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Posted by: Helen Philpot | October 21, 2007


How are the leaves dear?   When do you return?

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  1. I’m 56-years-old, and I, too, have an extremely filthy mouth at times. Hell, I have been known to weave a tapestry of obscenities that would darken the sky on a soft April morn but I also feel that a well place expletive can hammer the nail home on a point.
    Way to go, Helen and Margaret! Thanks for keeping us gals out here alert politically and awake socially and gratefully aware that we aren’t like Clueless from Alaska is.

  2. Helen…we’re “sorta” in the same age group. Thank God one of “us” from “our” generation has the guts to get out here and talk with truth and dignity about what’s really going on in this election. Thanks for calling “the bitch” a “bitch” and naming the asses and jackasses appropriately. Being from NC, I am engaged, often, by idiots who want the war to continue; who would never vote for a black man; who think “the bitch” is one of them. They keep stealing my Obama signs and I keep putting new ones up. If my arthritis wasn’t so bad, I’d start hanging them in tree tops but the fools would probably climb the trees to get them then sue me if they fell on my property. I have my bottle of bubbly all iced and ready to celebrate President Obama. If God decides to punish us farther and McCain/Palin win, I’ll make punch with it and invite the idiots in my neighborhood who will be celebrating, after I lace it heavily with laxitive. Thanks for that tip. Keep ‘em coming sister.

  3. Helen,
    You are amazing.
    I am a teacher in NYC. If you come back to this little town, will you be a guest speaker in my high school class?

  4. “You would think (Helen at 82 I thinks she said?? ) would have learned to set a better example , that goes for all you seniors out there who have potty mouths. bad enough the young talk like that. GO SARAH”

    Seriously? You really think our children will be better off ignorant of popular vernacular? I don’t advocate crude speech but a well-placed swear word can be an effective tool. Get with the times, grandma, if you choose to ignore the current standards of “potty mouth”, you’ll only continue to be blindsided by mainstream radio.

    Helen, your blog is an inspiration. What better way for “the young” to learn how to place an expletive properly?

    Here, here!

  5. I agree with author

  6. Grandma, as I said before, you’re pathetic.

  7. hey good response wake up! you would think (Helen at 82 I thinks she said?? ) would have learned to set a better example , that goes for all you seniors out there who have potty mouths. bad enough the young talk like that. GO SARAH

  8. bigsurkate, WAKE-UP hasn’t woken up yet – sad.

  9. oops, typo. Should be an “s” on the end of “area.” I HATE when I do that!!

  10. I totally agree about one thing, WAKE-UP (who obviously likes to shout)!

    GO SARAH!! PLEASE GO!! — back to Alaska (Alaska, I am sorry to wish this upon you), to shooting wolves from the air, to small town politics. You have demonstrated you are dismal on a national stage. Oh, better yet, Go back to College. Your could use the education, and PLEASE pay special attention in English, Government, and Poli Sci. You have clearly shown your weaknesses in these area.

    GO SARAH!!!

  12. Hi, I’m a young feminist…and student and writer and whatever. But I really love your blog!! I, too, hate Sarah Palin and think she represents what the conservatives want women to be! “Oh, I didn’t even mean to run for office. It kind of just fell in my lap. Let’s see if I can do it…” Definitely not the attitude of a strong woman! Also, what woman knowingly likens themselves to a DOG! Maybe it’s just because I’m an English major and pay attention to symbols but I know that calling a woman a dog has many different, ALL NEGATIVE connotations. Anyway, you’re cool and I hope I have someone I’ve been friends with for 60 years!

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