now. Both candidates had a chance to truly inspire every American, and even illegal Americans to step it up–apply for citizenship and join the contributors. Maybe they don’t think a great leader of a great nation doesn’t have to do that: inspire the people in a specific, real way? “We the people” need to sacrifice to bring about change.

  675. Wow Nik, thanks for teaching us about name calling and spreading your dissaproval. Did you not read the headline of this blog? Obviously you did, so you knew what words were in it. If you have a problem with it, dont read it. This is an adults blog to adults, its not on the Disney channel. So shut the Fuck up.

  676. Nik- Grow up – Bitch

  677. I would just like to say thanks to Greg Hiller and his post -

    “Shooting living creatures from a helicopter, and wounding them horribly, and leaving them in agony to suffer and die, must be the closest a human-being can get to the Devil; except for those who like doing similar things to humans in war-situations, although the pain and the suffering will be the same.
    It frightens me to the core that such an atrocious individual could easily become President, if McCain were to be elected.”

    Well said.

    What kind of a person does this? I couldn’t knowlingly vote for someone like this male or female.

    I do not see either intelligence or compassion when I look at McCain or Palin. The war-mongering from McCain and the brutal violence exhibited by Palin are enough to convince me that they are souless and truly not capable of leading our country forward. We deserve a president and VP that are human beings.

  678. Queen B- You need to respect your elders. The truth hurts .

  679. Marcus- The contraction for you are is you’re. As in… perhaps “you’re” the idiot after all. Before sharing your empty republican sound bites, learn to write.

  680. Nikki, I feel very sorry for people like you. The thing that you don’t realize is that Osama will tax you as a business owner way more than any republican. The only thing that Obama knows how to do is spend “OUR” money. He is proposing almost a trillion dollars in new spending. You also know that it will be way over the estimate. Who do you think is going to pay for that? You and I. YOUR THE IDIOT!!! If you want to live in a socialist country were the government takes care of everyone, there are plenty to chose from. I’m sure you probably got grants, loans, or somekind of help from the government. Affirmative action doesn’t work. I realized a long time ago that I’m a white hetero male and don’t have a chance against a femi-nazi like yourself or any other minority. But this man is not going down without a fight. Gun in hand to protect my family from idiots like you when we get taken over by another country and you defect to other side, because it was the politically correct thing to do.

  681. THANK YOU.

  682. Bravo! Bravo! Thank you for your honesty, and for writing what the others won’t say!

  683. Would absolutely love to send this to all my idiot friends who are actually going to vote for the sarcastic bitch/rich asshole pair. It’s as if you took the words straight from my cranium. Especially the Katie Couric question about what publications Palin reads to keep up with world affairs. I named a dozen in the space of her avoidance……4 outside the U.S.!!!! And she is a shortstack???? What an idiot. Didn’t anyone tell her she needs to be able to think on her feet? Oh ya…..that would be rather hard when you’re standing on your brain half the time or don’t have one at all.

  684. Ahhhh… it’s so refreshing to simply say things the way they are! Thank you girls for being real, honest, smart women, with a sense of humor and the courage it takes to speak your mind. Graceful indeed…

  685. Helen, thanks for expressing all of this so well. What’s going on is really scary (like, jackboots and concentration camp scary), and it’s reassuring to know that not everyone in the country has gone completely insane.

  686. Hey Tanya..I am not arguing with the fact that Sarah made bad choices…All politician do…I am on your side for that..What I want to say is that she does not deserve to be called the B word for that..
    and Helen is doing no good to the young generation passing on such words instead of good values…There are better ways to make people understand your point…
    Calling Sarah a Bitch may give her blog alot of hits and calling my Comment Bullshit may give your comment attention BUT THE FACT IS THAT BOTH ARE DISGRACEFUL…..

  687. Helen,

    I meant to write: I Love it You Go Gurl. All true and thanks for saying what so many people would love to say today.

  688. Well said, dear lady.

  689. I Loive It You Go Gurl…

  690. Bullshit Nik. She could have brought dignity to this campaign but from day one she started talking the same ole shit that the Republicans have been dishing out for years. She knew damn well that this wouldn’t be a good time for her family to be in the national scene but she said “screw ‘em! I’m going to Washington.” She bacame McCain’s lap dog… I mean attack dog and where I come from that makes her a big ole bitch.

  691. You Go, Miss Helen….tell it like it is! Too Funny!!!

  692. YOU WENT TOO FAR HELEN…Hey…yes you are right that she does not have experience and avoids answering questions…but that DOES NOT GIVE YOU THE RIGHT TO CALL HERE A BICTH…..
    You are talking about bad mothering ..tell me is this the king of wisdom you want to pass on to the young generation clicking on your blog…My mother or grandmother would never use such language infront of us..
    Sarah has not done anything disgraceful… McCain approached her she did not go begging to be the VP pick..that shows bad judgment on Mccain’s side..Sarah just grabbed the oppurtunity that knocked on her door….WHAT IF SOMEONE CALLS YOU A BITCH JUST FOR WANTING TO MOVE AHEAD IN LIFE….Yes you can say she is not the best VP pick but lady she is no Bitch..Ok..

  693. woman, keep on saying what you are saying and doing what you are doing. You are a true inspiration to all of us.

    Send Sarah back to Wassilla!!!

  694. This entry absolutely made my day!!! I couldn’t agree with you more. Keep writing.

  695. Hmmm… Helen. this seems a bit harsh.

    Though I don’t agree with Palin’s value system and voting for her ticket is out of the question based merely on that fact, I don’t think the personal attack is necessary.

    There are so many things wrong with Palin’s positions, which you and previous posts have done a great job of mentioning. We don’t have to make up character flaws or exaggerate intelligence levels to prove the point. It’s made!

  696. Nail, meet hammer…

  697. I love you. You summed up everything I’ve been thinking all along, but have had a hard time expressing – for the simple fact that Palin *is* a woman. I hate that of all the smart women in the US, she is in the position she is in. But on the bright side – McCain done fucked himself!

  698. P.S. To Marcus:

    Please understand that we all work hard and just b/c we WILL NOT abide with another 8 years of idiocy and economic collapse from the republican front, does NOT in any way shape or form mean that we don’t love and respect our country. Yes, we live in a great country. Did anyone say that it wasn’t? NO! We simply want it run better.

  699. To Helen,

    You would make my Grammie proud. As someone who comes from a strong line of women who are NOT afraid to speak their minds I salute you.

    To Those Who Oppose:

    You have every right to disagree, it is your choice, nay your freedom (wink, wink) to say what you choose just as it hers to speak it. I simply want to put it to you this way:

    “We have the Navy Seals, they are the best of the best. We choose the best people to fight for and protect our country. Don’t you want the best of the best to also run it?” – Tim Robbins on “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart”

    Obama is a Harvard Graduate, with multiple degrees. Biden is an established and RESPECTED leader.

    I am from the south and can say with all certainty that I DO NOT want another person in the white house who can’t even pronounce NU-CLEAR correctly. I definitely don’t want some woman (can I even call her a woman, b/c as a woman she makes my skin crawl!), who feels that we are all so dumb, that she doesn’t even have to speak in complete words or sentences when addressing us.

    Helen, Thank you!

  700. Carol_lou sweetie, if you must make me an ‘ist’, then call me a humanist. I can look at myself in the mirror with a wink and a smile, while at night I sleep soundly on my old feather pillow.

    Thanks again Ms. H, this was a fun little clip this evening, made fixing my computer much more entertaining! Keep spreadin’ the word sister. I live to laugh and learn, you can dish it. Whoever said write a book gave good advice.


  701. Helen, I think I love you!!!!!

    Can I call you grandma??? ;-)

    Keep givin em Hell … or as Harry put it so well …. Keep tellin the truth and make em think it’s hell!!!


  702. Helen, I couldn’t agree with you more!
    Sarah Palin is a tool. She’s an insult to the intelligence and appeals to the lowest common denominator. She’s completely conceited in her ignorance like a lot of the people who support her.

  703. Nikki, my dear, you are a poor misguided socialist.

  704. You’re right about Alaskans getting a PFD (Permanent Fund Distribution) yearly, but this year is was $2000 with an economic stimulus check of $1200 combined, due to the high cost of fuel, firewood, gasoline, etc. Don’t get me wrong, I am NOT for Palin, and believe she is incredibly dangerous…. thanks to my friend Rose for forwarding me your blog.

  705. Marcus, I know you’re home crying right now because McStupid lost the debate. Prepare yourself, that’s not the only thing he’s gonna lose. People are fed up with folks like you. Brag about how you work so hard, handing out money to liberals? Puh-lease, get your statistics straight before you post such moronic bullshit. You apparently don’t know that the vast majority of people on welfare nowadays are not black, but white. It’s also fact, that most of these white recipients vote predominantly Repukeican. Go down to your local welfare office dummy, and take a look around. Might surprise you to see all these god fearin’, flag totin’, bible thumpin’, intolerant rednecks waiting in line. I dare you. Go look, then ask them who they’re voting for. I would love to see the look on your pathetic face when you realize just how stupid you’ve been. Check the parking lot, there will be sure to be plenty of banged up hoopty pick-up trucks, sporting NRA, Anti-Choice, Believe in Jesus, and McCain bumperstickers spread out all over to hide the rusty parts. These people vote against themselves! It’s incredulously jaw-dropping.

    Stop watching Fox news, already and pull your oversized head out of your gaping ass. Please tell me just how you know exactly what Helen has done with HER life? What do you know of it? Nada. Squat. From what I’ve seen, she’s far more qualified to be VP than Palin, as is the cashier at my local supermarket. See, what Helen has, that Palin does not, is simple. Common Sense. Palin is clearly lacking. She thinks being neighbors with Russia gives her foreign policy experience. She thinks dinosaurs and humans co-existed. She teaches abstinence and family values yet her teen daughter gets pregnant. She can’t name a fucking newspaper, even my 4 yo can do that. She couldn’t name a legal case besides Roe V Wade. There’s more, lots more…. should I continue? There’s enough for Tina Fey to work with for a lifetime.

    I work my ass of everyday, just as you claim. I want my tax money to help Americans, not fund a bogus war for oil. I would prefer my tax money went to working out our problems in Pakistan and Afghanistan, to find the real 9/11 criminal, Bin Laden. I would prefer my tax money not be spent on dropping bombs on innocent children for a faux war. I want my taxes to cover American childrens healthcare and basic needs. So many of these so-called Christians preach all this love thy brother stuff, but when it comes time to help out they withdraw their hand. How Christian is that? Aren’t we supposed to shepherd the meek because it’s the right thing to do? What kind of world would this be if we didn’t?

    I’m a small business owner, and the last 8 years has been tumultous, now is no exception. You’re a real idiot if you’re a small business owner and you don’t vote for Obama. I guess you WANT to pay higher taxes? I guess you like forking out over a quarter of your monthly income to payroll taxes and healthcare. Obama has an excellent strategy for small business, and if these business owners aren’t aware of what McCain has in store for them- and still plan to vote for him…well, they’ll get exactly what they deserve.

    You’re a total laughing stock if you think Helen, or I, or any Obama supporter is going to stay away from the polls! Several of us have already formed groups to stay at the polls to ensure no unfair practices are allowed. What happened in your state will NOT be allowed to happen again. There’s a hell of a lot of angry liberals out there, and you should be very, very afraid.

    The true threat to our NATIONAL SECURITY you ignorant twat, is people like YOU, who support people like McStupid. You’re sinking our ship with this bullshit war, and the desire to continue the war, is the worst threat to our economy. Look at it now. What happens when our economy gets pulled out from under us Einstein? We become vulnerable. If you don’t see how that adds up, then I, nor anyone else will be able to make a dent in that small minded narrow brain of yours.

    Really people, I’m beginning to think that evolution will weed out these sort of mutations. I honestly think that is what these fundies are, is less than human. Perhaps they are just a bump on our evolutionary journey. Nature eradicates that which becomes no longer neccessary. Progessive folks are furthering their own evolution by keeping an open mind and a balanced life, and their descendants will be assured of a continued family line. I only wish that we were furhter along. These mutants will not last long, such is Mother Nature.

    Am I an extremist in my viewpoints? Perhaps. But I say desperate times call for desperate measures. It’s time for all the closet liberals to come out into the light. Be not afraid, for we are many. Come out and be loud, be heard, do not back down. Be your own advocate. The time to stand up is now. I am so gladdened by all the enlightened souls who chose to commend Helen, so glad to see you all out there. Wave your liberal flag loud n’ proud people!

    OBAMA BIDEN 2008
    (and don’t you forget it)

  706. Will you be my adoptive grandmother? Your assessment is spot on in my opinion. McCain was obviously counting on her ‘folksiness’ to play well in the stix to counter his grumpy pumpkin persona. Unfortunately, to a degree, it will work. I for one cannot in good conscience vote for either of the two major parties, although for a microsecond I considered voting for the Dems as an ‘in your face’ response to the Repubs for snubbing Ron Paul. I’d be interested in your thoughts/perceptions of Dr. Paul if you would care to share them. Thanks for a great post. I’ll be forwarding it….A LOT!

  707. You are one smart lady and you see through all of that lipstick. I like you because you have a brain. And so many others out there just don’t get it. They actually believe this woman would make a good V.P. And the ones that think this, really lack intelligence. They have to if they believe this woman can even be President. LOL…. Yes, they are retards like her. Anyone with a brain that works knows that this woman is a joke and no way in hell is Presidential. Lol… I have to laugh. And this really shows how much of a idiot McCain has to be if he pick a woman like her. He goes out and picks the dumbest woman on the planet. Helen, I love you and keep up the good work. And keep that beautiful brain of yours working. I love a smart woman and you are one of them.

  708. Brava. It’s sad that so few people have the guts to simply admit this. I’m in awe of your courage and wisdom. I wish you were my grandmother.

  709. Helen I’m sorry, I don’t like to disrespect elders, but you are so far off base with your comments about Sarah Palin. I’m sure you have had things happen in your life that you are angry about, but you shouldn’t take it out on a (very strong) woman. Governor Palin has done more in her life than you could ever dream to do with yours. Excuse me, I’m sure your the head of your knitting brigade. Attacking her doesn’t make your crappy life any better. It’s not your fault, you’ve been brainwashed by watching shows like The View, Oprah, Jerry Springer (the reason you hate hicks), All the Judges shows, Keith Olberman on communist MSNBC, CNN(fair and balanced HA HA!), and last but not least the CBS evening news with Katie Couric(now there’s a bitch). Like I said it’s not your fault your the Whining Brainwashed Bitch who tools around on your fatass while the real world pays for all OSAMA’S earmarks. God forbid HUSSEIN becomes president we won’t have a pot to pis in. Just so you don’t forget, this is the greatest country in the world and damn you and all the liberals who stand around waiting with your hand out for your next check from the government (which I work my ass off everyday with my own business and four kids to take care of). This country will cease to exist if self loathing people (like yourself) don’t get there head out of their asses and realize that Obama’s crazy agenda, that is tax and spend plus jepordize our NATIONAL SECURITY. We can’t trust this guy that no one “REALLY” knows to run the free world.
    Helen wake up, do us all a favor and stay home on election day. The country will thank you for it!!

  710. Thank you! Thank you! I’m so tired of hearing how happy with Sarah we women are – especially the seniors – well I am one and I love this country, but if Sarah ever made it to the White House – I would consider agreeing with reconsidering being the 50th state and I’m not winking.
    Aloha, June

  711. Who the hell are you and where have you been all of my life???


    Helen Philpot for President!!!

  712. Oh, thank you for saying out loud all those glorious truths about the lying wench that is Sarah Palin :o) I can’t wait to hear what you have to say next!

  713. Oh Ell, honey. Crawl off the cross now.

  714. Miss Helen, you are absolutely hysterical! I like many others want to adopt you as my own. And bravo to you for telling it like it is!

  715. I love the way you write! How about writing a book, Helen??? I would be the first in line to buy it!!! Your voice is what has been missing from life in America today. Keep the blog going!

  716. I appreciate your opinion, and agree with you that Sarah is not “all that and a bag of chips”. She frightens me! How scary for our nation if she is to become VP, let alone, have the Pres position!

    I’m a lifelong resident of Alaska, and am embarrassed that the nation, and the world, look to Sarah as a representative of our wonderful state. She’s not! Trust me, there are many here who do not approve of her either! In fact, many think she should be impeached.

    Keep up the communication!

  717. It sounds like Helen knows what she’s talking about. What do they say – It takes one to know one”. All these democrat respondents should certainly be ashamed of yourselves at such vitriolic personal atttacks.

  718. Anyone voting for McCain because of Palin or simply for McCain should be ashamed. McCain thinks women don’t get Equal Pay for Equal Work because we are not Educated and Trained. Hello, talk about being in the dark ages.


  719. [...] http://margaretandhelen.wordpress.com/2008/10/03/bitch-there-i-said-it/ [...]

  720. Thank you so much for writing this. I live in Idaho (where the bitch was born) and people here cannot get enough of her and it is SO frustrating! So your post was a breath of fresh air, thank you so much!

    Also the “Alabama stupid” remark made me LOL. Again, thank you.

  721. Way to go Helen!

    Sarah IS a bitch. Sarah should be ashamed of herself. McCain should be ashamed of himself. As the whole McCain/Palin ticket starts slinging the bullshit and the lies.

  722. Diane from Georgia, Actually there wasn’t a lot of name calling going on, just a lot of well written truth. She is more interested in political power than she is in her family. That is pretty clear.

  723. You are fabulous! I only enough people feel the way you do to make sure that Sarah Palin never darkens the door of the White House!

  724. right on!

    you might like this also:
    Sarah Palin, all-American Cheerleader


    “That wink is at the heart of her campaign. The wink is all about sex, which is what made it all the more jarring in the context of the national debate. It was the wink of a bikini-clad model selling a car and a dodgy bill of goods. It was the wink of a temptress offering a promise that will never be kept. It was the wink of the all-American cheerleader knowing why every male, and not a few females, are interested in her short skirt, and determined to milk it for all it’s worth.”

    sex(ism) sells in america. unfortunately this time it’s gone all the way to the top.

  725. Helen,
    You are wise beyond words. Thank you for being an intelligent female voice of reason, and I wish that you could be sitting in the town-hall forum toinght at the debate to ask McCain some questions that actually count!!!!! Thank you again for your wisdom, and your point-on opinion!


  726. THANK you, THANK you, thank you! All of my female friends and I are in our 30′s and we can’t believe how irresponsible McCain’s decision was to have her on his ticket. How are citizens of this great country falling for it? Do we have that many vunerable people who lack one ounce of reality in their life? They need to understand the big picture, we know Sarah Palin definitely doesn’t! I am mad that they wasted such a historical event on a woman who IS NOT prepared to a lead a country. It is an insult to the level of intelligence we have in the US!

  727. Even if you are 82 which I doubt, this is too over the top. Let’s stop the name calling and cussing. We can dislike each others politics and positions without disliking the person. Shame on you if you are 82 or if you are pretending to be 82.

  728. I am a 89 year young African American and I think that Obama is a fine young man. Just let him get in there and do his thing. He will turn all of the unjustices we’ve dealt with around. Im glad that the black voice is finally going to be heard in this country. I will finally be able to say I am proud of this here country.

  729. and Calli,
    I grew up in socialistic country in Europe….what Obama is suggesting will without a doubt NEVER leave to socialism

  730. Well, I couldn’t speak without my cue cards either, but me aside, Go OBAMA. We need someone to stand for us blacks. We been trodded on long enough. time to get back at those rich whites

  731. Calli,

    Palin couldn’t speak without her cue cards – see what happened at her interview with CBS. why does she not hold a press conference and answer WE the people….??

  732. This would be an ok blog if it wasn’t censored. Stop changing people’s comments. Would you like it if they changed what you had to say. Is Helen really Helen or Harry?

  733. this is getting funny

  734. I like McCain because he was smart enough to pick Sarah. She stands for everything that I do.

  735. Calli,

    As you (hopefully) can tell, I’m trying desperately to ignore what’s being posted under your name (although sometimes it’s hard to tell what is from “you” and what isn’t) .

    Can you please tell me *why* you believe (besides pro-life) McCain & Palin would be better for this country than Obama & Biden? What pieces of their platform do you feel make them the better choice in this election?

  736. Helen, I think you are brilliant! If I can be 1/2 as eloguent as you are when I’m 82, I’ll be a happy woman. Keep it up. We love you!

  737. Actually, you got it all wrong. I’m a successful business owner, and am all for doing my part, even if it means being in a higher tax bracket. It is our DUTY as Americans to make sure all the same freedoms money can afford are available to those less fortunate than I. Money is great, sure, but it doesn’t solve all your problems and you sure can’t take it with you when you die. I believe it is up to us, as a nation to hold each other up, and support each other, and to ensure that no child in the USA goes without food, quality healthcare, and a viable shelter. Being a selfish person doesn’t sit well with me, and in case you hadn’t noticed, your schools, fire departments, and police stations are all run by socialist ideas. Duh.

    I seriously doubt you have 2 cents to rub together because all the neocons I know have no money, live in rural areas, and are pretty backwards alltogether. So ridiculous how you vote against yourself. If you are ‘rich’ as you claim, then maybe you can hire your OWN hacker to settle the score.

    She must like abuse people, she keeps coming back!

    And, yes, I stand behind what I said. I’m not a nice liberal anymore, I’m fired up and pissed off. I have nothing in common w/Republicans and I’ve listened politlely while turning the other cheek long enough. Republican friends? NO THANKS! Republican view point? Spare me, I’ve heard more than enough. They have nothing to offer me or my children and are attemtpting to destroy the very faric of our nation. I will not sit idly by….I guess you could say I’m prejudiced against Republicunts, and that sits just fine with me!

  738. Calli, could you try some discourse that isn’t just regurgitated bleck and blether from right wing talking heads?

    Obama isn’t a socialist. Obama’s so far from being a socialist it’s a scream and a half to see someone call him that. True socialism would have you running from the country screaming, and wetting your pants. Study up on socialism and get back to us when you’ve been to eBay to buy your next clue.

  739. How can you see any intelligent arguments when I’m being censored and spending all of my effort defending what I am actually saying.

  740. Calli,

    You claim that you haven’t called anyone names yet there’s

    “Make me, pig”


    “I hope Palin’s little “catchy phrases” drive you nuts for the next 4 years! You Betcha! Gosh darn liberal nut cases.”

    Unless you’re also claiming that these were the work of “the hacker”.

  741. :D

  742. Hey Nikki,
    I’m sorry you haven’t gotten my comments without them being edited by the site’s manager. You don’t have any idea who I am. I’m sure not sitting in a trailer. Didn’t you know that all Republicans are rich business owners with doctorate degrees? Sorry to burst your bubble but I’m sitting in one of my paid for 1/2 million dollar homes. :-) Hoping that the socialism doesn’t become a reality if Obama gets elected because that means I would have to share my wealth with you who are sitting on your porch waiting for the next government program to help you out.

  743. Way to go, Helen!!!! Watching the Right Wingers having melt downs right here on your Blog is AWESOME!!! You are one powerful Lady!!!! Go, Helen, Go!!!!!

  744. Fair enough, calli. It doesn’t really matter in this arena anyways (to me at least).

    Nikki: I’ll have to say censoring would be the wrong path. I’d be willing to listen to intelligent arguments for or against…. but I haven’t seen too many of those.

    Kind of ironic name-calling someone because they swore at Palin.

  745. Then perhaps it’s time for you to leave a spot that clearly makes you so unhappy, Calli. Or, you could call Jerry Fletcher for help………

  746. oh, cussing is so intelligent

  747. Calli-get a f’n life!

  748. Max,
    I didn’t put, “I’m right”. The manager of this blog has added and changed my words.

  749. LOL, the only way McCain could smoke Obama is if he rolled him up and lit one end of him, and took a puff. Maybe McCain HAS been smoking……..something………it would at least give him something to blame his Palin choice on. *snicker*

    Calli…..Anger Management Class called. They want their star pupil back. Apparently you haven’t finished with your tutelage.

    Helen…….you remain awesome. :)

  750. I don’t care if anyone believes me. It is true that someone changed my comments. It may just be some lonely hacker who supports Obama and I pissed off. But I am lonely.

    The above is another comment of mine that is obviously altered by Harry or Mike or whoever manages this site.

  751. While I agree with everything Helen had to say I find it interesting that everyone who doesn’t is so angered. But I guess that s the Republican way…Clinton is an ass for having an affair..if Palin did have an affair, she wouldn’t be the first christian woman. Britney Spears sister getting pregnant is the mothers fault and lack of direction…Sarah Palin is so wonderful for supporting her daughter through her teenage pregnancy. ITS BULLSHIT PEOPLE. You always have so much to say about people until it affects you then you turn the whole thing around. I love how you all think Palins great…but I’ve never heard a single person give me any concrete evidence why they feel that way…why she’d make a GREAT VP. McCain was a sneaky asshole for choosing her in the first place and announcing it early to distract from what a shitty job he did at the debate. I recommend you all read this article about McCain.


  752. Calli- SHUT THE FUCK UP. Your idiotic ramblings make no sense. For those who think an 80yo is incapable of running a web page, I taught my dear old 95 yo grandfather how to do anything online and on the pc. So, yea, stupid shits, its not only possible, it’s nearly commonplace. If you were able to look outside that small, tiny, closed mind of yours you might realize what fucking century we are actually in (and that McStupid is too dumb to use a pc!).

    Calli, I don’t think anyone here gives a rats ass about your so-called opinion, because it has nothing to do with facts. And no, no one does care about you. Why would they? No wonder you’re lonely. You’re gonna stay that way until you learn to stop being a ignorant dope, educate yourelf, and develop some character. You sound like white trash to me, are you writing from inside or outside your broken down trailer?

    You honestly think a ‘hacker’ is changing your words? LMAO, like people would actually take the time to mess with an imbeciles pointless ponderings. Get over yourself and go play in traffic.

    Typical neocon. Unintelligent, preposterous accusations, prefers fiction over fact, and greedily eats her boogers.


  753. You repeatedly yelling “I’m right!!!!!11!!1!” isn’t really a convincing argument either.

  754. Calli, I hate to tell you, but no one really cares.

    So far you’ve brought up the one legitimate (ish) point that “Obama has a better plan on some issues but I weighed out everything to make my choice”.

    Lacking an explanation that’s actually worth less than the energy required to read it.

    So either leave because the “hacker” is messing with you (and there might actually be one, but again, I hardly care) or make a point.

  755. Helen I ADORE YOU!!!!!! I will watch the debates tonight with you on my mind….can’t wait to hear what you think tomorrow!!!!!

  756. Calli,
    It’s not fun being messed with is it? You have been dissing this site all day. I thought I’d give you a taste of your own medicine.

  757. Calli,

    Unfortunately, it’s rather easy for someone to change your comments here without even hacking. On my blog, which has the very same capabilities as this one does, anyone that is allowed to manage this site through what called “My Dashboard” can edit your comments at will.

    I don’t care what your politics are, but people that edit others comments as they have done to you, are dispicable!

  758. They changed my comments again, above:

    Please beleive me. Please like me.


  759. hey hockey mom-

    stay the puck out of d.c.

    drill, baby drill

  760. I may be a conservative and for McCain in the election but I have not called names (except for calling Helen- Harry) I did that as a joke because I thought someone else possibly could have started this blog (not Helen). Wish I knew how to change people’s comments. Am I making sense? Can anyone hear me. Does anyone care about me? I am RIGHT. I am RIGHT. I am RIGHT!!!!!!

  761. Julia,
    All day I have talked bad about what Helen had to say- calling Sarah names and attacking her children. I made someone who knows how to “hack” mad and they have changed my comments. I am telling the absolute truth. Please believe me. Please like me.

  762. I know it can happen. I also know that it didn’t.

  763. Julia,
    I am NOT lying. Some hacker has changed two of my comments. Don’t you think this actually can happen? It has never happened to me and I am outraged.

  764. Where is the humanity and respect for life? Can she imagine her family running across a snow covered field being fired on by a low flying plane? Her entire family being wiped out? What about her family living in the only place available to safely live and bear young, destroyed by a search for oil?

  765. Calli, no one would bother going through the trouble of changing your comments. You make yourself look ridiculous enough without help.

  766. I’m happy that you were able to make your choice by fact gathering, much as I have. I am not, as your posts have inferred, a bleeding-heart liberal. I am choosing to vote for the Obama/Biden ticket simply because I believe that their plans for solving many of this nation’s problems are well-thought out and obtainable. I don’t have the same conviction towards the other candidates’ platforms.

  767. I don’t care if anyone believes me. It is true that someone changed my comments. It may just be some lonely hacker who supports Obama and I pissed off. But I am lonely.

  768. That site represents a few of the untrue things both sides have said whether intentional, or not. I agree that Obama has a better plan on some issues but I weighed out everything to make my choice.

  769. Right, Calli – it’s all a left-wing conspiracy aimed directly at YOU.

  770. Well Leslie,
    You suprised me, you actually do not have a brain. We shouldn’t judge eachother, but it’s hard not to. We will all be judged soon enough. Like me. I had sex with a stranger last night but I asked for forgiveness first thing this morning.



  772. So, Calli, if I understand you correctly, it’s ok with you if McCain & Palin lie more than Obama & Biden? And we should still vote for (believe) McCain/Palin because they…..???? I’m sorry, but I don’t know how to finish that sentance.


  774. Um, hackers? Right. Calli, stop lying.

  775. Say Good Night, Calli…

  776. Helen,
    You are the anti-christ
    ha ha

  777. Helen….ignore her. Helen, you are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

  778. Helen,
    Go shave!

  779. Watch the debate tonight and listen to some of the truth to be said about Obamas character.

    Changing my words- fine. Try to change McCain’s tonight in the debate. He will smoke Obama.

  780. Calli,

    Have you actually *read* what’s on that site? On that page alone, it’s 7 misrepresentations by the Obama/Biden camp vs 11 by the McCain/Palin camp.

  781. Not finished yet. You want to talk about families? Obama’s mama was white trash. His dad was a drunk. Where did he learn his values?

  782. OMG! You said it perfectly! I agree 100%. God help us if McCain/Palin get into office.

  783. Oh, Calli, you poor dear. You DO need help. You know, there are MILLIONS of other blogs out there. Millions! Surely you can find one with people that will welcome you and your comments with open arms. Find one…or get help.

  784. This is beautiful. Palin is an insult to all the women who fought for equality and opened doors for their daughters, who are in Palin’s generation. She is so out of touch with reality, it’s not even funny. Even sadder, is that she is being totally manipulated by McCain. She’s doing his dirty work and in turn, will be blamed when he fails. She chosen precisely because she is too stupid to understand that.

  785. http://www.factcheck.org/elections-2008/the_whoppers_of_2008.html

  786. He’s probably the creater of this blog. There really is NO Helen. It’s a blog created by the Obama campaign. Helen is a man. A gay, liberal, hacker.
    he he

  787. “GO OBAMA! I first got on board the Obama support train when Oprah started supporting him. The way I figure it, if she puts her reputation on the line, she has surely done her homework on him.”


  788. I bet 95% of these comments are from the guy who’s hacking into my comments and adding things I’m not writing on here.

  789. I agree with Catt. Everyone, please instead of getting caught up in how “cute ” Palin is when debating; read every debate transcript. You will see in written form how simple she is without the influence of her pretty twisted smile. She has no substance.

  790. Have fun hacker on adding false words to people’s comments.

  791. You are a GENIUS, Helen! You have said it all!

  792. http://www.factcheck.org/elections-2008/the_whoppers_of_2008.html

    Check the facts yourself.

  793. I will be leaving this site as all of you libs want. Hackers are changing people’s comments. I’m sure Obama campaign hired them.

  794. Leslie,
    I did not make comment that is by my name. A hacker is adding words to my comment. What a lame person.

  795. Someone on here is hacking in on my comments and adding things that I am not saying.

  796. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
    How have we let ‘stupid’ become a qualification for running the country?
    Palin thinks “Jurassic Park” is a documentary!
    When the Alaskan Wildlife Refuge and the ocean’s continental shelf are assaulted for oil, will Sarah make them pay for their rape kits?
    “Stupid is as stupid does.” I want her to take an exam on American History & Civics? Let’s see what Alaskan schools and evangelical churches have produced.
    It’s getting dangerous and scary out there, boys and girls.

  797. Calli – you still pick the bits of the bible you want to follow, then accuse and condemn people of doing the same exact thing as you.

    If you’re okay with being a hypocrite, fine; if you’d rather try to insult me than make an actual reply, that’s your choice. I’m just going to sit back and giggle at all your nonsensical comments.

    By the way, Helen, great job on these blog entries. I can’t agree with you more, and the crazies that keep popping out of the woodwork are just hilarious.

  798. You need to drive your tax payer funded (I’m sure) scooter into oncoming traffic, because you are a dumb old bitch. You do realize that Obama is an anti-American, pro government, Marxist, piece of shit.

  799. Beautifully put Helen! Thanks for making some intelligent, valid (and entertaining!) points. It’s exasperating to see that ignorant insults are the only things people disagreeing with your views can think of as a response…

  800. Are you single? You’re a little older, but I think I’m in love.

  801. yes palin is a stupid bitch and dear god please end the rep. controlled hell but you have no right to dis an entire culture. that just shows your own ignorance. go to alabama and you might be suprised to find yourself below the standards.

  802. Is there any merit to that woman? Of course there is, and what comes immediately to mind is that she doesn’t devour her young.

    Yeah, she just tries to have a “natural” abortion by putting her baby’s life in extreme danger by going out of her way to deliver in a hospital with no NICU, one month early, when she should know that Downs babies have a much higher risk of complications. But, no, she didn’t eat her baby.

  803. What an awsome posting. Thank you so very much. I will share it with my 17 and 15 year old kids. You are terrific. Thank you so much. I miss Tim also.

  804. My overwrought brain cannot comprehend the stupidity of people who think Palin is great; people who believe that she came out super with Katie Couric (the best TV journalist, in my view); and that she beat Biden in their debate. These are the same science-challenged semi-humans who believe in ghosts, that the dead speak to them through the static on idle TV channels; and that the position of Uranus determines Urcharacter. (FYI, Palin’s name in classical Greek means “backward”; cf. “palindrome”.)
    Let’s put a few adjectives on “Sarahcuda”: stupid, unprincipled, uneducated, dishonorable, ignorant (even I know what the Bush doctrine is, because I heard him announce it after 9/11), chaotic-minded (proved by her chaotic sentences, or is that the “speaking in tongues” they do in her church?), egomaniacallly ambitious, sociopathic (to put her pregnant daughter on national TV before a vast audience at the convention), theocratic, intolerant, ultracynical as shown by silencing troopergate witnesses and then claiming that she is fully cooperating with the investigators; to think that the voters are even stupider than she is: so stupid that they think that a few aw-shucks-ain’t-America-greats and a patently phony smile mean that a weak mind doesn’t matter; so stupid that they don’t care whether she answers questions or knows any facts or history or geopgaphy; and so stupid that they don’t see that her and McCain’s criticisms of Obama fit themselves even
    better (a psych phenomenon called “projecting”); and I could go on and on and on.
    Is there any merit to that woman? Of course there is, and what comes immediately to mind is that she doesn’t devour her young.

  805. Adopt me.

    I will never forget your birthday, I always remember to write thank you cards, and I rub feet like no one’s business!

  806. OMGosh!!! I so admire what you said and how very very truthful it is!!!!
    I find Palin absolutely FRIGHTENING…..
    and UNEDUCATED for this position—-what an absolute IDIOT
    THansk Helen!!! Keep up the great blog!!!!!

  807. Bahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!
    82 year old woman, 25 year old black man…who gives a rats ass…this is just plain, old, HYSTERICAL rhetoric! What a fantastic display of social debate!!!

    Helen, if that’s really your name (LOL) you GO GIRL! Perhaps if Palin stopped playing the role of the village idiot we could stop insulting her, until then all’s fair in love and war. RANT ON!

    Everyone else – keep the comments coming, I can hardly contain my peals of laughter!

  808. McCain… what a “Maverick”, struggling to obtain a “non-white-male” support group by adding a Republican “Hillary” sequel to his ticket in hopes to get the swing vote & women of the US on his side.

    Unfortunately, McCain doesn’t know how to operate a computer and will never read this post or any Internet feedback therein. Oh yea, Palin, she’s a stunt to get votes, of course she’s a moron, people buy into this kind of shit. If they didn’t Fox news wouldn’t be on the air, MTV would show music videos, Clear Channel would be out of business, Amway would be bankrupt.

  809. I LOVE YOU! Will you adopt me…please?

  810. I’ve never heard it said better than you said it. If only the rest of the country would close their eyes and open their damn ears, we wouldn’t even be having this discussion right now.

  811. Helen, you are certainly a bright star to me!! I couldn’t understand why people other than California couldn’t see Nut Cake Palin as she is. You look at things realistically and that’s all it takes a person to see on who should be President of the United States. We had 8 years and that’s enough. Since GWB has been in office, my husband has been out of work. We do need change and if people would put aside their racism and give Obama a chance, they will see why we voted for him.

  812. Helen, you are fabulous!!!!!
    I look forward to your blog after tonights debate :-)

  813. Your rant cheered me up this afternoon. (I was up late trying to convince a friend of a friend that Obama is not a “terrorist.”) I’m glad you can vote in Texas. Thanks!

  814. As a woman, it makes me proud to see so many other women realize that Sarah (can i call you Sarah?) is an embarrassment to us all. I can’t believe she is still on the ticket. It is an insult to women everywhere, to have this woman as our spokes person. I would never let my daughter hear her speak, as it might diminish her use of the English language, and give her the wrong idea about what a powerful woman looks like. Sarah has probably gotten ahead in life by batting her eyelashes at any old republican man, putting on a dumb smile, and twirling her hair around a finger. There are so many intelligent and talented women in the US government, leave it to the Republicans to pick the dumbest on the block. But again, thats the way they like their women, isn’t it?…

  815. Sarah Palin is universally hated by dried-up, smelly pigs. So what? LOL

  816. Thank you Helen!! Your blog was dead ON!!


  817. Oh dear Helen, how I would love to sit at the kitchen table sipping on hot coffee with you. I would love to hear your tales of elections past, and what you think of our nation today, comparitively. How did we get here??? How did we let the government get away with feeding good intentioned, honest Americans a cavalcade of bullshit for so long? So long that many of them believe people like Palin or McCain could actually be a decent president. How the hell did we let that happen? Weren’t we supposed to shepherd the meek? The meek have gone completely insane, and I must say I will never have a republican friend again. I consider myself open minded, but I now feel they are hardly worth the effort, and don’t deserve to be friends with a nice liberal girl like me. Birds of a feather and all that I guess.

    To all the dopes who came to slam Helen, nice. It shows the typical Republican philosophy, shit on people who don’t agree with you and take off before they have a chance to respond. No balls. I would happily attack a Republican, just not one on Medicare. Why? Because even tho’ I’m sure someone like Helen here can take care of herself, I WAS RAISED WITH MORALS AND ETHICS, AND TO SHOW R E S P E C T TO MY ELDERS. Just a thing called common courtesy, something I have yet to see any Republican take a stab at. So, yea, the idiots who came here to talk shit, think they’re smart- GET A LIFE PEOPLE, AND GET PREPARED. We are taking our country back, and F.U. if you don’t like it. We played it your way for awhile and we see where that got us.

    To the FLAMING IDIOT who said, “we need people like us in office, and sarah is like us”. What a TOTAL MORON. Last time I checked an outstanding degree with magna cum laude accolades isn’t something the ‘average’ American has, and in todays soceity is exactly the essential type of experience REQUIRED for holding office. YEAH, right, let’s fill the White House with elitist hockey moms who have no clue how to run a country, but can manage a PTA. Hillary (even tho’ I’ve always been an Obama girl), would have been an excellent choice for office as she has DEDICATED her WHOLE life to politics and the law. So, yes, a woman CAN do it, just not a STUPID woman. DUH. I would be the last person you’d want in office, and I can’t name a friend or neighbor qualified to run either. You actually want an uneducated person running the country? MORON. Jesus Christ! Some people are so stupid it’s scary. Must be some form of genetic mutation, the conservative gene. Whoops! God, better get back to the drawing table, mama told me you didn’t make junk! What happened? Where’s the garbage truck, roll it up, we’ve got a HUGE load of ignorance to throw away. Completely useless.

    To the person who replied to the person who’d said she’d leave if ‘they’ won, and then told her she was un-American? Lady, you’re a fruitcake. I wholeheartedly agree, and if we lose this election (doubtful) I’m OUT too. I’m a D.A.R., and have had ancestors fight in every war this country has ever had. They fought for OUR right to not stand for the pledge or anthem, if that is our wish, because this country is ALL ABOUT FREEDOM OF CHOICE!!! Republicans want to take all our choices away, and turn this in to the United States of Corporate America, Home of the Intolerant, Land of the Greedy. That is not what my ancestors fought for, not what our forefathers intended. If ‘they’ win (highly doubtful) it will no longer be the USA I once believed in, and I’m not sure I want to stay in a country so full of blatant idiots, and will happily shed my flag for warmer waters. Until this country becomes something I CAN be proud of, I’m gonna hold on to my pipe dreams of Costa Rica. Or, we could just move all the Republicans to Alaska or Texas, and let them have it.

    This is OUR country, and no one has the right to change the constution at their whim. Please people, REMEMBER TO VOTE!!!

    Keep spilling the truth, Helen, dump it on their heads. Eventually REASON must sink in!!

  818. Thank you for putting my exact thoughts to words. I think you’d make a far more fitting VP candidate. Even better as a presidential candidate. Goodness knows we’ve let the boys screw things up far enough and for long enough.

  819. Yes, Helen everyone in this nation with a half of brain is thinking exactly what you are thinking and discussing it around our kitchen table as McCain and Palin stoop to the lowest, most embarrassing levels of the kitchen sink. Thank you for saying what we are all thinking. Have you sent this to editors of major newspapers? If not, please do.

  820. So happy that Palin’s nomination has become a joke to thinking people. She is truly putrid.

  821. Helen, you’re my new favorite. You RULE!

  822. Well Leslie,
    You suprised me, you actually do not have a brain. We shouldn’t judge eachother, but it’s hard not to. We will all be judged soon enough. Like me. I had sex with a stranger last night but I asked for forgiveness first thing this morning.

  823. Helen,

    Your blog posts made my day. Ignore the edjits. Obama / Biden 2008

  824. Helen, you rock.

  825. someone online, you obviously fail to realize that the biggest argument fundamentalists use against homosexuality is Leviticus 18:22. Furthermore, Calli’s argument was about cherry-picking what is or isn’t true from the bible, not about whether the Old Testament is obsolete.

    When it comes to the New Testament, Jesus doesn’t specifically vilify homosexuality in the gospels, focusing more on a “love your neighbor” and “judge not” theme. Not until St. Paul’s letters do anti-gay comments show up, and they’re *only* in Paul’s letters, which were (according to scholars) written to address specific situations of the time.

    Keep in mind that St. Paul also wrote that women were not to speak in church, that their heads must be veiled in order to indicate their status as second in creation, and that women could only be “saved” by bearing children. Most of which has been disregarded, and St. Paul has gotten the reputation as a misogynist and a homophobe.

    Oh, and just for the fun of it, why don’t you look up some of the writings of St. Aelred. He wrote some excellent passages about his deep love for other men, yet given his sainthood, I’m sure he’s happily swishing through heaven.

  826. helen = awesome

  827. Right on!!!! When is this country going to wake up? The problem is that the people who have plenty of cash, such as McCain, want to be the powers that rule America. They want to make sure that the good old boys stay in control, and keep themselves rich. Liars, liars! How can anyone try and justify their bullshit, when Palin is obviously not qualified, and McCain is looking out for himself.

  828. It baffles me that people are so damn racist that they cannot see what a fucking circus the Republican Party ticket has become. I completely agree with everything you have said, and could only hope the small minds of America can open their eyes! I GUARANTEE with my life that if Palin were **GASP** not White, she wouldn’t anywhere NEAR a government position with the bullshit she’s bringing at such an important and frightening time in US history. WAKE UP, PEOPLE!!!

  829. My favorite thing today? Helen’s brain.

  830. Margaret.
    Just a short note to say “Thank You”. My 25 year old son found your website & emailed it to me. He is really keyed up about the politics of this election & you just made our day!!
    My grandmother had a saying “You may as well say it as think it!”. So, thanks for saying what so many of us are thinking. Here in NYC we are far more liberal then a lot of the country, but this pandering by McCain for our 18 million cracks forgot to vet the crack he has as a partner in crime. HAGD & GOD BLESS!!!

  831. I love you! You, my friend, are fabulous.

  832. Thank you, Helen! The reason so many people have visited your site is because of your insight. You are absolutely correct about Palin, and I too miss Tim Russert. Keep telling it like it is!

  833. Right on Sister!

  834. I’m a supporter of McCain/Palin (if you couldn’t tell). I have visited Obama sites and the SNL site, where I found this link. The skits were actually quite funny. (on both parts) I was insulted that an old woman would belittle herself to calling Palin a rude name. It’s a shame that Palin is pretty and charming because that is what a lot of you hold against her, along with her God fearing beliefs and moral integrity. Obama reads from a teleprompter at most of his rallies. At least Palin/ McCain know what they believe and don’t need to read it.

  835. Leslie:

    The funniest part of that argument is that she mis-quoted it. The quote is “women who don’t HELP another woman”.

    Big difference, no, but Margaret Albright actually said that despite the quote not meant in a political sense, the best choice for women would be Obama/Biden. Oops.

    the story is here:


  836. Helen,

    You have restored my faith in the American people.

    Thank you and God bless you.

  837. should read..”surfing this blog….”

  838. Just a quick question…
    I support Obama/Biden. I have NO desire to visit McCain/Palin web sites! And never have. Why then, are there so many McCain/Palin supporters surfing this web?? Maybe they need to put their idiotic 2 cents in just to ease a guilty conscience for “peeking” into this blog…

  839. Calli, do you eat shellfish? Do you eat milk and meat in the same meal? Do you eat pork? Do you wear mixed fiber clothing? Because those things, along with many others, are against the laws set by the book of Leviticus. Do you sacrifice doves and cattle to atone for your sins? Do you stone people who commit blasphemy, or your children when they disobey? ‘Cause all of those are dictated by the book of Leviticus.

    Above comment is from Leslie B.
    You obviously don’t know what the New Testament is or you wouldn’t have said what you said. It’s ok. There are a lot of people who pull something out of the Bible and use it the wrong way, they are just a bit undeducated on the matter or don’t care to study it. Learn what the New Testament is and then try to “school me”. I actually don’t have to read it. God speaks to me directly late at night when I am touching myself.

  840. You are so awesome. Everything you wrote is exactly what I think about Palin. God, she’s such an embarrassment to this country.

  841. It’s times like these that I so appreciate being an American and being able to dialogue, regardless of levels of eloquence, wit, or intelligence.

    My 2 cents: I was raised in West Virginia, and know first hand that what makes ANY stereotype a stereotype is the drop of “truth” contained therein. I kind of consider myself “Jane six pack” although I prefer wine to beer, classical to country music, I still would rather talk about what my local government is going to do about the homeless in my town than what my federal government is going to do about wall street.

    In my opinion, what makes us stupid is forming our opinions based on information spoon fed to us by our spouse, pastor, parent, news reporter, politician, or anyone else, without checking out the information for ourselves. YES it’s a little more work than just sitting on the couch, church pew, folding chair at the rally, etc. and believing every word that comes out of the mouth of the speaker. NO, you can’t believe it just because someone you admire has said it, or she’s hot, or she sounds like your mom, or he’s a Vet.

    These are challenging times and unfortunately we have to start paying attention to what the federal government is doing, how our representatives vote on the issues that matter to us – and what exactly is in that bill or law that they are voting on to begin with! If you take the time to do that once or twice, and find a newspaper or news station that reports the facts (it’s OK to comment, analyze, etc. as part of news, but TRUTH first please, then comment), then MAYBE you can rely on that source for the truth.

    We so want to believe that the people who are in power in our country are there because they want to make the USA and the world a better place, that we have a tendency to believe anything but the truth if the truth means our government has intentionally deceived us.

    I believe the McCain/Palin campaign is capitalizing on this – the trust of Joe Six Pack in the ideal of America. Yet, anyone can watch as step by step the McCain campaign is doing everything their opponents predicted they would do when backed into the corner of talking about the issues – slingin’ mud and lying, and thinking that Joe Six Pack is going to be so caught up in the mud slingin’ that he’ll not take the time to check out the lies. In fact, that’s something they are counting on.

    My prayer is three-fold: That the smoke and mirrors act will continue to be exposed, that we will have eyes to see and ears to hear, and that the votes that are cast on Nov. 4, 2008, WILL COUNT! God Bless America.


  842. Helen you are the best!!!! Thanks for making my day!!!!!

  843. “Calli” eh? Sounds like Palin got wind of the site and is chiming in now. She is so gosh darn mad.

  844. oh and i am a bitch
    spelled C.U.N.T

  845. Absolutely spot-on.

    The whole point of our leadership being somewhat elitest is because, for the most part, they’re supposed to be better than the average citizen.

    I don’t want my leadership to be a ‘hockey mom’! I want my leaders to be award-winning economists or a nobel peace prize candidate. We need responsible governance, not ‘Mavericks’ (Soooo sick of hearing that word).

    Helen, may you have many more years of calling it how you see it.

  846. Deb@BirdOnAWire quotes, “‘There’s a special place in Hell for women who don’t support another woman’~Margaret Albright.”

    That’s such a bullshit argument. Just because Palin is female doesn’t mean all us women must throw our votes at her ticket; she still needs to be qualified. She’s so anti-women’s rights, it’s scary. She does not represent me or my values. She does not automatically deserve my vote.

    As a woman, however, I support her right to choose her path in life. I support her decision to run for public office, just as I support her decision to also have a family. But I strongly disagree with her platform and will not vote for her. That’s *my* right as a woman.

    Calli says, “If you believe in God and are a real Christian then that means you believe the Bible is true, right? Not just parts of it?”

    Calli, do you eat shellfish? Do you eat milk and meat in the same meal? Do you eat pork? Do you wear mixed fiber clothing? Because those things, along with many others, are against the laws set by the book of Leviticus. Do you sacrifice doves and cattle to atone for your sins? Do you stone people who commit blasphemy, or your children when they disobey? ‘Cause all of those are dictated by the book of Leviticus.

    You’re just as guilty of picking and choosing which bible passages to follow as anybody you accuse. Remember Matthew 7:5.

    undecided says, “Maybe this country needs someone that hasn’t been corrupted by Washington.”

    Washington isn’t the only place where corruption happens. Palin is under investigation for ethics violations in Alaska; she’s corrupt already, before even setting foot in Washington. And McCain’s not exactly innocent, he’s been in Washington for 25 years.

  847. oh and i’ve read the bible verses that say i am an abomination to god.
    they are vague and I personally do not think that they apply to homosexuals

  848. Whoops I meant ” plain speaking”.

  849. CALLIE
    i never said i was christian….i go to a non-denominational church.
    that means it does not focus on one religion like christianity.
    I am gay and have read the bible all the way through. And the koran and the Torah, even the Bagavadgida
    God does not always mean the father, the son and the holy ghost. You should remember that.
    Also the slutty comment was me channeling a republican if Palin ans her daughter were Democrats.
    Sorry but the right wing would totally jump on that and say it was amoral

  850. @Calli:

    I don’t need or want you to hang yourself. Just offer something of worth or leave. I’ll even accept you saying you disagree with Helen and call it at that, some like the message, some don’t.

    But you have a different opinion? Great. Now give me a reason to care or shut up.

  851. Was directed here by a friends e-mail and will continue to follow your blog from now on. Loved your comments on Palin. Some of the wisest,palin speaking, direct comments i have read yet.

  852. Helen,
    You are so right in everything you said.

    Sarah Palin scares the hell out of me, and should scare every woman out there who has fought for women’s rights, or who has a daughter, and/or a granddaughter. Palin has done more in the past few weeks to set the women’s movement back.

    She is completely ignorant, and her attempts to joke about how and why she refused to answer questions of the “mainstream media” are ridiculous.

    I say it’s more than past time we all stood up and said BULLSHIT !!!

    Any women out there who backed Hillary Clinton and now say they are voting for McCain/Palin really need to get a clue and think about what they are voting FOR instead of who they are voting against. They better start thinking about voting the issues, not the person.
    Go OBAMA/BIDEN !!!

  853. Can’t handle someone with a different opinion than yours, Peg? Feeling all warm & cozy with the lefties leaving comments? Too gosh darn bad.

  854. Make me, pig.

  855. Calli -

    Go over to the Fix News website and hang out with like close-minded people like yourself.

  856. Love you Helen!

    I look forward to seeing how President Obama will
    revise the economy and revamp the healthcare system.

    GO OBAMA! I first got on board the Obama support train when Oprah started supporting him. The way I figure it, if she puts her reputation on the line, she has surely done her homework on him.

    In regards to Sarah the Bitch – I’m sure Hilary is laughing her a** off! I know I am.

    Thanks Helen. Know that you have made a difference in our world – and it is good.

  857. FAKE SITE!
    Pd for by the Obama Campaign.
    I think Helen is actually Harry, a 26 year old black man.

  858. Jonathan,

    Yep, were ALL liberal bitches, but what does that make someone like you and the Republican party, who try lie about their opponent and then when that doesn’t work, go to every length to disenfranchise people likely to vote Democratic?


    BTW – “Disenfranchise” means to deprive of the right to vote, just in case your come back was “In what respect, Charlie?”

  859. From Justin on Oct 5:

    “69.3% of Alaskans are white. That stands as the LOWEST percentage in the United States. Therefore, Alaska has a greater racial diversity than any other state!”

    69.3% is not the lowest percentage is the US, and even if it was, certainly doesn’t make a correlation to diversity.

    You go Helen! Spot on.

  860. I couldn’t have said it better myself, mostly because I hesitate to refer to other women using the “b” word, but in this case, it really is well deserved.

    This whole Palin debacle has given the term “Only in America” a whole new meaning, and not in a good way.

    I’ll be reading you daily :)

  861. Loved your post. Did I agree with everything? You betcha! (Yuck. The stupid winks & catch phrases have got to go!)

    Just found your blog today… It’s great! I’m looking forward to reading through your archives & new posts!

  862. We get to call bullshit right now. BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!

    It’s about time this country got angry – long overdue! And if Palin suits that purpose, well then it’s about time she makes herself useful because strong, INTELLIGENT women on both sides of the aisle have worked too hard to have this ignorant, snarky politician-in-the-worst-sense-of-the-word set us back a century.

  863. I agree 1000%. Thank you for your honesty.

  864. This made my day. Helen, I got here through an Obama community link. I’m afraid you’ve gone all over the internet. I know I’ll be linking this.

  865. You are AWESOME.. more power to you for speaking your mind. I wish you lived near me, I’d have you at ALL my events speaking your mind!!! We need more Crones of Wisdom in this world

  866. AMEN TO THAT!

  867. “Get off your soap boxes and look at how she is more like you and me than you want to say. I look forward to having someone more like myself in the White House.”

    I do not want someone like me in the White House. I am totally unqualified for the job! I am fairly well educated and keep abreast of most of the issues–still–that hardly makes me an expert on any of the important issue that this country faces. I used to hear this about Bush Junior ‘He’s the kind of guy I would like to have a beer with!’ OMG!! NO!! Let’s put it another way–you have a life threatening medical condition; you must have an operation that will require great skill by the doctor. Do you choose a doctor who ‘reminds you of yourself, someone you would like to watch a football game with but is not considered a top-notch doctor or do you choose the doctor that is considered an expert in his field but is rather arrogant and intellectual sounding?– A guy/gal you “can’t relate to”? You choose the expert, right?! Why wouldn’t you choose people for the highest offices in the land, leaders that have the power to influence the world, for the same reasons–we need the best and brightest to do this job.
    Let’s just award Sarah Palin ‘Miss Congeniality’ and give the top prize to someone who
    ‘wants world peace’ LOL

  868. Thank you for saying what so many think. What amazes me is that they think that simply because she is female all women will vote the R. ticket. She doesn’t represent me or any of my views, nor does her running mate. No way, no how.

  869. Thank you thank you Helen. You made me smile.

    I like how you keep it real.

  870. Thanks Bless you too. Thanks for your kind words.

  871. Dean, it is obvious tht God has already blessed you with a loving, even-tempered disposition. Many good wishes to you, from me, this day.

    “I am a black woman and would not vote for someone just because of their color. That is insane!!!!”

    Well, me too, except that I am a middle-aged white woman, and neither would I vote for anyone just because of their color. That’s unrelated to me choosing to vote for Obama, since the old Republican man, who is a Bush knockoff but not as bright, and the Bimbo are too ridiculous to even consider.

    I wish someone like Colin Powell would run for president. He’d get it in a heartbeat. I wonder where he is these days? Sitting quietly watching from the sidelines?

    BTW, I also love watching Hasselbeck blow her cork!

  872. Lovely! May I repost this – with your link and name attached, obviously?

    Thank you! :)

  873. 82 isn’t so old. My grandmother lived to 95 and would have loved this post. For myself, I prefer a little more substance and less cursing, since the facts of the matter are out there and need only to be better known. Palin is a liar and needs to be exposed, as Rolling Stone magazine has done with McCain. Blowing off steam makes one feel good and maybe gets you a little attention, but the real need is for information. For that, I recommend talkingpointsmemo.com and I hope readers of this blog will go there and learn what they really need to know to enlighten their friends and actually keep McCain and Palin from giving the US another 8-year nightmare.

  874. Actually, her glasses aren’t from Lenscrafters. They were custom designed by a local woman in Anchorage named Joy Leedham.

    Right on about everything else though!

  875. Oh, this is a beautiful thing, this blog. My Mom is 82 as well, and an Obama supporter.

    She’s gonna get a kick out of reading this.

  876. I think that what Biden wants is for gays to have civil rights protected under federal law. If a couple chooses to participate in a civil union, then they should have the legal right to put the other one on the better insurance plan, to make medical next-of-kin decisions, if needed, and to enjoy similar kinds of civil protection under the law.

    The right-wingers and rednecks, on the other hand, don’t want ANYONE to enjoy civil freedoms or civil rights. Everyone is supposed to follow THEIR interpretation of THEIR version of the Bible. No separation of church and state…it’s all just one big church-run government for them.

    God spare us the hypocrisy of the right-wingers’ fundamentalist bullshit.

  877. I have read many blogs and never left a remark. However Helen deserves many kudos in what she has said. Thank You for being so very honest and blunt! I am a 30 yr old married working mom and this lady makes me want to vomit.. Sarah Palin is a complete Moron.. My employer and I have been at odds regarding this election and he actually said to me.. I don’t understand it. “You woman are so very close to having a woman in the white house and all I hear are complaints is it jealousy or what” ( see his wife is also against Palin) I responded with.. Exactly what is there to be jealous of.. & tried to make my case. If there were an intellegent woman up for the job I would consider switching parties and take a serious look at her. However this lady is a complete MORON and I have more intellegence in my big toe than she in her entire brain. It is a sad truth that I have faced during this election and that is there are just so many ill informed ppl in America. I am saddened to think that the McCain/ Palin ticket could possibly even have a close race considering our current economic crisis & foreign policy mess. I am so very proud of the job that Obama and Biden have done in there campaign and that they are uniting Americans.. The ideal of hope in this country was all but lost and I do pray that on Nov 4th we will be able to unite as the greatest country on earth and show that we do have hope in our future and that we are able to correct past errors and move forward positively!!! Obama/Biden 08!!!!!!

    Till Then!!! Go Helen Go!!! We do need more woman to speak up..

  878. Thank you for calling “bullshit”.

  879. I know black people who are not voting for Obama. I say vote for the person you think will make a good president. If you think that is McCain/Palin that is ok.
    It is just the people who come out and say they like Obama but will not vote for him because he is black that is a problem.

  880. Syd,

    You are upset why? Because she speaks the truth? Keep listening to Hannity and blindly following and hanging on to every word he says without fact checking. Palin is unequivocably unqualified and in way over her head. Anyone without blinders on could at least admit to that.

  881. Helen – I can’t say I agree with everything you say, but I do appreciate your honesty on your opinions. It is refreshing to read and very entertaining.

    People – no matter what side of the fence you are on, we are all entitled to voice our opinions…and calling Helen names for expressing her own opinion is vile. If you don’t like what she is saying, stop reading or just go start your own blog.

    Helen – Good luck with your blog and may God (in whatever form you believe in him/her/it) bless you. My God apprciates a good sense of humor.

    with kindest regards,

    p.s. you just got added to my bookmarks.

  882. I love it people say that we wont vote for Obama because we are racist. No how about this, we won’t vote for him because he wouldn’t be a good president.

  883. Maybe this country needs someone that hasn’t been corrupted by Washington. Maybe this country needs someone that ain’t afraid to mix it up with the big boys. Maybe this country needs someone that kind-of-knows the difficulty of raising a family today with economic pressures. Maybe this country needs a different perspective on how questions should be answered. If you don’t know, say you don’t know, but say I’ll get an answer and get back to you. Don’t just make up some bullshit like what we’ve been told for the past several presidencies. If this is all ok with you, then McCain/Palin should be your choice. If not, then vote the other two Mavericks that have been in and around enough people to both be a lot like what we have had in the past.

  884. Proud to be a Bitch.

  885. Hasselbeck. OOPs.

  886. Midwest for McCain,

    Please take down your rebel flag and read what McCain/Obama really believe.

    Then you are free to comment. You embarrass me being I am from the midwest also.

  887. Amen!!

  888. Liberals you are bitches, there I said it.

  889. Hasslebeck gets riled up also. I love that. That is why I watch it.

  890. Anyone who genuinely thinks that Sarah Palin is a qualified to lead this country is completely entitled to their oppinion, but I don’t think they should be allowed to operate heavy machinery. I saw someone in this long line of posts, state that she was, “Articulate.” If we are just flat out lying, we might as well come out and say that John McCain is young and energetic. Look, Sarah Palin is a lot of things, (Just read Helen’s post!) but she is the oposite of articulate. She just thows a bunch of big words and talking points together in a confusing way to create a smoke screen for less educated (a.k.a. Republican) viewers who want nothing more than to impregnate her.

  891. Helen…you rock!!!!!!

  892. Calli,
    Religion is very objective. There are many beliefs.
    Do you know that are people that want to kill you because of the way you dress and interact with men. In their sight you are a sinner going to hell.
    There is more than just the bible out there. I was brought up a Christian also. I am glad that I can think on my own now and choose what I want to believe and not expect everyone to think like I think.
    God Bless America

  893. I hope Palin’s little “catchy phrases” drive you nuts for the next 4 years! You Betcha! Gosh darn liberal nut cases.

  894. I enjoyed this blog very much. Right on Helen!

  895. Yep, I love Elizabeth Hasselbeck. She is my voice. I am glad she is LOUD and clear. So funny how she riles the Left up.

  896. To Justin and all of the other gays: Explain to me this: If you believe in God and are a real Christian then that means you believe the Bible is true, right? Not just parts of it? How can you justify blatenly throwing you are gay in God’s face? I know we all sin but we can repent. REPENT and leave your gay lifestyle if you are truly a real Christian.
    To Justin, here is what you said,
    “Christians are not supposed to judge others. They are supposed to have compassion!
    Oh and I believe if Palin were a liberal with her unwed slutty daughter the tables would be completely different”
    Justin, this goes to show, you contradict yourself in being a gay Christian just as you contradicted yourself in this comment. You say don’t judge and then you call Palin’s daughter slutty. POW!

  897. Helen, you are obviously a bitter, old, thinks she know everything , overally liberal, stupid bitc.

  898. Midwest and Elizabeth Hasselbeck are having lunch together today….you betcha!

  899. GO OBAMA!!!!!

  900. You have the right to say anything you want Midwest. I think you just you just said it. That is what is good about this country. We can disagree and still live together.
    Nobody will agree with each other all of the time. How boring.

  901. Helen,
    If people like Palin can win the 2nd highest office in the nation, it would confirm that we do have a majority of morons in the population. Collectively, we would receive the punishment that we deserve.

    The last 8 years don’t seem to be enough, yet.

  902. Yep…you’re one of them…..

  903. and to the Callie woman…..
    not all liberals are atheists….
    i myself worship god at a non-denominatinal church.
    oh and i’m gay!
    it’s people like you that think you’re high ethical and moral attitute is superior to others that makes this country terrible.
    Christians are not supposed to judge others. They are supposed to have compassion!
    Oh and I believe if Palin were a liberal with her unwed slutty daughter the tables would be completely different

  904. Insighteful! Great post!

    It’s so sad that our “great” political system even allows dimwit like this to get this far in the election.

  905. Guess you bloggers on this site don’t pay attention to Obama’s faults. You’re blinded. It’s a shame if he’s elected; the country will continue slipping on integrity and ethical values. The 50′s would NOT be a bad place to be (morally speaking) Obama is sly and he is fooling you… or maybe he’s just what you want- Black liberal theology, just like his pastor. What a shame.
    Actually, what an idiot. He actually believes that there was a conspiracy to give black people AIDS. Oh boy, talk about a nut case. You can’t tell me that Obama had no idea about his radical beliefs. Give me a break. He was his follower for 20 years and never knew this? I know this blog is DEAF for anything I have to say but I don’t care, I can say it any way. GO McCAIN!!!! The REAL HERO!

  906. Hi Helen,

    We just read the post on Stupid Palin, and i laughed my ass off. They need to put you on SNL. I haven’t heard so much truth since that “old white haired dude” picked the bimbo for VP.

    I would like to see how she would do if her poor index cards were not in order “help me, wait…i can’t find the right card…help…oh now look I broke a nail…dang!!!!

    Is anyone really that stupid.

    we are an alternative lifestyled couple from california that keep to ourselves i wished she would stay out of our business.

    I will be coming back to your site frequently. I love what you write, true feelings, true expression you keep it coming so that the rest of the world can see what is really going on in politics…not the white washed BS.


    Gregg and James

  907. Palin is only articulate when she practices. She can duck and dodge all she wants, but her lack of knowledge and understanding is clear.
    Not all Democrats are atheists. I am just not self-righteous. God gives everyone a choice. The government should also.
    God Bless America

  908. I just love this Helen lady!
    How anyone cannot see that Palin is slightly touched is beyond me!
    Being a feminist myself I find it appalling that the first female vice president could be Palin.
    With all the qualified women in the world; the republican party chooses someone so totally unprepared for the job.
    It is a slap in the face of all women and all Americans that this women could possibly lead us!

  909. Your post sums up so much of what I have been thinking these past few weeks. As a woman I am so insulted by the sight of this arrogant, idiotic, winking ignoramus. She thinks this whole election is about her. She can’t wait for McCain to kick the bucket. She admires senior Bush because he became president after being VP. She admires Cheney for taking more power than he is legally entitled to. This bitch wants to lead our country into Armageddon.

  910. I am sooo happy to read this blog!!! I think you hit her literally right on the damn nose! (wish it was physically) for ppl to still want to vote republican just shows how this race really is about race. This woman had a company that was french for “red neck” how american is that? If Obama did or said half of the things that she is continuing to get away with there would be no race! Wake up ppl! John mccain is Bush’s flunky and palin is the puppet.

    -Always A lady

  911. Hey Calli,
    I bet you voted for Bush. I know you did. Good choice.

  912. Thank you for posting this, you are my hero!!!!
    Seriously, the best blog I’ve read in a long time, I applaud you for bringing out the truth and I’m passing this blog along to everyone I know :)

  913. You go, Helen! You’re my hero, too.

  914. you are my new hero.

  915. I was making phone calls for Obama and spoke with an 80+ year old woman who was “undecided”. When I expressed concern about the possibility that Palin could be president if elected VP she was unconcerned. She called Palin “feisty”. My heart sank. My thoughts are in line with Helen’s post. This voter had not seen the Katie Couric interview or the parodies on Saturday Night Live. SNL did not even have to change Palin’s actual words to make their joke. How can we get through to voters how horrible it would be if she were elected VP?

    I am also very concerned about McCain’s involvement with the Keating 5. He did not learn from the experience. He continued to push the deregulation which is the root of our current troubles.

  916. Jay,
    I will be in the light. I know I am out numbered in this blog but I don’t care. I can say what I believe too.

  917. Helen and Margaret what can I say…but thank you for spreading the word. I read my local newspaper blogs daily (http://www.natchezdemocrat.com) and am horrified at the ongoing racism and bigotry still in the heartland of the South, the continued blind faith of the right wing and the stupidity of “stuck in the 50′s” mentality. May the young at heart, first time voters and 60ish babyboomers (and older) all have the strength and foresight to see thru the Palin/McCain worldwide embarassment they are spewing. Mississippi for Obama

  918. Ain’t nothing better than a pissed off older woman all fired up!

    A very good friend of mine linked me to your blog and dangnabbit, am I ever so happy he did. It’s been a pleasure to read your words…YOU BETCHA!

  919. oh, no…Calli….you’re one of THEM!!!
    Walk toward the light, sweetie…

  920. I can’t wait until I get 82. The courage to say (the truth) what you want about whomever you want and don’t care what anybody feels about it must be great! Thanks!

  921. Sarah Palin was a perfect choice for V.P. You would think, by the way everyone is mentioning her, that she is the one running for President. She is very articulate and steadfast in her moral and ethical beliefs. She is what America needs whether atheist liberals believe it or not. You want to name call? What could we call Obama? How about Molatobama? Baby killer advocate?

  922. Ladies and gentlemen, this is craaazy stuff. Never read anything so funny and true in my life. Why is this not being aired somewhere?

  923. Helen,

    You must be doing something right if the neocons are coming on your blog and calling you names. Keep up the good work!

  924. This was a great blog! Way to say it!

    I couldn’t agree with you more. Especially as someone who lived in AZ for 10 years, so has been doing a little raging about McCain for quite a while now.

    But Palin puts him to shame. It really makes me see that perhaps women have not come as far as we thought we had, since people are judging her by different standards – by which I mean lower expectations. I would like to think that it is because she clearly is not as smart but I don’t think that is all there is to it…

    I hope you post again after tonight’s debate! It is nice to hear an opinion articulated so well that resonates with my own!

  925. AMEN!

    Hey, I live in Alabama and Palin’s even a stupid bitch by Alabama standards!

    The heels may be on, the gloves may be off…BUT NOBODY’S HOME on the Dimwit-Bimbo ticket!

  926. OMG, Thank you! Yes, you did indeed say exactly what so many others including the media want to say but cannot!

    I second Kerry from a posting prior…”YOU ARE MY HERO”


  927. Your observations of Sarah Palin are spot on, and I’m glad to see people who are outspoken on this. You are saying what the mainstream media is apparently afraid to say, and that is it is an outrage to have Sarah Palin even in the running to represent our country.

  928. Bravo! You go girl!

    I keeping asking everyone – do you really want “Joe Six-pack” running our country?

    When I am standing on the sidelines of any school sporting event, I look to my left, I look to my right, I see lots of “Joe Six-packs” and not one of them is qualified to run for office of dog catcher, let alone for the second highest office of the land.

    Thank you for your wit and wisdom.

  929. [...] a blogging celebrity. Check out her intelligent, feisty, pulls-no-punches perspective, “Sarah Palin is a Bitch…there I’ve said it.” And don’t forget to read the reader responses, a fun treat in itself, one commented, [...]

  930. I have only one thing to say in response to your post about Sarah Palin:


  931. [...] October 7, 2008 Best blog post ever: http://margaretandhelen.wordpress.com/2008/10/03/bitch-there-i-said-it/ [...]

  932. thank you — I can finally exhale

  933. Excellent blog. I’ve got a campaign button that says
    Old White Woman for Obama.

    I may be a mere 48 years old, but I’m through menopause…so I figure I qualify. You’re blog has been linked on the politics board at Fark.com…if it goes green (gets approved by the admins) you’ll have more hits than you know what to do with.

  934. Long live Thatcher! She would have had Palin for breakfast with her morning tea!

  935. So you live in a big city now. Congratulations. I suppose you think that gives you carte blanche to toss out the “hillbilly” and “redneck” slurs which, if applied to any other group of people, would immediately qualify as racist and classist.

    And in a way, it does. The white working class and underclass are the only groups that are fair game for such slurs in today’s climate. No wonder people such as Sarah Palin appeal to them. They don’t feel as if she’s shitting on them like the rest of the media is.

  936. My God! Thank YOU!

    I remember when she made the comment about seeing Russia from Alaska, and thinking if that counts, then everyone on the planet is an Astronaut since we’ve all seen the moon! But everyone tip-toed around her comments.

    There is impolite and then there is debate. Somewhere along the line we forgot that.

    Thanks for saying what needed to be said.

    And everyone, remember, she can still WIN. Make the time to vote in your state. Don’t listen to the polls and think your neighbors will carry your water for you. They are probably thinking the same about you. And if it is a lost cause in your state, vote so they know they don’t have as much support as they think they do!

    Dang, you’ve made me preachy!

  937. Zachary,
    You seem very intelligent.

  938. Good point Max
    However, I think SNL makes fun of both sides. I laugh just as hard when they make fun of Democrats. Palin, you must admit, is giving good amunition to SNL.

  939. She is even stupid by our standards here in Alabama. Just for the record, we aren’t any less intelligent. We just have a larger representation of the “redneck” sect of the population than most states. None the less, I get and appreciate your point. I’m not sure why everyone insists on voting for someone “just like them.” I look at myself and think, dear God, they can’t really let someone like me run this country can they? I’d do a horrible job much like the last president that was “just like me.” I’d rather the leaders of the free world be highly educated and have a vast understanding of how both domestic and foreign policy really work. Oh silly me…

  940. I can’t say how good it is to read your post!

  941. You sure seem to be bigoted against places such as Alabama. Don’t you realize a lot of black people live there?

  942. A Georgian putting down Alabama?

  943. This week in the news: 82 year old Texas resident Helen Philpot adopts 30 grandchildren.

  944. Thank you for being honest and giving us “straight talk”. I am impressed with your insights and am a bit embarrassed that I assumed until now that all senior citizens think the same way. (conservative)

    So, all that said… Could you possibly “adopt” me as your granddaughter?


  945. Well, Dean, it’s true that anyone can get here, but I got here from HuffPo, a liberal website, and SNL parodies are currently favoring the democratic candidate as well (I judge fairly, I would think).

    So not only is the entrance more likely on the pro side, but also, most people stumbling upon a website bashing their VP pick (hypothetically, of course…) with a great deal of people agreeing with it (and no doubt ready to shoot you down). Not saying nobody would speak up, but odds are less.

    Why, but Obama’s name has two sort-of middle-eastern connotations! Surely that would make HIM the terrorist! Surely.

  946. I love that Palin has accused Obama of hanging around with “terrorists”.
    Has anyone noticed that the Bush family hangs around with the BIN LAUDINS?

    Hypocrisy at its finest! I’m scared because Palin is just like Bush, and that is what gets elected in this country.

  947. You are 100% correct!!
    I sure hope Americans are not dumb enough, not to see through her and McVain as well..
    I am scared!! We did vote Bush in for two terms…

  948. Thank God there are other people seeing her for what she is & seeing McCan’t for what he isn’t!!! I said the exact same thing after the VP debate – why in the hell wasn’t her child at home & in bed! This has got to be the most ridiculous pick for a VP in the history of this country!

  949. I disagree with you Max
    Anybody can access this blog, Democrats and Republicans. This is a pretty compelling statement that most people think Palin is out of her league.

  950. The one and only positive thing about Sarah Palin is that she has provided fodder for Tina Fey to make us all laugh every Saturday night. Other than that, she is a completely useless pandering moron. She makes George Bush seem intelligent by comparison.

  951. I’m pretty sure you’re my new hero. Keep up the great (and hilarious) work!!

  952. clifford:
    I wouldn’t say a winning percentage of consensus on a blog bashing Palin would make those people right.

    I’m not saying they’re wrong, just that that isn’t the way to justify it.

  953. we have 1% differed view and i think someone should let her know that 99% and helen thinks she is a bitch!!!

  954. Well, I wish I could’ve jumped in here earlier, I fear most of the people I’d argue with have already left. If not, as Doodypants (and lets face it, not the best name to inspire cred, though I have nothing against it) pointed out, difference in opinion is necessary to a healthy democracy.

    I’ll just sort of start with the last bit of the comments, and hopefully come back when I can.

    Alex and T-Dub summarize most of my arguments here. Be civil, and actually use an argument if you want to convince anyone of anything.

    Erin: I would really have a problem with the media bringing it up if she hadn’t used it herself in the RNC. Using your family as a story of why you’re fit to lead makes them admissible for scrutiny. If you didn’t want people to talk about it, don’t bring it up.

    As for the actual Palin issue, I’d say it’s dangerous to assume her as stupid. She (or at least those who prepped her) clearly went for the emotional vote instead of the substantive one. As for a comment (I forget by who) saying you shouldn’t dislike someone for how they talk, it’s not the accent I dislike, it’s using colloquialisms and the word “maverick” as some sort of Jedi mind trick to convince people you’ll be a good president. Disturbing.

    Lastly, Helen: I did enjoy your article (not that you’ve never heard that) and I hope to see more from you, but it’s hard to get a good from-the-heart rant out on a timetable, so I’ll just stick to this board til a new one comes or it dies.

  955. well said! I’m sure most rational people agree with you and I wouldn’t give two beans to fools who defend Palin!

  956. Thank you for putting this out there! You’re completely right – this IS exactly what we’re thinking (well, those of us who ARE thinking, that is)! I can only hope that glowing gems of blunt truth like yours will permeate the populace and convince otherwise ignorant voters to actually look around and see what they could be getting themselves into.

    Because I don’t want to move out of the country, but I will before I let the McCain/Palin ticket govern me.

    With love from the desperately red state of Texas,

  957. Sorry, mispelled Barack Obama’s name above. Reading too much Sarah Palin stuff. Queenie

  958. Miss Helen, will you be my gramma?

  959. Thank you Helen for your remarks! I can’t believe anyone would actually vote for this stupid woman. Her remarks about joe6pack are sickening. Her insistence on ignoring the question from the moderator and constantly winking to the audience was so idiotic! I just hope this country is smart enough this time to vote for Osama/Biden. The last 8 years of Bush and Chaney have ruined this country. I just returned from a month long trip to Germany and all our friends and people on the street asked is Obama going to win? I had to say I don’t know, just pray that he does. Queenie in Dublin, Ca

  960. Helen, You are reffreshing a gift to this heart of mine…*S* You just keep it coming. Your frank, honest and speak the truth from your life and experience. You see what I see in this Palin woman, and she is a misinformed whacko with no common connection to those in the real world. That she kill for sport is a what just riles me up, and that is why I see a dangerous woman who makes bad choices all the way around. We need mre honest people who speak their truth, and dear…you hit the nail on the head….*S*
    I wil be back more often to read your blog….for your honest is crisp and to the point….Love It!

  961. Very well said! She is one crazy bitch!
    -Ashlie. Huntsville, AL.

    Obama 08′!

  962. Eloquently stated! This needs to be posted in the New York Times, the Washington Post, and the Huffington Post. Heck, it needs to be on all mainstream News Media. Hats off to you, and don’t call yourself an old lady….You are very wise and truthful! Thanks so much. By the way, I’m about 35 years younger than you and I haven’t learned how to build a web page! Can you give me lessons?

  963. HHHEEEELLLLEEENNN, YOU GO GIRL! I see all the tired nasty replies that carol ann and john and Michael have posted and not one has a single rebuttal of the facts in your post. Micheal for an allegedly educated person you have shockingly little grasp of the obvious. By saying that you “love” Palin without giving one reason I believe you are just another right wing conservative hack that wants to control women as Mrs. Palin is so obviously being controlled. And for having two degrees “1 an MBA” I’m so impressed since in the next sentence you must stoop to calling dear sweet Helen names. Why don’t you demonstrate the education your parents bought for you as you couldn’t have worked your way through school with such a narrow unfocused view of the world we live in. As to Helen’s reference to Sarah Palin as a bitch, she brought it on herself with her cute, folksey comparison to a hockey mom.
    My name is Jonrbarr and I approved this message. Accompanied by light classical music designed to lull the audience into a stupor so they will vote for McLame/Palin.
    to remain silent…

  964. Helen, I want to be just like you when I decide to grow up! How refreshing to find someone who isn’t afraid to say Sh*t stinks.Palin is a JOKE!! Do we want someone in the White House who squeaks when she talks? My head was hurting when the debate was over. She brags about being a maverick. Well,after 8 years of having a cowboy in Washington, who the Hell needs 2 mavericks to replace him?
    People,wake up!!

  965. BTW, Helen, just so u know, Ms Palin is well traveled…not out of the country, but hey, how many people go to at least 4 different colleges to get a basic degree in journalism….


  966. Well said! I do miss Tim Russert like you pointed it out so well.

  967. “Well behaved women rarely make history” –Laurel Thatcher

    You go girl! Shout outs from the Caribbean! You make women proud- all colors, shapes, sizes and ages.

  968. Erin on October 6,

    Not so! The McSame campaign leaked the news.

    CNN.com has announced that Bristol Palin is now five months pregnant (thanks “shon”) … more fuel to the fire:

    Bristol Palin, the 17-year-old daughter of Sarah Palin, is pregnant and will keep the baby and marry the father, a senior aide to Sen. John McCain confirmed to CNN Tuesday.

    The aide said it was decided the campaign would reveal this information now because of rampant Internet rumors that Sarah Palin’s 4-month-old baby, who has Down syndrome, was actually Bristol’s.

    “In the course of correcting that, we needed to get the truth out,” said the McCain aide.

  969. I love you! Your post was well thought out, well delivered, funny and honest. I am coming back again and again to read your thoughts. Man I miss my Mom.

  970. From Georgia here.

    Nice post. Thanks for your frank (and very astute) assessment.

  971. To all of you attacking Helen for her personal views: you came to this blog by your own volition. No one invited you. You were not forced to read it. If you do not like the content, go find a blog that agrees with your views. Or start your own. I doubt that you will be able to articulate your views as concisely or with as much flair as Helen. By the number of positive responses to Helen’s blog, she has won more than a few admirers. Bravo!
    To Helen: With age and experience comes wisdom. Helen, you have what my mother would call “moxey” . . . bet Ms. Palin would have to consult the dictionary for that one, huh? She just wouldn’t understand.

  972. What a mean post! I’m voting for Obama but I don’t think Sarah Palin is a bitch. I think she’s close-minded and needs to be exposed to much more in the world but I don’t think she’s a bitch. She’s just a bit one-sided in her views. The world will benefit from diplomacy and I think Obama/Biden will bring that much more than McCain/Palin. I do think McCain is a good guy but he lost a lot of his goodness during this campaign. He should have remained a gentleman and been a bit more understanding of others. That being said, Obama seems to have a finer character all around. Everyone makes mistakes and both candidates definitely have, but Obama has my vote come November 4th. It’s just gotta be OBAMA! Whoo-hoo!

  973. “The national media was responsible for talking up Palin’s daughter’s pregnancy; a fact that Sarah Palin wanted to keep secret from the media.”

    This comment was made in defense of Palin but doesn’t it show her stupidity in and of itself? Did she really think she could keep this secret when accepting the VP nod?

    Maybe underage kids of Presidential and Vice Presidential nominees (or even those in office) shouldn’t be fodder for discussion, but please, we still hear things about them.

    And a pregnant 17 year old daughter of a super conservative mother would definitely come out. If Palin didn’t think this would happen, I ask again, does that not show her stupidity?

  974. On the night of Ms. Palins’ nomination I asked myself how many children have been mauled by Pit Bull Terriers? With or without their lipstick? No Thank you Mr. McCain and Mrs. Palin, I don’t want my children or grandchildren attacked anymore. I’ll vote elsewhere. And to think, I was once a very proud Republican.
    P.S. Wasilla AK happens to be the marijuana hot spot of the northern U.S. (Not that it should matter.)

  975. Helen,
    I thoroughly enjoyed your blog. Mostly because I agreed with it one hundred percent. For the person who doubts and elderly woman would talk like this, you are so deluded. 90% of the women I know over the age of 70 talk just like you. Some would even use a stronger word than bitch.
    Unfortunately, Sarah Palin has already ruined the good name of woman. She has taken us back to the stone ages and now we will need a new Cleopatra, Queen Elizabeth type woman to help us get back on track. Perhaps someone more like you would be in the cards.
    If Palin were to become vicepresident she would not only throw the US into chaos but Canada would suffer from it as well. You are our closest allies and we rely on your good judgement as much as you do.
    Vote well. Don`t throw yourselves into another depression, because surely that is where you, and we, are headed if McCain and Palin get in. For godsakes they don`t even have an idea of how to solve the economic crisis. Theie idea is reducing spending. How is that going to bring down the 11 trillion dollar + debt that Bush has gifted your country with.
    I respect and value the opinion of elderly women and I try to model myself after you in my own life.
    Thankyou again for saying what so many are thinking.

  976. Hey Helen,

    I’m British and living across the pond from you, and your words certainly don’t stray from the truth. To the modern, intellectual world, Palin is like an unwelcome blast from the past.

    I’m sure I’m not alone when i say that people all over the globe are looking on the up and coming elections with increasing trepidation. We’re not just talking the future of a single nation here, we are talking global impact.

    I can see the damage increasing tenfold to the global economy (let alone all the other factors such as war…) if Palin ever gets into a position of power in the States.

    I’m thousands of miles away, and this woman still scares me.

    Helen, you’ve got it spot on my dear.

  977. I was cheering the whole time I was reading your post. I am sending this to anyone who can read. Thank you Helen for saying just what anyone with half a brain was thinking.

  978. Helen, right on the money…and the people insulting you are clearly ignorant…not only because they support Palin/McCain but because they can’t respect someone else’s opinion. I can understand staying faithful to one’s respective political party but REALLY? This year? Obama/Biden aren’t perfect but they are leaps and bounds ahead of the other candidates…and unless Obama is our President on Nov. 4th it is safe to say (though it may take many Republicans a while to realize it…) our great country will be royally screwed. If McCain/Palin win, I’ll be excited to see your response to that, and even more excited when by the end of a few months of them in office, all the naysayers who have commented on this blog will be crawling back to apologize as the worst president/VP in history are getting impeached. Or even better yet, Obama can just take them down!

  979. God Bless you, Helen. And thanks. Just goes to show how in America, you never can tell how far one voice might carry.

  980. You are right one the money! Love your blog!!

  981. It’s great to have an opinion, it’s better to have a vote!

  982. you nailed it…. mcshame should be embarrassed at the campaign he’s running and so should every republican across this country. his pick of sarah palin as veep has to be one of the most irresponsible thing he’s ever done. maverick my ass…..

  983. WOW WOW what a writer you are. I just finished your posting I could not agree more. You said it all and then some.
    I also just got done with Rolling Stones articule at this site about Mccain and his past


    All of you 495 people who responded read this it is very eye opening.

  984. You go, girl!!

  985. Spot on, Helen! I’m voting for you!

  986. Helen,
    thank you for expressing exactly how I feel about Alaska’s Governor, Palin, who is running for Vice-President.
    Those who love her and want her in office ( which is a breath away from the Presidency) may have fantasies about having sex with her…who knows.
    It is a mystery to me.
    I love your candor,
    spoken as only a woman of maturity can, without caring about what others say.

  987. HEAR HEAR!

  988. this blog is mavericky!

  989. YES!!!!
    What a great post! You tell it like it is and I am with you 100%! I call bullshit!

  990. Thanks Helen–Here’s agreeing with you 100& from the reddest of red states Kkkansas

  991. I beg to differ, madam. She IS stupid by Alabama standards.


  993. i think i love you. and i love my friend who sent me your blog. now let’s hope all 533+ people who read and responded to your blog are registered voters and get out and vote on the 4th.
    i’ve got a great sunset photo to send you but don’t know how to post a photo any more than margaret did :)
    but i am from texas and miss molly and ann – and even barbara jordan – more than ever this election.
    thanks for taking up some of the slack!

  994. I’m thinkin’ it! Thanks for being my voice. Best post ever. EVER.

  995. I can tell you how I found your blog. It is referenced on SNL’s website in the response to the Sarah Palin/Katie Couric interview spoof.
    Love the blog! So “spot on”! That’s calling a spade a spade! Couldn’t have said it better myself. Educated women everywhere — beware of Palin!

  996. Scott – You said ” Without resulting to name calling and demonstrating your own lack of intelligence… what are you comparing Palin to that warrants your one-sided and clearly misconstrued perception of another person?” You already showed who you support there so don’t try to sound like you have no bias.

    Then you go on with “I could care less about Palin/McCain or Obama/Biden so take this with the correct intent… Certainly not someone’s capabilities because Obama is clearly less capable then Palin… ” Again you showed it. If you want to ask a question, don’t inject a lie to sound unbiased. It negates what you say is your intention, or lack thereof as you try to imply.

    You can’t ask something honestly, no one should feel compelled to reply. Kinda something along the lines being argued here by Helen’s original post. You betcha.

  997. Helen,
    If my grandmother were alive today she would be 108 yrs old and your words sound exactly like they came out of her mouth. She was a straight shooter and never mixed her words so you knew where she was coming from- (BTW, though she only had a 3rd grade education she could respond with a complete sentence when asked a question –haha sarah–and knew the value of the education she never had an opportunity to seek as a black woman, born into a sharecropper family). Must be something about grandmothers from GA– speaking truth, it one of many values she passed on to me –though it doesn’t always serve me well in business, my conscious is clear at the end of the day.

  998. You Go Girl!

  999. This was fantastic. You go girl!

  1000. Excellent! Another Molly Ivins anyone? My neck of the woods is overrun with Republicans and I often wonder how they can put a McCain/Palin sign in their yard and not be embarrassed. The woman is a national joke. I think the scariest part of the debate was when she went off on the “flexibility” of the VP role between the executive and legislative branches ala Dick Cheney, but Biden nailed her on it. Ironically, this was one of the few questions she actually answered. Vote Obama/Biden and raise the IQ of the executive branch!

  1001. You go girl. I really liked your comment about muthering a baby at 11 pm and the observation about the college frets for her kids who are in the military and pregnant. Palin is a blubbering hypocritical idiot.

  1002. Helen, you rock!

    Horace Grant: you are a disgrace to the human race!

  1003. You sound like a sour-faced, sanctimonious old bitch yourself who probably ate your own children. Where do you get off with your holier than thou rhetoric when you support the biggest liar and storyteller in the history of known politics – The Obama? Guess you don’t mind looking like a hick? Horace

  1004. Great blog, Helen! Palin reminds me of Miss South Carolina… (see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JtkX3OyPF4Q)

  1005. Helen, God Bless You! Fnally, someone who had the guts to say what the mainstream won’t. I cannot believe all of my former republican sisters would be so fooled by this woman. It is sickening! She is so transparent, but some just fawn over her. I guess the anti-intellectual side of the GOP has overrun the rest of the party.

    She is the poster girl for anti-intellectualism. She believes the Flintstones are a documentary, for pete’s sake! Saddle up those dinosaurs! Don’t teach your kids about birth control (you’d rather have them pregnant and push them into a shotgun wedding). Make rape victims pay for their own evidence gathering kits and call it fiscal responsibility. Oppose the right to make one’s own choice, even in cases of rape and incest. Don’t even hesitate to abuse your power to retaliate against a former brother-in-law. Elevate your school friend to a high position havin to do with agriculture and cite her “childhood love of cows” as qualification enough.

    We cannot afford to have this person anywhere near the White House!

  1006. Hey Michael,

    Pretty is as pretty does, babe. If that Palin dummy makes it in to office you can kiss your 1st Amendment rights bubye! That means you won’t have the right to freely express your opinion or read the opinions of others. Think about it.

  1007. then get yourself a pysch degree and give yourself some serious help.

  1008. Actually, I AM from Alabama and have to say I didn’t like that part of the post, but even for us ALABANIANS, yes she is totally out there! I hate her!
    Hellen for Prez!

  1009. I’m willing to bet I have a higher education level (2 college degrees, 1 is an MBA) & I absolutley love Sarah Palin. The odds are against her this election, but if McCain loses, I’ll put my Palin 2012 sign in my yard later this year & keep it up for 4 years!

    And BTW, you are a crank old jealous bitch who wishes that, even in your prime, you were half as smart or pretty as Sarah is.

  1010. You took the words right out of my mouth! Amen!

  1011. Georgia, huh!? My mom went to school in Georgia and today she is 71, so you used to celebrate pick-a-nanny day like she did in her school? I saw pictures of her with her face blackened in a gingham dress and hair in braids………whatever were ya’ll thinking? Of course that may have just been in the Greater Atlanta area that they did that in, so whatever, mom says she is voting Obama too. Would or could someone tell me please how Obama is going to change things, you know the “what”, the “when” and the “how”……….he hasn’t given any concrete plans for the future. Let’s start with term limits and only future pay raises that the people give them and we need to have job performance reviews for Congress…….the lazy bums! My 82 year old cousin Tom down in Alabama sent me an email a year after Congress had been run by the Dems and showed us how the price of everything had risen………….things always cost more under the Dems, notice how they always need to raise tax money, but those temporary taxes always become permanent! Remember Carter and the oil crisis? Weren’t we running out then too? Whoever is elected come November I think the least you can do is show your respect, no matter who gets it………………………!!!!

  1012. I am so glad someone else feels the way I do.

    I was amazed how Palin can roll off so many whiny, run-together, bird-like sounds that say nothing. She did not answer the questions. The sounds came from her vocals, but if there were meaningful words, they weren’t heard. This is certainly no one I would want communicating with world leaders. I could not believe she would throw out “Joe Six Pack” in what was supposed to be a professional communication to the country. Her vernacular is atrocious. America doesn’t need this moron trying to communicate with world leaders. A woman who considers herself a “Joe Six Pack” does not and can not represent me and is not like me and not like professional, educated and intelligent ladies. “Joe Six Pack” is a man that spends all of his time in a smoky beer smelling pool hall and on his way home, stops by the convenient store, picks up a six pack of beer to swig during what’s left of the evening. Palin is really telling the world who she really is; pool hall beer swigging git.

    We can’t have a VP who equates everything to being a freaking soccer mom. Maybe she should have spent more time paying attention to her fifteen year old, teaching her about protection and safe sex or teaching her daughter to learn how to take care of herself before having to take care of a baby……. a baby having a baby is what it is.

    I believe that, at one time, we had young girls who aspired to run for the presidency one day. I think Palin has embarrassed and changed the minds of some little girls. Those little girls may now aspire to be “Joe Six Pack”, your common, everyday beer swigging brute.

    I’m so glad my daughters are all educated professional executive working women. I don’t have to worry about them thinking that they can be like Palin; your average and common, everyday beer swigging brute. I would want any young girl looking to Palin as a role model. Palin is setting professional women back before Women’s Suffrage because she’s making the sounds, but the words she repeat, over and over and over, belong to someone else …… it feels as if she is the “joke” of the republican party and the men are laughing …….. it feels like what it must have felt like in 1776; the way Abigail Adams felt when her husband laughed at her when she told him to think about the women. She must be rolling over in her grave.

    Palin keeps saying that “There is only one man in this election who has ever really fought for you in places where winning means survival and defeat means death, and that man is John McCain…. “ …………….. is a major slap in the face of every man, woman and 18-year old child who has fought and died protecting all of us, this country, and the rest of the world. It is a slap in the face of mothers and fathers who have buried their children. It is a slap in the faceoff the children who has to go to bed every night with a hug and a kiss and a bedtime story from someone who is not mom or dad. Palin was wrong to say this and I take offense. Just like many other families, my family has given its fare share of lives. We are all in this election together. For Palin and the rest of the Republican party to single out McCain as some glorious hero, is a travesty.

    The real heroes are the ones who didn’t come home from the battle field. The real heroes are the ones whose bones and flesh have become particles on the soil on every battle field that the US has ever been engaged war on. The real hoers are the ones who have to sleep on the streets because our government has thrown them away. The real heroes are the ones who are suffering because our government has forgotten about them and the service they have provided. The real heroes are the moms and dads who had to bury their children just because they care so much for this country. The real heroes are the mom and dads who are still wondering where their son or daughter is. The MIAa are the real heroes. Those are the ones in this election who has really fought for us, in places where winning means survival and defeat means death. John McCain came home to his family and a country to tell his story and to live a life of luxury.

    Palin is the laughing stock of the planet and the Repubs are trying to save face by attacking Senator Obama. She is the rear end of the moose and the world is laughing at her. What a mess.

    I just heard that there is some women’s group giving Palin a boost. What are they; a pack of idiots? I’ll bet they are all soccer moms and beer swigging brutes.

  1013. BRAVO! You have expressed my every thought – all of which I have been sharing with anyone I can since I was so highly insulted by McCain’s announcement of his running mate.

  1014. BRAVO! BRAVO! I have been sharing these same thoughts with everyone I know. You have expressed it wonderfully.

  1015. i see margaret thatcher used a role model in the opening salvo. maggie girl totally boinked britian with the english version of the chicago school of economics. we are just seeing it here in the states after being road tested in various south american states.

    tina thatcher.

    there is no alternative.

    socialize the costs, privatize the profits.

    margaret thatcher has her own condo waiting for her in hell.

  1016. Adam,

    Get yourself some popcorn, put on your heels and take off the gloves, and WATCH! Know what the heck you are talking about before you speak…..oh wait you are using McCain/Palin as your role models…..never mind, just relax and watch.


  1017. I dont’ care if you are really 82 and from Georgia or not. You have published my own feelings and those of my friends down to the punctuation. The woman is a skank and a liar. She is even a BAD liar!

    As for Justin who asked “Wouldn’t it be great to actually hear someone say that they will surround themselves with subject matter experts since nobody is an expert in every field of life?” Seems to me that this was one of the justifications Republicans used for electing the current clown. A politician who had to work her way through 5 (or was it 6?) schools to complete a journalism degree is even, dare I say it, WORSE than one whose daddy bought him a degree at Yale.

    Goddess protect me from another 4 years with an ignoramus who cannot pronounce the word NUCLEAR.

  1018. for Just Me:
    Too bad what?

    I didn’t say you weren’t entitled to your opinion, I just think it’s sad if you’re a woman that you think SP is a good role model.

    I can think of countless women in history who are far better.

    But if you think she’s your girl, then I guess go for it.

  1019. Adam,
    Oh, and the fact that you call him “Barry Obama” clearly shows that you went into reading his Blueprints for Change with a closed mind, if you read them at all. Please don’t try to tell us that you did otherwise.

    Sorry that I’m spamming up your blog with a bunch of questions for those who talk a bunch of shite.

    The only naysayer I’ve met here is “doodyhead” and he/she did have some valid points through personal experiences.

    I’ll refrain from answering the naysayers any further. I’ve seen an expression on the blogsites, “Don’t feed the trolls”. I guess I’m guilty of that. Sorry. I’ll stop.

  1020. Adam,
    You said:
    I’ve taken the time to read Barry Obama’s “Blueprint for change” on his website. All I can say is WOW! His ideas are so far out of line with reality that it’s scary! It truly shows his lack of experience and how out of touch he is.

    Can you give specifics as to what’s so crazy about his platforms. The problem is, many of us Obama supporters see a lot of good in his Blueprint for Change. Could you be more specific with regard to your distatste for his ideas so I could see where you’re going with this. With regard to his platforms, please don’t say “All of them” as Sarah Palin has done when asked what periodicals she reads.

    I’m tired of the blanket statements against Barack Obama with no specifics. It’s a cop out, IMO.

    You may disagree with his politics, but surely “ALL” of his proposals aren’t too bad. Please specify.


  1021. Great job Hellen!
    What people don’t realize is that McCain can die for being sick and having a few problems and she will be the president. It happened in Brazil in the 1980′s when Tancredo Neves died right after winning the presidential election and Jose Sarney took over and FUCKED Brazil for over 20 years… I was there, I lived it!

  1022. Obama has done absolutely nothing to deserve anyone’s vote! If you are a Dem and always vote Dem…so be it. If you are a bleeding heart liberal…he’s your guy. If you feel that you are a victim and you are entitled to more…you’re thrilled that he’s your candidate!

    I’ve taken the time to read Barry Obama’s “Blueprint for change” on his website. All I can say is WOW! His ideas are so far out of line with reality that it’s scary! It truly shows his lack of experience and how out of touch he is.

    Will someone please tell me what they like about Obama? All I’ve heard is that he’s smart and he went to Harvard. He would worsen our economy, threaten our homeland security, and take away more of our personal freedoms by building government. His 95% tax cuts are a farce. Repealing the Bush tax cuts would be bad for everyone and so would any tax increases on savings/investment…that hurts everyone! Obama is not the answer to anyone’s prayers…I feel bad for people who think that he is.

    I also feel bad for people that label someone as “stupid” because of the way that they talk. Bill Clinton sounds like a hick, but he is one of the smartest and well spoken Presidents in my lifetime. It just justifies my belief that you are radical bleeding heart liberals. Obama is a well educated, good looking man full of empty thoughts and promises. The only way for him to make his 1 trillion dollar spending plan work is to increase taxes on everyone…don’t be fooled and take a look at his history. There is no way that he is going to CHANGE…

    Maybe we should all read a history book or a book about Ronald Reagan?

    “Piss off a Liberal…work hard and be happy”

  1023. Vote Libertarian. It’s the only way out of this whole mess.

  1024. Well Said Helen!
    and seriously.. to carol nabb.. you elect palin… the rest of the world WILL be laughing at those of you that did… she is a stupid, cruel, heartless bitch… she actually threatened the life of her most recent child by failing to go to hospital or respond to the fact she was in labour when she was giving her conference and taking her 10 hour flight home… and another thing.. its bad for abortion despite how horrific the circumstances yet the killing of polar bears is perfectly fine… what a load of absolute shit.

  1025. Mr. John and Mr. James (if not one in the same) seem to be emblematic of their party: “You are wrong. You are stupid. You are immoral. Yet, we are not going to elaborate on why we believe this. Our way is the only way. You are wrong. So shut up, get back in the kitchen and make us some meatloaf.”

    One has to hope that the bulk of the country is more evolved than that.

  1026. Go Margaret & Helen!

    Great to see this kind of spunk left from those who have lived through the crap. For those who can’t see beyond the skin color and a person’s name, stick with the “party” and cast your 1 vote on the 4th. Palin is a non-qualifier. McCain is a chameleon as he has changed who he is three times in the past 10 days. Today, he is a conservative and proud of it. A few days ago, he was a maverick. A few days earlier … he was putting country first. Heck … no wonder they call him “erratic.” Oh, I forgot … he can also look into your eyes and see your soul (e.g., Putin’s eyes are filled with K.G.B.). I wonder if the mirrors in McCain’s house still work or has he looked into his OWN eyes lately? What does he see?

    For the others … believe that you do make a difference. Vote your heart and continue to speak up for your beliefs. Again, go Margaret & Helen.

  1027. This has nothing to do with gender. Your vote should be based solely by his/her ability to govern. This is the most important period in our current history. One must determine whose intelligence, imagination and experience to deal with people, other nations and emergencies best suits your needs. To me it is no contest. I wouldn’t vote for a candidate because of gender, color or political party if it doesn’t make sense and doesn’t benefit me, the country and most important the future of our children. We need to seriously think about what is on the table. McCain is getting up in years, he’s had cancer 4 times(not the good kind) and he doesn’t seem well informed or advised. I have a very big problem that he only met Pailin once before choosing her. I’ve been on job interviews with more meetings than that. Obama is a Harvard grad. Brilliant and most important a person who cares about the people. After Harvard he could have gone into the private sector but chose puplic service. He’s not part of the “Boys Club of Washington” and I strongly believe he will make massive changes to our country…not talk…action.
    We need someone who looks at a problem and determines that we need to start creating fuel stations from coast to coast with Hydrogen, E85 and electric pumps. A huge infra structure that would employ millions of people to create. These people would be employed building the stations, pumps, tanks, etc. They should be putting these factories in areas that currently are in a depressed state. They’re are 11 major US cities that can use a major bailout…not with US tax dollars but with jobs that would create an environment of tax payers and spenders. We can capture a huge international market IF we take the lead and forge ahead with this kind of thinking. If we start getting our car companies to convert their thinking to alternate fuel and start building these cars, fuel centers (gas is a dirty word) we can lead the world for decades to come. At the current administrations mentality gas is gold, money and there way to riches.

    Please think where you want to go and who is best to get you there. The lever on November 4th is the m ost powerful tool you have to change America and forge its direction.

  1028. Dear Helen,
    I’d like to add my compliments to the others and call you “Maude”….. And I can’t tell you how happy I am that you survived death….. how’s Harold, by the way?

    Love from a crazy German living in Quebec

    And, while we’re at the “right-wing bashing”:
    Q: What is a Nazi in a minefield?
    A: A step in the right direction!

    For all of you who never have seen “Harold and Maude”, go in a good sorted Video-store and rent it or try to find it through your public library, it’s old, but a good example how an agile mind can beat nearly anything, even McCain/Pa(l)in in the butt

  1029. You sound like the typical radical leftist, Helen. Glad to see that you are so passionate about Palin…she must really be getting under your skin? Plenty of things bother me about Barry Obama, but if I stated my mind someone would probably put a brick through my window. He in fact is the least qualified presidential candidate of all time. He seems pretty un-American if you ask me. From the comments that he’s made, the decisions he supported, to the people that he’s been associated with…nothing adds up. He may very well end up winning in November and that though makes me me want to vomit! Liberals like him are killing the traditional values that made our country strong. People feel like they are entitled to things (money, homes, autos, ways of life) that they have done nothing to earn. I am middle class and I know that if I want better things in my life I need to work hard for them! Too many people are looking for Government handouts…which is what the Dems use to bolster their political platform. People need to be empowered not entitled! As for Joe Biden, the guy makes over 2-million dollars per year…yet he has a net worth of $150k??? Not much goes to charity…must be one hell of a lifestyle you are leading Mr. Biden? I give Biden credit for being passionate during the VP debate…even if he lied or distorted the facts. No VP candidate should be expected to know everything.

    Also, I’m sure that a lot of cooks that are supporting you blog are many of the same people that supported John Edwards, Al Gore, and Jimmy Carter…some of the biggest frauds in history! Edwards cheated on his wife while she was fighting cancer! Gore created a myth that he has even admitted he may have been wrong about. And Carter was the worst president in my lifetime!

    I agree that George W. Bush hasn’t made the best decisions during his 2 terms in office. In his defense, he did have to make a stand during the 9/11 crisis and he did protect us from further attacks. Many of his decisions were supported by people that used it against him for political gain. That is also un-American in my book.

    The SNL skits are very funny…they actually make me watch the show again. The Palin bits are funny, the Obama bits are great as well! The best ones in my opinion have been the Barney Frank and Bill Clinton bits in the past 2 weeks! Clinton not supporting Obama made me laugh.

    Fred Thompson was my first choice for Pres this year. I now support the McCain/Palin ticket and I have a hard time understanding why some of the Dems out there don’t? McCain is in the middle or maybe even left on a lot of issues…other than the key ones like lowering taxes and protecting our country!

    NoBama, NoBama, NoBama…we’ve already suffered enough of him through this campaign!

    Helen could do us all a favor and write in Hillary in November…maybe you like the way she dresses better?

  1030. Right on, girls! Right on!

  1031. Perfect post! I wish my mother was like you. She is like many religious fundamentalist with eyes shut, hands on ears… nah nah nah la la nah nah… She’s Christian! She’s Christian…therefore God wants her to lead our country. Just like they did with Bush.

    Yes, I agree totally with you, Helen, that Sarah Palin is a BITCH, but guess what? I am sure she is PROUD to be bitch. She loves it. She’s SICK! We certainly don’t need someone like that to run our country. Same with McCain.

    Everyone, please Vote for Obama/Biden

  1032. Helen, I have to tell you, YOu are an awesome lady! My pal becky and I (friends since 16, we are now 40-ish), totally agreee w/ you! I admire your spunk, and tenacity. I hope Becky and I are as politically aware as you are one day. Keep up the good work, and encourage all to vote for McCain/Palin-NOT!!!!! Thought I woulld make you laugh! Hang tough Helen!XOXOX Michelle

  1033. Dearest Helen,
    Thank you for saying everything I have been feeling! You are an inspiration to all of us.
    My BFF Michelle and I are going to be just like you in another 40 years!

    Yes, that Sarah is some “mother”. She doesn’t deserve the title of mother in my opinion. Keep up the great work!

  1034. I agree with Helen , all the way, everything she said. Oh my God!!! It’s so nice to here that someone (“with all do respect”) white, really can see this thing clearly, with out making a pile of (#$@@%$#^) L.O.L. Thank you Helen, you’er like a breath of fresh air to me! Thanks again. I LOVE YOU FOR THAT, Jocelyn Harris

  1035. This Palin bitch is sooooo stupid she thought the Scopes Trial was about mouthwash.

  1036. An excellent blog entry here from Margaret and Helen. Every single word of it is true.

    I have no political affinity what so ever in this coming election, and I myself would always choose the very best candidate,(s) and not the party.

    McCain, who left High School as almost the very poorest achiever out of a total of nearly 300 students, is extremely unlikely to be a clever or intelligent man. In fact one only has to listen carefully to what he says, and observe him over time, to be able to conclude that he’s just an untruthful, manipulating, empty-box.

    Many men who are even much older than McCain, and I’m talking 10 or 15 years older here, still have fast moving brains, and sharp minds. McCain, at 72 years old, seems to be decidedly the opposite; lethargic, slow, and with an amazing lack of real, up-to-date, off-the-cuff, information stored in his brain. At times, I have even thought that I noticed a degree of senility, or worse; and I mean that sincerely.

    He seems to know little or nothing, is confused sometimes, and he mixes things up occasionally: And never forget, he is briefed very thoroughly by expert aids before any speech he makes. His only ‘virtue,’ as he sees it, is that he loves everything to do with wars and the military.
    That he was shot down 5 times during the Vietnam War, and that he was imprisoned and tortured by the Vietcong in their own country, whilst being regrettable, is neither here nor there.

    John McCain would actually love to become (very)high in the military, but he knows he is not clever enough to even get close to such a position. The Presidency is for him a means to an end: For him, to become Commander-in-Chief, means that he ranks higher than the highest military position. This is his dream I suspect.

    McCain’s copying of almost everything that Obama starts doing first, is beyond laughable, it’s downright pathetic.

    McCain being already over 72 years old at present, over 76 years old after any possible first term as President, and over 80 years old, should he stay for two terms as President, means that the V.P. choice is extraordinarily important in this election: Much, much, more important than the choice of a V.P normally is.

    Not only do I agree wholeheartedly with all that these two ladies, Margaret and Helen, have written here about V.P. choice Palin, but I’d go even further in my criticism.

    Without resorting to expletives, it is not easy to express oneself as one might wish to, regarding this awful person Sarah Palin.

    One can comment with conviction that Mrs. Palin is an extraordinarily bad choice for anybody’s V.P..

    It literally amazes me that someone like this woman could ever have become mayor of anywhere, however small, let alone Governor of Alaska.

    Mrs. Palin is seemingly a very, very, simple, low-level, illiterate, uneducated person, with little or no knowledge about anything at all. However unlikely this might seem to be. (to me too!)

    Whenever this ‘Pitbull with lipstick’ (as she describes herself) opens her mouth, without being able to fall back on prepared-texts made for her by other people, either learned by heart, or written on cards or on a Teleprompter, she flounders terribly, and not only seemingly knows nothing, but doesn’t know which words are used where in the confused babble she exudes.

    Sarah Palin is a verbal desert whenever it is required of her to speak with any content, or answer even the simplest of questions: Poor woman.

    The real level of the Mrs. Palin and her husband can also be deduced by the seeming lack of any remote idea of how to bring up their children and interest them for any degree of a decent educational level and a good life later; not to speak of any acceptable social level.
    Keeping their young children up so late at night to be able to display them to the public, shows again a deficit of any normal intelligence or knowledge level. Amongst other things, sleeping on-time is essential for childrens’ brain development.

    I could repeat here the many, many, negative things, any interested party has seen and read already about Mrs. Palin, but I’d be here all day.

    A couple of thoughts though:-

    It does appear that Todd Palin was very frequently in the governor’s office, also during interviews and other meetings, which I find very odd. It might be the case that he, and not Mrs. Palin, had effectively been running Alaska: I wonder?

    Shooting living creatures from a helicopter, and wounding them horribly, and leaving them in agony to suffer and die, must be the closest a human-being can get to the Devil; except for those who like doing similar things to humans in war-situations, although the pain and the suffering will be the same.
    It frightens me to the core that such an atrocious individual could easily become President, if McCain were to be elected.

    McCain’s father and grandfather both died before the age McCain is now. I.e. they never reached the age of 72.

    Therefore, even before taking account of the 6 years McCain spent imprisoned, with poor food and being tortured by the Vietcong, there is a very large chance that he will die and need to be replaced by his Vice President.

    This is why much more attention must be given to this lady, before it is too late. A disaster would result; even though McCain himself would be a huge risk to the American people, due to his infamous short fuse and terrible temper; both of which have been reported widely.

  1037. McCain’s slogan “Country First”. That is why I’m voting “Obama/Biden 08″. We need an “organizer” to organize this mest up country of ours. We need “Change”. God Help Us, we need it.

  1038. Thank you!!!

    well said, Helen… well said.

  1039. Thank you!!!

  1040. OMG – I howled with laughter while reading your article! You are saying what SO many of us have been thinking if not saying quite so well as you :D EXCELLENT!

  1041. Please people-don’t use those same STUPID expressions Gov. P. does when she’s trying to show a cute(?) actually very stupid side. It’s like “nails on the chaulk board”. Good for Suffian, Jason, Frank, “tool guy”-real men. As for Larry, John and James…

    go get a lap dance and leave everything else to Helen and friends! Stay away from what is intelligent and important!

  1042. Wow, this is a greattttt blog, and the best part is that it comes from an older generation which in most cases would side with the republican party!!! I’m glad grandma called palin out on her BULLSHIT!!!!!! I love the way you talk Helen!!!!

  1043. LOVING IT!!!! GO HEAD GIRLS!!!

  1044. BLESS YOU!!!!…my dear, for saying what we all are thinking and keep yelling at our TV’s…your comments only serve to prove that with AGE comes WISDOM. I couldn’t agree more about Palin and that BITCH on the View…Elizabeth….I’ve been e-mailing Barnara to get rid of her for sometime now….THANK YOU!!!!!!

  1045. I want to take this time to say, “Hooray.” Someone who speaks her mind!!! Love it…. Keep sharing your mind with your audience.

  1046. Helen you’re a breath of fresh air. What we need is more plain talk, not “folksy” baby talk nonsense from Palin. She IS a bitch, a mean and vindictive one at that. And McCain is a senile old coot. The fact that he would choose someone as wildly unqualified and uneducated as Palin seriously calls into question his ability to make informed decisions. After reading the Rolling Stone article, it would appear he is also a borderline personality as well.

  1047. Gosh… for a moment there I really thought Americans buy the crap sold on tv…

    Helen the blog is great but you’re merely stating facts.

    The really impressive thing is to see how many ppl are asking Americans to wake up!
    Were u guys sleeping or something? cause hei, creapy stuff is happening (8 years of self distruction just went by, no one noticing)- and that’s just someone from a third world country speaking

  1048. THANK YOU THANK YOU for saying what every bought and sold journalist is too afraid to say. See you can’t fool all the people all the time.

    Thanks for your wisdom and your honesty. And please continue to tell it as you see it ladies.


  1049. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  1050. I think 2 words that are missing are vapid and cunning….She’s a vapid cunning bitch who is ignorant, but definitely not stupid. Her act should not be underestimated.

  1051. wow, what an intelligent comment! let me guess – you’re voting for mccain/palin!

  1052. My hat off to you, my sentiments exactly!!MCCain/Palin scarieeeeeee!!!

  1053. Sara Palin is a stupid BITCH! And it’s not because she is not at home with her kids, but because I know more about politics then she does and I don’t know much. It is so true that she needs to be at home with her “First DUDE” and her children. They need her. Her daughter, who is with child at the tender age of 17, is not on the seen anymore. And yes, her baby should have been in the bed at 11 o’clock.
    Helen, thank you for saying what the media won’t say. Palin was a dumb move and McCain showed how SENiLE he is getting. How stupid is he to think that we as women will vote for an AIRHEAD as Palin.
    Once again, thanks Helen…..

  1054. Helen, you go girl! Say what you mean and mean what you say!

    Isn’t that really what all of us want from our candidates? The only candidate I have seen this from is Obama.

    I read on a list this morning that back in 1988, a young woman was at the airport, she was going to join her new husband in another country who had flown ahead of her. The baggage check person informed her that in order to take all of her luggage it was going to cost her an additional $103 dollars, that she did not have.

    The check person wasn’t about to change the rules for this lady. A young man spoke up and paid the $103 for the lady. She insisted he give his name and address so that she could send him back his money when she reached her destination. He wrote it on something she stuck it in her pocket. She did return his money.

    The young mans name was Barack Obama, his address was in Kansas where his mother lived at the time. The mother of the young woman wrote to flash forward, Sen Obama years later to thank him for his kindness and to let him know that her daughter did well, Sen Obama responded in kind.

    This is the kind of man we need leading our country. Someone who truly knows how to step up and do what is right. Someone who knows how to care about those who are in need.

    I am paraphrasing it all, if you want to read the actual story follow the links below.



  1055. yes, I whoteheartedly agree; a bitch. But….I’ve taken to calling her a wolverine; known to be the most vicious and tenacious of arctic predators. So, I know a female fox is a vixen, a female cat is a queen. What is a female wolverine ? I’m guessing it would be the same term as either a badger, weasel, ferret or otter, since it’s in the same family of mammals.

  1056. Brava and well-said!

    Congratulations, Helen, on making such a splash on the Internet! As for how so many people found it, it’s just that people who read it loved what you had to say so much that they told their friends who told more friends.

    I’m sorry for the idiot people who can’t disagree with you on any reasonable grounds but have to resort to name-calling.

    And as for the people who think an 82-year-old couldn’t have written this, I disagree. A few years ago I had the pleasure of having dinner with journalist Helen Thomas (now 88). She is whip-smart and pulls no punches. Her criticism of the Bush administration is both acerbic and insightful.

    So I can have no greater compliment than to say Helen Philpot reminds me of Helen Thomas.

  1057. It must really suck to be fat, ugly, and old. the jealousy in the crap of an article is hilarious..

  1058. You rocccccccck. This is the funniest thing I have ever read in my entire life. You are amazing! I am 22 years old and couldn’t have said it better myself, your wisdom knows no bounds and I bow to your greatness!

    I hope my generation and future generations learn to be more effective in the world and look for the truth instead of being ignorant and consummed with themselves…

    Rock on CHICK!
    OBAMA 08″

    P.S. Sara Palin is a Stupid BITCH! oh wow it felt good to say that and it doesn’t make me a sexist! after all she is responsible for the return of dark aged inspired women’s rights….A wag of the finger(thanks Colbert) to Sara, animal killin, gun tuttin Palin!

  1059. Well said, Helen! To find this blog all one has to do is search “Palin + bitch”… heh, heh. And then one person emails another… or a few thousand! It takes off from there.

    Hope the rest of America wakes up soon and helps to take our country back. Support the troops, end the war!


  1060. BRAVO!!! Why won’t the media say exactly what you have so eloquently stated? They will put anything on television these but they will not call this woman out for what she is. My 11 year old is more articulate than she is. THANK YOU!!!!!

  1061. GOD LOVE YOU! CAN YOU ADOPT ME! Right on ladies! My nine year old son saw through her bull in a second, yet everyone on Fox news is practically worshiping at her feet! I wish more women with moxie would stand up and speak the truth about this woman. I cringe when she is upheld as an example of leadership!

  1062. Love the blog but Helen, uh-uh, honey, no the correct term for Sarah Palin is cunt.

  1063. Helen, I whole heartedly agree with you! Thank you for posting what so many of us are too “politically correct” to say..!

  1064. So impressed with your article Helen! I can’t sleep at night wondering what’s going to happen on Nov. 4th… I only hope this country doesn’t make the same mistake we made 8 years ago…

  1065. I second the nomination!!!!

  1066. You are awesome! Thanks for saying it like it is. I would like to nominate you for President of the Sarah Palin is an idiot club.

  1067. “I’m open to hearing a good pro Palin argument.”

    So am I, MuM. My post came across as belligerent, I know, and that’s because I’ve basically lost all hope in anyone coming out in her favor using logic. But I’d actually love to be proven wrong about that.

  1068. I love this! Anyone who is voting for McCain/Palin is one of two things………….
    Ignorant or Racist. Choose your own destiny…. And actually, the two are one in the same at the end of the day. Doesn’t matter that McCain is on the ticket anyway………he’s a heart attack away from being 6 feet deep and then the idiot is our President……….Oh, good Lord, please have mercy on our souls………….

  1069. Awesome. Simply awesome. You’re amazing.

  1070. Wow, you guys have been friends 60 years? Almost as long as my kid sister and her best friend, who met in kindergarten. Ok, that’s only a bit more than 50. And her best friend now lives in Alaskas – and guess what? She hates Sarah Palin!

    Sarah Palin is everything women have fought for 50 years to get past, to be judged on our talents, our education, our skills, our experience, and not on how well we deploy physical accidents of nature. I am sure some will bristle at your description of Palin, but to me, she’s not pretty at all but repellent, largely because it’s hard to seem pretty when you are willfully ignorant, vindictive, hypocritical, untruthful, arrogant, smug, mean and ruthlessly ambitious. Ugly on the inside, ugly on the outside.

  1071. You are fantastic. I believe that you hit every nail on the head where Palin is concerned. I have two beautiful daughters and fear the set backs to womens’ issues should she become VP.

  1072. Thank You, Helen!!

    Your blog has made my day!! You said exactly what I’m thinking.

  1073. Helen,
    Thanks for speaking your truth. You go girl!
    I have trouble understanding how citizens of this great country of ours voted in a “C” student after a Rhodes Scholar. But, excuse me we didn’t actually vote in a “C” student the first time, did we?
    Anyway, I digress. I too would like to have an intelligent president and vice-president. Governor Palin, as a candidate, is a joke (as a vice-president, is a nightmare).

  1074. Thanks Helen for saying what so many of us Americans are feeling.

    Bravo…this needs to run on Fox News…*wink*

  1075. Yahoo! I like your point about how this reflects on what John McCain really thinks of women.

    The scariest part of the debate for me (aside from all her weird, forced “Surging Maverick” talk and strange references to Reagan and out-dated cold war era gibberish, is the fact that she still couldn’t answer what the vice president does and she believes he/she can use whatever amount of power they so choose. Also, why is she even running if she has a history in the Alaska Independence party and spent the entire debate talking about practically no government involvement. Please, please, say what you mean and just get the heck out of government and be a total Washington outsider–the world would thank you for it.